Newspaper of Evening Star, January 17, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 17, 1867 Page 1
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???????? ? ' - I I ' '. V--. XXIX. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, JANUARY 17. 1867. N?. 4,825. TIIE EVENING STAR PLBLI8HBV DAILT.IBOWBAY B1CKPTBD) AT THE STAR BuiLomo, 3<mOHK*t zrrur Prmfr. mmm ? < I1A ttrui wr W. D.WALLACH. Tb# STAR ?a aerv?d by ta* carriers to their subscribers la tbe City and District at Tmu Ckvts raa waax. Copies at the counter, with or without wrapper*. Two Cairra aach. Paica fob Main*?:?Throe months, Om Dollar and Fifty Ctntt; lh months, Tkret DolUrt, oa? year, PVw Dollar*. No paper* are seat from the office loader than paid for. The W LKKL.Y STAR?pablished oa Friday morning?One Dollar and a Half a Ttmr. ^???I i DENTISTRY, IkB. LBW1B*B DEBTAL ASSOOlATIOB, MJ Mo. 960 f lnm'a AVB , IttfMB 11th ?sd ISth StTSStS. TmU extracted Without pain by admtneterlag litroM Oxydo sr Uu(Ui| Gas. Pr LKVIIIm recently purchased tbe bMtftjMBM tbMickl ii tto ooaatry fufN' _ sklif port in ???rj day, also, is Improved Til vuiar Inhaler Tbe Aseociatioa ts now prepared to sdi Teeth on Gold. Stiver sad Bubber at Maw lork Philsdslphla sad Boston prices. All per so is ?IiUbi deatal ??rk dons Ma ksn It ear heap mm ta ths above-aamsd ctti?s All work dens la It* seatsst sad bsst manner. aid wtrnsM ta give satisfaction Pirsou will do wail to call ?d si?aiM oar wrk. ds 14 tf T T 11000,111, i JKs laveater and Pateatee of las lUBlil* PLAT! TBBTH, atteuda psr??aally sty^ Ms oAcs la this city. Many persons eaaAOBM **ir these teeth who oeanot wisr others,^" ^ and bo person can wsar others wbo sanaot waar Psrsoas calllaa at my olcs aaa bs aooommodated with any style and price or Teeth tbay mar desire, bnt to thess who are particular,and wlsb the Crest, cleanest, atroageet aad most perfect dea^ re that art oan procure, the MIBBBALTBBTH Will be more fall* warraated. Bmbs la this city?Ho 3J* Psnn'a avsaae. be twee a Ptk sod 10th sts Alae. 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. ocjPjr_ PEStiONALa b MAl'BKB. heal soibntifio A3TIIOLUUIB Or AMEKIO&, From the position ana aspect of tbs Stars at tbs tine of one's birth, will reveal astoaishing se crets that bo living mortal ever knew before: bow to be auoc^ssfal in all reasonable uadertafclngs. lie tells same aad very day you marry. describes th<* inteii<.-d companion, and t its sll event* of life good Ink and long life to visitors. LalieeM) cents to ?l: geutleaieu la fall #1. 0*11 at 47 0 llih it . nssr P. all hoars autil tf In the evening, de SI lm^ LAD1E8 WHO ARE DE8IH0B80F A SKILLfnl and accomplished Physician, should consult Dr HBMET HOBTON, l?o east Far?tt? street, Baltimore, Md. Dr Morton's ssrvicee may heiengageo in Washington or any other city, by addressing as above oc 13 3m* C? BNTLEMBN WHO~ABB AFFLIOTBD-A 1 enre warranted by an old Surgeon of twentythree years' experience in this perticalar branch ( tbe profession. Charges moderate Do a>t arr'y to quarks, imt to J B, OABBUBB, M. O., late of the United Mates Bicord Venereal Hospital. Office Ho. 91 sooth A street, opposite the Capitol P.jusre, sooth side. N B ? edlcinss also forniibed at cost. dag 1m* COhPlDBNtlAL. -Toung men who hnvs Injured themselves oy certain secret habits, wbich unfit them for business, pleasnrs, or tbe dutisatf married Ufa; also, middls aged and old men. wbo. from the fellies of yoath. or other rinses, feel a debility la advance of their ysars. efore placing tbemsslvet under tbe treatment of any om. should first read "Tbs Secret Friend " Married ladiss will learn something of importance by perusing "Tbs Secret Priand. 'I dent to any addrees, la a sealed envelope, en rtedpt of 7b cants. Address Dr.CHAS. A. flTCABT A 00.. Boston, Msn no P ly CLOTHING, Hi 8 FJ. HBfBBBGBa, ? . Successor te H P. Ujdon k Co., n^ CJT1ZEX S AXD MILITARY ^|| _ MERCHANT TAILOR, Sj Metropolitan Hotel Into Brown s, AT 369 Peaasylvsnia avenue. Bfl-tf Washington. P. O. 'nmiib g. black, wait h. la mob. c. f. blackLAW Op PIC*. BLACK. LAM ON * OO., Counsellors and Attorneys at-Law la the Bnpreme Oowrt of the United 8Utee. tbs Court of Claims, the Courts uf tbe District, the Bxeoatlve Departments. and Oornmltte?e of Ccngresa. , 14th street, (direcHy opposite Wlltards Hotel > ^s 18-tf (jUAT B A B G A 1 H 81 Tbs subscribers ars closing out the balance of tbeir FANCY DKBSd G<?OI>8 at (rreatly re<lneed prices, atd ladles ia want of haij.lsome Milks, Hep*. Mer?ao*e. Popllas. Plaids, aad. In fact, any kind of brew Msterials. will find oar prices a great laoin emeut, as wo wish to close thom ent this month. Y>e a No have oa hand an elesrant *tr>-k of SHlbTlBGa and 8HBB TIHGS, both Llaen aud Cettvn. whirh we are set I lag vary hsap All goods marked la plain flgnree at tbe loweet market rates. W M. BHU8TBB A BBO., ja7 eo3t Ne. 3*? Market tpace. >) <wwi POTaTOBS. ?),UllU bajb-U MA1NB POTATOBS, just arrived. and for sale at our Wharf atm? foot of 7th street. S P MBOWjffit BOM. Commission Merchants, de 14 tf No. 4 63yth st.. between B aad F. i HOCOLATB DOl' HLF. TABILLB. I DB H. MA ILLA1BD Pur Cacaw ?t Sucre. Exempt de Uutl m-lac^e. Z. M. P. KING * BOH, _ King Place. Corner Vermont aveans and 15>^ street. WF.8T INDIA OBANOBS AMD bwebt Malaga gbapks. Frssh k1hg PLAjl'B. iB?" BAlSJNS. FIGS.OUBBAMTS, " KP1( SS Ac , Ac-, to suit this aertlcular season For sals by Z. M. P. KIHG A BON, dr 31 tf Kiac Plsee. 1' _ BT." TIMOTHY? HALL. HB duties of this lustUotloa will be resamsd eaBsp4.13.lSM For terms, Ac., see catalogue aad oir< aiar st the principal bookstore* of this city, sr addrsss the ariaelpet. an 31 B.PAB80MB, Oatoavllls. Md. T'HE CROCHET OOLLAB BOOB: MBB. Bayssa Knitted Lace OollaaBook, The BagVo hniuis* Book, Mrs. Gaugala s hut Shawl and tes Sr isT'is:s?i?n pbamck tatlobt pBBSOMB FDBNIBB1MO BOOMS weukl save a money and troublsby calling at ADAMBOB'S 606 Ninth street, next to Psnaselvaaia avenas', who caa furnish thsm with rea*lr-mads Sheets Pillow Casos, Featner and Hair POlows, Bolsters Bed Spreads, . Blanksis, Mattresses, Window Shades.Ml (/lothe. Carpet, Stair Crash,Toweling, Table ldnsn. Ac. do 14-dlM F'OB 8ALI OB BBBT-A loo toas PlaloTo modora stile, with stool and^^m^ good order. Caa be soea at bobwbll'bibki roacr ^ore, 309 Bstesst,aaar 14th. >11 BV T ^AB Mryyg FOB aKaTBBS. An iadieponeal le article far all who nra sxpoiod to tbe cold For sale by moah walkbb a 00. >a4-Ctif S6<s f?9oa aveaas. WM1TB OPOBTO POBT, . . V i "Tears of the Buoro,") Direct importation. Z. M. P. KINO A BOB, * ?"? Kiag Plaoe, IbBPABTMBNT OP THB iMTBBIOB. U CMTED STATES /'ATEXT OFFICE, WOBTBt otm"**! SDCCK. rr H of Moant Oarmwl. Oenner-Ucut, prarlag ** patent granted to him ou the *th day ef Jnne. JSi3, tar an improvea*eat in Ph?gMa Boa Meti./a ia L?e for *rr\D y^VfroiS ^ pUc* ?? It is ordered that the said petitioa be heard at tte Patent office oa Moeday, the 9d day ef nejt at IS o'clock M : aad all persoas notlfisd te appear and show cause, tf any iraltsd***' Wbf petition ought not to bs P-rs- ns opposing the ezteasloa ars restiirod So ^rfertb*lJwHti spedaJly 5r'*f~ '* writing, at least tteenry days before tbs testimony filed by sltk'r party te be ns?0 at the said hearing most bo taksa and in sooordaace with the rules of the ofhsZlliH w foraished oa sprlication V s Ordered. also tKat this notice be pah Itshad la neeticat, eaee a week for three sueasMlva w*Sday'prs^oeTte V?xt' r?n,J o">HBAKBB, P. I ?Mlwi iC lb# ibo?? pfpm will iImm C^BBBCH A LM ABAC HA POB l?B7.-aima r?^^ri.iiKSrSLS?i,T'7iiJl3; da la Da aaa. AlntaaacA de la hsaas Oaisias; Almaaaca Imperial. Almanack da Baaaieon; Almaaach das jeai de Sodete, Almaaach Pollchiaslls, aad ethers, imparted direct fro Si Pari*, by da II FBAB^K TATMB. pOBTABUB ' STB AM BNOIBBA, CsmblBia? ths max Imam of efBcieaey.dnnkUllFi sad eceaomy, with ths mtaMw|sf weight aad prise They are widely aad favorably knowa, msvs thaa SB# beiag la ase. AH warraaSad aaMs teciory.or aa sals. DaaartpSSva oircaiam saat aa ? A J. o. hoadlbt A OO^ QO L D PBBB-A Bas amirtmit tt BaSd Paaa. Capja.JJ... t ' > ' '' I I HOTHLS, BE3TAPBANT8, Ao. r A ? p . WILLA1V1 MOTML, I W?ill?T*!?,DKeaNf KMWJ Nation, |??NN>totlTM, m4 !^ws'^,^^ffiv^rsr?y??rsai a,i.&tt"",?'.ii?aTCBTDlw.o??oo. J^IBKWOOD B008B, 7 " Corner Ftnaa. artnut mmi Tml/th ?ire?,TAA^ Waskituion, J). C. JUU BltuM la the vo?t Mitrtl loet&oi the city * Midway bttvwa the CAPITOL AND PBE81DBHTFAL MANSION, Oiilj a ikort ilituw from all the Departments, Pktnt tDd Post OSch, Smithsonian Institute, etc. B. H DUDLBT * OO., noai-tf ProirUton. L'BtNOH AND OBKMAM HOTBLABD BBSr Ta L EANT, Vift P? ave . oeeosite A ? A Willsrd sHotel.CHBISTMANA ProprietorsOn Wednesday next. thliJj|U establishment will be opened with a lunch, at which theproprletor will be hnppyto meet his men* friends The Bar will be constantly supplied with choice Lluuors, and the Reetaarant with everything that the most epicurean teste can desire. Boarders by the d?y, week or month will bere find excellent accommodations at m .derate rates Also, nicely furnished rooms can be obtained either with or wit'iont board. < nil nod see. jal Im' rr>MBICH-8 BBSTAUBANT, ?i No. 344 Penna avenue, near 6th street. P BMBICH wishes tolnform his friends and the public generally tbat he now k> eps con- B m stantly on hsad 018TKKS. frssh every VpaAwl dir, prepared tn every style i?i^U UIs WIN B8 and LIQUORS cannot be surpaeeed. Oalland*t*eblB^^rtal^^^^^^^^^o^^tf woWANTTC(ML (JOAL ! COAL! I OOALlll j T T. FOWLBB B CO. White Ash, stove and egg sizes, 98 38 per ton. Bed Ash. do do 94.76 per ton. , 2.240 pounds guaranteed. ) Orders received at the central offlee of tbe Wash- | inston and Georgetown Ice Company,<late L J. | Mi dd let on A Co ,) corner 12th and r streets, and at ? barf, foot of 10th steeet. jsH lm B. 8. LAMKIN, Agent. Q O A LI OOALI1 AT OBBATLT BEDUCBD FBICEB. Gross tens of 2,240 lbs delivered la any part of I tbe city, Chestnut White Ash, 97 2S, Stove, iKg and Furnace White Ash, |8IOi Bed Ash, $8.75; Lebiih ?9. OAK and PINE WOOD oonstantly on hand. 1 Orders received at onr office, or at tbe wharf, I foot of Tth street. S P. BBOWN A SON, j ja 5- tf 461 9th street, between B tn1 F. j ^OALI 00 A L ! I OOAbtH j Having determined to sell a first class article of Woed and Coal as cheap as tbe cheapest, I bope by doing so to gain a liberal share of poblio pa- I trcnage. Tbe Coal prices are m follows; WHITE ABB NUT OOAL.l.y tbe ton 97 '24 BALT1MOBB CO. WHITK ASH, Egg and Stove sixes 8 33 I ALL OTUF.B (JPALIT 1KB of WHITE A.iH f 24 LYKEN8 VALLKY PCIl* BED ABU ? 7 4 DIAMOND VBIN BED A8Q S 74 OBOBS WEIGBT, 1,140 LBS. TO TUB TON. Always en hand and constantly receiving the best tonalities of WOOD of every description, de- I llvered in any part of the city. H. C. BAUM, j j*4"1? 7th st., between B and Fste , Island. 1WILLOPBN A PROVISION STOBETHURSDAT, Jan. loth, on 20th street, between G and B streets, where I I will havs on hand everything in the provision line, to be sold at the lowest market prices. jafi-?* WML1NKIN8. Hbbzbebg s loan office Established H52. _ Highest advances made on WaToBES. DTA- I MONDB. JBWBLBY, WBAB1NG APPAREb, and all kinds of Merchandise. Busineas strictly I confidential. 341 North C street,betwaen 4^ and fith streets. Immediately in rear of the Nation*! Bote). jag Im* | UBADSTBKAT'S PATBNT WEATUEB D 8TBIPS, The best Invention of the age. Bxcludes snow, rain. cold air and dast from doors and windows of I every description. For sale at Bnihler's Depot, 463 7th street, opposite Centre Market de 30 2w B. W. H AMILTON A CO. J LATKOT PARIS FASHIONS OF HAIR DBBSSINU. B. ALLI8T, I fKEJfCH HAIR DRESSER, ! 394 B Street, between 15th and Ittb sts. Mr. Alllot, from Paris, fi&ir-Dresssr, of tbe I celebrated Barhel, with whom he arrived In this I country. baa now been established fer tne last eight years la Washington and Newport, enjoiing the patronage of the<urpj diptomatiqur, and ofthehlgheet society. Be has the honor to an- I nonnce tnat he has this season imported the latest fashions of hair dressing, aad abto pomades, and everything tbat belengs to the dressing of hair at very reasoned le prices. ja7 6m* I LOUISIANA AYENCE. . J. H. CBANB ft 00. Bare oa hand a large aad fine assortment of GOODS, suited to this market, anch as BUTTBB OBBBBB, BOOS, APPLB8, BAI8IBS, FIGS,' OITBON. NCT8, BAMS, OBDFI8H, MAOK BBBL, BBBBING, BOAP8, CABBBlTOOODS, Be. ! Also. 60 BmtoIs Moore's celebrated OHAM- I PAGBB CIDER, by barrel or gallon. All the above goods are offered at tba lowest market price, ana warranted tosait,by j J. H. CBANB A CO., I ja 4 1m 43 La. av?.. betweaa ?th aad 7th. I^AI'IBB' DBBB8 QVODB. I LADIB8 SU AWLSnad CLOAKING CLOTHS, BLACK AMD COLORED SILKS. Closing out cheap previous to taking aecouats of BLABKBT8 ABD TABLE L1NBN. TOWELS ABD NAPKIffS. M e solicit a call from all la want of Dry Gv >ds. I WM. B. B1LBY B BBOTHBB, Bo. 36 Central Stores, between 7th aad Sth streeu, | )a4 6t opposite Center Market NBW BOOKS ? Bhaai's Personal Becollections of Dlstlagulshed Generals, 92. Sir Brook Foes Brooke, a notel, by Lever, ti cento; Tbe Baoe for Wealth, a aoval, by Mrs. J. H. Bldlstl, 7s cents; Law and Practice of Bnchre,new edition, 91; Smith a.Principle Latlna, part second. ?|.?; An AmerlMB family la Germany, by J. Boss Browne. 91, History of the Bebeilioa, by Joha "ST ? ' ? FKAKOK TATLOB. Bbow Base Maaalaetnrer. Bcfaool FaraltmreUA. I and Uoneefcrnishlog warerooms. Mew and Mflft Old Furniture, of all descriptions, bought ( 11 and sold. Bopairiag. Upholstering, and Varnish ing dons at the skorust notice. "Boatheast ooraer of 8th and K streets aorth. No. 13. do Ig-gm* gODTOK MBM MACKBB^L. I am now receiving from Boston direct, the very fiaeet qnsiity of ^ w MESS MAOK BBBL, aad which rareiy tind their way to this market, being need ssostly for home ooosamptloa.' As they have heea trimmed of every put hat the moat palatable, the Kits eootaia very much mors tAaa I fhatuaatlty nsaally packed. I . W. BCBCHBLL. , . _ Corner l?th aad F streets, andar del tf Bbbitt House ] JDK BBCB1YBD ^ TATB8 a'sBLBTV, Mo. 983 Peansylaaia a venae, A aapeHor let of LADIBS'OLOAKUroe. whlch they are offering at very low prioes. ae M tf | R B * 0 T A t?? ooHave removed to their Mew OMce. | la. Tl LOC181ABA AYBNUB. First door eaato(7that. I _ diiiTtoii: ' ^ I Ohaa. Imp, PreeH, Ban. W. Blags. Vine Prsat, I Thos. Berry, Marshall Brotra, Wallach, G *.011008. . Daniel Dedd, fa. Dixea. ?^?BOBLB P. LA11H, Bsssstary. AB will lad It greatly to their iaMMlMm^ /\LD 8T0YBB TAKBB IB EX OB AB OB ^ I * * ' j ^ . I ; o r i *ma V? * f i'""9 0 it Ifl# ;i ,lj | .1 4i^|?LlBBM.4d>i 4J. 10 | SPECIAL NOTICES. ! TBABNUM, IH BIS EXPOSE OF MODBBH boabit*. will.It la understood, apply the lash to ths c< unter'eitcrs ot foreign periumss in this country. Tb*y are fair (an*. be' of small account, aa PHELON'B ' BIGHTBLOoMIBO CBBEUB." ?he ?rntfl?tal extract ot ih* iy >' rap Wily driving their traab #tit o! the trade. Sold i everywhere. > W j %r NEURALGIA AND ALL PAINS in the Hesd or Fare are instantly relieved by one 4ose of I MBTOALFB'S OBEAT RHEUMATIC BIB* BDY. jall-eo3w HALL'S VEGETABLE ? , SICILIAN HAIR itBNKWBB I haa proved itself to I* the most perfect preparation for the hair ever offered to the pablic. It ia a vegetable compound, and contains no i?- I jurieus properties whatever. _ It will Bvtoii Grat Haiu to its On??ai? 1 Ooi a* i It will keep the hair fro* failing out. I It cleaasee the scalp, sad makes tha hair aoxt, I lustrous and silken. | It ia a splendid hair dressing. . Bo persoa, eld er youag, should fa 1 to use it. I Tt i? Bicomms^md asd U#*? by tHi Fimt "5^"?Ask^for H sJI Tv oge tab la Sicilian Bair Benewer. and take ao other. r p w Nashua, B. H., Proprietor.. for tale by all Drmggiata. jatB-ThJy %T MABBIAC.B ABDTELIBAOY, AND THE Happlneaa ef True ?kaahood. - An Eisav for Vomit Ben i n the Crime of Solitude, md the Physiological Errors, Abuses and Dis^asea writrfc cieate impedimenta to Ma-rla^e. with aure aeant I of Belief Bent in sealed letter env. lopea. free of charge. AddresaDr.J SKlLLIN HOUGHTON, I Howard ABSocl%tioa, Philadelphia, Pa. jall-Sm I BBMBDIAL IN ST IT DTK FOB BrECIAL 0ASB8, Bo. 14 Bond atreet. Hew York. W^Full information, with the kitikisl testimonials. Klto, t Book on Special Dkiuj'1!, i" h *tttle& I envelope, tent free. %Jr i># ture and send for them, I and jwm trill not regret it: for, a* advertising pny- I Blciaiia are generally xmrostnrs. without refertnee.? I no stranger should be trusted. Bncloa-J>a.stamp I for postage ai?d direct to BB. LiWEISJ1!. So. I 14 Bond street, New Yerb. noli DAWly , SECRET UlSBABES. Samakitan's Gift ia tho moat certain, aafe and effectual remedy?Indeed, tb?only vegetable re me- ] dy ever dlac?vered. Cures in tw > to toar daya. an 1 I recent cases in twenty four hour* N? mineral, no j balsam. no mercury. Only tea pilla to be taken. It I Is the soldier's hope, and a friend ta those who do net want to be exposed. Mala packages, $3; fa- I Dale, S3. j Bah ah tan's Boot and Hub Jncw?A positive 1 id4 j^rmarent #nr? ftr bpytatllft. Scrofala, Ulcers, | Soree, Spots. Tetters, Ac. PHce ?1 36 par bottle. Sold by B. 0. Ford. Sea advertisement. uy I SUKELY, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, SMOLANDBB B BXTBAOT BCOKD | u niHM every caee of Bidkit DtsUAsa. Biiuai:?h, Qkavsl, C r ; a rt Dieonsims. V. and Pa ma in tha Bac*. Fsmals C mp:.a;*t and TnosBLBs arlaing froaa Bzcsaasa o? ami Kip*. 00MB, T B AFFLIOTIDI TBI SMOLABDBB'B. TAE F. SO OTHER BUCK9, Bold by all Apotheoarlea. Price fl. D. BABBBS A CO., New York, and BABBBS, WAHDtUO., Baw Orleans, Southern Agents BUBLHIGH A ROGERS. Wholesale Druggists, Boston, Mass, General Ageata. fab 10-lj COLGATE A CO 3 * WINTBBBOAP. Recommended for chapped harm and forgeneral I toilkt use daring com wjcathir. It ma/ be obtained of all drugglata and fancy goods dealers. 1 feb > ooly I ~ DANCING. j pBOFB. J. W. A H. P. K Kit la' DANCING ACADEMY, ?| Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 6th and 7th sta.. X% Opposite Metropolitan Hotol. Qa New Claeaea forming every evening. Those desiring to enter oor clase.s ahonld avail thetn salve# of this opportunity. Preparation* will ta made in this Quarter for our annual May Ball i Circulars can ha had at J. F. Bill*' and W. 0 Metievott ACo.'aMnsic Btoraa. The Hall can ba ranted for Soiraaa, Ao. j Detft ami Hum of Tuition : For Lad lea, Misaea and Matters, T need ay and I Saturday afternoons, from J to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen a Glasses. Tuesday and Friday eve- I nirga. from 8 to It o'clock. For further information,apply daring the hours of tuitloR, or addreaa a note to the Academy. Quarter oommenclng with the Brat leeaon. ja 8 |\I ABIBI'I FABHIOHABLB DAHC1HG MABINIVAS^MBLY BOOMS, A B, between Mb and 14tb streata, /B TV1" %ra*' ihy U Eu? ufoc fer the re. ep-I tioa of pnpila. Daya and boors ?f tuition far yoaag ladtaa mle^ee and masters Taeedays, Tburedays and Sat- I urdaya, from 3 to 6 p m. I Oeailemen's da*sea from 8 to 10. aame evenlaga. I H n?Private instruction given to suit tbe oonvenience of the pupil aeU \1 AS^l ERA UK AHD FANCY DBBS8 BALLS lrl AHD PABTIBS. The aadaraicaed would moat respectfully in- I form the I ad lea and gaaUemen of Washington dty.aadtba District geaerallr, that he is at all I times prepared to furnish parties with Masquer- I ade and Fanc> Coatuoie, either on loan or mada to I order. He haa taken raoma at tha well known I fancy eetabllebmaat of Ohriatlaa Buppart, Ma<i . A99 7th Street, between D aad B, * here ha will ba happy to await orders. CHABIsBS BBBG, latoOoatumar at Ford's and Orover*a I ja 8-In* Theaters, Washington, D. C. j 0 TO I V. B. 10IIS' FASHIOBARLB CABPBT, FUBHITUBB AHD BEDDING STOBBB, HOS. 981 A ?19. INTELLIGENCES BUILDIHG, OOBBBB 7TH AND D., AHD HO A0?? TTH STREET, THHEN'S BUILDING, ADJOINING ODD FBLLOWS' HALL, I AND EXAM1HB THB F1BEST ASSoBTED bTOCK THIS SIDB OF PH1LADBLPHIA. | He baa all tha lateat daaigna mads in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. Tha stock is always selected by Mr. Mosaa, and bought at tha lowaat rates for eaah. which enab'ea him to compate with Bastorn prices. Hie 11 neat Furniture is mads to ordsr la Philadslpkia, and of tha bast material I that eau ba found. Purchasers should study their own tutor eat by calling at bis Btoree and axamlnfng the wall-aasorted atook of CABPBTB, FCBNlTUBB, Ac., aad obtain his price-Hat before eoing elaewhere, which he will farniah with plaaaara Bla aaeortmant of M at tr eases Blank eta, OtB I forta, Gauntorpaipea. PiUowa. Bolsters. Fsathar- I beds, and all kinda of Cottage and Kitohea Fur nltuia ta coatlata. wblak he offara at tho lowaat I Baw York anf Philadelphia . B*nemb?r Hoa 681 and SIS Intelligencer Building, oor nor Tth and D. and Ha Tth I street. Thorat Building, adjoining Odd Fallowa' Hall, between D and E atreeta. I je 14-tf W. B. MOSBS. I THAOLB A CO.. Auetloneera. Salaarooan Ba. 98S Pean. avenue, ^^Betweea vth and Mth ate. BAGLB ft BO- will give thetr peraoaal attontlon ta the aale at Baal Batata aad tfoaeebpld Furniture Aleo, to the ealee ofatocka ef Orooertea, Winee. Liauort. and Msrchaadiae of every deaaription, Horaea. Carriages, Haraeaa, Ac. _ Liberal cash advanoea made on eouslgnmenM. o'clock HAGLE A CO., jaU-tf Auetloneera. gbctbAe. """mm. ' B. W. BOBCHBLL, I eorner Fourteenth and F atreeta jn 14 under Bbbltt House. QOU>BM SOOPPBBHOHO WINE, (Battve.) Bich. fruity flavor, with delicate boq'uet. Pro' " ' " ???&.. ( . ' , ' -'* i. * i)i ' A : 1 - ' t TELEGRAM!*, fee. > A resolution vti mtrodBCfd In U>? Wisconsin Assembly on Tuesday by Mr. Dyer, of Racine, (Senator Doolittls's home,) censuring Mr. Doolittle's disregard of tbe instructions of the la* t Legislature, and ite request to him to resign; declaring ibat the people bad rendered a solemn verdict condemning bis nurpoeoa, policy, and course; declaring ibat be bad betrayed bis constituency and put himself la aatagphitm 10 the principles of justice and equtl rights, and bas been faithless to the high trust confided to him, and peremptorily lastracting bim to reslpn. The resolution will pass by the vote o! all the Republican members. Senator How* will be endorsed by re-election without formality. A caucus of tbe Senate bas adopted a resolution instituting iqqnirv looking to relief from tbe alleged oppression of the railroad monopolies. In tbe Maryland State Senate, yesterday, the Committee on elections reported that Dr. Orr (Radical,) the titling member irom Alleghany county, wa? not duly elected, and Colonel

Spates (Conservative} was entitled to trie seat. Tbe report was made ;??e special order for Tuesdav next. Th?> bill to call i State convention waa amended in the Houe. so as to prohibit ihe legislature fr<vn paying for emancipated slaves. An amendm-nt is pending to increase the representa iou in tbe House from the twelve smail counties by one member each. Governor Geary, of Penn!>ylvania,bas made tbe tollowing appomtnente: Fort physician, or. H. Ernest Goodman, of Philadelphia, who went out as surgeon of Gesry's 28th regiment and returned at tue end 01 ne war chief surgeon of tbe Department of Georgia, with ib>5 rack of Colonel. He was one of itie tdr* gallant brothers who served during the war; deputy secretary of tb? Commonwealth, Isaac B Gara, of Erie, a well-known journalist of that city; health ofLcer. General Horatio G. Sickel, retained port warden, General Gideon Clark, retained. Tbe Montana iv*i of theVTth ultimo giyes an account of a bleosy affray at Cave Gulch, on December 14, of which the jump'ng claims was the cause. Patrick Osborne, John Basseti, William Cbivens, and William Mcl-Anghliu were'killed, and John Flaherty and several others whose names are unknown were | wounded. Twelve men concerned in the atIray have been arrested by a vig-lance committee and will be tried Louis Tiliack a miner in the Dry Gulch, was murdered iu Helena on tbe same nigbt. The Senate of Maine yesterday concurred in tbe action of tbe House in ratifying the cousti. tntional amendment. Tbe vote was unantnr.ous. In the discussion tha_ took place tbe speakers were nnanimous in declaring that the picpoi?d amendment did net go farenougb. but thai Maine held an advance position, and was in favor of giving tbe colored man equal civil and political rights with tbe white man. The residence of General Forrest at Memphis was entered by robbers Tuesday nigbt, who carried off two gold watches, a pocketbook containing two hundred dollars, his parole and other valuable articles. Hoth Hordes of tbe Maryland Legislature met in convention yesterday u? ebons* a ir. S. Senator. The ''ote was near! . me same as I on Tuesday, therefore there was no election. | Tbe Illinois House of Representatives ratified tbe Constitutional amendment yesterday by a strict party voteol 50 to The Seuate had already passed it. The joint resolution ratifying the con itu'lonal amendment passed tbe Indiana S iate yesterday. The vote stood?yeas, _f>, uaj -, is. It was a strict party vot*. For the week ending January* eleven thousand seven hundred and seventy-one ounces of dnst were shipped from Denver, valued at West Virginia Legislature. Th^ West Virginia Legislature organized on Tuesday. In tbe Senate the Hon. W. E. Stevenson was re-elected President, and E. R. Hall, Clerk. In the Hcnse, D. S. Purnell was re-elected Speaker, and W P. Hubbard, Clerk. Go vernor Boreman's message speaks encouragingly of the renewed and increasing prosperity of the State. He recommends the repeal of the confiscation law of l!J6:t, because it has never been enforced, ia wholly taoperative and embarrasses business and recommends the propr ety of repealing the usury laws as repelling and driving out capital and enterprise, lie says that tbe revenue reports exhibit a gratilving financial state during the pact year. Wnonal property increased over'25 per cent, and capitations over 11 per cent. The new valuation of real estate shows a very great increase over tbe old. He recoremends tbe energetic prosecation of work on tbe Insane Asylum and Penitentiary. He says the report on free schools shows gratifying progress in the work of education, and urge* - be most liberal legislation in support of tbe schools, and tbe provision for tbe Agricultural College endowed by Congress. He advises the Legislature to provide for a speedy geological survey of the State, and toenoonrage emigration to tbe State. Tbe message concludes with an able argument In favor of ratifying tbe amendment to tbe Constitution of tbe united States, and says it was the absolute duty of Congress to take control of tbe rebellious States after the war; and, under tbe circumstances, tbe terms ot restoration proposed are not % indicuv? or unkind, mucb less unjust. A greater magnanimity was never shown under kindred circumstances. A resolution ratifying tbe constitutional amendment passed tbe Senate by a vote of 15 to 3. The vote in the House stood 43 to 11. SC1CIDB or Oollvbb'b Bbotbbb.?The New York correspondent of the Philadelphia Ledger says: Tbe boxers and bruisers have been keeping up a lively sxcitsmeat at their various headquarters this afternoon, about tbe -great mm" between Collyer aad McGiade, near Harrisburg. As soon as the result was announced by I telegraph, it was bulletined at almost every 1 drinking saloon in Chatham street and tbe Bowery. A great deal ot money seems to have I been hazarded on tbe result; but in justice to j Hon. John Morrisey, who is supposed to take ! a personal interest in sucb things, it may be added, on bis own authority, that ha bas "not staked a red cent upon It. one way or another." But there is a melancholy story to tell in tbe same connection, which Is briefly this: A brother of Collyer's, named Joseph Jamieson, residing Vn Boernm street, Brooklyn, commuted suicide at a late hour last evening by blowing out his brains with a pistol. His mother and sister were in an adjoining room at tbe time. On a table near by was found tbe leaf of a blank book containing the following! "After enduring one unjust social persecution until life is no longer desirable, t leave It with all i's trials, hoping for a higher and better life: but not in fear or frenzy, but calm and deliberately, trusting in God to pardon my sins and receive me into rest. One (rtutyfriend tmpAf hare tared thU d*td " Deceased was a native of Scotland, and is about twenty-six years ef age. (His brother, tbe pugilist, it seems, goes by (he assumed name ef Oollyer, bis real name being Jamieson ) Mr&uxa on Full's Poimt, Ba.ltimobb.? About six o'clock last evening, a most bloody affray was enacted at a cooper shop. No. 33 S. Carotins street, resulting in tbe Instant and horrible death ot a young man named Wlllan WalLsmith, aged twenty three years, at tbe bands of a man named Joseph Garrison. It seems tbat Garrison entered tbe shop where WalWmlth was engaged at work, and approaching tbe latter the two got In to a conversation, wbicb, although oarrfed on in a somewhat passionate style, attracted bat little attention from bis brother workmen. Finally, however, deceased put down a "drawingknife" which he had been uelng, and approached Garrison, mad aa angry altercation reesited la Mews between them. During tbe melee between tbemGarrtsen seised tbe drawing-knife, and making a savage blow at Wallsmith, tbe blade struck him upon tba bask of the n?ck. inflicting a most norrible wound, partially severing bis bead from his body, and ceasing instant death, as a matter of course.? BaUtrntrt CtmmtreiiU. 1Mb. MTA New York judge baa just decided tba a husband having two wivea is liable for goods sold to both of them. , *7~A lucky Mr. MoOord of North Carolina bae discovered dirt on hie farm sufficiently auriferous to ha worth SiOO par buaheL VGen. Sheridan %aa ordered the mnster out of tbree colored regiments at Now Orleans. TMt will Isave bo colored troops In Louisiana. gTTvo thousand asea have, during the past ten years, been killed la English coal mlaaa. KTKew Year's waa tba coldest day I Galveston, Tesas. ainas ih&f. Tba mareury I staod at te degress above sero. " ? Ml ' ?? *?" W t 1 s \ * I i -l a ^ I COIMRBaUMiL. ftniTI.- Yesterday afternoon? Mr. Howard'* motion to take up bis rtiolution ins'ructiog the UonsittM on Foreiga Affairs to report npon tbe condition of Msxicaa ifurt vis 4m|md to. Mr Sibmt stated toot tbe Inquiry won altogether UMMHary as be bad official Information tbai the French troop* were now leavIngMexlco. Mr. FMMndra (tviaoticw tbat be wonld coll op tbe Tariff Mil oo Monday. Tbe bill to regulate tbe ten ore of office was taken np. Tbe qaestiou was upon tbe amendment of Mr. Sumner, tbat all officer* and areata of tbe Oovemment, except department clerk*, wbose salaries exceed 91,009 per annum, sball be appointed by tbe President, by and with the advice and content of the Senate. In tbe conree of some remarks Mr. Cowan said tbe wbole number of office* in tbe gift of tfce President was 8,434. Tbo wbolen anker of , ifinoTsIs made daring tbe year was 4M. After some debate tbe Senate adjourned. Hocex ? Yesterday afternoon, tbe MI1 introduced by Mr. Stovens for tbe recoostroction of the late rebel States being under discussion? Mr. Biugbam addressed tbe Hoaso at considerable length, is opposition to tbe bill. He oppott d it because It was at variance with tbe Constitntional amendment. Tbis bill neither stood witb tbe conntitutional amendment, nnr witb tbe duty of Congre** to give d?e protection to cuisens of tbe I'nited States withii. tbe disorganised State*. He would bave tbe lateiv rebel State* go on and perform H"tF for tbe ratification of tbe constitutional amendment, eveathough tbey were net regularly organized States, and tbe ratification of their acts subsequently by Congress would legalize tbem. The sixth section of tbe bill disfranchised a million of men, wklcb wa* a clear departure from tbe constitntional amendment, wbicb opposed no disabilitv but the disability to bold office. Tbis bill not only decitizr nized a million of people, but it disfranchised them also. He declared tbat this bill, instead of being a bill of reconstruction, v. a* a bill of destruction; instead of its being a bill of restoration, it was a bill of disunion and perpetual dumemberment. Referring to Mr. Ashley's bill, he showed bow abeur* it was to deny tbat tbe rebel States were State*, for tbe Executive, tbe Judiciary, and even Con greas had recognized tb*m?Congress bad made appropriations for judges of tbe T'nited States in the States of Florida, Alabama, and other districts. He looked upon botb bill* as departures from tbe coustiiutional amendment. Mr. Dawson followed' 111 an argument to prove tbat the Presidential policy was tbe true solution of tbe national difficulties. Mr. Baker obtained tbe floor, but yielded to Mr. Stevens, on wbose motion tbs House went into Committee of the Wbolson tbe state of tbe Union, (Mr. Lawrence, of Pa., in tbe chair,) and resumed tbe consideratioo of tbe legislative appropriation bill. On motion of Mr. Wasbburoe, (III..) tbe appropriation for steamboat inspectors and superintendents was increased tio.oui for tbe more thorough investigation of the causes of recent disasters. Tbe clause appropriating t4ii,uoo for facilitating communication between tbe Atlantic and Pacific States by electric telegraph was struck out. On motion of Mr. Price, tbe clause to pay five watchmen in the public gardeu was struck out. Mr. Radford moved to amend the clanee for the pavment of tbs Metropolitan police for tbe I District of Columbia by reducing the increased compensation from fifty per cent, to twentylive per cent. At tbe suggestion of Mr Karquhar, be pnt tbe reduction at twenty per cent. The amendment was agreed to. On motion of Mr. Bergen, the date for tbe commencement of increased compensation was changed from 1st July, 1869, to 1st November. I lbtC. Mr. Harming (III.) moved to amend the paragraph by adding th?- following porviso: 1'roridnl, That bereafter no person sball be employed as police or watchman who bad not served at least one year, or been wounded, in tbe army of the Vnited States, and received an honorable discbarge. Mr. Hale suggested tbat tbat was rather 1 sweeping, and would remove from office all the present forcft. It should be made simply | prospective. Mr. Harding (111 ) consented to modify the amendment by potting in the words "shall be appointed." On suggestion of Mr Radford, tbe amendment was further modified by striking out the words "at least one year." The amendment tbu* modified vrai adopted Mr. Randall (Pa ) offered an additional section making an appropriation to pay the increased compensation voted last session to clerk* and employee*. Mr. Stevens *aid it would not do to agree to tbat amendment this evening, and be called for a division on it. The division showed?yeas 30, nays IS: no quorum being present. Tbe division not being insisted on. tbe Chairman declared tbe amendment adopted. The committee rose and reported the bill and tbe House adjourned. Attempt ts Create o Panic. Tbe Boston Journal's New York correspondent write*: One of tbe most villainous attempts to create | a panic cam* to Ugbt on Thursday afternoon. Three men io tbis city, wboee names are aow well known, wbo hove hitherto stood high in connection with mercantile affairs in this city, engineered a scheme through that had for its aim the depreciation of Government and book stocks, and but for its timely discovery would have rained olorge class of men. Having sold short tbey designed to depree* stocks that they might buy low, and having answered their ends tbey intended to Bnll the market and make a fortune. They drew checks to the amount of fire millions, and had tbam certified in the different banks. Of course tbeee five millions ba vlng been certified could not be loaned by the banks. Instead of depositing the checks as cash tbey took them to pri vate bankers and obtained ontbhmflve millions more, wbicb were also certified. Thus tbey took out in one hoar ten millions from tbe circulation. One of these managers called in a million that was oat on loon, and others did tbe same. By the same parties messengers were sent to all the banks early on Thursday morning, warning them against loaning any money. They advised the calling in of all the loans, and announced that tbere was to be a tembie panic that would sweep everything away. The banks lent themselves to this vlU scheme, though tbey did it ignorantly. Theae foor men took oot of public circulation, in one day, the tremendous sum of ibirty-flve million*. The scheme was exposed In tbe clearing house. On* bank foond to Its credit three millions, when it ex. pected nothing. Tbis led to an investigation, aad tbe bank found that the certified checks drawn by certain parties bad not been used An exposure at once took place, and the panic was averted. How much these men bave gained by this attempt to create financial disaster, the fotore will tell. VPralrle chickens have been selling at IIye cents apiece at Springfield, Mo. VA Wisconsin Oourt lately decided that a man has aright to chastise his wife to a "reasonable extent." 5TA choreh steeple io Hertford, Conn., is propped np to keep it from foiling. ^Skating Is not fashionable io New York this winter. 9TK gome of chess Is being ployed by letter, between the cbeos dobs of two Ohio to was. 7"Mnny Soothein papers arge their readers ta *bee corn and dig potatoes." VOriental colored laoee which will bear washing are among the novelties ofthe season. WStt Francisco is trying to get rid of Its lager beer saloons. VOur last two enow storms have beefa failures. We hove not had enongh show to even varnish the sleighing. VThey have had nine snow storm* tbu winter in Richmond. The street cars have been pot into winter quarters. - BTThe "PrsoMential Mansion."Jeff. Davto's lata residence, la Richmond, is offered for sale. FitaaMOiM. VA woman la PhtfMeiphmnioety yeare of age jamped oat of a third story window nad killed herself. T T ' ? Freeh green pan wore la the market at TaUafeaanaa, FlorMb oa Mow Tears Day. VPittsharg has taroed oat aaother great gun ST* Rumor has M that Ftirapa is going to marry Carl Roaa. (TThe Maryland legislature has paased a law sabmifttatlM ?aOMM*af day ears la Baltiawre to tM VNpia af that city at the aext electtOQ, . eiehsU* t r.' iliflf :,.?nie*?* * ? r#t The Itfakllrta AmkIiiIm. mmfmuu* rrac?i~.juuSrXt'<r'* ?r?"5v Dittrxd MM toll I* n?|jV JW fiptisees MM ?* rw?iiw-(fctV rt,.M Cft# U. /'kuadri/Ate?toss-grteum <m/> H? I ?., J?1 aloes 7W? Coit~*4 mtn ?<4*n t*srr- Tf K~? Jfa?or ?*>Wflplt?g /w Artr N*i-n^ tTMt i? UnmuUt IfMff-hitfXil of k* lt?r. ?er frrofmstd- ru /^Mctani ????? *?. Lmi *mii| ike rtgiltr meeting ot ib? KeCblican AmmIihod wu b?ld a:-be 1'i.ioa J?* Rooatec Mr John It Elvtiu m tfef Choir and Mr A. O Hall Secretary Mr. C M. Barton waa ?1mM Ftauttaj Necrsmry. The names of tha following wara proponed and elected nmkrra ?1 N Cary. Jr . ?V7 K atreet, E 8. AUiatra, Jon. Liverpool. Charles Humphrey* and W. M. Slaiar. 5th Ward, r * H)M,ril street; Charles Wood. K street O. Myers. 3M 1 atreet. r. L. Jones. S7ieth *tr?i; E. R. Lawn, JuO F street; nearly all ol Wfcon are colored. Mr. J. s. Brown remarked that on* of these perscas waa n first rata barter nnd he wouU re< ommend him to taa m#nt#rt Mr. J. Styles Brow a reported ikattl?n. ecntivecommittee bad held n meeting tB rata, tlon to holding meetings la the various warda. ad wara randy to report aa to hold tag meetl nxs 'a the 7th Ward aad Gs erg# tow a. Mr. F A. Boawali, trom the tab coaauuw. reported that tha 7th Ward meat tag won Id he bald on Tuesday exentag next, nt Turner Hall, corner of Mama a anna aad i% at mat. Mr. J. hell Adam*, from the sub-committee on the (Georgetown meeting, submitted a wri ten report, stating that aftar n cnrefai eonanlt. at ion witb the loyal man ot Georgetown, irre. spectlve of color, they deem it inexpedient to Interfere with the municipal election of Georgetown, ns the matter of tha election of tbe Major, Alderman, and Council of that kitr ic in the hnnda of the loyal Republicans, in whom yeur committee repoaea tha utmost confidence. and that an interfersnce now ou 'he part of tbe association would be mther detrimentnl than sdyantngeoaa. Tbe colored citizens are working there in harmony with ttw loyal citizen*. The committee alse report that examined tb? suffrage bill and found the 5th aectioa deleetlvese fsr aa related to the coming municipal electionsof Wnsbingtoa and Georgetown, a* it gives the Mayora the righto register on or before tbe first Tuesday in March, and tbe election come* off in Georgetown on tbe fourth Monday m February, and there la notbina in the bill compeiiiag ??oh registry. Senator Morn 11 "a attention was called to the supposed insufficiency of thia hill, and be replied that a supplemental hill would be p*:rd;*,Tl?? ** r,* , lo ^nprema Oonrt ol the District to appoint commissioner# to the several warda to regiater voter#. Thia the committee deem ol greni importance, a* with ont a commission of loyal men tbe suffraxe but will oecomen nullity, and fall to accomplish tb* Purpose for which It was passed Mr. Brown moved to lay report on the table Mr. Joeeph William* remarked that the report wa* ridiculous. It say# the Mayor una Council are loynl nnd true mew. Messrs Adrnna and C W. White?it don t say nny such thing. The motion to lay on tne table wns lost. to mow ?*y'*a Brown ?Mr Cbuirman, 1 n?e Dr. Ho yd?1 move the adoption of the repor*. The report was adopted. Mr. Brown moved that Mesara. BoswelL Pearce. BnWer. Crane, G S. Hepburi, and H U. Johnson, taxe charge of the Seventh Ward meeting; adopted. Mr Brown moved that tbe committee which had reported a* to the Georgetown meetinx make arrangements for holding a public meer. ng there. He deemed it neceaaary to have an auxiliary association in that city. Mr. Adams stated that he had been in favor of organizing Immediately; but after consultation with these men he waa forced to take a different view. If an organization is gone into In Georgetown, it will distract the very people w hose votes were expected by the Republican# The gentlemen should flrst come over and confer with tbe Georgetown Repnblicaas. Mr. A. Wataoa?Name aome wuite Kerublicans of that city. Mr. Adams handed a li*t containing four n*m"* to ?*>e Secretary, which was real by uat officers # A Voice.?"One of these gentlemen la going to live in Philadelphia." Mr. J. Brown aaid that his motion was not intended to interfere with any organization there, but to give tbe Republicaas a chance to gam an auxiliary. Mr. Joseph Williams said that so long as it is true that tbere are not five righteous men in tleorxetown, the association had be'ter go over as a committee of the whole He did not know alio was lingering nbout the election, and some may be trying to advance private interests. It wae tbe duty of tbe aesociation to see that tbe loyal colored men are n^t milled while the names of so few loral white Republicans can be placed on paper, and tbere were so tr.-iiiy colored jieopie in Georgetown. It was true they were tieinx organiiged. Mr. Adams remarked that the names read were not all the Republicans, but were a ft w selected for an entirely different purpose The Republicans believe that they will be able to tafry the election th?re if ielt alone. Mr R. J. Hmton.-iaked how many in Georgetown will this bill enfranchise. Mr Adams replied about Ave hundred Tha ?\ot* u ,rom flv* to six hundred. T Chair remarked that a gentleman well Informed in Georgetown bad inlormed him .r.TO,r ^on,<l about l.#iu, including about 7*<o colored vote*, who. with the Republicans. could elect their ticket. The Mavor was, however, struggling f?r the colored yota. Mr. Hinton said that these people lately enfranchised needed education and agitation and that the association snou Id be at work If fthi%COMmi,ti" W*r? not P^ared to go in be field, let us appoint a committee, if we haye to appoint 'he blackest men in Gaorxe" town, and bold a meeting. 1 Dr Wm. Iloyd urged that the Diatrict was ?11? *<?oare, and that the act iwocedmg Alexandria > a., waa unconstitutional, and he moved an amendment that a committee be an pointed to hold a meeting in that city P The Chair suggested leaving out tbe oueeA,e*andria waa or was not in the vw^w J rt wa? a loyal association then, ur. Boyd withdrew bis motion to amend H O. Johnson, one of the newly-electe.l colored member*, remarked thai If the fhitb of *1 the radicals was shaky. It would be wall that ail such should be shaken ofl. Mr. Brown's motion was adopted, and the original committee, composed of Messrs. J B Adams. C. White and John B. Boyd, was InudWljS?1" Ulen"a- ot J Hinto. The chair suggested that the committee con. ? 8 Enf'??t>andJ W Deeble, of Georgetown. tionr" A Wauon off,pred ?> following resoluKctoirt4, That this aasociatioa recommend to Congreee the immediate repeal of the charter of this District: the control of the Distric* to be placed in tbe hands of five commission I ers to be elected by Congress for the term of two years, or named in the hill, aad that this association nominate aaid commissioners - > threat meeting. Wt J. S. Brown I object Mr. Hinton moved to lay the reeoluUon on the table, but changed his motion to laying it ?VJ.toX ?ne w**k: which was adopted. ?? Mom, of Mo., was introduced, aad delivered an addrMa of some length on tbe questions of the dny, taking the ground that the colored race shoald have the same riahts as the white man in all the States?ahonld be admitted to the halls of legislation, that Fred. Douglass would be an ornament to the Senate that tbe colored race should be allowed to bear arms for their protectioa, Ac. Mr J H. Crane naked to have read a petiuoa to Congress as the grand inquest of the uatioa. which be sent to the secretary's de?k. Pr<x*aded to read the petition, which was m tM shape of charges against the President, containing 13 particular couata, with a general count at the close. Mr. Hiuton.?That belongs to the Judiciary Committee of the Houm of RepreeentaiiTse^ Mr Wateon moved that the peuuoa be re. wirfdM the sense of the mTeukg ^ Th# Chair (Mr. Elraat) stated mat whJ? hm ruled that the re^lutionin**?*?????. OT1 ?f ha did not denythe right of members to nek for the reed tax of a petition. That having been rand, then wns nothing to do bat for the members te 7i*n^ SwuSES**: Md to do it a. aa Mr. White moved that, aa the petition waa a br?tf ladietamnt. ,t ha referred w o-j^d" g'ar/Oommittee ol the House of RepreeeataUY#I. Mr. Craaa aaid that he could not bm why the association could not ndoet the oetition an well na State L#gtslataree. Mr. Wateoa moved that the secretary he laoV^*Mepiaeeatairm*t the House the seaM of this asloolaUou"7 aa Tha C^air ruled the motion oat of older of the Chair. ft^ the decision Mr. Boewell moved to toy dm appeal oa the table; canted by a nsiag vote of lTfolg. Dr. Boyd called for a vote by tellers oe eastain lag the Chair, which resulted it in^w alrmtUre, aad ? la the negative,?the oobtrTd Dr. Boyd*e motion to -rriW^^it Chair aroee aad said that he h^ eTZmJi! been called to thepiaeldeacy of 'bt asMinniiiTV aad that he woald hold the office aalv an aa members coadacted themselves mmmLmuT aa pteaidea t of the elab. ^ The association invited Msana V ML Dell editor of the Pert 8aaith <Arh>Xsw Je^^?a Albert GrtMa. edttar NmhomahA, to make aAdiaaaeaaithe ? i?T. aad adjoaraaA i*i .i 0 j ,i..;. r .41 :e UrtWsk e a