Newspaper of Evening Star, January 21, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 21, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS. AMDSVMKBT*. ?c.. TO HIOHT. Wall'* Niw Or ana Horan.?First night in tin* cry of Mr.Xjrou'? tew coud; of ?liu,ui, ? Lien has ua?i pacta a lone run ia Londou and Nrw York. Tbf plot is one of lot* and m??M, and is well managed to make au etTecti?? pl?T N ATMN AL CRATER MlSS MlCfi* Mitchell Tor tbe first Hair this season ia "fl? Psarl of Savoy: or, a Mother's Prayer." Mnzwurf Hall.?Anotner crowded house on !??Mnuav nix tat to bear the two Peake families 8wis* Bell Ringers and the larger family, who, on account of their great success here, -will continue their performances for s few sight* more. Odd PxLi^twn' Hall ? Opening night or Bugresa and La line's Carni vai Minstrels, said to be a model troups ot Ethiopian performers, embracing eentT-four names, famous as musicians and w? delineators of negro eccentricities. ? MigftioBART AnaivaasAUT AT Wbhlit t'UAriL?lesterday was Um* day set apart for tbe anniversary exercises of the Mission, nry Society connected with tbe Wesley Chap, el. Tbe prt>gramme announced three services, r-gnlar n:oinmg lervue at 11 o'clock. Sunday School exercises at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, sud evening services at 7 o'clock ia tbe eve. amg. T-e morning servires was opened by tbe usual simple form pecnltar to tbe Methodi?t Church, the large congregation uniting with earnest solemnity iu the opening hymns and prayer*, and listening with discreet attention to tbe reading of the holy word. The sermon was preached by Rev. John McClintock. I> !>., of New York, wbo had for his theme. "The openings for the progress of Christianity and tbe obstacles in the way." Tbe reverend doctor was powerful ami convincing m hispleadings for tbe Church of Cnrist, showing that by it tbe world is to be Christianized and civilized. After tbe sermon a collection was taken up during tbe singing of a beautiml hymn by the Sabbat b School, and tben the large congregation was dismissed. At a o'clock in tb? afternoon the interesting exercises of the Sabbath school took place. Tbe meeting wa- presided o\er by the president of tbe missionary society connected with the school. Mr. C. P. Blackmail. Alter siuging by tbe -chool and the reading of the secretary s report by ,Ur. Tucker Williams, tbe secretary ot tbe society, Rev. J. H. Vincent, ot New \ork, entertained the school and the large araience by an exceedingly interesting address, ueliveied m bis own peculiar and happy style. Tbe classes of the school, which are foraud into separate missionary classes, with appro, printe names, tbus tunning the society, were then called on for tbtir contribution, which they brought up witb mottoes and beantful emblem*, as followsEnsign of Liberty society: emblem, flag, contribution #?; Hoine Missionaries. contribution, SI *25 Bishop Simp. >on society, emblem, angler's rod. line, and golder fis-b; contribution. #60. J. A. McC4nley society; emolero. a vineyard: contribution, Kuth society; emblem, figure of Hutu, with harvest gleanings: contribution, #5ti. Asbury society, contr.button, ft!) 25. Kob-rt Kaikes society; contribution, #8 75. Matbew Ware society, emblem, a century plant, with the names ot the priucipat founders ot Metbodi-m in America one hundred years ago, ins nbed iu gold letters on its leaves; contribuiion. #I*(15 John Wesley society: emblem, portrait of Wesley; contribution. #11.70. Peyton Brown society; emblem, a cross and -erpeut. contribution, 823.40. Our Sabbath Home society; emblem, a beautiful mossgrown chapel, with tinkling bell in be|. fry. stained glass windows, and brilliantly lighted, contribution, fcin. The Cadets; emblem, a shield; contribution #4 75. Barbara Heck society: emblem, a pair ot wool cards; contribution #!.">< Star of Bethlehem society; contribution #9.U5. Tbe Laborers: contribution #10. Star of Hope society; coetribution f'4 1.5] Lambs of the Flock: contribution #131 72. [This is the infant class of the school, and numbers about 11*1 members. Its contribntiou was banded in by a sweet little girl, who sang a little b> mn in a way that touched tbe hearts of all present.] A H. Ames socie-y; contribution 4.82. Covenant society; emblem ark of the covenant contribution #2 C. E. Walker's class, emblem, bouse upon a rock: contribution #21. Hoflman society; emblem, golden truwo and harp; contribution #25. The Censor soctety emblem, burning incense: contribut >* #31.55. Children of the Light society; emblem, a log house with a light in the window; contribution #26.:in. The Life Boat society: contribution #11.71. Chief Justice Chase society; ccatributiou #5o ho. Truth society: emblem, a iiibie contribution #3=.e2. Philip Embury society; emblem, lighted candles: contribution #10. Fragment Gatherers emblem, basket of fragments: contribution #tf. Tbe emblems, as they were placed on the stands, presented a very beafttiful appearance, and spoke well for the willing hands and loving hearts that originated them. Alter siugiug s by ma. the audience was dismissed with tbe benediction. Tbe Sabbath sebool has been very successful during tbe past year; its numbers have increased. and its efficiency *nd discipline rank it among the best in the land. At it* aoorntng service yesterday a rery interesting service took place in tbe installation of six new teachers, who had served three months on prwba'ion, and a renewal of their obligations by nearly all the old teachers. The installation service were mj impressive and solemn, and were conducted by Rev. Mr. Vincent. The exerci*ee of the day were intended te be concluded by a platform meeting, but the extremely inclement weather prevented the exeoation of this part of the programme, and tbe reznlar exercises were substituted The total collections for the year will amount te nearly #200. and would undoubtedly have been larger had tbe weather been more favorable during these meetings. T"t Storm.?Yesterday, about two o'clock, a furious snow storm prevailed in this city, accompanied by a chilling wiud, which drifted tbe snow in some plac-s to the height of hve or six feer. After nightfall a light rain tell, freezing or the surface of the snow siiu of the pavements swept bare by the gale. Tbe wind accommodated nuarbers of oar citizens atd incommoded others by shifting the snow, piling it in most ca*es in from of houses on tbe eastand north sides of the street*, and sweeping the other sides clear. On the railroad between here and Baltimore the snow was piled to a considerable depth In places detaining the trains for a short time. On our street railroads to-day, the conductors and drivers have had a hard time, and the comuanv have their snow-plow in active service. The drivers and conductors on *he 7th street line ot the street railroad were frequently reqoired to stop and rest their horses on tne trips*to the northern terminus after 3 o clock p. m. yesterday. This morning early, the sidewalks were being Ireed from the snow with which they were covered by the storm yesterday. The sanitary officers, too, were making their tours at an early hour, marking those who were trying to comply with the law. They are not anreasonable, and in view of the fact that tbe mow w as deep, and in many places bard to be removed, a few hours grace will be given to those dispoeed to eomply with the law. . ? PnnaowAL.?Henry Vincent, the great English reformer?who is now upou a lecturing tour throogh tbe United State*?is in town and stopping at Wlllard's. This morning he was presented to President Johnson, at tbe White House, by Vice President Foster, and bad an agreeable interview. Mr. Vincent has obtained an en viable reputation here, which luliy sustains hi* great popularity among the liberal mas.-es of England. It will be seen that be lectures in this city to-morrow night. As Mx Vincent returns to Europe in June next, at.d his time until theu being fatly engaged^ this is probably the only opportunity presented to the Washington public of bearing hia. ? DAnrwo Att*vpt at Robbkky.?John Hayden. about ttUeen rears old, hailing from Oswego, entered the National Bank at Port Jer vm. New York. Saturday, nvder pretence of K*uing a bill chituged Francis Marion was tbe only person in ih? bank at '.he time, and turned from him tor a moment, when tbe boy discharged a pistol at bun, tbe ball lodgiae |n a large book, thus saving Marion's life, the object, undoubtedly, was to seenre some baufc notes that lay within reach The boy, lor on* so young, bears a bad character, and'Is uuder arrest. Thb WaTEB Pirn* ?Tne season has been very favorable lor plumbers, and when th* earth is in condition for them to work they will have plenty to do for a short time. The greet overflows of watnr in various localities are not all caused by tbe housekeepers letuag the hydrants run; but m many cases the water pipes in the stre?u have trarsted by freezing. In several plates the basements ot dwellings have overflowed, and carpets and fnrnitnre been spoiled, while the side.walks were con. verted inte skating parks for children. ThiCakkital Mm sTRRLs.?Messrs. Barcess and I a Rue's Minstrels open at Od4 rajlows' Hall this evening, cad from tbe compli. mentary notices tbey have receivsdslsewh-re. we have no deubt their entertain men te will be ^ery popular here, particularly a* we have not had a good Ethiopian troupe ir. this city Sut some moii UM Ski Lin*. Ligucn I'aticiiaD. Robert wbitty wasarre-t~d last Saturday by Officer Boyle, of rhe rib ward, for selTlnr liquor withcut license. He was Rued fW W by Justice f Bo'well. . _j=; CITY ITEMS. Mr nr'iKMs is this state, is to bap npHf 'Mae etoUUag at KcoBtBt'i Ose PtiM Ctethilf Store. ou the corner of li>rratk street and RwrKMiamii*, wbea tbe prices nre marked in plain figures. . . Fit a *kcY we nay it, and frankly wd mm it. that franc arils OtoU' Furnishing Goods at prices that defy competition 494 7th street. near Odd Fellows' HaU. Mr OLD Pateohr will find it greatly to their advantage by calling at the new Shoe Store, r No. ?04 71h street, under Odd Peliowa' Hall. O. B. WiLftow. lm late of the Arm or Barns A Wilson. T ov*br a splendid stock or En* 18 karat Oold end Silver American Watches. Diamond Jewelry and Opera O lasses, 40 per cent, below cost, to close busiaeee. 6 I. Alxxab dbr, 940 Penna. aven us. 1 Vn Wrttb, Chiropodist, M Penn at., be. tween 4fc and tth street*, continues the successful treatment or corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, motes, vascular ex* creeencee, Ac Office honrs from 8 a. m. to S p. m., and 8 to fp.m. Established 1S81. For Chilblaivb and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price ft per bottle. For sale st4?4 Pennsylvania avenue. between 4J| aa d 6th streets. AHmtaPTLB OraB ? l?r. Gilbert's Pile in strument positively cures the worm ca-ses of piles. Sent by mail on receiptor 84. Circular* free. Sold by druggists. Agent* wuitM everywhere Address J. H Komaine. Mannfer, No. 575 Broadway. New York. 3; Pbkhibs can be had in any quantities at t&e 8'ar office counter 1*1AKK1KD. COLLINS?BCTCH INS. Id BtOrgetown, D. 0 , on Thursday 17ih lastant. If Kev. Fa'her J?uiiaon. 8 J., Mr W K COLLINS to 31ua LAURA V. RTTCnibB No cards. VANDERPOBL-CLABE t At ths First Wednesday, January lath by t->e Be* A I). Gillette. D D. ?r J.W.TaNDER1'OIL. of New York to BESSIE, daughter of the late Jee. B. Clarke, of thle city. Ho cards. * died. HELLBN. At his residence, in thin city on the morning of thelUt inti., JOHNSON tn? oeth year of his age. Tbe fnneral will t?ke pleee from U2D street, Thursday,Jan Jill . at II o'clock a m,to which the member* of Ike Lar and tin friends of the family are respertfMlly invited. (Chronicle and Intelligencer please copy! EAbTON. In Georgetown, on th? 2^th lost .of con?umptlcn, MATT1E E., yonngeet daughter of John \V . and M?ry A. Ba?ton. The frltTiQs of tbe family are invited to attend the fnneral. fr-m her father's residence. No. 11 * Market street, on Tuesday, the 2ld instant, at 3 o'clock. * The fnneral services of JANE R MATH EWS, eldest daughter of Edward T and J sue E. Matt.evs formerly of this city, will take p':u.e from the P.sltimore Depot to morrnw. tbe S!d Instant, at 11 o'clock Carriages will be there to rarry the friends of the family to Mount Olive* I Cemetery. * RB4NNAN. On the 70th Instant, JOSEPHINE, daughter of John and Catharine Brannau, aged 1 year, 3 months and 6 days. * | FOR SALE-4 Black MAKE, nine years cv old V* ill trot in three minute*. AU", a new Cutter B?ei(h. Harness and Wells Inquire Boom 13ft General Land Office. ja 11 >t* C^OAL IRON. AND OIL, or the Practical Am*rj iraa Miner; oelna a guide to oar mlne? and mineral resources, with numerous map* and illustrations. Price 87.M. ja 18 FEANCB TAYLOR yjASKB' MASKS I MASK8 ! ! A full supply, ef all different character, ju*? received, at ( HE. RDPPERT'S FANCY RAZAAR. ja 18 St _ No. 322 7th street 1:>OB SALE-COOKING STOVES from $10 to fit- Parlor and Redr<?om Stoves froin . *5 to .*8 Extension T*ile?, Washslatids. Bedeteadx, Wardrobes, Bureaus, Cane eeat Ch*lr?, Ac for ?nle cheap at ths MKWMi 1 FCBNITCBE BTOEE, 280 7th street, be- <? tween L and M. ja 17 St* Jilliho o o t . TO BEFIT. With a view to rebuilding enr store In the spring, we have determined to sell tbe WHOLE Or ODE STOCK, conelsting of HOBIEBY, GLOVES, and a general aaeortment of FDENIBBINO GOODs, AT GOBY, From thladate until the first day of May. FEED K PILLING, 999 Pennsylvania avenue, _ja 17-?t* neat to 11th street. piBE BOBDBAUX WINES. Chateau Margaax, i vintage, 1M1.) Chateau Larose, *' Chateau Lagrange, " ISM, Marganx Bt.ioc. OssUuc Medoc, Chateau Lafltte. U< 1. Chateau Leorllle, Cbatean Baa terns, " P -oiet Caaet, " " M Juliea. 44 For ?ale at reduced pricee bv E 0. DYEB A CO . 386 PecDSylvaala avenue, jal7 ee?t between lath and 13th streeU. QBOOBB1BB. BALL * PLABY. PLANT S BUILDING, Corner Bew York nvenue and 16th street, (Entrance an Sew York avenue,) Dealers la fine FAMILY OBOCEBIEB, TEAS. WIBBB, 1BP0BTED LUXUBIEB, Ac.. Ac , would respeetfully notify their friends and the public that they hnve just opened their New Ore eery Store, where caa be obtained any article usually kept in n Brat class Grocery. Without nttemptlng to enamernle our large, fresh and wellselected stock, we cordially invite tbe pnbllc to eznmtne our store a^d stock, believing we shall not fnil to fine entire sntiefhetioa to all who may faver us with their patronage. We eall especial attention to our aaeortment or TEAS and COFFEES, which have been nelected with great care for purity. Dealers will Bad a fine assortment to select from, and our pricee to 4Ult. Goode delivered promptly In any part of the city, jnn P-3M ?> BO FOB ALB FOE SOAP. Q/kt* Dfrvi Com minor* of Subitttenrt. I Washington, D. C., January 18.1?7,( Sealed Prupoeale, in duplicate, of the form tor ni-hed ay me anUerslgned, will be received until 'lCESDAY, the K4 itt-tent,at IS ui., for supplying the Buheistence Department with FIFTEEN TBOl'bAMD i I3,no0) POUBDS OF 800D BAEB SOAP, to be made by boiling from only good materials, free from day. soluble glass, er other adulter a none, to have ao unpleasant odor, to eon tola not more taea twenty bve per eeat. of Water, aad to be well dried before packing. Tebe delivered asfoHowis: One-third (K)on or before the lath of February, one-third (Si on or before the Mth of February, ane the remainder oa or before the )?th of Mar eft. IM. Samples mnat be famished with the propeeals, to which a copy of this ad vertleemeat mast be attached. Bexee So he well strapped with hickory etrnpe: the aaaie ef the eoatrnctor, date of trans fer. ae well as tbe contents, wtth gross, tore, and nst wright,mn<t he plainly marked on every path *Re? Ths soas will be carefully Inspected before It n received and compared with the retained mplee. Verification ef weicbt of package will be det?rmlnedaa deelrad by the andareignad. who *111 also settle all dueetioaa with regard to caali ty aad eoadlttoa. Payment to be mnde ns soon as the article Is received a? satisfactory; but twenty five percent, will be reo rved from each pay meat aatli the cempieiloa of the cnatract. No ailowaace for packacec. It will be received at the So be is ten ce Store houeee la the Moosaent Let. aad 6th street Whnrf; or at the BaKtasore and Oalo Ballroad Depot. G. BBlalaa '. ja l? St Mater and 0. 8.. V V A. A. CBOXXB* .. EASE BhLL AND SEATORIAL HEAD QCABTBBB, Dealer la Impcsted Cigars Alee, the following brands of DeaMstlc Cigars: Tulip, Judy, Puff, I uleo keep a Sue aseertmeat or Tobacco. Meersehaam aad Bflar Wood Pipes, aad Fancy Articles. A large aesortmeat ef Me ftaast and beet BKaTEE. de II BE I^EBTLBMEB'B BEADY BADE CLOTBINV " AND FDBNIBB1E0 GOODS. Oar stock embracce a large variety ef the fluent aad best quality of OTEECOATS, DBB88tfGXTB, and BDB1NBSS SUITS, ever offsred in this city, which we nre closing out at lees than New York pricee. An opportunity le new offered ear customers to ewpply themselvee at tbe lowest rntss. WALL. STEPHENS ft CO., ? .... .... '*-** Penaa Ivania avenue, jn??tlf |Intel!.] between?ra and lotb its. tuary; A,Story of the Otvll War. hy BichS; Illustrated; 8<^ Eleslag the Bed: A Novel, by aolf^* FEABOK TAYLOE I \ ; >MpjiaHiST$, W*TIOWAL thkatbk. Penney!.*** >wm? mm WtllonU' Hotel. . .. . _ M^lltg NTORT r-kimri*t *f*thT"V* * P: . "V lUit EauuTSUrtlo** "a ^ MI8B MABGfl MITCHELL, upporUd bp WlMMroMur and ^ X>w?,fnl * TBI FKaRL or RAVOT; o*. a mot h> it'a mAiii, WALL'S NEW OCUlA HOCIC. B PBlZiaP^ rfOFUWOM. B. B. PHILLIPS STAOB MANAGES Door* cpea .t 7 Perform mo* commence U 8 JiSdJMjr" ' ? WBBAt ITISIKQ, Jiootry il. IJff, /.Wt#r.T^i2 ofc.ref.l KM?r?tton. they will pi*. t*M. ei'mM*4 M ** t"i*lnal Oomtr of the B., ' . ?100.000. m^.B^.V.^SSJ'A'SS ? Clroi.. 7? cent*, " ?c?u KWl??E* cle,? rente: OoteredClrele. ? ?52! F*?"' 01 r AUlTZEROTT HALL. UNEQUALLED SUCCESS. MONDAY EVENIBO,, And evoryaraoJaffd tiring the w??k. OKAHD CONSOLIDATION of the TWO PEAK FAMILIES. SWISS BILL UIGIBi, Aaeiated by the BBBGBB FAMILY, Vocal iata. Iierpiat?,.nd Pl.oletf 23 PERFOBMEBS, 380 SILVER BELLS THE LABGB8T TROUPE OF RRLL'wa IN THE *OHLD **NOEBS Ticket* .. .... a? _ 4 K?r?rud frewi ra .? Ticket* for ?>tle at M*t7.rott" Bnale*Mt at J?t>o F Bin.' SOB Penii'a .Ame.whera?AB,d can I e eecnrtd three da>e in m1t.dc. Mate OBAND MATINEE ON SATURDAY AFTER qouH jan u ODD FELLOWS' HALL. 7th Street" FIB8T~FlOHT Of the Champion Troupe or Amoric.. BUBO ESS A LA *t^*?8^BNIVAL MIN. Twenty four diatimroi*hed Ethiopian Artier*. IN A NEW PROGRAMME, tii Comediana. including the treat PUBDY AND EUAN. Four 01'.K Dancers, the champion. of the ?orM MIKE BANAME. NED WEST. ' and the wondrona I'TIOA BOYS M.rtelloua Vocal Quintette. SWEET, CHURCH. BHABDIST, WflEtrnw AND CARTER n,"OS? NED BBULABD8 MAUNIK1CBNT 0BCHK8T R A. Everything entirely new by the L.rrett .nd mo?t p^rUot Company and met extraor.lin < ombin.tlon of Instrumental, Vocal. Oemia an? Ttrpaichorca. Talent erer confederal^S "u? LITTLE RABEFOOT SOFTLY O EB TBE BIPl'LING WATERS CAMDT 8HOP * WHKN TOO AND I WEKE TOUNO PKBAMBDLATOB REFUSES. ACTON AND JINJ W8 ^ PHILH ABMONIO QUADRUPLE CLOO EX BB013ES Bp th.? lonrCh.mplo^g BURLESQUE BALLAD HAMLET PIOOLO SOLO. STUMP SPRBCU-EAOAN DOUBLE ESSENCE - . ? QE8BPPUS. Tirleta. 33 .nd 30 Ceuta Commenf .t 8 o'clock. j|? PERSONAL. (\ A??r*h?n<HDf that dr.fta drawn ^on',er???y b. Offrred for negotiation in or 7.S:b'n??oa. Mr.. BTILLWELL of Z.nea Ue nit ii'lS'*?"11 *roP"r *? *hn? notify the f.b* En" J th'-VSrlif* ?r. ^r#nce "one,'upon the WUI aot he Mcepted or p.ld by her oj.raonhe|Df .othorl/ed as to draw j. 21 j? * ' NOTiCE.-Brld^ Mil F.n.ral Wrettbi B >14 a eta, Oroaaea, Anchor*, etc.. p eaer?e<lin wsssas11.)wwjsiSsSS 1 HALF that baa be*n cb.rgec h?ret?for.. Bfin*; a practical Stamper, no tear noed I?N|#'*attln# wha? will yon. Qo aee him B. will p^. nid atm?. aN t pattern, d. U tf A^J? MhV* OBBAF ST&MPISU BUUMS op penile Patent Office, !*d lea wSmMoft^'f#duc^ ?" . ? T?r7 biS ??i2rE?.k-''"#* ^;;rJ5a^ rforVnUd or mbrolder,': ?=!VAm w. .r. Axn^^nrMSr j\i Mimo o* w "-??* hrouht of. di is tf ** Oottoa at r.dacel prices. Mo. 398 utb .treat ?<" auiA11 dSi/f?' I^ADIES LOO* AT TBIB. m?fLL?f\A!tD c**n **rEX AWAY. inMPlNa mTtJHoWoI^OBBAP P.u2t e?^ ^n8' ,439 n* alreet. o.poam M,r *} S?J*' ' e.i*. gra:is oa. 6oU?r aad ehai^atlc?' v*he aiaalla.Tftr .owna BS^r SlJtftE*'oXMSRS; & fiVo60;: v rMof^ iinuu (2 o TO ~ ? 1 W . B . M o 8 B s FASHIONABLE 0ABPET, FOBBITUBI ABD BBDD1NO STORES, BOS. 331 A 819, IBTELLIOEBCBB BUILD IBU.OOBBBBTTB ABD D , AND "? fTiZrU WBBBT.TUBBN'S BCILDIBO ADJOINING ODD FELLOWS HALL, ABD EX.AMIBB TBB FINEST A880BTBD bTOCB THIS SIDE OF PHILADELPHIA. <la?ifa. in PMUd?| pbia. New York. ?td BmIob The slock Is e.l?*Ud by Mr. k<MM, ..d boajhtTTth* 7ow!I? SStZll'frVJk W mh impairTut SaTmTit9-Hla ft.aat Farnitara ia to fir?: MS?**' ?* " " ? - -"rtS yfesasi' ?' aort^Moek of OABPBTS, FURNITURE Be thf-ww*,n ^ Jfrto. U.t before going ^LWht^e* ter-a-w^prsj^'ssi snruLr?;: s'sjo^fisiaftitvisr ? - r-? a.iS ssl wd W. B. M0SB8. QBBAT BARGAINS T On.almost new OHIOKBBXMO PI^AN0 JjaBEfe OMJAMBB PIERSOB PIABO.aiM ,rT On. nprtght GILBBBT. fli?. f, T"V*? AS8rVnsr 1.? ? H'r-Tiatcv&!. tt* BAOLBB CO., AJBCtloBMra. ;""?s s? inssa^"ftss: 493 A T0M8LB iqo IB BOOTS AMD BATS. At 4 93 Ninth Street, bttWMn D and I. For th. M?t few weekri.h.11 ael, .toek of BOOTS ABD BATS at radncd trfM. BHIIm: off to redaoo ftort. STOP I BBAD f And then Mart Tor No. 493 9tk atreet ?wM ?A. 55?' MW#1' ,Pbtlidrlp*i. ,^1\a/d%nl? l^ct *"^".^ry Boon rMnark.hfy%w. B,%5 It (near* no obUtnllMi to *** th* ,00<U' __ K af>?Wfx.CBH^r~?n* ** ?*Uv* PIABO In T.r: witrrs." : , fhaul), or to do Ut tMabw voik. Cm |i" sr^v.^,:,L'a?2S?5"*1" SI1' WVRffwS a third toff FHONT Kuol- T?nM.lBdnd<i|thi two room* mad fur'-gx&7 AallTLM il VAMT8 A BOOH. f?r.l.fa?d ?f unfa rat shod. la o mM private family ia toe First Word. address Box 494 Poet Office Ja 19 M* ALL OUT UK BMl'LOYMBNT *hoaH aotfell U> ctli tl lb? Kaplorotit OSc? <19 Piui'i avenae, b?t weO>, i?th ood 1Mb lU. A.too. oU thoew in n?d of salt or female HELP. Bitoitisaa promptly filled. A?eafe waated. jilHw A WOMAN WARTKD to coftk.vMh utlroa Cm. ood do general hoasowork for a amaU faasily. w must mm well recommeaded ?ttor?lm and n?t apply. Anlf ot obco to 409 I* at., betweea Mb ood 1 4b. joJ? tt* WAKTIB-AToodflOAP MA EBB; om MM la tbcrouhlr tMitlntrt wi tb tbo butlaeds o oil Its britc(N None need apply out thaw ho coo |lto saBefactory refer eacee. *0B?AH A KtUBBHABT, ? !? ?* O street Wharf WASfli! WAHTBD'-At tbo Boorulting Office, Bo. 4bl 0 street. Bear Baltimore Depot. BBOBCITB for tba United States Army, jo 1? 1m WANTBD?Bow and Oast off 0U)TBINa7oM GOLD and SILVNB.or ou intor iriicio of value, ot toe old established Mat chant Pawn broker's gtore ol B. PULToN A CO., SO-Jfih at., 8 doors n<rtb of Peno* ar?nue bole Agent for BINGBB1> SEWING MACHINE,

de ? lr WANTED? 100L tltfES immMiit'lf, ta em Irider Yokes, Banda, Wrapper Toke*. Flannel bkirts Sli ppera, and Inlti?le To good bon la who briux aaaspleof work, good wages an 1 cun atoBt emplovBH*Bt given. Oall at tba new sta ap lug Eu-iW, 439 p?ti atreat. opp ml to Pa'eot Office. STAMPING reduced to PIV'B oents per width, do 16 If. WANTBD-10 000 LADIBS to ka>w that at tlie New Htamrlng B? m?. 439 9tb slre-t .opposite Potent Office. they cav hod tba beet selected aactrtUient of Patteroa ever offered here for Cloaks, Cepes. Aprons. J users. Waists, Yokee, Bends. Wrappers, Slipper* Pinctishioas. and Inl tiala Also.designs for Pillow Ctaee. Ottoman*. Ohair Covers, Pianos. and. In abort, sverr variety of Pattern* a* they aro daily leaned. We have a French Machine and o Fiactual Stamper, oad have reduced the price to F1VB CENTS PXB WIDTH. We make and oUmp (my pattern brought na Braid*, Silk and Working Cotton Tory low. del'If WANTBD-BECONP HANI) FUKB1TDRC Alao M1KUOKS. CARPETS. BEDS, BBOPlhO and HoCSKFURN I all 1NG GOODS ot every description. B BU'-HL'I 4(r.? 7th street. j>^'g-if l>etweeu G an>1 B, eae* ?ide LOST AND FOUND. C? r. WILL BE PAID to any ooe who will retnra %r*J to akill M PElIlt, 4>?V lltti atreat, on* black an<l IOu TEBBIEri DOG Aumtra to the noma of Pete. Ilaa on bis neck o ted Morocco collar with brasa lork. ja tl It* fit C BB W A KD? Lo-t, *>n th* id of .Ian nary, 1*?7, *V? ? at HKCK on the Treaaarerof the L'nlt?l Slotea.ho.l>. for .?.'S <51, pa%ahle to Timothr Ilattnett or bearer, drawn by P. Whyto.O M A M. ?. K The chock ha? be- o atopptd ot theTreaauiy, ond the finder ia rojneated to rt'tnru the a?ni?* to Oapt. K WIIVTB, ot Washington Ataenal, k? O. Ja 1? I OUT-Ob Monday last, a assail block and tan I J TEBBIBB, with snail white apjt en her biraat Very affactionote and timid. Hvl on a red^atrlped M< rocco collar, with a wlr? ring. A suilable laaardwlllbe given fer ber return to 403 Peon'a avenne, aonth sido, between 14th and ittb atreets. ia IS-St* ^OI| BEWABO?Stolen on tba nigbt of tba ??< " IM of Sk-iytombsr from tbo aramiaas of George Jones. Bear Bladansbnrg, a dark browa HoBoE. marked U. B and I. 0.; medium stse, mane and tall aomewhat sunbnrnt, has a roan noee Tba abova toward will bo paid If returned to GBO. JONES, oc> HyattavlH*. Prince Baorga*a Co , Md. fiOABDINO. FOB KRRT-ThrM PrBKI^HBD KO J Ms. ?iib Board, In privafe family. No. 4'il lOtn street, botwoeti Q aad U sta. one a-iuare weai of tbe Patent Oftice ja 19 it* C^UBNISRBD BOO MB FOB BBBT?With or r wlthoot BOABO. With Board for two 9^omontb Will be rentod for hoaaoko^plag, with kitchen privilege If daalred. Bo. 31 Pnnaa are., between and 2ith atraots. ja 19 3t? fkBB SECOND STUBY FBONT BOOM, with " ' BOABD. suitable for irantKman and wife, or twogantiaman. at 417 luth atreet, between 0 and B i a l*-3t* A FEW WBLL FLBBI&flED BOOMS WITH Are aul gaa aan be obtained nt 3?4Datr<-et, noar Patent Offico, witk or wltboat BOARD. Cbargua modcraia. - Ja 13 <t* C'MNTLKMEN CAB BB AuOOMMODATBD I with pilvoto BOOM on<l BOABD. with bom* made hiood and sapper at niaa in the evening, for ?-JA par month. Ala*, nnfnral^ned BOOMS to let, rf^chaap. 304 D street, between lZtn and Uth. AGBBTLBMAB DEBIBES A rUBNISBMD BOOM , with BeHrdlag, for bimeelf, wife and sob af 12 years, ia a private family where there are no other boardora. at a reasonable price. Please address Box S34 City P. 0 ,et?tiag location and price. Beftrenees exehanged, nod boa^d payable waekly.or monthly. jalttt* TABLE BOABD at Bo. 4o? mb street.aTew doors tsrB of the mm. Terms ?2* nor _ fa K g GEORGETOWN ADVKR'MTS. g=?Fm 81FFBAGE. Mayor's Orricg, I h ?t . ww?t>w,i1D. p.,Ja?. ill, 1817.\ Motlce Is hereby gired to all the malelahabl tante or thl* town above the age ot twealy-one J ears, both white a ad colored, that the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of this town will bo la opea aeeslon In the Mayor's OM e, between the hours of io a m. an ?3 p. m., on theUd. Uih.mmd nth days of January. 1?7, fo'r the pre&EfoJ?? a list oi the namoa of all tho persons they may judge to be qualified to vote in the several rotiag precincti or this town, and for lho reoeptioo of eridence of tbe qualification of persons clolmiac the right to vote la all elections ta this towa on der the Provisions of a lata act of Oongraae eatitUd "An act to ragaUU tbe election franchise in the Dletrtct of Uolumbla. ' All persons intereeted are requested to prose at themselTea in accordance with tills notico jn?l-?t BBBBT ADDISON .Mayor. HVM0BO0B LEOTOBB -"TMM *A U5. I1VB YlBOiBlAM," Dr. 0. W BAOBT, willdeliver his bomoroes lecture on 'Bacon oad reens, or Tbe Nat I ye Tirgialan,' in P or rest Uail, OtorcetewB, TUBSDaT BVBBIBG, Jaa. 32. at Si oolock. Admittance ft4 cants. Tickets for sale at the Bookstoree aad at tbe door. ja 19 3t* WM B. WMMATIaBTV PBEMltlk BTBAM UVBINB A ULgANSIN# BlITABLIffH Jetferepn stM Ooorgetown, D 0. Betabliahed 1AU, premium awarded by tba Metropolitan Institute. 1SS7; rebuilt M6.;. andi. aow by far tbe lamoat and most oompleio eetab liabment of the klaid in thie eoctioB ot country with a large sleek of tbe beet foreign and domeeMc Dyes and Chemicals; replete with every desir abb* Apparatus, and provided with the beet Tal eat aad A rustic nkfllto be obtalaed Thi sub eel ib?-r ie prepared to demoastrate to his cttatamers that pro-eminent as map have been his previous reputetioo, his usotta la BzcelsiorM la Dyolng. Oleanaing. and Befiaiehimt Ladles' aid OeBtiemea's Apparel, Bilks, Telveta. Batiao. Me riao. Clothe. Ac., Be meane to etaad anrivailed. Tralp thaabful for paet favors, bo soltoife the eo? tiaued custom of the community. mjr Ooods received aad retaraed b* Eipre^ with tbo utmost ?n?ptaoMaiid diepelfc. ja 11-Im WM. H7wHEtlTuBF, Dyer. ^yOBTU KB0W1B0. ' ' n ts wortb kaowiag that ttte greateet Bargains are to bt bad it MALM'S OTBAP DBT GOODS BTOBB, 101 Bridge street, Georgetown. D O *<v?k of Bleached rtloge and Sheeting, art lower prices than they re been sold siaee the war Bleached Mnsiias, MUH aod It?U ;good yard wide doj >i?fe. N eeats Rheetinge aad irc?a Mnsiias" 11S andtscm .yard wide do^Aand 20 cts. Merrimack and ether beet makee Oalico. ? eta Pine AliVodI French Merino, |1 Winter Drees Ooads ^eaerallj..BjBbraslag Pepllaa, Empress Oloths, P aid. Dolalaos Ac., at coot. Bhawla, Blaaketa. Flannels, Cloths and Cassimeree, Glovee aad Hosiery, at uaueually low prices. Call and asamlBC Usst^ ds31 3w* BBNJAM1B M1LLBE. BB NOTBIBO BUT THB BBBT Thomas* pibb tee ? tab tbochbs, for Oowhsv Colds and Throat Diseases. Special Ageat, KIDWItL A BOM, aad sold by aU druggists. ja 8-llt* WM uu" ? 00.? PI AH OB, FBUOa * M-MPl fo? ijU tad rent oa, eaey torma, at Ma. 498 Uth so i-eo4n>** ^*^yjB10gBBBACH. Soap amd caVdl/ bi%r&paotdbbb. ? The subscriber will bo pleased t > see all Bis oM friends and eastomess al his new place of bustaees, O- street aorth, bet 4th aod tth streets, where he will keen constantly oa hand bis pro miom Bosps and Csndles, aad will rontlnae to wi'ggjfB0OTB AMP BHOBB. er^wortoent oftadlee' aad Oeatlcmeo's, Boy %, BOOTB ABOBHOMB. Ja.n m"" ' ' I? atreet, betsreon iftb and ltth. near Star Bist, by QBO. W. BACBBS. lalim7^ for s4llj a#d &kmt. FOB BBBT~-Oae Hol'sB with all repine t?4 ralUr. *ae.*nd wafer, oa cmiiui Rill. bet. M *?d ii* '? fronting OB r?M w*. Iqmb; r* at Mr. MeVOB*ICK *8 rTocerretofe J?? 3t' (TSl m? two ?u>cr Brio* nm'(i # caaialning in mat ht(mi* ?i>m ijbp Si HK.?ltuli4nMilrwt ??Hh, fcittw O *?<! "rttMU*?t IxjDirtitiLicorHrn'ith tad F _ UM?-48#f T. HOLllDOS f?t>ra?rjr lit, tkm lahrBooMS. (or a?aa*k**atai UocatUa, Ne |?| loath H drart. ff} Bill: *ft ia Mtajaaraafiht ??>M M4 itract ?n. taiM |u par aoali. jaXJ Si* POB BALB -vrBBITVBB feraifc for #t>w ?fl BBICK HOPS* of taa r??ja* tar rant, with cm tUvatar. at >nth oaar tki F tr' Tk* Haatr h latwad rtHlr, ?ai lh* FurwJtare la Ik yarfact order A great bartm for ?aj oa? 4*>iflii| a aaat home D. L. WBLUiOO , lUaJ B<;ate Broken. _ _ oor?hweet corner 10th ad F ata. n^-Jl ^ *T*rmI ?retclaea FCENIftHBP H0T8Bs for reat, la goad lecatieaa. frwm *100 ia t*? W moath. ;a si -ot ^CXK kBNT I* GBOBOBTOWB?A tw-atory J BBICK HOUOB, aeraerof High aad latau. Beat Si* pet moatt. jal?r Fob BBmr-T?o (<<?? brick aeo8B*.tw? atortae bt?k; waif flrinheit, atreet ptrad. aid I UK* ad with gaa B. W. WILLSTT. W at. ?ou'h, bat afcaaAtth ja it-st* Fob bsvt-a two atary BBIOK UOl'81. aos I talaleg 5 roosia. opflMlte the RnrHt u DeyV-'Trn' ?? B/V^ ApVly to P. JUt VBM A L, IW 14th ?treat, tat. B a adT ?U. ja 11 St' l/OB HA LB The FTTBB ITUBB ta a kaaa* of ' It roma. very aaar oor office. Bant ot h >uae ?' ?er month. V I*. WILLS A CO . J* ? ? cor. 10th and F atreeta F5B BBBT?Two new FBAME HOF8E8 oa B treat waat, near corner |9ta They will ba rented on reaaonaMe terra* to an*rrati tenai'a Inquire at Office of JONB8 A COLLINS. 47? 'Kb treat, between P and B eta. ;a 19 ft* |/OR BALE?< Anlr $7.'0 e*eh repaired ? Beve* ral ewSetery HOI BES.Ie oiffereat part. oft ha city. Thia ia a rare chance fur portua* of lo18,oc",i 8TABB A CO., 4??K7tb at , bet D B. 19 la* F^OB BBNT?An 0BFUBM18UBi>~n0lr8B. with efcbt rooBta, tw.? in tba cellar. Apply on tba premiM-a, tfo.f Pena'a aveaua. between Uth and lOthete. ia l? St POB SALE?That i?at FBAMK all rooBU, on U atreet, between ISth and 14th treet* north. Term# ea?y Apply ta M H ILL, on the pieniieea; no uarnber. j? M-?t* I^OB BBBT?That dealrable Fnru label flOC^K Wo 440 Ft-treet. between Sth atxl tfth Bant S<?per piArth In ??la?Bce Apply 4SI Cth?tre?t. between F and Q atrata. Uaaaad water aud Piano jalfMK* li'OB BBNT? A Urea and eoBTealant DWKLI. I BO, with all tharoodarn laiproT>-m?nt? wltb or wttboat the Iniuitura, 11?9 Wmt atr??t. 0<or?etown Beigbta Po aeat-io? siten iunuedi alely. Inquire of Mr. ttBOBOB D A HrtuT. Trea?ary Departaeat, or on the preaiaea. ja 18-?t* | A HP FOB 1AL?. ~ TWKLVB ACKC8 or LABD. rnltabla for cnrdaiiing p<irp?aea aimated on Lbe weat iida of 'ba road, and about one emht nf a wile north of Fort Slornni, will baaoid at nacdon abont tt.a flrat weak in Fabruart . One week's notice will ba given ia tba 8t*r of tint* and place of tale ln<inire for partlcnlara of Dr. H. B. Mobia, <79 Pcnns) Ivania avanae. ja 17 6t* LBSTBB *OBLB^_ F'OB BBNT?Three near H KIUB HUdRtl.tlraa atorp. ob Bho<1a l?Uod *r#aa (>etwe?n |?th nnd 16th ata. In*nire No. 1ST K at., between iMh and IVta. ja 15 Of ?4 OB bKNT?One Urge three etorjT BBIOK HOUBK. containing aix rooma ?nd cellar; large yard, alluatad on therornarofi;tk and Qau . pm ^p In the yard Kent moderate- Apply to J. T i Star Office, or oa the preaniaea jaiS 2w |>OB BBNT?A wall Farnlabed PABLOB and r BBl> Htmmack'a oa Pennaplva nia aTenne, al>ore Willard'a. They front Imiae diately on tue Aaanna. hnre a prirate entrance, and are tha mait deairaMe rooma for rant in Waabington. Apply on tbe pmmiaea ja lit Ot 1/OB BENT Three atoryB It I OK ~H ?> U 8 B Ni 192 1 street, bat. 2i<th an 1 ^at ata., furntahed cr onfnrnlahtd, c<>ntaliitnM 8 ro?m?, ran<e in kitchen, with hot and cold water; bntb ro >m. aaa. Ac Tbia Ik ona of tbe beat locatlou* in Waahinxton. cloae to Ooyarnaient Departb>< nta Intiuire on the prtiuieee, or No. <i01 9th at . bet. D atd 1. ja 15-tf L^OB BBNT?A large BK1CK HOC8B. Ooh tiinlnf IS room* and cellar, with gaaand we ter; altuated at tbe corner of 7th atreet and Pa. aveuoeeart ofaoaite Wnllach School Honoe Inoulfe ol HEN BY KOTTMANN, ?AS lltt atreat ja 10 Iw* HOC8E ABD 8TOBB FOB BBBt-No. ?T? Pennay i Taniaarenae, between 3d and 4*. eta , a *<ry pronilnent bualneaa aland roaaaaaiou given Febraary lat Apply at Odeon Bali. ...? ? P WALLACE, jall-eotf Corner 4)fr at. and Penn. aveaaa. FOB BBBT?A three atory BBICK liOUSB. faraiabad, oa O atreet aontb, t etween 2d and Sd aaat. Capitol Bill. Inquire of F FAI BE A X at the 0<>aat Sarvap Odea, Oapitol Bill, between ?a.a> andSp m. )% is-aolm* N<?lCm~mf?ZJLIi"TOJi The waU kBOWB F1BBBBT on the Potomac riTer, thia a*aa of F?trt W aahiagOon vn the Mary laud aMe. hi water aud U by U>d Apply to H 8. A i? ' l?- . Peaa. avenue, between i), ar/1 6th ata . oppoeite National Hotel. >a7-4t?* FOB 8ALB?A OOCNTBT 8BAT ABD OAK DBB FABM. witblw ona aaile er th? city. Thia praaerty will ba sold low and on e?ay ter?., or ??.: IZJrSii "* ' vlrafsjflmknt_ _ Beal Batata Agaut, . . . Nartbaaat corner 7th and W atreou, J>? ? *_ Waahiagtoa, D C. Sf OB BBBT?A three aOory aad eaaemeat Brick * DWELLING HOI*8B, browa froat, water and gaa, tea rooma; ritnated ea 13?h atreet weat. ha^?aaB L atreet B. rOb and Maee aveaae, Ma. 369 laaalreatBw 20S wth atreet, betweea S aad 10 a. at. aai 4 aad o p. m. ;a 2 if IT OB 8 ALB?Several demrable baildiov LOTS f Is differeot aactiooa of tha dtp. Taraa, B|?) down, and 8It) per month fer tbe rewialader. For or addreaa BOQAB B WILIS, No. 389 7ta atreet. dtB tela* FOB BBBT?Two large aad eommodiooe BOOMS (on i rat rooa} ud nooii floor, coaiokobi aating, haadaomely fnrniahad and pleaaantly ait nated, at Bo. 9? Peaa'a aveaae, betwen21at and 2M itreeU AaH -aotf I^OB BBNT?Tha UOe BB8IDBBCB of H Q. ? Eaal, 4518 D atreet. ooataialag 17 rooma. w|th n&whl,m?tVZ TON BBLLBN. 374 F at. no 3D tf F?aa **iht roo*,t a aa I aareet. betweea al_ aad Si. Poeeeeaion laaadkielr. CLAOETT A bWBEBT. ja 1-MH Mo. 0 BarkefSyaea. FOB BBBT-Tba FABM^fortba iaat three yean the realdaBcaof Mayor TbeaahBoa Oaiaea, aoa eiatinc of Mwcrwr.lvlag near fort Mahan, 1 mile from Benning a Bridge. Imarovmeata, dwelling boaae of U rooma, atone atable, aervaat^ bonaee, bara, Ao Addreaa B B..'? di? B atreet, Waaa litgtoa, D. C.,oreallta poraoa, betwean 3 aad 7 p. oclOtf P WU8<lt-For lataaillato aala. one of at- tha beet located email earner at ore OBOCB in tha city. 8took and Flstnree new Apflfc1,?"i'akoll. bp letter, to A. B. C.. Oity^Pcjat CM>B BBNT?The 8TOBt BOOM corner of PT. J 4 ?Dd 11th atreet weat, ta the Star Ottta Building, formerly oocapied bp W. O Metaerott aa a moMaatora, aad recently aa tha of8oe of the Bational Bzpreaa oflce Apply to 0. B. BAKBB, Battiaa. daastf K70B BEHT?Two laiwe aad oaa email oommaair eating BOOMS, nafamiahed. aecoad floor No 134 Penn. av., bet l?th and Slih eta. no aa tf SpOB BBNT?Tbe 8TOBB Bo. 381 D a treat. " Mar nth. It fronte I mmedlately oa Peaaa X* ^ 2*2*f ?? Urgeat and moat conve fy.^a^s." &sygjsyjg- ra*? ^ KLLIBB OFF I 8BLL1N0 OFF I! aai Tlie entire atock of Ladlea', Miaaoa'.W^R Cbitdrea a. Men'a. Boy'o aad Teath'a BOOTS. 8 BOBS AND OAITBB8 Will be aold at privaM sale at aad bBLOW 008T PB10E3. JOHN ABOBBMBMM. AOA 7th atraet, between D and B atreeta, jalS-lm* oppoaiU Odd Fellowa' Hall. pLOOBI f IBDI A fall aaeoi I mi at of all gradao choice Flour far Baft era: quality No 1; price Low. Are the only direct recelveea fer SaUea Bill, J. H. ?*mbrill (not Patapeco) and Llaganor Family Floura la tbe Dletrlot. AO the latter brand baa been extenaively counterfeited aad aeld la thia city, we would Inform thoee wtahing thia flour by arraaaoinent wltb tbe alllara we fnrnlah It lower than ft can ba obtained from any other eouroe. Quality aacead to noaa. Price a fraction laoo thaa other f ret-olaaa Family Floar. Buckwheat at low rataa. . AH gradea of Weatara Flaar n atore and for oala law by _ w. B. SALT A OO., Indiana avenae aad let atreet, on aear Payat. ||OYV 8KATB8 from Mceatata BO, D MSB'S UKATSBfrom ?1.4 to #M, at tbe 8kata Depot. POOLTBBT ft TB1MBLB, Be. SOB Waat Baltimore atraet, < 18-Mb Baltimore. Md I? OB 8 ALB?Oaa twenty horee power aorta Me l4 BfSAM BNOIBB AMD 8aw MlLL ^uit completed. and warranted to glee aatisfactioa Alao. aevwrai yali atatloaery ENOIBB8. new sw^;ftpaas!!r.s8,.'?:kt sssi^srj *-,.ru5r' UlOUU A SB OODfMir Jaat waived aad for aab at oar wharf, at tbe foat olInuBB. 8. P. BBOWB ? BOM. 81*kf Bo.AAOMinihaO., ^iBaail^ Rsr'K?" at^haea recrived^afC^I|flR| I Uda7*rl U ^P\ S9"UBTXBBOTT SCO auct!<!)K .sai.ft-N ijj t*ardMd???a??MaM/hr?w?a.j gT ?UII * TILLUM,A>|> aim ' ? L*1f1wer-125^2! *rm-1 ? the nabec Khar. room* of Or*? S Wifllaam. wm r of ;th au ! iu atreete. In the eity of Wa?htege?a. tk? trp-t wf 1?1^ af Weahingtee. aamed tp Mi 4 ??r4 of treat Mac ptrtm tVrKt 0*1M " lvoi."?w Mrt.( Ivlt I M'l Ml Dn iu ' aab4l?iaie&, vitt U* improvMnaciie liar? t*JM iwh. lb* retnalader Ik eyael I month* *M liUfwt rry* Mm Oaf of Ml* ll? |?rtfeMral?(ai aotee f?rri? IwN Kfii'**t(. Nmhi?? by 4n4 of treat oa U? k*?im CviftrtacN m4 oo?t of to ke Mill by parcheMr. If lk? torwi M? Bot Cfm>n?4 wlili i? Cm da>e from day of able, the Property Will k* reeoid U the rlafc Ml mm wf llM d?Ailtliif f?rrh??M, ob |lviu three 4a; a "Wo tk* b> MrmiMMaiiii ??Wlt or -n e* this cilf. aHaZLAH rHDBRHILL, Treat** Jb7 I lot J GREBN 4 W14.kiAMtf.AMtt. (JT W. B. LEWIS I CO., AsoOoMn. GoLPea* SILVER WATCBBS. CLOTH IE Q.At THISFYRMNO MlsWook *1 Mnrr ft? |V( F?L?- twaHi under Rational MoMI, are Matl II. to par KjV'i m Gold aed kllnr Watohee C?otb?ng, On! Vry . an<1 Fane* Koode J? l> * W. B LEWIS A OO . Aucta |>I M K W A Lag A OO., AxtioDMn EJ Ho. US# Fa. m?., corner IMk atoiet FPBHITCBB A HP HoriBEEEPIKG tr 1OT- ''-SKSJ5. One ?X Cottage firtlturt, dhi It m? PUil and Drm Borttm Mid CfcM and Wi-ojl i?At Chairs and it? un *a?t?tan*? Tftbl<* Office Cfcalit lard* mKrltr Brn^UiVM< B*arf% m+m a?\ > aroe .a^nor all waai"*1; HpoSS*. h*?rliA?w Feather ?"di. Blank eta, (Jnlite. A< "Befcawini: Me. Mb* ThiN f #( bu?I I'Ut* Euraviaci Cook Parlor ui1 Red romKt.*.* Delf. OIm< *nd Crockery ware, Ac jal9Xt M.k WALBH A CO., An to B LEWI- A_CO , AattlonMra. EXTE53H E BALE OE DEY G >OP8 ItT OK Of TkUhTBS. TO-HOBROW. at 14 o'clock, at tftand Bo 3ai Pennaylvhi it mro*. ?e *aait sell (ha wbou ?to-~k roedalla* ,f g.ntr Uta of ever de-cri-u" J. Ott i.cod?, tioeteriea, Trtniu.Ibga. MuUaen Bibbona. Yeleet*. Fancy Good*, Ac . Be * bale cor.tii ued daily at.til ittek iaaloMil M SKt'ablC. TtqiIm J*a a WB. B LBWitf A uo . ASCS BY NAGLE B OO.. Anifie>twere 8WA Peanatiranla b?hm On TOEIDAY, January M at in ? clock llftlir k.NIMB.t?iUM con*i?nm?ttt. a Urt? lot if Beak eta, Brooma, Wuirpa. Utoib** i |l41 Alm, 10" d?nnjoi;n?of M?ortad LienoriUdo'n Pnuch Extra, t IV 1*4 cigar* K? (>ai<? Virginia Tot* acco _ A L?(l, The run titiuf atock of Ho d and 8fco*a ni >lk. Ca.bmore#. Boalerr And W auUu <io^u ' T'rua CMb Kk#I?l k CO., Aoott. BI W. L. WALL A CO., AucUoaMn Bturaa 31A and 3|?, ' g .ctb rnrnar i>nnt;lrault avanaa and 9th at SPECIAL AHI> PBBBMPTOBT sals o? a ubUk MOCK Uk SB^sohablk n/f GOODS. Be ..TO COY EE AOVABCB8 ? CHAHOBB 10 On TCESDAt UOBBIBU, Jaaaary ? Caa, n>?aan? at 10 aVlock, afad to ba 'ontiauad daH. nntilitba whole atock ii dlapoa sl ?f. we will ALy at our Amtion ho m., aahln tba atora^ a uSL atock ol Saaaonabla " ?Ar*a DBT GOODS, To covar adTancaa. Ao , compnaiof _ Helton, B'<aver and Broad Clotha French ai l Americau fAAcy aad otker (Uu. moren 1?| ptecra if ben brAnda ..f White ?le*c!ws] UoatAn *> piacan ol Cni iaai had Hottona r> piecaa of Wail ham Mllla 10 4oarter totae*tin*a |i0 niao a i f i ?ai trauda choice Pnnu 8? piece- Flue Fieni h Meriuoa. ribl.a! and atala 6? place*C<>bnrt: White and CvlaraT AlaLL L torta-l A'rarM. Hombarinaa 60 tffWA SiioUa PlAida. wary line it piace? Dalainaa?white, (tra> aad rod Opora Flaanela l.x; Fine Draw Gooda ?0 pieci a Bbaker Flaunela and Caatbrica 2? plaaaa White ati4 Col >red Flaniiaia Pi^oea Lickiaff Siarfa and H>k4? Fine Dreae Bbawla and Cloaka aad SI'k l?oau Large stack of Storktara aad Bait kite* Under ahirt?, Prawara. Wool J ark eta. Sutaeaderv tjne MeriDb Sbirta and Drawara * With a I ar?e atock of deal rah I a an! aeaaoaabla Dry Gooda. all of which will be poaitirel) eold. wltboot r?card to coat. We e#M tally call the attention of the trade to thia aala, aa it la worth> their attention ? W L. WALL A OO . Ancle. IJEILD1BGS JkJt AUOTIOI. (^ufQtucnfrmmtUrU Qgirt. Dt*m of Wtkintm*./ FaitiwMa, A C.. J *nnarr *i. .8C ( Will be Mid at public auction, on MONDAY January ta. at 12 a clock aoon.aader the auper jiMca of Brerat Liantenaat Colonat Jaaat I A 4, M the followlac bnildiaca: On Panaaylraaia aTeaaa, between EiAhtaeut and HlneteoBth atrMU ~ Two Portable Bouaea. Iol feet hixb.oM Uil fMt, the other ttilllaet. Al?o oa A at poet, between Twaaty Srat and TwMtr aeaoad atraeta Oca WarahoaM, ilxlJO feet Sea tbed. i?x4l feat. Oae Platfana. Wx4l foot T?ra.a aaah la Oeeeramoiit fnnda. raratBrtt On OHAB. H TOMPEIBB, Desnty Qaartaraaator Oeaeral. jaglSt Act's Ohlaf Q. M . Popot Waablaytoa. ^T GBBEM A WILLIAMS, AMtioooanT ALAIOI QUANTITY Of TMB F1BBST FKaBtb FtlMT GLASS UOULBTS, CHAMPAGNE WIRES. ABD Tt'EbLEU. alM, a magnificent aaaortsent of GERM AB YBBEA CoVta GOODS. oomMx ? fiABttlSO ' ABBS, la a Tariatr of ntyian, for the coaM'Taz& wLttWr&tWtK&ltfVFfa ???Im" PnAh" c Anc8tfaiT8, ^ ^ W*J Ob W EDHEBDA Y, the*94 taatoat. at 10 o'clMk a. is..we ahaM aell, at oar Aactlea looaa. the ahotra nanie : Goo4a. far oaah The trade are aaoctAlly iavtta4tc attend the aala. The fooda will be ready for iMpeotioa oa Taaa ddy murL.Li *?? * OEB1H A WILLIAMS. Aaeta B1 GBEBB A WILLLAMB. Aacttoaaera ? TBCBTBK S BALE~OP BBAL ESTATE . J?7 ?f traat bearing date oa the J*fth 4ay <>( January, IMt, executed ky Joba OolUna toa<e lor the benefit of JehaHarel. aad re corded ta Liber NX. T . Bo 97.folio iSi.Ac .one of the land r?-?*rde lor Waa^f agtoa oonaty, in the Die trtct of Columbia, I will oi1?r lor Mle oa the premKea. on FRIDAY, the idth day af Jaanarr. IMF. at 4 o clock p ta.. the north port af Lot Be IS. ia B<inare Ho. 8?7. la thooiUol WaaMnctoa. D. C . froatlag 11 feet tad i imam oa east ?- tk ctrMt. between A and B atreeta aortL aod .^aniBM at that width lo the rear, together with the Improvement*, cdhaiating of a amali dwetftax hoaae and at tier bu dluge Tarma : One half each, the hataaM ia $ aoatha. the purcbaaar to racaiea a dead aad glee hla note! aernred by a deed ef trail. All oaauieadw aad reeenae etomaa at the ooat ef the parrhaaer A depoeit of #M required At the da* of eale, and thetnMtee reeereea the right to reaail at the coat of the porchaMr If the lai aaa of ante are aot mompUed with withia flee 4aye. JOBH B. HOREIS. Traatoa. ??d. * W'.LL,>I"-I TBB ABOVE SALE IS POSTPOHEO aa til HOBDAY, the 11th day ?f kebraar> Mat, at the am? boar and plaM. Up order of the Trent--* jai? SawAda GBBBB A WILLIAMS, A acta. g! J. C. McGCIBE A OO.. AactloaMn TWO FIBHBEIBS OH TBB POTOMAl EIVER ATACCT10B. We will Mll.atanctlon, on TET'ESDAT 0EB1?Q Janaary ?4th. U o'clock aa ,at the aaetioa reeme. the pririlege tc) tab far om or a>or? jaooaa, tha two well known Fieherie*. White Boaae or Bellvoir, aad the Oppoaam BaM. both allooted oa the Potomac Elver Wood may ta had at a reeeouable rate aa either Mtate. Termaaaah. J. 0. McGCIBE A OO.. ja 10-StawAda | Bait. Baa | Anotloaaa^a. HEBEY OOL MAN A CO., ACCTIOB AND OOHMIStflOH MBBOUAHTtf, Noe 891 aad 493 Praaa. a v.. bet pth aad loth ate. ?a)ea at auction every Taeaiay, Tbaraday. ao4 Batard ap moral na aad arealng B. 0. SiOQMEE. SaiMBan. A fullMMrtment ef Dry Go ad a. Boota, SboM. f aralablBg Goo4a, ('rockery. Tia Ware. Store*. A? , alwaya aa band at private aala. Odah a4 aaca4 on con* i gaa>aata ALSO. _ WboleMla and Eotall Dealera ta Hardware aad Tia Wara, Staeea. Aa.. Boa. S'JT and 831. Tth atreet, betWMB M aad H. A large ynaBtity of OoveraaMBt atock. oaaglatlag cf BUnkfte.SneetB, riM owa.Sjii Ha _C loth taw. Carta. Baraaaa. Wagona, Wagon Wbeela. Who#. barrowa Trncka.Platfermttcalaa, OoaatorSraira, SS' Viyu'.kTy.'.t-ni r.y Biaroae to aaamer ate. The gooda are BMrlp aew. aad will ba aold at almost aoy prtM to aatt. jalf-lm xffj-jrwm s | ' mimmui M"""' DEPART HEbTS. Wa bag to Savfto a?r*frlas4a. ciUuafi^lak metre to order la tba m at aafenor atylV yjuat'* -v.^L r?.ra"?s?vlvr, jau vt 19% Pa. ate., bet. Pth aad Wthalt. <aha jff