Newspaper of Evening Star, 16 Ocak 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 16 Ocak 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. The Uneil Cirenl&tioi in the DUtriet W. D. WALLACN. PntrtttW. WASHIWOTOW OITT: WF.D*EftBAY JAM ARY 16, 10?7. WSKAOINO MATTER ON EVERY PAOR. SEE OUTSIDE FOR IXTERESTIMO TELE GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTKR. TO ADTMTUBM. Th? following u U* oflcuu tboirtaf of tk< elntlMHm or ih# dally paper* of this oity oompetmg for u>? Government idTtrUMni aadtr tbe rtcmtMt of Uoagroeo dtnctiai inch advertising to bo aid* ta tbo two dally bowsp*p?r? of Washiagtoa aarlag the largos torn lat Ion : Kraatwa stab 7,714 copies per day. CkrtmxcU,... ...S.OflB ? ? Intelligencer " ? Th? tares of ad vertlsm* bjr ths city papers for Us quarter ending September 3?, 19M, as taken from the books of the Internal Rerenne Once, are a* follows: itmis Sua. 918,091 InuUiger\cer 13.IU6 CknmicU. li>.*0 Mf publican 4,791 THE RECEPTIONS. The White Hease. JThe of the Executive Mansion, Mm. Stover and Mrs. Patterson, at home every Monday, commencing on the 14th instant. The President urill hnW " ???. . ->w.? VV |C vur Hirst on tbe 17th instant, tbe second on tbe Ttn of February, and tbe third on the?2d of February. oa each occasion between tbe hours of & and 11 p. m. The Cabmet. Tbe ladies of the faiaily of Hon. O. H. Browninr. Secretary of tbe Interior, wilt receive their friends on Wednesdays, at the residence of the Secretary, on the east side of Montgomery street, Georgetown Heights. j Tbe ladies of Secretary McUalloch's family j will receive as usnal on Wednesdays. Keel, deuce 3<? H street, between Connecticut are. line and 17th street. Speaker Colfax. Speaker Colfax's public reception* wilt commence on Thnredar evening, the lotb mst . and continue every Thursday evening during (he session of Cjngrt<ss, from Sjf to 11 o'clock. Tbe receptions of Mrs. aad Mis* Matthews, ! tbe Speaker's mother and sister, for ladies i and gentlemen accompanying them, commence on Wednesday, the icth inst., and coa- , tinue every Wednesday afternoon tnereafter ; from l to 4 o'clock. Geaeral Grant's receptions (cards) will be held by Gen'l Grant ! aad lady on Wednesdays, the 23d in-tant ami 6th proximo. In the evening. At bom*> every Saturday from 2 to 5 p. m. SETTLEMENT OF TUB PREPS DIFFICULTY It will be seen that we art again receiving oar telegraphic dispatches from the Associated Kress Agency, tbe Craig concern having given up the business of furnishing news to Che papers. Craig's campaign wa? a short but spirited one, and his Washington agents, Messrs. fcvaus. Ashler, and Whitely. were indefasigable in their endeavors to make tbe ^ **"* * ?- w ?uu iu|ivr eauemcuon to ttl6 ' newspaper fraternity. It is due to them to make this acknowledgment in parting. We new return to pleasant association with tbe experienced and coartoons Associated Frees Agency bere, Mr. L. A. Oobright, and hisassistants, Messrs. Holland and Sarpent. Altogether. tbe press of tbe conntry is likely to be benefitted by the imbroflio, as it ba caused tbe infnsion of more energy and promptness in tbe cond uct of tbe ne ws.farnisbisfc business. Under the management of Mr jnuin n. i?imoDioo, one or tbe most enterprising news men id tbe country, (be Associated Press Agency of the present, is a vastly improved Institntion, and we have no doubt Uiat be will keep it ap to tbe mark in tbe fa. tare. IMPEACHMENT. There baa seldom been ssch nnanimity of opinion u U expreaaed by tbe ablest Repnb lieaa journals on tbe subject of tbe impeachment of tbe President. It is argued tbat peraiatenc* <n tbe effort to arraign tbe Cbie Executive of tbe nation will oomplicato tbe diflcaltiee which alre&dv distract tn<> omntr. and lead to financial embarrassment and grea distress. We bare already quoted tbe New York Trxbun4 on tbe subject, and a correspondent of tbat paper, writing from bere in reference to tbe speech of Mr. Loan, charging President Johnson with being In league with the assassinators of President Lincoln, nnd as gnilty of all sorts of horrible crimes, says: "Few (in tbe House of Representatives) were paying any attention to bim until Mr. Hale, of New York, Interrupted him, and made tns Bint ot order tbat bis language was disgrace I and an Insnlt to the country, unless he j could positively prove what he was saying. I The Speaker overruled Hals's point of order, aad the speech continued for thirty minutes. .V vyr .i|i|iarrn> IJ paying &DJ attention tO WbU b? was sayiag." TBI PATENT OFFICK. Tb* great inerease in the business of this offlc* during tbe last three years keeps tbe pres. *nt force of examiners and clerks busily em. ployed, and it is utterly impossible for tbem to xamiae casee as fast as received. Tbe Commissioner will soon have an interview with the Secretary of tba Interior, m wfctcb several important matter* for the benefit of tbe offlce will be discussed The fores will be increased bl lh#?(1diUn? of " ...Ui?fi.iaw umiD?ri, witb a nnobtt of mnudu aad clerks. Tbose ] now holding positions as assistant examiaera and found competent to fill the position of chtef will be promoted. This office being a i self-anataiaing one, no appropriation ia re. qaired for tbe increased force. DISPOSAL OP PUBLIC LANDS. Betarna juat received at tbe General Land Oflce by tbe Commiaaioner, show Us ax thirty | tbonaand one bnndred and ninetr-fiTe acre* of tbe public lends were dtapese<{ ef in No. | ember and December last, at tbe following j local offices: la November at Olympla, Wasb> 1 ington Territory, and Kosebnrc. OreeunuA<^? 1 i,771a and 10,151 acres, respectively, and at Junction City. Kaouti, and Waydeld. Wiscon. am, cfflces, U,1K7 and 7,#79 acres. Tbe greater portion of tbe land was takes for actual set. tlemtnt and cultivation under tbe homestead law, tbe aggregate cash sales amoouung to The Loju Strike?We were pleased to sea a very large and fashionable audience i Including (??*u Sickles and many other distinguished persons) at Wall s Opera Honse last night, aa the excellent manner in which the manage* ment has placed "The Long Strike" npon tbs stage deserves success, and shows how much better is a good acting play, given by a carefully selected and well cast stock cotnpaay, than by a star ta some prominent oirtsaiiMrt/'i h. -- ? / "" incocgruous and inefficient cast. It Is in* vidlous to discriminate where there are so fe w exceptions to the general excellence, bat the settee of Lawler, Mortimer, Varrjr, and Miss fcrotlv Jordan, In "The Long Strike,' t? -worthy U?e highest praise. Tbe piece will be repeated to-night. Coktbact A*a*dli?-The contracts for purchasing the waste paper from the Poet Offlee Department dorinc the preeeat year, ths tu4s lor which were speaed on the 1st instanu were yesterday awarded to Qeorge Hill, Jr., ef Oeargetown, and Thonas Lacas. of this i>ll? **- ~ ? * ?mil, ciaee I ho. 1, 10 ceate per poand. cUm No 3. 3 eeata I ptt pound. Mr. lucm. clan If o. 11 c*nu pir pound; clut No. i, cnti per poon4. ?TT>? next racaptton by Owwil Omt aad My ttkN place oa tba 83d lUUnt, and the taaloa tbeStb proxtmo. It wnai to be eappoe?d that bit receptions are pabllc, bot aacb is net tbe caae, latitat*?u baviag bean laeaed lor tbe tertea 9ST From J. SbiUlajtoa, Odeon Baildiac, W* bare tbe naefal Trihttm* Ihiuif far 1867 ; ajro froaa J. U. Parker, Port OOce Near* Stand, we bare a copy of tbe Mm*. i THE PRIZE EIGHT ( lifer, *f Ha I timer ?, ??. Mcflltdr, ol >?w Y?rk?Match for tnr <hampioa*hip ( the Li|ht W>l{hi?-<i.'>i)n a aide ? Dfiprrttr Fijkt 16 Reaali ia 51 Mm irt-C tllrH the Victor? Sceaet la. drati (By tbe Star'*. Special Reporter ) ' Tbe quiet little Dutch villa** of Ooltsborougb, Fa., .seventy mile* north of Baltimore on the line of tbe Northern Central Railroad, cru tUrllfil purl v nn Mnnilit m??.i i?- ! >> the sudden influx of HTtral hood red p?r?on* of tbe rough" pmuuion, from tbia city and Baltimore, who had gone thither to witness the sioiting pugilistic contest between Sam CJollyer, of Baltimore, and Jehu McOlade, of Mew York, ta? fight being for tbe championship of American Itgbt weights and tbe stake*, |3^tO*Mde. Soch a conteet amoog the admirers ol tbe manly art" was one wbicb eiciunl unusual latereet, and large aums of money were atahed on the result, both principals taking backed by shout as equal number of their frieeda. The intelligence of the time sad place st which the mill would occur wes sot msde knowa until 3 o'clock p. m.on Sundsy Issi for pradeaUal reaaoua. large number of perI... IK.. ..... < B-l. - -- - ev? uvut hi; wiu uaiiioiwo ir il iuc ia:ter city on Um 10.10 train for tbe scene of tbe fight, aad the ear* wen crowded almost 10 uffocatto*. Many of lbs p^MOcer* en route wers of the lowest oider of humanity; thieves, "dsad rabbits." blood tub*." and tbe rowdy eitnest generally beta* in tbe majority. Several gentlemen lost tbeir pocket book* and wskbr* on tbe tram, not to reler Ui ihe beads and ou*?? which were broken by tbe rough*, in order toenlireu the journey. Oollsborougb was Anally reached at&biut IX o'clock yesterday morning, and a turbulent crowd, wbo*? shouts aud oaths must bav* broken tbe slumber of tbe citizens, lauded in | IL? midetef a enow fctorm. and immediataly ' set about to find comfortable blfepmg accommodations uuul daylight. Nome extended their rxpldraiiooi for milm around the village. arou?mg itie old Dutch burnbrri, nod demanding accommodations for the nigh'. Tbe town tuelf wan aeleep, bat our tavern keepei was fiually forced to renounce hi? bed and open bit bar by tbe tbnnd?ring of a bun: drrd bard firti on his doors and threat* to d>*. rooluh tne whole concern if be did not appear, l'bis be finally did and a portion of tbe crowd immediately proceeded to "go through" bu bouvr. exploring every room and beatowiti:; particular attention on tbe kitcben, wnere I everyUMng edible w a* epeedtly devoured. Tb? iiLit wore slowly away and various speculaj uone i*e to tbe result of tbe coming fight were I ft rl n Itp^ in- nf morta *? * - au occasional llc.uri?h of revolver* and several knock downs. At tour o'clock, O.ollyer and McOlade, who bad arrived tbe day previous, were called from ibeir beds for tbe purpose of being weighed io lighting costume. Tba scales showed their weight 10 be equal, both weighing Itti pounds Tbe age of (Jollyer is 23 and that of McOlade 31. llotb men were in line condition, but tbere wa? a hardness and solidity about tbe appearance of (Jollyer's flesh which prejudiced a majority in bis favor. Collyer was trained by Aaron Jones, a noted English pugilist, at Chestnnt drove, near Haln mo re, and McOlade by Dan Kerrigan, a-. Ked Mouse, new York. Kotb hud bwn in training for two months, and went through tbe usual course of muscular education. Daylight came, and at ten o'clock tbe traia from Harrisiurg deposited its burden of New York and I'hiUdelpbia sporu at tbe station, swelling the crowd to at least one thousand persons. Considerable delay then ensued, owing to the non-arrival of "Mac." who bad been named to teiect the lighting ground That individu tl finally arrived in a sleigh from Harrisburg, and immediately proceeded up the railru td to select a site for the ring, which be finally did at a point about one mile from tbe town. Men were then set to work to construct the ring, tbe snow, which was quite deep, was cleared away, and everything being in readiness, the crowd wended its way, in the midst ot a snow storm, np the railroad track, all fortified with rftila unil ?*rrl? la- ,w ? ? ~ u |#vu uui niK IIII- ll(Ol. A number of old counirymeu, with their old.fasbioned mu.e tf?ms attracted to tb? fpot by the (to them) strange proceedings, ventured to an?* near tb? ring, wb?*u their wagon* were at once taken po?*?waion of by the spectator*. who desired to obtain a guod > tew ol th? fight. Tbe ?rees in the vicinity were also dark with bnman forma, all await, ing with the greatest anxiety the appearance ol the principals in the tight. Fending their arrival, the crowd beguiled tae time by various calls of "police," "here they come;" "clear the way there for Oollyet," and other expreo. sions in common n^e among tbe gtnut rough. At half-past eleven a sleigh containing Ooll>er and hia backer arrived, and a few miautes after bis cap came sailing into tbe ring, amid the cheers of nis friends. McGlade arrived in a carriage a few minutes later, and entered tbe ring, closely wrapped up in shawls and a buffalo robe idbted mm referee, but refused to act, and Geo. Mitchell, of New York, was finally appointed to act in that capacity. All tne preliminaries having been adj a a ted a?d toe men stripped, Collyer advanced to Mctiiade's corner, offering to bat him 9100 on the result ot the flgbt. Tbu McOlade refused, saying tbat be bad no money. Tbe amount was quickly raised, when Collyer proposed to Increaee tbe bet to another Sluu, which was accepted by tbe friends of McGtade. At 11 4?', at the call of 'Time," both man ware promptly up to tbe scratch, and Hound 1st commenced. Both men were evidently disposed to be cautious, and consider* sole sparring took place before a blow was de. ; livarsd. JttcO. finally landed heavily on Collyer'* vibe, which Cf. resented by giving his i opponent several stingers on the face and lici'k. *f!?r whii*h m ' ? " vwavu VbtVI r?J, Ml Met)lade went down, Uollyer upper. Loud ctewrs lor Col Iyer fcud bow freely made, the | odds being in Uollyer's favor. Z. McG. came up laughing. and after a little j arring got in a blow on Uollyer's sternum, alter which a heavy exchange took place. UolU yei finally knocking bim squarely off hie put i by a blow on the no*e, which produced the claret, first blood for Uollyerclaimed and allowed. i 3. McO. again cot in first on Uollyer's stern* urn?Collyer clinced hie antagonist, eeparated, and finally knocked McU lade down. I 4. McGlade, who seemed to be partial to Ual I i yer'a nbe, visited them again with hie dexter, and afterwards went down to avoid punishment. Beu on both sides freely offered and taken. 5. McGlade feinting retreated towards hie corner pursued by Sam, who finally engaged him, and a severe exchsnge took place, ending in McGlade being knocked comni?t?it ?er k.. pina by a blow on tbe dial. 6. Hoib op promptly at the call of time. Kemtin*. Sevsre blow* doll vered on both ilia, i botb roing to era*a. 7. M?HJiadegot la on C.'a ribs hsavily three times id aoccosaioD. Oollyer cloood tbe roaod ; by |)Ttu| M ?Glade a terrltlc blow oa tbe neck, and iben w?-nt to graab to avoid punishment, i o. A round is wbtcb severe blows were delivered oa botb sides. MoOlade went down to avoid pnniabment. Mcdlade's left ear and a ' knuckle of bis dexter Moody. 9. Collyer'a ribs were acain viaited by the aiuMifr mauley of McQlade, who. sfter some fainting, went to tbe green to avoid puniabment. o. Severe exchaage. and McQlade down. II. McQlade atill came op laughing; and after some feinting was clinched and tnrr.?n by Sam on the rope?. 14. MeOlade wu again felled by one of Sam'* iM|?>b?n>m?r blows on tbe Ikes, after wbicb ne wu earned to hla corner, where a blanket was thrown over him, and be was " nursed" by his seconds amidst tbe derisive cries o! tbe crowd. Barney Aaron, who, it will be remembered, was defeated by Cillyer ome months since, during tbe flfht stood at McOlade's corner, giving him instructions as to tbe manner in which be should light bis I opponent. I 13. M?Olade aimed but miesed a terrific blow at Collyer's f rouiispie?e, after wni?b a clinch, a desp?xate struggle, and MeOlade went down. H. Collyer In slightly on McQ.'s breast, and McQ. down to avoid punishment. 15. Collyer in again on bis opponent's breast, give and take, Collyer finally landing a stinging blow on McO.'s nose, which bind pro. fusely. It was lu this round that McOlade's nose was broken. m " iw, uftv\ji?uQ uvukqu a uiow, and Wf Dt down to avoid punishment. 17. McGlade hit right and left, and fell as before. Collyer at this stage bore bat slight marks of punishment. 19. Feinting, and both down after an exchange. Mculade frequently struck oat and missed his man, the effort seeming to greatly exhaust bis strength. Collyer still cool and confident, and always first to answer to the call of time. !<*) to bet on Collyer. 19. fended by McCJ. going down in his own corner. 21. atcQlade in with his left on Collyer's rib*, then fell. At this jnnetare it was plain to be seen that McQlade was greatly exhausted, while Mam seemed as fresh as at the commencement of the fight. He tamed in his cor. ner and tried to vomit, and when > time" was rfi I IaH fm9 rrt"*"4 99 Wu terdr la coming to the acratch. S&m St id three mry blow* In locmiioo oa oO.'e throat and om on hu dial; atwr which, they clinched, and Med. want down In hi* own corner H. From thta to tha 96th ronnd Media de went down every Une, aad at the eloee of the laat wu again aick ta hi* earner Uolljrar tocli etlll mine. 96. Sam cot In hearr on tha shoulder: a rapid exchange, aad Collyer wu knocked qnarelr down, for the first and only time, h? a dial Mow from McUlade. Cheer* from tha New Yorker*. 97. Clinch, and McQI&de dowa. V. ham. aftrr ?o:dp e*ntion? maa^a verinr' ret Joba a v 'a brad i> chancery. after whicb McGlad* cropped ?o avoid p>n?(*hm??nt Complaint# marl* that would not o>)ni? np promptly to tbe call or ? tiro#." M?(}lad*'? opMea tradually closing From thi? to tbe round CoUyer bad everything bis ova w*ii WrOltd* either talline ta avoid nnniih. mrnt or bring clinched and thrown f>v (' <iIyer, wb? Invariably panu?s bim aid dears bin down in lu? own corner. (!nf? of " foul" bjr MrOlade's fnendr, and signs of a row. 33. Sam tot in marjr on McOlale's neck, whirling him aronud and bringing bim to gia** At this jonctwte tha friends ol McQlade again claimed a font." and broke into tbo ring. drawing revolvers and claiming the tight for (livtr protff*. Th* friends of UoOyer wore nlH>on deck to contest the dispn'ed p">in?, and alto exhibited pistols. which frightened hundred# away, who made lor 'he railroad as fast as tneir legs could carry them. Through the exertions of the referee, qilitt wa* finally rfkturrd, and ibe fight resumed. From this ap to the 45*h roand MeOlade Invariably went dowr. either by a chock or to avoid punlshmeiit. MiOHule exhibited at this st.tge mvere mark* of punishment, bis *jtm being ii**rljr rloaed, bis aoa<* broken and bloady, and hu breaat and ahOLlders severely Injured bv Sam s terrific blows. V>ib and L^at Round Mr (.Hade was apparently exhausted, and came up slowly to "titn? " After seme fainting Sam let go bis dexter landing Hob Mcfllade'e broken nob, wbo retorted by a feeble blow on Sam's nt>? and g<Mng down to etcape a swinging messenger fr,?m his antagonist. On being carried to bis corner McQlade was afflicted witb an attack of nausea, and told his seconds to toss up the sponge, which wi- dono amid lonrt cheers from Collyer'e friends. Coll ver Immediately advanced and throwing his arms around tbe neck of bis defeated rival en* ileavored to cheer htm with the assertion that he bad crfJitahly contested tbe, after which the stake? were pulled np and the party returned to OoldsborouRb. There can be no doubt that McGlade was severely mjared in tne mill by his young hut more skiItul opponent, while (Jolljrei bore but few mirk* of pun > isbment, and wub the exception or soin? damace done to bis lett eye was as fresh after tbe will as before be entered the rui*. Tbi-is Collj er*s fourth light, all of which have taken place within ten month' pasr.amt in all of which he has been victorious. His opponent* in bi? several nreviou* tiffin* ar?r? hi>tfli>h. Holster, and Aaron, the latter of alter the flRht }eeterday. challenged Collyer to another pugilistic contest. The frmli Rian hacking t'ollyer exprenses himself r? ady to stake ?S,MM> tnai Collyr can dptwat in the ring any man of his weight in tbe world, and Sain, who, truth to sav. is a young man poewMing good moral qnaliUes, outeid* ?f bis P. B. proclivities, stands ready to accept tbe challenge. Tbe Washington and Baltimore portion of tbe crowd re'urnea to the latter city last night about 7% p. m. l'be Baltimore police boarded tbe tram, on its return, at tbe line between Maryland and Pennsylvania, in order to aid the conductor in ihe difficult task of collecting hi* tare, and i|uiir a. iiuuiiH-i wnr lurcmiy pjpCK'a lor refilling (o comply with bis demands. As a inattn Of coun-e. pickpockets were on tbe alert, and succeeded in reaping quite a harvest from tbe nnwarv. On tbe arrival ol Oollyer in Baltimore, last nirht. he received .1 tp|?*trram trom New York announcing ?b?* d?atb of bisbro'ber by suicide, and tbi? morning h?- l?*lt for ?hit city. V~2^HON uoback QBCCLCY Will deliver the Fourth Lecture of the Y. M C. A course at Weiler Ct-ape I, cor. 5th aad f On TBGB8DAY IVIN1AG, Jan. 17, at 8 o'clock Atiniitsiou cents. Tickets fur sale at Bo>ik and ?a?ic fetnres, and at tbe door. . it* nr-s-' Mono* -mbkuulah mkbtimq or ii? TUB K*Pl BbiOaN AflsOCUlluN will beteld rn \VBI>KB8l)Al BVKNING. the loth ir>?' . h?7V? n'rlf.rli >t I........ u.n -. nr5=- 0 0 ALIt OOiLII UsJ |I?Q #6.AO. 1 wm now eelllng COAL s? the following low trice* ? Bed Aah. ft? 9A; Mfblt* A ah. AS AWe, a iM) *rtfeU of ACT OOAL, lor cook lag, I It St. 4*Uv*r?4 IM IWe. Md oltin Goal ntrMU?4. Torma ceeh when order to given. OKea, 4WH 7th street, m(?mi D and E. Yard. lltb (trial ?kui aod river jalt lV T_W. HcOONRILL || B0AEP OP TRADE BOOMS.Olacbtt * JJJJ SwiBNv'st Ho. 4 Market space. SLECTIOS Or 0EVICBE8. The Fourth Quarterly Meeting of the Board of TradewtU tranajlra on VIllS&T ITIIIIC w?.'H is, isw. wn?n t rrsaiaaat. two Vic* PrxaHaata.and Aboard of twelva Dlraotori will b? a lac ted, to Mrv? tor tha Bating year. H BABDO. Haoretary. ja U It (lBt.. hr?n. a Coa. Paten 1 fTr? MABOMIO.-AtUted maotlBiof CObUM LL? bl A BUT Alt A BOH OHAPrBB Mo 15, wlTl b? held atOaatral Masonic flail aa WBuNBS DAT. the 18th tut., at 7 o'cloak p. n , on wbicB oacaaton the resolution adopted at tha laat convocation or tkt Oraixl Chapter In rafaraara to tha separation of Ike Grand k. A. Chaster of Maryland and tba District of Cyloaibla will be aonaldered. All members of Oolnmbla B. A. Chapter ar? reqnertad to ca present. Br order ef tbe MB. H P. jb K it B O. HOTBt, Secretary. (>% JOBBPH H fcHAPFIBLD, lU rBKKOH OONPMOTIOHIRY. LAD1KS' IOB CKKAM * D1BIBO SALOON, 248 Peao. 12th aad Utbrti. VfddlD|i. Dlnaer or lumr Parti** iny|li?d at hort aetice with nanlliM ia Pyramid*, faacr k'tlN, and OoafactiOB*riee, JellUa; Weddiag Oekee, beat anklitjr. Table Oraamenta: Biltdt, Ic* Umm, Wat*r Ice. Bob** Punch, Booed Tarkev.plala ; C*oolop*d 0;*Uri, Kodm Tark?r ia jallj, Charlotte Bu?ee, *to., *lo Attendant* alto will be **nt to attend to all datails of arrangement*. Boa<ia*U, Wreath*, aod cat Plover* to order. ja3 la> JQ8BPH H 8H fcPPIBLD. rr|>IITAlLi?BiD tell. sPHSBAOH * PBBOUBOH. T1 Pbnn. Armci, coaniK 1st bvkbst, gt<|t j 0?pitol Mill, | IrfBtaCMltNTB,~*c , *> Phyalclana Praaeriptiona aooa rataly oomionnd?4. Th? Might Mil |ro?|tlr mnnd. oa ll tf DBAbfi FOUHDBY. D No. 414 D itml. Bi?li|ittrtwlftBliU FOUHDBY in connac. Hon with ay ?an and Locksmith baalaaaa, Its pre tared to do all work ! that lino. ja M-Sm JOHB J. PBABOPT. j^PLEHDID JEWELET. MB. ALBXABDBBhaajattratvraad from Haw Tork, vhara ha took from tha Oaatam Boon ? t*j magnificent aaaortment of Silver Filigree JBwBLBY. I*.ported from Italy, which ba will aall at one-qaartrr tha co?t; they cannot ba ob> talned at id? othar aaUMUhmeet h?ra. Bo *laa bronfht oa a large aaaortment of now atyla CORAL OOODE vary rich and of era at variety, wl leb bo will aall at the aame rate*. it ll ll* <>' "? " . ?-- ?uiwy?TMl> >T>aM. (#"ME,Daj?T"Mm-8g 910,000 WOBTH LAD118 AMD CBBTS' BS8T PAlIi KID GL0YZ8. ST Prlc* for Ltdln, $2 ptr yt>r. SST Pric?for GtoU', |9.9< per Mir. MOT All oolor$ Ml aiaM, from i%, to 10^, JOS. J. MAY A CO., SOS Pennaylrtnio ftTona*, j? II Jtlf botwoon tth ud ioth itt^ | gin... nnon Wo ikill Mil. from tkli dir aaMI tk* i-* ? * ?* 1 i but om Stock of Orr hd Vmot AoMi at GBBATLY BBDBOBB PBICBS FOB 0ABB, (or ik*9*i9*M of UMag Mooont of stock. | BBT GOODS ABB BBAWL8 AT OOBT. CLOAKS AT HALF COST. "BO HUBLBUG ABOUT IT." HBBHAGB. LUTTBXLL* CO , At Boo- J. Jokaioa A Co.'a 014 Stoat, JtllocJt* Cor, 29tk at ltd Ph>. ivna ? - U>I1, * - I < th? reat No dietinrtloD inarte wh?t?i ?r on ao count of race, c?lor, or religion to become otembere of tbil Meucietiua. A go ;d moral character ai:d h de-ire to advance tbe came of bainanitf and freedom tbe only uece??err requisite* Permodi weabing to join the aaaoclation can come In per*<n or a<)drese. A. O. HALL. ja lt?lt Seeretarr. ANNUAL UlETIhO or vhi AMIB1CAK men AND 8TI1L ASSOCIATION will be bold at MASON 10 HALL. Corner of 9th and D itreete. WA8HIHGT0B. WBDBBSDAT, JAMOABT i?. 1997. BY1BIBQ SESSION AT TK F. M. n? fWf- WOBK1NGMBB * ASSEMBLY -Tb?r*? iatfc* Coaacil Ckambcr.Olt? Hall ????*, J*l? ? JA8 a. BKBD. mi nmn. a (l'riiirv b m GOVEBKMERT htct RITIM ' ? AWHiaoTOK, Jan nary 10. 1987

Jay Cook* AO* fur n i*h tbe folio *ri Of ^uo- 1 latione of Go\frumfbt securities Haying S'lhn7 ] U. 8. ?'? Uoeyon. 1W1 hit* 1.-8* U.S. F1T? TVMUU, IMst 1117 i, luri U. S. Fit* Twenti**. IMH H5* N?? U. S. F1t? Twenties. i??s lu. U.S. FlTe TwHtlM.JuiJ'y.'a W>4fc IK U. S. Ten Forties 1*? IT S. Seven Tbirtte*, August.... H i 1 U. S. Seven Thirties, June 1? { U. 8. fceve* Tkirtiea, Jely \iA lot \ ' MBW VOIK FT RUT HOARD PALIS Coupon* ltfc 19.M* 9?K S.?0'a. I?62 107* J.:#'*, Aujuat 5*11**, P-d4 H5H 730'8, June TO**, S.voa, IW5 IWfc July ......IfHS 5,a??. Jn A-Jj,'64.Urt.s Oold .135* DI1?LOMATI DINNER BY THE PRESIDENT Tbe first diplomatic diuurr this season of the Finldrol took place at the EzreuttTt Mtuaioa yesterday evening at six o'clock. There ww? preaent the President, MnTntmon and Mra. Stover, Secretary Seward aad Mtaa Poatrijr; Sir Frederick W, A. Hruce. Mm later tromQr-at ; iiniam; m. j. ifertDemy, Minister from France; Mods. Waldemar de Bodisco, charge 1 d'affaires of Uus6ia, and Mr. C. de Bodi?o<>, j attache; Mr. Koett Ton Limberg; Signor I>ou Oaroia jr Tastara, Minuter from Spain; Man. nel Oarcia de Roes, acting cbarjfe d'affaires of t'oilugal, and bie w ile, Baron VonGeroldt, j Minister from I'rnssia, and wife and two t daughter*; Maurice IH-Ifoese, Minister from i Belgium; Count Wydenbauck, Minister from Austria, and bis wife; M K Caotac?lli,cbarsre ' d'aflnires from Italy; S^nor floats Molini,envoy minister from Nicaragua and Honduras; tbe Councillor J. 2ft. N. LtoAzambuta, Mints, ter from Brazil; Senor Kzequll Gatlerre/' charge d'affaires from Costa Rica; S-u.jr M. lioniefo. Minister from Mexico, and Miss Koracro, iM'uor S. Aut t Lfurnapa, charge d' affaires from Cbili; General Kus-torjio Salgar, Minister from U. S. of Colombia; Senor F. L Harreda, MinlM^r from F^ru; Senor Colon?l llnmmi'A I.' It?rmi?nln M r ?_ 1 P- ?. . viiUDiCl ItUUl IUB /VI - J gfiitiue Republic The company separated about t?n o'clock. TIIK Klti UTS OF M AltRIKD WOMEN IN THK 1'ISTKICT. Mr. Morrill, from the Committee on the District. in the Senate to-day, reported back the bill ? To protect tbe rights of married women and for other purposes in tbe District of Columbia." with amendments The amendment* are in tbe shape of a substitute tor the entire bill, and provide that any mairied woman of auy age may own in ber own right real and Dersonal etlate *rntiir?rt h? rt?? ?. . * ? ? "J -l wv' Mfci H 1 ?H u 1 purchase, and may Tnat.stre, con vey, and dev i*e the tame without the R*wBt of her bushand, nor 6hall such property so held in her own ricbt be liable for any d?bt, contract-, or oblifHtion <>t her btisband. contracted either before or after marriage: hut real estate, directly or indirectly conveyed to her by ber btihbnr.d, or paid for by him, or devised to ber t.y bis relations, cannot be conveyed by her without the joinder of ber husband in such conveyance. When payment was made for property conveyed to her from the property ol ber bu-band,' or was conveyed by him to ber without a valuable consideration p.nd tberelor. it mxr ha tnL-an as >>? ~-? j ?..c lJ'ul,r") ?l ber hnsbnnri to pay bis debt* contracted beiore *ucb conveyance. Sbe may re|pa*e to her hattand the rijrbt to manage her property, and may revoke eucta release Hereafter, when any man shall marry, bit property shall be exempt from alt liabilities of bis wife contiacted before marriage. Her property (bhe dy inr intestate) shall descend to ber heirs a* if unmarried. THE METROPOLITAN RAILROAD IX COM <iRK8* Mi. Morrill, from the District Committee, reported a bill in the Senate to-day to amend the act ot Congress authorizing tne consiruc uuu ny mr iwumnore ana Ubio Kailroad Oompany of a railroad from btivwa Knoxville 5 and Monocacy J unction into and within the , District ot Columbia. The bill introduced by Mr. Morrill provides that instead of the right , rranted to said Baltimore and Ohio Railroad J Oonnnanv, to extend their said road "into aad t witbln the District of Columbia, to such point r points, terminus or tarmtni, as may be | agreed upon between said company and the ( Corporation of Washineton, and between the Mid company aad tbe Corporation of deorjetown ss respects a road within th? limit* of Oeoigftown:" said Baltimore and Ohio Kailroad Company are hereby authorised to extend their said read Into and within the limits of the District of Columbia on such line and to J such place or places as upon actual survey and Dlan of the saaae h? Cobitw, and not otherwise. Tbt bill wu rftd twice u4 ordered to U* m the table. Pbr&oval.?Messrs. CUkes Ames and John 1 B. Alloy, RrprnratAtiTH from Mtnachn- I setts, left to-day on a risit to Mew Orleans. 1 ?Senator and Mrs. Wilson returned this morning from Natick, where they went to inter the remains of their con. Horace i (rreeley, John M. Bottr, and Thaddeus Stevans occupied the same sofain the House Hall ' to-day for a considerable time during Mr. ' Bingham's speech. -General Dan. Sickle* i was present on tha floor of the Honse for I sum* time to-day. 1 c Iiitirhal Kivkum -The receipts from this ] source to-day were ?513,819 49. 1 . i - I CONGRESSIONAL. ! W?i>Hkfli>AT. January 10. ' banatb?Mr. Wilson presented a petition r from employes* of the Government Printing Office, asking to be included in the benefits of ' the "JO per cent, increased compensation bill. Referred to Committee on Finance. Also, a number of petitions from army officers, asking an increase of pay. Rek-ned to < Committee on Military Affairs. s Mr. Ramsey presented a petition from female employees of the Post Office Deoartment. a*ir. r lag the increase of the 20 per cent, compensa- t tion. Referred to Committee on Finance. f Mr. Sumner presented the petition of the t Pennsylvania AuU-Slavery Society, uking for i an amendment to tbe Constitution prohibitinc > any distinction in the suffrage on account of t race or color. Referred to Committee on Be- 4 construction. I Also, eleven petitions from colored citizens t of North Carolina, asking the passage of tbe o bill introduced by Mr. Tbaddens Stevens to esiaou&u a rep a oilcan lorm of government for c tbat State. Referred to Committee on Re con- a traction. Mr Morrill, from the Committee on tbe Die- c trict of Colombia, reported, witb amendment*, t tbe bill to protect tbe rights of married wo- s men. . Oa motion of Mr. Morrill, tbe amendments of I tbe Hone* to the bill laoorparating the Nation, al Safe Deposit Co. waa agreed to, and the bill i now goes to the President. mir. norriii, irora tne ssm* committee, reKted s bill to amend tbe act authorizing tbe f ttimore and Ohio Railroad to extend a t< branch of tbeir road from between Knoxvllle 2 and Monocacy Jnnctloa into and witbin tbe g Diatrict of OolamMa. 0 Mr. Morrill said tbat tbe object of tbe bill t was to take from tbe City Councils of Waab? 0 iagton the power to grant permission to enter t< and occupy certain ureett, and revert tbis i power to Congress. On motion of Mr. Jobnton, tbe bill was laid on tbe table. Mr. Cennees introduced a reeolntlon. which was referred to tbe Committee on Poet Offices, * requesting the Pastmaster Geneial to establish ) a tri-weekly Ocean mail between San Francis. ) co had Portland, Oregon. * Tbe bill for tbe admission of Nebraska, with ! the House amendments thereto, was taken up. | nauv uiutcu mi tuncur in U19 1A6UU* ? mint Mr. Edmonds hoped that the amendment ' would not be concurred in. Mr. Johnson also opposed concurrence in the amendment. It was unconstitutional, and could not M binding. I Mr. Hendricks said neither Congress or tbe J Legislature cf a State could change tbe Oon? J stltution of a State. ? Mr. Morrill oeuteaded for the right 0f Con- , cress to pass the amendment, and cited as a I precent the conditions Imposed on Missouri ' prior te admission, and said that the casee . were parallel. 1 ' Mr. Henderson said ma if the amendments could^ba eulorced it^waa rather profitlee* to t .iHUHius, oobu iomr or nve ? wiTSl womia*erto*I? * *raoebu#d, that j Ttm manivM bour fxplrtn*, ' *r. Wad# j moved to postpone all prior order* for the purpose of contlaaUlK the dUciuaoB. whoa - ?? JMr. Hendricks moved a enbeUtnte forth* A Honee amendment, tbe amendment heretofore J proposed by Mr. Brows, of MUstoori. ? X.T. KrMtad'n noUcr that bf WsMild &Uap tb? tariff bill to morrow. TNt HmMtfnkeDKuf Mr. n??dnck? ?ra? di?- j Tb# qM?tm( toa* tHb taken on tb* m "ion k iw m .i m 1 w<~ jiwiiir parn luipat. WD1CU was ifiMi?>yn?y? ti TI*kJoo^nrMndmrQfio tb<* but for tft? a-iDiMQn of t'oiotalo Mi tbrn concurred in, ij * .'7. nays Ji. [tpft* bilift oo?go ibllr President. J HOC*it ?Mr Coo* <tll I. from (lommlttMo* lading). r>r rte44 Te*olu?on. wrbicb ?ra* iftWd to. dlridiatibr ?*cr?t*ry of ih? Inte.or to rotxi mimical* informauoa rriaiiT* to h?> U 8 l>?*trict and Otrcuit Coviu in Nonk >rolinn, and aieo w bat moats nr? neo-M\- r o eemrr ttw rerorrte ot wnd nmrtt. Mr. Spalding (Oblo> tauroSTueod a resolution lirrctjng t&r Committee on the Jadiciarj to e^ort in writing ?bi if le?*l?fl on, tf m> . i? iwrtlry to provldtlOrtfcf ratification ! (h? Juo&muuanal usroamenu ty, tferee.ioanb* >f tbe Vitttft represented in Concresl. Mr ,K|?c* {<?**>) objected. : The regular order oar tag "been demanded, ' port* were called lor from Uomnaittee uu [Jiamct of Colombia, and tbe Hoaie re?nm#(l oimderatuon of tbe but to incorporate tbe KiUomI Lif* ud Accident Insurance Com l?*j i>( ibr iminci 01 Doramni*, uw qiHHon rcnrnoe upon tbe un'ndmnt W Mr. laseru)i| (M? ) to ailow tbe function* of the corporation to br exerciwd tn all tb# State*, ?ubj<vt to 'be IotmI law* thereof fTbi* was au amctidaMrt to an amend meat jBert-d by Mr. AUuoh (Iowa) to n>?trict tb<* luni tionsof tbe corporation to tb# lXctrlct of CDtfctnbia.] Mr. Inffcrtoll'k amendment wa* agreed 10? pea- Si, nay* 5b. Tit question tben rernrred rpon acreem* to tbe amendment M tntndrd. pMdUf wbica naouopj Mr I'pun (Mica) moved ta lay tbe jiii nno pnnn n* amendment* on tb? table. Th* latter motion wu i|rr?d to by a rote 61 pea? i-i, nnye *4. Mr. 1 tiifrr-ull, (111 ,) from < Vmmltw on 1Mrict of Columbia, reported favorably upon the >111 to increase the pay of bailiff* and crier* of be {Supreme, Circtut and Criminal Court* of the I'Utricl of Colombia. [It provide* that the datly compensation of b^M officer* -hail he per dtyfor each lay'* attendauce, ibit compensation to be ?llowed from Jan. 1, IW6. Tae bill aleo repeals be law limiilnr the number of notaries public n tbe Inetriot of (Columbia to thirty-tire, and tbe court to appoint a* many nojiriet> a> may in their judgment be required.] Mr. Koe* (111.) made tbe point that a* the bill made an appropriation it tnu t go to the Committee of tbe Wbele House. Tbe Spoafrpr derided the poiot of order not well taken. 1 be bill M?ns then passed. Mr. Maynard, (Tt-uu ,) from Committee on [>istrict ot Coluiubia. reported back tbe Hon>e Bill to amend certain law? of tbe District of Columbia. (It provides Urn no appeal shall be allowed trom a jumice of tb? peace unle;-s [be appellant (rives proper bail to sustain bis appeal. Tbe bill further regulates and drfiues :be qurstiou of practice in tbe courts. There -ball b*> no etipercedea* or stay of execution. ? ?<j mj u M v kivu. Kjuiuai ?rui III1J W Jtl h>- a plea in bai. and tbc plea of ?et off may re that ihe plaintiff" I* Indebted to the d?f*nd> in' id & t>uin to be fcpfcifit-d, and Uefendaut rosy pray judgment for the balance fonad to doe, and execution may be awarded for each valance. Publicatiou may be made, and shall nave the same effect as personal service, when be deiendant caunoi be fouud. In suits gainst corporations doing buMnee* in the iMeirict of Columbia, a service upon tbe .irent or Tiannger of such corporation shall be e?? ider?d a ? rvice upon the corporation. Tbe (j>wer claimed and exercised by individuals of retaining personal property for rent is annulled, hot a renter mut-c ba\e i lien upon personal property, and it may bttiacbed by legal process, upon affidavit that in amount of mniev is due: or if rent i? nm jr? t due, apon affidavit tbattbe tenant is abuut u remove, and that complainant may lose bit ent. Tb?' bill also declares 'be practice in :aees of replevin. It any officer serving a process shall not be able to find tbe per?on apainst whom tbe process is msaed, the service may be made by a publication lor three nm?-8 in any paper in tbe District ol <Jj1utenia When mon?*y is due by two or three partes, they may be >aed juiutly: but if tnere bill be a recovery against one or the parties, that fact may be pleaded in bar. upon unit union uuuiuri ui ?uf |)nnici 1M Dill IUIther relates to tbe practice la tbe cvuru.j The bill was considered and passed. Mr. Maynard, from the same Committee, reported buck the bill to incorporate the Wa-bn* county Horse Railroad Company, and pending it* consideration, tbe mormag boar >xpired, and the Mil was laid over. The House proceeded to the consideration )t tbe billot Mr. Stevens, (No. 5t-1) to eaable n# rsmtnern States to regain their places m he Union. Mr. Paine addressed tbe Honse in op}o?ition to tiie second section, which recocsinse* the existing State government* of the ?outh. Mr. Biivbim (Ohio) addressed tbe Houee at *n*th upon the hill, and was spaakiag wken >or report closed. ? e??? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM EUROPE. 1 stria ? Italy ? Praace ? The Americas Ckarck at Reuse Removed Oatside the Wall*?The Market*. [By Atlantic Cable.] Pkstb. Jan. 16 ?Tbe Hungarian Diet agreed o Mr. l>eak's address condemning the patent ately issued for the reorganization of th? army, t he vote vai nearly unanimous. Flormck, Jan. 16.?The budget of Italy bows a deficit ot over one hundred aud flftyilne millions ot florins. Pasta, Jan. l(L?M. Thiers la aboat to give a craad dinner to the Oppoeiuoa, the Orleaaists tad Democratic Depnuee having united. Lohixj*. Jan. 16?Niton?A un?r >ubli?hed in tbe Time* of this mornioc. ujrs: Jen. Kick, tbe American Minister at Kom*. iu been invited to remove tbe American sburchoouide of the walls of that city. Mr. iiing compiled, and will hire a villa lor tbat >nrpo*e. Li v eh fool, Jan. 16 ? Noon.?The rotto* narket to-day opens steadier; sales will probibly agcrecate 7.ou$ bales; middling uplands, 4fid. Lokdoic. Jan. 16?Neon.?Tbe money mar- | ret is qniet and nacbaaged. ('onseln for noney, 91. American securities generally unLite red. Erie shares, however, open at a eligut , id vance, entreat quotation* being 73. Freai Texas. OaLVBSToy, Jan. 16.?It is reported that to v. Throckmorton proposed to call a special eseiou x>f tbe Legislatare. Judge Duval, judge of the western district ' if Texas, bai delivered a stirring charge to h? grand jury. lie qnotes at great length rum the Constitution and amnesty prociama. K?n. He tayi there I* reason to beHeve that | orat* persons have violated the condition on vbicb tbey ootained amnesty, and they should te visited with the pnnisbment th??lr infamy leservee. The man who avails htmssli of the ;enerosity of the Government to obtain eitmpion from punishment, and then violates bis A>b. It mors guilty than ons never pardoned. Us advises, in strong terms, the punishment f all who failed to avail themselves of the uonesty proclamation. The Austin Intelligencer says W.G. Conn* Jl, who was assassinated at Nsvasota, was be United States Depnty Marshal. He was to frve thirty-Ave writs for Jndce Duval s ??rt, and ibis U apposed to be the cause of ite murder. rweaty-twe Celered Priseaers Baratd te Dratk. New York. Jan. 10.?Accordiac to a letter rum Captain Ciaus, in command at Charles, on, it appears that the burning to death of the *2 colored prisoners in tbe jail ax Kiaaeton, lontb Caroliaa, was caused by tbe barbareus , bstinacy of tbe sheriff and jailor, who re rosed o unlock tbe doors to let tbe poor creatures ut. A white prisoner, however, was allowed o escape. Captain Claus has ordered the sher. (T amd jailor te be arrested. Freat Bestea. Boatov, Jan. 10.?It is stated that the own* rs ef the steamship line ply in* ???? ween Boson and Bangor have reeovered $ L^Ami.OO ?from u? uuiviuiuiuL tui wniarri io?i wnill UUUT loTtrnment charter* doriac the late war. P 0 B BAT F L . Two headeome ABB LI HBBB VASlB. elandDg tlx feet, reload at #109?ft per chaaee. 0a xhlbitloa at JFAM BOYLB*8, Beolutller aad Stationer, j?M -tt* 8i0 Fean'a iT?aa?. f 1BT OF FBOFOSALS OF B MIflMBIiliALi doo?* character reooirod at the OCce if Ike toart et matter Oeaoral for Mm week eadla* iaa 'YemeeN^Otode. Weehlaftoa. P. O., offer* to araleh (0,000hoed hlecke oa the meet reeeoa able *1% B. VeOraw, Alesaadrte. Titrate, e?r? rcht^OOcord*hard wood at *. and ttqorde 3?s! &5L&^SSTJk SKStf: r an' t. a. boibi. NTSBBST PATiUB IAIOMT Af> #ULT, VorMtoinaiMtoaalt. LWW1B J 0 KB BOH * OO..Hnfclw, ^ LOCAL NBWb. _ ? ?. ? ( t?? A*rio?? ijhvk mn stkl awmi* tiu* ?Tfc? Hnuni m*fttttg of amw?u and AwriittoD i? b??nj bHd at tllard ho?H lo-iijr Thi? ifMxtttHX w compo*ed of nMri) all lb* ?n? f*rtur*r? so t vboiMtt* *Mleri'fan(?< >c ?rwn (rM? tiourbrt*' Cvuotfj. *' tbit .n-?m< nparljr.wverj &nu* m lb# ? ii"Bf caaoai report wa? pro**at~<f, whi n etn krami lirr amount or iMtftkil taforai*. lion f fe* naaalUtarm cratrallf rvpon ia> ; t<ad* aa d?pw??n. owing 10 tfcmr lat^ur u> ronpft* wiui foroio aaonfwuiiwstb^ pr??. at tariff law* operating ocular* th**r int?T-?-?. : It i* ptoMaie at (kit aw?| oom* vtwn will i fee tafeva to roferroao to Mil pood tag u Ooo. 1 grerr aflftdac tar trade Tbi M*ociaUoa will bold aa orofunf *hmo? at Mtronie Hall K>-oigti\ at whira e>>ver*i n fabfCi of Ooogrww. Moo Hor%r* O-eoty, and promtiMf atW of ttt* * pec ted to aaka addmin Jail fob Oocbt?someday* ago. Mr. j*t?er. waa Pht and o?lM>r (Mtaa^n ow? oa?r. ' pimp* wl'a im.dlm at kovhu ? | lew, on IS rtrwt near 13tb, ud after u?r gnmn i wm OMC)a<M, Mr. Piatt w?ai to Uwcot<*nc? lor bu o?rrco><. bti aoiae om bad * >? ti ktltw b* bis run* Other c*ik1? i"i. bud seen a yonap man nui?d Mn W. Wil1 ItlMot ut* ib* foat. pat t< tM MdbtTt Sub! eetjnnjtly tbe corr was pawned wltb a hro?er udMr PUtt took a *at ot pa wo. Wilbiw ol wai arre#'ed bf oMcer (Jreer aad tak*o be>ore J a*tic* Mor?eU. wbo gave btaa b?arioc i A A*fo?moi ww awtfetted by ?be partte* u? fOMidw the affbir m Cbrtetmaa joke, a*J mAMI the discharge of tbe pritower The jut| tiee, however, eoald nr * it > th*t IKtK. and comnatrd job a* WHt.**on lor eoart. CxnilKAL (\?i'KT. Judgr M'ytw?\M?*rd%y. rtMrii Hnm?oo. inmriod far th? n?r<l?c o( N?r*h HtrrlM>B, vt> found entity ot min. lUufllfr. Jiutfc Fitk'r ?Ttm morntnr. In tb# r*?f <x Tmey Onrrvll. in wblch lb* jury were ?n?i)i? <??*r*e HTrnJ day* ago, a noii* pru. wa* m trr?Hl. Mary Ttirn?r.f?nct?4 of larceny. a nominal ?+BtHif? 1b tb* raff of Jamrn H. P Wllion, toilet* 1 for an a*?-aull aiid baiivry, a m?Ut pro*. *v en trr?l. Sad Accii'KNT ? Mr. John l< Lord. aUiio Wi rWlDir & rtrr-u 1 nr mb *t corner of 4th andti ?tre?t?. Monday .ifvri.oou. bM bio nrbl band rtochi. and two *t r? cot oft too the bone* of the thumb fr* tared in mvitiI place*. Itr* flood and Klw w?-re called. when amputation was l>u?i nwwirjr. which op?'ration wa? p^rturm-U b> Dr. Uood. # l*pr*CTio?ia or Lrxnu -Mr .1 r? u ^ mson, tori'l lumber, report* tbat rtnr.u.: the year 1-66 be hft? m??a*ured iXir.GI> |e-i o? liimtfr, (?rt of wbicb wf>r? of yHto? pine. ? A (fairs Ursriftsna. Tm Lldisi Lis ?A Tett Cast ? Tbn morning was tried m csm (rowing oat of inunsettled condition of the market bonse qo^. Uon. A warrant wa* wrvsd upon E. SUervrooJ fur "doing business in the bntcbere' luarkr' without bSTiai a proper license ' The law requires the (ttts troctn to p.-.y eighty dollars per annum, and tbejr are entitled to aeil all kinds of fruit*. vejre tables. and puultrt, anywhere la the butchers market. Mr Sher. wood bad what is cnllea a general license, tt>? rate# for wbtcb are graded according <o Ui? capital In Teated, and permiuthe dealei to deal & > a regular grocer, or id butter, eggs. a-c .other I ban freeh meats, at their stores. dwellings on the streets outaide the market bouae luaiu Mr. Rberwovl dea.? in buttersnd??? the limtte of the town market, bat within the limits of wbat la known aa tbe butcher*' market. The caee area laid he.ore J antic* Hockey. w hw proposed t? glTe Mr Sherwood an oppori tunny to teat tbe law by appealing fiotn lb* tine Mr. Sherwood aaid be would not appeal f ader tlieee uircumr lances tbe JaaUce hoidtbe cane under advisement. FRoniitLT t'ATAL AcctDCVT ?Thi? morning Mr* I>eonard, wite of a clerk in tbe Treaaur) . While engaged in n&ilinf down a carpet id b-r re?<>ieuce, ob Jefieraon at reel, near Uie t:*nn. had ber clotbea take lire fram a atove, and b* v.- ?- ? > U? wwvic Ui i?r ahlurui Bur war * 11 Teloped in flunn In b?r tUrm ?bt ran mu> tbe street. A gfDti<>n>ba. J. L. Smitti. pulsing at the time had pre :?nee of mind u? catch ber, and pulling off bis overcoat tnrew it around ber and threw bermthesuow and ^mothered the flames. Oflcer Sebas'ian nod some citizen* came promptly to Mr Smith* aid and tore off tbeclotbta*. which, Uuu(Hnot in llamef, was still burning, and took >Ae ladv into ber house I>r McCormick was speedily on the spot, and aided by ladies in the vicmi-v applied proper remedies for ber relief Tblady is dreadfnlly burned, and though it is not ascertained that tbe injuries are fatal *acb, a result is apprehended. Mrs. Leonard is apparently between 2f and 9u years of age, and the mother of three small children. SrrroMD Ihfam-;* ids l'an morning, about o'clock. tbe bodr of a newly-b?rrn white male infant wtts found In VaJler atreenear Stoddard, having beea bard freaen. &-<m~ kofi were dragging it a boat, trying to tear away the piece of old carpet tn whicb U wu wrapped. Juattre B? k*y, acting lor the coroner, beld an in ci neat, and toe jury decided 'bat tbe child waa born alive, and came u> death by balag expoaed to t be weather by ton* pereon or peraona unknown. Flock fmncfioM-Tk* flour inepectobaring made hia returns for the year l-tfci, exhibit a a total of HC.Ttl barrels and 90 half barrels Inspected. Tbia fa I la far abort of tbe inapeetione of the previona year, when the total reported waa barrels There are various r^a?oBc for tuindecrease. tbe principal ?f wbirh M, 01 coarse, the abort crop of tba present season. Flocb amd Oraix Makkbt ?Tbs market continues tob* very quift: tbe reoeipuof flour and srrain by tb? wacon routes u untmportan*. demand moderate for tbe city trad# transactions lifbt, and pi ices unchanged. Poms.?To-day, a ?wy fair supply of slaughtered hogs wsrsoffrivd to the ra?rcb&ot> prices hare a downward tendency, sales from wagons at S8.jtafl8.SW, and from stores *.: 5? p?-r I wo lbs | | CABTB&LT EflPOET V*. orthics^qitioi or thi FIKITIATIOIiiliRK or WA8HMGT01I, DO. On tbs aoraiag of tk? 1st MenAar of iaauarr. It'7 | /SMTft. t _ Laaas saearad hy Goverasseet boats. me -? akinc-homs*. furniture,fixtures Tijv -? Over drafts 12 m Tt Due from bants sod bankers? tr.'.Stt ? B S.ttoeds with TresiirM 0 8.. ttn.uoO W Do ud other s*- qrlties tTC.-V" Cask on ku< ? Steele M.<i7$0> 1 Tekal _ . . LIABILITIM. Of#** OircsUtx s sku.tts Individual deeoelt >rs ktl.Ul M Government d?pn?its Hi Ml JT Dne national banks 4MI" Dae Joy Cooke A Oo l,ftM 7?7 st> Profit end loss ... STJVtS Surplus lat sso ss Tout 91.990 JHftt 1, Wni 8. Hutli|tei. Oeshler of the First Bi> lionet B?k of Weshinftoe D C , do solsmelf xweer (bet the above stolsnet ts tree, te tbe best of ay knowledge >?d belief, W*. 8. HCMTISGTOH, QittUff Bvora end sebscrlbed before oa, this MKk d?r 41 J(l'n3:) * WM. HOWAED. ja li s Votary Pnklie. QCABTBBLY BBPUBT or tub c??t>tTiox or th? NATIONAL MBTBOFOLITAN BANK, or WASHINGTON. DC, _ Oa th? aorilai of ikt lot M?adt; of Jtaurr.U U I. Bonds with um^nmhw of tk? BUM ? $3 so W Oth?r C. I. Bond* *nd BiicnrHtoa 1SSJ* * BMcietBUSB MiMdoUMrUwfmlBoB*/ WW NotM of Rational Baok* 9413"? I 0t?t?, Bat (rood and otbar Stock* a -til ?* ( I*t? and Bill* dtaoonntod ? S?.?)0 J" Overdrafts wP?freB?tb*r Btik* and Bukm * * r >y Baking Bout and rnraltv* " J 7l.*K * PrcminBt. 11 W 1* Current cxtraa** jk r M O..H^ede^SVr?letaB<llH m"Sf * /* *- ? ?? - ? IXviiMia IIMM* - -4t V) - 6.011 SI BUaMBt.lickMi* ad tatotwi . .. Ml-I JOHK B. BLAKB. PrnMwi ?KNBI KBLLY. Oaatiicr PIBBCTOBS ? iMii Mum, G*otg* P?rk?r. W. I. T?dd, js&nwsr/ssrpOll lilit OHliP-Ow Mi otlin PlifO ? hewMLlrw ler w*? re?*4eteWersunTvl WElMrEL ) ,**. ^SPfriSStr'sar