Newspaper of Evening Star, January 22, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 22, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. | llliPirii PttkUai. t'oril, ltd ??p*citlij the pule pmk parwtji le af&iD very tubionabU (or evraiac dr^>Mt. Tbdki arc frequently embroidered in sprays ol torsi, kftai bemjc introduced aaoi( the werk to as to give it more relief. With brocaded dresaee. trimniag mud* with precious stonea are in vogue, beeea#e gimp is sot considered infcicaU; rich for ruck v try handson* material*, consequently bnuons made of lapis laznli, jasper, aventnnoe and amber, are in frm demand. Vsrj few flowers are ased in headdresses this ??sson, aad bandelets have entirely disappeared Mauy young ladies only wear a band* eome comb, witb either a silver or (old tap; and if a flower is added, it is a eery tiny one indeed. Watteaa wreathe are occasionally to be seen, bat tbey are composed of L.illpntian roees, pinks, Ac. By way ef contrast, enormoas flowers are naed for ornamenting ball dresses. For example, a white tulle dress with a b-juillonne* skirt will have ever it a tnmc of white and cerlvn striped allk, em. kyAl/ihrarf r?n ri fi f he oH or a witK aw?-? ??V W ?M VVI K?J tarnillC. Tk? tunic form* a point at tbe back, which point is tamed back, and a spray of noutcr rote*, pinks, Ac., is passed inside, and falls on the white tulle. There is a new fashion of looking np skirts lately introduced; it is to trim them with a large revers, which is lined with silk of a ditfrrent color from the dress, and is fastened at the back with a bow, or buttoned on with a gimp button This style of dress is only worn ?? or and* toilette, wbm the underskirt is in vartably ent with a train. These revere are almost invariably made of white silk, embroider ?rd with chenille of the color of the npper skirt. Very pretty toilettes for children have been prepared for the New Year's feiet. For boy's wear there are costumes in velvet cloth and velveteen, or English velvet, as it Is called in Fans. Tbe troupers are tight at the knee, the jacket is etiaiebt. and has pockets; a large sqaare linen collar completes tbe costume. 1 here is much lean simplicity displayed in little gills'frocks. Tbey are dressed iu tbe same style ss their mothers, only in miniature?short shirts, petticoats with pleated borders, Ac. A very pretty costume is called tbe Flor d' Aliza. a low dress, cnt a la I'rincette, with a tunic simulated on It, and opening square in front en ttblier. This tnnic is sometimes straight and sometimes scolloped. White cashmere is mucb nsed as a material for frocks for girls between three and seven years of age, the tunic bemr simulated with a white silk ruche, or vkith a roulau of blue silk. For older giris poplin is tie popular material. A favoni* toilette is an iron-grey poplin, tb? skirt abort and ?collop?d oat, sod bound with bine poplin. A bine cashmere petticoat, with a box pleated bottler roand tbe edge. Hotb a blue ca*hmere Garibaldi and a white uiln bodice are made with the style ot skirt. Plait poplin is also a favorite material for young pint; they are usually trimmed witb black Ivef. 1 most nwt omit to mention a novelty, be'ore ilosing my letter, which ha* recently been introduced. They are flowers Bade ot wcoi, so flneand delicate that tbey are easily mistaken for real ones; they no more resemble the wonted flowers of yore than the artificial productions of florist* of to-day are like (bote of thirty years ago ?Queen. Took Lacdaschto Lhi> has Troubles.? l^ast even*g a young woman, apparently about-J4 ytars of age, good looking and well dressed, was found on Main street, Charleston n, In a dyu.g condition. She was taken to the City Marshal's office where a pbysiciau was called and rendered medical aid. After a abort time she so far recovered as to be able to state that the purchased fifty cent* worth of landant:m at an apothecary store, and had taken the poison as sbe was tired of liviug. Lb*re being so m uch wickedness in tbe world at the present time. Sbe also said that she boarded at No. 9 Broadway, Chelsea. Officer Wnituer and another gentleman at once eon eyed her to Chelsea, stopping at tbe office of tbe C>'7 Marshal, where she was taken in, and appeared to be in a dying condition. L>r. Pool, the city physician, was called aad prescribed for her, and in asbort time she began to rjrcua^air ui iui i>uuunm irom BT stomach, could Articulate a tew word?, saying Serd for my George." She subsequently stated that a young man in Chariestown, caned Baltertou, bad been paying his addr**e?es 10 ber, bad ?ot ber in a family way, an* tben told b*r It was "all op" between th?m. On thi? account she bad taken tbe laudanum, and wanted to die as toon a* possible. A letter wa* also found on her person, in relation t? the parting of th* yonng man from her. She gave the mime of Snsan Jflerritt. was born in ttrighton, and her husband Is row at ?ea. She was kept at the marshal's Hie* last mght, and comfortably cared for, as it was unsaie to remove h*r to ber boarding house This morning she rallied sufficiently tt be conveyed to her residence.?Boston II<r. Pacttti. ArctDKHT. ?a correspondent of tbe L*baton, >'ew Hampshire, free Press gives this account of an accident in Kufield A workman i? :he Tannery, by tbe name of Michael benrami. met with a very singular and severe accident Tvbile grinding bark. A small cord which be had tied around hi* waist become unloo^ned and fell among tbe bark, and was picked u# and thrown into tbe bark mill, but caugbt around ttte upright ?baft and wonnd up. Bertrand tben shut tbe gate to stop the wheel, but did not s'aut it close so bat the wheel kept going. H?s then tried to take the cord from the shaft, and in some strange man. ner it caught around his left band thumb ud drew him close into tae mill. With bis right band be b?Ul bim?elf back and literally polled his thumb off at the second joiat, and tearing tie two large cords of the thumb out of his arm nearly to his elbow. Kxno.?This fascinating Southern game has been recently introduced in some Northern cities.and and it Is stated that the places where the game is kept are nightly thronged with players. The came la said to be a fascinating one, and once interested in it* person is liable to play on Ull he Is "dead broke " There are instances, however, of some winning considerable money; bat the majority are losers. 7*A cubic yard of gold la worth, in |ronnd numbers. S!O.<?4i,0Mi. aad at this estimate all ibe gold in the *orld, if melted into ingots, might be contained in a cellar twenty-four feet square and sixteen feet high. All the boasted wealth already obtained from California and Anstralia would go into an iron sate nine feet square and nine feet high. Wanyixo to N*aw?nora.?A newabjy in Philadelphia haa been arrested on the charge of obtaining money under false represent*, uona by making a practice, when he was "stuck," of crying ont. 'Assassination of the President," "Murder of Gen. Grant,'* "Death of Thad. Stevens," and similar falsehoods. J^Txo thousand iranc* have been subscribed in France towards the expense of experiments in the training of silcworms in a cl freedom, with a view to collecting tbeir.egg*. WXhe journeymen carpenters ol Albany b*ve-demanded from their an adrauc*Irttm 92.50 to 13 per dim after the 1st of March pext VTbe cattle plague in England co*t S17,M6.UUO in gold. tUTJkn Irvbaaa in the employ of a gentledu au Bridgeport, Conn., went npon tbe roef ol tb? bfaieiD a state of somnambulism, tbe oibec nigh.?. and bad taken down tbe cbimney nearly t? tbe level of tbe roof before be was discovered. tvx farmer, near Newark, N.J., was re. cently called on by a gentleman, wbo aoi? to pay lor a basket of apples be bad stolen from tbe farmer e orchard when a boy, sixteen years previous. -He insisted on payiag Interact, togetber with tbe original value p W ill Not L.rr Thix Orr.-Dngbam Young ha* refused to entertain tbe offer mad* by tbe Oentile merchant* at Halt Lake?that tbey would ksa%e tbe country providing the cburrb would buy all their merchandise. &c , at a reduction ot twenty.five per cent.on coet. Cool ?A. St. Louie paper, speaking of the execution of a mac near ihat city lor murder, nays: "The hanging passed off as agreeably as such an affair could The 'job' was well done, and the visitors retsrned to town.'* Sfppgpiir iMlUadoa havlag been made aader Asm* sf Jan* 8|IM, f}r the jrstseue at ths fnli*>i? a*. srw? 5?s!fc3ifcrvi!s&5te: tbol it tktltto followlof fbo d?ocr1?tl?n of iHk tinnl t ? ? MrtttaU or wwriat of Uk? Imot wi n bo fltiwii, If v?JM QliiKHi Itwuifcw ?1 ' JO*. 1, BiWIW, HimMii,,. l?a?4 ??4?r tbo ?ct of March mTum. 1b tbo oMt? Ivory ?otlor, Bad w <ruU4 A?rtl ?. MM-robrnry1.1MT. V*. ?S 06*. for 110 ocroa, 1m?o4 ?n4or iho ict of Morcb 3d, MM, la tbo of IfMni Borlon, mod ?m f too tod Soptombor If, lMd. Fob r a or f Ml? *4.7*4, for M? Mm, laonod ulor ttoMt of *or<* 3d. 1*?. i? tbo doom of Bobort W Ploroo. o?d woo iruM M?> 11, 1866 Horc h 9,1*7. T5s?e?S|M??f IVo f yii 5^ wr ! MX or ?^&?Jas.\sr^Mr- vm irttM 11. iw. Afrll 0,188# Mc.MlM forMMflTW. ?*"< oadov tbooct of 4 I PROPOSALS. pwroms 791 ABIT TBABSPOBTA* T10M. I QviiniHUTii fluiiu1! OTIKI, < WaSBUVOTOB. U. 0.. JUMtr U, lF>M Ntm fWlMlll Will to TtMlvto It W* iAm Ml|> Uo'cloch bi.. the tttbof Feferaarr, WU, fer <k( IrtiiforUlitB of Hllliwy lapyllMCsrtnf tke r*tr KWUMtdH A?nl 1, UK7, aad eadlnc March SI, IMS, ?a th? following rentee: BOUTB Be. 1. IreB F?rl HcPhtnoa. Bikrukt Territory, or ack porta aa m*w too AMtrBluM apon during tko year oa tke Oam broach of tho Union PatlAe railroad, wort of Fort McPhoraoa. or from Fort Ituiaio, DUota Territory, to eoch eeeta or do- , Fote aa *ie now or way he eatakllfhed la tho Torrity at Bebraaka, Waat o( loaflltado 1<1 dec , in the Tor itor/ of Hoataaa, aoath of latitude t* ; 4of.. la the Territory ?l Dakota, weet at loaattada j )Me|.,la the Territory of Idaho, ?>ath or latlta'e ?i dog.. and eaet of loBcitade 1m lot , aad la the Terr itor lea of Dtah aad ueiorado aorth of letltnde ?o dec Inelndlag If neooeaary, Denver City. _ _ BOUTB Bo. 9. Froa Fort Klin nut* of Iumi. * auii peiats m at; bf ikUrmlBttf aioa4uia| tbe rtw ob the Union Paciftc railroad. B. D., ? My po?U Ar<t|?t*ikitinio?or ? to eatahliatodla tbe llt'tol Kiniti or id tto Territory af Colorado. couth of latltade tOdegreea aorta, aad to Fort laion. Mow Mexico. ?r other depot thai May to ItilnatH la that Territory, aad to aay other point ar poiata oa the route. BOUTS Be. 3. From Fort Uaioa or aoch other depot aa may to aatablished la the Territory of Bew Mexico, to any poats or stations that are, or aay be established ia that Teriltory. aad to sach posts or atatiora aa may be designated la tha Territory of ArIr-oaa, and (a the Btata of Texas vaat af loagitude 104 dag. BOUTB Bo, 4. Froai 8t. Paul. Miaaeante, to atich pasta m< ara saw or May he eatabtishtd in the htato of Minae> ota. aad ia that portion of Dakota Tarrltory lyinc est of tha Missomri river. Tha vrlfht to to transported daring tha yaar will not exceed r a Bouia Bio 1. 30,000 oOU penal* ; on Bcnte Bo J. I0.W0 0 0 ponnds ; oa Boate Bo. 9, S.I'M No ponnda, and on Boute Bo. 4, S,So? pounds. Propoeala will be made for each ronta aapa rately. Bidders will state the rate par 100 poanJe per )00 milee, at which they will transport the stores in each month of the year, beginning April 1, 1867. aad er<din* March 31. 1?8. Bidders sboald give thatr names ia fall, ai well as tb*?tr1 places of rewdtnca, and cach proposal sboald be aoo xnpantad by a bond la the ana ?f tea thousand f 10,40) dollars, sipaed by two or more responsible parsons. guaranteeing that la ca e a coaira^t is awarded for the roota mca tiored la tbe arop*.aal to tha party proposing the contract will to accepted ana entered into, aad good and puttcient security famished by said party in socerdaaca with tba taraaaof thli altertii(a?at. Ths contractor will be required to giva bonds in tba following aironats: OB K irte Ho. 1, fro 000. On Route Mo I, 2"?Mi00. On B ut? No 3, lOD.WQ. f>? Bniilc Ho 4, fOfOO Patiefectory .?Uence of the loyalty and solvency of each bidder and person offered aa aecurtt> will be rtqrired. Prop"?els mu?t be eadnr?ed " Proposals for Army Transportation on Boats Ho l,l.S,ort," a* the cm? Pit bo and note will be entertained unleea ih?y folly comply with tha requirement* ot this advertieement The party to whom aa award in made auat tn prepared to execute the contract at once. a ad to five the required bonds for the faithful perform acre of the contract The right to reject any or all Mds that may be offered le reierved. The contractor* on each ronte must be in readi neae for service ay the 1st day of A aril, I8b7. aad will be required to have a place of business or agency at which he may be communicated with niemptly and readily for Boate Bo. 1. at Omaha. B. T.: for Ben'e So 2, at Fort B*ley. Randan, for Ronte No 3 at Fort Union.New Mexico,for Route Ne 4. at Saint Pan), Mlnneso'n. or at each other Joint for each of the several Konvi aa may be inicated aa the starting point of the route. Blank forma showiag the condltiana of the con tract ta be entered into for each route can be had | on application at thia office, or at the office of the i Quartermaster at New York. Saint Louts, Fort Leavenworth. Omaha. 8?nta Fa, aad Fort Snel | iiar. and must accompany end be a part of the proposal. By order of tbe Quartermaster General. ALBXANBBB BLIHB, Brevet Calonel aad Aaslataat ja 18 9#t Quartermaster, 0. B. A_ PROPOSALS FOB PAFBB FOB THB PCB1 L10 PRINTING Cfce SiiperiHlfttltnt Puhlxc Printing, l WisMmrto*. Jan. 18,1W7.< In pursuance of the provisions of tha fourth section of the act eatitled '"An act to farther regulate the printing of the public documents and tbe purcheae of pnper f?r tbe pnblic printing." I approved on the 27tb Jjily, ltW. Sealed Proaon?u I win d? rfcmcil uutll W?iinn4?) , the 1.4th da> of P*braary. 18f7 at 12 o'clock, lor f lrnishing the Payer for tbo Pofclir Printing until tho31at day of 1 December. 1867, tho ?al4 Proposals to be opened ! l?efore ud tbe award of contracts to be in*de by the Joint Committee of OoBcre*s on Public Print | ti g to tbe lowest and best bidder for Die trtereit i of the Goyerninont. Th>- subjoined ?ctie-lwl? ?p? j citiei. a* nearly a? ran l e ascertained, the miii tlty of e:<chk'n4 of paper <hat will be re-pilred, bat contracts will be entered Into for all that may V* needed daring the y< ar, and no more. Cliit 1?CHCALRNDC RED PRINTING PA J2,60>? ream* of fine Printiag Paper. nn *'"n<1<>re.|, reeafurin* 24*38 inches, an I wel*hlag forty St* pounds to tbo ream of SCO she. t*. C1IM S -CALEEBRRED PRINTING PAPER 8,100 rea?? of inpertiue ealo>>dered Printing Paper. meo?urtng 24x98 inch-*, and weighing Hfty-threo pound* to tbo ream of 300 abe?t?. Class 3.-81ZED AND CALENDERED PRINT 1NO PAPER. I,(ii0 reatns snperflne Printing Paper, hard *1 /.ed and super calendered, measuring 2i*M incbe*. and weighing f?rty flv* pounds to tb ^ roam of HjC sheets. Class 4 -MAP PAPER 1,(*o rtsna superfine Map Pap?>r. alzed aad caleadaro4. of such sues as may bo repaired, cor responding la weight with paper tnoaanrine 19xu inches. and weighing twenty-one pound a to tbe roan of 500 sheets. Claaa ? ?WRITING PAPERS, (to be of any required weight.) 3 ream Quarto Post, 10x16 Inchon S,?4J " Flatcap, 13xlS>*. or i?xl7 Inches 2,U"0 " Double Oap. 1->hxJ6, or I7xtt inches 2,000 " Deaay, 16x20i, inches 2/WW " Double Deiay, SOHxJS inches l 3.M0 '? Polio Post, 17XH laches 3,000 ' rouble Polio Post, 32x34 iachee 1,000 " Medium, 18x23 inches l,uoo " Royal, Ifx24 Inches S0O " Super Royal. 20x28 inches aw imperial. StHx.11 iucbea 5,w? " of any repaired die not enumerated above, and net exceeding 2txi0 leche*. Claaa 6 ?PAPER FOB POST OPTIC* BLANKS (engine deed ) 4J0 reema metering J2X34 Incbea. weighing 40 poouda per reem l,7n> ream* meaenring 24x32 inchee, weighing 45 pennda per ream 1,200 reama memuring 2?x-*> inchee. weighing S2 poneda per ream 10U reania meaenring 18x18 inches, weighing 12 ponnde per ream 4uu reama meMnring 18x84 inchee, weighing 24 pounda per renmPropoaaia will be received for the whole qaantlty or fer any portion, not ieea than one thoaeend reama of tbe papers deelgnated in Clwaei 1 and . 1,and for tbe whole quantity or any portion of the papers dealgoated In Claaeee 5 end 4, being not leea then one-fourth Bom plea of the qnality of the papers. In ell the cla -aee, will be farnlahed neon application ?t tbla Office, and tbe eucceaaful bidder* will be required rigidly to oonform to the earn plea furnished ach claaa will be coneldered aeperatelr, and be ankjectto n aepxrate contrect.bat bidd-re way offer fer one or mure of tbeclaeaee in theeamopr*poeal. Bio proposal will be conaidered unless accompanied by a guaranty that the bidder or bidders, if hla or their propose! ahall be accepted, will enter into an obligation, with g?o4 and sufficient nreue-, to furnish the ertlclos proposed for; and each propoeel muat be accempanied by satisfactory evidence that the person or peraona making said propoeal are manufacturers of or deelera In the deacnptlon of pnper wbtch he or they propose { to farniab. All the paper in the several cl??ees suit bo delivered at the Government Printing Office, in the city of Washington, (except cleaa 6, which muat be delivered at Buffalo. If. T .)ln good order, fre? from all aad every extra charge or expense, and antject to the inapectlon. count, weight, and meeenrecoent of tbe Buperin ten dent; aad be in ell reeaecte ?atl?te<tory. iu< .uppijiug ?i an mierior article la Mr of the claaaaa, or I failure to ?np?lT tk? quantity re-inired at uy time. will be conalderad a violaHon of tha contract. Blank propoaala will ba fnrnlahed npoa appliea'leaattblt offica, and do irofoitl will Va cobat dared which doea not couorm exaatlj there* wlth. Proyoaalt will ba andoraad on tha anralopa "Propoaals for Paper," aad addreaaad to tha Joint Commirttt an Public Pri*ttni, althar to tha cara of Hob. H. B. AHTBONT. Ghatraaa or tha Baaate Cosmittaa on Prlatlak; Hon. A. H. LAf LIB, Chairman of tha Hoaae womtnlttea on Print* in*, or C. WI1DILI. Ba?i., Safari a tandant of tha Public PtiDtlag. Waahlagtoa. D. O. Bt direction of tha Joint Oommltta of Gong rata MMUcFrlUlM 6. WINDILL. jail BapariateadeBt of PobUc Printing. pBOPOBAUB FOB OAVALBY HVBBKB. Drroi (sHmriermtut'r's QJku, I Baltimar?, Md.% Jaaaary 9,18a7.{ Baal ad Propoaali ara Invltad aad will h? received at thla OBaa natll TBDMSAf. IS otiaak a., iSSTS- 'Rk'fWK'iT' !??*?{???? HOB8BB. Tha Horaaa will ha aabjactad to oarafal laapactloa bafora being aocaptoi. Thar But ba aoaad la all raapaeta. wall brokea. la fall flaah aad good coadttloa. Iraaa Bftaaa to atstaaa hand* high, naa Im to alaa jaara old, wall adapted la avarr way for aaralry pnraoeea. Tha ahlUty uftba hiddar to faUUl hi* agraaauat uat be gaaraatoed by two taapoasibla peraaaa, which eaaraatea aiuat aecoaapaar tha propaaat. Tha fiaraaa aait ba dallverad with I a twaatr IB) dara from tha data af acaa?taan af aay propoaal. Tha Gofarawal raaarvaa tha right to rajact aar orallblda. Paymant to ba made oa conflation of coa tract Blda will ba ladaraad "Propoaale for Cavalry Horaaa." aad addra?ad to tha aadentgaad, Balti"lyorder af tha QnarUmaatar gaaaral. A. Pa KKIBALLi Captaia Hd A. Q M., V. B. i... ia llUt Pa?"t Qaartanaaatar. QLDRtTMTAlBV IB BXOIiBtB ^ PROPOSALS. pgerobalb ru? btatiohibyT P#?t Optica Dmp*mt*?it, D?:. 91. MM. Sealed Propo-el? wilt be reoeived at tba Po?t O0ce Department antil the Stth day of J?uiar?. 1*7. at Ua'olook, at boob, for foraiahloc 4tattoo 17 for tbla T>epart??at, tor oae year from t^e let of February, WW. Thoee unaccompanied by aatiafoctory teetimonlnU of ability to fulfil a cod tract wtll not he camidtred. All the articlee matt be of the vary be it quality. aamplea af ?kt?k, containing at la*?t a ream of each kind of HP*r, maat accompany the bid-, and the Department reeereea the right to raUta aad HI f" tho iana at the prioe eta ted la tba offer, or ratarn thru at ita optlaa. Mo bide will be coaetdared where tho artic le aeoompanyiajr It areaatof the kind aad qaafcty repaired by tho DapartBMBt. aad Marleoa article* will 1 object tho oatlro bid to redaction, at tbe plea? are of tba Department. The nbialafd Uet a pec i flea, aa a early aa caa bow bo done, tba aaaoaat. ?aellty. aad deecriptioa of icn oi *?s nam 01 aruciss tut wiaUvtoM: Estimated ?tmmixM wan ttd for iktvtar. Jurn. Class Ho 1-PAPBB. 1, jo ream* rolls Post, tin or plain finish, faint lined and trimmed, to woigh lot loss than IT pounds. psr roam 3, 40 rsams Foolscap, plain, machlos, faint linsd and trimmsd, to woigh not Isss than U pounds per ream 3, 10 reams Fools* ?p. bins-laid, hand marts, faint linsd, garden pattern, commonly known as Dispateh or Const bar paper, to weigh not toss than sixteen pounds, per riiim 4. 12* rsasas Quarto Post, marhlas, plain, faint linsd three tides, per ream t. S resms best Doable Cap paper, plain, P?r roam 0. 10 reams Roto paper, gilt, largo sixo, per 7. I roams Notopapsr, plain, large sizs, per 8. 10 reams Note paper, t,]t< small sizo, per ream _ . 9. | reams Hoto paper, plain, small aise, per ream If. 100 reams Envelops paper, yellow or buff, rojal, Per ream 1. 20 reams Blotilug paper, royal, per ream 3. 6 dozen press Copy Books, not less than 590 pages, per dozen 13. 5,0M extra large size white adhesive knvelepos very amooth and thick 9,'? by <>? inches square, per hundred 14. 16 000 Ime bun sdbesivs Envelopes, very smooth and thick, )* by inches, p-r hnndrsd 13. 26,000 long white or buff adherive Envelopes, very smooth and thick, for letters and circulars. 8*4 bv 3S in< lies, per hundred 16. S O" 0 bnff or a bite adhesive Envelopes, very smooth and thick, per hundred 17. l.OOUHmall sire wlite note adhesive Envel pes, per hundred 18. t.OOO large *ire white note al.-iesive Envoi opes, per hnndred .... 19 . 3,000 letter rizo white adhesive Bnvelopss,per hnndred Clam No.?.-P*N8 AND PENCILS, BTC. 10. 2b groaa Tarry 'a and Uulilott b*st metallic pens, per gross a. 40 irrosc metallic Pens, of oth?r manufacture, per gross M. 1 dozen best Gold Pens, per 1ozen IV {k o Opaque Qnllls, No. 8?, per M *4. 5" doion Peuhoiders. assorted, ger douen. 26. 36 dosen Faber*s best black Lead Pencils, graduated per dozen 26. 10 do*an beat red and blue Lead PencMs, per uosen Class No. 3.?INK. INKSTANDS, WAFERB, ANl> WAX. 27. 12 dosen Inkstauda. Knox or auy patent, large or amall, per doieu 28. 4 dozen lnkatands, cast iron, large, double. per dozen . ? 30. 30?> bottles Ink, black, Maynard A Noyoa', in quart bottlaa, per bottlo % an. 26 bottlea ArnoM'a Copying lak, per bottle. 31. 100 bottlaa Devil's Carmine lak.ounco, No 1, per dozen bottlea 32. 10 poanda Wafers, common alzea, rod, per pound . . 33. 7Spoun4a Sealing wax, boat extra a?prflao, acarlet, per pound Class No. 4.?CUTLBBY AID MI8CBLLANE Ol 8 AETIULKS. 34. i doaea Penknives, Bodgera A Bona, foar bledea, back-born handles, genuine, ptr dozen 36. Adoien Bracers, ftodgera A Bon's ivory tun dlee, genuine, per dozan 38. 4 doz-n Office 8beara. 11 inch, per dozen 37. 4 dozen Office Sciaaora, por dozen 38. 2w dozen folder", ivory,9 inch. par dosen 39. 400 dezen red Linen Tape, aaaort?<l, per dozen 40. 10 dozen bilk Taste, colors and widths, in haoki, per do/en 41. lOdozen Pnper Weights, assorted, par doz?n 42. Un ponti'la Imiia Rubber, piepared, per pouu 1 43. 6 pounds India limber, unprepared, p?r pound 41. 3><> 'inarta Black Sanil, per <iuart it, an ores Ponnce, per ounce 4?. 40' poands Twine, linen, per pound 47. 10<) pounds Twice,cotton, per poand 48. 6dozen Balers, mahogany, round or flat, par dozen it ?d<v/?a <Jnt?a Porrha- rniin'l #r n?t mar fit). 6 pounda Sponge. >.eat, per pound 61. 10 paunda Gum Arabic, bent, per pound TIi? Adhesive Bnvelope must be thickly gammed a ! unh of an Inch wide trosu'l the Uppela. Eacb bidder muat furnish with bis protfoeal* a ample?and but one sample? of each article bid for. Each article maat be bid for, and no more tban one price uanied for any on? article. Hide not fully conforming to the advertisenent Will not be ecnxidere i. Tb* term* aud couditiuna of th* advertisement t(fr atattonery are to b* incorporate)! in tb<* contract for Stationery, aud tbe head of th? Depart will, in all iM?t,judi{? wr.ether the articles tendered by the contractor are of tbe quality required by the contract Ibe Stationery ie t<> be furaiahed a* it may be ordered l>y tbe Department, and at the contract price*, whether the iiuanti ties excited or fall ahort of tboee estimated acb piopoaal aait beeigB^l by the individual or tltm making it, and must ep*cif) a price?>m l tut onr pricr?Ht each and every article named in tbe acheduie. Bb> Hid ai:y article* 1 e re.julr d which are not enumerated, they are to Le luruished at tbe lowaat maiket price*, if tbe D?, \rtment shall dm fit to order th? in Irom tbe ioi, traitor having tbe contract for aimllar article*, and If tbe contraetora and tbe l>epartm?ntdo not agree, tbea the Department nuty have tbe article furtiiahed by any other i*4-a?n or pera na who will turuiab it at a price lower tban that demanded by the contractor. Bl?nk form* for proposal* will be furnished at the Department to poraon* applying for tbem; and, a* without uniformity therein, tbe Department would find it diBcalt to make a decision, none will be taken into coa-ideiaiiun, utile** *nb tantially aereetag therewith. The bead ot tbe Department will, in all caaaa, decide whether tvie terms of tbe contract have been complied with and re*erv*a the power to annul tb* contract npoa any failure t? comply in a rea OUMII4 iimr. Buii-it, with approved security, are to b? gi vn b> the person or persons contracting; Mad, in cur ol failure t< supply the article*, tbe contractor and bit sureties snail b? liable for Wie forfeiture spertlii-d in such bond as liquidated damages. Tie contract will be awarded to tbe lowest and best bi4der; the best bid to ?-o determined after a carefal examination for tbs purpose of ascertaining wliicb bid will, in lis praotioal most advantageous to the Department. The Department reaarvea to itself the right to reject any bid where It Is apparent that a part of tbo articles are b'd for at very low and a part at very high rates, without proper regard to tbe cost of each, for tbe purpose of effecting tho aggregate of th a bids nader tba estimate contained In tbe advertisement. ALBX W. RAHDALL. jat-law4w Poatmaeter Oeneral. g TO * T DlBIiBlB. iHARITsll'l flirfl SAMARITAN'S GIFT! TBI MOST CBBTAIM BIMBDY BTIB 08BD Yea, A Pomtitb 8tjna," fa* OONORRUOtA, OLMMT, STRICTURES, 4, Contains no Minora!, no Balsam, no Msrcury, Only Ten fiUi to ts Tkkon ( Rita a Cur*. They ara entirely vegetable, baring no smell not aay anpieaaant taste. and wlll not In anr wa/ Injure tbe stomach or bowels of tba moat delieCte. On tea la from two to four days, and recent oaaas In 'twenty fonr bones " Prepared bp a graduate of tbs Bui vanity of Pennsylvania, ens of tbs moat eminent Doctors and Cbsmlsts of the praeaatday; ?o uposun, no tromblt. no dumttjmkattvtr. Let tboae wbo have despaired of getting oared,or who have been gorgedl wiQ?BalsamOoaariaor Mercury. try tba _ SAMAB1TAH 8 GIFT. Bent by mall In a plain eavelopa. Price-Male packagea, |l, Female, fl. BLOOD I BLOOD! I BLOOD!II VH? BT PHIL lb OK N MiX A L^fl sVas** tte mo9? ?d h*hb*oiol* ffl mom* piunt. ?rtmta ud affect**] rtotdtMwi? fcrlbed;ItwithMtadcrftttotta*.very JvttoJ* o< XSSttAZpSnfSSailV^ yoiuntr ttat tor wEe* ,gv taaftw Tmn' 99 W9t DMPiU | *eaiw*w K^anwrnm ?^?ft3qHSr ?toMBffiffS? -fWABH t| WHAT TM i ?U sMsnem ^Abmr * ? WMA9CX TATltOB. 1 t i LEGAli VOTICES. IN THB B? Pill UK OOUBTOr TBI D1B1 TB1UT or COLOMBIA. Thl? 3d da/ of January, MI7. Patricfc WUH ud / J.? Joye?, complainant,

Joaaph Johnaon. M., ry Jt.h?-> Knotty Bo. 837. on, John Htatoo. Jot.a I fill ud John do* I fendanta. Ihei hjeat of the bill filed in'thia caaae la to procnra n dacre?? ior the ?*lo of certain plecea or pareale of groand iyiax tod btl^tli Washington city, DUtrut of Ounablt, Mail?t ft and part <>f Lot 4. in Bquara l ,M0, to wtliff a debt dae br dofeasant. Joaaih J? hnson, to the ocwplalaanu. The bill *etc forth in anbct*a<~? that the Mid Jowpb Johnaon ?aa iud?t<t^d tr aald co n plainaotila tba aam <4 $u7 wfer gooda aold and de' livered by cvirplainenta to the aald Joaeph Johaiw>ii. That at the tlmaof contracting laic debt the , a?ld Joaaph John?on vat tetred and poe-aaaeJ at i the ?ald pteree or Parcel* of givatid, which, whila ba ?ai Bo indebted, ha tranaulentty conveyed to ; said defendant. John M. Ban* n, ia tra?t for the aole aae and benefit of Mary Johnaon. ?Ifa of said Joaaph Johnaon. That complainant*obtained jnd 9mect of Condemnation of tha taid pipe** or pare la of ground in and by virtne of aa attachment lain] oat of tha con>mod law Ride of this eoart in faver of complalBentaiaaiuataald Joaaph Johnaon and praya tnat tha Mild deed of trust froa taid Joa <ph Jahn'on ta said John M. Hilton aa aforeeiid be prodaced before tha Court, and the tncao be Oitn crIUU That tho Mid rotnalainanta. after the la taiDg of iwd attachment an4 the levin* *f ttia sarue oatbasaitl p.ece* or parcels ofgrcnnd.a*c?rttlae4 tktt the itld defendant. John Flyu, claimed to haw a l;ea on tbo said r'*o**orHroe/sof ground;that on Marching the iand records , ?f Washington county. District of Columbia. no Mm or de*d of trust *u recerdtd in sa'd las 1 rec* I ords, but that after finding of vbe ;ur? and mlgmmt of coBdeiaatioB ?>n the ?ai4 attachment*. the ! taid record* were again searched and a dee ) of i trast froB) Mid JeMph Johnson t? John Maleae, to secure John Flyn for the scat of 91 dun. was fonnd recorded. That the said deed of tru?t was recorded neatly eleven n.onths after the dat>? theieof. and o\*[ two months after the 'mdiiu an 1 lev!Bg of said attachment. 1 hat the s*id attachment is a prior Hen oB the said piece* aad p*re*4* of ground, before the itald dead af trust. Prays a dteootervfof the atnomt still due an j unpaid on said de?-d of trait , and prays a sale of the said pieces or parcel* of grou*<1 to Mt>*ry the demaol* of th? complainant* and other treditor-*. and for sn Injunction ngaloatsald defendant" Jjaeph .lehtKtun. Mary Johnson, John M Hans n John Vlynand John Malore, and their < ?nfe<iera*e?, when discovered, to restrain and prohibit th-in and their agents and servant" from selling or dU posing of, or in any manner farther incumbering, the said piece* or parcels uf graand It Is thereupon this 34 lay of Janiary, 1*17, adjudged ar.3 D"i*red that notioeof thistuit be siveu to the ?al4 son reeldent defendants, joseph Johu son, Mary Johnson, ard Jol.n publiehtug a copy of thir< order In t!'? kvei iug Star, a news paper published in the city of Wathir *ton. In t\e Uietrirt of Columbia, three times for six consecoti va week*. warning now resident !< fendauts to be atMl appear, in person or by?o!i.ltor. at rule* to be held in th* office of the Clerk uf this Court, <>ti the first Tu**sda> of Jane, a. d. 1 (<t>7 to anewsr th* said Mil of osmpl lint, otli?r v i-e the same will be taken pro c<yi/c>*o agniast them Provided the tirst put ilcatlon of this order shall appear at least four months before smd first Tnetda; of June. 1H'7, and sttting th* obiect and substance of aaid bill of complaint. a. b. olin, a*#o. i*ta Just ^a. Ac. A true roj-y: K J . MKIO<.''l-rk wm. J. millfb, Solicitor for coinplaiBants. jM StawCw sn th it urpurvv i'nrs<r ? vaa 141 wv? unwa WUMft V 1 U A i/13* TB1CT W# COLUMBIA, Thi? 2d day of Jauaary. A. D 1967. John P. llarpby, J a. > Equity, No. 794 Ann T. Neary et al. \ William J. Miller, trustee appointed In the aboTe entitled cause to inake sale of the r ;al o?tateof Tbomaa Henry deceased. in the proceedings mentioned. having reported to the Ooort that tn conformity with tbedecree passedId aald can**-, he, od the 27th day of December, A. D. 1846, sjU Lot eleven, (11.) id Square five hundred and thirty eight (SS8,i and the impror?mfnts the nn.ronaistlng of ann all frame hense, to Willian. /<iHB?r, for the mu ot twenty-tire hnndred < <lot Ian, and that tto purchaaer baa fully complied witb tbe terms of d?ie by paj .ng all the purchase uicru ) In raeb to said truetee : It la therefore by tba Comt, this 2d day of January, A D. 18o7,ordered that the ?aid sale nnd report be ratified and I < ODtirmird unless canae to tha contrary thereof be ?bowi on rr before tbe 5th day of February. A. 1?. 1967: Prortdtd a copy of this ordar be published n tbe Bveulag Star three time* a week forthrco auroasiv weeks befcrr tbe taid Mb day of February, A. 1). 1167. A iroe copy. ja 3 JtdAeolw ?<?itt-B. J MHOS, Clerk. Obphans' col'bi Jan. 8. ldtf.-d. tuict or CoLCMBIA, WiiHi..?TO.t Oocntt, To t??< ; In the caae of Abraham IMa&eiy. executor of Bllsabeth MUe*. deceaaed. the executor aforeaaid baa. with the approbation of the Orphans' Conrt of Wasbiuict*-u County atoruaaid, appointed Tu-sday, tha Slat day of Januar> . i^J.for tbe final settlement an^'J iatri button < f tbe persona] eatate of aald deceaaed, aadof the assets in baud, aa far aa tbe same hare been collected and turned luic mewey; when and where all the creditora anJ heira of aaid deceased are notified ta attend, with their rlaime properly Touched, or they may otherwise br law be excluded from ail benefit Id aaid deceased's eatate : Provided a copy of this order be published once a week for three w?eka In tba l Aveniag btar, previous to tbe aaid day. . TMt-l*a u OHKIRW* j* 11-lawSw* " " " ~ Register of_W I lit. I \ EPAK1 MKOT OK THE INTEBIOB, j U UN ITED STATES PATEST C> FFICE, W*'? 1STON. December 2H. 1846 Ob the petition of WILLIAM WlCKEBdll AM, of iloetou. Maw,, praying for the extension of a patent erected to bim ob the lvth day of April, los t, for an iBapre*emeBt in Sewing M* chines.for wren years from the expiration <>T s.iid patent, which take* place on the 19th day of April, 1867: It is ordered tbat the said petition be hear* at the Patent Office en Monday, the let day of April next, at 12 o'clock m., and all Bereonsara notified to appear and ihow cna*e, If any they have, why ta d petition to be gran to<l. Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Office their objection!, specially set forth in writing, at leant twrnty ?** before I tbe day of hearing, all testimony filed by ?itber j party to be used at the s?i4 hearing must be taken j and transmitted In accordance with the ra'es [ of the effice, which will be furnished oa application. Depositions and other lapera relied apon as testimony must be filed In the office twtnty days before tbe day of hearing; the arguments, if Bay, within ten days after filing the testimony Ordered, also, tbat this notice be published la the Bepublicaa and tbe Batioaal intelligencer, ; Washington. D O , and la the Joaraal. Boston. Mass , once a week for three sacceeslve weeks; the first of said aablicattons to be at least sixty daysprsrloa. to ibe darof _ ^ Commissioner of Patenta. P. B.?Bditors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office with a paper containing this jiotice. >a 2-lawlw |\KPARTHBBT OP THI INTERIOR, LI UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, VaiKIMCTOII JUIIMmjrw A On the petitioner ~THUM A8~J ~"SLOAN ." of New \ork, H. Y , praying for the exteoeien of patent frut?4 to him tne J(th day of April, IMS, for an Improvement in Machine for Pointlog and Threading Screw Blank*, for eeren >eara from the expiration of aald patent, which take* place ?n tha Kth day of April .off: It t? ordered that tha aald petition be heard at the Patent OCee an MOM-DAT, the 3th day of April next, at 12 o'clock a.; and all poraona are aotifled to appear and a how caoee. if any the/ hare, why aald petition o?hi not to be granted. Peraone oppoeiog tne extenaion are reqnirea to file in the Potent Oflloe their objection*, apeoially aat forth in writing, at laaat ?? ?*ty daya before the day of hearing; all testimony Med by either arty, to be naed at the eaid hearing, mnat be ien and transmitted is accordance with the roiea of thiaoSca, which will befnrniabed on application. Depoeltiona and other pay era, relied npon na teetimony, moat be tiled in the offlaa twenty daya wafer* the day of hiring; the argnmeate, If any, within ten daya aftet tiling the teatimony. Ordered, alaa, that thia notice t?e nnbliahed In tha InttUtgtnter and the Kerubltain , Waablngton, D. 0., nnd in the Timet. Mew York, V. T., once a week for throe anooeeeive weeka; tha drat of aald pnbllootiena to bo at laaat sixty days preriona to k. I. c. nuin. Oommiaaloner of Patenta. P. 8 ?Bdito r* of the above papera will aleaeo copy, and aend their bllia to tha Patent Office, wUh a paper eontaininx this notioe. jalO-lawlw GOVERNMENT SALES. IjUlLPlHOa AT iOQTlOI, , CkieJ Quarter master't Qfce, Deft ef ITaMiama.t IfiutiadM, D C., January t),lH7. J Will be eold at nubile auction,on MONDAY, JtliBUI n. at 11 O clock BOOB amdw mu.. vlxion of LUutonut dolonol Jinn M. Huor*. A. 4 M., the following balidlafe: On I'UBllWuik H?U, botweea Blghtooat ud BlDitNktbiUMti: Two Porteblo Iouw.tnfMt ll?fa;oMlliit feet; the other lliU loet. Alto, oa A itTMt, botweea Tweaty-flrvt Bad Twoaty-eeeead atreeta I Obo WtrtbooMi 4lxlM foot. ao Bbed, 14x41 feet. On? Platform. 10*41 foot. Terma ovk. ta OoToramoat nana. Brevet Brig Ooa. OBAI. H. TOMPKINS, Doaaty Uatri?rBMUr General, jaM-dt Act1! OhtofQ. M-. Poyo* Waehiagtoa, CAUI OF A LAItHE LOT OF QBDMANOB O^^ABD OBDNANCK MATF.BIA.L. B*r'ov Of ()rjnnnc . M*\-y Dn-art in*nt,t City. December 82,1*4 { There will l>? i".id at pubikc auction, to the highoat bidder*, ai noon, on tvre : tyfourth <24/ day of January, 1?7. at the office of tho Inspector of Ordnance. S?vy Yard, Mow f org, a Urge lot of Ordnttnre Btoroe, eerviooahloaad aneertlceohu, embracing Onuaoa. Shot aad Shell, "KT artlolea will bo told ia lots to aait perchaser a. Tense: Oaehalf cash ia ftoTeraaaent fanda to ho depoii ted oa the conelaoloa of the eale. aad tho rt-maiader wlthia tea<ip>daie afterward, darlag whieh time the artlclee may he> removed from the Wavy Yard, otherwlaethey will rarer* to the Ootoraaieat. H. A. WI8B. de ST-ooUt Chief of Bareaa. pOWOB MJBM MAOABABL. I mi BOwreoeiTlag from Beetoa direct, the very aad which rar3y%dt?^Aflto*tUa aarhet, l>etng aoed BMatly htfttaa ooooamatloa.*Aa they have boea trinatd of ovary ?art hwt the bm aalataMe. the hlto contain oory aaoh morothaa Sa oaaatlty aaaally ?achod^ rnm?rff?w Ooyaor 14th aad F ttrooto, aa?W del* BhWtt Boaao. I BAILBOADS. BOUTS 1867 TO THJ BOBTBWB0T.BOUTB, ABO BOOTH1 5?rH||f rJ^,J train* will i iMHMWIOVt VhWiim?I Di a l Baltimore JH>. m. J --12 " *! -KM*, m. THB CBBAT DOCBLB TBACK BOOtfc. I wftB BLBOABT SOBFRBT. Pater* BUt/roim i Bay aa4 nlybt Oor* vilfa modtra laiwtwai^ ! aarf mt1d? from lour to twelve boar* Tn time oter oi<r otter rout*. Two hundred miioe mt?4 to . VMtfft u? Cratral Maw York. Two Dolly Tralaa to the Weet. " ' Borta. Throcjih facm Baltimore to BOCHBBTBBaad i FITTflBUBOH without ehnn PMjeBgereby tbla route fr?? Baltimore ha*o ^e a^Tantat# of makia* iUl cbonfea ia DB10B DBPOTB. aud ae PBBB1BB. Ticket* by tbla route caa be procared at the ofBee, coraer 6th atreet ant Pennayltante ereaoo, ander the national Hot* I. wbero reliable laformatloo will bo RlTen et oil time* Paaaoivrera arucurlBR ticket* at thlaoSeeoaa McureaecoanaoUatloDa in Sleepiac Cora fof Bl ira or Plttabarc. B.J. W1LK158. Ticket A(*nt. * Weahioxton. D. O. BD. 8. YOCBO. Goa. Pbbj. Ageat. nam mora, ma. WASHINGTON, ALEXANDRIA AMD OEORUETOWN hAlLROAD. TIKI fBH?" On nod after MOM DAT. November II, MM. u4 udl farther notice. PaiMQgtr Tr*lu will run be* tweeo W*?hiuftoc ?ad Alex and rU as follows : Lkav* WaftHinuTo.f. Lnvi ALxxanoKia. From Md. aaenoed?,p,,t From owr Dake A Benrr Local ?t t:16 A. M. it* Loral at 4 43 a M. ThroagbMail * 96 ? Local cor Ktag Local at. 7*0 " aad Beory ?00 " ' 9<8 " Local at- 8 08 " .... MD P. M. * 10 00 ?? _ " p.*. " ...... I N " Throneh Hall, comer of " BakeJt Henrj 5.-00 P.M. Localo?r Kin* and Benry?... T OO '* ? MJ M PCFDAT rABSINQEH TBAINS LnviWiiH wroi. Lsavn Alsxajeris. Front Md ifckned^fol. From cor Dnke A Benrr Tbron?rh Mall t.? A M. it* , Local at 4 ii A. M. Local f. M Tbroach Hail ft) P M. O. A. 8TE\ KN8. General Superintendent, nolo W J PHELPS. General Manager. THROUGH LINE BETWEEN W AW I KG TON ^P^^ADELfUiA AND NBW YOHK. _ . . . Wabhimston, Jan. 1,1M7. Train* between Washington and Hew York are I now ran as follow* y FOB BIW lOBK, witboit chine of on. Leave daily (except Bandar) at 7:45 a. a and 30 p in. FOB WW YOBB.changln* ear* at Philadelphia. Leave daily (except Sunday > at 11:18 a. m. and , 4:30 p. m. FOB PHILADBLPHIA. Leave flaily (except So uaay) at 7 *5 and 1115 a. m., and < 30 and t JO p. m ON 8DNOAT. Leave far Haw kork and Philadelphia at Ml p. m only. Bleepinf cart for Sew Yark on 6 SB p. a. train dally. Throaxh tlcketa to Philadelphia, Haw Tork or Boston, can be had at the ftatlop Officeat allhoor* In the day. aa well aa at the new office In the Rank* ra and Broker* Telegraph Line, 34? Penn. avebne, *MKween Mb and 7th streets. Bee Baltimore and Ohio Bail road advertisement for schedule between Washington. Baltlaars, Annapolis, an" the Wt?t J, L. WILSON, Heater ot Transportation. L M COLC General Ticket Acent GEO. B. fcOONTZ. Agent. Washington i oc 30-tf IP A L T1M O B B AN D OHIO BAILBOAD. 13 Washington, Jen #, 1987. Trains between WA8H1NOTON AMD BALTIKOBB.nnd WABUINOTON AND THI W?8T are now ran aa follews, vis: FOB BALTIMOBB Leave dally, except Sunday, at TUn. 7 i5, and 11:18 a. n.. and 2i<M, and t 30. and 4 00 p. a. FOB ALL WAY STATIONS. Leave daily, except Sunday, at 7.00 a. a , and 2 CO and 8 Ou p. m. JO*. .7 AY STATIONS aOUTJl OF ANNAPOLIS Leave at 6:15 and 7 UO a.m.. And at *:#? and 4 * f ix. TOR ANNAPOLIS. Lea?f at 7 ?s a. a., and 4 90 ? m. Ho trains to or from Annatclla ob Sunday. oh biinpat. FOB BALTlMoRB. Leave at 7:45 a. m., and S.tW am a 00 p. m. FOB UAf STATIONS. Leave at 7.45 a m., and 2.i>i and i Ok a. ?i. FOB ALL PABTS Of TUB WEST Leave daily, except Sanday, at 7:45 a.m., and 8"0 p m Oh Sunday at 8 00 p.m. only.connecting at Relay Station *ltn triune from Baltimore to Wheeling, Park,r?burg. Ac. 1HBOIGB f ICK BTS to the We?t can be bed at tbe <*a*hlLigt n Station Ticket Office at all houra lu the day. aa well as at the it>? effice of the Banker* and Broker*' Telegrank Line, 34B Penn. aTctiui', between 6th ?nd 7tn streets. For New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, aee adTertlff n,e:;t of "Throngn Line." J. L WI LEON. Maater of Tranaportatton. L M. CUtS. General Ticket Agent. oc SO tf GEO. B. EOONTZ, Agent Waahlmton. Ht'DSON HI V tKAN D H ABLB * RAILROADS.-On nod after MONDAY. N v H, 1*&>, tra'na for Albany and Troy, coanecting with Nerthern and \N t*ern trains, will leave daw Terk aa tollowa : 8 a m Bxpreas train via Hudson River Railroad, Sutu at. aad Mtb av.,tbr*ngb to Bntfaloand hnspensltn Bridge with<>nt change of car* and connecting at Troy w ith trains for Saratoga, Rutland, Bnrlicgtoii an* Montreal. 10a. m Express and Mall train via Bodaon Rtv.r Kail road, connecting at Albany with West arn trains, and at Tr?> witn trains for Hortk. llam Express traia via Harlem Baltroal, 96th at and 4th av., connecting at Chatham with Waatern Railroad for LebanonBprlngs, PitUheld, Ac at Albany with Western trains, and at Troy ! with trains tor Saratoga Rutland, Burlington and Mat'treal 3:tf p m Bxprea* train via Hudson Blv-r Ball road connecting at Albany witb Western train*, and at Tray with traina for Montraw, with sloping car attaohed. 4.16?. m. Bxereaa train via Harlem Railroad, connecting at Chatham with Weetern Railroad for Lebanon Spring*. Pitta field, Ac ; at Albany with Western train*, and at Troy with traina for Batland. Burlington aad Montreal Sleeping cars attached at Albaay. 6 30 ? m expreaa train via Hudaon Biver Bail road, with ?l>'?piag car* attached, and through to buffalo and Bnayension Bridg without change of cara. Alao, alea?iag oar every day excepting Saturday a attached from lew York through to Ogdenaliurg withont change, via Borne. W. aad O Klroad, OouB'rtion for Troy will bemaAeat t Albany. Thia train will ran on Snndaya 11 p. m Train ri? RoHoa Biver Ball road, with leepiac car attached, connecting at Albany with early traina far Buffalo and Saspenalon Bridge anA at Trey with traina for Saratoga and point* Berth. A Sunday train will be ran Tin Hndaoa Biver Ballroad from Mew York to Ponghkeepaie eaA intermediate atationa. leaving Hew York at 8 $0 a m. Betnrnlng, leave Pongbkeepeie at I.4S a m arriving ia Hew York at 6 is p Alao, a Sunday train via Harlem Bai I road, leaving ?M atreet at 9a. m . and arriving at Millerton at 3 60 p m. Retnrning. leave Mtllcrton at 5 a m.. arriving la How Yerk at 1J.*> a. m ' WM. H. YANDBBBTLT. _ja 19 \ice Preaident. to lufiuiuaom moth. TWIOB DAILY, (Sunday p. m. exoepted.l The qnlokeat aad Boat direct routo to BlohaaeaA, Ya .and the Bo nth. via tn? Potoma* __ teamen from Sixth*Street Wharf, Waahington. to Aaala Greek and^^^^^B Richmond, Hredertakahurg anA Potomac BaHroad, aow erfirely oompleted from A<i*ia Oiaak to Rich mottLTa. eonneenng there with traina on the Blah* nond ud Peterebarg aad BloRmenA anA DaavlUe taul Wharf ially (8aai4ay *ac??to4> t li . m. wdTr m. ltd trrtw ItlhkMaj m l.a?. B.aodSiOft m. TIBOUOH TO BIOHMOBD ?IITN BOOB8. Fifty HUM BfaorWr Md U Hw QtMit Itea o&s? i'SS (broach. OmnlbvHM ?t lupj* fi|Mi will b* la r>XliiM to Mini NMH*> > ! Xmn topOTOKiC tbaispoktatiob UMM. loti 01 TO taiffMl. sktuk; fisrgfrssa sss.vsas: Tr" TO aaas T&'asos. aaai s??a?^tt^S-ja? Iwrj M*ttl?. ta? b?fh ?h^? o7?J ?? *"b*tr<tbr *? * 5E~ j .: -jj ; ' >) j. I I RAILROADS. I EEADl>e ?*ILB04l> " VTftBAT Tkl'ME UM HUM PU IL&tBLI'U 1A TO THB lBTBklOK Of PBfc NCYI.V 4 VIA. THE 5( Hi- > LklLL IffftfOfitfifrVi, I I Mb t kLA.S D AN U WYOMING fAH THE HOkTH. UHlTHWkST 4VO TH ? ! CAhApAh WlfiTKk AkM iUKMRNT OK LuWBlLL Itmu, Fh?l?4?IM'?. tt lli?foJo?lL* htu*: OBHIKO AOi 0HM0D&T1OBS At 7 .St a. .for Boadtas Mi All iBMraoiiat* lannlu, Imtm Baadlac ?t JO p. arrltiac ia MUMP* MOBBIBQ BXPBKU At A.Its lor Baadtaa. Uluoi, Harrlatnrg, Pattavtlla. PIb* Or***. Timoii. Baabar*, WlT lla?aport. Bl intra, Bochrairr. Bla?ara Palia. BatIktv. AllaatowB. WllkoakBrro, Pitui a, lock, CarlWla, Ch*aabor*bsr?. HNraratowa Ac . Ac. TbU trala conaeata u Ilil'lNU with U? Bant Panaty Ivuit Bailroad traiaa lor Allcaiowa, *c , IM with Ikt Ukuoi V?ll#f tr?li l?r Htrrltkirt. ar ; tl rOUT OLIITOl with Bailroad Irtlu for "*lllla?s?ort. Lock Bivb tliBlrt, Ac.; it BiBBllHlllM with R?rtk?ri Ounl, Cant^rlond Vtllty. Bad Schuylkill til Suaqatfcaaua trains for B ortku berlaijd, Willlunyori, York. CkwlHik in. ATTBBBOON EXfBSB1 Lmtm rbll*4?lrkl? at 3 JO p. m for Pottavllla, Harrtsbura, Ac , rnsD*ctlu| wlm Br?d11iff and OolnBblaBailroad trtlii for CoIbuU*'*C EBADIMO ACOOMMoDATloM L?tn k*?4iy|MIWi ai , atoppu.g at all way (tattoos, arnvaa Id Philadelphia at ? ?o a m. Bftsrolti, Im?m PMIU*l|kla ?t 4.90 p. >.; BtriTM in BaadtBg at 7 VP m 1 raiaa tar Philadelphia Ua>? H?rrlibtr| at t K> B akd PotUTtlla at 8 ?s a m. arrittaa in t'kilarfotpkia at I (4 | IB. Aft' moon tralaa Uovo Hart labors at t 1" a m and PoiutIIU at 1.4t pm . arriving at I'kfladelpMa at 1 a p m BkrrlitBif aoe> tnm<>oatloB loevoe kf*4la| at 7 30am..and Harnabnrg at 4 10 p. m. Consort lag Bt Beaaing wltk Attemo-a Ac. obri xlatinn Sooth at6 9u p n? arriving ib t'ki ladelphta at 9.10 p. m, Market Train, with a paaetnger oar attach**!. iMua Phlltlolpkta at IS 4."> boob, for Km<ib( an 1 all waj aiatlona, leavos B?edln*l|JOa a , tat DowBiBgtow d |)tip.B. for Pblladalpkia a*d a I way ?tatl< n? All the abore train* run daily , Bo tidai a except*!. Puaray Traitt liw Potiavili* at I a. b , and Philadolpkla at 3 IB p m . Irava Philadelphia f. r Beading ?t 8 a. b? . returning from Beading at 4 K OBKETBB VALLBT BAILBOAD. Patiat|< ra for Do* niagtown and intermedialpoint! take the 7 3l> and b it a m at>4 * Sp tn tt ale a from Philadelphia, returning from Uowb 1 itvt/lM * At 7 m * M ,A ? ? ? ? . w, U. U A* ? NSW YORK BXPBE8S FOB riTTT?BDBOH AMD THE W 1ST LfifM Bow ^ orb at 7 09 a. Bi itdli <i)mi In* Kea.lli lit]* m and 1 ?0 p iu ,au<1 tii<? at BartWboric with P?*nn?) I vania mu 1 NartbBm Central Mailroad Bi?r^N Trtrni fjr Pittrbnr^b, Chicafo, Willlaaaport, Bliutra. Sal II More Ac. ?... _ Hemming Eipreea Train 1mt<? Fli'iitigri n I nnl?al of Peonay InnU Kipreaa iroiu i'Htabur h ?l S ?l>d > ft". , 915 ? punil K?Mig|it ; ?.??tndtlO M and II ? p. m .arrlvm* si K?? York 10 a. , ?ad p . bl -eptn? ctri acceaDpanylbf tbe?B train* through b*i?rtc JrrI %ry City nB I Plttabnrcb. withoat change Mall train for HawY ock leavea Harnabnrr at J 10 b m Mail train for Harriet nig Uktm Be* York at 12 noon t*CciVYLKlliL VALLEY RAILROAD Tiain* leave Pollitl lt at 7, II JUn rn and 7 1ft a. m , VMaraiac Iron Taaaian at 7.*, a ,bdJ l.?0 and ill *. a. BCBVYLBlLli AB^JSTBQCBB ABB A BAIL Train* leave Anburn at 7 roa m for Plnagrot* and Harrtabnrg. and -t I 80 p iu.. lor Pinegruva and Tiatnont; retaralog from 11 rnaburtr at s Su r m , nnd from Tiotnoat at 7 M a. in md s.It FEEIOHT Good* rfnil dnarrutiona forward"! to all the above nointB fro? the Company a M>-? Freight l>cp?t, Urcad nnd Wtllaw etreeta FBBIOBT TRA1BS Leave PhiladtlpBiadaily atJ Ma tn , II *$ nooa I and 6 p m. for Renolng, L-tanoo. Barna'arg, Pottatllla, Port Clinton, and nil point* beyond. MAILS Cloae at the PhiladBlpUa Poat Offic* for nil alacca on the n ad and tU brancbea at 5 a tn , and for thn principal aUtioaa only nt 3 15 p in, ja l? tf IlENNbTLVAMA CBHTRAL RAILROAD. 1 WINTER ARRANGEBENr . The trama of the Pennaylvaaia Ceotral Raili and leave the Depot, nt Slat nad Market atreeta, which la rem bed directly t>) tbacnr* >f tha M?r ktlMlrut " .1 u? wiiiwai. TDO?i-o(thrCkf(t' But And ? alnut rireet Baliway ran within coa eqnare ef tt. ON SUN BAYS?The Market Street Cere leave Froht ti d M?rk*t ttrMU U nitmtM befor* f e depaiture ef each train MANN'S BAGGAGE EXPRESS will all for and deliver Baggage at the Uepat Or<i*r? left Bt the i ftice, Bo. 0S1 Cbeetnut atreet, wu! -e en. attention. Leav D'ror, l?c: M?tl Tri d .at S 00 to. Paoli Arc >m'n Ni>a Ml. Ill -tin oi | ui Ft>t Liae ead Erie Expreae a* UOOn ! Park?burg Tram it I N |. a. Herilabur* Accommodation ? at 2 SO p m. Lancuter iocomn <lti n at 4 (JO p n pittaburgh and Erie Mall. at 9 re p m Philadelphia Exnreee at II 00 p Plttabttg A Brie Mail leavee daily, except Bat nrday. daily. AH otbe trains dally, except Sunday. Paae<-tt ?r- t> Mali Train fte to Willlawiort without ch*age of care, and arrive at Leek Ha ven at S.K p. ?. Pa-Henr?r*lf Mail Trail go to CariialeeaJ Chanii-eraaurg without a change of car*. Sleeping Car Ttcketa can be bad on application attueTlcVetOflke. t>3l C'beetiat atr-et. TVfl i?.< ifrirt or Dtpo\ l*t: Cincinnati Bxpreea at 11 So a a Philadelphia Express at 7|<)? m Pa- 11 iccim . hut. 1 i I. ?S0e tu . A 7 II a in Park?bui t Train ? at ? t? a. m Lane eater Train.? * At It p m > aat Li ne. ...... at l.iOp m. Day Bxpreae. at tjOp m Barriaburg A< ccmmodetioa at f.tfp. m Philadelphia Expreae arrivea daily, except Monday. Cincinnati Expreae arrivea daily. All other traina daily except Sunday Paeeeug* ra leaving Leek Havea at 7 a. . aid M*1lllamap?rt at S ?t a. a., r?eeh Philadelphia, without change ef care, Willlaaaaport. by Da> Bxpraae, at ft ft" p . Ihe Pea-iayIvania Railroad Ooaapany will not aeeume anr riak for Baggage, except for Wearing Apparel, and Unit tbetr reenonaibllity to Oa* Hundred Dollars in value. All Baggageexceeding that avonnt in value, will be at the nek of tba owner ualeee taken by aneciai ooatract. For further Information. apply to JOHN C ALLEN. Ticket Agent, bSl Cheetnut etreat SAMUEL H. WALLACE, Tioket Agent at the Vs*EMIGRANT TBA IB ran* dally, exeept For*fall particular* aa to far* aad accnmaodatlona apply to FRANCIS r?Kk, 137 Dec a at. CBBTBAL RAILROAD OP NBW J RESETPaaeenger and Freight Depot In B*w York. .? I ?- - ? w* vi fc*4wi 1/ wuofcvi M Bftnptoi Junction with the Delowore. UckivuD* and ?i?t?ri Boilroad, snd it E cut on with tb? L*kiek Y.tllsy KtllrM ?sd Its cocbfcIihi, forming s direct lin* to flttaktrg ond the Wm witboat chu(* of cors. ALLIKTOWH LIMB TO THB WBST T?o Kxproos Troins dully tor the W^t, except Sotirieje, when oi.t Train m the evening fM*t\ miles ud three boors sored by thte line, to Chicago. Cincinnati, St Lonis, k , with bat one rbonce of cere. WIKTBB ABBA BOB MBKTS, Oonme:- ring Juuirr 7,1SIT?Leave Hew York u follows (3d A. M ?For Boeton, B'thl-ix-m. Htick Cbnnk. WtlUantsport, WUkoshorre, Maba.oy (Jit). Ac. _ _ - 10 A M Hail Tra n ?For rieaiogtoi , Bu ton. Voter Oep. Reran too, \v ilkeaberre, Oreot Bend. Pittsburg, Bit skeleton. Ac. 9 A H ? Weetorn Bx?ree? for Ea-too. Alien town. Hat rt berg, Plttsborj, o>.d th- West, with bot one rhonge of con to Oloclnuett or Chicago, and but two rboitgee to St. Leaia C?>necU at Bern-burg with Northern Ceotrol and Pbiiedel phis and Brie Boods. for Brio and the OH Begtona. 12 M T?a 9 -For Boston. Alleotown, Msocb fhnnk WUkeabarre, Reeding, Pottsrllie Harris"VI'V-For Boot s BethUhoui, end lfosch I<r IworrlUeoal Flesamgt^s. I P. M ? For Boston .jjoodln^. Harrtsberg. Wll n?m??n, irrisotoa. vorrj, an*. ?c. glooploc ctr from Tork to WltlikMHrt. I.U F. H ? Fcr fU??rTi!le 7 ST 1'. IIForBoMorriU*. I P M.-WinTti* liriui Tn:i -r?r Bmton. Alleitowi. JtowiUg. BwniMri, Pittabarc, ??4thrWlM. llMflM cat* Mnafk froa Jerooy City to Pittehnrf _ AUiiioul tiilu ? ran to Borgoa Mat, BlirobOtfc. Mc. Tickota for tbt Woot cm bo obUlMd at tfco oCr* Of tfeo Oootrol Eoilri<*4 of R?v Joraor. foot of LlbortT otroot, Borth Bo. 1 &*tor Vow*. Boo. * ?. 911, ?S? BroaBva*. ud M So. 10 Qro*nwfeh itnot. ____ ,?M JOSIAH 0 8TK>M>, >n?oriBto?<o?t NBW YOBB ABP ll? BAVBB B4ILB04D Pmoobmt BtoUoa ta Bow York, coroor fftk troot ib< roarth mum TB&II9 LIAVB BIW TOBK For >f? Htm uH Bc1dg*?ort?7. <Bx),MJ0 ?. ? ltB <B*.),!< * ), SJt, ?.?. ood 8(B*.U 9 fat MUfor*. Btffttfort. FolrCoM. Bovthfort. ?i?4 Wool?ort-7.njoo ? ,3 Wood BJ??B?For Morvaik?7. 9 JO. 11.31 o. . 1J*? < *.?. B (**.?. ?.?? B?,M48(BX.)? _ _ . For Dorloo aa4 Orooawlcb?7. 9 30, IlBa S If. 4JB. 5JO. Ud C M ? a. for sumfort-7. a <**).? ao 11 m : u ? (k jl ^ il^sm. 4.30.^> jc jo.^ad 8 ji. ujo?. s m. 4 a. ?ji. tairra * _ _ oobbbotibo tuini. __ For Boston *1* a*rtagft*14?? *. a.. (Bi.;> t. | (!*..? ?.a. porfiwln tu ghor* um?u u, ' / r'azrtr'n ?a4 >?ruf?*l4-t, (b*.,)i1 m %?r'eo*p'?hsil?ot iljir b*ilr?4?< ( ?.;> "A'Oi&X&Xliii.'U: KSKlTSTl:'jffiu'fc* *. lm4m -4 m.w. "f.twrt.rt k*t?k b-t.t ti a.i mtifm ml |.b, *3s jaiw i. bovt,