Newspaper of Evening Star, January 18, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 18, 1867 Page 1
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?nting Star. . i ... ... . ?? _ V~*. XXIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. FRIDAY. JANUARY 18. 1867. N?. 4,326. *. - ? ! * - "THE EVENING STAR PL BLIS11BD DAILY,(SUNDAY IXCEfYXD) AT THE STAR BUlLDlffQ, ??*tkvtii etner Ptnn'*. aseaud and 114 strut, bt W. D. WALL AC II. The STAB ? served by Ue earners to Onir aobecnler* in the Cltj and District at Tb* Ckbts ru. wits. Copies tt the counter,wiUi ci without wrapper*. Two Curts aa*b. Pkicb ron, Mailiho ? Three months r0*d Dviiar and fifty C4?tt; six months, TKrtt DolImrr; one year, Fir< Dollars. So papers are >?>Dt from the office longer tnan paid for. The W LfcKLY s?TAK?published on Friday morning?One DoLar and a Hal/a Year. DENTISTRY. fkB LIWIIO DENTAL ASStH.'I AT ION, I) lie. 360 P F.NN'A AVE , Between 12th sad 13th streets. Teeth extracted without pain by admlnsterlng Nitrous Oxyde er Laughing Gas. Dr LIW1E bu recently purchased tb< b?itMSai Ibrnictl Apparatus in the cosntry for^?'' * p making cor* |u every day, alae, sn in.proved Valtslar lntiaitr. The Association ia now prepared to make Teeth on Gold. Stiver and Rubber at Mew lerk PUiladelphta and Boston prices. All persons wishing dental work done can have It aa cheap aa in the above named cities. All work done in Mie neatest sad beat manner, aad warranted to give satisfaction Paraons will do well to call aad examine pgr wort. tie M tf T1 1 1 M. LOOMfB.M D.. The Iavsnter and Patentee ef tae Hlft&Ii PLATE TESTE, attends perionally st^^p^ hla officeln this city. Many persons culMl wear theae teeth who cannot wear others, ? and no person aas wear others who sanaot wear Paraons calling at my office oan be aoeonamodaM with any style and price of Teeth they may desire, but to theae who are particular.and wiah the pureat. clean set, strongest and moat perfect den tare that art can procure, the MISBBAL TBBTH will be more fnlly warranted. Booms in this olty?No 33** Penn*a avenue, between 9th and 10th sta. Alio, *07 Arch atreet, Philadelphia. oc ? ly PERSONAL. B. MAUBU'l. B BAL BOIBNTIFIO ASTROLOGER UP AMERICA, From the position ana aspect of the Stars at ths time of one> bi .h. will reveal aatoniahing aecreta tbat no liv tg mortal ever knew before, how to be successful to all reasonable undertaking* He teila Dame and very day you marry; describes tbe intended cor.ittn;ou, and t lis all events of life good In. k ana lot* life to viaitore. Ladies #0 cents to 91 gentlemen in foil ?1. Oallat4 70 13th at . near F, all hours uutil J in the evening. kf 31 lm * j ~~ADIKS WHO ABE PE51ROWS OF A SKILLI j ful and accomplished Physician, should consult Dr HEN BY MORTON, lbO east Faytte street, Baltimore, Md. Dr Morton's services may be .engaged in Washington or any other city, by addressingaa above. _ oclSSm* A ' ENTLEMBNTWHO AREAFFL1CTKD -A " care warranted by an old Surgeon of twenty three years'experience in thia particular branch f the profeaaiau. Charges moderate Do not apply to quark*, bnt to J B. QARBUBB, M. D., lair of tbe United Statea Ricord Venereal.Hospital. Office No. tfl south A atreet, oppoaito the Capitol gi.nare, south aide. N P. - Medlclnee alao furnished at coat. deZ7 lm* ("'ON FIDENT1AL ? Young men who have in/ jured themselves oy certain secret habits, which unfit them for bnalneaa. pleaaure, or the dnties o< married lifa; alao. middle aged and old men. who. from tbe follies of youth. or other tao-ee feel a debility in advance of their yeara. bafare placL* themselves under tbe treatment of any one. should firet rettd "The Secret Friend."' Married ladies will learn something of importance by peruaing "Tbe Secret Friend. ' to any ad dreaa. in a sealed envelope, on receipt of 25 cerita. Addrew Dr. CHAB A BTCABT A OO . Boston, lata no S-ly CLOTHING, Ac. FJ. H B1 B E BQ B b, . . __ Pucceeeorta H F. LeOdoa > Oo... ia CJT1ZE&8 AiVD MILITARY >H w merchant tailor, Im Metropolitan Hotel Hite Brown s, llr . _ 3bu Pennsylvania avenue. my 1 tf_ Washington. D. O. ' kbmiab s. slack- ward h. LiMOil. c. t. blackLAW OeFlUB. .. BLACK, LAMON * CO.. Oonnaellora and Attorneys at Law In the Supreme Court of the United Ptarea. the Court of Cfalrna, theConrteof the IMatrict. the Executive Departments and Coxmitteee of Congreaa. Office, 4 6*? lath atreet, < directly oppoaite WJllards Hotel ) ]? is-tf ^ ^ beat baboa^in 31 The aut acrtbaira are cinaing out tha balance of 1 tbair FANCY DKBHd UOUl'8 at greatly reduced trices, and ladie. iu want of bandaome Uilka. eps, Merincea. Poplins, l'laids, aad, in fact, any kind of Drea?- Materiala, will find our prices a great in lareoieut, aa we wish to cloae them eut this montb. We also have on band an elegant itork of SHIRTING* and S1IEBTIN<;S. both Linen and Otton. whi, b we are selling very < beap. All goons inaiktgia plain figures at the lowest market rates. W M BHTSTBB 4 HBO., ja 7 ? o3? N" 3^* Market Space. potatoes! O.lMIU bUjbela MAINE POTATOIS. jnat ar rived, ai>d for sale at onr Wharf at tbe foot of 7th atreet. 8 P BROWN A BON, Commi-aion Merchant", de la tf _ No. 9th St.. between E aad K. ('HOCOLATB DOC BLR. VANILLB, DE H. MAILLAIBD. Pnr Cacao at Sucre. Exempt de t-utl m^iao -e L M. P KINO A SON, King Placa. Comer Vermont avenue and 13H street. WFBT INDIA ORANOES AND SWEBT MALAGA GBAPES. F'*sh PLAC*. ^HOIC^ MCTB, BA1B1NS. K ICS. CCBRANTS. V SPJ Kg 4c., Ac., to suit thia particular sea noo. Foraale by Z M P. KINO A BON, de M tf King Plaee^ 1' BT. TIMOTHY'S HALL. A HI dntlaa of taia matltutlon will be res a mad an Bept. IS, 19#6 For terms, Ac., see catalogue anc circular at the principal bookstores of this city er address the principal _* * _ E. PARSONS, Oatoavllle, Md. I^HE CBOCHET COLLAR BOOK; MRS Collar Book; The Bagla *nl? 11* BmI; Mrs. Uaugala's Km! Bhawl aad Bwok- Th* Winter Knlrung Book; Mrs. Oony'? Art of Dr^Hamak.! * J* YBANOK TAYLOB. PEBBONB FUBN1BHINO ROOMS wsuid wve money and trouble by calling at ADAMSOM S stub Ninth atreet. next to Pennvalvania avanne! So? e*?,fnrn??tl wilh realy maJe Sheets Pillow Caaea, Feather and Hair Pillowa, Bolstsra, ?'?nketa. Mattreesea, Wind ,w inm fi' m Osfps*. Stair Crnah. TowelTabl# Um. Me. 4* 14 <il9t FOB BALE OR BBBT-A fine toae PI ABO. o modern atyle, with stooi and cover,^ food order. Can be sesn at BOBWEl.LTlltt8a 30ii * strsst, asar lath. iTT^f oc jo-tr |/AB MirFB FOB aKATBBB: An in.Ha<*n?ahle article for all w ho are exposed to the cold. For aale by . NOAH WALRRS A CO. >aa ctlf peun avenne. \ZJ H1TB OPOBTO POBT^ " *7 . , ("Tears of the Duoro,") Dirsct importation Z. M P KINO A BON. King Place, Department o? the intebiob. V Ml TED STATES i'A TF..ST OFFICE. ? 4 wArtMijfGTO-is J%nr:arw 3. 1*7 riRTH cii1,*ISTOPH?R DUCKMoaiiit Oarmel. 0<snna< tirut, praying ft of * granted to hini on ^a M improvea.ent in ??.x Matlon >a Looms for s^ven years from ? 'iS'gf,*" Jaaa uwmt. at u o clock M , and aO ^r aad show cause, if any Jr^t?j1T*' * Petition ought uot to be sxtension are reonired to . . l ateatT'OUa tdeir wbjections. specially lh writing, at .east Hczni* days before ths dav a^Uarlng: all testimony tiled by eltaV'r ?.rt. a be tswJ at the aald heartris mnst ll tfw P 5 tufThZfJ ^^ordance with the ruleI*ofu?s"Sr nlT furnished on application ni?!rP">,l. ^V1*D2.otb'"r P*Mra relied tiponastes? ?lad in tbe flflr* iw?siyilt.s before tbe da* of Iwtriiiji. tbe arguments if withUi um dysafUr gifng thelaiiinonr * ttl aT* lj"s ??<>tice Ir pnhllaaed in D o s> .Washington. D O . and In the Palla-lium. Ns? Havsn.lon n-cUoal.OLca s week far thres saocesstve waak tUsftrst of aald jiublicaUonaU he at least sixty d?js ^carious t? ths day of hearing. ? T C^THBAKBB, d a _Cemmlaalonsr of Patents. P B.? Bel tors of ths above papsrs will pleaas copy, and send tbeir bills to the Patent Office with a we** containing tkJs notice. 9 Iaw3w F-HMSC-H ALMANACHB FOB 1-67.-Alia aacn Comi.4ne; AJmanacb Pour Vita; Alma sarh du Ben-tod AImanarh Ohartvari ; Almaaach de la Dauss. Alaianacb aa la bonne Cuialna, Almanacb Imperial; Alioanach ds Napoleon, Almaaach d*a daB?>o<e<e; Alinanaeh Polichiaalle, and ethars. Imported direct fro?n Paris, by < 31 IfBAVOK TAYLOB. pOBI ABLB STEAM BNOIMK0, Csmttning the maximnm of efficiency, durability, aadacenomy, with the ml aim?a of wnigbt aad *ics> They ara widely and favorably known, ^re than 600 beiag la naa. All warranted sadsfa.tpry, or na aale Deecrtptlve eircnlars seat OB OMUntloa. Address J. O. HttADLBT A OO.. acAacto Lawranaa, Mms. PB3IB?A flee aasortment rtf Geld Pens, 2.* Paartl Cases. As for aala at mannfartarar'a Ids Kj FBAflCK TAYbOK. j HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ao. C * ? ? ? ' _ W1I.LARB 8 HOTBL, I i "wSKRIS!: -deot^rr.l:^id!B, In Washington, who pecmam private apartment*, can b. ?cr. ni^odit*! with their UK A US at this Hotel at tbe rate of * l > so per week I <'<>n B*EB8, CHADWICK B OO. I^IB&WOOD H008B, Ctmer P*??a. artnue mnd Tu-tlftk ??r?rt,#AA? W*shtnr:on% D C. JJbJHhL Sltaated fa the moat central location the city, I midway between the CAPITOL AND PBE8IDENTIAL MANSION, Only a ?hcrt distance from all the Departments, Patent and Poet Offlcee, Bmlthsonian Institute, etc* H-H. DUDLEY 4 00., _ D0 Proprietor*. HOTBL AND BBSI JL * a I SAUT, UUi Pa avo , ODDosit# A . _ a Willnrtl f Hotel,CHBI8TMAN & I Proprietors ?On W ed need ay neit thliX 'MT ;T&b??r w,in#be with a 'one h I # Proprietor will be happy to me*t his i',1*!? k The Bar will be constantly sn pmith .? ? m 01 C?^> ^i(?aorB. *cd the Kestanrant ?f *?* 210*1 Picurean ta?te cau tlJlt-the d4*' * ?* or innnth will I i excellent accommodations at m derate t.1^4 ri.w' lnr?l;??ed rooms can be ob lalned ettber with or without board. Call and I jal-im* rMBICHf RESTAURANT. No. 344 Penna avenue, near 6tH streat. n^iFf ^.I(*? tBform his friends and the .i **nerally that henow keeps eon-B - . * stantly on hand OT8TEK8. fresh e*ery tii Po?P?^?2 ,n eT#rT style. Tj-:BT Call k nd L!Hc,0*S cannot be aurpassaT. <?*l^?nd^gfve him a trial. oc 23 tf WOOD AND COAL. (JOAL ! COAL ! I GOAL ? 11 T T. FOWLER A CO. JfA,,V?rt,>,tOT' ?nd e? sires, *8 ?per ton. ^rTtootlo?f ioffSSSJF* ;al4 im B. 8. LAMKIN. Agent. ^OALI OOALIi j AT GBBATLT REDUCED PBICB8. lbe~dellYered In any part of the cH,. Ob. stnnt White Ash. *7 28, Slofe, Etc LehJ"".? White 9630' M *sh*'?* OAK and PJNJJ WOOD constantly on hand. Orders received at onr office. or at tbe wharf ,?a lfe J?a o,?.8. P fiROWN A BON. j J> s " 'Ireet, between E and F C0AL1 COAL 11 OOAL'M Having determined to sell a first class article of v^0.?^ ? cheap M the cheapest, 1 ho?? by doing so1 to gain a liberal share of pablio I troni*e. The Croal price* are as followsI WHITE ASH NCT COAL, by the ton e 7 03 BALTIMORE CO. WHITE ASH, Egg and I Store sires ? as fH;2*"KRgeAL,TlE8or WHITE ASH S> ?? ?)]kJJ?J5^ALLKY PUtt? BED ASH H7$ DIAMOND VEIN RED ASH ""l" 3 73 GROSS WEIGHT,3,ltO LBS. TO THE TON Always on hand and constantly receiving the H7.USV.itl#,of w0,?l>of descrlptto^, dee iirerad In any part of the city. ' K? C BAUM jM'lm 7th st., betw?n E and Fata.. Island J WILL OPEN A PROVISION STORE THUR8I r ! Aitt L * . . ^ * t ? ftD? lUtn ? iftWien 0 ftnd d streets. Where I I *nl cave on band 6Ter>tlifi)? in thf* ?r ? i -<"<1 ?t the lowest market nrliHia jaS^t- WM LlNKINS. IIEBZBERO S LOAN OFFICE u, . Establisbe<l 1SSS. MOlfl.S ?iV?cfuv'd?. in WATCHES, DTA and all TL H,cABINO API'AREL. confi lin^ strictly fiek atr ? ,. 1 -r Aj ? ^ traet,belw#en 4^ bl 1 I Hotel' immeJlataly i? rear of the NaUonai ^BIdstbeat s 8THA?^ LEATHER The best Invention of the age ExrlnHen erery'd'escrlpMon dU,t from d<K,'^, ?Bd windows of po'lte*Centre^M'arkat# D'P /t 3?2 7th street, op<le20 JW H. W HAMILTON A CO LATE*T 3'J4 UKn?y<t*t Mr iiiw # * ?Jwe*n l?th ?nd Uth ats elcht ?ear? (? ?,uWI?he<l UT tne last I 53 I?0CI8LABA^AVBNCB. O ^ J U' CBaNB B OO. ?n baad ? '*r?? ?nd floe assortment of J 00D8, auited to this market, sach as BDTTER CHEESE, BOOS, APPLES, BAI8INS. FKiS* CITRON. NUT8, HAMS. CeDFI^H, MAOEEBEL, HERBINO. B0AP8, CANNED OOOD8 | Ac. ' I Alto, 60 Barrels Moore's e*t0brmt#d oh A if PAGSE CIDEB. by barrel or ga!7o7 AlltheaboTe goods are effered at tha lowest I market pNoe, ?oa warranted to suit, by *2 w . J ? 0BANB A CO., w 4 |M 33 La between Cth -.a, J ^ADiEa- DBEBS GOODS: I l?",?VAc,ktyK'^5gSi!ftgI,",SgS0T??. st'<l!n* ?Ut cheap pr eriona to taking aconite of BLAMKBT8 AND TABLE L1NBN. v. .ouat,,.11injS'SnjjtfA'o'S' *" " SSBKft.. ?? as. I lUc. r.,'r*W" Ml t* '"1T i?b,' I Tftwnta, Law an4 Practw-?'nf ?- Blddall, V* irWttSSf.'ff'a """"Si"*S3: and sold Kenairlne DDhn^iE^0,,*' 'B?done at thesborf^ PJL?!?ri 2?' ,Vd * rniJh of 0th and K streets north. No! 13?? dJ*lVto?*r Koston mess mackerel. ?j flnaa^nalTty^of1*18^ ,ro,n Bo t<>n d'r*ct, tbe ?ery s?asslsfes? Oor???S?W,r?.^.g?h'SW I - - BbMtt ?!>... |Ut?T BBO'BlVED I A* TATBS A SELBTB. I a ,~? 3WJ Pannsrlania ^A superior lot of LADIES' CLOaKIBOS -h w tke> are oflering at ?ery low wlces ShJfrh R * M 0>~A_L~. ? I" '"KM'bfV/.B'SSS1ST" 00? Have removed to their New Offlce No. 71 LOUISIANA AVBNCB ? irst door east or 7th st. l5R3S?r?faDBa ,^J tf BOBLB D. LABEEE Secretary. STOVES. OBATES, la creat eartete .id M*riB?Brt?7r VTwl.^'OS JilhT OP LETTERS BBMAIRIiro IK THE washington city post ort^e, Friday, January 1*6*. {officially published in the pap?r having the largest circulation j y^To obtain nay of theae letter* the applicant muft call far '* Ad vertiaed Letter*," give tua date of the lilt, and pay one cent far advertlaiug. y If not railed (or wtthla oa* monta they will be tent to th? Dead Letter Office LADIES' LIST. AnhHarr 't A Mrs Ivrni* A DnteMrsMeacham Mary Adam* tnaan El>wurtb M lira Mis* Austin E P Mr* Eaatwoou Mari*M?h*BiMaryMr Alton J<nbt? | P Mli'er S H M ra Andersen Elixa KldrldreElla McD'ma.d ' at!i Hi ace Oath Mr* Eveleih Mary E Mctolg-'U M I 2 blatr Mlia Knierane b M MoCarty P ly Mrs drown L Brnmona < ord a McCoek E MMr* BcydA InilraMrs Ellis f M Alra MeQutre L?-ttl? Blair Kate Mra fcswig Maggie MoCallLetty Mr? Boyle J B Mr* Friea Mra __ Hall* MollU D Bruwa Eii/aMraKord LouiaaMrsNeliiu Bettie E Brewu France* FisUer Norton Kate Hra Fletcher M A MriM >rris JoaEMrs Bell Mary Mra Flet< her Nv ay ?o:>le Relien M Brown Hanoi* BFraser BU/e'bLNorr1s8arahMr* Brown Marietta Farriugtoa Ab'IO'Oonor M'yfllra Mm Mra Payne tnabMrs Bends NancyMrsGreene A 8 Mra Paten BUen Mr? Bell Tarexa George Mary PeytonBllenMra Beaver* Boar tthaOri ves* JaneMraPorterBl'aUMrs BrauanAtuMrH Grill LouisAMrsl'almer A L Mrs Butler Mai > Mr* Garry Edu dMrsParkerM'yEMr* Branch* M Mra Graoton H PMraPeta?n Sar.ib Bradley Eliza Gunthtng Oar'i Pleaseaton Mr* Maiiey Amanda Gi ddard Fr'k L Pooch*!*! Marct Barry Mary Mra Glddlons Lued'b L Mra Barry Batty Grannt s K 8 MrsB >e Lizzie Baxter E J Mi* Gnthrie M PMrsBoy e E A Mra Bowman Liblile Qoloy Matt icMrsBeis* Mr* 2 Berkley M J LIE Han* A 0 Mra Byan John Mr* Mra Henh I ora Mary R .bertton Augie Bi?wnlng M V Helle Mien Kot.ert* A Mra 1 Mrs Hi. ks Ellen Richmond E Braudner Tere?allall Bllza'bMrsBogera E Mra Buatwick Eeliie Hill Bettie Bo >ertson OaroBaillugli A Dr Hart H e L Mra line Mm Mra 4 Huntt Bt'e LMrsBemhardPBMra Bnrr< wiMptMraU ilf M M Mrs 2Bichar,l*onRa 1 Blackaton* L a Haya Mad e Mra Mra Birdsal KataMraHIU Sarah O B.cier Paaline Bird* all M.I Mrs Heavy O E BtmayGraceMrs Bassett Maggie Hntcbingson ABin-tiard Minuie Mra Mrs Beilly MargtMrn Bannon Magpie flonstn Agnes BUhardsouLU Bertram! EstellaHopkin* Jennie Mra Benson A Mrs Horan Bridget Schwet kEl'enR Be lew Jan.e?Mr*HurburfOreMrsSTiithMaryK?y Bostwlck Katie Hartwell Ann OSahb Henrietta Carr Mary Ann Hawkins Laura Smith Augeline Corl Lilie HintonBeb'aMr*8mitb Annie M C<xJ*ne Harris Sarah Spear JohnH Mm Clark Nallie M Hieson Rel,e< ca Short Louisa Mra Hndlow Margt BpralriAnneMrs Clough Cblot B Irwlng Nannie Sauggs Kate Clark Katte Jones Sarah L Sommere A Cof>?< r Sarah E Jones Mollle StmrunmAb'ey L Mrs 2 Joyce Kate Mrs Bweeuey Annie Cbrixty CerdeliaJont sob Anna Mrs B Mrs Jackson Ellxa- St Olalr Annie Cbnbhuck Lotty teth e Mrs Severa B Mrs JobusonMLMrs 8t?wart F e Camelon J A J lnnlng?M'y Mrsdnrrli k' Eliza b Coleborn Sarah Jarboe E Mra A Mra JobnatonEolaln 8pelmanRebecca Carter Lucy A JarkaonFranMra Mrs Mra Johnston Litzie SymingtoaR'alie Connor Ellen Jackson Magaie Mrs Coabon E Johnston Bella S<>ath*ron M Mrs C<lb?t Mary P King Dr Mra Southard Marv K Mra King Kata Mra Soyfrel Ma ; Mrs Cralgen AddleM KnigbtAnnaMrgShanority Nora Cunnlagbam S KeyaM< llle Tort Lacy Mra Kimball B J Mr* Trotter D P Mrs Coleman Malin- Kidney Mary Trevitt H >rt'o da Mrs KeslayLvdaS Taylor H t Mrs Caotle Mar\ J * Kablert Loni#a Thompaot. M C Cfcauip on Bach LaiubFaQai^MrsTaylo- M Mr* ael Mrs Lynck AOMri Ta?li-rMariaMrs Crauton Mary Lako Mary A Vincent Ann e Mr* Lnln* Ellen Mr* Mrs Cornell Mary Lawrence A A White Ada B Cblpman Sarah Mra Wood Ann Mr? J Mrs Lalwler J SMrs W*r<1J< nnleMrs Dake Margaret Lancaster En WeedJooLMrs Ann Mrs ma Mrs White Ellen R Dow Addle Mrs Lyons Mary Mth Welsh Bath Dey Jane Mrs LewisOctavaMr*W?l?b Oni H l>renfn?s Jennie Lndwlg P White M^rr DeLcne Aenas 2 MarkaHenrietta William* Alice 2 Derrick Emma Mantz Annie E WlUette Bettie" Mrs Moore J H Mra WaMron M A D?r>ison .Tan MrrMans ColnmVfa Mra Dennia JauathariMoatonMar) MrsWitters D P Mr< Mra MurphyLH Mr* Washington Bavidson Alice Mellon F E Mra Alice Mr? Mrs MehlgginsElMrsWIIliama L 8 T Dollor A Mra Malc+ierAlceMre Mrs Daris Kate Mar timer Jen WlHiamaJMrs Davey Boae Die Mr? Worthlngton Davis Eudora Msrito Jone Eng Mrs Davis Wm Mr* Morrison Ea- Williams Elman Drltkel Cath'a gene Mrs Woorded 8 Dorsey Mary J MonreeCol's MrsWhitti?rN?lii-K sirs Morris G-u Mrs Wheeler Maria I>oBolsM*ryMraMiller Bebecca H Mrs Dnerline Kath n Mr* Wallia Perri|i> erme Mrs Miller Mar* Mra Mra Dune an Cap WniMarst?*l Sally Williams Marr Mr* Martin Marth J M ra Dors*y MaryMra Mra Walker Mrs DixatiNaucyMrsMar~hall Maria Worthlngton B DeTendorifVel'cMalaBd Eliza Mra Kgan Mara tMra beth Mrs Yoong Stllv Km.eta Elizab'bMacortney M E Mr* Mrs MlbCKLLANEOl'8.?Lillian, Miss. GKNTLEMKN'S K1ST. A'len AnoaL Anderaoa Jno Archer Hon 8te Andrews OH Adler J > ensoul Abbott Chas Abbott Jno Ge<> Ai*-ry Dr 8 A Allen Geo 2 Abbott J H Adair Wm P Allen H A B Abraham L Almiitt Wm Arnold Heary Aadrews N Applebee Wni Ante* J no J _ ? Bishop Gan A WBald win Hen M Boyle R C Blair Hn AustinBrooks Henry Bowan Bobt Baiton Hon AA Bowkar Lt H D Bartlette Bee.i Boyle A Berry H Bredin IaW Ballew Adolp'a Baker Jno 2 Unrnett Gap EL Burr Hob A 0 2 Bradley Janet Baattie Blmon L Blewltt B P Berry Jna Hoier T Baker B Busaler A Co JDBetta Jmdgo Th Bowling B F BaluayJS BackleyTiin Bartlette OhG 3 Berry J W B wsa Thoa F Bruce A PreatonBellew J B Brown Tb.?a C G Black Jamea 2 Barrett Gen T H Barb** Hob D Bea. h J H Boone Tbos B Bradley Dr BnrtJnoS Bradford Wm B Blake DaTld C Bance Jno F BryaoB W 8 Brook* Edw'd Birch Jno J Bartlett Win A Blnkle E Bra'ey b H Bntler Wm Brown EphralmBaily Lewis Bailey W Bow era E 8 Brooka L K Barrol Wm W Burton Ed? d Beech Levi Bailey Wm D Beymor F B Bxonboa Lor L Bmey W G Broek* Fr.tu'a J Brophay M Bloettner Wm Barnea G W Burns M 2 Bornett GenWB Bender G W Brediean MlchlBatler Wm Baum Hon G B Bart M A Ballman Wm Barnea Geo L Bertlam Mr Bowie W V Bruaglia Gildo SBazter Mr Brook* Wiu B?|by Dr G W Beln Mr Brooka W Butler Geo Boor/el P (col) Brawn Cel W Brlgham MajHPBaumea F Brigg* Wm D Cox Andrew Clark Yonu/r Chamber A Mat t lappACoMeuraOlark Geo C S thews j Allen Caopei Geo E Canavan Mieh'l Carter Artkar Crai/r Geo i llntoa Peter Cameron A L Clark Henr* F Clapp B M Cowen Gen'iBR Cake Hon H L Cavingten B Cool Barney Creagan liagli Cochranee 8a* I Cbnter Chas W Carter H O Cattel bhederiek Chapman O J A Oarmick Jae 2 R Clark Chas O Callaway Cel JaaCozzens Capt g CarrntbersOC E> Connatty T J twe C E I CarrlganJna Oronen Thoa CaarBrskint-MbCamrick J Creniar Teraace CresLy Lt Ebon Caldwell Jno i dross Thoa P W Churchill J 0 2 Cornell Hon TH Co?gan Edd G*s?y Col J K Crotchet! Mons Oarpeater E H Oern J T Clark Edw'd F Clark J * ?ullea Wm Oadell E A Cook Littleton TOope Hon W W Carpenter F B Clark*.>n I oui* Cox W H Cow lea Fred A Cockeler Mr Clark Wm R Dol-aey Benj Davis Gau Davis B BarenkrackB d DentyACoJW(2 Diver Michl De Bell C Donovan Jaa DavisCapt OW DavlaCbasjr Davis J W Doling Patk Davis E B Dobby Jaa B LeLaoy R XeBot hemont EDavls 5 B Douglass F J A Davidson J F DerwortW H H DaicberC Dillon M A Daniels Win H DodgeHonG M Day Bev Mr Eaton A W Ebner F BvrattJnoS Eggleaton Obas EvansGe" W Elliott Gapt Jno B2 Eckett Geo fitting Oscar Edelln FrancisTErne?t Jno Eherller P French Abel Favor H Falford N 8 FitygaraldDealsFlorence J W Ferria HonOr'ge Finney HonDA Fox Hon Jso Fancett Peter 8 FablenO Ford Hon JnoT Farnham 8 W F.garty Daa'l FomJuoa FisherABhaetler Fall ry* Geo Fray Jno Fitzgerald Tho* Farrla Gllb't Fink L . 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M Mill* Wta MoiganHonf.MaMelga Juo Moore Hon Wui McDona'd H Moody Lewis C Moore Wasi.'uO I McLoiklln HO Mcheyl Mathew Nlse C has Ni< hols Johna Nash Mr I ?0*Fi*"lP*r than KunemakerSunl Sfv*? D.r ' 00 HorrelowJno Ncftwk Wm Nichols Jaa W 1 O Dreifo?s A Oliver Henry Old Jos I O'Connor i' M I Pugb A PHnm iridel Proctsr W H J P? ?-t ChHc 2 Pegnett H Philli pa J a ige I Perkins C has K Page JO \\ j I PatkerEA PrushenBJ Page Wm 3 I Parker Edw'd 8 PorterVlncentM Pierco Wni N Pesk Albt D PfllerHnry H Payne J h I Pike Benj 8 PetersHmiJnoAPlace Lewis V I PayneHnnByrcnPbalon Jno A Paulson, Ma | PelsleyHonDcliPrarson Jno the # <* Co Pay iieBt BevDA Piuder Jas Peugh P P Pearson Kdwd Parsan J A Plarder Wm Peyton H> nK (i Prujn HonJVL Phillips Win A I PearsonHi.HyB Poor J O Par?ous Walla e I Payne Henry Pierce J B Pile Hon WmA4 I Bobert Alex'r Buosle Prank Bulbing SO Bntiell A A Baum Gen Q B Bielly Col T ' I Bcemar Adam BoachelG<o Bich iris T / | Bight Ben; Bivrs Uy T 2 BodrnanGenTJ I Bodgers B f BeahHeinrich Beilly Thoa Both Chas Baa I H-nry Birhrnaud ThoBobonsou B W BlrhardionClJnBut inson Hon I Bev-i K.tter Mtch'l Wm 2 I BuFsel) K P Bandolph Mr Bamxey Wm Bovk Idol Boob B T Bxken Wni I Baggl Fraiesco Kami-y 8am 1 A Bluer W B I Hmpsan Alex Bmlth Harry Sulev Mlchl Bev 1 8miib Andrew (Seymour HB Bny4er N I 8'evtus A bchines Holiuer Skinner Pratt R I Btrubel A 8cboiirz H BcbuU Prter I Boule Andrew J Smith Henry S ;<uroKalpbJ I Btiar jOo1B< dj W 8t?-v? n* Jno A 8aml>y 8andr I Htebbtns U BcbteierJno BhellerThos I 5?11!? f,1*^ Beeley Jno Hwitii Thou I hharkelr rd O O 8amp?on J SweeneyCul ThW I b.julreCO BuauksHunJ PC3stewan Th.>* C I Beaton Capt BtreetaJas BallivauPT I HnllivaaC BcottJrioS Bbapley Choa BtawartObaa BaaichJo?2 SbanlyThos I PanordOaatCbsBBuiith J Btrau. Valontina I Bmlth D M Bmlth Jno W Smith Hon W (J ? I Baxton K W htraub J Bmith Win W 8i John Fred Steep J D Sheets Wm | Bton. rrdKHon2t*iDlth Jos L Smith Wm H Bberman F T Staple* L M Bmith W II U I Baniaon Geo 0 BelepeHonLewlaBtine W T I Scbriver Goo A Tboinaa Albt Twitcbell HonTlleston Bic kdG ToOdC A 0 3 Tyler B FI Ta; lor Hon 0 WThomaa JackaonThayer Saml A I Taylow OA Taylor Jas Thorn Saml K Tonly ch*? M Thome Joel E Tntt Thos K Thomas Hon DBTbumas J B Tumey Tlioi TsjlorE B Tbaver M Thompson W a I TbomasMajE Toiker Dr M Tiilker Wm I T?anevck O B Trail M I ^Vjck HonVaandal Ohas VanTrnmplJonP I .A".3,. ? Valentine Jamo?Vogel 4 Hairing | >au^uken HonVaagbn Jaweitll Messrs I Ward Major A'sWhealer Geo A Wright H 8 2 I Watson Au?"a Wells Oapi U WWoller B W hbtlock A A White H Whlttoinond 8 K I Wonn Alfred UardH ?rry WaUch Seer v Wordormon BY Wlllnr i H fl WUital Lt CITG Wfekbnrn HonWilklnionnarrrWllson Wm B I u?i nv ?4"sn H B Wob?ier OrtWei | Wllaon Chriset Wllliaro?J WestlaKe Wm WllllsChaaBj Wilson Hon J P WiliiamsHon W2 I SarreB^J,as. WaltoraJno Western Wm 1 I Jk'tvpr Q'V ^ Williams Jaa Wilson Wm li Watster Ool Weal Gen J B Wln.low W H Ware Hon DB Wise J A Warren Wm I Waters > J WataraJnoG Wallan W B Fr"^.2alch Jno J Welch Wm I Worthington OFWarfleld B ZatTle J MI8CELLANB008 ?Lt. F A B :G M B _? 8 J BOWBH, P. M. I DANCING. I |?BWFB. J. W. A H. P. &BEIB' DAHOIHO ACADEMY, aa I Pennsylvania avenne, bot. 6tb and 7th ato.. Jtt I Oppoalto Metropolitan Hotel. Hf*"? forinlllll?ry evening. Tbo.e de ste^tfflfsA'-ar- ,bouiS*vau thea> onteur:rMn.yBii,",le ,n for Ciraulars can be bad at J. P. Bills' and W a I Mataerott A Oo.*? Mnalo Stores. The Bali can bo rented for Soirees, Ac. I Dayr and Mourt of Tuition : I MtM?" ??< Maatera. T need ay and I s??ur?!* Bftornoons, from 3 to 6 o'oiock. Gentlemen a Olaaaes. Tneeday and Prida* ere nlngs .from 0 lo 10 o'clock. -vera / T inr,her Information,apply dorlng the hoars I of talllon, or address a note to the Academy. | QBarter oommenclng with the flrat leaton. >a 8 l\f AB1H I ' FASHION A BLI DAN01NU i"l AOADBMT, AT MA BIN IS ASSEMBLY BOOMS, A E, between dth and 19th atreeta, i ll academy ]a now open for the rocep- Gife I Hon of pnpila. Days and konrs af tuition for yonng ladies mlssea and maaters. Tneedays, Thnraday and BatI nrday a, from 3 to f p m. I gentlemen's claaaes from 8 to 10. same evenings j 4bU H EiDJh? NI. K A H D a tas B i L U! # Th# forsigned would most respectfully inform the ladies and gentlemen of Washington city, and the District generally, that he is at all times prepared to furnish parties with Masuuerade and Fancy Costume, either on loan or made to I order. He has taken rooms at the well known I ^ahltshment of Christian Buppert. Esi S#?Vth street, between D and 1. where he Will L I happy te await order i. CHABuES BEBG | '?te Oostumer at Pord's and Orover's | ja 8-lm* Theaters, Washington. D. C. I DABTBBLY BEPuBT " I NATIONAL MBTBOPOL1TAM BANK. ~ .w or WA8HINOTON. D O , I On the flAormlag *>f the let Monday of J &na*rj, 18d7. I a ? H180URCKS I * B?od? with the Treasurer of tha United I DtAt^l MS50 OOl) ()0 I Otber D. 8. Bonds and Securities oO fey.fiiW and othar lawful money S00.3U 15 Notes of National Banks 9^13 00 Btate, Ball road and other Stocks 22,0/1 78 Rates and Bills dlscauntod 318,063 16 Overdrafts i,m is Bemittancea and other cask iisms 10.196 X7 12!"l!"*' ?*oks, (including ^5r.891 47 specie) 73.J? 0? Due from other Banks and Bankers 3,?? 19 Banking Houss and Furniture 71,912 43 Premiums llA-ii 17 Currentoxponso? xm v fl.Kl JBi 33 ? ,D. u LIABILITI18 Capital Stocks ? *> ooo oo Circulation ouUtanding i-jS 715 00 Dne depositors i?> Due to the United States ! 'id,* jd Dne National Banks.... 41 45^ 13 I Due other Banksand Bankers 4ai8d 3ft Surplus Fund..... 17 ui un Dividends unpaid %60 vo Profit and Loss 5 jjj Discount, Bxchaugo and Interest Mi 74 $1241.301 m MOSBS belly!"" ?.rBLAKB' l>r-1<le"t~ - . . . D1BEOTUB8 T?i# '"iinson, George Parker, W. B. Todd, MmSP John Hltr. Thos P Morgan. TV<??a'srran, PraaclsB Walsh,Jno B. Blake. je 14 east VIOTOB BECKEB. " PIAHO TONEB AND BsTABLUHID IN ism. KaRn 0*D**S WOW asrRtVKD AT DBMPSEY A OTOOLE'S. Bngravers and 8t?tlonars. Ac , S96 Pa. a*., bet. 9th and loth sts. W. C. BEIOHEMBAOHV Piano Booms, 49b llth street, near Pa. avenne. Sfuial NtiiK fr?m Wm KnaUt C*, Baltimore. nr. Becker aaa tuned Plaaoe for ne at our War^ rooms, and we take pleasure In stating thai we boueve him to boa competent tuner. no 21 1m TELEGRAMS, fee. Th? steamer San J uau Del Sar, with passengers. who left New York December 20. baa arrived at San Francisco. She reports that ev#n eoioiers now on bonrd are on the sick lis', five died of cholera <1 urine the t>a-*, and Hirer civiliansof intermi'.ten fever. Forty soldiers died on the isthmus, and ahoat the MM ntmrber of civilians. The steamer was qUsYantmed at San Salisto as a matter of pre > auUcy against the spread of disease Her passenger* will be landed there and sheltered by tents obtained from the military authorities. At Frankfort, Kv., on Wednesday nigh? a* half past six o'clock, be stable of Neal A Co. and two tenement houses were destroyed bv tire. The flames communicated to the jail and district offices, which were totally consumed. The papers were saved. The loss is estimated at SIDO.UiG, insurance inch'.. A fall of snow in the early part of the uigbt prevented an extended comlagration. The flre prevented the legislativecaucu* from meeting. In the Pennsylvania House of Representatives yesterday a resolution wa? introduced expressing indignation at the nomination of Mr. Cowan as Ministerto Austria,- ;d charging President Johnson with oontemp.iVing a direct irsnlt to the people of Pennsylvania, and calling npon the Republican Senators aud Repr? seniative to oppose the conlirmation of Cowan. Py the U. S. ateira?r Saranac, which arrived at San Kranci-.:o, frjin Mazatlan, Wednesday, letters were received stating thet Juarez was at Durango. The Liberals we? e in qniet possession of Ma/atlan, Ouayamas, and I.a Paz. The Saranae brings ten thousand Mexican dollars. In the Philadelphia City Councils yesterday a message wan read lrotn the Mayor. stating that four leading citizens bad purchased a hundred and forty acres of laud ad)oiuing the City Park at Fatrmouut, and now offer it to tie city at the cost piice. being about one half of its value, their object being to ke?>p speculators away. The Mavor urged the Councils to accept the proposition. In the Maryland Legislature yesterday there was another joint ballot for United States Senator, but noelection. The Senate adjsurned pending a motion to repe .i the act requiring theCmted States Senator to be chosen from Eastern shore. Telegraphic orders were sent from New Orleans yesterday morning to General Reynolds, commanding at Brownsville, Texas, releasing Oeneial Sedgwick from arrest for the unauthorized occupation of Matamoros, and ordering him to nis rrgiment. Governor Geary, of Pennsylvania, has appointed Captain Stephen H. Stewart, ot Alleghany coun'y, principal auxiliary S'ate agent at Washington, and A A. Cook, of Westmoreland county, as assistant agent at the same place. The planters' warehouse at Columbas, Ga., was destroyed by Art* Wednesday, with from J.roo to 3,(k?0 bales of cotton, mostly belonging to planters. There was very little insurance. Some members of the Philadelphia City Council, imitating their New York brethren, indulged in a fight at their session of yesterday. The New Jersey Republican Legislative have nominated Hon. Frederick T. Freliughuysen for the United Suites Senate by a vote of 25 against 19. The Minnesota Legislature has ratified the Constitutional amendment. The vote in the Senate was lti to 5, and in the House 40 to H. In the Nevada Legislature yesterday, the Hon. James W Nye was re-elected to the U S. Senate by se\ei majority on the first ballot. Mr. C irmichael, the chief of the police of Baltimore, has been removed, ani .Jr. Van Nostiand appointed in bis place Serious Damage by the Ice. Cincinnati, Jan. it.?The weather suddenly turned very cold last night. rhe thermometer j ato'clock this morning stood at eight degrees I below rrro. About four inches of snow has lallen since two o'clock yesterday afternoon. The ice gorges in the river abeve here broke loese last night, and came by about midnight. The ice. extending from shore to shore, bioke up. the dritt striking co&l aud flat boats lying above the water-works, carrying eighteen of them down the str am The gorge next struck ihe steamer Ar. vie, driving her against the American, a new boat building for the Louisville mail line, aad both boats drifted down the stream. The Newport ferry-boat, while making her trip, was also caught in the ice, and carried down the stream with the loss ef one ol her wheels. The American lies at Picayune bar. The Argyle was at 11 o'clock this morning at tae head of McCallnm's ripple, and will probably sink. The damage done is considerable. and navigation is totally suspended to-day. The board of underwriters will not allow boats to leave pert until the weather moderates. Cincinnati, Jan. 17.?Twenty-one loaded j and thirty-one empty barges have been swept away by the ice. The loss is ?100,000. The mail steamer United States,and the Marys. ville packet Magnolia, arrived this evening without damage, and have laid up. Navigation is suspendeu Pittsburg to Cairo. Tl> fr<uiaa Trials. Toeonto, Jt.n. lb.?The Fenian trials were resumed to-day. John Ryan, on being pot on trial, stated that he was not rsady tor trial, and the case was postponed. Daniel Quinn was next placed in the dock. He stated that he wai horn in Cork, and that he wai. a laborer. He was oue ot Morgan's command, and according to his representations saw bard times. It was shown, in evidence, that the prisoner came over with the Fenians, aud 1 was armed when captured. Colonel Lynch gave evidence for the defence. The jury de. liberated a halt hour and then returned a ver- 1 diet ml guilty. Toronto, Jan. 17.?The jury not agreeing oa I a verdict in William Baker's case were locked 1 up all night When the court opened this morning the jury asked permission to put a few questions to the witness Nedeof. the turn- < key ot the jail. From his evidence it appeared that Baker was locked up as a person of weak , intelligence. The jurv therefore gave a ver- i diet of not guilty. There were no Feniau , trials to-day. Co-operative Societies.?Mr. Hughes. M. P , recently laid the corner sioue of a new cooperative store at Darwen, near Bolton, Eng. ' land. It is only a little over six years since 1 the co-operative movement commenced in 1 Darwen, and its career has been one of rapid < progress. In Marcb, 1961. a small store was opened in Green street for the sale of groceries and provisions, oa the principle of the Rochdale pioneers, with about luu members and a 1 subscribed capital of ?1 S<*. Every year since then the society has gone oa increasing in ' capital and members. The new store will be 1 a substantial and handsome three-storied ? building, 117 feet long and feet broad. It will have separate departments for drappery. grocery, clogging, and butchery The lecture ' room and reading room will bold about l.oon persons, and the building altogether will be < one of the most complete of its kind, and an ornament to the town. In the eveniug a pub- . lie tea party was held, which was well at- . tended. Episcopal Bishops ? In the Protestant 1 Episcopal Church In the United States it is stated (here have been eighty-two bishops, of whom forty-three are now living. Tttls statement includes two foreign missionary bistiops. During the last six years thirteen bisbeps have died?six from the Northern J States, six from the seceded States, aad oae missionary bishop. Bishop Hopkins, of Ver- < mont, is now the senior ot the Church m the Unitad States. ft/" A case of devilish cruelty was revealed 1 at Chicage a day or two ago. A stepmother named Owens has been detected in a long < series of abuses towards her step-daughter, a i girl of but seven years ot age She had been burned, scalded, whipped, starved and i beaten, and during the recent cold weather she was confined in an out-house until her little limbs were frozen The woman was held lor , trial in bonds of 40,000. , Thb Pope's Jewels ?The Pope, it ia said, has sent a great anmber of jewels to the Nun- 1 cio at Paris, by whom they have been deposit- 1 ed in the Parisian banks. Conflict op Opinions ?Judge Meredith, of 1 Richmond, Va., decides that the Virginia stay j law is unconstitutional. Judge Baker, of the 1 Norfolk Circvit, decides that it is constitutional. Frbbdmbn's Wages.?The Shreveport, L? , { papers speak sacouragingly of the hiring of freedme* in that region. The prices given run < as high as S->0 per month witb food. Some wUl sot hire eicept by the month. i m rONCREft?IO*AL. SlKiTI ilwrowi, opon tbe bill to r?f t late the wonrr of office? Mr ' Timprrtid It m tbe duty of f'oagress t prot? ct the loyal people of the e?un. try agr> oft the President of (be Unite,1 ?*tate? In tbts parti o lar tbe precedent of the lather* of th* oBBtrv could not be i}uot*d Tb?r* wm a.^Ji doty against our iam*r?. fur :h# Pren.?n' tad not become an cprmy to h,* cor it ry. K r. Mc I'ougall r?*e to a pom: of order, that no Senat r on tin* floor bas a right u< make s?e of m n remarks about the Lxecutfve ol tlif United State* Mr. Antbony, In the cbair, decided that in the judgment of tbe Chair the words d<d net exceed the l.'iritof debate ureal in the Seua-e Mr. Doolittle appealed from the decision if 'he Cbair. Mr. Lane moved to lay the appeal of Mr. Deolittie upon tbe table. Several pointa of order were bere raided, all on parliamentary question*, after wb h tbe Set ate laid tbe appeal of Mr. Doolittle upon the table?yeaa 49. nays 10. hum ? Yesterday afternoon ? tin motion of Mr Ingersoii. the District Committee '??? instructed to inquire in'o tbe expediency of paying Pennsylvania avenue. Mr Ingersoii. from tbe District Committee, reported a substitute for tbe Senate bill to incorporate the First Congregational Society of Washitgtca. District ot Columbia. Mr. V/elker. from tbe aame committee, reported a bill to regelate proceeding* before justices of tbe peace in the District of Columbia Pissed Mr V'elker. from tbe name committee, reported a bill defining and providing for tbe }>unisbment of grand aud petit larceny. Pa?seri Mr. Welker. from the same committee, reported a bill to incorporate the Washington Transpiration and Ccal Company The morning bonr expiring before the readttg of the bill vu concluded, (at 2.40,) the bill went ov-r till to-morrow. Mr Co^k on leave, introduced a bill to enable tbf t'rited States to recover the value of propertj of which it has be?*n deprived, a? ?s to recover property formerly belonging to me Cocleri-'rate Mile; that has tieen removed and ?muggl?d r way. Referred to the Judicm y t'ommi 'ee. On ir otion of Mr. Ingersoii, th* Tommi'tee lor the district of Columbia was mi'rnce I to inqn>r<' iflto the propriety of baying the bouses n Washington city numbered m accorriume v ith tbe system adopted in Phtlauelphia. The House then proceeded to the consideration ot >lr Stevens reconstruction bill. Mr Bak> r addre*e<d tbe House, giving reafons yiby the bill sbeuld not be agreed to in ii present form, and why It should be referred to the Committee on itecoustruction. Mr. Grinned said be was not prepared 'o yield up all bia judgment to '.hat committee. The section was wearing out, and he wai.'ed tbe matter disposed ol by Congress. In reply to inquiry by the Speaker. Mr Stevent intimated that he would try to tlu?e tbe d*b:tte next week. The House adjourned. The Great < bicago Diverce t a?e The Chicago divorce ault is atlll n progr. ss Tbe plaintiff is the wite ot Key. Hart L Stewart, a joung Presbyterian clergyman of that city. The parties have hitherto occupied a high social position, as the lady does now, she being thedaughter of a lending ami wealthy merchant. Her counsel in bia opening spee, n s ated that not only would i* be proven that. Stewart nad been guilty of adultery, but th^y stieuId introduce >*acloud of witnesses whose testimony would abow that the respondent had repeatedly committed that offence, at dlvera times aud place*, and with aeveral different women, in the city of Chicago, durine the years 1N?5, 06, and tbat be bad for month* previous to the time when bia wife left ban led the lite ol a profligate and libertine A w Arrington, Ksq.. for the defendant, allege tbat a-conspiracy' bad been formed with a view of inveighiing tbe defendant into "bo commission ot acts that would entitle bis wits to a decree of divorce tbtit female detectives had been employed for tbat purpose, etc. Tbe subsequent testimony of witn??s*e.? showed that Stewart bad been criminally intimate with a certain * woman of the town'* named Kosetta Dudley; tbat be bad fre. quented a house of ill repute on Notth Wells atreet kept by one Emma Hedr^, that he bad on one occasion borrowed mouey of a witness while the two were visitors at tbat establish men t,'' and that witness saw defender t, alter receivingth? money, retire to a ro. tn with a girl named Mary Ann, an 11 mate of th* bouse, with tbe evident intention of -pending the night. Also, that Stewart bad been on similar terms ot intimacy with a We*t Side demirep, and a woman at Michigan City whose name is not given, and furthermore, that 'bin model husband bad in several instances given notes of introduction to other fast vonng meu to be presented to lewd women who wer?. hl* particular friends'' and pets. The crowd 111 attendance tills ev ry inch of the court room. The Time* 01 Friday says Mrs Stewart remained in 'he court room 'heentire day. Her appearance was much tne same as on the previous day. She cgems to have made up ber mind tbat tbe ordeal must be passed, and has reaigned herself to the fate which cannot beaverted, no matter how sbo. king and bow abhorrent may be the circumstances She waa attended by her fa ter and mother. TbeKev Hart L Stewart ma otaais the same appearance of tang frmd and unconcern which baa characterized hi* previous actions. Tbe startling evidence against him doe* not stem to disconcert the young divine in the least It is said that among those favored with front seats are several clergymen. Thi Wehtkrs l iiosTBLnkArR Mnworo. iv.?The official statement of the Western Union Telegraph Company shows that tbe gros6 receipts tor tbe amgle mentb of November reached flvt hundred and seventy-one thousand dollar*, the net earning*outof which amounted to nearly a quarter of a million. These enormous profit* are secured by the heavy rates charged upon messages, the company having shutout competition by buying up all opposing line*. The press, wbi h suffers more than private individual* through this monopoly, will probably berore leng construct independent telegraph lines for newspaper business, by which a saving of fifty to per cent, m th- cost of report* can be made These line* will be opened for tbe transaction ot private business as far as practicable, and as they will convey message* at tbe lowest possible rates, they will destroy the present monopoly, and insure more reasonable charges to the public.?If Y Herald A New Ait.tei hkti? ?M. Pretsrre, a dentist ol Paris, states that after a considerable experience of tbe protoxide of nitrogen as an anaesthetic, ha considers it a most precious agent. In one or two minutes at most, a sufficient sleep ie obtained to extract a tooth or to practice an operation of short duration. A tier awaking, the nausea, the loss of appetite, the helplessness and the fatigue which ordinarily follow ana tbesia obtained by chloroform or ptber never occur. ?*During the progress of the late terrihl# Ore at \ lcksbarg, a wholesale system of pillaging wa* carried on, and it is reported that ikiffs were plying all night to the Louisiana side, carrying goods aud valuables Attempts were frequently made during tbe Are ro apply ihe torch to portions of tbe town then un:oucbtd, and it Is averred that in some instances :bese efforts were crowned with success In ome places fire broke ont in houses where no lunger was apprehended. KTThe report of the Baltimore Police Comnissioners show that the force at present consists ol 365 officers and men. The full coat of maintaining tbe force for the year past was rati".691.17. There were 242 arrests made by :be detective lorce. and property to the amount )f #06.564.W) was recovered. The Beard attriinte tbree-lourtbs of the crime committed as ittributable to the excessive use of drinks. A COK'UD Tkadbo Union.?t he negroes ef Monroe county. Mo., held a meeting at Christmas for th* purpose of establishing rate* for heir labor. For first class bands they flxed ihe price of men at |*Ju per month, and women it #5?or SI 50 per day for men and "i cents for women. WTbe aggregate capital of the Boston hanks is forty-one millions T'-Bill Arp" is Mayor ol Rome, (la. i^Mame had *12,834 children in school last rear. VTfae only poetry a handsome girl apprenatee is written with a moustache on ber lip*. ?[Prentice. VThe neighborhood of Ottawa. Canada, is nightly serenaded by wolves. A gentleman just returned from Mexico tays that 'things are nearly as bad there as 1* tbe United States." WA fast woman in Cincinnati fired sevrn pistol shots at a police officer after ftrst slapping him in the face. VAn ex-policeman, of London, has bad a K750.U00 windfall. The lawyer who cot it for him pockets 1100,U00. VTbrough a mistake a girl in Cambridge kissed the wrong fellow last week. Never complained of being hurt. *~ln case of a popular movement in Hon* igainst tbe Pope, all the barracks are te hnvs a picqnet of twenty men constantly ready ir barricades are raised, tbe troop* will he divided into companies of a hundred and tweaiy men, and will move on the obstruction sua tarry it. 7*Ltghthvndred and eight South London. rradesmen bave been fined dunnf the ps^t year at tne Newington session* for bating id heir possession unjust we.gbts and measures.