Newspaper of Evening Star, January 19, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 19, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR, j THE PUZZLED CENSUS TAKER. by job* a. em **Uot any boys !?' the SlirUti said To a isdy from over tbe Rhine; And the lady shook her flaxen head. And ciyily answered " Ante /" Oot any girls ?" the Marshal said To the lady from aver the Rhine ; And again :he lady shook her head, And civilly answered Sine r* " Bnt some are dead 1" the Marshal said To the lady from over the Rhine; And again the lady shook her bead. And einlly answered Sine /" M Hunhand of course ?" the Marshal Mid To the lady from over the Kbine, And again she snook her flaxen head, And civilly answered Mtne /" The d?1 yon have f" the Marshal Mid To the lady from over the Rtha# ; And again she shook her flaxen head, And civilly answered -V?a< /* flow what do yon mean by shaking your head< And always answering .Vine r' " kh kmnn nickt English /'* eivilly said The lady from over the Rhine *iV?m pronounced Hint, in the German or no. . V Peisening M> hates. We have already given an acconntof the new invention for killing whales by poison The Londsn Post is rather alarmed a: tbe plan. It pays: "A single ounce of the compound suffice* to kill a a bale in tbe ceurse of a few m nutes?a fact whence one may judgeoftbe potency of this new poison. Compared with the prolonged tortnre of harpooning, the new method may be considered a* really humane. e>ru ad regards the whale; bat as regards tbe fisherman, whose lives were exposed under the old system to such proverbially imminent pent, lb.- .wo methods will not bear a comparison If there were no other contingencies to be taken into account, the reported invention wcu! i be one of the mo6t usetnl kind Hut if an ?nnce of the poison will kill a wb ile in a lew minutes, it would be adequate to the destruction of a whole shoal ol small tisb which themselves wonld oe devoured by others, and so on indefinitely. Even supposing that there were no fl*h on the spot to consume ?he of t! of the hundreds of whales caught and thrown intc the ?ea, ther? may be undercurrents of which we knew nothing to carry it to any distance. It may be said that the fish eating tbe poisoned offal wonld die tneroselyes. so that no poisoned fish are likely to And their way to Billinsgare. Such a destruction of Ash would fee deplorable In itself, but as the quantity of the poison wonld be continually diminishing according to tbe number of flak through which it passed, :he dose at last might become so small a* not to kill lor heurs, or even days, and the tieb might be caught while vet alive and brought to market The method appears adapted t diminish the risk of human lite incidental to whaling, aim to b. humane as re gards the whale itself, vi aich it kills so rapidly. t>nt even there advantages would be purchased at too dear a rate if ail the other n?h in the sea are liable to be poisoned as well ae the whale ." Btilas-Diy, The day af'er Christmas is known in London as Boxing-liny." It is a holiday which has grown np within a few years. The London News, of the 27th says: The passengers in the Lo.don s'ree's yesterday ceuld not fail to be struck b^ the uuusual aspect they presented. "While the traffic was that of an ordinary weekday?angmented only by the holiday crowds of boxing-day, a fnll half of the shops in the principal thorough lares were closed. Rnsinee* in many of tbe great warehouses, counting-bouse*, and oPioes, was al?o suspended It was In fact a partial holiday, though neither a Sunday nor o-ie of onr relrgioos fe?'n als. and it was not the only week day thus observed, for Monday had been also though to a smaller extent, similarly dedicated to recreation This addition ofadayto the rec< gin red and semi-sacred holiday of Christmas is a very modern innovation. It-is only some dozen years back that, on occasion ?f Christmas day falhngor a Friday or a Monday, the suggestion was made that the half holiday of Saturday night be made into a full one to a!T<->rd a larger rel-.xation The example thus set ha- been improved upon, until now it is almost recogn^ed thar on whatever day of the week the church te-t.val falls, one day of sec clnr recreation should be added to It. And ii.deed there are oymproms that the principle may, in no longtime, be extended, so as to gi-.e a complete tricuum of r. lief from toil Such is the history, a* we can all at preseut recall an innovation which, perhaps, in a few year? more, will grow so established incur practice, thar people will look back with somethlrg ot surprise when tbe fact is suggested that till the middle of the nineteenth century KngJ^bmen observed but one day's holiday at Cbristmas'ide. What thb Jai?a"isse Jci-.uliks Uo One c! the feats of the Japanese jugglers now in Kan Krancisco. on their way to the Paris .Exposition, is thus described: " An old man lies upon bis back with his feet In th.- tir, a little boy mounts and stands upon them. / i oval tub is pa- ed to boy, wbich he placpf it tier his fe * and up m the man's; ant> her .? piven ix m, win h Is added to the Jlrst, and so on um>i tb little fellow s head tot -be proscenium from the top of the t. rering pile, which is all the rime supported by the strong and muscnlar chap below Tbe little fellow makes his salaam to the audience from bis dizzy height, coolly fans himself as he eurveys tbe situation, ad appears as unconcerned a? if reposing on terTa flrma. Suddenly one ol the performers utters an exclamation in Japanese, which is responded to by another The old man, the foundation ef the pile, takes .up the chorus, the little fellow at the top jerks it out like the snapper of a whip, the -foundati'ju" giv,-e his feet a kick?'hings look squally lor little Tommy?the audience fear that he will fall and break bis n*ck or be terribly bruised among the boxes; the old man beneath appears in imminent danger also from the falling tubs, but no. he gives his feet a kick, throws tte tubsesrlrely from him. and Tommy drops like a cat. alighting with bis feet upon *he old man's and in an upright position. A THiiCBHTflL Yoiso MAttKiiD LADY ? In one ol our Main street furniture stores, yes*""day, might have been seen a young married ?ouple, purchasing their outfit of rumiturefor housekeeping. The polite proprietor waited upon them in his blandest manner, supposing that they were strangers, jnst arrived to settle in our city, and not knowing that tbev had been married only one -week. He showed tbevn his goods, and they purchased '-all they eowld think of." Our tnroiture dealer, however, thought the outfit incomplete, and supposing the couple the possessors of a baby, he .rolled out a full rigged crib. The man blushed, so did the lady (they bad been married six days.*-but the husband, as In the other articles purchased, referred the matter of the purchase of 'he crib to bis wife. She hesitated a moment. and then, with a cute look aaid: "Henry. it's very pretty, and we might need It. yon know. 1 reckon we will buy it now with the other things And so the crib was bought a week alter marriage, aad may it rock to sleep many a cberrb-faced baby for the happy couP'f?AK>any L*<iftr, Jan. 9. ????????i???% Lira is a Ukkxam Villaob ? a letter written from Get many says?"Walk through the poor quarters of English and American Tillage*, and the female population is crowded in dens of filth and wretchedness, passing tbe time in brawling with one another and screaming after -heir children. They are pale aad diseased from the effects of povertv and crlm-*, and two-thirds of their offspring Had an early grave. Here the health and blooming vitality of the poorer classes is wonderful; their children begin to werk almost as soon as they can walk, and before that time they are no trouble to their parents, aseach town of any size has a child garden," where, by paying two cents, a peasant caa have Ms child washed, fed, and kept la a comfortable manner the whole day. If he has ten children, as roost poor men have *"* a11 ?way lor a reduced price. Wbea he and bis grown np children come home, there are tbe little ones, all clean, aad net hungry. t*ow. it seems to me, sneh an lnatltntiou ought to flourish at bome." Maekiaoi Law iit Italt ?The conJlicl between the civil and ecclesiastical authorities upon tbe marriage quostion in Italy bas had euiious results It has been discoV. ered that pertain ladies residing in tbe southern provinces, the widows el Government oflMals, and who as sncb, were entitled to the receipt of a pension, had contracted fresh matrimonial obligations, without cea?mg u> make the*r usual half-yearly application to the treasury. In <k? coarse tbe ta< ts, or part of them, came to light, and tne payment was disputed The ladiec, however, insisted that, as they w?re married eimply by a piiest, without conforming to the cooditlous of the law. which regards the civil contract only as binding, ihej were .-till, strictly speaking, widows, and consequently entitled to draw their allowances as before. As ao prevision had been made for susb < a?e*, the authorities were compelled to submit. and tbe pensions have been paid. WOne of our friends was recently blessed with an addition to his household, which came like a thief in the night," The next day tho happy father too it his tonr-year-old boy to the upper room to see his little brother, wbo was quietly enjoyiag hi* first meraing nap with his mouth open. With eyes firmly fixed on tbe new corner, aad with a countenance showing trouble within, after a few moments of silence, tbe elder brother defiantly exclaimed. I should like to kno* who pulled out that baby's ^etn."?Trmu.ripL m AUCTION SALES. DT JAMI3 0. McQUIBB * CO. Aootioaeen. ThCBTBE S BALE OF^LOT OH TBS MATT Br vlrtaa uf I d(?d ot trust, bMriic 4?U Ktk 'HM. recorded imou theLand Secords la LiberB. M. iT, Bo. W, folia M, ie-.of of S^fUwrjoo. D. 0., I will nU, n , i*?A* AfTHlb'Ji, Febtwry ilk. |i < o eteck p. m.,, u tbe prwrnitee. port of It*l If*. * ! ?0?a o Bo. M, lying aad tola* am the east i slda of nth street ?MI, wkitwa PiBHTlvtoik vmm u4 X otrset sooth, beainaiag for the ?a? st (kl ktttfeusst corner of said lot, ruaaiag thence south X feot 9 inch's. theaoa east 10# wot l laeh. thence north M foal ? lach**, thane e wist 1*9 foot 1 Inch, to tho place of beglaning i Tor*? of sal*, aa proscribe* by deedof traet Cash, fW of which will k? repaired at tiis of porchaae. AU conveyancing aad revenue stsajs at coat of lorchusr. B. B. PBICE, Traste*. J. C. McGUIEB A CO., Aucts. ja f ,12,19.MAfe4 BT JAB 0 McQglBB A CO., Anctlonoara. T^:Si?T8SllSff i?ASS HISTORICAL ABB MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS, MOSTLY LOB DOB BDITIOBB ; Oa TUESDAY aad WBDBBBDAT BVBBIBOB. January Ed and 23d. commencing at 7 o'clock, we hall Mil. at oar Auction Boom, a large aad vnlaable collection of historical, Illustrated, Bare ulaeM al and other Works, from a private library, mostly London editions, la the highest styls of art and ia elegant liidicgs Th Books may be oxaalaed three day* provloas to aale. Catalogues now ready at the A actio a Booms. Termecaeh J. O. MhGUIBE A CO , ja 17 Th S,M.Ta4t Auctloneore. |JY GBBBB A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TRUSTEES BALB OF I MPBOVED PBGPBBTT OH MARYLAHD AVENUE. BETWBBN ?? AMD bTB STREETS, ISLAND, AT FOBLIC AUCTION By vlrtae of a deed of trust to me. dated th* lllh day of November, A. D. 18:# aad recorded la Lnir B M. H , No. 3, lolioa 4<5?, *70, and 471. of the Land Records for Washington county Bi-trict of Colombia. 1 shall sell, on TH nBSDAT, the 'th day February next, at 4 o clock > m., on the premises, east half of Lr t Nv.S. In k nrrati' a D, containing two thousand seven hundred and thirty-six square feet four and a half laches, with tho Improvements, consisting of one story frame House on the front, and another two story Frame Heoee fronting on the ! alley The above deecrlbed property to be aold as | per order of the Court. i Terms: Oat> half easb; balaaco in six aad twelve months, for notes bearing intereet-end secured by a deed of trust i a the premises. All conveyancing and revenue atamps at the cost of the parchaeera 9l?? down on the riay T ?ale; and If the terms &re not compiled with it ave days after the day of sale, the Trustee reserves the right to resell tbe > property at the i'sh and c ~t of the defaulting ! purchaser, by advertising three tlmea in the National Intelligencer. F. A. B06WBLL Trustee. , GREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancts. je7Tii.Thdde (Ictell ) 'j-'BLSTEB'S BALB. By virtue ot ad?craeef tba Olrcalt Court for Prince Goerge'sCounty.slttinr asaCourt of B jni ty, passed in the ca>e of Mary A. Markwood and Bebecca Duvall vs Joha I). Heall and others. 1 wtll<Kp?s? to public sale, on THURSDAY, the 24th u?y of January, at 12 oYloch in.,(lffair, if not, the next fair day thereafter.) on the preroi i see. the Beal Bstate.of which Stephen Onions, late I of Prince George's County, died, eelzed and pes sessed. containing about 3?f> acres. This property i- situated aboot three miles from the Tillage of BlarienMburg, la a meet healthy region of country, ia well adapted to the growth of tbe usual prod nations of the county. It adjoins the lands ef Perry W. Browsing, the lata John P. Carter atid others, and the sell being of a fine texture, is valuable for markat purposes; being diatant from Washington city about eight miles It will be sold in lots to suit purchasers, and those desirous of securing a most healthy country seat will do well to attsnd the sale. Terms of sale : Fire Hundred Dollars cash, resi i due in one aad two yeara. with ioteraat and ap provi d security. Title ladiapatablo. and on pay i meat of the pnrchase money with interest, tho nroperty will be conveyed to tho purchaeora in fee. ja3ltawta B. C. STEPHEN. Trustee. gKCBBT 9 1 !Ii BBS, IANARITsVI GIFT! BAMAMlTAira Qirtt TBB MOST CBBTAIN BBMBBT BTBB DBBD "Yea, A PoatTtyx OpEX.^for QONOMRU&A, QLJCMT, STMICTOSM3, ?, Contains no Mineral, no Balaam, no Mercury Oniy Ttn Pills to bt ThAsa to Kfect a Ome. They are entirely vegetable, having no amell not any unpleasant taste, aad will not in any way In jure the stomach or bowels of tho >uoat delicate. Curee In from two to fooj day a, ai*l recent caset h? "twenty fcrj hoars. Prepared by a graduate of the Cniversity of Pennsylvania, ens of the most mlnent Doctors aad Chemlsta of the nroseat day. ' mo tsre-urt. no jroasls, no chmnntykmttrtr. Let those who have despaired of fettlug eared, oi who have tee a gorgsdI withBalaam 0<?pav1aor Mer ccrr try tho BAMABITAN 8 GIFT. cury BJ Btmt by malx ,n % >Ia|B #nT#|o># prloe? Male package*, fa. Female, f|. BLOOD 1 BLOOD 11 BLOOD n I eOBOFTLA, ULCBBB, BOBB8, SPOTS, SAMARITAN3 MOOT AND HKH-B JUICM Is offered the public aa a Positive care. BYPH1L1S OB VKMBKBAL DISBAhBS, th* SAMAB1TAN 8 BOOT AND HEBB JUICE la a moat potent, sertaia and effectual remedy ever proscribed , It reachee and eradicates every particle of tbe veueTeal poison, ao that tho carets thoroagfc and permaaent. Take, then,of thla purifying rem edv and be faoalad, and do not traaamlt It to yoar posterity that tor which y?fa may aepoat In nftm i T9mn' oe HOT DEBPA1B I Although yon may oe aronotmces inearabls, BAMABITAN'S BOOT AND HEBB JUfoBB will remove every vestige ef Impurities from ths 1 i e irifMALK'n"' i happHr adapted, la Ulcerated Uterus, in LencorI rhoea, in bearing doom, Falling of the Womb, da ; bllity, and lor all complaints incident to th* sax B*aihy *xpr*m. Price ti n per bottU. BAMABITAN'S WASH u? ??? Fulldlrecttnas. Price Moents. Tho efficacy of th*** remedies la alike nek no at m'TJzsfc-rKvfaffttjasnf statlag that 1 have as*d 'Th* Bamarltaa Jtemedl**' for Yeneral dUaasm la Its most oastosaary forms; that I have asedtham with jadVmant, dlsor*aM, aad properly, and, have found them r**pood to my aattdpatloaa promntly and HTeetnaUy . Kaowiag their oompoalttoa, I have the falleet ooaldeaoe la $helr eMoacy.aad aafar as my ansof thscs extends, -rsesiKis. BaidbyB. O. FOED, earaar 11th street aad Peon I^UXUBIES FOE THE HOLIDAYS. M A ILLABD'B CANDMES AU CHOCOLATES CA ItAM EL'S CBEAM CHOCOLATB. DOUBLE YANILLA CHOOOLVTB, (For tabls use.> B9SE AND VAHILLA BUBHT ALMOHDB, M1XBD PUGaB PLUMH.aad AB80BTBD CaHDIEM. Just received at E1BG PLAGB. Z M. P. KING A BOB, West imdia usances and SWEET MALAGA GRAPES. Fresh, at KING PLACB. jVi ihoe meat i domestic,) i"x J nst mads, of select materlale, At E1XQ PLACE. f^OLDEB BCCPPBBMUNG WINE. M EINBbT NATIVE WISE Gold coiar, fall, yet dellcata flavor aad fragrance, aad l?*s than on* half ths cost of Imported Wlae. EING PLACB. pHOIOB HOTS. BASINS FIGS, 0UBBANT8, ^ Bl ICES, Sc., Ac , to salt this particalar sea ?a. For sale by Z M. P. KlHG A SON. do? Blag Place. BIWOuum, Bow Fairy Tales; Bmp, largely illustrated, aad many other a. juat reoel ved. de U FEABCB TAYLOB. NBW BOOKS.-Blsments of Art Criticisms; by G. W Samsoa. D. D. Familiar Lectures oa Scientific Subjects, by Sir Joha Berachel. Hand Book for Miaen. MsUUnrglsts. and Amarors; by J JaMasBMgsawilth. Idaila, a new novel; by the aathor of BtrUhmore. Babert Beverne. a aovel. SJwfkAoS"1*0 Am#riQM ??~**s; by ja7 | FRANCE TAYLOB. able far marnan aad plastetlag, aa haad aad fm i sal*atv*rymodsrateprlceebT^ * do l lm aows* Mth s<rs*t warn M A 1 L OBO&LATB BB FABTAIBIB, BT BOBBOBB. MAILLABD'S ' CHOCOLAT FAB BXGELLBBCB, .. ssiiiras sStaJa^r. >. -""iauiitftffffis:t. PABLBg TOPS FBAB0A1S: Or. TW> a L L fsxzrsssu f i"2a"-a!a^ coats. Harmonies Poetignes, parLamartlae u cants. Becneillemente Poetlqaas, par LamarrfnT, IP cents. Ylod* Jsaas, par Eenan: B17I. ' | <x? WHAM&K TAYLOB. RAILROADS. 1i'graiimm* ' TP TB* NOBTBWBSTJWUTH, AND SOUTH* ' a ^*1 SCHBDTJLB4 i^yujuf. ,0T*a>*r M- toiui ?ui ? W**hla|ton?7 ?a.m. I Baltimore.?9 Mi.*. I fuffikksm tor ?m night Oar*. with nodtrs lunnwiti, j ?* W.^!!?W? font u twelve boareia Mm over ?Sf. ,*"4 " , TwoDUIrTnlaatotMWaM. ' " North T* ro whfjoin Baltimore to B00HMT11?4 ! P1TTSBUBGH without ckMf*. ' PuMiiMitf thla root* rrmBUUBWtkm 1 ^^HitaiiorMkiuUI chu|M is UNION D SPOTS. u4 bo YBBBIBS. Tffcketa by tbta nst* ou ba |rMN< it tl? of- ; ! K*. *ora*r Mb lirMt u< PnniylTMit tniM, al*rtk?R?titMl Hot?l. wb?r? rtUlbb itntBttloa will bo Km it *11 Mbm. PMNiftn procurlag tickets at tbli office eu secure McoBMdiUou ! lM?li( Oin for < iri or Plttabvi. . WIL^JgcW^ '"i.ilylSy.'Sa0" \ WASHINGTON. ALEXANDRIA AND Ob and after*M<3nIaY Afovetutjern. taw, and utfl fnr*ber aotise, Peee*nger Trail* will ru between Washington aOd Alexandria aa follow*^ Laxva Wajhihgtoh. LSAv? Alkxandkia. From Md. av*nue depot. From tor. Poke A Henry Local I.U A. M. ?t?v Local at 4 49 a. M. Through Mail 6:S6 " LoMleot.Ilu Local at.... T OO " and Hoary 6 00 M :: :: ~ja :: vagttjaS&'ii * ?.-..1J-.30 BukeAHenry5:00 P.M. Local cor. Kin* nd Heary 7:00 " " " ' u jD SUNDAY PABSBNGBB TBA1N8 A"H'- L*AVB AL**A!?T>aiA. From Md avenuedepot. From cor. Duke A Henry rlir??!* f * 4 5* ?*!.U Loc*1 at 4 *5 A. M. nr".T.vM. ? aTjlr0Hfh Mail 6 00 P. M. Tui,?a?aiyi,fsfrBrI..,v??L^To"" fiaHarai ? Wa?hi!i?tom, Jan. , 1947. batwaea Waahlngtouand How York are BOjrrnn aa follow* Tlx: * FOB 1IW 10BR, wlthoat chance at ears. g.jjj^?v^ dally (oxoopt Sunday) at 7:46 a. m. and , ?W? *** IOBK,ehiigtnic?ri at Phlladel- I Leave dally f*xce?t Sunday at 11:15 a. a. and 4 3u p?m WLADBLPHI A. 1 f?c??t Sunday )*t 7:41 and 11:15 a. m., aad 4M aad 6;? p. m . ? i>? SUNDAY. Leave for Now York and Philadelphia at 6:30 p. m only. Sleeping can for New York on 6:10 p. m. brain 1 ] Through ticket* to Philadelphia. Mow York, or | Bo* ton, can be hod at the Station Offleeat all honr* la the day. aa well aa at thO new once l*i the tankere and Broker* Telegraph Lln?, 34t? Penn. 1 avenue, botweea 6th and 7th *tr?et*. 1 See Baltimore and Ohio Ball road advertleement 1 or schedule between Washington, Baltimore, 1 Anna poll*, an-1 the Went J, L. WILSON, Ma*tor of Transportation. L M. COLB General Ticket Agent. _ M GBO. 8. fcOONTZ, Agent. Washington, oe so-tf DALTIMOBB ABD JHIO BAILBOAD, Wash mo ton, Jan. *, 1867, fiw jp'ffli .Bia.a? -^?VJ-,SVo%TO,DaTnHd.VSS are now rna as followe, vie ; . . FOB BALTIMOBB. 11I*,W ^ly, oxoopt Bandar, at 7*0, 7:46, aad 11:16 a. m., and 24*, aad 4*0. and 8.00 p. oa. _ _ FOB ALL * AY STATIONS. lul"' "' " ?" FOAL .?AY STATIONS SOUTH OF ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION. p ?*** *' ?:W *nd 7 <? at 1:00 and 4:t6 ' FOB ANNAPOLIS. ? 45 *1m-? ? Bo train* to or from Annapoll* on Sunday. UN SUM OAT. FOB BALTIMOBB. Loavo at 7r4? a. m,. aad 11W and iOO p. m. 1 . fob Way stations. Loavo at 7:46 a. m., and 2:0uand S to p. m. FOB ALL PAUTB OF THB WICST. a d*1,y? **copt Sunday, at 7:16 a.m., Bad o-W P HI Oa Sunday at 8 00 p. m. only .connecting at Belay Station with train a from Baltimore to Wheeling, Parkereburg. Ac. THBOLOH IIOKNT8 to the Went an be had at the ?% aehlngton Station Ticket Office at all houra in the oay, bo well ao at tho new office of the Bank- ' or* and Brokers' Telegraph Lino, 3d8 Penn. , avenue, between 6th and 7th street*. For Hew fork* Philadelphia, and Bofton* im dTortleemoiit of ' Through Llae." J. L WILSON, Master of Transportation. ? . L M. COLN, General Ticket Agent. cc?tf GBO. 8 KOONTZ. Atfent Wafljinjton. ' Hudson bivbb'"and hablbm baTZ- < BO ADS?On aud after MONDAY, Mm. 19, le60, trains for Albany and Troy, connecting with < Northern and Woatorn traina, will leavo Now Yerit aa followa: 8a. m Bxpreaa train via Hudson Biver Railroad, 3l)th at and 10th av.. threuf h to llutTalo and t>n?pei:?l*a Bridge witbont chaage of car* .nd connecting at Troy with traina tor Saratoga, Butlaud, Burlington and Montreal. 10a. m. Bzpres* and Mall traia via Hodson Biver Railroad, connecting at Albany with Woatorn train*, and at Troy with train* for Berth. lla m Kzpreaa train via Harlem Ballroad, . Jbth at and ?th av., conaocting at Chatham with Woatern Ballroad for LebaaonBprlng*, Plttatteld. Ac . at Albany with Woatern traina. and at Troy with train* tor Saratoga Bntland,Burlington and Montreal &46p aa. Bxpreoa traia viaHadaonBivor Ballroad connect! n* at Albany with Woatern traina, and at Troy with train* for Moatroal, with al*op ing car attached. 4:16 p.m. Biaroaa train via Bar last Ballroad, | conaocting at Chatham with Woatern Ballroad for ' Lebanon Springe. Pittajield. Ac ; at Albany with Weotera tralae. and at Troy with traina for Bat land. Bnrllagrton and Moatraal Stooping car* at- ' tached at Albaay 6.30 P m expreoa train via Hodaoa Biver Ball- ' road, with #l<-eping core attached, and through to . Buflalo and Buapennion Bridg< without change of 1 care. A loo, eioopiag oar ovorv day exceptlag . Saturday a attached from Bew York through to ' Ogdonaburg witbont chaage, via Borne. W. aad O Ballrnnd. Connection for Troy will bo made at I Bait Albany Thla trala will ran ou Sandaya 11 p m Train via Hndaon Biver Ballroad, with looping car attached, coanecting at Albany with oarly traina for Bnffalo and Saepoualon Bridge and at Troy with traina for Saratoga and point* I^TUle A Sunday train will bo ran via Had*oa Biver Ballroad from Now York to Ponghkeopaie aad intermediate atationa leaving Now York at 8 SO a " .5#uFnl?*? Ponghkoopoio at 1.45 p. m , arrivingia Bew York ate lft p. a. A loo, aSanaay trala via Harlem Ballroad. loavlag ?ld atreota* 9a. m., aad arriving at Miilerton ?t 6 60 a m. Returning, leave Mtlltrtoa at 6 p. n?.. arriving la Mow York at 11 Jo a.m. WM. H. VANDBBBILT. J* Vioo Prealdoat. r,cB.U?Vb?Ujj^,ba? 4.,, ? TO TBAYBLLBBS OOINQ SOUTH. TWIOB DAILY, (Saaday p. m. axoepted.) _The aalokaot aad aaoet dlroot roato to Bl*baaoad, stoomers from Uxth'strelfwharfJ^^jC^^ Waehingtoa, to Aoala Oroek and ? Blchmond, Frodoriekabarg aad Potomac Ballroad, newentlrely oompleted from Aq\ia Oroek to Bleb ond.Va. oonaecting there with train* on the Rich, mond and Petoreborg and BlcBmend and DaaviUo S^^VhA*5a?l7 ^a^JevMd*Srwmpt2fal L46 p' m.' uad I Jt*m ** at THBOUGH TO BIOMMOND IB SBTBM HOUBS, fifty Mile* Shorter aad IK Hoar* QalokM tbaa car Other Boat*. Oompaay * Opoo.oortiac of Pobb%. avoaao aad ttb MrMt^or oa board of tb* boat*. BaggacoabooM Omni bases* aad Bawag* Wageas will bo la ! oenvey_ pamengors andibaggago hoPaaaonger* b*y thl* line paa* by dyHgbt Moaat 1 ?H7 Doaoral Paflwagwr^Hi, DOTOMAC TBABBFOBTATION LIBBi BOTIOB TO BHIPPBBS. DBDAY far Olymout.Bndd's Forry, WHB Smith** Potat, Obettorton Lawfiag, Haniortoy H rtl THbl! WaaWngtoe County, In the District of Columbia, letters of admlnletrBtloB oa the porooool aetata oV Hearv Mettle, laae of Waahiagtoa'Olty, b C da5.^ tbO#?jdMMa1*1 XC,B4*1 fr?" ^ hOBOSt^ Civen aader my hand tbi* 8th dar of Jaauarr. 18?7. , GBOBOB LAUTM BR7* j a 9 lawJw* Admiaictratar, I??i?????? railb0ab3. i buoiko bailboad. mat tbcbk limb fbom philadbl'h1a totmb ibtbbiob 0> pmmstlfi i < 1a the SCHUYLKILL. 3U9UUKHAX vd, JJUBhMLAVD AND WYOMlftii fALLIE%' the yoktr, nokthwest A.VU th& janada* jtinter arma&emest of ?. k .v (j KMT ft A INS, OrldOtrt.1966, imtlog tbibtbbnf h ud 041. low hill itntti, puiutlhii,?ltbimlowlag tour*: _ ^ mobbing aocommodatlohs "*,br "**"*1 *u immmtem itattois. p hwrlrtrara, d if' 5 '? i with bjdlroad trains for willi am port. uk hhm. psfr. <ss^%?5s js&tefta ksh;;^. o5riift:^6^, srasj libi mC. bbadibo accommodation leave* beading at 8 ?a m..etoppir?gbt all way nations, arrivee in faiiadeipitla at 9 7o a m. returning, iwtm philadelphia at 4 90 n m.: arripeetabe?4ibgat7 96*. m. tram* for philadelphia leave harrlsburg at 8.10 --v " k* a .. arrl?lu la n i i f * *" aftirnoon train* leave llarrlabarg at 1 in p m. and petteville at lib m. arriviug at philadelphia att a p m herri-burg ecoommodatlen I?tm beading at h?"i?b?r? at 4.10 p. m. connect jag at beading with aftarnoon accommodation south at 6.30 y. ?.. arriving in philadelphia at

9.n> p. in, , 1t"j,n:?ilh pasesnger oar attached. philadelphia at 19 4.'i boom, tor beadlag and all way stations, leaves beading 11.80 a m . *ai bowaingtowa 19 90 ?. m. for philadelphia aad all way atailons. all tbe above train* run dally. bundayaexceptel. 8unaa? trail,* leave pottsville atsa.a and philadelphia at 9.16 p m.; leave philadelphia f< r reading at 8 a. returning from beading at i 93 ' chester valley railroad, rasseagtrafor dowmagiown and intermediate point* take the 7.90 and 8.16 a m and p m train* from philadelphia, returning from down lugtow n at 7 a.m. atd 12.30 neoa new yobk ?}j5*et8?/o*8p*tttsbdb0h leave* hew york at 7.09 a. m an<l 3 p. m . pa*a ing beadicg at 1 *6, 11 *sa m and 1.48 p. m^nd ljlvl*,, harrl.bnrg with pennsylvania and central ball road bxpree* train* for timore^c ' ok,c**0? williaawport, blmlra. salreturnlng, express train leave* harrisbnrg on ! h?o <0bnn',3r,t4.nusxpreeifrom pittsburgh ^ ? paaaiag beading at i;*? and|l0.62 a. m. and ii 30 p. m arriving at new york 10 a m., and 9.46 / m, bleeping 2e?a accompany ing there train* through between jer" *d ?1,tlbar*,k? withoat change j*r , ,^'ui.ral5.f<}f " wvrknleave* ha/ri*bnr?i at i???i!5s" ? "" ?""" ?'? *" schuylkill yalley bailroad tiain* leave pottovllle at 7,11 warn and 7 15 wiijf wnp,.'?fr#m t^" ^?" bchuylbill abd^ bc^qreharna bail . t/um ,.e*t# aabnrn at 7 10 a. m. for pi negro v* and harrlabnrg.and at 1.80 p. m., for pinefrov. and 1 remont; returning from h;?rriabnri tjij p m., and from tiemont at 7 98 a. m *u?d 3 m p.m. fbeioht good* of all description* forwarded to all the abov* points from tbe uonipaay's new freight depot, broad and willow street* relght . fbbight tbaihs loavo phuadelphia dally at 5.90 a. a , 19 45 noon and< p. m..for beaoing, itebanon, hairiaiinrc pottavillo, port clinton, and all pointabeyond' ^ mails cloao at the phjladolphla poet office far all p.?,^cff?ale.?lbo*d. the traina of the penmylvaaia ceatral ball, road leave tbe depot, at .slat and which la rea< bed direct) y by the caii ?>f the siar* ket street pasi. nger batlwaj . tho???of the ohl*t sdaaare ent,d<lletr*?t **"way rnn within ene oh 8cnha yb?the market street care leave front and market btreeta 96 minntee befor- the departur* of each train. mamw'8 b aooaoe bxpbess will call for aad deliver baggage at the depet. at the office, bo. a9i obeatnutbtreet, will receive attention. *t" Triin> Leave Depot, V, mail train .t s no ? , paoli accom'n Nob. i a 2,10.< 0 a m a p ni ;; {'?> harrlsbnrg accommodation '. at 2*nm \ lancaater accommodation at im; 2 flttabargh and brie mall at philadelphia expre** \\ ,? s j- " leave* dai'iy, except sat philadelphia expre** leaves dailr all am,. train* deify, except snndaj 1 oth#r pa*scbgeri by mail train ge to willi?m?enr> rinbat8 ?n ?f c* 'md arr,t# " leek ha fa-aengera l.y mail tram go to caruslaaa< lhaml.eril utg without a change of can eieepli.g car ti< ket* c?n be had on apalicatlon at tbe tick at office, *31 cbeetnat *treet. Arrive at Depi>t% Viz cincinnati bx ares* ... . at n?,.a m philadelphia expreas .... at 7 in! 2" paoll aceem., no*. 1 A 9 i 20 a ni , A 7 10 a m" parksburg train ,t q?. . lanca?ter train li fs ? " fa*t line .* %p day bxpresa at iaas z' harrl?burg a, commodatioa .'."."at 9 io a ni ""? j "t. ..v.,, """ am m" pm.enger. l.avlnmlock have* at 7 a m . and hllliamiport at 3 40 a. m., reach puiladelnhia without change of care, willlamsport br da> expreae, at 6 so p. m w ' 07 lhe p^anaylvania railroad company whl aot bfsnme any riak for bagf age, except for wearing apparel, and unit their reeponslbility to Ob? hundred dollars in valao. all baggage exceeding that amount in value, will be at tne risk or the owner, unless taken by saocial coatract. f55.??r5.b*r information, apply to but all*n' picket agent, 631 cheatd??*0el h. wallace, ticket ageat at the jfnjemiqbabt tbain rnn* dally, except for fall particulars ae jo fare aad accommodation* apply to fbancis funk, 137 deck *t pbbtbal bailboad of new jebsey^ paaseager and freight depot in bew fork [?ot of liberty atroet. ooan^ota at hampton junction with the imaware. lackawanna and w?*tera1 bail road, and at kaeton with the lehieh ? 'JV .." U^^5LltB e?W'' . UriXiSg * lireet line to plttsharg and the wmt withont jhange of ears. allbbtown lihb to the wbgt. two exprass train* laity for the west, except snndaye, when one train in tbe evening 8ixt> mile* and three boars saved by this line tochle igo. cincinnati, st loaia, ac , with hnt >ae change of oars. wibtbb abbabobments, hamnenclng jaanary 7,18j7?leave bow york a* rollows: ?3? a. m ?for baston, bethlehem, manch chan^e^willlamsport, wilkosharr.-, kahauoy h.10a m Mail Tba.15.?for fleming ton. boston, water oap, scrantoa, w llkesbarre great bend. pittsburg bh.ahar.toi,, ac. cr*' urwt 9 a. m.?m esternex press for easton. allen!<*?, barrisbnrg. pittsburg, and the west, with bfl one change of oars to cincinnati or ohlcago, aad but two changes to ^t. louis ooanects at harrlsbnrg with northern central and pblladei phia aad brio boads. for brio aad the oil be glons. v?2 * ^*^!-\~for basun. alleatewn, manch jhunk. wliksbbarre, beading, pottsvlue, harrisbvrci j?c umt"n- bethlehem, and manch > p. k.?forsomervllle and fleaungtna. lianas port. i rviaetea? ao^ V&pl ng car from hew york to wiliiambport. p. m ?for bemervillet 90 p. m.?for bomerviile. 8 p m.-wftmx bxranss taaia ?for easand'ths wwt *" barriebarg, pittaburg, bleeping cars through from jersey city to pitts* burg every evening. additional trains are raa to bergen pot at. elisabeth. ao. _ ticket* for the west caa be obtained at the office sf the central ball road of hew jerbey. foot of liberty street, borth river, at be. 1 a?tor Inn, Bob. 9a4, 8t1, 836 broadway, aad at ha. 10 dreenwich streetjal> jq8iah o. 8tb' bbs,beperlntendent Nbwyobb abdhewhavbh bailboad passenger btattoa la hew york, aoraer s7tk street aad fourth avenue. _ _ tbaihs lbayb hbw yobk for hew harea and bridgeport?7.8 ibx >,11.98 1. m.;lt.l8 <ba.),s(bx ). 1.m, 6.90, and g(ex.), for, mllford, stratford. fairfield, banthaort, aud westport?7,11.90 am, 9.80 aad 8.b) p. m. wtv !,25rt,sttl,-?2f7}j,a m : u-u ( ?.). s ** ? ? * ? 8 j6,a?d i/bx.l_f. a. for darleu and greenwich?7 , 9 90, 11.90 a m ; > {?y *-sf^ 6 90. aad 8.90 a m. for stamford?7, 8 (ext, a m : 1116 e*.), 9(b*j1j.80,4 90,?j?.8 98 aad ?(ex.? p. m. for port chester aad urteroieiflete stauoas?7. i 90. 11 jo a. m.; 9 80. t.90 , 6 91. 8.90, aad 7 p m. oobbbotiho tbaibb. for boston via springfield?8 a m , (bz.;) 9, bx.,)8p. m. for boston tta shore ida*?19 18. ex.,18 p. m. for hartford aad spriagfleld-s, (ex.,> 11.90 a. :9.<b* ,)9j8,8p m. for oonaectlont bivar ball road?8 a.m.. (ex.;) ib' a m. to montreal' 8 p. m. to horthambion. far hartford, provldoace aad flshkill b. b.? s'bx..} 11.90 a. m ffr hew haven, hew london aad stonlngton lallroad?la m.j imi.saodsp. m for ca>el ballraad?it. 18 p.m. to horthampoa. for honsatoale ah bangataok ballraad?da. for van bury aad ear walk b. b ?7.8 90 a. m.; ronimodlsu* sleeping care attached tat p.m. praia. jal9 jambs h. boit, superintendent, LMAJU NOTICES. 1" IB? gHUW,??iBk.? hu.c Joyce, cemplalaeats, I J?M, JfhwjiB. i?y Ma } Bgalty Bo. Iff. mb, Jeha M Uiwoa. j?ha I Wljm ud J?ka M?4o*e, do-1 ffftdlDtl. Tbeobjeft of the bill filed lathi* cast# la to ynenri i decree for th* *ale of car tela piece* or , parcel* *f ironl lytic and koine la Washington city, District of OotsaUa, being l*?t eed pert of 1 Lot ? la Square 1 MO, to satisfy ia debt dee by do feadaaW JoeeyhiJohaeoa, to the complainants. . The bfll eets forth in gabetaaee Mat tbe said Joseph Johnaon woo ladobtri to said complainaata la tbo am of |?tf so for goad* ooM and da* , llvered by oempiaJaaato to the aatd Joeeyh John op. That at (a* time of contracting said debt the old Joooph Johason ?m * Sited aad pueeeesed of tho u? pieces or parcels of ir>n.l, Which, whilo bowaani lad ab tod, he iraaeulently con to tod to aid defeadaat. John H. Haaeoa. la traat for tbo sole uae and l ?n?*llt of Mary Johnaon. wife of Mid Joseph Johaeoa. Thatcomplaiueutsot-tal. edjud?moat of oondamnati n of tho said pieces or aero-is of groand Inaodby vlrtueofaaBttacbnieatiasaed ' out of tho ooaaoa law aido of thlo court In favor of coonjalalaonta taaiuat aald Joeeph Johnaon aad ?ra that tho said dood of traat fro* *aid Joe-ph aooa ta aald John . Haaoon aa aforoaald bo , prodacedbefore the Court, aad tho wm- bo oencelled That the aaid complainante. aftor tha lesaiag of aald attachment aad th< leriae ef tbo same on the seid piecee or yareele or rround, ascertained that tbo aald defendant. John rlyn, claimed to hava a lloa oa tbo aald pieoes or pereelaof aroaad. that oa eearehing tbo iaad record* of washing tea couaty. District lion or dood of trust wes recorded in aald Iaad record*, but that after finding of the jarjr and m1|. B'?t of coadematioa on the *eld attaenmeata, tbe ' said records were acala searched and a deed of I traat froai aald Jaoepb Johneoato John eleae, to secare John Flin for tho aata of fi Sen, waa feand recorded. That the aald deed of trU?t was recorded nearly eleven aonths alter tbe dat? thereof aad over two month* after tbo leoai ag aa<l levlBg of said attachment. 1 bat the aald attachment la a prior Han oa the aald piece* huJ parcel* of ground, before the said deed of tr<iat Pray* a dlacoTortlof the amount atllldueand uuyaid on . said deed of truat, and pray* a sale of the said piece* or parrel* of grouad to satisfy th* demands of the cemylamants and other creditor*, and for an iajaactloa aaalnstseld defendant* Joseph Jehn?oa. Mary Jnbasoa. John M Han? n. Joha FI> n and John Malone. and their .'onMoratf*. whea diecovered. to reatrein and prohibit then and their agenta and eervanta from aelling or imposing of, or in aa> manner farther iucumberln.the said yiecea or paroels of ground It la thereupon this Jd day of Jaanary. 1*57, adjadgnd and ordered that aotleeof thl??ult he given to the raid son resident d*f>-adantB. Aoo-ph Johoaoa. Mary Jahaeea. and Jebu Flyn. by publishing a copy of thie order ia the Iveidns Star, a uews?**1?the5't' ?f Waahingtea. in the blitrlct of Oolnaihla, three time* a w?ek lor els coneecative wedk* waralnit *ald aon reeldent d? : I M-udant* to be aud aapear, in peraon or by eolicl1 tor. at rnlet he held In tbe office of the C|*rk of hi* Oonrt. oa the tirat Tneeday of Jane, A. D. 18ft/, to iniwcr the idd bill of oetupiaiot. oth?*rwlie the aamewlll he tak?n pro eojZfesro a?aia*t theai Provided the firat yubtlcetlon of tbi* order hall appear at teaet foor month* before * tid flr*t Tuesday of Juae. I8?7. ana atatlng the ob^ct and ubatauce of aaid bill of cemylaiot. A. B. OLIM, late Juitioe, Ac. wAtrneoop?: B J. MKIOS. Clerk. Solicitor for complaiaaata. jat 3tawfw IN 'TBK~HUI'BKIIE CUOftT OW TUB Ifla. ? TMXCT or (JUfcLMBIA, 10 jlhi'r VirptJ""";A-D Ml"?r- traatee appelated In the tate or Thomaa Me?ry dateaaed, in th'- erocaedlag* mentioaed. havini reported to the Court ih?t in cobforaity with the< lncree puNdin he, on the 27th day of December, A. D Id*-;, aold D.s?n?r?"?e hundred and thirtyZi.M.'J?h? 'mprorement* thereon, cobframe heu*e, to W illiam Z*anar, torthe*um ol twenty fire hundred . dol!im! ? #t ,ll# Parch?**' folly complied with the term* of sale by pa) Ing all the purcha*? ??n"'c*fk to *ald truatce : It 1* therefore by tha Conrt, this 2d day of JaBB^rr. A D iac or- I confiri.51 tb? *,e report be ratified aad 1 confirmed, unles* cauae to tha contrary thereof be fair* Vu or,b?for- th* 8,11 of Pebruary. A. D. \00,T/M thJ# or<1*?" be pBbliabed lathe Breniag Bur three timex a week for thre.. b*lor* the aald 6th day of Feb t A, U.I 30? . A true copy. jaS 3tdAeelw Teat?B^J. MKIOS. Clerk. f kBPHAKS' COUBT Jaa. g. lMfi ? D *tbict V o? Columbia, Wa.h..,oto5 OoTntt, r" r til cf** of hbrati?m Blakely. < xecutor ?i MUe*. deceeaed. the **^cutor ! *rlth th* approbation of tbn Or.fahln*tou Couuty atoreaaid. ap Minted Tuesday, the Stat da* of Janoary. 1*7. for the final settlement and distribution >f tbe eereonti aetata of aaid deceeaed. and of the aaaeto in hand a* fcr aa the aaae have beea collected and turned I a to ineaey; when and where all tbe creditor* and . **id deceaaed are notified te attend with their claltaa properly Touched, or they may otherwiae br law 6e excluded rrom all benefit In aaid doceaeed * o*tate Provided a copy of thla or dor be pnbllahed once a week for three weeka la tha Bvanlag Star, yraVieaa to (heaaid day. ? , tart-JA8. ? O BURN*. ja ll lawSw* Bedator of W Ilia. DBPABTMBBT OP THB IHTBBIOB. I' UXITEn STATES PATE ST OFFICE, __ .. a Ai*iR*TOH, Deoemlter A, IMK ?r h ?*oUU?B ' WlLlilA* WIC&BBdHAM. or Koaton. Ma*. praiing for tho extenalon a-iiF*?2f. ?raoted to him oa the 19th day of April. 18M, for an ImproTomeat la ^ewing Ma r?r(*tT*,J,r<> eaatratioa of aaid jMkUsnt, which take* ylace oa the i?tk day of April. Iti* ordered that tbe eaid petition be heard at a^f*. *?00ay. the lat d of iK,a,JVt*rt U ? c,<h* ? J aad all aeraonaare BO tilled to appear aad *how cauae. Irany they have, why laid petlttoa o??ht n< t to begraated. ?i SLp?**inAlh? exten,,on are required to . V?ce their objecUona. *yocially thl f. iD?,Wrt K ' H1 Ure*1* da*, before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either yarty to be need at the aald hearlag moat be taken and tranemltted la accordance with tbe rulea 1^,1, which will befumlahed on ayyllca Deposition* aad other aayera relied uaon mm testimony bmU* filed In th* oSoe nowaday* before the day of hearlag: the argnmeata. If anr within ten dyv* after 11 Keg the teetfmony i Ordered . a!*o, that this notice be published la ! the R*pnblic*D and th? Batunal inteltisencer Washing ten. DO, aad la tbe JouriiS.l^n! Maa* , ouco a week for three aacceaslTe weekstbe firat of aaid pabKcattoaa t0 be at lalat MxtV daya yravloaa to tha day ofheaHag. y ? T. 0. THBAKBB, _ Oommi**ion*r of Patei.t*. P. 8.?Bdltoraof the above aayera will pieaae copy, and aend their billa to the Pat eat O flee with a payer containing tbi* notice. je S-lawSw On the yetltloB oY"TluJ^AS " Vtoks'l of . f. . ? i 1! ' fo't^a exteaaien of ? granted to klm tbe *tb day ef April, IMS, for an Improvement la Machine for Point- i ln? aad Threading Screw Blank*, for aerea >ear* from tbe explratiea of aald yateat, which takee ylace en the j6thday or April, l&tt: disordered that tha Mid petition be heard at the Patent OCoe ea M0MDAT, the ath day of April next, at 12 o clock ai ; aad all yoraoiia are aotlflad to appear and ahew cause if aaj they have, why aald aeUUon oasht not to be graated Peraoas opp?*ing the extenrtoa are required to FOteBtOflee their objectloa*. a peel ally aetrorthia writing, at laaat ueem* daiabefore the day ef hearing: all testimony Med hy either yof*'' " f ot the aaid hearlag, maat be IrOMmittedie accordance with the rnlea t of thi* oflce, which will be furnlahed oa apylloaDepositions and other paaer*, railed uyoa aa teetimeay, Mnatbe filed lathe oflee ttcentv daya ^alere the day ef hearlag, the argumente. if an* within ten days after filing the testimony. Ordered, alee, that this notice be pabtlehed la the Initiltitnter and the Htm^Utan , Washington. D 0., and la th* Timet. Mew York, B T., oace a week for three sucosaalve weeke; the firat of aald pubMcatlons te be at least sixty days previous to the day of hearlag. ? T. 0. THBAKBB, 9 a iMt.. ?, OeoiBals*loner of Patent*. P. 8 ?Editor* of the above payer* will pleeeo copy, and send their blUs to the Pataat Oflee. with a paper containing this notlee. jalO-lawiw GOVERNMENT SALES. CALB or A LABGB LOT OF OBONABOB O AMD OBDMAMCB MATBBlAL V Orrfw?ac?, iVerr D?r*rtmeni,l _ F?*iails? CMy. December a. UM f be Mid at yabltc aucUoa. to the hlgh^ 'fs. "f aooa, oa TBCBBDAT.the twenty fourth (M) day of Jaeaarp. UW. at tbe oflee ofthe I Inspector ofwrdaanc*. bevy Yard, Bow York, a large lot of Ordaaaoe Bores, servioeable and aaaervlceahle, embracing Caaaoa. 8hot aad Shell. |mall Aim of various calibre*. Spare Part* of Small Am. Gun Carriages, aad Mlaoelleaoeus I The artlolea will be sold la lota to sait purchase/s. Term*: Oae half caab la BovevMseat fands to be depoelted oa tbe condaaloa of the eale, aad the reaaaiader wltbla ten < 10) days afterward, durlac w hi eh time the at tic lee nay be removed from the Bevy Yard, ether a lee they will revert to the OevPbotbcto IHSVIl^bttbbs pat- i ent .of Inglaad, aad aecared by tbe aeala of the BeoU de"Pharmacie JTPerls, aad the Imperial 1 College ef Medtctae, Tuna. Trieeemar Bo. 1. la tbe effectaal reasedy Mr Belaxatioa. Syermatborrheea, aad BxhauatU>o of the System. Trlaeaaaar Bo. 2 baa entirely swper- , sadad tbe aoaaeeaa bm of Oooevla, Cabeha, Ac. Trieeemar Mo Is tbe labulU* remedy lor ell IaparitiM aad Beooadary Symptom*, tha* obvlrSSSST * MNarr aad all albas deleterioas ebU ?oVeVg* *USee'u r^trmmTth* esSe?of*cU^ j i 1 t a oor.ldtb ?dPata.,aa^r SbbltS^loeM. QLFsfoVWTAKlB IB BXOBABBB 8T0y]Bb. OBATBS, la great variety, al^n l*SiH?treet,aear Ibe Bridge, dot la* dD 1 " PROPOSALS. pBOPO?ALS IPI^UMT T*\NjPU*Ta. QcAjntHWA.TK* OtMitLH Orrtfi. > WA'lfiftSTo*. |>. O., January is 1057.{ Prop<oaUwfll be received at thin *mce aatllUoVltxl tu . on the mi. of February 18-,; for the transportation of Military Snvpite. dirti; IS* >**[ ?wawciM April 1, ! *;. ttJtida,; March Si, IMt, on the following ronM BOCTBBe. 1. Frea Fort McPberroa Hehraaka Tern tori or ah ferae aa mar be determined upon durta^ LLa ?eOreatbe Onuiii breech of the Untoa f'ectfo CSSfi rSlV*1 McPhereoa or fromy*,? Imito, Dakota Territory, to auch po?te at deKU aa ara bow ar may be eetabllshed in th? Terrlty af Nebraska. west of longitude 11 j,, ithe Tanitorr ot Moataaa. aoutb of Utituddag., la tbe Territory ?f Dakota. ??stof 1. ngitodo |<Mdeg ,1iUa Territory of Idaho.. ethTlat, fade *< dog.. aad aaat of loagitada iu dec , and o tbe Terr I tar lea of Ctah and Oo lor ad e?rth of lati tude m 4eg., inclaUlag If a?cee?.iy. Dat.ver * _ BOUTS to. 8 Fro? Fort Biter. Btata of Kaasaa, or aach Palate aa May be determlaod ap odnn- .g flie >atr ?a the Bates Pacific railroad. B. D , t. an. post* ?' that are new or an be eetebi sheo in the State of Kaaeaa ar ia tba Territory of (olore f0-." 'i<**ftl??deo> degrees north, ai.d t.. Fort I ?1??-MOIiCO. or other depot tba I may t ? deelgaated la that Territory, aad to any other polat ar pelate oa the roate. ? BODTK Mo. 3. from Fort I'aloa or anrh other depot aa say ba aa labile bed la the Territory ot If* Mexico. t ? ,h? or aiay beeetif. Ilehed ta that Territory. aad ?? ec-h posts oru* tioaa aa mat be geeigaated ta the Territory of Ar]Mdti * ?* T* 9mt of iaMltu?e ' BOrTB 4. From St Paal. Wiaaeeote, to each pasta a< ara aw or may be eetaMi?b?d in the ttete nf Mlnne 1" wSg.TJ.w.tir.T.rr.^asur %\Mi?a2n*#- 1 ? r>d. . on *WV ' J'oniSd 00 S?lw o JPtepMb will be made for each route tape Biddera will state the rat. per |ftu poanJe r,r lUu ailiee, at which they will transport the at in eachi raotlb of the year. beginning Ap'il I 1887. aad ei dins March SI. 18f * * Ul*?r otn-i ia fall, aa well es the! rip! aces of re?i j*nce. aud eacti pr .p.-al ah' nld be acorjneanted hj a t-ond In the ? ,m "r tea tboaeand dollar*. .!?n?d bf tir"or aiora reayonatbla pei?oaa gnarant-elnc thitln J**' 5 l1* awar lad for the ronte id.?b tioard ta the arop?Bal t.. the fart) pr pofina it . conttact vll, be accapte4 end enter.U into, at I K <d a d Mifcler.t aecnrlcy furr-l.tad br ea I Ufeuent "0c*Ml*nc* w,*h ?be teimaof tlli, . .vTbe*.?v,,tr*r,*r W,'I?M? rami red tc rtre Ik? d, a tba following aM/ouate On R^ nte Mo. 1, fiV.O-iO On Boufe Ho i, a*..mi. Or B at* No 3, 100>?. f* Eitiiel ?, 10 IOC. Batra'actory erfd<.Dre of the |or?ltf ar, I ->1. af aaeh bidder aad porson offered a? aeru'tty will Le r?^i:ir>-d. Prop-nali mi:?t be aadnraed " l'r<'P""ai? f p ArP'* ~rao?pertatioii ?n B?.ate Bo 1.1 4,an, ' aa the caaemaT l e and tioie wid be entertaltie-f ??.!!?" fo"> comply with tba ra^alraui?ata Of this adeertiaemeat. The party to *h.,a ?a award ai<t h-, Prepared to execute tbecoatract at o re. aad ta glre the re^aire-i boade for the :aithful performauce of tbe contract. Th? right to reject any or all bld? that may ba Offered la reeeryed The eontractora or each roate maet be in rea^i t (or aerelca by the let day of Aanl. |*-7 an! alll be repaired to haee a place of baetna^ or agency at which he atay ha coaxaanicated witi pian.ptIt and readily for BouU Bo. 1. at One a. B. T.; farBente HoJ. at F..rt Riley. Rai,.*. for Boote No S. at Port rnlon Hew Mexico for Ro :t<? . V/' B?l"* Paol. It.necoT*. or a* tn h other point for each of the eeeeral Boat?w aa may 1 indicated aa the atartln* pet at of the roate. Blank fornaehowiac tbe caaditierie >f theeon tract ta entered into for ear I. runte < an be b?d on application at tbia eff^ie. or at the office of tbe Qoarteraaater at Mew Tork. Saint L nit, K?ri Leayenw rth. Omaha. 8?nta Fe, aad F rt Pnelllnr. aad muat accotr pany an I be a part of ta t proposal. By order of the Quartermaster General. ALKXAMWKB KLISH, , .. Brevet caloael aad Aaaiat^at ja 1? *t Qnarterma-ter. D ij. A pBOPOSAUB FOB OAVALBV HwHSIB DrPot fftkr. . ( o , . _ ??K>rf, Md , J%uuar> t, 18?;.| Sealrd Propoeala are iiiritad aad w.ll be re airad *? tbia OfSee nntil THURSDAY li o clock m . Jaauary 24. 1*7. for the tetlTery la the rlty of Mai 'OBTP - BlOtlT (4-) 0AVALBY iavk>ko. The H. raea will be tn!i?cted to carefol inspectionbefore beii.g accepted They amt l a ???.( in all reapects well brok.-n, in toll flesh and aoo-i cnndtti'-n. fr.'Bi flfteea to aixteen hands biah, ' >.j? flee to alne yeara old, well adapted in every way for cavalry puraoeee. * Tba ability of tba bidder to fulflll hi* **r emeD? must ba vnaraateed by two r*+p n.iMe p^raons. which raarantee m ?t accompany the t" inl The Hereee mo*t l>e de|ly?.rad within tsmii jc ?a7* rroni tbe date of accertaare of acy propoaal The t.overaaaent re-ereea the ri?ht t" re e ? or Mi bida. Pay meat to be made oa ooaipierl?a of taa tract. Bida will be Imlarsed "Prl?p..?al? for Oaratry 1 ""reee." and addrasaed to tbe bod. rslgaed, tiwiti . Hd. By order af the Qnarter'naeter Geaera' / ? _ > 8 KIMBALL, Cagtainaad A y.M .C 8 A . ja II IK Depot Q narter r* aater. MAYOR'S VFPIC'E, , . ? Citt H ai.L. Jaaaarv 10th 1?7 Propaaala will be recei ? .! at tbe Hut - 'a Office until U' o clock m , on MOKDAT thenar laatant. for paring, curbing. Be . for the r?.r commeaclDg April lat. 1*7, for tbe seven * wards of the ?lty, no contractor to have airre it. one ward. ** !? " ?*?fci?offlce al?o at the of the 0< mx?is?luuen of IiB?r t< li. the Baeeaient of the Weat Wiag of tltaUit. Hill. No bid will be received which does a?t iarloda an offer far each separate itea ai work aad matcriili. By law tbe Mayor Is prohibited from awardiaa contracts for the above work to anvaereoniu peraaas w be are not practical pa vara The Mayor reaarres to himaelf the right to re jact any or all bids ahonld he deeWi it to the Intereat of the Corporati<M> t? d< so .. **?'HABD WALLACH. jall-aaft Hatel.l May jr. jy AVY ICPPUB8 _ *AVt DiritTNIST, I Fur en a rr'H'X'tons nn-i f/otaraa. Jaa 11. Ipr < Seaarate Propoaala. aealad aad ea.lors?d. P-oroaalaCor Bary ?a?pliea.''will be recaivad at thia Bureau uatil 2 o'clock oa TCB8DAT. the uth dar aT Febraary aext, far fnrni?hin? aad deliveril4 at the United btataa Navy Yarda at Mew Tork aaJ Boaton. oa or before the drat day of April next, the uaantlrlea of the different articles aaeclilad la the followiag Hat. two-thirde to be delivered at Baw Tork aad on? third at Boaton. vU Maw Navy leefjati bbls, par bbl Mew Mavy I'ork.4 000 bble , per bbl Klca lau * poaada, par pa?a4 rled Apalea, UO IM poaada. per pouad. ^ Sugar. !W,ueo poaada. per pouad. Tea. 49.fl00 pounds, par poaad Coffee. 100 ? pounds, per pound Beaaa. $.W bushela. per huehal Moiaasee, jo.ttO gallon*, per galloB Viaesar. M.00U gallons, per gallon Bids will be ncalved for one-foarth, one half, thiae-fourths. or the whole af the quantities named. aad tboea only will ba accepted. which ara cooaldered for the adraatage of tbe Oovarameat All thaarticlaa coataiaad la the above list aaat be e^aal to the aavy ataadard. and paaa the ueaat inapectlon Par adeacrlptleaof thaarticlaa aad tba parkagea to contain them. bidders arafreforro.l to tba earn plea at the aald aavy yards; and for laf?rma tloa aa to the lawa aad racalationa (ta pamahlet form) regardiae contracts, to the officee of tb>* Ooaoiaanaata and Paymasters af the aaveral navy yarda. mp oat ad articlea will be received In bond free from duty, aad ao lateraal revenue tax will ba chargeable npoa any of the above articlea Kvery offer must ba accoapaaieJ by a written guaranty. al^aed by ona or ?are responsible Per sons, to tha affect that be ar they undertake that the bidder or Mddara a ill. If hie or their bid be accepted. enter tato aa obligatloa within five daya. with good aad sufficient aareUee. to farmiah tba supplies proposed; tbe com pete acy of tbe raar?nt> to be rartinad by tbe P?>aaakr, District Attorney. ur Collector of ibe Caatoaaa. Bo prapoeal will be coastderod anleaa accom KIM by each caaraaty, aad by MttsTactoii evl co that tha bidder ia a r-ralar dealer ta tba arttrlea. aad hae the lloaaaa repaired by act af Coagreea. H. HBlOUB, jai;-w4w Chief af Baraaa. pu>roa&LB ro. ?? Bavy DiriiaiHr, { Bvrtmti Prwitwsj si*d Clothini, Jaa. 1. MS7 \ Bealot aropoeala, e ad oread prapaeala tor Freeh Boef aad Vegatabtea.'' will be received at thla Baraaa uatil 2 o clock p. a . aa tba net gay of Jaaaary ia*t.. for tbe supply of MJM poaadeof | PBBbH BKEF aad a0.0?< eon ad. of FBBBU I the MOB VOLE BATT TABI> 1 AMD STATIOM. ad reoalred. ^ Tha Beef ad Vegetablea aaat ba of goad aaal- , Ity.aad the beet the aarkat aflards, aad each article mast be offered tar by tbe poaad. Tbe Baef to ba ta e.aal proportlooa. fore aad hi ad quarters Boade with approved eaoarlty. will to required ta oae half the ssttaakad aaouat of tbe aoatratt. aad tweaty par oeat. la additioa alll be withheld froa tbe aaoeat of aaoh payment ta be eaade, aa oollataral aecurity for tbe dae parforaaace of the oo a tract, which will oa aa aoooaat be paid aatii It la fally coaplied with. . . . Every oter made aaat be auuoapaaiad by a written gwaraaty. alraed by oae er asore raepon paraons. that tbe bidder ar biddera win. If bia or their bM be accepted, eater lato aa obllga^ tloa wltbla flaa daya. with good and sufficiaat sa rat lee, to Inraish the artielee prj.peoed. So pramttal will bt tim*\df'e4 ??/l I a?rr?ru>.iaia<i fyi^Maraa^.a^ ty v ?t vdra e that the bidder i> ? rerular dealer ta po*td /or, and haj ike Itttntt rtw'td "If ???"? ^ba Departaeat raaervae tba rlfht to re ect aay propoeal not ooaaMerwd advantageous to tba Oov 7^ be aadoratoad that In eaae the atipalated eaantlty of alther article shall be delivered, leev?ne a balar."e dae oa tba other article, the cob ?!et may be ronaldered ae completed ia fall, at *^a iT^td0 ?f Chlaf of Baraaa. wijw BOOBS?War Olalaanfe Galde. by Geo. |M w |af. Miaaaata af Medtoal Obaal?trp, by Oaad Tree tier oa latraachaaaH; by Lippitt. aad Book for Minora, MeUUurf^W aad Aesay i jTlins Ellveraaltk. Ictre^ractloa lo la- V