Newspaper of Evening Star, January 23, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 23, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR Tk? l??i ! M trrird U iMU?r Kaa'i I?tr*lk?4. A e.ergjmau, living not a thousand mUM frt'ia I'ru -era vi lie, Dating attended a watcbm>f iu(. returned to bis boa*# aoout I o'clock du .New War's morning, and found * Ma bi'cbod m front of bu door,'and a yuan* eocj-le in bis boas?. T ho object of their visit was sooa mad* known by th? young man, who informed lb* clergyman ibat be wiabeU to b~ ir.arned to the yoang lady wbo ?u m the other room arranging her toilet. Tbe cler Ijrr-- suggested that it fit an ans^asoeabl* bour fo> a w-dding, and proposed that they poe'pone :h?* nuptial c?r?monj till tb? next day. in reply to this the rouug >! said that the? were not intending to be married until the neat day, but bad concluded the evening Rr? vi?u? to rake a trip to bis borne in JalTroy, H, and were going down to Wincbendon a tbe aigbt train. Tbe story was so plausible mat tbe clergyman married tbem. They left, and went to a hotel in tbe village, where they spent tbe remainder of tbe nifbt. In tbe morning tbey went to tbe depot to t&*e tbe train for I.udlow, neglecting to pay their bill at tbe bot?t of f#?r thmp ( lift hir?fi At th? livart sraKla The landlord followed them and demanded b>a bill of :be bridegroom, which was paid. 1 be livery stable keeper also went aad presented bis bill of three dollar* for th# nee of tbe team Tbla bill wu also paid, and tbe man returned to bia stable and discovered tbat tbe wbip bo bad furnished tbe young C3nple was wisMag. Ho went back immediately to tbe depot and demanded paj (or tbe ost wbip, which tbe bappy bridegroom then banded i\er. Ob returning to the stable bo foand tbe n;nn?r? oi tbe sleigh were broken, and fearing tbe train might leave before be got to tbe ?>pot, basteneo thither and presented a bill fir r the third time to tee happy hot unlucky L4u, ouu (iiiu dtf aoimrs ror to** a&taage to ihe sleigb. The cars soon arrived and took the young couple to Ludlow. and the livsryiithif keeper rftorn^d to bi? stable. On #*a mining bi* sleigh more critically, he found the btami of the sleigh were also broken, it.icbiiit up a team, be soon started for Ludlow, ai.d found the joung bridegroom, and (or tr?- i< urtb time presented a bill, whicb wm this ilm?- raacellrd with a#5 greenback. No'.b. irg more occurred to mar the pleasures if 'h#*;r hoopymooD till tbe op-mail train arrived at Ludlow, when off stepped a young in search of tbe runaway couple. This man bad a bill to present to tbe young bridegroom, wbo bad proved a rival is this love aCair, tbe lac's mi vrbub were tbat tbe two j out.z gentlemen tbeu confronting each other b?-en courting the Cirl; but lover No. I (w bo bad justarnved on the trail, a search of Uie fugitive) go'. th? Kirl lopromiM to marry bim. and, aft?-r they bart appointed tue wdding cay, 10 vitcd lover Mo '2 to attend *oe fe?tivlti>>. The invited lov?*r, however, stole a it.arcq on his rival.and on tbeeveninc alluded to j>rocored a team aud went to see the lady, when. alter a few mirtutes' con versation, :ney acrxd to proceed to the minister's residence as above, and become twain of one flesh.'* 1 be tioaiit girl, however, did not tail to arrav bereeit in tbe mnrriitgf garments famished her bv lover No. !, * he. wb?a of th>* proreedlrg*. was grea'ly incensed ihereat, and upuii meeting his rivalat L.udlow. claimed that the nanghry Ctrl bad promised to marry bim, and tbat be bad bought the clot net ibat be bad on her a' tbat time?her wedding on it. Th?- bridegroom remonstrated in vain with the re,ectel lover, wbose indignation would be quieied with nothing short of full payment tor tbe mo* clotbes be Dad farnixhed the tr**acherou? girl. But here the bridegroom win in a bad sitnatiou, ?n b inroads bad been made upun bis financial resources, that this last bill (tbe unkindest cot of all) oversiz-d lb?m, aud be was anable 'opay it, how mncb soever he might have desired to. Hat bis relentless opponent was uncompromising In li. - "I ..?> > t. ' groom's money and watcb wauld satisfy his wounded heart nnd depleted pocket. At the bridegroom yielded to tbe?e etero demand*, and cave up bid watcb and last dollar, and doabtlea* t?-ele rlcb in tbe possession of one wfce ha* tnrnaken another and agreed to cling onto him alone throogn life ? Hut (and ( R.) J It raid. A Tragedy in a Rural Villace?A Keasting Sedacer Sb?l by kin Victim From the Klmira Ad?er'-??r. Jan. IV* The littl" villages of Mdlpor? and Pine Valley were thrown into a tevnT of exeuemetit on Wedn^day e*??ning by ih? hooting of Nelson ho*era by Mary Kali*, a young lady, daajhi-r ?! a tarmer and boil builder. re?idicg uboat half way between Millport and Pit ? V?l'?y. A*outaye*r ago Nelson Roger*, wuo was a TT'cnacic ana mouiaer oy trade, camj to r.*?sul* at Millport. At tnis time he made tb* tc^uxiui. aiite ol >liss F alls. II" was successful in gaming brr affections, until, nnd?r protestations t rtd?-lity and marnace. he.- ruin was pli-hed. 1 Hen the character of her lover was uorratked, and he shamefully abn-fd ttie ou<t whom he had injured. Submissively Pb- bor?? brr shame, until warned tbat the law r?q?ured atcnenent ou tbr part of her seducer. A' hvr instigation be wa-arrested in August las', confessed his crime, talking glibly aud ligh.Ly about his victim to the officer* of justice, aul was held to answer under bail, at i ?'onrt of Oyer and Terminer. He th"n left the place A lew <iaj? since Rojer? returned to Millport. He was the ?ame boastful ckeature as before, and renewed his determination of Lb* woman be bad rmnrd. Of course rumora of bis conduct did not fail to ieach the ears of Bliss Kalis, who bore his defam-itmn i.-*r * time, bu? at length became exasperated. Procuring a revolver, she leit her fathers bou-e on Wednesday evening, and beut on her pnrpo?e, inquired out bis boarding place. Ai the gate she s?* bun through a window compitting some arrangement* of bit dress, and resolved to wait nnul be came ont of tb?house. When the door opened she 11 red, the ball passing through bis right side, about raidwsj. It was afterwards removed by a surgeon, near the lower edge of the shoulderMade, at the back of th?- chest. She returned heme aad entered the House as if nothing bad happened, saying not a word to her own family about tbe'tragedy After the lapse of an hour or so.her motber learned from some passing neighbor that Nelson Kogers bad been ?h?t. She sought out the daughter and told her. but was met with the reply, I know it. mother . I did ?t " SUUB VI V???M? M? UM I BUN BItb1*. ?5T A few days aro a lad wasaltdtngoo tbe i ice down bill at Wheeling, VT. V* , when be lipp?d ud Ml hftd fortnutL Uli BKk wu kt?k?a, and bo died la a few mitatn. ^Tbey bar* got a fellow in jail, in Keene, i Ti. for awuuiiing. Ha dried anow and aold it for aalu CTTbo newapapera ara marrying Speaker OaMta mTAt a tin wedding ia Vermont tbe mvita., ti?e were written *m tin toil V A new dance ban been iatrodaead called tbe "KIm Cotillion." It 1a rery popular. mrmn. rnaca ? wum will aooo bo ?u w?II a* coo Id bt riptcM." 9TA prttty MkoolaMnii la Olaititd, O , boot a noli ftrl o?orIy to daotb wub * boccb (tick. JTSSSRSLX"** " "*" ^W'Fnoeaaa 1?1? Mint-DocbM da Mooeby?boa bad a litUa baby. Tbo Eaaraaa troowitb bar. auus ii- n.vir vwn uou?? "I'D# Hct? are U follow* A eoaple of ordinary ? or r&tberextraordinary? pack peddlers entered tbe boa.-K of Mr. Jebn I*erch. on Poplar street, near Brinkley arenae. and offered th?ir traps for ?ate. They were apparently Polanders. and spoke imperfect Knglisb Two ladiee in tbe bouse ctine forward, wh??u ibey spread out their gocdb to look at thru, and were joined by Mr. L<errh. After a a railing several piece# tbey opened a shawl and abook it ap aa if to take out tbe wrinklea. It .was thoroughly aatarated with cblorotorm, -and so powerfully did it aflect the partiee that iarj wt-re unanie to reeiet its mflueace. Ther a:-It id to nn ineensibi* state, and rrmaofd m ic somi time. Wb? they recovered they ioead that their visitors had deserted, ana had robbed the hoa*? of money, >ilverware, and other article*, amounting to shout two ben4n4 and lfly dollar*. No clue baa b>?ob. tamed to tbe ecoandrele; they made food their cape. >t u to be boped that they will be ap. pre headed belore they commit any more such eipMt*.?lfoepAu irjrM. Jam. II. 4VAeeoxdiBK to the aaaaal report of the Board ot Trade for l-tt, England ha* *?1.96I,83S acre* ef laad under farm caltiratioa, or 6? per cent. -of bar entire territory. gSTOeaeral Butler ha* wnttea a letter to l>r CadlaiuMrf Montreal, tavorta* theaanex l ne wonnapd man was immidiat?ly aw iita into tbe bouse, and mrdual aid summoned. It vu at first iDourbi tbat be could posnblv live only a short time, but last nigbt be was com tor table, f ud surgeons expressed a possibility of bis ultimate recovery. No arrest was made?In fact, no complaint was entered yes. urday against Bliss Falls?but we are informed tbat tber* will be an examination belli to-day. Tbe parties moved in reapectable circles and tbe reputation of Mtsa Kails, until she m<-t Rogers, was unsullied for purity and virtue, fctbo was a young, attract!re and ndrcired girl, and is now onlv eirbteen. Her hmii? among the moat reputable ia tbat vicinity. a Novai. Kobbbrt ? /'iro fwiUr* Appli CKlmrof' rm to a >?;??/?.?A robbery took plac* day before yeeterday afternoon, attended by otrrnmatano-a of the moat novel and startling character. W> have often beard of robber* sin* cblcoform upon persons asleep in room*, bur*lartou-iy entered, bat never in all tbe anoala of crime have vre heard before of tbat potent dror being applied io wide-awake per PROPOSALS. I pROPOSALS FOB^ABMT T*A*8POBTA1 Qr^et*i?ia?te* Okhckal'i Otvicb. t ? <?? |wt"H |l O. J?M*T w UW < Pr*pn*?iavfll toi?Mlv*i MIUivSM y VW?'elo?fc ..?! U? Mth 0t Ftbntr^W, m.Z~ ti nunvrj DvyfiMi vinif 0"w**?l??.A?riJ i, WW?, ud?altig March ai, im, oa th?> following roatoa: BOVTI ? . 1. *? **rt McPkiriw Itkrtiki Territory, or M M* b? dotoml ao? Itoa ?VtM tk? y?r oa ik? Oath kru?k of tha Oalta PaaMo railroad, wom of Fort AiPfeirm. or frta Fort Limit, Dtktia Territory, to loch mu or 4oW* ?a?r to aataklUhed la tfco T?rVftraafca, w#?t of loagitodo >1 d?g, In th? Tor'itorr of oaraaa. tooth of UUtode ti *** ta tb.? Territory ?t Dakota. waat of loagitada i*? ?ko TorrtUirv of Idaho, a>ath of lad*?? *? i'| and Mat of [ agitode 114 doc . and ia fb* Tor rltorle* of OUi and Oot?rad<> aorffe of latiJjJl* ? <* IMWIM M aoowoary, Bwvor ' _ . MCTi ?. a , *"'7i ! lUMi. or Baoll - *? fil ?J?<?riof tbaraar oa the CrloB Pacific railroad. D., t- any |KmU ZTV' Br% BOW ?r HZ * (itiMtiM lg th a llt't of K uiiu or la tha Territory af Calora I do aonth of latitude aOdaareea aorta, aad to Fort l nion. Mow liiico. r*r other depot that mar ba i dealaaated in that Territory, aad to any other i poiat ar poiata oa the route. I __ _ KOUTK Mo. S. *r*f *?J* Calca or aocb ether depot aa say ha , aatabliabed io the Territory ot Hew, to n> POata or atatlona that are. ur aa; fee ealab lifbed ia tbat Tenitory. and to inch paeta or eta tione aa Biav be dMitaa'ad la the Territory of Argfl* ? '? th?> Biara of T>iaa treat of loafitude ! - ? "oc** ?o, d. From St Pan). jpaa<>e-it*, to aach paata a ara i ?aw or may h*-cafab iatud in the elate of Mi anaaota. i ad (a tbat portion af Dakota Territory ly : inc a at of the Misioari river Tbe wight t j ba tranaportad dnrlac tba yaar . win dui rx tta i n bowi ao l. w.i'Om uOo potia 1e ; on Rome Ho. 2 IV w.? 9 0 pounds ; on llvata Bo S.iMCO OfcJ poULdi,ai.d oo B?ot? Mo. 4, 3,100.00' pound*. Pr> possl* will be made for epcli root* Hd . rately. B d iets *'tl it?t? the rate per MO poanJe per i )0i) nil's. at which they will transport tbe ?tor-s in each ikoi tb of ?h? year, beginning April 1, i ih?7. sa<l eid.a* Kirch Jl. )V? Bidders si ouM mi ve their names ia fall, as well ' ss their* p'.acee of r~Mdtnoe, ?ni rach proposal should be see >aipanted by a bond in tbe s>i? ?f I ten ibousai.d $10,00 1 dollars. signed by two or 1 nit re responsible persona guaranteeing tbit in i . a-e a coniia t Is awarded far the routa men ! tioned ta tue prop?a?l to the party proposing tbe 1 contract mill be accepted ana entered Into, and gctd and rnfticleut security fnfulshad by said wm...< Muiuiuci who ma i?ru >jI tu< iditr tiirm> til The e-ntraetor will be required to t;omle (a tbe following ewooRta: , On Route Ho. 1. frOJM On Roate Wo 2, 2i*v?>u. On B nt?- No 3, 100 000. *>m Roate 9 >. 4. to too Satisfactory v'd>nc<> oi the loyalty anJ inl ercy of each bidder and ^rsoa offered at aecur : ltj w?U be raqi-ire). Prop"*al* na?t h? aa<lor?ed " Prop??*le for ; Arn. j Transportation on Rente So 1.3.3, or | a" tbe c;i*e na> be ami none will be eoterUlned , nolaea th?y folly comply with the retirement* Of tl<ia *dvertia< meut. The Mrty to wh<? an award ia made taunt o* prepared U> exe?ate the contract at one*, and to (It? tkermsltei boatfi for the faithful perform ar r* of tl e contract The naht to reject any or all bid* th.?t may be Offertfi la reterved. ' The contractor* on each ronta moat be in readinree for ?<-r?ice Ly the lit day of April, I8u7 aad will be required to have a place of bn?ine?? or , mmm WHKB UO mtmj u? tU' > KKIUTil C Ar6Q WllH i pi Oniptly ar.d readily for Route No 1. ?t Otniht. H. T ; for Benre Mo 2. at F.?rt R'ley. Banga*; for , Hoot# No 3 at fort Tn'on New Mexico: for Ro'it* I M? 4 at Saint Paul, Mliine?<?t?. or ai snch other I print for each of the ieveral Bciim aa may b- la| dica*ed a* the atartint: p?i?t of tho roato. BlaDk forma ?b>wing the condition* A the oon I tract to t>a entered into for each mate rao be had ??n application at tbiaofflco, or at th-office of the i ^iart<-rnaii?r at Bew York Saint L>ni?, Fort Leavenworth. Omaha Binta Fataa<l Fort 8 no I ! Hag. aad rnuat accompany aad be a part of the I1 proposal. Br order of tba Quart?rmMtor General. ALBXAHBBB KLM8, revet Colonel and aat j? 18 SOt Quartermaster, 0. 8. A J^AVlfsriTLlBS Haw DiPiRTxrvr. { Furtnu Pf>rt>>0?3 and , Jan. 12, 19*7. S Separata Prop. ?aia, sealed aod eadoreed "Pro 1 roiftl*for Bat* Bupplie*. will b* rectiftd it this ' Bor??n until 2 o'clock oa TUKHDAT. tha ltth day . et Pei iO iT) ii.-il. for fui lrt?hiqk anl d?llT?rlui{ attbe Suited btatee Na*y Yirli at Hew fork no t Boetcn. o? or before the hrst day of Aprtl neat, tha <uai.tltlfc? f tUf diff>r?-nt article* specified la the* I lowing list. two ti.irds to b? delivered at Staloik and ou.-ibl'd at Boston, \ti : i New N?v? Beaf, J.OOit bb's , P?r bbl I >? K?t> l'ork.6 "UU Mis., P?*r bbl Hue ltw ? pound*. par poaad I'rurt n i t ! s, 1"0 u-JU peands. per pound Sugar. p>>u?d?. per p*>uod. i*i, p< nud*. per i ounu t.'oflee. 1< ij oc pounds. p?r pou a-! 1 >an, S.ujO b.j'.lieU, per basbel ru (t) ??l:on?. p-r g i|l< n Vi??fc*r. 20 ou) ration* p<rs?til<n Ri'1 win r ceivel for oue-fourtb, ona h-Uf, th:Of foe. ?t??, or tho whole af the Quantities name:) -tn l Ti.;>-e only will be accepted. whljb are ?^n>id?r*d fur the ad n aot age of tb* Govero'U'or tMI tbe i*rti< Ie? contain*- i in tbe abovo li-t muit b? id *1 to tho aavy standard nod |S>? iks uiatl . Ill Spec HOD lc a description ot the article* anl ?he pack ! ages ?o etetbln thorn, bidder* arc Inferred to tbe k tmpic* at th?ta1d anvy>ards; and for laforma ti?>? as to tbe laws and regulations (la p*mahlot fnrm) rega/dinc contract*, to tb? offletj of the Co?utrsi?iants and Paymasters of tbe sereral nary yards. mported articles will be retired to bon 1 free from duty,aa'l no internal rtrsnne tax will be chargeable up- n anj . f the a^ore articles. Every offrr most be a< comoaniei by a written Kiaranty . si^Bed by on* or mure re*?ooeible >?rm>l?. to the er*ect Stout hfi ?r they undertake thai tfao bidder or biitdors will.if hi* or their bid b.>a< ! repted . enter lnt?> an obligation within five day*, wi'ligood and -attioient sureties. to furniah the ?oppll-* proposed; tbr oompeteary of the gaar ant) to be certified by the F.i muter, District At. torney. <?r Collector ot tfce C'aatosM. No prep. **I will fee roB?tder*<1 nuless ?-^oripaniea by inch anarantr. and by satitfaetorr *! ; denro that the bidder la a rejralar dealer in tbe ! nrtirlee. and baa th> license repaired by act of ' OaifrMi H.BBIDQB, ja 1J-W4W Ohlof of Bareaa. 1 pBOFUSAbB FOB OAVALBY HWB8JtS~ It-Pi ' 'jumr' > r w;ruff r'i Ofi". I TtnUimrrf. M'i , January 9.18?7.< Sealed Proposal* are invltod aad w.U be ro* alvai at tbis Otbre notil TH0B8DAY, 11 o'clock m . ; January W. \*K. tor tbe dallvory ia the cltr of Ttal ] ii more of FORTY BIGHT <4?> WAV A LEV BOBSB8. The licreoa will We aat jected to careful laapoc* Woo before being Mttyted. They must t>o wuud in til rMfM-ti well broken, in fall flmh and *<x>d : conriiti' ii. Jrom fifteen to sixteen Imnda high, tram ; Bte to aloe year* old, wall adopted in enrr way I for cavalry puraoaaa. Tba ability of tbe bidder to fnlfill hia agreement ! Oiunt b?- fiitroate*d b> two naMiiblt ^tntu, ; which guarantee mutt accompany tba propoaol. Tbe Boric* moat be delivered within twenty <*)) I day a from tba data ot atceptoace of oay propoaal. Tbe liovtrtatni receraea tba right t(. reject au>' I or oil bida. Payment to be made oa completion of ! contract . . _ Bida will be ln<ioraad "Progoaola for Cavalry Hreee.aud oddroeaed to the nndrratgnad, Baltim?te. By order of the yoortarmaator General. A B. KIMBALL, (Japtoin and A. Q. M., 0. 8. A.. ja ll lit Depot Qnartermaater. A o/? 1 MARK RIT*Q>? s ? 1th AFfB?8P|^Tl^ (1th street. BEAUTIFUL ANl) U&KFUL < OHBlNhf* . PAIHT1HQ8 AKD BMOMA1ING8 ? A limited tut choice hIkUou of (Ml Paintm** ngravlnga. Chromoa, Wreatha, Basket* of Flowera, Ac., appropriately frame*). A . . ?TAX *10%(JiB rSAHBS. A rich and varied assortment frem the boat manfflmPBgftgfifian: *??rt ? ? MAIKITI. Ac. Plctwe Cerd aud Taaael* all aires aM colors, PA#B^AH?IKG8 JlBD ^iSfSoW^BBADBIt. *JbsantlfaJ variety of these sooda. embracing tr>s richest deaianalot Gilt KmbrotJere* PnrlorPattorsii la the >lstrtrt. with s wall asasrted s'ock of &' *--**F*r B5f"? fl!b ? Ur?* *" ?* of Wisdaw Shade*. different slz?s sad colors. . ?.< >? j. >na>? -unn am r>|?ruB(l((| punctually flllad, la city or conatry. A large portion of the a hove Goods were made ifociUlT to order. battering the bul the ehaapeet, im dWDI t* h ret that claaa ?f Goods. ? rea pactrally lnrite tbe Public to lvi^t aad compare our Goodi with any in the market. Tern.i in mriahij/ mtk. _ J. M4BKBITBB. Bo. 4**B 7th street. 4?Utm*_ light doora above Odd Fallow* Ball. ^PLBKDID JBWBLBT. MB. ALBXASDIBhatjail retmraed from Kew ! York, where ha took from the Gaetom Hoaae a ??; niaghlflcfut ae?ortn.aot of Silver Ktligre* JBwBLBY. in ported fram Italy, which ha Will eaU at ooa-goar* r Mm cost; thoy cannot taottaiaad at any other establishes eat hare. He alaa i Irotiki ob a large assortment of caw atyla : COBiL GOOD? T?ry rick aad of great variety, which ha will eall at A?e ease rata*. iaBIt* 84t Paaaaylranla avaune. \ ruScmiKiPiaD incuni^K 4?8 Uthetreet.attt Fa. imil, I %(|kNotia$from Wm. Knmbt t (3$., Baltimore. r. i*k?r ?m UMd PImm fcrni tt ou Wm?I NOM, ud V( uk( la itMbi Iktt VI tw, Mm hl? to W > coaHtut twf. * ?!-* | M"08"1 1H ALL VSDIP&1THINTB. i W? b?c to larlt* ow (tinli, dttiwi<aj| Ml? to order < tk? aunt ny?r1?r ?tr I* "" of tkojBtt. mt sack . IliMMr ??* th?n > th? uaa| "SET Qwatovto Tills ! niAilU^ i PKOPOSALS. pK?ru8ALB FOB BTATIQMBBY. 1 Po?t OrvicB BBP?ETMBirr. Dm. 31. 1MB 8*al*<t Proro'Ata will b* r*oetv*d at tb? Poit i OB< De?Brtm*o? until Ik* Mtk Bay of Jauuarr. ?*J. at II clock, at boo*, tot farnUhiaB 4 tattooMl 1*>* lkl? I>*B*rt*M*t. It mm y*%r front t>>? lit of Fetmarj ia*7. Tko*? Bn?ccoRi?*ai*d ky MtiafWctory t**U?ooi*U *f Ability to faTtl MS tiui wttl aot ? c*n*1d*r?d. II ? rintnani Mr in WT ? ooataJalac ?t l*w>t ? r*un oi . ?aaor, am occoaoony tbo bld?, ?ad { lb# fto?orta?at riHtfH tbo rfgkt to r*Ulo and 9*y ^ tk?prloo imm id tbo oflfer, j or rotara tbrw at it* option. Mo bid* will bo coaridorod whoro tbo trtieleo I ' mi?|Mf|?| t> oro no* of tbo kind oad <|o?lity reoairodby tbo Dcitrtaoit. 004 iraiioM or- 1 I tlolo* will nljNt tbo obtiro t>ld to rojocttoa, ot , tbo ?Wo?ar? of tho Dooortmoat. Tbe rabjoiDtd Ilit ipeciflm, m noorly00 cob bow bo t?*fx.tbf **>?ut. oaoMty. aad d?oerl?Uc? of oocb of tbo kind* ot artKlw (not will bo woatod: Esnmaitd tvmniitv wmnttdfor (A< v?or. htm. oljjb io 1-pafil. I. M rooBia folio-Foot, uUn or alala flai?b J. ? ' a*?laia. nacblao, feint linod d " w#l,h not l9m Um u 3. it lease foolscap* bl?e-Ui?, but made, fat at llied. garden patters, commonly kM?i Diapat*h or Oounltr HP*t, to weieb sot Iom than sixteen ponnae, par * rum 4. )tl rriM Qurlo Pott, ntrhiat, plain, taint lined tktei *ldee. per rasa 5. Srrava beet Donfclo Cap paper, plain, P*' m? I. 10 rean* Not* paper, filt. laria aixa, par raaaa 7. o raami llote paper, plain. Urge >iza, per ream _ 8. 10 raaMM Note paper, flit, imall ?iza, per r??B 9. ft mm Mote MP?r, plain, small fer ream I 10. 1M rraM Burelope paper, yellow or buff, ro> M,Kt ream I ? OA * - j. i? i ma' iv>i iui ytr<r. roj i |?r ream 3. 6 d< t?a ?r?n Copy Booka, not lets than 999 f*r dozen IS. 5,<W> *?tr* Iftrgeatee white adh*?lre fnTel ttaa aary month and thick P*? by 4* in chea a-jnare. per tmndrtd 14. U 000 lcng luff adheaiie Envelope*. vary mo. th and thick, ISb; intb?i. l?r hundred 15. U4M long whit* or b?(f tdh?tlv* Kuvelopen, v?ry am oof h and Ibtck for Wtt?ra and oircnlara 8% b? 3S luchea, par band red 14. 8 ?>0 buff or b bita MbHltt Buvelvpea, very amooih and tbtck. #?-r hnndrad 17. lOOOrirall aize wllte note ?)heafve Envel p? a, par handi* d 18. 1.00V large aiza white note adheaiva Envel opaa, per hundred 19 . 3,000 latter auc * bite adhe?i ve En velopea, per bnndred Ci A<wM?.t.-PBM8 AND PBN0IL8, BTO. 2k'. It groaa Perry'a and uuillott a beat metallic pen*, p?t groaa _ 11. 40 groaa metallic Pena, of other manafactsre, per gro?e _ n 1 K??* finM ???. ... . . u ...... . .... w . uv'^u t 21 .'r 0 Opaque Quills. No. -fl, p*r M ? *4. SO dor.on Penhi-ldam. assorted, per dat?n. 1 25. 2ft doien Fibn* ImI bla. k Lead Peodl?, ' graduated. K' dor.ep 36. lOdnraa beat red and bin* Load Penclla, per Jo*?-n Ci A'* Mo. J.?INK. INKSTANDS, WAFERS, AND WAX. t ST. II doaen Inkstands. Knox or any patent, large { <>r small, per d?.ean 28. 4 <Joz?n Inkstands, caat iron, large, doable. t per doz?*n ? . 20. 30? bottiee Ink, black, Maynard A Noyea', Id , inart l ottln. per bottla > : 90. *ft bottlea Arnold a Copying Tnk, per bottle. I 31.' 100 buttle* liavtd'a Carmine Ink, jodc-?, No 1, 1 p?r dozen bottiee , 82. Sft poanda Wafer*, common alzea, red, per , pound . y. S3, "ft p un4a Sealing wax, beat axtra anprflna, , acarlet. pir po?tid J Ciasa Nu> 4.-0UTLBUI AMD MISCBLLAHB 018 AKflULifcB d 54. a dosen Penknives. Hodgera k Bon a, foar * blade*, bock born handles, genmue, ??r dona M. 6 do7?-? Bra#ers. Bodgera 6 Bon a ivory ban dl?a, genaiae, prr aozon S3 4 dozru uftiro bbcara. 11 iucb. par dozen 1 37. 4 doaen office tfciaaora, par dozen 1- 2v dozen Folder*, ivorjr. 9 Inrb. per doz?n , 3y. 4'0 d?xen red Linen Tap*, aaanrte-1, p?r 4ozen ; 40. 10 dozen Pllk Tuti, eolora nnd widlba, to I haoka,_per dozea ' 41. Jfl d< zen Paper Wetcbfta. assorted, par dozen J 43. '.<> pouuu* India Bwhber, piepartd. per pour.) , <3. 6 pvun?la India Bulbar, auprepir-'l, (.ar 1 pound , 41. V' -4aarti niack San U per mart 1 ii. in ounce* Pounce, fir ounce J 46. 4fr ponuda Twine, linen, per ponna '* 47. lUu pouud* Twiiie, co*ton, per poati'l 40. 6do/.?n Bulora, mahogany, ronui >r lat. p.*r 8 dozes . , lO "* Hn /?.? ParrKa PAnn/1 flr naf ??- J * ? - >>, DVI UUita Ao. f pnofi?!? Sponge Veit. per pound SI. 10 t'liB l* Ourn ArkbiOi belt, per |onod The Aubetl veAuvelorn must he thickly JtmtitatKl , t >nrib ot ?b tnrh * ide truauu the l.ippelt. Bach bi?1rt?<r mutt furnish with hi* pr .?<>.>* ?It ? sample?aud but out* ample? of each article bid t tor. I K?< h artlel- m?*t be bM for, end no more thin , one price ueni'd for any ?u<- article. Hide iiotMljr'iuluruiiu^ to the tlvirtUeaeol , will not be noui-tdeted. > Tt? ter.i and condition* of the advertisement ? for itkll 'C iy are to be incorporated 10 VU- cou- , t. act for Stationary, and tint head of the Depart- a 11 ent will, in all . a?e?, jiKJk** whether tbe *r;Me? t?ndtr?d by the conti actor are of the <jn*lity re Xnirrd by the contrnrt The Stationery it to be furnished M It iif bi , Ordered 1the i>ep*Ttmeet. a I'd at th?? contract . i.ricet, wh. thir the iuanti tlee >xo*?d or fall short , Of tboM HtiMktid l?ch iiodumI matt be eigne I )y the Individual or ttiiu waking It, and nm?i ap?ctf> a price? ami '/vs une each and etery article abated In tbe tcbedole. t 8t?>ald any article* ba remin d which are aot ' (numerated, they are to l>e fumlnhed at the lowest nrnrket rrlct-a If the Dei>?rtoieDt stall fit t o 1 order t be in Iron the roi tractor baring tho con tract fur similar articles; ind if tl>o contractors nd the pepartmentdo not a*r?e, then the D<rnrtment mnj have the article tnrrt1eh?4 by any otbei (-orsen or penoiu who will famish It at a price lower than that demand?) by the contractor. Blank forms tor rropoaeil* will bo famished at the Deiartiuwiit to persona apply toy for them; and, as without amforaity th< rein, tho Department would find it difficult to make a decision, I none will bo taken into coa?idei ati< n, unless sat *tantlall> agreeing therewith. The head of the Departaeat will, in all cues, deride whether tho teruis of the contract have beeu complied with and reserves the power to annul the contract upon nay failure te comply la a reasonable time. Bond*, with approved security, are to be given i by the person or prrsons contracting. aad. in ca-r j of failure to oapnly tho articloa. tho contract/ r and hl? -uretles shall t>o liable far the forfeiture I pe< tlied in such bond to liquidated da:i:agn. i n Tho contract will be awarded to the lowest anl I Tl best bidder: the beet bid to be determined aftar a j ? i arefnl eiauiitiatloo fof the pnrpose of ascertain - 1 img wi.ien win. . n iu praoucai raamta, be moot Ki vantag <-on> to the Departamt. v The Department rM?rr* to itself the right to * reject ur bid where it U appare*t i^ukt a part of IU article* are b?d for at rer> low and a port at rerr high rata?i without proper regard to tha com t of each, for the pnrpoee of eracttaz tha aggregate 1 of the bid* nader tha aatimate coatained in the ad artiaeaent ILIX W. BABDALL, , jal law4w Poatmaetar Qeoeral. | ^ BIT D I BU 8 II7 1 AMARItTTi'S 0IPT! J sAMARiTAtra eirrt TBS MOST OBBTA1B 1i1ut uflbd "Taa, A FoeiTTv* 0r*?," far OOftOMMUOtA, GLEMT, 8 TMI0 TO MM 8, Cootataa no Mineral, aobalmbt bo Marovy, " *aarjRWK.^Kitfflr?w i wiumomt* T??y Tfjttfj *r iBrurittoa frJmUu 1 U TAH'lW ABH ^ ^ ?!' trST I COLOEBP Ttl lOHt. ?HpliM4n;?WM> J i i win 111 iHi Wil frnii ririiTahMl?hM > ~ l ii J? i t -? . . I . AU |V A U ? i Only jm rms to ? m**n m> at?? a lkti. Tbej ?ra MUrelj Tt-f?t?l>le,b?Tlu* bo umU not any eu?ltM*nl Mat*. ??a will not In any way lajure the itouich ? bow?l? of ttw Boatdiilut*. Gaiaa I* from two to four tejra, and recant mm* In "twn.ty (onr boon." Prepared by graduate oftha t?iu*er?ity of PenMTlranla, ana of tbamoal oudaant Doctor* a?d CbemJala of tba mwat day: ?c tsryofrt, ? trouhlt. no ckant? whattrir. Let tbua* who ha*a daaaairajl of nttlnc o?ra4, ot ( ut?Esrxr*?BLOODt BLOOD 1 i BLOOD tH *< . jf?5&0l^.0AF.,*?i..????. liSSfj.. f ?o*VIHUfil ?1MA??8. Ac ' S MAMAMITA/T8 MOOT AND HMBB JUiOM 8 itgjgasagg ssaHHSSg

Iss&as^bggi fmn' DO HOT DXSPAIB t LEGAJb VOTICKS. [ 3 TBI fllFMil OODETOF TUB DIM. I TEIOT or OOLUIIBIA, TfetoM <u*f Juwrj.JV. Mrlr|?|tlMu4 ' J?|M, (OBtUluMI, | faaeph Job aeon. Mtf| Mb ) B?atty Bo. NT. ob. Jo*a M Bum, Jahat John M?Juaa, do* I 4 The object of tho bill im ia thi? cmm i? to trocare d*ctm for tho aoio of oortnin piaoea or Mrcoia vf ftruuiid I;log and hoinc la Waah^aatoa :t?y. DUtrKt ut OtivaMi, Ma| Mt ft and port f Lot?. la MotralJH1, to ullifi a debt dee hp 4a(*a4aat. J?aoph Johaaoa, to tho co?aUlaaaf. The hill Hti forth in nMtaac* taitlk? ?ald loaepb Johaaoa woo ladebted to aaid complain mhw tho anM of 9u7 d for goods cold aad doiTtrtdtf cemplaiaanta to tho aald Jcaepb John Km. That at ta?- time? f contracting ?ald drbl tr.j Mid Joaeph Johaaon was tetrad ana poeeoeewi of I be raid ptooeo or parotic of ground. wbiri. while bo vac po tadohtod, ho iraaauKntiy conveyed to laid del#bd?at. Joha M. Banaoa, in traat for the tola aa? aad benefit of Mary Johnaoa. ifc of aald Joaoab Jchaaoa. That con plain a<its obtai tied jadiixoat of condensation of tka a* id pimoa or p^rc-la ?f groand Id and by virtue of an attachment U>eM oat of the ooBiaon taw aide or thia court in fever ut ceiaaUiaeaUtaaioataald Joooph Jouucoa aad raia that the uii o*?i of Irmt fn.B laid Joa^ah Jahiiioo ( md John H. H*bmu aa aforaaatd ba pr?4ic?d ' 'foi* :b? t^url, ui the*?a?< be o*a celled Tb*i tb? Mid ??|liiuiiti.ilt<r Ue ! latng *f itid at*a<k?ant and tbe levin* ?f the i?n.r ?nthe?e1d pf km or par??ia of graan*. ascertain^ (bit the eeid d?(eod?al, Joh.i Fire, clataed to have a tfea oa tbe ?afd place-* or p*r?ei?of iroand; that oa searching the land records t aaabiDBiin c?aat]r. Diatrict of Uolumbia. lie* or dead of trnat *M reoerd-ct fa aald leaf recjid?, I ut 'hat ifier fiudlag oftbe jiri ud jo4(BMit of coadeBatioa on tU ?aid attachments, the mid rerorcawere ac?ia searched and a dao 1 of lra?t fro* aatd Jeaeph Johieoot. John Malaoe, w wear* jodd riji for ( > inn r i ^I mi, ?m 'oond recorded. That the laid Heed of t'a-t raoentad tetrl; ei?T?n houtha after the d%l? thueof aBd ot*j- two south* after th? Uauing ?>> evi?(f of ?a1d attachment 1 hat the ?Md attachrani la a prior lien cb h* aaid pWea a ad parnel* )fft?ui4 before H e-mid dead of trual. Frar* a li?cover>.of the aio.-unt atllldueena anpaid 01 aid da?d of trust and prayt a tale ct the aaid ?1e< aa or parrel* of gruned to ?ttt >| v ih? demaa'la >f tbe complainant* and other crelltori. and for an lBjuo< tlon ?tfal' ?t??11 da' iH'tota Joaeph Isbuonn Mary 'obLvoo, Joba M Uan?->?. J ?ha rijnaud Jot>r Malone, autl their c?>.fad*<ratea, ?h"-? d'tcover^d. to ran train and j>r b bit tbetn ?! ) tl eir ir and aarvanta fr m tailing or it* toelnr of or in aav manner farther laonmberibiC, belaid piece or parcels of craond Itiatheraopon this 3d day of Jaonary, 18*7, a<?nd?t-d ana ordered that Buttoeof thUauk tagiven o tl e>aM ion reeldeat defendant** John 1011, .Mr 1 j Johnaon. ond J? 11 riir, By piu>l <h'i < mrpj of tbiaurdar fBi^ie Kv?' mp Star, t *a?-r rnb'lah'd to tha ci?? >T Wa?t-,lnf?ton, in t.? I'lruivi i'i v"inwi(i?( i ww? lor *IX onMcotiva w?4ka viraluK pal l odd resident d* iidauto t< te and ii?p*ar. in >"r?oB r by nolirl"T. st ru'?? to be held tn the ?>fBr* of the (,'l? rk of tale Conri. on tbe Ant Ta?a<1a> of Jane, A I>. 8?7 to ?n?vr, r the tald M.I of e*rap!?lnt: otli"'?t*e tbe ??n?e will be tak?n pro rimffo hfm Provided the ttr?t yul il<-*tiou of thi? or lt>r tail i?(Nr at lea?t fonr roon'h* ?*fore . i d flr*r ru?-?da> of June iS7. *n4 at?tiig tbe ob.^ct md ubttaiice of said Mil of >-ompl*iDt. A. B. OlilN, A' o iate Ja*tic?, Ac. Atrnecopy: K J M FIGS. CWk WM. .1 MILL LB, Solicitor for oomplunantR. jM 3tawtw [ b&PHANB' COURT J mi. 8, UK.?District LF o? 1'ui.lKJii, WMU...6T01 '>OC??TY, Town: o tb? ca?e of Abraham Kiafceir. *<?cotor >f BlUatxtlb MUen d?c??Md. Cbe executor iforeaald baa. with the approbation of tbe Of. thane' Court of Washington Coaaty at>reeaid. ap minted 1 u<*day, the Slut da* of Janu?ry.l&>7 lor h?* flliftlMttlflmint *nH r1i?fHknHnn<if 1 state of Mid deceased, and of the assets inland. as u m the same have been collected ?qJ turned Into neupy; when and where all the creditors ?uJ iefrr? of ?ald deceased are netlfled te attend, rlth their claims properly vouched, or they may >ther?ise by law be excluded from all beueflt In aid deceased's estate Provided a copy of this orei be published once a week for threa weeks la the (Tenia* Star, preens to the said day. Test?JA8 * O'BBIRHB. ja 11-lawtw" Register of Wills. IlKPABTMCNT ur THBiHTE&lOB, li UNITED STA TES PA TEST OFFICE, Washington, January 3. l+i7 On th* pt-tltlon o; CHKIhTOPBEK I D 'K* <*K1 H. of fefouut Oarmel. Oonne-ti-ut, ara>iag or the ?-xten?lMi of a patent granted to nim on he 2Mti flay J m?. Ifk3, fer an improvement In ihuttte B"i Hsiton in Loom for sev?n years from \J\J ? ?ilV^ J. r MIVKKNMKUT BAL ~ " The aiopt-rtr known aa the "<;OVKBNMBNT ? A H N ? n Y ASI> bTlAM sAW MILL." > witi ?t ntj tive Acrt-s of land, near &aa AuUmio. *txn* ?e?ile?1 rropnoali, ffi dnrHeat*, will bo received ip t" the let <i?y of March. J8.7. for the purchase if seventy-five acr-aol Una, norn or leaa. tootht wufc the holla mo?rect?4 I hereon. aa4 the a?mrtonancea a?^*rt^inju ^to ear : loataiaitic TWiLVI ?THM (JMc viti KIFfy TWO WOOPBN \\T*, RBVBN 8TONI POOLS, a* cxtable of tannic? Ifteen thooaaud hi4m per niium OHB .-TEAM SAW-MILL, cmblt of aawlnf lirae tliooaaad feet o' lumber dalfv. OS SMALL STONJt HUlLMBfU. The kk..)? propart) 1e?1tn%t?d akout t wo milM t >ve tsau A i.tool.., on thaSaa Aatonio rlrer, a?d be water 1? oendocu-d to the Mtabiiahmeut by a ace .f hewn atone, laid in Tha land km purcfc*aad and improTamaat* jade by tba I..t* eo-c.tiled to u federate governafnt, and are eati mated to have coat fltoMO ia old. The proi-art? Las been aader Itaie for the ^ ear MB. at a mor.tblt rant of payable in ad> Knee. A eecurtd tltl- ia fee aim pie will ba given <j tbe United States Ooreroat-at Pr< poaala will ba marked "Proaeaala l?r Oov rament Tannery and Saw Mill,' and ad dree* J o J. B. KIDOQO. ivt Majar Gaa , Aaat Com. Bureau B . r. and A. L., Oalvaatoa, T?m jaUPt 1LU1BU9 JLT AUOTIOI. IkirfOmaTiermasttr'f Ofce. Depot of Washington, f Washington, D CJurut tl.lW. j Will towld it public auction,oa MONDAY, [?nn?ryjn,n lz o'clock Boob, under tke superifcion of Brevet Lieutenant Oeloual Jomem M. loore. A. 4' M . the following betiding* On Pennsylvania *r?nn?, between Elfbteeut kD<l Mfneteeutb itrnti: Two Perteble Hoa?e?, teu fed hiflt; om 16s 14 M>t the other mil teet. Al*c ob A street. ket*?ei Twenty-first and rwentjr?_tond streets One warehouse, 41x1*) feet. ft tie Hb?*I, 14x4l f"et. One Platform llhul feet Term* ciab tn Government fundi. Brevet Brig Oen. CH A8. H. T0MPKI MS, Denntr QnirteraMtorOeienl, jail -it Act'g Chief Q. M.. Depot Waahlngton. ^ALI OF A LABGK LOT OF OKDMAMOB 5 4BD OBl>NANCE MATKBIaL. . iJvrmv cj Ordnonrr, ,V?cy Department,I n'vhtnition City. December B.lMt \ There will be told at subtle auction. La th? U>h. I bM4fra, at koon, on *J HU fcd OAT. tfeo twmtr?orth (M) day of January. tb* olbccof ta* uayoctor ofunliuti, N??y Yard, Maw York, i trao let of OrntBM Stara*. wnieMbl?an4 on rvlcrable, embracing Oaoaoo. Shot u4 tth?U. all Am* of vtriew Mllbtw. htr* Parte of nail Aim, flu Oarriaf?. u< MlaooHaadoua Th? MtJtiM will bt told in lata to rait forkautt. Tern.* Oao half (Mb la flsTtnanthndi to do?o*it*d oath* coneluioa of the rate, *adth* matador within ton(ip>daja afterward, daring blob tin* tb* arlMoa may bo romovod fram tb* tan Yard, otbar>t*oth*y will reran to tho Ootraaaat. H. A. will, do ST-oolM Cblof?f B?r*aa. ^OBTOa MISS KA0K1SBL. I Mi Bh(n llnct, Km tmt, 4 vkkh rarat r li< tk?ir war to tfcia aarfcat, Xf di V^i?7ZB7S?&rjS 22 tko kit* contain rory mack MN ttu -^W. .nonL, ?.i?r V&fff m?? g pi. amot, m*. im 2HS5im*.oSD * * [vavsMBiw ~~ ., riKSw^,^ ?ju*?liriMlil*al**Kt?M. to* if ...... irsicub, ? UitD 1UU Pl*Ce IIB be i8tb day of Jnna. 18>>7 : It >e ?rdereii that the ?aid petition be heard at he 1'atenf on Monday, the .Kt day of 'una neat. at 11 o < lock M.; and ail per*oii? re no.ifl'd ta and ahew cauxe, if any hey Have, v. h> laiJ p-Mtion ought not to be ranted. P< i-M.n* opposing the eitension are required to lie i* the Patent Office their abjection*, speriaMy ?- forth ii> writiup, at Uaat;" nt* day* (Wore the lay of bearing: all testimony tiled b^ either party o be u*e?i at tbe said hearing oau?t be talun aad rannBiftt'd in accordance with the rule* of the ofIce. whkh will be furnished oa application Dep jriti<jn? and otbT papers relie-l ttpon aa t?-eimom n>n?t be filed la the < Jtl e:icca v lati Le ute the day of brariiiK, the arguraeuU, if any, lithin "n (ley#after filing tbe tes iniony. Urderod. al?o, that thu ? >tu e b? ruU11?be<1 in be bepubnciD and tit* Jntfcllige*. er, Wa?hin*tou, >. f., and to tbe Pottfetinm, Ne* Karen, ?'on N-ciJont, week for three ucce?otr? week-; he nr?t ??f mi4 p ihliettlonit4 be u |?ut sixty >* previous to the day ofh-Hrln*. ? T. O 't H?\K?*. n a .J.. . ? Commissioner of Patent*. P 8.?Ml tors of the ebore pipers will p'.en-e opy. tin >o?>d their bill* to the Potest Office with , p?p? rcooutlnlnti tto l? notice. jo 9 lowjw /"' / ktTLM) V % f I? V* ni i r n.i | RAlLROA PS. | 1866 rwresTLvBui Eocn 1867 ' gMiWi 1?i fc'U' , TO THJ : OKTU**PT,*OCTa. AJTDSuUTH1 wr?.?*2?n,.. 1_ , suaivtLiij Oltfji i SjMuktt It, IW. traial will U?t?? ifc'.iowr I WMkla?i*o. 7 6* a m I Bafclnora flit. a. ijMLSSili? SftU-TaSffifiii Any u4 aifkl Out *"tH? roodan lur?>?iMiit, M<1 MTln? from It- r to k ur? I& tlma ov?r *?j Plk?r rr iM. r?i hu?<r*4 miWm mt?4 ta , WMfnttt Cntrit N?? l?rk Two llitlf Train to Ik* W?t. Horra. T&3Sftk.&ca> Baltimore to BOCHKiTBB and FlTTgfcCBGl wltbo' t thHi . ?rMeeBf?rtbr tbl* r jute ft ? Baltlmc** bar* ** adT?nt**#of makmc ?ll eb*agea in UIION I D5ZPT8 ** <> FKBglB.H _ , Tltkata b? tbta route can t e fioearad at ttaa atB<?.cvra?r(U utrMt and P?aMTlT?nl* attact, nnd*r tbe Bai.aual Hoi?l.whara rellabta info* i n?ntlon will b? ilTtn at all ami. *iiatD(?n rr<wnrlB| t*eketa at tbl# office can ' ?*cnr? Mcoanodattoaa ta Blaaping Care for KlnUca or PHtabnra. B J. WILKI1T4. Ticket A?*nt. VaahiMton D. 0. ID. B. TOTHO. Gan. Paaa. A??aw. i _ Baltimore, Md. d?l It I WUHINQTOX, ALEXANDRIA A5ID UKOR^EIOWK hAILROAD. ^ TIKTC T \FL*. On *n? ?ft*r MO*DAT. NorrtLVer 11. ISM, tad i nr ' l furiher , iMi'ttr Triilat will rubttwaec Wublnitou Ik ad &|UM<trtoMlvllo?i: I LliTl WilM.IK.tO'l iilAVl ALIllnmU. Fiurn R<1. vena- From c#r. l>uk? 4 )?ary | Loc^l 814 A. Si. . ?U , Local at I U A.. M. TUrooghMall c 3 ? Lo-a'. <-or Kisg 1 Local at 7 00 * atd'itnrr ? 08 i ......... ? <* Local at 8 30 ? J 00 P.M. - IS <W 4 ? " ? s 00 P. M. ? f* Tkrono . M -ii .1* Babe . Henrv 1:U0 P. M Lo< aIc r. Kin* and Hoary.... T 08 ? ? .. .. u B ? WKDAT P*88*NG>KH 1R*!H9 Ll? v? Lkivi AtilttDMt. Fr. r. Mvl tienata>-pot Fr ? cor. Dike * Harry Tbiuugti Mail C "A A M it*., Locai at 4 *6 A. M. Local at-_ i OHM Through 5 do P. M. O. A. ST K VKHS. n?neral Hnperintendeiit. nolO W. ' PI1VL>PH 0?n<?ral Manager. TP.It01 TTlTTl N K PTTVKr!5 VkzillHSJtlUJ PH*-~ADl.LPpJA VN3 Xi.W VOKK. W?tniwT''!i 'an.*, !9?T. | Trail* batwaea Wa?!Unc*oa aa<i v>* Fork ara B wmnaafolk'va. ris: FOB NIW 10&K. ?lth< atefcaakrfofcaTa. Leave daily (except 8rn_ay) at a. m. and ruft^MKW YOBK, cbanslB - tmrt at Pbila4*l|Ua. Leave dally (eicept Son !a? at 11:IS a a. and 4 30 p m. FOB PHTLAPCLPfii A. L^? Jally imo otianCay ?a' 7 43 and U:1S a. m , *n<l i 30 and t \ a. m (Ifci ?ITVf?4 V Leave f?r Nsw forkud Phifad-lphia at 6 SO f. m only. keeping cara far Wew York on f. 30 p. m train dally. Through ticket* to Philadelphia. Naw York or Bo*ton, ran be bad at the ?tatiax> Office at all>iurs . in the day. as well a* at th# new office h the Ranker* and Rr->k?ra Tel?>ifrarb Lin , 34** Pem . avenue, **iween 6th and 71 b streets. Bee Baltimore and Ohio Uallroad advertlsemsi i for schedule between Wa*hln?t?a, Bsitinsrt, I Anna polls, an' tLe Wwt J, L. WILSON, Master of Trar.eK rtat'on. 1 L M COil General Tick?t Apeut (>CO. 8. fcOONTZ, A<"nt. Washington. oc30t/ n AI TIM OK* awn nam m n.M> > D ? WaahisxTkn. Jan. a.lMr. Trams WAgniN(JTON AND BALTI- , KOBE, and WASHINGTON AND TUB W*SV j are now ran u follewe. rir. : FOB BALTIMORB Leave daM.>. except 8u>.da/, at 7 Or, 7 40. and 11:11 a. m., >nd com, and 4 SO and 00 p. m. FOB ALL WAY ST*Tl ?K8. Lravednii , -xcept Bniiday, ai 7 X a m , ard I ()0 and 9 00 p u. VOU ?: A1 fcl ATU?N?HOfTU W &NNAPOL7S I JUNCTION. , Leave at 6:if auJ 7 uu a. m , atd at S .? and 4 SI . FOB ANNlPOulB. Leave at 7 4 am and 4:9b * a No tr*|a? to or from Annapolis ?n Sun lav <-N bUNDaf. roH BALTIMOBI. Leave at 7 45 a ai., an 1 i aud b 'tt p. a?. FOB WA* STAI'IONH, | Le?ve at7'4S a. m.. and 2.0m mid vmp # FOB ALL PAHTSOF Till WEST. I "r"'0ncopt j5Llay, it 7.44*. m.. Ml / Sl?| Hi Obibnnday at 9-fjfl p tb. only.'onnectlu* at Be'ey Sta.Ion with trains from Baltimore tj wtt??Ilug, i Puritritorx Ac. THliOCQO rlOKIIg to th* W??t can bi hd at ' tli* a aobltiKt n Station Ticket Office at all boa 1 1 ti thp any. as well a* it tbe new efflce of *b?? Bin ??r? and BroK-rs' T<sl?fr-*rk Lin?-, 34*? Ptnn. ' 1 a"HM, t etwcen ?tU and 7th atre-et* I to Hew fork. Philadelphia, and Bost.>n, ee* ac*ertirniu?ii of ' Through Line " J. L. WILSON, Vaeter of Tranepcrtation, L. M. COM General Ticket &f?ut. ( oclOtfQBO. g iooHfr, A*?ut WaAihgtoe. Hudson bivbk and bibi.ih bail- ' BOADS -On aid after MONDAY. H >t IS, \hto, traina for Albany and Troy. connecting with Heitti**m aud Weatarn tralua, mill leave New Yrr* at follow a: , < 8a m Bxprt-ee train via Hn1?oa *lv*r Kailroad.) that and 10th av . tbiwQgh to Balklo ati l ! ?n?ten?l?a Bridge witbont chanc* of car* and con* . : nectli g at Tro? with tralue tor Saratoga, BatUuJ, 1 , BnrIh ?:o. and Montreal. * ! 1 10*. m. Cxprese and Mail train via Budeoa 1 Blver Kailrcad, connecting at Albany with West- j ' ern train-satd at Tr?y with trains for North. lla.m fcxpr?ss train via Birl?m Kaitroai, i < 86th at and 4th connecting at Chatham with Wnfrn Kail road for li?baioBl?flDK?< Pltufiaid. Ac . at Albany with Western trains. and at Tr#r ) with train* tor Saratoga But I and. Burlington end 1 Montreal. _ _ ^ *5 y a Bxprees train via Had?on Blvrr Ball- 1 road conaecting at Albany with Wee tern trains, . and at Trap with tralaa for Montnat, with elaep- 1 iag car attached. 4 1* p.m. B sprees train via Harlem Railroad, 1 connecting at Chatham with Weetern Bailroad for Lebanon Springs. Pittsfield, Ac.: at Albany with Western trains, and at Troy with trains for Bat- 1 Isad. Burlington end Montreal Sleeping can attached at Albany 1 30 p as. express train Tla Hudson Blver Ballroad. with ?l?epiag ears attached, and throughta huffaio and Baepension Bridg- without change of cars. Also, ?leaping car every day nc?ptlag 1 1 SatardB) s attached from Bea york through to I UfOeMDHrf Wltnont Chllgt, Tie Kerr.c w. ud 0 i Bailr<>ad. Oonn'-ctioa for Tror will be made at ' lut Albttr. Thl* train will r? on laWifi ( 11 9 m Train rj* Hodwi Bl?er Bail road, ?ith J leepiaa car attached. connecting at Albany with 1 early train* far Bnflalo and Ba* penal oa Bridge. 1 and at Trey with train* for Baratoga mad point* t A Bcadar train will bo raa via Hadeoa Biv?r ' Railroad from How York to Poaghkeepaie aad Intermediate nation*. leaving Haw fork at 830 a i a. Beturalng, leave Peoghkeepaie at S.ifi p. m , arriving la Ne* York at 6 u p a. , Alan, a Bandar train viaHarl-m Baiiroad. lea v . lag4fd street at va. a., and arriving at Millerton at5 BOB a. Returning, leave MllUrton at fin. a., arnvlng la New Yerk at Ifjo a. a. < WM. H. VANDBBBILT. I ja 19 Vice President VtfoDffi2B5SM N ; IV iMvauMaav wuiv pvvin. I TW10B DAILY, (Bandar p. m. ?ohM.) Tba qmlokaat Md Boat dlraot root# to Blohaoat, T? .and t^ tonth. !%tly Potoaw KtfVJSXS ^toUIMriuStetlHOIttMtt(A. i I Bond and Pctorabarf aad Blcnnand ud DaariUa Kallroada, for FetoraLcrf, Wsldoa, wflalagtM, I>M?h,6m?ibof, Saftaburr, tiharlaMa aa4 tMBin Ktnon ni O TuMHt Imtc Mxth trMt Wbarf dally <8nnday ?T0aln???oaptad> 5 ? 40 a. m. and 7 a m. aad arrin la ttiohaoed at 14* p. on aad 3 90a m. THBOCQH TO BICHMOHD IV BITH HODBfl, Fifty atllM Bbortcr and t* Boon Qulafcar Uaa ana txtar lioou. ?=&?. - >?.. 9mm will te la I I H|.)j Biiirij * notoklf tbahspo?tat10v~ua. 1 i0t10b to bmipfm. 1 m itMBwr ixpua?,ottt. I a. irnu, ( MttSt!1 j; TBM IB TO 8|TI HQTlVI,TMItM ??b*crt1 b?r kM obtMMd from UMOrBkaaa'Coort of I WuUutoi C*??ty,ta Um DiatricVor Cclaabt*. , 6tUn3 on th? p?tkm| hui.3 ! ?r? M?Mi? teM of WMkiacton GUy, &. o.. d?MHM' 111 IWWMMflMriHHIMH ttM ItM irtMNkrvird to aQktt tb? mom, vtft ftiwwiiitttwof.lotti# nbterib(r,*a? fcr tow' k? ?h3SPKrffi siiw 1 ? *? mj MM Ml? 1MM. . I I RAILROADS. ("3 tl*D!>a bftllbotd IIIATTkttiK LIM rtuH PHI1.4PBLpmia to thi mrtaiot or h a the s, hi > , k !ll. sl*<chlavva. clmh* hlasd ash wyomisd ?'4l; iks. t//k south /*o*thwest *>/? the iaxadas wjstek AhMAHEMk\r oy j> a s&ea o eh i h aim< onttr ?, |?*. tk?c._bihij ? 1 bib1bbntb ??4u*l LOW BILL ttr**u. Pblla?Hp*ua?t tbsfolluWla* hours: jbobbikg AiXOBMODATloB* Siatioat " keic't.c(,lMTM|iit4iuilCiui M0BB1MU IXPUS8 Pmui'iM." R.^f-UUaot', Hnrritbor. tl T*Si'j||4 SUB orV wu U?, port. KlBira, rilL Z5 * *>. AlUnto??. V* llkMb%rr" Tirk" Cy}*1*' ttMl'inhn Hmwim Ac',Be * Thl. trili ronnrct* mi BBAD1NU ?nh th? ..* kBiiru?ri train* ?wr Allratovo nu with tbe i.?b*co train t?r Hu?t,' ? :&. ssawS ss^jss^z-vsSFf8 ??S K??? "" ?? . m* a jw p ror b?Mioi, Pcti?\i:ie, HatrUbuiit, Ac , euauftboi win. H'ajlns ?d.1 OolumbU fc*ilro?4 tr*kn? for i'olauiiu,*r beading acoomhodatium b^ST?? Kfatf I0ff ?t < ft Ml , Copping ! all w?r urimin rki'*?*iybtt?iii wt m lciutnli|, lr?T?? Pblla4?l^lilt it 4 R p. B.; airive* IB Hetfeax 7 ? ? m Tram* lei PbtiMfi?h>? lea** liarrUl?r? B lB<i Pottarllle it f 4* a. Mnni| In I fc?l*d?1?hi4 M 1 00 f n. A't ruoon trBina Ubtb liariUbarg lit 1<< f m ml P?tu?lll? M i <6 B> ; irilflm ( kU tt 9 a Herri^barc bc?^ msndatioa R?? ?t 7.Mm m , ?nd B?rriitir|tl? l?|. n OooBBct tag at Ht?ulc ?iib Bit no >b A<-i>tBi?.xlftUoB S-nt1- >tt.V p m arrlviug 1b I Bil*U4|fciB > .-.lo ?. m, Market Trtlr with p?M#t>c*r car attBcfeod. U>?i> ** " "* ~ " p~ -? H a dwb t r Kf*4it( ic! ii way alatioBa, I?tm B?adinc 11 > no . ta 1 DvwiiiLtU'VD 12 & p. ?. for Pm aa J a I w?j atation*. All the -b t? triin? r-.n dally, 8un,lm * ?ie*p;#*. hun< ay Train* l*a*r P It* vulr at 8 a. m . a?d PI ?ta4elptia at S 15 r m l*avr Phila-lotkkit f. r kradiBg at 8 a. ? .. TeturmBC frtm Uaadibg at ? 13 *,'B' OHKSTIB VALLKT l.AILH ?AIV Pattcuf ra for Dowkibk'uwb aud iBt?rtn*dia'? fflnta t? k- t La 3?' a a B I: a m at.4 4,.? p V trait* from Pbilad> *F>>i I' tcromi :ioa Uuwuipftov b at 7 a ni ttd 12. V Lav a. 51* YOBK 1XPKKSS FOB PITTT^BL BQC ANI> TUB \N AST Lf?\PiSf*\oik?tT ip?? -u an ! 3 | ta . paa? iBK baa It f ati?6. UMa m and I 48 p ru . au I tin* at Hwrtl'hari; atth Pfi?n I?aula as 1 y.rib*r& Comal liatlioad Sv?r-M Tamaf P;tt-tar h, ib'iil i * ii:ia??pv.rt. Btmira. Ma tlBO'1* Ac. H*tiirrtnc Ftprr#* Trcir laaT.-a Ha?-t Ui nr* n an t< a< of PatiBoy laanta Kipr**a trocu 1'itiabarirti at Saras'''a m . 1' r ?*? paaxag Hiadiu?a i aU W * ? ? * 11 ir. . mm. *uu >1 f? p ZD . %rr1 vimj it jiV* Iv,rk 10 a. at., and !.?-'? p "* cart WB,p?n> i!i| lb?>? tr?i?? thro-ijfh b*l?tira Jrr IH. ?o 1 rittaburgh. w.thmt cbanga. MslltrtlD f r S-w *.rk !*?? H?rri?bcrc at io p m Wall train for Barrlal'Un Inm l*? \erk at 1? n. on #C1? V* 1 Rlblj VALLBT RAILROAD Tiatra l???f P?ita*i la at 7 li ?t id aui 7 15 pro ; fiarnmtroailaa.a^M ?t 7 sr. a m , aui l.?i> ah i 4 16 P ? wUHLKlLL AMD BrgQCBHAHNA BAIL BOAO Tvatuleav* A?bui? at 7 (*?.m fur Ptnacrov* ai d M?rrlatnrg. *! I *? P *or Pioarrov* aid Tranii iit. rftnr?li>c tram U .rnat.orf at J 2 r m . and from TiemuBt at 7 M ft. m .ud A3k FREIGHT G< o<5- *f all doacri itioua forwards to all the aLoTe pmta fro? tt * ? ' N-w Prelate lit; at, bn ad au?i Willow ttraeta I U1?BT THA IMS Lrtv* Pfciladrlpbiadatlv at: soa ra ,12 tf boo* T.d * p m for H**< lu|, !< ban > . Harriot o 'g, Pottovlllo, Port Clint< a and all MiuUteyoad. M A 1 LB Clo?eatth* Ptallndatghta Pott Offioo for all ?!a<-e* >n the r .at too tta branches at i a. xu , aa<l lor tho prtnciM' Xatloaa on I) at 3 13 ? ru, ja >*11 niNNSILViMi CBhTKU B A ILHuAl'. 1 WIHTIUAlBAMOKKCNr. Tb? train* of the P?oa-ytvabi* Outral B?i r*a<l leave the Pfpot, at Siat anl Market atre*t?. v t.'i u ! iea hod Ure< tl > ?>> t to cara f the m?r |>lMrr?i Pwo-Bl*' Batlway. Th*- <>!tli*CH?-"'i ai J * ?iuut r reoi Bailway ran within oae .car* ?f It. ON Brtil'AYI-Tht SKik'tStr'M Ca-a leave Front and W?rk?t atreeta 36 nilnotoo beior- tte d- partnr* of oarh irain MAM* ? Bae?A?* BX?RE*8 will all .HU until VI Diige?l|f It?* l?rpat Ordrr* '? at Ib<- .ifticv, ?. ?Si Cbratuut ilrMt, wil ra-etv* aUtbti^a. _ . _ _ 7>??n- Leac D*p*% Viz: Mall Train - - it * <W f. Pmili AnroDi'n W I * ?. 10 ?? a m A II.UP I . Fm< Lib* ?D't Brl* Kit ma ? 12 W m |'ii - *t urn '1 r*'(i <1 I N|. v ll*r Ut?.r? Acc#m:i:o;!?lloo .... . at ? 30 p m. Laroiirr accdim <l?t ?. ?t ? ?u p m j urgl. and ktu Mall ? 9fup t>. pt.tta<lf-iyhia Iipr?i At 11 00 p Ptttn.i.i: ft KtU Mail ieiiM d?t f . except 8a: urdny. Fbit*(1?lpbl* B*pr?i? Ikivn dally. All otbe lr?lu' dm >. ?<-?p* nanAa r**?eii??nib Mali Title * to WilllM>4??>rt * it( out <- ti .u*? of cars, and arri** M Lock H* Pa--tngt-r* If Mail Tram go to Car 4ai? ac 1 Cham' ?ni' ut?cbaas?<f ar?. Mr pit.? Oar Ti<-k?Oa -an b* bad on appli at< n at tbr Tickat . <>31 Wb?ati.?t atrr?'. 7V.ii? .1 * /? ' Off , I i Pttctanatl IxtiMf ... at l) ? a m rbiixd* 1 ia Bipr>aa at 7 l<) a a Pa< It Aetata.. km. 1*2 -Ma m.?" .0* n Piik-l u:* Trbiu . ?t M a. > L?i .a't?t Traix. . at 1: Ea*t Lie - at 1 )?p at. ay Bxpreaa .at B*rr1*Mirc A oainioiaf.oa at iiOp.r PLiUJalphta ExrrM arnin ec?p* Hotter Cic<-iMiatl Bipr<-*a *rrtT*a daily. All other titint dally axrapt Bnc lti Paaamgara la?\ In ' Lack Haves at 7 a a . ard Wllliamaport at S ?0 a. m . roarb PL ladelptiU, aitbMit ckaB(i of rata, w iUiantapurt, \ j Day B*>r*?a, at ft .s p m i ne reanayivetue Railroad Company will not fttfuiue aa? naii for except fur Wearing l|p?rrl, sad limit ib?tr reepenelblllty to On iun<tr?-d Dollar* It Ttla*. All l?au* tteNtd d( tbtt iboiibI In ralne.will be >t tfe* rl(k uf lb* owner aaleee tek.n by aaerial contract. For farther information apply to JOHN 0 ALLEN. Ticket Agent, 631 Ckeetint rtr^t 8AMCKL H. WALLAGB. Ticket Agent at the Depot AN EKIQBABT TEA IN rums 4elly. eieeyt iBldtv. Fertvll partifiilere to fere and a. c<.m? >da ion* apply tofEANCia FTJNK. 137 Pec I at. pBBTEAL EA1LE0AD OF NEW JEE8ETL P i*eea*er and Freight Dep-t in Itw Fork, out of Liberty itntt. Con nee ta at lui.ctlon with the Delaware. La< ktwtout nod * ntero EaiiruaJ, and at Eaeton with the Uku b ITalley Rallr ?d >nd Ita cotnecti o?. fertuiag a llrect Una to Fittabarg and the Wnt witboat bang* <>f can. ALL ENTOWN LINE TO TBB WBgT. T* o Exrreee Trains dally forth* *nt, nwft sunuaj?, whan one Train la tba evening flT*? mile* and three bowra eavnd by tMe line. o^iiK .fo. viacimiou, losii, , with bet >bo cb?t>ce of cam. UBl WIHTBB ABBABOBMBBT*. 3om??vclm Juiirr 7, inK-Lmt? Tork aa < Ilovs. ?* A. M?For Baatoa, Ma*cb .J1* n\" 'lUiMport, WIlkwbtrr?, kthwioj bC N il) A M Hail Trais?For Florai nrto- Bx .ob wm*r 0*p. Bcraauw. Wiikeitiorro, qmi U?d4. Ptttobarg, Biu|b?ml?ii(Ac, ? A-M.-WwUtd liirtk for Bo*too. Alios own, Har rlabtirg. rittabarg. and ibr Wool, with jut one ibaago of can to Oiacloiiati or OUcm , k?<] but ??0_rhan?cata StLoan G..anreta at Uarrirbnrc with Nnrthora Ontrol and PbHadol Jfeift and sri* MM*, lor Bii* Mid tk* Oil fc" lion*. 12 M T*ai? ?For IuUi Alloatawn, Mooch Cbunk. M likrobarre. Blading, Pott*rtlie Htrrti>nrg. Ac. 4 P M?For lnt b. Batblobaui, and M?ocb 7bnnk. I p M .?For ftomarvlll* and FI?aiort"*. 5 P. II ? For I**M.Rm4Ii(. Barrt*bo-g. W?liUMK'rt lrrin*ton. Oorrj. Brl*. Ac. Hoeyiog r from K** Tort to Willitnu^rt ?.U P. M -Forttemervill* 7 30 P. For8. morrlllo. 8 P- M ? Bxrntw Tnaix ?For A** on, Alleatowa, Beading, Barriatarg, Pittrtarc. Ml the Wont. l*Mla??ar? tfcrtuffc fm Jeraar City to Pitt* .urn ?T*r? ??HM. Additional trains are ran to B?rg*o Point. Eii7*batfc. Ac. Tltb*u for tii* W**t can b* obtained at the offlr* if tbe Oontral Ballroad of B*v Jor**r. f?ot of liberty atrcat, Borth Bo. 1 A*tor Wow*, lo* a?4, ur 1 ?M Broadway. ud at Bo 1* ^jalt^j'QglXyo. ?TB'.BBS.?o??riauad*nl._ VTKW VO&K. AMP MlW MAYBE EAILBOAD L Fhwhw Bt?tioB la law York, corMr Sit rtroet *b4 Fot> rth ?t?dh? TEAMS LEAVE HEW TOEE For Bew Harm and Bc14f??ort-7. (Ex >. 11 30 i. m; 11.10 <Bx.),?<Bx ), SM, M?,m4 KEi.l, 'V?r MUfor*. BtratfoN. FairfioM. Saattpof.. u* JO a m ,3 W0Dd?SO* . For BarwalB?T, ?J0. llJOa.M ; 11 UiBaJ. ? /or Da: Ian"Bi7or3lwiok-Tf'9"?, 11 ? JO. 11 JO a. ; 3 00, 4 JO. ?J0. For BSgSSVjtfi Ex.,if p. ForBoiioX via Shore Uao?13 l?. VarBartSi* and Bpria?**M-l. (Ex..) 11 >' RSTPi?fr ntw Btfvii, ri#w bMMn tM BtoMlfMl Ullroa4-4* mj 1JM.ltH?? For OhiI ItTM* H.M p.M. to lMkM?v?r iMMMlk ?4 ur?t*ck Btiiro**?t ?. Vor\>Jlfc?r? ?fcd M#rw?lk B *.?7,1 ?C . jf^Siewilee* 81^piaxC?r* MttcM (?I p. m. jta* JAMS! B. HOIT.krtriMwliM.