Newspaper of Evening Star, January 23, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 23, 1867 Page 1
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% 0 (Jbntuig Star, , ... . . ' ' | | I rn V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 23. 1867. fla. 4,380. TIIE EVENING STAR VtBLISHBD DAlLY.iSUNDAY IXOIfllO) AT THE STAR BU1LD1NO, Srutkwtii ecnur rem**, accaae aad 11U itrut BT w. D. WALLA OH. The BT AR it s?rved by Uf umin to tBair sabs enters 1b the City tad District it Cuts ru wna. Copies at tbt counter,wilb er vtiboa- wrapper*. Two Oiits ?tb. PiKI FOB Mailiho:?Three months. One Dollar md Hfty Ctntt; tlx taoatBa, Three Delicti; > year, Fir* Dollars. ?fo papers are at from the office loafer taaa paid for. The W fcJSKLY JsTAR?pabltehad <m Friday moraiag? Ome Dollar and a Half a Tear. DENTISTRY. B. LEWIE'S DEBTAb ASSOCIATION, Wo. 880 f KNN'A APB , |?tfM> Uth tk Wk atreets. Tooth extracted without pais by ad mi act or lag Bttroos Oxyde or Laaghlag Gm. LEWIS has recently purcbasft the beotSiBW t bemual Apyar?ta? fn tho country * ?? ? ok lot pare cm every dor; oleo, on In. proved V *1 nlu fooolor Tho Association le now prepared to make Tooth on Gold. Stiver end Bubber at Mow lark Philadelphia Bad Boston prteM. All per eooe vliUng deatel workdoae ean have It mcheap oe 1b the ab-ve named clti?e All work done In the >eatoot tad best manner, tod warraatod to gtvs setisfactioa. Persons will do well to call end examiae oar work. do 14 tf T* * * M."LOOMlS.MJ>., Jks laveater and Pateatoe of no Ulllii PLATS TbStH, Bt to Lids personally st^M his oSIcoib thie city. Man) porsoas weor theee teeth who oaanot wear other*, 11 mmm amd bo persoa oaa wear others who cannot wear PerooM col It no Bt my oSIm MB bo aM-Hamoda tod with BBy style Bad price or Tooth they may do Mre, bnt to those who ore particular, a ndwistiithe pnreot. clMaoot, strongest and most psrfoct don tare that at, ean procare.the MIMBBAL TBETH Will be mors folly warraatod. Booms la this city?Mo 33" PsBn'a aveaae be Iwmb 9th snd 1Mb stc AIM, f 07 Arch street, Philadelphia _ _ o<~?y PERSONAL^ B MAIB1' B. ttBAL SOIBNTIP10 A3TBOLoOSB Of AMEBIOA, Prom the pooltioo ana aspect ot tl ' Store at the litre <>f one's birth, will revel astoaishing se srets tbot no living mortal ever know before, h >w to be successful in oil reasonable cndertaXmgs Be tolls earns ond very day yon morrv; dse?r1i>es lie intended companion, and tils ell erents of life, good lack ond Iouk life to visitors. La lies K> cents to #1 gsntlemea to (nil |1. Call alt JO ljih *t . near P, all houre until * in the eveningde 31 im" / ' BMTLEMBN WHO ABB AFFLICTED-A " I care warranted by aa old durgeon of twentythree years'experience in this parttsalar branch of the pro'eseioo. Charges aiodsrate. _ Do aot tpely to quacks. hnt to J B, QtBMilB, H. D., tte Of Ihe Putted States B-cord Venereal Ho* wttl. Ofltre Mo. *21 sooth A street, opposite the frepitol f<,?are. south side. H B ? Medicines also farnifhed at cost. Ce 27 lm* COS PlDSNTl AL ?Ioung men who base Injured tbsnisolvee or certain secret habits, which nnflt tbt-m for business. pleasure, or the datiM of married life. also, middle aged and old bob. who. from the folliee ed youth, or other aansee. fe-1 a debility In advance of thalr years, before placing themselves nnder the treatment of aay one. should flret read "The ftooret friend " Married ladiee will learn something of Importance by perusing "The Secret Prtond.** Sent to any ad dreee. is a eealed envelope, en receipt of 25 cents. Address Dr. CHAD A STUABT A CO.. Boetoa. Ma*? BoS-ly CLOTHING, J* FJ. HB>BBBOBfc, . ^ s Bucceeeor to H. F. Lyadoa BOo., sg CJTIZES'S AND MTLITAKY _ MEMCHAXT TAILOR, im Metropolitan Hotel late Brown e, WW 3S4 Psawlv^sta BISCBS.*^ my 1 M WMhiagtoB. P. 0. ' IIUIS.Kaci. wain h . LaMOM. C. V.KJtCB* LAW O?P10M. BLACB. LAMOM B OO., CoBBMllors and Attorneys at-Law In the Supreme Oovrt of the United tales, the Court of Claims, the Coarm of the Dtetrtct. the Biecntlve Departments. and CommitteM of Congress. Office^ 46?* 14th street, ,directly opposite Wl|lards Hotel de IS-tf HBBZbBBO S LOAK Of PlOft. ?stablisbe<l iS?i. Uighent a<l vances made .a WaT-JBBS. DIA M'>M>8 Jl* I LhY. WBAU1MO APPAhBL, e->rf all ttLils of M-r< handi^e Oneir.Mi strictly c< sti ietti?l 311 .North C street,l etwe^n acid th str?ets. imuieolately la rear of th?- Nsrionai He'el. .."ifl im" LATB^ PABI?i PAHHIOBS Of UAlB DBBUlNti. b. aIlist, tHKJlCH HAIK LWEStEK, , 3*24 B street. b?t?p?a ijth and 14th sts. Mr Altlot, from Paris, Hatr-Dre??er. of the celesrated Ha> he I, with whom he arrived In this conntry. l as nuw been established for *ae last eiftit years la Washlnfft.>a and Mewport, eajv} in* the patronage of tbecor^* dipeuand ef the hlirheet encfety. He has the hoaor to aaBounce tbat be has this mssou imported the latest fashions of hair dre-slnz, and al?v> pomades, and everytblnr that be!o?c? to the dressing of hair at vary rsaeoaa> le prlcee. ;a7 Crn* LOClaiAMA AVBMCB. ^ J. H. CB4HB B GO. Hare on band a large and fine assortment of ?OODS, snHed to this market, aacb as BCTTBB CHBBSB. BOOS, APPLBS, BAIS1BS, jr(GS* OITBOM. HHTS, UAMS. CODPI3H, MACKBBBL, HEBBING. SOAPS, CAVMBD GOODS. Be. Also. 81 Barrets Moore's celebrated CHAM PAUSE C1DBB. by barrel or gallon. AU the above goods are offered at tho lowest amrket price, and warranted to suit, by J. H. OBAMM A CO., ja 4-lm *3 La. ave., botwsea Cth aad 7th. VV * ??LiKaifT\"iRT A" Show Base Manufacturer, School PuraitureXll and Honsefurnlshtnc Warerooms. Mew and VflR Old Furaituie,*f all descriptions. I ought TBI and sold. Repair inc. Cp hoi sienna, and Varniehib* done at tbe sborteet aotice. SoatheMt corner of Xh and K streets north. Ko. 13 de U 3m* B M O A L . TBS ??,0K?Lpr,^a,,1!0AV,C, ,o. Have removed to their Hew Ollce. Bo. 71 LOCISIABA AYBNUB, 1 irst door east of 7th at. DIB bTt Oil: ChM. Baap, Pres't, (Jeo. W. Bins, Vtoe Preet, Tboe. Berry, MarslMil Browa, Mich d Wallach, G S.Gideon, Daalerbodd, Vs. Dixea. Henry D. Oooke. do3 tf MOBLB D. LABBBB. Secretary OTTO WILBBBS' PI AN OS AMD CABHABT B BHBDMAM'S PABLOB OBGABS. All will Sad It froatly to their liWMt-j^ to e* ami Be theses aperb lnstramaats be-HM for* snrchaslng aay otber. *11 Ml f OaIT agency at GBOBGH L. WILD B BBO.W Mew Plane Porte and Organ Warerooy, ST.. 497 Uth street between Peaa'a aveaae ana B strart. A select saeoTtiusat of new and soaoad hand InBtrumsate, lacloding a CHOBCH OBOAM: for ealo at tesreot factory pricss. aad on easy terms. TL'Nlh'G Bad BBPAJB1BB fatthfuliy ezocatod _a? 13 Cm* 3,000 b?^belsMAinBBpbTATOHS.Jaet arrived, aad for Mle at our Wharf at the loot of ftb street. P BROWN * SOS, Cosamiaotoa More boat*. ds 14 tf Bo. 4Sft Cth et .betweoa B aad P. C'UOCOLATB DOL BLB.VAB1LLB. DB H. MAllsLAlBD. Par Cacao e4 Sccre. Bxompt da toutl melaae*. I. M. P. KING B SON. King PIbm. Coraer Vermont bvobbo aad Ala street. WEST INDIA OBABOBS ABD 8WBBT MALAGA GBAPSS, PrMh K.1BG PLACH. C'HOIt'B BDTS, BA1S4MS. 7IGS.CUBBANTS ' SP1CBS Be , Be , to salt this aartlenlar seasoa Por Mia by E. M P. KllG A BOB, de 31 tf Ktog Plaoe I T.,?^Ti,SSe5J,S"^city, or address the hrlaclaal. aa M B.TaBBDBS, Oateavllle.Md. PJIAMO??ne tall sits Chlckerlag Graai Plaaa _E wwch we have takea la eichaage.^^^^ for tale apaa ecay termt Price aM7Bt||9BI| the warerooms of _ IfflYi f. ?. BT7.BBOTT a CO . dof Sale Agon to af Stela way B Boat f"BBNCH ALMAMACHS POB i*?7,-ilma aaeh Comlqaa. Almaaach Pear TIto{ Almaaachdu Ben-tea, Almaaaeh Oharivarl: Umaasrh ds la Uaass^A 1 maaaehda hs bo aaa^ Cm ^Vn^sfc?Byftt?M> aeUe, aad "fTS' ' ' ","'~"M,rsflfepTATLO?. IpOBt ABLB TIAM Bb'OniES, Cembtalag tbe maxtmam af oSHsssf.AmMMBi tad eoaaemy, with the ml aim am of weight tMd Kiss They ara widely aad fa>orahif fcaowa, more thaa SOS boiagl aase. All warraatod taMaMctory. or aa sale. PtecrtyMva elrcaiartttadoa sy pt) Cat to a Add roe* J. 9. HBADLBY B 00.. MC-eeBa fcawnasi, Matt. V 1BG1B OIL Ot AIX V, L u innu men. P > Mr. MS ?W? i.,Hto!al!liw . 1 I BANKERS. JAY COOK I * CO., BARRRRSa flftMMh meat. trrostU Tr?*n% Dtyiad hI inmat market rateo, u< ta?? oBstaatty on hul, tall fayylr of *11 GOVBBBMBBT BONDS, , BBTBN-THIBTIBS, ABD COMPOUND INTBBBST N0TB8 Orders tor BTOGKB. BONDS, Ao , a*eeated, and OoUoctloaa mode oa ill potato. Ml-tf UARROW A CO., BABRBBB. Corner Loilitiu ???? u4 Boveath root, obalsm in BOVEMNMEST SECURITIES, SOLD ABD BlliVBB y, ?-tf AND LAND WABBABTB First Nation! Bnk of Wukinf too. e.D.COOBB. (of Jay Cooke AGo?> Preeldent W ?. B. HUNTINGTON. CuUor. GOTEBBRBNT DBPOBITOBT am FINANCIAL AGBNT OB TUB UBITBD BTATBB, lfU ttrttt, orvoiin Lk* Trtasury Department. Govern? eat Beeurltiea with Traaaurer DaiM Hiln mrONE MILLION DOLLARS We boy and Mil oil claaees of QOfERNMENl bECURITIES*t cBrroBt market rataa. FURNISH EXCHASGE and make Coiitmons an ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. We purchase Government Vouchers ob the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and giye corefol ana prompt attention to ACCOUNTS nf BUSINESS MEN mnd FIRMS, end to mi other bust noes eat mated to u. FULL INFOBMATION In regard to OOVBBB MBBT LOANS at all tlmee cheerfully furnished VI. >. HUNTINGTON, Oaahler. Washington, March ?. 1W?. m tl-tf HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ac. ^ A B P . wTTlAHD'B HOTBIi, I Wash December 1,1864.1 j Senator*. Bepreseatati rea, and other*, residing In Waahlngton, who oecoay private apartments, caa be accommodated with their MEALS at thla Hotel at the rate of tin U per week de4 2m SYKBB. OHADWIGK A OO. IRK WOOD H0C8B, Corner Penna. avenue and TirtlftX Waikm*:on, D. C. Bltaated 1b the moat central locatloa the city, midway between the 0AP1T0L AND PBESIDBNTiAL MANSION, Only a ahort diataaoe from all the Departments, Patent and Poat Offlcee, Smithsonian Institute, etc. H.H.DUDLEY 4 00., uoJltf Proprietor*. f^MBlCHS BB-JTADBaNT," J No. 34? Pennn areme, near Gth street, P EMBICH wishes to Inform hi* fr leads and the public generally that he now keep* oon-B m. . m ttantly on kaad OlSTEKS. fresh every day. prepared In every ityl* Il"El I His * I Ms and MOTORS cannot be surpaSSST. Call and gfve him a trial. oc 23 tf ?WOOD AND COAL. ^jOAL' COAL' 1 GOAL Ml T T. FOWLBB B CO. White Ash,stove and egg sizes, ?g is per ton do d0 f?.????rtOB. 2.240 poonda guaranteed. Order* received at the central office of the Wa*h> ington and Georgetown Ice Company, <lata L J. Middlt ton A Co ,) corner ICth and F streets, and at w harf, foot ot 10th ateeet ja 14-im B.S.LAMKIN, Agent. ^ O A L I O O A Lll AT GBBATLY REDUCED PRICES Gross tans of 2.2*1 lbe~dellrered la any part of the rf ty. Oheata ut W hit* Ash. $7 U, Store? Beg White Ash. #8 30; Bed Ash, fa. 7a; OAK and PINE WOOD constantly on hand. , Orders received at oar oMce. or at t ha wharf, foot oflthetreet 8 P. BBOWH A BON. J*4-tf 4B> >th atreet, between B and P. ^JOAL! GOAL! I GOAL!!! Harin* determined to aall a first cleas article of Wood. ea cheap aa thei cheapest. I hope by doing sou, gain a liberal share of pablio patroaafe. The Coal price* are aa followsWH1TB ABH NDT GOAL, by the toa mi Ui BALT1MOBB GO. WHITE ASH, Eg* and Store size* yy a o* ALLOTHKB QPALrlTIEB of WHITE ASH 9 Ui LYBBBB TALLVT PUBB BBD ABB? - 73 DIAMOBD VBIN BBD ABH ? 7? GBOBS WEIGHT, 2J40 LBB. TO THE TON . Alway* on baad and coaatantly racaiviaz the J>eet goal Hi ea of WOOD ot ovary description, da Uvarad la a?r part of tha city. . * S< BAC*. ja4-lm fth *t-i betwaea B and Fsta . Istan.l CIO TO * W.B.XOBBS' FA8H10BABLB GABPBT. FPBNITCBE ABD PEDD1NG STOBB8, NOB. i'Jl Jt il9. INTELL1GEBCBB BUILDING, GOBNBB 7TH AND D., ABD BO ?0? TTH BTBBET. THOBM'8 BCILDIBG. ADJOINING ODD PBLLOW8' HALL, ABD KXAH1BB THB 11 BIST ASBuBTBO STOCK THIS BIBB OF PHILADELPHIA. 'ieaigaa mad* ia Phiiade! phla.Bew York, and Boston The stock is always elected by Mr. Mom*, and boucht at the lowest I?tee tor caah, which enable* him to compote with Baatorn pricea. His f neat Farniture ia made to U PhUadelphia, and of the boat material PurcMMr* should atady their owa I l tar eat hy ^ l Btore* and examining the well-aeaorto<f atook of CABPETB, FCBNITDRM Ac d "htaUaBls price-list b- fore celag else where", which he will farnlah with pleaaure r HA* MMrtmeat of lUttreaeee. Blaaketa, Com " Bemember Noe -tfi U4 619 lataUlBaBoar Building-oorner Ttk and D. and N# 40s tS Jwt.Tlwa ^Baiidiag, adjoiulag Odd Followa' Ha!r betwera D and I streets. ^U U W. B. M08B8, J/ZBBIBL'B TIBOIBIA HAIB ABSTOBBB. Bt\orAr?*.-We pabliah thla moralac the adTertieeme*t of oar wffknowi tortaua a aatlve of otir Mtr Re has ia kip poaaeaafoa aoriS-cTMM Te'*or ^ U.-B?<fcwiend n .WMBwem OtTT. P.O..Baa.31. taaa jsb From tt?e faartmoay of many friends who have JJ**d H. 1 have aa hesitation In statlag that I be llere it to ho the moot aftdaat coa.pouad of Oao SSSS^iRnf^*sfhSR? lattjtgktfLrgb*'?? - rjtrrKfefyygi?.w.w?. T* M f ?*f vr-TJ i |J?cirrioM LBitlklfc* Jaat received, a largo variety of artfelap aswr T rrWu'r^r? V* . o*.Tt.J2%lKh: -T?. ' ? * ""gAy.1.: ; I i ? .1 ? Uo * * a* ?W,| I 2 1 -Vrfi. a. t W.1SAAJ4Q f i SPECIAL NOTICES. STA BOLDIEB WHO HAD LOST THB UBT. 9l kit limbs fr?cItmailiim bH k*ea Mrsd ?nd eaitlM to atandoa hi* crutchee by one pottle of MBTOALFB BGBSAT BHBL'MATIC B11IDT. It 1s truly tkt woader of the ?|t. ja lleotw 1 0. rOBP. Agent. VBABKDM. IN BIB BXPOBB OF MODBBH bsmbugs, it understood, apply tk? Itih to Ihe cciitrr'rftera of forelga perfuniee in this country. Th*yars fair gam a. bat of smell ?ccoat, M PHALON B ' BIGHT-BLOOM I NO CBBECS." the imat floral extractor the dayl* rapidly driving thotr traah oat or thetrado Bo'.d iwrywbw. jt 16 BBMED1AL IBBTITOTB FOB SPB01AL OABBB, Bo. 14 Bond atroot. How Tork. B^FolI information. with the kigktsi ttsttmontah. alio, a Book on Sptaal Dixiasu, *nmstaltd tnvetepe, sent free. t&~ B* sun and send/or iktm, and fou will not rtgrtt it; for. as kdrortUiot phy miens are generally tmpoxtors. without rtftrtouts ao atranirar should bo trusted. Bncloee a -t?mp for postage a?d direct to BB. LA WBBNCE. No. 14 Boad atroot. Now Tork. no 12 DAWly HALL'S YBGETABLB B1CILI AN HA1B BE BBWBB Beaowe tbo Balr. Hall's Tbobtablk Sicilian Hair Bmwti Restores gray hair to the original ooler. Ball's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Rhniwkr Prevents the hair from falling off. BALL'a Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renbwer Makea the hair soft and glossy. Hall'* Vroetable Sicilian Htn Benewkr Doee not tain tho akin. Hall's Sicilian Vhoktablb Baib Benbwkr Haa proved Itaolf the boat preparation for tbo hair ever pr anted to tho public. Price ftl. For sale by all drugEieU. jaSO Taly IWMABBIAGB ANDUBLIBAUY, AND TDK Ileppioete of True Manhood.?Aa E1 hav f.,r Young Mm i>n the Crime of Bo.Made, aud tbo Physlologif al Errors, Abuses and Diseases whicti ci fate Impedimenta to Marrtage. with sure meant of Relief Bent in aealed letter *nv>'l'p-a fren of rliarge. Address l)r J >KiLLIN HOUUHTOM, Howard Association Philadelphia, Ta. jallJui BEOBBT DI8BA8BB. SamarivaVs Gist ie tho moat certain. aafe and effectual remedy?Indeed, tbeunly vegetable re me dy over discovered On re* in two to toar days, aDd recent cases In twenty fonr honrs No mineral, ao balsam, no mercary Only ton pills to be taaea. It is the soldier's hopo. and a friend to those who do net want to bo exposed. Male packages, #S; female, 93. Baa aritar'aBoot anp Hbrb Jticks? A positive and permanent euro for Spy bills Scrofula. Ulcers, Sores, Spots. Tetters. Ao. Price ?1 SB per bottle. Sold by ft. 0. Ford. Seo advertisement. my SUM ELY, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, MOLABDBB'B BXTBAOT BUOBQ ia cqiwo sTery ease of Bibi**t Disease, Bsbevatism. Qravrl, Ueinart Disordres, Wraenbsb and Painb In the Back. Fbmale Oomflairts and Troubles arising from Bxcb??bs o? art Mifb. OOMB, TB AFFLIOTBDI THY SMOLANDBB'B. TAKE NO OTHER BUCKU. Bold by all Apothecaries. Price #1. B. BABBBB A OO..Baw Fork, aad BABBBB, WABDAOO., Bow Orleans, Bontbern Agents. BDBLBIOH A BOO BBS, Who lee ale Druggists, Boa ton, Maaa. General Ageata. tab 14-ly COLGATE A CO. 8 W I N T B B SOAP. Recommended for chaffed h a* bs and for general toilet use during cold weather. It may ha obtained of all druggists and fansy goods dealers. feb 8-aoly DANCING. pBOFB. i. W. A H. P. BBBIB' BANOIBQ ACADEMY, jm Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 6th and 7th ata.. jA Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. New Classes forming every evntng. Thoao dst2.5?t*r ow clMseg should avail them solves of this opportunity. Preparations will ho mada la thla quarter for our annual May Ball ror t-trsulars can be had at J. F. Bills' aLd W a Betrerott A Oo.'a Music Btorea. The Hall can be rented for Bolr??oa, Ao. Days and Htvrt of Tuition: a *?' Mi sees and Maatora. Tuesday aad ^Rlurday afternoons, from S to 6 e'olocR. Gentlemen a Olasaes, Tueaday aad Friday evenings, from 8 to ? o'clock. _,?or further Information, apply durlag the hours or tuition, or addreas a note to the Academy. Qaartercommenclng with the first lesson. ja 8 MABINI'B FASHIONABLB DANCING ? AOAI'BMY, AT ^ MABINI'B ASSBMBLT BOOMS, M B, between 9th and 14th streets, JA. * no??o??of*r the receptloa of pnpilg. Day a and hours mf tuition for young ladies mlesea and masters. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday , from 3 to e p m. Oentlsinen's classes from 8 to 10, same < venlnga. N. B ?Private inatrnctioa given to sntt the eonvenlsnse of the pupil. M){ ^|A8yCBBADE^AND PANCT DBB8S BALLS , Tho uadersigntd would most respectfully inform ths ladlaa aad gentlemen of Washington city, aad the DisUiet veaerally, that he ia at all times prepared to furnish parties with Maaqnerad? and Fanoy Coetume, either on loan or mada to order. He haa taken rooma at tho well known f?ncy establishment of Chrlatlaa Bappert, Bau . 28 7th street. b< tweoa D aad B, where hs will bo ha?py to await orders. CHABLB4 BEBO. . lateUoatumer at Ford's and Orovar's Theaters. Washington. D. C. ^ B L L I H O O 0 * , TO BEFIT. With a view to rebuilding our atoro In the spring, ws havs deter mined to sell the . WHOLB OF OUB BTOCK. S conalsting of HOBIEBT, GLOVES. aad a general assortment of KBBNIBHIBG BOOD6. AT OOBT, From this dale aatil tho first day of May. FBBB'K PILLIBG. 4B8 Pen us > I van!a avenue. ' noxt to 11th atroot. CELLING OFF To CLOSB BCS1NBB8. A. W TOWBHBBD A 00 .Jswolors. 418 7th sr., hetwoen D and B. Having determined to retire from hueiaese wo "V assortment of Jswslrr aad Faiw Good, at first cost. All wMs sold iuarti. * ^ what raprsseated. Whilst cloetag oat our stock of Jawslry aad Faaev Goods, wo ofw our patioas wko wish to ?wX2^Witekss UU opportaalty of buyiag them atwholosaisrates. llvor kMM^MpTa^A WATCHES^ * ? Traoey A Co., chroaoaseter ral., ta,solS ABT10LBB TO BB BAFFLBD. 1 Ladles' Oablaet aad Chair. papier maoka la. 6dd Followo^H^i PBATBDBPOl 9 LADlBB* ftKATBB of all k|B?a. from fl io to ftu. .rwissAHisa.. waiuntoMmiiii, -mm "SW6? '- '^'JmaaasA.. - I 4 TELEGRAMS, fee. A despatch from Fort Lftramie yeaterday says ?The Indiana have surrounded fifteen men at S; ring Creek, about fifteen milea from Mud Springs. They ran off Cade A Donaldeon 's heard of cattle on 'b? 20th mat. Theee, doubtless, are the ?me Indiana who drove off tb? Government beard at Fort Laramie a few days ago. The weather is intensely cold, and a pursuit will net beat>m>ted. Unlets thi=? thieving is stopped soon ail the stock in th<' country will be driven off. TbePafrieof the Pth says that bealdea th ron-cHads Magnet, Flandre. and Magn&nlne which save sailed from Cherbourg an i Too Ion, :be steamers Baysird, Fcntenoy, Souverain, Marsena, No van u. Viile de Lyon, and Ville de Bordeaux, armed transports, nave departea for the Gulf it Mexico, and tnat .ne last chips of tbe fleet are on the point of departure. Marshal Baza ne will bar* all :he troops concentrated at Vera Cruz about th* 15th of February. The ship Oneida, fTcm Calcutta, was cot through by floating ice m New Yor* harbor yest-raay morning. She was b>-^cbed w: h eleven feet of water ii. ber hcid The bark George L. Hunt, from Tlavana, Las arrived w ith n.<*>t of ber crew tartly frc*t bitten. Tbe crew? 01 the ship Sarr n I Rn^sell and brig Blue Wave were alsotro-'ed. The Blue Wive left King ton on the 7ih,and f?ll ill with the

Geo. F.. Maltby at sea in a sinking ondition. Lieutenant EgbTt Alcoft, who shot private K ng, ot the I.'Mied Suites infantry, at Fortress Monroe, ;ome time stnc?, has been put under a/rest to await tbe action of the military authorities at Washington upon tbe rep rt of tu ? b >?rd of inquiry apnoin'ed by Brigadier UeneTffl Barton, commander i>f the fortress. A negro who was implicated in tb? murder has also been placea nnder arrest. In the Nevai'a Legislature Mondajr the House appointed a committee to investigate tbe alleged cbargea of corruption daring the senatorial contest. The Senate passed a bill authorizing the sale of ?Ki >,U00in State bmds bearing one and a quarter per cent, interest per month A meeting to celebrate the passage of tbe suffrage act for the District of CoInmbiA was bt lrt at Cooper Institute New York, Monday. Addresses were delivered by Edmund Gilbert, Keve. S. Garnett, Cbeever, and others. The attendance was small. A latal affray occurred at Hampton a few days since between two colored men who quarrelled about a trifle. One was instaatly killed by a pistol shot, and the other taken into custody. Jacob Jones has been committed to jail a: Harriebnrg. Pennsylvania, to mswer for killing Benjamin Moore, (b? th col 'red,) :he coroner'ajnry having brought in a verdict charging him with tbe crime. Tbe crew of the British ship Britain mutinied, in Boston harbor, on Saturday. Th>? harbor ooliae were called upon, and aoon oersuaded the refractory mariners to obey tneir officers. The enstom-bouse receipta tor last week at Galveston. Texas, are the largest ever known at that p?rt.amounting to S32^M', nearly threefifths as much as New Orleans, and aboutonetbifd as much as for the year l?6ii. Two old ladies, named Kinsley and Campbell. aged fU) and 70 years, were murdered at their house at Young's Corner. Maine, Sunday night No arrests have been made. The reason for sending a for?>> of police to Sberbroke. Canada, recently, was Lne information received from Washington of an intended raid on tbe banka bv tbe Fenians. Tbi>roas Carney, convicted of tenianicm, in Canada, Das been senten ed to he nuug on th* loth of March. George J. Matthews ha* t>een | discharged. On Friday an explosion occurred at the east end of the Hoosiuk Tunnel. A man named Dennia Kreff was killed and thre? or foar others iniured. John Morton, an lusane man a: Saratoga Springs, on Sunday, fatally shot Michael 0 Neil. There will be about four hundred Caradian exhibitors represented in the Paris Exposition The Snider English rifles for the troops a' Ottawa, Canada, have arrived, and will b? tested thia week. The Spring Elections. The I'nited States, which were the scene ot so remarkable a political conflict last October and November, are to have a renewal of me contest iu the approaching aprlng elections in aome of the New England Statea. Now Hampshire votea on the aecond Tueaday of J larch; Connecticut on the Itrat Monday In April; and Rhode Island on tbe tlrat Monday in April. New Hampshire elects a Governor and other Slate officers and three members of Congress, the present Incumbents ot all of which positions are Hepnblicana. At the Governor's election in le?6, Smyth, Republican, received 35,137 votes; and Sinclair, Democrat, 30,4et?a Republican majority of 4,650. la 1865 the Republican majority waa 6,1*7. For tae approaching election ol 1667, Governor Smyth declining, the Republicans have nominated for that position Gen. Waiter Harrlman. a native 01 tbe State, who ia atom so years of age. He was a Democrat at the time of the breaking oat of tbe war, aad entered the service in Augast, 19t*i, as Colonel of the lith New Hampshire regiment, and was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General. For the last two years he has been Secretary of Stateot New Hampshire. As his opponent the Democrats have nominated their candidate of last year, John G. Sinclair, a well-known and popular citizen of the Stale. In Connectiont, a Governor and other State officers and fonr Congressmen are to be chosen, the incumbents of all these positions being Republican a. At tbe election tor Governor last year Hawley, Republican, received 43,974 votes, and English, Democrat, 43,433; a Republican majority of 541. in 1866 the Repubiican majority waa 11,635. Neither party In Connecticut bave nominated their candidates for fee approaching eleotion, the Republicans holding their convention at New H*ven on Thursday next, and the Democrat# theirs at Hartford on Februarys. It la believed that the candidates for Governor will be the same as last year?Governor Joseph R. Hawley, Republican, and James E. English, Democrat. in Rhode Island no pottticdl movement are yet announced. The State electa a Governor aad other State officers, and two Congressmen. tbe inenmbenta of these positions being all Republicans At theelection for Governor in 1866, Gen. Hnrnslde, Republican, received 8,187 votes, aad Pierce, Democrat a,8i6 a Republican majority of 5,3*1. In 1?65 the Democrats made no nomination; and the Repnblican candidate. Smith, received 10,061 votes. Gen Burneide will probably be re-nominated for Governor by the Republicans Colored Pxbrokr in th*Pcblic School*. Before the Supreme Court of tbe State of Michigan an Important test case, bearing upou the right of colored persona to to taught in the free public schools, la aoon to to argaed. A colored man affirms that having applied at a public school to to tanght,be has been refused, and be petitions to the Court tor a mandamus against the School Board to compel the ad* mission of colored children to all their schools. It appears that the Board In question has established a special school fbr colored people, bat It is claimed that thia school is not so good as the white oae, and the petitioner aaks for the right of admission to the la tier. OrntATlova or thb Excia* Law-Every Man a Jug Unto Mara that the Excise Law has led to the purchase of a very great number of flasks, bottle*. Jugs, Ac . ?o that every man is a liquor shop unto him?eif. Everyfman Who haa not liquor at home, bays a traveling Jug or flaafc. or both. Thia violent and forcible law, repugnant to public opinion aad to the aptrn ortne age, really baa no practical impreeeion apon a people. All the Ex. else Law dona la to cover up what bafora waa public?X. f, Emfrtt*. i . ( - t ii # I as people of Georgia ve|Mtoia| ioe. creaaed sowo!"1" P<>I>?UttO* i?tfTA foot race ia Mobile fbr "lager" created great excitement. *7* England and Amerioa in vympa&y ; both have toea enjoying taagaifloanfaaa ar liarais. ? a^aTiure ?o*Tow?|?pH?i? Mlanaaofa ITA font aaa caa sleigh a yeaag warn a a JEWMGSEMQfWShH* avla Bam W?iar< *fc-?? -* tk? mlr^^ ia keep 1 he boys frett ?ating. > ' a * y t a t ii; * 'i .. > I . v.u e* .t ?J i4 I I iONGAEMIONAL. | SxaaTn.?Yesterday tfimoon, the tariff ! bit! beiag under considerationMr. Oat tell *44reused the Seutt at tome ten rib oa the general subject of a protective tariff, arguing in favor of protection at essential to tne welfare of tbe country, and against free trade as calcc lated to build up tbe mechanical interest* of foreign nation* at the expense of tbe United States. Mr. Spragoe called attention to the necessity for increased protection to tbe linen taI West. Pending .he consideration of the bill, the Senate went mto exe,. utive see*Ion, and soon after adjourned. Hocen?Yesterday afternoon ? Mr. Rogers argued against the bill .ntrotfticed by Mr. Boutwell from the Committee on the Judiciary, shutting out from United States courts all attorneys who took part in the rebellion, as well because it was ex p?tt facto in its character, and therefore unconstitutional, as because it was Injudicious in point of policy. The previous question was seconded ? yens 76. naye :t8. An informal discission tben ensued on the merits ot tbe bill, in which many members {.urtiiipated, beinr allowed two or fiv" minutes' time. Mr. Johnson then applied for two minutes' time, ui.?t Mr. Bout well objected. Mr Holers moved to reconsider the rote by wbicb tbe mam question as ordered. Negatived? 40 to 111. Tbe substitute was agreed to without a division, and tbe bill was tben ordered to be engressed and read the third tim*?. The Democrats then commenced a series of dilatory motions :o stave oft the final vete on tbe pss^age of the bill. The rules permit dilatory ii.otiun? to be made and to succeed eacb oilier without end?such as motions that tne HoP?e do now adjotirn; that when it do adjourn it be for two davs or three days, that tbe Hons* take a recess, -hat something or other be reconsider* <1, and that som-bodv be excused irom voting. The rnles ao uot'give to the bpeaker tbe right to refuse entertaining mo. ti< n? ol this kind, and as one-fifth ot the mem bers votirg can order tbe yeas and nays to be taken, and a* a vote by yeas and nays occupies nearly ball an hour, a minority of onetit-b may, it so deposed, block up tbe whole business ol tne H use. Oa tbia occasion tbe Democras were able lo ranster 8.*; votes, and thus to procure the yeas and nays oa all these motions. They exercised their power and tbfir pnrliam-nfriry right, and kept the Honse alternating be* wen votes on adjournment and vo'es on motions to reconsider, Ac. At length, at quarter to Ave o'clock, Mr BoutweH interrupted the proceedings to a?k whether, if the Hoose adjourned now, an hoar ci uld t>e agreed upon for taking the vote tomorrow. A general shout of -No, no," came from the Democrats. "Very well," said Mr. Boutwsll, ?we will remain here till we get a vote." Very well," replied Mr. Finck, deOantly, we will stay here for a week it need be." And Mr. Barber, tbe Clerk, went on callinc the list of yeas and nays. One of the votes showed that there was less tUun a quorum present, when a call of the li. Hse w a* ordered, and tbe pages were sent to tb? restaurant and committee rooms to notify al.?snt members. This whipping in process resrl'ed In getting 112 members to answer to their names. A warrant was then issued to the Sergeantat-Arms and his assistants for members who a <1 no* aus wered to their uames and had not fceen excused. A lively-?ene then ensued as the Sergea^itat Arms brought into the Hall, singly and in, the truant meiubera, who gave all sorts of excuses. Some were sick, and were cneert others had gone to dinner, aud were excused on tbe payment of costs. On the qaws. tiou of excusing Mr. Hlse. who dad absented him.elf b?- ause of his disgust tor the bill ander consideration, one hour was consumed wben be was excused ou payment ef costs' The call of ih* Honse occupied three hoars of time; after which tbe parliamentary struggle was kept up with renewed vigor. All attempts at compromise having tailed, the Honse resumed the endless chain of yeas and nays on dilatory motions, and bt half past l? o'clock a m teemed just as far from arriving at a vote as when the fight between tbe majority and minority commenced. At one o'clock It was discovered that a quorum was again wanting, and another call of the House was ordered. Upon tbe call of the names of the absentees for excuses, It was asserted that Mr. Bingham, Mr. ingersoll, and others bad remained for the first roll call, and bad then disappeared through the window of the barber ahop. Tbe doors were then closed and a warrant was issued to tbe Serge ant-atArms authorizing him to arrest tbe absentee^ During tbe absence of the Sergeant-at-Arms and bis deputies the Ullibasteriag was renewed. and dilatory motions were maas until four o'clock, when the Sergeant-at-Arms reported progress. Meanwhile a number of members had curled up on the sofas for sleep and others bad fallen asleep in their seats The Sergeant-at-Arms reported tbat bis dSDutiee bad visited tbe rooms of several members and found that they were not in. Amonc the number be reported Mr. Humphrey, of New York, and said his wife asserted he must be at the Capitol, be he bad not come home Voices?-That's hard on Humphrey." it was subsequently ascertained that Mr. Humphrey was tut asleep on one of the lea ages, and bad not left the hall at all. brought m at 4.30 was Dar Hart, who bad also been brought la under arrest uader tbe provloas call. He excused himself by saying that be supposed the House was about to adjourn. When Mr. Stokes, of Tsnn., was brought in, he said he had left the Honse because he did not see that he ooald be of any service in preventing the eff orts of the opposition from delaying legislation. Mr L*Blond objected to such remarks as disrespectful and ont of order; but the subject was pleasantly passed over. Efforts were made to effect a compromise bnt without success, until? o'clock, when Mr. Randall (Pa) demanded as a matter of justioe a bearing lor his side; aad it was finally agreed tbat a recess should be taken until n o'clock, and that the Democrats should have tbe hour from 11 to 19 for discussion. ? Fbiohtitl OrrmaGb iw Ciauk Coc?ty, laniA?a.?Tbe New Albany Ledger says that a gang ot three sooundrels entered the house of Fletcher Willis, near Union Chapel, one and a half miles from Utica. Clark county. Indiana. They did not knock at the door, bnt entered the house without ceremony, and seining Mr. Willis, m the preeeuce of his wife, de. manded bis money, threatening to take his lite unless it wns Instantly forthcoming. Willis at first refused to tell the villains where the money was secreted, when they took off his shoe* and stockings, carried him to the fire, and held his feet to the ooals and flames until 1 they were terribly burned. Half frantic under the pain of his cruel torture, Willis finally pointed out to the robbers where his money was, and they immediately secured It, aad then decamped The amoaat stolon by theee worse than savages was two huadrsd and fifty dollars. Mtruiov* Oisirruuici A yeuag man named Libby, and formerly coanected with the Quartermaster's Department of the United States army, bat lately eagaged at the brick works below Bocketts. has been mimed since last Thursdny sight. He went to a party oa tbat night, and, whea It was over, escorted a young lady home. Since that time? we are. we belie ye, reliably informed?nothibg has beea or heard of *lm. It Is feared that he baa beea foully dealt with.? Timu, MTA daring burglary was dmoovorwl Bate, u rda) morning la New York of the vailed States Beaded Warehouse, No. ICS Wasfciagton street. Neerly SHUM) worth of aUk wia removed jrom the building throagb a tenemeat wortt ot the stolea s|?wuCoan^ln^^hi^ way. The burglars ey ideally tad a wtaM night to work la. aad proceeded qaite ooollr No arrsses have yet bm made. r ? afSr^I5n^?uiagM"kin a'lady^rbi"Va?rt? ESSKSffi^eSat |isw a sp ng, .. yoiiiariyilliHrtiiioyer 'jnooauo* ea flitbO a .CO a HiiCOO Til ' t * Alleged I br/ilrant tad Ftritry k| Flight aad Am? ! lAatrr ~SiB(aUr BUry, he. For aboat two Miiti Mat a Praraian lad. fifteen > ear* of age. earned Uwla Kiop?<-h. baa been employed by tba firm of Meear*. tCxaad A. Mitchell A Oo, Mac b?in*M at No. wc| Pearl a treat, a* errand boy aad collector. I>ewm displayed aaaaual ability la hia aow caiiiag, sad KKia famed tba aaboaaded cob Ode nee of bia employers. They eatrust-d two* with most of tbeir baaklBg buslaeea. besides ?b, b he col lac ted sod of tba btila doe tba flrai i? tba city. In an evil auaeni, however, I> wi* betrayed bla treat, aad realizing about tTMoa bill* ba bad collacted, aockeiei tba caeb. He . alee bad MOD la checkv drawa by tba firm, aad with bia pocket* tbaa lined L*w>s. a ba day* ago, raa away and broagbt np 1a Baltimore, where eome tbiaf picked bla pockata of all bi? money aad nearly all of tbe check*. Snbeeqaaat to tbb tbaft Lew la aadoraad tbe aama cf Kolaud (J. Mitcbeil A Co. to iba back of cae of tba cbecka aad attempted to negotiate it. Tba genuineness of the check beta* questioned I^ewla waa arreated. wban ba tat ad tbat ba waa la tba employ ai M*a?r?. Mitcbell * Oo, bf tbia city. Tba Una waa telegraphed to, aad immediately aaat a ratara disraub atating tbat Klopacb bad robbed tbem and waa a failure from jaatlca. A a otBoer of tbe Baltimore police, who bad tba accused ta charge, aiarted for tbia city with htm, arriving be re oa Satarday eventag Klopacb waa dalivered over to bia lorafteremptoyera, who rave bim in cbarga of aa aa officer of tba I'weaty?lxtb precinct, who yeatarday took tbe prieoeer before J nance Hogan. wbo commit tad bim lor examlaauoa, wbicb will taka place to-day Tba money lost to tbe Arm by tbe alleged em eulrarata and forgery la said to amount to aboat SI,%U>. Tba father of youa* Klopacb 10 a physician and a gentleman of good aiandiag living in Hudson City, N J. Tbe accaaed cob leasee bla gallt, and eaya be waa prompted to steal from bla amployere by a yonnj; mxa whom be oaly knows aa "Charley. ' with a loag, light moatacbe. A lingular atory la told In coaaection wltb tbe youthful offender Previooa to bia entering tba aervice of tbe Paarl street firm Klopacb waa ib the employ of a gentleman In Beaver atreet. aad being deairoaa of miktai a favorable impreaaion, be concoated a novel plan by which to accompliab bia purpoaa. One taoramg 'he gentleman came down to bia atore and fonnd things in great disorder. witb the floor and ceilings be*pattered wltb what appeared to be biood Kloach, avbo appeared to be much excited, aaid that Immediately after ba opened the ?tore in the morning two tbievea entered and attempted to carry off a large quant ty of cigar*, but that be attached tbem. and a deape. rate flgbt eaaued. He raized an iron bar aad truck tLem on their bead* and facee. opening their vein*, and tbn* he accounted for tbe blood in tba place. 1 bia atory waa believed, and lor tba courage and bravery displayed bv Klop*cb be received & handsome sum or moaey from bia mployer Subsequently Klopacb told hia t-raployer tbat tbe tbievea an tared the atoia at an early hour in tbe moraing lor the purpoae of atealiag, wbea b?* again attacked tbera witb the iron ba' and beat them off. Tbe bar. covernd with blood, waa produced by Klopecb aa evidence of tbe truth of hi* *tateraent. Tbe merchant then became alarmed, and believing that personal violence waa intended for htm called npon the Captain of tbe Firat Precinct, wbicb reaul ed iu an inapectlon of the premise* by tbe police. The atory of the desperate aad bloody atruggle of Klopacb with burglarawas doubted, and aubaequaat events?the confea*lon of Klopsch himself?proved tha; th?* doubta were correct. To make thia atory appear plaoaiMe, Klopacb bad gone to a butcher's *bop, filled a bladder with blood, and returning to tbe store, scattered it abou* tbe floor and walla. Tbia opened tbe eyaa of Klopecb's employer, wbo cauaed tbe voBag man's arrest on a charge of mallcion* mischief in breaking op bosets furniture, Jtc. After a abort incarceration tbe priaoner was discbarged by Jnatice Hogan. Klopacb a employer intended making bim a present of %Mu In caab, and bad expressed tbe lateutioB of giving bim a finished education, and then taking bim iato business at au increase of salary?.V. Y. Herald. Maryland Legislature. la the Maryland Senate yesterday several petitions were presented from Baltimore in opposition to tba repeal of tba Sunday law. The bill providing for a new election for Mayor and city Council of Baltimore was returned from tbe Bouse, tbe vet* passing itrewnsider. ed. and an amendment offered providing tba tbe term of tbe Mayor, to be elected uader tbe bill on tbe firat Wedneadayin February, aiiali commence on tbe aocceeding We<i";esday, Mr Tome, urged that tbe bill bad been hastily pasted, and aaked tbat it migkt be ivterrad u> the Judiciary Committee, but the Senate refuaed. The amendment wa- adopted, tbe bill passed, sent to tbe Hou*e. and tbe amendmen. concurred in. Tbe Senate then took up the contested Allegany S*natorsbip. Dr. tjUr. the fitting member, addressed tbe Senate at leug-b in defence ol his right to tbe seat A: the evening session tbe dt-bate waa coacluded, atid tbe Senate, by a vote of ayea 14. a&ya 0, ousted Br Ohr. an ft gave tbe seat to tbe conteataut. Mr. Alfred Spatea. la tbe House tbe Committee of Ways and Meana were directed to Inquire Into tbe propriety of reducing tbe preeent rate of taxation Leave was given to report a bill to require agencies of foreign luaaraace Companies in Maryland to pay a specific tax to the city or conn y wbere located ia addition to the preeen; license. After going through tbe daily bailo: for I nited States Senator in joint con veution the House took np tbeCoveetiou bill, and Mi' Jane*, ol Somerset, apoke in ad vocmcy of it. Frekch Mctcal Bkkefit Socibtim.?The French Emperor, by a recent decree, baa atgai ixed the French Mutual Benefit Societioa into a ayatem, under tbe gutdanoe of a central bureau, called the Superior Commission o Encouragement and Surveillance,'' located at Paris, and at tbe bead of wbicb la the Franch Minister of the Interior. There are ia France 5.'?? of these societies with a membership of >2.496 parson*, mainly among the workthr claasea. Of theae 96,936 are honorary members. and the balance, 57*5?i5 men aad 105.M? women, are coatriboting members, participating ta the benefits of the orgaulaauoaa. These ? *Vred Up ?a vested, of fT/'M.ltM, and dnrlag lm5 their laeoate amonnted to ?*,2S0,l3O. Of thia anm tha ?overnmeat gave them S19.I10, tha lataraet on tbeir invested capital waa r.31,500, aad their members contributed in annual daaa SL976.. 97t, the balance of the aanoal income beinr procured from tinea, legacies, aad other miscellaneous aoarcea Daring the year tkttr aocieties paid out for assistance to sick members for pbyaiciana' billa. for medicines, t3Su,23?; funeral ezpMaaa, dui^.; and to widows and orpbana, aad ia pensions to members aaable to work from infirmity or -4*1,513: aad t%(,M were added to the aaved-hp aapitai. Amoag theae societiaaara 5. mutual aocieuee of vloe-growers aad laborers la vineyards, the members of which pay no contrlbBtioaa, bat instead of it diatribete the labor of tha aick oaaa amaag the others so that tha wagee are paid them the aame aa 11 they were weU This la h vary aaeral aad inexpensive expedient to relieve tha tuck. Stbikx Akoio LkoLiaa Laboiiu-Ab Engliah paper eatimhtaa that by the repeat strikes that have beea so pravaleat in the iron trade in Lnglaad tha laboring people lu that braach of industry have loat aboat tt,5MMML whilst tha aoatributioBa ot laborers' prosealive aaaociationshave aot amoauted to more thaa SStK^uUU, leaving a aot loes of twice that am. By tha baaineee which haa been directed to other chanaeia ia eoaeeoaeace of these atrikaa the iron diatrict of England ia aa timated to have loat Bt.'Wijton, aad certaia kinds of work secured by rival toaaaeriea in other countries will never ba got hack bv tha English. The atrikaa, aow aadad, have over, stocked the Eagliah iroa labor market, oa acaoaat of tha ecarcity of work, the promotioa ol under haa da, and the large aambara of laborer* that have beea attracted from other couatriee by tbe lndacemeat offered by mm. masters dartag the strikes. Short time aad low wagaa are anticipated ia tha Eaxliah iron distriau for aome time to come. Two Won* Mcunao ?Aa awfai tragedy haa beea e a acted at Aabara, f-'? danac tbe past waek. Two old l&dtaa. aamad KiaUey aad Caawell,raspectively slaty aad sovoaty years of age, ware foaad mardarad tm their owa heuaa, about tw0 ml lea from Iowa, atl .' aTasarvS by the name of Johaaoa haa haaa arr - -> auapicioa. and ia how ta the Aabarr^ JfrA betrayed wocaaa la Koe JL. N T hot three ttmea at bar aadac^^^thMt' nial nag him. witaoat atw Kome^^ke VrfZH? tarnei oat. , jbcoac ?mad af tkay wlllhava >o aaaoa "rtan^aw" yot x.'sr*,, "mm tUliaaBaa {^a^a^h^afShlrTaaVa''1"* * \ mmui _ h ^