Newspaper of Evening Star, January 19, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 19, 1867 Page 1
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Qrbcmng Slur. ~j J^r . - - ;- "I ?????^ _ .... * *._ . va. XXIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. SATURDAY. JANUARY 19. 1867. N?. 4,327. __ . i the evening star ribli?hed daily, (busday BXCI1PTXD) AT THE STAB BU1LLUNO, S?*t\vxit corwr Ptnn *. arenue aid IIt\ ttrut. ?t w. D. WALLACH. TUP STAii i? servwd by toe '.Triers to their *nt>ecr?t*rs in the City and District at T t* Cl'TB rkr will. Copies ai the counter, wiJi e* wr.hoat wrapper*. Two Cani-s eash. j'bic* tor Mailing:?i'hree months fOne Wtoiar and Fifty Ctntt; six months, Tkrn Dal' Itrs; one Tear, Fit* Dollars. Wo ptpeij aro eat from the off ce longer nan paid for. The WLKK.LY .VTAK?pablisbed on Friday morning?Oim Dollar and a Uaif a Tear. ' DENTISTRY. I IB. inriri dental association, U Mo. MO Ci'rMi'A AVB , Brtwreu 19th and 15th street*. Teeth extracted without pel a by admlnaterlng Nitrous ( tyde er Laighlag Gee. Dr y^?^ LEWIE has recently purchased the beatn?Jfi3 Cbemieal Apparatus in the country for^4*1** tea rare ?m every day; a5 o, aa 1a>proved Tel. mlsr The Aasociation 1 now prepared to make Teeth on fio'd. Silver and Bubber at Me* Itrk PtiitdelytiU end Bo*to a piicee. Alt per. cne wishing dental work done can have tt ae cheap u m the above samed cltiea. All work dene in the neatest sad beet manner, end warranted to glvs satisfaction. Persona will do wail to call and examine <>nr work. de 34-tf t1 1 T m LOOMW.M d. 7he la venter arid Patentee ef ike M1MBBAL PLATE TESTS, attenda personally at^M^ his office in Una city. Many peraona caaWBlHH wear three teeth who caanot wear others. '1?" and no peraon can wear other* who cannot wear flfefOte Per bom calling at ay office oan be accommodated with a?y style and price of Teeth hey may desire. bat to theee who are particular. aud wish the purest cleanest, strongest and moat perfect den ?: U.*t art oan procure the MIHBBAL TBBTH will he more fnllv warranted. Booms in 'Is city?No. 33* Penu*a avenne.bettoinhk j 10th ate. Also. 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. oclOty PERSONAL. 4 U MAPBICB. TTfcAL. SCIENTIFIC AS?A. THULcGBHOr AMtKlCA, 9root the position aa3 aspect of the Stars at t!.) time of one'* birth, will revenl astoni-Mag secrete that no hvi ?g mortal ever knew bef re; how to be sncces-fnl in *11 reasonable uuderta&mg*. 11- tells cam# and very day yoa m.?rry; describes th ' ltitea lod companion and U-ils all events of life. good inch and long life to visitors. 60 jeats to Si gc ntletuen in fall 91* Call at 47 9 ;3tb rt . near F, all hoars nutil a in the evening. _de 31 lm* ( AD IBS WHO AUK DE31BOCSOF A SKILL1 j fnl and accomplished Physician. should con alt Dr HEN BY MORTON, 16? esst Famtte -itreet, Ba'Majore, Vd Dr Morton % services may heleagagea in Waahiugtonor ftty other city, by adoressiBgae above. oc 13-3.n* I cntlkmenWho abb affliutbd ?a " care warranted by an eld Surgeon of twenty three jeara' e*pertenoe in this particnlnr branch ?f tb- proft-ssien. Charge* moderate. Do not ar;l> to quack*, tnt to J B, QABPMBB, M. D., Is e of the United nates Sicord Venereal.Hosk pttsl. Office No. U1 A atreet, opposite the 4as''t( I ? .tiare. south side. If B ?Mediciaea also famished at cost. de27 lm* CON P1DBNT I A L ?Toung men who hava injured themselves oy certain secret habits, which unfit theaa for businees. pleasure, or the duties '>f marr.ed life. also, middle aged and old men, u-*o. from the fellies of youth, or other r*n?es, feel a debility in advance of their years, efere placing themselves uuder the treatment at aav one. should first read "The Secret friend." Harried ladies will learn something ef Importance by perusing "The Secret friend.^.Bent to any address, 1l a sealed envelope. wn r*itfipt of 23 cents. AddreM Dr. CL AS. A. 8TUABT A 00 . Boetoa, Maes no ?ly CLOTHING, Ac. FT. bb>bkbqba, _ ^accessor te U W. L>?adon aoo.,_aa VJTJZISTS A>D MILITARY *> merchant tailor, Rm Metropolitan Hotel, late Brown "a, Wlf _ 36'i Pennsylvsula avwuue. _mr 1 tf Washington. D. O. ' ***1A*9.?LACE. WiirH.UMOS, C.F.BLACKLAW OkPlUB. BLACK, LAMOS * CO., Oonasellors and Attorneys at Law In the Buaremi Sf-f'^l/he Unced States, the Court of Claims, file wttrti of the District, th?* KxecatWe DepartOonimittee# of Cacffrett. hss"ii45*"" BKAI B A B O A I S S" The sn>?evit-era are closing nut the balance ol their PABCV DBBSS GOOfs at Neatly fenced prices, and ladies ia wsnt of handsome Silks. **?'. Me^noea. Poplins. I'laid?. aad. In fact, any of Bret* M^teriAls* u||l find oar irlctii great iaducement. aa we wiah to cloae them eut thl* BDODth We also have on hand an elegant stock ol BHlBTlBGn and SIIBBTINUS, hrTth Linen had C'ntto; which we are aelltng very cksst. All goods marked ia plain figures at the lowest market rate*. , _ W. M. BHUSTBB ft BBO . ja 7 eo8t Bo. 31* Market Space. ?> itn/i POTATOES. 0,fMMr bajhels MA1NB POTATOBS,just arrived, and for sale at our Wharf at the toot of 7th street. . P. IIBOWS ft BOM. Commission Merchant*. de 14-tf Ho 463 9th at., between B and t. Chocolate double, vahillF PB H. MAILLA1BD. Pur Cacao et Sucre. Bieiuat de Untl melange z. m. p. king ft Bob, ' _ King Place, Corner Vermont aveane and 15)? atreet. WK8T I*DIA OBABtJES ABD V w swbbt Malaga obapbb, KIBO PLACB C ?picf aN"??.OUBBABTSt Brit Kg. ftc , ftc , to salt this particular sea*?a, 2V,~* br * * * * BOB, King Plaae. T-. - ST. timotsItb hall. Jt ^f^^tlon Will be reeamed aa 3?yt. II, 1W>._ For terms, ftc., see oatalogue antf Jrcolar .t the principal bookstores of this address the prlaclpai. ? __b. VaBBOBB, OatoaviUe, Md. ' 'MB CEOOHET OOLLAB BOOK: MBB. ' Kalttjd Lace Collar Book; The Eaglo UBBSOBB FCBNIBHIBO BOOMS weaidMve troaMe by calling at AD AMSOB 'S h?6 Minth atreet. next to Pennsalvaala aveoae dii?1*?! mish them with ready-made Sheets' yrii rsV!?7.' fiS*- Hair Pillows, Bolsters) akeia. Mattresses, Window ib/ tV'kVI i w ?<****' Stair Crash. ToweiInf, Table Uaen. ftc. de 14 dl#t P ?ALB OB BBBT?a line tone PIaBOTo modora style, with stool and 'n jll aood order. Can be aeen at BOSWClL'B^^^^ Sem-Sf***'30,1 * wtr**t"lw "Hn i? AB Ml F#B fob oKaTBBs! . A.S indispensable article for all who are exposed to the cold. For sale by ' *i??r mo ah walk e* ft co, >a ICtif p#lll, bvooho. \\l H1TB OPOBTO POBT, VT. .. . i"Teara of the Buero,'') Direct Importation. ,,.-t Z. M. F. KINO ft BOM, Klag Place. VhEPAMTMEMT OF THB INTEKIOB LP UNITED STA TEE 1'A TEST 6vriCE% wSWri* .rKr;s3E?4*sa ?.S5& ?,?. ir.r;u^n,V; u. *? ? ? *- J"" ? ?? * It o clock mT and aU W^om. are Dontted to appear and ahew cause Ifi2? ?Ited*T*' WbT ?*i4 F***?" not to he the Beprb'licaa D C . and In the PaiiaAifl"' J.?J "ff**' aecticat, oooe a week far thrie a^Liil? iLi the grat of eatd pnbliaetloeet2 h^ZTiZL* 2ft?' daya prevtous ta toe dap of ^TTgfHEA.KEB, P 8 -Editors of the aho acpj. aad saod their bills to the>atoot OmJ^ITrk a paper containing this notlos. ja p taVal^ FBBNCH ALMAMACHB FOB Ooul^ae, Almaaach Four fin; * ? aach du Ben-toa; Almaaach UBarlvarl; Almaaach de la L'ar.*e, Aliuaoach da la boane Cuisine; Alaa ea?.a Imperial. A1 aaaach do Mapoiaoa, Almaaach dJ* Je?* de S<>ciete, Almanach Polichinelle. aad others, imported direct from Parte, bp FBAM^K TATLOB. pOBl ABLB STEAM BNOIMB8, Combining the maximum of effielency,daraMllty, aad economy, with the mlalmam of walgbt aad prlos They are widely aad fhvorably kaowa, ?ers than 600 being la ase. All warraatod sailsWtory.or ae sale. Deeariptlve circniars Mat ea Pptlsatloa. Atfdrees ' ?rW* TdelflJ FBABCK TAILOB BANKERS. ja? com ? co., BAIKIll, ttrttt, ?r?nti IVmary, yaad Ml l inrml a?rk?t rates, ul lm oaataatly on band,a fall snppl7 of *11 OOVBBB HUT BONDB, BBYBN-THIBT1BB, AHD OOMPOCBD INTBBBBT BOTBB. ?Tdera tn BTOGKB. BONDS, Aa , exeented, and Celiac tlona made on all aoeeoalbla polnta. SO ltf JJARROW ft CO., BARK BBS, Corner Loalslana tmi? and Seventh raat. Dxaxima in government securities, sold ABD B1LVBB U I t! AMD LAMP WABBABTB First Nalioial Ink of Wukiutoo. 6 D.COOKB, (of Jay Cook* AOo.,) President. Wft. B. HCNTIKGTOH, Cashier. OOVBBHMENT DBPOBITOBT AND FINANCIAL ABBNT OF THB UBITSB BTATBB. ISM $tr*u, orpo.'ut tk$ trtasury l)epar:mnu. Government Secnritisa wltb Treaanrer Unltod Btatee Bwone million dollars^i Weboy and aell all claaeee of government tecuritlesit current market ratoa. furnish exchange and make collection* tm all tee principal cities of the united states. We parchaae Government Yoncbera oa the most favorable terms, and givecaiwfal ana prompt attention to accounts of business men mnd firms, and to nay otbar bnalneoe entrnatad to aa. FULL 1NFOBMATIOH In retard to OOVBBB MBBT LOABB at all ttmn cheerfully for nibbed WM. B. HCNT1NQT0H, Oaablar. Waahlngton, March ?. 1944 mtl-tf HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, ko. C A _ WILLABD'B botbl, | WASHiTiGTtm, December 1, 1884.f Senators, Bepresentatives, and otWrrs residing In Washington, who oecnsy private apartmenta, can be accommodated witn their MEALS at thla Hotel at the rate of Bio >0 per week de4lm SYBBB. OHADWIOK A 00. J^IBKWOOD HOGBB, Corner ptnna. avmue and tietl/tk^q waktntton, if. c. afiibx Bltaated la the moat central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AHD PBEBIDBNTtAL MANSION, Oolj a abort dlataaoe from all the departmeats, Patent and Poat Officee, Smithsonian Inatttate, *c. H. H. DUDLBT A CO., | PQil-tf Proprietor!. F BENCH AND GBBMAN HOTEL AND BBS. TACBANT. 8il3 Pa nv?.. oa pool to A ?? A will?rd'.Hotal,CHBlSTMANA?lfHL.f(^l Proprietors ?On Wedneadar next, thi? I ?RE I will be onsned with a InncU, at which the proprietor will be happy to me**t hia ' mMUi' 'r.i?n"? The Bar will be constantly sop* IS? *'th choice Liquors. and the keataaraut with everything that the moat epicurean t*?te tan dealra. Boarder* by the day, waek or menth wlU bare find excellent aceommndations at moderate jajee^ Also, nicely fnrnlahed roouia can be obtained either with or without board. Call and r * - ja 11m* I I^MBICH'B BHSTAUBABT. * M~i No. 3*6 Ptnna avenue, near 6tb atreet. FBMBICB wishes to iaform hi a frleads and tha public generally that benow keeps coni. . m. stantly on head OTBTBw. fresh efer;V^N *tXl m erery atyle. LI--B 1 tx0"3 ?"?" " WOOD AND COAL. C0"1 COAL : I GOAL III T T. FOWLBB A 00. Wbita Ash, atoTe and sgg alzee, ? M par ton. . .. 1*3.75 per ton. 2.140 pounds guaranteed. Ordera received at the central offlcs of the Wash?"d Georgetown Ice Company, (late L j. Middletoni A Co ,i corner 12th and F ctreete, and at ? barf, foot of lUth ateeot. B.B.LAMB1H. Agent. ? O A L I 0 O A L ! I j, AT GBBATLT BEDOCKD PBICBS. tensofj^ao lba~daHTored la any part of tbecliy. Okeatnat White Aak, ^7 M, Bto'e, Lab5}'#r Wklt* A,kt ? ?; Bed' Aah.? "75* OAXaadVlNB WOODeonaUntly on band. Order* received at onr offloe. or at the wharf. . ^Jth ""Vi, ^.P BBOWN A SON. ja?-tf 46g ?th street, betweea B and F. ?0ALl OPAL 11 OOALMI Having determined to sell a first claaa article of Wood and Goal aa cheap as the chespest, I hoes by dolBg ao to gain a liberal ehare of pablic patronage. The Coal prices are aa follows: WH1TB ASH NOT OOAL. by the ton 87 us BALT1MOBC OB. WHITE ASH, Kg? aid? Stove alzee m ALLOTHKBgBALtTlKSorWHITB ASH **'23 L1KKNS VALLKT PUBBBBD ABU . ? 79 DIAMOBD VB1N BSD ASH ? 74 GBOBS WBIGHT, 2,140 LBS. TO THB TON. Alwaya on hand and constantly revolving the of WOOD of every deacriptloa, delivered in any part of the city. K C lAUM jM-lm 7th at., between B aad Fats, Is?*n^ I WILL OPBN A PBOVIBIOB STOBB THCBS. . DAT, J aa. loth. 2",?^ atraet, between O and H streets, where I iiii evor> thing la the provision be eold at the lowest market prices WM Libbibb. ITBBZBBBG 8 LOAN OFF1CB. 5. . BataMlsned ISM. ?n WATOHEB. Dig. ??., JB^BLBY, WEABINQ APPABBL, of Mercbaadlse. Basineas strictly confidential. 331 North O street,between 4V> and Cth su-eete. lmmediauly la rear of the National BoUI- jag lm* IJBADBTBBBT B ^PATBNT WBATHBB j Tbe beat invention of thea'ge. Bxcludee snow. SwaSiSjnS"i<*"' "(1 'i JftysawsK? n o,' <e?lw H. W. HAMILTON A CO. L1I,,T or Si" Ai/ffSksTOSis, 394 B atreet. between ltth aad 14th ata Bf- Alllot. from Pari a. Hair-Dreaear. of tha ssletrated Backal, with whom he arrived In thla country, baa now been established for tae last Washlnrtoa and Newport, a?W the patronage of tha eorpt drviemnuw, and o^tbe biskeet aoclety . He bae the hoaw to anaoonae that he baa thla saaeoa Imported tbe lateet fashions or hair drseeing, aad also pomades, aad everything that belong* to the dressing of kair M very reasona<. le prleea. jaT 53 LOUIBIABA^AVBBUB. CO J. H. OBANB ft GO. Have oa baad a large aad Boe aaaortmaat of GOODS, patted to this markst, an oh aa BOTTBB GHBBBB, BOOB, APPLBB* BAIBIBS, FIGS,' OITBOB, BBTB, HAMS. OOBFIBH, MA OK BBBL, HBBBIBO, BOA PS, GABBBO OOOBB, Ae. Alao. g| Barrala Moore's solst>rated GBAMPAGBE 01DBB, by barrel or galloa. All the above goads are offered at tkd ls*MI trtat piioe, aad warranted to ... J. M. GBABB * 00., J* * *?a 33 La. ava.. betweea 4th aM 7tb [/wnaygsa: BLABKBTS ABB TABU LIBBB, ? Gaatrai B4oroa. ***?aaa7?h aad 8th atreets, ? eppomm Oeator Market, special notices. TBABNVM, IN BIB BXP08B Of MODBBH bumbuga. ia naderetood, apply the 1Mb to the cvaaterfeitera of foreign MrfnmN Id this coaotry. Th?y are fair game, bnt of amall accent, m PHALON'8 ' HIOHTBLOoMINO CBBECS." the great floral extract ?t tha day la rapidly drln og tnelr trash eu t of the trade Sold everywhere. >a l? SACRALGIA AND ALL PAINS ia the He sd or Fare are inatanlly relieved by one doee at METCALFE'S OBBAT RHEUMATIC REMBDT. jail-eo2w BBMID1AL IBSTITO-TB FOB BPB01AL OASBS, Ne. 14 Bond afreet. Sew York. S7*Full information, with the highest ultimomiah: alto, a Book on Speeial Distaset, tn a enve opt, eeatfree. >? B* sure and send for iKem, and yo* Kill not rtgrtt it; far, ae advertising phyaiclans are generally tmpottors, without referent*? no stranger should be trusted. Bndoee a stasia for postage and direct to DB. LA WBBNCE. Ne. 14 Bond meet. Mew York. ne UDtflj A MODBBH MI HAUL 11 .From old and young, from rich and poor, from high bora and lowly, oomaa the Univeraal Voice ?: praieefer HALL'S YBOBTABLE HAIR RINKWEB. . ? ' IJ''**' ?nd miraculous article. Ourei baldness. Makes hair (row. A better dreeeint than any oil or "pomatum."' Softens brash dry and wk-y hair into Be?ntifnl Silken Treaaee F.V Br?at wonder ia the rapldltj with which it reatoreaORAT Haik to itb ORiei.tAi Color. Dae It a few timea. and v? . PBESTO, CHANGE! tb? *bMeat and worst looking hair reeareea iti youthful beauty. It doee not dye tbe hair, bul etrikee at tbe root aad 111a it with new Ufa and coloring matter. It will net take a long dleagreeable trial to provi the truth of this matter. The drat application will do good; yen will see tbe Natcral Color returning every day. and BEFORE TOU KNOW IT, the old, gray, discolored appearance of tbe bail will be gone, gi ring place to luatroua, shining and beautiful locks. Ask fer Hall's Sicilian Hair Benewer: no othei article ia at all like it la effect. Ton will find it Cheap to But, Plbasaxt to Trt, Ahd Sr rr to do Ton Goob. There are many Imltatlona. Be aura yen procure tbe genalne. mannfactored only by B. P. HALL * CO., Nasbva. N H. For aale by all drnggiata. >a 27-8,iy >9- MABBIAGB ABDCBLIBAOY, AND THB Happineaa ef Trne Manhood. ?An Bssay for Tonng Men <>n the Crime of Solitude, and the Physiological Errors, Abueeaand Disoaaee which create Impedimente to Marriage, with sore meant of Belief. Sent in aealed letter envelopea. free ol charge. Addresa Dr. J SK1LLIN HOOGHTOir Howard Asaoclation, Philadelphia, Pa. jairta BECBBT DI81A8BS. SaHARif A!f's Qivrla the meat oertaln. aafe and effectual remedy?Indeed, tbe only vegetable remedy ever dlecovered. Cnrea In two to toar daye, and recent caeee In twenty four houra. No mineral, nc Balaam, no merenry. Only tan pllla to be taken. II Is the aoMier'a hope, ant a friend te those who d< aetWMttebe exposed. Mala package*, #l;fe8am aritah'aBoot AtnHut Jvicn?A poeltlvc and permanent sure far bpyhille. Bcrofaia, Ulcere, Bores, Bpota. Tettere, Ac. Price #1.23 per battle. Bold by 8. O. Ford. 8?e advertieemeot. my I BUMELY, STEADILY, 8VOCRS8FULLY, MOLANDBB'B BXTBAOT BUCHU la CilUW every caae of Kism BiUAffl, limATUH Oravrl, Driv?t DisordrBb, Viaihim aad Paim In the Back, Frmalr Oomplaihtb and Trovblbs arising from Bxcrmrs o? ant Km. COMB, II AFFL10T1DI TRY BMOLANDBB'B. TAKE NO OTHER BUCK 9. Bold by all Apothecaries Price fl. D. BABNBB A CO., saw Fork, and BABBB8, WARD A CO., ew Orleans, Bon there Agenta. BUBLBIQH A ROOBRB, Who lea ale Drnggiata, Boa ton, Maes. General Agenta. # f?b iS-lf COLGATE A CO 8 W I If T B B BOAP. Recommended for chappro h a s ?< an d for general TotLRT nae daring cold wiatuir. It may be obtained of all drnggiata aud faney goods dealere. leb 9-eoly dancing. pBOFB. 1. W. A H. P. BBBIB' BANC1HQ ACADEMY, m. Pan nay Irani a avanne. bet. ?tk and 7tb ata.. JB Opposite Metropolitan Hetel. irino pi???** forming every evening. Thoaa daSBnazguar"""" " *? ..'SEEPS?, fflli." "" ' ? ""<? Ofrenlaracan be bad at J. F. Bills' and W a * Oo.'a Music Btorea. ' Tka Hall can be ranted for Bolreea, Ac. Dap* and Hour* of Tuition: Mi,??? ?od Maatere. Tneeday and S u 5 ?'oiock. Gentlemen "a Claeeee. Tneaday aad Friday evenioga, from 8 to 10 e'ciock. ' ?r 2f^h*riflormatlon',??lrdarlBf the hour* of tuition, or add reea a not* to tha Acaaemy. Q?arter commencing with tbe llrat la aeon, ja 8 ,A(fAAD8?MYH1?l" MABim 8 AB8HMBLY BOOMS, A ... B, between ith aad 18th etreeta, tlJa ofV^ilT7 U W?' ?* "ceP^ CA Daja and houra #f tnlUoa for young ladiee ^.VfroWa ThQrmd^# 8?*Oentleinen'a claaaea from 8 to 10, aame evanlaga ,jwl:?j'afuwn"h",o u,^?ABV11? A I) I^iN BALU f^T?e.w f*Tfitn#a would moat respectfully inform the ledlea aad gaatli-man of WMklagtoa city, and the District generally, that he teat *11 times prepared to furnlih parties with Maaonerpi?7 Coetume, eliber on loan or made to order. He haa taken rooma at tka wall known ?ft?*>Hshment of Christian Bnppert. Baa 7th street, between D aad f. wbafehe wluL ba?7 to await order 4. CHaSLeh BEB.O. ia ft Uos'nmer at Ford', aad Or over "a - Tbeatera. Waahlngton. D. C. N"? BMIB ?Shank"a Peraoaal BacoUactlona f Diatlnguiahed Oenerala, Mi, Sir Brook ??*a'Breoka, a novel, by Lever, so cent* The B?oe for Wealth, a noviT. byMri.7. H kldili ,uchr0'new ?dltl?n; SSTSbS'?'5f ?* "* ?' J?& BO FBAHOK TAYLOn WM * ??LfilViffilW M&KU ahd gOSTON MBS8 MAOKBBBL. II b i aTii!?s n T,om Bo*to* Unci, the vary . MESS MAOEBBBL, aad which rarair 1U their way to this markat, Mm paed mostly forborne ooaaamptlon.' As they have been trimmed of every asrt bat th* deltf Corner 14th and F* Bbbltt Hoaae. JOBT BBCB1YBD ~ . 7at?# 'ibwyl, hoe sts ktmii Aisuperiortot afLADIBB' OLOAKtSOH.whlch H?y ara offering at very low prtaee. no M tf M O A__L . x?. .a?j55twsurmp" 00" Haaa removed to their lew OMee. Ha. 11 LOUISIANA AYBITDB. Flrat doar^eaat of 7th at. ' ?? a tf B6BLB D. LABHBB, Seeretary. cvisffflmasff"1 toVxaminetbell ESJl' MSLjlSTSlA MMIM TELEGRAMS, fee. Tbe colored men in Baltimore, havs deter, mined to bold an election to coont their ballots for a member of Congress from the 3d congressional district. Their votes will, of course be cast for Joseph Stewart, tbe Radical, whose competitor, (Jolonel Phelps, has had the advantage of tbe votes of those disfranchised by sympathy ia the rebellion. Mr. Stewart bad advised tbe colored men that if their ballots do bim ne good, tbe election will be a roed memorial to Cengrees in behalf of their rights, and get their bands need to the ballot in time to exercise it when tbe franchise shall N* leM'ly extended to tbern, as be expects that it will be. The Kansas Legislature is doing nothing of consequence. Tbe excitement on tbe senatorial question continues. Tbe result of tbe canvassing indicates tbe re-election of Pomeroy Members from Southern Kansas will hold a nominating caucus to-night lor the short term The contest is mainly between Senator Koss and Judge Thatcher. The balloting begins next Tuesday. Governor Crawford appointed i on National Republican Committee in place of r General Lane. The Fenian trials in Canada were resumed in Canada yesterday. Paul Sedwiih was I paced on trial and pleaded not guilty. He I eliimed to be an American and was gi ven a ? jury composed of one-half of Araericaus. Evi. deace was (;iven that tbe prisoner came armed anl committed depredation, and that he wore a fenian uniform, consisting of a green batbald, Ac. The jury Drought in a verdict in flfeen minutes of guilty. ! Tbe trial ot tbe negro Horace Greeley for I the murder of Mr Rhett is the tirst capita1 case tried at Charleston, S. C., under the new

[ code The court assigned United States Senate Campbell and other eminent couusel te defeid the prisoner. Tbe evidence for tut prosecttlon was chiefly by negroes, and conclu. sure of the prisoner's guilt. Under the provisions of tbe new code the prisoner made a statement in the witness stand. A Government herd oi sixty horses and males was stolen on tbe lflth instant, from Fert Mitchell by Indians, who also killed two m-n engaged in hauling telegraph poles. The excise law went into full force in New Y>rk, yesterday, and arrests tor its violation hive quite monopolized the attention of the pel ice. 1 Maryland Legibi.atirb?in the Maryland | Stuau? yesterday, on motion of Mr. Holton, an p older was adopted requiring Governor Swann ( t furnish the correspondence oetween himself i aid the Presidentof the United States, General Orant and General Canby, relative to the late e.ection in the State; also, all correspondence I relative to the threatened interference of the I nited States authorities in tbe case of tbe Baltimore Police Commissioners. Subsequently, a reconsideration was bad, and it was rejected , (It was also voted down in the House of Delegites ) At noon tbe Senate proceeded to the Rouse and another ballot was had for United i Sates Senator without result. Bo h Houses . s tbsequen tly ballotted for State Treasurer, and Mr. R Fowler, the present incumbent, was reelected. In the House of Delegates yesterday, among the petitions presented, was one from the Corn and Flour Exchange and Board of Trade of R&ltimoie. asking tbe State to make an appropriation in conjunction with the city for tbeuupport of an ice boat, to keep open the barbor of ' Ra.timore and Chesapeake Bav. AfU-r bailoti lag for United StatesSenatorand State TreasuI rer the House resumed the discussion of the Convention bill. Terrible Steamboat Disaster ? About sixty Jives were lost by 'be sinking of the steamer Platte Valley, near Memphis. Thursday night. She struck the wreck of the gun. I boat J eft. Thompson, tearing away her starboard side, and sunk in a few minutes in forty feet water. Most of the cabin passengers were saved, but, as the passenger list was lost, it was impossible to obtain a correct list. A family named Roberts, consisting of thirteen, were all lost The boat was loaded to the guards, and was under full headway at the time. Colonel (Jus Henry, jr., and wife, were on board, but were saved, losing all tbetr baggag?. Hon. Gus Henry, sr., his father, was on boara the steamer Fashion when she sonic. Colonel Henry says one woman, through her own exertions, saved her drunken husband and five children by wading through the water on the hurricane deck and putting them.ou the wheel-house. The boat was owned by Captaint Johnson and Balche, and was valued at S40.UA); partially insured. She was running irom Memphis to Yicksburg, nnder the an* splc*s of the Memphis and St. Louis Packet Company. Irs Boat Rack.?a sixteen mile race took place between the Haze and Snowtiake, ( tbe Poufhkeepsie Ice Boat Association. The ruuning time was at least fifty miles an hour. On reaching Newburg, one of the party on the Snowtiake desired to take the next np train back on the Hudson River railroad. The Snowtiake carried him over, and on the re. tnrn, while going at the rate of a mile a minute, carried away her rigging, tbe spars, shroads, and al) her standing rigging going to the leeward as quick as a flash of lightning. The occupants of the boat at the time of the accident wer?- to tbe windward side of tbe vessel, and thus escaped being hit. When the Haze arrived she ran down to the wreck, and towed it to Newburg dock. A team of horses was soon procured, and the vessel which met with tbe mishap was towed back to Poughkeepsie. The Haze left at halt-past five, beat. Ing back the sixteen miles agaiaot a light air of wind to tbe northward, the thermometer marking zero, arriving home in good season. ty Prussia has been giving to the men who achieved her recent brilliant victories in tbe German war substantial rewards. On Christ, mas eve the presents voted by the Prussian Chambers were paid over to various generals and statesmen. Count Bismarck received S3T5,00U, and the Prussian War Minister, Gen. Von Room. Gen. Von Moltke, Gen. Von Bittenfeld. Gen. Von Steinmetz and Gen. Vogel Von Falckenstein received S150,000 each. As a great deal more money than this was levied by Prussia upon her conquered foes, she oan well afford to pay the men who planned the victories A Chaecb fob aComouxssioxal Travelling Committee?James E. Cambeli. whoever that muy be, writes to the New York Times, that be was in Calcutta in July, 1966. and saw a bet made and tbe money put up, for five hundred pounds sterling a side, that J. Wilkes Booth was alive, and would be so proved in six months; and that tbe person who maintained the affirmative was Lieutenant Wiliam Martin Tolbert, of the Confederate war steamer Sbendoah. Would it not be well to send a committer of Congress out there to inquire into the matter;?Richmond, Enquirer The Dbluob?a French work recently published, maintains that every ton thousand years the waters of the sea pass from one pole to tbe other, submerging and overwhelming in tbetr passage tbe world and all its inhabitants Tbe author states that tbe last deluge occurred *,"00 years ago, and be has sufficient regard for tbe comfort of tbe present generation to post, pone the next deluge to a period 6,000 years hence. Tbb Valcb or Cbubcb Pbopkrtt There are in tbe United States 1 1,220 Baptist churches, valued at Se.076,000; 19,KG Methodist churches, worth S39,666,000; 5,061 Presbyterian churches, at *25,305,000: 2,334 Congregational churches, at S14,Ol>4,OOU; *4,250 Catholic churcbes,atS22,500,00U: 2,145 Episcopal churchee, at S21,150,060; 44oGerman Reformed churchee, at S4.400.090; and 264 Unitarian churchee, at S4,566,000. SSTProleseor Hall, of the New York Geological Museum, and Edward Maguire, of Saratoga Springs, are having a controversy touch, ing the bones lately exhumed at Cohoes, N. Y. Professor Hall thinks they are the re stains of a mastadon,- which had lain in the earth 25,004 years; while Mr. Maguire asserts that they are the bones of a menagerie elephant, which died and was buried in Cohoes 40 years ago. S9 lhe Maeon Journal notieee an extensive movement of free blacks from Georgia to the Mieeisstppi Valley, remarking that, "jre mast accustom ourselvee to regard this emigration as a fixed and irrepressible fact, and forecast of tbe dny when Georgia will boast an almost exclusive white population." Theeaaie ten. dency is noticed In other States on the Atlantic seaboard. ITWe have received, says the Knemehu. setts Ploughman, from Ool. Wm. Heasenway, ot Farmington, specimens of applee that were ploughed under tour years ago. When taken ont of the ground on the 83d of Aug net, they were still green and fresh, apparently as sound ae the day they were buried. CONGRESSIONAL. Sbkatb.?While the bill to regulate the tenure of offlcw wm being debated yesterday afternoon. quite a discussion ensued bftwnn Mr. Johnson and Mr Sumner, id reference to tbe imt>nobm*nt of th# Presdent Mr. Howe spoke bfiPtly of Mr. Johnson's speech as committing him [Mr John*onl as much )D favor of tbe President in rase of trial by impeachment as Mr. Sumner's bad committed bim against blm. Mr. Lane proceeded to consider tbe necessity and propriety of the passage of tbe btll Mr Snmner offered a modification of bi? amendment, making all appointments at salsH^,?f I1'**' ?^BPwards, either by tbe Pre*, dent or beads of departmenu, witb tbe advioe and consent of the Senate, and no appointments can oe made without such action of th?ofDAt6. On this proposition a vote was taken, resultinr?yeas 15. nays 21. MfHewe renewed his amendment, offered and disagreed to a few day* since, to strike out the exceptions of Cabinet ministers in the Brat section of tbe hill, so as to prevent the removal ol those officers without tbe consent of the Senate In offering it agaiu. he said he bad found a stronger argument in favor of it in due of the newspapers than be had made m hi* 8F"?. ^.** a"uded to the annoancement in the New York Herald, that Senator Cowan would probably be tendered the portfolio of Jiecretary of War He bad no hesitation in saying that be would oppose any such appointment. He would oppose the removal of the present faithful Secretary of War, for he did not believe that in the present condition oi or^Cm?vt.7?,.t,Wl"ld ***** public welfare toremote that officer. -^r' s*uL"bnry protested agamst basing the actiou of the Senate upon the irresponsible -eports of a newspaper p r .eMr Cowan soon after entered tbe < hamber and having learned what had taken place, be denied the truth of the UeraJd'i statement, and said there was not a particle of foundation lor it. The amendment of Mr. Howe was lost? veas la, nays27. ' Mr. Edrannds offered the following amendment to tbe seventh sectionProvided, That the President shall have ?0~te'r*,r?aDd dt"Uver' *,ter the adjournment of the Senate, commissions for all officers whose appointments sbtll have been a.lan conb*'Dt4,d to by the Senate. Tbs amendment was adopted ; and the bill was then passed?yeas 29, nays 9 nJiC,'ILB^7Ytatrrdmy att"noon, Honse bill to ,2 Ci*ar"* cert*,n debu and expendi- ' turea to tbe Corporation of the city of Wash, ington was passed Mr. Hill gave notice that be would introduce a bill suspending lor twe y.*ars the further re. tlreraeut or cancellation of United States leral tender Treasury notes. * T.h*. "ont? tt"n Pr<wwl^ to the consideraI? ^ Stevens's reconstruction bill, tne pending question being on Mr. Bingham's!tlOU>e J?iDt Comm,UW on * Mr Donnelly spoke in favor of the bill Mr. Kldridge next addressed the House in opposition to the bill. .n The Honse then took a recess till 7K o'clock 1 he evening session was for debate, and no business was transacted. ^ irginia News. The Stratford House, ia Westmoreland connV W.,lV^!'0 of '*nd> the colonial homes end of the Lee family, and the birtttpiaceof C*en. Hubert E. Lee, has.been recently purchased by the Southern Orphan Aseocihl Pr?Pert> ' offered in thrwe prize, by the association in a gift scheme compnsmr the sale of 5uo,0t?i tickets at 81 each ?!d in? U?auriSlS00 ?f 2,004 Pnze8' non* of value One hundred and thirty-four thousand dol- I bVth^s^rj'1^ v WheeliBK houds, guaranteed y* th* State of Virginia to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, were surrendered to the treasurer on Tuesday and destroyed, and the like h^HUKi?^,t,more aod Uh,? Railroad stock, that cUy * ** 8ecun!*' was delivered to A gentleman In Orange county. Va ?hn holds S50.UU in State bonda. pro^ses ? 7n ? render half of them to tbe State if the LegisiareminJ.rtirati4e paJ hlm th* interest oil the remainder. He ad vises other holders of bonds I to make a similar proposition I A very large nUmberof cbecka received on deposit at tbeNational Exchange Bank in Kich- I mom:, on the 15th inst.bave mysteriously dis- I appeared. As payment of them has been slot*. * can no ,oe8 to the bank. 1 The snow is very deep in Northern Virginia I' ,,iam county, on Sunday night I che.Tnde^h111"" W" * ,u" Tbe negroes of Petersburg are taking me as- I nres to provide for the indigent of their own class, and propose to establish a aoup-house for that purpose. * Rbmbpib* fob Poisokb ?Cases of poisoning I often occur in which life might be saved, and hours of agony a verted, if we only knew what to do in season. If a poison burns tbe throat I andI acts violently upon the stomach, swallow ilrrt mTit Zl *V1 0,,,or melted butter or I lard, and within five minutes take half a Dint I warm water, in which has been stirred s I teaspoonfnl of gronad mustard and salt. The I th* action ot tbe poison, and the mas- I S" C*U'*B vomiting. If the poison swallowed does not bum the throat and act with 1 instant violence, but causes sickness, stupor or faintness,swallow the wbiteofthreeeggs?lsoa ?i B!ron?*?t coflSte it is possible to make, and in a few minutes take the warm u*lard "d salt, as before mm. I tioned. An eminent physician savs that with I the prompt use of oif, and white 'of ergs, and I th.?f^?Ci0 "d the emetic as abo ve directed, I th? ? resulu of any poisen likely to fall iu I the way of man or child, may be alwar? I 5 remediee are, in themselves, harmless, and might all be taken into the I dam^.,? h?.nc'' .ln *?T ??Ba?tity, without I ,h? ; and they are things I that we always have at hand. Bat while I < using these things don't tail to send lor a phys. I i ician. And above all, first of all. don't have I i any poison aronad.?Country Gentleman. I Asothbb ATtawTic Cablb.?An English journal saysThe success of the Atlfn'c e T* to the re- I vi\al of several schemes for establishing tele. I 1 graphic communication by other routes Ar. I rangsments are nearly completed |?p commencing at once the manufacture, at Liver- I iBtended to be laid for the r?nt* hy of Inland and Ureenland. The prospectus of the new com. I E,*?y will, it i said, be issued immediately H I This is only the beginning. In a few yeJri w"' probably be a sufficient number of I deep-sea cables in operation te supply all de- I mands, and to make commuaication between I Europe and the United States m certain ?d bs cheap as by the preseat land Tines. I pfrt f?a 1 a rec#Bt of the . ?*d'?y of Sciences, a paper was re- I ceived from M. Edm. Ouillsman, who, on tbe I 13th of November last, observed thephenomen. I a* ot shooung stars off the Island o/Vlerea the Northernmost of the Azores. The horizon was I ??"?**_****? narrow bands of clouds up to about 10 degrees. From behind this band a wies of fiery train# were seen issuing, appar- I ently from the saas point, and beariag som? resemblance to thoee of a roeket. Most of these trains passed throngh the zenith, preeeatiur I the most admirable spectacle. The average I time employed in, crossing over from one hor- I izon to toe other was about six seooads. Rbplbctiobs.?This is a new year. Are ! 1 you any better off than you were on the 1st of I January, IMC, or 19861 Will you be any bet. ter off neat New Year's dayT Ton are not? I and yon will not. You are now about what I , you bava been, and will be about what you are now. ' I Yon may lay it dowa for a certain rule that i 1 yon will neyer be sattefied ia this life, and 1 there lea strong probability that you will be I asasasr"--JS&iTSffisa^raasrs ' ?' p.- , . rbwlBg match, ef five miles, for S4.?i0, I has beea agreedion totween Hamlin, of Pitu- I 1 burg, and Walter Brown, the champion of ' I?1* Match will oome off at M Pittsburg, some time ta May. < W-The Ualted States minister resident, Oeaeral JBonseeua, has rescbed Honduras, and I ' beea receiyed by the President ' I *7*Hea. . R. Boteler recently sold thirteen aereeoflaad nearShapherd.tows, Va'ow c taiaing water power, tor S3S,000. c VTheEnglieh payers are still speculating I npoa the presumed iateation of the United Stales to procare a naval station ia tus Medi- | t terraneaa. I t ? FROM ElEOPE~ Lowfow, Jan 18?Noon ?Tbe morning toursals ot to day make mfniinii of trnmor <b> the |m? Powers of Europe moli^it to ore* the Soblim# Porte to rtll a conference to take the vexed Las tern question luto ><on>iu. erahon. L<>>nos, Jan. 17? Evsmng ? Jt wa reported from ibe Continent tbat a d'-eperate plot ba? been disco\ered to assassiuaie Lb* i'uba of "Egypt. The plot included the subversion of ttie Government and placing tbe rem* of government in tbe bands or SUem Pa>ha. who is said to be at the h?*ad of tbe mov^w^ni The <"o*ei>?racjr Vas happily discovered aud frustrated * i Pabi* Jan !#.?Abaaxiaet*rasextended by Uie Americans of this city to M'. James Gor. don Bennett, Jr . last evening- Mr Kingsinmi, a eon of the former rice commodore of tbe New York Yacbt Club, presided (general Dtx, the American Minister, and tbe representative* of the foreixii legations wore present It was a grand affair There was great enthusiasm at tfte ball at the Tuileries on Wednesday evening Tbe Emperor and Empress personally cougratulated Mr Bennett on bis victory. Pxsth. Jan IP?Tbe upper House of the Hungarian Diet bare Brianimouslv pa?sed Deak's address. Florlkcb. Jan. 18.?The Italian Finan Minister has confirmed theaunouncement ih&t ibe Government intrude to tax tbe c-hurcb property to the extent of six hundred millions of livres. Jloef.n. a. Jau. 17?Eveniag.?M. I^anolles* to Komr relative to bishops ha* hrcn satisfacWtily en^ed. He will soon take lea\ q of tbe Pope and depart. From Meiir?< San Francisco correspondeuoe from Duraugo, dated Dei ember 27, says Juarr/. arrived there the day before and was most enthu*ia? tually reteived He was escorted hy over 6.UU0 citizens, and entered the ci'e amid the roar of cannon, ringing of bells, and ir-eat rejoicing ot the people The next d?v be oilmen red operations against the invader-. An army 2.WW strcng was ?ent m the nr Jalisco, with orders to join the division of CJen. An/.a. and to follow th? f'rsacli on their way to the City of Mexico Official n>wi w** received that the column of 1 rem b treop-, I.!**) strong, fell into an ambuscade near Sar J nan de Los and were entirely cnt off, lo*.in*T all their arms and munitions of war, he. sides 25o rnsouers. U^v. Pladide Y<*a left Duraugo IHcember 29. Previous to Mn- arr. val of President Juarez ?je French evacua >-d city and went in 'he direction of Zai *cw. figbticg all the way to iluadalayira Colonel Perez was appointed military < ommander. ana Senor A \ eredo Governor of "he state of l?urango On tbe staff of Pr^tdent Juarez are eighteen American officers, lately arrived frc tn California. Saw FaAKciaco, Jaw. It-.?Corona left U\. zaMan before tbe sailing ef the steamer Sarannc, with 3.i?'nien occupied Guadalajara. and then passed on to intercep; a column ot Kren. b uoops bound for San Bias. President Juarez. has appointed General Monde Yego Governor ot the State of S raloa Corona repudiates the action of the President, and bay Yego shall not enter the State as bis troops occupy Sinalca. He bas been able to make bis threat good. The (elliery Disaster in England. A lett-r dated at Hartley, England. December 30, says; 'At the No. 3 soar continued to emit a quantity of smoke audga-, the smell of tbe clioke-damp at tbe pit top being very strong indeed. There is. however, no reason to believe that the Are bas extender to any considerable degree in the working . Tbe carpenters and blacksmith* are busily engag^i working bard to get the necessary machinery ready for tbe scaffolding which is tone put down tbe No. 3 shaft, to t e depth of 13 < vards. Tbe scaffolding, which is to be composed of blocks of oak put in fictionally, will baveoa one side a wrought-iron pipe, 9^ inches in diameter and about ISO yards in leugtn The latter will act as a sate'ty value, by making provision for the escape of any gas which may rise, and which otherwise might force the scaffolding np. On the top of it will be placea a few yards of puddled clay, and tbe whole will be held by four be w wire ropes, bow beiag made, and each ot which will be capable of beating a >traiu of 50 tons. ' The official lis which baa just been given out as correct as possible from the books places the number of persons killed at 351 consisting of four deputies, 32 day men, 75 dav boys, lis coal getters, ljti burners and ?i volunteers bn? it is just possible that there may be one oi two volunteers whose names have not been ascertained. Of the entire nurttber 75 were brought out. of which five only are now alive, three men and two boys There are,ttierefo.?,no less than 2T? bodies now in the pit, and when the flro will be so far extinguished as to allow of Iheir being recovered, no on.' can tell But it is expected that when all tbe hafts bas been sealed up, no considerable time will etap?* before an attempt wtll be made to tes; u?* practicability of descending." TBK Gbohobtowm and Ai tiiMiKiA HAH. KOAX?? Both branches of our <jkt> Council were summoned yesterday afternoon to appear at their re pective chambers to consid- r tbe all-absorbing question of a railroad along tbe berme bank of the Alexandria ^aaal A preamble and resoluuons were presented n tbe Board of AldernK.., and unani n u?ly adopted, to tbe efVrti. 'the enu ...,-waa deemed highly iiimi al 'o . ts of Uo pCity. and that consent tiier.-.,j on d t*ih? granted without adequate cyinpensn ion, Ac. This did not meet the views of a majority of the city fathers in the other branch, however, and a racy time was indulged in, during which Messrs. Johnson aad Clifford, pronounced emphatically pro, and MeterSmoot, Burk, Lambert, and Ashby o*i?. on the aforesaid. A compromise was finally effected by adopting a substitute offered by J B Smoot, Esq., which instructs our delegates in tbe Legislature to have a clause inserted ia the Mil now pending on the subject before that body, requiring such compensation for tbe privilege proposed a? may be agreed upon between the leseees and the canal company. This enbstitnte being presented to the board of aldermen, was accepted, and after some unimportant transactions tbe council adjourned ? dna Journal. tVA thoughtless young mother ot .?*i? years, residing in Los Angelos, Cai., placed her infant child, six months old on tbe back of a colt without bridle or halter, and tied tbo legs ot the infant under tbe belly of the coK, a la Mazeppa. so that it could not fail off, and letting go the colt, It took fright and ran off into the underbrush with tbe infant tearing it* flesh and breaking iu bones, until life was extinct and nothing remained of the poor child but a shapeless mass of flesh. VThe paragraph stating that old stnmps of segars, "used quids" &o*. Ac., are gathered np in the streets, and from the floors of hotels, and converted into smoking and chewing and cntifflag tobacco, ia the Northern dues, it ia said has not alarmed those fond of the weed in tbe least, nor diminished in the slightest degree the sale of tobacco. G**?aor?.-Mrs. John Momssey ? hae adopted a little racged, deformed new-?y. and la educating him at the New York Academy. John Morrissey supports four pensioners. three disabled soldiers, and a crippled man. He may, others. This was discovered by a lady calling around bestowing charity. Freemason. Extsksivb Pobgxby?Adolphe William Schwarx, an Austrian, was arrested ia New York. on Tnesday, on board the Bremen steamer, after bis arrival from Vienna, charged witlk having forged commercial bills of exchange iu that city to the amount of 160 (WO flonas. /"The Chicago Times publishes as an In dorsement of iu advocacy of aegro a.iffrage, a letter from one Wm. Dewitt, who eubtcribes to the weekly edition, and adda. "N.B.? I den't care a damn whether the negroes vote or not." WSeabrook. N. H , bas a glrl-flecgiag excitement in the public schools. Da* ef the young lady pupils of a graduate ef ExeWtAcademy was flogged on tbe bare hand for over aa kour ia the attempt to extort a confession of offence. mr-A man in Norwich, Ooen., bitten fey a dog, obtained S&jo damages. VThe New York assemblymen have voted themselves dead-heads on railroads. tff Prairie chickens have beea selling at live cents apiece at Springfield, Mo. ^"Sterling Price was well reoeived in St Louts oa his return to that city. MTHudsoa City, N.- J.,is complaining of loo many robberies and too lew policemen. VPreparatioas are going on for making Jefrersonvillls. lnd., the greatest military depot ia tbe United Stales ITA new Democratic daily, styled the' Advertiser," hasrbesa started in Norwich, Ot. 7"Laura Eeeae is goiag to MotoUe. She cave np her northern engagement threufc uikealth VPhiladelphia is atated to contain more Methodism than any city in the world. flVAa Erie railroad clerk bas disaoneare.i alth fjki.OM. PP^ V Bishop Wilmer, of Alabama, has beea ierited to officiate in Georgia uaui tbe eleeUoa if a successor to the late Bishop Elliot. >7*lce, four inches thick, has just beea ram . 'red in Georgia. The "oldest labahttaar* lardly-remembered anything like it. KTOn Tuesday of laat week, there were 65 :ars snow-bonud near Plttsflsld, Mass., having in board TOO cattle, which had net been eag>>lied with food or water for ?4 hoars. 99"James Gallagher, Esq . formerly of Bat. imore.will probably receive the coagressioual lominauon m the second Connecticut district. I