Newspaper of Evening Star, 23 Ocak 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 23 Ocak 1867 Page 2
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** * At ' - ? THE EVENING STAR. Tht Urgtil Citmliiioa ii the District W. B. WALLACH. B4IU? a ad Pr*fri?l?r. WASHINGTON CITY: JANUARY 93, 1MT. VRRAD1NO MATTER OS RTBRY PAOB. BKE Ol'TSIDK FOR INTERESTING TKI.E GRAPHIC AN? OTHRR MATTER TO AOYKATISUif. Tb? bllowitf u tte oOeUl ibowtaf of tb* clrcaliUot of tb* dally paper* of this eity oonp*ttng for to* OoT?rnmMt advoruatax aader tlie r?c*nta?t of Uoa*r*** directing *aob UfertiMnf to bo mad* in tfc* two daily a*wspapor* of Washington lavlai tb* largo* ircoiatton: Krtm too Stab 7,714 coptaa por day. Ckrom*U " " ImUUigmetr ....3.593 ? ? Tb* rotara* of adY*rtieiag by tb* otty paper* for tbo qnartor eadiag Df>eombor31.18M, a* l?k?a from tb* book* of tb* Iateroa'. Kevvaae OBcf. are a* follow*: H.wuMi*m Stab 11X107 A l*o ? y i ?wv> ?mm m ?? ? P?IW CkrmmieU ?.t6i Mejmbl\c?n 5 349 THE EICSPTIOK8. The While U?wr. Ta<" lad:e? ot the Executive Mansion, Mrs. Stover and Mn. Puteriot, at borne every Monday, commencing on the 14th instant. The Preudent will hold three levees, th? Iritti the 17ih Instant, tne second on tbeTtb ot Kebrnary, and tbe third on tbe tM of February, on eacb occasion between the hoars of k and 11 p m Tbe Cabtael. Tbe lad lee of the family of Hon O. H. Browning, Secretary of the laterior. will receive their friend* ou Wednesdays, at tbe residence of the Secretary, on tbe east side of M?atp)afry street, (Teorjcetowa Heights. Tbe ladies of Secretary McUnlloeb's family will receive as u?ual on Wednesdays. Keel, dence 3n> H street, between Connecticut avs use taa i tn street. Speaker Ctlfu. Speaker UolUa's public recepttops vill commence on Tbur-dar evening, the loth met . and continue every Thursday evening during the section ol (Jjagrcne. from to 11 o'clock. The receptions of Mrs. and Miss Matthews, the Speaker's mother and sister, for ladies and gentlemen accompanying them, com mence on Wednesday.the 16th inst., and conUnoe eTery Wednesday afternoon thereafter from 1 to 4 o'clock. Cearral Gram's receptions (cards) will be held by Oen'l Grant and lady on Wednesdays, the 21d in?tant and ftth proximo, in the evening. At borne every {Saturday from 2 to Z p. m. A PBOTRACTZD .SESSION. By reference to our report of proceedings in tbe House ol Kepresentati vet? last night, it will be seen that th?-y had a lively time over Mr. lioutwell'a bill to exclude persona identified with tbe rebellion from practising before tni Diird States court* and that tbe struggle wai kept vp all night and jnnUl balX pant 9 o'clock tin* morning. Tbe opposition to tbe bill finally auccwded in carrying tbeir point of gaining time for debate, being allowed an bonr to-day. CLKRK5 WHO HAT! BEEN DISABLED IN THE SERVICE The employees in tbe various Departments ot tbe Government who have been pcraa. nenUy injured and disabled by wounds re. ceived in tbe service daring tbe rebellion, will bortly petition Congress to fix by law tbe tenure of ofllae held by them, to continue during good behavior. A meeting will be held ! a few days, and the petition presented t> Congress. . LARD PATENTS. Tbe Commissioner of the General Land Office bas just transmitted to tbe register of tbe laaa omee at San KranrUco, Cal., forty-threw patent? lor lota in the town of Petal ma, under the acts of Concreaa of 1HH and 1866. tor deiiv- ! pry to the grantees. tllbauiauucitr Cor wc na Piotmt. Both branches of the Baltimore City Councils yesterday took action in relation to tbe law paaaedby tbaLegislature providing for a new election ior Mayor and City Council*. Tbe k'irit Branch passed resolntiona protesting again at tbe law aa an invasion of tbe righta of tbe ctty. and aakiag tbe protection of Congress from tbe revolutionary acta of tbe Lefialatore. Tbe Second Branch passed a resolution appropriating 9910,000 to be naed by tbe Mayor in testing tbe legality of tbe law passed by tbe Legislature. CoArtAJUD-?Aaaong tbe appointmsnte confirmed by tbe Senate yesterday were tboee of Joseph S. Wllaos, B.C., Commissioner of tbe Land CSce. Robert S. Chilian, Commissioner ol fcBigrauos; and ?*. A. Bar sard, Commissioner ot tbe United Statea to tbe Exposition at Paris Wall'* Oram Hoty??.?1To-night, tbe fine comedy of ,*?,eoo" will be given for the last time. Its ^presentation last eTeniuff was eery satisfactory, and tbe capital acting of Mortimer, Law lor, Hale, and Misa Jordan elicited entbu?ia*tic applies*. V from Pbilp A Solomon*, 332 Pennsylvania stcbbf, we have a specimen iumb?r of the London Society Magazxnt, reprinted in admirable style by Hurd A Houghton, NeW York. kcliphbs is wt.-T#?r? will be four eclipse* in tbe preveal year?two of tbe eaa and two or tbe neon?bat ao remarkable phenomena. An aaaular eclipee of tbe eaa. March 6, wtll be invisible in America. It will be seen, bowaver, ia Enrope, Aeia. aad Africa. At rtreenwicb tbe time of lie occurrence ia eight o'clock and seventeen minatan in tbe morning. Tbe otbar eclipee of tbe ann, Aagnst i?, will be total, bat not visible ia iba Untied Btatee or in Europe Tbe Sonth Americana will bave a I view ot it. A partial eclipee of tbe moon. March '.m, may be wllaeeeed from all parts of tbe Stales la Maw York city aad State tbe time of lie begin mac will be about 2.90 ia tbe murniag. aad it will end at about balf-past Ave o'clock. In California and Ore- I con it will bogtn ia tbe areata* of tbe 19th. A KUal eclipee of tbe moon. Friday eTeniae, tember 13, will be riaible ia par's of the United States, though it* beginning will not be generally eean. At plaoee waet of Bee ion tbe moon will nee more or leee eclipvod. From the Paciflc Staiee this eclipse will not be seen at all ArraoPniaTio* mbS( huouror Colobbd Poor lb.?Tbe City Council last evening adopted a resolution appropriating tbe aam of S-JO.tjUO, to be paid to the Baltimore Asaociatloa fer tbe Moral and Intellectual Improvement of tbe Colored People, wblcb mouryis to be used far tbe establishment and support of mbmm, in wmcB cntidren of colored pAreata wiu be MittM. The measure waa heartily approved by all the membera or bath Braaebee, excepting one, aa being one of abeer juauce to a iUm that previously had contribn. ted largely to the city treasury, withoat receiving aay reeompenae In the war of edncattoa ltoniyaeeda tbe signature of the Mayor to b* 9t effect ?Baitimort American qf to-day. S^Speafclag of tbe iee blockade at Frederlrkaborg?tbederaagemenu of the mail a, Jtc., tbe t rederlctebarg Herald, aaya the beat eng. gratioa it eaa eCer to tbe people of the old barg la akin to that siren by Paraon Batch to hia servants ia Fauatuee, darlag a fameoa anewatom ?Let ? all go to bed and aleep till tbe freeze 1* the Potomac ia over." r ** Vit oil company in Tennessee has give* up eearrbtag ler petroleum, ka u baa at ruck a j>ayiag vela of aalt water. 9T A Weetera jtetke lately bomfled a bridal ooaple wkeaa be waa a Boat to anil* by ocaing to tbe boaae a bearae. V Tbe flreedmea la Bicbmond are reported unwilling to work by contract next jeer. *Ibey don't like contracted wage*. dVBiefiop Oreen, of Miaaiaelppl. baa taaaed a paetoral letter. eajoitriag tbe dat? of Inatractiag Ireedmen In dutiea o! cttlxeaehtp MTNew York tn?e*ee are becovlag ao expert tbat they eaa anbatton tbe coata of their tietima and rob tbem withoat detection. . dST A dinner wae glvea bear Pane tbe other day, of wbieb tbe principal diabee were abark. berae, dog and rale VAaoil dealer at Sprmgfleld. Ohio, baa failed for TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. RtlROPCAN NB?T?. . , ihipjnafr*' ?lHk?-K#hlKri kf a B^akfr/ -ha|liih r?a>t Dflrarr-Tl|? Jap*aea* Kabaur ? Rrll|itat laivltraai* la! Riaf. Nkir Yobk. Jan W ?Th- ?i?tuaahip Cuba ' with Kuropran ditu to the lltb and litk, h?i 1 arrived b?re Tb* cl Herat** from the Amencan colonim bad been entertained at a grand dinner bj tbe Cuadian Club of I.oiiduu Tb? fblpjainers preparing tba real Lvttern for truffle New York and Hr?at bad trnck lor bicker wage* JanvPft Wilkinson, late manager ot tk? L?ondob Joint Ktoi It IH>>c?unt Company, and well known iu tbebankiag world, baa bora found gaiity of robbing bis company of twocback*. aod aenteneed.toJlee years' penal service. The tnmaa itcamrr (Jity of lloatoa has completed ten (10> voyage* between Boston aad L.iv? rpool oaring the paat year, raaalng 7Q,()<? a lain le miln. a DcrbrmuM ihai hu before txfi rqsalM. The AdninUtr an preparing ntuB&tn to ktild on# Snt-clui armor plated ship; i?T?a s+coad-ciA**, four or which to be turreied; a coast detract ship, fourteen smaller vessels, and twenty.tour boats. The new Japanese Embassy bad arrived ta Par s, where they will remain for a week and tben go to Si. Petersburg. Tit Bertia, and tbeac* to America. A spirit of intolerance was showing itself In Home The services of the Scotch Presbyterians h.v- been interdicted, aad it w*s also hinted that those beld by the American proteetauis would also be suppressed. The Crosby Opera House ?A Swiadle? Crosby Draws High Prizes. (JiiiCAoo, Jan. *1.?It is aaaerted in best informal circles that Crosby holds tne tickets tor the three ahief prizes next after the ttr?t, and it is not certain that be has not that also. It also tarns oat that the opera house to be deedt-d Is not Ihe whole building, as represented, bat only the auaieace room in the ln&< "?sibJe center of the block. It tint. proves ! the biggest swmdlo of the season no one will j pity the victims. Cuioauo. Jan. 21?The following are the fortunate holders of the tickets drawing toe principal prize* m the Crosby Art Association ?First prize, A II. J*ee, of Prairie du Kocher. Randolph county, Illinois; secoud and third. W. 11. Crosby, fourth uuanawa, tb? ticket sold in New York, fttth, J. J. Taylor, of Springfield, Illinois, sixth unknown, held in Boston; ?eventh, Lhtntel K Kussell. liostom e gbtb, b. P. Dwyer, Chicago; math, W. H. /l-?w ? v? WUJ . flfew l'trk lc?. New VobKi Jan. *3.?It is ntimttm that betwrm fusruid tlve ibouf.tod people cressed EmI river to and from Brooklyn on the ice ibu moruinf. Several ladles also van lured and were successful No accident occnrred. A tug was con veaientlr placed for us# in rase of emergency. Tbe river was not trosen over, but crossing was effected on large cakes of floauag icc, which only lasted an hoar, wben the fan suddenly ceased. Tbe feat bad not been performed for fifteen years. Tbe piers j and House-tops of both cities were crowded ! witb spectators witnessing tbe unusual spertaole. Tbe Peraia takes out to-day rM,OQO. Other steamer* take nothingNewspaper Change. "* KlCBlMirt), Jan. 23. ? The Examiner announces that Mest-rs. Ketlly and Branch, ot Petersburg, have purchased an interest In tbe pnper. Li. O. Washington, present editor, retires. rrs3* boTlo*. ?A Begalar Meetiagof tbs Kl UJL PUBLIC A* ABaOCIATlOH will be held ouWKD 11*8 DAT BTEMllQ, the 23d last ,at7>, odeck at Union Leaga* Hall, 4*1 9th street. Ho distinction mm- t, whatever, on aeeoaat of race, color, or rsliglea, to become members of this u aociatlon A good soial character ud a de.lre to advanco tlio raoao of humanity oad freedom the only noceaaary IHullitM. Fkmu withing to join the MMclltloi CM) come Id peraon or addroeo 11^ 1. Q. HALL, 8*er?t*rr. n^=?PEOrES80?otib AOAIflZ. The distinguished Qeolog 1st and Bataraliat, will dtlhtr th* FIFTH LKOTUBB OF THE T. M C. A. COUBBE, OOBBBB? AVD C4TH Wl' BETS. TBCBbDAT BVBBJ^JAB. ,4. 1*67. ADMISSION? OBHTS. Ticket* for Hit at Book i>d Music Stores, aad ! at the door. 1 Door* of at T o'clook. ?C ?' ! r*^l. O. O. r ??BAND LODQS -An ad LL7 joureod Mooting will bo held on WE0NB3: DAT EYBNlBtt, Jan. Ut at 7H o'clock. jaJJ Jt F. a. SWEET. Or. Eoe. : fre^- THE BUBh'S OLUB wilt eolobrato tko 1L3 I'Stb analTaraarjof tko Poot, on FBIDAT, ! Jaa. Mtb Instant, at Ajmb Bootanrant, IU7 9tk ; at root. B. B.?Ticket* |(. may b* bad at tb? bar. I jagtt* (Ty=?ATTEhTIO*. BTOBB MAMMH -At an : liof adjjorned Booting, tba coaaitMo hao re1 solved to call a meeting on M OH DAT. Mtb iaat , ' at ?o clock, a* business of Importance la to bo l tranaocod. Mooting to bo held at Mr.JTOrnwi If a, oa O atroet weal, bet. 1Mb?nd mbata. | jattlt* J BO McOOLbBM.Ohairniaa. ,, D na>U.-TM anuu or tbo Usjf ItTMih Word oro pojoootod to Boot ?t : Boll oa THCBBBAT BVBBIMQ. the I 24th tut., ot 8 o'clock, for tbtiarpoMof dorlnti i mm way to rollovo tbo poor off tko word jonst* CITIZENS. (lot.Ohros. aad lo|tl? III 1 fpSf-BOABD Of TRADE BOOIU. : LL5 CuiilTtiiwuii'i. Ho. 4 JBakkkt 8fid. Tbm *tU bo ? Umnod n?itlB| of lk? BMrd i oa TBCJUsDAY BVBB1BO, .lanaory t4 13*. ot 7H CeloeB. Ao boat bom of ttoelol latorMt will ; bo submitted. It ia h?|o4 that ovary ooabur will bo irmat. M M-lt I. 8ABD0, Barrotary. rr*?W. m. A. 0 , a.l<B.>Tfeo MMl?r Oom LL? ifHatcottoa of WASBINGTOB B. A. obAPTBB. Bo. 15. will bo hold nUOUUAY BVBB1MB, Jab. M. at Control MmobIc H oil, at whlek tlae tbo roaoiatfna idoptod at tbo >Mt CoBTOoattoa of tbo Qraod Otiattor In m*rd to tbo aoaarottoaof tbo Srul Boyal ArehChaytor of Maryliwd tbo District of ColuM>Mt will bo taken Into consideration All k-?-? **-- " ?* ?- ? ? i wmm i? ?ao vUAfHr are rMftctfilt; renneet. 1 tobt mnmiI By ardar of the M. X. H P. . . _ G B. THOMPSON. jaH3t tlatel. A OhroB.l St rotary. ff^r- ANNIYBB8ABY CBLBBBATION AMD 113 OONCEKT. Tt* tnltiriirY of IAOL1 TINT No Orf?r of Irehiblt*^, will be 1 eelabrated aa WXDBBBDAY BVBB1NG. Jaa. 1 23d. tt Odd Felloaa'Hail. lavjr Yard, by paMt<MHmc* meeting and eoacirt. Addreaaa* will le tellvered Ly Si Secretary MA BLAB aad Hoa*. J B P.B1NNBLL and HIRAM PBtCB, of lows. Tbeaaoeteal port off tbe ?ntertalaiBenfwill be aader iht nMnlfioa of Mr. Baker, of tbo Baat Waabl acton Pr^ebytorlaa Ohareh Oboir. The yuaoiMd on tkls oaeaaton la oaa off Ohlektrlni'i Wet. and baa b-^n kindly loaned by Mr. Joba P. Kill*. Bo. 30b Peaai/Waala avetw. The vablic are Invited. AdMlnelen free jo n-it n?* IBl AIICAL MBBTIN9 OF THB ; LLS Stockholder* of the WASHIBOTON ?A8 LIfrHT OOMPABT wilt be held at the eflee of ' the MONDAY, February 4. IM7, for the eleetloa of Director*. to aerve daring the enat 13 o'clock a. and cloea at 1 o'clock a. a. ialT lfc CHAS. B. BAILBT. Socrotary. UJ J0,BFH Aiaoa O?VPBOYIOBBBY. LADIES' ICB CBBAM * DIB1BO SALOON, 846 Pom. Aw., hot. inh and isth He. Waddiaga, Dlnaar or Saner Partieo eatailed at abort neuce with noTeitiea In Pyramlde, fancy tfakes, aad Ooafectioaeeiea, J ell lea; W add lag Cakee, beat anality. Table Oraanenta: Salad*, IceUreona, water Ice. Bo man Punch,Boned Tarbey, ?>*ia ; Baooloped Oretera, Monad Torkey la jelly, Oharlotto Baeae. ate., ate Attend ante also will bo eeat ta attead to all detail* of arrangemmta. Bonjaeto, Wraatba. and V.HI m iuwtn w ura?r j?3 lm JOftBPH AyyilfcP. ryV>IITilLI8BID 18ft*. llPBUSOl A rUBOUSOH. 4T1 Fbuk. av?mb?, Iit mm, IlUi Bssarss'w,?x>? ? It-tf 2.500 ^'V1? w>t<r?trmttpi>fitowb,i). 0. P>B Mtl>l nijm1! Jfo. 1 Bo?t Pitting BBWIR0 KAOUkB, a?rly a?v SoU rtt* Hubli toroMk. A??ljr aft In.0orfllt 0 rtjwM.Ut>Mn M*? J*t?n ITMW >l< Mt It. C*0B MU-A MMk MABB, yWn oM. r Will trM In IkiN alHtM. Alto. *r\ I M? Cutter Bteick, Hw?M u4 B?llt.^3 1 loqair* Mtyam IS# QeMral Lan4 OSm. ^ ' i ... .. n d rpsa tOIDCI UOOIBTY OA.XIBB FOB 1 IW. -? F,,-TW""!fMUMMfflWW A fall i*??tr of JaABttr Mt Xtir ?m. TWIf TI11 ? ktM. ?Uik w* CM NMkMii (a aniMVMof km TMHf TNMVT I?N?M ft?iMthli Mi 4 . COMPOUND IMTIlEftT BOTH wuM ?tt 41 w JAY 000KB ft 00. CONGRESSIONAL. WiDlMCiT. Jnntiary tt 8?iATm ?Tb* UHiur la d b-Tor* the Stnat* a ccuimuDicaUun Iron the S?ar*i*rjr of th?* Tf > *, mry, n fnrtbrr rMpooM to Seuai* resolution calling for tilr kmoanu p*i(1 to tt>? papers of tfc* XMstr icl of OoluaMa for at TrrimnOr' dtrrd lo b* printed nod Utrt on the t?bl* Mr. Harris, from tbe Committee on th? Judietary, reported the bill in reUtion to p?r?oaa under *entenre for en? ? atatnat the l/nttad with aa amrndmeniin tbeabape of m latftitntr. Mr. Morrill, from The Committee o? the <ltt. tnct of Colombia, reported the bill to incorporate the Wa*uin?toa Oouatjr Honr Kall> I rond Company, with ami-admroti, which j wr?? Ml| auu IUO vti I now fOfV K) IQ9 bon^f. Mr. ^monils presented a petition from the National Uuk oiSt. Alb-tna, Vt., a?k<ag com; pentauon for funds taken during the CoafedI erate raid from Canada. Referred to CoinaaitI tt? oo Olaims. Mr. Henderson offfcreed a resolution of Inquiry m to whether the ten regiment* of Missouri State troop*, trho ?<?r*fvl three years in the war, are entitled to receive bounties, and if not tbe Committee on Military Affairs be instructed to report such Initiation as will eecure the bounty to them Adopted. Mr."Wilson introduced a bill to incorporate the Harvard University ot tbe District of Columbia Referred to Committee on District of Columbia. Mr Ramsey introduced a bill to prevent abuses of the franking privileges. Referred to Comm'ttee on Post and Roads. Mr Norton introduced a bill to amend tbe Homestead law. Referred to Committee on ptiNic Lands. Mr Chandler introduced a bill supplementary to tbe act to prevent smuggling, and for oth^r purposes. Kelerred to Committee on Uommerce. At 1 U5 p. m. the Tariff bill was taken up, on which llr. Sprague, of Rhode Island, was entitled to tbet floor. Mr. 5urague argued in favor of higher duties on dax and its manufactures. , Mr Spragne moved to nmeud by providing lor incr?-a??*d duties on the articles to which be bad alluded. Mr. Sbermna followed Mr. Sprague, and ir?*med on t-everal principles of tariff and revenue. Bovi* -At II o'clock the Houar reassembled. ana Mr. * inck opposed Mr. Uoutwell's | bill. He said Uie exhibition and scenw> of tbe w ?. ?i r? ?W? f tAKIIUIHH iuivuiu nenriy twenty I hours, exhibited tbe tat t that it is always write fur a majority to deal liberally with a minority. If a reasonable time bad beau allowed for difek-Mi-aion, the scenes of last night would not ba?V transpired. He argued tbat tbe bill was ez po*t farta, and therefore unconstitutional. He quoted from the remarks ot Mr. Rout well, submitted yesterday, wherein he said if tbe Supreme Court did not take care of their digi nity the legislature should step in. He (Mr. Finck) believed the Supreme Court was as competent to take care ot its own dignity and honor as was tbe gentleman from Massachusetts or this Hons*. There were other ways in which the Supreme Court was contaminated, and be would bere allude to a gentleman in Massachusetts, wbo bad been elected to a seat in this House to succeed the gentleman's [Mr. Boutweil'sJ colleague. [Mr Alley,] and he would venture to say that three-fourths of the l&wytrs of the land who had auy regard for their characters would sooner associate m tbe Sapreme Court with Alexander H. Stephens than with the nereon to whom h* re.vnei, [Gen. Butler ] lie did not make this comparison to excito bad feeling, but in order to show 'hat men who had engaged is rebellion were regarded higher than one wbo waa guilty of murder and bribery. I,et the jndgee of the everai courts exercise their own judgment as t? the moral standing of attorneys, nrd all would be satisfactory; but It waa evident that tbls legislation wa? conceived in rebellion to tbe Constitution, and a spirit of malignity apaiuat tbe South iH.r. tircic advocated a spirit of conciliation. and said that the principles of the party controlling the lfgi?iation of this House were not in accordance with tbe principles of tbe Com titutiou and form ot Government, and in order to make their party principles appear to be Homewbat in conformity with tne Ounsti. tution. tbey invaded that instrument and attempted to sub\ ert it to meet theirown views. If the Supreme Court continued to do Its duty it would declare this bill unconstitutional as tbey bad dona tbe test oatb. Mr. ltogere, (N J ,)Mr Niblack, (lnd.,)and Mr. Boyer. (Pa ,1 made short speeches in opposition to tbe bill. Tbe latter claimed it was an unjustifiable encroachment upon the prorogative* of other branches of the Government At three minutes to 12 Mr. Boot well moved to adjourn, and at It o'clock tbe House was called to order, and Mr. Uoutwall closet dabate by an explanation of tbe bill, and arguing that a* the legislature had power to authorize courts to make rules for themselves, it bad al*o power to prescribe each rules as were deemed necessary The previous question was thea called, and be bill parsed?jreaa 109, nays IS On motion of Mr. Pike (Me), th> Committee ot Ways and Means was diractad to inquire into the expediency of allowing drawback on material used In the construction of vessels, and of aboliahing the loan age tax, so that vessels of the United States may have a share in importing foreign merehaadise. Agreed to. nr. wiison (lows), from Committee on Jodiciary, nporud a bill to protect til thi citizen* of tbt United State* in their prlvll^iN and immunities. Recommitted. Mr. Morris, (N. Y.,) from Committee on Judiciary. reported favorably on tbe hill to punuh person* for tbe removal of dead bodies in tbe Ihstrictof Colombia, and It was passed. [It provides tbftt any one who sb&ll wantonly remove a dead body for sale, sb&ll, upon conviction, suffer imprison meat aol more than five years, or pay ft fine of not more tbftn 8500, or botb, ftt tbe discretion of tbe conr*. Any person purchasing or recetviag each body shall be subject to tbe same penalty; and any person who sb&ll open a crave for tbe purpeee of stealing a body, a coflta, or tbe vestments, sball be pnaiafaed by imprisonment not more tfian two years, or by a fine of not more tban 9M0, or botb, at tbe discretion of the court.] . Mr. Cook, (ill.,) from the Committee on Ju- I diciary reported tbe bill to limit tbe time of bringing saits in tbe Court of Claims, and it wm passed- lit provides tbat all suits sball be broogbt agaiast tbe Untied States within sis years from tbe time they accrued 1 Mr. Cook, from the same committee, reported & bill toregul&te tbe feee allowed clerks and mare hale ia tbe United States District and Circuit Courts. Passed. Tbe bour of one o'clock having arrived, The Speaker proceeded to enforce tbe order of tne House with respect to absentees who bad been arrested, and some thirty .nine members were summoned to tbe bar ot the House. Mr. Orth moved tbat all proceedlags under tbe warrant be diectprged. Not agreed ft. Messrs. tlill, Farqubar, Higby. and others rfrm a n/4/ul ?4 ? * * >u?UUm m? miiui urisrpi oi me rules in tbs case aa a warning tor tbo future. Mr. Scbenck insisted that the delinquents should be treated u were those last night, and each caM should stand npon ita individual merits. He and others bad sat hern all night, and tbose who bad deserted tbem abonld be fined and be put upon the records as examples. A resolution was fiodlly adopted discharging all under arreat npon payment of tne usual fee, except those who wete once arrested and subsequently left, and who shall pay double the amount of the fee. number ot members personally offered sickness as ?n txcnae, sad were excused. p E1C1I I1PDOI1). We offer a large stoeksf Winter Drees Goods* Shawls, Blanksts. Flannels, Balsseral Bklrtlnts, Domestic Cotton Goods, Prints, White Goods and Linen Goods, at kBDOOID PBIOBS for cash. PA.B1S KID GLOTB DEPOT, 1> laaeue stock ef the most yeynlar aaket. Ladies' Gloves, ?2, GenUewens'. ft.*. JOB. J. HAT * GO., 368 Pennsylvania avenue, ikM Mil ?? ? ?* ------ _ .... WtWWB W ? q Wtt ttt f irfor pbopohals o? a him ell aLi BKUckiwlir rec?lv*d it tb* Offlc* of tb? Uu?rt?iBMUf Ontril for tb* w**k diag Jwmit ? ?*? i \ w _ ? r.U*. iuxuAd*. T?., ff?ni W |nckM* 10J mm ^f.TuttbSwJ1. of r<fS*rry?toa?, T?? off*r? UwitMMrlailN Otty. _ DmbIi OoMfy. W**WM<m. D, 0,, (Tin 'f.'SSiftstSTx umi ?1TW. ? mgiB LB TO MT?PT^?t TMtth*?*b*crljK

*?|V Mhlttgto* titgg?> gtiST tt&TU 11 BKAIB* t iT, Mart NNH?*, t fUl aiMrttetmt, for GnH*BH,uilBor*.>t " ' OHB. BCPPKBTB fABOT BAJAAB. JlUDI 7tA lUHt. MIS.. * i o'CLock r. . COTERKMKirr SKriUlTIFjl. W A4H1IOTOI, JIBD&.7 ??. I?7. v J a j Oook?? & Oo furai?b th# following quotatieas of Governmeat ?cuntie? Buying SHUng U. 8. ?'b Ooapoa, mi hc w u* IJ.8. FIT* TWllUiit 1988. ,.107% UH (j.&rtv* Twibtiia l.uzs m 8S. FIT* TwntlH. it** US* 1W?M .a Fir* Tw*>oUM,Ja?4:J'y,?85 !(H IJ. 8. Ta? tortt* 09\ loos ?r ?. Kavta ffcirtt*, Aafa*t....ii4i| in(v U. S. Thirty jVB? 104 V 1<H\ uOTICI1 Ifimn, JMIJ?....ltft* W?S , mm tornu. nnwr boam* SaLm. Coupons* io*ra... ?* S.*rs, taw tV7X 7.3v'*. August. ...1VIS 5-*0's, 1=44 1(S* TJtoVJuno 104* 0.*0*s, 1*65 1WJ / 3D*. July 104* 5J08, Oold W4* FINANCIAL. Lewis Johnstm k. Co., qitti Stocks and Bonds in homo nnd foreign markets m follow*: Mtw Tons, Jan.23.?1st Board.?U. S r**. (stored. 1881, 107*; do., coupons, 107*; i-ti s, niiitondt 1I4X; do. ooupoas. 107 JK; do., IMS; | H4, lu-4# s, registered. 80*; do. coupons, ?<?*; 7-30's. 10*fc. Oblo And Mississippi OertiBoat**, 26. Canton. 45*; Cumberland, 40. QalckeiU I eer. -S?, Mariposa, 12; Msw Yort Central, lociV: Er'e, 63*; do. prefer'd, ?t: Hudson. 121: , Reading, 101 Hi Michigan Central, 103*; Michigan Southern, 7V!\; Illinois Centra;, 112*; Cleveland and Piuabarg. 84, Cleveland nnd Toledo. 12U; Rock Island. 9$\i North was. tern, f>9*; do. prelerred, 75*; Port Wayne. #4v : (Ihii ago nnd Alton, in? V. Alton and Terre Haute, 3*: Toledo nnd Wabash, 40; W. U. Telegraph, 45*; Boston WAter Power. ?; Paeiflc Mail. ?; Atlantic Mail, ?. Oold, 1.50 p. m . 134V SURRATT. The steamer Swatara, with Snrratt, tbe conspirator, on board, is expected to arrive here nhnnl th* k w_? - .~..v !>? v vur uavinu, UUl B11 Oil Id the ice continue in the river, she will probably *'op before reaching tbe Potomac and com* mumcate with the Navy Department. Commander Jeffries, of tbe Swatara, waa directed by Admiral (toldsborongh to proceed immedU ately to tbe Washington navy yard and await order* from tbe Department THE DISTRICT IN CONURKS3. The Senate Committee on tbe Judiciary were discharged to-day from tbe Honse bill fixing tbe compensation tor the bailiffs and criers of tbe courts of tbe District of Columbia, and it wa* referred to tbe District Committee. Tbe District Committee were discharged from the House bill to pay and discharge certain debts and ezpeadltares to the Corporation ol Washington, and it wa? referred to the Claims Committee. Tbe bill appropriates 931,971.34 to pay In full for all claims wblcb the city of Washington now bas against tbe United States on accouutof moneys expended in improving the streets, avenues, alleys, publip ground*, in the city of Washington, or for repairing any of tbe bridges crossing the Pot jmac river, prior to May .r?tb, 1TO4. Mr. Wilson introduced, in the Senate to day, a bill incorporating tbe Howard University, in tbe District of Columbia. The corporators are PKovIac U U,. ?= " ~ < uimrc mj nuj iiiwn, naui u. romerof, (Jbsrlfi II. Howard, and other*. NAVAL IXTt'LLIQKXCK. The Navy Department hah received information from Commander E. Simpson, of the steamer Mohican, dated Rio de Janeiro, Brazil December 19, 1*60, announcing his arrival at that port after a passage uf fonr days from Iiahaia. After a lev* neeesaary repairs to the engine, the vessel would proceed to Monte, video Dispatches have also been received from Commander J. M Bradford, commanding the steamer Resaca, under date of the Kith of December, 1-46, announcing his intended departure uext day from Pernambuco, Brazil, 3ii his way to the Pacific. Also, dispatches from Rear Admiral Gordon, on board the flagship Brooklyn, under date of the nth of December, announcing bis arrival at Montevideo after a stormy passage from Rio of twelve days. He found in port the U. S steamer Pensacola. wblcb bad touched on ber way to join the North Pacific Squadron: and also the U. S. steamer Wat p. The Kansa* wa? at Buenos Ay res at the time of writing the dispatch. OIL rOK LIGHT 110USK4. The Secretary of tbe Treasury yesterday' warded the contract for furnishing seventy Ave tbonsand gallons of oil to supply the Light Houses during the present year. About fifteen bids were received mad opened by tbe Light Hons* Board. The lowest bid bsing that of the Manhattan Oil Company, of New York, the contract wat awarded to them at 1.23, I.t3jf, 1 27 and 1.S7X per gallon for tbe quantities needed on tbe Atlantic coast, 1.19 if for that needed on the Lakes, and 1.97 for that needed on the Pacific coast. A HUSK OF THE FRANKING PRIVILEGE Jflr. Kamsey Introduced In the Senate to* day a bill to prevent abases et tbe franking privilege. It provides that it shall not be Iawlul fur any officer ot tbe Government or other person entitled by law to ]esercise tbe franking privilege to exercise toe privilege otherwise than by his written autograph. Tbe bead of each Executive Department is author* Ised to appoint one franking dark. CONSCIENCE MONEY. Treasurer Spinner has received a communication from Kev. Father Westerholt, a Catholic priest of Depbos, Allen county, Ohio, endossing a draft for $^S, received by him tbrongb the confessional, from a party who had received tbe same trom tbe Government by mistake^ NAVAL ORDER. Lieut. Commandei K. J. Cromwell baa been ordered to tbe Naval Academy at Annapolis. PntaovAL.?lion. Wm. A. Darling has re* turned to Washington from New York where be was called by illness in bis family. Intbbhal Rivinri ?Tbe receiDts from thi? source to-day were *416,745.3$. i <??> LOCAL NEWS. ScckimiUoi'bt in Onuii Tin*.?Thi? ceurt ba? before u an appeal and mouoa to set aside an Injunction granted in August last by J udge Write, tn the Equity Court, la tbe rase or L. Whitney act. John B. Frisbie. Tbe injunction granted was to restrain tbe latter from acoepung a Government patent for tne quarter section of land Icifown as tbe Soscol Banc he, on which is situated tbe city of Be? necia, the town of Vallejo, the U. S. naryyard on Mare Island, and the depot of the Pacific Steamship Company. It is claimed tbat Vallejo purchased this land in 1644, and in If-55 disposed of it to the defendant, who is his . son-in-law. The complainant entered this land in October, 1862. and after making improvements, tendered himself ready to comply With tbe law to entitle him to a patent. By the act of March 3d, 1863, Congress interfered m behalf ol the bona llde purcnasers under Vallejo, providing that the purchasers could enter the land at #1.25 per acre; and that all claims, with proof, should be presented to the Register and Receiver in twelve months These officers took the proof had decided in favor of the purchaser, bat their decision was reversed by the Commissioner of ths Land Office, on the ground that the eettlers bad obtained a valid title previous to the passage of tbe act. The case was taken on appeal to the Secretary of tbe Interior, who referred the 4i ? - * iriai qgvsuoai WJ ID0 AUOrMf UUtnli Who advised "that no vested interest Is obtained unti' ite settler has taken all the legal steps necessary to perfrct an entrance In the Land Office.** On this opinion the Secretary re. versed the decision of the Land Office, and it vraa alleged that a patent was aboat to be issaed to Friable, J adge Wylie decided that the complainant shows a valid equitable in* cboate right to the property in qneetlon, which he had acquired anterior to the passage otthe uct of Ooagises oi March 3, JM3, under which defendant denies his slafrm tn have a title granted to him by the Government: and that the decision of the Oomwlsstemsr of the Land Office in favor of the settlers* which wss reversed by. the Seoretary of the Interior, oa the advise of the Attorney General was clearly correct." Messrs. Stanton Jt Walker and Coombs apeared for the complainant, and Messrs. ontgomery Blair, ? Dick add Hartley, Sr.; for dels ad ant. . j Lxctvk* BTpnor. Ac amiz ?The fifth leetare of the eoune, given nnder the auspice* of the Tonng Men's Christian Association, WU1 be delivered < by PM. ylgmwa, at #(mm CM^el* te-moiraw evening Subject: MTha jTtnaxea River and raT Beeoarees;* a subject 1 which the Professor will so doaht rsader law teresting. n. U Quits a number of the Banks are going into liquidation to*day: snow-banks we mean. > Sj I" 1 ? -f Til CaoniKTor taa Sowra Wirs ?W# noti??tbat Uw model dNifard bj Fist Mills iw Ik* part'mentor ?heSouth v? mc of lb* l'*pi. tol ba|iid*bc as a match to tbs Protr*t* ot OirtkaUoa" Ulmi Uf Nortb wii|, u bow in lb* aid Hall of HtprrHaUUTM. It illastratee tbe act of emancipation. mainly, lb# rtoir* Agar# represents M?<" Genius o' America bearing rb* liberty cap, tb? scales ot jaaittr, and tbe brokrn sbaklp-, and stands amid tbe (rare# of tb# martyr* in tbtcaos*. IJrr M Pi)t:oB Ik directed toward* the, and h?r uplifted flnp^r r*mli tb? destined derree. The Dfarciii' tbe left represent lb* b>udmi'B ta Tarlon* effective (roar* A kolditr of the Army. Id tbe act of biadinc 119 bu wnads. ?bovrm( how freedom. wu wrr>o*h', ends tb.s fide. On the other hand nrrftWdmen in (roup*, 1l1n?trafWat?f their ml. ihmI oopdmoa. TfeM m?U mmU wiUi a nailer emblematic of tbe Navy. I'pou theceatotapb, over which tha Ulalai pr*?id<*?. is the iimpli inscription "Abraham udooIi." The fl(ures a>e weli placed aad grouped, picturesque in treatment, aad in correspi>ndia( ornamentation with the arehitectnre of the win*, la the mem of teiJinc i" own story clearly the (roup Is strikingly effective. It should be added that the (roap does a? show la its (reseat peaiUon to its baatadra&ilace. the faces bem( indistinct. lackm( the proper iigh*. Oniric** Stk ali*<? ? Moadav last tbe ben. bouse uf Mr. T bom as O Ma(rader was en* tered aad robbed of a large number of fowls. I.ient. Jabnson, of tbe t<1 precinct, went to wtrk to track tbe thieves, and traced them to tbe barrack near Kendall (Jreen. occupied by colored people In tbe search tbare they found in n Bounty occupied by Irnftttu* Itell vanauArticJn that futwtd iMpinoi upon him and a col<re? man oam>'d Kdwar Dixon. Tb're *r re a bed and bolsters s'nffed wito feathers ot rbirkraii and dark* a key that fn?ily nn|r>< ked the new boui# ( Mr. Magruder's and ttaf ahoes that Bell wore (one rubber aid one leather) answering to the tracks In theanow; also chicken hones haried in the <u> bet?circumstances tbat fa?tened suspiolon upon 'he accused, but nothing wa* found Mat could be idebtlfled by Mr. Magruder: and Justice Tucker dikauwMl the cm with a lecture to j the prisoners. ? Akkmt or Ht'tok, thi Bahkkr ?Tbis morn in jr, Independent Officer A. R Allen delivered Leonard Huyck, tormerly president of the Merchants' National Iiank, into the ens. tody of the United States Marobal. hiving arretted him yei-tnrday in New York on a requisition from the Court here. Hnyck wa? indicted on Monday for the larceny, ?u th* '2d day of April last, of thirteen United States I bonds valued at SIVW, the property of f>. R McNeir, in trust for Mrs. <5oy|e. It will be recollected that several months uri? h?v^ was arrested. charged with fraud, 4c., m cod. nection with hia management of tbe btnk, hut wai released on giving security. Hayek is awaiting security at the Mars teal's office. Stkaliko Cawi'V.?Yesterday, Serg't K?Uy and f>fflcer Clements, of the Fonrth Ward, arrested three little boya? named Wm Brown. Jobn Hart, and Michael Welsh?for tbe larceny oi candy lrom A. Zimmerman, confectioner. Tbe boya ran (re from 13 to 17 years of age, and tbe complainant did aot care to prosecute, ex. cept to send tbe?n to tbe buna* of correction Before they were committed, they exprest>ed a willingness to go tbere; hut when they wer? M>Bt to jail far court, by which mode alone tbey con Id be eent tbere, the two young-st protested against the bouse of correction; bat Brown tbe oldest, expressed a wish to go. Justice Walter sent all to jail for court. Circcm8Ta*ce ?Yesterday atternoon, a lady was robbed in the streetcars of a pair of gold spectacles. A female who was snspected got ont of tbe car. and was pur. sued by an officer She got into a crowd, in which was Mr. Edward Journey, a private watchman, who baa butane arm. Soon after Mr. Journey found a pair of gold ?p*ctaclea in the pocket "of bis coat, on tbe armlews side, vi here It bad probably been deposited by tbe fugitive as she pasted bim. Mr. J. left tbe spectacles with Lieut. Skippon at the <Jentr*?i <Timrdhouse, where the owner may obta.n toeta. (jp.iminal cocrt. JuJge fnher.?Yesterday, in tbe'eaaes of I>avid Moore, Joseph P.Oloet*back, Peter Sweitxer. and Frederick Stabl, indieted for a nnisance, a nolle prot. waa en* tered. Kate Simmons, convicted of keeping a disorderly bouse, was eenteaced to tail for thirty days. _ _ juca* ?>/ie ?rrnncls Harrison. convicted of manslaughter in killing; his wife, was sentenced to five years in the penitentiary. This marninr. the pettit jury was discharged nntil the first Monday (4th) in Kebraary. Potir* R*po*t? ?The returns from the prtciacU to-day exhibit 64 arrests In ths District. The fines amount to 9107.90. Affair* la Geartetawa. Tfk k*(ii*tratiok.?Te-day, Mayor Addison. Kecorder Mathews and Aldermen Thomas and Heistoa commenced the registration of qualified voters under the recant aat ot Con. rress. The session began at about o'clock, and was in progress at the time of oar going to press. Tha number of oolorad voter* pre. atnting themselves was much larger than waa anticipated by many, and the registration was proceeded with quietly. It was suggested that some difficulty mirht be caused by uaprudeet interference, and Major Richards detailed a sufficient force of the Metropolitan Police, to rendezvous at the First Ward station, to act as a reserve for the (Georgetown platoon in case they should be required. A few whits men were registered, but the large majority were colored. Tbs qa?atioas asked by Recorder Mathews were ?Where the voter lived-, what was his busiaess; his age* ud if he had ever been In jail. Up to two o'clock tha unmber of colored men registered wb a bo at 9u0. VtOtATI*? C'ORPORATIO* OKPIHASCX8.? This morning tba poliee made six arrests for neglect inc to comply with tba snow law. Two were dismissed and six wers Dam), the flaes amounting to 99.7%. or double tbe amoant re. quired to pay for removing tbe snow and tee from tba premises complained of. Flour ixd Okaii Markrt.?The demand for choice goods for tba city trade ia improving, but tbe trancacUons are limited to eapplv immediate want# Holders exhibit no anxiety to sell. Prices unchanged. Receipts of small lota by wagona are reported, bat tbe roads are in no condition for quick trips, and tba arrivals are few. drain ancbaazed. Pork ?There were bo receipts of pork from the country to-dav. The stock in hands of the merchants is nearly exhausted, &ad the prices are about as yesterday. Tbe season for slaughtering baa nearly expired, and tbe receipts are expected to decrease rapidly in qaantity. A few loads are expected this week. C BOH IB Hil BBOBIVBD A LOT OF LA DIBIT SARATOGA tEATBiJ. at hia Hsadtnarters. 83b Penaaylvanta aveaas. )aim T'BB FIB BIT ABB LAB4BIT BaLoo* for 1 Ladiea to gst BefresbmeaUt OT8TBB8, OBBAM.etc., la at 946 Psag. avsnae. between 11th eadUtb eta.- J08BPH B. BHAFBIBLD S CONFBCTIOBBBT. iaC St* IATBBT ABOUT ! * LATB8T AOOBT I! At 394 Fann a avenaa. betweea aadetbata.. below Battoaal Hotel. A box of OBBT'B FAPBB COLLARS, 1 aclading a B BOB. TIB, for TWBBTT FITB 0BBT8 OBLT. BAT8, OAFB and OBBT8' FBBB1BHIBO QOOPB at greatly redaced ?r>oee. ia M >t* C*OUB MOBB CH10BBBIBG A BOB! PIABOS r jnat received thla Aar. n? jtil-W 30< P?.y?o*?nr^ltll QOLPMI BOPPf MOIQ WIBB.TMotlTe.) Rich, fruity flavor, with delioata bonnet. FroOBAM, ofHorth CuoUu. _ 480 OMTBA?i^SM>FriOI. 480 Ho. 490 lot kitmti obo door ktlow Fa. m. ^ffiP^SraaBira Ja 9 VBtriMM atrictly w*Meaiil.^i C"mk<$Pl*0 8BOB BTOmi. Conor M etroot coat uf Pmi'? Jut received f*o? Now TorktkUrj?ud b?eoeverybody. 0*1 J and oxwoloo. Quiet V^fc win oad email proflta. Meaaurea takes ul i fit iroaaytly ittiafiJ to. jo a tt' ^"^SKWAAWTOOMB M4MWFAOTUBB PRACTICAL CARPST^wkATER, Corner ?5eud0ttr*o?o.<l?lofd> . Make* OarytUNcvrOor with tfiftm, oa Mode rote teraa. ui eottafectloa rearaatled. Oaroeu MMtutlr hial, Hd In Nk. jtn ia QUAT ?AB?AllTi ; Om HMtm OHIO El WHO MAVOjti|fih ftsu. 0*11 OM in4 lU, mm luatot kia Im OilS ft *4 TOBACOO 1UM( _ Mttci Uvt PiTiimMii -W* mn (TM (I* liOMoa LmiiW that a yoM| lady In tt< ?( k?Mr*Mr pa>a?< bar (?? tiMiiai. lion ia the Mi in aritotoa*, kubMi authorised ky 14* Kiaitur of Public inetracuoa to go Uro?|fea pr*p?rttorv co?rt* ( B^irlw ? as lor Mwtdiict might b? ofr*?t Mrfiw to tfer Ar?k popaiatioa. aad uroifk few tfe? bm of Mittil ICIMW* BUK MtMrtM the toat ud k&raa of tk* Artk wbora ?b toala doctor comldarar ha admitted Utrlj iMtfew lidf bw paiwd hw monktioa as aMvlfr. Hd kM obtalaed penawaiaa to oftrferrMll hs ? eaod?#ato for staniaausa at Farts for kfe* d*C*eaof Dor tor of Medtciae VMr. F. W. who r~?i 1?? Bear Vakatk, ltiT?"?* arbtlo potuai op in ton*, a few d?y? ago, oandad bw wife a paccage cuataiaiBC fU?uu to take to kha hoa?*. At too time she ?n? ca?b*riBC chip?, aa<t had aa ana fol. The mo**j Who Mktd OB tbe chip* ia bar arm Ju?t a* aba r*nrhad the door. h?r rh.i* ' who waa sick Bad waa oryiag pn*o??lf. a? i tract Ml bar immediate aueotioo, aad in fear 1 bnrrrto atlHdlftt Cbild. forfU Ihf j and threw the chipcc* tbe Br* with th* ? ???? ; Hn attnttoa was ao nyroiiN with tba atek I rbiM tba I tb? lava wat oat discovered anui * o'clock M tbeevtalag W A New rurraapoud'nt mm that Bark*, tbe palicemaa, vbt ho* th* NaMacbMaMu widow wbo y 1 imI turn aad tkea abot b<mHi, wraa oateof tbedaaat bllowi oa tbf police (oror. He wm arrt?ntiy attacked to (kt Wumaa aad m>e prewBdot to retorn bia attachment. Hot letter* to Bark* found fa ku po???*oa abow thia. aad ataaahow that ahe bad draw a from tiro all bia naoovj aad bad involved blaa deeply Wfctn ha wu ran?tared ibat ?b* araa aiuiafklai falae. ta a moarat of (le?p*ra**?<. be Vbabed tato ber prea*nre aad took b*r lit* and bn owa M tbe aama time. Koi lii BTiau ? Tbi* Uvurtir *port ot old Virginia la being revived ia tbi? part of tbState. A abort time aiace ICaaara J. L aad Joba W Kb aell. of Olark coanty. J oh a c Ooe. of Wuirbe*ter, and Kliaa Puroell. of tbu county, had a fc i baat. Far t?ro daye tbe party hasted in Clark dtnnia# an fox*? t?u ibr third day (bfrkontM la Kr^darick. C*f urine iM MBlpiH Mftl few* Tbw U*( t? considered on? of the best day fo* hatUuc ever known in Virginia ?WincK'itrr > ?, Am r?roKTi HAT? Voun. U*.i>t.?Hi-i Ju rvtt, of New Jwm-v, ku bad a pwuirridi rm of ill luck. In l-<63 she dislocated ber knw, m 1S64 a careless man poached out her nth: eye 'wiihan unbrelln, in December, I she wt> ruooter ojr a M^icb and badly injured A fortnifrht nc<> her pocket wan picked of SIM a Brooklyn ferryboat. Ootnc back to hunt tk? Dinner, a crowd of skylarking boy? accident ally knocked her down, dislocating her hip and breaking a rib. A SminLi Motmut -The Indiana l^t islatnre has before It a bill to mace "bol'inf from either house by any member, whts a question is before It, a misdemeanor, punish able wiifc one thousand dollars flue. This i? a very sensible measnre. IMMNHtiros arc not elected for the purpoee of running away to prevent legislation when they happen to be in amiaomy. But the bill is likely to be defeated by a "bolt** of the democrat! c Senators to prereat its pvsi|?. CtOBi. TBKAWBrror Pkikohm i* Has I pachuhbtto ?The proposition of tbe Warden* of the HuucbgiMti prison* to object tbn prisoners to a conn* of lectares on "political science" ncites considerable oppo?iUN oa the groand of its Altered sioetMT# crneltT. It is said to be worse than the Southern eyt+m of flogging convicts. VArteraas Ward is rnilty of the angailaai remark tbata ladies' Sawing Circle istbe ui Ijr enbefittHa tor a daily newspaper. G?O TO JOblFB H~ sB AFTIBLDS. oonrscrio*BB. 246 lennsylvania avsn?, bat Ittb nod nth sis . And ?Mts j onr order* fsr Parties VMiliK. Bec??tions, He for all kinds of UONlBOTloh BBY. 1JBK HUiMl, stc. jtfl * RA. CBOKIB'B BASI BALL AMD BBATOBIAL HBAD QUA BTBBM. DcaWr in Imported Cigars Also, tbe following brands of Poasstic Clears: Tally, Jadr, Pit, Robert Barns, Ac. I also koosagno asssrfiatsf Tobacco. Mssrsobaaa and Briar Wood Plpea.aad Fancy Articles. A large assortment of the Baeet and beet 8EATBB. HiUls ^ BOUBBIBS. ALL * PLAIT. PLAIT? BUILDIBO, Ooraar Kaw Tork ?imm 1Kb ilrMt. (latnirtm Im Tork itmd?,i Dnimiiiih FAMILY OBOOBB1BI. TBA?. Willi, 1MP0BTBD LUXCB1BS. ftc . Ac . ?mM tMpMtHllf Wtlfr tbair m| th? labile that tt'j ktw jHl dwlr It* In wry Hora, whara e*s ba u>Uli?4 ur uttdt aaa ally k*ft la firat clw Or?iry. Without at tMittsitantMrtt* omr Utft.mth lalvtll hImM stock, w* wrMtllr la rife ihtytMIt M tttalM our iter* ud tack, baUaaiac wa ihtll et fail ta (it* aatlra iatiikcH?a ta all ?b? Mr fmrar ? with thalr patroaaca. 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