Newspaper of Evening Star, January 21, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 21, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. | WiiUr Scenes at SUalrtaU i The inconvenience occasioned bj tto pif I en; icesm in the St. Lawrence. at MontreM, I are well described by a correspondent of the Boston Journal, who writeeaa tollowa. under date of lh* I Sib "Thoreau might bar# devoted a wnk of observation to the St. Lawrence, foi whether in wiiwr or iflnmtr, it baa aaaj enrtona habit*. In lommtr, at ordinary umee, no oi.e would suspect that th? collars along the banks were 1a any daager. and yet twice a year, spnag and winter, all goods alone certain treeta nu?t be remoTed from tbe basement tory, and sometimee respectable merchan a have paddled to their places of business ia a canoe. Tbe Koyal Insurance Dmldlnri were constructed at a great expense in order to make tbe cellars water-tigbt, ano yet a steam, pump bae been in operation some days to ?Jry op the concern.' The ice above which hxi just taken place generally occurs about twice before tbe river ia finally frozen aver. It is in this wise:?'Tbe ice which forms ia tbe first of the season upon tbe Ottawa and otber tributaries, comes fioatiag down, catches along tbe basins and shores, and accumulates to each a degree as to dam np tbe water in various places. Tbea tbe river rises in the attempt to force a passage, and tbe great dam is shoved alone. For miles the im ia knhu>aH in ih< mot rough and Titanic forms Just here at Montreal it is piled alone for several mile* at ibeedge of tbe river street, bavme come up over all the wbvvet. Thonsand* on thou? sands of tons are lying bare, sotneof it in cakes of a foot In thickness and of all sizas and dimtn?:oii? When the ice finally seta, and of tLis tbe initiated seem to know at once, the laborers begin to mak? their road. At beat, bow. ever, it is a rough one, and before spring the narrow country sleds cut np tbe snow that falls upon it. Into '(bank you marms', expressively called 'capoos',of profound depth. Tbi? road is used until tbe very latest p*riol in tha j spring, and as tbe breaking up i^sudden and ' violent, they ake boats across to us to be caught floating." House Fnraitnre. At this season of the year new carpets are often procured: cartains :tre renewed?that is, tbe lighter ones of summer are replaced bv heavier ones of dama?k, Ac., for winter?and often new furniture throughout for tbe room is procured. Now, we wish to offer one saggeetion to our rural friends; and as we are ail practical in onr table matter, our suggestion is of that kind. Before yon buy any furniture tbink of it* use. Remember ma: a shiny convex hair-cloth sofa, too short to lie down on, ami too slippery to sit on, may do for show, out never lor your family comfort. Jiemember that a marble-top table, with a plain, white painted wo?d-work, and wall of white, without pictures, is not hi keeping, however artistic or beautiful it may be in itsell. Think i wrli of your wants, of (be association of your furniture -wish yoor pecuniary means, and above all.witb tbe use and comfort obtainable therefrom Do not buy biKb-oaciced. ctitT, hfeir-clo'b chairs. When yon can enjoy mors real comfort tu split bottom wood, simply varnished, anu procurable at one-fourth tbe price. Do not bny a pair of vases, witn pictures painted on them professing to represeut China scenes, at a hi_-h price, and place them on tbe wooden mantelpiece, waere tbey areall nt of character in tbeir false repreeeu'atton. I>o not buy a carpet for a small room, with a pattern scrawling litre a schoolboys earlier penmanship. in forms and figures all, ever?, but yet nowhere. Let ail carved work, in chair or table, mantle or cornice, alone, unless Jou have wraith to carry oat all in keeping. ,eave out knicknacks of all sorts; and remember that your own comfort, and that of your family, is obtained by a free use and en.oynent of all you have around you, and ia*t plain, sohstantial, and appropriate patterns and colors, without gildta*, are always lx?st re. eived and appreciated by yonr friends or enemies, and lb** itiey really contribute most to your own enioyaa?nt. i^Rev. Mr. Schauffier, writing from 'iernasy to the New York Uonrre. jcationali-t, says: "And here 1 may note | one of the excellencies of <ierman churcbes. Nobody has his own pew, therefore everv ; bv d v bas eonal title to a sesr. *mi ih? ??i never feel themaelres excluded." * VKobmson, tbe negro recently arrested for criminally assaulting a child of fourteen years of uge. find a lady of seventy-one, in DracntM ?.? . last wffk, ba* been identified as the same person who attemnteu a *ro?s crime on the person ot a der^ya-ia's Wife in HomerTilie a Jew weeki- ago. * BJ~-If yan ?7tr marry," said a Roman Consul to bis son '-let it be to a worn in who hasense enough to superintend the cookinr of a meal 01 victuals, taste enourb to dres? herself, prwle i nourb to ws?h before breakfast, and >-ense enough to bold tier tongue wben ?be bas nothing to say.*' tO~A colored boy of Oorry. Pa., has invented a rifte battery, wbicb is on exhibition at Bnf- I falo. It throws one hundred and ei^hiy Alinie j bail* fit one discharge from percussion shell cartridges. The machine can be kept ia con tinual operation. VTbi emigration of freedmea from'Georgia to the Mississippi Valley m so grrat, that 1 the Macon Journal forecasts the day wben (ieorgia will have an almost explosively white 1 population. /* A correspondent of the Abingdon Vir- I giman says the bog cholera is contagions, and , argues that the oalj effectual way to get rid of tb>> disease, and prevent its spread, is to , bnrn the boas that die of it. VA miserly old Scotchman has jnst died immensely rich?died very suddenly as he was signing a check for,(ftjC. Me was .-irncU with paralysis when the name was halt writ- ! tea. V AUCTION SALES. . JJT JAMBS0. McGUIBB A 00 . Auctioneers. TRC8T1I 8 Rit.1 nv i.n?r <> ?>?*? ?? ? ' ?~ WW Ana am I j tabd. i By flrtM of ? dead of trnit. U?riig i)kU 10th of Barrh. 18V, and racoidod anion* the Land B*cortfa ia LI bar ft M. H .. Mo. 9", tolio SN. *c,.f U* coisti of Wuhi*(t?i. D C .1 will Mil. on BOMDaY AFTERNOON. 1 el rnary 4th. 4 o'clock p. in . on tha preai'M, part of Lot Ho. $ In S-iunro Mo. Ijidk ?nd i?l!.? on tb<- ea*t Id* ol 8th atreet eaat- b*t**ri PeonerIrani* I %rna? and E ?tr?et eoath. baatnulng tor the *ui( Aft th# MBlhmtt corner of tal<1 lot, runalag thance aontfc ? feet 9 iarhea. thence eaat 10V foot 1 lach thonro n< rth to feet 9 inchM, tl.eace ?t?t Mi* foot i Inch, to the place of begin Term* of aal?. %? prwrii od by <foo>l of trnct CMh, M ?f which will he repaired at tine of parchaae. All roa*epaaclag aad revenue uaH at coat of pnrchaeer. BE. PBICE. Tra.tee. J C. BcOUIBBACO , Auctt. ja ?.H,19yAfa4 | |?I JAft 0. M?OClftK_A do., Ancttoaeora LARGE AMD VALUABLE COLLECTION OF BUPBftltL Y - ILLUSTRATE* ST AMD ABO HlBTOftlCAli AMD M I8CELLAM EOl'B BUOEa. MOSTLY L"MDOM EDITIONS On TCBBbAV (UWEUBBeDAl BV'BHIMOS. Jaaaary Bd aad 234. coaraeactag at 7 o'clock. f? ahall aall. at oar Auction Boon*, a large and * al noble collection ct Historical. Illustrated Bar* Clae-tcal aad other Worlti, from a rrlvate library , neatly Loadoa edit lone. la the hlaheat si> la of art and ia etevant Lli-dtaga Thr Bo.\? may I e examine.! three daya prevlone to eale Oaialotaei now ready at th>- Annioa Booma. Trraa caah J. 0. BcOCIBB A OO . ja 17 Th S.H.Tntt Anrtlnn'eri |^T OBBBB A W1LL1AB8, Ancttoaeora. TftCBTEBB 8ALB OP 1BPEOVBD PB9PBBTY ! OB BAKYLABD AYftMLE BET WBBN 4^ ' AMD ?TH HTftBETB. 1SLAMD. AT P0BL.1C AOCTIOB By ?lrtae of adead of traat to me. dated tboJHh | uijum <rniv?r,a v. js- 3 r?eor<l*d la LF%r i A X. U , ?. S, tolioa v>?,47". ul 47|. of the Laud Baoorda for Washington cmint/ BUfrlct of UoIubtl?. I ?balt t- II. * THPMDAT, tba 'th day Feb run Mil, it 4 o'clock 9 ? on tkr pramfaaa. eaat half of Lot Ho.3. In Baaarratton D, uataltrin? two thonaahU t??? hundred an4 thirty-tlx aquare Ml f"aru4? half itchN.vlth the Improvement*, cot>?latins of on* itery Fraaae Uooe?- 00 Um front. Mil aaothar two at<>ry Frame Hoom fronting on tk* tlltr The above tfeaciltiOd property to b* luU at per ordar of Um Court. T*ra? 0?o k?lf cash, balance ta tlx aad twalra ontba for no tat tearing laWrest. aad aacnred by a <le*d of troat oa tha pramiae?, All cnnvavancing aad revenue at* tape at thecaatof tha porchaeera #100 d*>w* o? tha day of ?ala, and If tha term* ara not eoMplled with la Ave daya after th* day of aala, tha Troataa r*a*r>aa tba lifht 'o r***ll the pro party at tba rlak aad eoat or th* defaulting purchae~r, by advertiaiac three tlmaa io tha Ha? . 80.W.LL TTMOBKBH A WILLIAMS. Aorta ja7 T?.TbA4a [TbIoII 1 JIl'itTII'l BALK. By virtue of a decree of tba Clrchlt Conrt for Prlaas Ooarfa'i Coaaty. ai ttl ng aa a Gobrt of B 4nl |r,>?mil lath* ca*a of Mary A. Marfcwaodaad Betecea Do Tail tv John D ileal I and other*, I will avpaaa ta pnblia aala, on THOUDiT, tba 24th day of Jaaaary, ait ltoVloca m.,iiffalr, If aot. th* a*xt fair day thereafter,} oa tba premiaaa. abe Baal BataU.of which Stephen Onioaa.Uta of Priac* Oaora* 'a Coaaty, dlad. aaiitri aad aoa-asjsssw ssaxsw. ttMTl&aaf ila.i*B<turf,laa maat toaJthy raartoa of caaatry.Wwall ait>Hd la tha frawth of th* aaaal protfajtiona of tba ooaaty. XTadjotha tha laada ef Parry w Bro? aiac. tha lata Joha F. Tartar had othera. aad tha aatl bataa of a fla* tax tare, la ralnaMa for a?rhat pnrypaaa, being iiatant fraaa ffaaktara* atty aboat tight allaa. It will b* aaJd i a lata ta aait porrbaaere, aad tho** ieeirirjSrs'ii.'M "TLu4"" ??* WT|? Iw WPw iiw WW) Taraa of aala: FItb Baadred Dollar* caah, realdaa I a aa* aad two y*ara. with tataraat aad approved aaratlty. TWa tadtapatabla aad aa pavaaat af th* aarabaa* mummy with tataraat. tha property wllfhd eoatayad to tha pnxxhaaara la *>?awta B. 0. ITIPHKB, TnHaa. - # PROPOSALS. PKOTOSAL8 F9B f*?Y TEAMSPOUTA Mr TIOM. Qriitiiium9?uii,i Orrtci, J W|?lMTO!l. 1>. O.. U. 1857. S 9mm ProM*ii vlU be rtetiTtd at tkli tflM oatl' llo'rlock aa., oa tk? Jfthof February for ik* tr?uforUli?ii ?( Military Sappltee during tb# mr w?M>?ii| irtl I, 1887, tad owl tug March II, l8bS. on the following roatea: R0UT1 Be. 1. From Pert McPbrrioa Bebraaka Territory, or ach parte u may bo determined *?ob a art a* tbe year oa the Oatka breach of the Unloa FadSc railroad, ?e?t of Fort McPberaon or from rort Ltnate, Dakota Territory, to aueh pout* or do pota *i ere bo? or aty be eetebliahod ta the Terrify e* Nebraake. weet of loagttade 1?S deg , in the Ter itury of loaitaa. aoutb ef l?titade 46 deg.. ia the Territory ?t Uekete. weet ot loagttnde 104 deg..ta the Territory of Idaho, *>ath or letl tade 41 deg.. and eaat of loagitade lit deg , ead is the Territories of Utah aadOoloredo aorth ef latitude <0 deg , iodadlag If aeoeaaery, Dourer Oltjr. __ _ BOUTB Bo. 8 From Fort Biley. Mate of Keaaae, or anoh potato aa Bay be determined bbob daring tbe year oa the Union Pacific railroad. . D.. t? aay puit* or de?tla that are bow or may be eatebltehed in tbe fttateof Kaaeee or la the Territory ef Colorado. eoeth of latltade tOdegreee north, aed to Fort Uatoa. Mew Mexico, or other depot that may be deatgaated la that Territory, ead to aay other point er poiata oa the roate. BOUTS Bo, S. vtpb rort I'aioa or aucb other depot M B*7 bo oetabllshed la the Torrttory ot How JCealeo. to ay |o?tior itatloM Att ?r?. or at; baeatabI lined in that Ten itfry. aad to Bach poata ?relatione aa on ay b? deaigaated la tba Territory of ArIzcaa, and la tbe Stato of T- xaa weat of loagitude 105 dog. _ BOUTB Mo, .4. From St Paul. Miaaeeota, toauch poata a< aro bow or Bay be aatabitshrd fa tb? btate of Minnesota. aad la that portion or Dakota Territory tyini a-at of tbe Miatoori river. The weight to bo transported dnring tbe year will not earttd < n Borne Mo 1, .*>,1*10 wQU 900044 ; on Bcute Ho 2. 2Um? 0"o poanda ; 00 Roate Bo 3, s iuO Omi pounds, aiid on Route Bo. 4, J.JoO.oOU poi> ad a. Propoeala will be mado for each route aopa rately. Ridtlera will ?tate the rate per 100 poaoJa per lOumilea. at which they will transport the ator^a in each month of the year, beginning April 1, 18C7. aad erdina Kerch 31,18>U1. Bidder* should jive their namea ia fall,aa well aa thelrl places of residence, and cacti proposal ab< aid be accompanied by a bond in the inn of tea thousand lO.OO') dollara. signed by two or mvtorerponaiKle persona, gnaraateolag thit la caeo^a coatraet is awarded for the ronta meatioaed In ti>?- pro r weal to the party proposing the , contract will bo accepted and entered into, and good and sufficient s'curlty furnished by aaid party in accordaace with tbo termaof this advertisemmt The contractor will be required to giro bonda ia I tbo following amounts : Ua Route Ho. 1, f 2TO.O00 On Route No 2, BM.llPO. On M 'Ute Ho 3, 100.0.10. t?a Route Bo 4, fO lOO Patia'actorv < yldeace of the loyalty and solvency of each bidder aad person offered aa security will be rkijrirel. Proposals mnst he oadorsed " Proposals for Army Transportation uo Route Bo 1.2. 3, <?r 4,'' as tbe c.ise aav to. and none will be entertained unless th?y fully comply with the reiuirt menu tri ibis advertisement The tarty to whom an award is made mast no pr*r*red toaxe*u*e the contract at ones, and to gin- th? re itiireo bonds for the faithful perform a nre of the contract The right to reject any or *11 bid" that way l>e offered fa reserved The contractore on each route matt be in readi ness for strvlca by the 1st day of April, 18o7. and will be require* to hare a place of hnslnaes or agency at vkM he nay l>e communicated with and raadily for Boats Ho 1. at Omaha. B. T.; for Beate Ho 2, at Fort B'ley. Hanoi*; f?r HouteNo 3 at Fort I'nion Hew Mexico;for Route No 4. at Saint Pan), Minnesota, or at anch oth?r point for each of the aeveral Boater as may be indicated aa the starting p?iat of the route. Blank forma showing the conditiona of the contract te he entered into for each route can be had on application at this office. or at the office of the Qnartermaafer at Mew York. Saint L<>nis, Fert Leavenworth. Omaha. B?nta Fe,aad Fort Stalling. aad must accompany aad be a part of the proposal. By order of the Uuart?-rmaatar General. ALEXABBEB BLI48, Brevet Colonel aad Assistant ja If 96t Quartermaster, U. 8. A pBUPOhALS FOB CAVALRY HWB8EB. D*pot (jimrtermatter's > Ktlrtmor', M'i .. January 9. 1*7 { Pealtd Proposals are invitod aad will be recair)*<| it this Office natil THURSDAY. 1* o clock m , January 24. lt(7. for the delivery in the city of Hal timore or 70BTY BIGHT <4S> OAVALBY BOBSSB. The B< rses will be amhject?d to careful Inspection before berair accepted. They mint he ouikI iu all respect* well broken, io full tlesh and food condition. from fifteen to sixteen hands high, fro u live to nine years old, well adapted in every way for cavalry ptireo^e*. 1 ba ability of iba bidder to fulfill bis agreement must b?* guaranteed by two reap n*ihle persons, which guarantee mupt accompany the proposal I j ue ii-r?H mn-t be delivered w.thla twenty (20) dy s from U>e date of acceptance of Mr proposal. The Covervment renerve* the right to reject any or all Lids. Payment tj be made on completion of contract. Bids will be lB'ior?^d ''Proposals for Cavalry Horses." and addreaeed to the undersigned, Haitimore, lid By order of the Quartermaster Captain and A O. M., U. 8 A., ja 11 ISt _ Depot Quartermaster Matoe'0 rnoi, Oitt Hai l, Jannary 10th. 1467. Seal"! Proposals will be recei\e4 at the Mayors Office oatil 12 o'clock m.ou MOSliAY, tlie ilst Instant, for yariig, curbing, Ac , for the year coinmemctag April 1st, 1$67. for the seven eevral wards of the tiff, bo contractor to hare more tb*a one ward. Specifications can be seen at this office, also at the ofliee of the Oommi?efotjera of Impruvsoieute in the Basement of the W'eet Wing of the City Bra. Bo bid will be received which deee nut Include an offer fer each separate item of work and materials. _ , . _ By law tue Mayor Is prohibited from awarding contracts lor the above work to any person us prrsoaf whe aro not practical paver*. The Mayor reeerves to himself the right to reject any < * all bids should he deem It to the lutereet of the Corporation te do so B1CHAMD WALLAOH, jall-eodt " [ Intel.] Mayor. J^AVY BUPrMBB I*v\ DtrAtTxtir. I ffwrttm PrOTtMOitt ami C/di*im?. J*i? ie tarr < Separate rrup<sealed and endorsed. "Pro- | cosais for Mmry BuppUen. " will b# raceivad at this I Bureau -ntll 2 o'clock oa TCKSDA Y. tha isth day f February next. for furnUhing an>l delivering at the 0 sited States Navy Yards at Now fork Had Boston, oa or M?r? tbe first day of April next, the laantlttM -f tbe different article* specified la the fcllowlag list. two-thirds to be delivered at B?w York and on-third at Button, viz Bow Navy Beef, 3.00" bb's , par bbl. Bew Bavv I'ork.COUO bbls., per bbl. Rics luu 9 0 pounds, per pound Dried Apples. 100 000 pannds, par pound Sugar. -_*oo*Ji? pounds, p?r pound. Tee, 4?j,C00 pounds, par pound. Caffee. 100 010 pounds, per pound. Beans. 5,1X0 bushel*, per busbst. Molssses. 20,00' gallon-, per gallon Vinegar. 10 Obu galloDs. pt-r g?llen Bids will be r?calved for one-fourth ona half, thtae'fonrths, or the who|* of the quautltlanair.ed and tlio?e otily will be accepted, which are considered for tbe advantage of tbe Government All the article* contained in tha above Hit nasi be e^oal ta tbe navy standard, and pass lbs usual inspection Tor a description of the artlda* aaJ the packages to contain them, bidders arefrefarrad to tbe samples at the sa?4 navy yards, and for iaforaa tion as to the Uw? aad regulations (In pamphlet forui) regardib? contracts to tbe oOiCt-* of the vowtMiiU and raymaatera ef the itrtril naey yard*. tup or ted article* will be recalled In bond free from duty.aal no Internal ttftnu* tax will be chargeable up< a uj of the above article*. XTer> offer anit Ua accompanied by a written Katrut;, atoned by on* or wri re*?oneible Hraoi>a. to the affect that b* ar tbay undertake that the bidder or blddara w ill. If hla or their bid be accepted enter Into an obligation within flee data, wiiti food and ffietaat eoretiee, to fumiah tha ??ppltea pr>pneed; tbe compttrary of the com ant> to be certified by the Pm mwtar, Diatrict Attorney. <?r Collector of the Cvitoni. Ho propoeal will be eoa!4dered unleaa fcomMnlN by each aaurantv, and by aatitfactorp avl lence that tba bldderta a reealar dealer fa tbo artiriea. and baa th- llceuae repaired br act of Conereee H.BtlDOl, j* 12-wtw Obi of of Birm. PROPOSALS BISr AND MAVT DirtRMiiT, / Bttrtav Prvrtnon.- and C/of/t?#<?, Jan 7.1M7. i Seal*i aropueele. eodoroed Propoiale tor Frtab Baal aad Vegetable*.' will be received at tbla Bureau natll 2 o'clock p. m . on tba 21at day of Jaaaary 'art - for the aupply of mfi(B pouiwTa of FKSoU BBSF aad wjifr poaade of rBSSH YBQBTABLBS.attheirOBPdLK matt TaBD a> D PTAT10B aa reuairt d. Tba Beet aad Vogttab'M aut ba of good Quality, aad the be?t tb- market afford*, and ea-h ar tlclo n?H be offered tor l? the poaal. Th? Beef to ba la oqaal proportion*. tore aad htaS eaarter*. Boada with approved eaoaritp. will ba required la oae half the eettmatad *aoual of tbo aoatract. aad twenty par coat, in additloa will ba withheld from the amor at of aach payment to bo made, aa collateral eeoority tor tba duo performance of the contract, which will oa ao acaoaat he paid until It la fwTly complied with. Beery oiler made meet he a*aoma*aiad be a wrtttea (Mrutf. elfraed by on ar more raepoaett.le person*. that the 1 idder or bidder* will, if his of tfceir bM be Accepted, enter Into an obligelion wlthlft I** deys, with good and nfflcient tureti**, to fnraish the article* propoaed. ?VerT4?e.?ai will I' r,m*id*rt* unH>* atfompnmitd by t?'A tuarmnli. a?d t>y *m%*f*ciorv itd*nC4 thai tit ktddrr i< m ftrular dumUr im tk* mrtulm pro yo*'d fw, and Ui tk* hr*mtf r^mirtd by met of Lorn *rTb'e Dipiilaiil reeerree the rl|bl to reject aay pmpnsal ant mmmmtm rtwatoiwm to <fc> Q>t'7ulw be eederetoed that la taw the attpalatod eMatity <4 either article .hell l? delivered,Imt k,* ?i^4^r.n?i3h; r,n u^r:r?">,HDTyisai. a,? ? PROrOSALS. pttOrOBALB rOB 8TAT1QHEBY. po?t Oprtcs Ovpakt??t. Dm. II. 18M. ImU I Propo#ale will be received at tbe fott Oftce Depar'meat ntfUl the Mb day of JfeanAry, 1*7, it IS clock, el boob, for famishing Station ' erj for thU Department, for one y?ir frorti ttie laiof February. l&i7. Tboee unaccompanied by ; atiafWctory teetimoniala of ability to fulfil a con tract whl not fe considered. | All the art idea Met be of tho vary b<at mallty. aamplee ef which, ooatalalBf at lae* a ream oi eachi kind of paaer, aut ikobiui the bid*, and tbe Department reaervca the right to retain and pay f?r the fame at the price staled la the oiler. ! I or ritiri then at itaaptlea. No bide will be considered where the articlea aeoompanyiag M are wot of tbe kind and qaality repaired by tbe Departmeat, aad apurfons *r i title* will anbject tbeentire bid to rejection at i ; the pleavnre of tbe Department. I The MtutlMi U?t specifies, as nanrty n w ba done, the amoaat. auallty. and description of each of tb? kinds of article. that wld be wumd 1 Etttmattd tumnht* yMP*ttd toy tkt pear. k/rti Olim If#- l^PAFll. 1 1*0 i*um Polia Post, tin or plain finish, flintliaedand trimmed, to weigb not teas tku 17 |ou4i,?wimii * i? rrtmi FooIkii, plaia. nirhlit, faint-lined and triamad, to weigh not ltntkiaU \ ponnds. per ream 3. 10 renins Foolecap. llne-lsid, band mada, | faint-lined, garden pattern, commonly known as Diapateb or CoBsulnr paper, to weigh not less than ?t a teen pounds, par 4 lit reams Qaarto Post, machine, plain, faint lined tkrea sides, per rsam ?. g reams best Doable <J*p psper, plain, P?r ream C. 10 rsa^s Hats paper, gilt, lnrga size, par 7. | reams Hote paper, plain, large si20, par 8. 10 'ream* Nete papev, gUt, small site, par riiiQ 9. resms Note paper, plain, small si/<e, p ?r 10 10oe*ea?n? Bnvelope papar, yellow or buff, 1 royal. ?er ream 1 10 resrn* Plotting paper, royal, per ream 9*. 6 dozen prsss Copy Books, not Isss thaa '90 pages, per dozen 15 6.1*0 extra largesize white adhesive Knv?l- I ones very smooth and thick by 4S in- I chea square. per hundred 14 26 *X> Irng bnff sdbesivs lavelopss. very ,mn> th and thick, 9K by Scinches, p<*r hundred . _ _ IB 25 W> long white or bnff adhesive Rnvelopes, 'very smooth and thick for letters and circulars 8% bT 3v, inches, per huudred 16 S Of'Obuff or ahite adhesive Envelope*, very ' smooth and thick, per hundred 17. 1 00(i email ai/e wMte note adhesive 7-nirfr epes. per hundred ? 18 I.OOWlaige size whits note adhesive Knvel' opea, per hundred 19. 3,0W0 letter size a hits adheiive Envelopes, p-'r hundred Ci*<* No.t.-PENS AND PENOIL.8, ETO 90 9# gross Perry *s and tauillou a b <nt uietallfa pens. p?-r groas 71. 40 groaa metallio Pens, of other mannlacture, per gross ,. _ 22. 1 dozen best Gold Pens, per .1o -en 21. .'.?Opa<jue Quills, No. *?, P*-r H U 60 dozen Penholders. s?sortPd, per <loz?n. 2ft 26 dOAen K?b**r'i ted black L?ead P?qcIU, f raduated P'-r dozen or en beat red and blue Load Pencils, per tlswn Ola-s No. S.-INE, INK8TAND9, WAFERS, A0 U w AX. 27 12 dozen Inkstards. Knox or any paten J, largd " or small, per dozen 28. 4 doztn Inkstands, cast iron, lar^e, double. per do*en . .... 29. bottles luk. black, Mavnard A Nov?' mart bottles, per bottle SO. 3ft bottlea Arnold' Copying Ink, per bottle. 31. 100 bottle* David'* Genuine lkft,ounce. Mo i, per dozen bottlea S3. 30 pounda Wafers, common sizes, red, per pouud S3. 71 ji nn""" 8?aling wax, beet extra anprflne, scarlet, per pound Glass No. 4.?CUT LIB If ABD M1SCKLLANB OL'B ABTlULfcB 34. 8 doses Penknives. Bodgera A Bon's, four blades, back born bandies, genuine, per dozen St. 4 doaem Erasers, Bodgera ? Bon's ivory ban die*, germise. peroozeu M. 4 dozeu Office Shears. II Inch, per dozen 37. 4 dozen Ufflce hcleeors, per dozen 38. 2v dozeu Koldera, Ivory, 9 inch, per dozen 39. 4U0 d?zen red L>in*n Tape, assorted, p? r dozen 40. 10 dozen 811k Taste, colors and widths, in hanks, per do/en 41. tOdozen Piper Weirhts, assorted, per dozen 43. '.0 pounds India hebbtr, piepared, per poun I 43. & pounds India Bubber, unpreptrcj, p?r pound 44. lUeris Black Ban '., per unart *6. 'J* evince* Pounce, per nee 4ft. ponnda Twine, linen, per ponnd 47. lOu ponnds Twine, cotton, per pound 4d. 6 dozen ttuler?, mabo?any. roand or flat, per dozen 49. 2 dozen Gatt* Perclia, roun l er flat, p?r dozen at), ft ponnd* Sponge. I>e*t. per ponnd 1. 10 ?r iindn Gum Arabic, best, per ponnd Tlie Adhesive Bnvvlo: e must be thickly gummed a I" nrih <>! an Inch vide aronuA the lappeis. Bach bidder must furai-Mi with hn proposals i sample?and bnt one sample?of each article bi 1 I for. Karta article must be bid for, and no mora than one price nann d for any one article. hide not fully conforming to tlie advertliemeut wilt not be eorsldere 1. Tte tero.s end conditions of the advertisement for stationery are to ti? int orporat?d ia trj contiVei tor Stationery, aad tlse bead of the Depart n eat will, in all asen, judxe Whntber the article* tendered by the contractor are of the quality repaired by tbe contract t , 1 be Stationery is to be fnrnlnhed as It asv ba ordered by tbe Department and at the contract prices, wh( tLer the manti tiea exceed or fall abort of those estimated. . .... ? .. . Bach pi onosal most be signed by the individual AM n .M. ? J, fc i . M ts maaS e m jm * f. * >-?*' * * vi ii i in uiBKiug ii, ?un IUQ->? VIIJ m jji ito?un 4 1 ' hi <>?' prist?ter each and every article named In tbe schedule. B1k aid any articles l>e repaired which are cot enumerated, they are to l>e fu rubbed at the in wet I nwrket pricta if the Deysrtmeut abail ?ee tit to orger tbrm from the contractor bavin* tbe con tr?sl-#ur similar article*, aid if tbe coatraoiors and the Departmentdu not agree, thea tliu Department may have tbe article faruiebed by any other person or pera<us who will farnieh it at a price fewer than that aemandel by tbe oop tree tor. Blank tortus tor proposals will 1>e furnished at the Department to yfrlona applying for tbem; and, as without noifomitr therein, the Department would find it diffWult to taake a deciaiou, none will be taken ii>to?oo<ldeiation, nnleaa aub ktantially agreeing therewith The head of tbe Departs nt will, in all cases, decide whether the term* of t lie contract have been eomplied nlth. and reserves the power to annul the contract upon any failure t?co:nply In a rea aen?Me time. onda, with a??rore.| security, are to be glren by the peraon or person* contracting, and, in case ol failure to rnynly the article*, the contractor and bit sureties ah all be liable for Hie forfeiture a peri fled In aqch bond as liquidated damages. The contract will be awards te th? lowest an 1 beat bidder; the beat bid to be determined after a carelnl examination for the purpose of ascertain lag which hid will, in Ita p> actlcal raaulta, be moit advantageous to tbe Department. The Department reeereee to itself the rlgbt to reject aa/ bid wbare it la apaareat tbat a part of the arttclee are b<d for at very low and a part at eery high ratee, without proper regard to tbe oaat of each for tbe purpose of eflectiag the aggregate of the bide under the eatimate coaUlued In tbe ad vertiaement. A.UMX W. RANDALL, jal law4w Peetmaster general. filOIUBIUilll, tAMARITaN'I ?IVT! 8A MA RITA IT8 OIFTf TBI MOST OBBTAlB EIMMT IIM DIM "In, A Po*flT? ??** " ?rmmrn OOltOKMHQtA, GLMMT, MTMIOTURK8, St Ooutaiu no Mineral, ao Balata. ?o Mercury. Only Ten FilU to bt Tkkon j* XJtt a Cm*. Th?y we entirely *?*?"?. . <? ?*? not Shsss^AWAtsst^ i.^'iVSiV'STrKS" Tzvy.umrt. no (rowk't. no tktmte wkmitvm. 3SSkEsfre^tsssfte trftki" SAMARITAN S 01?T. omrr. w? B?,nt by Mil |? ? ,inn ttTiloft. fylo-?U? ?eck?g?, f* VmhBi !. BLOODr BLOOD It BLOOD III < jsffiSRmgOime. x?l lytoBt. e?ffaun ?pi wytMj remedy erer ?re ? ? ??! at DO MOT DMPAXSI asonror *!8^? aj^AlITAM'i WyH ^ ^ w??.T Ti. ggf^lftjB.^! ,4'u* tgj^j^aar,ssc j if?4?0K TilM. legal. votices. i IB TUB eCPKJHK OOOBTOr TUB DI51 TB1UT OF COLUMBIA, Tbto.ld arifitrttfjr.lW, Patrick * hit* and Andrew J. 1 Jojce, ct> tar lain ante, we. Joeepb Johneon. Mary John- > I?l1tr lo. W. aon, John M Huaoa, John riyn and John Maioao, defandanta. 1 hr . brat of tfeo bill Bled iB.thta raaaa ia to , procure n docree for the ?alo of certain place* or I parcel* of ground lying md being In WoehingVn I city, Diet rut of Ociubbm*, baiiflet 6u4 pari >t Let 4. In bqanra 1,060, to aattafy a debt dna Of do- j

f?-n?*ant. Joeeph Jobnaon, to tho eoaolainanta. Tha bill aata forth in e?batance Wat the ?a<d Joaerih Jobnaon waa indebted to aold complai ; ante In tha ens of #447 40 for gondo aold and Uvarod by complal ..ante to tha aald J?a*tl Johnaou. That M the Umeof contracting *al? dahttna aald Jocerh Johnson waa neired ana poeaeeeed of the ?ald pleoee or parcHe of KMtl. which, while 1 * 1 J - ' - u? wd >o niuruivu, u? irtanuiouur cnt?)?<i to , %id defendant. John Sf. Har? ,n, 1b trn?t ror the 1 sole a?? nd benefit of Miry Johnaoa. wife of Mid JompIi JohiMon. ThtteoniiliinMiulhttlmljndfn eot oironft?nri?U.?n of th* m?i pitm or piroli of groami in and by virtu*of ?n attachment iaaaed out of tb? comBflB lk? *id? ?i tbli wart In f?T?r ol coiiiplaineBts ?>aiustaaid Joseph Jobi* a and tr?) ? that ths Mid deed of trait from Mid Joavph Jahneon t? Mid Job a . Hi a?on aa aforesaid be ed t>?fore ;be t ourt. mod the *am? be oan- I celled That the Mid < omplaiaaatB. Btter the is"Bin* of Mid attachaient tBd the l?vin?of t'e saute ob the ?ald piece* or parcels of ffround.asrertetu^d that the told defsadant. John Klyn, claimed to have a lies on the laid places or par* ce>aof giooDd; that on ssarehinc the land records ft *aeningtro const?. District of Oolu'ubia, no liet or lieed of trust wa* recerd-d in said Us 1 records, bnt that after finding of the jury *nd indgmmt of condtmatioB ,.u tbs Mid attachiaeBts. *ha said records were affkin tear bed and a dee jf trust from said Joseph Johnson w Joha ILaioae, to snare John H>u for the anm of .fl 'W>. was fonnd recorded. That the Maid Heed of tra^t til rftriinird n?krlv u ontlm aft?.? thA theieof. and ort-i two luoatha aftur the luaiuu an J leM??4f ?*i<t attachment. That the eatd attach- I BiBui I* rii-.r lien ob the *aid pieces .m l p*roela of erouiid b'f'ora'he *Bld deed of trust. Pray* * j d:icover\kof tho amount a'iUdoeana anuid on ' ?atd de> d of tract Biidpray# a <Hle of the a*id 5H~ ee or pBfeln of gronpd to atiafy tbe detn tu 1( of tbe complainant* ?, ,) other creditor-). j for au injunction .<galiai. aald 4?f*udan'? Joseph Jehii'OB Mary J< nu?ou, John M Unn- n. .I .ha I Fl >naD?l John Mai one. and *t".elr cenie lercc#, *V? dfacovertd. to restrain end prohibit th <m ai d their ?s<nt? an-! servant* fr in t-e.lingor ii?. poaUig ot or in an> manuer farther lacnniberlBtf, th?- said pieces or pitrcela of ftr?nnd : 11ib thereupon tbie.<ddayof January, 13T7,adjudctsi ana ordered thai n )tio? of this tuir b? riven to tpe FBi 1 son resident delVn ai<ta, Jo* ph John i.. Mary .1 oi sud ' ?>. Flyn. ft j publishing acpyof tbie order lit the Fverlnir l*tnr, a ne?'*paf>*r published iu the city of W asdtn*to* , in tie Ulairi.ct of Ooluiabia, tiire# time* a week tor ?i* <-e?.??cct1vb wedka. wa-ninc '.lid n<>n resident d" fi i.daut? to he Bud appeat, in person or b'*oli'ltop. at rules to b<- heni In tbe ofEr* of the t Jerk of thi* Court, ou the ?irst Tuesday ef June, A. D. 1W. toaoswer tbe aald Mil of complaint; other wijetbe same will be taken pm r nft*<o az*ln?t then. Provided the .irst publication of this order *Vsh appear at lea^t fear months before stid first Tut-day of JnBe. 1*77. and stiting tbe object aud substance of aBl<l bill of complaint. A. B. OLIN, A??o late .InaticB, Ac. A true cop/: K J MFIOS. <;it*rk. WM. J. MILLEB, Solicitor for complaiaaata. j*4 3tawf.w fitH? 8U PBftM K UOOBT OF THliMd1 Ttl< T ('/ COLUMBIA, This -(1 day 01 Jauuary. A. D iyJ7. John P. ilurr by, J - J*- . . > ?<lBltr ,No. 794. Ann T. Heary ?t al. \ William J. Miller, trustee appoiate-l in the bore emlt'ed caus*: to innko sale of the rea? mt?t*of Thomiu Ne?ry Ce eased. in th- proceedings mentioned. having reported to the Coart that Id contorifity with the 'lucrit pa?i?e<1iu said can*<-, hi-, on tbe 2?th o.?y of DacMBwr, A. D 1S?W. Lot elcveil, (11 j i.. S<tn%r? fivi hundred and thirtyilxht (.'3s,> a*d tie nr.--OTenients thereon,consisting of a frame i. .a?e. to William Sann-tr for tbe sum o! twenty-live bundre 1 52, Oji dollars, Bad that the purchaser has fullv corn pi 1 with the term* of sale by paying all th-- purcbtvo- I iiicnt-y In < aeb to *atd tr'ietee r it It therefore by the Court, thib _'d da? e? January, A D. 18o7, ordered that the sai." Male nt J rei*ort bo ratified an 1 conli rated. unit--* caii*? to ttu> coi rary thareol be ?Iiowb on or before the 5th day of February, A. D. 1M>7 1 I'll a copy n ttiiH ord? r be puMlnhed in the Kvetilng Stnr three times a week lor th'-,? uroaaivi- weeks before the said Mb day of Febrnaiy, A. D l*i7. A trae copy. ja 3 itdAeolw Tenfr-B. i. MEIGS. Glerk^ ? IBPIIANS' COUBT JanT. 3. IMt.?Iii-mrr KJ of Cor.CMBiA, Wa?Hi.;qto!? Onr?TY, 'To urn : In tbe <-* ? of Abraham Hlakety xecntor f BliTat-eth MUm deceased. tbe executor aforesaM has. with the appiobation of th? Orphaut>'C art nf Wimblruton Coaiity alornsaid. apK inted i n edey, the 21st day of January. l?.7.for e final settlenifcut anu distribution of tbe p?rnm>?l estate of said Ueoeas-d, and of the assets la hand, us far as tbf same h\*e Nn<n collected aud tnrn>-4 iuto ttia'vt-): wbfcU atd where all tbe creditors ana heirs of said lece&se-J are notified te attend, with their claims property T?och*l, or they may oli-eru int- bs la w rie excludod from ail benefit Id aid dree**- J'aestat* - Provided a copy of tais order be rublUtied once a week for three weeks In tins JSTenia* Star, pra>l?n? to tbe said .ay. Test?J AS. K O HKIKNK. ja 11-lawSw* ltectster >t Mills. DBPAK1 MKNT OK Til K IN1IKIOR. UNITED STATES FA TEXT OFFICE, Wakk mtoS, l)ec-mt.e-r W, *X On tbe petition of WILLIAM vviCKKIlsHAM, of Huston. JKw , pr tying for Uie extension of a patent si ?ut*-d to him on the I9tla day of April, 1.16b. for an iniproTrau-ct in Seeing MacbluM for seven year* from tb? expiration e>T sa'd patent. which take* place on tue lath day of April, It is orders* th.%t the said petition be heart at the Patent Off! *n Monday, tbe 1st d*y of April o'clock m; aa^ all aersonsar* notified to ?rp- a*- and show c;in?e, if any thay raidpatttioa o??ht not to be (ranted, ivrao..* ..pp-sii-2 the extension are reqnlrM to rile in thb Patent Office their objecitons, specially net tot thin writing, at least Iwmiji days befpre tbe day of heart nr. all tMt<nmny filed by either party to be used at tbe said bearing Bint be taken ^d transmitted la accordance with tbe rnles oi ineemce, wnicn will De rarnlthed od tnUcttiODi Imposition* aid other papers relied npnn as testimony must be tied Id The office dtn before (he day of hearing;the arguments, If aay. within r?? days after fl Mug the testimony Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the Bepubllcan and the Battvnal intelligencer, W uhiufUiu. D.O.and to the Journal. Bo-ton. Mae* . out* a week for three auocee*lre ?wk?; the flrel of raid pibHcdton to he at least sixty daya previous to the d>Tof|y?M|a|^|^ ^ . Commissioner of Patent*. P. 8.? Kditoraof the above papers will pi ease copy, and eend their bills to the Patent Office with paper containing Hits notice. _ > 2 law3w IhSPABTUKKT Of TH* 1STMU0K, U UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, , . WasHIXOToh. Jaun*ry t, 18*7. On the petition of VHOMA8 J. SLOAN, of H?w York, II. Y , praying for the extension of a patent granted to hla the *?th day ef April, ??Ai. for an improvemnnt in Machine for Point lag mud Threading Screw Blank*, for eevea yeare from the expiration oi said patent, which takes place on the lfithday of Apill.lft>7 : It Is ordered that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office on MONDAY, the ftth day of April neat, at IS o'clock at.; nod all persons are notified to appear and shew cause, if any they have, why a aid petition o?hi not to he granted Persons opposing ttia extension are rtquir?M to file in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days hofors the day of hearing; nil testimony filed by either party, to be used at the said hearing, mast be taken and transmitted in accordance wfth the rnlea of this office, which will be furnished oa appllca Depositions and othsr papers, railed upon as testimony, must he filed in the offleo twenty days uafore the day of hearing: the arguments, if any. within ten days after filing the testimony. Ordered, alee, that this notice be onbltshsd la the Inttllttcter and the Mepvthta* , Washington. D. 0., and In the Timt*. Mow York, M. ?.. once a week for three sueoessive weeks; the first of said publications te be at least sixty days prsviooa to the dap of hearing. ^ T Q Ootnmisslouer of Patents. P. 8 ?Editors of the above papers will pleeee copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office, wiO> a paper containing this notion. jatO-lawtw GOVERNMENT SALES. CAUW 1 LA1GK LOT OF 0RD3AM0M ? AMD ORDNANOM MATlRIaL. Bvrtiiu ?f Ordnance, Nat * IXvaiimttUA Wmftimute* (Mv.DMMlUra.ljii I Thtt# will be sold at public auotlun, to ttw* hlgb t bidden, at noon, on THURSDAY. th? tweutrfourth <241 day of Japnary, 18o7. at the oSooftne lMHCtor orvrd*Mc?. **vy Yard. Maw York, a large lot of Ordnance titer ee, eer?ioeabi?<?nd on aervleeabl#, rrnbraoiug Caounu. Shot and Shall. Small Amu of rarlont caflbr??. Spare Part* of Small A rise. Gnu Oarriagaa. and Mtooallanaaua 8 tor as. T*? artlelea will be aold la lata to an it purehaawa. Terme: One half cash fa ovarvnant ffcnda to be deposited on the conelnaion of thaaala. and the remainder within t?a(l/>)daya afterward, daring wbieb time the article* nay be tramored from the Mary Yatd> other wilt thai will revert to the Government H. A. WI9S. deX7-eolM Chief of Mnrean. PM^TMOTBD WWKL\*TTm MM PAT ant of Mnglaad, and aacnrad by the *?? of V. wn" Trleeemar Bo. l fa the effectual -en.-%- for Uitaxation. Bfarmathorrhoea, and Evtrt. ellcu ?f the 1 jitem. Trieeewr Mo. S haa ??p reeded the nanaaoaa naa of Canarta, < - b' he. Tiieeemar Mo. I lathe infallible r uie>lr for all imparl tlee aad Secondary Bymptoaia. thna obrt. atl^th^ye of meresry and all othar daletarlona ,v?.y sres Nli liOlttUt BfOlrtV TTffll tut luffll Of CIlMM and cbum ?C >Id??Imh, In tin cum, u gaswjssEsajs \lMOi* OIL OF AlXi.. I am mv Ib r*cel?t of??w mmod OL.fvz oit, dtrwtfroai Bordaanx, and aa prepared to -rSkstefe. fUP VTOVII fiKM til lXOH4*?B Jff&SSISSMXS Wfc?? RAILROADS. 1 ft/tfl UKAT 1 0/J7 lOOO rHHlTlTAlli BOUTS loO# B?WM TO TUB AUBTH WlST^OUTH 4HD SOUTH. . WIXT**BCHKDULBj On*fd A'ter Hunnk?f IS, 1*?, tillii will loot* M fetlovaWashington.. T ?i m. I Boltiaaoro. ...J IS ft. m. I " T? I ? ltl?o. a. TUB ?B*AT %"BLB TBACK'j&C^V"' wlU 1LSGANT BOBBKBT. Pai*r? 8ut?-room Boy m>4 n'rtc 0%n wi 1. i.??<iorn improvemento, a?d from four to twolToT?ou-?ln Mom o*or ay ~>ttorr rout*. Two htia4r?4 alio* mtW to HwttiiU" OeatrtU New York. Two I?il| Tnlu l? Ik* WM. " Rtrtk, I fill#h ft** Baltimore to BOOHUTllud PITTBBUBOR without chut*. Dr*r? br tbta route fro* Baltimore hare the odTootac* of makiot <ai ebons** in OBIOB DEPOTS. *h3 M i IBC1U. ^ _ Tltleli by tM? ront* can b? jroetwd ?t tl? atnee. corner 6th atr >?t and P?Biiirlnnl?n?ni?, under the NoUoi.&t How I. where roUoblo imlor' motion will bO ||lT?n Ot all tlMi. Pm?ntfr? procnrlnir Ttcketa tt thta office e*a I Mcur* oecemmodaUcno In Stooping Care for Blmiro or Ptiutmri. B. J. WILKIN*. Ticket A?Mit,_ Wukiuton. V. V. KD. 8. TOUHO. G?n. Pu?.A|Wt, Halti?or?, Md. <W?lr_ WASHIKOTO*, ALEXANDRIA AND OIORfaETOWN hAILKOAD. ? TIM* TAILI. Or And After M<>MDAY, fioT?uib?r lS.lJM, Aad on til furxRer ?(< ? I'aaMngar Trala? will rmnt*> Ivni WMfala<U?o a<n AUxandriA aa follows: LeaVK Wa^HIN^to*. L?AV* FiomMd T#nu?-J?-|) t. Frwiu cor Oak* A Hear* Local *t 4.1J A. M ?t? . L vtltt 4 45 A . M. ThroatfliMAil 116 " Loom cor. Kiu* Local At T 00 aaU Haury 4 i)Q " ' 9 00 " Jbocal at b JO " S00P.M " 10 00 ~ 4? " Mir a. 1 " VJi " Tbronfrh Mail. coro? r of ? " Pn^eilionrf 5.> P.M. i Local oor King and H?ur>_... 7.0Q ' " ij o ? 8LNDAY PAKIK'tEB TRAINS LK4VI ALFX4V114. Frvai MJ ave?n* ?>' ro?- Fri*j? oor Dak* A H??ry Ttron^h Mall t 3S A M. ?ta , Local ?( t ts A M. LocaI At ?.. ? W f M Throne b Mall I ft. P.M. O. A. BTJLVKAid, Gvaarai Sof*m>t. ndant. _ ?? ?0 V<. J 1'HKL P8. General Manager. I^HROl OH LIVKBKTWKR?* WAiililKOIOH PHlL.wDx.LPH t A AN 1) ?K W YORK. fiiesman _ . _ W4fdi>*?TJ!?, Jan. f, 1*7. Tral?? between Wa?t'iuftv? and Hew York Art now inn as follow*, fir FOB N1W * OI'.R. withoat chant" of cat*. Lea%e daily ie* *pt b.-j'lay) at 1.44 A. m. And , 90 p no FOB NEW YOBR. CbAntHao rara at Phllaial. POia. Leare dally tiunlay) at li:14a . an4 4:30 p. m. FOB THII ADKLPHI A. Leave d tlly tearept*anila> tat 7 *i and H 15 a. ' m , and rutnd C M p t OB SUNDAY Lear* for New York nud Philadelphia tt 4 80 9m ouh . bifef 'Dg cars (or Mew YorlTon oJI 9- ? train dally. Tbrongh tickets f> Philadelphia, Mow Yoat. or ' Boetou, can be baJ at lb? 8tatlas Ofloe It til k?ar? in the d?y. m well as at the> new office lh tbo Bankers and Brokera ^clegrapk Line, 3 4** Penn. a*?i;ne, ' tween 6th and 71 h streets. Bee Baltimore and Wh o Railroad advertisement for scht-dale bttwo^n W asking l*n, Baltimore, Annapolis, an<' tbe West J, L. WILSON. Master of TransportAtloa. L M. COLE (General Ticket Agent. JBO. 8. fcOONTZ, Agent. Washington ooSO-tf DALT1YOBB AMD ohio BA1LBOAD. 13 W ahhin?tos, Jan. e, l#7. Train# betw.en W AgHINfJTON ANO BALTIMOBK.aiid WASUINOTON AMD TUB WB*T re now rna as fotlew*. vl?.: FOB 3ALTIMOUB Leave dally, except gntiday. at T m, 7 44, and 11 It a. ni , *Dd 2?u, aa U 3U *ud 8 DO p m. fob ALL WAV bTATlOftg. I eave daily, except Pun day, at 1M a. m , and 2o> hi. I 8 00 pm. rot. w AT 8lATIUMl??OrTU OF AMMAFOLh) JUNCTION Leaf* at 6.14 and 7.UU a. a., and at t.-OA and 4:M m ru ' rOR A!>fTAPOLH. f rare It 7 * . a m . Mi . V IB Mo train* to wr from Annapnllt on Sunday. O.I Blh DA Y fOK BALTIMORE. Leave at 7 45 a. m and 2.UU and JO p m. FOB WAY 8TATIO vU. f Leave 7:?6 mm., and 2. An tuu < HUpw. KOS ALL PARTS Of TBS WK3T I raveuaily, except Bandar, at 7:tti. a., nod ' S '</ p na. Ou Sunday at '-OO p m. OT>ly.connectlu*_At Relay Station with trains from Baltimore to WhwNii, P?rk *r?tnr*. Ac. 1 HKOt 0 H TTCHlrS to the Wait can be bad at the * afhlniitn Stattcn Ticket Oflb.e at all hou ra I In tee a?y. aa well a* at the new office of the Bankers and Brokfiit' Te.< graph Line, 34 9 Peun. a>?*nn?. t"-twecn 6th and 7th atroetn Vor N?w York. Philadelphia, and Boston, aee advertisement of "Through Lino." J. L WILS< "N. MuUr of Transportation L. M. ( M(J. Oetieral Ticket Agent. oc SO tf GEO. 8. KOOBTZ. Agent WmIhujton. Hi i>b6n~rTvkr_and h\blbm rail- ! ROAl>S?Oti and after MONDAY, M~?v i?, 1 *-6", trams for Albany and Troy. ennnocttng with Wertliei n and Western train*, will leave Now Yerk no ft. low r : 8 a m JCxprns train via Hudson River Railroad. :* th at and loth av . thrwngh to Bnftalo and 2>n?renri*a Bridge wit h<>ot cinnge of enrs and connecting at Troy *ith trail. lor Saratoga, EatUml, Burlington and Montreal. Itand Mail train via Hudson Blv?*r Kail road, connecting at Albany with Wostarn train*, aad at Troy with trains f> r Berth. Ill m Express train Tin Harlem Bulrva.., i'.th -t and ath ay., connecting at Chatham with Wastern Railroad forLebanon Springs Pitt* field, Ac. at Albany with Werft?*rn traina. aud at Tror with traina tor Saratoga Bntlaad, Burlington and Montreal 3:48 p an Bxprea* train vtn H?d*on BIt> r Rail | road connecting at Albany with Western trains, and at Troy with trains for Mon treat, with sloop ing car attached. srlftp m. Banvosa trpin Tls Harlan Railroad. con?actin?at Chatham with Was tar u Railroad foIiaKsdob RnHnffi Pitot* st aihanv ' W?*toru trala*. ?4 at Tror villi train* far Botland, Bnrliceton ud Muatroal (ilMpiuctriMtturbcd at Albttr (90 ) b. ex?r?M tralj> via Hndeon Blvar fell road, with -I t pine can aitacl.ed, aid through to Jtoitalo add Baapensioa Bride without obonge of iar?. AUo, ?i*o?1b* car ?rerr day excepting B?tord*> attacked trom York throarh to Ogdoaal>urg witbent change, via Km* W. aad o Railroad. Gonn-ctton for Troy will t>e mad* at Boat A'.boar Tklitnls will ran on Band*?* 11 ?. m Train via Hndooa Blver Railroad, with aleepinc rar attached. connecting at Albany with arly train* f*r Bnflalo and Sn?p*n?1oa BrHee and at Tray with train* tar Saratoga and point* Nerth A Bnaday train will b* ran via Hadoon River Railroad from Maw York to Poughkeepair aad < , termed! ate station*. 1 earing New York at 8 )u a m. Betnrninc, leava Poaghka^peie at 1.41 p m , arriving in Now York at e is p m Ala'i, a Bandar train viaH?rl tn Railroad.le.ivlag 4Sd (treat at 9a. a., aad arriving at Millerton at 5 80 p m Ketarnihg. leave Mill*rton at 6 a m., artiving la New Yark at US" a. m WM. H. VANDIIBUT. jo 19 _ _\jce Pr*?ideut._ R^0"%?0?K|aSSSf* "B 1" TO TBATELLIMJMHTO BO(7TB. TWIOB DAILY, (Bandar p. m. oxo*|tod.) Tho qatokaat aad meet dlroot root* to BloOmoad, Yo i and the Booth. via the Potoma* _ ii ma . teomert boa Biztk BtrooC Wkarl Washington, to A?J? Owrtt now entiralr complotod from Aq&ia Oroak to Biehmood,Va,ooaaocttag there with train. oa tho Richmood and Patarabarg nd iUpCmond and Danville Ball rood*, for Petersburg. WoMon,wlUalngton. Raleigh, dreenaboro*. Battabary. Oharlotea aai Chaster. 6. O _ __ MoaaMta Bonoct a?d O TaadorMH looeoMxtb Hi aa< llTIf f ikllv ^flaaia* btobIm ABMBiiit ! . m m4 7 inin la KMmat M 1.4f p. a. mi I Hk . THBOUOH TO KIOBMOITD I> eiTH HOUBfl. Fifty Ml 1m BkerWl^Bonre Qoletar Uam OwifcMi Mawtl? tt*?t OwimfI OOot, eonw ? Pnu. >*w?t Mi M ? fc???f thefcea>i. ImmiAnM Vitti "ftJu?utmTftllirtita>M| feraSaiH *JStt. a- *~r? - Mmm. oio Mmnreirfc>?i>.o. G.K MATT I NOLI, Tlcket0A\flt^J5*Tl,*0*' pOTOiA?9TIIAW8TOKTAT10W fcf. " KOI ICS TO ttfllPPBlt. The iimk sxr*mas, oa*. * a. irnu, as sssivto ~ * "il- ;! rriBU (A TO OIYI JVOTICX, Tfciat Ue rataort1 be* baa ol>Ui?e4 from tt* Orphi&e^ Coart of 4 WuUactdaCoutr.a the Metric* of Columbia, letter* of e4?latatratlna on Om PereoMl mim of I Kwr Ute of Waehiattoa Olty, b. ?*. wmm. ,41 pwgtotlBicfalai uumi tteiii vitk'tfe*t<mcb*r? /h?w*>of, telke eabecri tor?*Ter 'icJaarRorsi tsjrs - j?-n. Adr?i*>etr?ter. ' v ' i /i k " *1 . a i * i railroads. i" f rkauino bulboao UBIAT Tkl MK LIM FROM PHIL1P1L.I PbIA To Till IHTIklOH Of PINNNVLV* MIA THE S( Hi W KILL fit's >l t HAN* 1. ( I Mbh hi A Np ANO WYOMING fALLlKS, THE NOkTtT fixtJLTHWhST AS D TH S CANADA* WINTER A hM A ti K \l k \ T Of ' PA8SE.SGEK t/tir.V\(MMrK)W,iNfi.< th? (VBMirl l?Bp*?. TBIB1 BBSfti MdOiL LUWEILL ikwtt, PhllMtlHit,ttth?(stlovlu< kourt' 0bn1n0 accom bol) ati ob 8 At 7.39 a. b. for lndm and all lauraBdiat* gtatioBB _ R?:l tbi ag, Imtm b*a41ac at <><? .. armia? IB Bt N ? a. obbibo bxpbc*8 At illi. m for Baadmj. l*< an . Harrtat org, fftUTill*. fi?? Cioto. t i?bji?. buboui i . Wti llBS?|ort. blii.ira. Boeh*a??r. hiuttt Fall*. ba IBJo. AllvBtowa, Wllk*?barr?, Pitut >B, I*rk, CarH?la. clia?l>or?bort hu?w *a Ac , Ac thla 11bib r*llBr?ll Bt BIAMNU With tk? B??t Nw>;I?bbib Railroad tT*lM for Allfnt***, *c , BBd with tAB UbMoB >b!K? train far Harrw barg. Ac ; Bt PORT OLIBTuN wttB OttMlw* Railroad trwlB* for W tlilatosBort. Lock Bbvab. 1.ib4ib, Ac.; Bt BaBBIBBIHO with BartAxrn C Btral, CwiiUrfeBtf Vallap. bb4 Schuylkill Bad Boa^BtAaaaa train# for lortkiBftfilu.4, WllUan*port. york. Cbamt?*r?>btirg. PlaagroTB, Ac APTBBBOOB KXPftBSS L?*tbs PbtlBdolBbtB at 3 30 |> m for B?Rdiaf. PotUvilio, Harri.b'ir*, be , conoocttiiR wlin B^obiui and Colombia Ball road tralaa for Cot?mbbad1b0 ACCOMMoDATloB L*bt?? Kfmiii'g Bt t 9g b bi.. ??oppum at ail way stations. arrive* In PanadoipLla Bt ?.?b m BeiarnlBir, I?btw? PMl?d*l?t> Ib Bt ? 30 l bi ; arrives ib Rs>a*ta? Bt 7 Jft p m 1 mi us tor Philadelphia l*B> e Harriot.n -g Bt 8. I? Hd Poltavllka Bt 8 46 B B. Birif B| 111 l'kllM*l|hll kl 1 ID I BI. Art- TBOOB trains l?BVB Harrtsburg Bt 1 I t m BBd PotLaviiu ? .? - > ; arriving at rhfiadripiia at 6 a p m Btrhrbuti MOi'ii Bi<xl?tion Intn lU*4it| ?l i 4? m..ud Harnabarg at 4 lu p m. Oounart ill tt HucIiiii *lik tlt*ri?c>l i<- omm ?l*tl>->fi bouti. ?t*.H arriving in I'bi la?l??lriii? ?t P.10 P. IB, Market Train, witli a ?wMi|*rc?r attaebad. leatt* Plillid?l|Mi at 11 _ boob, for Readiaf ani ali wayatatloB*; leavao Reading li> m . an l DowaiBatowa II p. m. for Pbt.*4ali>b a auJ >1 way lUiicM. All lb?# ab? re train* mo daily. Sm da* *egr?p at. PuB* ay Tralta I?hp Pott?*illa at (I a. in and Philadelphia all 14 P m . lea?a PhilBrialrbta f r Reading at 8 a. m.. returning fiom kaartlng at 4 ti> P'm' CBKbTRR VALLItT RAILROAD. P?ii*ii|trttui L>o? t.lag'ow n and iBtrrniwila'* point* take tk* T 111 and 8.It a m and *,Jt p m train* from Philadelphia. morning from Down iBgto* b at 7 a . bj aid 11..W aaon. SKW YORK lXPRk.SH KOR P1TTTSBUB0U AND TUB W EST LMmltw Uikat. ift* in ?b<1 3 ?. m.. pa?? Ing Kaa '|r g at I M. II f S a ih aud I 4H y. m ant C< nna-ting at Bartl'bor* tlth PanBey I vaoia and Ji-rtba n (Vntitl hail-oa/t Bxpr-aa Tiarna f I'ltt^bnr^b. Ch'cag'. Wii:iaiB?rort. Blmira. Dal 11 MO I Ac. Ramraiug. E*pre?? Train laava Haril?> org n anl?al of Pi?iiB?y \vaniak&pre*airom i'lttabnr. l> at S and J C.' B bi . :i li p. m paaaiag R-a.ting at 4 49 andJiO.f-7 a. m. and II 30 p. m , arriving at New Toik Ilk a m , ai.J ? C y ID, Sloping cara arr?B?panytng ?be?e traiaa through l>?tae?-a Jarary City bb 1 Hiitabm k b witlmnt char g? Mall traia (or Baw i?rk learn Hwrriaborg at 2.)o p. m. Mail traia tor Uarriai>Brg le va* He* Yoik at 1. noon BC nl'l LKlLiL V ALLKT BAIL. Bo AO Tiaina lu>* P..?*?? - * - -? ' ii ?? ni tnd 7 1.1 p. m ; reinrniBC lroiu 1a* a na at 7 J a M., ?.,? l.?<? M'1 ilid n 8CHVYLE1LL ABt^BTSQUEB ABB A EllLTratB* leavB Aabnra at 7 :o a m. for Pluocro and HarriaHnrg. bb<i >.? i w p m.. tor Piua?:rova ai.d '1 ratiioDt. retnrbio* rxm H .mai nr*: <?i im j> m., aud fr*m T.aaioat at 7 36 a n> jb<1 j ^ i. m. _ FREIOBT Good* 'fall <1e*< rii lioi.a forvar4*l to all the above p<.iatp frca tbe Companr'a N w Praicbt Hroad and Willow atreeu FBBIGBT TBMHS Leave Philadelphia dally at .'.sua m ,11 ?5 b.?d aLd # | B- for Keaoli.g, Ha rn ate Pvttarilla, PortCliBtoa. aM all poiBU beyond' MAILS Clo*e at tbe Philadelphia Poat Offlro for all flatti on the r. ad aao ita branch** at 6 a m au<l tor tbe principal *t*ti -B? i>Bl> at 3 I', a n?. ja l?-tf * IJINNSYLVAMA ''INTKAL KMLKjAI' I WINTER ARRANGEMENT. Tba tram* of tba PeuD-j Ivaal* Central Rati* raao leave tba Depot, at .iiat aad M art or at reef. will'hit I?*a< bad lite- il> b? tba car. ..| tba Bar bet -trwt Haa?. agar L.ll*?r Tho-- .t tbe <,'he?iBut ard WalBat rti*at Bui way rati wiibla oaa agaare ef It. ON Bl NH A Y8?The Market Street Caral?ove Front a..d Markat Mr?Ma 36 mlaataa before tbe departure *f *..< b train M A ti > '8 BAQOAOE EX PREHt* will call for and deliver Rac^afr at tba bepat. Uriiera latt at the . Wee, Bo ?li CbtatuutaUeat. will racetv? ttaattoB. , l.r.nrr D*vw, f 'Mall Train af .. Paoli Acc'.di'u No* I .V J, 10 <0 a ai A II *i p rn Faat LIlb ? <! Erie Esi>rraa at is an m ..e? I'? it 1 I* ? (| Hartfahurff ircem -n..!?tiou ?i . ur B1 Leuc??ter Accotn t xlatwin. 4 UO p. a f ittcbunih and Btle M ell ? Soi p. ? Pl.lla?teiphia B*pr~? atll.ndp u,, PittabWK A Bile Hail leave* dul y, ficrpt Bat u i day. Philadelphia Xxpree* leei-ae daily. All otbar tratn* del'> . txc? p' 8uud? . by Mall Train ( to Willitaitort without ctmaceof care, and arrive at LvckHa veu at 8 1" f. P?-*enger? bp Mail Tram go to C'trllalaaaj Cham) ri'V'UTf vitliuut a diMic of ear*. glevplua Oar Tuketa < ?o be bad on application attte Tick*tOfi<?.63l Cli??utt atreel. Ttamt Amr* ?r Drpnr, I?t Cincinr.ati B\areae ? ai lts?a ia. Philadelphia ftxpr^aa at 7|?a a. Pactli Aoretn . >oa 1 A X a Ma ui , A T 10a m Parkotarg Train ^ at INi,a Lar>< a?ter Train at it ? > p. m Ka?t Liae at l.iop a. Day Bxpreo* at t p Barrliuiuf A ?'??o<1etlB at 14 p. m PhiU<i?l^kla IipiM acrtvee dally, eseepi Clncirnatt I>Kr? erriTea telly. All other train* daily except Banlai P*Mri(*ri laeiln? L<^k Hftrfi at " a m . *i,d W illtanmpert at s *0 a. m . r-acb Philadelphia, without chase* ot rara. Willtamaport. by Bxpre*e.atf. ?>p m 'the Peau*>lvaiua Ballroad Company will aot vtunic any riak for Baggage, emrapt lor Wmiioi Apparel, and limit tbeir r?epoceibilitj to t>i? andrHi Dollar* in value. All Bacgac* etceed in* that amount la value will ba at tN rltk of the owner nnleea take* by aeeHal oo? tract. For furthar information apply to JOHN C. ALLEI, Ticket Agent, bjl CheatBut atreet 84NFBL H WALL ACS. Ticket Agent at Ike ^Vn'eMIGBAKT TBA1M raas daily, except Bendat. Tr r tall pertlcolere m to fare and artnmantatiom apply to PBAKC1S PTHk, 137 Packet. f^BHTBAL BAILBWAD OF SBW JBBBBT? V P:. kkAOVt-r u n<4 F?a.l?k?? " ? - ? ? ?? - - in Pf* MOrB, foot of Liberty ?tr*et O^odwi at mptou Junction with tbe Drlt*kr?. Lackawanna an-1 W eaters Bai lro*d, at?4 M ItMoi with tli* Ukick V 1I#T lUUrnti and iu (MMOti ?a, bn itf I direct IIti? to Pittahorg and Ui Waat wilbou change ??f care. 4LI BBTOWK LIMB TO TBB WBST. T?oIii'iHiTr?iM dully forth# wa*t, except Sui ?1ayp. when one Train in tba ereatng bijIm ud tkrM hoin aavad bf this line, to Chicago. Cincinnati. 8t Lonii, A> , with bat oh* change of cart. WINTBB ABBA MOB MINTS, Ooiuordiir Jiamr) ., lf?>7?L?mt? Baw York as f llowa. t. A M ?For B*atoa. B?tbl?h*a, Ma*ck Cha:k. ^illiaaaport, Wilkaabarn, Maba or Cit?. *c __ ? ]i> a M Mail T?a:x?For Ftemingtou, Bm ton. WMtr Gap, Scran tow, Hiikmbtrrc, Great Bend. Fittabnra. Bingbanitau, Ac. y i k -UMttrn B\pr*?* for B**ton. Aliento wl. Uairiaturft, Pitt?lar?. and tbe ?Mt. with but me chance of can to Cinctai.auor Chicago, a?n but two hai'?-? to St. Lonia O ati-cU at Barr:-bur* with N-?rtbarn Ceatral and Pbiladel ph.a aad Brio Boada. for Brio aad tko Oil Be ?tt M T**:it ?For Baotaa. Allen town, Manch fhunk V tlkeabarr*. Beading. PotUrllle Barrisl,ore. ftc. 4 p M ?For Bait n. BatkUbom, aad Maaeb ^"p^M.?For otuorvllla and Fle?ingt-n. IF. k ?For Baawa.Baadtag. BtrtUbarg Wf|Uiai?ort Irriaatoa. <'?rrf. Brio. Ac. tUaeping car froni Few fort to wm>aa??art I U F M ? For 8??er*iHe 7 ? P. M ?Fortotnarrine. 8PM -Wi'uit Bxrste* Teai* ?For Bm taa, Alleatowa, Boating, Barriebarg, Pitt? burg, * BteaplBg oara tbraugb froaa Jeraay City to Pitta l.urg ?rery ''*?ih Additional tialaa are run ta Bargon Pat at. BinMtb. Ac. . . . Ticket* for tho Waot caa bo abtateod at tba o?ce of tbe Central _Bal1r*4 of Bow Jereer. foot of !ut?m K(??c, aortt> a*, i t<torH?vw. iS4.! V 'l 41,6 roadway. Mid M Bo to r*#nw1ch ttrmt. jal> JOMAH 0. ?T1' gars,?n?eri?l?daat NBW YOBK AMI* W HAY'M B4IM0AP. Pmmmw Btatloa la law \ ork, aoroar S7U atra?-t u4 Fourth m*dm . LHL* M*w T?*l For Ifw Htrw and Brld*?>ort 7. a Ii ), Jl Ju ft. B> ; it.ii K),T(Bs TTsST aii. Mil (Ik J; p. m For Mllford. Stratford. FairfiaM, kitkMrt, ai* Waotrort-7,Ujna a .Ttoaadd ??r n. For Nor walk?7. ?J?. ll .SOa. n . It li(Bx.>, S <Kx.tJiM.4ai l?sut?ili.i| m. For Parian ut Oiaan?u-h?7. ? SB, II K? A.; ' 11J? m : U ?? ( *.?,!(** II.?,I?,I.W,?* *?<? 8 (J*'.' * For PwtOKai wm* lat?r??ila4> Baatto? f. ?je. II JO a. m3 M. *M. ? 3B. *?. and 7 ? . oomomo TBAIW?. Far Boa ton na BtlVtiald W a \' "J*** <Ix.For Boatoa rta Shore Lisa?U W. ' ForflarX'rd a*i 8pri?ffleM-l, (Bi-.l II.*? ? Ballro*-* a. nj^SSSk^S^s ssiffrt' Laaiaa mi Mualacta* >?tha.r **For Boaaatoatc aad latfamk Ballraad I a. for Vaafcarr Md Bar walk BB-7,?? 4'f!i?M>ildki *???> ? Oara attar bad tal ?.?. Tfila Via J A MM B. SOFT. Snprriataadaat.