Newspaper of Evening Star, January 17, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 17, 1867 Page 2
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v ' ? THE EVENING STAR. 1 The lartt<l CiitaliUti ii Ik Duttid ^ ?- WALLACH, Ed Iter tM FrtfrltUr. WASHINGTON CITY: TH1RNPAT JANUARY IT, INT. REREADING KATTRR OH RYRRV PAGR. SKI Ot'T^I DR FUR INTRRB9TIHO TELRCRAPUIC AND OTIItR MATTER. TO ADVERTISERS. Tfc? following i* tbe official showing at tBe Circulation of tbe daily papers of thl* city oompeting for the OonnBMt tdrtrtiMng under tbe r?cntuiof Ooifnu dtnctlBf laob advertising to he made in tbe two dally newtpaper* ot Washington baring the large* Circulation: Evbbibu Max 7,713 copies par day. Ctrmtcie..... 6. MB ? Intelhfmeer t.551 ? The torus or advertising by the city paper* Xor the quarter ending September 30. 1866, as taken frvm tbe book* of the Internal Revenue Office. are a* follow*: Evaviaa Stab 910,091 Int'llxgnc'T 11,106 Ckrnmclt 1O.-2U0 Btpubhean ?,781 THE RECEPTIONS. ? Tbe While Heuae. Tbe ladies ot the Executive Mansion, Mrs. Stover and Mrs. Patterson, at borne everv Monday, commencing on tbe 11th instant. The President will bold tbree levees, tbe first on tbe 17tb instant. tbe second on tbe?ta ot February, and the tbird on the Wd of Feb'oary, on eacb occasion betweea tbe hours of 6 and 11 p in. The (abiaet. Tbe ladies of the family of Hon O. H. Browning. Secrt-tary or the Interior, will receive their frienns on Wednesdays, at the Ievidence of tbe Secretary, on tbe ea*t side of Montgomery *treer, Georgetown Heights. The ladies of Secretary McCulloch's family Will receive as u.?ual on Wednesday*. Keai. dence :*4> II street, between Connecticut avenue and 17tb street. Speaker Colfax. Speaker Colfax * public receptions will commence on Thursday evening, tbe loth inM.. and continue every Thursday evening during the session of Cjngre**, from to 11 o'clock Tbe receptions ot Mrs. and Miss Matthews, the Speaker's mother and sister, tor ladies and gentlemen accompanying them, comBienreon Wednesday, the 16tb inst., and continue every Wednesday afternoon thereafter Irom 1 to 4 o'clock. General Grant'* reception* (cards) will be held by Gen'l Grant ?Dd lady on W'edneedaye, the'.Md instant and 6fh proximo, in the evening. At home every {Saturday from 2 to 5 p. m. another european war threatened. Late news from Europe is to the effect tnat the insurrection of the Greek subjects or Turkey, which b*gan in Crete, was spreading, and bad broken eut in several or the insular dependencies in the Archipelago, a* well ^ m Tbessaly. In fact, the whole of tbe Ureek subject* of tbe Sultan, as well as the population of the Greek kingdom iUelf, are thorongh. Jy excited and aroused by their sympathy "Witn the struggling Cretans, and it seems impo??ible to restrain them longer fro-n taking part in the war against the Turks. An insurrection is on the (loint ot breaking out in tbe Province of Bosnia; and we learn by the latest mail trom Europe that Roumania and Servia are preparing for the opportunity?which the present insnrrectionary movements will give them?to shake off ;he lau shadow or allegiance to tbe Sultan in bis alarm, he ha? made a levy ot 150,000 troops to suppress the levoit. England and France have long been trying to stave off and postpone this terrible and Intricate Eastern Question," bnt Christian JKnrope and America are in cloee sympathy with a long suffering and gallant people lighting for national life, and tboee Powers must take part in tbe content. Russia bat already ax pressed her iympatby. More than forty jear* have elapsed *ince tbe Cbriauan world re*poad?d to tbe Grecian*' call tor help to aid them in their contest for tbe freedom of their country, and tbeir need i* just aa pressing aow. The sympathies of tbe Liberals of Continental Europe, and also of Eaglaad, are with tbe Greet*. Representative men like Mazzmi and Victor Hngo have >pok*a eloquently in their behaU. and Garibaldi, in a letter just published, administers a just re. bake to the Machiavellian poll cy of the Eng. lish Government. It u proposed to call a meeting or thacitl sens ot New York at an early day, to eon*lder the proper measnre* fer obtaining and forward' lag assistance to the Greeks; aad such meetings will probably be held in ether cities. It begin* to look as if "the sick man ' was sear bis end: in fact, Turkish despotism would long since have been broken down, bad it not fceen for the anticipated trouble to come, in the a*w arrangement or nationalities. Bnt such considerations will not, in all probability, now avail to save tbe crumbling Turkish Empire from ruin, particularly it the proposed Euro, pean conference tails to settle the matter wltbaut an appeal to anas. the mexican situation We have some hopes for Mexico yet. Not only is the latest intelligence from that country definite and intelligible, bat it really does " leng'h that tbe Empire is parsing away and the Republic looming up. Max is sick with rever near tbe City of Mexico; a defcebment ot French troops will embark on tbe 14th inst. for La Belle France; and the Mexican Minister here has received a aopy of tbe officia1 report from Gen. Trevino confirming tbe capture of Guadalajara by the national forces Of the Republic; also, offlcral intelligence that the City of Aguascallentes was occupied by Gen. Clomex, or the Republican army, on the -25th ultimo. In addition to this, Mr. Consul Godoy, &i Ban Francisco, has dispatched to the Governor of California and to MajurUenerai McDowell, Department Commander, an official summing ?P or the Mexican situation, in which be claims that ?the complete triumph or the aauonal arms will soon crown the valor or the defenders of independence and liberty, tbe conciliation proclaimed m February, 1S37. and the legitimate Government be re-established tbrongbont tbe country." He say*; "The rorce* under the command of General Corona having occupied Maxatlan on the L1th alt., there doe* not remain a single French aoldier or traitor in the State or Sinaloa. The aame is the case iu the State* ot l>urango and C;oltma. tbe treops who sustain the legitimate authority having occupied their capitals. The Government oI Juarez is now recognized throughout the States or Chihuahua, Weuvo .Leon. Coahuila, Tamaulipas. Oaxaoa, Guerrero, Sonora. Sinaloa. l>urango, Colimaa, Cm. apas, Tobasco, and the Ternary ot Lower (Talifornia. In tbe other States the so-called jMnpir* i* barely recognized by here and there a district, it b*-n.g so reduced, aad reliee tor auppurt on foreign soldier*, to the narrow Ti?ad between the capital and the port ot Vera t'ruz. aad here even they are threatened, as tbe majority or *aid State* have already snbmitted to the conatitutioral Government." TilE PATENT OFFICE FUND. During the past year, about one hundred and thirty-three thousand dollars were deposited tn the Treasury bj the Patent Office, after paying ail the expense* ot the office. This make* the total amount now to the credit of the FateatOMce nearly three hundred thousand dollars Ta* PfaTioaaL TJbio* Comkittrs, appointed at the Baltimore Uaion Convention, a*wi which was reconstructed laat year, meets at Wills rd's Hotel to-aight for a general con* saltation. V We are assured by parties connected with the Chicago Republican that the statement that Hon John Wentworth ha? purchased the interest of the Spricglleld, Illinois, owners in that paper is incorrect. NEW BOOKS. From J. Shillington. bo>ksetlsr. we havoths following ?-Tbe Piny Koom, or i*-doar sports f.-r Hf y ? and Girls;" '?Cnbbage made mf,"by (}eo. Walker; ?IK Waldrn's Hall Boom Otapan.on, or Danciagmade ?Mf," MlHtmlt'i "Manual of Chess," all puMihbed by Welt & Fitzgerald, of New York, in attractive style. Also, frun Sbillinjjton. we have a copy of Iba CI urcb Almanac for IW The Southern Poem* 01 the War Collected and arranged bj Mm F.mily V Huoo. Baltimore . John Murpby A Co l-'or sale m Hue citjr t-y Josepb^biilington. The collection embraces some two btindnd piece* con^rtM msmiy from Ui? new*papers ot the soutbdanugtse war. and bow published j at a "Memorial olame" to ptNtrn these fonft expiesslv*of tbe bo?<*s and triamphs, and sorrows of tbe "lost tins*." Tha poems foi tbe most part have little latrlasic merit, aad with tbe exception of Baarfalt'a "My Mary, laud." Ibe beat piecee are ascnymous. It is remarkable bow Ifrtle poetic AbttUy, North or South, was developed by tba stirring events of ibe lata war. Tba paucity of origii oal ability fa tbia collection is' abown by Tbe number of effastoa* that are clnoisy imitations of acboolboy recitiUou pieces. Tbe opeaiag piece, "The Southern Crose,"by St.George Tucker, parodiee tbe ''Star Span glad Banuer," commencing "Ob! say cau you see, through tbe gloom and tba storm, more bright for ibe darkness, tbat pare constellation T" Ac., As. Tbe piece entitled "1771?Ml," is a parody of Bruces Address: "God save tba Sonib," ditto opon "God sare America;" tba "Antbim of the Confederate State*" is & cloae irritation of nu old autbem form, tbe "Charge of the Night Brigade," (page 09* aad "Kodes' : Brigade charge at Seven Pines" (page IftDare ' parodies upon Trim yson's "Charge of the Light 1 Brigade." "The Beieagared City." "ftichi mond en tbe James," and "The wearing of the Giey," are the merest parodies of pieces known to every school hoy. Among the poem* of tlie Collection that have a chance of living, is tn* exquisite "Ail <4uiet along tb? Potomac tonight." attributed by tbe compiler, incorrectly, we think, to Lamar Fontaine, of Virginia, Prayer," said to be by a deaf aud dumb girj of Savannah, "A Mother's Prayer," anonymous. "Micsing," auouymous. and "The Long Ago," by Pbilo Henderson, of North Carolina Considerable apace is occupied by effusion* upon tbe death of Stonewall Jackson, a subject well calculated to elicit true poetic Are, but which has signally failed to do so. Poems. By Mary E.Tucker. New York: M. Doolady, publi*her. For sale in this city by Hudson Taylor. Some of the pieces bare no little merit. Dry Oaads. Business is in limited activity. Tbere is no bnatle, aad prices are without buoyancy, while many descriptions of good* are much depressed. Cottons are the most active, though only In respect of plain goods. Prints are dull and heavy There Is a large accumulttea stock of undesirable styles. Desirable styles are scarce and prices steady. Shirting and sheet, ings of good qualities are In better demaud and firmer. Tbe tone af tbe market. both for bleached and unbleacbed, is decidedly improved. Drills of heavy weight are in request. Canton flannels are dull. Stripes are moving more freely. Denims also are doing better. Delaines are Inactive, and will be so until spring styles appear in the opening of the spring trade. Coburgs are very dull. Broadcloths are more inquired for, and prices are unchanged. Ca>sin.eres are without improvement A very i limited demand exists for light weights. Satinets are dull. Flannels are in i-mall demand ! Blankets are lower. Tbere is little doing in imported goods. Spnug goods are arriving alowly. Dress goods of plain desirable style*, including black silks, are in better raquast : In a few weeks a revival of business is looked : for. Tbe amount of foreign dry goods entered for consumption last week wa? only SI,94,3^1, i against for corresponding period of . I~?e The spring business will open under , some curtailment of credit, as tba great ov??r| stock of goods undisposed of bas caused some ! trouble in settlement of accounts.?A'. 1Inde; pendent, Jan. 17th. rrw~ THE AM*UAL MBBTItflD OF~THB Lr?3_^Stockholders of the WASHINOTON O AH COMPANY will l,s bald at tb? sfflcs of ths OomsMy.oa MONDAY. February 4. lttf, for , the si action of Directors, to sarvs during the en aula* year. Poll* open at l! o'clock m. aad closa at 1 : o'clock p. m. ja 17 1M CHA3. B. BAILEY, Secretary. Yf^OOALlt GOAL! LL? 88 aB #t> 3p. I am BOW sstllaa COAL nrtbe fallowing low prires ? Aah.f i * ; tfnhs Ash. $% Alee, a very sapertnr article of BOX GOAL, for oooklag, at fto. deUvereo. 2,240 lbs. ao>1 clean Goal guaranteed. Terms cash when order to given. Ottos, 49S)?7th atreet, Wtweaa D aad E. Yard. Uth atreet wharf asd river. jel4-leT T. W. McOOHMBLL ii v B9ABD OP TRAD! boom*. Gla.^itt * UJI Bwiist'j, No. 4 Market Spaoe. elhctioh or officers. Tbe Fourth Quarterly Meeting of tba Board of Trade will traaaytre on PMXUAT IVIIIIO n*xt. Jan. Id. VUt. vhsn a Prasideat. two Tic* Crealdsnu.aad aboard of twelve Director* will t elected, to serve for the eaealng year. M SARDO.tocretary. ja U It [lnt..^Br*a a Con. Onionj <Y~~=-" M ABO-NIC.?A stated meeting of COLCBI ' lL? BlA BOYAL ABCH CHAPTKB NO 15, wiTi be hetdatCeatral Masonic Hall an WBDNBS DAY. the l?tb mat . at 7 o'clock p. m..on wbicn occasion tba raaolntio n adopted at tba last coa vocation of tbe Grand Chapter in reference to tbe separatiow of tbe Grand H A. Chapter of Maryland and the District of Cylnmbla will be considered. All members of Vol umMa B. A. Obaptsr are requested to be preeeat. By order ef tbe M B. B P, 14 at h. O. NO YB8. Secretary fill A OBAND 10 0 W. LBVBB, ti. k Vol run BBBBFIT OF TUB L1BBABT, Will be held AT HALV TTU 8TBF.1T, Oa MOMDAY BVENINU, Pebrusry 4,1887. Tickets. Oae Dollar. Particulars la future advartlscmsnt. jalt-so<t 0f? CAPITOL BILL BUILDING ASioClAf TION ?The stock of this new Building Asatlonie now being issued. Any perseti an aeaare stack by calliagaa GBOBGB ? GULICK. Treasurer, corner New Jersey aveaus aad aoatb B street, or w T JOUNBOB, Baoretary, Aatb B tre-1, third door from Hew Jersey avsnas. I ja.CeoCt llf OfPlOX or TUB MOTOAL PIBB IN 115 8UHANCB GO . D. O., December II. 18M Losses and exyeasea for tb? year 18M...910.4*4 M Prfpnium bote- and ca*b oa band 4W 000 uo The regular anneal election for sevsn maaagere wMltake place on MONDAY. January U, between tba boors of 10 a. m. and 4 a. m je 5-eoot* VIiYSSBS WABD, Prsat. J0BBPH H XII AF FIELD, U3 FBESCH COHPBOTIOVBBY. LADIES' ICS CUE AM A D1HIHG SALOON. 346 Penn. Are., bet. ltth and 1Mb sta. Waddings. Dlnnsr or Saaysr Partisa supplied at sSoat notice with nyveltfea in Pyramids, fancy ?alNs, aad Goafsctionsrlaa, Jellies; WsJdlag Cakes, beet euality Table Ornament* Salads, . lee Cream, Water lce.Boman Punch. Boned Tar ker, plain . Becoloped Of iters. Boned Turkey In jelly, Charlotte Ansae, etc., eto Attendants also will be seat to attend to all dotal Isi of arrangements. Boncosts, Wreaths, and cot Flowsra to order jaS-lm JOSHPB H SHEFFIELD. rjyl STABL1SHID ISM. MrPHEBSON A FEBGDbOH, ATI Fans. AViaci, roi-iia lai snin^1 1 j GePltoi, H;li, 'r?jsws,K,?r??iW",0AM1HBTHUMBNTB. Sc., Ao. Physician* Prs*criptlou* accurately oomsound ad. The Night Ball promptly answered. oelltf FOB SALB?COOKING 8TOVE8 from *10 to 914. Parlor aad Bedroom Stoves from ? ft to %8 Extension Tablas, Washsteuda, gd^ Bcdsteeds, Wardrobe*. Bursaus, Caae seat Chairs. A? . for ?al? cheap at the HBWMDl FGBHITDBB STOBB. J*0 7tb street. bs-^C tween L and M. ja 17 If qld bbabdies. Aotedilnvlan,(year unknown) Henn***sy i vintage lid) Alex SeignettS, IB) Old Baxarac. Ittf J. J. Dnpoy A Co., vintage 1849 Champagne. u 1841. And various other brands. In wood and gins*, for tale by O. DTHU S OO . 9ift Peau*yieeala avenue, i jal7 eoSt _ between 11th and Uth streets. | OILIIII OUT, TO Biritj With a vlsw to rebuilding oar store la tba prlag, we have determined U sall the WHOLE OF OUB STOCK, cepimiuar HOSIEBY, GLOYBB. aad a general aasortsasat of FOBMIBMIMG OOOD8, AT OOST, From tbls dais antll the first day of May. FBEO'K FILLING, Psnntylranla arsnus, ja 17-Si* neat to lltb ?treat. V yf' ' *^v ha? ??? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. fRAM KVROPK Tbe Rflirn Lrapr-AaiirU and Hg|nry-MaxlalltnN Personal Effecte In- ' iirfd-TIf Market*, *r. ' iArtiDOU, Jan. 17-Woon.?Tbe Brf irmLttpii ie preparing for Another ra?u?t?r trad*? dearon nation Tbe affair will come off id (bis city os tbe 1 lib of Kebruapy.and ia expected tosnrpaae any demonstration of tba kind ever made , tn hnglaud. PBai H, Jan. 1?.?Tbe Hungarian Diet, with rtawiikWt oixuiimny. design to break tbetr negouaiicns with Austria if tkat Government couunues to oppose tb* wighes of Htiugary in iaatating om arm y organisation scheme and oilier measures, equally oppressive and odious to tbe people. . Y IK*Jan. |7 ?Tba Prtutot tbia city ia an article this morning says larice insurance bas been made at Hamburg oa tbe personal effects of Maiimilian, to be shipped per steamer I Maria to Uagnsa. Ljtbkpool, Jan. J7?Neon ?Tbe cofon 1 market opeaed quite aenve tbia moraine, and i prtceaebow a alight advance. The eales will probably reach 10.WW bales. Midline Uplands quotfd at 14*. . * F JLohuon, Jan. 17-Noon.?Console an. changed. American aecuntsee quoted to-dav an Sol lows: Ft ve-t wen ties ; Erie shares. 4JH; l"iui >a Central, 81. l^oirnoH, Jan. 16?Captain Samuels, of tbe Henrietta: l.orillard, of tbe Vesta, and Colonel Taylor, of the United states army, leavBto-dsr by steamer lor Nev* York. Parih. Jan. 16?Tbe Americans ir. this city will give a banquet to-morrow to James (lordon Bennett, jr , owner of toe victorious yacht in the late oceau race, at the Grand Hotel. \ iKftMA, Jan. 16?Tbe Russian Minister gave a dinner laet night to the Greeks in this city, at whicb he presented tbe followinr t?a>t"The welfare of Greece." From New York. N*w York, Jan, 17..?A fierce saow storm, the heaviest kuown here for years, set in last night, and instill (9 a m.) prevailing witb unabated fury. Snow bat. fallen to tbe depth of over a foot on the level, and tbe drifts are two and tnree feet deep. Thomas Davy, one of tbe crew of the Henrietta. ba> arrit ed here. He says there were no lives lost on the Henrietta, as has be?en reported Mr. Cole, ibe second officer, was awept partly overboard, but was rescued. * Tbe Ih-rald m Valparaiso correspondent says the minor of an alliance bet ween Spain and m not credited. He thinks Cipe Horn is tbe destination or the allied Chilian and Peruvian fleet, which sailed from Valparaiso nndt-r Admiral Tnclter. From Boston. ItORTOx. Jan. 17.?The (look subscriptions to nntional steamship enterprise fojted up j eeterday. A new gold board is to be started bere, with regulations similar to that of New York. Philadelphia Markets.JJ Philadelphia, .Ian. 17.?The snow storm almost suspended business. The advance in gold has cau.-ed firmness in foreign coraraodi. ties. Breadstuff's dull. Klotir unchanged, wheat quiet. No. 2 spring red, *2 65: western, 9i 85 to 83 15. Bye. 81 35 to 81.40. Corn dull: new yellow 97c to SI. Oats unchanged, sales 2,(KXt bushels Sta'e at file Provisions firmmew pork, tvi w Lard, l*vc. to HWc! Whisky dull. * * New York Markets. N*w \ork, Jan. IT?Noon.?Cotton unlet, but firm at 34x?-j5 cents. Flour dull and declining; sales of 3.1**1 bbls.; Western, *9 4oa 813.75 W beat dull and declining. Corn qui"t 1 and firmer. Beef quiet. Pork and L,ard firm Whiskey dull. | yyEVD A BBYBBIDOB HAVE bbplcn. I8HBD THUS STOCK. OK UK CHINA. VAM CBOCKBBT, aad GLL89W1BB. , Since the Holidays. and are again prepared to "?al.bevery,htn? lP th*,r 1Ib*? of the best class and at tbe lowest cash price* ja 17 21 W|UB k BE VBBIDOB. <^PABKLIN<; wiHiaT-* ' j Veava Clicquot, Poasardin.ln quarts and pints i Moet and Chandra, Cr??s Seal, " " Jo las Binm ft Co., Cabinet " ? 1 Do do., Tsrzsnay, " " J Do. do.. Dry Verzsuay. " < Chas. Heidsieck, Biliary. " " Pari* Bxpoeltion, Sparkliug Catawba, in quart- ' and tints. . Golden wedding, Bparkllng Catawba, la quarts and plata. < For sala at reduced prices by B C riTBB * CO., iib Pennsylvania nvsnne, 1 ja 17eo3t Between 13th and 11th street*. 1 493 atom.I,. 493 < IN BOOTS AMD BITS. At 4 93 Hlnth Street, between D aad K. For tbe nest few weeks I ah alt aoll my atook of 1 BOOTS AND HATS < at reduced prices. Selling off to redaes atook- \ STOP I BBAD' , Aad tbe a start for No. 493 (Hi street, where yon aan save from half n dollar to one dollar and a bat' la buying a Hat. The beet of French Calf Boots, (aaa'll Baltimore Bake, vary low: a little too low. Fine Calf ] B- ota, sewed, Philadelphia aaka, way dewn In , price. Men'a heavy Boots remarkably low. Boy 's lae Boots very cheap. Come and eeetbegooda. t It Inanra aa obligation to pnrohaaa. . H. A. 9LOOTT. 1 J?17 3C 483 tth at., bet. D aad B eta. P O B B A F F L B . TwohaadsomeVABBLB HBBB VA8B8,a^arid. < Ing six feat, valued at SS00? ft par chance. oD | exhibition at JCAN BOTLB'S, Seokaellor aad Stations', ja 16 St 2|0 Penn 'a avenue. DBABB FOUNDST, D No. 414 D street. Havlag started a BBABB FOrNDBY In connoc. 1 tion witb asy Onn and Locksmith bnsln**, lan ' prnpaied to do all work ia tkat line. i ja Id-3m JOHN J. PBABQDF. I I^PLBNDID JBWBLBT. j MB. ALBXANDBBbae jnst retnraod frem Hew 1 Tork, where he took from tka Custom Honss a 1 TVL5,.*?mlflcent aasortment of 8li?er FillRrae ( JBWBLBr.ln-ported rrom Italy, which ho will t one-quarter the cost: they cannot baob- . talnad at any other eetabltehment here He aleo \ Tl ow?rtaient of now style ?rf v GOODS yery rich and of araat variety, *tdch be will well at tke eame rate*. > ja 14-4t 840 Penusylvanla avenue. I SI iid r" b"ot- fl| i 810.000 WOBTff 1 LADIBS AND GBHTS' BK8T ! PABI8 KID OLOTB8. Price for La?Mea, %>) per pair. 857* Price for CanU*. #3.28 per pair. ( 99" All oolora and titan, from 4\ to 10><, t J08. J. MAY A CO., ] 308 Penney I rani a avenue, < ja Id ttlf _ between pth aad 10th ets. | gllUBO ?K0#TFgJBo?TlT BIDBOKD ] We shall aoll, f^oai tble day until the 1st of Feb- ' ?nary. our Stock of Drv and Fancy Goods at ! CBBATLY BBDDCBD PBKB8 FOB 0A8H. for tba pnipoee of taking aaoount of atock. ] DBY GOODS AND 8BAWLS AT 008T. * CLOAKS AT HALF COST, i "NO HCMBUG ABOUT IT." 1 HKNNAGB. LUTTBKLL A CO., At Goo J. Johaaon A Go.'a Old Stand, ?*J* eo?t* c?r- ?*h at. and Pacn. avenu 1 5 20 ?* 8* B05?8^ ~ 1 INTBBBBT PATABLB JANUARY AND JULY,' ? For aale in aams to suit. LBWIS JOHNSON A CO., Bankara, ' ' ja M-3tlf 399 Penasyltanla avenue. I 'JpHN POPCLA B FOB CHOICB J ICK CBXAMS, GAKBS, A CONFBCTIONNBY. ? ? w**MS'SFdYiin%VRw,T, Wboya the above articlea oaa be procured in per- , In addition to tka above, a new feature haa hmn t added to thie establishment in the opening <7a , LADIBS' AND GBNTLNMNN 'S OVBTBB AND v _ OOFFBN SALOON, AMU i whore theae favorite Mynlyea are aerved in snob a ffn^reS^^a^e^10- ?f M ^ , T.ytiW- rA,,5S' ' 8TIYALS. and PUBLIO. "U? ?*lk*tM% I,b*ria Urins j 480 CBNT&AL ItOiJl'oF FIOB, 480 1 No. 4^0 lot ha treat, one door below >a. aye. \ 10.000 to loan oa Gold and Silver WtTnaM i Btf j i* f BarBnsl?fesa atrictly confl4entlnl._?m ) fiS'w&oVA jyviSa* \ ai* iWfT,tWaih .HP-8.* H&BHBiS.'for J fX?<iV'!' Federal Block, coraerof Ik and Fatreeta, #al? jt* 1 fflliM ? O'CLOCK p. m. GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. WASHIMOTOW, January 1?, 1987. Wo (nrtitti th* following quotations of Government securities: W.8.r? Oompon, iflBI U. 8 ?? Tw?ilUM, IBM iw?2 108 H' 2* &** Iw#aU"- 1864 lu>* Mo H o i,MJWMUM'w*? "?* U.S. live Twenties, JanfcJ'y,'6$. ttt| * lot J U. S. Ten Forties 99J IW* U 8. SeTfn Thirtlee, AagasL.'.VlO* iv4 \ U. 8. Seven Thirties, % hhk U.S. Seven Thirties, July tUlh * * TOR* first board iilm. Coupons 1(M Wio* . . . 00 v tw!-"'i2u I07* 7-30*?. Am(|uii!!!!lRx

t Jone l04^ j SO a, 1MS ...... 1U,* , Vs. July li*4\ 5-*? * Jit AJy.ftS HU'fc Gold j THE LATE MASSACRB AT FORT CHfL SEAR N K V From a private letter received in this city by a gentleman from an oHlcer at Fort Phil Rear ney, dated December 15ih, 1966, (six days prior to tbe massacre) we gain the following information : About tbe loth of December, a wagon train went to tbe tnountalua about fl re mile* irom tbe Fort, for toe purpose of procuring timber and fuel. On their return they were attacked by a body ot Indians, numbering about tbree hundred. A guard stationed ou a bill some distance of! immediately signalled to tbe Fort, and a body of mounted infantry and cavalry, abont 44 In number, were scut out under Col. Car ring ton, to relieve the train. About thirty of the" party under Captain Fetterman went la one direction and fourteen under Col. Camagton iu another The larger party first came upon tbe Indiana, and a fight- ensued, which was continued tor a distance of eight milesTbe Indians were whipped Anally and routed* though not until Lieut. Kinghu n had been killed and scalped and several wounded. Another party, under Lieut Drummond with eight or ten men. were surrou ?ded by the In. dians, and the little party were comp?||ed to cut their way out, in which Sergt. Do wen wa* killed. A number of Indians were killed and wounded during the light. Ob the morning ol the l!>th of December the Indians again attacked a w>od train, but were soon reputed. No other outbreak has been reported until tbe atternoon of the -.'1st ol December. when the terrible massacre took place, the whole of the command under Captain Fetterman being slaughtered. INCREASE OF COMPENSATION Tbe Clerks of theeeveral Departments were to-day represented before the Senate Finance Committee by Messrs. H D. Drandt, ol the Navy, D. JVI. Kelsey, of the Treasury, J. jj. Dnvdy, of the War, J. M. Dtanchard, of the Interior, and W. Duaue Wilson, of the Agricultural Departments. Their chiefmiaaion was to urge the passage of a more liberal and satisfactory measure than tbe House bill, on the ground of public economy, justice, and necessity, and to aeenre the adoption of Mr Farasworth's substitute, giving *0 per cent, additional compensation from and arter tn* |ib of March, ISKm. 1 be snbject was presented before tbe committee by Messrs. Kelsey, Orally, Hlancbard, Brandt, and Wilsou, and the interview was considered satisfactory, what?\er way be its final result. THE MERCHANT*' NATIONAL BANK Oen#ral Spinner, the Treasurer of the lTnited States, has ordered that the disbursing clerk of ibe Post Office Department, Col fc. B.pimrtead, be relieved of the responsibility of monies to hta credit (*2,313.75) in the Merchants' National Dank, of this city, at tbe time of the Failure of that insUtsiUsu. The reason fcr this jrder is that tbe account ol Colonel Olmstead is disbursing clerk, was created at the M>r'bants' National Bank by Treasury warra which he received and which were made paya >le there te his order. The amount held by the jauk at tbe time ol the failure remained un* :hecked in the legitimate coarse of business. THE TARIFF LOIJBY. A large number ol tan* men, "rained man. faeturera," and others, were thronging the Uapitol lobbies to-day. They are generally rery slrek, portly gentlemen, and do not look it all distressed by their "ruination.** THE NOMINATIONS. The Senate Committee oa Foreign Relations lave not considered any of the nominations >e ore them this week. Tbe indications are bat Mr. Cowan and Mr. MfcGhnnis will not >e confirmed, and that Gen. Dix may not he. THE SENATORS ELECT. lion. Simon Cameron, of Pa., and Hon. Kos:oe Conkling.of Hew York, were in theHonse >all this morning, and received general coa[rtuolatione upon their election to the Senate. rilK BILL TO PUNISH ILLEGAL VOTIRQ IS THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Mr. Morrill, from the District Committee, reported hack to the Senate to-day the above sill, with amendments, providing that there 'hall be live judges of slectlon within and for he city of Washington, aad three within and ror the city of Georgetown; tbe same to be anpointed by the Supreme Uonrt of the District A Columbia, whose duty it shall be biennially ind prior to each election to prepare a list of :he persons qualified to vote in the several wards or said cities ia any election; and said ludgee shall be in open seesion in their respecive cities to receive evidence of the qualtflcalon ot the persons claiming tbe right to vote n any election therein, and lor correcting said lists on two days biennially, not exceeding Ave lays prior to each election for the choice of :ity officers: giving notice of tbe time and place ?t each session in some newspaper printed in he District; and prior to said election tbe tudges shall post up a list of voters thus pre. ;?ared, ia one or more public places m said :ities, and at least ten days prior thereto. NAVAL ORDERS Commodore James Alden and Lieutenant Dommander Edward E. Preble, detached from hoSnsqnebanna and placed on waiting orders Lieutenant Commander John J Read, detached from the Rhode Island and ordered to Lhe Susquehanna, Captain Charles M. Pickering, detached from duty at the Portsmouth Navy Yard and ordered to command a vessel in the European Sqnadron. Captain Donald <JW. Fairfax, detached from the command of :be Rhode Island and ordered to command the Susquehanna. Lieutenant Commander Edward E. Porte, detached from the Rhode Island fcnd placed on wiutiag orders. Lieutenant Dommander A. K. K- Be 11bam, detached from thefeusquehanna and ordered to the Vermont. Lieutenant Commander Milton Haxton, detached from the Vermont and ordered to dnty it tbo Naval Rendezvous, Hew York Nayy Yard. ' ORDERED TO DUTY. r Brevet Brig Gea. Horace Nelde, special iaipector of colored schools, has been ordered a report to Brevet Major Geo. R. R. Scott, assistant commissioner for South Carolina, for luty in that State. V8UI8TANTCOMMISSIONER FOR TENNESSEE Brevet Major General William P. Carlin will ihortly be assigned to duty as Assistant Oomnisaioner of the Freedmen's Bureau for the State of Tennessee, in place of Brigadier Gen ral J. R. Lewis. Pkbponal.?Representative Wasbbnrne, of [llinoin, is not sosertoasly ill as has been re. >ort?d, being able to be present in his seat laily; but he is troubled with a spinal affecion, and will, it it understood, leave tor Ea-' ope in a week or so, for medical advice. lNTBMTAL Ravama?The receipts from this tonrce to-day were S34B,?00.!W. Ambbican Colowizatiov Socirrr. ?The Board ol Directors of this national pbilanbropic Institntion held two eesslens yesterlay, tbe president of the society, Hon. John rl. B. Latrobe, in the chair, and Mr. William Jopplngor acMng as seareury. The attendince of delegates and life members was large, ind comprised soma of tbe most eminent men tt the country. The proceedings were harson lou a, and tbo necessities existing and the >rospective openings lor enlarged usefulness were endeavored to be met. Kearly roj appli- ! ants are already enrolled for the spring ex petition by the large packet owned and run by he society. The officers of last year were all e-elected. \ j CONGRESSIONAL. t^m/ttT, JlOBtrj I?. SwtAT?.? Mr. W*4# presented a petition frem thf nripl?jMi ol lit Wuttinftsn Navy Y irt, &fktB| loerfuw] r tmptoMiiuB. Re. Itrnd loCoamiiM m hatoct. Mr. W liter pr?*FBtKl a iBfaoriti from the omplojeen of in* Treasury extension. asking inrr??-ni compensation Referred to Commit, tee on Finance. Mr Korr.ner presented a petition from loyal eitm ot Tmm, asking the NttMUhmmt of a repntdiran form oT government in that State K'fiTTM toComnittM on Recoastrucuon Mr. Moirill, from tbe Oo to milt-* on the l>i*. tnetof Columbia. ivpened wivh aa atneudnw-nt tbe bill to prevent illegal voting in ttie District of Columbia. Tbejoitatreeoluttoa Joaecureaeite to New work i-ity f * A p6# once and custom ftjnse. was pissed Mr Ramsey, from tbe Committee on Font Olhces, reported tbe bill id rwgard to tbe com PT*aauon of route ace at* ot the Post Offlce iwparimml; which rai passed Ou motion of Mr. Morritt, fba bill to amend tneVet authorising tbe RalUnore and Ohio Railroad to baUd a branch from between Knat. rule and Moaocacy Junction, and eau>rsuch portion of tbe District ef Columbia as may be agreed ?>n between tb<? company and tba corporal* authorities of Washington aad Georgetown, was taken up and passed. The bill Jo regulate the teunre of offlce wan ban taken op, tba question being on the amendment of Mr. Sotnaar, heretofore re. ported. Mr. Mc Don gall argued against the bill It was nettling more than an attainpt of the maJorlty to control, tor their own benefit, mi the offices. The sasjority had lost all regard and all respect for the feeling* and wishes of the minority. The opinion of every Seuator on this floor wan formerly listened te, but now in these daya of caucuses, tbey had no rights whatever. It was ouly within the last eight years that sncb a thing as a caucus been ti?ard of In the Federal Senate. Now, ever/, thing waa determined there. The tyranny of a majority waa worse than tba tyranny of a howling mob. We might sooa navearepefi. tion of tbe scenes ot tbe hundred day* in Paris Mr. MrD. then entered into an analysis ot tha duties and powers of the legislative. exec ative. and judicial departments of tbe Government, and maintained that tbe sphere ol one department should not be encro&ebed upon bv another. Mr. Willey advocated impeachment of tbe President tor bis literal fulfillment of his pledge at St. I?ouisthat he would kick the Radicals out of ottice. The President had left only one man in offlce in West Virginia who sup. ported the policy of Congress. Mr. Cowan bad no doubt the President had been grossly mismfusmed, not only in tbis, but u other instances. This postmaster at W**hington, it seems, bad changed bis opinion of the Presldeut; but there were many others, including tome here, wbo had also changed their opinion. Some ot them had a short tune ad. vocated the policy of the President quite as vehemently as they now repudiate it. Horse 'The Speaker laid before the Hous* a report from the Clerk of the House ot Representatives, transmitting an account of contingent expenses of the House and the list of employees thereof for tbe year lr??6. Laid on the table and ordered to be printed. Mr. Ingersoll (111.) introduced a resolution, which was agreed to, directing ibe Committee on IDs District of Columbia to inquire into the expediency ot paving Pennsylvania aveaue or any part thereof, and to report by bill or otherwise. The House took up for consideration the legislative, executive and judicial appropriation bill; and. on motion of Mr Stevens tbe hill was recommitted to the Cjmmittee of the Whole forthepurpose of correcting certain error. Mr. Stevens moved to amend by extending the provisions of the 3d section of chap 2io of the act approved July 26, iHfri, to the Court of Claims, and to all suits therein where the United States Is a part v. [The provision reterred to required all United States couru to take testimony without distinction of color and it also allows the plaintiff to testify when the United States is a party ] The amendment was agreed to. On motion of Mr. Wentworth, the amendment offered yesterday, limiting appointments ot Metropolitan policemen to soldiers was further amended by inserting seamen and marines. The Committee then rose, and the Chairman [Mr. Cobb] reported tbe bill and amendments to the House. Mr. Stevens moved to amend the bill increasing tbe appropriation for publication of the report of the decisions of the Supreme Court by allowing S2,.?uu for every volume of the report* ordered by tbe Court Mr. Waabburne (111.) objected Mr. Stevens referrec to tbe last amendment, which it was reported had passed in Commit, tee of the Whole, and wbicb appropriated a sufficient amount to pay tbe increased compensation authorized to be paid to the clerks and employees of the House of Represeatatlves. Mr Stevens denied that such an ameadment hae been adopted. It was clearly a mistake, and be believed that it should be stricken out. A number of gentlemen announced that they desired separate votes on special clauses of tbe bill. Mr. Raymond advocated tbe retention of the clause making appropriation for telegraphic communication with the Pacific States Oa motion of Mr. Grinned, the appropriation for a pardon clerk, which was stricken out iu Committee of tfte Whete, was reinserted Mr.Grinnell said be was informed that such an officer was absolutely necessary. Tbe amendment striking oat appropriation for purchase of Congressional Globe for mem. hereof a preceding (ingress, was not agreed to Tbe amendment giving notice that upon tbe close of tbe 40th Congress the cosirart for furnishing one eet of tbe Congressional Globe to each Senator and Representative in Congress would be terminated, was agreed to. All the other amendments proposed in Committee Of the Whole were agreed to, including that of Mr. Raadall (Pa) making appropriation to par tbe clerks and employees of the House the additional appropriation voted at last session. ThefflUl waa tb?n parsed aa amended. On motion of Mr. Hill, rind.,) the Committee on Printing was directed te inouire into the expediency of providing for refCrt* of debates of each House by reporters to be selected by each House, and the debates to be printed at the Government Printing Office. (m motion of Mr. Wasbburn,(Ind.) the Secretarr of the Treasury was directed to inform the House what amount of debt doe by tbe United States to Texas remains unpaid, and whether Texas bas accounted for tne United States property taken possession of at the outbreak of tbe rebellion. On motion ol Mr. Ancona,/pa.)the Committee oa Military Affairs was directed to proceed to West Point and inquire Into alleged abuse* in furnishing articles to tbe Cadets there On motion of Mr. HidweU,(Cal.)tbe Commit, tee of Ways and Mean* was directed to inquire into the expediency of making the tariff oa silk goods specific Instead ot advalorem. The House reenmed the consideration of the bill to incorporate tbe Washington Count* Horse Railroad Co. J Mr. bchenck moved to amend by a provision that no fare shall be paid by a passenger who does not get a seat. Tbe bill then passed. LOCAL NEWS. a Thb Cost or lagrasTa.?From accounts Bade from tbd~books of tbe Coroner, we are enabled to give tbe following figures as to the lees due tor inqaeeta from January 1st, 18ST>, to August 1st, 18ft, including tbe amount due bv tbe corporation* of tbe two cities and tbe Levy Court, and the amount which should be borne by tfte Government. Cost of Inquests on soldiers, sailors, and others connected with tbe Government, *7.143 M; of which 93,609 is tor coroner's fees. The amount charged to tbe city is *15,924.03: *7,528 38 of which is for coroner's fee*: to Georgetown, 92,54*.-JO; ?l,2o9.70 coroner's fees; to the Levy Court of the county, ?2,990 70; 91,406.95 coroner's fees. Total cost to the cities and county, til,46-1 S3: in. eluding the luqueste on soldiers and Government employees, t28^07.47; of which 13.7S3 03 is for coroner's fees. ? . ., , Dfin from Cold amd Exroarita On tfte 14th instant, a man named Jobu Fielder was taken to tbe Central Guardhouse by a colored man. He was a German, and was feund lying in Tenth street, nearly frozen. He was sent to the Asylum, where be expired last night. From a paper found in bis pocket, signed by J. B. McClung, Roanoke city, Va., it appears that for eight months past the deceased, with forty other Germans, bad been working a cotton plantation belonging to a man named Clark, in Alabama, and were swindled eut of their pay by tbe manager. Tbe paper says that be baa a wile aad two ebildrea la Alexandrla* Va^ bnt from Ms own statement to tbe officers at the station, it appears that his wife and ebildrea are livlag In tth avenue, New York city. He had about P4.50 in his pocket , r Th? Mout*any Raroar?Ths returns of interments from tbe undertakers to tba secretary of tbe Boar* of Healtfe, Dr. G. M. Doe*, have with two or tferoe exceptions been promptly made, aad they show that tbe total nnmber of deaths during tbe month at Itocember were M, of which 73 were white, 83 colored : 40 were males, si females, and 3 aft reported; 29 wore nader three years or age. Tie victims of consumption ware 17; pneumonia. 14; typhoid, 5; scram p, 4; diptherla. 3; cholera, I; suicide, 1 ; disease of heart, I; accident, f ; and from overdose of eplam, I? leaving 48 of other diseases unreparted. KkiPif tn Turn Passion OrWit'B.?Oa Mo*a*j imu ?tw? aBba, i.wN L itrowt) H?nrj 8wi?, tid I*. II K Mill*. ir??? ?rrested in New Yark cm cvmi>lam-. of Bridge MrArdlr, Wbo charged them. to eoeee.--i?n with a rem umM Wm Keid, wua ha?>??g forged reTtiflcaree. an affidavit aad a rhe^a, r*r tbf pirfiow ?f obtaining a pciuon ciatm ot atouifMu alleging that they w?r* act tag for tbe covpla aant. ahe being onUlrlMn |.|r steal in ability to appear ir person The j?ai ties bad a bean a g beroee tfbmmts?ioner in. borw, Irtto h?ld Brown and M iiu ?. > bail t? (M am MOt.ind ?wl> ?atconnii>>i in default of bail. Other charges of a .unit* ctaracer will k* mad* against them K?kI hi a?M JT*. ID castody. ? ?.. . MiecLiB UoiaviNwa ? Mr. l**aaard flrow, formerly manac^r of Uf.t??r ? Taeaii* 10 tin* city. aad now of the Olympic Th?. atr*. New York, while looking over ? ma?? of old papers rwNil;, cam* tpoa a letter froa J. Wiik?e Boulb, eolicitiag bo eag%c?meat. aad. oa opentag It, war s'artled to find. lipped witbia it, a a?u from President w. eepuii lb# proff*r*d conrtrtr of a b?i for aomeeveaing's perform an ce. aad aayiag tba . f po*?tble, the box wua Id be occ?pi?d by Tad" aad himself. -a?. * Sci>n?H imm o? TBB Whaan'saroe Taatk.?Oa the b is a. ta. tram from ibis citjr yesterday for Washington, a man. wboeenaaa* was not ascerta mad, vii taken very ill, an 1 died before tk* car* reached the Relay 11 >uee Dr. A. W. Dudft. of thrs city, happened to be en the train.and rendered uro?. senaal a'ten. tion. but without avail The man, it was leaned, bad been nnweii for ton* time, ami waa oa hi? way. ia charge of frivadi, to bis home In \ irgtaia ? Haii Aa, I71A CRIMINAL OuCBT?ludpt Ottm Yes tarda 7. tbecaaeof Wm AntTer- and Jama Johnson, impleaded with Jeremiah Haggerty for tb? forgery of discharge paper*. waa taken ?p. and Is still on trial to-day; jfr. Smithera appearing tor the defeaea. Tbet? parties were arreete>d on the "?ftrk of September Inst, by l>etecuve Kelly, wtii'e at the paymaster's office where they had preaeai eri the discharge In the case of Kmanaei Hoffman. indicted for artK>n, a ntrUt proi. was entered. .?. ? A SfRrciftB PrKa**TATiow ?<?n Tuesday evening, a party of ladles and gentlemen, rep. relenting the teachera ai.d scholars of the I-lai.d Hapu>t Sunday School, paid a surprise visit to their superintendent, J. P. I<uras. his residence, on F street south, when Mr James P. Hall, on behalf of the srbool. presented tte superintendent with a h*od*om? cushioned rocker and chairs a* a New Y ear s present. Dihordbblt in Cmcruh ?Rebecca Harris colored, was arrested by Officer Hern sua foi bebatmg m a disorderly manner ia church, m the eighth prerinct She was fined ?6 by Justice Cull. The disorderly conduct consists in pilfering a handkerchief from Meltena Mi gruder at a colored church Bear the station bouse. a- . Me. Kbbpbbuk Sbwabi?'? Wor*D - Th^ I wound In Mr. Seward's bead, received at tbtiree of the assassination, baa only Hosed o\-r f within a recent period. Trepannlag was in. possible, owidc to iU situation en the side 0f his skull, and bow the brain at that point u only protected by a thin armor of flesh. a TiMriBAVfi.? At the regular meeting o the Washington Temperance Society, of tbi> city, held on Tuesday night, the officers were re-elected John S. Holliagt-bead President; W. G. Flood, Vice President lieu Savage, Treasurer. Kos A. t isb, Secretary. Allairs 11 Seargatawa. Thb Icb H/kvbit.?The ice harvesters are working steadily upon the choicest fields in this locality. and will doubtless have all the housea filled with as pure ice as was ever used IB the District, long before the seasoa close* Dyibo.? At noon to-day It was supposed that Mrs. L<eofaard. the lady wbo was so badly Injured by ber clothes fire, a.-. wa~s stated in the .Vfar yesterday, was dying. Tb* announcement causes much sadnes* m the neighborhood where the lady reatded with her family. Poke.?The recetpta to-day ars light. The prices may be quoted at Se.*5 from wagons, and per ino pounds from stores for primslaughtered bogs. Flocb add Gbaib Mabkbt ?There ha. been bo change In the state of the market since yesterday. Demand moderate and sales un important. No receipt# reported, and the price list unobanged. j^IllB BORPBAUX WlMKb. Ohateaa Harcanx, < vtatace, lMlj I Cbstsea ureas, ** CI be tee a Lagraage, MM. * Msrgssx Ms'Ick, Oaateaac Medoc. Ohateaa Lafltte, M U?. Okataaa Leorllle, M Cbsteaa Baaterne, " " Pontet Caaet. ** ~ Wt Juli#ii ** %% Fer saleat reduced pri<*s hf f 0. DTKR * 00 . Iffi reBaaylvanta avenue, jalf eaCt betweea lxth aad uth streets Q I ofl R~I 1~? . BALL k PL ART, PLARTt RCILDIIO, Corner Hew York aveaae aad 1Mb street. (Ratraace *b Hew York aveaus.i Dealer* la fins FAMILY OBOUBRIIfi, TEAS. W1RR8, LMPORTRD LCXCRIB8, Ac.. Ac.. weald resyectfully aotlfy their friend* and the pabUc that they have just opened their >if Ore oery Store, where caa be obtained aay article asa ally kept In a first claes Grocery. Without attempting to ea a me rale oar large, fresh and welt * elected stock, we sordially larits the yubUc to esamfaeoar stare and stock, believiag we ehalt not fail to give ea tire aatkbedoa to ?!1 wU mai faver us with th^ir patronage. We call esyeBtafattentioa to our easortii?nt of TKAB and 00FFBB8, which have beea eelected with great care fer purity. Dealers aril, fiad a fine assortment to select from, aad oar prices to k suit. j Goods delivered promptly la aay part of the city. jan t 3m Quarterly rbport ?y thb COMBITIOW OW TUB FIRST HATIOHALBAHR OP WASHINGTON. D 0 . Oa theaaorniag of the 1st Readay of Jauaary, . /88BTS ^ , Leaas secured by Goverameat bonds Ae,fizturee ... 7l,tas ? Over drafts 12JJ? " Due from banks and baakers H9-SM ?l 0. B. toads with Treaearer 0. 8 f! Do and other serudtiea ?* Oashoa haad . Spade -aMrejN Total ftJMJMM LIABILITIES. """ rZTZ OaaMaL ? fS"* ?? owatotioB. : Indivldaal depoelt >rs Goverament deposits ? ttiMJtPne national baaks - . ^ Doe Jay Cooke A Oo IJM J* ^ Profit aad lorn ? Surplus lta.?i? >a Total Bl"ab)Jl^ I, Wm 8 Bantlagtoa. Cashier of the First Ma Baak of Waehingtoa. D. C., do Botemnlr swear that the above etataaaeat le tree, to the beet of my kaewledge aad belief, _ WM. 8. HUNTINGTON, Oaa bltr. Swora aBd subscribed before me, this Mtkday or Jaaaary, l?t7. (Slgaed,) WM. R. HOW A ED. ja M M Hetary Pakllc. SRLLIHO OFF TO CLOSE BUSINESS. \ A. W T0W8HRND A 00 .Jevalars, ?1? rth at , betweea D aad B. Having determiaed to retire from busiaesa, we ofler oar beaatini aeeortzu-at of Jewelry aad Faacy Goods at first oest. All ueeds sold gaaraa teed to be what reareseated. whilst clomag uat our stock of Jswslry aad Faaar Gaeds, wa effar our patieas wbo wish to purchase watckee the opportaalty af buying tbeos at w boleeale rates. PRIOB LIST OF WATCHES. Ellvar huatlnf case, aaoher aovsasala, iewel sdV M Mid, DO. A mar loaa, E1 lery ?ore meats jewsled.*17. (?M; Re- Aaertaaa, P- N Rartimt bL.. ?r, geld; Mdo. do., Sfa. goia M de . As Piatoa, Traeey A Co.. sbroaemstar val., .gold. ARTICLES TO RE RAFFLED. 1 Ladies' Oebiaet aad Cbelr. papier mache. lalaidwUk yearTfirst coat, fna In aoHL l Ladies' Mark Table. *a?ier meche, lalaM with peart, arat eoet, #7M . sold. 1 Koeeaood Dresaiag?. sse. Btoaated altb solM Sterling silver, first cost, ?u? tit 7th street, few doors tel^w ja Rla* Odd Follows' Rail. j^ELLIBE OFF I SELLIEQ OFF II The entire stock, of. Ladjas'. "ia?'.^H \ CbltdiaaiVMeaVEef*aaATaatb% ' ML \ BOOTS. SROBS AND BAITBBS WW be aeM at private sals at and J bELOW OOST PRICES W JOHN ANGEBMAEE, SOS Tth street, between1 D aad B streets, jn Dim* opposite Odd FeUoara Hall,