Newspaper of Evening Star, January 18, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 18, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR, j TUt latsrsl 1'irtnlation in the Nitrict W. #. WALLACH-, RdlUr tad Pr*frt<Ur. WASHINOTON CITY : FRIDAY JAM ARY |?, 1??T. W?8ABIS(i MATTER 0* RTERY PAGR. j PKE OUTSIDE FOR INTERESTING TELE GRAI'Uin AND OTH1R MATTER. to advertisers. TU? following i* tb?> official showing ol the j circulation of the daily papers of thta city competing for the Oowmneiit advertiaing on.i^r the recent a?; of Coagreeadirecting eaoh advertising to be made in the two dally nowipaper* ot Washington baring tbe large* circulation: lvkniko STAB 7,713 copies per day. Clrmuicb. VWig m Intelligencer ...ISil " ? Ttie returns of advertising bjr tbe city paper* 1)T the quarter ending December 3!. ISSrt, ae taken from the book* of tbe Internal Revenue Office, are as follows: Evrnnnn Stab s13.k/7 !n'eU*g*nctr 9.1W Chrvntcle....... 9,'Si rtp+bixcan 5 323 Til I' PRESIDENT'S RECEPTION LA8T EVEN 1NG Tbe first evening reception tbis season of be President took plaee last evening, between bs boors of eigbr and eleven o'clock, and a more brilliant and fashionable affair never before occurred in this any. The largeand bandsome hast Room, tbe spacious parlors and balls ot tbe F'.xecutive Mansion were crowded with tbe elite and beauty of the city. Cabinet officers, Senators and Members, Kepresenta- j tives of foreign nations, Army and Navy officers, Judges ot Courts, Meads of Bureaus under tbe Government, and thousands of citizras with beautiful ladies were present From eight o'clock, when the doors were oprned, until eleven, a continual stream of visitor., were passing through The lights i from hundreds of pas jets on the magnificent cband? lievs reflecting in the laige mirrors, the rub and i only dresses of tbe ladies: tbe exquisite music of the Marine Band, made thd occasion cue which will long be remembered as a brilliant and magnificent affair. The President, Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Stoier, Col Robert Johnson aud Misa Sallie S'over, a niece ot Mrs. Stover, weteomed the visitors in the mojt cheerful aud cordia' manner. 1 h? reception was held in the Blue parlot, the President, with Marshal Gooding on his lett. (by whom the guests were introduced.) occupyir g a position near the entrance from the red to tne blue parlor. Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Stover occupied a position in tbe centrr of the room, with Major B. II. French j ou their left, wno presented the guests to them, j Tbe President attired in a black cloth suit. Mrs Patterson wore a lavender color figured silk, low neck, and trimmed with point lace; over this she wore a magnificent lace shawl, her uair was dressed with a japonica, and ?ery plain. Mrs. Stover wore a purple figured silk, cut with low neck, and trimmed ! with point lat e, her hair was tastefully put 1 up in curls and dressed with a single japonica. Among the distingmsbed persons present : were Secretary and Mrs. Welles, Secre'arv Browning. Secretary McCulloch, Postmaster Genet al KaudalL, Attorney General Stauberry, Assistant Secretary Faxon, of the Navy. Assistant Secretary Chandler, of the Treasury, : and lady. J udges Clifford and Swayne, of the i Supreme Court. Senators Yates, Dixon, John- | son. McDougal, Doolittle, llarr.s, Norton, and t Patterson, Representatives Leftwich. Whaley, j Hogan Johnson of Pennsylvania. Kerr of Indiana, Campbell, Shankling. Ward, Bjyer, i Fan.--worth, Rogers of New Jersey, and many others. Of the diplomatic corps there | ver?- M Berthemy, toe French Minister, M. Cantagalli, Cb.-irge d'Affairs, Italy, with ' Prince Dona aud Prince Gazzioli. of Italy, 1 Seiior F\ S. Asia Buruaga, Charge d Affairs, I Chili. Barou \ on Holstein. of tne Prussian Legation. Consul General llitz,ot Switzerland, ! Fredtnck Antrobers, Esq., of tbe British Legation, and Senor Romero, the Mexican Minister (it the army there wereGeneials D F. Sic kle6, Babcock, Canby, Ingalls, Thomas, i Surgeon General Barnes, and hundred* of officers ot lower rank. Col Ward H Lamon, : t.d^ar T. Welles, Chief Clerk of the Navy Department Col Long, of tbe President's staff. Ex-Gov. Brown, of North Carolina. Clarke Mills, and many other distinguished persons. Ot tbe ladies'dresses il is almost useless to attempt a description. Tbe Misses Dixon, daughters ot Senator Dixon, each wore a tasteful white satin, with illusion puffing around the fkirt, cut low neck, and trimmed witn point lace Mrs. Gen. Banks wore a magmflcen white silk, trimmed with bine. Miss Sallie Stover wore a plain bine and white plaid silk, eat with low neck aad short sleeve*. Mrs ' Keating, of Memphis, wore a rich black silk ; witb tight fitting basque and Jet trimming Miss Booker wore a beautiful white alpaca ! with tram, pink silk basque,with crystal trimming. Mrs. Leftwicb. Of Tean , wore a black s grenadine and white cloak. Mrs. Col. Lamon 1 wore a rich blue moire antiqae. ti named with ' point lace Mrs.Coleman,asiaterofMrs.LamoB, 1 looked attractive in a straw colored satin I trimmed with point laee. Mrs. Clarke Mills ; wore a green silk with heavy lace point. Mias * oster wore a white alpacca trimmed with i crimson TelveL Mrs. Judge F'ield was attired ' in an ashes of roee silk trimmed with blaek ! lace aud crimson. Miss Foote, with General I aud Mrs. Banks, wore a plain black silk with jet trimming, hair dressed in carls. Mies ' Swayne, daughter of Judge Swayne, looked ; charming in a beautiful green silk trim n?d with black lace. Mrs. General Delafleld wore a black silk with heavy black lace shawl. ( Mrs. Cbaudler wore a plain bine silk with train. Miss looked beantifnl in a white satin trimmed with point laee and her hair dressed with curie. Miss Stanton, of Brooklyn.N. Y., woreapinksilk covered with white illusion. The dresses of the ladies were ! indeed magnificent aad beautiful, and a finer array of beButy and fashion has seldom been witnessed in this city. Tne music by the Marine band under Prof. Scala wae good as usual. The pregramme was as follows La Dame Blanche, Duet; La Kille <la RegimenOIabel Waltz. Aria: Ernani.Gaiop PoBtellion di Amore, Sleigh Bell Polka, Aria. 11 Domino Nero, Setumino, Krnani, Duettlene. Guards Waltz, Dust; L'Africanne,' i Waltz. II Baccio (The Kiss,; Pot Ponri, aad National Airs. The police arrangements were excellent ; under I^ent. Hurley, of tne First Ward, with thirty men, Bs-i-ted by the officers on dnty at the Executive Mansion. ? j SPEAKER COLFAX'S RECEPTION The second reception of Speaker Colfax ! last night, was a vary pleasant and largely at- i tend affair. The gnests were received by Mr- i Colfax and his mother and sister. Mrs. aad i Mise Mathews. Mis* Mathews was tastefully attired in a bine silk, trimmed with lace. { General Banks was accompanied by Mrs. Banks aad Miss Mary Foote. Mr*. Bangs was dressed in a tastefnl whits silk. Miss Foote wore apiain black silk ornamented only with jet bugles. Mrs. Judge F'lsher. of York, Pa., wae also elaborately enrobed in a rich lile? moire antique, with lace trimmings, and laeetbawl. Among the very many elegantly attire* ladies present we might mention Mrs Hon. Oakes Ames, the Misses Black, and Mrs Sorer. We obeerved among the visitor* Senators Lane and lady. Wade aud lady, Howard and lady. Anthcny. ates ai d lady, Evans and lartv. Pepresentarives Pomeroy and lady. Banks and lady. Covode, Hale aud lady. Hardin* and lady. Hill and lady, Boyer and lady, Ketcbnan and lady, Washburn, of Indiana Holmes and lady, Hitchcock and lady, Hubbard, Latham Hun'er and lady, Jenckes. Johnson and lady. Ferry any lady, Morrill, Morris. Fintk, Clarke and lady, Bergen. Taber, Baxter and lady Sawyer and lady, Perham, Goodwin and lady, Radford, Julian, and lady, and others. Atnmt* tbe distinguished visitors we observed SenoT Romero, Mexican Minister; Mr. Hitz. Consul General of Switzerland: Judge Advocate General Holt, Horace Greelr and daughter. Alice and Pbebe Carey, Mrs. Gene* ral Games, and Dr. Mebaffeyand lady . ST"A city guard is being formed at Rome of be moetde voted to tbe Papaey. Pnnce Aldobrandmi la to be t be commander of this force syTbey have oranges in Florida that weigh b pound and a half. ^"Merchants and mannfaetnrers are eagerly looking to 'he national capitol, watching the action of Congress on tbe tariff question. g^Tbe south Carolina people are bothered to know what to teacb as history in theirpublie schools. . I SVMxten hundred divorces have been detreed In Massachusetts in six years S7~The Detroit Poet, edited by Carl Scharx, and este*med to be tbe organ or Senator Chan4 ler. la aaid to have sunk its capital of Sluo,(JUi It ia an excellent paper, bnt It cost lot* of oney to sustain excellent papers. ST F red liouglass says be is not permitted cow. as formerly, to enjoy tbe luxury of a whole seat when traveling. Some people really prefer sitting next a "nigger" to standinf. Tbel'nion National Bcpuhllrau (ommlt- 1 tf?. riicn or aovmnit warp. At a meet rg of tit-* Union National Com* mitt** at Willard'e ilot**!, lea night. there *fw present Got. Ward, oTHt-w Frraidriit, Jobo B. Ularfc,-Of W H.; A B Oardner. ot Vermont W r. Ohaffln, of M*?* . J. S. howler. Tfonwi*; BO. Cooke, lilt no:*; Senator Kirkwood. Iowa; K. W. Hoff nan. Maryland. N.B Smithers. Dataware; W. J. Cowmg Virginia, Willi im Win iom Minnasots, I> K lloodloe, North Carolina; Thnmu (}. Turner, Itbode Island, Ud John I> !> ?fretr, Indiana?U>e last named being Secretary. Hon. Horace Greeley, a member of tha Hornm it tee, s in Waohingion, bat was engagea in h-cturing. On calling the meeting to order Governor Ward said j We have met under circumstuires which require, in their fullest development, tae qu allure which have made the Republican party what it is? patriotiam and fidelity to tu convictions and correctness in their aapport. Entrusted with the interrst of that organization by the National Convention of 1-6$, we are met for council and action in i reference to the present condition of afturs. I The faithlessness of the President to the pnaetplee and policy of the party which elected Mm ba< rendered more difficult the workot I restoring the union on a basis of loyalty and 1 freedom, bnt tfcore who have conauered armed troveon wiH prove equal to any remaining i danc?r Since we last assembled the > loyal States have attested anew their adherence o tbe Bepubl can creed, and tneir unwavering Determination to bmld tbe future of the nation on the enduring basis of jusMce, humanity and freedom. The fear.* ot the timid and the doubt* of tbe hesitating h<ive given way before tb*t uprising of the people which hns characterize*! the receut elections. Tbe result* wh'ch these political con*est& have produced have proved tbe wisdom of Obitgress in reiving upou tbe intelligence and patriotism cf tbe loyal people of the country. The plan of reconstruction so wisely and generI onsly adopted bv Congress has secured discipline in onr ranks, unity in onr councils and ! nr.ight in onr exertion*. Could tbe pending j Constitutional Amendment be ratified, it | wonld, in my judgment, best satisfy the nation. and best secure (be fruits of that great natioual victory w hich culminated in tbe destruction of tbe rel ellici . and yet 1 bear in mind 'be conviction that tbe right of suffrage should not depend upon the accidenUot color or race. In tbe final settlement of these questions 1 am lonU-nt to rely upon the action of the present and the successive Congress, in which are contained so much of the wisdom and experience of the nation. It remain for us to disseminate truth, to preserve the unity of onr great party, and on the basis of our principles to organize victory. We bold the vantage ground which right confers, and neither the power of tbe President nor the dictates of courts can stay the progress of those eternal truths which are written in revelation and inscribed on tbe hearts ot tbe good and true, and ever illuminating the onward progress of our race. The addreas was received with much favor by tbe committee. There was a general and free conversation in relation to the condition of the country, and the measures which would best secure the fruits of victory and peace. During the meeting Governor Ward received a telegram from Trenton announcing that Hon. Frederick T. Fielingbnysen had received the Republican caucus nomination for Senator by a vote of lio to 10. An adjourned meeting of the committee will take place tomorrow. jr^=? M16BIONABY AN Ml VEBBABY. WI8LII CBAPKIiTTorner Ith and F its. SUNDAY. Jan. .0 lAif 11 a. m. 8'rmon by Bev. J. McOlntoch, D D. Jjp m. ttabbitb ficho >1 ssrvics. Address ?y Rev. J H Ylnoent. Singing by the children. Ottering* and emolsias. 7 * ? p.m. Platform meeting, Chlof Justice Chase preeldng. Ad drees by Bev. J. B. Yinoeat. Beats free. Tbe public invited. ja 18 St TBB ANNUAL M BBTING Of Till Us3 Stockholders of tbe WA8BINGTON OAS Lfi,HT COMPANY will be held at the etfice of the MONDAY. February 4.1917, for tbe election of Directors, to eerve during the ensnlng year. Polls open at 13 o'clock m. and close at 1 o'clock p m. ja 17-1st OHA8 B. BAILEY. SecreUry. ri^COAL!! OOAL'f lL3 #6.50 1 am bow selling COAL at the following low prices ?Bed A?h. f * 24, White Ash, f ?. Also, a very superior article of BUT COAL, lor oookiag, at $9 do. delivered. 2,340 lbs. and clsan Coal guaranteed. Terms cash when order la given., 7th street, between D and E. Yard. iSth street wharf and river. jali-lW T W. MiOONHBLL. ry^S=*B?ABD OF TRADE BOOMS. c:.a~.xti a 9 Bwkxmy's. No. 4 Market Space. FLECTION OF OFFICERS. The Fourth Quarterly Meeting of the Board of Trade will trauepire on FBIDAY BVBNiHB next-Jan. 18. iw.vhin a President, two Yice Pr-eidenU.and aboard of twelve Directors will be elected, to serve for t be enoilng year. B. 8ABDO. Secretary. ja 14 It (Int.,Chron A Con. Unloa ) r^fc' JOBBPH B SBAPFIELD, ILS FBEBCB COB FBCTIONBBY. LADIES' I0B CBBAM A DIN IN 8 SALOON. U4t Pean. Ave., bet. llfth and 13th eta. Weddings, Dinner or Supper Pertiee eupplied at ehort nonce with novelties in Pyramids. fancy *ahee, and Confectioneries. Jellies; Welling Cakes, best unality. Tabls Ornaments: Salads, lcs Cream, Water lea. Bo man Punch, Boaed Tar key. plain ; EsoolopsdOrators, Boned TnW in jelry, Charlotte Ansae, eio., etc Attend ante also will be seat to attend to all details of arrangements. Boa mete. Wreathe, nad cat Flowera to order. _ _ ;a3-lm JOSBPB B SBAFFIBLD. rr^=?B STABL1IBBD 1 8 S S . MePBEBSON A FERGUSON. j71 Pim, Avxxcx, coR.txa 1st riiit, ( CariTOL Bill. PUBB DRUGS, MBDIOIMBS and CBBMIOALS, 1 Physicians Prescriptions aeeurately compounded. The Bight BeU promptly answered. oe ll-tf ETOBBALB?A Black MABB, nine years F eld W ill tret in three mlnntoe. Alee, jUiT? a now Cutter Sleljh. Baraees aad kella.^ZX Inquire Boom 136 General Land Oflce. ja 18 It* f OAli. I BOB. AND OIL. or the Practical Amerv icaa Mtaer; boiag a guide to oar mines aad mineral reeources, with numerous maps and llluet rations. price #7m. ? ja 18 FBABCB TATliOB. jyjAih.8 I MASKS i ? MASKS ! A fall supply, at all different character, jast received at HB HUPPEBT'S FABCY BAZAAB. ja 18 8t No. ?33 7th etreet. ?1 rvE D,roi- gi 910.000 WOBTB LAD1B8 ABD GBBTB' BBST PABIS BID GLOVB8, iT Price for Ladles, $1 per pair. SF Price for Oeata', par pair. SSF" All oolors aad alaon, from to 10H? JOS. J. MAY A CO., 308 Pennsyl vaniaaveane, , ja If FljUt between fth aad lHh eto. EpOB SALE?COOK ISO 8TOYE8 from f 10 to r Bid. Parlor aad Bedroom Htovee from _ A to 88. Bxtousiea Tablee. Washstauds. Bed.teads. Wardrobee, Boreana, Oaae eeat Chair*. Be . for *ale cheap at the MBWlM KCBBITCBE 8T0BB, U-0 7th street. be-^AC tween L aad M. ja 17 St* WELLING OFF AT OBBATLY BEDU0ED O PB1CBS FOB OABB. | We shall aell. from this day until tho 1st of February. onr Stock of Drv and Fancy Goods at | CBBATLY BEDUCBB TBICES FOB CASH, for tbe pui poee cf taking account of etock. DBY GOODS AND 8BAWLB AT COST. CLOAKS AT HALF COST. j "HO HUMBUG ABOUT IT." | HENNAGE, LUTTBELL A CO . At Geo J. Johnson A Co.'s Old 8taad, I jtll eo3t* Cor. 20th at. aad Penn. avean QLD BBABD1ES Antediluvian. (year nnkaowa) Benneeaey (vintage 18*8) Alex Seigaotte, " WV) Old Saxerac. '* l?t* J. J. Dupay A Co., vintago 1849 Champagne. " 1881 And varlotu other brands, in waod and glass, for sals by B C. DYBU A CO., S?6 Peansylvaala avenue, ) 17-eoSt be twee a 11th and 13th streets. OILLIJO O U*, TO I E V IT. With a view to rsballding oar stsra In ths spring, we have determined to soil tho WBOLB or OUB STOCK, ooaalstiag of * BOSIEBT, GLOYB8. aad a general aaeortmeat of FOBBISM1HO GOODS. AT OOST, From this dais oatll the first day of May. FBEO'K PILLING. 888 Psnnsylvanla avsnas, ie 17-ft* osxt to 11th Street. TKLEGKAPIIIC NEWS. I -?.?* ? Strimtr oa Fire. Nfw York. Jan. H ?A tire has jn?? broken out on the tle*mer Ellen S Terry, mnning lo Nevr?*rn; N-C-, lying *l th? P'"*1 'h- f*?ot n? Keotor .etrre'. Many other t.u?araer? and f hips were I)tap adacent, consequently th?re ?in- murb excitement mnonz th; c.ip< urn iad ere*-. The weuibrr i* very cold ami the firemen ere ?l??w lo get to *o>k The *t?"Htner w? in h?vf eaileil on ihe l.">ib Inst., but was detailed by the weather (AB4V>BI> PKar ATCH J Nbw York, Jan lc.? The tire on txvird the i iamcr Terry ha* been snhdiiert Tbe damare vrs? no? so grent as expected b-causp the hull ? ae ma<1e ol irort. ami kumj iron *nt?rt g!it tire.proof compartments !.? parttAiiy in-nrrrt. Tbe bustness of the line wrua not be interrupted From tlie Stilh. Nbw Yobk. Jan. 19.?The Herald'a special Kichmond rorre^p-indeut says the people of the South hsve made nr their minds to shake off1 br inaction of tbe last few months and take hold of tbe viitl questions ot tbe hour witb i iror. There has been a decrease in the negro population of Virginia amounting u> one hundred and nineiv thousand. Id forma i >n received here from North CJvolma saye n secret oriramaaMon with revoln- 1 tionnry objects eaiet in Unioa nouuty, aggravated murage* are perpetrated an tbe nerr<v?g anrt the taw officers confeo* themselves afraid to pursue the perpetrators. New York Items. Ngw Y'crk, Jan. 1?.?A furtons wind storm ! pre vailed tbronghunt last night. and the snow hereabouts b:is drifted in some places to the height of eight feet, destxoving the excellent sleighing on the suburban roads promised yesterday. The excise law will be enforced according to it* full and strict interpretation to day and hen-alter. John G. Grapp, a lawyer, has been arrested on a charge of forgery to obtain tbe btcfc pay of a deceased soldier. Trains Detained. PHTLATiBLrut A. Jan. IS.?The mow drift* on tbe Ctmiten A- Am boy road causes much detention. This morning tbe eight o'clock trrun left at 9.30. a m All the trains are late The Central Pennsylvania road Is also impeded, but tbe officers expect to have all obstructions removed by afternoon, when the tegular tra\el will he resumed. Schooner Ashore. Fobtbbpo M ok ROB. Jan. H ?A schooner supposed to be the Martha, for Baltimore, from Savannah, with a cargo of old iron, is ashore about thirty miles below (Jape llenry. She is regarded as a total loss. The weather was intensely cold last Bight. The Fenians. Toronto, Jan. iy.?A gunboat will be stationed at Kingston, in the epirng, on account of the number of Kenian convicts tn the penitentiary tnere. A gnnboat will also be stationed permanently iu the Niagara river. Vessel Lost. Bowtoh, Jan. 13.?The schooner Jnlia Ann from Ballmore for Boston is supposed to have been lost with alt hands on board, as papers have been picked up on Nantucket beach belonging to her. Baltimore Markets. Baltimobk. Jan. 13.?Flour, sales of cboioe city mills extra at fit 75; prices generally dull and nominal for Western and other descriptions. Wheat, bales of reJ a! S.iif l is. Corn, sales of white, SiaSl.Itt; mixed, SI; yellow, ? 1.1*1.03; closing at ibe inside price for prime. Pennsylvania Data steady at r.-jaGJ cents. Sugar firm. Cotton firm at .14 rents for middling nplanda. Petroleum, refined 30a31. Whiskey dull and irregular. New York Markets. Nbw York, Jan. 18.?Cotton steady at 3.? Flour dull. Corn firm. Whisky dull. gKATBB ! 8KATK8 ' t SKATBB !'! Just received, a full assortment, for Ladles. Gentlemen, and Boys, at OHB. BUPPKBTB FANCY BAZAAB. j? P M Ho. 52a 7tn street. pROPOHALB FOB^ABMY TBANSPOBTA Qra*TXRMA?TIB Ok.NXBaL's OvriCK, I WAsaiifc.ToN, 0. 0., January IS. 13)7. ( beeled Proposals will be received at this etScs until 12p'clock in., on tbe ttth of February, 1857, for tbe traaepertatien of Military Supplies daring the year eoameaclng April i, iKt?, aad ending arch 31, IMS. on tbe following routes : BOCTB Mo. 1. From Fort MePbersoa. Nebraska Territory, or nch parts as may be rfetermlhed upon during the >oeroatbe Obhdi branch of the Union 1'aclflc railroad, west of Fort McPberson. or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Territory, to auch posts or de pete as are now or may be established in the Torrlty o Nebraska, west of longitude Ml deg., Iu the Tertitorj at Montana, south of latitude 46 dog., la the Territory Dakota, west ot longitude 104 deg , IB tbe Territory of Idaho, aeatk or latitude dog., end east ot loncltade 114 dog , and la the Ten Stories of Utah and Colorado aorth of latitude 40 deg , insludlng It. neoeosary, Denver OHy. _ BOUTS Ho. 8. Fros Vort Biley. Mate q1 Kansas, or snob points as may be determined upon daring the year on tbe Union Pacific railroad. B. D , t? any posts or depots that are now or max bo eetabltebed In the Slate of Bansae or la the Territory of Colore fo. south of latitude aOdegrees aorta, aad to Fort 'aion.New Mexico,or other depot that may be dealgaated la that Territory, aad to any other point or polate oa tbe route. BOUTE Hp. 3. Front Fort UbIob or sncb otbsr depot as aay be established ia the Territory of New Mexico, to any posts er stations that are, or may be estab llsbed m that Ten iu>ry, and to eaeh posts orsutioes ae may be designated la tbe Territory of Arizona, and fa tbe StSfe.of Texas west of loagltude lutdeg. BOCTB No, 4. From St. Paul. MiBBMeta, to sncb posts a< are new or may be established In the btate of Mlanoftote, and la that portioa of Dakota Territory lying e?at of tbe Missoari river. Tbe weight to he transported daring tbe year will not exceed oa BeutoMo. 1, 30,009 o?0 pounds ; on Boats No. a, 1#,eud 000 pound* . on Boute Bo. 3,4,000 900 pounds, and on Boute No. 4, 3,too,00^ pOQDdl Proposals will be made for each route sepa r Bidders will state the rate nor 100 poanJs per 10U miles, at which they will transport tbe stores : in each Bomb of the rear, begisnlng April 1, 1347, aad endlnc March 31.180T Bidders shoula give their aamee ia full, as well as their) plaoe* of residence, and each proposal should be aceomaaated by a bond in the sua ef ten thousand ftlO,0Ou) dollars, signed by two or more responsible persona, guaranteelag that In re?e a eeatract Is awarded for the route mea tioaed la tb? propeaal to tbe aarty proposing the ?ontract will ba accepted ana entered Into, end good and sufficient security furnished by said party iu accordance with the temaof this advertisement Tbe eeatractor will be required to give bonds in tbe following amounts; On Boute No, 1, #280,000. On Boute No. 3, 200,000. On Boute No 3, 100,000. On Boute Bo 4, 30,(00. Batisfaotorr evidence ef tbe loyalty and solTsncy of eaeb bidder aad par eon offered ae eeoaritr will be required. Fropasals must be eadoreed " Prop??ale fdr Army Transportation ob Boats Bo. 1,3,3, or 4," as the case mar be. aad none will be entertained nnleea they filly eoaaply witb tbe requirements of this advertisement. Tbe party to whom as award is made must t* prepared to oxeeBte tbe contract at oooe, aad to give tbe required bonds tor tbe faithful performance of tbe oontract. The right to reject any or all bids that may be offered Is reserved. The contractors on each route must be in readiaeae for eareice by tbe lat day of Anrll, 1867, ead will be required to hBTe a place of business or agency at which be may be coamanicated witb piMoptry and readily for Boute Bo. 1, at Oaaha, V. T.; for Boute No 1, at Fort BUey, Kansas; for Boute No 3. at Fort Oalon.New Mexico;for Rente No. 4. *t Saint Paul. Hlnaeseta. or at such other point for eaeb of tbe several Boute* as may be Indicated ae the starting pefat of the route. Blank forms ahowinig tbe ceaditiens of the con tract to l?e entered into for each route can be bad on application at thfb off ce, or at the office of tbe Uuartermaster at Bew York, Saint L uis, Fort Leavenworth, Oaaba. Santa Fa, and Fort Snelling. and must accompany aad be a part of the proposal. ?' ?">? > " ""iWrrssft*,"?.' . Brevet Colonel and Assistast ja 18-Mt Qnartermaater, P. 8. A. YY^BB A BBVBBIDOB HAVB BBtLBl^ ISHBD TBBIB STOCK OF CHINA, WB CBOCJLBBT, aad aLIB8WABB, Since tbe Bolldeys, and are again prenered to farnlsb everything In their Has, of tbe beat class and at tbe lowest cash aricae jaP It WBBB k BKVBB1POB, 493 A*d?si.? 493 IB BOOTS AND HATS, At d93 Hlath Street, betweeaD aad 1. For the next few weeki I shall sell By stock of BOOTS ABD HATS at reduced prices. Selling off ? redaas stock. STOP! BBAD1 And then start for Ho. d03 9th strset. where yon cen save from balf a dollar to one dollar aad a * The beS'efVTOTch' Calf Boots, (aea'a) Baltimore make, vary low; a II ttie too low. Fiae Calf

BocU.eewed, Philadelphia make, way d?wala price. Mea'a heavy Boota remarkably low. Boy's ftae Seoia very cheap. Goae ead eee the goods, itInearaao obligetloa to purchase. ^ H. A. OLOOTT. , ielT 91* 493 9th ?t., bet. D aad K sta. ? O'CLOCK P. M. GOVERNMENT SEtl'RITlES. W askivutox, Jab nary H, I^t. Jay Cooke k Co lurnisb the following quotations of Oovernm-nt wcurin? tJuytng St"UitU) I I!. S. C's Ocupon.\ l.Hy i I?, S. Five TwwtiM, 1BW IV7\ U*x \ IT. s. Five Twenties. IBM If.* F*> t IT s rm Twfnup*, iififc itw^ r.S. Fire TwenUes,Jan.fcJ,y,Tl5.lW <* 1:4* U. S. Ten Forties frtjf two t! K. Seven Thirties, August,... li* S, >?H* U. S. S*tfn Thirtifi, June...... 104 104^ U. S. Seven Tbirtiee, J*ly i*A\ ItfJt miw york first board hales Conpous ll*s\ lo.tu's 9$X 5.1W*. I?6-J It*" 7.30,s, Autuf. ... fvl \ 5 *)'?, 1^94 T.'Ws, June 10|\ 5 Vtlfc, I?6S H-C \ <-3ii*mJuly 104 \ 5<V'e, J n A J J.'65.101 if OoM 137^ FINANCIAL. Lfvu Johnson A Co., qcote Stocks and Honda in borne and foreign market*as follows: Maw York. Jan.IS.?1st Board?U. iy re?? isiered. 1^1. W7\, do., coupons, ll>-5-2U's, r*f!i(t?rtKli l'^s. <1? ooupous, 104; <u>., 1865, 1''>V; 10-40 a, registered. t>9\;, 7 3u a. 104 Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, 2?i; Canton. 4?\, Cumberland, 92, Cluicksil it, 41)(, Mariposa, H)j; New York Central, li8 V; tn?, Mfc;do. preter*d,75: Hudson, 1?5,K: Heading, US*; Michigan Central, 106#; Michigan Southern, TV; Illinois Centra, 119^; Cleveland and Pnuburg. 0!>l(. Cleveland aud Toledo. 123; Hock laiand. ! ?'%'; Northwestern, 49Jf; do preferred, 7!J)j; Fort Wayne. '* V Chicago and Alton,1>9. Alton and Terre Haute, 3ft Toledo and Wabash, 42^; W. U. Telegraph, 4?>\: Hoetou Water Power, 27, Pacific Mail, 162, Atlantic Mali, 106. TDK AR^KNAL FOR THK IRON* CLADS Senator Poster spoke at length before the {senate Naval Committee to-day in opposition to locating the station for iron-clad* at League Island, and in favor of placing it at New Loudon. It is probable that the committee m:ty report in favor ef referring the question of site to a board of officers for report. THK WHITK HOUhK To-day being Cabinet day, no visitors were admitted at the Executive Mansion. All the members of the Cabinet were present, and the session continued until after two o'clock. denunciation of thk prbsidknt Senator Sumner to-day continued his speech denunciatory of the President. It was exceedingly severe, but elic ted no interruption, as on yesterday. MlMfcTKR TO ENGLAND. There is a report afloat on the Avenue thi? afternoon that Dudly Kleld, brother of Cyrus Field, has been appointed Minisur to England. Psrsonal ? Hon. B. G Harris, of Maryland, bu been nbseut from his seat in Congress in consequence of the illness of Mrs Harris. Sbe is now recovering, aud Mr. Harris will return to his seat this week. 1>tbr?al rkvxmub.?Tbe receipts from this source to-day were $3(?sW7 *4 CONGRESSIONAL. Friday, January 14. Srwat*.?The Chair presented a communication from (Governor Hramlett, of Kentucky, announcing the refection by the legislature ol thai State of the constitutional amendment. Lai<t on the table. Mr. Wilson presented thirteen petitions from officers or ths army for increase of pay. Referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. Mr. Wilson presented petitions asking that the present system for exterminating the negro race be discontinued, and measures be adopted for colonization. Referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. Mr. Sumner presented the memorial of the Colored National Union League, lately in session in this city, asking impartial suffrage and equality before the law in all the rebel Mates. Referred to the Committee on Reconstruction. Mr. Conness presented a petition from all the army officers on the Pacific coast, complaining of the insufficiency of their pay, which they ask shall hereafter be paid in gold or increased. Referred to the Committee on Mili'ary Affairs. Mr. Sumner moved that the President of the United States be requested te communicate to tbe Senate, if not incompatible with the pubhe interest, any correspondence which has tsken plaoe bet ween the Seeretarjr of State and J. Lathrop Motley, U. S. Minisur to the Court of Vienna, relative to the resignation of the latter. Mr. Buckalsw objecting, the resolution went over. Mr. Wilson, from the Committee on Military Affairs, reported the Honse bill to establish and protect national cemeteries; which was read and laid over. Mr. Saulsbury moved to take up the resolu[ tion introduced by htm calling on the heads of departments for statement of number of clerks removed in the departments from March 4, ls6l. to March 4, H65. The motion to lake up was disagreed to. The bill toautheriKtt theextenaion, construction and use of a lateral branch of the Baltimore and Potomac railroad into and within the District of Columbia was taken np. and discussed until the expiration of the morning hour. iThe unfinished business, being the bill to regulate the tenure of office, was then taken up, the question being on the amendment of Mx. Sumner. Mr. Sumner, being entitled to the floor, alluded to the fact of his having been called to order yesterday ou account of certain language need towards the President. A little more than one year since he had characterized a certain message of the President, describing the condition of affairs at the South as bright and promising, as a whitewashing message. Certain Seaators bad taken him to task then, but time had proved him to be light. That message was a whitewashing meessage. Time would prove him right arain Now that the slave drivers bad been driven from this cham* ber, he claimed, and insisted upon the privilege of an American Senator to be allowed the fa Heat latitude of debate. Andrew Johnson, who, by a bloody accident, had become elevated to bis present position, bad proved hhnself the successor of Jefferson Davis. Tha rebellion defeated in the field has reared its triumphant bead in the Executive Mansion of the nation. He did aot wish to refer to his beastly state of intoxication when ha took the o&Ui of office in this chamber, or to bis maudlin speeches. He was a usurper, h id wilfully usurped tha powers of Congress. He (Mr. S.) would read from the National InUlUffenctr, of last November, a paper which was as friendly as possible to the President, an account of bia speech at St. Lonls. Mr. S. then read the speech made by the President, that be would "kick them ont of office." Mr. S. then argued in favor of his amendment. There would have been no ne. ceesity for this bill if Abraham Lincoln had lived. Ue bad no confidence in the President, and be bad confidence in the peeple.| A dlscassion here took plaoe between Mr. Sumner and Mr. Edmunds. Mr. Edmunds said the Seaator s amendment would bring the appointment of night watchmen under the Senate. Mr. Snmner said that was not the effect of bis amendment. ,, ^ Mr. Edmunds argaed that it woald have the effect. Mr. Sherman said it was not in the power of Congress to take these appointments from the heads of the Departments. Mr. Johnson said in case the Paesident was impeached, the Senator from Massachusetts, by bis langnage, had placed himself oat of the pale of the judges. He had used language in which, upon cooler reflection, he could hardly justify himself. The Pretident had done many things which he (Mr. J.) could dot ap. prove, but nothing to justify the langnage which bad been used towards him. Housn?On motion of Mr. Upson, (Mich.) the Committee on Poet Offices and Post Reads was directed to enquire into the expediency of establishing certain post routes In Michigan. Mr. Kltter (Ky) introduced a resolution de. daring that it was a departure from the intention in establishing the Agricultural BuI reau for the Commissioner of Agriculture to purchase and distribute in this country, seeds of native growth; and directing the Committee of Agriculture to inquire into the expediency of restricting the Commissioner of AgrlcuN ture te the purchase and distribution of seeds grown in ths United 8tates. Agreed to. The House proceeded to consideration of the bill laid over yesterday to incorporate the Washington Transportation and Goal Combill was read. The corporators are Charles i&nap, Thomas Perry, George S. Gideon. George W. Biggs, J. L. Oathcart, J. L Mitchell, Jas. Senile, G. Buckingham and B. M Hooper. The capital stock shall not be lees than #100,000, nor more than one million, and the shares of stock shall be S100 each, which shall be paid in in saoh amounts aad at such times as may be designated by the President and Directors of the Company. Stockholder* shall he *?<U>4- |?r ?muu?t o* stack held by them. and m>' w y i? empowered to mine co*?. Ac. Hr. His* (Ky.J desired to ain*n.l the till so as to nake (be stock holder - iLdj vt io?j;y liable tor all dvbts ol tbr compvnv Mr Welker, (O i who hnd c*a-fe ol the bill, declined to yiefd lor tb* purpos*. Mr. Price (low*) propuM ?n *me?idm-n', to make thi stockholder* liable r.?r d.^bu tb* woti l ot stock held by them, wbichnmeodment vis accepted by Mr Yteiker Mr. W11 son (Iowateaid thrimm*?of the corpoistors eeemed to t>- very familiar w>tb bun Tbey >*finf(1 to b? tbe nmf ua?ne? tbat aj,_ ! peered In every charter in ibi* District, and ; there seemed to b* a disposition to con?olid?t* and put all these in'ereets into tbe bnnd* of <nie s?-tt or corporators. Tbe Kill was*l?><>b noxious, in tbat It made tbe >r. ot tbe first I!owd ot Directors perpetual, and b?* hoped lbs house would besiLste Iwlore paeatng any more ot these bills. Tbis charter enparered th* compear to operate outside of ttii* District, and they were simply empowered to j s-ll coal wi'hin it. It wvtiid give ih^ra a m-jnopoly or th*? coat tr tde b. re. and b* could see no food reasons lor allowing this monopoly Mr. Welker eard, with rejrard to the obi*.-, tlon. tbat the same corpot&tore appeared in every bill; he woald sav that these gentlemen were, probably, the greatest corporators in tb< I?H>trlct, and hare, probably. ino*( money to us* in these mature. Mr. Wilton suggested tbat it might also be that they intended to make money by seliicr oo? tbeir franchises. Nr. Welker replied tbat there was no hing in the charter to allow them lo sell oat tbe fr*? ibi-e Mr. Wilson said it woo Id only appear so from the fact tbat tbe same persons were elwiv* named in all bills. Mr Welker said the bill allowed the companr to mine coal along the line of the Chesapeake and (Hiio cana', and were sobject to law* ot Maryland. Oentlemen might hive |M-rennal objection ?o tbe corporators, bat tbe committee bad not considered that im1 ler Mr. Wentworrb (111 ) said Congress bad recently passed a bill to enfranchise certain persons in the District of Colambia, and before they assume their right* as citinens Congre.* ?e voting away all their privileges by granin* charter*. He thought there should be no charters or-less on the principle of no distinction on account of race and color. fl,augh<er I Hwould therefore suggest the name of John T Johnson, a respectable aud wealthy colored ro?n of this District, and be would mo re that the name John T. Johnson be inserted as one of the corporators. Mr. Ktdndge (Wis ? nid be sbonld object unless the yeas and nays were allowed on the amendment. Mr. Wentworth said that was agreeable to him, as be wanted to know who were willing to adhere to the pledges made to tbe colored people. Mr. Stevens (Pa.) characterized the bill as a most pernicious proposition. It proposed to incorporate a company to interfere with private enterprise in the ram in: ol coal. Tbi* was a great mistake. Pennsylvania had tried the plan thirty years ago, and bad discov*red ?*r error, and bad passed a bill repealiug all these charter*. Tbe doctrine tbat priviu-interests were protected by State enactment was utterly untenable, and he would therefore move to lay tbe bill on the table. Mr Davis (IV. Y.) asked Mr. Stevens if be was not aware tbat Pennsylvania still had chartered companies who were working coal mines. Mr. Stevens replied that all these charters had been repealed. He bad no objection to incorporate companies to work railroads, but he objected to companies for mining purposes. Mr. Davis asserted that so late as 1*5.*) Pennsylvania parsed laws chattering eoal companies, and amended the law in !<#;? Mr. Frank Thomas (Md ) said tbe bill under consideration allowed the company to operate in the district he lepresented, aud he desired to know if the company was individually I able for damages. Mr. We ker said tbe stockholders were to th-extent of amonnt of stock Mr. 1 homes said no section of the country had suffered more than the county of Alleghany, in Maryland, by reason of laws passed by the Maryland Legislature for the protection of out*ide mining companies, who were not made responsible. These companies now owed *10,11011,(JOG or ?I;>uOU,?jo to Allegany county and tbe citi7ens thereof for unfulfilled contract* They were indebted to landed proprtetofts and to laborers; aud wb*?n titer became iaeolvent, there was nothing but old wheelbarrows and shovels and broken-down horse*, to meet an Indebtedness of over SKO.UiO. Any body of men could come into Maryland and work coal mines, but they would be compelled to abide by the laws: but under a charter of tola character tbe company would bnt re-enact the system of robberv and plunder heretofore carried out. He hoped, herefore, tbe stockholders would be made individually liable. The question wa* then taken on Mr Stevens1 motion to lay the bill on the table; and it pre. vailed Mr. Mercnr, (Pa.) from Committee 011 the District of Columbia, reported Senate bill te incorporate the Metropolitan Kire aud Insnraace Co. of tbe District of Columbia, with au amendment, providing for an annaal report to tbe Secretary ol the Interior. On motion of Mr. Wentworth. the name of ; John L. Thomas wa* Inserted as one of the corporators. Pend'ng consideration of th- bill the morn, tog hour expired and the bill went over The House tben resolved itself into Committee of tbe Whole on tbe Private Calendar, Mr Price (Iowa) in the chair. The bill to pay and discharge certain debts and expenditures to the Corporation of Wash, tngton, for tbe Government'* proportion for expenditures on account of sewers. Improving streets, Ac , and repairing Long Bridge, was taken up; and amended by providing tn^ no money should be pslld until the lt*ms are found correct by the |*reper accounting officer, and tbat a receipt in full for construction of sewers op to April, 1865, shall be Hied with the Treasurer of the L'aited States. The bill and amendment* were ordered to be reported to the House. LOCAL NEWS. Th* Swiss Bkll Rrxoxns had a very enthueiastic bouse last uigbt. The attraction surpassed anything in this line everbelore known in Washington, embracing bell ringing by tbe two Peak families, a brilliant harp duett* by Messrs. Peak and Whitcomb, a quartette on four horns by the young ladies, tbe picolo solo by Master Henry Herger, tbe Staff Hell doett by Mrs. Fannie and Eddie Peak, Ac., all of which elicited the warmest applause. The vocal part of the entertainment was -very fine, and was alone worth the of admission. It ia in fact one of the most interesting and remarkable entertainmenu ever produced here, and will doubtless draw crowds nightly. Tun Skating Pabk Difficult*.?'The grand jnrv yesterday dismissed the charge of assault and battery against W. H. Claget, W. A. <Jray, W. H. Barker, aad Henry Kodgers, members of tke Washington Skating Club. These gentlemen, it will be remembered, were held to bail for court, to answer the charge of an aasamt and battery growingjoat of their au tempting to take one ot the member* from the ice for an alleged violation of the rules. At the meeting of the club on Saturday evening there was a general aesireihat tbs case woald come before the ooart that the court might decide on the power of the members in enforcing tbe rules. Cbiminal OouaT. Judgt fUker 1 ester day. in the case of Wiliiam Auffert, James Johnson, and Jeremiah Haggerty, charged with forging soldiers' discharges, the two ttrat were fonnd guilty on the first count, and not goUty on the other counts. In a second ease against the same parties a nolle pros, was entered. The pettit jury wars discharged until Wedneeday next. Kispimc a. Bawdy Hocsb.?Caroline Sneider was arrested by Officer Boyle upon a charge of keeping a bawdy house. She was sent to jail lor court by Justice Boswell. Sarah Hull and Maria Woedbeok were arreeted by tbe same officer for leading a lewd and lascivious course of life, and in default of security for good behavior, they were sent to the workhouse by the same justice. Tiik Policb Kxports.?This morning the lieutenant* of police reported M arrests la the District. The fines in the corporation cases amounted to >40.?). p o 1 sir f ii . Two handsome MAULK BIBB VAtH, standing six feet, valued at ffttt-fS per chance, ?n exhibition at JUAB BOTLB'8, Beokssller aad fttatleaer,' jatf-ll* IK Naa% aeanae. f<0LBB> OOPPlMtoBQ Will,(Heave.) [ Blob, (rally flavor, with delloete boqaet. Psol". , OOPVBBHOH0 9 BACH. '"-' " fcisa., ^{8?KS,rt?0H?sr,?!raMffi5S: *|M of eeory desert stiea. | let fiTBeslnsesstrictlyceefldsaOeLuBi OMr|p|*ira r*ta< il? - BvAUwor Alukumm ?Mr Hys'e reported ub?iu?*? tor the Council ordinance Mending the oroiMiff in relation to f??ot p,w~m?i.:Ea^fed The resolution to (t\Dt u7 l>r C II ragin ? gunrdinu wae laid over far our ?rek Tt?? fc.llowing were r?c* ? < .trom tue illicit ? Resolution in favor J O 4 Oo ; K>k<lntiwi in fav<>r of a.* l.'athoiic Tulftl Abstinence .Society, i a.?f or th * rabh?. Ersignntion of I>r Armstea.: l-\t#r*? ward physician, needed 1?tIibvuuo< Joj T. Oatewood m- judge or ?Ur?toM *ccs^-?-.i ArcOTki of r.W. Snow. reterr~d i.? id*. |^. cord*r. KMoiotmn u> pay ,*vtain claim*, r-. lerred. Krtolntioo In favorof Jenkn. Tboin i? I paatrd. fifsolntions lor ibr retter at G * { itot rrr and H L. Mcpherson. r> iwrred K? t o'unon lo con tin tee tbe puoiicat?H? of > be I* % * | to the Courier and F.rtmnfi r?*.* ref~rre.i (\maon Uoi'idl ?The President be.a; ate J sent, Mr.Clat.auKh was called t.> ib? cb%>r. i The following messages from the Mwor werw | received and referred. Transmuting th- a,: count of J. Adler, relative to the r?natri?f* t Bridge street bridge, the accou uts of J Wat | tare tor matches. and ofWm Whalen for ia* ; prcvrments at the nation faonae Al-c. oae ; recommending the appropriation of Piiutar i clraiang the street. which va. laud u*er t~*> pornrily. A coram uoicaiivn wu r^twived from John T Gatewood. declining lo serve *? one of tbe judgea of election, referred The annual report or Ihe <Merk of the C-?r poration *u receded, rend. And rei*rr?sl u> [ the way* and meana committee. The docu} roentiaver) lengthy, prepared by toe clerk, w m Laird, b?q , la 'he ?tj |?? which mukee him jastly popular with the citizens and corporation of (leorjetown. and thetabular statementsexhibit th? condition of tbe fund* of the town at tha cldae of IHtr, wrh such acvtiracy that a good estimate can be aafely based upon them of the probable neoes alt es of the corporation for The total re ceipta from January lat lo December 3Uu i-H>, were fl'^MQU; expend.tures, s;as.jn* ; " leaving a balance of cash in html at date o{ report of 7S; of wbicb SlS.nio o; beiuugi to v nrious special funds, aud #4 ">7? to to* general Jolq. The amount expended lor street* nnd bridge*, cleaning streots and alleys. ?-,*?- T2. including SI.G-"- Iff to be return ed by the tax levied for certain aew.-rs Tbia expenditure ? less tban that of by fS.100. The anticipation of a diminution of the number of license* at the close ?f th* w *r. and a proportionate decreaae of revenue tron that source was not realized, the amount of revenue from licenses this year e*,ee,iin* that of |*V', 95; the total being f 14.7?. r>* The receipt* from tines were 60 less tkar last year: the total b*mg fet.tni 07. 7 be es? mate of receipt* for tin* T??r will exce?-: n. penae^ allowing ?]? of the general taxea to remain over uncollected at the end of ihe year, that being tbe amount leftover at the end of laat year. The contingent expense# have exceeded the estimate last yn^r nearly 87 SOO. cnu-rd mainly by the T7niu-il States direct tax. The new a?>easmen' b >.?a ied tbe heavy repairs of bridge*, arche*. a and tbe estinuate for 1-*$?, 1* *et down at Siu.o hi Ihe committee a as authorized to print ft* copie* of the report. The report ot the Trunks of the I'oor and w orkhouf-e wu referred without being read Tbe following were laid over temporarily Petition of ecbolars and teacbern of We?t Georgetown M E Nabbvh J^chool for uae t New Market Hall on the 7th of Kebrua'? next; a petition of the Young Catholic^ 1- rieuds Society lor the Fame for a ball for tha poor on Monday night next, a petition 01 th1-emale I'nion Benevolent Society for an a;.propnation to aid their fund for the poor an j a petition of certain citizens for a hydrant . orner of lat and I.ingaji streeta. Tae resignation ot I?r A I'eters of tbe peeition of phyaiciai.. under the exietmg law for phy-icians for the poor of tbe town, was referred u tbe Aldermen. Mr banlop, from the w*>s and meana committee, reported a resolution ? > pay the deficiency for the repair of LiUle Falls Bridge; al.-o, reported back tbe resolution ' j 1 lieht the Iront of the Poat Office, with aa nmerdment anthenzing the oae of one burn* in each lamp. Mr. Labbey. from the eugae* committee, aaked to he nnd was di&ch trt-d from the considering tbe Ull ol P W L?*r which was referred t# the Alderm n A tranl lotion authorising tbe publication of the |aw>> In tha Ueorgetown Courier and th* h?min9 Union, a resolution to pay certain claims, r^ olution in faror of J Thomas, for tbe relief of O. W. Bohrer, resolutions granting tbe Bse of New Maricet Hall to the Young tjathohce' > riend Society and the scholars and tearh?r? of West Georgetown >abba;h School, and appropriating fisu lor the Female I 'nioa Itene ? . oleut Society, were adopted A resolution re. mitring a fine imposed upon P. J Call&ghan w at referred back to tbe committee. Adjourned Th* Mi aicirai. Ei.ectio*.?I>aat evening a special meeting of tbe Mavor and Alder, men was held, to consider the auffrage bill, and to take the preiimmarr msaaure* Tor carrying out it* proviMan*. Mayor Addison presided, and Mr. Laird, tbe Clerfc of the <V?ri??raticn, acted as secretary. After the bill tn question bad been read, Mr Tbomaa offered a resolution tor the appointment of eight competent persons to make a list of all p< rsoa? as are designated by the said bul aaenutlMl to vote. After some diacuaeion, iu which it was urged that there was nothing In tbe law authorizing the Mayor and Aldermen to transrer <he jxiwer given them, the revolution was re jected. Recorder Mathews offered resolution* that the Mayor aad Aldermen procaed u> perform tbe duties required of them by ?b? act. that tn order to Barry out the prorations of tbe act authorizing the Mayor to publk nstice through the, CAm*u'c%, KI 'aiaf / nt"s, aad Georgetown Ceurtcr, that the Mayor and Aldermen will be in open session between ;l? hours of 10 and 3, on tbe 23d, J+ih. and ij-.a instant, for the Hsta of persons they judge to be qualified to vote in any election, and lor the reception of evidence as to quaiiflcatioh of persons claiming tbe right to vote. Tbis resolution was adopted, and the meeting adjourned. Pork.?The receipts of slaughtered hogs Were very light to-day, and sales from wagons are quoted at S>- 50, and from stores ax $4 per 100 pounds The aeason is drawing to a close, and merchant* expect bnt little or no more until the middle or next week, and then tbe receipts will be light. The enura receipts ct tbia sea-on has not been over if up to the average. Much has been taken to other markets by dealer# who previoualy brought to tbia market. I?*an.?Mrs. Leanard. the lady who was so terribly burned Wednesday morning, ahont 11 o'clock, by her clothes accidentally taking 11 re, expired yesterday at -j p. m. Flocr avD Grain Markbt ?The demand to-day t? moderate for choice grades for the local trade: sales only in aa&ll lots to aupptv immediate wants; prices unchanged: no re. eelpts reported. i^rmpip J?WEL>TI MR. ALIXABDIKhnsjnatretiraed from Mew York, where he took from the Oastoon IIous? a very macalflceat assortment of Silver Filigrs* JBwBLBY. la ported frem Italy, which be will ell at?n*-<jBsrter tbe cost; they caaaot beol>talaed at any other eetabltebment here. He also brought on a large aeeortaseui of a?w style CORAL OOOD8 vary rich and of great variety . whleh he will sell at tbe same rate*. ja l?-?t* 84* Pennsylvania aveaue. D&AbS rOUVDBT, D Bo. 414 O street. Having started a BBASfl FOCBDBT In connection with my Ou and Locksmith bnaineaa, lam prepared to do all work la that line. jatt-taa JOBS J PBABODY ^PABBLIBG WIBB8. euve CMcenot, Poneardin.ln Qusrta and pints. atoet and Chaudoa, Ore*a Seal, " Julaa Mimm A Co., Cabinet ** Do do.. vsnniy, " Do. _ do,. Dry Veraeaay, " Oh as. Reidsieck, tillery. " " 1'aria Bxaoeition. Sparkling Catawba, in gaart? and pints. Golden Wedding, Sparkling Oatawba, In quarts and pints. Tor sale at reduced prices by E. C DYBBACO., 246 Peanaylvaais avenue, Ja 17 eoSt Between 12tk aad 13th street*. 5 20 u> 8 B0H1>B? INTBBBST PATABLB J ABCABT ABB JULY. For sale tn sums to suit. LEWIS JOHBSOB A CO., Bankers. ja 14-ltlf 8?a Pewasyleaals avenue. rpHB PCPCLAB^LDCOBHBB POBCH01CB ICE OBEAMB, OAKBS, A OOBrBCTlOBB&T, co?..,,o9r,0i,H'YiJ",?AV.rr.. Where tbe above articles can he proeured in perfection. _ ? . w la addition lo tho above, a new feature fcM been added to thla establiahment la the epeutag rf a "D where those favorite M valves are BtADtr it to licit th? fWinieDliUoi ' wbo have patronised this doperment. BALLS FA1BS. FBSTIYALS, and PCBLIO PABT1BS supplied en the moat liberal lerau. jalth* F??V"?L^ ?Kl'wirG0V^?V?b?? BQM? Jj'M fcj. ?e 91S Apply IS Federal Block, ornerof 7th and F streets. J*" " i "* '^^DAk. BHBL1S1 BA1BY C1IEESB, B " ^%wa6oA ( HU mBIbbttt Howe.