Newspaper of Evening Star, January 17, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 17, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. 1 Tb? L?v? Tr?|t4y ?l HaaciiHKr, 1*. H The Uanclinirr .ilirrur ji u?i$t?. mst. dm I rr"- following details of ibe affair ot lo.e, jeal- | uufy, insanity and rn?n?f already alluded to i ib a special despatch from ;bat city . Henry T.Hatclt formerly kept a saloon at the cerner of Pleasant and Elm streets, this City. He w?Dt to tlw war. Since hn return be has worked an a carpenter, and has been in love with Mrs. Amelia Batcbelder, who has a husband, as sh? says, living in Boston. His love was not reciprocated Ho desired to marry her. Jh? told him ot the impossibility, her husband being alive. He was none toe less determined. The idea grew into a mania, until ho became insane on that point. For some months he has been under the chare* of Dr. Good win, ot this city, who has regarded him as being a little oat. Frequently he has threatened to take the life of Mrs. Batebeldor because the wonld not listen to hia propos ila. They bo'h room at No. 7 Pleasant street, though she takes her meaia somewhere oo the corporation. Sbe did not regard his threats aa serious. He bad given out word where be boarded that be should sh jot Mrs. Batchelder, and specified Sunday as the day His talk was not heeded, but his mind was overpowered with love, and he could not bear the thought that any one else should speak with or be with Mrs. Batcbelder. Last evening, about ? o'clock, Mrs. Davis came to ber room with a Mr. Davis, a friend of hers. Mr. Hatch, who had been watching her all day. followed them into the room, having his array revolver with him. As he entered, Mrs. Batcbelder was putting wood into the stove, and Hatch spoke, saying: "You ecu Id not ask me to take off my hat and coat, could you?" and fired at Mrs. Batcbelder. Mrs B rushed frantically out of the room and down stairs, exclaiming: "My God, I'm hilled. Harry Hatch has shot me" After hooting her. Hatch said "Here is one man left yet." Whether he meant Mr. Davis or himself, Mr. Davis did not atop to see, but left for dear lite. As they htMTied down atairs they heard the report of another barrel, and a lady who had gone to the room was in season lose- him acoot himself and catch him as he tottered to fall. For a short time the excitement was intense. Dr W W Brown was sent for. and found that Mrs Batcbelder was unharmed except by the fright and a contused wound of little account. The ball struck a steel stay and was stopped from going further. If there had been a hard resistance behind the stay the ball would have pasted through, but the yielding flesh of the abdomen prevented it. Her corset was her armor and saved her life, probably. The ball passed through his third and fourth ribs, through the lungs, and lodged. Dr.Goodwin. bis physician, thinks bis chances of living small. So much for loving well but not wisely. Virginia Mews. The Effects of the National Express Company Were soil! in Richmond on Tuesday, and most of the property purchased by the Virginia Express Company, recently chartered by tne Legislature. The property disposed of, consisted of eeven fine horses, four wagons, harn??s. markets.&c. An attempt to rob the Orphan Asylnm in Charlottesville, was made on Saturday night The cries of the inmates lor "help" drove off the bnrglars. We didn't suppose that anybody in the world would steal from Orphans. Returns of the Commissioners of the Revenue indicate a population m Virginia in February last of 34?'.5I!? negroes. In Is60, in the same limits, there was sai.uoo. A difference of 0! The county of Wythe pays one dollar for each fox killed in the county, and the Wvthe ville Dispatch suggests that as greenbacks are scarce, fox scalps be received as currency. The house in Richmond, formerlyioceupied by Mr. Jefferson Davis, is owned by the city of Richmond, and it is proposed to purchase it tor a Southern Orphan Asylnm. The boring for "oil" about Lynchburg and the adjacent country has not resulted in sue- j cess. A considerable sum was expended in the experiment. An Exchange for the merchants has been opened in Norlolk. Efforts are making in Not-folk to rebuild the Atlantic Hotel A Tr.Ar.KDT.?The New Orleans Crescent of the ?>tb instant gives the following particulars of a tragic occurrence which took place a few days previous in the parish of Aroyelies A young man of tiie neighborhood, named Apollianaire Desselles, had been paying his ad- , drears to a young lady, the daughter of Mr. ' lx uis Bordelon but bad been rejected by h-r j ou^fry o,'<anou He nevertheless persisted 1 in ft ? intentions, and in visiting the house He is said to t.ave ,-ircnla ed repor.e prejudicial to Miss. Bordelon's reputation. One night .act week he crept under the hon e, and forcing up a plank of the iloor in her ih^inb'-r, he awoke her from her t lumber?, and after saying tLa: he would return the next night, retired. Mr. Bordelon, on being informed of this outrageous proceeding, determined to put a stop to its continuance, and, hav ing armed himself with a double barrel guu. he posted himself Mi>u?h. with two friends, and awaited further developement* I?es?elles soon madbr? appearance, and. stealthily advancing to the window, attempted in vain to open it. He then crept under the bouse, wheieupon Mr Bordelon fired, and Derseiles was stretched out a corpse. Mr Bordelon immediately surrendered h|m- ! self to the authorities. and was released on S4.U.U bail. Hit fellow-citizens hastened to furnish the required security. T*a CaTTLt Ftaoca ix Holla>d?.Vin<tfy Tif utamd Antmmlt AHacled?t't.rty Tkomamt but*?Ihe Dutch Minister of Internal Affairs Las presented his second report on the cattle plague to the king. It appears from it that since June, iVtf. when the plague firstuppeared ju Holland, yn,4i;9 head ot cattle ha * e been attacked by It. Of these MJO5 d,ed. 17,*<Jo were killed, 32,0Hj recovered, i,4tcj remaining under treatment on December 3, the date of the report. The total of lossee accordingly amounts to 55 1-5 per cent, of those seized. Nearly two-thirds of the wholo perished in the province of South Holland, nearly one-third in I'treebt. and the small remainder in North Holland No small aggravation ot the calamity is artribuvd to the deplorable state of the veterinary profession in Holland. wh*r? anybody can set up m this line on paying o lloruir for a pa.ent. In Bregenz one Herliman, a dealer, who. by bis carelessness In importing infected eattle, caused the murrain to spread from th? Tyrol to \ orariberg and Switzerland, ha* just been sentenced to six months imprisonment and a fine ot florins. Ahkado* Baltixobk.?<One of the Baltimore papers boasts "Tery muchly" that their builders are busily putting up new bouse? all ot the time. Richmond can beat that all hollow, for houses are put up and knocked down here every day?by our auctioneers.? mend Ttmn. /"Another batch of suits for the recovery ol damage-, ha* heen instituted against Gene, ral Butler, in the K?w ^ ork Supreme Court Chambers. The plaintiffs are in some ca<ea citizens of >'?w I irleans, and in others citizens of \ irginia, and all claim to be and have been loyal men N*w Wav to Mask Lisa*.?Since the process ot photographing upon silk aud linen has been perfected in France, many persons have their portraits upon their linen instead of th^ir names or initials. Washing, it is eaid. doe* not injure the portraits. WTbe Lynchburg Republican -ays no daily paper in Virginia is making any money. Jobn Halpine has be. n fined *!.?() in Rochester. tor falsely accusing a negro of chicken-stealing. VTbe laws in Georgia denying foreigners tne privilege of holding real-estate have been repealed by the Legislature. A - great brt te ofa hu-band' advertised in tbe morning papers f. r a 'stont. able-bodied man to hold his wife's tongue!" i^Tbe local of the Vicksburg Herald has see a a puppy with eight lege, four tails aud only on? head It was too dead to be of amuse. J ftTI- a'hion affects even the price of coffins. A dealer says that *ince the introduction of caskets he can hardly give away his stock or old-lnsbioned coffins /"Miss Hatue liamou of Buokflald, Me . recently attempted to commit self-destruction by taken poison. Cause?unrequited affection. /"The territory in Pennsylvania designed by Ole Bnll for a colony had an extent of 1SIMN9 acres When he 'became acquainted with the worthless qualify of the land bis heart became one acre more. ^Ab old oil well in Vniontown. Pa., one day last wee* suddenly began to tbrow up clones and water to the height of more t>An a hundred feet. Tha phenomenon continued for over an bonr. tGf It Christian people would atrew ashes ou their side-walks during this slippery season, they would prevent many violations of the fourth commandment. fUTif you are going op for the Civil Service examination, which ought vou to mind most, your p a or yonrq'sf Your p's, because p will make any ass p-aas Vllunan opinion la bnt aa unreliable affair Half the great men who haye figured m the world have been looked upon as nobodies by a aertaia class. Be what you will, you will pasa for stupid with many about yon. IFThe trouble In the H-w York Board of Coancilmen has been settled, aod tha next meeting will probably be a peaceable one. and ike inkstands pat to their proper use. BANKERS. JAY COOKS * CO., ~~~~ IAIK 111, Atunuk strati, vfiitti Pmwi, Itml Ml alearmt urkit re toe, ul !? ? outuUj ob haad,? faD N||)7 of til GOYBBBMBBT BONDS, BIT KB -THIBT1BS, AID OOMTOUHD INTEREST NOTB8 Order* tor BTOCEB. BONDS, Ac, exeoated, ?wJ OtUMrtMt made ob all MimiMi potato. eol-tf _ UARROW A CO., BABBBBB, Conor Ualilut imH n< 8omU root. SU11U IB GOVERNMENT SBCURIT1BB, GOLD ABD SlLVBB fr t-tf ABD LAND WABEABTB First Aitioul Bnk of Wuhingtoi. H.D. COOBB. (of Jay Oooko AOo.,) Preeideat W*. B. HUNTINGTON. Caehler. GOTBBNMBHT DBPOBITOBT ahv FIBABCLAL AGBBT OB TUB UBITB* BTATBB, lit* srrttt, orrosut Us Truunry Department, ConnaiBl Securities with Trtmr?r United Htetce WTOXE MILLION DOLLARS W e boy and sell all claaeee of GOVERNMENT tLCURITlEStt correal market rateo. FURNISH EXCHANGE and make Collection? on ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. We purchase Government Vouchers oa the &10ST FAVORABLE TERMS, and give careful en* prompt attention to ACCOUNTS BUSINESS MEN mnd FIRMS, and to aay other business entreated to ns. BULL 1BBOBHATIOB In retard to OOVEBB MBBT LOANS at all timea cheerfully fnrniahed WM. 8. HUNTINGTON, Caehler. Washington, March 10,IMF mlltf 4861 ; 486 BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL COMBINED . ? PA1NT1NGS AN l> ENGRAVINGS A limited bnt choice selections of Oil Paintings Engravings. Chromes, Wreaths, Baskets of Flow era,Ac., appropriately framed. ??????"" . 4 ^ OVAL PICTURE FRAMES. A rich and T?ri(>d assortment Inm the heat man atactnrers in the country embracing Walnut. Im itatioB Boxwood. all Gilt. Rustic and Carved 'I*";*8-PeseepartonW, Card Frames, Ac. PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS, WALNUT BBACKIT8. Pictnre Oesd and Tassels all sizes and colora. Bin* Ball a. Walnut Bracket*, *-?!?. Ac PAPERHANGIN08 AND WINDOW 811 A DBS A, beantifnl variety of these goods. embracing the richest dengns of Qilt embroidered Parlor Tat ter?.? In the Pistrict, with a well asserted Block of the ^beeper grades, with a large variety of Window Bliades. different siz<-a and colors. Orders far Window Shades and Paperhanglngs punctually filled, (a city or country. A lame portion of tbe ab'>ve Goods were made specially to order, believing Hip hest the cheapest, and aiming te keep that class of Goods we respectfully invite tho Pnblic to inspect and compare oar Goods with any in tbe market. Term* imcmriaMy ra h. J. MARKBITBB.No. *? 7th street, de 18-4w* Eight doors abuv Odd Fellows' Hall. V'ICTOB BBCKBB, ^ PIANO TUN BR AND REGULATOR.-? Bstabli?HBD J* ISM. fcjfla ORDIM HOW RKfllVIDiT DEMP8EY A OTOOLE 8. Engravers and Btatlonera, Ac ., 3'iH Pa. av., bet. 9th and loth sts. F. C. BKItflENBACH S Piano Booms, 49* llth street, near Pa. avenao. Spertnl Sofia| from Wrri Kn/ib* Co , Baltimore. Mr Becker nas tnned Pianos for ns at our Warerooms. and we take pleaenre in stating that we i>elieve him to be a competent tuner. no 21-3m A. CBO>IN*8 ' BASB BALL AND 8KATORIAL HBAD QUARTERS, Dealer in Imported Clears Alio, the following t rands of Domestic CI car a: Tulip. July, Putt, Robert Barns. Ac. 1 also keep a line assortment of Tolacco, Meerschaum and Briar Wood Pipes, and Fancy Articles. A large assortment of the finest and best SR ATE8. de 14 lm ~~~ BOOTS ANDBUOB3. fmj N B W 7T O B B . The nnderaigned begs leave to inform hit frien 1j and the public generally that he has opened the NBW CHEAP pTOBB. No. A0j| 7th street,nnder t?d^ Fellows'Ball, where he has ou liaud a g.noi al aaxortnientut Ladies' and Gentlemen's, Boy'a, Misaes and Children 'a BOOTS? AND 8HOB8. Remeaiber the ^amber,'>0'J 7th street, nnder Odd Fellows' Hall The .New Obeap Store, formerly K F. Pace's atore. de 18 WBOBGB B. WILSON. J,' L 0 U B 1 T B_B D ! A foil assortment of all gradea choice Floor for Bakera; <aualit> No 1; price U Are tbe only direct receivers for Golden Hill, J. H. Gambrill1 not Patapsco) and Linganor Family Floors In the District. As the latter brand has been extensively counterfeited and aeld la this city.wewonld Inform those wishing this flour by arrangement with the millers we furnish it lower than ft can be obtained from any other source. Quality second to none. Price a fraction lees than Other first class Family Floor. Buckwheat at low rates. All grades of Western Floor n store and for sale lew by W. M GALT A CO., Indiana avenae and 1st street, no IS near Depot, IkBPABTMBNT OB THB INTBBIOB, " to all fffoH"A"iStJ3SU3S'iJr , , *w'le*S?B^*T,"g b*a aaade nader the aet of Jaae M, i860, for the reissaeof the following described Land warranta, which are alleged to nave J**11 ?f destroyed.?Boilce U hereby given that at the date follow!Bg the deeCrlatlen of each ? Bew certiBoate or warrant of like tenor reissued. If bo valid objection should then JOB. H. BABBBTT, Oommissioner. ' mmVo Issued nad?r the act of March 3.1,1466. in the name of Ivory Mntler. an l APrtl 1?. Itt6-Pebrnary J, i&sr. ; no. <3 f?i. far 160 acres, issued nnder the aet of : March 3d, 1S36, in the name of Laiarna Marlon, 16adi^7* *?Pt?'mber If, lSAA. February No. 104.794, for M" ?cre?. Issued nnder the act <?f March 3d, !? ?. in the name of Bobert W Pierce, and was granted M?j 12. It?. Mart h 9.1S67. Bo. 99.M>, for l>'<0 acres, issued under the act of Match 3 ISM. m the name of Bli.ah D. Ball and ; was granted June 9.1M1. March 9. lw?7. Bo for 80 acres, Issued under the act f March 3>1 IA.^5. in the name if G?or^e Plum, and was granted August Itth. I8.A. March 30, is?7 No 97 9|J for 1?0 acres, lssned under the act of March 3d. htt6. in ihe name of James Hearv, an I was granted April J2d. 1*1. March 30. |s.7. i No. M 736. for 160 acres, issued under the act of MsrchSd.l&M. in tbe name of John Wood, and was (ranted Fel?rn?r> rt. letf. April 6, 1867 No.M ISO for.160 acres, lssned under the act <>f March 3d l&'S. in ths nave of 8aran Wood, widow of Bob,rt Weod. and was granted February 1-i, W7. April 6.1*7. 0XDB1BB FUB TUa UULlDA X?7~ MAILLABD'8 OANDIE8 AND OHOCOLATK8 CARAMEL'S CREAM CHOOOLATB, DOUBLE VAMLLA CHOOOLATB, (For table use.< ROPF. AND VABILLA BURNT ALMONDS. MIXBD PUOAR PLUMB, aad ASSORTED 4'ABDIEM. Just received at KING PLAtfB. / M. P. RING A SOB. WKBT INDIA ORANGES AN D BWEEf MALAGA GRAPBS. Freeh, at KING PLA' E. i VIIBOB MEAT i DoMB8T10.) * " Just made, of select materials, At R1XG PLACE. C20LDEN SCUPPEBStiNG WINE. I our finebt native wine Bold coler, full, yet delioate flavor and fragrance, and leas than one hair the cost of imported Wine. B1NG PLACE C'HOIOB NDTS. RABINS. FIGM, CURRANTS, ' SPIOBH. Ac., Ac . toeuit this particular seaaoB. For sale by Z M. P. KIBG A BON. W Ring Place. ?>ARLBZ VOU8 FBANOAIS; Or?Do Ton Bseak I French v 60 eeats Hpreohen Bie Den tech. Or. DoToaSeeak German? 40 ceata. Habia Vd Es aagnol; Or. De Yoa Speak Spanish r go cenu far lata Italians; Or. Do Too Speak Italiwr ? I cento. Harmonies Poetl^nee. par Lamartlae ?B cento. Becaelllemento Poetl^aee, par Lttnardaef\ B W BOOB * ?Blements ef Art Criticisms; by 0. W Bamsoa, D D. Familiar Lectures oa Be'eattfic iatyaets: by Sir Jeha Herachel. Hand i??? e?d Aaaarera, by Jaliaa BHversniith. Idalia, a new navel; by^he aathor ef Btralhmore Robert Bererae. a nofai; . W?. A. A mart can Leaves; by gamael Osgood. FBANOB T^JTLOR. V1BG1N OIL OF A1X. . FRESH IMPORTATION. I wm? '* of bow seaaoa OLIVE OIL, dWectfrom Bordeaax, oad am prepared to aaaalv the trade aa? faaliiee at * 9917 BBW TORE "ICES. ^ a eor. lath aad F sts".. andsr BbMtt H^'nse. aarai?AJ5Ua?rt?,ni:/D11 Lv AUCTION SALKS. BY GREENAWTLiLIAMB. Auctioneer*, Corner ?f 7th and L> itrMta north. BXTEB-UVE ABD ELIGABT RLAOK WiL-' BUT UOUBSUULD GOODS AT PUBLIJ AU? TIQB Ob MOMDAT, the Zlrt Inst., At 10 o*:leck a. m , I we stall sell, at the residence of a gentlcut^o declining housekeeping, on 17th street west, ?-? 11 end 1 streets north, being Hour No. 49ft, *n : one ft?e Maro?n Velvet Plush Parlor Suite, cob- > ei sting of? Tet* b tete Sofa*. Outer and Bide Ohaira Bla<-k Walnut Parlor Writing Desk?made to ' i Aider Blach Walnut Btagere, with erne* back and shelve* Bandeome eet of Maroon Bet Embroidered Curtains. with heavy corpico?coat If Aw Hand one eet of Lace Curtains te match HeadeomeDaasaek Curtains and Cornice Marble toy Jeatre Table* and Ottoman* Uitaem Brneeete Parler Carpet* Bl?'k Walnnt Ball Bet consisting of? Marble alaft Hat Tree and twe Ohaira Baa da one Black Walnnt Bedstead?coat #90 BUck Walnnt Bedsteads, Marble toft Dressing Bnreana __ Raahstanda, Wardrobes and Oane-aeat Ohaira tried Hair Mattreaaea and line Featner Pillowa and flolateie Wool, Husk, Spring end other Mat tree* ea Haircloth Staff Ohaira, Bockersand Divan# Walnnt Sideboard. Side and Exteneion Tables One aet of French Ohlna Dinner Service Bear I) new BruaaeU, Three ply, Ingrain, Stair, and other Oarpcta A leu. Matting on every floor Halt Ollclotne, Bug* and Stair Boda Blanket*, Spread*, Comforts. Blieeta and Oa*ea Nearly new Oak Cottage Set?all complete Painted CottageSet? Black Wainat finUbed Painted Breaking Bureane, Washstanda, Ward robe* and Bedsteads Parlor Radiator, Franklin and other .-toves A pood lot of Oopper Cooking Utensils One fine Sn l? Noble Ceoking Stove and Utensils A lot ef Kitchen B?<juleitee. And all other gooda belonging to a first class private rseiuence. Trrna caah. _ ja 16 d OR BIN A WILLIAMS. AncN. |JT 0BBEH * WILLIAMB, Auctioneers. By virtue of a deed of trust to the subscriber, dated January i0>b 1063. and recorded lu Liber N. C. T. No 1, fulioe J9, Ac. one of the land re.-ords of Washington County, District <?f Colum la 1 snail * 11 at public auction, on MON Da Y . the list day ofJanuart 18e7. at 12 o'clock m., at the auction room a ef (Jreen A Will lama, rorne r of 7th and 1) street", In the city of WaaMuirtoa, the tract of Lard h eated In aald County of H a?bniaten named in aai d deed of trust being partof a tract called " Aaron, '' and part ?f lota t and li, in Duu daa ' subdivision, with the Improveinenla timre on. Terms- S"! 806 caah, the remainder In equal paj ment? at and S moutha, with lut^r-st from the day of sale the pui(ha>er giving no'es forde tei r?<4 payments, to be secured by a deed of t'lMt ou the premi?.ee Conveyatx ea and co-it of stntapa tj Repaid ly purchaser If the terms are not complied with in live dava from d:iy of sale, ta < i roperty will be resold at the riak an 1 coat of the defaulting purchaser, on giving three days'no tier by advertisement in tbn public press of this city. aMA/.IAI! CNDEKHILL, Truatew ja7_ (Int) GRKBN A #vjL.LiAB3, Aorta |J1 GREBB A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer* TRU8TEE B 8ALB OFTMPBOVBD 1B0PKRT* ON MARYLAND AVENUE BlCT tVEKN AND ftTH STREETS, ISLAND, AT PUBLIC AUCTION By \irtue of a deed of trnat to me. dated thelAlh day of November, A D. lS5->md r?cor<ied in Lf*r U. >1.11 , No. 3, loiioa 47 >, and *71. of the Lan4 H< cor.U for hingion c<>uut> Biatrict of Oolnml>ia. 1 chall *rl|. on T II I' BSD AT. the 'th day February next, at 4 o'clotk p OJ., ou tku preuilaee, east half of Lot No 3, lu Beaervatien D, contain-in* two tbouaaiid feten huudied and thirty-aix a tu.ire feet four and a half iuchea, with the improvement", constating of one atory Frame House on the front, and an ther two etory Frame lionae fronting on the alley The above described property to be sold as per order of the Court. Tet n * One half caah . balance in aix and twelve mobtha for notes bearing inttruat. and secured by a deed of trust on the premises Alt convevanciug and revenue atampa at the coat of the purchaaers 3i<<U down on the day of aale: end if the terms are not complied with In five daya after the day of sal*, the Trustee reeer\?re the right to resell ttie property at th? riak und cost or the defaulting purchaser, by advertising three times in the National Intelligencer. . F A. BOSWBLL Trustee. QBKRN ? WILLIAMS, AncU. ja7 Tu.ThAda I intall J |?Y OBEEB * WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. s kale housb ABD LOT. Flit'H riNG '!N bOUTH O STBKBT, BitTWKKN I-.'TUAKT> I :?TTT STB* ETd EAST, AT I'H'MO At; HON On THL USI'AV., at 12 o'clock m.. I shall tell, on the prami?ea. 1 y v.rlue of a deed of trn-t dared th- 1 th of peptun' er, A. D. 1*>?6, and duly recar?e i in Liter B M. U folios it). 121 and lit, in one of the Land Records of ashlngton Ceun'y.iu tfce D.atrt.t of ColumMa, having 20 festfrcntly 1JU feet deep, to the plect of beginLing, with the iuiprevetucuta. coniilsting ofa two story Frame Houae. Terms: Ca?h All conveyancing and revenue Mainpe at the cost of tile purchaser fit dias on ilie day of sale, and If the tt rtna are not complied with v?ithin fite day- after the day of Stle, the trustee reaervea the ru'ht to reaell the preai ises at th* ri k and > oet of the defauiting purchaaer. by ailvertising thtce time- iu some news pai er published in Washington city. HtiUBRT i LARK. Trustee jall-eo gbbbn a WILLIAMS, a nets, 'J-'hl'STBB 8 SALE. By virtue of a de-ree of the Otrenlt Court for Prince Qoergs'sCounty,sitting as ? Conrt ol E jnity, passed in the ca e of Mary A Markwi.od and Rebecca linvail va John D Heal 1 and othars, 1 will expose t? public sale, ou THURSDAY, the '.:4th day of January, 1H>7. at 12 o'cl >ca m.,(iffair, ii not, the next fsdr day thereafter,) op the premise* the Ren I Estate of which Stephen Onion*, lata ol Prince George's Oaunty, died, ael/ei and pos seased, containing about M > %cres. This property ia situated about three milea from . ttie village of Biailea^burg, tu a moat healthy re glon of conntry. Is well adapted to the growth of | tbe n*nal pio4uctions of the co-inty. It ad,<> us the : lands ef Parry \V Brow nlnt the late John F. Carter ai d othera. and the anil being of a flue texture, la valuable for market purp-aea; being distaut . frem Washington city about elijht milea It will 1 be sotd in lota to suit pur< baaers, and those leair ous of se< uring a moat healthy country seat wilt j do wall to attend the sale. Termsoftale Five Hundred Dollars cash, real- | due in one and two years, with interest and ep proved security. Tilla ladiapatable. and on payment of the purchase money with tnter??t. the property will be conveyed to ttie pwrchaaers in jB3 4tnwta B. 0. STEPHEN. Trustae. glQ&IT SI S_EA S B 8 . IAMARITaH'1 AIPTI SAMA RITA fiT B QIFTf THE MOST CERTAIN BEMEDY BVEB USED 'Tea, A PoetTivg Cra*," ftr VOMORRMMA* GLUMT, SlRICTURKa, Contains no Mineral, bo Balaam, no Mercury, Onlt T?? r*U* <o >>* Thk$n (a i/?0 a Cure, They are entirely vegetable, Raving no smell not any nupleaaant taste, and will not In any way la mre the stomach ar bowels of the most delicate. Cute* In from two to four day a, and recent Met in "twenty tonrhoura Prepared by a graduate 15 the C tit vera! ty ol Pennsvlvanla, ene of the moat eminent Doctor* and Cheniista of the preaaat day; who'kave pair ed'o'f*ge t u"/'on red, oc fete* 8!Vrr cury vry me Bfe|>t bj ba1) , vlain wnto)| Price?Mala packages, $1. Faaale, f I. BLOOD I BLOOD! I BLOOD III SCROFULA. ULCBB8. 80BE8, SPOTS, TBTTBR8, scales, BOILB, SYPHILIb, OR VENKREAl. DISEASES, Ac. ' SAMARITAira ROOT AND HKK-B JUIOB Is offered the pnblloM poaltl ve Cure. TfPHlLlb OR VKMBBBAL DISEASES, th* SAMARITAND BOOT AND HEBB JUIOB is a moat poteot. certain and effectual remedy ever prescribed, it reachea and era<Hcatee every particle ol tne veuereal poison, ao that the cure la th >rongt> and permanent. Take, then.of this purifying remedy and be healad, and do not transmit It to youi posterity that for w hi ofa you may repent la afle* ***** DO ?OT DE8PAIBI will remave every vestige ef Impurities from th* systemiM well aa all the had effects of Mercury. rkMALBS: FEMALES 11^ Li miuv anecuooi fllA wiuea namM?ra of Wm nftlM nailer the BOOT Alii) HJfrUB JUlUifts mo?| nappllv adapted, in Ulerratod fftirns. In ISuw! rboea, in bearing down. Falling of the Wotab, debility, and for all complaints Incident to the sac Beuiby asprasa. Price ?1J| par botUa 6 AM A BIT AN? WASH Full dlreooona. Price ttoeuta The efficacy of theae remedies la alike a<*nowiT'" WB?T MS SABA. "Poe* Boerivai., Boat Maeshaxx, Baltimore. MS . ?i I** -"' Ml? ffraat aatUfacSTTln ^a?n? TA* oaasaritaaRemedlee tor Veneral dlseaaea laJta Boat customary forma; their eMoacy, and aa far ae my uaaof tfasia exteuda. RWU8. -AsBatant Surgeon. MR fi. f. . MSBy B. O. BOBD, oornarllth Hreotand PannmsMSiSgg' JPBOTBOTBD Jf1 J^TAL^jBTTBB8 PATjpt ?f Bn*land, and aacnrad by the seals of the Ecole da Pharmaclede Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. Trieeetnar Bo. 1,1s the effectual romedy far Be Uxatlon. Spermathorrhoea, and Exhaustion ef *be%y?*^" Trleeemar Bo l has enUrely superseded tho nnuaeoua uae of Oopavia, Oubota, Ao, Trlaaamr Ho. I Is tfea Infallible remedy Tor aij and Saeondw^mptoms, tiusobvl! fiu^dlnST* B-P,anr delate ri ous jftncA preparation Is la the form of n moat agraeabTe Loxenge Secured from the effaata oFVh maU and changaa of atmoaphars, la tin oaaee. at |1 anch, ar fpur#9 caaag la oaa for jl, and la lv K^aTrt^iSSrSk?1 B*Bmow' *o jol^LrSTafc of a. <rloBD. Ho. MO Psun g u?ao. aaruar UMiB. am phyi^a111 hamd-book 0b pbaoflob bbab0b taylor. , RAILROAD LINES. 1866 PEHNSYLYAVI A BOUT* 1867 PCS TO TH* K^BTH WEST.50DTH, AHD SOUTH* west. _ WIKTM SCHKDCJ.EJ Os t|d ftitor November It. trilc* will le?>e ? follows* Wasblagtcn ...T ? ft. m I Batt'nsre... 9 IB ft as. . 7 * " " ?.ti Man. TBI ??tfAT ^ BL*-TBA0K'i0UTV""' wtth BLBGANT BOBBEBY. Pala ? Stateroom day and night Oars- with modern iaaroveaents, and saving from four to twolvs honm In time over at y other route. Two hundred mile* saved to WMUti ana Central New York. Two Dally Trains to the West. " " * North. Through from Baltimore to R0CHB8TSB and PITTBBCBGH without change. Passenger* by thl* route from Baltimore have theAdvantage of making all changee in UHIOV

DEPOTS. kbd no I SERIES Tickets by tbte rou'e con be procured ftt the office, coraer &th street and Pennsylvania aveftuo, aadsr the National Uot?l. where reliable information wtll be given st *11 time*. Passengers procuring tickets ftt this office can seenre accommodations In Sleeping Care for El lira or Ptttabnn*. B. 1. WILKIN8. Ticket Agent, Washiagton, D. 0. IP. 8. YOUVO, Gen. Pass. Agent, ... Baltimore, Md. ie|Jr_ "WASHIKUTOS, ALEXANDRIA AND GEORGETOWN hAILROAD. Blmwmmmmm M .TIME TABLE. On and after MONDAY, Novem? *r 11.ISM \ud uutll further Paeeeugor Trains will ran t>etween Washington aud Alexandria u follows Lkavk Wakhirgtok. Lbavi Alxxa?t>k;a. Frofb Md. ftTenu* dop<t. From o*r. Puke * Henry Local at........ 8:15 A. M. st*., Local at 4 45 A. M. Through Mail 8:Sfl " Local cor. King Local ftt 7 00 " ftnd H?ury. ... <5 00 * ' f.00 ' Local at. 8 00 ' " 1 00 P. M. " - 10:00 " 4 V * M SOUP M. ? A3fc " Through Mail .corner of .........'1-30 " Bake *Henry 8n? P. M. Ltxalcor King ftnd Henry-... 7 X) l' " ' 13. 0 * BL'NDAY ABSENGER TRAINS Lxavx WnmijoiCN. Lurt Auxaxlhu. From Ma avenue depvt. From cor. Duke ? Henry Thi outib Mall 6..">8 A M. sts., Local at 4 17 A. M. Local ftt^_ C:30 P M. Throngh Mail 6 91) P. M. O A. STEVENS. General Rnperintende- t. no 10 W. J PHELPS. General M>?aag'*r. r| HROltrH J INK Hi.~rWEH WAMilN'iTJN * Ilii-AlliiL.'UlA AN ?? NEW YORK. BUM?MffllHl _ , Wini:*i TON, Ian. 8, 1867. Train* between W aahlugtop aud New York are now run aa follow*, viz FOR BfcW Y ORK, without chuug" of car*. Leave daily (except Pr.nday) at 7:16 a. ro and *F(V NEW YOKK, chftnfInx cars at Phlladol phla. Le?dally (except Ponday) at 11:15 ft. m. and 4 so p.m. FOB PUILAVELPR1 \. Leave dally gnndft** at 7 13 aafl 11:13 ft. m . ftnd f: 4 and 6 *j p m ?'N BUNGAY. Leave for New York and Philadelphia at ( 30 p. m only. Ke eping curs for New York on 6 30 tr .tn dally. Throujjh tickets to rhlU^^lphla, New Y< rtr or Bonton, can !>? ha ! at the ^t%;ioa Ofrce at all h'>nr* in the day. a* well a* %t the new office (j the Banker* and Brok?ra T^Uirarh Ltno, H4* Penn. ftveune, >*tweeu Ctli aud 7t h streets. B?'e Baltimore and C'hio Rallroao ikdTertl?em?iit for schedule between ^a?hlna't?b. Baltimore, Ann*polls, anrt the West J . L. WILSON. Muftter o! Trauap>rtation. L M OOLE O'-i.eral Tick-1 \<<?ut GEO. 8. KOONTZ, Agent, Washington ocSO-tf OALTIMOBE AND OM [() BA!LB<> * O, ft* W AHiiiNGTti^, .lau #, H47. Tram* between W A ?H! NOTON AND BALTIMOBE.ftnd WANI!IN0T0N AND TBI WBdT ftre now run &a Tell ,w , viz: FOIt BALTIMORE Leave dftily. ?xc?pt Sunday, at 7:0", 7 45, and 11 16 a. m.. and I 0?, and 4 30. and ? 00 p na. FOB ALL WAY ?YATiUM8. LeftTe daily, except bundaj , at 7.00 a. m , and 2 < ? and 8 W) p m rot .? A* STATIONS SOUTH OF ANNA POL 18 JUNCTION. Leave at 6 15 and 7.(JO a. at., ftnd \t TOO ftnd 4 35 * ns. FOR ANN A POL IH. Leave at C.u a. m , und 4 3u p. in. No trains to or from Annap^ll* nn Pnr.dar ON st.Miit. FOR BALTIMORE. Leave at 7 45 a. m., and "i ?j ana a <W p. m. FOR WAY STATIONS. Leave at 7.?5 h tu , anri ?:?> and 1p. m. rOh ALL PARTS OK Ti'E \?F3T Leave daily, except Sftiiday, ftt 7.45'i. in , ftod 8 '* p in. Oh Bcriday at ? V) p. m ot?ly .connecting at Relay SUiiou with trains from Baltimore lo Wheellti^, ParWer?burS! Ac. THROi OH TUJK ET8 to thf Wj?tr*r be had at the * at-hlngt n btation Ticket '>flice at all hon rs In the day. ue well ue f.t the sew office of the Honker* ana Brokers' Tel?*B--irh Line, 349 Penn. avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. Foe New York. Philadelphia, hid Boston, see ftdvertlrement of ' Throigfi Lltje. " J. L W iLSON. Muster of Transpartatioa. L M. OOlE. General Ticket Age: r. or 30 tf GEO. 8. EOONT/.. Agent Wa^hlnston KrKAAnio.vinLINKS. pOTOMAt TBA?BFQRTAT10H LINE. MOTILE TO~SHIPP*R3. The Steamer EXPRESS. Capt. B A. RTTHBB, lea ves W ash i n<[ t ol at 6 a. m. and AI - |T? ^ exandrla at 7 a la EVERY bAT-^^ftn^ (JRDAY for Olymont. Bndd s Ferry Smith's Point, ChatterU.n Landing, Nanjemoy Stores, Mathlaa i'ulnt, Ohapel Point Plowden's Wharf, Lancaster's Wharf, Stone's Wharf, Ourlionien Bay, FoxweU* Wharf, fla/-H's W.iarf, Ptuey Point, Point Lookont, and arrives ftt Baltimore ?t 8 ft. on Bindw J.B.BRYAN M BBO,Agents, ftpT tl Ho. 34 4 Penn*. avenue R.?BMOSD^?D|JJOJ?BJW re TO TBAYELLBBB QOING SOUTH. TWIOB DAILY, (Sunday p. m. excepted.1 The Quickest and moat direct route to Eiohaond, Vft . and the South. Tift tlM Potomae JT*? k s'earners from Sixth Street Whsrf Wftshlngton, to Aania Oreek and^^*^^Mi Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac EftHroad, now entirely ooatplated from Aa^iaOreek to Bickmond.Va. connect!n* there with trains o? the Rlohmond and Petersburg and BlenmoiMl and Daavili* Railroads, for Petersburg, Weldon, Wilmington. Raleigh, Greensboro', SaUabury, Oharletto ftad Chester.B.C. Steamers Key port and O VanderkHt leave Sixth BtreetWharf daily (Sunday ev-aing excepted) at 40 ?. m ftnd 7 p. m. ftnd nrrtTft la Blotaaoad at THioCOHTO BItS'MOHD IVSBYVH HOURS. Fifty Mile* Shorter ana l>? Honrs yaicker llui any Other Route. Be rare and gat Through Tickets via Aftuts Greek and Fredericksburg, to Blohinond, at ths Company sOffice,corner ef Peana. avenueanddtb street, or on board of theboata. Baggage oheoked "'omnl'busftee and Baggage Wagons will be la readiness to convey paeeengers andjt>aggage between depot* 1h Rlcbroond. Paeeengers by tbia Une pees by da/light Mount Vernon, and may have an opeortnnUy of visiting several batUe flelre near Frederloksburg by Mopping at that point. Breakfast aad sup on board of Steamers. GEO. MATTINQLY.Bnpt.. Washington, D O. O. EHlATTINOLY, Tlcket^i^ji "iSrUT"apft-ly ?e?ftral Paaaaager Agent. /Columbia hospital foe womvv LY1HO-1M ABYLUM, Fourteenth street,(circle,)corner cf M street, Waahlngton, D. 0. Tble Institution has Ween eetabllshed for the reception of patient a who may be suffering fro? diseases peculiar to their sex and for the ad mi s*i on of ?non fern alee aa may require the Oomfcrts of tbs lyThe buMdT^Ts sHuatod In the asoct healthy pertlon of the District, snrtonnded by ite owe grounds. Oars mm tbc door evwnr Ave minutes Tonne of ftdttiSton: Fro* #6 to fit per weak, m accordance wVh the room required^nayable in advance. This includes Board, Vedlctaec, Medical aad Surgicftl attendance. ?S^kfi?I^H^fSf5is,252S5; United Statee Army. JOS. RILEY. M D.. Oeorgetpwa. THOS. MILLEBjM. I>.,Jr street, Weehlngton. AY. ^.Qa?51?t.M. D.jNew York avenue. W.P JOHNSTON. |Tl?,,Waehingtoii GRAFTON TYLVB, M. t., Ooorgetown. F. VOW AID, M. P., F street. Orders for adalschm to tb? iree beds InUlahoe Ital,(of which there are M,) can bs obtained oi will apply to the Surgeon Ocneral, Uutod Stetoi am? Patients living at a distance whe desire to ossm to this Institution tor treatment can set* re private V?W OftUAHS. NEW BOOKS?War Olalaant's OuMs; by Oco. W B*ff VlesssnU cf Medical Che?l*try; by s.^ 'frsstlse on Intrearhsaeats, by Llppitt. Band Book for Mlnsrs. Metallurgfak and Asea> aksr&?$i PBOfOSALS. piOPOBALB B*Br ABD | N*VT I'll'iRHtlT, / Fm'tau Pro ions and Ciotk mr,]\n 1 1W \ Bea!*d pr?p<?*ls. endorewl Pmpo-eie for Ffeab Um( and V?(?ltU*i,nw1l] be nmitw! it tb fcurean uaul 2 o > l*ck p. m . on th* 21st dsy of J?snary in*-! . for the supply if m.too p amis of ? BBBH BBIF an J p^unda of rBKBH > ?r,ETABtBJ,?tth-BOBl'?LK HAVI YABD /&D STATIOV as rrvnind. The Beef u4 Vegstab.'ee aiuet be of good uuet i y, and Ik* boat tb* market afford*, and each ar title ma*t be offered 'or by the pound Tk* Beef to la la e'.uaJ P*?rortioae. for*and bind quartore hoade wit* approved raoarlty. vlU ba required n dm I alf the f*tl?'l?l ivoaal of tb? ooetract. . s>M twenty per cert in addltiva will be withheld ; lr n the em>uat o awb MTaaat lo k? Md?, aa ' collateral eeonritv for lb* dee prfnratiM ef the c Htract, which wiM oa a* account be paid utll It la fslly oomtltad with. Bvery oBar made Bxt be aooom panted by a ?r (ten faaramr. signed by one or mora responat de persons. that the bidder or ttidder* will. If h>a er ibeir bid be accepted. eater into aa obligation within At* daya, wttn *"od and sufficient sureties, to furnish the article* proposed. \o proftai rill U ttmttdrtcd act 'MMaUd If <M< * turn'amy, in d by 'aitsfarrory rcuitmc* tkat tkt btddrr t.? a titular dtaitr m tht articles prerortdfor, mnd kat tk* Itc*n<i rtfmt'td by aa a/ (<m grtts. The Department r?*r??i the right to reject any proposal not considered advantageous to Ue Governaant. It M to be understood that la raee tk* atlpuleted quantity of *ither article shall be delivered, leaving a balance due on the o?ber article, tbe contract a.ay be ron*ldti ed aa completed la fall, at the oi tlon of the hope? toieot. jaklbd H BUI DOB. Chief af Bareaa. GOVERNMENT SALES. Roabted and t.noiso ri c oorrsa at PUBLIC AUCTION GOVERNMENT 8 ALE Ok' SUBrBUB 8UBsi^tbhob stobi*. 8. J. BVPIH K CO., Auctioneer*. Britsmaxra Opptaa, 0 8., ) fVrt.r hntdrr.iU-* anU Gram r:r*rt*, J Balti.n< re, Md.. Janaery 19. liv," \ Y .11 t>e a> id at public auction, at warehouse en Bsld*rft? i. .nd Grant sue* la, i in,n,e .latrl> io rear of No !<?? Weal Lombard atret-t,) It o clock, on TllT"B8r>AY J*iiT?arv 17, in 7, about 69,41b POHMM Of BMAt*IKI> AND <>BOL'HD KV B urrKB. (In X* M>U > Thia By? Cetlee ia ho Id tecanati ne linger needel for iaece by the GuToruiii u! Th.- barrnla ar? wa ; aad fully bead lined, and in i>rima tinpru.g order. A t th.- ume tiri<<- will be ?old a Urg- 1 t aIN P*OKH.and a lot of BMPTY BABKBL8. Tc ?i? (.'nan. In< nt funfla. five dny * allowed to reni ?e porch ?aea. TUO?AS WILSON. Brevet Lient C?V nud 8,1- 8 A , _.a IS it Brevet Brig. Uea. Vol*. WALB Of A L. tt'.F LOT OK "KDNANCB 0 ANI> C'BltN ANCB MATKBlAL Bh-'uu J OnJmulct. \a'y L><rtTtment,i M a ur(M Crtf,. I'ec-tul or ?'*. liV> ( There will lie aold at public anctir.n. to ttie higheat btdd< ra, at noon, on rUI'K^DAY t5ie twei.trfourth (?41 day of January, 1W7. at the offlce oft he lijapec'oi of urdranc<> >?vy \ ard. New fork, a Urtte lut ot Ordnance Store*, a-rvicealileand un? a, rvif. ubl -, embracing Cannon Mi >t aad 8hell. Fmall Arv> of *aru>ai caiibrea. Spare Parte of t*mall Ait a Oun Carriagea. and Mlecellan?oi)a ttorea. Th? articles will be aold in leta to aait purchaeera. Term*: C'je half r&?h In Ooversnect fnuda to be depoaitcd i b the conclaaiou of the aale, and the reniainilt-r within teuiip Java afterward, daring which tiniM the artl lea may b" removed from the Havy V ard, otherwise they will revert to the Government H. A. Wls? de i7-eol3t Chief of Bareaa. LEGAL NOTICES. "" IN Tl? a 8L PKBMK COURT Of TUB~DI8TK1CT OF COLUMBIA. Thra .id day of Janaary, WK. PatricR W. hit<e and />adr*wJ-i Joyce, total laiuaats, va. 1 Jof?-ph J< l.baon. M iry John , Equity No. eon, John M I!ena< n. John] Vlyn and John Malone, de- | fend ante 'lhe?t>j<et of the bill filed in thla i-?**?- ia to pro>'D e a decre? lor the aale ut certain piece* or parcel* of ciuuuil ly ihg and beluK in WaetilnatoU city. LH-tr 1 .1 i,l C> .umt?ia, teiiig Lot 0 and part < f L<?t t. in hquare 1 ,i>5o, to a^tisf) a debt doe by defendant. J ?efL J< hnaon. t? the cm plain ante. "I he bill ot"> forth m aubetauce that the -aid Jonrph Juh.i-yu was indebt d to ?aid coittpiaiu.tiitii in the aum of 40 for goo<la aold ei.d <Je11 vend I y conip! ti >?nta to the sitld .loaeph I In sot; . Tha* it the tini of cotitracting said debt the said JueepL ohasou ?u ?ei/ed and p -eas?-d of the ?;iid ple< rn or pai ?ls <>f t:r ui.a which, *hile he wag Bv indebted , 1 - lrauculeiitly conve>ed to said det< ndstit. Joim f Ban*>>n. ia trnat lor the eole use a I'd I e ti?-tit o Mar> Jctinsoo. ? ife of .ai>l Juwpli Johuson. Tiia. on.plai..a.atn<'bt?i eJ j :d^n.erit. f cou.'enni^ti .i i the s.nd i io e-t ir p yc la ! fcr ati<llua: dtv v;rtne >f a attachment i4an?-'l out f th?- con mi's l*w fide of thia court in fav^r of comp'-rinenta >-6 i !"t aaid Joeepli J"h? a "i ainl pcays that the said deed ot tru-t from said Joa ph Jel.iisori to s.iid John . Hanson a- afureaai I be | prodnced I tlore the < ourt. and the tarn- be cin1 celled That th'-said < Oaplalnantg. after tie la! ruing of sail att*rbv;eiit >icd the levmeof tue I s.tnie on tbe ??5d pieces or parcel a of around, aa certaiu<-d tiAt the said 6>-fendnnt. Jvku Klyn, ! clai.oea to li?ve h li'-n on tlie satd piecesorparceisid atoniiii; that >>u aearcbi u? the land r?cotds t ^aahicetcn <-ouuty District of lien or i!eed <>; trust w?. rec?rd- i in said laal records, bet that after tiuding of toe jur* and algnient of cond?(z.atioa >>n the said attarbmeHta tbe ra:d re ords were affain searched and a dee>i of trn?t fr'?ni sa d Jeeeph Jol ifont- John Malone, tosecme Icl.n Klyn for the sum ct #1 as . was l.iinii recorded. That the said toed of tru->t was tecerded nearly eleven n oittKs alter the dattb' teof and ovef two moatlia after thei><sum>t an 1 levinK ot *aid attachment 1 hat the said attachment ia a prior Men oa the said p:ei ea >u 1 par els of around, before the ?ald deed of trust. Pray* a discoverv'of the amount still due and unpaid oa said deed ol trust and praya a sale of the said i pietesor petrels of groued to satisfy tbe demak la I of thw cwupleinatile aiid other creditor*, and f. r ai. d un tl<n *ald defeudanis Joaeph .lfahr. n. Mary Johaaon. John M llau" n. J >ha Kb n and John Malone. and their confederate*, ? hen disco*er-d. to raatrain eud prohibit ttie n and their agents tnd sarvanta fr >ui ?elliogor dlnpoeiug of, or in aa> maaner farther lacamberiag, tbe -aid piecea or parcela of ground ItUthereupon thia VI day of January, 1W, adjudged and ordered that notloeof this suit begivea to the said ant resident defeadauta, Josepk Johnaon, Mary Job neon, and John Pirn,by publishing a copy of this order la the Bv*:-lng Star, a newspaper published In the city of Washington, in the District of Columbia, three time* a weak lor e*t consecattva weeka. warning satd n-m reeldent d? fendant* to be and person or by eoliclt<>r. at rule* to b*' held In the oftice ot tbe Clerk af thla Court, on tbe tirat Tueedav ef Jane, A. D. ' lotf. to answer the aald Mil of cetaplaint, otherwise the aante will be takea agaln?t them Provided the tirat puMtratiou of thia order snail appear at laaet foar months before a?id first Tuesday of Jane. I&~, ana stating tk* object and substance of aald bill of complaint. A. B OLIN, Aaeo- late Justice, to. A true copy B J MEIGS. Clerk VM, J. MILLKB. Solicitor for ja* 3taw6w rkBPABTMBNT OP TBI INTBBIOB. U UNITED STATES PATEST oMCEt Wash sotoi*. Decern t>?r ! *, Uot On the petition of WILLIAM WIC&KB4HAM. ol Boeton. Maee . praying far the extenaioa of a patent frsolsd to nlm on the J9tk day of April, li#3. for an improvement In >ewiag Ma cbinea.for aeven years from the exalt at en of aaid K'rnt. which takes place on tbe l^tb day of April, : It is ordered that the said petition be heard at th* Patent OBIce en Monday, tbe let day of April next, at 12 o'clock m.; aad all aersonaara notified to appear and aliow cuttse. If any they have, why said petition ought not to begraated. Peraoua opposing the ext?neluu are reqwired to file in the Patent Office their objecitona, apocially set forth in writing, at least ficary days befor* the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be ueed at the said hearing must be tafteu and tranamitted la aooerdaace with th* rale* of the effice, which will be fural*h*d on applicaiivn. Lepoeltlona aad other paper* relied upoaaa testimony muat be filed In the office daya before tbe day of hearing , the argumeau. if any, wlthtn i?? dare after fil'nf tbe teetlmony Ordered, alao, that this notice b* pabllah*d ta the Bepublteaa and th* Mativnal intelllaeacer, Washington. D.C .aad la tbe Jonrnel. Bo?t?u. M ias , once a week for three anoce??ive weeka; th* Cral af aud pablicatlona to be at Uaat atxty day.pwTio.atott-dayafhjiarlni^ a^oiMBi aaio u*r of Patoata. P. B.-Bdltoraof UBabove paper* will pleas* copy, and aend their bina to th* Pat*atOBc* with % pap*r oonUialag thla notlo* y* l lawjw DBPABTMBNT OF THB IVTBBIOB, , UNITED STATES PATENT dFFlCB, Wa.auisoto*, December U.I4M. On th* aetltloa of MObKS MABSHALL, of l?owell, kfaes., praying for th* *Kt*aaion of a patent granted ta aim th* 14th day or March. IMS, for aa Improvement la KnlUiag Machines, for aevea years fapan the expiration of aald pa teat, which takes plabs oa th* 1Mb day of March. IK7 : It la ordered that th* Ml* petition b* aeard at tbe Pat*nt Office oa Moa4ay,th* 2ith day of P*bruary next, at 12 o'clook M ; and all aereona ar* notified to appear and ehow cause, if any they bay*, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persona opposing th* extension are required ta 111* in th* Patent Offic* their objectloaa, apeclally aet forth in writing, at laaet tweaty daya b*f?rs tbe day of heariar; all teatlmoay tied bv either party to be u??d at the said hearing muat be ukea ' and tranamitted In wortanc* witk the rates of tbe office which will be famished on application. Deposition an 1 r.iher papers relied upoa as teedmony maat be filed ia the offio* tweaty days bei fore the day of hearing; th* nrguments, If any, I within ten days after Uling the testimony Ord*red.also,that this noticsba published ta i tb* Republican and the Intelligencer, Wasulng' ton, D. C and In ths Courier. Lowell. Mass . 1 cure s week for thre* saocesel ve weeks: tk* firat of said publications te be at least sixty days pro0 nuun, Commissloa*r af Pet*aha. P.B. Bditor* of th* above papers will picas* o?py, and send their hills to ths PaftaatOfltoa with a paper containing *hla notice. da lHawtw rimiS 18 TO GITS N0T1CB. That th* eubecrl1 ber has obtaiaed from the Orphans'Court of Wasbincton County, In the Dietrict of Columbia, letter* of administration on the personal ?slate of Henry Mettle, lat* of Waahiegf>.a Oity, D. O.. deceased. All persons heving claims agaiast the said deceased ara hereby warned to exhibit ths same, with the voachers thereof, to the subscriber, en or before tbe Mb day of January next: * >** atberwtae by law be excladed from all benedt of thOiTea aadermy band thla mh da? *f 'Wary, | PROPOSALS. I piONBiU roiwtr (W(? OwaiW'iflftf (fc'i'UMIfl. { It. C., J uatr* l? iw ( ?rtr. w*'?***1*- lB Of the Torn tor ^ wtwUe^TwUI b* r*?,?i an(11 li* tbe ubeii?2?^I>?S?;?t wiU ' f" """" 'SSt-ffiJAiWi', 1""*or ^ *"JWjj? "f? ?'' I*1?* ?oterlale. rwaiisat.'ic.----??To be de|1 vored aa follows. Ob* third <S>on or *VIf*f-T^r^rr, oae third ,V^T * ' * ths ?r| of February, am th* rrmJairr on ?r d? ihi 0f Mtrrk. 1?<T BinitlN ! be fsrnlahed with tbo prop?**|.. |* ?'*W ' tklt sdvertiaeru- nt n ut b* At (MM Bom It I* vail ?treppM with htckarr a trap*: tbe irair of the contra- 'or. Sate of tran*' ?oll a* tbe conteatt. alth gro?* Ur? ant B't weight. BBit b* plalaly Marked na every Mrk i ** * aeap will bo carefully taspecLed baf*r* It li MNltrf u4 coMtr*4 with th* routed Verification Jf Vdfht of im!?^ d^oirad hy th?- uad*r*t?- b*d. wh? will ?l?o settle all questions with regnrd to qualitl ??d ocKUtioa. . fyiy*1* 'oW made i* **oi M lb* article is r*. tr ** "' ftory, bat twealv It* per cent Ti.m?T, rZr*.\?S *? *<L Kfm*it until tb* coiu pleifon *f tbo eon tract Bo O'lowwaco far package*. * th* Subsistence Store kcuM. ?, the Moaameat Lot. a ad tth etreet. Wharf, or at the Baltimore and Ohio Ballroad pBOPOSALB FOB OaVaLBV UmHBKD Drrot V?wr-rr?n/l*f"'| Ogic, . I Rmlttm***, M'1 . January f; is^7 t ar' ??< w<l| t o r*r*Wft,| A thi* Omeoaatll THUtCliU n o clock m imnrt1 ft irnbf?wtbVt.?,.Ttr' c,t? "f Hal' HOBISBS. rO***-*IOHT <??> UAVAl.kY ! ..PtJLir? wl11 W to car*f,| ins perI tion before being ac epted They muet ha To-r^i V? brok-"-,o fall flesh and >' J| I condition, from fifto-a to *l?teea hand* high veto aloe rear* old, wall adapted la fwri aa? for cavslrj iurao**s. ' w%' The ability of th* bidder to fulfill hi* nan imsat net be guaranteed by two re*p u? ? r*?? "TwfiMrM,w most accompany the pr??..aal t>edelivered a ithintwwf .?? day* from tbe data of acceptaa.-e of any Broaoaal Tha woterkBtnt r*mr?M the right td rflT.., central"" Fa> ?'DC U mmA* ? eo?pi?u? n of Bid* will be ln<tor??d *'Proa?aaU for o*?>!r. n. rae*. ^and addraeard to the end r?l*ned fl*it D*(irf. id * By order of tbo ynart*ri.a?'*r General A . A ? KIM MALL _ ? ... Capta?n and A V. M . IT. ? a ^ 11_1 Po?"t vj u*rterm?*ter J>Kt?ru8AL? TU* Bl UTIONItH. Post Orriri Dr> aktxent. Dec. 31. iwu j Propo-ala will ) * r? ?( tf? p ?r Office I??*par,ment nntl! the auth day of .1 ?????! 1*7. at IS clock. at n >oa, fir fnrnutilnc itatioti* or j for thi* l>epart?<>at. tor one i??r fr,, l.tof F.lrnary. 1?^7. Tbooe ..aac'.???, \ J1 2 aatiafactory ta*tiaK>nial* of ability tv fu?til 1 tract will not to couaid. rrd 1 * ??B All the nrtlrl.* mnat bacf the T?ry beat .ualltr * ?'? ' ;Mcb, roBtaminr at le..t a r"m of i ' cb km4 of pftpt-r, sivifft c cLpftijy tkf km*. n ? ! the l?epart?.nt reerm the rf?ht to reti.^ i pay Ut the at th* prico stated In th.nif.r I or retarn theyj at it* ot tlon. offer. Mo bid* will b* ron>tder*d where tbe artlrio. accompanying it are not of the kind and /.ai.w ! repaired I y the Department, *Dd apurioT* 17 J tic lee will snbject the entire lid to r.oectioa I* tbe rU-a- nre of tb* Deparrtneat. r*J?c?on. at A The an trained ll*t * peel he.. u nearly a* ran n w la done, tbe aauoat. qaallty. and de^rirtr^V. , each of the kind* of artlcla. that will oe ^aafod Estimated tumnhty tea*test f<* tme wtf Itrm. Ci tM Ho. 1?PAPSK. 1. 10 Polio P?t. aatin or' plain finiah faint lined and trw,lu.-d. to w^.h aoi ul than 1. pound*, per ream J. 40 reatu* Fuolacap. pla n nachina, faint lined and trimnted. to woi?h not loaa than u ponodt jt-r r*-in 3. It ream* roolocap. Mae laid, hand faint lined, cartfen pattern. comrToa.V knowa a* Di*pat< h or Con.nlar d?i-? J, weigh not loaa than eliteen reata P"r 4. 1M ream* gnarto Po*t. machine, plain faint lined thi ea aide*, per ream ,p,u,,',m,nl 6' ''tea* ?*? ??P*r. rlaia, par ? 10r7,*1214 B#,# M?er. *llt. large aia*. p*r 7. 5 raams Note paper, plain. Iarf. also p?r ream 8. 1? !*? - Nota paper, fill, small si/*. *er r^tin 9. B resms Mote paper, plnln, small sii*. B#r ream ' w 10. 100 ream* Envelope p%par. yellow or bnff royal. Per ream 1. :0 ream* blotting paper, royal, per ream 2. 6 d> zen preaa < <.py Bocka. Bot la** than MM page* per dozen 13. 5.(?ai extra large si^e white edbexHe ciae-< eery smooth and thick bv i chee *?iuare. per Hundred ^ 14. tS.Olli |>ng ad heal e Pa^elore* van,?o.thiand thick. > 15. 28.f*? long wMte or bafr adbec|Te K Tery siuooth aiid tb\k for lett?.? and r^r' ! , . cn,*rs by 3'. In\*?. per handred I IS. 3 0<0 bull or a bite Hdbeaive Ii,??,IN, _-rt L smooth and thick, p. r h.indrad * I I 1?. 1,00i' *B;Bl I sire a lite note adhesive Km-ai ?pes, per bnmlred r < 18. 2.0<*i large *ire ahite note adhesive Kneel opaa. per hniidred 19. 3A)o letter size a bit* Bilhesive BneeloMa ?? hundred ^'rr 1'I.ASS No. 9.-PEN8 AND PENOILD, ETO ?. 24 gr..** Perry ' and Uuillott * b-?t n.etaili/. p? n*. per (roes 10 21. 40uro?* m. tatMc Pens, of other maBofa<-tur. per gross rf? S3. 1 do*en best <Iold Pens, p-r do/.sn 1 2t. .vo Opavin* ynill*. No. <*, per 24 V dozen Penholder* aa-ort* d, per docen 25. 25 dozen Kabers beat blark Le.c pPnc?4> graduated p r d->7er> 26. lu do/en beat red snd bins Laead Pencils per 'Steu ' 0LA.a No. S.-lNEfc.1HK8TAND8, WAPBBS. 37. 12 dozen Inkstatids. Knwi or aay paten; laro or email, per dot*n t^vea.. iarg. 2d. 4 doren Ihkatiinda, cast-iron, large, double per doren * 30. 30 Ink, black, Haynard A Novea' in mart lottles per bottla "oyer, to So. SB bottles Arnold s Copying Ink, p*r bottl* 31. MB bottle* DaTid'sOaraua* las,ounce Blo 'i per dozen bottles ' ' 1 32. 30 pounds Wafers, common aizas, red aer pound 33. 78 punnds Sealing wa*. best aclra snprflne scarlet, per pouad * Ola?? No. 4.-CCTLEBT AND MI8CELLANK Ol i A KT1<JLK8 B|' 34. 8 ?o?oa Peakuirea. Bodgers A Boa's, four Uadea, back horb handles, genuiue, D, r dozen ' p SB B dozen Eraser*. Bodgers A Boo s irory bau? .dl*e, geiiuiae. par dor*n 95 4 doreu Office Shears. 11 inch, per dozen 57. 4 dosea Office Sciesor*. per dotea V. 2V dozen Fold*rs, ivory, ? inch, par dnsen 99. 4U0 dasea rod Liaea Tape, assort*j, per dosea t SO. 10 do/wn Silk Tasts, color* aud widtba. in \ batiks, per doi?a * 41. St'dcren Psper Weights, assorted, par dozen 43. V'pounds Inlia B*bb?r. piepar?d, par pound v i 43. 5 pound* India Butfber, nnpreparej^, pcr poiiac . 44. 3" jBaru Black Band, per <jaart a. St.'auiicea Poui.ce, per oaace 4e. K) poaads Twine, iiBon. p*r pound 47 10i> ponnda Twine,cotton, p*r pound 48. Bdo/en Bulera, mahogany roani or flat, per dozen 49. rdo ea Outta Porcha, ronad ar flat, par dozeo Bo. 5 pontile Sponce. l-eet. per 51 10 p?iinds Uum A rabic, best, per ponnd Th* Adhesive Bneelone mnet be tlitokly cammed n t 'nrth of an Inch aide aronna the lappais Each hbider must furnish with his proposal* a sample?and bat one sample?of each article bid tor. Each article must bo bid for, and no mor* than one nrtce named for any one article, KM* not fully conloraiiug to tl<s *dTertiK*aont 1 will not be eon*i4ered. TLe icru.r and conditions of tbe ad>ert>eement ' frr statlcnrry are to bs int or porated m tb-- ova ! ti'Vct for Stationery, aud tbe bead ot the DepartI will, in allraoe*. judge whethei tbe artiHe* I tendered by the contractor are of the quality re | quired by the <.ontraet. 1 be btatlonor> iat. be fnrni*Bed a* it may bo ordered by the Department and at the roatract prices, whether the ^naati tie* eaceed or fa^ll abort of tbrt+f IftllUltrd Baoh pia?K>*al must be algnal by the indlvidaal or firm making it. aad nmatspeclfr a prb e? na t in on' pric*?tor each and every article aamed In tbo ?ohedale. BUonld any articles bo required which are not enumerated, tbey are to bo furnished at tbe lowe?i market prices if tbo Department shall *oe fit to order tbem from the eontractar having tho eon tract for simitar article*, and if the contraotors and tbe Depart meat do not agree, then tbe De i partment may have the arttoie farulehod by aay other n*rs*n nr parsons wke will furnish it at a pries fowsr tbas thai domaadet by the eoairminr. I Blank forms !or proposal * will ! * furui*B*d at L the Bepartment to person* apply lag for them; ,1 and. as without naiforaity therein, tbe Depart Btoat would find it difficult to make a decision, nun* will b* taken into roa*4detaUon, nulsss sub etaatiall> acreeiag therewith The head of the Department will, in all cases. decide whether tbe term* of tbe ooatract hare boeu complied with and reeerv the power to auual u.e contract upon any tallure to eoiuply la a reasonable time. ] Bonds, alth approved e*curity, ar* to be glee a &the person or persons contraeOag. and. In aase failure to supply tho apUeiee. ?ka oantraesor \ aad hi* sureties shall b* liahl* for **? *orf*ltnr* specified in racb bead as liquldaeod damaj**. Tits oonirast ?1U be awas^i*d t* the lowe*C and best bidder, tbo boot Md ?o bo d^mina^alkar n careful *inminat1on tor the rurpose of, saoartaU; lag which bid will, in It* r aattaal rnaalta, be mast ad van tng eons to tbo Dspnitmtnt. . The Depnrtasent rasarya* f ttaalf ttie Hgt t? rcuict idt bid vltr* tt to Mftrftl tbil Hn w th? MilcU? are for at w+n low m pmrti jal iawaw Pontma+*t QmnnL MAI lla BD'i _ OBOOOLATB DB TAHTAIBtB. BT BOM BOMB. ALSO, IAILLABD'8 : .HOOOLAT 74* ??tJ-??0*; This Trlpls Vanilla CBOOOLiATB is saparlar in quality aad taper ta aay other made 1b this I a, p