Newspaper of Evening Star, January 24, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 24, 1867 Page 1
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(ffibmtng Star. ^????????? * - | . . V^. XXIX.. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY. JANUARY 24. 1867. N?. 4,331. the evening star PUBLISHED DAILY,(SUNDAY KXCBFTRD) J at the stab BU1LD1NO, y cermet Pem?'a. venue and 11 tk ttrteU ?* . . o l * ; W. D. WALLACH. * ^ ? The STAR ?e sirred bj wie ca/ BBeir fatwrritert In tbe Oity and District it Tu ^s!,t8 i ts wiiix. Copies at tbe counter,wlUi CT wjttco: wrappers. Two c?*t? each. puck rvH M .uiujfo ?Three months 'One j^liar and *'/ * CenU; six month a, 7%r?c AoZone Tear, Five Dollart. No papers an ?r?t frim tb* olCce longer than paid for. The W LfcKl Y &TAR?pabliahed oa Friday ?*rr iciz?One D*Um aad a Ilalf a Tear. "dentistry^ lewieu ukmtai association, Mo. 360 rfchM'A AVI , lelffMB 1Mb ml Uth itrMti. TNtb em traded without pain by admlaatering Slunn Oiyrt* er Laughlag On. LkWlBbae reo*ntly purchased the ^ *5?TWW thermal ahi'Moi in tba eoantry ultii aora gat? ?very day; alao,an Improved ValT?lir liAtUr lb* Aaeoclatioa ia now prepared w >Ut Tet th on Gold, Stiver and Rubber at Mew 1t>rk Philadelphia end B<>?tou price*. All per?i i f ?i?hlnL dental work done ean hare It aa cheap u ia the atK ve named rlti-e All work done in the n***<eet aad beet manner, aad warranted to |i?? 'atlifacim. Peraona will do wall to call and siamine oar work. Ueat-tf ^ he Iaveatar* aud?Patenfe* of like HIliAL PLA l B TBETB, attenda personally at^M^ fclaoScela thi* city. Many peraona caalMf wear these teeth who caanot wear other*, _ and no peraon can wear other* who eanaot wear vi)- fv Peraona calling at ay office oan be aoeommoda ted with any atrTe and price of Teetb they may deft re. but to thai* who are particular, and wish the Crest. cleanest. strongest and most perfect denre that art ean procure, the MINBBAL TRBTH wlU be more fall* warranted. Room* la thl?oity? Mo 3SM Fenn'a arenue. between ?tb and 10th eta Alao, tOT Arch atreet, Philadelphia. octtlr "personal. 7 B~MATBU'I. HEAL 80IMNTIF1C ASTKOLUGBB OP AMEBlOA, From the P'.alt:oa auaaspect ot tne Stare at the time I one e ln.b. will reveal aatoniahing ?e Cffta that ii<> living uioital ever knew beiore: bow totM -.. ?? >1 lu all rev??)i*t)le undertakings 11- tells name and very 4a> you marry; describes the intended companion, and t Ha all ??enu of Mf* aood luck ana lonsr Iff* to Tisttora. La lie* 60 cental' -fl rentlemeu la fall 91. Call att~0 mh st . near P. all boura until * in the evening. 31 im* /"'bntlkilbn huo abb afflicted-a \ I care warranted by aa old Burgeon of twentythree year*' ex cerience in thia parti<alar branch at the prv'tseieii. Lbarge* moderate. Do not apply W qua. ks. out to J B, QABDtiER, X. D., late of the United State* Blcord Venereal Ho* atwl Office Bo. *il aouth A atreet, opposite the Cap<tol hMN< south aide. N B -Medicinee alao furnished at coat. OS 77 lm* . / H>N PIDINTIAL ? Toting men who hare in v nred tbewseive* ny certain aecret habit*, which unfit them for bonine*a. pleasure, or the datieeof married life; alao. middle aged and old men. who. from tbe folliea of youth, or other Cases, feel a debility in advance of their yeara. fere placing theniselvee aader the treatment of any one. abffuld firat read "Tba Heeret Prlend " Married ladie* will learn something of importance by perusing "The Secret Friend. dent to any address. in a aealed envelope, on recdiat of J6 centa A Id res* Dr. CD AH A 8TXJABT A CO.. Bostoa, llM BOP-1? ^??? clothing, ae. FT. hb>bbboba. Bncceaaor te H. V. L?adon B Co., ?| CITIZENS AND MILITARY M M PRO ft ANT TAILOR, Km Metropolitan Hotel lata Brown1*, WW M 368 Paaaaylvatila avaana. Washington. d. 0. 'HlMIiH a. II. AC*. W4I3 R. LA HON. C. P. BLACKLAW OJTP1CB. BLACB, LAMON A CO., CoanMllora and Attorneys at Law In the Supreme the Oonrt of Claims, tbe Lourta of the Dtatrict, the Bxecutlra Depart^ aaento. and Uemmitteae cf Oongreaa ?*?? laMs H t- " 1Uk HBBZBBBG S LOAM ofpicm , . . Eatabtiaheil 1SI. "'J^*et ad^?nces raad* ?u WATCH BS. DIAMtM S JBH BLUY. WKABIMO APPABIL, aa-i *11 klnda of Merchandise. Busii.aat atrictly eon j'leutidl. 351 Aorth C atreet,bet\?**>n 4U and *U. str,eta. immediately la rear of the Nation*1 Mc'rl- ja8 lm* I ATBdT PAB1S FASHIONS OP UAlB > li _ B. ALIilOl. HiElTCH HAIH DRF-SSTTJl, 3;I4 M atreet. between 1Mb and itth ata. Mr. Alllot. from Psria. Hair-Dre?sar. of tht elebrated Ba'bel. with whom he arrived In thli country, i aa now been eetabiiahtxl for tae laai elafct yeara li Waahlnirton and Mewport, en .*? ina the patronage of tbe < ,* *? dipHtrntliqit, and of the hlgbeat aociery. Ha has tbe honor to aic Bounce that he baa this season imported tbe latesi iMbioni of hftlr (JTfsiiDij, ftDd tbn poonsdfsa so<j everything that belongs to tbe dreaalng of hair at very rea*.j?at le prlcea. j?7 ?tn* LOCISIAMA AVBMUB. "go J. H. CRAMI A CO. Have on hand a large and floe assortment ol WOODS, anited to this market, a*ch ae BUTTBB CBKBSK. boos, appl1s. raisins, FIGS CITRON, nbts, hams. 0?dfi3h, maok bbbl, hkrring, SOAPS. cannbd GuUDS Ae. Alao, 80 Barrela Moore's celebrated ORAM PAGMR CIDER, by barrator gaUon, All tbe above good a are offered at tbe low** market price, aod warranted to an it, by J. R. GRANR A CO., ia 4 lm 33 La. are., betweaa <th aad 7th W1 T- 00LfeftVx4ABiKT MAE"A1,? Scbaol'Furnltnre aad Bouaefaraishlng Wararooms. New aad M| Old Furniture, *f all daacrlptlona. beaght /T1 d Bepairlag, L'pholetoring, and Varplah ia? done at th* abortaat aatlca. Soatheaat carnei of Mb and R atraata north. No. 13 d?U j!i' R O Y A__L . " W^WSg0*4." Has* removed to their Mew OAce, Mo. 71 LOUISIANA ayrndfl, Tint door eaolof 7thel. . j> 1 r l7t Oil: Chaa. Snap, Fr^'t, 6*0. W. Rigga. Tlee Preet Henry D. Cooke, MORLR D. LARMRR, Bearetary. f \tto wilrrnb- pianos and 0arhar1 vj a nrbdram-s parlor orgasst^ All will flad It gr**tlp to tbair insareet?g*^ Jo ej amine theee superb loatramenu Is-EB f?r?- anrcbaalag any other. 'II IT1 agency at OBOBGS l. wild m bro t Be* Piano Fort* aad Orgaa Warerooja, Mo. 4 91 ii** ?feet hutwee* P*nu%?venae adh k street. A select a**ortmeat of new aad***oad-band In ^ efU, Including a CHURCH OBGAN, foi 37reaiis?.ssss,ida1w'-,asi. i,000 barbels MAIste'poTATOBS. juat ar ri vsdt and foe aale at WkaJ^tBe l^ of 7tt _de n-tf ,0. daa^-b'eTw^n^p. i hocolatm doublb, VAMILLR. * dm h. maillairdt Pur Cacao et Sucre. Nzempt de teutl melange Z. m. F. king * bon. _ Ring Plaa*. Coraer Vermont avean* and ?H atreet w?t jgj king placr. 1 C 8pII^?a,?I,, FIGS.CURRANTS Blag Plaae. timothy-s hall. eaSeft. ??1 b* rwamsd and e^coUr M city, er addreaa the prlacip*) <bia " * 1-FAJUfoa S^tfctOBTUU, Md. for *afe u poa eaar terms Prlee liao 1 'A* sareiovaia of 1 min Jo Beu-toa; Almaaacb Charivari; Almaaact 1* P*"*e, Almaaacb <! la boaae Caislae; Alma' pORt ABlsB . ax., STB AM MMGINBB, Cemblalag tbe r'aia if tn lurr tanMlllj ead eceacmy, with tbe alaMaaaiaf w*igbt mi Hhs. Tbay aaa widely aad BfaiaMy kaewa. er* than BOB batag ia ae*. All warraatod aaaala. Dvaartptira drcaian aaat 01 MplliaMoa. Attn# ae ' - * ?0.. 101 " Isawraaaa, Mmm. I VIMU OIL OF AIR. 1 ~ *a trade aadW^ajT '7 bankers. JAY COOKS k CO., IAI111I. Fifteen.ifc strut, w9Ct\U IVtmry, Bayaad sel UnmatMrlllniw, nl tat ? onstaatty on taad, i fall rawly of ail OTIUlllt BONDS, SBTBN-THIBTIBB, AND COMPOUND INTBBBBT BOTB8. ?rdart f? STOCBS. BONDS, Bo., exooated, aad Collections made oa all aeaawlMo MdU. ] oa 1-tf ? J |?ARROW fcCO., BANKBBB, Corner Loaislana amai and Baeaath ] in GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, OLD AND BlLYBB jy ? tf AND LAND WBBBANTB 1 Fiitt Rational Bank of Waihingtoi. B.D. COOBB, (of Jay Cook* A Oo.,) President. W A. B. HLNTlNOtON, CuUtr. GOVBBNMBNT DBP081T0BT AHD FIBANOIAL AOBNT OF THB UNITBB BTATB8, Htk ttrett, orfotue tke Trtasun Department. Government Securities with Treasurer United wtonb million dollars We buy end sell all classes of GOVERNMENT tECURITIESat current market rates. PURN1SU EXCHANGE and make CMlecHou? on ALL THE PHJNCIFAL CITIES OF THB UNITED STATES. Wo parchaee Government Touchers oa the 1 MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, end giveoareful u* prompt atteutloa to ACCOUNTS at BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, and to aay other business satrnsted to na. FULL 1NFOBMATION In regard to OOVBBB MBBT LOANS at all times cheerfully furnished TX. S. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. Washington, March >1.1861. mM-tf hotels, BESTAURANTSTAo. C A ? D ? WlLLARD'B HOTBL, I ? Washiwotw*, December 1, lwd.t Senators, Bepreeentetivee, and others. residing In Washington, who oecnpy private apartments, caa be eccvmxiodated with their MBA LB at thla Betel at the rate of BID AO per week de 4 Jm BY EBB. CHADWICK A CO. j^lBBWOOD llOliBB, Corner Fenna. avenue and Titelfth tirtc, Waskineton. D. C. jujjBl Bltaated la the moat central location tbe city, midway between the OAPITOL AND PBBBIDBNTtAL MANSION, Only a ahort dlatanoe from all the Departmeata, Patent and Poet Office*, Smithsonian Inatltnte, etc. H H DDDLBT A 00., no Jl-tf Proprietor*. PMBICH-B BB4TAUBABT, , JL* No. 344 Penna aveaue, near 6th street. I P BMBICH wlahea to inform hi a friends and the I public generally that henow keepe con A . ? a ntently on haad OYBTBBS. fresh every TCjAw day, prepared In every atrle i?jU HI* W INB8 and LIOUOBS caanot beeuTpeeeeT. Pali end ftw him a ??*?< WOOD AN DC0AL7 ?OAL! COAL ! OOALli! 1 T. T. roWLBB B CO. White Aah, stove and egs aizea, $g M per ton. t do . .. Co 94J& per ton. , 2.14# pounds guaranteed. Orders received at thecentral office of tbe Washington and Georgetown Ice Company, (lata L.J. Middle ton A Co., ) corner 12th and t street* and , at wharf, foot of 10th (teeet. > ja 14-11 B. 8. LAMK1N, Agent. r ^ O A L I 0 O A L 11 AT GBBATLT BEDUOBD PBIOBB. Gross tens of a, >40 the delivered la any part of tbeeity. Chestnut White Ash. #7 IS, Btove, Beg Lohi kF B? * White Ash, $?.?; Bed Ash, #$.&; OAK aad PlNB WOOD oonstantly on hand. Orders received at oar office. or at tha wharf, foot of 7th street B. P BBOWN A BON. j a ?-tf 464 tth street, bet wee a B and f. ' ^OALI OOALlt OOAlTm Having determined to *eH a first class article of Woed and Coal ae cheap as the cheapest, I hope hy dolag so to gain a Ifbefal share of pablie pa > tronage. The Coal price* er? as follow*" W141TB ABH NUT OOAL. by the ton AT 34 BALTIMOBB CB. WHITE ABH, Egg end Btove sizes 8 39 ALL OTHER QBAXiTlBBof WHITjl ABH ? 94 LTKENS VAirLXTPUBBBBD ABB ?TI p DIAMOND VBINBBD ASH ST 4 GBOB8 WBIGHT,2J40 LBB. TO THB TON. ? Always on haad and constantly receiving the of WOOD tAf erery description, detlvered la any part of the city. B. C. BACM, jM-lm 7th st., between B and Fets . Istaal r0T0 vf W . B . M O B X 8 ' I FASHIONABLE CABPBT, FUBNITUBB AMD BEDDING 8TOBBB. NOB. 4'Jl A 419. 1NTBLLIOXN0BB BUILDING, OOBNBB TTH AND D., AMD BO 50S? TTH 8TBBBT. THOBBB BU1LDIMG, ADJOINING ODD PBLLOWB' HALL. ABD KXAMINB THB FIBB8T A>B(*BTBD bTOOK THIS B1DB OP PHILADELPHIA ? de*i^n* ninde In Phi lad e4 Boston The stock U always r ?>??*h? nt the lovMt which eoikiii kus U) compete with trices. His finest Furniture is made to that Un be foaad * ?f materi&1 ^oul4their owa Interest hy > 5f;r??StS?ioTiKii"?vllir' heda, aad all kiads af Cottage aad Kltchea Farj*1* " w. B. MOSBS. jgZBBIBL-B TIBOIBIA H AIM BB8TOBBB. *^"1 *Jfw?wAT?m.---Ww paWish this mornlag ***^TKt^,#"J*l.0f.,tmr W,ai ^*own * 1TW I B. Bzeklol, who Is the propriotor af tha waUwidely n*ad " Bcekiel's Hair BestoK*r.l,TAJ,K prsparatloa Is ao new preperetloa, but Nt up by n gentlemaa or known probity aad < nr L hispsssuseloa oer ttBcatas fro?i resldeats at Blchaaoad. whieh ho ( rooemmeadetioBS are bena ? /if. end piece his prepararton above the qaack i off as halt renter era. Try H. < j IV & Sm k*lr -Bl<^rn^ Timet. n . Wa?h13&iok Oitv.D.O . Beo.Sl, MS. ( JIf- ^ralihed to sae that yoa havs J fZttfF*?* Aaifactaro of yaar ' Hair i From the festimoay of aang friends who havs 1 1 R.BC,PTIO> ldxubibs. " \ l*i?i ln**~wmri?T ^<*?dos se I 0*0**0 %!**'? Purest Imperta^' * XU ' F 1 OFFICIAL. DlPABTUnT OF Stat*. i . . Washimoton, Jan -23, UiOJ.J information h&* hern received &i this Department trom Mr. Thomw Art am son. tb? [.onstil of the United State* at Pernarnbuco, >f the death, on the i-th of J an nary, a t '*?. of John Fritz, on board the barque "l'arinin. ? SPECIAL NOTICES. v-Z"??.5TCALFE'I, "BEAT BHEUHATIO . \ v. *?etantly relit-vei pain. and never fat1* 'H'uralgia. Nervous H'adacne, and Pais Id ihf Head or fact. ja JJ eo:? 8.C FOBD.Ageiit. _ tbabncm,in uibexpose or modebh humbniii, will.It re understood, apply the laoh to Ite ci'iitrr'<(ttri ot turein ptrluniM <u this rourtry. Thy are iair gan.e, b<it <>f smell acHialoh-b iiobt bloTmi^ fBBEC8 tbe tin at tieral extract ?i the devi rapi.ll) drlvIum tbair trash eat of tk? trade. Bo'.d everywhere. Jm u BBMED1AL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL OASIS, He. 14 Bond street. Hew York. ^Fnll information, with the ktrkt't Utttmomtah also, a Book on Sptaal lh ta<-*, tn a tnv'lope, sontfree. W" b* sht? <tTnl r'.nilfor tk*m, an</ mom vill not regret ?/, for, a* advertising phy neiaris are general!* tmpo tors, without rtfn,nrt\ do stranger should be trusted. Bnrloee a itania for postage ei>d direct to DB. LA WHENCE No 14 Bond street. New Turk. nelaDAVfly HALLS VEGETABLE SICILIAN iiAiii KKMbWBB naa proved itseif to be the most pertect preparation (?*r the hair ever off-re,! to the public. It is a vegetable compound, and contains no injurious properties whatever. It will Bkstokk Grat Hair to tt? Original OOLOA. It will keep the hair from falling ont. It cleaGfeH the scalp, and mak> s the hair soft, lurtrors and silken. It is a splendid hair dressing. Ho person, eld or young, should fail to It. IT I* RlCOMMIfDID AND UfKB BT THR P]Rf>T MriucAL ArTHORiTV B9" Ask for Ball s Vegetable Sicilian Hair Be ewer, and take no other. ? K. P. HALL A OO., Na?h'ia, N. II., Proprietor!. For sale by all Druggists. ja 25-Th,ly MABBIA6E A5DCELIBA0Y, AND THE Happiness <f True Manhood. - An Eisav for Young M<-n on the Crtaae of Solitude, aud uiPb> slologu al Errors, Abuses aud Dist-asea which r> eate impediments to Marriage, with snre means of Belief. Bent in sealed letter envelopes free of charge. Addrese Dr. J SKILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association. Philadelphia, l'a. j:tll 3ni BECBET DIBEABS8. Samaritan s Giitt is tbe mest certain, aafe and effectual remedy?Indeed, the <mly vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cures In two to tour days, aud recent eases tn twenty four hours No mineral, no balaam, no mercury. Only tan pills to be taken. It la tbe soldier'a hope, and a friend te those who <lo net want te be expoaed. Male packagee, #J; female, $3. Samaritan's Boot and Hrrb JriCRa? A positive and permanent cure fer Bpykilia. Scrofula. Ulcere, Sores, Spots. Tetters, Ac. Pr're 01 25 per bottle. Bold by B O. Ford. See advertisement. my SUM ELY, STEADILY, SUCCESSFUL L T, BMOLAHDBB'S EXTBACT BCCBU la COR!Ne very case of Bisitrt Di-rasR. Brr**atis?i, Uravrl, Orinart Disordrrs, Wrainmi and Pairs In tbe Bacr, Frmalr Oohflairts and t bocblrs arising from Excrmrs or aut Kips OOMB, II AVI LI0T1DI I TB? SMOLAHDBB'8. TAKE NO OTHER BUCKS. Bold by aU Apotkeoarlaa. Price <1. D. HASHES A OO., Hew Torfe, Aad BABHEB, WABDAOO., Haw Orleans, Southern Ageata. BUBLBIGH A BOO BBS. Wholesale Hrugglata, Hoaten, Mam., Oeaeral Agenta. lab u-n COLGATE A CO.*8 WIHTBB BOAP. Becom mended for chapped h*\h and for general toilrt nae during cold wxathrr. It may ba obtained of all druggists and faaay gooda dealera. feb 9-eoly DANCING. pBOFB. J. W. AH. F. BBE1S' DAH01HQ ACADEMY, EM Pennsylvania avenue, bet. Mh and 7th sts..^K Oppoalte Metropolitan Hetel. GKL '?*"*?E "Tery evening. Those* Bkoold Avail tbem elraa of thla opportunity. ^P^paraUou. will be Made in this quarter ror onr annual May Ball. Otreulan can be had at J. F, Ellis' aad W o Mataerott A Oo.*a Mualc Btorae. * The Hall can be rented for Bolreea, Aa. Days mud M<mr* of Tuition: c Yor^Lndiaa, Miaeea aad Maatera. Taeaday and Saturday aftarnoena, from I te e'olock. Gentlemen'a Olaaaea. Tueeday aad Friday eve* nlDga.fromS to 10 o'clock. For further Information, applv durlug the hours of tuition, or addraaa a note to the Acadamy. Quarter couunenclR# with tbe liret lea?a. ja B M A B1H1' acTadi&y* 1?^" DAHOi"a MAHIHIV ASSEMBLY BOOMS, A E, between 9th ead Mth etreeta. This academy la aow open far the recep- 0^ tie* sf pupils. Days mad boura sf taltio* for youag ladtea mlssea aod maatera Tueadays, Tharadara aad Saturdays, from S to y m. Gentlemen's claaaes from 8 to 10, same even!age H H ?Private iustrnction given to salt ths convenience of the pupil ' sett |y|ASglEBAD^ANDirABC^rDBES?BALLS The uaderslgned would most reaaactftUly inform tka ladles aad geatleusan of Washington city, and the District geaerallv, that he la at all times preaared to furnish parties with Masiaarade and Fancy Costume, either on loan or made to order. Me baa taken rooms at tha well known fancy establishment of Christian Bappert. Hsu.. 42a 7th street, between D and H, where ha will be happy te await orders. CHABaHS BEBG, late Oosturner at Ford's and Grover*s ja9-lm* Theaters, Washington, D. C. ^ILLIHO OUT, TO BEflT. With a view to rebuilding ear store In ths pvlan, rs have determlnsd to aell the WHOLE OF OUB STOCK, consisting of | HOSIEBYi ELOVES, Aad a general assort moat of FHHHIBHIHa HOODS, AT OOBT, Pram this date until the first day of May. FBED'K PILLINO, 889 Pennsylvania avenue. _ia I7-6t* neat to 11th streat. SxLLIHH OFF TO OLOSB BU8IHBM. A W TOWSHHND a CO , Jewelers, ill 7th st.. between 0 aad B. Having determined to retire from busiaess, we ?ffer oar beautiful assertm?at of Jewelry aad Faney Goods at fltst cost. All soeds sold gaaranteed te be what roatoseatsd. Whilst cioslag oat >ur stock of Jewefrraad Faacy Gaeds. we offer ?ar patrons who wish ta parobase Watches ths ?p?oHaalty of buylag tbem at wholesale rates. FB10B LIST OF WATOHE8. Bllver huntfnjr ceae, aaoher movements, jewelnovemeats. Jeweled, fn, (aid; 14karat gold.46 swt. ease, Amsrlsasi, f B Bartlatt, ohroasaneter 'al.. f 17, gold; ttdo. do., #7#, geld; IS do , AaHetoa, Traeey * Co.. chronometer vol., #96,gold, ABTICLBB TO BB BAFXJUED. Work Table, aapter laaehe, inlaid with ?earl; !si5a-.^i(aMa.Aisrs:Kf;feis.,5? jsE-la' Odd Flldws'Hall. gKATBPBm. 1ADibb, ggLATli A aUklBds,fr??l ?ot*tU. FOULTMIY to TllMLli Be. 800 Woo* Baltimore street, delft-la Bo***? . H. 07E. KHABB * OO.* PIAH08, TELEGRAMS, kc. Michael Purtft, when placed on trial, for Fenian ism, in Canada, withdrew his former plea ot not guilty. and pleaded guilty. H** senU*no#d to be kinfM in the 5th ?f March. Owen Kmuoij was then placed in the dock, and pleaded not guilty. Tne jury rendered a verdiet of guilty, with a reeo*n mendation to mercy. Sentence in his case was deferred. The court ha* adjourned until Monday next. In the lower branch of the Tennessee Leg islatnre yesterday a bill wai passed to organixe train, and equip the loyal mili'ia, and provide for a cavalry regiment in each congressional district, composed of white and colored men, subject 10 the call of the Governor. A hill was parsed striking out tbe word white from th?? franchise law. Boih will become a law in some shape. The Republican convention which meets in New Haven, Conn , to-day will likely be fully attended. Hon. E K Kelly will probably be iriade president. Appearances indicate therenomi'. a'ion of Governor Hawley. The re*olut otwill doubtless aftirm the policy of intelngent suffr-ige. and perhaps that of mak'ug eight honrs instead of ten a legaj day's worn. General McDowell < Department of the Pacific) has ordered companies I and K of the B'h United States cavalry and ! and K ot the llib V. S. infantry, under command of Cjionel Gregg. to proofed on the next steamer to Drum Barracks, whence they mar-h to the I'rescott District of Arizona. of which Colonel Gregg will n.s-nme command. A band of Arapahoe Indians are encamped between Fort l yon and Dudge, on the S.nottv Hill ronte, and ure assuming a bosiile attitude. They have already driven off ser^rui .stationkeepers The mail-coach from Denver was robbed on the Ijih 111st . near Living Spring, by a party of high way men, deserters from Fort Morgan, on Junction Statiou, who are completely equipped for the road. Mr. and Mrs. A. W Clark, of Portland, Me.< and four of their boarders?Mr. and Mrs Henry Kingsbury and Mr. and Mrs. James I>jer?can.e n<?ar losing their lives Tharsdty

night by poison. Mrs. Kingsbury and Mr. Dyer are still in critical sitnatioas. Attending physicians pronounce the poison arsenic. How it was administered is a mystery. The jury in the Stewart divorce case, wherein Emily J. Stewart sought divorce from her husband, the Kev. Hart L. Ste-vart, on the ground of adultery, brought in .i . cr^ct of not guilty, yesterday afternoon. TV case has been before the Supericr Court o: Chicago for the la?t twelve days, and the jury were ont eighteen hours. The British ship Royal Sovereign, with >85 bales of cotton, from Mew Orleans to Liverpool, was burned yesterday morning nine mi es below New Orleans. She is a perfect wreck, and Las been scuttled. The vessel was valued at 9C0,(KKi, and insured in Liverpool. The cargo was valued at 1400,tmO, and mostly insured tn foreign and domestic offices. San Antonia papers confirm the report of the killing of seven Texans by a body of Mexicane, near F110 river, in retaliation for the killiug of Mexicans at Ranrho Frio by Mr. Oassett, in self-defence. The Texans had surrendered to Colonel Benevardes for trial, and were killed in his hands. A large package of clothing for the Fenian prisoners arrived at Toronto, Canada, a tew dtys ago The person to whom u was addr'eied refused to pay the duty on it, and it wad held by the custom-house officer a until Mr. Thutsion, American Consul, paid the charges and sent the clothing to the prisoners The United Siates marshal seized all steamers at the Mobile wharf on Saturday for alleged violations of the law prohibiting vessels from carrying cotton without tarpaulins. Subs**quently tbey were released under heavy bonds on p?y un-m ot lines. William P. King and Abe Owen, the Kentucky train robbers. who subsequently killed Harvey King, one of the band, have been anniented to be banged on the 22d of March. The remaining ten prisoners charged with robbiuf the train were granted continuances until J une. Yesterday evening, as a United States recruiting sergeant In Philadelphia, was attempting to arrest a deserter in Dock street near Walnut, he was shot through the thigh by a third party. The wound is a serious one. The assassin and the deserter both escaped. Despatches state that the Secretary ef Idaho Territory baa been compelled to seek protection of the United States troops from violence from members ot the Legislature, because be refused to pay them a per diem nntil further instructions from Washington. A number of the members of the Louisiana Legislature have arrived in New Orleans. The talk of the impeachment of Governor Welles has revived, but it is generally believed that nothing of the kind will be attempted. Governor Fletcher, of Missouri, has brought a suit for 8100,000 damages against the St. Louis Republican, for printing the slanderons letter of Mr. Vaughn recently In that paper,m which the Governor is branded as a rogue, a swindler, and a liar. S. C. Pomeroy was yesterday re-elected U. S. Senator from Kansas, b* a vote of 34 to *5. E. G. Ross was elected for the vacancy caused by the death of General Lane by <R? to 40, the the latter cast for Thomas Carney. The Iowa di vieion of the Chicago and Northwestern railroad was finished to Cooncil Bluffs Tuesday, completing the link between the seaboard and North Platte, 300 miles west of the Missouri river. The council of Roman Catholic bishops in Canada have been 1b session some days, and selected three names for each vacant see in that province, and aent them to tbo Pope for selection The Hon. Frederick T. Frelinghuysen was on Tuesday elected Senator from New Jersey, for two vears, to fill the vacant? caased by the death oi Mr. Wright. His opponent was John P. Stockton. Much to the surprise ot most of the community in Baltimore, the Evening Transcript, a spirited afternoon journal of that city, an* nouneed its suspension yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Staaton and Miss Aathoav are to have a hearing before the J udiciary Committee of the New York Stata Senate and Assembly in favor of women's rights. The St. Louts Democrat'? St. Joseph special says all the parties implicated in the attempt to blow up Demond's block, some time since, have been discharged. Governor Morton was elected C. S. Senator from Indiana, Tuesday, over D. W. Voorhe-s, Dem. The vote in the Senate stood 8b to 1W; in the House, 60 to 33. A Democratic Convention in Naw Hampshire has nominated E. W. Harrington, of Manchester, for Representative to Co agrees. Aa insane man named Hale hang himself tn the town of Midford, Minnesota, Tuesday. The Nevada Legislature passed the constitutional amendment Tueeday. The Mississippi river is open below Cairo. A Millioh PnsoH* Starved to Diatk ? A Calcutta correspondentol the LondenTimes, Dec. 7th, gives some painful details of the recent tamme in the district of India. A government commissioner has prepared a report, of which It Is said A picture more heartrending, foots more hideous, could not he gtvea. The commissioner estimates the deaths in Orissa alone at 600,000 to 600,MM, and fn some pieces he admits that three-fourths of the population have been carried off. Orissa had nve millions. Add the mortality of Midnapor*. which was as severely visited; of < ran jam and Chota Nagpore, which , were terribly, yet more mildly, dealt with; of ( Calcutta, whoaa hospitals aull tell so end a tale. , and of the other districts, where the sequoia*, at least of starvation, carried off many, and re- , member that tha deaths tre still going on at the rate ot a band red a day, and yon will agree with the rough estimate geaerally accepted , here that tbo number of victims will not he . under a million. r ' Vinoisia LxoiauATLna.?In the Senate, on Mondu*. a protracted discission Seek plaos on 1 the proposition to exempt the Polish imml- 1 grants lately settled In Spotsylvania oounty from taxation for three years. It was deter- 1 mined in the negative. AL the close of the , discussion, Mr. Onld rsHmd to the fact that the Constitution prohibits the appropriation ( ot any part of the revenne of the Common- , wealth to indtvldnnla not panpere. Houee bill to amend section one ef aa KCtaathorlxiag the City Council of Alexandria to Issue its ] bonds in satisfaction of arrears ofinteirset on Its funded debt, passed Fsbruary*), 184d, was Tffc House of Delegates, a number of hills were passed of local interest mainly. 11 CONGRESSIONAL. Sxhatx.?Yesterday afteraoon? 1 ttr nLfRduvut to tae tariff bill proposed by Mr. Spr??io to in crease tbe dntiee an flax and it* manufacture*, *u debated by Me*sr* fitirau, Joboeon, Feesenden and other? when it was rejected. Several otheramendments for increasing the duty on articles of linen manufacture were offered by Mr Spragne, and disagreed to. Mr. Foster staved to amend by redocing the dmy on salt in bulk and rock salt from J4 to cent* per hundred; and on salt la bags and sncks from Jo to 11 vents per hundred Mr. Foster advocated bin amendment in a short speech. Tbe present dnty on salt, be aid, ?a? a bnndred and sixty per oeat. on It* value at tbe place whence it was imported He said tbe grrat danger was that bome manafactnres would be protected to death It tbcost of llvit'g was increased as in tats item of salt, it wonld be impoesibte to carry oa anv manufacture Tbe amendment of Mr. Foster was disagreed to?y?as U. neys lb. Mr. Lomonds nieved to amend by inserting on tbe irve list books, charts, maps, Ac., im poited ter tbe use of public libraries. colleges, schools, philosophical and literary societies IVudiDf the co: sideratton ot ibis anaendmint tb? Senate adjourned, at five o'clock, it having been ascertained on a call of the roll tbat there was no quorum present. Horeic ?Yesterday afiernoou ? Tu?* proceeding* in the ?a?e of tbe arretted abfeniees from the night session occupied t? .irly two hours. Mr. Williams, from tbe Judiciary Committee, reporied a bill tj regulate tbe selection ot jurors tor the several courts ot tne District of Columbia. Passed. Mr. Bout well, from tbe same committee, reporied back tbe House bill to amend tbe act ot Marcb I, 1-W, declariug tbe officer who thall act as President of tbe United States in caw ot vacancies in the office of President and Vice President. The first section provides that in case ot removal, death, resignation, or inability, both of tbe President and Vice President of tbe United States, the President of the Senate pro tempore, and in case there shall be no President 01 the Senate, then the Speaker of the House of Representatives. and in case there be no Speaker, then tbe Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of tbe United States, and in case there be no Chief Justice, then the oldest commissioned Justice ot tbe Supreme Court shall act as President ot tbe United States nntil the disability be removed or a President shall be elected. Tbe second section provides that tbe Secretary of State shall, if the Senate and House of Representatives by concurrent resolution so request and direct, forthwith cnuBe a notification of the v acanciet to be made to the executive* of every State, and shall also cause tbe same to be published in at least one newspaper in every State, requiring electors to be chosen within thirtyfour days preceding the Tuesday after the first Wednesday in December. Tbe third section makes it tbe dnty of the person discharging tbe duties and powers of the President, if Congress be not in session, to convene Congress immediately. After somediecussion the bill was ordered to be printed and recommitted. The House then went into Committee of tbe Wlioleon the state of the Union, (Mr. Dawes in the hair,) and considered the Post Office appropriation bill; which was reported to tbe House and passed. Tbe Maryland Legislature. In tbe Maryland Senate yesterday tbe bill repealing tbe law by which colored person* are sold tor a terna of years in punishment for crime was passed without a diseenting vote. Mr. Earle , Dem.) tsok occasioa tossy that tbis legislation not caused by a deference to the views of Congress. The bill restoring to citizenship those disfisnchised by the Registry law was read the second time.' Mr. Bowie's (liem ) resolatioa proposing to snapend tbe payment of the State bounties to colored b?u I enlisted m the fritted mates service?which was introduced tbe day after Congress bad parsed a law to stop the payment ot United States bounties to nave owners?was taken ap. An adverse report bad been mads upon it from tbe Committee on Federal Relations, which Mr. Hewie himself supported, stating that his inotives bad been misinterpreted, that be did not intend to place tbe Legislature of tbs State in an attitude of antagonism to Congrese; and tbe faith ot tbe State being pledged totta* payment of the bonntiea in question, be would vote against his own resolution, which he accordingly did, and the unfavorable report thereon was concurred in. Mr. Larle (Dem) introduced a saries of resolutions embracing what be "regarded as the cardinal pi ma.plea of government." In the House of Delegate a communication was received from the Mayor of Baltimore stating that the number of foreign passengers which arrived in Baltimore during the past year was 9,577. An order was adopted requesting the President of the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Company to tarmsb the House with a copy ot the contract for the construction of the proposed road, tbe names of tbe contractor*, ete., and the President of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company was t requested to communicate the amount of the gross receipts of the main stem and branches during tbe past year, etc. Leave to latrodnce a bill to increase the salary of tbe Lieutenant Oovernor was granted, and also to amend the ' laws relative to habtas corpus. The Mil tor the assembling of a Constitutional Convention in ! May next wasagaia uader consideration. Mr Appleman, (Rep.) of 'Washington, spoke against the proposition to increase the number of representatives from the late large slaveholding counties, stating that if the Democracy wanted their negroes represented in the (Jen- ( eral Assembly they abould vote tor and elect ' them, and not allow their old masters to repra 1 aent them. He declared that if the dominant 1 Sarty intended to force this measure npon the J tate. the Unionists would appeal to a higher 1 authority for redress. Mr. Tobey, (Rep.) of 1 Washington eountr, spoke against the bill. and Messrs. Clarke, (Dem.) of Baltimore county, < and Phelpe, (Dem.) of Dorchester, advocated its pasaags. ' Albxxxdhia a>d Viciaitt. ? From the Alexandria tftueffe ot yesterday afternoon we clip tne following Items : i The. Potomac is frozen over from the Falls i to below Lower Cedar Point. Tbe steamship j E. C. Knight, with freight from New York tor ] this port and the Distrletof Columbia, is lying in Q.uantico Creak, where is also the United | States gunboat Aseutney, and one or two river \ raft. The etaamera Express and T E Cahill. from Baltimore, bound up, were caught by tbe tea, and tbe former is at Aquia Crash, 1 drawing supplies from Fredericksburg, while the latter u lying in Bwtton'a Bay. Several ' oyster boats and other vessels are in the river, but all are snngly moored la good harbors. , About fifty laborers ara now, or wsrs until yesterday, employed on the Alexandria Canal, in preparing that important artery of oar city's trade for the reoeption of water aa aooa as navigataoa is resumed on the Chesapeake 1 and Ohio Canal. The main repairs were completed some time since, and thbra remains now < nothing to be done except to deeoea the had of t the Canal in a few places, sear its am Ueai a extremity, and to fill up two eats, whloh wore | made to let off the watar. Two weeks will be amply inflclent to acoompliah all that la yet to be done. . Tba hoase oa Princess street, sear the jail, < In which Mr. John D. Beach, who la moving to this city trom Pohtck, stored last week some ] furniture, olothing und corn, was yesterday discovered to have been broken lntoaad robbed , of about *500 worth of personal property, ia- , cludiag 937 ia money, which was locked up in a truak. It is thought the guilty partiee are known, and warrants have boon issued for , their anast. _ ' On Monday last, a aegro aamed Hoary Davis, who hailed from this city, *ae arrested ? bad confined la the jail ia Richmond, preparatory to trial by the court, aa the charge at t stealing and butchering two hogs ia that city. ] The Governor of Virginia, oa Monday last, ppolnted Col. L. Wilbur Re id notary public Tor this city und county. Civil Engineer Kllieott has examined the * railroad bridge over the Potomac river, and pronounced It safb. | gTTfei plantere la St. Mary, La., are dotag , all in their power to restore the culture of angar in that pariah. ' KTCarl Formes ia eoa* lag back to this coua- . try. He isn't gotng to sing nay more, how* 1 sver, but try bU fortune as aa actor. 7~Tbe number of persons who hove existed * on our globe alnee the beginning of time I mounts to ? *ss. STOov. Ott jocularly thinks territoriallsatioa would be woleooad by the Southern i States as an economical moaaara. J23!KSS.22Si.ifSSX5ro~? .morbMetomeney censurable forbearance" ? toward the South. D Tit Imim Tr?|f4r. A hW4tyi ?co we gave a brief trwnat of Um shocking tragedj ml Valparaiso. Inriiara, in ik? aor>r of two p?r?oB?, whose kvd M w? re aiurvtrds coi*uoM <u lit' f'.ame* of tbeir a welling. Tbe are the full piricalut of ibis affair Ua Tuw<lay aifbi, a young man. nam#d Busbar**, r*turning from a dance ?boi.: iw<u? Ban^r lrom Valparaiso, discovered the bouw? of Mr. Benjamin Long. a larm^r, on fire. Appwarllai tbe prfBiKr, b* rtlacormd iMamg M >?t lb* tenoen woaaa clad ia a lb.a m(b 4r*ri Covering her with hi* ov*rcoa_ fa- bat-. tet.ed to lb* building, and ai?roTt-rfd twoKxl.?? ban in* therein. Mo foon.l tbat the voi. eg wots an waiMtfraJj wounded, and carrie.i her ia bis arms to I bo nearest farm-house. When ber wound* bad booa drtattd. a bo mad* the following stntaatraf: Mr*, lxing, ait# of Benjamin Long, bad roqa^iifd b*r to a(a| nt their bouse oa Taoedav nigbt. as all tbe ata lolba bad gone away, leaving no one ia tbo bono* hat herself and tiiiugbif-r. Mi* I'm ma Pege, tb* wife of Obancey Page, a former resident of Valpara-?o. She bad complied with tbo request of Mr*. Look, and bad retired to bed wttb Mrs Face, while old Mra Long slept In aa adjoin i.g room. About half pa*t ten o'clock mi night ?b* wa* awakened by bearing "om?on* pound lac violently on tbo door. Mrs. Loaf arc* lrom btr bed, and turning np tb* wtcfe ot a unall kerosene lamp tbat atood on tbo stnnd in tb* room, nrared in* door and naked who was ihero. Tb* person replied Fa**."' and requested to be admitted. Tb* old lady ansaered tbat a* there were no persons iu tb? bone* except ladies, b* could not com* ta. I'pon receiving this reply tb* man at on e commenced kicking the door, wbicb. yielding to bis *fforta. flew open, and tb* ne?t in*tan* Cbancey Fag* stood in the room Hcdid no* s| *ak a word, bnt pointing a pistol tbat be b*id in bis band at Mrs. Long, fired, and sue fell to tb* floor a corpse Mrs Fag-, tn* wit* of ta* murderer, heading the explosion, and seeing ber mother drop, sprang oat of bed, and run* ning foraard, fell upon her knee* before her husband. and. with uplifted bands, besought biro not >o kill ber mother. Tb* fiend, however, took no heed of her word*, but catching her tightly by tbe left arm. partially rawed ber from her kneeling pollute; lb*n placing 'he muzzle of bis revolver agtunst her breas', palled Ui* trigger, and sh*, too. Ml back on the carpet a corpse. Mits Rudolpb, who had be*n an *ye witness to all this bornbl* scene of butchery . palled tbe t?*d clothes ov*r ber bead, hoping thereby to coupe 'be observation gjft * infuriated am' blocd-tbirety Page In l?fr efforts to conceal b? r^elf, however, the on fortunately drew tie clothes np too high, leaving one loot exposed Fuge, wbo had come into tb* room where she was lying, discovered her foot, at ono* seiae.f hold of it, and by main strength pniled h*t lrom the bed into the room wber* lay the bodies ot bis murdered wife and motter-in-l*y Then takinr ber violently by tbe arm. be drew ber nearly to aaiandiag position, and again pusa*d ber back upon tbe floor. She arose, but before she could say or doanything. b* canght b*r by the lelt wr st, and holding her away, at arm t Jfngtli. platb* barrel of til#* re volr^r th* aide of her bead, juat b> low and behind her ripbt .?ye, and fired Ue fired a second time, tbe sail this time inking effect in h*r right shoulder; a third shot was fired in ber l*ft wrist, and a fourth bullet entered her leg a few in< boa below the knee. After receiving these wounds the poor girl for a moment became insensible, but, recovering, taw Fage take the lamp from the table, and tmasb It upon tbo floor. He then reached to the safe, and, taking out a match, scratched it upon tb-? wall, and ignited the fluid a^n the carpet. Wim this was accomplished, the diabolical villain seized Mi?* Rudolph by tbo hair *nd dragg*d her intotb* flame* but belor* the fire had communicated with her loot* clothing, the managed to raise herself upon ber elbows, and appealed to Page to kill ber, and not let her perish in the flames. Tbe tiei.d took ber at her word, and raiaing a heavy cbair, struck h*r a terribl* blow with it on b*r head, and upon h*r groaning, b* repeated the blows until h* supposed life was extinct. But to reassure himself of this fact, be placed bio ear next to ber heart to ascertain if it still con tinned to beat, and she felt his hot breatb upon ber cbo*k. When Fag* became satisfied that bit victim waa dead, be left tbe bouse. The moment be was gore. Mite Rudolph raised herself npon ber elbow, and finding ber balr and righ' chest on flre, she, by means ef a shawl that, wa*lying near by, succeeded in qa?nchtng the flames, and then dragged berseif fram tie building into tbe yard, and, as staled before, wae found by Mr. BusLore standing ajau. the lence. The charred remains of the two women were found in the ruins. Tbe wovnde of ta* girl may piove fatal. There is much excitement against tbe brut*' murderer, who ha? been arrested. and the Authorities have to strongly guard him, an the populate have threatened to lyttcb him. Pntca OF KuiAi.urr' o.?Everybody remarks upon the price of bread, and its poor quality. Early last week, flour arrived hero in largo quantities?more than Vmo barrels were receiv?d in one day from >ew Orleans by sea. Wheat ha* sympathized closely with flour, and the wholesale decline ia id cents per busbsl on all descriptions. Receipt* at Mnaankie and Chicago, also, are increasing, tbongb moderate, and the shipments tbenc* eastward arc not liberal Prices deeline tn Western markets ia sympathy with this, and pri\ate advices apeak Ot much Ira* confidence in tbe realization of the extreaae vie wa entertained in December. Corn, aleo, ia dull, notwithstanding a margin ia favor of shipments to Liverpool. We nowhere aee in tbe retail market any evidence of the Mil m the wholesale markets of tbe country.?A'. kmprtts. ALCOHOL AWT) 1F8ASITV ?Dr. Joly baa late. Kmsde a report to tbe Academy of Mediciae iris, in which be deprecates the increased tendency to the consumption of alcohol by the French nation. A hundred years ago, France consumed 2on,f'0b heetolitres, or 4,5oo,Ou0 gallons of alcohol yearly. She now consumes L,uuo,ou<< hec'.olitrea, or fcJ,n?o,ooo gallons. l>r. Joly declares tbat an increasing tendency towards mental dioeaee has been generated by ibe increasing consumption of spirits; and an official report lately published teems to corroborate his rtewa?tbe abuse of alcohol accounting for one-fifth of the insanity in France rhia statement will not surprise those who are familiar with the reports of the hospital* for the insane in that country. " Sbvwtt of Wkathbb in Tsxaa?The Commissioner of Agriculture has received a from a fhrmer from San Austin, Texae, stating that a terrible snow storm took plase there on New Tear's day. and the weather continued very cold. Over ono thousand bead of sheep perished from the ooid on several farms In the neighborhood. The cattle were in excellent order. Fine beeves were telling from tI4 to <15 each for specie: eaeep were selling at tl 50 par head, and pork from to 5 cents per lb Dbath of ALBxajiOKa Smith, tu Poxt ? rbe English papers, by the lnie late a teamen, announce the death of Alexander Smith, nathorof the "Life Drama," "City Poems, ' Alfred Hag art's Household." and other hooks Kor some time back Mr. Smith's health, aever rery robust, bad been gradually failiag. an<l i* died on Saturday, January 5, near Edinburgh. i^The women of Parta talk of forming a (toman's club. VA cariosity for the Paris Exposiuon? rbe man who drew 'he opera house. Who Richmond pnbltc hare lately eaoyad the novelty of one lady skater VOas costs io per thousand feet in an. ligb. North Carolina. i^Tbe surest way to lose your beai Jt is to ceep driakiag other people'o. VA negro in Virginia wbo farmed '-oa hi* >wn hook" last year netted thirty oenteon hie obacco crop ^"The wheat crop in the Shenandoah Valey looks meat promhung. VTbe cholera io again ia Parte. 7*Tbere are 4,?33 fewer voters la North Carolina aow than there were ia 1M1. ^"Wew York city will realiss tUMMOO par rear from the excise law. WP. T. Baraam is a eaadidate fpr Coagveea it the approaching Spring election in CoaMCttCtl fA Now York paper saya theMcaacf Roaeoe Con kit ag, the Senator elect, nre not hidetout. VF The Bishop of Verdun died from overrating. ITTeu thousand innocentrau met a terrible loath hy Um barnj?g of an old building la E vans v 111* ^ WBiry your treubleo, hat iont linger tround the gaaaeyard conjuring up thaxr [hoots ta haaat yoa. nipp*^?ntoVmt of hot wa^VaTw^eoaSlsX WThe London gtn-ahope are aow dicaiar* ng blflo In their windows inearthed -Feaiaa Cordial," and "Mdhl Fentnn Whtakey." 7"A New York lady bant hereo4f with a ted-cord last week. 7~The Naahvtlle retail assists ia laMrtiar iave redaced theprloe from tsa tefiveooats a llaae T'A neatly dreaaad aid la^j, wMha whita P on, in Farm, will Mack year beets jar % teaay. Vteallpox prevails to aaaJaimiag exteat a use Vioiaity ot Daaville, Ta. Vladiaas attack aa valae ta paphr carrea7. which they eaaaot he madaT Milevs* aaaey.