Newspaper of Evening Star, January 16, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 16, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING ST A R. A Y*od( HuthaaU Vbo?t> l(i? WiIt mad Father-is-Law. i [From the Put-burgb Chronicle, Jac 4th J a no ut five o'clock yesterday afternoon' * terrible shooting afTur occurred on Ta?lar avenue, rear Pasture I*ane. id ward, Alle gbeny, ib which Mr. Henry Srong wa? prob mbiy fatally. aad hie daughter Ko* i eerloaslv mmred. 1 he particulars of ll>it sad affair,so far aw we have been able to ascertain th m, are as follow*: Hoe a *?? I vine ?i*k in an upper room A yonng man named Roe* called at the boase yesterday afternoon, and on invitat?oa of her mother, vi?iu*d Kusa in her room. Shortly after a young mail named Jacob B tltzbe||*r, who bad been secretly married to Rosa la June last, and who resides tn Wheeling, entered the apartment and was welcomed by the invalid wrhakisa. Sb* presently complained of having cold f?*et, and asked for a blanket Mrs Strong and hose then went dowa stairs to the parlor. In a few moment* a scream was heard, apparently coming froiB Rosa's room, ilr Strong, who was aittiuic in a lower room, rushed to the stairs, and had just placed hia band upon the banister a* bit daughter came rushing down, followed to the brad of the sta;rs by Baltzbeller, who Immediately fired three shots from a revolver. Tbe first shot struca tbe daughter, passing through lur iri l luuuiuri anu mulcting a px niui nesn wound T6' wfOBd missed, and the tbird truck Mr. Strong in the cavity of the chest, near tbe lunfi He fell, apparently dead. Dr?. Hamilton and Bacbanan were called in, and foon restored htm to consciousness. It is -not ascertained wbetber bis lungs are injored or not, but at all evenu there is hardly a possibility of bis recovery. Battzbeller fle4 at once, but a cry ( murder was raised, and be was pursued and captar->d near tbe penitentiary, and placed in tbe lock-up. He is a f?.unf man about twenty-six year* of age. and of a very prepos?e?smg appearance. He states tbat be visitrd bu> wife tome two weeks since for tbe purpose of taking her to Wheeling with b?ra, bnt h>-r parents refused to let ber go. He again arm rd in Allegheny at fear o'clock yesterday aiternoon. and proceeded directly to tbe bouse V* itb reference to tbe shooting, ami can<e9 leading thereto, he is reticent. He was evidently bent ou mischief when he vis1'ed the boo.-e, or be would not have armed himself with a b?-avy revolver, of Colt's navy patent, with which tbe sbootiog was done. Henry Strong, tbe injured man, baa made an information for felonious as?ault and battery ajra.ns: him before Mayor Merrisoa, and he s?ill ?>ropably have a" bearing tbis after, noon, when additional particulars will be developed Kosa declines to state wba: occurred in the room alter her mother lelt, and previous to the shooting, but of course the examination ?4i draw it out The affair is a sad one. and tbue lar almost entirely involved in mystery. Kokbigx Immigration.?The aggregate in. crease of the population of tne Vnited States jrum iui- ?ouur uui iii^ ?utr i.ui year i? I ti mose, 42li,'.Kih are from Germany and the British Isles? lii,71C t>eing Germans, 63,(47 Ins-b, 36.1M English. 4,!?79 Scotch?representing. at a moderate average, an actual accession of wealth to the country of SH>7.0??1,?OU. With the continuance of dom-stic tranquillity the tide of emigration from these parti is certain to become lurfer and larger. Considering, indeed. the troubled aspect which things are assuming in Europe generally, and the excitement which is inseparable from the reform and i' movrmeuu in Great Britain, we are warranted to infer that the number of immigrant during the year on which we have entered will be unusually large. Inquiries maJe on the subject convince us 'h.V :be bulk of tt?e?e immigrants go westward ? a> ce numbers settling particularly in Minnesota and Wisconsin It is consoling to know That tbe burdens imputed upon the people by the late rebellion are not aggravated hv a decrease of the population. Tbe great West is able to receive and provide for unlimited numbers: and if tbe Southern States were brought intosuch a condition as to encourage trade and industry, the ad\anta?es offered by be country to induetriou and thrifty emigrants would be increased a hundred fold.?Ktw York Htrald. mr m' arthurs report on amer'ca* MiiHiiium?Mr Wm. McArthur, who came here last summer as a delegate from tbe Westerns in Ireland, has returned home, and mjde a favorable report of what he saw a.aong the Methodists cl America. He describes tbe great meeting at Cooper Institute. New York, where, "in about htteen minutes, upwards of STUi.iMi. or ?)4o,un0 sterling, were t-onrr.K. I n*ed to the centenary fond " He mentions, am. ng many things, the jvo<?nt vote of the m.-*ionary committee appropriating more than a million of dollars to be expended for mi*> stt'LS" at home ai.d abroal during tlie year. H ; j says - No difficulty i? apprehended in c*'- . ting 'his >um?nearly S.9f,. *.< s^rling Lift year a million wa-approp.i.i*-- 1, and so free y . did the mon^y come iu that 1 waa Informed the iuirrest ol deposits at the b iak cam to | t onceri.inr (he great patdisbmg e*. t:tblisbm?-nt iu 31 ulberry street hi- says.?'One cannot but be amazed at the magnitude of tbs hoc* Concern.' It has twelve editors of its periodicals?utuslly 5U) clerks and operatives, and between tweuty and thirty cylinder and power-loom presses constantly at work. The e-iaMisbment u acknowledged to be the mj?t rit'iiive denominational publishing-house in the world." A k rem ii Amazon.?The BaronessBinet de Manvgnet, wiuow ol lien. Marcognet, died recently in Krance. >he was the daughter of : Capt L.e Mormier, who fell mortally wound, ed in one of the baul-s of the first Empire, and iu dying beeougbt bis inumate Jriend and com- ! rade, Marcognet, then his superior ofli:er, to take cbarce of bis daughter. Hn?'?nK'i ih? i trust. When ke attained her -^th year be n-nt for her, ajid Irjqj 'bat time she shared tbe ' fatigues aiid daogero of ker protector until tbe ! disbanding ot the army of tbe Loire. Tbe better to perform this labor of love she a*mmsd the dr?ti ot an aid-de-camp. At tbe battle of Waterloo sbe hastily jumped into a wagon of tbe funeral ?, where ber mother happened to tie. tared ber bv presenting one of tbe pistol* ebe carried at tbe oflrer of ordnance, and tbreateued to blow out bis brains If be per* ?t?d in bis traitorous intention of lealmc ti em to tbe enemy under tbe pretext of a fait* order of tbe General. In Mdlle. L* becamethe witeofthe Iiaiou de Marcog^et, v. bom she survived some years. tyA tt&b found lying deua drunk in the str?-et in Buffalo, on Wednesday night, and on being taken to the elation Uju>e aud searched, ?I.Mj" was found In hi? pock?t. K/'An inch of ground ad orning a block of building, in Quincy. 111., wa.? lately sold for vi.'**!, is which at the rate of 814,400 per running foot. VNasbville reporters run great risks in tbe performance of their duties. One of them w?* mistaken tor a burglar tbe other mgbt, and was chated by two policemen. He turned a corner sharply and climbed a tie*, when- be remained until the bunt was over. A young lady who attended aball lately, happened to fall during one ot ike teeunum dances, and she avers that ber b?ad would have been suiely broken but lor the protectlon &fTord?d by h?-r waterfall. aud she will never dare to gu 10 a ball again without wear. iuk one. VI h* Warden of the Massachusetts State Frifon baving reported that tbe income of that m-tituu^n will probably exceed the expenditures, it U suggested tbit a portion ol the ?xshould be appropriated to tbe partial maintenance of ib? wives and children of the prisoners confined tbercin. i VWhat istLe different? be'W?tb a bettered dune aod a uew p?nhy! Nine cents. KTAXri.MaribslI,! widow lady, died in i C"Tnbrlnge, Washington Couuty. N v., on | Tfcnrsdty night, ir*ra an abortion produced by a drcggin in tbe village, aarned ii. F. Walker. who bse absconded. Tbe parties all moved in respectable circle*, and great excitement exists in tbe place. VTbe Warren ton Index sayr. "We learn that tbe Manassas Gap railroad, if favored with twenty more open working days, will be completed from Piedmont to tbe J unction. gV~ Pittsburg came near having a swimming matcb tne otber day. Everything was arranged. bets, Jtc , snd tbe parties had proceeded to tbe water and tbe cold tee! of tbe air, tbe cold look of tbe water and tbe entreaties of tbeir friends stopped things. VTbe liquor dealers of Laroma, N. H . bave agreed to abandon tbe traffic, and sell for nothing but medicinal and mechanical purposes, and tbe hotels to actual travel* ing gnests, keeping no open bar*. yrtome unknown scoundrel or scottndrela went into tbe orchard or Jacob Hikes, in Waynesboro, Pa , last week, cut down all his frnit trees, sevenry*n number, broke open b<s corn-crib and scattered tbe corn over tne pnhl*c road. On one o! his gate* was written, *Tbis is not the worst." VTbe propriety of placing a suitable m.>n- I anient over the remain*of Hun. K. S Key, ! nntbor of ibe national long, ?ffe? Star Spaa tled Baaner.'Ma surre-ted by a correspondent In tbe Frederick Hepubiicaa. Mr. Key'a remain# are deposited in Monat Olivet Cemetery, at Frederick, Md. Oawambnt*.?A Paria paper, of the-iStb nlL. raj*' "Aq innovation baa been qaite recently noticed in ladles' dreaeee. jet ornaments having baen replaced by amber." Am Old Blcbbbabd. ? Au old gea;lemaa living in Crockett. Texaa, ii the father of lee 'Jkil(ir?*n. Jour daugbtera and on* eon. wDo b*?e all cot married witbin a twelve month. The old man bimaalf baa jnai obtained a divorce from hi* ttiird wife, and is on tbe looktut fcr '-be fcnrtt. BANKERS. | JAY COOU * CO.i lillllli AfutwA itrnt, ymih lVwim, ^7?a4 Ml a icarroat atrktt iMn, ?d4 oututlr on hulj fell nnlT of Ml 0OYBIX1IIIT BORMi BBYBB-THIBTIBB, ABD OOMFOOBD IBTSBBBT NOTBS. Orton Car BTOOKB. BOHDB, A?., ?M*M.Md OoUoctlooa bku ob all acooariblo >o1du. Ml-tf JJARBOW *Cf ., BABKBBB. Ooraor LmMiu <tnh an? BataatB ?oa?, bbal1bs is . eOVEBNMENT SSCVRITTtB, OLD ABB BILVBB jj %-tt AHP LABP WABBABTB Finl HaliOBtl Bnk of VukiMtN, B.D.GOOKI. (of J?T Cook* ?0o.,> Fw^Hl. WM. 8. HUHT1NQT0H. tekltr. ?0>IUHIHT D1P0BIT0ET ABB rilAlOIiL l?Ut OF TBI DB1TIB BTATSB, ltu strati, orrostH tkt TV?Jury D*rarimmu. Government BtOBiKM wltfc Tnhww Drited Ititn mrons million dollars * bVt u4 Mil all clHM of oo TERNMBNT &ECL RITIES?t enrreat market ntw. FUhNISH EXCHANGE and wiakt Coiledtom on ALL TEE PMINC1PAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. We Hrebm OonniMBt Voucher a on the MOST FA f OR ABLE TERMS, Mid (ire carefal im yronft attention to ACCOUNTS 0/ BUSINESS MEN md FIRMS, Mtd to m other bnaineee entraated to oa. FULL IK FORMATION In n??rd to GOVIBM BUT LOANS at all tlmeo cheerfully fnrnlahed WM. 8. HONTINQTOH, Caahler. Weahlnfton, Merch 90.1MB. mSl-tf " 486 { "*????? s 486 7th at*eet.\ aitrupriatk rog r7th street ALL 8* A SONS. beautiful and useful combined PA1NTINU& AND KNQKA71MOS A limited bat choice MlMtlnni nf n.i o.i.ti... Engraving*. Obromoe, Wreath*. Buk-ti of Flow ere,Ac., appropriately framed. OVAL P1CTI BB FRAMES. A rich and varied assortment frem the best man ntactnrers id the country embracing Walant. Iin itation Bo*ewood. all Gilt. Rustic and Carved Fiame*. Paesecartoat*. Card Frames, Ac. PICTURE OOBD AND TASSELS, WALNUT BBACKETS. Ac. Plctnre Cord and Tassel* all sices and colors, Bins Nulls, Walnut Brackets. Easel*. Ac. PaPEBHANQINGB and window shades A beantlfnl variety of these goods, embracing the richest designs of Oilt Embroidered Parlor Pat teras In the mstrlrt, with a veil assarted stock of the cheeper grades, with a large variety of Windo* Shades, different slr.>* and colors. Orders fer Window Suedes and Paperhangings punctually filled, ! city or country. A large portion of the above Ootxl* were made specially to order. believing the best the cheapest and aiming to keep that class of Goods, we respectfully Invite the Poblic to inspect and compare onr Geods witb any in the market. Terms inrariah'y r? k. J. MARRBITEB. No. 4*6 7th street, de 18 iw* Fight doors above Odd Fellow*' Hall. VICTOB BECKER, PIANO TUNER AND BEQOLATOB.- i . Established IS ISM. Kml OKSKM XOW gjtcl" v*n AT DEMP8FY A UTOOLE 8. Bngravers and Stfttioners, Ac., 3U6 Pa av., bet. 9th and luth sts. F. C. BMUHENHAOUt* Piano Boom*. 49t> llth street, near Pa. avenne. Sftrinl iVc'iet from Wm Knale t C'o., Baltimore. Mr Becker nas tuned Piano* for n* at our Wareroom*. and we take pleasure in stating that we believe him to be a competent tuner. no 31 3m RA. <JBO> IN *8 HAS* BALL AND SKATOUIAL HIAD QOARTBBB, Dealer in Imported Clgara Aleo, the following brand* of Domestic Gig era: Tnllp, July, Pat, Robert Burn*. 4c. I aleo keep a floe aaeertment of Tobacco, Meerschaum and Briar Wood Pipea, and Fancy Article*. A large aaeortment of tbe ft neat and best SKATI8. de 13 lm ~ BOOTS AND 8HOBS7 flj N B W TT O B B . T he onderaigued bege leave to i oforra hi* friert#* and tbe public generally th*t he hu opened tne BBW CHEAP PTORB, No. 904 7th afreet,under Odd Fellow*'Ball, where be haa on band agoneral aaeortruentof Ladiea' and Gentlemen'a, Boy'a, Mlaaea and Children 'a BOOT8 AND BHOBS. > Remember the number, AOS 7th atreet, unier Odd Fellowa' Hall Tbe Mew Cheap Btore, forT ' " ".tOIO. ?. WIL80M. p'LOOll V *_ D I A fnR aaeortment of aH ir*d?i choice Ploar for Bafcera; quality N? 1; price low. Are tne only direct receiver a for Golden Hill, J. ?. Gambrill (?ot Patapaco) and Llaganor Family lour* In the Diatrtot. Aa the latter brand haa been extensively counterfeited and aeld la tbia city. we would Inform thoee wlahlng this flour by apraiigaw>?nt with tk* mil lira wa fnpnlflh it Uwoa tberTTt c*B be obUlitd from any other aoorce. Quality eocend t? none. Price a fraction lew the a Other Iretclaea Family Floar. Buckwheat allow ratee All grtdoo of Weetern Flonr n store and for sal* low by W. M. QkLT * co., Indiana avenue and lit street. no II * aw Depot. Dbfabtmbbt or thb intbbiob, to ajul ^floil^a'mc/t vjlhjmili. _ A1911 cation hariug been Bade Older the net of Jane 23. I860, for the reWsue of the follevine d?> crlbed Land Warrant*, which are alleged tohara ?I J*y?F?.-iottc? U hereby give* that at the date following the deocrtotlon 01each vwrant a new certificate er warrant of like tooor will be relieved, if mo valid objection boa id then JOB. H. BABBITT, Commissioner. ho SS448. foir 190 acre*, Issued nndtr the act of March S>1,1HM, la the naaae of Ivory Butler, ant wae granted April 19, 1866?Kebruary 3, luff. Ho. <1 066. far 160 acre*, leaued under the act of March Sd. 18M>. la the aame of Lasarns Harlou, and waa granted September If, ISM. February 16.1867. Ho. 104.794. for II" acres. laeueri onder the act of March M, ID'S. In th? name of Bobert W Fierce, and waa granted May 12, jh-.i March v. 1vt7 Bo. 99.H0. for 1*0 acre*, leaned unier the act of March S IKI.ta the name of Eli ah D Ball, and wae granted June 8,1811. March 9.19*7. Bo 3.916, for 80 acres, Issued under the act >f March 3d 18-'&, In the same of Geor/e Plum, and waa granted Anguat 1Mb, 18.'A. March 90, l-?67 il?w aft at* # . 1^11 -A at-- * - * nv ?? .'!? ? ' I"V uriHfr (no AC I ?>I March 3d. MW, ill th<* name of Janie* Hear?, ani w?e granted April 2?d . i-vn March SO. 18?7. Ho. M 7*. for IS** ?cr??, IwuM under the act of March 3d. 186f. in the name of John Wood, and wa* granted N^rnnrv N. IB-'J. April f, 1W. No. AM ifiO for l?> .?crte. ieaaad unJef the act of March 3d 18'A. in the name of Sarab Wood, wM >w of Bob? rt Weod and wa? granted February l i, 1?7. April 6 18?'~. gJUXDBJpS KOHTril HuLlDAlS. MAlLLABD'S OAMDllg AND CHOCOLATES. GAHA MIL'S (JKIAM CHOCULATB. DOLBLB VANILLA CHOCOLATE, (Tor table dm.> Bfe*K AND VANILLA 9CKNX ALMONDS, MIXED M ?a B PLUM*. and A8SOBTED CAHDIKi. Just received at HI HQ FLAWS. '/. M. P. KINO A SOU WB8T INDIA OBAKCB8AND sweet malaoa orapbs. Freth, at KINO PL ACS. \| INOB MEAT (DuMBhTiO.* 1?1 J oat mad*, of aelact material!, At KIXQ PLACB. OLDEN SCCPPEBhoNG WINE, ll OLB FIKBbT NATIVE WIHB Oold caiar. fall, ret dalicata flavor a ad truaranca, and lata Umdob* half the coat of Imported Viae BINQ PLACB pHOIOI KUT8 BA8INB rtO?. CfJBBANTS, v. SPiC'Eb. Ac., Ac to euit thia particular e*aeoa. For aale by L M. P. KIBO A 80N, de 19 king J>iace. 1)ABLBZ VOLS FRABGAI8. Or. Do Ton Speak A Frabch ' 80 rente Kpreebea 84a Deat#ch,<?r. Do V on ?t*?k Oar man f to coat*. Habia Vd BeMnol: 6i n. % *d NMk an " KrteU lukliu: Or, Do'Voa'Stotk* IWIuril cSS .ju^nun* BP wSTf y TlniiTt^nt! Ml" BOOK.* ?Bt?tD?nU of Art Oritictama; by il 8. W Iimm. D. D. Familiar Locturoa on ieiMtiflc by SirJoka Horacbtl. Band Book h? Misara. Motallarfiat*. aa4 imnn, by J alio* SlWacamith. I<UH*. ? m*w htiI; bytba ittkortf Itrktbaori Aob?rt g?ftn? i bot*i. by Wbb A. Hunoid. Amort can Lmtm; by *S? | FKAMOK TATLOE 1 Ml MW is ?( ? mihi OLIVI OIL. 4t*wrt fro* Bordoaax. u< MF*Mnd to n??lr wr. Htk ?< F ?k. m<w Bbtlit How, ssir-ss^teua ;janr. xr kt* for m?cmvy ill ?1mM1||, oo ki*4 ud kr ?run. ?>! Hf? M?k itrMt ?Mtud Uaaal. i * * * AUCTION SALES. JJT TH08 DOWLIHQ. Awl , Oeorf stown. | . HOUSEHOLD rDmNlTCaB AND BFFKCT8 ? . _ AT AUOTIOV. On WMWAJ MournsQ. January 18. at ton clock I will t?n, at Mo. S# Fiyettt street, be twee* M and 4th etre*te. o?r>eite the Convent, a general a*eortment of Honeekjld Furniture, be tog tbo effects of family decllntn? hone^keefi??, samtag (apart? aho(ao> Hairetotk Chain and Sofaa Marbia top and other Table* B urease. waikittMe. ?ardrobee, Ac. oniuMi. LouDfel, Mlrrore u fMlk*r Bed*. Bolt lutk lUttrtNM Thrt? fly tu IngraLa 0*rH? Otklotne and M?UIb|. Clowt Cooking, Parlor, nd other Moth Crockery and 9Iihvu? And many article* not Mentioned. Xttu Ctib. jalft THOMAS POWLIBQ, A net. ^TOIBU * WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. 1 two-stout hamF hoosb and lot. with a fine. Store Boom, kaflag Bow WtadoWa, j UmUm m Uiki(Mti?ui. M*r M?nUa< an., | ob tha lata**, at Public Aictloa. OaTBUBSDAY, the 17th lnataat. at? o'clock p. I m.,w? ahall sell, oti tha preaieee, mart Lot Mo. /, inaqnareMo 3M.-having ! M front by 99raet 10S tncbea <<?ep, with a good D? tiling Hoaae and Itiir* all laconylettortar. A fiua chant* far a | proh table Inveeimant. I Term*: One quarter caab, balaaoe Inalx,twaive, eighteen, and tweot* foor meatba, for note* beer- j ing.tateraet.Md aacared by a daad of troA an th > I irralMt All conveyancing aad revenne aianpa attbeeoet of tha aurchaaer. jail d qbkbn a williams, Ancf. BT GBKEN * WILLIAMS, Aactloaaera, Cornar of 7th and D-at?eete north. xxtbhsivb and blbqant BLACK WALi^uiiibold ooods at 1*0(1^10 On MONDAY, the Jlat Inat., at 10 o'.-leck a. m , we *hali sell, at the reetdence of a gentleman de eliding hon*ekeeping, on 17th utieet we?t, bet 11 and I atreeta north, being Hoaae Mo. 49ft, v ji r . Ob" Maroon Velvet Plash Parlor Suite, roneiattng of? Teta-a tete Sofa*. Oaator and Side Obalre Black Walnut Parlor Writing Deek?made to order Black Walnut Ntagere, with graaa back and helve* Handaome set of Maroon Bep Embroidered Our tain*, with heavy corulca?coet $W4 Hand on* ?et of Lace Curtain* to mat h llaodeomeDaaaaak Curtain* and Co raise Marble-top Jentre Table* and Ottomans Ummmi Bruaaela Parler Carpeti Black Walnut Hall Set, rooaiating of? Marble slab Hat Tree and two ('hat re Handaome Blaek Walnnt BM>it??d-co?t |90 Black Waluut Bedateada, Marble top Dreaaing Bureau* Waaliatanda, Waniroben and Cane-aoat Ofcatr* I Curled Hair Mattreaat a and tine Feather i'iiiow* aad Bolatera Wool, Buak, Spring and other Mattrea?ea Haircloth Htua Ctaatrn. Roi-turi ?n<t nium Walnut Sideboard, bide aad Extension Tables One set of French China Dinner Service Nearly m* Brass*-!*, Three ply. Ingrain, Stair, aud?ther Carpi ts Also. Matting on every floor Hell Oilcloths, Bait* end Btalr Bod* Blanket*, Spreads, Oomtorts, Sheets and Cmm Nearly new Oak C?ttsi<? Pet- all complete Painted Oottas" i?et- Black Walnut finished Painted Dressing Bureaus, W.ishstande. Ward robes aad BeTsteads Parlor Radiator, Franklin and other Stoves A good lot ofOonperCooklrg Ltenslls One fine No. la Noble (Jeoktng Store and Utensil* A lot of Kitchen Be<iut?ite? And all other goods belonging to a first-cl private resilience. Terms casta. j* 16 d QBBBN A WILLIAMS, A net*. |Jf QBBBN * WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. By virtue of n deed of trust to the subscriber, dsted January Mih. and recorded in Liber N, C. T. No l, folios IS, Ac. one of the lead records ,?f Washington County, District <>f Columbia 1 shall H< ll at public auction, on MONDAY. the list day of January J8e7. at It o'clock m., at the auction rooms ef Qreen A Williams, come r of 7th and D streets. In tbe city of Washington, the tra t of Land located In said Oounty of Washingten, named in said deed of trust being part of a tract called "Aaron. ' and part ?f lot* l and 8, in Dan das ' sabdlvision, with the Improvements thereon Terms ?1,500 cash, tbe remainder In euital pay meDts at 6 and b months, with interest from the day of sale, tbe purchaser giving notes f?r deterred payments, to bs secured by a deed of trn*t i n the premises f'onveyances and cost of stamps to ke paid l>y purchaser. If tbe tonus are not com plied with in five days irom day of ?ale, th * Sroj-erty will be resold at tbe risk end cost '.if the efaultin* purchaser, on giving ttireo da s'notic-bv ndvertis'-mcntin th<-public pr--ss <>f this city. aMA/IAU UNDBRHILL, Trustee ja 7 |Int] QRBBN A tflLLlAMS. Aucts |^1 J. C. McQUIBB A CO., Auctloue.ri. TWO FI8UBBIB8JJN.TBB POTOMAt BIVKU AT atOTIUH We will Mil.atauction, on THl'BBDAY HOBNING. January J4tb. 12 o'clock m , at tbe auction rorni . the privilege to ti*h for oa? or m>re f-iiionn. the two well knows Fisheries, White House or liellroir, ai>d the Op,?o?uiii Note, l*otb ?itu??*4) > o the I'otomnc River Wood may I e had at a reasonable rate on aitber state. o M.0B1.*. CO., jm 10 M*wA<1? | Rait. Ron I AnctioDeers JJT OBBKH A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. TBCSTBK 8 SALS of VALUABLE IMPBOVID rKUPKJiTT on fcith tlrtet went, between F snlGstreets, Flr.t W?ri O- TBL'BaDAlf. Jan J7th, instant attoV|o<k p m . 1 ?bail sell, by virtne^of a deed of trust rt*tc4 January 4. Mtf. anil duly re?orded In Lib?r B M B Ko n.folln ;trt. Ac . one <>i the land records tor Washington county*D O., all that part ot Lot 9. in Square No. 1!>, described a? follow*: B'linnit.F for the sane 74 feet from tbe northwei' corner of O nod 28th streets running thence south along tbe liue ef I'.th street 53 te?t ' inches. tneuce wNtMttM; thence north :>3 f*et 9 Inches; then. ? eaet pt feet to tbe beginning The a bo re property Is improve by three two-story Frame Houaea. wbirb will be fold separately. Terms Tlie first House cilered will be fold for csata; tbe letnalning two will b?* sold for ene-bnlf casta, balanco in four and eiiibt mouths secured to the satiafaction of > tbe Trustee A depoaitof SH will be required upon each house at tbe time of sale, and terms to l-e complied with within five day* from day ofsa!?; otberwl-e tba property will be resold at the ri-k aud coat of flrat purchaser or purcbaaert, after three insertion* In the Kvening Bt?r All codti-yancii>< and stamps a' puraba?er?s cost OBOBOB O B MITCHELL, Trustee ja 8 eoAds OBCBN A WILLIAMS, Au^ts gXc l i t c i glTmi. A MARITaJJj IfllFT 1 a wirrr TBI MOST 0SBTA1B BKMIDT SVBB USBD "Ya?, A Poe?Tir* Ouai," far OOXOBBUatA, QLMMT, BTKJCTUBBS, ?, Contains no Mineral, ao Balaam. ao Mnwy, Only Ten Pill* to t>* 2U?* to EMttX a Cure. They are entirely *eg*tnbto, h*Tlaf *? 11 not u> ?D|!e*MQt Uita. and will not la ur vijlr ran the atotuach or bowels of Ik* Boat delicate. G<m*? la from two to fonr ears, nod recent omn In 'Twenty fonrbonra. Prepared by a graduate of tbe tuiver?lty of J^nnaylr^a. on*of the moal eminent Doctor* and themleta of the preeent day, n? tXTOtvrt, mo trottblt, no eAattttwhatever. Let thoae who h*T? 4?fl*ir*dof getting cored,ot SR'wiC* '0,,A??>TA,f?l?(R??<,r Sent by mall In* plain *nr*to?* Prtoe?Mala MoUjM, #1. fend*, ||. BLOOD! BLOOD!t BLOOD//! ttOhorULA ULCEBfi. BO BBS, SPOTS, 0\Si^Ss'frfL" giUARITASS BOOT AND BBX* JUIOB la offered thepnblieaa a *o*!tt*e en re. DYPHlbl* ?h VKHfcKJtAL WSKASKS, tha BAMABITAN-B BOOT ABO BBBB JOIUB tea moat potent, certain M4 effectual remedy ever pre acrtbed. It reacba* and *r*dlc*tea every particle ot tbe venereal poison. ao that tbe care la thorouafe and permanent. Take, then,of tbla pnrlfyln* rem ady and be healed, and do sot traaamlt It to yont posterity that lor which yCu may npMt In after r**r* DO MOT DE8PAIBI NSHURW K^VnSSSWib, wfll remove every ef hn parities from tin KJplly *dap?jd.U Ul0*raUd Utorn.,jV"2?2 fttewasass? Fall dtrecStro*. Prle* eenta. jgjBT^,-ir1R1Ssa n? CTBtMffi"""1" MPon Botnui. foytHitiiiU. wwMi ss&Rtfi K^shzs.^ b,Trd;ss maastmms PftOtBOTSD WmahvTMM PATr?? w.?uys C<TrtJSmafS^CiTto tWH.ctn^l ? "*? tor ?En? d^'srrsiritoB^rMij? isSnfJSSS''? ?&& !RHytfg^a%ing ?sr rc ft, IffihT'tir tcf?nl? u< r*UI? by Dt. BAlMV, ?. 194 pHTBtOIAB^THAHD BOOK. OTmOTWl ? I^forW*. ?*JJ?C* TAIIiO>. . ??. - J RAILROAD LINES. 1866 FBHNSTLYaVia BOUTB 1X67 fiuRitmsm TO tH* NOBTH WIBT. SOUTH, AMD SOUTHWBfihr ..WI1 SCHlBtLBj On ?f? after Movaahar 19. W6, trains will lOavM# tallow Wuhlutin. .. .7 (tta.a | Baitinor* 9 II a m. jts-siissfji s&ki 4*T u^>lfklO*n- with mod*rn iniroTiooiti, I wd MTta? from (Mr to twalva boar* la Mm* over ?t>7 otter 'onto. Two bundrad Bile* ami to ; WhUTI uo 0*atral Mow York. Two Dally Tralaa to tbo Wort. ; " North. Pau?i|irib) thla route from Baltimore ba*? DiPf.VS'SSS'.'S'SfiYift' c"'?" ' , Tftketa by thla route can ho ?roo?rod at the of; flc?, coram 6th ttrcot and Foanaylvanla aveaao, ! nader the National Houl. wboro toUabla iafor i aatioa wtU ha Ivan at au Unas. Pataeager* arocnrln* ticket* at thftofflcecaa wenrt atooBBodaUoai In Bleeping Cart for Klaira or Plttebarc, _ . , f. 7. WILKIMS, Ticket AfenU Waahiagton. D. 0. *D. 8. TOUHO, Can. Paaa. Agent, Baltimore. Md. del It WASHINGTON. ALEXANDRIA AND GEORGETOWN hAILROAD On u< after MONDA?, November U. 1MB. and until further notice, pHMn(?r Trains will ran be* Iweeu WMbUuton nod Alexandria m Mlowa: LKAVB WASHINGTON. _ 1i*AV?ALIIM!)EH.

Fiob lid. >T?nm From ear. bake * Henry Local ?t 4.16 A.M. at*.. Lor*! at 4 tt A. M. TbrongbMail 5:34 " Local cor Kia? Local at? ?<# * and H*nry_... ? no ......... > 00 M Local at. 8 00 " ? .... iao p. m. ' 10 00 M 3 00 P. M. ? irjo M Through M ail .coraer of 11-90 " BokeAHenry 8:00 P.M. Local cur. Kid* and Henry 7 <30 'J SUNDAY PASSENGEB TBAIN3! Lit a VI Washington. Leavs A lfkanoria . Prom MJ areaoadepot. Fmmoor. Duke & Henry Through Mall 6 X A M. ata., Local at 4 13 A. M. Local at?_ fi * P M ThronrU Mail 6 00 P. M. O. A. 8TKVKV9. General Superintendent, no 10 W.J PHELPS. General Manager. #ru ROUGH LINE BET WEES WASHINGTON 1 PHILADELPHIA AND NEW YOKK. _ . Washington, J an. , M67. Trains between Washington and New York are now inDH follows, visFOB NkW 1OBK, wltboat rhanRf "f cara. Leave daily (except Sunday) at 7.43 a. m. aad <1:30 p m FOB NEW YOHK,ch*agi?f; cars at Philadnl fuis. Leave daily (except Sunday > at 11:16 a. m. and 4 3D p. m. FOR PHILADELPHIA. Leaved?f|y (exceptUucday tat 7 O end 11:15 e. n , end 4 30 kid 6 .V p. m. OH SUNDAY. L-?ave for Hew York and Philadelphia at 6.90 p. m only. Sleeping cara for New York on 6 30 p.? train daily. Through tlcketa to Philadelphia, How York or Ronton, can be had at the Station Office at all honra la the day. aa well ae at the new office In the Bankera and Broken Telegraph Ltn?, 34" Pann. sveane, **tween 6th and 7th atreete. 0m> Baltimore and Ohio Bat) road advertisement for schedule between Waahingtea, Baltimore, Anna poll*, an1' the Weat J, L. WILSON, Heater of Transportation. L M COLE General Ticket A*eut GSO. 8. BOONTZ, Agent. Washington. ocSO-tf L>ALT1MOUE AND OBIO~BAILBOAD7 13 WASKmaTON, Jan. 6,1V>7. bmbm Traina between WABHINOTOS AND BALTIMOBB.and WASHINGTON AND THB WB^T Are now run aa follewa. t!r : rUH BALTIMOBB. Leave dally, exoept Burnley, at 7:0", 7:45. and 11:16 a. m.. and 2?0a, and 4 90. and ROOp n. FOB ALL WAY STATIONS. Leave daily, except Bnnday, at 7:00 a. m , and 'i ' 0 ttu l 8 00 p m FOB .1AI STATIONS SOUTH OP ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION. Leave at CM and 7 00 a. and at l:0u and 4 96 ' BOB ANNAPOLIS. Laave at ?:15 a. ., and 4 91 p m No tralnj to or from Annapolla on Sunday. UN BUNDAI. BOH BALTIMOBB. Leave at 7:46 a.m.. an<l 1.00 ami 8 00 p m. FOB WAY STATIONS. Leave at 7 46 a ru., an I1:1V' and 1 Of p. w>. FOB ALL PAUTSOf TUB WKiT. L?av? daily, evf^writ Rgnitn T ? ? *?" s:t*> ? hi. ' Oh Sunday 3 00 p.m. only.connecting at Bslay Station with traina from Baltimore to Wbeellag, Parkeraburg Ac. TllitoiGB riCKBIBto the WHliub?h*l at the *a?hiti|<t< n Station Tltkit Offlctit til bnan in tb* day at ??1| M *t the te* dice of tlie Bunker* and Hrokera' Telegraph Line, 34 9 Pi pa. avei.ue. Let ween 0th ana 7th itreetn. For New York. Philadelphia, and Bostoa? ?ee MT?rtl**CTeiit of "Throng h Line." J. L WI L?QN. Muter of Transportation. L . Coi.B General Ticket Airat.. ocSPtf GBO. P KOOHTZ. Agent Waahimtoa .STEAM BOAT LINKS. POTOMAC TBAHSPOBTATIOIMLIBB. BOT1CB TO BHIPPBBf. The Btaamer &XPBBB8, Cspt. . A. BTTHBB, leaves wsshingtonatf a m. and Alexandria at 7 a. a BVKiiY BATUBDAY for Ulymont. Budda Ferry Smith's Point, Cbacterton Landing, Banjemos Btorea, Hatbiaa Point, OhapH Point Plowdeni Wharf. Lancaster'a Wharf, Stone1* Wharf. Onrrlonen Bay, FoiwelCi Wharf. Hazell's Wharf. Plney Point. Point Lookout, aM arrives at Bant* ore at Bendai . ^ J. B. BE VAN A BBO , A?enta. ay I-tf Ho. 34ft Penna. avenue. ^IOBMOBD^m^J^C?^-A?T t9 TO TRAVILL1B8 eOLBO BOOTH TW10B DAILY.(Sunday p. m accepted.) The quickest and moat direct route to Blofcmond, ?a , and the Booth, via tip Potossa* ^ teamen from Sixth Btruet Wharf. Washington, to Aval a Creek Richmond. Fredericksburg and Potomac Bali road, now entirely completed from A<i .ia Creek to Richmond ,Va. connecting there with trains oa the Richwond and Petersburg and Rlcfimoad and OaariUe Ball road*, for Petersburg. WeUoa, Wilmington. Raleigh, Oreensboro', Salisbury. Charlotte and iDlMUr R fl . UuMnltriort ud 0 TudirMlt Imt? Slit* ItrHtVhkrf daily (Sunday rveilni uotttod) at 40 a.a. and 7 a a. and arrive la Blohmond al lii?.a udSVa a. ? , XBBOUGB TO BICBMOBD IB8BYBB HOUB8 fifty WIN Shorter ana ?S Honrs uulofcer klu any Otktr bout*. Ba aara and cat Tbronc h Tickets via Aanla Greek and rrederiekobara, to Blahmoad, at the Company ' Offloa, corner of Peana. aveaae and 6th tract, or on board of theboata. Bacca?e checked through. Onml basses aad Baira* Wageas will ba ta readinses to convey paseengen and baggage between depots la Richmond. Passenger* by thla line paaa by daylight Hon a I Vernon, aad may bare aa opportunity of vlalQng several battle flelda near Vraderlohabarg by atop pin# at that point. . . _ BO^^BATTM^iT.B?pt.. ^eehlMrton. B O O. B^HATTINGLY, ticke 22x1**?* a> t-ly Beaeral Paaaenger A|M?. /^OLU BBIA HV8P1TAL WOK WOBBB LTIBO ? A.BTLUM, Fourteenth atreet,(circle,)earner af M atreet, Waahia#ton, D.O. Thla Inatltatlen baa beea eatabitehed for the reception of pattente who may ba nfertng from Jleeaaae peculiar to their aea. nod far the ad ml avion of eiiaa femaiee as may re?atre the eemfarta af tha ^^SFSis&'rtssiys'S'wss fn accordance with the reom required.payable in advaaae. This Includes Board, Bedlefaca, Bedleal aad Bargic*! attendance. , W4UiwMK. ?J08 Sn!cTAM^D ,Oaorfetpwn. THOB. MILLBB, M. D . r street, Washlagtea. i.T. P. OABNVTT. M D.,N?? lorktmu. Oritn fM tdalwlw to tk? mt b?li tt till loi KU1, (of which thava ?r* ?,)Na bt oMsiarf of Vorgooa if chlaf ?t 1 itmt. or of n; of tho Modtcal atao, aod of Iho Bun. Dra. Hall. Omrlay. SiUatta. ud Ooomba. WlTaa mad widow a ?C aoldlora daatrtot odotfaaUo will ?|?l| to Um inrgooo floanu, Uwtod IfeM to^a^tttwUimtp ttJa?!<??iiM?dSwra room. by a#>ly1n?V IMJor (u> the wstron of tha 'gsu, *><>tL1-*TT'riL&i.. Jtagsr^JBusv^fjs:. ttA 4^SESffl^?J4aK: ore; fcy Jollna IllTenmllh. Iitr?4aitiM to laterwtloMt !< ; to WeolMf; new iitlom. A.?Z sola of a Qalot neighborhood; fcy W?c Donald doff F It AM OK TAYLrOB. PROPOSALS. pMPoaiU~^iRrH<H Biir and ItVi MrAk?t^Ti t Hurt** f'rorthon.* and Ciat'.ia*, J >b 7. 1*7 \ ar?p-?*U. t-udora*U Pi >^o?b ? lor Freak liMi B?d ViftltblM ' vtll b? t?o4ite<ltt thlt tfOreBO oatU 2 0 rlok p, B ,00 th* 21?* d*y of Jaanary lo't for tbf tin fly of so ton p. ?Ti<"? M fftlfcH HBKF aad rtvou. po?*l? of flMU tb? BORV'vlK WAVY TkBL> AM D STATION aar*-.?m? Tka Bad V?|c*tak'*a Mattwof good uaal It y, and th* b?>t ttan ?rk*t aJTurd*. aaU ? U *r tirl* nra?t b* o(T?r*<1 for J.? th? pons'! Tfc* ! ?( to bo Is ?<ia*J jroporllona. for* an ? h'n-1 qoirt??t HojkU m Itk afproTad >Mnrlty, will I* i*<jutr*l ?n on- half ih* *?tliM?t*l iwnn of the etmtTnJ. a ad tw*nty Mr cant In addttioa will b? withhold frva tk* aaoiit of tack htmbi to ba aal*. aa eoliatoral aceurity for ika Bar rarfnraaaara of tka contract, which will ca bo acoont |>? paid ubiII It la fally coaiyltod wUk. ry offar mada Boat b? accompanied by a ' vrittn* gaarBiitf. alfixxl by on* or naor* roaann- i albla favaoB*. tkat tka Mddar or blddara wffl if hla or tkair bM haacM^M. ul?r iato m ?bttfk I tion witkla Baa daya, vita u -od Bi t anfftcient . iirww*. ??? iniatan tb*> article* prupoaed. A t Frori"a? trtU bt eons*tiered unites tur >mpmmi*d by such luaran.jr. and 6y o. ufactorf tvtt-mc lAu tnt bidder ?.? i re#?7ar denltf in ?< anicU* fro wdf?r, mud ka? Ike itrtnn frp aei af (on- I tret*. The D*HrtB?nt rmrvM the -'vhl to rrjatt tor (ro?oMl aol c?Ml4#rad ,eou to the <2or aranieat. It it to U HDil?rito?4 that to (M? Ik* stipulated quantity of a<thar article ?ball t? 4*11 tared. Iwf log a balance due oath* oili?r ?rrtrl#, tM cootract a^b* ron?l?l?red m completed ia full, at ' tte option of the Doparimeot. jalltd 11. BKlIHtl, Obltf of Bartaa, GOVERNMENT SALES. Roastbu aku i.hui nd hyi uorrii at public Aiaius ! GOV*BNMI5T 9ALI OF BUKTCUS BUfl- ! M?T*M STOBBS. 1 J. bOl'KK A CO., Aarrlt?n??rp tti FoUiBMra Ovf i?a, 0. 8.. ) 1 Cfrtttr i>a!>ientiim and Gmm: ftrerf*, J I K<tiilai<.<rtf. MJ..J>auti I#, Ja>7 \ Will Le aaid at puMic aartlon, at surohour *n ! Balder?ton and Grant at re'-t?,< imnie liatet) in rur of No IU Lombtrd I're^t at 1J o'clock, uu TIU BBPAY .latiC rv 17, l*.7,?bout 49,47b POUNDS OK B*?\t?IED AND CBOUHD HiB (Of Kit It, (in 274 bM* I Tbid ByeC?tTw* i? sold bK*uM ue longer nMrl for 1M0? by the U<>vem'iit-ut Tlic l>arrei? ar?- ?? v. and fall> head lined and in prime shippi-i# order. i At th?- ?*m? time wl:l > ? nold a l-ir** i"t JHaIN , BACK 8. and lot of EMPTV RAKRBLS. Term* Caah. in Oofrruni' nt fuad*. Vive daye allowed to rem> re pnrch <se? ItlOMAS WILSON. Brevet Lieut. Col. and 0. 8., i 8. A . .a ia_4t Brevet Bri? Oen. Vole. <ALI OF A LARwE HfT OK ORDNANCI O AND OBl'NASCE MATEBlAL ? UTfnu of OrJmrMie. jVflt-p /? i-uri ' H'n-<!?<?/.'or.- City. I' U. i?>< \ There will 1* sold at public anrtioa, to the hi eh- j e?t l.idd. r?, at noon, on 1 ill K:*OA V. the i fnrrtK c?i Ae?-m I " * * ' ? ... u.| iixj, io?< ,ai I'lF OTT)<-? >T I NS Inspector ol ?*rdnance Yard. New York. . l?i>? l a (if OrJc.MKf Store*. serviceable au 1 nn j *er*|rf>*b!e, euibracitiR Ounoou. bbot ?n l Shell. ! fmaliAnus of varion* calibre*. Spare Parts of 1 Saiall Anns. Guii Carriage*, and Miacelianuou* Store* Th<- article* will be told in lot* to *ait pur- i chao-t*. Tfrrai: One half ca?h In O. versaeTit fond* to ' be deposited on the conclusion of tbe sal?, and the 1 remainder wltbiu ten In Jays afterward, during which time tbe ar tl !e? n.ay be raniuVwd Iroru th* j Navy Yard, other wise they w I fl revert to the'B! H. A Wist de Z7-eol3t Chief of Borrta. LEGAL VOTICES. IN THE SUPREME COURT Of TUB MiTH1CT Kit CObUMHlA, This id day of January, A. D lv<7. J oho P. Murphy, J m > Equity, Ho. 7M AnnT Near) ?t at. \ Wiillau J. Miller, trustee appointed in th* atove entitle! cause to make sate of the real estate of Thomas Nesry. de eased, in th- proceeding* mentioned havu g teporteU to th* Court ih-?t lu conformity with the ?1? <rt-e passed 1b **id can*'-, h-.ou tbe 27th dn> t December, A. L) sold Lot eleven, <11.) in Square five hun<iied aod thirtyeteht i.'Ss.iand the improvements thereon, consi-ting ot a -niall frame house, to William Z musr, for the sum ot twenty-ti ve Main I 1 #8,.'4fci) M* larc.and that tbe purchaser lis* tul'y complied with the terms oi sale t>y pa. ing all th- purchase ircney In < a*h t?> said tru?'e?j ; It 1* therefore by the Court, this ;d day of Jannary.A D 1^7, ordered that tbe *aid tale and report be ratified and con hi aied. u b le> * ran*.- to the contrary thsreoi be s!u ?a on or before tbe 6th lay of February A. T*. let). : i'wid'J a copy of this order be published In tbe Keening Star three times a week tor tbr * ucceaai v>- week* t ef re the said Jtt day of Februaiy, A. D 1SG7. A true copy. .a 3 Jtdiutlw Te?t?B. J. MEIGS. Clerk. OKPHAMT COUBT Jan. S. Mrt.-UifTBlCT OF CoimHi, Wa?H,..ston COCJITT, Town: In tbe case ol Abraham Mtakeiy. execntnr of Sli/.al>elh MUes. deceased. the ?mu( .r aforesaid has. with the approbation of to* Orpbsus Court of Va **hiu?ton Oouuty atoresaid, appoiuimi 11? *?iay, ine Jiai. ?la* oJ January. the final settlement ari'f dtstrihntion I the p?w-s~>nal estate ct watd de? wd a?dot toe aaaet* in bau-1, a* (ar m tbe oaiue hav* been collected aud tarm-4 into B,( i.aT * wkitli i -il War a ** * ? ?~ * , r? --? ? ? ?? Miximin Mill bfira of B*i<l AhmmiI are notified te Attend. 1 Willi th?lr clainia properly on-he<l. or th?>y may > otb-rm i?e by taw be exclude*! from *11 benefit in I Mid decear.-d'veetare Pror-de<l a copy of thu or- i tier tc published oiic? a twk for three went* is tb* . "V Kb* * ja U-law9w* Register oM? ilia. llKPARTMSHT OF TH* UftRIOB. D UKJTED STATkS PATE XT OFFICE, Washisgtojc. Je^rr ?, l?i7. On the petition ot THO>lA8 J. 8LOAN, of Ntw York, R ?., praying for the extension of . patent granted to tola the 2?tb d?> of April, i 196.1, for an improvement In Ma.bin* for Pidntins and Threading 8crew Blank*, for aevea year* i from tbe expiration of said patent, which take* place on the ;Mb d*y of April. 1*7 : It is ordered that th* said petition be heard At the Patent Office oh MONDAY, tbe 6th day of April next. At 12 o'clock m ; And Ail peraom Are notified to appear And show caase, if anv tb-* have, why Mid petition o?ht not to be granted. Person* opposing Uie extension are rtumirea to file in the Patent Office thair objections. specially aet forth In writing, at least turcniw day* before tbe day of hoArlng; all testimony by either party, to b* need At the Mid haarlng. mmt be taken and transmittad In accordance witn the rnlea cf this oSce, which will bt fnrnlsbed on applica tion. Deposition* and other p*?fr*. raited npon aa testimony, anat be filed In the offi?e tirmry day* jafora the dei of h< Aring the argument*, if any, within ten daya alter filing the tettimony. Ordtred. alaa. that this notice be tibliibed In the and the ttrim''lnnm , Washington, D. 0 , and In the Tin t* York. H Y., once A weak for three *ncce??i*e weeks; the flrat of aald BnblfcAtien* t* be At leant alxty day* previooa to T. c. TH1AKII, Oamimat<l?ner of Patents. P. 8 ?Editor* of tha above paper* will ple*M eor?, and send their bill* to the Patent Orfir*. J WIIU m tvuiwuiUK uuuwi. ;?IV*1BVJW IhEPABTMHHT OrTHK IVTBBIOH. U UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, W ASM i US Ton, l>*C?Dll>?r IS KM. Oa the Petition ut MObEti MaBSHaLL. of Lowell, Mam., praying for the extension of* patent granted to him tbe 15thdor of March laSS. for oa improvement in hutting Ma<hlnoe, fur eve> years f*pm tbe expiration of said potent, which tokei pl*e on the 1Mb dor of March. 1967 : It is ordered that the *om petition be oeard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 2 th day ot rob ruarr text, ot 12 o clock H ; ond all persons ore notified to appear aud thow c*u?e. If any they bar*. why uM petition ought not to bo fronted. Pereona opposing the exUusion are ie>juire<l to Bio in the Potent Office their objection*, specially set forth la writing. at least twenty dart before tbe day of heaaing; all toatlmony IlleJ hv either party to be need at the aatd hearing must b" taken and transmitted In accordance with the rule* ot U>e office which will be famished on application. Deposition* and other nepers relied upon as tee timony must bo filed, la the oMco twenty days bofore tbo day of hearing; the argument*. If any. within teu days after ifing the teetimoay. Ordered, also, that this notice be published la the Republican and the Intelligencer. Washing ton, D. C.. and In the Oonrter. Lowell. Moos once a week for three encceesl?e weeks; the first of old publications to be at least sixty dark pre 0. TBIAKEB. . Commissioner of Patents. P. B. Editors of the above papers will floag* copy, and *ond their bllla to the Patent Office with 0 paper containing this notioe. de IMawSw |\EPABTMENT OF THE IHTEElOfc. U UNITED STATES PATENT OMCE, W a?M i.ig toa. December 7. 1M? ?r WILLIAM ?OLBMAM and 8TEPHEM G.OOLBMAH, of Prorideaoe. B 1 , praying for the eztoanoa of a patent granted to them oa the Lath dor of Match. 18U for aa Improvement la supporting tbe tapping lift and aoak halyard block of sail rtmols, (or eercu years from the expiration of said pstmt, which take* place oa the 1Mb day of March, 1K7 It Is ordered that tho said petition be heard at the Patent Office oa MONBAY, tbo tftb day of . Habrnary next, at 12 o'clock M.; and all persons are actifted to appear and *how cause, if any they hsre. why saia recltion ought not to be granted Person* opposing the extenelon or* repaired to j file in the ratent OfBce their objections, specially set forth in wrltini, at l?ut twenty dwt before tbedax of bearing; *11 testimony filed 1/ either party to tie need et thr said hrarlnc met b?- taken end treuamiited in iccvrdMM with the re lee of the office, which will be furuieb?-d on spiltcsuoa Pepoeitiuus end other papers relied npoa at testimony mnit be filed tn the offloe twentv d<tr? hetore the day of bearing; the arguments, if any, within ten days after llmi the tanimaay. Ordered, ale*, that fhU natfce he pnbllehed la the Bepnhlicaa.aud tf e Intelligencer. Washington, 1>. 0 . aad in the Journal Pw?rM*aoo. B I , onre a week tor (twee successive week*; the Irst j of entii m Mi cation* to he at least sixty days pre- < Tloas to ths day ot hearing vi u ?>u> y ^ th?ak*e Oommte^naer of P-foii P. B?Editor* of the above papers wlU pleas* ropy end ewd tbelr bMIs to tho Patent Old. with I a paper containing this notice. doll wtw a puioa A LA ROB A**o?tmsat of fceiawu * So**' t Pianos have jnst beea received. Ale*.-?^?^, ; iwspt sbirrieirs pbeeoh ooaragJ TI0NKBY.l)4fc Peas ttibaalujh , sis . late JeweH'e, base ag >la received a fiaa a?? large lot of Havana Oranges. Malaga Grapes. aa4 Preach Oaadiee. ja? ? J PROPOSALS. ? . ) pKCPMALS ruft ?OAI\ C# t Dtoi 1 W*>ktmfio+. D. C.. J?M*rr W l?T.{ B*?M Prppcuiit, In ol tb? Tt>ra lur : nwb*-d M tb? aMerclfft -i ? i.I h* **t nuui bl'i* t * mi 17 ml?r topply U| the labfi(ki(? DrHrtBWl viU 1 ViFT&BM THOr?AND KOl lPB Of OOU BAU SOAP, to b? Bt4e by bollinc froiu onlf g<?>4 atUrli i, fr?? fro*rl ?. ?ol?fel? |I*m. or eiMr ?4uiUr> uooa, to Diif so piti'tnl xlor u* e nU'i not Mr* lk?i twenty flea Mr wit. ?( vtUr, ?>4 to be wall drlad b*!ur? Mtllaf. To la dali vorad a? followa : Om tbl r <1 i >, > on or bafore tbo Utb of Fobra?r?. ?? tbudt >, on ar I rftrt tt.e tttk of F?>? roor j, ul tbo remainder of or l?foi l|r 1M t<f Mirrl. I* 7 I 6?mploo m<t be foralobed wl*b tbo aropooala to ?rkk|f?n ' tkn *11 b* *i tact ad. ioM*U be wail trapped ?lu hfckory at rap*. tb- i?n? cf the tu?ii?<-'?r, m lrm? for u*H Mtk* cwtiiiti atth f ro?? t?r*. i?t ret wrirht. iKa<t bo plainly bioi k*d oti eraiy pa k ?*? The aoap will be carefully InajecW-d before It ta r*?l r?d aid roB*tr?d with tbo r-tali,*d CB?pU-a. Varlficatlow of wetaht of package will dtUrpil and aa deal rod by tb' ladwaUaw wb? will ?)*o arttlr all qaoatiuaa witb r***N (*> aaali ty aod eoa Jftl<*. Fayn.emt to ba mod* b* a?oii b* tb? articla >a re cot rod aa Mtteflaetnrv: bnt t?eaf> ftro percent will be r***rw4 1MB OOch pay meat autll the coo. oleilcn of tbo e?? tract {to ?>Iowbbco lor parkaceo. t will bo iK*lf?t at tb* Babelateueo Stoat bomaoa ta the ModbbobI Lot. oad Mb itrwt Wbarf; or a' th? Boltia re aad Oblo Ktliroal Depot. O HILL. jo 11 rt Ma,or and O ?.v r ? A, pB0PO8A.kB FOB QV1UV UWH8IB. Dnmt Ottmr'rrm**t*T'? QPfr. I S*Jnw?/. Ud . Juaarr I. I* \ B?lrd Propoaala are iBeitad aod w,h be receive t at tbla OCIce noti) TUrUfPAT it o clock m . J*anary 2r 1<T for the deMrerj m ttw rUy of Bot tlnore of FOBTT KIOIIT (??> CA> ALKY IOKHI8. Tbo R<^m will bo an' <*ct*A to c*-efu I t ma portion befor* being ac epted. They a*n*t -e oqi.1 iu oil rooa>ct? well bmkxB, la foil fleaS end fool c? ndlU'-n. Irena flf'e~n to ofateea hai.da b>*h. fro o fl*eto Blo? yara olu, well aborted la eeery way fcrcav?lri t-arooaoo. Tbo ability of tbo bidder to fulfill b<a %ffr> < fDeot m-i*t be c larante.-d by two r?*p<<n<ttila p raoaa, wbtcb raa antee natiat armmpitov tbe propoaal Tba H-r?*a no?! be delivered witbla twenty , SO' dk) - fr.u tbo date ol octet tan e of any propoeal The (h?w rkax-t.t ree*reea ti>e right to revert art or all bida. Fa> mcnt t > be m*da ob cjinpieUin >>t coo tract Hirla all be l0'l?>r?*d "Pr. a a*'? Tr.r t>.. . ? ? ? ?> ? r y IImm. mad addreaa<*U to the uult-tgor<l, fl?, DK'rr.ld ^ _ Ut order of tb? Q?iflW?M'*f 0?n?r? ' A 8. K 1MB ALL, Captain end A k). M.. U. b A., je 11 ISt Depot Q jarteruiaater. jpkorosALs rub sraTivMBity Po?t Orfirm D?"4rtmrnt. Dec. SI. ISM fUelel Propo?ale will |>a r*cfl>?4 at the Puat Oftic De P>?r'tneut nntll the 10th day of January. W7. at IS <- clock, at a >oa. for fnrmatatuc Station ery for thie Depart*.eat. for one year from t e lat of Fi-Unery. 1S.J7. Tkuf unaccompanied I y aati-factory teetimcuiala of a'/llit) tw fulfil a coa ttact wi'l tiot cot??id> r?-d. All the article moat I cf the Tary t??t quality aamplea ef ? bleb, coDUtDlD* at leaat a ram if each kind of arc. nipaiij tk- bid-, aiid the Department r?a?r"* the right V> retala and pa> f?-r t1i?i iudi at the price atatcd Id the oflcr or retain iboa at itaoption. Ho Md* will be considered where the artidea accompanying It arc not of the kind and .jaality re<jmre<l t>y the Department. and purlin ar tlc)?-? all mt jut the entire hid to ruction, at the plea- nre of the Department. The ?nl>jeined llet ???cIIIm. aa nearly m ran n- w t-e done, the tn< oat quality, aud d?-arri|>tif>? ,,f each of the klndaof article* that will or ?*nM Eftttnatfl luan.luv wm^ftd/nr thtWar Ko 1-PAPVB 1 10 reame folia P at, aatin or plain flni*k, taltt-tinrd and triaiii*-J, to welch nut than 1" pound*, par ream 2. no reama Foclecap 1'iaik machine, faint lined and trimmed, to neigh not leaa then 12 ponnda p- r rum S. 10 ream* Toolacap. Mne-leid, hand made, faint lined, garden pattern, commonly known aa Diapateh or Coeaular pacer, to weigh not lean than ulateen ptiada, per ream 4 1?S reama Qnarto Poat, ma*-) loe. plain, faint lined three ?1<1ea. per renm 8. Sreana teat Donble Cap ?-P?r. plain, per r?an I, )0 Mama Kate paper, gilt, large aizn, per ream 7. S reama Bote paper, plain. large Mze, per 8. li/team* Note pa^r, gilt, amall ?i e, per fetn 9. 6 r**M Vote f*P'r. plain, sma!lti/#, p#r rt4iu 10 10V ream* Envelope papar. yellow or buff, rojnl.PT ream 1 JO ream* nlottlliK paper , roynl, per ream j Id 'en preaa Copy B oka. not I? ,AA - ?I U Mil M(n, y?r doxen 13. 5,(W extra lartealxa ?"' adb*?iT* Corel coe* ftrr luioutki mud thick 9S b/ ? ? flucbN milt. ?er hundred 11 21 ?i*' l?ng t off a?beat*a EnrHorae, t*; . ?o<th and thick. by 3\ luihee. p 16 M.nS'iong whtta or bafl atffca?4T* Ferel^r**, Trr * Bimxi'h ?n0 tb>< k. for I*tt?r* ao<1 circular* 8't b? 3', lb liea, ?f hundred 16 3 O-Obufl or abita ?db?-aive Kuvotopa* vary ' smooth a?d ttiUK p.r hundred IT 1 po?-trail wMto not?' nihe?iv* E??ol ?? *. per hundred ? , _ 18 3 tw Ittic tut akita oote idhfiJT* RdtiI opee, per li?f?#red . ? W. Jjfcuiietter alio * kit* odbaal *e In velopaa. per bund rod Ci**fco.?.-F?N8 4KD PIM0IL9, ETC U groat Parry > aud tauiUoM beat metallic jl ? groS'nESoUle Pen*. of other mauufoctur*. n i d&? bwTt ' Id Peua. rr doton frO OpO<iOU Quilla *? " 'JKi11 ? V doi^u I'aotocldor*. ''"*?< P1" ? 26 dozen Iob*r'a l-aet black Lead Pencil*. graduated. ??'r dov.#n 36. 10 do/a? baat red and blua L**d Panola, per liaitu _ OLtvt ****** ?r i? doxen Inkatauda. Kn ox or any pat-DC. lorge v' or *?a)I. per doton , . M. 4 down lnka??nd?. coat-iron, large, doable. ?i ?\>oulea*liik, black, Itayuord Jt 5io>ee',!u uuart U>ttl?e. per U>tUm %, m t?,ttlee AruoM eC>-p>ti?g Ink, per bottle, i' ior> feottU Darl'l'aCarnina lax,- udc ,gj. ! *,?>r dovan bottlea 32. to pounde Wafer*, c^mtnoo al*ea, red. per 33 7?r>n*>'<? Seoling wax. baat axtra uprfloe, acarlet. per p./Ukd 0,*M No- -^L.KT ^-.SC.LLAN.ti g Frnkulvt'C' A iot i. fonr bladro, bock bora i.ondlea, genuine, per 91 < dorr?r*muri, Eodg?" * &?D iT*ry bna* . ^"AKaTJtj. ??? ... i<w d?a?-u red Liaen Tape. ?Nvr^!, do?en to. 1U Cozen ftlk TmUi colors and width. ,D hanka, per dcrea 41. SCdcren Payer Weight*. MWt?l. per doi*n 41 y pound* India kihb*r. ?rfHr?d. per pooui 43. 5 pound* India Rulter, unprepar<<d, p<r pound 44. S'" utru Bla-k ten-!. Hr vtait 4S J|?unc)'? P?otcf,y?rcnK* 46. 4# poand* Twine, ncrc. per pound *7. 10" pound* Twine, cotton, per pound O. Ido/y Rulm, mahogany. rrnnd or flat. p?-r 19. 2 do, ea Gutta Perch*, round er flat, Mr dozen B?. 6 pocn.i* Sponge. I ?-?t. per pound 61 IP p*ua 1* Osa irtStc. best. per pound The Adhesive Bnselope must be thickly /roam*.] a ! crib of an inch wide aroaiHi the lapp^U. Each bidder niu*t foraUh with hi* prupoeaia a ample?and bat one *ampie?of each article bid tor. Lach article matt be bid for. and ao mora than one price d for any one article. hid* not tally conforming to the advertisement will aot be eon?ido?ed. Tbe tern.* and condition* of the advertisement ffr?-stationery are to b* Incorporated ia tb- ccn ti'Vct for Stationery. a>d tbe bead of tbe Paper! n eat will, m all r**w, jadge whether tbe articles tendered by the contractor are ef the quality re suited by tbe .?n tract The Stationer) is to be furnished a* it m>7 be ordered by the Uepartment and at the contract rrice*. whether tbe <jnaati Uea exceed or fall abort of thoe* estimated. Baoh proposal moat be aimed bi tbe individual or irmi making It. and mn*t ep*eif> a pr?*e? nn( frvi cm' r*~K e?ler each a ad every arUcle named iu U>? icbedale. Bti sld any articles ha required which are aot enumerated, they are to he faralehed at lb* iowa*t market i rices if tbs Department shall aee it te erder them fram tbe contractor haviuf tbe con tract for similar articles, aad if the contractors and tbs Be par (Seat do aot acres, then the l>e partmeat may have the article furnished by say other Dees*a or pera.?s whe will faralah ft at s price fewer than thai demande 1 |.y the ooDirector Blank forms tor proposal* will be faruisned at tbe Department to parsoas apply lac for tasm; aad.aa withoat uniformity t a* rein, the i>epart meat wo aid Had It dtdioalt to aaehe a d?cim??? none will be takea Into coaddasiioa, auiess *ubataatiali) agree la* therewith The hoadof the Department will, in alt caaaa. dsclds whether the term* of tbe contract have been complied with and reaereee the power to annul the contract upon nay failure te comply la a rse aoanble time. , . ^ leads, with approved security, are to be gtvea .i _^-uu aad. 1 wi prnvus * ?-???. * TJ*4** *? M??l)r tb? ?rticl*?, ? ooatraet?r ad Wi nndN Shall b* tiabf* for tb* torftttara olftri linchboBdM li..oid??Ml4uwc?a. . T?># contract will b? a?ard*<i to tb* U>?**< 1*4 ba*t bidder; the Ml bid to l? deteriui?*d aftor k carafal eikintMilou lor Ik* pur^oic of a* *rtat? llf wlilca tod will. ia lu P scuoal raaaita. U km! "JMIMH.. to th. D*part^ot Tl"1 X>ep?rUD*nt rwrrN H*?lf th* rtrbt to reject lit; bid ?li*r? ft fa ?r?*M<i that a part of th* rtieJa* tr* b?d tor at r*r\ law and a part * Vary btgk rata*, altboat *r*ra> r?g?rd <u It* *a*t of aaeh. for ta* pur pa** of fart*aff tla act racat* of tha hid* aadir tbaastin.ata cotUi:i*d In themdvartJaaMt. ALBX W. R4IPUL jal taaiw Po*rma?t^r 0*n*r*l. M 'r L CBOOOLAT1 DK rANT41?It. Wt B0HBUS8 MAIL Li 1 D ' a4***' HOOOLAT FAB BX4BLL.K1IGB, tTrla<* VoaiUa ? TtoU Tnpia Vanilla CBOOOfcaTB i* ?op*ri*r ta <ia*Ji?r aa t f.a?or to any other toadr (a thi? couatrj.aad It ?r*p*i*l ftocUi'i f >r t?H*?a*. N w at'ttCM ILL. cora** !< ? m4 F ??? ?, Mi cud or Ibtitt Boom.