Newspaper of Evening Star, January 17, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 17, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS. ??- 4^ AHUBXMSHTB, Be., TO-BIOHT V ALL'* K?W UI'BltA housi ? Fourth Bight of --The Loag Srrll*.; The paMic dwir* to witness it is by no asms satisfied, mi< the crow.ted and ences testify the appreciation of nor citizen* of th* finished performances fari.ished by the enterprising managers. We are not surprised thai "The Long Striiw" has been so successful. Natiowal TniATBR?This e Teniae, Mis* MncH* Mitchell appear*, for the first tim" dur:n; '.hit pocairmrnt, to her obaracter of "Amri#," in the tine play, from the (Faraan, Of "The Little Barefoot. M*tz*rott Hall.?First night of the two Peak Families swi'i Bell-ringers and the celebrated Berger Family, vocalist*, harper?, pianists, and Mlm Corn*'. Band. 0?D ! ellows' Hall.?The grand ball of the Oolumbia Typographical Society, on this even, ing, their 5id anniversary. wilt no doabt be one of rbeflnest and mwti*MctMt*ftalnaMaU of the season No lovsr of social pleasures should tail to attend. Weslkv t'" ai'Kl, corner 5th aad F streets.? Hon Horace Gree|*y will deliver the fourth iectnreof the course before the Young Men's Uhristiau Association, this evening. Subj-ct The issues and lessons of our Civil war." The d ist ingi> l?lied lecturer has chosen an interestilk theme, and one he is fully competent to treat. ? * VoBKinnati s Assmblv.? The regular monthly meeting of this association was held last ev*nirg in the Council Chamber at the <Vt Hall ; the president, Wm K. McLean, in the chair, and James H. Keed -ecretary. The credentials of Thomas Mr Williams, R Roth we 11, fctin W Mnrphy, Win (F Robinson, and Alexander Pa.terson, as delegates from the Journeymen Stone Cuttej-s' Association, were received and the gentlemen admitted to seat*. Mr M< Williams stated the association had also ratified the uew constitution adopted by the assembly. The resignation of Mr. Wm. H. B?rger as corresponding secretary was received and accepted. and Mr. J?mi-s 1*. McKean elected to 1:11 the vacancy. Ou motion of Mr. Harrison, the chairman of the old executive committee (Mr. A. T. Cavis) was authorized to call a meeting of the new executive committee ou Saturday, the 'i6ta ii-St.. lo: the purpose of organization. Mr Whal-y stated the Columbia Typogrnpbiral Society, at iheir last meeting, decided to request the Assembly to reduce the amount of taxation under the new constitution from live to three cents for each member. Mr. Cook moved to amend tne constitution so a.-- to reduce the taxation from live to three cents ou em h member; laid over under the rules. Mr Mr Williams was appointed a member of the Fxecutive Committee from the Stonecutters' .Association. The Chair, in answer to an inquiry, stated "when the Convention wa.s tirst orgauized thirty-three trade associations were repre{ rented To-Light not more than six were represented. Mt McH lll'ams said if there was not more life and energy shown by the Assembly, th.? Stonecutjfrs's Assooa'ion would withdraw their delegates and unite with other organizations of :-tonecutters throughout the country for the purpose of accomplishing the eightbour law. Mr. Whaley said he thought there was a wnntof interest. The countenances ot ineml>e:> looked dull, and he had no doubt people out ide though: there was a prayer meeting being held. He hoped the visiting committee would see each trade organization in the District, and urge thetn to seud delegates Throughout the country the eight.honr movement vi a? rapidly gaining ground Mr McLean said it was useless to talk about failure- It was not the fault of the convention. but of the different trade organizations Jt wa~ the doty of all the members of the assembly to urge them to phdJ delegates, and thus have a proper organization. It won d avail but little to petition Congress, until the wrrkmgmsr of the District were properly organized, and would put some life in the movemerit Fntorttsna eiy, a schism had taken place at the last mayoralty election, and the convention was nearlv ruined bv the members oabbling in politics. Af?r??"mark' by MMsrs Harrison, Keed, and Mc Williams, urging the memN>m to bring op the delegates the convention adjourned. 1k?n aj?d ?The Iron and Steel National Association^eid a public m<*tiug last night at the Masfmc Hall, at which many members of Congress weie present. . Hob. Horace Greeley wls announced as the tlrst speaker, and delivered a brief address, advocating, in his usual earnest mauuer, the necessity of protecting our home industry: and was followed by Hon. Henry L Davis, of Mass , ia favor of the same principles Commissioner Wells having been called on professed himself a friend of protection, and regretted there should be any misconception of iiis position. Representative Kelley, of Pa, in the course of his remarks, said if this country had the Held to itself for two years it would b? the greaest manufacturing and exporting country In the world. 1 Representative Hale, of N. Y., spoke of the necessity of protection. Rut tew, he said could have an idea of what is 'p^cion^lvcilled free trade?not tree trade to us, but to those who a*k it, to control ns and make us their slaves. W ipe out protection, and we would be at the mercy of foreign manufacturers, who would raise the price upon us Representative Dodge, of N. Y., said:?We do cot intend that our operatives shall live as do those in Fngland?in poverty. We cannot atford to have our citizens ground dowu as in that conntry, but to receive the remuneration commensurate with their toil, that they may maintain positions in society becoming to American citizens. heprosentauve Oriswold, of N. Y , satd among other tilings, that, in order to secure the necessary protection, it was only necessary for the people to understand the subiect Hon. John A Ooode. of Pa, also addressed the meeting, taking the ground that, unless the people are educated to the principle of protection, the votes of Congress could not be secured. He spoke ol his experience in the \ J*"- vAmoa* ?**?r places v. si ted w:is the I radeKoom at Chicago, where he failed to receive the assnrance of protection. A part of the Board were in favor of the principle, but i the majority were against it The Chicago Republican was an earnest advocate of proteC tion. and because of this an effort was made to br.ak it down A" all the gentlemen who had preceded him spoke of the duty of plentifully supplying the public with tracts in fa^?->r of protection to counteract the efforts of the tree traders who are flooding the halls of ingress and the West particularly, with documents in favor ol their interests, he thoneht it would be well to enccarage that journal, which was b..w nobly contending for protection to American industry. * Other gentlemen sjoke, and the meeting was of a spirited character, and tne several adoresse* were received with marked favor. Th* MrrnnroLiTAjf Policx in Com.reus _ \ esterday afternoon, the House of Represent ttives. in tCommittee of the Whole on the L*. ffiftlatire. Kxecotive and Judicial approi>riation bill, amended the last clause so as to reduce the increased compensation of tne Metropolitan Police force from 50 per cent, to W per cent This increase was accorded last year, and was made to date back to July 1. lahh. Yes'erday, the committee made it operative only from Nov. 1, is** Before the increase was allowed the salary of a patrolman "Was only 8*50 per month. The increase gave them 9'A>. The reduction will of course create much dissatistaction. As there were not more than forty members present, however, when the reduction was made, there is hope left that "When the bill comes up for consideration in the Heus*. and when there is a quorum presL*nt, the increase will be retained. An amendmsnt offered by Mr. Harding, of 111, was also aidopteu, declaring that hereafter none should t?e app.jun^ on tn? police force who had not served as a soldier of the United Stats- army. This resolution will be found somewhat impracticable to carry out. ? BrnxAr or Statistics.?Mr. Alex. Delmar. tne director el the statistical bureau lately e?. tabiished. has receixed a communication from Jose Maria Roja* Qarndo, secretary of the siaustu ai bureau of tne I'nltsd Slates of Co. F-tubia. dsud Bogota. Dec. t, iim6, acknowl. ' .mg the receipt of several volumes of United States statistics, and announcing that that <lovernment had recently established aburpau ?f statistics. He also transmits two copies of the Anaario lor L-?T, and states that other works ol a similar character Would be transmitted If desir'd. ? HosngABtv Discuabobx>.? An examinat on took place yesterday afternoon before Jnstice Hogati in the case of Mr. Isaac Alex der. of Washington city, accused ol felon' Ufly taking a treasury aot? from Isaac M Rosenberg. ??f No. ils* Broadway. The J termors showed ths- the ?l,WX)note tu que?in ti actually beiongM to Mr. AJexander. aud that 'here was no odence committed by him. i he magistrate accordingly dismissed the complaint. ai.d honorably discharged Mr. Alexau *"'*r Irom custody.?.%?? York Herald, It.ttrd?y i Daov'tR n Kkst. ? Lv?t week the sties at r J . ,;e"5 weresf r, i head of cattle at from * to 111 rents on the boot, average 7% cent.-; .I'M seep at 53^ toT\, average 6 k , 4 4) hogs at 'j ttst ALE&aeiutl* alb VltyiTY.? We Mip the following fran Alexandria papers ot ye?t rday afternoon : An application for an injunction, in a cS?e involving B40,u?0, is nnd?r arrumenl la the Vnlted States Distnet Court in ??*tston here, in sui* ?f Ber jamin Ca'er, of .Baltimore, against the Central Bank of Virginia and o'hers. Qer. Bradley Johnson, Joseph U. Bradlf, and T llennissey, counsel tor plaiatifT. and Frauds L KmKh and H. M F*ll, for defendant*. The steamship E. C Knight, Oapt >Inlner. bound for thik port from New York, has , worked he^ way up to Cjuantico Creek, six raiUa. from Immfriee and about 36 miles be. l w Uus port. The Knight has b*m ice hound iron Mm* time atthe mouth of th* river. Vr, Paul Gregory, who b&s made an examination of Ibe lands in Fairfax county, bordering ou the Potomac. thlnk? the indications are all favorable in that region for coal oil. Several persous walked on the ice, no the Potomac river, this scorning, from Fort Washington to the City of Washington, without let or hindrance The owners of many of th?ice beuies In this city are filling them with beautiful Ice, thick and clear a? crystal, takes trom the Potomac. Wwical.?Toe two Peaks families (Swiss Bell-ringers) having consolidated and joined the Berger family, they are now able to furnish a most nmqtie and delightful musical entertainment, and we have no doubt will be a* successful here as they have been in the Northern cities. Many of the members are talented musicians, and their programme embraces some ot the finest gems of operatic and concerted melody. They op.-n at Met/.erott Hall to-night. Seats can be secured at M*ue rott's to-day. Burgess and I,a Hue's Carnival Minstrels, said to be one of the largest and beet organized troupes which hare visited this city, will give a series of performances at Odd Fellows' Hall, commencing ?n Monday next. 0 ArcmEET?Yesterday alternoon. while Mr. David t rain, of the firm ot Frain AConbove. was upon a ladder engaged in p-tinting the second story of the International Restaurant. 7tb street, opposite the Patent Office, the ladder slipped and Mr. F. was precipitated to the pavement, falling upon bis side, painfully injuring bis head and shoulder. He was taken np infusible and was carried into the bouse. I)rs Elliott and Pa'ze attended him. and pronounced the injury not dangerous. He was taken to his home on G, betweeu 3tb and Oih. 0 Sent Awat prom thk (Jitv.?Yesterday morning, lietectives Ciarvoe and McDevitt went to the Baltimore depot in time to meet tb<- early train, and among the pas?enger.-i they discovered an individual whose business they suspected to be illegitimate; they arrested him and took him to headquarters. He gave his name as John I>>e, and promised to leave the city instanter. He was retained until the afternoon. and dismissed in time to take a seat in the train tor Baltimore. Tn* LFCTrRB by M. HeCordovanpon "Mi-< Jone?' Wedding. No cards," at Metzerott Hall last night, was very Interesting and amus. itig. The next lecture of this course (in behalf of the Soldiers and Sailors' Union fund) will take place on Monday night next, by Mr Benson. M. P., the eloquent Fnelish lecturer. It is to be hoped that there will be a fnll attendance. SirosB Grand Skatinu Carnival ?The former carnival at the Skiting I'ark bavin* been so ?ucceM*fnl, it will be repeated to-morrow evening, if the weather is favorable The arrantenents for illnminating the pond, costumes, music. refreshments, ?e., are perfect, and a delightful entertainment may be expected. 0 The Franklin Fiuk Com pan v propose to give a ?ma|! and select social entertainment in the Siar buildin?. comer of 11th street and Pennsylvania avenne. this evening, (entrance on 11th s'reei,\ and from their known ability to manage affairs of this kind, we hive no doubt all who attend will enjoy themselves. Sar e or Virginia E a no.? Messrs Mace and Metcalf. of ?his el'y, have eold the farm belonging to the heirs of Wm Cockerill, about 6<>0 acres. situated on f|uantico Creek, Prince William Conntv, Vi . to Messrs. Fullwell and Dodgv tor Nearly all of this land is in wcod. Police Force ok CrH'Flks.?The House yesterday adopted an amendment to the leg. i>I*ti\e appropriation bill providing that here, alter only those crippled In the late war shall be appointed on the Metropolitan Police force. Police Retorts ?The lieutenants of police 'eported this morning sixty arre?ts in the District. The arrests were principally for violations of the municipal laws,, the fines in which cases amounted te flOi 59. Thi Snow Law.-Yesterday, the police made thirty-eight arrests under the law re. quiring the removal of snow trom the pavements The tines amounted iofcH.19. . I'nlicbnhkd ? John Kaiser was arrested yesterday by Officer Weetfleld. of the 2d pre. cinct, for keeping a do* without license. J ustice Walter fined hita S10. ? Recovered.?Yesterday, Detective Coomes and Miller succeeded in recovering a coat stolen from Lieut. J. H. Hazleton. 1th arnllerv, valued at t?e. The thief has not been arrested. ? i. CITY ITEMS. Train or Ovutkr Cars?On our travels about the depot we noticed a full train of cars loaded with oyt-lera,consigned to tfarvey ? Co., 2nv Pennsylvania avenue, between :?th and luth street*. There ia enterprise. Go and see them they have the largest, freshest and best stock of oysters in town. Thi Tun Dollar Black Doeskin Pants, just received at Henning's One Price Clothing Store, on the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue, surpass anything in that way he has had recently. See also the Fifteen Dollar Black Sack Coats and the Five Dollar Vesta. Cold Weathke.? While the thermometer is away down every-so-roany degrees below zero. it is essential that I oueekeepers should look to their fuel. E. C. Baum, 7th street, between E and F streets, has coal and wood at very low rate*, and we advise our readers to look at bis advertisement before making their purchases. Olovw, Halt Hose, Merino Shirts and Drawers. White Shirts, Ti??, Scarfs, at reduced prices, at Franc's popb lar Oentu' Furnishing More, 4<4 7th street, near Odd Fellows' Hall. O. B. Bestor, S. E. corner llth and 1 streets, is celling the Dest Coal Oil for ttu cents a galIon. * I offer a spienaid stock of flue 19 karat Gold J?nd Silver American Watches. Diamond Jewelry and Opera Glasses, 40 per cent, below cost, to close busiuess. C 1. Albxandkk,-J40 Penna. avenue. Dr. White, Chiropodist, 4*4 Penn. ar.. bu*ween 4)4 and 9th streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresences, |tc. Office hours from 8 a m to 5 p. m? and ft to bp. m. Established MGl. For (Thilrlainh and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation m a specific. Price 91 per bottle. >or sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4^|aad tfth streets. A Sure Pile Ct RE -Dr. Gilbert's Pile instrument positively cores the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail onreceiptof W. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B Romaine. Mana. ger. No. 47J Broadway, New York. _ Penxibii can be had la any quantities at the Star office counter makriidT v.LSAD"T-^AM ?OB?- On 'be 10th in.t , hy Bsv Wm Thso. 1 an D?ren, Mr AMOS H 5s- ELIZABETH VArf DobEH, allot HaibiBitoi. nrTTON?HOWB. January If, 1MT. br Bsr OIEU. COSCOKai) On the 17th lasttnt. after a long jLd palritul illuess, which she here wtth Ohrlitlan fortftods, ELIZABETH Ot>kCOEAN, aged 76 jeers ..I ^ relatlvee are respectfally invited te attend her funeral te morrow afteraoea,at 3o'c!k, from the residence of her son In law , Sam isl Everett. 234 street between H and I streets. Hay she rest in peace. OATTEELL. On the mernlng of the 17th ln?t . J'm "VJ\HUncm, infant sob of John anil Ann MartaQstlwII I IAOTHIMO IKIT THE BE8T P,M*^B*?TAK TBOCHB8. fort Ougha i olds juid Throat Diseases. Special IDWEfaL A SON, and sold by all drigin?ta. ja H-llf /-EETLBMllI B BEADY MADE OLOTHIMO AMD rUEMBHINU UOOU0. Oar stock embraces a laree variety of the finest and best quality of OVERCOATS, DEES8 SUITS, and BUSINESS SUITS, ever offered In this city, which ws are closing out at lees than New York prices. An opportunity u now ofisrsd ear ens turners to supply them?slvee el the loweet rates WALL. STEPHENS U'U , Pennnrlveu'a avenae, jslJCtlf I Intel* J letweeu 9th sud lath sts. ' - amusementstt NATIONAL THKATEX. Peuuylvaaia imW.Mtt W lllarda' Hotel. JA,. IT. j ' * MISS MAGGIE MITCHELL. aad ktrlnt Miwnnthli hmob to th? ihiniii| 4wmIw m A 4BII, la the kMitifal pler.ta tlMMti, translated (roa the Germaa expresaly for Miea Maggie MlicheU by Aagastus WuMmw, Mm ,eatitWd the I ITTL* BABEFQ?T. ivfyorted br *f J. W. OOLbUKudthiliMll?t sto-k MBytlf _______ WALL'S VIEW OPERA HODII. BBBBY * WALL .? -...PROPRIETORS B. 2. PHILLIP?. STAGE MANAGES Door* opea at 7. Perfarmaaoa aanmaaraa atS. THIS BVBNIBG. JAW 1T|196T, Repetition of Dion Boucicault'e great drtai of THB LOHQ STBlEE, withal! ita Stirring Effects ai4 VoifirowkiM* Oast by the BTAB 8T00K COMBINATION COMPANY, Nightly batte l with delight by CROWDED a.iu ENTHUSlaJTIO AUDIBNCE8 BATES OP~ADMIS9I0N. Private Boxes, #8; Orchestra Chairs,#l; Drew Oircle. 76 ceuts; Partjoeue, Weenie, Faintly Circle, 36 cent*: Oolored Circle. 15 cent*. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. ONB WBBR OBLT. COMMENCING MONDAY BV?M*0. JANUARY 31. BUKCESS A LA RUB'S CARNIVAL MINSTRELS The largest and meet perfect Minstrel Company e?i r organized V 1 distiagui?hed Ethiopian Artistes in an entire new progmmne every evening. Tickets. and AO Cents is ir^4t* ^ICUND (>KAND CARNIVAL WASH IN U TUN 8K ATINI. PARK. The management. with pleasure. announce to the public tbei the Second Uraud Carnival will lake place (weather and ire permitting) or FBI DA? , the 13th, commencing at So'clfvk p on .and closing at 11 p. m The groat success of the ftrst t'arnival on Fridav last, whioh met the unqualified approbation of all present, induces the man ager* to pledge the pnblic an eveui og of rare en jo>tnent. A large number of persons in fancy drts?es aad masks are expected, and ladies who deal re. to app?ar in fancy costume will be un4?r th?- especial protection of the entire Club. Mr. Abner. of the 7th street Park, ha* kindly offered bis services In Mlimlnating the Pond, and biset peri?nc?? In sucn m<Iters In sures success. A full Band of Music aud ample preparatl in fur refreshments by the caterer, with sufficient police force to insure perfect order; and every effort en the part of tae officers will be made to wake this the grand event of the >eason. Members and season ticket* will admit a gentlerran and two ladles ; 36 cents for ea< h additional lady. Si rgle ainits?lon tickets 60 cent*, for a gen lleman and one l?dy. Boys' tickets 26 cents. By order of COMMITTEE, ja 16-2t ___ MET/EKOTT HALL. Por a season of TWO WEEKS, commencing THURSDAY. JANUARY ITTH. ard continuing every evening nntll further netlcs. Or?nd consolidation of three distinct an 1 separate Com pantes, THB TWO PEAK FAMILIES, SWISS BELL RINGEB8. And the celebrated BBRGBB FAMILY. Vocalists. Harpists, Violinist*,and SILVER CORNET BAND, Composed principally of Children. TWO SOLO HARPISTS, TWO SOLO VIOLINISTS. TWO SOLO STAKF BELL PLAYERS. The enly Staft Bell Players in the world. '2? PKBFORM KR> AND i-0 S1LVKB TABLE BELLS. Cards of Admission SO cents Kexerved beats 7 6 Ticket* for sale at Met/erotl'a Music Store, where a diagram of the Hall may be seen and seats secured three dajs in advance SATURDAY, JANDART 10th, GRAND BELL RINOKRS' MATINEE. Children admitted to the Matinee for cents. l>o<'rsop?n at 7 o'clock; comm*nce at -J o'clock. Afternoon?Doors open at IV* o'clock; commence at 2S o'clock jail ft BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. BAND BALL. THE FIFTY SECOND ASNIYEBSABY or THB COLUMBIA TYPOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY Will be celebrated by aOrand Ball at ODD FELLOWS' HALL. 7th street, on THUBSDAl EVENING, January 17. Wur. The Committee of Arrangement* have spared neither pains nor expense la their sftorU to make this THB OBAND BALL OF THB SEASON. Dancing to commence at 9 o'olo* k. Splendid Programme and geod Music. Tifkets, (including famished to Ladies.) #2. Committee of Arraniemmu: W B M. Leaa Thu Blch C M Marphey JCOWhaley N W King Wm M Belt GAB McNeir B>>bt Penman A J Donaldson Hecrpiton Committee: V W Flynn W C Bnnt El am Hack WmFlemming Pater Harr E G Harford A Gordon J M Art pot* wood J H Bsnaldsou J W L Eager H Barnard B MacMiirray J K Kavanagh D Harbaugh J N Davis, Jr. Floor Mmag"?NOB VAL W. BING. A*i> it ml* W W Maloney J S Tomlinsna L F Olements 8 B Cnlverwsll Wm i Benaett E H Tabler T B Nolan Timothy Cochlin ;a 10 eoit PERSONAL. 'I'AKl NOTICB ?Bridal and Faneral Wreaths, A. bluets, Oroeees, Anchors, etc., f' eeerved in mttarsl form. Wax Flowers, Hair Flowers, oa Glass or Pearl, at No. 346 O street, near llth. ja 18-1 nr* | AD1BB IT IS ACKNOWLEDGED THAT L? the NEW STAMPING DBPOT. ?a 9th street, 439, has the best selection of Patterns ever offered here, and the proprietor has reduced the price to ONB HALF that haa b??n charged heretefore. Being a practical Stamper, no tear need be had of getting what will salt yon. Go aee him. He will make and etame ANY pattern, de 15 tt MRS. CCBT18 1BV1NG, Clairvoyant, and Tim Midittm, will give life readlnge. Including Past, Present and Fntnre atber offloe, 430, nerth side of Penn a avenue, between ?H and 6th streets. Office hoars from * to 3 a. m. aad to 9 p. m. _de aOlm^ AT THB BBW OBBAF STAMPING BOOMS 439 9th sfr.eet, oppente Patent Office, ladles can get at onr reduced prices, on the very bast Wamaantta? Night gown Yokes, ready stamped <0ct?. Chemise Yokes, ' ct?. Bands SOcts. Either for kraid or embroidery, oor patterns are of the very l&itti desieas, selected with care ia New York, and being tn receipt ot them weekly, we ere able dally toluene new patterns. well as make and ataap any pattern brought us. I. 0.0 Workiag Cotton at reduced prices. da l? tf JOHN D. OLABB, ATTOBNBY ABD OOWNSELLOB AT LAW ANb NOTABY PUBLIC, No. ttth street wast. ds W ly BB1DAL AND FVBBBAL WBBATHS. BO- I QUET8. CBOSSES, ANCHOBB,8TAB8, Ac., preserved la natural form. WAX FLOWBBS. HAIR FLOWBBS, and BBA1BING, by Mra. FB1BS, late of Boston. Haa removed to no. 4-J9 llth etreet, between G aad H. oc 3 tfm* JAMBS OU1LD, Dsafer is Afmsad Second hand Fumimr*. Old Furniture Repaired. Renp bolstered and Yarnlthad. 12th and Bats., (near the canal.) Highest prtaapaldfbt Bacoad hand Fornltnre. aally* | ADIES LOOK AT THIB. J COLLAR AND CUPFS OdVEH AWAY. Bach lady having work dof? at the OBBAP STAMPING BOOMS 439 sfn street, oapoelte Patent Oflee, will receive gratis one Collar and pair of Cuffs, stamped on the finest moslln, for chain stich. Braid or Embroidery, suitable for night gowns Star Braid aad Colored Cotton for the above at reduced aricaa. Initials stamped from one to/ire cent*. Stamped goods at halt the price heretofore aakad. de w tf ??BCBPTIOM LUXURIES Jast received, a large variety of articles selected particularly for the coming recentiau season. t. M. P KING A SON, King Place, de 99 Oor, Vt. are, and 1?H st. yyM KNABB * CO.>8 FIABOS, F.ISCS * 00lJd0VS,H? for tale and rent oa easy tanas, a; Ma. 498 llth street, above Peaaaylrama avenue sel-eotm* F. 0. REIOHBBBAOH. tt C. B. J EW ELL. OoAP ABD CANDLB MANUFACTURER. The subscriber will be pleased to sae all his old rrlends and customers at his new place of husinenit, G street north, bet 4th and Ath streete, where he will keep constantly, ou hand hia premium Soaps and Caadlea, and will centinaato sell them at the lowest cash prices. G etreet.between ?th and 5th. ja ll-<in ^JBBAT BAE G A I N 81 One almost new CHICKEB1NG PI A NO, 'one JAMBS PIKBSOE PIANO, 91M. Oae upright GILBERT. $MU. Far sale upon eaay taraa. at the Wareroems of W. G. MBT/BROTT A 00., Sola Agenta for 8telaway*e Pianos, and ja 11 tf Maaon A Hamlin's Cabinet Organs, jyj ACRE BEL AND CODFISH. s eassCBDSSlMfi6^ Jast re<efved and foraeleatour wharf, at the foot of Seventh at. 8. P BBOWN 41 SON. (lomiuissioa Merchants, del! tf N 1. 46ft Ninth *t . bet. B and F. - ? ^ ? m WaKTST" . WANTED-Tweaty Men to SHOOT DtJO*^. Goad wage* will k* given. lyilr .A"* RMtontl Hotel. Brli| mr |MI 1* WANT? TO PCBOHAS B -A BrtokDf ?L*? UIU, ol froa foirto ill ro?M. elating terms, H. M.. Btar OMce VIT ABTEDBi a to.i8 wniM.a SITUATION V.J? *? eBBBbarw-rt ult? b?l> of children. Apply at Ho 334,corner of Sd and Maaeachuaetta arena*. If WA5TID - & FLOOB MAM. far Bora* ahoatng Iho). A|m4 aad iMvlrnucn irAtn7T'afy,>,w';""?* Z*"'

A KTBD?' By i reua colored ?& who t bar onghTy n4*mtaAiUi ktaiMH, fttttli TiOM Mdlilu r?wfu wrTMt ia a boarding ko?M or private bafly glran. A<Uro* a note to Sox Be. 3 But OCo>. i? M M %%/ANTBD?Parian* wlaklng HELP off ?" *? kind aad thoae oat of employ sent* to call at Employment Offlee, <**S Tth street, near B. where they can be promptly sa ppiied J* !*-?* nriHlBlT WANTBD! '-At the Becraltlag Office, Bo 461 0 atraat, aaar Baltimore Da pot. BBOBUlTB for tha United UUtM Ar air. ja 16 la WANTBD-By a reeaectable girt, BMPhOt NT, to aaw aitar by the week or month; either by heud or machine. Bo ciectlen to aasi?t with any other light work. Plaasa addraae BBAMSTBBSS, BtarOffioe. jelfrSf WANTED?A good COOK. WA8HEB aad 1B0NEB in a hotel. A white wo a so preferred. Liberal wages will begivea toooeba*ln? AOd raforeacoa. Apply to BOBEBT P. MARTIN Uaiontown, acroea Navy Yard Bridge, fa 16-ft" WAN TBI) A good SOAP MAKBB; one that la thoroughly aciuaiated with the bu?1ne?<> lu nil ita I.ranch, a Mo?o n.ed apply hot thaaa who caa give satisfactory relerencee. MCBGAN A BUINBHABT, ja 15 .It* O atraat Wharf. WANTED-A COMPLETELY KU EN IttHKD IiOUSB. in a central lo^atloa; oae preferred where the party routine will take Board. Adlr?-*a W.,97 Perm. arena;-, corner '.'let at. Beferencm exekan ged. 1 *f>4t* WANTED- A COOK. HOCBEE BEPNB and MIBTBK.B8 in a small family. German pre ferred. Gall at Jb7 New York avp., bei. 6th and Tth aU. _ W ANTED-New and Caat off CLOTHING, old COLD and SILVBB.or aay other article of vtmo. at the aid e?tabH*hed Merchant Pawn looker's More ot B YtLTuN A CU.,4029th at., 3 door* north of Penna avenue Bole Agent for BlNOBB> SKWINO MACHINE. de aa iy . W7tNTKl>?100 L ll>IE8 immediately. ta "m braider Yoke*, Bands, Wrapper Yoke*, flan nel Bkirts. Blippers, and Initiate To so*! hand* who brim? cample ot work. good ???? aud con atant emplo) maut Riven Call at the new Kta up Irijr Boom, 4 39 9th street, oppielte Patent Office bTAM PING reduced to PIYB centa per width. da 16 tf. \\ A N 1 K ;> 10.000 LADIES to kauw that at \y tb^ New Btaniping Bui ms, 4 3? 9tk atreet.op I Pateut Office, tbay can tiad the beat (elected [ anei rtaieut ol Pattartm erer offered here for Cloaka, i!ap?a, Aprooa. Joeeya. WaUta, Tokeo, Banda. Wrapper*. Bllppars Ftucnabiona. and Inl tlal* Alao, : -ikus for Pillow Oai-*. Ottoman-, I Chair Cover*. Pianoa. and. tnahnrt, every variety of Patteran a* they are daily is*aed. We have a Preach Machine aud a Practtaal Stamper, aad I have reduced the price to rivjt CBHTS 1KB WIDTH. Wa make anfl stamp any pattern broaght na. Braid*, Bilk and Working Cotton very low. de l*-tf U/ANTBK-BIOOND HAND PUBM1TCBB V v Alao MIKBOBS. CABPETB. BBD3, BED I DINO and Hot'SEFO RKISI11NG OOODd of every I description. B BUOHLT. 40fi fth *treet. )ec8 tf lotaaonG And H.eaat side LOST AND FOUND. I | OBT?Thia morning, either on Pann'a avenue, I j between lith and dth street*, or on 6th etreei. [ between the avenue and E utreet, a nuiali PA*'h At<E. containing fancy dry goods. Tha Snder will be auitahly rewarded by leaving the packa?e I at 4<>A B street between 6th and 6th. Ll*_ I I ObT?This morning, between 11 and 12 o'clock . L aHABLB MIMB PUB COLLAB, betwe. n lith street and tbe Interior Department. A liberal I reward will beglvea if n-turued to N?. 397 litii street, between I and K at*. ;al6 at* MBB. AMAH DA KOSTEB. I I OBT?On January 14th. probably in front ol I j Pvrr\ 'a atore,on the Avenae.aOOlil) BLACK I ENAMELLED BBAC'ELBT. A liberal rewaid 1 will 1-e paid for lta restoration to the owner at 3^0 K atreet. J? ? ?t ? t BIWABD Bttayel or atolanfrom my premI / ise* on Bandaj. the 13tb Instant, ene amall BED COW. with horn*, and whitedowu ib?b?ci. Any one that will return or give any Information ef the same will receive the a^re r.war-^ I ja 14 ?t* Corner of H and T street* aocth I CO/I HKWABD-Rt.lNi on the nigbt of ma | kid of September from the premise* ot George Jones, aaar Bladensbnrg, a dark browa I IlOheE. marked U. B and I. CJ.; medium alee. Bane and tall somewhat unbornt, haa a roan I noaa. The above reward will be paid If returned I to GBO. JON ES, I oc I Hyattrvllle, Prince Qeorge1* Co . Md BOARDING. ! \ GENTLEMAN^DEhTIBES A PDBKIBHED I ii BOOM . with Boarding, for bimaalt, wifa and | ton of il year*, In a private family where there I arena other boarders, at a reaaonable price. 1 Plaaaa addraa* Box B34 City P. O . atatma locaI rton an l price. Reference axohaaged, aud lx>ard I payable weekly>r a<?athly. ja II 6t' T'ABLB DOAHDsi Mo. 4?4 tvtn atreet,a few { 1 doora north of the avenue. Terse ?M nor j Boath. da It a GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTrf. IV OT1CB.-All WATGUBt left with 8. GOLD I lv STAIN for repaiia previous to January i,im, I must bacalled for by January Mlih. 1b& . or ttvay I will ba aola to pay cbargee for ! ja B-M* _ 73 Bridge at., Q^orget-'wa. P. O. Vl/M M. WHBATLEV'B PBKMIUM STEAM vv DtBINO A CLBABBlMa EBTABLIBHI MENT OB. No 49 Jefferson at , Goorgetowa, D C. Brtabllabed 1A)1; presuum awarded by tba I Metropolitaa Institute. Wi7; rebailt i*>.. andi< now by far the largest and unat complete establishment ef the k lad ia thla sac11on of eountry, I with a large stack of the beet foreign and domesI tic Dye* and Chemicals, replete with every dertr able Apparatus, and provided with the best Talent aad ArtUtlc bktll to be obtained The aubI ecriber is prepared h? demenatrate to hie customI era that pre-eminent aa Bay hare been hie prevloua reputation, hla Botio la " Bicelaior*' la Dyeing. Cleanaing. and Betinlshin^ Ladles' an<i Gentleman's Apparel, Bilks, Velvets. Batins. Me| rino. Cloths. Ac., he means to stand nnrivalled. Truly thankful for past favors, he solicit* tba coo* tinned custom of the commnnlty. %J~ Goods r*celv>sl and returaed by Express with the utmost promptness aud dispatch. ja 1J-lm WM H. WHItfTLCf, Dyer. ^yOBTH KHOW1MO. It la worth hnovring that the greateat Bargains are to be had at _ _ MILLEB'B CHEAP DBY GOODS 8TOBE, 101 Bridge atreet, Georgetowa. D. 0. He baa jaat received a large atock of Bleached Bhlrtiaga and Bheottne. at lower prieea than tbay have l-eeo sold eiace vhe war. Bleached Mualioe. at ISfc and It eb.; good yard wide do., >0 eta., and the best makee at It ana 30 cents. Sheetings an 1 Pillow Cattoas very cboap. Brcwn Muslins, 11'? aud 16 c4a., yard wide do. ltand 20 eta. Merrimack and ether baat make* CaUoo. * ?t? Pino AllWool Prench Merino, #1. Winter DraeaGoada generally, embracing Pepllaa, Ernprea* Cloth*, Plaid*. Delaine* 4c.. at coot. Shawl*. Blanket*. Plan nel*. Cloth* aon Caaalmare*, Glovae and Boalory, at anuaually low arloea. i? M1"0" Corner 14th and W atreeta. da It undar Bbbltt Houae. MAYOB'B MPP10B, ~ City HALL.Janaary KHh.l9d7. Sealed Propaaala will be received at the Mayor a Office until 12 o'clock m , on MONDAY.the Hat taatant, for aayfag, curbing, Ac., for the yaar commencing April l?t, 1B67, for the seven several ward* of the ally; no contractor to have more than I one ward. Specifications can be aeon at thia office, also at 1 the office of the Ocminl*afonera of Improvement* in the Baaanent Of the Weat Wing of the City Hall. No bid will be received which doea not lnclada en offer for each eeparate item of worh aud material a. By law tbe Mayor fa prohibited from awarding eoatractn for tbe above work to ang parson oi person* who are not practical pa vera. The Mayor reaarves to hfmaalf the right to reject any or all blda should he deem It to the Interest of the Corporation to do ao BITHABD WALLACE, ja 11-colt lintel.] Mayor. ME&CHANT TAILOBINM IN ALL 1TB DBP ABTMBNTS. We beg to Invito oht frteada, cltl/en*, ^la and stranuera, to an examination of stock pB of CLOTHS, CA6KIMBBBB, and VISTl INOB.of the latest sty le?. Which we will * ' make to order fn the moat auperlor atyla of tba art. at Bach t beapar tajae than theinsual city arlcea. WAIA.BTBPBBNS A CO., ja 1 t ?t 3-ja Pa are. , bat Pth and 10th "ta. NOTICB ?This la to give nptloa that the Co partnerahlp. heratofoie existlug, under the name and stile of OWEN A THOMPSON, la hereby dissolved thli day by mntaal owbb: January 9th, 1867. K B". TMOMtflON. Tha VOWBN HOUflB" will for tha future, ba nudar the suparrision of the proprietor, S. W. OWBN. who will receive and aattl* all claims pertaining to tha bnslacsa of the lata firm. January 8th, 1M7. KOYf BKATBB from M ceuta ta ?, MBN'B BEATBB from fl.'X to fM. at IkelkalaAsit..? 41* / V POCJsXJUpX A TBIMBM, Ho. 300 Waat BaltiBara atraat. ? > : , BaMlaaSaa, Md. 8KATE DW6*- LADIBB' BKATB8 of aU kinfa.froBtl**0 *> !* ' V P0CLTNE1 A TBIMBLB, Bo. 400 Weat Baltimore atraat, d* 18 lm BaltiBara, Md. I FOR SALE AND RENT. COB BENT?TfcO ADJOIBIBG BoOwh <f?irr nteh?4>, wttBoat tori, In a toil/ at the ?(M USm. ^ ^ letfat* f^OE EBNT-8T0BB wd BWiaUl1} ?t the V oornitr of ijth aad B atreet* Tfc? Bellding ;u?t flnlabed A Me 1 **aad for Grocery or l> ?? btore. Inilwpmiwt. jel7jt* 1/OB MKT Two ?? FRAME HOUSES, on r Mib eireet. iNr B>*t* Deperi<i>?at liK)?ir? of O A. Diwaflxnr, ean? of lOk Ml I trMti j?r a* Fob BALi-ti.wo "Hi ' *> * aire two o-? FBaMJ. II. Che, ?uk ?hHf ?A?W Not of Grouid, t-n fth atreet, oppoaite tho Tork H >tel Term* tk<; Apply I* BILBOC BM E. LATTA A CO.. jo 17 Tt* career Tth end F ?trv???te f OB BALEA BABB OHANOB-The LBA3I r 8TO?:K. FIXTCBBR ud IETBBBBT ?t u old eateMtehed leapectahle heetneee. Loc?tlon the moat ceatral aod l>oot in the city Bi?nt bob nel ted trio* very moderate. B?tn!irt?rr ntivii VWoUM * L&TT4. BmI EiUt* Rr.tkera, jel* St Oemer 7 th a ad F otroou. ET'OBBALB?Two veer* ud nlwmottthi LB AMI, T et a l??rn(, BTOOK, FIXTUBBS enlGO"U WILL of i fori.or (iroeecy, dome ? good b??i d*m, ui la a tood batliw ?ut M ikoeitx 8*ti?faclor? reaeoua id too f< r celling T> r t?rmi apply to J OB N PATCH, Baal Batata aad In??ireace Ag?at. OAce tie * . coraer of I ja 17 St* 7tb atreet and Loalaiane evenne rllV FOB BALI. TWILVE A(!?iffl Of LAW9, fuitab'e for gerdemag purptae* aituated oo Ik* a4to( Mm roal, and about one eight of a vile north of firt 8l"cum, will be cold at aacti > aboat tha fleet Weak in February . One ?Nkk aotloo wtll l?e given ia tho Star of titne and pJa< e of aolo Inquire for partlcnlera of Dr. H B Moble, 97S Penoaj I *ania avenue. _ _ _ ja 17 6t* LESTER MOBLB O OK THBKB I' N FURNISH KB ROOMS TO LBT. Call at *37 L at . bet *t*i and Hit ita. B BElDRNHElMEa. fl'WO UNFUBNlBHF.D RoOMB FOB BENT ? 1 Ol first floor, auitobl* for H u?'kt>e,in* Price, $10 per month, at Bo 32b 3d etreat. be t*een K and O etreete n>rth jaM St* TO LET-A B ACE P A RLOB. either furnished orunfnrulabtd, aad a Furnlahed BED BOOM. Appl) at No. 4**J Fa ev , betwe~n the Wavhlne ton liouee and the United Statee Hot-1 ja If-It* F",c?"BBNT-aTlBN1BHEU> ? BLOB, enlt tMe for h.>neekeepli.g. Alao, ? FURNISH ll) ROOM tor rert at .$17 per month Apply at R.>. hAO L at , between ?th and lib. ja lw-3t* f'OK kENT- A an room FURRIBHBH HOtJbE I mated at tho corner of I Ith an 1 O ata R-n t %*> pt-r month Inquire of O F. B EICHARO tON, L it , bet 11th end 12th etc . Mo 4 23 jlS St* L'dK BENT?A two atory Frame DWBLL1NQ r HOUBB. contain!** eight rooma and collar, aitiiet?d on tho corner of Kaet Capitol and Stn street. Apply to J. DYdSR. ja 16-2t* Corner of lat and Eaat Oapit i ?ta. IPOB BALE-The 8TO< K and FIXTD BE S of a r Ketitil Orocorr and Froviaixn Store, oca ot the l.?'?t atardx in tho Seventh Ward. Haviafar tory reanooa gtTen f.>r aeltlng. Apply at No iiri 4S ot la and. ja K-St* Sj^OB BENT?Two BOUHs and EITOUBN. na I fnmtxhed am table for hea**keopiof Aloo. oDOfurnlthod BOOM, tar gentlemen, with Board. Applpat eoutheaat corner of 11th and M Itfoeta Entrance on M atreot. ____ J* H 2t* IrOB BERT?Two xiuall four-room BBICK HOL'BES altUhtal !n centre of Kthbay'a Square. betw**n lat anj 2d atroeta waat and O an 1 Eetreota tt<>rtb. Will bo rented only to poraona fcf good repute. Apply to BALDWIN BBOTHIBS. ja 16-3t lat and D atreeto, Waahin?ton. F| H!K BENT - A handsome llBICK HOUSE. three nt^riea and haaonient. contaiutnK twel ve rncm? furnlthed, InelMdnig piano. The houae la ontrally located, and contain* tho modern im protemvnia Furniture will be aold If Jealred Bent l'>w to a good tenant Apply to H E. FIT/. GEBALD. 322 O atre^t north, between 17th and ISth. ja It-a* f| I 'OB BENT?^Three ueir ItUICK HOKSKB. three atory, on Bhode l>Iand avenue liotwoen l?th ?nd 15th at?. liitoiro No. 1*?7 h. at , betw?*n 1Mb ?nd lvtt>. j* IS 6t" 1,'OK BANT?A nicol>-furnialied BOOM in a I private family, aultable tor one or two gen llemen, on Vermout avenue, bet. H and N ata , near 14th at.. tran.o cottago in a yard, ja li Si" hH'B BALB ? The BTOOK. FIXTUBBB and GOOD WILL of a first claar MiLLlNEBY BTOBK . in one of the locahtlee on Pa. ave. Addreaa A. H., Btar Office. 16-St* L'OB BENT?One large three atory BB10K r HOUBK. contilnmg aiz rooma and cellar, largo > ard , situated ou the corner of loth and Q ata ; pomp In the yard Rent moderate Apply to J. T , Star Office, or on the premiaeo _'%l8 FOB RALE?$400 WASH INOTON OIT* BIX PEB CBIiT. COBPOBATION BTOOK. .1 T OOLDWELL A 00.. Auctioneer* and Qeaaral Acetifa ja 18 St* Seventh atreot. i^OB BALM-The OOUl> WILL and FIXTOMBa a of a I'rovfaion St<>ro do<ng a good b??ina<4, on Maaaachnratta aveana. between Cth and 7th ata. By immediate appil. atloa a goo.1 bargain will be ecured. Apply at 42? Maaaacbusetts arevie jaU St* FOB BEST?A wall Faraiah-d PABLOB and I BED BOOM, at Ham mark'a on Peonaylva nla avenoe, abovo Willnrd'o. They front immediately on tho Avonse. nma private ontranco. and are tho moat deairaMo rooma for root In Waahington. Apply on the pretmaea. ja Is 6t F'OB BKNT -Three atory tlttlO A HuL'SB.N 192 I atreet, bat. 3ith an<l Zlat ata., ftrniahod cr onferniahed. containing S rooma; range In kitclion, with hot and cold water; bath rv>ni, ill, Ac Thla ! on* of the beat loeatlona in Weehlngton. cloaa to Government Departm-nta Inquire on the premiaeo, or No. -?01 9tb at . bet. D and E. ja ls-tf FOE BALE OB TO BERT-Two EOOMB.anita bio for abopa or "ore rooma, aituated <m 0 at , betwron 11th and Utb. jaU 4f I^OB BENT-Twa oommunlcattng office E9UMB a on th? l-t floor, at IOJ F atreet. between 11th and 124li. Al*>.othertarniahed BOOMS. In-jnfre an the promiaaa. ;a IS >t F'OB BALE?Tea STOCK., GOOD WILL and FIXTUBBB of a Grocery on 7th street will bo aold at a bargain. Bualneee aboat fifty thousand (BM>?l dollar* aer annuia. Addreea MABOHABT. Waahington City. P 0. ja 13 at' L"OB BBNT-BOfSBS In the Pbtla.lel(.hlaBow, r nth atreet eaet. half hour'a ride from Uie Trenanrr. aid four Mock* from the car*. Tbeae bouaaa hare nil ronvealencao la julre of the agent, S04 Fa treat, between Uth and 12th. jalJ 4f r THOMAB M PLOWMaS House akd btobs fob bebt-no. 44Pennayivania avenue,between 3d and 4* ata , a vera prominent bnalaeea etand Foaaeeaion riven February lat Appl> at Oieon Ball. P WALLACH, jal>-eotf Corner 4S at. and Penn. arenue. MABSHALL ADAM8 beaa 1-aTe to Inform hia frlenda and the public that he hae for rent a small MALL, on reaaonable forma, auitable for featiTala. fair*. Ac , or any eele< t perpoee. In<iulre at Mo. 311 ??h at# Piano and other muaical iaatrnaeata, if de Ued^ ja 10 aoit* POB KENT- A three atory BBICE HOUSB, r fnrnlabed, oa O atreet aonth, l-etween 24 and Srt eaat, Capitol Hill, lnanire of F. FAIRFAX, at the Cuaet Survey Oflice, Capitol Bill, between 9 a. m. and S p m. ja IS-eolm* L'OB BENT?A rUBMIBBED HOUSE, Con 1 F taimcg al* rooma, within one block f the cara, Mo. Ie9 ad atreet. between H and 1 atreeta S60 advance >all?t* F'OR BENT-A Urge BB10K HOUSE, oontalning IS room* aed cellar, with gaeand water; aimated at the corner of 7th atreot and Pa. avenue eart. opaeaite WaJlach School Bonae In qufreof BENBT EOTTMANN, ??* lltb atreet eaat. ja M ?w# mriC?-FOB It KBIT OR LEASE- The wall nowa FLSHEBY on the Potamac river, thla a*de of Fort Waahington on tha Maryland aide, 10 m1 lee by water aad 13 by !a?d. Apply to H 8. J0HB80B, So. 3'3 Pean. avenue, between < ? and 8th ata . oppoaita National Hotel. ja7-dim* Fob jalb-a ooumtbt heat and gabDEB FA BH, wttbla one mile of the city Thio property will be aold low and an eaay term*, or exehangad for city aroperty. Aleo, from Twenty to Bixty A eves adjoining the above. Atao. Far ma and Country Be ata la Maryland and Vlrlnla. Apply to T. D STOCKRRIDGB. Beal Estate Agent, Hertbeaat corner 7tb and F atreeta, jai 1m* Waahington, D. C._ 70B BENT?A three atory and baaement Brick r DWELLING BOUBE. browa front, water and gaa, ten rooma; ettneted en W.h atreet weet, between L atreet north and Maaa. uveaae,?Me. 3t>9. laquire at No. 20S lath atreet, between 8 and H) a. ta. and 4 and B p. m, jaStf |i*OE EBMT?The late BBB1DBB0E af H O. r Faat, 42$ D atreet, containing 17 roama, w|xh all the ntodera Improvenienta. Apply toCLlFTOM MELLEN. 3T4 Fat. noM-tf FOB BBMT?Large and email fnrnlabed aad an furniehed HOU8E8 and APABTMBNT8 anlt able tor h nee hae ping. AUo, For Bale, erveral amall BOUSES,on eaayb-rma. Inquire 8TABE A CO.. 4??S 7th atreet. Boom 13. oeU-Sm * |70BRENT?OOTTAOBcontaining eight rooma, r an 1 atraet, between ?l_ and At. Poeee*elen immediately. OLAGETT * BWBEMT, Beal Batata Agenta, jal-lOt Mo- 4 Markers puce FOB BBMT?The F ABM, for the last three yean the reetdeace of Major Tbeephilua Bat nee, con elating of lfi* acrea, lying near Fort Mnheh. 1 mile from Bennlng'a Bridge. Imarovemente. dwelling Eouae of li rooma, atone atable, aervant a houaea, am. Ac Addreea "E. 8.," 4IT B atreet, Weeh ington, D. O.,or call la peraon, between S and 7 a. jn. oc l?tf 1IAKB 4JBAMOE?For Immediate aale. one of 1%, the Beet located amall corner atore GBOCBB1E8 In the city. Stock nod Flxtaroe now Apa immediately, by letter, to A. W. C., City Poet ce. r* aoMtf fT^BTEEMT-The BVOBB BOO M corner of Pa. I r avoaaeaad Uth ?rr*et weet, to tke Star Offl.e Balldlng. formerly occapled by W. Q. Metaerott aa a moele atore, aad recently aa the eflSoe or fke Star AFPI?to 0. B. BAKER. ^ B EBBt Eh^TbBB Bj^ AAiJO atreet. f a^fhaBt^^Wee*^^^ )B BEBT?Two Farotebed BOOMS, at Bo. 467 13ih atreet between E and W eta. do 14 tf ' . -s t ?m n :i v i i t'l 11 r Atrnrro!c sales. i** ?***r Mlu t" Ttmr-k . ?#* i ruia arrmbwooir a/tb to-mommv* j^r o?if a 'rriiim. *?E?.T??2.P**'* * VALtABLB IMPBOYBD ?i a.u?5 rSm'i.S"*' *"' w,*~' ' O. THCBiai'A* Jm ,7tb. <?.? *?! tlU^k f'.S'a 1 ' bF Tlr,?**>r * ** *t unet diated Juiwi ?. im. M?d dub r?r<4 la uur 1MB Kb U. foll.te !0l, || , one M U* 'til roconi. f.r Wa.blo?toB o^naty ,D .C ,u:u>?ih<1 f Lot*. iiI Suaar. Mo. It <le?eribhl U r J.on B.lnoln# ??r the aan.? 7? feet fro? th* o- rtb tNl MrtirtlOtMl ntkitrMU rurirlue tl?a?c- *-eih th. liwe ef?-th atrret AS feet? I*--haa W??<t4f**t. IktM* lortk JlfxttlickM, ir.Mk.-4 * ? '?l?? Jk* t>?|1iulin The ?ko a. yro^rli |i Inyroftd by thre. two U>r> > ruM m?im b**fld.>*P?r.t.lT Tec*.. T, fir* h '?,r cm>- lh? ?> i>* **7 ?0>? *ar ewe-bair ca?h. Nisn.rfwr ?T? t eetief action of the TnHll A lk?Mltof will be r.^alra.1 *'f k koiw ?( Um Km of mU, mH Wih t? fc.oom?Ued wlfh within St* day a frana 4a> or ?? *'?' t* re*..ld hi tk* riah Ml?Ad. <MM A WILLI A Jit. Aaot* |JY OkUl A WILLIAMS, Ahctlo?~r. TWO-8TOKT riAHK HOUSE A Nl> LOT ? * ?** BWr* Kudu, kariwg H I?*?k ?f ?? i.Uh ?* ' ** * "*** *Ury laad ( ? " * ??> W??< tt Pub lc iacUot * -?*TlPy0*'-,7*i; ?' ;t*?t at 4 O'clock a ?.,M lotJl iill.dn tl# ?ut L^t W ? f !?.f?** " w harla. if fMt m?t h, ?*r*?4 MS .nc-beei d**,. with . ?ood Deelliu* Hi>i. jta I* fj".1 lu"?l't?w3?r. A flu* chuo* iM\ profitable lureatment. ' * * rilk/Al ??V?*r.,'V"h k*u*r* '" ?? t*?ln, ei.nteea, tai twent, four mantba f ir - - ^ v zorxl All fonT?r ?<-?n? an 4 reraoaeh.,,, Kt th* rm( of th* *iirrhi*?r OBBCN A WILLIAMS. A??to |JT TBOS DOWLINO_Anrt ; Q+or?#tc*r. ~ UIMJBIUOLD FUBNITL'EB AMD irri'TR AT Al:(lTltiN r 1 '? ?T Mailman IJ*ir?i*tfa Ch?ln??nd Sofa* Marti* top and ottiar T> Borng* WukMiii?? W?rdrot?* A<P^slcad*. Lontif** Mtrr< r* -uh.rPH. lMr m>1 Hu*k Mattree**, Thrw? ply and Iiufraln Oarc?t* Oiklotba and M?ttlD?. Clock* C?oklDir. Parlor, aaJ other etofM (Jrock?r> aud Olaa*war<> And many artlclo* not ntHOtlonMl Tortu ca?t. ,m,f' Tn?MAJ< D'lWLIMO. A net B- B LI\h IS A tO., Aurtl ->n*x r* BXTKM^IVB BALI oT PBT '.4?()pg ?T OH Dlk or TElvTKI I *r, c?) l??iii n*?iit.? ?e * hall Mil th, ?v twA.couai^tlnfcf ?,i?u loU of *. r? d^wrllu ^ of Dry ttMl hc?lnie-, ^,. *1, K.I koM v. r aary G?^. ?*\c ' ?M*cobUiii ?<! dally oatii .trv-k't 'imi*d ?; "iifffbo ^.. SVLNA.MA AN IM K I ITWKEh 1VTH An 1-TH fTBKITs WM. OS rb!DAlK*v? TBK 1"TU 1?T A KT ,B1U" 'Lrtn,>-.of * mrU 'J'-t'W*. ImoH a#a n.t ?b* good* and cl.atU.1* ?n, ISO P.n^ *> Irani* htmo, th. **? ?.NB, J ? har* ??laed aod tak*a id duttm* all* tltl-, clalui. n :-r?.t and Mtat. at l.t aad'V.' equity in abd to a Ur?* l*t ?f Uou*tko:d r.r,J. tnr?, ron?i'tHH~ In part of? 1(1 ?unu Talrtoad*. M*ttr???o*, H .|-t?r?, and pll aw Hlu.fc and Hair cl tb ?. f... Aru. a.^ wXToa., l>r^,n? Bare.... L->ok1??iM.^ fnd Tbre^ .!> .ud iLKrinatrp^u ar.1 Mat?,e, "** Toir??Vu011,1011 T^1"*' U an 1 Bmt?.*ion T.M., 0.n. and M'owJ wtt Cbalr. Witdow Hliadr*. Parlor A:oi<* and Pire u 1 a. On* Cook ? r*. ?ltk tUodU an 1 ' dHall, Bmiuc Ku ru *nd Stair Oilcloth Wl\TWf?lUl^r!.1.' */? n^?*that.on PRIDAP FKXT. tb?- 1-tb day of Ja.cary, inC. at i? o'olac. In the njornu-a. ii Iw pin..ii '.atn^ m/*nnan^d will offer tor *ate the -aid roo.? and eh?tt*u ! ~ ired and taken In dMra.. bf^nbhc aactuTn T? th* hi(l.c(t bidder, for ca*h .?cno., to . _ J?>8 W KKLLPT. I ? J. b? OlO^r. GIBBONS,< |JT CBEEN * WILLIAMS, AncUon^T 0 FKA MK BUILI'lHOS FftONTflfl h i t 'oif'?r v^sv?"i :i fett front I, Zi frr d-e. Ar"OHtTrtr!!^' C..h dee?. Without reaerr* for ORKIN A WILLIAMS Auct*. JA8 C IcflClMl CO., AucU..^, L8tPKBKLV> Vnu^TB.L?^u,CrIOB or BOOKS. MOSTLY LuMDOR lIIITlnVa * Oo TUK8I>AT ai<4 WKl.K.fDil'S'.VimoJanaarr Cd aod aid. cjuuiroi.c at 7 o?Jaik * ?, " ??r Auction B^an a iara* and i >i Mf. collection of BUtorical. Illua'atad Kar. Cl*flc.l and otter Work*, from . Brlr.t. Ilbr^ Boatly L.ndon MitlMa. i. the hl.h??t ?t?l* of Ir? and In .l.cant blndlbm "*?"?*i *iyi* of .rt t.TiruBtHi#, Oatalo?uM now r?aJy at th- A union Boom I"^h*SbM Tnif J- C "^OtlBB A OO ; ja 17-Th B.M.To^t Aactionf-g. R1 * ?W 4 tu-> Aaca.aaar. *-* ?<> P.. corner lOtb .leeet LABGK ASSOBTMBBT OP DKT OOOBR o ^kS7^lnii' *c AT ACCTIOB * Ob THJ BdDAT *ad 8ATCKDAY MOKtilKOs 1&)b?.7i, clocM' w* "u ? ? Ana.!. MO ,i?M Pry Onod. 1M plaoM WkoImi O^od., *Bcb a. Blanket. O-r aan GprjaJ^CwLr.lUru Urawara. rianneu Mlwasd OmB' BMi.rr, ?c .?iann.u, 40 Baary B*ar*r Overcoat. Back Co.t., Past, and Thu S04rt,n Bnck Olora*. Bilk ?1otm, Ac All of ?h. abort- Oood. wiU be sold witfaoat r. t?rdJ* Sold >rlca*. ?n par idraoce* and charge* ? K WALSH A CO.. gT GBKBB * WILLIAMS, Airtl.B..,. TWKBTT TBOrSABP LIGHTS OP WllDo* MBB 4T PCDL10 AOCTIOH UDUW On 8ATt-KDA Y , th. iMh ln*tant, at 11 o'clock I ?i t w. .ball ..11, at onr Anctt-x K'>on.a til 1m. Which w. call the aU.aU.. ofd.Ijr ^ Bt^iT* .ale a. tfcey are all new . Term, .ath ! jA l? " GBKKW A WILLI AM8. An^*. BY W. L. WALL A CO , A.ctma^ " Onctnal Horee and Carri JTtiaUar W Lo.i.ia.a aranue. ' BALB OF B0B8B8. CAhKlAOKS. HARNESS, ?A*F.RDAT *OKNl*NO. Ja? 19,.t]0.VI*k w. will *eiI. at tb. Bar aar. a unatxr ot in n? ' Carrie and Work M.r^.,a fullde^rt,^n at Ml*j eomfHnlBg aboat? ' on M M ? FIPTT BOK8K8 JJM' '00I^ Work, ftadfl 1* and Harne** HorM On. .xclleat Bossy, barutu, Ac. * AlaSO A 'H** colloctlofi of B*w and Second hand Baa. W?r?. .ad other CarriacM and HarBM. alwayii .b* Ml.. * w. l. wall a pp.. a not*. HEN BY OOLMAN A 0O., ADOTTON AMD _ COMMISSION M K BOH A NTS No. 891 and W93 Penna. ar.. bet. ?th aad lotb rte 8*1*. at auction *r*ry Toe*d?r, Thundar an.' tJ.tnrday mora'nr aaa ir.nlos * B. C_Bi00EBB. BalMinan. _ A foil aMortaient ?f Dry Good.. Boot* Pnrnl.hing UvH>d., Crock.rr. Tin Ware,' Bturat* Ac ,alw.y* oa hand at prirtu. ?al. ' ath ?<' raiicefi .n c?asi*nni*Bt9 d" _ ALSO. MdE*tall la Bard war. aod TIb ^.r., StorM. Ac., Bo.. i J7 and *il. 1th .tre.t, between M and B. . A '"J*?f Oor*rnm.nt atock. coB.latt?/ri CUBkett-5?e*u' ?1>owb. Shirt. Clothtac, Hnrawf. Wacon.. Wafon Wharla. WbeaTbarrowB Tracks. Platform BcaUe. Counter 8 alca, CBfckery. Lamp*. Laatara., Tar, I'alat aali mat aElZ* P,T.KAto0- Ur,S of ^coidLand Btovea. with many otb.r article, to* nn. B,rr,Vnt?.*n,lm"M* Th. food* Me nearly B,w and will b. .old at a I moat any prto. to .ait. J. 16- lm W, B. LB W1 b A OO.', AantioBMr.. TBBBB FRAME HOOSBB POB BALB AT . AUCTIOB. , 'B^AT, Jan. iftk, at 4 o'clock. *o >k* areni1m>. w* .hall Mil tk* Cbre. Boom*. Be. Tit H treat and New York Mo. 40i New York . . ue, and hoaae |a rear of lot. ;a 14-St WM B_LBWIS AOO .AqcU. |JY ?BEEB A WILLIAMS, AacMonew*. TBDSTBE'B BALB OP BBAL ESTATE By rirta. ot . d??d of traet baanar data oa tk. firth day ot January, 1M*. emacutad hy Jokn Oollia. tome tor tbe benefit of Jehu Bawl, and recorded la Liber N.O.T.. Bo. 67 joiio ioi,A< una ,,r tlie land r-card, for Waehlnyton ^jnaty, In the Dta trtct of (MamMa, I will offer for mI. on tha BrevlaM. .. PB1DAY. tb. IWh day of JaiSar. 18(57. at 4 o'clock ? m tbe Mrth part?'?1bJ* H* j>n ^15^*? aio -a2I u "? clil ?f Wa*h??MoS: *T <\. ???t'?S IB t~* a?i t taaie. on itT ?h traal, Mwaan A and B atreeU north a?d ji nine at that widtk Wthe rear, toratW wafct'h* lniproT.menta, ooMlatin. of a aaall > hoaM aad.ther bai dlii.a. * ? r.rm. . One half ca?h, tbe balance la 4 oath., r.raaae ataaapa at the oMt ot th. narrhaaiar a ** ** reqatrwd at tb. U?e of aaia. 'mm 4 th. troate. rMerT?* Sk.richt to reMll at th. co.t ??the farchBMr If tb. toraa of fal. .re hot &>< . httod with within Be. day*. ^ * " JOHN B OBBIS.Tru.tM . w . . OKEEE A WILLIAMS 8g flBWAd. A 0 ( ; I oe- r* l^OB BALB?A hair off BAY M ABES r *.pa,-lally adaythd (arhrMdiht hurpoea. A.?ly at tbla offic. tTutt