Newspaper of Evening Star, January 19, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 19, 1867 Page 2
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1 _THB EVENING STAR. Tfee LtrgeU CirfoIaUoi ia the Diitritl ^ * WALLACW, E4lter mad rriptiim. WASHINGTON CITY: ftATl RPAT JAMIAKT 19, INT. W READING MATTER OST EVERY PAGE. FEE OCT#II?E FOE IKTK&XgTlfla TILE GRAPHIC and othkk matter TO ADVUTHKRI. The following is the official showing of the otvenlattou of the daily ptpfn of this ffitp crop*tinj for the Government advertislag nnder the recentastof Congress directing nch Mwhwbc to be mads u tM two dally newspaper* of Wukl>|toi having th? largss circulation: Evnama St a* T.TU oopMs psr dar CKronvcU S.M6 " u JnUUtgtnor X9C? m The morns of advertletag by tM etty papers for the quarter ending December 31, 186*, as t*k?n from the books of the Internal Bereave Offlce, are as follows: *"?:? S*aa tl3tl07 SSSET" *lfl8 ChronUU. 9,i? s 3*3 THE RECEPTIONS. The White Hease. The ladles of the Executive Mansion, Mrs. Stover and Mrs. Patterson, at home every Moutlay, commencing on the 14th instant. The President will hold three levees, the first on the 17th instant, the second on the 7th of February. and the third on the22d of February, on each occasion betweea the honrs of t ana li p. m. The Cabiaet. The ladies of the family of Hon O H Browning, Secretary of the laterior. will receive their friends ?u Wednesdays, at the residence of the Secretary, on the east side of Montgomery .treet, Georgetown Height*. The ladles of Secretary McCullosh's family will receive as usual on Wednesdays Heel deuce 3wi H street, betweea Connecticut are' aue aad 17th street. Speaker Colfax Speaker Colfax's public receptions will commence on Thursday evening, the 10th inst. and continue every Thursday evenin* during the session of Congress, from 9* toll o'clock. The receptions of Mrs. and Mis* Matthews the Speaker's mother and sister, for ladies and gentlemen accompanying them, commence on Wednesday, the lflth inst., and con. tiooe every Wednesday afternoon thereafter from 1 to 4 o'clock. General Grant's receptions (cards) will be held by Gen'l (Iran and lady on Wednesdays, the'.'Id instant and ?. proximo, in the evening. At homeeverv Saturday from > to 5 p. m. " - < SOME or THE DANGERS UP THE HOUR. In an article on the Income Tax not long since we took occasion to advocate the equalizing of taxation, so as to give relief to the middle and poorer classes. We did not then j extend our remarks to high protective duties. which are seriously affecting business, and placing beyond the reach of persons of moder ate means many articles which have heretofore , been considered almost Indispensable. Clerics mechanics, and others of this class, find them- I selves sadly tucoavenieaced, aud deprived of many comforts, even where their pay has been increased. The reason is plala. While the average increase of wages is from fifty u? tin. y per cent., the increase of duties on manufactured goods is, according to Commissioner Wells ninety per cent This discrepancy is made still greater by the income tlx and the increased duties on many things not produced here, and by the fluctuation in the price of gold, which is taken advantage of bv speculator* in produce, until two dollars in currency will hardly purchase now what I coald be oought for one dollar before the war For some of the reasons we have suggested efforts to impeach the Preeident, and cthw measures calculated to shake public confidence. at home and abroad, in the stability of our institutions, and the value of oursecuritiee. are to be deprecated. Already are our business Interests ssnonsly affected, aad industry, trade, aad the finances disorganized With fixed political principle*, and the assurance that no rash steps will be takea In the interests of any party, which are calculated to damage our credit, our way to the resamption f specie pay me a u and renewed btmiactivity will be smoothed; and with a proper revision of the tariff, framed so as to remove a portion of the burdsas imposed upon the poor man, without seriously impeding home production, we may hope sooner to return to oar former condition of prosDsrit* Tlf **** of these adjustments is a delicate one, aad all coneiderntiono should give place to the general good. Earnest and selfeacnflclng patriotism is no leas necessary now than during the war: ia fact, the work of reconstruction of the Union aad restoration of the finances seems to be beset with obstacles oven mors formidable than those encountered In four years of war. Of course there are differences ol opinion as to the best course to be pursued, but many of these will vanish if all' "trusted with a part in the wor.* bring to the task minds free from party spirit aud ascuonal prejudice, and honestly seek the best means to attaia the desired Pnd 0l,MA Horsn?This cozy theatrv supplies the need long felt in Washington at a moderate sized and comfortablaplace of amuse ment. Wot too lasge to be thoroughly warmed! re. in such cold weather as weire now Lvl ing. U possesses another advantage in the arrangement of seats. Thus, partsse m the dress circle are not separated from the stage by a ?ong array of half filled benches, but are near m* ? .e. Ml ou,, ? ??5 EE *T '? MlOf,. ?*"? the arrangements for egress are perfect, and the house, even when crowded, oaa be cleared in less than five minutes. That trrS41* ' popaianty la shown by the rull bonsee of the week just closing. . ^"From J- Shilltngton, Odeon Building, w# baveabateh of freehand interesting reading The AUantit Monthly sad Owr Youna r*k, tor February, Grfey't Lady', Book, Madamt DemeretVt Mirror of Fashion, and frank Lethe'? Lady t Magazine, all for the same month; also, from the publishers, Ticknsr & ield.% we have the Atlantic Monthly and Ou* Tom,, JVfci for February. Dr.Holmee* new story, -The Guardian Angel," in the Atlantic grows in intereet ' *^"^ro,n J* Mudd, 3#r I> street, we bavs rrank LeHie't Magazine for February, and the Tribune Almanac, for 1W7. From J. C. Parker. Fost Offlce News Stand, we have The Atlantic Monthly, Our Young Pullet I*** ' Lady * Magazine tat February ^The bill granting a charter to the Loesses of the Alexsndrta Canal to bnlld a railroad along that work and ovsr the Georgetown Aqueduct, will, probably, bo considered by the Virginia Legislature on Monday. PaTBSTe?The Commissioner of the General Land Office hss transmitted to the Register 0f the Land Offlce at Vancouver Washington Territory, for distribution to th grantees. 3t>6 patents, covering about 33 00 aeree of land in that region. ' W A public mestingof those cltisoasoT Oam beriand. Md., opposed to the sals of the O. A O Canal, has been held, aud strong resolution gsinst the proposed measure adopted. Giriii.i smud.?The Commiseloaer of Agriculture has lately received from Europe a large lot of snperior vegetable seed, which will be ready for distribution in a few weeks ^"Great cars should now be take a to ore. vent itf .-AUwmndr** GatetU. ^ Greater care should be taken to keep them going, this cold weather. ? loo,CM) at Wall's Opera Hoase on Monday. V w ^ The Great lUrm. 0MT*v<rri0? or tub The mow stonn of Tboridij n if tit was very sever* at the North, and the enow drifted m wim place# to the height or eight or tea fe-t, doctroying the sleighing and obstructing the railroads Both North aad East rirm, New Tork, cos'ioac filled with fioittat ion, aad spam of tbo ferry boats haw beea from one t? three honr* in cro+elng Railroad traias andaailt are sull datained by saow. No trains oa (ha New Jervy Central are mnaiaf. The trala which left here at etght o'slock a. won Tkon. day reached New York at eight o'clock p. ffl A dispatch from Baltimore last night aaya three trains toand tor Baltimore oa the Phlladeipbia road are overdus. The enow drifted la large banks oa the flats n*ar Chester. and the track was not cleared until late yesterday moraine. Navigation is completely suspended* the ice In Baltimore harbor being at leMt to* inches thick. The Nortolk boat had gfoatdifll. ?* ? |orc?M ,U*r way up. She reports vy maeeea of ioe floating off the Potomac. Postmasiar Cleneral Randall yesterday at. tern oca received a toiegram from Postmaster KeHy, of Now York, which aaya: "Ne mails arrived to-day, except toe Brie aad North. ' Last sight's mail from Bo*ton laooly fourteen miles on it* way to New York. Last night's 1 nod this morning * SOlithera mails are blocked up near Elizabeth town. New Jersey. No traias will leatro on the New Jersey road today. Two Boeton, one Eastern way mail, and two Souther* mails due." The New Yofk Tribune of yesterday rnornIhg says oY the stormThis great storm be. gan in Tfew York abont t a. m. of Tbnraday. with mat white wing it sped from the northPast, (embracing a line of coast from Maine to Philadelphia. it descended in the night, and by daybreak thousand* of miles were covered with deep snow, and the millions on millions of flakes wore foiling In Boston such a storm has not been known (or ton years; the shipping In the barter was burled, aad off Cape (Jad storm-beaten Teasels struggled m the white gloom to find a harbor. Portland, Providence. Albany were covered, and in New Haven the snow fell to the depth ot six feet, with drifuof twenty feet. Here the streets were choked up. the running of the cars almost suspended, the Ice in the rivers and bay shrouded in a white cloud; pedestrians Vxmpled out paths la -now ' khee deep; travel, pleasure, business were intferropted; we were snow-bound. Now York on Thursday morning looked aa pore as a Sunday after the excise law hod been enforced; by night It was as dingy *u a Sunday after Cardoro bad issued an injunction." ffs^BOTIOl.-lsv. FilHIl MaOCIBI, 8 \K$ J ..President of Georgetown Collage; wlli aeTTver a charity sermon U behalf of the poor of ?hurch' ' H"h ? ? < rrs-HOTlC* ?A MBBT1BG OF THUS* FEB | ^3 sons who are iatereeted in the Burial Gr^nnd on 14th street, belonging to the foundry M. R. Mhurch, and thoee whe have relatives burled there, wtll be held at the residence of thd iubscri^-TUMDA* ITItllia.JJd iirt"atrVCS. ? at O CAMMAOfc.Ben'r. nrW" ?. M?Tiiaboi M iTjsa BOCIETi will held a meeting TO MOBBOw (Bunday) NIGHT at 7 o'clock, at their Hall, over yJtore. K street, between 7t\> and Sth lion BYDHIT PEKHaM and others wl II erases1:*. lS'tasar "* ?. " ? ? hoh.?Q.H.a?,i ffS"1 80OTHCBH RYAHGELIZATIOB ?A X5 ? "?* ?? behalf of mlsslen.ry ifforti at Jtl? ? J** ?,b* r,r,t Prssbytsrian Obuteb, Four-end a hair street, (Rev Dr Han at 7\0'ch)i:k0*M0BE0W (B*bbath' KVBBIBQ, f*om Mr. JORR B. JAW A R. the veteraa mlssloaary; Re*. Q i. SHRARBR. American Tract Society's Secretar* tor the SonA; and several memWi^f'tht's,^ and House of Kepresentati vee .The public are respectfully invited. it* Q^?ROOD RRW8 Tv> THB AFFLICTED! THB ARB OF WOBDBBS ARB MIBACLB3 ROT RRDBD!I DR J. H. RUTTLR1, THR WOBLB-RRROWNRf) ARB JUSTLY OBLBBRATRO ELEOTBOMAGNETIC FRY* BiOIAR, Has recently arrived, and taken the lae. comrnon Louisiana avsaus.oppv auTforaisor *here he is prepared to treat AOCTB ARB OBRORIO DIBBA8BB, of*7.*J7 deecriftion. He cares la an Incredibly short time, where all other* have failed. BIB BY8TBM OY EL EOT BO MAGBBT1BM workp like a charm, aad aever flails to bonolt and r*J'?r* where a euro Is possible. StaU^tTnif.**^0^ M,WS c,Mi ? tk* Baited K10I16, llfl QO C&& |ho V vol tkAnioiiila nf fce&Itytod'thJ*-* rmp4d ,r* ki? cures that ho baa ORRAT MIRACLE WOBKRB BF TBI 19TR OBNTC BY aM#aneotione>.r'** y0" WlU#t,t Call aad see the certificates of "Wonderfai Onrea." ns no fee will bo charged for coaptation Oftce honrs from 9 to I, and from 2 |o S p. m. Ho. 6 LonMaaa avenue ja 19 5t" DR. L HURRAY. Acent. U1B810RARY ARR1TBRBARY. WR8LRY CRAFBL, Corner oth and Fata BURBAY. Jan. 10.1*7. 11 a. m. Bermoa tw Rev. J. McOlatoch. D B. j 11 g; h*bbath Brttool service. Address bj Rev. Inw'aolhlmHeea by th* chlI<,r*n- WfferTX ? to. Platform meeting, Chief Justice Obese JS. OOBYAll Y will bo hsld at the eflce <>f JJ? Oo?;aay,od.MOMDAY, February 4.1W7, for nlnilTMr* oerte during the en0 fSkpTJ* " " O>ok>#k " close at l iolMtt * 0HA8. R. BAILEY. Secretary HS"0041'" ..J. 004t",..? : :,';7 ?<"> "?&k', i SjMfltie. and clean Coal guaranteed. Terms oaeb wben order is given. Office, 4tM?H 7th street, betwesa B aad K. Ywd. Itth street wharf aad river. T W. McOeRRlLB. r'^AAWSBifcno-n LADIES' ICR C BRA 11 A BIRIRQ B A LOON, 840 Paaa. Ave., bet. mh aad 1Mb ste. i Weddings, Dinaer or Bupper Partiee snnalied at fibort aagoo jlth naveltleo In Pyraml^T fancy e-'kaa, and OoaresUonesiee,nJellies ; Weddlag i jar,\,i5tf?i.6r&Kl.Sfcra "" * ,"kw" ! Attendants alee wttl be sent to attend to all de taila of arrangements. Booqooto, Wreaths, and cntBlowak'* to order. ja 3 1m JOBRPR R. BR AFF1BLB. rjyBITiBIiISIW It) BE. McPRRMOR A FRR0U80R. 971 Piun. iTMiri, coansa 1st stun, Deal I C*P1*ol |at? ^.-4-. - I???RUMRRM. Bo.? AO. ^fgr^awsawssssr-'-0011-tf K^CR ALR? A Black MARR, nine years r\ " old Will trot In throe minutes. Also, Tirf* n now Cutter Blalgh, Haraess and killi.^A. Inquire Room 138 Oaneral Land Oflce. ja I8 tt* pOAL. IB OR. ARB OIL. or the iraclieal Am7r' lean Miner; beiag a guide to omrmlhes aad mlnersl resources,"with numerous maps and Illustrations. Price M. Jm 1? FRAROR TAYLOR. ]y|ASKB I MABK8I! MASKS ! 1 A fall aapply, of all dlfforaat character, jast received, at CttR. BDFPBBTH FABCY BAZAAR. ja 18 81 Ro. I3ti 7th straot. l?0ILPA?,7o<H>fUl? 8TOVE8 from fio to 1 BM- Parlor and Bedroom Stoves from . ? to fg Ex ten rle a Tables, Washstauds. dk Bsdstoads, Wardrobes, Bnreane, Cane seat miii^E^TW.rssr:^ sz.ibw tweenLaadM. ja!74t* QLB BRABD1KH Aetedilavian,( year unknown) Hennessey. t vintage 1846) Alex. Seignette, *" MM Old Sazerac. ' llw J. J Dapn> A Co., vintage 1349 Champagae. " 18N And arluns other braads, in wsod aad glass, tar salet y 1 O. DYRU A 00." .? , V6 'eonsylvania avenue, ial7 eoSt be twee a lttb and nth streets. ^RLL lTT? OUT, " T 0 R E F I T . With a view te rebnlldlng enr star* In the pring, we have determined to sell the WHOLR OF ODB STOCK, consist!nf of HOBIRRT, 0L0YB8, and a general amort as at of FURBISRIBO ROODS, AT OUST, From this date until the first day of May. PRE O K PILLIRO, 90B Psansi lvanln aveaae, ?oent to 11th street. treat. JoU-tv* ??ij???????? CONGRESSIONAL. ^iTDM*r, Juvwj 19. Sanar*.?The Presfl^at pn tern laid before he Stoat* >(OfiBiatgUion from the Secretary of War, inclosing vfrpirt of the contracu rfa-Je by tbr Engineer Department danoc lit 'MV^ Mfrw4ltt the Committee on Military AfMtj ; My. M or ran pwM'M) a petition from rsm<> ) rtTMVm the city of Wasbinfton, WW Mfcwtlmrot of the law r> a ire to eew%rs. KW^utd to Committee on IXitrlet of Col am t>?a A Ur*? number If pMilloai wer? prntntMl fiom wool |trower?, a*4ctajc protection for uut commodity. Laid on the table. Mr. lirown presented a memorial asking no distinction to the an (Trace oa account of race, eoior. or mi Laid on the table. Numeiona petitions were preaented pravtsg against aay retiucUod of Uffe national currency; I wfek-h wee* -re ferns to the Finance U?g. J "lltfr. Hendricks, (torn the Committee on Naval Affair*, reported favorably the Honae bill to authorize the aeUoiioc of League LelaaU as a harbor for iron clads. Mr. Wilson introduced a bill to amend the act granting land for the construction of a railroad and telegraph liae from Lake Superior to Puget's Son ad. Referred to UoanMbe on Pacific Railroad. On motion of Mr. Wilson, ft was ordered that the Committee on the District of Oolumhi a inquire whether the Corporation of Waah ton baa conformed to the several acu of Coojtrees relative to the eatahiiahment of school* and the edacatioa of colored ohudren in the District, and that tne committee hare authority to seud for persons and papers. On motion of Mr. Wade, the bill to author* %e the .extension, construction and use of a lateral branch of the Baltimore aud Potomac railroad inte and within the District of Colombia was taken up Mr. Johnson aaid the charter of this company aa ((ranted by the Legislature of Maryland care this company no power to enter the District of Columbia, but to build a road from Baltimore through the Peninsula to the Potomac river, as he bad been informed, although be had not seen the charter himself. This subject was new before the Legislature or Maryland, and be would suggeet to the senator from Ohio to let this bill lay on the table until Mary land acted upon It. He (Mr. J.) entertained no opposition to any project wbicl bis constituents in the southern part of the State might deem to be of advantage to them, and otilj asked for tbls delay now that the trople ot Maryland might be heard on the siuject Maryland had a great interest in the Baltimore andObio road, and derived a large revenue from it, and the people might not eonsilfcr it to Uieir interest to build another road ii opposition to it. He thought that generally speaking it was for the interests of the people tbat as many roads as possible should be bnilt from one polQt to another, but as he bad said before, he wished the interests of his constituents to be consu.ted, and time allowed tbemto express their vt?ws. Mr. Wade said this bill was before then all last session, and ample time had been hat for all interested to express their views. Ofctnrse it was not to be supposed tbat the frienls of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad should desire another road to this city, but the Inte-esU of the nation demanded that more roads tshjnld be bnilt. There was only one road to the National Capital now, and that was a monopoly without a rivalry. He did not know that :uey had abused their power, but certainly aany complaints bad been made. At any ratt the pnblic won Id not suffer by another road. Ibere was no reason wny the Baltimore and Obio Railroad should have the privilege of owiing the only road connecting this city with the rest of the country. The Legislature of Mtryland bad give* this Baltimore and Potomac road the right to construct lateral brancles, so be did not see why that subject shoult be before the Maryland Legislature. Mr. Johnson said it was true that authcrity had been given to construct lateral brancaes, but the opinion was entertained that it did not contemplate giving authority to build a road to Washington, almost parallel to tbat tow here, by tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad He (Mr. J ) did not wish to be understood as ssenmg to delay this bill, bnt would ask the Sen. ator to let it lay over until his colleague 'MrCress well), who was now at home on professional business, and who took considerable interest in this subject, should return. In r- ply to a question from Mr. Hendricks, Mr. Wade said that the friends of the new road claimed that by actual survey th? distance between Baltimore and Washington wonld he lessened by four miles by their ronte. Mr. Hendricks did not think there was any necessity for this bill. The admirable mmagement of tbe great Baltimore and Ohio road furnished the most ample facilities for commuclcatioa between Washington and the rest of tbe country. It was a line of great importance to tbe West, and he could not, merely to further the interests of speculation, do any. thing to cripple that road. Mr. Yates did not see how another road he. tween Baltimore and Washington could he of any injury to the West. The morning hour hare expired, when Mr. Wade moved to continue the discussion of tne pending bill, which was disagreed to. The unfinished business being the hill ta establish a uniform system of bankrsptcy throughout the United States was then taken up, and the btll read at length by the Clark. Horan.?Mr Benjamin (Mo.) introduced a resolution directing the 8ergeant-at-Arms to pay to Hon. A. H. Coffroth the amountaf in. creased compensation voted to members of the Houee up to the time the said Coffroth :eased to be a member of this Hoase. Mr. Kooutz (Pa.) sn*d as there wen legal questions involved be would move the refer, euce of the resolution to the Committee sn Ju. dietary, and it was so ordered. On motion of Mr. Wilson, (Iowa) the Com* mlttee on Printing was directed to inquire into the expediency of providing, by law tor the publication of the Congressional (llobe In tbe form and style as tbe debates of the British parliament are published. The Houee took up the unfinished business of yesterday, which was the consideration of the hill to incorporate the Metropolitan Fire and Marine Insurance Company of the District of Columbia. Mr. Price (Iowa) moved to amend the bill by a proviso, that no dividend should be daclared nnlees the company has a surplus of ?2u,ooo nett profits. Agreed to. Mr. Wilson (Iowa) moved to lay the bill on the tab!#. Agreed to?yeas 09, nays SI. Mr. Rice, (Mass.,) from Committee on Naval Affairs, reported back a btll lor relief of Rufus P. Spalding, paymaster U. S. Navy, to relieve him from all responsibility for less or some 14,0U0, wbieb was under Spalding's control aa a paymaster, and which was stolen from a bank at Mound City. Passed. Mr. Rice, from the same committee, reported a bill to restore Lieut. Joe. P. Pike to the active list of the Navy. Passed. Mr. Brandegee. (Conn.,) from same eommit>e, reported a bill to restore Lieut. Commander S. L. Breese to the active list of the Navy. Passed. ' Mr. Relley, (Pa.,) from the same committee, reported a joint resolution for the relief of Paul 8. ftorbee, the builder of the U. 8. screw steamahip Idaho. [It authorises the Secretary of the Navy to aceept the steamship at the contract price, I&jo.uou.) Pending consideration the morning hoar expired, and the bUI went over. ^ Tbe Speaker laid befbre the House a communication fTem the Secretary of War, transmitting contracu made by tbe Engineer Department for the year i?6. Referred to Committee oh Military Affairs. _ Also, a communication from the Secretary of War. transmitting a report relative to the snip channel of the_ Patapseo river. Referred to Committee on Commerce. Mr. Spalding (Ohio) said he was of the opinion new, as he had been for some months, that if the Constitutional amendment was not recogniaed and adopted by tbe disloyal States, it would become the imperative duty of Congress to Intervene aad reconstruct the rebel States npon the basis of the loyal voters, without distinction of color or race. Bat the bill offered by Mr. Stevens, to enable the Southern Statea to form valid State govern menu, was defective In that It afforded no prouction to the loyal classes of the South. In the South tbe colored people could not exercise the elective franchise without being placed in jeopardy of lite and limb, and liable to be shot down at the polls. He, fMr 8.,) therefore, proposed to arm theee people for their own protection, and be therefore desired to offor an additional seotion to tbe bill. Mr. Suvens said he had read the amend. Sn"""' "moainc Mr. Spalding'* amendment was then read, aa follows: Src And be it further enacted, rfc., That from and after the passage of thi* act. and until the rebel States shall be accorded representation in the Congress of the United States, the privilege of the writ of Habeas corpus hall bo suspeuded in the States of Vtrriaia, North Carolina, Boath Carolina, Georgia,

Florida, Alabama, Misstosippf, Louisiana! Arkansas, nnd Texas; aud the kaid districts of country sball be placed nnder martial law for and during the whole time aforeeaid. On motion of Mr. Bidwell (Cal ), the Committee on Military Affairs was directed to inquire Into the propriety and justice of securing to California troops who enlisted for three year* at dnnng the war, but were honorably discharged by reason of the termination of the war, the bounties promised them at the time of their enlistment. m ? On motion of Mr. Riee, (Mass.) the Committed on th? Library was directed to Inquire into* the expediency of purchasing the picture of Admiral Farragut, new on exhibition in the rotunda of tbe Oapitol. , The Hoase proceeded to consideration of Mr. Stevens' bill to enable the South to form lid State QoremmeaU. _2?L??>2,u (p* > addreaeod Ui Uoim la fit. roroftbebUI. Be coademaed the PntldMtl P? ,cy-?rw?l that it wu the imperative d?ty or Uoagreeyc pert, t reoonstructioa. K V,,f fraacblsrfahoald be coaferrad apoa Mil loyal men la the South ae a matter oi right and expediency. It was the Mackman'e right, *tta Oo Tarn meat y"V' Wilkoai lb* ballot avaiL Olw them the ballot and It woald baJ-' aaoa loyalty agaiaat disloyalty. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. * k ftaepewsiea ( Baeiaees by the lt?ra. UotToi) Jan. 19.? Vary little business was doae yeetorday. owing to the difficulty of de""J 'rwuporl">C goods. No schools wm id lenioK. :la tha town Of Socatrriile, twea'y.eix 2** " ** teachers war. com* polled to rmaaia all Bight in tb* sebool boose wi??^n?J l,V?r^VTb*y ^rnished TtltKr>Vl> ?Feratar Frozen ta Death. _'!*w VoUK.r Jan. u?Oscar W. Willis, tor *n>*y years a telegraph operator for the ran. oas companies la this ?ity, was frown to death j nilb? h^foitfl?,mu hl" b0Ke' ??ar Hobokem night before last. He was an excellent ooer*. tor, and a kind husband and father. Mis deatb iratfraitV* gl??"> ?W *** ?ntt** ??leg*?*>hic The Stern. fioeTov, Jan. 19.?The snow storm still places an embargo on some of the railroads leading to this city. The mail which left Mew *ork on Thursday moraine arrived here at ?re o clock thu evening. It is hopod that I do/in* to-morrow the trains on all the roads will be able to make their regular trips. " ? ? New Fenian Paper. Burmo, Jan. 19.?The (rUtbt, a weekly newspaper of .this city, has been transferred ,?UlLt>n,an Brotherhood. It will be called 1 The Ftnian loivntter, and managed by the Fenian organization here. < oa. Blake net Last |a the Ssew. Bowtom. Jaa. lb.?Commodore Blake, who was supposed to have perished in the anow on Thursday last, has returned home. Me took refuge in a hut near his house. New Yark Markets. N*w 1 o&jl, Jaa.19?Cotton quiet at 35 eta flour declining. Wheat lower. Corn dull Oats dull. Beef quiet. Pork firmer; new oUX' Lard quiet. w nisKjr anil. ?pBB tlfTlt Bill DI61I, Manufactured exclustrsly under copyright for B, 0. DYEB ft 00 . 966 PBBBSTLTANIA AVBHUB. Between lfth a&? 1Mb streeU. LOKDBBS ?FHO, MMDKM I)? OOBTB, OOMCBA DB BBGAL9, bbgalia db La rbyma. *rs maaaiaetured ef the very best mT*S: imported by ourselTss through yr. Ban. yfli, brother la law ef Mr. Dyer. who .11 ^l?k ' * aamber ef years past in Ba 2.1*. ,!'1*cUl "eatlon ia called ta this iirtel 85.iB T#rr r~p#ci fim "ttKffp&CFBSALS FOB BOA I'. r~ Qflr'Pepol Om miliary of 9ub<tstrne4. I _ . . _ ?aMi*?to?, D. C., January 10 iasr.f I auhiJi 12 duplicate, of the form tor ?C?BdVy lw,U be r#cHT*i until totSSLSSSSsi"" "'I"" IIo8t4BW"iMSi,FO',"M or ftaefrom^???J ?*lf ?ood materials, Ii . ' olnklf glass, or other adulters ^u^t?^V?'l,MI,t,)4w,t<> contain not ^rM.XTr."::?r;,~*,o,"ur-"4 '?Uww* One third iH)on or hSf?Ith? ?.i?J/!bruar7' one third ()?? on or ^ February, an4 the remain ler oa or before be 16th of Barch. 1<-m . B?rnplet must be faralehed with the propeeals. *^l?h *c?py of this sdrertlseinent mast be atJl wel1 'trapped with hickory trape. the aame of the ooatractor, dateoftransl/^iTSl1 M *h? confeuU, with gross, tare, and net weight, must be Plainly aiarksd on every pa. k wi,J * c*refnllrvlnspect?d before It Is received] and compared with the retained sample*. Verification ef weight of package will be determined ee desired by the uader;i?n3r who ?III itlso settle all questions with regard to quality sad oondltlon. Peymsat to be made as soon a* the article le re?iTtr V. ,mtlsfaet?ry. bnt twenty five percent will be BMareed from each peymeat untU the complailon ef the 00ntract. Ho allowaace for packages. It will ba received at the Subsistence Storeboases: la the Bonameat Lot. aad 6th street wharf; or at the Baltimore and Ohio Ballroad Depot. o BBbb. ^a 1? tl Bajor and C. a.. U S A. ^KATBS t 8KATB8 1! SKATES iTT Just received, a full aseartmeat, for Ladles, Gentleman. and Boye, at . OHB. BDPPBBT-8 FABCT RA7AAB. 1*1* ? Ba. 384? 7th street. 493 4"""" 498 IS BOOTS AMD HATS, At 493 Hlath Street, between D aad K. For the next few weeks I ehall eel I ay ftodk 0f BOOT8 ABD BATS at reduced prices. Selling off to reduoe stock. STOP! BBAB! Aad then start for Bo. 493 9th street, where yoa 'r?m half adoHar ta oaa dollar and a half la buying a Bat. The best of French Calf Boots, (men's) Baltimotamake venr low: a little too low. Flae Calf Boom, sewed, Philadelphia make, way dewala |rice# Ben b heavy Boots remarkably low. B.>y "4 S^PLENDID JBWBLBT. MB. ALBX ABPBB has just rata rued from Bsw York, Where he .took from the Custom Boase a TSTLJRrif?J,,?*,,t aesoHment of Silver FIHaree JBWBLBT,ia.portsd from Italy, which be will eell at oae-qaarter the cost: they eannot be obtained at any ether establishment here. Be also orouaht oa a large assortment of aew etyle ?m J k *trArlck Bd ot ?r**t riety, which be will sell at the msi rates. ' j ja lUf 940 Pennsylvania avenue. DBASS FOUBDBY, A# Ho. 414 B street. Bavlag started a BB ASS FOUBDBT la coaaecI Won with my Qan and Locksmltk bast aces, lam prepared to do all werk la that line ja M-tm JOBB J. PBABODT. ftPABKblBU W1BBS. " eare OUcenot, P on sard In. In quarts and pints. , Moot aad Okandoa, 6re*a Seal, M " 1 J alas Baam k Co., Cabinet * ? I 5?. do., Versanay, Do. ? . ,do.. Dry Vert easy. ? Chae. Heideteck, Sillery. ? | Parts B??dtloa. Sparkling Catawba, la quarts ^*ddiag, Sparkllag Catawba, ta qaarts For sale at reduced prtcee by M c. DTBB * 00., . 966 Pennsylvania avenae, Ja 17 coat Between Hfik aad lJth etreofa. P 0 B I 4 F F L . ' Two handsome XABBLB BBBB VABBS, stand lag six feat, valaed at |M>(1 Mr chaace. ?n exhibition al JUAB BOTLBV, . ? Beoksellor aad Stationer, ja li-b ato Penn'a avenae. QOLDBB SCDPPBBBOBO WIBB, (BativS.) Blch, fruity flavor, wltk delicate boquet. Fro*? .^BO?.PFBBB01I0 OBBPB, of Borth Carolina. 480 CMTBaTloSS^OFFWB. 480 Be. 48010t hstreet, ooe door below Fa. ave.. ?ilO.OO? to loan oa Gold aad Silver WAT0HBS, DfAWOBDS, CLOTHING, aad HBBCHAB BIbB of every,dsecriptlea. Ja 9 SyBusfaess strictly confldeatlal fm [V O I I 8 B. The nnderslgaed woald respectfully announce to the public tnat ther rontiaue the buslnees of the late firm of O.B. JBWBLL A Co., in aU Its breaches, aad would solicit a conttnaanceof the Ja HawSw Q Street W her V AND BBQCLATOB_^^ BsTABLUHan iai8M. DBBPSIT yoSooStk'Kmvis aad SU tloaere. Ac. ,?9S Fa. av.jbetTeth aad loth eta. F. C. BMlUBBBBAOBB Plaao Booms. 498 Uth street, bear Fa. aveaae. uMrSSl. 1 *?^I8B^AraToCMgB^^?4'1, i v: Willi ' "j > ? 4 Of LOO P. M. OOVEERMENt iE(lRITIBS *haoiBarow. Juuwj 10. 1087. J?I Cooke A Co furaieh the foilowiag quotation* of Government eeceriuee Ifmying, Selling U. S.4*s Coupon, ihhi U.S. Five Twmu*, 1WM 107 k 109 m U. 8. Five TwenUM. 18K4 1(6 w k<5 U. 8. Flee Tww?w. m* h?? KM w V. 8. Fire TVNtM,JOhAJ'y,*83.104 1(4 2 U. S. Ten f orties 90 k |t?uT7 8. Seven Thirties, Ao*aet.... tt>4 m > u. S. Seven Thirties,'Jemo1*4 t i,^v U. 8. fceven Thirties, Juij 1*4* bow rone riUT boabdsalb* >. m 4Mfi 99k 5.20S, Irtte 1W 7-Tr?, August....HHfc g*--..'??5K rJM'vJn*. IMS 5.20B, lt?S UK\ . July I(H\ 5 8u s, Jn Ajy/bkwjj Gold y- " 1 ' " ii" i| FINANCIAL. I>?wi* johnioa k. Oo , quote Stocks and Bonds in horn* and foreign majfceteos follow* Nbw You. Jaait?let Board?U. 8- neutered. 1801, 107; do., ooapoae, 10*; ft-*;-*, registered. H*%\ do. ooapoas, 1W. do., 1845; USX; lf-40 ?, registered. MM;, t9k; 7-3u s, '<A%: Ohio aad Mississippi Oertifloauw, *>, Canton. 4fl^; Cumbertoad. 75; Ouicksilver, 4o, Mariposa, 12*; New York Oeatral, 1(6^; Erie, 02 \, do. pre far'd, ?; Hudson. 1*7; Readme, Michigan Central. tOttf; Mien. Iran Southern, 77#; lUiaoia Outraj. u?wCleveland aad Pittsburg. 9wk, Cleveland and Toledo. l?n; Rock Island, - rtorthwe*. tern, 41 do. preferred, 79Port Wavne. ?b w. Chicago aad AlWm, uh; Alton and Ter. re Haute, 34; Toledo and Wabasb, 43, W. U. Telegraph. 4?; Hoe ton Water Power. 2* Pa. cific Mail, ldo; Atlantic Man, 107j{. Cold. 2 .K p. m., 136?. THE NAVAL STATION. The Senate Naval Committee have decided to report lavoraMjr on the Honse bill accept, mg League Island Ibr the station tor an arsenal for iron clads Senator Cattel made a speech this morning, before the committee, in favor of L?eague Island. 8KC0RITIK3 HILD. The securities held by the Treasurer of the United States in trust lor national banks, reported to-day. were as follows:?For eircu. luting note*, *144 1,305,150; as security for the deposits of public monies, 8Jei,773.#jO; making the to'al amount. t379,139,luo. DISBURSEMENTS. The following sums of money have been disbursed at the Treasury Department during the week ending to-day : To the War Department, ?596,065; Navy Department, Interior Department, Total, ?2,145*^ 197. THE WHITE HOUSE A very large number of visitors were at th? Kxecutive Mansion to-day, aad many of them bad interviews with the President. Vice President Poster end several Senators and Representatives had interviews this morning. APPOINTED Brevet Brt*. Gen. <*. W (Jile, formerly in command of the garrison at Washington, but lately on duty in the Freed men's Bureau. has been appointed 1st lieutenant in the 45th infantry, and honorably mnstered out the volun. teer service. THE OOLD BILL. Secretary McCulloch bad an interview of two hours to-day with the House Committee oT Ways and Means, on the Gold bill. THE DISTRICT IX COHORE83. Mr. Wl^on Introduced in the Senate to-day a resolution instructing the Committee on the District of Colombia to inquire whether or not the Corporation of Washington has conformed to the requirements of the several acts of Congress in relation to the support of colored school* In the cities of Washington and Geotve. town, D. O., and that said committee be in. strncted to report the facta, and recommend such action as may be deemed neceseary and proper also, that said committee have author, tty to call lor persons and papers. Agreed to. NATIONAL BANK CCRRINCV. The amoant of Natioaal Bank currency it. sued during the past week from the Treasury Department was ?47,720, making the total amount up to date 8300,*02,9?i. proa this to to bo deducted the currency returned, inelu. ding worn out notes, amounting to S2,isu,<ttr leaving in actual circulation at this date re**..' &**,?*?. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. The amount of fractional currency reeeived at the Treasury Department from the printers during the past week was 8527,500. The amount shipped during the same period was *1S1,S%<.33 to national banks, and #100,000 to the Assistant Treasurer at New York city. FROM Til* STKAMKR OeSIPBB. The Navy Department has received information of the arrival of the U.S.steamer Oesipee at Funcbal, Madeira, on the 25th of December. Officers and crew ail well. Tbb W hilt St a* is now on our eon n ter for sale, and la wrappers, ready for tho malls, containing, among moch other reading matter, a good story entitled "Caurht tn the Act:" the attempt to defeat the Metropolitan Rail, road bill; Gift Concerts ; a fall account of the Collyor aad McGlade prize fight oy oar specisl leporter; useful items of domestic economy; Congressional proceedings: Humorous Sketch, ee, with Domestic, Military, Naval, Departmental and Local News; Agricultural end Housekeeping Miscellany; aad the latest Tel. egraphic Dispatches from ail quarters. Patbhts Isscbd.?For the week ending on Tuesday, the ad instant, am patents will be issued rrom the Patent Ofllce. Daring the past week there were 410 applications, and 71 caveats filed. Ibtbbkai. Rbvbbvb?The receipts from this source to-day were (192,796 01, making the total amount for the week ending to-day fa,260,. 789.81. Ctrrbbcy Dxbtbotbp.?During tho past week there has been redeemed and deetroyed at the Treasury Deportment 8317,700 in fractional currency. 1 Fbboobal.?Hob. E. B. Washbarae, of IU-, will leave for Europe on his health trip, by the Persia, that sails from New York on Wed* need ay next. ' SIS' . LOCAL NEWS. Obphahb' CocaT, Judgt PurceU.?Today, an exemplified copy of the will of the late Walter Hsrrea, of Norfolk, Va^ Bras filed. The caveat filed to the will of the late Jo* seph Foilansbee, was withdrawn, the jadre deciding to sustain the will, which being proved by two witneeees, waa admitted to probate as regards persoaalty. Letters of administration with the will annexed were issued to Samuel A. Peugh; boad *3.(00. Naomi Utermehle was appointed guardian to the orphan of O. H. Utermehle; bond S7.0U0. The first individual accounts, as also the firstgaardlan, and the first general account of the guardian, and the first aod final account of the administratrix of Daaiel Brown; the first and final acconnt of the admiaiatrator of George Johnson: account of the personal ee. ; tats, aad the second aad supplemental account of the administrator d. 6. a. of the late Commodore C. W. Morgan, were approved and passed. < Quick Wobk.?Ob Wednesday last a car load of freight, which left Wheeling at 1.M p. pat .the previous day, was received here, aad unloaded ready to return by 11.30, the entire time being but twenty-two bonrs. This car Ban one of those attached to the lightning freight Ucaia lsaviag Wheeling: daily at lJi p. m.. oringing down western freight, always arriving in time to deliver much of it by noon This is a fact which sbonld be made a Bote of by merchants, especially thoee dealing la par. iehahle mercbanaiee from tho West. A lightning freight train between Waahlagtoa aad New York Is talked of. Ab Obfhab A8TLCM Robbbd?Ob Than, day night* the Protestant Orphan Asylum ea Labeei, noxtdooTto tho reeideaoe of General .Grant, wan entered by some villain, who stole 'a gold watch aad Chain, belonging to Mrs. Waa sail, oae of tho matroas, a, silver knife, fork oad spoon, which had been presented to as* of the duMm aad ? small amoant of money, , ^ * I OOLU LOMIIOW ?L||( Q,f M LftQtal.1 IpjMdrJ^ufftSJSX SSTtSTJLl" ^ w*??'??^ 0r?'* M *** *U?arad U depart , paring for h? bed Tboma. Kicoird SLT/ULT ?P '* * * ?? ? OOM.UO. ?, err Athlon, of tbe tievea'b Ward. u4 waa al*o errom-nodated at tkr elation-boo** Tb? jwtif (b^n? *u Bo( ?o gen*roue aa at tbe tsnu*? '* oarta Ward, and Ui -bart. ,,. . 8. for bis Icdgiaga. **'? ^rVTi0" OF Taatwe -Owmg t> tb? rr*a: ??e* etor*. pawn(*r* from New Tork batbeen greatly ? ! >for tbe pant |*w days-ia. tn?t arrivalt W<M*i I *. n tbl. n>*mfa. "?b?a 'boat wbo left K,w York yoaterlaV era lag am?f4 Tbe paeaengert vara da* hero at5 S? Jaet eeeaieg The great cause of delay* tfeit snow drifu oa tbe Uandea am Am boy Railroad . SatLivo Liqeoa I'auoaaaan _Hagb Kit*, aim m on* was arreeaed by I. ten tenant Tait. ot Secoad Ward, forwlltif liqaor aaliofaiM H* *ai IdH SM Darky <Wa au tmatMi by officer lloyle of abe Soveatb WanTZVi eimtlar offrace, aad wasBaed0*0 to by Juebc* BotwHh Racovawnv?Yeoterrfay. detoctivea Oiarvoe I MwlMfDmtt recovered a ooat aUuod at *4. tbe property of U. W. Qage. which was su>k fratotbo residence ot A U Kiddie. Ktq No SW 13lb atrMU on Uf idm imI. Affaire ia Geergetewa. . lt" ?? * Rertoraar Po"? ?Tha ct*r* eorwaratiea. la bta an i ???aJ report of tb* affairt oftba town, ribibtu a atatetnect thai telle wall for tbe efBeieacr of ttoei^hoe Th* amo.n, recair^Ttrol^J^ I 91 B*?w?aa yaa: lh* rwoeivrd fall abort WI * . Ibe eosrlaaton is ibat boIim t>? TSKS "' iirsr,aw* TMHaoot o. taem to sorb an extent tbat Uia m tZ**?LZy?.V1rom "Z**" rrerexceedt the *af? M la*t yaar Tha police aay rbat tb? A?*% Bwt *" heeaote tbrre afe aot caeea oaoagb reported to maitf ap the atroaai. Tha .-lark only areoanta in bia report for the raab t*at ha raratra? aoaa?> qomtly all oopereadad oaaas ara latt oot Th<* polic# are aettti'd to credit lor ihate A a?m bare baon ram if tad by tba corporation and tar tba~ tbapohea araoautlod ^ ei^.t ^Vd-T in* tba lut qnartar aloaa I S3 caaaa wara dumisaad by .ba marixTut# KOKEHT?Ltl*?THB MaKKBT -John Rntr'waa arretted Tburad.y by efflrer for foTaatallinic tba aiarkat ny parchamnc provisions in tbe naw marfcat-boua* and a* po*ln* tbatn tar aaJa In tba batcbar s markat Juatica Backty tin ad bim SS 10 i4A-i.>0?rx*:xA"r.,-B-Th,,r*<|*y *?**>* th-? Board of Oommot Coaneil pasand a raaolnttor appreprlaMnr ?I50 for tha airaau Tbe reaolntioa waa explainad as rafarrin* to tbe snow and Ire which hat- accuniolaraii on c*rtal* sidewalk*, aad coyarmr tha rot tar* rendering tha locaiitira aimuat itn^sabl^ with rebtriea. Tbe Uorponuioa. aftei doioc ?t^ f1! i WIB"T'l,f *Ae ice aad anow trom tba looaliriea of wbicb it baa axcloaire control caa enforce the enow law acamat dHiaoneat property owuara witb atnctnawsand tbay will hare no right to e?aipla?n. Tbe aafaty of pa. nfent of tbe Yaw,ou d 1 y fur ,h* -'ore Th* Paortgiov Mibkits?Tba prorttlon markets ware bot poorly attendad br dealers a ana porcbasair this moraing, aad tbe suupi* waa proportionately leaa man (V avnru? Tbe dealers in reliables are cauUoua ia e* . rosing their atock for salt Tba winter. |?r hmT# c? p*"?iraly m.>d^. ratr. and tb.y conld azpoao their frait an 1 Tegatabloa without fear of it freezing butth.. eeaaon, regatablaa plac-d in tbe stalls at airht are thorongbly froz*'H before tbe market opens tbe next day. Tbe pnoea were about the *a?? aa during tbe paal week. Pork ?Thera ia bat little pork la market today, and tbe demand ia very ligbt The price* rargad from ?H ?5 to ?<> per loo lb* Potomac VaTaa -The habit of letting hydrant* rnn all ntght, to prevant them from fraeaiag. baa bacoma ao genera] with housekeapers, and ao maay nubanoea result from it, that the police ara tnrning their attention to it, ntd are calling for warrant* aga<u*i tba Tiolatora of tbe law. A WaOOK WITHOUT l^lCE>?k ? i f! ?" arrretad yestorday by utticer Sebaatiaa, for running a wagon without the !,cense required by law He was fined " ^ by Justice ituckey. r FlOVA A*i? 9Eai? Mahmt?The marke. xur breads tons- b&& been rtry doll tht? quite aa dull aa during tne two prerloue The demand bat baon that of tbe looai trade; and ute aalea only in iota auiBciant to aupptr immediate wants. Floar?Supers are quoted *ii * ta ?,,J P'r bbl.: Cat Extra, tw^ou 13.50: Extra. *13.75 to ?tiJG. Oraia?Wathootag in wheat, and pncea unchanged ' ' ' '*** doiag in cor a outside the city trade 1861 ) 1H*T tu. ?-? *,jo, UaZU, . iw'?5ijf&s5ss.,ssaK fcaus-sa A net aad varied aaaortmant from tba beat riOTOM^T^^^D^SK; *W ALltT k?S?IF&?5feftt/feu if4 co,#rtAMP WIHDOW BR ADM ncbaet designs of Otlt ^b?ouS^"faJ?l,?V^' Urns la tba BlatrVrt. witb a waU aaaortad atock of *!&?> y<?* ? ierfe ranety of Wla Ort)?r? XrWiiioa ?hadaa aad ?fay?rhaar age faatitaally ftOad, la city or eoaatry. %bcr* ?90*t w* ??da wsssti&iar* "^=rsf' Term* war?j? tabl* tmtk. . .. *i VAftUlTU. Bo. 4*6 7tb atraot. de U *a* Kiabt doera above Odd PaHaW Rail ^KLLIHO OTW TO CLOBB BUSIVMB. A.W T0WBH1HD A 00 ,Jewelen, 516 7th at., betareea D and I ?ysa J '**7 Qaod?. we offer PBIOB LIST OP WATCHB8. BllvjT banting ease, aaobar movomaata, java! ed, M< gald; Da. Amorioon, Bllax; moeaosaots J*^e?*d?}lT, gold: x?u>, American, r. 8. Bartlatt mojemeala. ^wa/ed. fli. ?U u karat C ?^. ^R'r1'J5" ? ^ J?rtleH,cbroB?n?ar 1-. J.goid;, ffTh.gald: U da , A? yietoa, Trecay d Oo., abronometer val., fM.goid. ABTIOLBS Tt? BB UffLlD flrat eoat, BTfti u aold. | Boaa? ood Draaaiag lasi?, *IU| **u i^rttag aiiver, ftrat coat, f mo ?TlVWVSW?ff StfSr.*??JSSK.. , 416 7tn afreet. few doora below je H>-laa* Odd Pal Iowa' Sail. I^ZBKlBL-8 TIBS IB LA HA1S BBBTOBBBT Hxia Bi.fovAT**.-Wt yabliab this morning the edvartliamiat of ear wall-kaoam towaamae. H. Bsakial, who ia tbe yro?riator of tbe well known aad artdalr usad Baakiai'a Hair Baste rer." Tfclt eraparaUan la ao aaw pragaratioa, bet Nt ua br a aaatlawaa of known probity aad a aiatlra of oar dtv He baa In hie poeeeotion oer *Aoa*a? frow ratidaaU of Biokmood. wbieh ha will pnblieb. Tbat a rooaaimaadatiaaa ara fern* fidt, aed place bia eraparstion aba re Utr qaaek aoatramapaltDad off aa bair reaturera. Try It. , JjMlyeawni aavoyaar balr.?RxckwtmU Ttmm, _ _Waaitiii?ro*Oitt,B.C., Bee si. ItM Dxaa Bin: I am graUftad to ear tbat roc bare againcomaaeaced tbe maaiddcture of rear ' Balr tram the teatlmoay of BMnr frieuda wbo bave need It. 1 have nt betitation In eta ting tbat I be Ueva It to be tba moot efficient compouad of tbe kiad ever areeentod for eaie. Indeed, away of tboee wbo bate tried it aaaare mo tbat it wot oatr V T? * r r?'?"r Vnt nainnb>artlj lea k toraa tbe growth of tbe heir ] Beaaaetfuliy. Ao., yoara, 4 ?. ir'sS^. ? DfeiWii;,&?&rKatr.r?.'r?r?! "DBC" I v We ahall flail, from tbla day uatil tbe let ef Pebmary, oar Stack of Br* aad Peter node at OBBATLT BBDUCBB PBK'BS POB CASH, for Ua pat paee af taking aaaeaat of atoek. DBT BOODB AHD BIAW14 AT OOBT. CLOAKS AT BALP COBT. 'HO HC1BD0 ABOUT IT." HBHHAGB. LCTTBBLLA 00. At Geo J. Jehaaen A Oe.h Old Staad. jail aoM* Cor. Wtbet. aad feaa. aaeaa 111AHO?Oae fullalme Ohickerlag Oraad Pi awe ^T. O. MBTZBBOTT A OO . daf Bole Agon aa of fttel sway A Boaa pHTSiriAH* HABD BOOA OP PBA0TI0B u7m' naunTMt. | I I