Newspaper of Evening Star, January 21, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 21, 1867 Page 1
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um f % 0 ? . . ? . . :. . . ni , . . V?-. XXIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. MONDAY. JANUARY 21. 18G7. N?. 4,828. * , ' THE EVENING STAR PtBLISHBD DAIi.7,18UNDAY 1XCUIU)) AT THE STAR BU1LD1NO, .SvwJIk*!* carter Fernavenue and 11 tk ttntt BY W. D. WALL A OH. Tb? STAR la wrwd by tae camera to tttir ntxcrllwri In ife? Cltj tod District at Tut Cuts ru wui. Copies at tha coon tar, villi or without wrappers. Two Can each. Paicx fob Mailino:?Three montha, rOnt Dollar and fifty Cend; six months, Thru Dollars; one Tear, Five Dollart. No papera are tent from the off ea longer than paid for. ?The W LKKL.Y NTAR?published on Friday botdioit-Om Dollar and a Half a Tear. DENTISTRY. IIB LSWIt B DBHTAL ASSOCIATION, kJ No. S60 f KNB'A AVI , B.tween 11th tad 13th streets. Teeth HtrMkd without 9*1 b by admlnsteriag Kltroua Uxyda or Laughing Gaa. L1WII hu receatly purchased the beet&JS3 Chemical apparatus in the country for***' *** lutltf ?uregaa every dty;?li?,ula>?roT?d Val vuier labeler The Bssociattoa ia now preaared to ntl* Teeth on Gold. Silver end Bobber at Hew York Philadelphia and Boetoa pneee. All persons wishing dental work done cm have It aa cheap a* In the above nsmed dti-a all work done ia the neatest aad beet manner. and warranted to gtve satlsfactioa Peraona will do wall to call and (ubim our work. dextf ^ha lBTeat*rl,ii*)piu5i *e?'4e M1BBBAL PLAT* TBBTH, atteuds pertoaally it/UMk his office In thia city. Many peraoas caamflJBv wear these teeth who eaanot wear others,^"11 " aad ao peraou can wear others who aaaaot wear theao. Peraraa calling at my offioe ean be aoaommodated with any style aad price of Taath they nay desire, but to theee who are particular,and wish the Crest, cleaoeet, atroagest and most perffrtdeii e that art can procure the MlVBBALTBBTH will be more fully varraated. Booms In this olty?llo 3.1* Penn'a avenue, be twaea tth and 10th ata Atao, ttT Arch street, Pbllodelphla^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^o^Mv^ PERSONAL. AB MAl'BI< B. bliL SOIBSTIFIC ASTHOLUUEB ur AMKBIOA, from the pncitioa ana aspect of ttie Bt>?rs at the time of one's birth, wttl reveal astonishiag se crete that no h viag mortal ever Knew before. how to be successful m all reasonable undertafciags He tells i?an>e and very day you marry, describes the intended companion, and t 111 all events of Hfe good luck and lone life to visltore. to rents to $1 gentlemen In fnll 91. 0*11 at 4 70 IBsli st . near F, all heurs unti I * In the evening. de 311m' LAD1BB WHO ABC DESIBOOSOF a SKILLful and accomplished Physician, should conault L>r HENBY MoBTON, lt>?? aaat rayette street, Baltimore. Md. Dr Mortou'a services taay be .engaged ia Waefclagton or any other city, by addressing as above. oc 13 3m* I ' ENTLEMBM WHO AM ArKbior BD ? ? ' core warranted by an old Surgeon of twenty three > ears' experience in this partintlar branch I the profesaien. Charges moderate Do not apply to quacks. r>ut to .) B. QMIIOIKB. M. IV, late of the Onited State. Bicord Veneraal Hospital. Ofhce Mo. tf I south A street, opposite the Capitol Square. south side. H B ?Medicines also furnished at cost. daV lm* CONFIDENTIAL?Young men who have Injured themaalvea ny certain secret habits, which unfit them for bnaiueas. pleasure, or the duties of married life; also, middle aged and old mea. who. lrom the follies of yonth. or other Oausee.feel a debility in advance of their yeara. before placing themselves under the treatment of aa> one,should Brat read "The Secret friend." Married ladiee will learn something of Importance by pern slag "The Secret Friend.'-; Seat to any address. ia a sealed envelope, en receipt of a cents, address Dr. CHAh. A bTOABT A CO . Bo-ton. Mats no S-ly CLOTHING, Ac. , FJ. BBlBKBQBh, . . Saccaaaar te H I. Lj?don tOo.,^a ViTlZES S AXO MILITARY ? _ w MFKCHAyr TAILOR, Im * Strop** tan Hotel Vote Brown's, tf 3(4 Paataylvaala aranua.1 tf Washington. D. O. 'BUnua BLAC*. Wilt)H,l**OH. C. P. BLACK. LAW OPFiOB. BLACK, LAMOH * OO., Co una. llors and Attorneys at-Law la the Supreme EPwL.Lic Ri'Sti SfA**! th* O-urt of Claims, , tb*.?.l,trtc5v,th*' Bxecutive Departmanta. aad Committee. of cn<r-n la^?BoUM 14,11 (dlroC*" 9p9??\ni^ B BAT B A BG AIDS! The ant>sciitera are closing oat the balance of their YABC'Y DK1MS GOO I >8 ?t neatly redneed prices, aad ladle, u want of baiidaome Wlks. B*?e. Mena. ea.J'ophBs. Plaid*, aad. In fact, any kind of preae Mitteriala, will find our prices a great iaduewmeut, aa we wish to cloae them eut fMaasith We also have on hand an elegant stock of RlBTIBGb and 8HBBTINOS, both Linen aad Cotton, which we are eel I lag very cheap. All gooda marfce* ia pluta Bgaree at the lewsst market ratea. ' W. M. BHUSTBB A BBO , ja 7 eo3t Ho 3* Market Space. 3 nil A POTATOBS. ,UUU bajhels MA1HB POTATOBS, just arrived, and for sala at our Wharf at the foot of Tth street. 1. P BROWN A SON, Commission Merchants. d.H tf Wo. 46a tth at . between B aad F*. C'HOOOLATB DOTBLE. VABILLX, DB H. HAILLAIBD. Pur Cacao et Suore. Bierast de teat! melange Z. M. P. KING A SON, _ ? Kiag Place. Corner \evuaont aveoua aad 15* a treat. WYST 1HDIA oBAHtfB* aHD 6WXBT MaLaGA GBAPBS. ?r**h K1HG PLACB. I' upJoS.11 ST*VmAl8iM8.' F I?8- C0BBAHT8. V, BP1CBB. heAc-, to aalt thia particular a*a,05 bjr * M ' KIBO A SOB, de 31 tf Plaae. T?" T ST. TIMOTHY'S HALL. HB datlee of Ule wadtntion wiU be reaiaad en fleet. 13,18U Par tarma, Ac., aee catalogue aad circular at the piinalpal bookstores ofthls city, er addraaa tha prlaalpai. J*" B PaBSOBS. OatoavlUe.Md. THE OBOCHBT COLLAB BOOK: MBS ,Beyie a Knitted Laae Collar Book; Tha Bagle Beek, Mra. Gaugala'a kmt Bbawiamd pBBSOBS/CBBlSHlBH BOOMS waid aav'e trouble by catliag at AD A MSOH S, 00b Binth atreet. next to Pennaalvaaia aveaae, who can furaisa them with a>.i? hkZL>. Pillow Caeea, Feather aad Hair Pillows,Bolsters' Beo Spreads. Blaakets, MattrMMaT WlDdTl' f.W hTl1! ^l0<h'' Stair Crash. Town lag. Table Liaea. Ac. da 14 dl?t IrOB SALB uB BBHT?A Cae tone PlAMOro modern sty Is, with a tool aad rood order Can beaeen at BOSWELLnftaBU ^ itf0"'30,1 * m*m mb. nun J^AB~Ml'Frs YOB aKATBBs an iBd'spsnsal.le article for all who are exposed to the cold. For sale by , .... ?OAH WALK KB A CO. >* *-*Hf Penti avenna. X*J h i rs u pub TO POBT, ** ,, . <"Teara ol the Bnoro, ') Direct importation. *??! Z* M P" KIXkIfg^iJ^. b^sBssyaa f w o. tt. ?igs.. WOBTH. of MoantUarm.l, Coane. Uc ut, araying Jkr I??B ot grantrd to hiin on the V*tli day ?f June. 1%*3. ler ao iaproves?eut ia Bhatua Box Mettoa ia Looms for seven yU? fUi? the ex ps rati ea of said patent, arfclcfc UAea mi J* the 2Mh day of Juaa, lm? . p,a"' oa It le ordered that the said peUtioa be Uewra at the Potent OtBoe oa Mouoay, the Jd das of June next, at IS o clock M.. aad alt botsom are aoHBed to appear and afeaw cause, if m J^yJka?e. why aaid petltioo ought aot to be Per??.nsoBposiagth? ertoaslon are required to Ale I* the Patent Oflca their abjections, specially * ' hftliii writing. at leaat Itrrmlt days befors tSa day of bearlug:aU teetiamoy filed by either parts JaVe neee at the aaM hearing must be taksa aad trabanitted in accordan. ? with the rulee of th-tfBce.wblch will befurai?hed on application an2**frr papora reTiod upon aa tea*?at be filed la tha Mea ireriuy daya befoye the day of heaniig: the arruiaants. if aav wtahlnf** days after fillBg the teetlmon ' 1 STJiuii*01 *kie aot ice be published ia aeesdcut.oece a week for tbreesucoesslva waoka mSSE^l a paper ooatsnntag thleuotlee. jo ? Iaw3w FBBBCH ALMANACHS BOB IMT.?alma aaah Comkiaa; aimanaah Four Tiro; almaaacb du Boa-taau almaaach Oharivart: Almaaach dalaPaaaa. AhaaaochdaU bowm Ouistae; AlmaBaca Imperial. Almaaach de Bopoleoa; Alsaaaaeh ioaa <USoctoto, Almaaach Poilchiaolle, aad **doSI' Mnu fro<r TAYLOB. P OBI ABU " STB AM BXOIBBS, Cemhlaiag the max Imam el eScieaay. daraMllty, Hiee. Thoy are widely aad hvsrsMy kaowa, aare thaa 5?? boiag la aeo. AB warraatad aadlalaciary.or aa aala. Paaartptlaa alrcaiara aaat aa novo -Trf I If F I fc,Kui?t'!r?iT^ BANKERS. JAY MOM ?t CO., lilKlll, AAwndk ttrfts mr?tU IVmwii Hliad Ml <?armt Mrktt ntM, uA ? ? ouUittr on hand, i roll nn!| of HI OTIU1IIT BONDS, BBTBN-THIBTIFB, AHD COMPOUND INTBBBST NOTES. Ordara tar 8TOOBB. BONDS, Ao , tiMfUd, ud Collection* udt oa all aa*gg?i|a point*. aal-tf . JJARROW * CO., lillWB, Ooraar Lonltlana avenue aad T??t, nnaLsaa m BOVERNM SJVT SECURITIES, SOLD AHD SILVBB to rtf and lahd wabbahtb Firal NftUoial BMk of Washington, HD.COOKB. (of JayOooko A Oo.,) President. WM. 8. HUHTINGTOH. Caaklar. GOVERNMENT DBPOBITOBT ART) FINANCIAL AGBNT OF THE UNITED BTATBB, 1IU ftrttt, ofTositt th* Trtasury Drvartmmt. GovernmeiA 8* curl tie* with Treasure* United fltatoa BWONE MILLION DOLLARS We buy and Mil all clasae* of GOVERNMENT tECl'RITIESnt current market rata*. tURNlSH EXCHA\<, & and make Collertton* on ALL THE PKINGIPAL CITIES OF THE LKITED STATES. Wa purchase Government Vouchers oa tba MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and give careful ana prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, and to aay other boalneea en trotted to na. FULL INFOBMATTON in regard to GOVBBMMBBT LOANS at all timet cheerfully furolrfhed WM. 8 HUNTINGTON, Oaahler. Waahlngton, March ?. 18M mtltf ? HotMTsTrjestaurantsT ao. C A * ? _ WILLABD'B HOTBL, I December 1, lSSd. I Senator*, Bepresentatives, and others. reeldiag In Washington, who oecaay private apartment*, caa be accumn odated witn th?lr MEALS at thla Hotel at tka rate ot 91" m> per we<>k del 2m SYKEB. CHADWICK * 00. IBKW OOD HOUSE, Corner Ftnna. avonut and Ticel''k ?sr?rt, Waikinmon, D. C. xlaiflbL Bltaat^d la the moat central location the ilty, midway between the CAPITOL AHD PBMTDBNTtAL MANSION, Only a ?hort distance from all the D?partmeats, Patent and Post Offices, Smithsonian Institute, Otc. H. H. DUDLEY A OO., 110 >l-tf Proprietor*. I^BENOH AND GEBMAN HOTEL AND BESJT TAI BANT, WJi Pa avo.. oap.nit* A , . A yVHlarJ sHotel.CBBISTMAN A KbHL.fcmV Proprietor*?On Weduesday neit, thi* 1 I Mitiltakllent will be opened with a luucti, at wLlch the proprietor will be happy to me?t hi* friend* 1 he Bar will be constantly supplied with choice Llunora, and the kestanraut witn everything that the moat epicurean t*?te can deaire. Boarder# by the day, week or month will here find excellent accommodations at m derate rates Also, nicely furnished rooms can be obtained either with or witliont board. Call and jal lm* E^?H^*"J?tAO]BABT. Ho. 3t> Penna avenue, near Cth street. BMBICH wishes to inform his friends and tha pnbllc generally that he now keeps ooa A . a staotly on hand OYSTERS, fresh every jfiAm day, prepared in every style. IlI?T Call andgtve hfm b^'n^T. WOOD AND COAL. Coal: COAL: I GOAL Ml T'T. FOWLBB A CO. Whlta Ash, store and egg size*, fg is per ton. Bed Ash, do do -$^.75 per ton. 2.240 pounds guaranteed. Orders receiveo at the central office of the Washington aad Georgetown Jce Company, (Me L J Mlddl< ton A Co ,Maorner 12th and F streets, ajd at wkarf, fcot ot 10th ateeat ? **? B 8. LAMHIH. Agent. 0 A L 1 O O A lill AT OBBATLT BEDUOBD PB10B0, taasof J4ao lbs~d^Mv*red la any part of tba tfty. Ohestaat Whit* Aak, )|7 M, Staye, Ekk L^hitAVr WWt* 1,1 *?; 1M Aaff, ts.fs; OAK aad PINB WOOD *on*tantty on hand. Order* received, at oar offlce. or at tba wharf, foot of 7th *tr*et. Is f. BBOWB A BOH, <?? ttk atreet, betwea B aad C?AL! OOAL!! OOALTm H^ing datervinedtowsll a rat-eiaaa article of Wood and Goal as cheap as the cheap**t, I hope *7 dolaf *o gain a liberal ah a r* of poblic patronage, Tke Coal prices ara as followsWB1TB ASH NOT GOAL, by the toa 87 26 BALT1MOBB OB. WHITE ASH, Eg* and Stove *i7e* a oa ALLOTHEBQf ALlTlBSofWHITB ASH ? 23 LIKENS VALLKY PGBBBBDABH H 7 4 DIAMOND VIIH BBD A8H ~ * OBOSS WBH.HT.2J40 LBS. TOTHB TON. . Always on hand and oonstaiitly receiving the be*t <inalitia* of WOOD of awry d*acript|0n, d* livarad in aay part of the city. ja4-im 7th st., betweea B and Tste AlalLid. I WILL OPEN A PBOVI8IOB STOBBTHUESmw l. - DAT, J an. 10th, oalOtk straet, betwtan G and H *tr**ta. where I liLi ' ry,hlB* 1? the prurtsioa Ho*, to b* sold at tha lowe*t market prlcaa AH1 WM L1HKIH8. UBBZBBBG 8 LOAN OPFICB. AX EataMi*had MB ?dTaBoa* madaoa WATCHB8, DI A O** ?WHIj1T, ^WBABINO APPABBL. it Bwkaadl*e. Bnsinaa* atiictly conflcleatlal 3A]i North G atraat.batwOMi 4S and l?m^ot*ly la raar of tke Nanonal " *** jaS lm* I^BADBTBBBTtt^PATBNT WBATHBB , Invaatlon of tha age. Hzoludaa now. ??dStrtKS """ **" """ wXZti&S.'ultK* ^ _?0 as tm H. W. HAMILTON A CO, L""T ,"e..L'.y or *?i?. 31H I belw0#Q 19th tnd 14th its B*lr-Dre**or. of tha a*Jss. A5JT} Si; Si A' Ha hy tha honor to an53 lodibiaha^avbhith. Fo J. H. CBAHB * 00. Baea on haad a largo aad floe *a*nrlmaul of GOODS, aoltad to thla market, aaofa a* BUTTBB 0HEB8B, BOOB, APPLB8, BAIBIB8, FIG8,' OITBOH, NDTB, HAMB, OBDFISH, HACK BBBL. HEBBIBG. BOA PS, CAIIU GOODS, A*. AM, rn Barrala Moore's e*l?hratad OHAMPAGBB OIDBB, Br karral or galloa. All tha abora goad* ara aBarad at tha Irrwl nrkat prtoa, and auriMal toanit,by 4. .. ... ' B.OBABB A 00., k *-! * >> fca. Bra., batwaaa Stk ?87^. I AP1BB' PBBB8 GOQPi. BUhUfB ABB TABBBLIBBH. W. mm bbpSU^SU/MH, " special notice?. . tar A SO LP IKE WHO HAD LOBT THK USE of hi* Hmba (rem Bheumatlsm bu b' eo completely eirtl and enabled to abandon hi* crutch** by one bottle of MBTCALPB* OHKAT BHEl'MATIO 1NIVDT. It la truly the wonder of the ago j* 11-*oSir g C. FOBD. Agent. BSTBABNOM.IN HIBBXPOSS OF MODEBH humbnge. it understood. apply the 1Mb to tli* re aeter?. iters ot foreign pertumee in thia country. Th> y are fair game, but of mall ac? onit, aa PflALON'B ' EIGHT B!.OoMIN<? CBBECS " >he ereat flarel extract ot the day I; rapidly driving their triwh ?u t of the trade. Bold everywhere. ja 1? BEMED1AL IH3TITDTB BOB BPBOIAL OASBS, No. 14 Bond atreet. Hew York. y Full information. with the highest tuixmomiah, alku, a Book o? Si>-<?ai Diseases, tft a tmitd envelope, sentfree. ttir B* sun (tn?2 t end for them, and you teill not rttret it; for. a? ad vertlsing phy Blclans are gen rallv trnp?*tori, vtt.iunt 't/erencti no atraneer sbwild be trusted. ltncloae a stamp for poet awe a? 1 direct to DB. LAWRINi I No. 14 Hood atreet. New fork. ne 12 DAWly A M0DBB9 MlBACLBt Froao old and young. from neb and poor, from high horn and lowly, cornea the Universal Voice of praise for I HALL'S VCGBTABLR BR' I LI AN HAIR HBNKWXB. It la a perlect and miraculous article. Cares baldness. Makes hair grow. A better dreesiug than any "oil'' r-r " pomatum." Softens braeb, I dry and wiry Hair fr:to Beautiful Silket. Treseee. Bat above all. the area* wonder If rt?e tepidity | with which it rt at- wiqkat Hair to na Obi^hial Color. Dae it a few times. and PHESTO, CHANQBf the whitest and worst locking hair raanme* fta I youthful beauty. It doee not dye tbe hair, but I strikes at the root and fills it with new life and coloring natter. It will not take a long disagreeable trial to prove the truth of this mstter. The fir-it "Pplication will I do good; yeu will see the Natueal Colok return log erery day . and _ REFOElt YOO KNOW IT, 1 the old, gray, disc, lored appearance of the hair I mill be gone, giving r'ace to lustrous, shining ?>d beautiful looks. Ask for HaH's Sicilian Hair Benewer: bo other article ia at all like it in effect. Ton mil' flal It ?heap to brv, plkasavt to t&y. ' Aud Sure to do Yor Oood. There are many imitations. Be sure yea procire the genuine, manufactured only by ? I B. P. H ALL A CO., Haahna. N H. For sale by all druggist* By MABBIAOB AbDCKLlBAOY, AND THE Happiness of True Manhood.?An Kt*ar for I Young Hen on the Crliu-- of Solitude, and the I Physiologic al Errors, Abuses and Dis-ases which I ct eete impedimenta to Marriage. with nre means of Belief. Bent in sealed letter envelopes free if I charge. Addreaa Dr. J SKILLIN ilOUGMTCa, Howard Aeeociation Philadelphia, ?a. jall-Sm BECBIT DISEASES. | Bamaeivan's OirTia the moat certain,aafe and I effectual remade ?Indeed, the only vegetable rem' - I dy ewer diecovered. Cures lu two to ioar days, and I recent casea In twenty four honra. Homlueral .no I balsam, no mercury Only tea pi lie to be taken It I la tbe soldier's hope, and a friend te those who ??o I not want to be exposed. Mala packages, 92, (e- I male, $1. B a a ai i t aji's Boot Ann Hebb J new?A p^sltt ve I and permanent enre for Spy kills. Scrofula. Uicers, I Bores, Spots. Tetters. Ac Price 41 26 per bottle. I Bold by B. O. Ford. See advertisement. my SURELY, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, BMOLANDEB 8 EXTB.VOT BCGEU la c?Eiita every case of Bit nay Disbars, bbbIMaVUii, I Gkavbl, ukinabt dtsobdim, Wbaenhb and PAiHa In t^e Bace, Female Oomplaimts and I Teooelbh arising from Czcesses op ant Eir*. I DOME, II AFBLIOTBDI i TBT SMOLANDBB'S. J TAKE NO OTHER BUCKO. I Bold by all Apotbecarlee. Friccfl. D.BABHBB A CO., Hew York, and BABHB8, WABDAOO , ew Or leans, Baotbern AgenU. BOBLBIOH A boobbb, Who lea ale Brnggiata, Boeton, Maaa , I ttaneral Ageata. lab 14 ly COLCATB A CO.'S I winteeboap. i Becommended for chapped habb* and for general toilet use daring cold wsaihbe. It may be I obtained of all dr agglsts and f?m?.y goods dealer*. I feb ?-eoly I DANCING. pBOFB. J. W. A H. p. EBE1B' BAHCIHO ACADEMY, Pannay lranla avenue, bet. fitta and 7th ata.. Ji Oppoalta Metrepolitau Hetel. I Hew Claaaea forming >?very evening. Those da- I siring to enter oar claasea should avail tnem I altas of thla opportunity. PreperatloBf, will be made is tbls Quarter for I our annual May Ball CIi solars can bo bad at J. F. Ellis'and W. Q MetassEtt A Co.'a Mualo Btorea. The Hall can bo rented for Soirees, Ao. Days and Hours of Tuition : For Ladiee, Miaaee aud Maatera, Tuesday and I Saturday afternoons, from a to 6 o'olock. Gentlemen a Classes, Tuesday and Friday eve- I nlnga, from 8 to 1? e'olook For further Information, apply during the boa re I of tuition, or addreee a note to the Academy. Quarter eoasmeneing with the first leeaoa. ja 8 IVf A E 1 H I ' FASHIONABLE DAHOIHG K. between ptb and l?th streets, JA I This acadetny la now o*ao far the receptlon of pnpila. ? Day a and honra af tuttioa for yoang ladiee lalaaeaand maatera Tueadaye, Thursday a and Satardaya, from to t p m. QentlemeB's clnaape from 8 to 10. aama evsnlnga. I B. B ?Private 1 netrnotion given to aatt the con- I sentence of the pupil . mb [V1ASQUEEADE AND FANCY DBESS BALLS i"l AED PAETIBS. The nBderaigned .would moat reapectfally in- I form the ladle* aaa geatlemen of Waahingtoa I city, and the Diatiiet geaerallr, that he Is at all I times prepared to furnish parties with Masquer- I adeand Fancy Costume, either on loan or made to I order. He baa taken room* at the wellknowa I fancy establishment of Cbrictlaa Bnppert, Es-i . I i'iU7th street, betweoa D aad B. whera ha will b? I hagpy to await orders. < HABLB8 BEBO, I lata Oostamer at Ford's and Oroyer^a >a8-lm* Theater*, Washington, D. 0. w?t ***"$ > Bhow Base Manufacturer. School FnmltnraUA. and Honaefurniahing Wareroom* Hew aui M| I Wi Furniture, af all deeerlptlona. bought f T| I and sold. Bayiairlag, CpbolaCering, and Yarnleh I lagdone at the afcorteet notice. Soatheaat sorw I aftth aud K atroata north. Ho. 13 dslila I gOSTOH MEM MACREEEL. hom Borto* dlr*!t*r9n ^ w MBB0 MAOEBBBL, and which rarely find their way to thia market, I being used asstly lor bpaae oonaumption. a* they I ba^ trimmed of every 9*t hut the m?t I Malawii. the klta eootaia vory much morathaa I sweat* JOB* ebceived TATBB A'sELBTV, a. iV3 Poawavlanla avanaa, I . A lot of LADIBS' OLOAKIJVOB, which thoy are offerlag at vary low price*. aoM tf I p E ? 0 T A l>~ T-T? TEE EATIONAL rWlOH IESUEABOB COMpany or Washington ara ramoved to their Mow 01c*. Bo. 71 LOVItlAHA AVENUE. Ftrat dooroaatof 7th *?. I D I B lot Oil: Cbaa. Eaap, Pr^t, Ooa. W. Eiggs, Vice Pre*?t, I I'stsSS' ? ssartusr."'fj.'Mair*' d??-JP' B^BLE P. LA EH BE, Bocretary. I QTTO JVILEBBJ-PLAEOB AED^CABHAB* E EEEDHAM'fl PAELOE OEQANS. ^KrisSsi'l & -4-:V bo IS 4m" . D BCBPTIOE LDXCBIEB Jaat received, a large T*ri?ty of axtipiaa aaa?; Ball Cor, Yl.aya. aadi4>fcit. I TELEGRAMS, tee. The sheriff of Obion oooity, Tfna'iwr, con* firms th? murder of two deputy sheriffs of tha1 cennty, by the same inhuman fiend who as. rassinated Senator Case. The murdered men were staunch Unlouists, and the murderer a th!0 ^ fD*rrilla The awful trigeJy wm ?I! vLminat,on of a bitter political feud rr<?J~J?a*'V8t*d s,nc'> tbe war- There is cou? nAon <he subject, anci the L**U. ' tore will no? be likely to mince matters in passing a stringent l.>yal militia bill. A iiew gold Held baa hqeu discovered in the Weddin Mouataina, about two hundred and #r hh,K from syrtn'T- N?w South Wales Jhich the (?o-^rrment ' Thiils *at? will (h? thifi0!???110 a ll,r*e nnmber <?f per-ons for fL?"r V*rp- The is about h through bard soil, and the holes botperdlsb ye,dln* an of five grains Advices from Valparaiso to December 19 pive a confirmation of the rumor thatJChili has refused the mediation of England and France

id the Spanish question. The Sou h American Congress ,8 to meet at Lima, an ; all tb? repuhucs that have not given in their adn. *,oii o the league are to be >nvited. The bark Te. cumseh, with sixty cannon for the Yaln-t paraiso fortifications. Lad arrived. The Denver Xewt letrns from an exploring r*rty which recently as^-nded ColoraJo river that that is navijtable to the mouth of rol0ZJrW~*iCh " la 16 * boundaries of olorHUo. 1 he vessel used by i .? exploring lnrKe. *>nou*h 10 have carried four 6u h boau as ihat used by Lieutenant i\es when he explored the river. The of St. Hyacinth, Canada. says: "The Irish, like the French Canadian*. bav* many reasons for detesting Euglaud It. .. time the IiMsb and French Canadian's shou <1 show the Hhgllsh that they are not det.rowof ,? ?a ??nanc'' of Irish power on th^c!n. ftnenf . The happiest day for us will be when WM are freed tberefrom fore\ er." Trouble has occurred in South Carolim, onposite Savanuan, Oa? with the negroes, and the I nited States troops are there to pre*>-ve order. No actual collision has occurred vjr It is reported that two to three hnnrtrcj ne iT^:LT" ^ l? r^lst 'J?ctment from The imports at Montreal, Canada, last year amounted to (K?, (?tu, and the exports to * . ?0.0<X? The increase in the valne of imports over the previous year was skmnnlooo ^h? itoiUViSr ' tor itu-pre. The Senatorial t impaign in Kamu ie ?k^ mo*t' acltlng ever 'fuown The Pacific Kailrord Company ht ve combii ed with Klair to defeat the Kep?bl,cans. The prospect. Jire that two Radicals will be elected. The Leris lature will do nothing nnM the contest,a oveV. tUL Hhu htiiL^V l"renty-?ne vessels, containing 60. ?0 bales of cotton, are detained at the bar br.ow New Orleans, tor want of water, is cref I ating considerable stir. Vigorous measures will now be taken to leepen the channel An explosion occurred at Dullard s m.ll in HuN.rrf\W1f?Dn,y' Mi3K ' kllIin^ * or Mr Hu'lard. a person named Sykes. and a co;J-ed tatally Person was scalded it is feared 10 lbe ^?cember stau? that an attempt to assassinate the president w*** Canan?nTtKe k'*1" 0t '** *',h lMl?mNr in ( allao. The shot pasted through his sleeve ?'a"Ji88111' a Chilian. has uoi been arresusn The Missouri Legislature has passed re?n "lr8,?Ppr?T,n,E tll? L*tionmg of troops iii Lafay?tte county. The report that more tilled.Were Se#t l?L*afayetU?county is contrai>';tdrhrsf?:;..isT'"' ""!c'ed-j ? The ban t for r u.ted States Senator a; h rank fort, Ky., Saturday, resulted ^ f0n0vrfe Powell, 45: Speed, ?. Davis, 43. The Salt Lake VidtUe teports the massacre of nine men <n Southern L uth, ou the euthth Inst , by the Indians. The tobacco ra^n of St. Lonia send a deleration .o the ioha?co convention of manufac turea to be held here, February "?"???acTheSt. Ijiwrence river is rising, and there trsal 01 ltP floorlin? city of Mou_ ^ . Maryland Legi?|atare Id the Maryland Senate on Saturday a roso- I uiionwaa passed,and was concurred In by Honse of Delegates, pro riding for the ap^ poit mentof a wint committee to consld-r what legislation is necessary in relation to kennlnV bv*ie"bl-hef j?'"""o^ fw from obstrucUof J by ice. lhe Judiciary Committee reported a l bill repealing and re.enacMug with amend 1 wri'tt!rft<A,/e art,c,# 01 tb* relating to the I writ of halt at corpus. The Finance Commit. I tee reported an appropriation ofS^),oo? in lavor I T hi ?? ^ "Disabled Soldiers Home" I The same committee reportedacainst tberasn to suspend paymeSTof !!?. 1 to ferni'r,,aT? ?Hated or drafted nto the army The minority of the Commit 'l,>ct,one sported in favor of Dr. Ohr s I right to a seat as Senator from Allegany county. I ier e*,,nK 'he House in joint convention I u""d SKf^fSi *7 P" x** Governor for bis correspondence with I the President, (Jen. i irant 4ud others in rela I Uom to the late election in the Stat" ind th^ removal of the Police Commissioners. The I Baltimore Police bill was reported. It proi* Commissioners, oae for each Legislative District, to beelected by the Leel?. I lature, bit does not name them. I Lodihiama ?Owing to the hilars of the cot- I ton crop, planters are willing to sell a portion of their large tracts to Yankees and nicrers la many cases, farms and parts of farms hare been sol? to the slaves that formerly worked on them, a little cash being paid down, the bal. an?e in cotton to be grown in lntnre years but Li nV"* ^ the State, life, and especially black life, is terribly insecure. Murders of the poor blacks are so common that they are scarcely noticed. Civil law there is, but no justice. In Uistissippi parts of Tsanessee and Ar^an,?' Vwie" m'B ^nd no hotter chance of justlc- than the negro. Lonisianastands rather better; but through all the South the dlflicnlty Freedmtsnreiin' "xS?lent P0W*r ' ? the ireedmensDureaa. There are bat ft w of the counties that have an agent, aad without ta? military thsy can do but HtUe in aay county himwll * COQDU** a?eilt would ? he sate A Oipt "to Tun Poo it.?A J^ondon police- I man baying a claim for ^50,000, appliedtoa -I lawyer to isstitute legal proceeding, for its 1 recovery. The lawyer took charge of the I case, making it a condition that, la case nt succ< .-s, the claimant should giva #145 <**) ?o I his poor relatives, and tl^tx/to thsL^ndan hoeplUla. The cause was gained, and the pe- I 1 iceman has performed both conditlons_cST. WWXiO left him ample fortune to I satisfy the wants of a man whoiorallhis preu vious life kad scarcely any fortune at all. I A Oood Muavu.?Efforts are in Brorress I to induce the present session of the NewJer- I rT I*r ?*tnre to pass 4 law reanYrlJi tte feicing in of all wheels, saws, belting anifoth? 9T dangerous machinery in manufacturing ea I taklishments and elsewhere^wWch UU Utah are so much jeoaardiaed. This is a good movement, and will dp th^ means of prevent- I lag many accidents. i -VveraJ of the larg<? dry r<jode establish ! m^ita i! New York hayr esmbHehw a detect live torce, which i* epij-lorert ta look after the clerk? jThe ,d?t?L;i>e^ v?si: all sorSfof I pltfe*. aadil a_cl4rk uiwii wliare he shoald I ro be, a qusi dicuKtoai aad "no reaaoaa I given" follows ai once, which accompanies t*e apparatus. JCBT AS UBUAI.-At Fall River, Mass , on Saturday eventng, Bridget Pendergast, a girl If years of nge, was holding ? kerosene lamp, ^ hfcl,r"l't/ alT hlew toa dames down the chinneyaatf an aaploasou followed. Her c}otbee were sat oa Are and ahe was severely burnt bsfoee theftamea could beextlnamahad ^Wendell Phillip* aald la aspeeoh, at AI- I hahy, that If Southern Hepreaaatativaa were I Vl Con^r9**' would die tribute Oonfedetate paper to secure an asanmpUen of the Coafederate debt, and that be knew ooe Massachaaatta Efp^eaeatative who could not reaiet a??b aa argument for si* boars. jj 1 CO If G &EMIO HAL. Sx*ATn?Saturday ifwnow, the baakrupt bill betas undei consideration? The question waa apoa agreetag to the amendment* of the Senate Judiciary Commit, tee. The lint amendment waa to a in Ice oat circuit courts and laaert district court* la the tbtrd secuen so aa to make it the duty of the former instead of the latter to appolet register* in bankruptcy, upon the nomination and recommrndautn ol tba Chief JoaUca of the Supreme Court. Tba amendment waa agreed to. The next amaadment waa to strike out the words, "upon tba nomination aud recommendation of the Chief Justice ot the Supreme Court of the Uai'ed Statea." After debate the amendment was not agreed to?yaas 14, nava 16. The next amaadment waa to strike out tba following from the tbtrd section:?Ws canes ot disagreemen' between tbe judges of said court as to such appointment, or in case of vacancy in the off cm of dtatrict jadge tbe presiding judge of the Circait Court ehall determine tbe number of appointments to be made and make each appQinunenta. Agreed to. Pending the consideration of tbe next amendment tbe Senate adjourned at 4 p m. Hovfk.?Saturday afternoou? Mr. Stevens' enabling bill was discussed up to tbe hour of adjournment by Meters. Schofleid, Ward. Flams, Miller and others. <>? - . . A Very False and Truant Lever?a ThreeWived Railroad Engineer. The St I^ouis l>?-mocratot tbe 14th lastant tells tbe following Mory : Edward True was a gay end lestive engineer on tbe Kirk wood accommutation train, lie possessed tbat free r>iid ojien manner which, united witb youth. K od look* and asurplua of spending mooey. rever tails to win the bearte ot a certain class ol young ladies. Tbe good looking young engineer put up at the Kirkwood Hotel, where ne soon became acquainted with Emma Sou, the pretty ctian-kx-riaiiid of the establishment Emma was about eighteen vcara of are, cpruce in her dress and foud of admiration. It was not long before True waa bunstruek, and in an equally short time tbe Sunflower turned to him as tbe god of her idolatry. The result of this billing and cooing was a wedding. Tbe ceremony waa pertormed by the Rev. Mr. Mitchell, of the Presbyterian Church, and lor two weeks tbe honeymoon wai undunmed by a cloud. True brought his bride to St. Louis and sent her to a boarding baase on Seventh street, near the Pacific depot, atid viaited ber regular wben be came to the city. About two week* ago tbe inconstant engineer married a Miss McLaughlin, living within a mile of Kirkwood?an innocent, unsophisticated girl ot htteen, living with her parents, who are people of respectability and worth. On the wedding day Dennis McLaughlin, tbe brother of the bride, a steward on tbe river, returned heme from a visit to Odin. III. He bad received intimation that True had married at Kirkwood, but the bridegroom told bim it waa only a sham marriage. Tbe knot had been tied by Mr. Mills, ot Webster Grove, and could not be untied in a day: and tne brotber told True he should have nothing to do with bis sister until tbe matter was cleared up True and McLaughlin occupfd the saae room on tbe night ot tbe wedding, leaving tbe young bride ?? weeping, uul and lonely" in tbe bridal chamber. Knowing his own guilt, True made an arrangement witb tbe bride to meet bim at tbe station tbe following day, and tly witb bim on tbe wings of love to ?ome sunny spot, where hard hearted brother* come *ot, and parents are unkaown. MeL.-tughlin and True both came to St. Louis 'he n. .\ t day, and, a* tbe former was getting on tbe train at 14th street, be saw True, who, on g*ttiiig sight ol bim. jumped otT. and in this wav th?- contemplated elopement was frustrated M Lauihlia bad nworn to kill True H it turned out that be bad wronged bis sister by marry- j ng ber while be had aaotber wife, and for | this reason the last engineer was anxious ro avoid the brotber of bia victim. It was ascertained. i^y^sri ?k?, T??? m ?(? mist: and several daya ago Emma appeared before Justice Cunningham, beiore whom a complaint was filed, and tbe officers were sent to arreet True, wbu failed to flad htm It is said tbat be baa left the city, thinking, doubtless. How bappy could I be witb either, Were t'other dear cbarraer away. it is raid tbat True had married a young lady la St Loui- some eighteen months ago, and that, previous to that time, be bad married a gul in Illiacis Wavrs.?A physician el Bordeaux baa made a discovery ui regard to tbe waep. Galianani reports it as follows. The wasp is stated to be a ueciared enemy to all poisonous flies, tbe sting of wbieb causes carbuncle. it also destroys aa immense quantity of mtaute worms tbat get mto fruit, and when introduced into tbe stomach may cause great incda venteuce. and even' Lastly, our Bordeaux iiractiUouer a??ru that the suag of tbe wasp s a sovereign remedy ior gout, sciatica and rheumatism. This may noduubtbe explained by the principle of counter irritation; but bow doea he apply this remedy? It seems that this is hie secret, which be la not willing to divulge. Let ue, however, henceforward desist from destroying an insect which, however annoying, renders us some useful services. T'Misa Mary J. Thompson, daughter of P*- ] terTbompsoc, a well known Scotch liquor dealer of Cincinnati, recently deceased, was murdered on Tuesday night Miaa Tbompe^n was tbe mistress of William MeLaughlin. a I prominent builder of Cincinnati. The wife of JfrfjBugbtin went to a bouae on Baymiller street on Tuesday night aad found ber bus- 1 baud and Miss Thompson In bed together, < which ao enraged ber tbat ebe seized a poker < aad inflicted woundr- upon Mlaa Thompson i tbat eaused ber death in a few boara. VOn Friday night three robbers entered tbe house of Fletcher Willis, at I'nioa|Chapel, < Clark county, lad., and aeiziag Willis demanded bis money. Willis refusing they took < oil bt a shoes and stockings and held his feet to i the fire until they were shockingly burnt. W il- j lis finally showed tbe robbers where tbe | money was, wbicb tbey secured and then de- j camped. Tbe amount stolen waa gtMii. m?~A farmer who lately died near Montpe* j her, S t., leltg&uuo in bia will to bia wife, to be ber property aa long aa she remains unmarried, and after ber death to be used m , erecting a monument. But if the widow gets ] married, she la to have only g.uoo, and the remaimngfMW ia to be expended on the monument. J Tbi Hrxosa or Pockst Picmiro.?A few aights since aa the sexton of one of the Re* | London (Ot.) churcbea waa ringlhg tbe bell i lor 9 o'clock, a stranger dropped in aad wished to be "showed about tbe church." Tbe sexton , took bis lantern and ehowed bim very politely about, bat when the stranger had departed oat of night, he learned that he was minus bta watch. Th* J ansa Bivnn.? Partiee from down the , river report that at City Poiat the ice is eolld \ from ah ore to abore. Near J ameatown there , were heavy fields of floating ice, and that there are several oeal-loaded sohooners and several . oyster boat* bound to thiaport, waiting for navigation to be resumed.?JiucAmumd Timtt NT In Haarlem a peculiar ornament of white < lace aad card-board, hung just outalde the street door, eignlflea the birtb of a child: and t lor the period of ais weeks after a birth, while j auch badge ia viaible, no tax collector of creditor ol any kind la allowed to demaad pay- , meat. 7~Tbe "eoclal evil" in Gotham includes two thousand one handred heueee of ill fame, j in which at leaat eleven thousand inntatep reside. In addition to theee there are tbnrteen . tbonaand who ply their avocation upoa the ' street*, or w#o reside in famished rooms aad ?i?>? ho tela. - 1 STA maaa meeting of dentists held in N>w 1 York on Monday resolved to raiae, by vote, a ' fond of t3?o,oo?. to enaMe them to reeiet the clalma of the Ooodyeer-Cumminga claim tot 1 license from dentfate who may nee the hard 1 rubber to the coatoe of their buaiaeaa. ? 7*a noted exbibuor of eanariee in Eng. laad waa detected In a trick by which he had < coma near winning a special priae. A ana- ? ptclon led to an fovea ligation, which ana Wed that the bird^ owed their beautiful color* to 4 VOeoxge Locker, of Burilagtoa. Iowa, I haa been Inaaae ever alnee a ahall burst vary * near hta hand. Anting his^term of service in the army. 4 %TA company haa aetaMieheft to Hwdsoa, M. J., for the manufacture of lead pea- 1 cila. The materta! n?ef If *11 American. aad the company bmploy 175 man. i The Mdhtraa) (Canada") lAraW ts publish- e ing a pamphlet agaiaat coalederattoa. It will I be liberally circulated to Eatlaad. c m 'l i rtas iriori * Lonc>, Jan 19-Eveaiag ? Up to iha present boar fort y-oae pfrw?> are reported to WW tost their liiMkfikf break in* of tke tr? on Park. Oifc?r* wko w?n a mown to bo oa Ike lake waea tke arcutout oorurr*Ht aro till mlNiai Tko weather to iatoaaely cold, aad tho wefertty of tko aoneon bo* eo >(tra va'ed tbo diet roes of th* poor of Alia aity tb\t it reeulted to-day la abroad not ka iko sweet, bat tko disturbaace wee not of a eertoae cearacter Garibaldi, at tko roq neat of an American (rwnd. baa written a letter giving hi* opinion on ta tko 1'aued State# Ho anplnuda tko election or colored dopatioa to tko Maaaacb ooomb Ln??lature. and eacneetly exproeeeo kia hope for tko preservation and futare karmoar and natty of tko country, aad nrgee tbo President to oome to tern a witk UoapMa Paris, Sunday, Jaa. *??Tko Emperor Napoleon kaa issned an important docrao. It ordera tkat tka addroaa of tko Ckaiakora iu reply to tko speech from tbo tbroao aball bo dl?coo tinned. It groat* ta tko l^rtikOto body tbo right of oueeuontng tko Goveroaaon It propoaea tbat the effbnae* of tbo proaa (ball be tried ia tka correctloual courts, tkat tbo atnmp florin bo redaced, aad tbat tka rtjrh of tbe public to moot ia public bo.limttod only by tboaa regulations aacoaoary for tbe pablic safety. Tba decree conclude# by declaring tbat these reform* will bow oiowa tko edifice of a State founded apon tko national will. Tko mem her* 0f tba Cabiaet bare tendered their resignations to tba Km per or. Tmi?OTE,Jan. 20?Report* from Miramar *'ate tbit tba Empreaa Carlotta bad qalte recovered from her severe illaeaa. Vi**ha, Jan. 20 ?The patent for tko reorganization of tbe Austrian armioa will hot bo carried ont. Atrkra, Jan. 90.?Tbe Oreak Government baa aeat (General Kaberrl* oa a apecial miaaion 10 tbe United States A <1 vices from tbe laland of Candia atata tkat tke Cretans bad loortit arotbar barie, in wbicb tboy claim a Ticiory over 5,W0 Turk* Tba Cretan Aasembly bos i**ned a call to all tbe Power* of En rope To send i|?nu to t^udia. to witaaaa aad report tba condition of tbo country. Stockholm. Jan. JO ?The Swadiab Pari toment openad yeatorday. Tba Kin*, in hi* speech. *aid Sweden would always endeavor to rrmain neutral in tbe varioae' differen -o? between tka European Powers Matrid. Jan 20 ? It is reported that the Government of Spain 1* about to send PaaunOi Joni a* Minister to tbe United State* Rkbkb. Jan. 20?It ia reported ibat tko Rna. aian General Motiike ia stay ing in tkis coon try for strategic purposes. \ itSKA. Jan. Ill?The Porte baa agreed to evacuato >be porta beld by the Turkiab troopi in the prtBcipality of Nor Via London SaoWed I p. The London Telegraph of tbe 3d lust, describes tbe effects of the heavy abow storm in tbat city, which seem* to have been an unaenal occurrence: 4* The widest thoroughfare* were ao blocked by drifts tbat the passage along them waa but a narrow lane Hy ?ncb difficult roads toiled the wretched cattle, in sorrier pligbtevea than tbat which is almost their normal coadition and tbe cut of tbe lasb cameoftener and louder tban ever. Oddly matched wer? the stood* tbat worked for the nrat time together. Giraffe*'and frames' of all sizes pulled twoand-two, moat 11. harmoniously In every case of tandem it was ludicrously evident that the trace-horse had never been aeed to that kind of thing, and he was dragged along willy. nilly by the leader, ob who*e bock was usually to be teen an amateur poatillioo. Railway van* and business carta of every kiad were drawn by at least a doable complement ot hor*e-power; and even tben the wheels often stuck In tbe central and busier districts ot London, ibe >now was soon trodden into a yellowish brown mire ; and tba ebaraiag process, which continued throughout tko cay gradually converted tbe flltb into aluab tbat was filthier still. At the suburban ceiaeteriea, where fauerala are certainly 110 lesa frequent tka a they aro in other seasona of tka year, the graven dog for those to whom bo merry Christina* will ever come again were half filled up by the night s heavy tall: and there aeeraed to be a literal fulfillment of Campbell's lino, 'The snow shall be their winding-sheet.' Tko cold continued as bitter ail day a* it had be?n all night, though tbe wind lulled soon arter dawn Long Icicle* depended from window lodges and other outward projection* expoeed tally to tbe freezing atmosphere; and at last winter did bang out hi* ensign*, with a li*roe prodigality about which there ?oald be no miatake. ?lt would be curious to ascertain bow muck. or how littSe. shopping was done at the W**t End. Not a lady waa to be se?*n out ot doors and tbe chairs in tempting shops like -tin** of Lewis and Allenby, or Swan and Edgar, stood in lone empty rows for the spruce young men to count, because they'd nothing elae to do ft is a positive tact tkat manv tradesmen shut up 'hop at once, and gave their servant* a qoeei JOTt Of boljd* V ? i?l ?r*W faoo. ?W. trlcts conid have received a more dismal impression of metropolitan life -at this festive period' than he bad yesterday the oaavcNdable means of getting lrom the sight of Aaoudon snowed up " What CoRe-rrrt tb* a G**tlh*aii?-Mr Leonaid W. Jerome has given ts.iui ia (tatted State* bonds to Princeton College, tbe uiiereot of which is to be expended annually in tke purchase of a medal, to be awarded to th* graduate who shall be declared each year by a vote of his daosroates. to be the "first gentle. man in hi* class-." In bit letter to Dr. McLean President of the College. Mr. Jerome observes tbat he ha* not forgotten a remark made bv the doctor to Mr. Jerome* clae* 4rbil*t the latter Was in college, when the doctor eattf 4 1 oung gentlemen, with all your getting 1 advise vou to get a little manner* " Thi* re. mark. Mr. Jerome thinks, ia still applicable, and tbat the most pressing aeceaaity of Yonng America jnst bow ia the article then recem mended by Dr McLean As to what con*u. tute* the character ot a gentleman, the donor of the 16.000 say* tbat "due regard for tke feeliBge of others" lie* at the foundation of it. ThbGbbmabp?it is notioed that Germ an* hu^e settled in almoct every part of tko world. Besides being found in all part* of Europe and forming a large utu valuable portion of the population of ev^y Stale of tko Uaion, a large German aociety t* tiounahmg in Hoag Kong, m China, and Rio do Janeiro, to Brazil b:ta a population of 50,0U0 German. They havo penetrated to the moet remote region* of Africa and in Abysetaia have a flourishing colony. wbioh control* tko mkantactui* of gunpowder. and is regarded by the King of tkat conntry as a valuable addition to hi* people. Indn*. trtons and energetic wherever they go, tho (Jerman*. in all part* of the world.are held up u examples of thrift aad prosperity. Dkath kbuh Whipkby?In Norwich, Ot. Monday ^ entng, Thoma* Shield, while m a drinking 'saloon of that cltr. waa dared to drink a quart of whiakey. He accepted tho offer, the whiskey waa prodacod. and ke put it down. He soon after started logo home, bat fell dawn oa hi* way and waa carried homo insensible by hi* companion* He continued in an ubcobsciobs state 00 Tuesday morning when a physician waa seat for. Mo relief fonld be afforded, however, aad m a few bour* he unfortunate man died T'Tbe New Yorcera have come to the con elusion that clean street* are eooductoe to tiealtb. ^Eugeue Harkms, ol Lancaster, Pa., died of apoplexy, at the dinner table, on Wedne*. day. ^"Tbere are twenty-fire bald heads in Canfress, two wig* and fifteen pair* of moustaches ? boitft J'otL mrThe Petersburg (Va.) printer* will sot no nore type oa Sunday. aETThe Mississippi is again under blockade VTbe American Bible Society printed last rear l,ll?,25? copies ol the Scriptuiua. mrxtn New Year's Day, Mr. Ransom H. Olmsted and Mis* Martha T. Hale, of Eaat Hartford, were united in matrimony after a Muruhip of twenty years. VThe number of death* in New York during 1<TO was 26.-44. WA achoolmaator ia Indiana pulled a little ttoy'a hair, thiew him over a a love, and then :hoked him until be waa black In the fhce. 9TK *ckoolmaater ia Dahlia kaa bee a made o^paa damage* for brutally flo(glBg a paWler. J. Dougherty, of Chio^o. walked a kia aleop out ofa third-story window, a day >r two tlace. He aeror lived to wake ap. W 1 he Weotera Indian* are still aufferiBg For tko want of a geaeroa* caatlgauon 7-Count Bkkuok recently aaM: "Tko oager I am engaged ta politics, tke lea* ka-omes my confldenoe in hnmaa calculauoaa.'* WA colored man, named Andrew Jackaoa. mt down and died ta a doorway la RlekkMad ta Wednoeday. VA brother editor aaya tkat whoa ho waa n prison far Uheiing n justice of tbe peace, he oae reqoeoted hy ike Joilor to give tke prtaon tpuc. VOm night last weak soae* mecale m la. llaaapotl* broke late a ckarck aad carried off he lock of sacramental wtad. jyyfc* woaTher propkoU are altogotker oat ?f tkelr reckoning tm tho*r prediction* conoarn4*a oa tke day wkoa they aMd*Tt*wwniS ermlnate AST A kegro maa madeapnUcauon mi Tkura. lay la tkeSaperlor Court for Okntkam eeaa. ris<^pUoa^ndwa*ldeamdPr*CU?# " ^ Wr' WTAa ingealoua Boetoa meckaa>c kaa laeBkrd a tahM ky irkiok aa atdj nary vertical ircalar saw caa ka made aa *nw aat of all iada of circalar work ar fHka Uaoaaf nay anra.