Newspaper of Evening Star, January 24, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 24, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. ' Tit Utptt ciitnlitioi in the Diitritt ?" WALUCH, Kitar kM PrtyrltMr. WASHINGTON C1TT: THTKSPAT JANUARY 54, 1HT. VBBADINQ MATT BE OM BTBBT PAO"R. 8KB OCTSID* FOR IKTBBR9TIMO TILBORAPBIC AND OTHBR MATTER TO AOTItTIIIM* The followicg m the oflektl iktvlaiel tfc* Circulation of the duly paper* of thli oRy eompettag *>r tmm OorwRmrat advertising ander tbe recentneto^ Coagreee directing such ?dT?rttrt?| to be Bade la tbe two dally m?ipapers of WMUt|U? havtmg tba largee trcniation l ' K*"1'? ?*A* T.7? ooplea per day. OknmxeU (.me ? u Intelligencer..... XMt ? u Tbe return* of advertising by tbe oity paper* for tbe quarter ending iMcember 31, 19M, aa ken from tbe book* of tbe lateraal Revenue OIBce, are aa follows: Krnrili? St AX SIX 107 UtfU^nctr ?.i* MrpuUic* SM3 THE KgCKPTIO^g. Tbe White Heaar. The ladies of the Executive Mansion. Mr, Stover and Mrs. Patterson, at horae every Monday, commencing on tbe l?th instant. The President will hold three levees, the first on the 17th Instant, tbe second on tbe 7th of frebrunry, and tbe tnird on the ?d of Febmary. on eacb occasion between the hours of & and 11 p. m. Tba < abiaet. The ladies of the family of Hon O H Browning. Secretary of the Interior, will receive their friends ou Wednesdays, at th.? residence of the Secretary, on the east side of Montgomery s(Wt, Georgetown Heights The ladies of Secretary McCulIoah's family will receive as ubual on Wednesdays H..i deoce ?? H street, between Connecticut avenue and 17th street. Speaker CslCu. speaker Colf?x s public receptions will commence on Thnrsdar eveaiar, the loib iaet, and continue every Thursday evening during tbe session of Congress, from 9w to 11 o'clock. * The receptions of Mra. aad Mis? Matthews tba Speaker's mother and sister, for ladies and gentlemen accompmying them, commence on Wednesday, the isth inst., and con. tinue every W ednesday afternoon thereafter from 1 to 4 o'clock. ?'?'ral Grant's receptions (cards) will be held by (Jen'l (tram and lady ou Wednesdays, the aid in?tant and b?b proximo, in the evening. At home every Saturday from 2 to 5 p. m. T1IK INCREASE OF COMPENSATION Itaeemsto be aaderstood that the S-nate Committee on Finance will report favorably si, '"creasing the compen. sat,on of Departmeat Clerks, but will recom??7! nt increasing tbe salaries ot e? such clerks, whether they have received extra compensation or not. tbe increase to da'e from Jnly 1st, |-66. That tbe bill w,U pa** both Houses olCongress in some snch shape r d?y'ta provable; and we trust thai there will be but little more delay. a, lhe measure. ,f it becomes a law, will bnn? joy" meny households in this District. None but filO* 7 UaTe tn? discomfort, amounting almost to misery, which attends the effort to support and educate a family In this city on a aalary wbicb is exhausted every month in the pnrcbaie o! ?be commonest necessarte* of ex steace. eaa appreciate what a god-send one or two hundred dollars will be, coming at this me, when living expenses are at their high. *sr nor how much domeatic comfort and peaca ot mind will be brought Into homes everv I '* ?weary to Bfty dollar* addu 1 MODii pay (ilVOBAMI RECEPTION LAST KVBXIXG 1 be second reception thi* season of General nt! *rS,Qr"t 100)1 plac# ??*t eveuin*, aad. like the former one, was a moat brilliant aad faahioaabls affair. From eight o'clock until eleven a continual stream of visitors were ar* nviag, until tba spacious had magnificent P?rlor* of the General, the library, halls, re. *?*mmmt room, dress* ag room., ?d^c? J*0* ***? cwewded, it being almost impossinis to get from ona room to another. Cabinet omcers. Senators aad Jtepceaentativee, dietia. gashed Army aad Navyoflcera, and ban. dreda of prominent citizens with their ladies were present. 1 The dresses of the ladies were rich and ele gant, and a Boer array of beauty nnd fashion haa seldom before bee a seen at any reception iwtioi^Sr^" atWl?Prsvlous reception the dining room was cleared a ,d abc*t?i o'clock sounds of music from tn*t ' room attracted the attention oftL^?. Zpttss; of the dance were indulged in to the I ' *.?*??. ; The General and his lady recei*?/< ,h.,. 1 Siosta ia a moat cordial and plewnt^eJ^l, ' ra. Ornnt was atured inVmTSSeh ^i^' I U^MrV?rIh,.T Mlt' aad "-'???d^fth wUi 1 35S??S? Seaator Sumner and lady- K?naj?r Repr^iuiveTSSk?a72;,IL^* Ks^n.w^k t5^w3Sch? ??utwell, William*' Morrtli? PVico. BoS?;; with their ladle* Wenw^SiSe^J"^"1?" of General grant's itiff ah ' ill i - ^ Commiesioaer of the &'eaerai ^"r iomwi'thejuyi'ca^ \ icomte de St. FerriorrS^sunT i?' I*}'! . ? ? ?-?, Marshal G?S5lng'^^Dr ssr magnihcent aehee of rose eilft- ires^.vl peptum, trimmed with gold laee Mrs V i Wilson, the beanufnl aad accomni,.^ liil* oi the Commissioner of the Geoerti JUaudt?f lice, wore an elegant green niikcat wuS toaeck. aad trimmed with point lice! K *27 ?or Sumner w^eatored in a blkck cofSdThx' with low neck and heavy black lace ooint' *** Senator Chan diss* wore a nina nin' W!l!f rh,U orenktru hiWwlSi WlUiJ,aT2r"- Mrr *ronnti wore a w corded *Uk, trimmed with the folsu of sal? diamond and pearl jewsLry?aaU hale irimaiad with natural flowers. Mr*. Oakes Amea wm attired in a rich white silk, trimmed wublilT Mise Black, daugb^r Tjtfdie Bl&J wore a white illusion dress, trimmed wilVWu^ ailk and point lace. Mra. Dr. D^hmmel wbre *.??*, Z11* with white cloak. Mrfc. McKuer I wort a rich bin#* trimmed with black laoet Mra. Gen. ChetMn w^5^ Mndsome the elder ^^5$? ?Z wSmtSStiSL1 neck aBd wis p^kUne'.f.rt o?irit.wor# 4 wh,u ilktrl^lr.!!T7*.?^T'*iltKmtlt'rn"y ,0PP^ with tampai aaee ufi.hmeau tm the shape of Ice cream, water lce?., letaonado and cak? ' The recepuen was a ssoec brilliant affiur. and It was after midnight before the rr~rni ds parted. ' *"? Faar Fawilt- at Wall s Opera House ?hiaeyert?g. ^ .jyTha preaeat population^of Indiana is ? tl^ated at 1.7U0.t?09. A? t^mmSTSSit Si crease it will amouat te8,iMMM)u> in le#7D?a? increase of M per oeat. u teaywar. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATER FROMMRIllD A HO THE WIST 111 DIBS. Movement* ?f Xlti-Ukrrftl BeletlM Gaerrllla Killtd-PrrMk N?w York. Ju *4?Tbe stgaauhip Eagle, from Havana. bu arrived. She brings tbe following ad vinos ?News re. eeived at Havana, from Mexico, to iba ?tn in* ataat. alatee tbat Manmillisn irkoo AM way to ibf City of Mexico from PtHHsv K. B Usher baa been appointed imperial Secretary. The revolutionists un tier (lama De L>a (Jamtena have teen defeated near Leon. Moat of the towns of Yucatan have sent to the capital manifestations of jey at tbe return of tbe Imperial Commissioner Tbe famous gnerrilla Canerea was tilled ear Ormaba. A despatch baa teen received from Mtramoa from Su San Jmi I?el Rto.saying that *U were majahfg' With eaibaetasra and were well received, and tbat more recruits bad joined bim tbao be bad armalor. Proclamations are affixed to tbe etreet cor. nere of tbe city of Mexico, culling on the ciiaxens to meet and we|f otun Maximilian. Tbe evacuating French troop* from San Luia Potoat bare arrive* at Saa Miguel Alleude. . 4 Rlvoe Palaocos waa obliged to abandon Tenanciago en tbe 'id. He attacked Toineo aad waa ropulsed. Alvarez baa triumphed over tbe Zopatian, Port San Carloa at Perote ia atill la tbe bandeof tbs Aastnaas. 1 Tba panic la Havana has passed and tie batiks with one exception has resumed payment. . . There ia do abatemeat ot eaall-pox at Matanrns. Sei enty.three new caeos occurred on the loth lustaat. Tbe government la forcing tbe people to become vaccinated. Missouri Legislature. ST. Ixwm. Jan ?4 ?IJoth bonaes of the Missouri Legislature passed resolutions urging Congress 10 repeal tbe act appropriating money to pay lor slaves enlisted in the United Stat** service. Also, instrncting Senators and Representatives to secure. if poaaible, the passage of an act giving the State militia tb? same bounty as received by other United States volunteers. Tbe HfpHl-'tean'* St Joseph special says th? aat for preventing n**ro mulatto from sitting on juries in Colorado was passed over the veto by tbe legislature. Oov (Jammings is on his way ao V\ ashingten. From New Hampshire. Umh-oid, ft. H., Jan St.?Oov. Smythe has granted a requisition on the (Governor of Wisconsin for the surrender of the Franconia murderer. The New Hampshire agricultural land scrip was sold to-day to Ia. O. I?ewla. of Ohio, for **1,000. Indiana Ratifies the roaatitutieaal Amendment. IWDiAWAroLia. Jan. 84?ni* joint resolution ratifying tbe Uonstitutioual Amendment passed tbe House of Representedves yesterday, having previously passed tbe Senate Republican Nominations ia ('Muerlirut. Nxw Havkm, Comn , Jan 94?The Suite Kepublicar Convention baa nominated Qen. Jas. R. Hswley for (Joveraor. and Oliver H Perry for L.ientenant Qoveraor. Dry Goads* Trade is still doll, and will be so until mora settled weather prevails. Shirtings and sheeting# are in moderate request for all grades, and heavy drills are much inquired lor. Canton flannels are very Inactive. More ia doing In cotton jeans. Stripes are inquired for ia moderate quantities, but prlc*a are not Arm Heavy denims also are moving a little. Tne market Hr printa ia dull. Stocks are very greatly enlarged by new supplies. The best grades are selling to a moderate oxtent. Tbe assortment is attractive. Tbe Southern trade is beginning to move. Mooaelinea delaine are dall: only dark deaigna are wauled. Italian borne-made cloths are doing better, especially black, llrondcloths are in some de. maud from the clothing trade. Cassimeres are without business or baoyancy. Lower prices are being looked for, and while this i* tbe case large buyers.can be found. Satinets are very dall. flannels eell slowly at irregular price*. Hlanketa are inactive, and prices oaly nominal at quotations Foreign goods are without any animation. Some styles, suited for tbe South are wanted in limited quantities, and linena are in eome request. Silka aad dresa gooda geaera'.ly can be bought advantageously, bnt an early demand is now near at band, and ia looked for after tbe bad weatber^eaaeaj? nr#?? A*AT? AL L8 IOB COBPAH Y~Ameet. 113 In g of tho Stock hotdsra of the Oemosny Sffibe held at Be. 79 Umlalaaa awaneVoa SATURDAY, the 28th instant. at 7 o'etock a Every eteckholder la rebooted to be pre*eat. a a baainese ef importance Is to be transacted. jatl* J. K.l'AliLAglMcretari. Vs-? *yrf>t?r> and Chief Offloera af tbe 0. B.Talerter Department-tbe men who grant oar epeeimea, |10; without frame, |i It* rrw=-A OEAKD I. O. O. F. LBYBB, M BBB*FITo7VJ?*LIBlABY. will be held At OOP VILLOVB' BALL. Beveetk Street. ?a MONDAY BVBVIflO, #ebrear" 4. iw! ickete. One Dollar: to be had of the committee, aad of the B. s "a ef the Ladgee. ja?4-ooM rr?- *A8T WaSHIBrOTOM AMD DSIOB IL5 TOWS BOILDIBS ASSOCIATION.Members will aleaoe attend the aecoad anaual ting of tbe ebove Association on SaTUBDA f BYBMIbO, Mtn last., at 7 o'clock, inthsmin room of Odd Fellowe' Hall, Bavy Yard. By order. J.M S^VjgffJ"- "fat' r^p-PROY*S?OBoCib AOABS,IZ< The distinguished Qsologtat and Batarallat. will deliver tbe or idtTCVOTflUa. Tco,w,V/ai\iirSil,.rs. . ADMISSION??0 OBBTB. . r M Book nad Music Stores, sad at tbe door. Poetponed< a account of slckneee. jaM-M* rrS^SBYBMTB Wa?D -Ths cltleens of the IL3 Bovsnth Ward are requested to meet at rotomec Ball na TIIOBSDAY BVKMIMO. the 34th I net.. at 5 o'clock, for the nnrpose of devising eomeway to relieve the poor or the ward CIT1ZINS. (Int, Obron aad Be rub.. It) fFCr^BOABD OF TBA DB ROOMS. ~ UJ CLA..xtt a SwnexvNj ... .. No.4 MAKKT bpacf. nJvaTnSIiJL^VV^CS1'. meeting af tbo Board oa TH DRSDAY BVBM1BO, January ^4 .18?7. at 7* o chfk. As bnalneas of a?ec!al Intereat will 1* bo sod that every member will J* g-M B. SABDO, SerreUry. lS'w!liib#b#,d *BUBSDAY ?J*?1M?, J?*.?*. at Central Maeonie jMeS time the rseolntlon adopted at tbo laet Oonvecatlon of the Grand Ohanter to rs??ed t? tbo aovaraitlon of the Grand Boyal A robObantnr of the District of Columbia will bo taken Into consideration All member* of tbe Chapter are reeMcftrilr rsjijiN to bo present By order of tba M. B. B P. . ? M , .. . , ^ ^ O. B. THOMPSON, Ilatel. AChron.j Secretary. (rip* J*E ABBUAL MS ST I NO OF TUB rniHT ?Vidi?7 5.^ ^ABBIrfBTOS SAS r " ?be oiSee of y Yabrnary 4.1847, f?r iwTeg year to **rv* during Um en * " o'cleok m. and close at 1 JaJp W CESS. B. BAILIT. Secretary. SSJii KUSii'^lfSkoVV STOo-r ^wPV fzsdst?** avooae aad aouth B LADlEf' ICE CREAM A DlBlBo SALOON, p?*- A as,, bet. ?tb nad 13th eta. cSkw* b?st ; Woddlag llon*i Ta,k" ' JQ8EPB B SB 4FFIBLD. fjyBITABLIBBlp IBIS. McPBBBSOB A FBBOBSOB. ?TI fiM, a van* i, ooanaa tor sraaar, BiTliptb Ca"t01mgnagcr oolt-tf , 2C A A BDSBBLS OATS FOB BULB LOW :2S2 br F D. SBOBMARBS. Bo 70 wator etgeel.Qeorgetowa.D.Q >a UooR* F ?h B W fSO VaOH*Vb! nearly1Jm**s2a na* ?*able for oaeb. A a air at Mrs.GOPgSB'S, O itr?M,Mw(?n Bew Jeraey aveane aad 1st si. CONGRESSIONAL. 1 TNMiu^, January 24. ftis*Ti-JCp. Wadt pmanttd p?titiois from wool frozen Of Ohio, atkinc further proeeMon tnz *aat article. Laid on tbe tabtf. Mr Wilson presented p?iit-oas from army oHjptrs, asking tacivue of pajr. Referred to CoteratVee oa Mit.tary Affairs. Mr. Lane presented the memorial of eiticeaa Ot Xodiaaa, pio(Htlii| n(alD!>t any (uriMlm<>lt of ?hr national currency. Referred to Uvia* mit-eeon Finance. Mr. Fe-*enden. from the Committee on ' Finance, reported tbe legislative. executive, and judicial appropriation bill, with atneudaonto Sir. Morrill, from the Comoittro on Commerce. reported the bill to amend tbo act to |?revenf smuggling; whiob was passed Mr Wiiley mtrodaced A ?iit amending the act incorporating tbe Wasbingtou Temperance Society Referred to Committee on District of Coiuu'bls. > ; * . Mr. Stewart introduced a bill for the relief of inhabitant* of cities and towns on the public j land* Referred to Committee oa Public Lauds - ,, Mr. Wade introduced bill 'o provide for i tbe allotment of the Justices of the Supreme Court among tbe difiv-rent circuit*, the appointment of Marshal of tbe Snpreme Court end of tbe lMtu-iot or Columbia. Referred to Committee on tbe Judiciary Cn motion of Mr. Connees, the bill to grant IV d in aid of tbe San Francisco Central l'ai iflo Railroad ?u t.tknn up, read, and postponed until to morrow. On motion of Mr. Wil-on, th? Secretary of i War w?? reqtirated to inform tbe Senate whether any officers ef tbe army appointed under the act to increase and fix the railiUrr peace establishment of the United States hare not yet joined their commands, and if so, to report the name, rank, and regiment of6uch I'ftlrer. On motion of Mr. Williams, the bill for tbe r*lief of Mrs Mary Dixon, of Alexandria, widow of Uol. Dixon, deceased, was taken up and passed. Mr. Cattell presented the credentials of Mr Frelinjtbnyseu, elected by the New Jersey Legislature for the balance of tbe term eading March 4. 1PG9. Mr. Krelwightiy?ion then came for ward and took the OJ?tb of office. The tariff bill ?a? then taken up, th" qiiestion being on tbe amendment of Mr. Kdinunds, to add to the free list all books, charts, maps, Ac., imported in good faith ter public I'biariev, schools, colleges, Ac. Mr. Crime* look the floer in opposition to the bill. He said that every man who oupo<ed this bill must expect to be denounced. The manufacturers with their ciy of protection, and tbe public press which had been sub- i verged in their intereet, charged (bat the lob- i b ee were filled witb free-t-aders, and that Iiritisb gold was b?lng uwd to bay up m?m' hers All such talk passed by him as the idle wind. The people did not desire tbe passage of this bill. It was concocted in the interest of a lew manufacturers and speculators calling themselves wool - growers and others. They cursed every one who opposed free traders He had never freen any of these free I traders. The tendency of this measure would . be to utterly destroy the commerce of this 1 nation, already nearly swept from the ocean b> hostile legislation It was to her commerce tnnt hngland owes her greatnes*, har union, i and her wealth, not to her man u facto res. Mr. Henderson opposed the pending amendment as not being m the interest of the comtnou neople. Mr^Sumner said it was wrong policy to impose a tax on Knowledge. The amendment only proposed to enact a provision of the existing tariff The amendment was the* agreed to Houpk ?On motion of Mr Hale (N. Y.l the Sergeant-at-Arms was directed to arrest J e Tracey and have him before tbe bar of the House, so that he may show cause why he should not be punished for contempt, by r.-ason of bis refusal to answer a process issued by thnljomraittee on Public Kxpenditures Mr. Kaseon (Iowa) reported, trera Committee on Appropriations, tbe Indian Appropriation In! for year ending Junel*J8. Made a special order for Tuesday next. On motion of Mr Uefrees, (Ind ,) tbe Committee or Ways and Means was directed to inquire into the expediency of placing wagon and plough harness and common bedsteads and tables and chairs on the free list. Mr. Wentworth (III.) submitted & resolution, which was agreed to. declaring that all documents ordered t? be printed at this Congress shall be allotted to members thereof until December 1st, and transmitted to the homes ol such members. Mr. Bidwell, (Cal..) from Committee oil A '- 1 riculture, reported a bill extending the pro- 1 Melons of tbe act or July a, |K?a, regard to donations of land for colleges for agriculture ] and. tbe mechanic arts to the State of Ten- 1 nvssee. i Mr. l^Mlusd (OSDulnmuMI tsrsxtsnillon of tbe act to all the States, as well as to Ten- l nee see. Mr. Mayaard (Tenn ,) objected to Tennavae 1 being placed in a prejudicial pesition by uni- < ling that State with the other rebel States. i The debate was continued, and Mr. Stokes i also asked that the bill should pass as reported, i and said he objected to placing Tennessee with I rebel states, for Tennessee had proved a loyal government, and bnd lately struck the word white from her constitution, and now none bnt loyal men could vote In tbat State. When ihe other States did that, they conld get the land grants also. 1 Mr. LeBlond referred to the letter written kr Mr. Stokes In 1861, when he advie?d the Sonth 1 to go with the patriot l>avis instead ef tbe ty. rant Lincoln. He wanted to know in what * position that letter left (he gantlemuu nnder * (be amended constitution of his Stan. Mr. Stokes said he had answered the Dun? ! can letter by entering the Federal army and ^ remaining there antil the close of tbe war. He had repented, as the gentleman (Mr. LeBlond) * should have done. [Applaase on the floor aod ' in the galleries, which was suppressed by the Speaker.] < Mr Stokes said he was ready to go into the saddle again, and stay three years longer, if neeessary. * " ' Mr. Randall (Pa.) "Oh, bosk!" [Laughter I < Tbe bill was further debated, and Mr. Kelley j aid Tennessee was the only State of tbe South . that had a republican government. Tennessee . is n State, but South Carolina and Texas are not States. There were State governments ' there, but they have keen overthrown, and ] Andrew Johnson, who is net generally good authority, was yet correct when he said tbe ' States were without civil govern- 1 menu. I Mr. Donnelly (Minn.) proposed aa amend- 1 rnent declaring that no one who had ever held ' offlce under the confederacy or under the rebel ' government of the State of Tennessee should ' ever be a professor in said college. Tbe Southern States had abused grants of land.and their people were now supporting the usurpation of Andrew Johnson. , Mr. Cooper (Tenn.) said ha was in favor ot tbe bill ot the committee, but he excepted to 1 Mr Kelley's assertion of Presidential usurpation ; and, if he was permitted, he would say to tbn gentleman (Mr. Kelley) as the Scottish Marm'on had once said, "Lord Angus, thou Mr. Kelley said the gentleman was not per- 1 muted, lor wntla tbe usurpation was plotting 1 he [Mr. Cooperl was the friend, agent, and i the conttdentinl clerk of Andrew Johnson < and unless all conscience Was extinguished with fum, le was not permitted to Answer. Mr. Cooper sud Mr. Kelley was agaia mis. \ stating tacts. While he [Cooper] was the pri- , vate seoretary of the President he had never 1 received a dolidr of his money, and when the < gentleman {Mr. Kelleyl savs so be lies again < At tbe suggestion of Mr. Jenckea, the gentle- ' men were called to order. * 1 Mr. Donnelley's amendment was then agreed 1 to, aad the kill passed. ^ The House proceeded to the consideration of Mr. Stevene* bill to reconstruct the Southern i Suites, and Mr. Stevens said he would not i call the previous question to day, and would t therefore yield to Mr. .Raymond, af New i i or*. j Mr. Raymond proceeded to address the ] Hovite. I p BIOIB BIDCOID. J We offer a large stock or Winter Dress Goods- i Shawls, Blankets. Vlannels, Balmeral Skirtings, I Botsestic Cotton Goods, Prints, White Geods.and 1 Linen Ueods, at BBDDOBD PBI0B8 for cask. 1 PA BIS KID OLOVB DBPOT, An immsna stock of tke moat popular makes. Ladies* Olovea, #2; Gentlemsas. fs 2s. JOB. J. MAT * CO., > 8 Penney I rani a avenue, js iS ttif between ttk and 10th sU DABB BALLIBB will do well to eall at the 1 gUTWr IUTHM lutnit! Just received, a full assortment, tor Ladles, ! Gentlemen, and Boys, at u PABOI B455AAB, ! MWe Bo. aag 7tk street. ' C1BABB FOCBDBT, ? n He. 414 g street. ] BV,M lOUBDBT in oounec- ] Hon with my Oanaad LoekssUtk kuslnem lam 1 prepared to ? all work In that line. i jaf-to ., r JOHB J. PBABOPT. (jo To JOilPH H hBAf riiLO g. t^Sa^fSSKi.. I # 1 Mil ? O'CLOCK F. m. . GOVLRNJIKNT SECURITIES. W ASHJB0TOS, Jaaua.y 24, ISC?. JW Cooke Jt Oo furnish til* fallowing quo. tations of Government ircuniiM: U. 8. Coupon. 1061 f*MU7* U. 8. F1t? Twenties, 190S itrr tor* U. S. Five Tw?bUm. 1964 IU5 w HJ5 V 8. 8. Five Twenties. 18?5 lijw .5. Five Twenties,JanAJ'y.ftt Hcjr jnAv U 8. Ten Forties 9#* 100 |T N. Seven Thirties, August.... 104 tuu IJ. 8. Seven Thirties, June.?.,.l03 V 101k U4S. Seven Thirties. 'J * *..&?. itf|\ lo?H ?BW YORK CTfcST BOARD 8 ALUS. !*?*' W\ 5? s. MW 107* ?.. ? ?, August....hiiw 5iO>, MM J?n? t04\ 5.X?*, 1EW . ?. 1W* July 104\' SOT8, Jb.&Ji, 69.104 (J Gold 134^ FINANCIAL.

Lewi* Jobs son & Co., quote Stocks and hondrf in boms and foreign markets as follows Naw York. Jan.?4 ?let lloard.?New York Cenual. WXiErie. r?t, Readiug. 100K; MichIran Southern, ?lw; Cleveland nod Pittsburg WVl Chicago and Kock Island, flSfc; Chicago and Northwestern, 39*; do. preferred TJ Fort Wayne, *4:Gold, 134#. ?- ? THB nora* TO DAY The House galleries were densely crowded to-day in expectation of a speech from Mr. Stevensttclosing tbe debate on bis reeoastru c tion measure. He however gave way to Mr Raj mond to address the House, and will not call the previous question to-day upon the matter. There was considerable excitement for a time in consequence of the sharp passage at words between Messrs. Kelley of Pennsylvania, and Cooper of Tennessee. APPOINTMENT OF MARSHALS The bill introduced by Mr. Wade in theSea. ate to day, in regard to the allotment of circuits for the Judces of the Supreme Court of the United Stntes, provides for the appointment, by the Supreme Court of the United State*. of n Marshal with a salary of *3,500, and for the appointment, by the Supreme Court ot this District, of its Marshal. THE WHITE HOC8E A large crowd of visitors were at the Execti tive Mansion to-day, but few saw the President, he being very mhch engaged. Major Generals Geo. H. Thomas and D. E. Sickle^ called this afternoon, and had an interview with tbe President. THE APPROPRIATION BILL. Mr. Fe*?*r.den to-day reported in the Senate, with amendments, the House bill making appropriations for the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial expenses of the Government lor the year ending 30th June, 1W7. The amendments appropriate?For temporary clerks in the Treasury Department, *50,000: provided that tbe Secretary of the Treasury be authorized, m his discretion, to classify the clerks authorized according to the character of their services for contingent expenses of Interior Depart ment, lor laborers, office furniture, Ac , 84 otxi tor the purchase of the Glover Museum.* 10,W for facilitating communication between the Atlantic and Pacific States by electrical telegraph, *4of0tH>; for compensation of two watchmen at the President's House. *I,41W- do three in the dome of Capitol, *a,T40; for person to take charge of beating apparatus of librarv of Congress, *1,000. Each night watchman at the Treasury Department shali. frem the 1st dav of July, 1M17. receive a compensation of 80UU per annum. LABOR CONTRACTS. Major General Howard, Commissioner ot the Freedmen's Bureau, has issued tbe following order to each assistant commissioner: Hereafter, and until further orders, no tees or charges will be exacted by officer- or agents Df this bareau for services they may render in connection with contracts between freed people and their employers, either in tbe exami. nation, approval, witnessing or registry of ?uch contracts, or otherwise. Please instrust ywm\ M fcM<i-m???ss>?l? with UUnnam. ment. Labor coutracts should be in writing. If possible, persuade laborers and employers not to rejj upon mere verbal agreements; they uccasion much confnsion. Bureau agents are required to da all In their power to secure lair contracts for tbe treed people, aad to offering their services for tbat purpose they sbould let It be understood that they will be rendered without ebarge to the parties concerned." OFFICER? 0F TH* FREEDMEN'S BUREAU. Brevet Brig. Gen. J. A. Lewis, for some time l>ast on duty in tbe Freedmen's Bureau, as Assistant Commissioner for tbe State of Ten. sessee. has been ordered te report to General S?bley, Assistant CotnMfosioner for the State ?f Georgia, for dnty as Assistant Adjutant general lor that State. Brevet Brig. rten. Aivin C. Gilem has been inpointed Assistant Commissioner of tbe Bureau for tbe State ef Mississippi. Brevet Lieut Col. J. M Hdag, 1st Lieutenant 14th United States Infantry, has been ordered :o report to Major General Howard for dnty with tbe Freedmea's Bareau ia tbe State of Georgia. BOARD OF RXAMINBBS Q. M. D. The Secretary of War has appointed Major General Charles Thomas, Assistant Quarter, naster General; Brig General W.I.Ludding. on, Chief Quartermaster Department of Washington; aad Brevet Brig. General Chas El. Hoyt. as a Board to examine ail officers apKmted m the Quartermaster's Department, us Board Is appointed under the act of Con* rress of J uly >28, 1&60, aad will have before it tor examipation all the officers holding posi. lions under tbe Quartermaster's Department who have not been examined. Tbe Board met his morning at tbe office of Gen. Luddington, ind organized by selecting Gen. Thomas as President. APPOINTED IN TH* RiOULAR ARMY. Colonel W. W. Rogers, for some lime past on iuty In tbe Freedmen'e Barean as Assistant Adjutant General, bns been appointed 1st Lieutenant In the 44th Infantry, and honorably mistered out of the volunteer service. THE NAVY REGISTER FOB IMF The Navy Register for tbe present year will probably be oat about tbe 1st of February. Tbe printers received tbe last of the manuscript en Saturday, and are baslly engaged in rompieting tbe work. Gift Ebtbbprisbs.?Tbe New York Tri>nue suppose* tbat about 175,009 people have mashed their teeth aad torn their hair >verthe result of the Chicago scheme, and it :onfes&s that it does not feel sorry for them. They spent their live dollar* foolishly, aad bey richly dss&rve to gel nothing tor tbeir investment, and adds: "This business of lotteries is fast becoming in insufferable nuisance, and it is high time to ibate it. AH these things are symptoms of a mania which is faest becoming an epidemic, tad threatens to play fearful havoc with the moral health of the public. We oply want people to ask themselves wherela lottery gambling on the stage of the Chicago Opera House is any better than policy Placing la a dirty len on West Broadway. That men of good reputatioa aad social standing gave the r scuntenance to the former acheme Is perhaps Lbe worst tbiag.about it. They oaght to have known better, and remembered that they are Lbe class to whom the poor *bd igonorant have s right to look for good example." Many other leading papers take the same view. Thb National Aoademt op Scibbcb is In tessloa to-day in>one of tbe Hoase Committee Rooms, with Professor Henry In the Chair. Tbe proceed lags consist of reports from Com. nlttees aad tbe reading of paper* upon Mieniflc matters. ?( i i L*.*- ' laow Blocks kok thb National Cm. raaiRP?Tbe contract for farniehlag lroa slocks for soldiers' graves, the bide tor which were opened some time since, has aot yet been iwarded, the papers salt befftg before tbe Secretary of War. MrrBomer Episcopal (JonrxK**c*.?The blast Baltimore Conference of the 'Heibodlst tplscopkl Chspch meets in Frederick city, Illd., in March next. The conftrende Is com. posed ef aboattwshiiagral aad fifty members. Wot to oo to Euaors There is good an. bority for saying that Graat will not go |0 Europe In tbe spring, as reported. Wthwai R*y*irra. ? The receipu from hie source to-de# were tsot.wejj. LOCAL NEWS. Thk ?mflUT Mirnid or THINiTioiM. DffeootiTfc iUoot&Tioi?la to a c?Ufrom O. Mmod, President of tbe Nuioatl Democratic Association, for a* " lmpoctant ft that organisation. tin* members IwfiX fft Tfmp?r*no# Hall last Tlw Witliic vu beld in onf of the email rMMI on Ihe |(it floor. Among (haw present we noticed John M McUalls, John i Firty. J. O. Hoom. J. I'. Ctiltn, Captain [ B. RobliiM, and Hoc J. Rof*rt, ot Nrv Jfrwy. Tb? PrfwdMl italfd the object of the rneet ?l *o be (o consider the expediency of a N v UouiUoavfDUM, ? bp kmat an early i(it# Own Thorn 4nd Jobn Tbonu vrrr afpoinu>fi t?(r?unM, Colonel Florence ifcfrodrfred a preamble in< resolution* as a base of attioa forth ' idee .ug. expressive of its optaioaa that the preseatcoaidltlen ofonr "na'ional affairs fall* for the in. lerpoaition of Ihatjgreat Power, from whica, under Hf?Te?, weftt aloft* look for the *alnmcm of oot republican laatttaUbas." That It la expedient lo cAlra Ifemberfctll National Convention at an early gay. That a general invitation to ail of every shads ot political opinion Who lymphtbWwTrh ths fneada of Constitution^ Go* eroneuU to-narta ta suab a convention; and recommending N#*, York aa the piact, and the Stat of May as fie time. Mr Woover Introduce* Mr Rogers, or m*w Jersey, who d alive raff a leagthy address npjN the condition of the country aad the Democratic party, alluding to event* pa*t and in proapeet. to the condition eftb* District criMambis, ud the nsceseity for aa immediate call for a National Democratic Convention, aad ta ored New York aa the pi no* of meeting. Justice Clayton proposed to aaaand by insetting Washington a* the place of meeting. Colonel FlurfDca Ineitrted upon ht* metion, aad explained that tns action of the meeting will only be suggestive. Mr. Hoover fallowed in f&vor or New York Mr. Schmidt attributed rae defeat ot the Democrats in the put three years to their alliance with the Conservatives For .ucce^s they moat retrocede and atand npon liemocrattc principles, and, hereafter, take President Jotiueon,-not aa a representative of theL'aK>n party, tmt of *he Democratic party. On motion of Jtr. Aiken, the qneation was pnt npoa the passage of the resolutions. aud ikt y were adopted. The President, with Messrs. Thorn, Hoover. Tbomas aad Aiken, were appointed a comma* tee to carry otit the object* of the meeting. General McCalla, Owen Thorn. J. J Joice, and Patrick White were elected members. and after taking a collection to pay expense* the meeting adjourned ??? A Wahhivotom La or in Luck ?By the bill which passed the Senate yesterday, recommitting the claim ot the heir* or Jeau Bernard d'Antorfre, a lady of this city will recei*e a large tract or land. In the early days of Louisiana, when owned by the French Government, the King granted to od?o| his favorites. Jean Antoine Bernard d'Antonre, a patent lor a tract of land of the magnificent extent of 4 jo.tnu acres. When, in 1815. the United States acquired Louisiana by purchase, the validity of d'Antorire's and similar claims wa* recognized. The land covered by his pateat were appropriated to the use of the Government, and a claim from his heirs for indemnity has been before Congreaa for many years but although its justice has been recognized^ and a bill giving relief has been aeveral time* passed by one or the other branch, it ba* never been acted on by both Houses of the same Congress. Hon. John K. Bougligny, of Louisiana, formerly a member ot Congress from that Stale, and whose course in refusing to leave the House of Representatives in 1861, when all of his colleagues withdrew, gave him a national reputation, was one of the heirs of d'Antonre. Mr. Bouligny remained in this city after the breaking out of ths war until list, when he died. The bill which was passed gives to his widow and two children (Corinne and Felix) one.sixth part of the claim: amounting to75,s|o acres, with the privilege to locate the same upon any of the public lands subject to private entry. Mrs. Bouligny is the daughter of <leorge Parker, Esq., of this city, and resides with her father since the death of her husband. FrsgRAL or THI I.ATB j01!Kr?0>- HKLLI* ? The funeral of the late Johnson He|]en took place from his residence, corner of 5Ui and It street*, this morning, and was very largely attended, a nnmber of the oldest families of the metropolis being in attendance, as also the members ot the bar generally. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. B. A. Magulre, President of Georgetown College, after which the corpse, eocaaed ina handsome black walautcoflin, oevered with Mack cloth heavi ily mounted, and lined with white saun, was moved to the hearse, .Toe. H. Braaley, sr.. John Carroll Brent, Gen. Thomas Ewing, Wm. B Webb, Mayor Wallacb. Major B. B. French. Wftrd Uiirki and LPr. Wm. Oantou being * ?? p*ii. bearer*. An elegant cross ef jannx. icas and a garland of now*.. w?r? placed on the coffin. The cortege was a very long one, and proceeded to Mount Olivet, where the remains were placed in the vault. Stolbh Goods Rbcovbbbd.?Tuesdav night, the workshop of Davis A Draper, corner of 13th street and Ohio aveaue, was broken into by thlevee, and a lot of flae tools stolen from a chest belonging to one of the workmen Detectives Miller aad Coomas succeeded in recovering the tools from a house where they had been deposited, and returned them to the owner. A gold watch and chain wae stoiea from Surgeon K. Russell Barracks, the property was valued at *?.y Detectives Miller aad Coomea went in search of the watch | at the barrack, and the pursuit being too close, 1 the thief carried the watch back to the Bur| (ton's room, and pnt it back where he found it. The Detective* discovered it aad returned it to the owner. Elbctiob or DiRBcToaa On Tuesday, at a meeting of the etockheldera of the Potomac Milling and Manufactnriag Company, held in i this city, the following directors were elected I Fit/bugh Coyle, James L. Barbour, G. E. 1 Keanedy, J. J. Sullivan, W. W. Metcalf, John I Collins, and Samuel T. C. Morsell. At a meet1 iug of the d I res tors subsequently they elected Mr. Coyle president, W. H. CI age u treasurer, ! and T. M. Hanson secretary. Gravd Labi'Bmy.?Peter Schneider, a German boy, tn the employ of Mr. Alois Mueller, stole a gold watch and chain from his employer. Sergeant Franklin, of the Third Ward, was notified, and went in search of the boy. In the meantime the boy repented and retnrm-d the watch to the owner, and wanted to be arrested. He was turned over to Sergeant Franklin. This morning Justice Thompson sent him to jail for court. Raii.boad Claim to bb Sbttlbd The Washington. Georgetown aad Alexandria Railroad Company having petitioned Congre a for a settlement of their slaima the Government lor the asa of their road during the war, tne Military Committee of the House have decided to report a resolution authorizing th?t Secretary of War to settle ths claim upon the principles ot equity and jnstioe. Fibb.?About 11 o'clock last night a lire broke out in the cellar of the house of T A Tolson, corner of 7th and G atrseta east, oecupied as a grocery. The alarm was given, and the lira companies were promptly on the ground. The front honse was aeariy destroyed, and a rear building of brick was bnrnt to the walls. Ths loss was not stated hut is nearly covered by insurance. Mraic ahd Fr*.?We advise amy of our readers troubled with the bines to go to Odd Fellows' Hall. The Carnival Minstrels now performing there are not only fine musician* bat genuine humorist*, aad their bi*a at the fashions and follies of the present day are original, and not scale jokes revamped, which have circulated since the time of Joe Miller. Tub Old Folbb ow IcB ?a large number of venerable gentlemen having been exercising 2n. Hating park aad at varioaa akatlag fields during the past-season, it is stated that the directors of the skating park will probably invite the Association of the Oldest Inhabitants to enjoy a few hours npon the park at aa early day. Pbof. A6A&6i??a Lbcti bb PonrrontiOwing to illness, Prof. Agaestx will be uaabte* to deliver his lecture at Wesley Chapel, as advertised in the eonroe oT the T. M. C. Asaoclotion It Is to be hoped he will so far recover as to meet the engagement before leaving the city. There will be no lecture to-ni^ht. Jail vera Oocbt.?Last night. George E Ward, a sailor, was amhted by Officer Whi|more, npon the complatat of Charles Hartman, charging Ward with assault and battery and malicious mischief. This meraiag Justice Handy committed the accused to jail for court. e Attbntioh is callbd to the meeting of citi. zeaa el the Seventh Ward at Potomac Hall tonight, to take measures far the relief or the poor ef that ward. The motsmeat la a moat comnteadaMe oae, Ib View of the great amount of suffering now existing amongat the poor of the city. * Her tad Committbd -to Jail ?Leouard H-^th^bajtor, was yeaf^ylK^T^ j^Ha ddholt of bail In ths sum of f20,000, answer the Indictment stated to to"d him in tbfJSUr ?t ,8ow ?ertons otfehM to go hie bail, bat were refused by./^p Ooarie , P^WCafc*Oxrs ?4he reporta of the lien. ^RPkv a iHSll eejWf rorwipB?i ni -t?M>rtfroirt <*g, G?rt*e frrtbrr reaptie birtll 1?t at?r. ?? ku b*??fT*Bi?(l by tbtGoreraor of Ma-ei*,,! retbecbw of rhe negro oran conflna#m prin ? ti+orgi Mtntj j*4i aader <w death t<?r ; ?P* - Kblliho t an -.?!> ? M?wt Woic ws*?rr*ated y*et*rday by ?m. ?* t;ie*> ante. of tbe ??h Ward. for Mmc lnjuor wiUi. Ml iKfMT. JaiUtt Cdl) ftlMtd bliB $?l Affair* ii ( r?r|tu?a. Tup ArrwAcaiau fcintTtn* ? A* 'a* j?T for rbe tndtntipal election < tblrd Monday u >>bruary? approaches. *be in**r*?i In the m> UctiM ot raadidata* Hcnutt. Tbe Mayor aky wa topic of coi??r?*tK*. andaaitaorof ubm fcavt bMt n*oboaM 4a coaaacvoa Witb it lion H. AMimb to b* a c?adids<? f caw, bad tfcr rum of Mwin Chart-? J> Weicb. late taa cot?*K?or, J. W. l?*eble. W m Ktag of WiAUam. aad U???ii HMi. jr., arc au? mentioned. Tbe la*t named three ?ruI probably dNlia* ta fa\ar of Mr. Weicb, ?tu .. qnue popular, aad wboae recent rejection by the city eoaacal* aa tax collector. aa ?0rr ... ha* bald for naaay years, ba* created ?ii, a t?mp?U)raBMf bMirimdf Tba impress.,*. i? tbat tbe colored rote will aatUe tba qaaa'ion ba to tba May or ait v, a* at will probably t>* co*?eb t rated ?a oaaof the caaoutatea Oar ot tba rrcracly regie ered colored >oa*r* botnc asked abu ba woald rota far, renlietf, I donl know y?t; whoever dey flm on." refrmair to tbe party witb whlcb be acta, 1-aa Bb<ubTEATioa. ?Tbr i*???trauoo of voter* it being continued tw-Ua* with uuite aa Bocb apirit am ys-aierday Tba ptrnc to the Aldt-na^n' chamber. where tbe Mayor aui ' Aldermen are anting a* supTTleora of fair regi iatry, baa bwn tbroag<d ?ibcp tea oYlack wxa colored ciUaea* aakiou* to be refiaiared. We are informed by one of tae Aldermen tbat thn amber of colored voters regie tared will hlally equal to tbat or yeaterday. aboat t w* buodreo, arbile tbe while veiera regiatar-i will be over a hnadred Kibb ? leatetday morning, a fire waa d*-. coverW la tbe bcaee corner of Water and J?t leraon atm-te. occupied by .Tamee M ir^:, I wa? nacertaiaed tbat a child pltyinc wiia fr-r tioa roa>cbe? had accidentally art ttretoiom. clotbiac in a bnreau It was eiungtii?tj i alter deetroytag about ntty dollars warth clotbtag. VlOI.ATtKU (VtBPoatTIOK Ormiai | (< K. Harrance *? arrested thU morninc ??t <?? fleer Kberwood for ranninc a wa^ou wi:u ,u license Jot-tire Unckey fined aim tt Pok*.?A small lot or country>frlaa|(titer?.i bo** arrived tou aaoruiac- Ttoe own?-r *** offered ?5. ?b? averace price front wagonhat warn not di?po*ed to sell at tbat figure Ta ' tricea are about a? quoted yesterday. FLora ant? CiaAiK Maukkt ? The d<>m<tnj contmuea to iniproae for choice arad*-s for tacity trade, bnt tbere apftears to no cbaor? ? pricen, and the transactions are lirbt. (fran No receipts of importance reporfd, aid tb> prtcea are loat quoted in the star. MA". will trot la tbrw alaniM. Al??. to new Oattar MaUb. U?ib?m and Balls. nTII looalra Kuoa 136 (ieaaral Laad Offer /C?a ja UK' I'H* LOB DOM NOcTcfl HAOA/.lbK rok 1 Tba Amarlcan Raprtot oftbla w?lar lw, rlna la ao? readi and foraal* la tkls cltf b> a?b sciiptlon ar atngla copies hj tba acanta. , ,tl. ? raiLT a m>lumovm, )?> >H 313 Penn. a?a , bet 9th ant Iwtb L'lVKTUIUTIU r AKD 81TBH THIRTIBV A fall anrtly of J?aaary aa<l J air riTi TWIItUBaa haad. vhlohva ran aichaata l?r all MBtiof bf-r-n Thirty Treasury botes so f> arable tertaa COHPOCKD IHTK&BbT HOTK8 wsnteU llVcOObiMS ^TOOOKEdCO H. IA8I BALL AMD BKATOBIAL HIAD QUA BTBB8. Dealer la Imported Cigar*. At**, ths followi-,* brand* of Donastlr Otgara Tulip July. p?flf Robert Bums. Ac I alae keep a flne aasortai*at af Tobacco, Meersckaum aad Btiar Wood Plpe*.*aJ Fancy Article*. A large assortment of tb* fca*at and t~?? 8BATBB. u lm JC8T RBCBITBl*. Another large and fiaa aMortiaast of FRENCH AkB AMBBIi Ah OOBFBOTIOBBRf CAHD1B8. MALAGA OBAPBS.atr.. At J08BPU U. bUAPPlBLD'd Pentsylranlaarsau*. J* 22 5t between l?tb aad l.uh ata CBOaiB HAD BBCBIMD A LOT Of LA DIBS SARATOGA KKATBti, at kla Ileal quarters Penaaylvai.ia ayaaue. jatl-lt . THI FIB EST AVI) LAB0B9T 8 A LOOP fTr * _f^d'*a to get R*fr?ahmeuU. OTSTIHs, CREAM,ato., la at 94b Penn srr???,b*t<?e-t I J OK T m5?? ?81PH H 8HAFVlfcLT>a % VONrBCTIONBBT. an St* ? AT EST ABOUT ! J nmM _ LATR8T AOOKT I! At 394 Penn a urrna*. batmaea is aad eta an l*low Batioaal Hotel. A box of ORET*8 PAPER COLLARS, laol*dicg a NBCE TIB. far TWEVTT FIVE OEBTS 0BLT OAn and OElfTS' FVRblBBIM'i OVODB at greatly radaoed brtoaa. >a tl Jt* Ik CDRimer. "DOWH WITH fliaa PRiURS.Tbe best American Howard WATCH, 1? karat a. #M; 18 karet Appletoa I Tracy, wtta ait U* laprovemenu, Sil? . 0 8 Bart1?tt, with sH i!i f2>.l?-SirrB>e?- * api* a4i J lot of <;SEB> A W A TCH Ba, a-t In diamond* .l 1 in plain gold eaaaa, fa lea* then in anr oth- r JjofJ la thl| iljy. A T*ry large lot of ladia* aev of lbf 9U *ack Otld Thtmhla*. rery heavy IS karat gold, #.? Vary rlcb OaraaU Setts and other*, on* half i?.? than anywb*ra -l*e Sold -eal and plain Rings. ?f.Mk **ry ba*t aukr. fo r?al !?*a than >a any otbar atc-aia tbladty. t'lae tUlv* r T*a 8ao.?hakdaam* flgared. weighing * . a. a half do^en a: 9i? ; Slain, th* *ame, t ot.. Bid. warr*!itoJ aire . A Baa lat af OPRRA UUMIS atl BFRChb.of the fine*t pebble, aarrant'd to ftv* aatiafactloa, by I ALEXANDBB. Jeweler, U40 Prnn at*., JAMdtj bot Ittk an.l nth *w 480 CBBTBALL"AB OFFICE, 480 Bo. 4*0 ist hstreet, one door below Fa. at*.. ^ 10 020toloaiionOoiTaadSilver WATCBCS DIAMOSlnS, CLOTBISO, and MI BOB Ah DlbB of a*dry dascrlptlea i* '"Barin*** stricUy ro*rd>*nti?l _/? /^APITOL HILL V BOOT AMD *HOB 8TORB, Corner Sd straet can aad P*nn a ereao*. Juat facet Tad from Maw York, a large and t?aBtiful arapi taiantaT Man a. Woman 's, lltsa ^a^ e*, Oblldren M, B?y a and V oatb* BOOTS.MHe BAITERS and 8HOB8. Prices to euitf^n eaai|badf. Call aad examine, guick Ha eal*a and eeBall proSU. Heaaarx* taken aad a fit R*Mlrinypromptfy atteadad to. j* :2 ?* KOMBTBIBO HEW ~ O EECOl'BABE HOMB MABCFACTLBf 1. GOODS AW. PRACTICAL CARPVT wV.ATKR. . OoraaraW and 0streets. .Island I Makaa Onrpatato <nd*r witb <ti?pat. h on ?o<ie rata Serma,aad aatiafartion guaraati*4. Carps ? ronataatly anbaad, and far eala. JUL1? QRBAT BARB A 1MB IE VIOLlMh OBITABB. FLUTES, BAB JOS, ERABS AED BEBBAB SILVER mTEOMEETB. Sc.. * S&T BOLD TO COTBE 00>T9 Daring tba pact four y*ar* tbera ha* acaumu ' tad at My Store a *arr targe number of MDBICAL IE8TBC MEETS ! I#f| U b1 repaired, and the oaaer* ha? f . to ?ail for them. 1 now offer thrm tt? ??e*r tb* penae* * BMcAal attention of mnslclaat and eth*r* to thesa Inatrtuaenta. Be ma of them are esry so Mrlar /OHM t SLLIS. 30B Paanaylrania a?*ene. B^lth t,or C**<***"?* ^ene^Flalwa aa" | ?'Ml Americaa Organ*. jall-J* jyj^BMB i M ASKbTT MASKS ''. . A fall aapply, ?f nU difarant character, ;B#i raoaivad. at * BOFFEMT* FABCT BA7.AAR. J? IS St Mo 422 7tk street (jwieranssm? ORBRA OLABBBB aad SPECKS forth* Mil ^" 'MMdotbar OLABBBB at half ?rtr*' tbaa by tba Optidaa, at M I. albxampbb. J* B-dt >10 F*aa*yl?anta tfa^ j^lUUIC OFF I BBLLSflO OFF 11 _Fba antlra *ta*t of Ladta*', Miaa'.fB CbUdraa'a, Man1*, Boy b aad Tearth's " Wm BOOTS. BHOBS AMD BAITBBS wra ba aold at prlrata a-1* at aad laBLOW COST PEICBB. BBS 7tb^aaaft<l!^B f'eeM. Mma* abpoaUa Odd FalAoaa Haj^. f|f MVMOFOLITAM 1*1- BO W LI HO AkfcBI. EBM&sstiK2829B& a