Newspaper of Evening Star, January 19, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 19, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR ' LOCAL NgWa ~ ilUBIMUT?.V IIHWIT. w all's n?* (triBA novas?a great b?n this evening Lut night miUm great dram \ of 'The 1>j?c Strife#," together wtife UMuateal drama of - Bi&ck-fTniSiiu." National Tiiimu-Lvt appear inc* of M*-s Marti* Mitchell as Atarle^'ftithe "Little Barefoot " ? ? T Mbtzxrott Hali Afteraoou And evening pe-foiTnance by the tw? Peaks families Swiss Bell Rutgers And the Hcrfw family. Their eoiertntmnente at* exoellent, And they draw good bourn RirmutAS National Comuittbe ?The Kfpub.Lan National Committee met fNNr> ilA) ?i Willard's, pursuant to adjournment. In addition to thott prtwAt tfee prerlois da/ were Messrs. Greeley, of New York, ttd Johnson, of Arkansas. The following preambleand resolntians wera unanimously adopted: WBernas the doeortlon by the Presideat of those wboae generous confidence placed klm is his high traat baa kroagkt the National Union party In a now and untried position at a time of great pertl to the Government, there. i?y calling for the exercise of the greater vigilance, firmness, and patriotism on tbe part of thoae woo won Id uphold the principles an J *u*eam tbe raeasires which hare carried the country through tho war : Therefore, Resolved, That tho Executive Committee be directed and anthoriaad to make a thorough organization of the Vnion party, and eapaci. ally in tbe so-called seceded States, and for that purpose they may estahliah their bead. Quarters in tho citr oi New York, appoiat a secretary and such assistants aa tbay may deem proper, and to taka aach other measures as may be neceaaary to give effect to this resolution. Ketolred, That tbe members of tbe Union partr in etwy portion of the country be re. quested to correspond with thia committee, by addressing its chairman at the headquarters aforesaid, giving information aa to tbo etate of affairs in ttair several localities, with the general conditi jn and requirements of the Union cause. After appointing a national executive committee, composed of Marcus L. Ward, New Jersey ; S. A. Purviaaee, Pennsylvania; John H Clarke, New Hampshire ; William Clarlin. Massachusetts H . H. Starkweather. Oonnerticnt; A H Smltbers, Delaware, and H. W. Hoffman, tbe body adjourned sine die. -# CaaTKR il abkkt I'o-imi Beef, beat cut*, t>er Ib.'Jic.; ue*t,aoc.; Salt Beei; 15a20c.; Dried Beef. J5a;j4>c Veal, s*jc. Mutton, chops, SOc., Lamb, 'inc.; Lard. iSc.; Pork, fresh, liaise.; co?ned, !.>?.; Bacon, hams, uncut, ?ia30c.; sliced, breasts. l?a2oc.; shouldera, 18c. Butt*!1, ton 45c.; Ub.ckena, pair. 50? a*I Turk lea, each, SI aS4.Oeeee.75c.aS I.5U; Docks, pair, 75c as I. Eggs, do*., 4<>a4:.c. Green Corn. can. 40c. Green Corn, in ear. dozen, l-.> cents. Apples,pk, 75c.aSl. Aprlea, dried. 75c. Leeks, bh., 5c. Turnipa, 25c. pk. Peaches, dried, per quart, 15 eta. Beans, batter, ?>c : white, I'JalSc.; dried cherries, qt., 50c. Radishes. per bunch.,2a4c. B??et?, per pk., 40c Onions, o.; Okra. .Tec.; Paranips, 30aloc.; Peas, quart, l?e. Carrots, bnnch. 5 cents Fish?Bock, large, each, fia2: amall.bunch, 40c.; Perch, 4<>c.; Mackerel, 25c. each. Halibut, lb, 25c.; Sheepbead, 75a.fl each; Lobsters, per pound, 15 cents; Sea Ba.?e, per pound, 13 cents; Spanish Mackerel, sta*l 5n each. Kv<", per bushel, 93c aSl.10. Corn Meal. StaSI Iti Sb?p*ruff, 6oa-*>c. Brownstuff, 50c Shorts. 40o. Corn, ?he]lnd, flaf 1.10, m ear, bbl., S4aS5. Oats, bh., 6?*ii5c. Hay, cwt., #1.50 91 75. Straw, flal.So. Olery, pr bunch, loc Kr ut. per quart, 8c. Cabbage. per bead. 5a 10c. Hominy, quart, |o centa. lettuce, laio eenta pt.easant-s. per pair. S1*?aS2: Potatoes, 35c. per peck; Sqirrels. 3J cent* each; Egg Plants. 5aloc. Chestnuts. 2?>c. qt. Sweet Potatoes. 75c. Orapea, 25c. lb. Small Birds, per do*., SI 36 Woodcock, per pr. SI Small Ducks, 75c.aSl Canvass Backs, S-taS4 Red Neoks. S1a?2 pair; Partridge^, per dtn., S4aS>; Robbtus, S150. Rabbits, each. 30a40c. Chinquapins, per quart. 2<?c.. Cranberrtea, 2Uc. Pumpkins, 10 to SOc.eacb. Thi^ morning, a lot of prime slaughtered hos* was offered at the scale boase at prices Tanging from SS 50 to 59 per 100 lbs.; the entire lut would weigh several thousand pounds. Prime beef was offered at S1250 per 10U lba. Aliiasdrh awu VicmiTv.?We clip the following from the Alexaadria papers ol yeaterrtay afternoon: The Southern papers report a serious accident a few dava aince ou tbe railroad juat below Lynchburg, by which several partlea aeriouslr injured, among them George T Gregory, Esq , of Alexandria His Injury, though severe, 1a not at all dangerous, being a dislocation of a shoulder joint, from which be Will doubtless recover. Anna Brill, a daughter ot Mr. Lewis Brill, wae quite badly burned yeaterday at school, toer clotbea bavlag caught lire from the stove. Her tather ia absent, and her mother atck, and the little sufferer is under tbe care oi Mr. Harmon. A party, whoae name we could not learn, while pa?*ing over tbe Washington and Alex, andria Railroad thia moraing, on hia way to tbe Sou lb. diaeovered that he bad been re. lioved of a pocket book ooataialng over SI, 500 tn Government funds Officer Anbinoe yesterday arrested Mr?. Mack, wkite, tor aearchlng the premises of Jobn Conwiy, colored, without a warrant. I'pon pleading ignorant, Mrs. M. wae discharred on tne payment of the costs aad an admoaitioa. The supply of oysters ia oar city now is Tery slim, and these are conveyed by rail from Annapolta. Mfl. The prices demanded are SI 75 and Sit per gallon. It is estimated by tbe Superintendent of tbe Market that tb^re are now fed, daily, from tbe eonp bouee, upwards of twelve hundred poor people. Tb* Boardof Tbadb.?Last eveaiag a meetmg of the Board of Trade was bold at their rooms on Pennsylvania a venae, near 9th street, Mr. J. H. Semmea, President, in the chair, aad Mr. N. SardoSecretary. Mr Mitchell offered a resolution for the appointment of a committee to nominate directors. Which was adopted. Mr. Sweeny offered a series of reeolaUona asking the Maryland Lexialature not to repeal that portion of the charter of the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad which gives them the riglr to cocstrnct a lateral branch to tbe District, which wae referral to committee for modification. 1 Mr A R. Shepherd Introduced a resolution lor the appointment of a committee to memorialize the Senate for further railroad facilities b^t?e?-n this city and New York, and urge the paasaee of the bill for an air line road; which was adopted. Messrs. Hail, Brown and Shepherd were ap. pointed to make arrangements for a social reunion of the members. John H. Semmea was re-elected President, and John T. Mitchell and Samuel Bacon VicePresidents. Tbb Skatiso Carnival ?Theaeoond grand akatinr carnival of tbe Washington gkatlag Club took place last evening at tbe park, foot of autb street, andwas attended by a large number of ladies and gentlemen. The pond was illuminated by large reflectors aad Chinese lanterns. A number of tbe skaters appeared in eoetamee. Among whom were maay aa Indians, Tbe Turka, Brother JonathAn, Mrs Partington, Mephtatophllea, The Irishman, ChinamAn. And many in gay and fantastic costumes, attracted mack atteatton. A band or mus*c was present during the evening, and en livened tbe scene. The carnival wae a decided sacceaa. By tbe way, if the circle of ladlee who monopolize the lira ao peraiatenUy would give way occasionally to other ahivering ones thia aippiac weather, they woald increase their popularity amazingly. Some of the circle aeem to go to the abating rooma to aave fuel at home, and eoe lady takes her aewlag there, monopolizes a front *eat at the atove, and occupiea ft comfortably from the time the place cpena until it closes at night. Tk?> managers, we aee, have made several improvements lately, including an excellent plank walk, extending from the foot-pave, menu to the Skating Park. _ or Kkal Estatb i* Maryland.? # irrMJ 01 ike late Ool. John F. Carter, of Wssbmgton city, aituAted in Prince George county, wna sold by N. C. Stephen, Eaq.. Truatee in Eqaity, on Tuesday last, the 15th instant, it comprised several pieces of land, aad was sold as follows. The Melrose tract. *** bought b} Messr-.(J. V.Oocknns, Jehu W. Boteler, and George E R-nnedy, for S>sMw>; a small tract of 12 acre5LMr P' W Browning, for 91l?.': the undivided interest of Col C m a tract containing acres, was purchased bv Nr Charles W. Boteler, for Sl.tfo.?Frince Oeoryian. PoLfcx RrPOBTfl ?The lientenanta ot police reported 41 arres's in tbe entire District yes. terday. The police have not done with the violations of tbe snow law, aud reported ten cases under It yeaterday. The corporation cases, aa uaual, were largely in the isajority, and the flnea amounted to S106.98. Rial Estate Salbs.?Green A Williams. Auctioneers, aold three frAme two-story bouses on "JSth street, between F and G west, one to P-ter Barvey, for S475; one to Jamee Williams, tuT S4'0; one to Geo. Lautner, for SWO. SEiuor* Chakob?Yesterday, officer Clements, of the Sixth Ward, arrMt**d Christopher Boh layer, upon tbe complaint of bis mother, chargiug him with the larceny of S400. The ta?e is held for a bearing before J ustica Cull. COT ITEMS .1^0*" H*? u^L?CT,0VMA*,,,rt[it-*--W* w**W call the R^?a.iLr*??.??*? * ?* card 6f Dr Ratiley, ttre fe-lebrthfci eMttre?wa?4eti?p*y. ncitB who i- te?p 4? otf ItyTnfl* <f(Mtor comes highly reeonaMvdett taty-te*. rtl fc*dtJhmT? browgat to ** ?'*7 New YorkCtoetoiAHouseby ?I' fW PwMtltan 'ttww, who IB kttliagthg une&t rtiionatoto'prtfcas. - i i ? F?a*o?! PBABCSt! FttAftoff! sells Gents' Furnishing (too** at everybody. Ot*V'? P&per Collars, 2$ centi per box,beaty Gtfrernmenr Drawers, so oMti each; other roods o**aytta proportion. 4*4 7th street, 3d door ?itb Odd Fellows' Hall. ?i&!r*l'm?rBo'r Wooa s?rt"' ?*w mi**, I^I?itote,Enaa?led Setts, Jet and Peart Sett.. 2PfcrSZty,*fc Ba MOBS, Studs, fcin&s. Scarf Ptea, Jet Chain*, Plated I>>nK Guard Chains, Bracelets, Silver Plated Spoons, Fork*, GjbleU, Cu*s, C*ll Bells, Batter Knives, Napkin Kings, received this morning, at price's On* Dollar Jewelry Store, No. to Pennsylvaniaavenue, nearly ?U*et [corr o? LBTTBB.l Office of *>Av< Maria," BMre bam*. Tnd., > M , ? _ J*n. 12, 1367. f Mr. Johb P. Bboprt, 314 F street, between loth and nth, Washington, D.U. Dear Sir: 1 hare tbe pleasure of hereby appointor yon General Arent for the* Ave Marta" in the l>lstr irt of Columbia and snrronndIng places, with power to appoint sub-agents, who shall receive their copies at yoar Book and Stationery S:ore. Very troly yours, ?. SOB1K, C. S C. Mr old Patbons will Una It greatly to their advantage by calling at the new Shoe Store, No. 502 7th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall. O. B. WlL^OB, lm late ol the Arm of Burns A Wilson. I offbb a splenaia stock or fine 18 karat Gold end Stiver American Watches. Diamond Jewelry and Opera Glasses, 40 per cent, below i cost, to close businese. 6 I. Aliiakotr, 240 Penna. avenue. ?* w k take pleasure in announcing that our old fellow citizen, J. B. Gardner, M D-, has renewed his practice, ia which speciality we know he has had great experience. We refer yon to the advertisement column. s Dr. Whitb, Chirop<xiist, 424 Penn. BT., between 4% and ?th streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular eacreseaces, Ac. Offlce bonrs from 8 a. m to 5 pm, and 6 to 8 p. m. Established 1861. For Chii.rlaiks and Frosted Feet, WhUe's Kmbro<f?iinn is a specific. Price f l per bottle. t or sale at 4?il Pennsylvania avenue, between 4)faad 6th streets. AScbbPtlr Cttrs-Dr. Gilbert's Pile instrumeni positively cores the worst cases of piles. Sent^by mail on receipt of *4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere Address J. B Bomame. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3^ PBwinBS can be had in any quantities at ths a tar office counter MARRIED) un?0ht^Hj?B0Wm 5n|hn"<ley-0?e 17thin! "#v Mr. Orebt, Mr ft A MOORK NtcilrSf BBOWH, both of Washington city! DIED, rT4,4;uv,,t.oj,*!;:, ;:?il.'.r.??rK^,XT day) afternoon, the 20th tsstant at 2 o'clock from tit* reaiaeaee of her sou, Jss Wilson K street, bet. 13th ?od uth east Wilson, H. *15 fJZn5l?r*H' Bd Ohxonicl*, Alexandria ana Winchester, \ a., papers please copy.] ? . 1l(?wA-L-I?89H ^a tWscity. en ths 19th Imtant. at half east 11 o clock a. m , after a lingering illd???. which be bora with Christian fertifude ' ?OBALD80N, In tbe 7 3d year tf his * .V??UVT#M,Jd frl*D<,? of the family arersspectfnlly Invited to attend fata faneral from ths residence ff his son, James Donaldson. 3?? l?h straat. on Monday, Jist inst., at J o'clock p m. I Baltimore, Md., and Colambns, O., papers ateass copy. | u 80UV1T^ (>11 the 18th insunt. OCTTAVH 80PHIB BOUJ1T, beloved wife of Mat hies BonreMa the tith year of her age. ??? ? ?' *J|e family are respectfally re'isested to attend her faneral from her late reel1 *? *? between 18th and 19th, tomorrow, at 2 ort oak. WILBOM. On the Hth Inat., after a protrasted ofh^'s?"- Aa* " thS Wthyaar The frfcads aad relatives of the family ars re ?ecti*el? lavited to attoad her faaeral on to meiTow (Sunday i afternoon the 20th last., at two hwmJI"? resldenee of her so a, mr Oboe. lithstrBitn ?tit <trHt *0Btn. betwevD uth and , J?? l*.ati a. a , 'A?P.WWwwOLD MATHB#B,aCe.l fear years, ofthlscit/ Bdward f. Mathews,fermerly "ul* chlldrsa to cobm aato me, sad forbid tbem not, for of rash Is the Klogdea of Heaven." ^ . ^M5sJifSRtta?SW!tiavS; JpiBl BOBPBAPX WIHIB, 1 ChnteM Margaaz, < vintage, 1M1.) Chateau L.?rose, g*>?een l^graage, 1858. argaax Medoe, Oanfenao M<tdn?, ' Ohatean Lafltto. 1*S1. Ohatoaa Lccrille, " ? Ohatean Baatorae, < Poaiet Oan?*t, " ? It Juliea, " For sale at red-iced prices by *0. DYEB * 00 , eansylranla avenue, ja 17 Mft between 12th and Uth streets. ^Booimias. BALL A PLAHT, PLAKT fl BUILDIHO, Corner Hew York avenne and 15th street. (Batraare en Hew York avenne,) Dealers In ine FAMILY OBOOBBIS1, TBAfl, W1HB8, 1MPOBTBD LUXCBIBB, Be.. Ac., woald respectfally notify their friends and ths public that they have jaet opeaed their Hew Oro ;ery Store, where caa be obtained any artlole nsni ally kept In a first class Grocery. Wlthoatat, tempting to eaanMrate oar large, fresh and well> seleeted stock, we eordiallr Invite the pnblle to i examine onr store and stock, believing we shall | not fail to give entire setlsfrctlon to all who may I Caver ae with their patronage. We call especial attention to our aesortment of TEABand OOFFBBB, which harebeea selected 1th great care for parity. Dealers will find a ne assortment to select from, aad oar prices to suit. Goods delivered promptly la aay part of the city, .an 9-Sm HBOBFYIOB LPXPBliel Jest received, a large variety of articles se fi" 't tf.' f'Sflfs'TJoi? * M ^ fc'?* Place, _45 # Cor, Vt. are. aad lk^ st. I^KHTLBMBlfB BBADY MADK ULOTHIMG AHD rOBIVlBMIHO GOODS. Oar stock embraces a large variety of the flneet aad beet unality of OYBBCOAT8, DBB88 8UITB, and BCBINKS8 SUITS, ever offered in tMe city, which we are elosing ont at lees tbsn Haw York prices. An opportanlty is now offsred ear customers to supply themseltee at the loweet rates WALL, 8TBPHKNS * CO., 3U-J Pennsylvaniaaveaoe. ja!2 6tlf 11 atoll.) between flth and 10th eta. I/OB 8AH-One twenty hurao power aortoble r STB AM KM GIBS All) SAW MILL^jast completed. an<l warranted to give satisfaction. Also, several saall stationery BBGIBBS, new and second-hand, which will be sold low for eash. Apply to WM. M BLLI8 * BBO., B.^ Irou Works^comer of ^hle avenae and 15th streot, Washington, D C. [latel ] ja7 ?awlw rpHB GBBAT BBBBLLION. by John Miaor * Botss: B2J0 Character and CharaotortsAlo *oO ' FBABOK TAYLOB. RA LABOB AseorTmtnt?of Stelaway ft Seas' anoa have jnst beea received Alse,? poi BALM CHBAT?OasrWx eetava PLABO in [Vf WfBOPOLIT AH ' ? BOW LI BO ALLBY, > s ?. f- ^ . a AMUSBM&NTS. wmi.llt QCXKA HOCIE. BBBBY * fiLL FEOFE1BTOB9. b. i. rmiiiiirt? btabb maimii L!TS^5SS"pS5'r' CstUianiea Compos r ei*. 9 kdU . Colored Cirete.ttcea*. MONDAY EVENING. Jjtfun SI. IS?. the teaaa ffIgy^nws?,Stt#u,on' fenasyMaaleBHt Wuu2?' dot*. THIS (BATCEDAY) EVENING, ikN It. ! ^ ^ WMH NlflH? or , ' MIB8VAOOIB MITCH BLL, ' ' *?6 appearaace In Ue efcbrAlAg-ebnraeter ' ka..TTFTTj 1,ITT LB BAEBFOPT. OiMJH end MOBDATVIOHT. Of BAJ.Q1. ODD FELLOWS* HALL. ^fe?Ko?pT MO?DVoE&1&g!^RT " CABNIFAL MINVTBELB The largest u4 most perfect Minstrel Company ffer oriMtMd V4 distinguished Ethiopian Artiste* in en entire oew programme emrevMii?. Ticlntt. 83 aad SO CeoU jk H4t* HETZIROTT HALL. For a im?oi of TWO WEEKS, commencing THOBBDAY, JANCABY ITth. and continuing every evening n a til farther notice Urtnd rooioUilttloD of three distinct end wptr?k> Companies, TUB TWO PBAK * A HI LIBS. BWIBS BILL BIBOXES, And th? celebrated BBBOBB FAMILY, Vocalists. Harpists, Violinists,and 8ILYEB COBNET BAND, Composed principals of Children. TWO fOLO HABPIST8, TWO SOLO YIOLIBI9T8, TWO BOLO STAFF BBLL FLAYIBS, Tfce enly Staff Bell Players in the world. 23 PKBFOBMEBS AMD 230 SILVEB TABLE BELLS. Cards of Admission.__..!....~~..... SO cent* HfMrvid heats ,_....7B '* Ticket* for aaie at Metrerott's Music Store, wkem a diagram ef the Hall may be aeea and aeata accural three daye In advaace. BATUBDAY,JANUABY 19m, OBAND BELL BINGEBB' MATIBBB. Children admitted to the Matinee for 23 cents l>Ooraopen at 7 o'clock, commence at 8 o'clock. A rteraooa?Doors open at 1^ o'clock; commence at >H o'clock. jallSt PERSONAL. TAEB NOTICE ?Bridal and Funeral Wreathe, I H go eta, uroaaee.Anchors, etc., areaerved In natural form: Wax rlowfre, llair rlowenl 0a Glass or Pearl, at No. 340 <J street, near Hth. jal6-lui* f ADIBI IT IS ACKNOWLEDGED THAT Lj the NEW STAMPING DBPOT. on 9th atreet, 4 39, has the beet selection of Patterns erer of ferad here, and the proprietor has reduced the price to ONE HALF that haa been charged heretofore. Being a practical Stamper, no tear need be had of getting what will sail yon. Go nee him. He will make and status AN K pattern de 16 tt MBS CUBTI8 IBVING, Clairvoyant, and Tut Ntdfum, will give life readings. Including Paat, Preeeot and Future at her office, 420, north aide of Penn a avenue, between 4S and 6th atreeU. Office hours from 8 te 2 a. m. and 9 to 9 p. m. ?e?lm* AT THE IIW OBBAP STAMPING BOOMS 439 9th stoeet, orpeiite Patent Office, ladlea can get at oar reduced prioea.on the pery beat W auiaaut ta? Night gown Yokes, ready a tamped....?.40 ots. CUt-miee Yokea, " ?J? cte. _ Bands JOct*. Either for eraidor embroidery, oar patter as are of the very latest designs, aeleeted with care In New York, and being fa reoelpt ot them weekly, we are able dally to issue new patterns. aa well as make and stamp any pattern brought ua. I. O. O. Working Cotton at redact*! priees. de 19 tf JOHN D. CLABK, ATTOBNEY AND COOBBELLOB AT LAW ABB NOTABY PUBLIC, No. 323 11th atreet west. de 14 ly DEIPAL ABD FUBBBAL WBBATHB, BO D QOETB, C BOSSES, AN OHO BE, STABS,Ac., praaerred In natural form. WAX FLO WEBB, BA1B FL0WBB8. and BBAIBINO, Kf Mrs. FB1BS, late or Boston. Baa removed to No. 4#9 IIth street, between O and a oc 5-ess* JAMBS OCILB, D*alrr is Ntv a?4 Steond hand Furniture. Old Furniture Be paired. Eeap bolstered and Yarnlshai. 13th and B sts.. (near the canal.) Highest price paid tor Second hand Furniture. aelly* I^ADIEB LOOK AT THlfl. COLLAR AND CUPtt QIVRN AWAY. Bacn lady having work done at the GHBAP 8TAMP1NO BOOHS, 439 9tn street. oapoeiU Patent OMee, will receive gratit one Collar aad pair of OaBe, a tamped on the finest musttn. for chain stlch. Braid or Embroidery, suitable for alght-gowns. Star Braid and Colored Cotton for the above at reduced pricee. Initials stamped from e?? to>?e cents. Stamped goode at half the price heretofore ashed. de 29 tf GO TO | W.B.MOSB8' FASHIONABLE CABPBT, FUBHITUBE AID BBDD1BO BTOBEB. NOB. ?31 A 419, 1NTBLLI0EBCBB BUILDING, OOEBBB TTH AND D., AID BO ?0? TTH BTBBET, YHOBN'B BCILDIBO, ADJOINING ODD FBLLOWS1 HALL, AND EXAMIBB THB FIBBBT APBOBTBD STOCK THIS SIDE OF PHILADELPHIA. He has all the latest designs made In Philadelphia. Bew York, and Boeton The stock is always selected by Mr. Moeee, aad bought at the lowest rstee for cash, which enables htm to compete with Eastern prices. Histaest Furniture la made to erdsr la Philadelphia, and of the best material that can be fonad. Purchasers should atudy their owa Interest by calling at his Stores aad examla.ajr tbe wall-assort scf stock of CAB PETS, FCBMITO BE, Ac., and obtain bis prise-list before going elsewhere, which be will furnish with pleasure Bis aasortmsnt of Mattreasss. blankets, Oomforts, Oenaterpalaes, PiUows. Bolsters, Featherbeds, and all kinds ef Cottage and Kitchen Faraltars Ucomflete. whisk he offers at the lewest Bsw York ana Philadelphia prices. Bern ember Nos. ?31 aad 319 Iatelligenoer Building, corner Tth and D. and Na 309 Yth street. Thorn's Bnlldlag, adjoining Odd Fellows Hall, between D aad B streets. _ JS14 tf W. B. MOSES. UWMTtffl for Coughs Colds and Threat Diseases. Special Agent, E1DWBLL A BOB, aad sold Tr all dragglists. ja S-llf . WM. KBABB B 00.*B PIABOB, PBIVCS * ?? " MWl for sale aad rent oa aasf terms, a; He. ?98A}?b C O. B. JEWELL. Soap abb canblb mahcfactdbie. Tbs subscriber will be pleased to see all bis old friends aad customers at his new place of business, O street aorth, bet 4th ana 3th streets, where he will keen constantly on band his premium Soaps aad Oaadles, and will centlnae to sell them at the lowest cash priees. O atreet, between 4th anABtb. jali-toi QSBAT BAEOA1EB1 _ One almost aeW CHICK BEING PIAB0 One JAMBB PI KB BON PIANO, $B3. Oaa upright G1LBBET, $100. For sale upon easy terms, at tbe Wareroems of * W.O. MB^ZBBOTT A CO., Sols Agents for Steinway's Planoa, aad ja 11-tf Maaon A Hamlla'a Oahlnst Orgaas. BOOTS ABP BHOB6. fH H 1W _8_T Oil. n^adaraigaed begs leave to Inform his frieSs aad the public generally that he baa opened the BBW CHEAP BTOBB, Bo. 308 7th strest,under Odd Fellows' Hall, where bs has on hana a general assortment of Ladles'aad Oeatleaea'a, Bey's, Missee aad Children's LOOTS ABO BHOB8. Bemember the *oa 'treat, aader Odd Fellows' Hall The Bow Cheap Btore.ferr. r.....t?..alolal g |>Y NAOLB A CO., Anctloneers. D Salesroom Bo. 893 Peon, arcane, Betweea 9th and 10th sts. HAOLB A BO- will give their person 1 attention to tbs sale of Baal Beiate and Household Furniture. Also, to the sales of sttv^ks of Orooeriee, Wines, Liquors, and Msrchaadlse of every dose rip ti on. Horses, Oarriagee.Baraees, Ac. Liberal cask advaaoss mads oa seastgnments. o'clock BAOLBAbo., jell" Auctioneers. SELL1BB or r I 8BLLIB0 OF* 11 m The eaUre stock of Ladles', Misses',wVl Chlldrea'e, Men's,Boy's aad Yeath*a * BOOTS. BHOBB ABO QAITBE8 Will be sold at private sale at aad BHLOW COST PBIOEB. a JOHN ANOBBMABB, 30B rtb street, between D aad B streets. taU Ui' opposite Odd FeUosri' Hah. , f a <' i . -.4 ^ % fc. # 4 JFAICIS. w?i? c?o* ui cnin A ^*"TVfStwtf jwTlTlnlwTii il'hiil 5j^?^&$K**rtiS.S& '$?*' " WU ?b+ vf ><*ri,ptkk?T mhmm /x to Ca^ at the EmployiSeat t>Moe 'J39 PenB'a ?werta.!l ISs^higo; yowptly tilted. Areata suited - fiSl-V* w *D-SeforTJ." Zoetiag .

? ' Mfir . A>?lyi< oaoe to 4B9 L at.. M'Nt t HbM* Kth. jal?-9t* WAMI1D-4m4 0OAP~H4K?Bi om that VV ^VtlD-A food &1TU1III 0IBL. ? * ?|? ." >?dar^Bdah??r baitSsev G*od wag?? *1 ren. loflnlrt Of J. f OBCTOHBT, coraer ofith am D y?. - failn' Wf?' olTthet* understates'^5?* vfork ae,Y H ?*?? WASTBDTO PP BOHA8B?A BrKfcD*B.LlaGTtf ftMfnrWiii nou. A^rtn, stating terms, g. M.. Staf Olw jaK3t* W ANTBD ? A PLOOB MAM. for Horae vv shoeing Bhop. A fowl and steady man run tiob, by applyingto B. HOBAAM. 4 77 8th m }?l7-3tWANTB?_ WANTED " At tbs Raeruitiag J* >??cr. JJo. 4?1 0 street, mr Baltimore Depot, klCBOITB for the UiMtd States Army. j> 1ft In lAfAMTBD-A good 000K, WASHER and " IBOMEEib a hotel A white wooiaa preferred Liberal wagaa will be given to one barlag g od references. Apply to BORBRT P. MA It TIM, Cat on town, across Nst? Yard Bridge, j a 1?4*? WANTBD-A OOM PLBTBLY FURNISHKD BOL'SB, li a central location; one preferred where the party ranting will take Board. Address W.? 97 Paon. avsnae,corner list at. References ezchanged jall-oo?t* 1A7 AMTBD-Mev and Oast oB OLOTH1MG, old ?? GOLD aad SILVBR. ar ear other art tola of value, at the eW established Merchant Pawn bioker'a Store ot B. PI LToN A 00.. 604 ttb at., 3 doors north af Psana avenae. Sola A*ent for BIMQBB'S BBWIMO MAOBIMB. de33-ly ABTBD?1? b ADIKB immediately. to embroider Yokes, Bands, Wrapper Yokes, Plannel Skirts. Slippers, and Initial* To good hands who bring sample of work, good *ag?s and conett?nt employment given. Call at the aew Stamp Ing Boom, 4.19 9th street,oppislte Patent Oflloe. STAMPING redaced to PIVB cents per width, delft tf WAMTBD?10.000 LADIBS to kn >w that at the Maw Stamping Booms, 439 9th street,op peoite Patent Office, they can find the beat eel ec ted assortment of Patterns aver offered here for Cloaks, Capes, Aprona. Joaeya. Waists, Yoke-, Banda, Wrappers. 81lppars Pincushions, and Initials Also, deaigns for Pillow Ceaoa. Ottoman*, Chair Covera, Pianoa. and. In ahnrt, every variety of Patterns as they ara daily isaaed. We have a Preach Machine and a PracUaal Stamper, aad have reduced ttie price to PIVB OBMTS PBB WIDTH. We make aad stamp any pattern brought na. Braids, Silk and Working Oatton very low. da l?-tf %A/AH TBI*-SECOND H AMD PUBMITUBB VV Alao. MIRRORS, 0ABPKT8. BBDS, BBI> D1KG and HOCSBPCRBIStUNG GOODS of every dencryption. B. BUOHI7Y. 40M 7th street. joo8-tf betweenG and H.east side LOST AND FOUND. fifc r BBWABD?Lost, an the Id of Janaary, 1W7. V?' aCllBCB ob the Treasurers! the United States. Mo. 1.239. for $54 61, payable to Timothy Hartaett or bearer, drawn byP.Whyte.Q M A M .b .K The check haabeeB stopped at theTreaouty. aad the finder la reqneateU to retnra <h? same to Gapt. V. WUYTI, at Waahiaxtoa Arssnal. D 0. jallMt* fi* C BB WARD?The Chief who atole my WAGOA on the night of the ftth instant, will receive the above raward for hla amartaee*. b> leaving it at tha Government Printing Odea, (composing room.) It was the property of a man withent legs, who thlnkalt a good joke. |a H OT* 10ST?Ob Monday last, a small IHack and tan i TBBBIBB, with small wbita spit an her breast Very affectionate and timid. Had on a red|atripcd Morocco collar, with a wira ring. A snitable reward will b? given fer her return to 40:t Penn'a a venae, sooth aida, between nth and 16th streets. ta 13-3t* G* Oa BB WA BD?Stolen ob tba night of tha *50U t9d of fteptember from the promises of George Jonea. Boar Bledensbnrg, a dark brow* HOBSB, marked U. 8 aad I.O.; median alze. mane and tall aoaaowhat sonbamt; haa a roan noae. Tba above raward will be paid if mtarnad to OBO. JOMBS, cat ByatUvlllo. Prince eorga'a Oo., Md. BOARDING. I?0B BBMT?Threa PUBBISHBD BOOMS, 1/ with Board, la private family. Mo. 431 lOtu street, batwaan G aad H etc., oaa aqaara waat of tba Patent Office ja l9->t* PORNISHBD BOOMB POB BBBT?With or a wlthoat BOABD. With Board for two fWanoath. will b* ran tod for honaakaeplag, with kltchoa privilege If deal red. Ho. 91 Paan\ ava., betweoa S4tb and SSth atreota. ja 19 ;it" f kHB SBCOMD-BTOBY PBOMT BOOM, With " BOABD, suitable tor gontlemaa and wile, or two gaatlaaaan. at 417 Nth street, between O aad H ja IS-3t* APBW WILL P0BM1SBBD BOOMS WITH flro and gaaaan haobtalaad at 374 Data-eat, near Pateat Office, with or wltboat BOABD. Otor??p^oderata. ja iS4t* f^KMTLBMBB OAM BB AOOOMMODATBD VI with private BOOM aad BOABD. with boats made bread aad aoapar at nine la tha evening, far 921 per mouth. Also, uafnrnlshed BOOMS to lot, vary cheap. 304 Detract, botwarn 1Mb aad Uth. jaia-at* AGBMTLBMAM OBMBBS A FUBM1BBBD BOOM, with Boarding, for hlmaalr, wtfeand ob of 13 years, la ft private family where there are bo ether board era, at a reasonable price. Ploaoe addreee Box 111 City P. O., stating loeaHon aad price. Boferences eschanged, aud board payable woeklr.or monthly. ja 1ft <t* rpABLB BOABD at Bo. 4?4 Mtb otreeTa few J?1<~" ??i?? ?i? GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS. /TTEF- HUMOBOOS LBOTOBB ?"THB MA Us5 TIYB V1BQIB1AB," Dr. G.W BAOBY. will deliver hia bnnoroas toctare on "Bacon aad Oreeaa, or The Bative Yirgiuiaa," la Porreot Hall, Gsorgetewa. TCBSDaY BVBBIBG. Jao. ti, at 7* o'clock. Admittance M eeata. Tlckete fer tale at the Bookstoree aad at Che door. jawsr WM H. WHBATLBY*8 PBBM1DM STEAM DYBIMO * 0LEAMS1MB BBTABLlSH MBMT. OBoe Mo. 49 JefTorooa St., Ooorcetowa, B. O. Betabllahed ISM; promtaaa awarded by tho MotropoHtaa iDotltate, 18S7; rebailt IBM, andli bow by far the largest and aaoat eoaapl^to eetahllabn?eat of the klod la thla eectloa of country, with a largo atock of the best foreigo and domestic Dree aad Chemicals, replete wrta every deotr able A apa rat as, aad provided with tho best Talent aad Artistic hkfU to be obtalaed. The sub seriher is prepared to demenotrate to hia cnatomera that pro emlneat no mmj have been hia pre riooa reputation, his motto Is ** Bxcelsior'' in DyelBg. Cleaaslug, Mtd BoflatoMag Ladies' and OoatlomoB'a Apparel, Mlks, Yo4 veto. Sauna, Me rtno, Olotha, Ac., bo moana to aland unrivalled Trnlp thankful for past favors, ho oelielta the codtlaaed cnatom of tho oommaalty. 7" Oooda received and returaed by Bzproes With tha atmest promptaeoa and dispaUh. ja 13-im WM. H. WBBflTLBT, Dyer. ^OBTH KMOWIBQ. J " It ia worth knowing that tha greatest Bargalaa are to be bad at M1LLBBV GBBAP DBY GOODS BTOBB, 101 Brldga street, Qeorgetowa. B. 0. . have. beeB sold riace the war Bleached Mosttaa. at IBM ?hd IB eta.; good vard wide do., 90 eta.. Bad the beetaaakeeata and <0 eenta. Sheetiasa and PiUow Cettoaa very cheap. Brcwn Musliaa, IBS andIftcts (lard wide do. IsBnd 20 cta. Mfifripaack aad ether boat makes Oajloo, 30 sU fine AUWoOl Prench Morfao,j|r Winter Drees Goada Planuels, Clotba aad Gaaalaerea, Gloves aad deal is' BBMJAMIM M1LLBB. Wo bag to iBrite oar friends, citlsena, _ga ^ciw?.^5f?sw;r?.Y,vS?k 1 1MBS, of the latest stylsa, wnlch we wUl \flf make to order 1b tho moat saperior style of the art, at Biach cheaper rates tbaa the aaaat city prices. W ALL, 8TBPHBM8 A CO., ja fi-ftt 388 Pa. avo.. hot. 9th and 10th ats. TVJOTIOB ?This Is to give notloe that the c*I" partnership, heretofore extstlaf, aader the aaaas aad stole of OWBB A THOMPBOB, Is bec^ by disaelvod this day bp mutual ooaooat. Jaaaary 8th, 1BB7. B. B'. THOMPSON. The "OWBB HODSB" will.for aador the suparvlsloa of tho proprietor, 8. w. OWBB, who will receive aad oetUo all claims pertaiaiag to tho bnalaesa of the late Arm. Jaaaary Bth, 1SB7. }a9-lw MAOBBBBL ABB OODPIBH. , s ai^rrAi0Atr,"? ?jrac5?H tor??Yi?r5,yfc'' *? ? .,??? nsastevsrt* j fob sale and bent. 1 wlthAfc*: L^**^*?***'*?#& SM1P$P ^ oiTpuui- th # t c *1 rt oti? ?k*iN*f r^r^u"" -v^lcri'w*" ye Vtt Mr Mtb ?< V rtwHl rented on ritn?M? tori to pn acta el tmiti. InqairfntOBcAeT JOMftS A COLLINS 47* ?b itMt. btttriW P U< lrt? j* t?-7f F^rtSfejapeiBs*,, W IT OB BUT?A BAIIMIIT, eellakte tor any . W fittaM; twUhi gna For particuUra la- , ynin 3N ItbititM, bw. P ud O. ji II It' I?6*~ tlHT-Aa ONEUBNISHBD BO CBS, F with tfcht raomg, two in the oellar App * m at prcmlaaa, *03 Fhi'i mmu, between wtb nbdlBtbdta. jnB-M* 17OB BiLB.Tktt iwt rilMI COFTAOB. of r alx r?oBi, on U street, bete eea isth end I4t>? itmM itrtfe. T4rM Mar. inTUM HILL. oiib?yr?iaiiM; mnitibn. jt J? ?* 17OB BENT?That deeirable FuraUhel HOTSIt F Mo 440 F street. between tth owl nth Boat #78 Mr anopth In adTanee Apply 431 ttta ?tre?t. between V and 0 iKitl. Uu im titer tend Plane jnlfrBI* I?OB KIVT-t tmi and cmnltit DWELL r 119, vltKall tb*aod*ri lniroT>m?ali with or without the, 109 West itrni, I Georgetown Beigbta Fo-M>l?? |1t?b linBtdl ate!) Inquire <f Mr. GEOBGB D ABBOT, Treasury Department. or oo the iresuui. ja 18-M* | COB BENT - TWO ADJOINING BOOBS fnrr nubed', without Board, la a private famity Inquire it rha Star Ofltco jal7 St* f^OB BBHT?BTOBB end DWBLLIBO at the corner of J3th end G atreete The Bultdingjust finished A Mo 1 stand fur n Grooery or Drag Store Inquire aaxt deer. ja 17 St* |/0B BENT T?ro~aem FBAMB HOUSBd, on I 1 tub atreet. aMr Btit-- Department Inquire of 0 A DOUOUEBTT, Oorner of Hth and I atreota ja 17 St* F-OB BALE-A BABB OHANOB-Tbt LBA9B STOCK. FIXTUBB8 and 1MTBBE8T of nn old established respectable busiceee Lxttloo tiM wont central and beat in the city B?nt sominel and price Tory moderate. Batiatactery reaa na given for nailing. Anal/n _ E1LB0CBM * LATTA. Beal Estate broker*. jn 17 It Corner 7th end F atreeta. F*OB SALB?Two years and ntne monthe LB ABB. at a low rent, 8TOOK, FlXTOBBS and GOOD WILL of n corner Groenry,demy a good bail nets, and In n good hntlneM part or the city. Bat l?fa<-tory rearona given for aailing Fur term* avply to JOHN PATCH, Beal Batate and Icureace Agent. Office No >. corner <f ja 17 St* 7th atreot and Louisiana avenue | AND FOB BALI. TWELVB A0BE8 OF LAND. Suitable for gardening purpweee aituated on the 1 weat aide of 'he road, aud about one eight of n I mile north of Fort Blocum, will be aold at auction about the Brat week In February. One week a notice will be given ia tha Star of time and place of aale I Inquire for particulars of Dr. U. B. Moble, 879 I Pennsylvania auooe. , ja l7-6t* LB>TBB MOBLB I I^OBBBMT?TdTeenewBBiOB HOHsKS. lOree r story, on Kb ode Inland avet,ae. between Itth and litb ate. Inquire Mo. is* K at., between Hlh and lirta. ja 1* 4t* L OB KEMT?One large three iturr BBIOE I r nOCBE. containing alx rooma and oellar, large yard, altnatadon the corner of 18th and Q ata.; I ?nnin In the >nrd Kent mxlsrat* Apply to J . I ' , Star Office, or oa the premises jaii 8w 1/ O B ^ ENT?A~w elT F?rnieb<Ml PABLOK and r BED BOOM, nt Hamtneck'e, on I'-nnaylta nia avenue, above Willard'e. Tbey front liume- I dintely on the Avoaue. hit*e a prUate entrance, aud are the meat desirable rooma for rent in I Wash log ton. App<y on the pr?*aaiaea. ja 15 4t j L^OB^ BEMT--Threaatory BBIOK lluUSB M r 19'i 1 atraet, Lot. ?<ith and tl?t ata., furnished cr nnfnrntabed, containing 8 rooma; range In I kitchen, with hot aad cold wator; bath room. I saa. Ac Thla Is one of the beat loaatlona in Waahington. cloae to Government Department! .| Inqnlre on the pramlaea, or Mo. J01 9th at , bet. I DandB. J* lstf J FOB BBMT-A large BBIOK HOUBB. containing 11 room* and celUr, with gaa and we I ter. altuaAed at the ocrner of 7tb atreet and Pa avenue eart. oppaaite Waliach School Bottae In | uuH-eof BBMBT KGTTMANM. tit llfh atreat <aat. iaWSw* ] HOBBK AMD BTOBB FOB BBBT-Mo. 44? Pennayivania avenue,between Sdand is ata., 1 a t rr prominent bnalneaa atand roaaaaalon given February let. Apply at Odeon Ball. F WALLACH, jall eotf Comer at. and Penn. avenue. F'OB BBBT-A three Mary BB1CK BOUSB. furnished, oa 0 street eoatb, l>elwaan 2d ana I Sd eaet, Capitol Bill. InQalra of F. FA! Br A \. I at the Coaat Bnrvey OSce, Oapltol Bill, between ] ? a. m. and 3 B-?> ja lft-aolm* ! f\TQTlCB-/t)A HZUTOR LEASB-The wall i v known FLSHBKY OB tke Potaaaac river, this ; side of Fart WaaWngtaw oa tha Maryland aide. 10 I ! mllea by water and IS by laad Apply to B. B. I | JOBMBOM, Bo. 3?1 Fenn. arenne. between IS and 8th ata . opposite National Hotel. ja? dia* P>B BALB-A OOUMTBT SKAT AMD GlBDBB FABM, withla aae mileef the city Tbia property w?il be aold low and aa aaay tarma, or I enctiangad for city nroparty. Alao, from Twanty I to Sixty Aoree adj^ialng tCa above. Alaa. Farms I Kerthaaat corner 7th awl F ^a ? lm* Waahington. P. O. I ETOB BBNT-A three story and Mienent Brick I r DWELLING BODBB. brcarn fremt, witor aad gaa, tearooms; attnatad anlS*.h atreat wen, I between L atreot Aortb and Bin avaaae, Bo. I MB. iKiitreat Ne FBI 1Mb atreot, between 8 I aad 10 a. m. and fad Bp. m. jn? tf f^OB BALB?BOveral deelrable building LOTS I 1 la dtCereat aaettaoa of the dty. Tarma, BMO I down, and SllMr month for tha ramaiader For I articnlars. can or adlraaa BOGAB A WTLIB, I IK. 3B? 7 tn atraaA. dAW-aolm* COB BBBT?Two large aad aommodlona BOOMS I r <ona a frent room) on aeoond floor, commnni- I eating, haadaomaly fnrnTahad aad pleaaantly sit I uated, at Bo. 93 Fenn'a avenae, between 21st and I ad atroeta. delleotf PIB BBMT?Tha lata BBBIBBMCB of B.C. Faat. I'J- D atreot, aoaUlaing 17 rooma. w^th I all tha modern Ibmsvsmbu, Appl> toCLIF- | TOB BBLLBM. BT4 F at. noSB tf CpOBBBBT?^TOTTAGBponmiaiaa elaht rooma, I ???il25r jnl-Wt Bo. 4 Markef^paoa. I FOB BBMT?The F ABM, for the I eat three y eara I the reatdencaof Major TheophMne Balaee, ooaslating of latneraa, lrtng near Fort Mahaa, 1 mile from Bennlng'a Bridge. Imaroveaaeata. dwelling houae of 11 rooma, atone ataole, eervant a houeea, I barn, Ao AAdraaa "B. B.,? 437 B atreat, Waanlogton.D. C.,or anlliapareon, between I and 7a. I m. oo 16 tf | RABB B A NOB?For Immediate eale. one of the beet located email corner etore GBOOB- | BIBB in the city. Block and Flxtnree new Ap- I l^lnmedlitaly, by latter, to A. B. O., OUy^FMt I FOB BBNT-Tbe STOBBBOOM oorner of Pa. I avenue and 11th atreat waat, in the Star Offlee I Balldlng. formerly occupied By W G Metaerolt I ae a muetti a to re. and recently aa tha ofBoe of tha I National Expreaa office, Apj>:y to 0.B. BABBB, I 1B4 Fenn. nv .bat. lMh and Mthata. noMtf EM?B BBMT?The BTOBB Bo. S?1 D street. I1 near llth. H fronta Immediately on Faann. avenae aad laone of tfcelargeat and meet conveniently attaated store rooma ta Waahington city. Apaly wO. B. B AKMB. at the Btor Offlee jagO tf K70B BEBT?Two Varntabed BOOMS, at Bo. r 4B7 mb atreat beawaac B aad F eu. da u tf P LOIBI Hill A fnll aaeortment of all cradoe choice Flour for Floors In the Biatrial. Aa tha lattarbrand baa i been extaoaivaly ooanterfettad and aald in thla c^ty, we would Inform tboee wtahlng tbla floar by arrangement with tba Altera we furntah it lower than It can be obtained from nny other aoarae. Qnallty aacend to aoae. Price a fraction laaa tbaa other flratdaaa Family Flo nr. Indiana avenna and lit atreat, no IB nanr Pajai. RA. OBOI1BV BA9B BALL ABB BBAVOB1AL BBAD QOABTBBB, Dealer in Imparted Oigara. Alao. tba foWowtng braada of Bemaalir Oigara: Toilp, Judy, Pnff, BohartBww. Aa. 1 elaa kaapABaa mifgMtf Tobacco, Meerschaum And Briar Wood Pi pea, and Fancy Artlclea. ,4i* TliA large amirlauhl af the Baaet and beat BK ATBB. do IS lm KOTB BKATBB fromMoanU U f?, l> MBBC BKATBB from fl.Sto ISO, nt the BknU Depot FOtn?TBBB B TBIMBLB, Bo. 200 Went BnUI mo re atreat. da IB-Hi Battlmara. Md. 8"" D"*t' Lina wr. ' oC ?U klnda, from flJ" to Bit. FOULTBET B TBIMBLB, Bo. SBB Weal Baltimore atreat. AUCTION SA-LBS. 0* wTiruiwa ^ Ar?a*.oLeTmise$?e TliriTleiiie.M i?^m> . a> aim ii? ISTi ,nt& SLttL* tilt ijjs*'"* *" jaUlT TB LM??W.A?i Br m l fAf a *0 , aiim aim: a*. 8?? . Bornor Mtk MM. On TBIS t8atatday) wlllooM, ? SlmSSMSS::c~2u2?m ' '*** 'eeraata, Mack iilPrm Coats fltU cd TmU Ltrft HMrtint of VmIii QmI? t* "i!!* 191 (*raacMft. M I VALMtOO.Ain* |JT ?uu * tiimm, Aininiiii, af jft?is tvl abs?ooblstb fp ?? Wilis. AMD TTIMtLBii' ttM, a ABBS. I| i ftrltlr of rt|l?,(kr tto ocaae r? SSflMtt raK "IsCr*' *" -' l " OBWBDMBPDAT, tk?MtaitMt.?tii?wwk a.m.. we abed aell. m oar Auction Boom. tho above aemod Cm4(. for cuk Tke trade or* BBOclallv (anted to ittiH the iti? The goods w|l7t>e read/ for ImhcUoiu Taoo Mr imnn|. J* 1? d GBBKN A WILLIAMS, AweSs BT M. B^WiUfll CO.. AacliMMn" Bo USA Pa. ?n , COTMr Mtk IIINl rUBBITVBB AID HODtBBBBMHO tr FkCTBATAOOTlOB. (Pos"** o?2JU< of tho w*i b*r ? " ObTCBBDaY MPBNIBQ. Jan J* . ?t 10 o'elk wo Will Mil la frost ol oar Aactiea Booms' ' One set Cottage Ftrnittrt, nsa> lr Mt Plain end Ptmi Aarttat ud Bedsteads Cane and Wood aeat Chair* aad Bo eke re Woefetande. TeMea Ottc- Chal.a ? BrMm.cVMt, nearly a?t aasrtj j?w" "**,f c,r**Feethsr Mi. Blank eta. Quilts. Ac OMktwIiii Mac hi Be Ttaroo llaa dteel Plata Emrannia Cook Par tar and PM room VUtaa Mf. Olaas ?Bd Crockery ware, Ac. 1? M M K WALSH A Aa to |JT OBBBB A WILLIAM, laatlnaiaia TBU0TBES BALB Of BBAL BSTATB By rirtee of a 4<*J af trul baaritf date uo Ua fifth day of January. \mt a sec a tad by Joan Oct 11 Be to Bie for the beaaSt of Jel.a Haa?l aal re oprdo? la Llbt* M 0. T .Bo 57 .folio ifii .Ac oao of Mir land reeerOe for Waabiagtna Bounty. 1b the Die trtct of Colombia, I wx\i off-r for iile ob tko PBlPAl. tAO Hth day of Janaary. 1867. at t o clock p m tba north part Of Lot Mo U.Ib Square Mo. the cit, ol Waeh.ngtoa, D. C , fronting 18 feot and 1 iaekao oa ow?V~lit traot. between A and B atreete aorth. aini . ?e bib* at thBt width to tka rear, together wttb tho Impro eemente, coBeiKiing of b a mall ?<rt>iUa< boooa and other be Ml i*B. ^ Tsrms . obo half caab, tba balaaoe ib * aootka, tha purthBOOT ?orecoireadeod a ad (Irolita nota, ?cnre4 by a daod of tract. AU ooaToyaoaiB* aW roaoBB* atamno at tba coat of tha yarrhaaar A of |M reqolrod at tho tlB??- of aola. and Uotroat** rooerroo tho right to rooell at tho coot of tha Mrchaoar If tho teraia of oak are act comriiod with with) a Bto dor* JOHN B BOBB1S, Truatoo d.r BBEBB A WILLI A MB. ?*r- *MAd? Aacttoao^r* /- TBI AT.OVB BALB IB POBTPOBBO ao JiV MOM DAT, tho Ilth day of Fobiaar) ? *!. ab tba tana boar and rlaoo Ity ordor of tba Tru*t< ?. jal? law A da QBBKM A WILLIAMS, Aarto. BT BiAULB A OO., Aaca?a?ora ~ 29i PoanoylvBBiB btodbo rI?llli>T0-BY ALB'or STOCK AND ?I* 8Tok? NF toCB^DCOf At? P*OTI?'OB bTUKK, ao 42* MaaaachBHOtta avoaao. Boar 7th atroot. Ob MONDAY MOBNIHO, Jaaaary Hat. at w o'clock. *e eliall aali tba< oat?nUof tba abovo oamod Stoio, oosaiotlnf of Coutitcro. Sbelvoo. Partltlono, Daaka. Boaloo. Aa ALBO. Pork^t*111*' hboBMe,*? Battor, Lard, 14 barteia Plonr. to bozaa Ratal ua I'D caoa Meat* aod Vr^aiablea krooaa. Woo4eiiware Ac. ?Ble >ooltiT?. TorBiocaoh. J?)S It KASLB A CO., Aooti. 1)1 OBBBM A WILLIAMS, Aactloaaon. b-? Coruor of 7tAand D atroota aortB. XTBB81VB ABD BLBOABT BL%OB WALMUTtHop..HOLD 900DS AT PGBLIO On MOBDAT.the Slat loot., at 10 o':lock a na , we abali ool!, at the raoideoca of a tootlaaau do CliLlnf hooaekeer^of, on 17th atroot waot, bat II and I ?irecta aorth.Iatnf Hoaaa Mo. ?? ?. vie One fine Maroon Yelrot Pltuh Parlor SaiU.coa latlng of? TetB-a tota Sofa*. 0actor and 8Ida Chatra Blacky Walaat Parlor Wrttias Doak-iuado to Black Walnut Btaroro, with fraia back a ad abolvoo Baodaotno aat of Maroon Bop Bsibroldarod Gar talna, with hoa*y cornlcB?ooat f 300 Band oBMootof LaooCartaltia t? satrh Ha ad acme Daaaak < artalna and Co rnioo MarUo to* Oostre Tab loo and Ottomaaa Ban Oao is i Brnaoala Parlor Caraola Blark Walnut Ball Sot, c onaiatia* of? Marblaolah Bat Treo and two (J hair a Baa doom a Black Walnnt Bedataad?coot AM Black Walaat Bod a toad a. Marble top Droooiac C L f t B ua Waohatasda. Wardroboa aad Caao-ooat Ohalra Oulod Balr MatUeoooa Bad &bo > aatkor Plllowi and Bo la tor a Wool, Btuk, Bprlns and othor Mattroonoa Bairclotb stuff Chain, Bockora and Dlrani Walaat Bldtboard^Bldo aad Bxtenfloa Tabtoa Oaoootof VroBch Ohlaa Dlaaar tarrloa Boarly bow Broaoela. Tbroo ply, lafraln. Btalr. aad otbar Caryata Alao, Mattiac oa ovary floor Ball Oticlotha. Bam and Stair Bo4a blacketa. 8 y read a. Cca-Zorta. Sboota aad Caaoo Boarly bow Oak Cottage Sot? all com plota Pal a ted Oottaso Sot?Black Walaat BaUhod Paiatad Braaolac Buraauo. Waahotaada. Ward Parlor Baihator, Praaklla aad other Maroa A good lot of Ooppar Cooking Iteoaila Oao Bbo Bo. Id Boblo Oooklag Btoro aad Ctaagfla A lot of Bltchao Bo^nloltoo Aad all otbar gooda bolon#1ag to a flrat claoo prUato roalooaoo. ,/lTd OBBBB B WILLIAMS. Aaeta |jT OBBBB A WILLI A MB, AaoOoaoon. By Tlrtaoof a dead of truat to tho Babocribor. datad Jaaaary Wth.US>. andracordad In Libor B. C- T. Bo l.folloa M, Ac., oao of tkolaad rac -rda of Waahlagtoa Coast: . Diatrlct of ColoBbta I a hall o*li at pabllc aactioa.oa MOBDAT. tba Hot dar of Janaart, 1M7. at if o'clack aa., at tho aartloa rooaaof Oreoa A WiIIIbbo. <-oraa r of 7th and D atroote, la tbo city of Waahlagtoa, tho traxt of Laad locatod In aald Connty of Waahingtaa. named la aai d Aood oftroat bet ng part of a traot callod " Aaroa.'' aad Bart of lota l aad 1,1b Daa daa ' aabdlrlaloc, with tho Uaprorapioeta tbora> oa. Tonao: 9*M0 oaab, tho romalador In oqaal K> aaota at S aad t moatho. with lata root frowi a day of oalo. tba pnrchaaor giriog aotoa fordo ferrod paymenta. to ba ooenred by a dood of traot on tbo pramiaoo. Coavoyaacoo and ooot of otaaapo toboBBid Lr pnrchaaor. If tka tern:a aro not compllod with in Bto dayo frpni day of aalo. tko property will be rooold at tka risk aad coot of tbo defanltinf pnrchaaor, oa klvlag throe daya' notice by aa*erttB?ahoBt ib the public preoa of thla city. AMAZ1AU I NDBBBILL, Trnotaa ja7 [IntT OBBBB A WILLIAMS. A acta h",josvla.i."o,? i,d Boa 391 aad SOS Poaaa. a*., bet. Kfc aad lotk oM. Baloo at bbcuob ovory TaeoAar, Tharaday, aud A faU oooortaeat of Pry Gooda, Boots. Shoot, r aralahtaa Ooado. Crook or*. Tla Ware, Btoeoa. Ac , alwaya oa hand at prlTMo aato. Oaak ad, ancod oc coaaiganoata. also, WboleoaJo and Bo tall Dealer* In Hardware and Tla Waro, Stovoo Ac., Bos. 'J4T aad *31, 7 th stroot, botawea M aad M. A lar*o qnantity of OaronaMt atoek. coaotot lag of Blaakoto. Aeota, Plllowa. Shirts Cloth tag. Carta, Harnoes. W ago no, Wagoa Wboola. Wheat harrow*. Trarba. PlatformBoaloa, Cooatar Scalog, aockery, Lamps, Laatoraa, Tar.Palat. and a omu to BtOTa Pipe Alao, largo Quantity of oeeondad StoTaa. with saany othor articles too aamoroaa to oaaner ate. Tko goads are aoarly now. and will bo aald at almoot aay prloo to aait. ja 16 1m ||T OBBBB A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers TBUSTBB'B SALB OF IMPBOVBD BBAL BB I TATB fronting oa aootk A. katweaa 3d aad ?t* ? m, I shall aoll, in front of the paasalsoe, by virtue of a dood of traot to aao froaa the onbacribar, datad tka nttb daa of Mareb. 1MB. aad daly recorded in tbo Laad Besiords for Washington casata, In a tr let of Oolaaabia, UbarB.OT.Bo Hoo MB. ?i. aad MA, Lot Bo. U. aa sqaar* 7*^ fr nttnc B faet on sontk A aWeet. raaning back a good depth to Bao allays, witk tha imprcr?tBoats. Tbo aboTe property will bosald aocordtax to tbo said dood of traot oa tho arflssa, aad mla soM that is veotod 1b bo as true hi a Tanas: One foartb cask, balaace six aad twolaa months, for notos bearlaa iatsrsst, aad socarsd by a daad of trust oa tko praruiaoa. All oobtosancing aad ravenne staaaos at the ooat of the parcbaser. 10* dowa wksa the pro party U knocked ?ff b' "-^BBBT BOSTOB, Traatoe W BswAds OBBBB A WILLIAMS, Aarts. dt obbbb b williams, AaaMianra. ob TBUBBDAT. Wot last , at II o'clock a.,1 skall sell, oa tbo prssalaoa. by vtotao af a daad of foot frost by 1M feet deep, to tke plooe of koalaulna. with tko iaproroBoaM. ooasisttag ofa two ISras: Caah0l-All oonTeyaactag and roTcntie staaapa at the roat of tba pnrchaoor. Aao down on the day of eole. aad If tha taraa are not oooari with wltkla Bvo days aftor tko day of oalo, traotoa rooorweo tkoriskt to recall tka promises at tke rlek aad coot of tko dofaalttag parch sosr. by adrortisiag tktoo tlaaaa la soma bowsj?u-m aaaaa a wtia.uaa. uu. r * #