Newspaper of Evening Star, January 22, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 22, 1867 Page 1
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/ 0 I J J^L. I J^L 8 I ^b I I B i 'B>' j^ I " ' ' .* *,.?. ? . t ^ . .* *.' rV* '. I' ' ' . : ? . . V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY, JANUARY 22,1867.,; N?. 4,329. ?.-' ? r mimmmmm?m?mm?mmmmmmmmmm?m? ??? ???^?? ?^??^, in. THE EVENING STAR PLBLI8UKD DAILY,* I CM DAT BXCAfTMD) AT THE STAR BU1LD1NO, Seifkwttt crr%tr Ptmm'tL imw mi LUfc tbrui *T W. D. W ALL AC H. Tb( BTAR la wmd by tao ??m*ri to (Mr tetrtUn la tt? City ud District it Tu Cam rum tu. Coptca at um coaataff.wUb or wHfcont wrappers. Two Oaara aaofc. Paica rem liiuao -ThrN nwatl?t fOnM D^tUr mnd CtmU, alx moalkc, Tkrtt Doltm$, one yoar, DolUrt. No ptpva am vat from tfco offea longer taaa paid for. Tba WEEKLY s?TAR-paMiabod oa FrUUy WOTBtn??Ox MUr mmd a Hal/ a Fw. DENTISTRY. d* ! ???? 1Mb *a4 1Mb aUMts. fwtk Htrtet*4 wttboat pala by tdalMtotiai BMroaa Ox)i? mt Lm|U>| Oh. j>r.^?Ch LBVlIku r??ntlr isrckiud tltbNtMBf identical imritai in tha cMltr; far*"11' milii tare gaa a ear 7 day; i!h,u lw proved t*1 alar la baler Tk? Aa?oclation U now prepared U Mk? T??tk oa GoM. Silver i?4 BnWxr M Vt* lork rkilid(l?klk >*d Bmmi ?rto? AUptrhm vliklM dental Work4oi? ms Ut? 11 mekM? aa ii the ibon u?d cltlti. All work 4oae it tk* neateet sad boat ntMr. ?i4 warranted m give aetlafactioa. Peraona will do wall to call aad main oar work. dell tf X* .* ZXjelSSlS Jfi* .lUUL FLATS TBSTB, attenda peneaally kla eMcala Ula ally. Many Hnoaa wftHW wear thee a ;??tk wko aaaaot waar othwv*1 Md^aa Hiaoa oaa waar otkm who aaaaot waar Peraoaa eaJllag at my oflaa aan ba moaaataM with ui atjT* aad prtM ofTtMkttayaaidaatra, bat to thooa wha ara parttc alar, and wleh the s;n^:'rsi . ^rrMsS'JS^tSii win ba aora fall; warranted. Booma la thle olty ?So 3J*Fati'??wtM.b? tweea Mb and 1Mb rta Alto, VST Areb atraet, Pajlarialfhle. oc_1>-1t_ rmsoxXL. AB HACBICB. BSAL SOIlHTiriO AS TBOLOQBB OF AMKBIUA, From the poeltion anaaaaact of tli? Sutra at tba tt aa of one'a blrtb. will ra veal aetoaiebing a? ereta that no lm tg mortal ever kaaw before. how taktiBCCMilnlm all reasonable aadert*hlaga. He talla cana and vary day yon marry. deecribee the intended companion, and tvlla all eventa of Hfe. good lack aad long life to tleltore Laliaa M) eente to fr gentleaea in fall $1. OallatOO mh at . near F, all houra until t In tue evening da SI lm* i ADIB8 WHO ABB DB91BOWSOP A SKILL1 j f?l and accomaliabed Phvaiciaa. ahoald conrait Pr HIS BY MOBTON. 1??? ?*?t Payatte atreet, Baltimore, Md. Dr Morton<a aervtoee may he (engaged in Waahlagtonor any other city, by ilraaslntBg shnvs CMS IS 'tm* t 'BNTLEMBN WHO All ArrL10TBI>:-A 11 cure warranted by aa old Dir|*o* of twentythree years' experience in this partlcalar branch af the profession. Charge* moderate. Do not tpply to <iuacks. hat to J ! QABDH IB, M. D., tie of the United State* Bicord Venereal Hospital. Office Mo 21 south A street, opposite the Capitol Pqaare, aoufb aide. a B ? Medicines aleo famished at seat. <te!7 1m* (~*OBJ 1DBNTIAL.?Toung men who have In/ jured themselves oy certain aecret habit*, which unfit them for baaioaM. aleaeare, or the datiaa of married Ufa; alao. middle aged and old mea, who. from the failles of jonth. or other naaea. feel a debility In advance of tkalr years, fare placing themselves ander the treatment of say one. should first read "The Secret friend Married ladies will leara something af importaace by perusing "The Secret Fiiand.^ Sent to any address, ia a sealed envelop an receipt of 36 cent*. Addrsss Dr. CHAB bTTJABT * CO.. Baa to a, Maw ao H> CLOTHING, Ao. FJ. HBlBBBSBh, _ . _ _ Baoceeeor te H W. Lemdon ft Co., KJTIZESS AND MILITARY __ MERCHANT TAILOR, ?A Metropolitan Hotel la?s Brown's, air . ^ 368 Peanayl"Bla aeeBoa, "* 1-W Washington. D. O. '*MM'AHS.?LAC1. WUDH.LillOR. C.P.BLACKLAW OrriOB. _ ? BLACK, LAM ON B CO., OoMssllors and Attorneys at-Law la the Basreme ^8u,a?, the Court of Claims, ** O?art* of the District, ihe Executive Departments. and Committeea of Congrena. J?? mh ??" ?. (dlrecWj apposite WllHflBBl a ^a ta sM ?. - WM WM. T. COLLIBB, OABIBMT MAKBBAHD UnBEBTAK Btt. R\ ftow ? ?? Manu.aetwrer. 8?baol InnltaraUA. B>t UmueforBiibiDg W?rtroom? Maw and M| i/M Psratture. ef all deacrlttiona. beaghr /^ I tad (old. liejairtnf, CpholKerin#, and Varuiah Ibi 4oi? at the ahorteet *?tlea. Boatheaat corner f 8th and K ttreeta north. No 13 de IS Sm* JC8T BIC'IIYID if JATBB * dBLBTB, U3 PaDMTlania avenna, A anterior lot of LADIES' CLOAKIBQS. which they are offering at Terr low pclcea. ?o? tf H K M O V A L . tbb mattonal rnToif iv*ub*bcb comPANY OP WA8H1MGTOB Bare ratao^ed to their Hew Office. Bo. 71 LOOIBIABA AYBNIJB, Firat doox east of 7th at, DIM M"o~T 0 B : _ CbM. Kb?v, Pree't. Geo W. Biua. Vioe PraaH, Tboa Berry, Marshall Browa, Bch'4 Wallach, O 8.Gideon, Daniel Dodd, fa. Dixon. ?*?MOBI.M P. LAMM MM, ImaUy. UAAV ttauxavabo r imavo mv VAAOAAI * BBEDBAM-S PABLOB 0*0AITS. All will Had It CT?at1y to th?tr Inw?t?-j? tcniBl>*tli?Mi?t?rb InatrsBMnU kt-RfHl for* ?cr?fc??iDi U) other. 11*11 0?It a?eocr ?t GSOBGB L. WItfB ft BBO.B lev Piano Fort* ud 0r(M Warerooy, Ho. 497 11th itr*?t Pean'a areas* in B street. A select assortment of new are second hand Instrument*, including CHURCH UBOAB, for Ml* it lowest fKterr iricM. tad on cur ttnu. TCNIIOui BBPAIB1BB tMthfvUy?XM?tod Mil tin* 3,000 ' ?" I'PariTOlS. jmt u JJJ-,?-I.?i?tVKwVS,K4." Commissloa M?r?huti. de 14-tf Ho. *>* 9th St., between B ? d F. C'HOCOLATB DOUBLE,VAHILLB, / DB B. MA1LLA1B0. Pur Oacao et lucre Bxemit de UntlaelMC*. Z. M. P. RING A BOH, Blng Place. Corner VemMH>t areane and 1?X ttrMt. WEST INDIA OBABttBB AID 8 WEST MALAGA GBAPBS, FmaA. KlBO PLA< 1 CHOIOB HUTS, EAlRlBB, FI OS. GO BEAM TB, BP1CEB. Ac-, Be , to salt this itrtlcultr saasoa For aaia by Z. M. P. R1BQ A BOB, de 31-tf Blag PI?. TBT. TIMOTBTB HA Lit. HB datles of this MlMtloB srill be reeanted Beat. U.IBM. For terms, Ac., see catalogue nC circular at the principal boa ha to res of tAls city. er addreas tha principal all B PABBOBB. OntoaTlUe.Md. THE CBO<JHBT OOLLAB BOOR, MSB. Rayaes Ealttad Lao* OoLlar Book;The Ba?ls Bat tit a? Bwek. Mrs. 6a n tain's Aait Shawl and Bearf Book: Mr*. Oa?ga*o's Crochet Baby Cap Book:The Qr**k and Boapan Lac* Book; Tha Asdainalaa Kalttin* and HhSIsc Book; Th* winter PS Book; Mrs. Cony VjArt of Dye?^Mag. FKMKJM? FUBB1BH1BS 109M *nMNTt \qh*j u4 lro?bl?br ?tiiD&M?OI'8. ftO( aiBlk ftrMt. Mlt to fnOMlmU ITMM, who c?o faralMi Um wiih ro*47-aado Pillow Cmm, r*ubw ?n<3 Hair Pillow*,Bolsters, W Blaakou, Vla4*v N*4e?, w ClMka. Oir?*t, Stair Ortth. Towo4 laiifwltlaHB.K- d* M dM IT-OB ?A?B uB KIIT-A 1M taM PlABO. l no4?n Ml*, vllb ittol Md moo4 ord?r (5ia be aoaa at BOSWKLLIBB rtaer ^loN,}OSIllrMt,?MrUtt. mTTTi pit MClfl FOB HAtm L A* iadiiMMttU artui? far ill who arc HHMd to tfca coif For hU? by - *04" !""* ??ja UHf M9 Pm itmh. lSUn onbvo reiT I * ? ("fiMtftkilura,"! DirM< la?MUU?i. Z. . F. KINO * BOB. d*B-t Klai PIm*. FBBBOB UIAIA0II FOB INT.-IIM STta Daaao: ilunek da ta bonoOaulao, AImpOBlABLB STEAM INaXlM. tMIMif tb? >! ?f t>dw?y.l?t?MIHy, M NiuBT. vitk U* Bialnatf ni|M Mi %eUm Ttor tn vtMr **4 fcT?r*bly kmn, MnftiilH Mh?m. AllvvruMailiifcmrr.orM ?1?. Pim?1|HW wt ? 'li'ii'i'J i<ir"j- s?*. # | aw ill mow. , 0^JKai??'?asi5,iisa?tMC^lac?t*hH|?rni?Ml* Muat MMVtfi af I . :i? BANKERS. JAT WOU * Ot? lIKIIIi 8?t?4 mi % tnrmt Mrtil ntat, wi km CMUatty m teat, i fall aiyfly of all OOVBBBMBBT BOBBS?. ., UnB THlfeTIH, AID OOMPOfcBD IlTllin MOTES Mm tar BTOOEB. BOMBS, *?. ntMtod, tal 0*U*CtlOM Md? ni all MMwibto Miito. ? Itf UARROW kCO., . BABE BBS, Ommt LwMm imM u4 f DKAXBKS III GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, OLD AID ULTU ft t-tf ASP LAHP WABBABT8. Pint KtUeiil Bnk of Wukiigta. B . D. OOOK1, (of JiyOMkl AOc.,? PTMUont, WB. B. HrMTtKQTOM. OwUtr. BOTSBHMXHT P1POSITOBT tn riHAHOIAL AQBNT OV THB CHIT IB 8TATB6, \$tk xr?i, trosut tit Trtatmry Dtpnr ^*iu. flu in < B?caiit|M with Tntnr? Ualtod Itelaa tBTONE MILLION DOLLARS Webn? and Mil all cImms of GOVERNMENT LLCliRlTIESit cirroat Mrkit ntv. furnish exchange and ma*' Col Union* MI all the principal cities op the united states. Wo pvrcboM Government Vouchers on the most favorable terms, u< give cvefci ul irontt attention to ACCOUNTS Of BUSINESS MEN mnd FIRMS, u4 to Uf othor but mm ontmtod to a*. mi IBffllM A VIAB < * nnv*Da m vw * w * ?vm ivfaiu >v wv v ?i?h * MBKT IjOAII tt all time* cheerfnlly fumlrted VV. . HCNTINQTOM, 0a?hler. Waahlagton, March ?. MM. ? tf HOTELS, RESTAURANTS,-** ^ 1 ? D . WTTlARD B HOTBli, | Washington, December 1,1804.f Benatora, Bepreeentati vee, ud othera. reaiding Id Waablngton, who oecney private apartmenta, caa be accommodated with their MBALiS at this Hotel at the rate of ||n W per week da4 7m BY KBB, CHADWIOK t 00. J^IBKWOOD HOUBB, Corner ftnna. at *nw and TvtlfiK 1PasAii?ir:<m, I). C. ifiJU BltiMM la the moat central location tLe city, midway between the OAPITOL AMD PBKBIDBMTtAL MAMBIOM, Only a abort dlatanee from all the Depart menu, Patent and Poet Offlcee, Smithsonian Institute, ate. H. H. DUDLBI A 00., no n-tf Proprietor!. EMJtlCH 'B BB4TA UB&HT, Mo. 3AA Penna aveaoe, near 6th etraat. P. IMKICH wlahee to Inform hie fkien-1* and the public generally that be now keepe con A . a taotly en head OYSTBKS. freah every day, preaared In erary atrle. ififll His WJN Is aud LIulOES cannot be snrpaeaeT n*ll a?il 1*4? - A^.l ? vmi ?? |i ? UIM tUM. OC H' VI | WOOD AND COAL! ^JOAL! COAL! I OOALIII T. T. POWLBB * CO. White Aib, stove and egg siaes, $8 2B per to*. Bed Ash, do do $1.75 per too. 2.146 pounds guaranteed. Order* received et the central office of the Vwklngton and Georgetown Ice 'ompany, (late L J iddleton A Co.,)corner 12th aod r streets, and nt * herf, foot of 10th steeet. jn 14-11 B. 8. LAM KIN. Agent. ? OA LI 0 O A L 11 AT GBIATLY BKDUGBD PBI0B?. Grow tensoft>M0 I be 4 eH Tared in tnr pert of be airy. Chestnut White Ash, $7 U, Stove. Bsc end Fnrnace White Ash, $i 90; Bed Asb, #8.7$ Ltkiih ## ^ OAK and PINH WOOD constantly on hand. Orders received at oar office, or at the wbarf, foot of rtb Street. 8. P. BROWN A BON. jai-tf 4M 9th street, between and F. ?OALI GOAL! I GOAL IM Having determined tonetl n first class article ef Woed and Ceal ea cheap as the cheapest, I hope by doing no to gain a liberal share of public patronage. The Coal prtc?? are as follows: WU1TB ASH HOT GOAL ,by the U>n ?T 2* BALT1MOBA 09. WHITE ASH, Kgg and ALbOTHBB QCALITlBSof WHITB ASH * M LTKBB8 VALLKT PUBBBBD A8H ? T? DIAMOND VBIH BSD A8H. 0 1* OBOB8 WBIGHT,?4? LB8. TO THB TOW. Always oa hud tad constantly recalling the best ijB?UtlM of WOOD of ?TtlJ description, de">*"?*">? ?.0.?A0*. ja4-lm 7th ?t., betweea B and F sU . irtaod. UTBBZBBBQ 8 LOAN OfPlOB. XI liMUiktd UK, a ... Highest idTiicM mad* en WATOM 18. DIAMONDS, JKWIL1T. WBABINO APPABBL. ead all kinds of Merchaadlae. Bnainoas strictly eonfideatUl. 3*1 North O street, batwaen 4K aad 6th streets. laaedlaUlT ia rear of the BaMaaal Hotel. i?d la* ATB8T FA BIB FASHIONS Of HAIB Li DBBBSlKO. B. AbLIOT. tKEBCH HAIR DRESSER. 324 B atraet. betweea lith aad 14th sts. r. All lot, from Paris, Halr-Brweeer, af tbs celebrated Bachel, with whoa he arrival la this ooaatry. has sow b^en established for tae lest et|kt years 1a WashJngtoa aad Newport, en >071 a# the patronage of the torpt 4i?torruitique, and ofthe highest society. He has the honor to aaaonase that he has this isaeon imported the latsst fashions of hair draeslag, aad ahio pomades, aad everything that fcelaags to the drssatag ' hair at rery re as oa at. te prices. ja7 dm* L0U18UUIA AVBMPB. J. H. OBABB 6 00. Bart oa haad a large aad Bae assortment of GOODS, salted to this merkst, snch as BUTTBB 0HKB8B. BOOB, APPL.18. BAI81B8. FIG8,' 01T10B, NUTS, HAMS, CODFISH, MAOKBBBL, HBBB1B0. BOAPS, CAHBBD OOOBS, As. Alto, at Itmli loori^ t*l?bnM OHMPAWS barrel * ftUoa. AUtkt(b?Ti goods trt *ff*r?d M Bi UwmI wktt prlM, ui wimiMd J. 1. OBABB * CO., ia?f ?l to. w?.. ?B tXTB. Ptoiwm im'itVr.. pat :jssvx. i hum if aiisMkhiri 1b til oiftM. mk 2HaBBvcTftglf m ?y^KmfW T?bm. fcllMitii. Sou, ^VbgtwaUIMiW?jibyPt.BABBOW, I*. 1*4 gSgigj^CTdM). ?> ?M^ y nu ou. of ntfoiTtno^ I MM*IBrtN?|tOlM?NMHOLITB OIL, gMirrroa luxuW * * * \.'? *aJ I SPECIAL NOTICES. m?2*M?TCALrra GBBAT BHBOHATIO KIM1DT (Mlutlf rtlltTM MTtr ftfli BenralcU. Beryoua Hood acne, tod flil la the Bftdor Fa*. J* 2S ?o*w ?. 0 yoiP,A|Wt WBABNUM. IB BIB BXP08B OF MODBBB hanbn?a, will, tt is na?oratood, imly the Uqb to tk( taantrftiuri of fur?i|a MriuoM la thle cooutry. Tk'j ?r* filf |tn?, Vi< tfintll M-, PUAliOBf - lfOHT-BLOoMlBQ CBBFTJS." the ir*M 8?rtl extract el tbe day la rapidly rirlTiag their traah out of the trad*. Sold mryvhtrt, jt 16 BBMEB1AL IB8TIT0TB BOB PBOIAL OA8B8, Bo. 14 Bond atroot, Bow Tork. STTnll information, with tho kitktt* tuttmoalio. Book oaSpgitU Du*a*u,in a ittvtiope, scat free. to?Bt sure and *'*dfor Uum, amd you tetU Hot rtf ret it; for, as advertising physicians W? generally tmpoitors, withuut rtfertnet ?r stranger shenld b? trotted. KiIom at amy lor postage and direct to BB. LA WBBMOB. No. 14 Boad street. Mew York. aolSDAWly HALL'B YBOITABLB SICILIAN HAIB BB BBWBB Benews the Hair. Hall's Tmitaili B'cilian Bin BIRFTU Restores fray hair to the original ooter. Hall's Vssbtablb Sicilian Haib Ksnbwbb Pntnti tLr hair from falhac off. Hall's Vboetablb Sicilian Haib Rsnbwkb Makes the hair soft awl glossy. Hall's j\J'tablf Siciltan Haib Bcnbwbx l?< es not suir the akin. Hall'* Pwilian Vboktabll Bats Bxnbwbi Has prulti Itself the beat preparation for the h*ir ever presented to the public. Price tl. For sale by all dragirists. j? 30-Tuly my MABB1ASB ASDt'BLIB ACT, AMD THB Happiness of True Maahood.- An Essay far Yoang Men on the Crime of Soiitade, and the Physiological Crrors, Abuses and Diseases which c> eate Impediments to Marriage, with sure means of Reltof. Bent in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address Dr. J SKILLIM HOUGHTON, Howard Association. Philadelphia, 1'a. j*ll-3ai BKOBBT DIBBABBB. Bamabit an's OivtIs the uest certain, safe and Sflectnal rrmedr?Indeed, the nnlr vegetable rrmt. dy ever discovered Cores In two to tour daya, and recent cm?i Id twenty four hours Mo mineral, bo balaam, no saereary. Only MB pllla to be taken. It U the eoMler'a hop*, and a friend to those who do net want t* be expose*. Mala packages, #l,female, #3. BawaBitah'kBoot ant> Hhbb J nc???A positive and permanent enre far Bpyhilis. Bcrofnla. ulcers. Bores, Bpota. Tatters. Ac PHce 91 U P?r bottle. Bold by 8. 0. Ford. Bee a<lvertls?ment. my I gUXELY, STEADILY, SVOCE8EFULLY, M0LAHD1BU IXTBACT BUCKU u eiKiM avory oaos of Kibrxt Bisbasb, Biiivatum, Qbatbl, Ubinabt Dtkobibib, WiAKitBaa and Pairs 1b ttaa Back, 'bmalb Oomh-aibts and Iioiilu arista# boa Bxcassas or ajtt Kir*. 0 0MB, TB ATV L10TBDI TBT BMOL ANDBB'B. TAKE NO OTHER BVCKW. Bold by all Apothecaries. Price fl. B.BABHB8 A CO., Hew York, Bad BABBBfl, WABDA CO.. Baw Orleans, Boo thorn Ageats. BOBLBTOB A BOOBBB, Wholesale Druggists, Boston, Masa , Oonaral Agents. lab 10-U COLCATB A CO. 8 WINTBB SOAP. Recommended for chapped haib? and for general toilbt nse during cold wxathsb. It may ba obtained of all dragclsts and faney good* dealers. fab > ooly dancing! p&ers. J. W. A H. P. HBBIS' BABOIBO AC A DIM Y, ?| Pnurliinlk avenue, bet. 6th and 7th *t*.. JB Ophite Metropolitan Hotel. GA H*w CI mm* forming *v*ry evening. Those desiring to enter oar ciaases should avail themselves of tb la opportunity, Preparations will be made in tbla quarter for onr annual May Ball. Clrenlara can be had at J. F. Bills' and W. O. Hetierott A Co.'a Music Store*. The Hall can be rented for Soiree#, Ae. Bay* and M<mrs af Tuwon : Tor Ladlee, Miaeea and Master*. Tuesday and Saturday afternoons, from S to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen s Classes, T need ay and Friday evening*. from 8 to 10 o'clock. For fnrther Information,apply dating the hour* of tuition, or addrea* a note to the Academy, Quarter commencing with the flrat lessen. ja 8 MA,IM1,m,KlBiSLB DAX0?Q MABIKI S AJ4SBMBLT BOOMS, M B, between Mb and 1Mb streets, This academy Is now open fer the recep- Hi tioa of pnplls. ~~ Daj* and hoar* ft talUoa for yonag ladlss mimes and masters. Taeedays, Thursday* and Saturdays, from 8 to 8 p m. Gentlemen'* rtaeeep from 8 to 10, saas evening*. B B ? Private insSruetloa given to salt the convenience of the paptl. sets ASviUBBALB^AHD FA^CY DBBSS BALLS The nadentgned weald most respectfally inform the ladles end gsatlemeu of Washington city, and the IMstiiot geaerallr, that he Is at all time* prepared to farafsh parties with Masquerade and Fancy Oostams, either oa loan or made to order. He ha* token room* at the well known fancy establishment of Christian Bappert, Bs-j .. aa 7th *treet, betweea D and B, where hs will he happy te aweit order*. CHABbBSBBBO, uoHtMr h rora ana orovtrl j? 8-lm* Tfcwtwi, W?hlaftan, P. 0. Selling orr to olosb busvbbb. A. W TOWSfllND * 00, Jewelere, 416 7th at., b*t?MB D aad B. Bniif<*t*nuk*dto retire from kwlMN.wi offer oar b*?iti{ol Mtortwat of Jewelry u4 Fancy Go?da at tlrat coat. All fooda aoM guaranteed to be what reareeeated. w hllet cloelnf oat onratotk of Jewelry aad raaor Gaodt. wa offer oar |akoM who wieh ta purchaae Watchaa the opportaaity af buying than at wholecala ratea. PBICE LIST OF WATOHBS. Silver banting eaae, ancher movemeata, jewel ad, ?. aatd; Do. American, Bllerr movement*, jeweled, #17, fold; Do. Amarlcaa, P. 8. Bartlett moTtaeata. jeweled, ?11, geld: 14 karat pwt oaaa, American, P B >artlett, chronometer bal., #*7, gold; It do. do., #78. fold; IS do .. Ap pletoa,Tracer A Oo., chronometer va!., #98, gold. ABT10LB8 TO Bl BAIVLI9. 1 Ladiee'Oablnet aad Ohatr.paplar maohe, Inlaid wHhaaarls flrat coat, #328infold. 1 Ladiec' Work tafia. H?i? maohe, ialaid with Marl; flrat coat. A7fti j cold, l HoukimI mounted Vtth toTlil Sterling alifer, first coa(,"|uM TMwkolt to be raffled for fHOnrrtair. A. W. TOWJiJtHSAD A CO., Jewel era, 16 7th afreet. few doors below j? M-lm* Odd Fellowa' Hell. ?OLUMBIA HOSPITAL FOB WOMi LT1HO U AtTi.Ua, fwrttutt 1re*,(a?r1e0?or?e> ?C rtr?t. Washington, D.O. imaM. .OMijaja ttijoar gwy mlantw. Terma of MaataAa: Trap ft f? 910 per w?*k, IP 10 A L STAFF. j.fJ2i fiiiS w???w*n wewai, S?t WHt WHf TELISbW fee. ' J , I The New Orleans Timts , fecial) 1171 that the Supreme Court of &.\*~ bama has decided the act of Congrats repairing I a stamp apqn State legal process to haaacen* stltntlonal. Chief Jastir# walker alee decide* :that Alabama, betpg.<? /as.'e a government ander the Confederacy, iu personal represents tiTes are protected from all loae in Confederate investment sj)der an aet ol tbe Letislature. The corn t waa unanimous Schooner Kachet Vannerman, from New Tork for St. Mark's, Florida, has pot into Hampton Koads. Sbe encountered heavy gales and coo Id not get into the Delaware \ breakwater in consequence of the heavy ice extending ten milcB at sea, sbe reports a large fleet of Teasels anchored along the beach from Absecom te Barneg&t with their halls ana rig* gin* coierfa mtn ice. The Mobile Jdurhur of the 19th mat* unuances the horning of the Bremen ship Mo. bile in Mobile bay with 2,35V bale* of cotton. The vessel and cargo are reported to have bee* fatly Injured in foreign offices. Noliveswere 1o*L General Kiddo and staff have returned to New (>ri?ana from aa extensive tonr through Louisiana. They represent that the negroes areevery where contracting and going to work, preparing for the year's crop, and there are not labor *r? enough to till the land. In the Third District Court of Louisiana, in a case involving the invalidity of Confederate contracts, Judge Fellows decided that the court* could n >t lend their aid to enlorce contracts of this character. Th?? negro "Horace (Jreeley," on trial at Charleston. S. C , was on Saturday convicted of murder. John Bull, a negro, his alleged accomplice, was acquitted. At the great prize drawing in Chicago. Saturday, ticket No. Sfr.HOOdrew the Crosby Opera House, and No. 161,931 Bieratadt's painting, Yosemite Valley.

The steamer Tuscaloosa, irom Mobile, was burned four miles above Erie, on the Warrior river. Six hundred bales of cotton and tnree negroes were lost. The poeU of Dry Tortngas and Key West bRVA dptun ho HI frnm tha - * ? _ ? ? ?? vua 1/iDki Ui, U1 Florid*, and will hereafter constitute the district ot Key West. Crosby's Opera House, Chicago, was drawn by John Meyer, a saloon-keeper at No itib Randolph street, Chicago. CONGRESSIONAL. S*natk.?Yesterday afternoon, the tariff bill beinr nnder consideration? The following amendment was adopted ; Ob all wln?s Imported in bottles not otherwise herein provided for, per dozen bettles if not more than a pint each: S3 per dozen on bottles more tlan a pint. An amendment was adopted repealing the act of KM allowing for drawbacks upon wines. The words -on pain of forfeiture ' were added af'er the words, "and no entry of any impertedcigara shall be allowed of less quantity than three thousand in a single case The ad valorem duty on linen threads,yarns, lines, femes, Ac., was changed from thirty to thirty-II re per cent. A provif" v. is adopted in the section in relation :o iruii that no iron except railroad iron and strap iron shall pay a duty of less than r ?? ?? ? WIVIVU1. The* duty on grindstones, flnisbed, was cbangtd frum twenty per cent. ad valorem in tbeprnted bill, to five dollars per ton. On buildhg or monumental stone, flnisbed, from thirty live per cent. 3d valorem to two dollars per ten of thirteen cubic fert. On imported books and printed nnuer from thirty cents per pound to thirty-flve per cent, ad valorem. On barley, from fifteen to ten cents per busbel. The followine were added to tbe free list of the printed bill: Animal* imported as specimens of natural history; regalia used for religious ceremonies. Tbe reading of the bill was almost concluded, but three pages remaining, when, on motion, the Senate adjourned. House.?Yesterday afternoou, the resolution introdued by Mr Ward, of New York, directing Committee of Elections to enquire into the recent election In State of Maryland, and ascertain if laws of the Stat* disfranchising rebels had been violated: if loyal voters were deterred from tbe polls, and if armed force of United States was used by direction of the President of tbe United States and upon the requisition of tbe Governor of Maryland, was passed? yeas 108, nays 35. Mr. Oobb introduced a joint resolution proposing an amendment to tbe Constitution. Kelerred to tbe Judiciary Committee Also, a bill to provide for tbe distribution of tbe reward offered by the President for tbe capture of Jefferson Davis. Referred to the Committee en Claims. Mr. Oarfleld introduced a bill to provide for the examination of the Treasury Department, and other Executive Departments. Referred to the Committee of ways and Means. On motion of Mr. Farqnhar, tbe Select Committee on tbe murder of United States soldiers in South Carolina was directed to inquire into public whipping of United States clti zena in North Carolina, particularly In Raleigh and its vicinity, and the burning to death of citizens in Sooth Carolina when confined la jail. On motion of Mr Ketcham, the Committee ef Ways and Means was instructed to inquire into the expediency of providing by law tor the redemption of one-cent, two-cent, three, cent and five-cent coin at the Treasury and assistant treasuries of the United States when presented in earns not less than 810. On'motion ef Mr. Banks, the Committee on the Library was authorized to contract with Albert Bierstadt for two paintings, thoroughly American in character, representing some prominent feature of scenery or important events in American history, to fill two unoccupied panels in the chamber of the House. The House proceeded to the discussion of Mr. Stevens' reconstruction bill, and was addressed by Mr. Kerr in opposition, aad by Mr. Higby in support of the bill. The former sustained the President's policy In reference to establishing State governments-in the South. The latter denounced it. Mr. Higby aleo spoke against the reference ot the bill to the Reconstruction Committee. The Hoase at 4.15 took a recess till 7.30. the evening session being for debate on reconstruction. Virginia News. Among the propoeed Improvements designed to develop the resources of tbe Van#* at vie (iata, is to make a railroad from fcarper'a Ferry to Wayaesboro. la Augusta county, connecting with the Baltimore and Ohio road, at the former, and Virginia Central at the latter place, running throughout iu entire length near the base of the Blue Ridge and on the banks of the Sbenannoah rirer Joseph Waltman, executor of Emanael Waltman, deceased, sold a bouse and lot in LoTettsville. Loudena county, on Saturday the 18th instant, for S1.900, C. V Weaaer purcbaser This property was sold in 186? for P78#. The "Snow tract," belonging to the lata Emanual Waltman, was sold on Saturday, the 12th instant, for 945 per acre, Mr. San* bower, pnrcbaaer. Several of the attaches of the Manaeeas Gap Railroad have been to Woodstock for the par. pose of procuring houses next spring, in which to live. The Valley Herald conclndee, therefrom, that the won on the railroad will he completed to the Valley next summer. At Caroline Court, last Monday, on motion of Captain Hudgin, It was unanimously agreed to exempt from poll tax all whs had ioet a limb or been otherwise disabled in the late war. $/* A HntMAhH/i Hiflia?il?w ha^ it ? ? w-mv ui usv iMHl IT Ui John S. J. Knight, of Potnam County, Ind., laat w?k, resulted in bto being etabbod by bto wit" with & pair of ehean, in tbo toft aide, aad tnateo nvmi; tint bin recovery very doubt fuL U* to mm to bo under the earn of killfnl pbyaletoaa, and Mt repentant wtto to doing all abe cam to allay bin uSkriaci from tbe frightful if not total wound wblob abe ban inflicted. It tu evidently ber intent at tbe time to murder bin. Tbe tream of tbeir domeetto life baa never bona tranquil. KT Ex-Senator Jem 1>. Bright* of India an prevented a bill of ftO,OM to the antbontton of that State, tor damagea dm* to bin eetato a Jefleraoaville by eoldtorn la tbe early part of the war. Governor Morton examined and approved tbe claim, and $10,000 worn aotoaiky Kto blm by tbo revtotog board. Tbo State aebo aa appropriation from tbo geneaa govern moat to make tbto outlay good. tfTA maaufncturtag oetabU?btaoBt to Erie, Pa., baa purobaaod omof the abandoned oU 1 bolen, and to abundantly applied from to 2f *"*** , . C?rf*rtlI*B Affairs. , Boaxd of Aldxxmkx, Jan. 196?.?Tbe ' Botrd net pirimt u> law. PrwiX, M^un Birr, CroiM, fdaooitcB, Liwi*. Ocn, fut O slick. Gives, T. E. Llojd, Prssulsni, udS. V. WtjM. Secretary. Cammonieations wfre received from tkf Mijor, etattnf tbat be bad approved an act (ranting certain privilege* to Nicholas Vedder: an ac. to set tbe enrbstonee aad pave tbe footway ? on tbe east eideol Sib street east, between II and C atreeta soatb; an act to eneonrage tbe extension of direct railroad cosmnmcation wilb Washington city; joint resolnMon requeuing tbe Mayor to advertise for plane, specification*, and propoeale to bnlld a wooden or iron bndre across Rock l'r?#k si?h? waat*m terminna of K street north. and joint raaolatien of raepeet to the Memory of Charles M UtrmrhU. The Cbur laid Dolor* the Board a communication from the Mayor, in anawer to a reaolution of tha Board of Alderman of tha 7th instant, transmitting the report of tha buperintendant of tne Metropolitan Holloa, and a letter from tha Secretary of tha Washington Oaa Company, in reply to tha inquiry why tha gaa lights are not lighted on H street north, between North Cipltol street and 4th street waat. Tha Secretary of the Oaa Light Company iavs the lamps mentioned have been frosen up, the extremely cold weathar having cauaed more than usual condensation and freezing in the pipea; and that every exertion la beipg made by the company to have them thawed out and kept in good order. The Superintandent of Police reports that bedoea not know why tbeee and other lamps were not lighted. Ordered to be printed. The Chair laid before the Hoard a statement from the Register of the Corporation (in accordance with the resolution of the Board of Aldermen of January Ifth,) of the names and location of all insurance companies and the names of their several agenta, to whom licenses have been issued *ince Julv let Tbe Register says he issued from July 1st, lt-66, to July l?t, 1*60. :J7 licenses; from July 1st, lvee, to date, SI licenses. Of these. there are 3U New York Companies. fi Baltimore lortipanies, t District of Columbia Companies, one English Company, and tbe remainder from various States; referred to the committee finance. Mr. Owen introduced a bill making an appropriation for purchase of hose and horses for tbe Fire Department; repairs of engine bosses: and for purchase ot tbe bell of the Colombia Fire Company; also, authorizing tbe Mayor to anticipate the revenue, for tbe purpose of paying tor the same; passed Mr. Tait presented the petition of Thomas Hurley, praying tor the remission of aline; referred to committee on claims. Mr. Gulick. from toe committee on finance, reported favorably on tbe bill for payment of claims due for work done at tbe Central Ouardhoube; passed. Mr. Tait, from health committee, reported favorably on tbe bills lor payment ef tbe claims ot tbe ward apothecaries in tbe 1st, 'id. Id. 5th and 6th wards lor medicines furnished the out-door poor; passed. Tbe petition ol Mary Kelly was taken up, and referred to claims committee. Mr. Oulick introduced a resolution requesting tbe Mayor to require the corporation police to maks out a list of tbe names of persons acting as agents of insurance companies, aad transmit tbe same to this Board; passed Mr. Lewis Introduced a bill to grade 1st street west; referred to Seventh Ward delegation. Several bills from tbe lower Board were referred. Adionrncd. Comic* Council ? President Moore in the rhair, and all the member* present except Messrs. Prake, Simms, Stewart, and Walcor. A message was received from the Mayor, announcing bis approval of acts requiring wheat, rye. shelled corn, oats, and potatoes, te be sola by weight: tor the relief of Peter McNamara: amending act to prevent nuisances. The following were introduced ?By Mr. Joyce?Bill for the relief of George Baur, (with petition,) refunding amount paid on account ol license which was refused by the Board of Police; passed. Bill for the relief of the deserving poor, appropriating S^VJO lor the purchase el fuel (or distribution: passed. By Mr. Pengh?Resolution requesting the Mayor to inform the Board whether ne baa informed the Secretary ol War that an appropriation has been made to be paid for an examination ol the channel of the Potomac river; adopted. By Mr. Dudley ?Resolution requesting the committee on claims to report a bill authorizing the relundment el moneys paid tor licenses which nave been refused by the Board of Police, adopted. The following were reported from committees ?By Mr. Morsel), (Police)?Substitute for hill of the Aldermen requiring persons doing business in this city to have their licenses pasted in their places of business?pedlars to carry their licenses about them. Mr. Mnlloy said that this bill was another dig at tho corporation, and it waa giving the police a power the corporation never have attempted to exercise. He moved to lay the bill on the table, which was agreed to. Yeaa?Messrs. Anderson, Bryan, CaJvert, Carroll, Dvd^y, Mead, Mnlioy, Talbert. Wright, and the President, (Mr. Moore)?lb. nay a?inessrs. tsaiter, Urury, Joyce, Starch*. Morsell, N alley??. By Mr. Dudley, (.Schools)?Aldermen's bill autboriztag ths Mayor to pay to tbe trustees of tbe colored schools tbe ajnonnt due them? acme f9,000?and b* also caused t o be read a letter addreaaad by tbe Mayor to bint, askiag tbat tbe Board act promptly oa tbe sabjeet. Tbe Chair (Mr. Moore) moved tbat tbe bill be laid over for a week. Mr. Morsell arced tbat tbere waa no canse for a delay, for tba money baa to be paid. We hare nothing to do bnt to abide by tba law. Mr. Moore argaed tbat we will bare to eom< ply with tbe law: bat be weald not be go ided on to tbe performance of bia daty. Whea be haatened to perform bisf duty be did aot wish a laah to ba cracked ever bia back. Mr. Pengh aaid tbat tbe qneetlon of ability aboald be considered, and ba aaked, shall we ednrate the contrabands to the exclusion of the v bites. There are ciaima oa accoaat of oar pablic schools remaining unpaid, and these should all be paid before tbe colored echools are provided for. It waa as good Ume as anr to say to Congress that we cannot comply with tbe law. He referred to tbe fact that many of the laws imposing hardens on as are the resalt of tbe interference of persona who have no interest in the city, aad those who are using the negro lor political purpoees, while the practical sympathy for the negro wae to be foaad among others. He wished tboee whs belie n? abroad, and the official* ot the Freedmen's Bureau,, to help the negro bat ft* woald net pay a tingle dollar for this purpoee until the education ot ererj white child i* provided for. He offbred an amendment providing that no part of thie appropriation he said until all car. i rent bill* dae to citizen* and teacher* of the pnbllc rchoole had been paid. Mr. Wright moved to amend the amendment by )nee rung "and all other indebtedness of the , Corporation," which was not acoeptad. Mr. Dndlej* expreeeed the hope that the j amendment woald not be preeeed, for tha law mast eooner or later ha complied with, aad the ftoontr tht better. Mr. Wright remarked that thie subject waa . one of law, and baiag a law-abiding cttixea, he would vote tor the bill. , Mr. Peughsaid ha conld hot withdraw hia amendment, and proceeded to state that ia a conversation with the chairman of the Senate District Committee, ha had informed him af aa utter inability to comply with the laws, aad < that to educate the white children it wauld i take aver one half af the revenue of the Cor. poration. With him wa ought aot to pay, be- j cauea we cannot. Mr. Moore snld that the ama^Mnt ?m? in accordance with law, as the Mil on the table had rtfwnc* only to ah* am on at already paid < tor the edncatioa of the white children, oa \ wtrtch twenty per oeat. wu dne to the oetersd ' schools. Taw hill had nothmc to 4* with money not yet expended tor educational par. 1 r some farther debate, the roMideratt? 1 ? of the hill wae postponed 4 OurSlvRm, Joyce, *eedSRuoy^U5t Talhert, and ffeeiisat Moore?11. Waee?Meeers. Baker, Dudley, March*. Mor- 1 sail, N?lley, and Wrtfht-4. 1 By Mr. fhm, (claims.)?Bills for the relief of Nathaa Qlamm, Martin King and John 1 "Watt; which were paeeed. Alee, asked to he i d Is eh arged from the farther coastderatloa of the petition Of Bichnrd Oallahaa; eo eedseed. Also, from special committee. bill aathartelag > Hon. H^ligliy a IwiwlMnt J emeaat 1 tsssfisswvssss&Eissa : ) ^ tUMM AIM. * fMOlatiM ll? (MibiUm m tt* WnfttaMa Natl Ii?m. Hdtr tt? HpMteirr of iMMia| U? vfBe? offr|i(Nr of tt* wiukiwtoa rml Uofim. r. Joy* |*Tf aotlco tku at ik* Kit mm. Im b* woald bot* to tMowidtr tb# tow by vkltk tbo bill rutwi nriait privilege* to Hob. Hsfk McUvlkxsb wm rsjtetod A mutnbr of AKran'i bill* woro r*ftrr*J KVKOPBAN IIBWS. Loudom, Ju St.?li is m?4 tbors m aatk in Pini ??ar tfa* ekuiM m tb* Iapcrtal Oab>a#t, aad it to aoackt ia?y i?di. (M a son warlike policy on -.fa* part of lb* F.npfrtr Tkt Prraek proas appiaada Ik* reform* mad* by Napoloon It m mu4 tboi Lord Darby baa concladed not to prsssat iba UovtrsMt reform Mil to ParllaaraL Fa.aia, Jaa 21.?It to stated la oSctal circles tbat tba powers of tbe (kaaa ars to bo ia. creased Tb* aaajorUT of lbs jonraals la ibis city, in tkfU editorial* oa tb* sabjsct, Aeclarth? Mifini mm* k> ik* Vambm ?? literal. Tb?r* titrnaor camai ktr* Am tn order ku tonr kia*4 ?Mek r?ltoT?* IfeMtl liala* of hi* hi|h Mfwi la Mfiico. iN ik* OfBbrr* ( ik* Cabinet ktT* re*lfr?*<l tbeir po*itioa* to (k? ?ap?ror, kat hi ot tkia wore not tterpirt Tm r**if nauon of I. Fo?ld VU among tbotf icerpM. M Konber natuai la lb* Cabinet, and for tb* pre**nt will piwaid* over tb* Finance and Stat* DnaruMat*. (>*noailly will tab* char** of tb* naval aad Lowqaoti* of tb* Arncnltaral Department. Tb* r**t of tb* Cabtaci are unchanged. Fiat*, Jan tl?leering ? Tba Maaitonr to-day aaya tb* Oovrramnt ta aaxiou* to explain to tb* French Cbamb*r* it* fbre*a policy, and will accept qa**uoaaoa tb* *?bi#ct at tbe reopening of tb* ****ton, wbicb will bmbetitoted for tb* neaal debate opoa tbe addr*** MAbDKiLLaa. Jan. tl.? l>i*patcbe* from tb# Ea?t *ta?e tbat tb* troabtoa la Lebanon kar* been renewed. Martlaad l.??l In tbf Maryland Sciiu mtrniiy u order was tdo|>t?d mini?tia|tb? Don mute* on J dicial Proceedings to inquire wbai Iffialauoa la necessary to legalize tbe acu of such Stat* Aseerpors at- continue to act after the expiration of tb* time de?i|natfd by law for Lb* closing of the as*e**m*st. Tbe Honae bill for ike reconstruction of Baltimore city, which provides lor an election for Mayor aad Oittr Connctl on to morrow (Wednesday) two weak*, la order tbat tbe preaent loyal tacnmb?nu may be ejected nnder tbe operationa ot ike fcnfranckieement bill, *u passed, ree?t?> tug a bare constitutional majority, and eight members of tbe twenty-four being absent. Tbe bill regulatiag tbe appointment of va* cine physicians tkronirbont tbe State wa? passed. Tbe act amending tbe "Sunday law ' wan referred to tke Judiciary Committee,and tbe Senate adjasrned. In tbe Honae at Delegates tke bill regulating tbe mod* ot selecting jurora in Waakiagton, Frederick, and Allegba -y countie*,wa* made tbe order tor Thursday. A petition was lectured from tbe proprietors of billiard tablea in Baltimore city, asking for a reduction of Stat* license. Tbe bill to pay J. H B La!robe. Wna. Schley. and J. M. > racier on a tbouaaad dollars each, for tbeir services in aiding Gov. Kwaiiu lo oust tbe Police Commissioners of Ilalumote, coming up. Mr LJnthtcom offered an amenament cutuag down tbe appropriatioa to two hundred dollara each; which waa rejected Mr Bubrman then moved to omit tbe aams of J. M Kraxler from tbe bill which was also rejected. Tbe Republican member*, during the drbate, took tbe ground that tbe counsel aamed did not render any service to the State, bat were employed by the "memorialists," the persoa* asking the removal of the commissioaers, and tbat the Attorney Oeaeral was tke proper par. son to repreaant tbe State, If It should have been interested. The bill passed its aacoad reading, despite all objection. Tbe bill to eject from office tbe present city government af Baltimore was passed, and is now a law. The act to submit to tbe voters of Baltimore city lb* qunuoii 01 uiF mnniDt 01 cut en >Sia4(j ob the city railways, wu postponed VlROIMA L.K?lRLATrBB ?In tbe Senate, OB Friday, two bill* were laid on the table -one providing lor artificial limbe for disabled aoldiers, and the other for exempuag tbe Pouab iBimipninu from taxation for ?hrae year? Tbe objectioaa to tbe bill exemptiag tbe Polish lmmigrajits from taxation were urged by Messrs. Strotber. Meade, aud Gold Mr Stretber tbougbt if tbe Poles were to ba exempted from taxation tbe poor Conlederaue ought to be equally favored Mr Meade objecjed to the bill becauae it would be pretending to immigrants that we did not intend to tax tbea tf tbey woold come to Virginia; and, in fact, we only meant to encourage toe present eoloay to speak of oar liberal policy. In order to bobsider these objections tbe bill was tabled Tbe "Penitentiary Bill" elicited some discasmob. and was sent back to tbe committee to , be remodelled. A strong disposition exists to alter tbe entire theory and practice of opera tions at tbe penitentiary so as to hire out tbe convicts. Mr Dulany presented tbe petition of W. K. Mitchell. Sheriff of Fairfax eoaaty. asking an extension of time for payment Bf revenue IntB the treasury. Referred to the Committee on Finaace. la tbe Honae, tbe Committee of Courta of Justice reported tnat it was obligatory on tbe Le*ihlature to re oreani^e the ti?m of lie Works. The discussion of the usury law wu contlnaed till adjournment.?Richmond Enquirer. A* 1 NT BRESTI5<? LE<> AL Q.UMTIOW.?TH** Supreme Conn of Missouri, now in s*miou at Jefferson City. Is to decide whether the game of "pool," so well-known to oilliard-players, is a game ot chance or science The ease ccmes up on a writ of error. The error asSigned is that the eourt refused to *nstruct ibe jury that if they found, from the evidence, the tame of "pool" u? oe a game of scicnce, and not of chance, they woald return a veraiet of not guilty." it is held by the plaintiffs la error tnat skill at the fame depend* npoa accurate mathematical calculations, so mach so as to take it oat of too category ef the games of chance. Miskbt iv North Caroliita.?The following letter, from Raleigh, is confirmed by other sonroee of information ?"Those who were oace rich an redaced to the last extremity of eadarance. . Large numbers are depeadont Iter the necessaries ot life upon the Young Maa*s Christian Association, and the fa ads of mat organisation giviug ont a few day* ago, those dependent a posit were without tood lor two days. Others hare horned their faraitare to keep warm, and night before last a ? and her infhat were frozen to death. People here have now no thought of aaythiac bat how to liTe." *9- An extraordinary toot race will take place nest Saturday in Tennessee. Two Qormaa citizens of Nashvill* have made a hot of 1.0*0 a aide oa a foot race between them from Nashville to Mnrfrooaboro, eome thirty-two mile* distant. The terms are that each contestant shall be at liberty to take the pike or purene any more deelrable route to the point ot Oeeuaatioc that aeither shall taste food from the momeat ot commenetag the race until lu completion, aad that the oa* whoohall ttrst report at Murfreosboro is to b* considored tbe winner and lakt the money. . WSomt of lk? atackn to the Indiana Lt(mature are endeavoring to ma*e a little noa 7 ont of the ooaerotu applicants for clerkdipt and other poeitions Several soldier*, who served honorably throvfb the war, havtag applied for place*, were informed hy an agent that one hundred dollar* would procure tne desired place*. The salary to only three time* that amonat. 7~Th* Lynchburg (Va.) Mepublican tat? rhat a rumer ban heea current there for several iaye that different parties have in cob temptation the establishment in that city of a tobacco factory, to ha operated hy lame and other disabled persona whoae labor is by law exempted from taxation. A suitablebutiding isrepwted to hare been boaght, and other preparation* lo be la pragree*. 7"?iaiori'eoae night m Detroit netted M* proft. WTA Weetern paperaWya, if Browalow had lot puesaseed a stroag confute ilea ha would save ^cussed" himself to death leag ago. VDaa Kerrigan wants to fight Oollyer. VMichael Byaa, of Troy, N. T., Waa rift Uilaoia s*ltor tfclafcs Til? BWhiT* to uuu a Mmt to ooak a*s uif. 1bring tbc^i&U war vUl loot ap l* tl.MMat. tBTOt tki a?w Senators, Ooakliac ta.3*. Zfcaoroa M, Prollarbajasn W, Mortoa 47, aa4 Ny* nl(k n y?ara of ?c* 7~Of tM two tolend anMrko an Sutkn'tku MTonl We$ irua |f?i? imc aa m appsaiaao*. R* la i lawyer. nn. Mtaa* WDkh, of Akraa, Oa**, wu uutaatfy kilM bj u aoettaat aa tas II. iiaots Oatral JUUroa* last wwk, wan* ? a iridal toar. IBTJST i^tia? to umss^ssz^ss^ t Q Wt wrpas ta asaow Mam, aa* It iiimiIiiI fcr wT?ral tears la a lap imv ana lately still al*??. aaa to mnM Or * MVNMatetonak