Newspaper of Evening Star, January 24, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 24, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. local news. AMUBXMIBTS. Ac . TO-HIGHT. wall* n?w- uiika Hoots. -First night of U>e or* comedy, Fm* Family," which fefts been to successful in the principal fcaropn? sort Anpnfun nti?. It will be brought out with a tine fi-i. National Th kater? Mix* Maggie Hitch e!; will. to-night,gi\e one mori* representation of "Kanobon.** llrr/uiitt Hail.?S?\enib concert of th# ptta: combination of two Feake families jnwis> Uelt-nnger* and the Berber family. Ouo Fax. low a' hall?This hall hat never iifruio cro?dtd as daring this week, the at. rracnon being Burgess and Ivt Rue's Carnival Minstrel*, as large and perfect a compear as evsr visited this city A good bill to-night. M?iis( ?( the Republics* Association ton* ' > Rei U. W. Andrrfis, colored? ' Will RIi:I Men u-ori iv harmony trilh the other Memr^nr"?"HiU Co/or eaute Friction.* ? The Krj>1ar-a!um Sa'xtfac.Urry?XoVr.etton on account ot V iUir?Mr. Antlert'tn hands in hit name?<>r j+ntiaUon of an Auxiliary Ancria'ion in th' .seventh IV.irrf?about the Second and f'curt'i Wards.*"?Discouraging report from i.rnrg**- )rn?Shall f be an "ftsftriliency Programme "?Shall Colored Men be put upon f^eTieief*?Can they carry IVashmf/fon: *? Mr. Wafsort dubitates?Or. Riryd tav* Try?Re.-olu. ttontan/i th?CMS$\on$?RetuVt. i.n?t evening the regular weekly meeting of 'lie Republican Association was neld at the Vnion league Kooms, 9th street, and was atr nded by about sixty persons, about one-third ot whom were color?d. The President. Mr. j k. Klvans. was absent, and i-ersons bad been called to the chair and declined. Mr f. a. Hosw ell assumed its duties Mr a <?. Hall being ihe Secretary. Applications for membership were called for, w&cn Rev. 1?. w. Anderson, colored, sta'ed bar he, with several ol Lis friends, were present tor the purpose ol learning something of ne working* ol the association, and he asked, Will black men work in harmony with the jtber members, will color cause iriction ?'* mr .1. Say les Brown replied, that there was no distinction on acconnt of color in the association. the only qualifications required being is to politics and moral character. He explained the constitution, and itsted that, ts tie more explicit, a resolution had been adopted declaring these principles. Mr. Anderson said that with that understanding he was willing to hand in bis name The executive committee received the folicwipt names, which they reported, and they vi em elected members: Rev. 1>. w. Andersou, :> 5;. Sumner. i.. a. Sanders, and Charles w iliiame. colored. Mr Itrown. from the executive committee, said he would be thankful il any of the memhers from the Second and Fourth Wards would ? outer with the committee in reference to holding meetings in those wards. They hail organan auxiliary association in the Seventh Ward, and tbey wished to orgsnize similar associations in all the wards. Mr. Blown proceeded to slats that s portion sf the committee had visited tieorgeiown, and he was lies to conless tLat he lound there such a conditio* of things as to make bim feel apprehensive of the re-ult of the election. At tin- time three colored ??men entered the r- cm. and i?r Boyd expressed his satisfaction thereat bv clapping his bands and stamping hi- leet. Hon a c? Kiddle also entered at this time, when Mr. Boswell vacated the chair. Mr Rrow n continued, stated tbatthecommitree on Saturday evening went to the bouse of Mr. j. b. Adams, and alter waiting some time they went out in pursuit of some Kepnblicaas. and finally went to the house of Mr a. j .re. a very well kuown colored citizen, where tbey louii\l some 15 or -20 ot the prominent colored men of the town, who were afterwards loireo by 4 or 5 whitee. Thev heldasortof ?lasr meeting, those pre-ent giving theire*. ,'irieEce. and be got the impression from whit v. as .-aid that negrosnrtrage was so odious that i,t> vi hiteman would go with the negro to the polls. Tbey said if they succeeded they would btve to keep quiet. The colored men said they bad their eyes on their friends, and he took occasion to speak to one of those who thev (the colored tiiru; said they could trust. he remarked that they must have a '-flat footed'", one who would come out squarely in tator of the rights of the colored race to be successful, bu. when asked it he would not be a ..andidate, he -igmliiantly remarked tliat be didn't Snow. Mr Brown endeavored to impress on those present that the eyes of the coen'Ty were on them, that thev should vote : -r sou.e radical man. He asked some 01 the Republicans il they could not get some man <o come out as a radical, and they remarked tiiat it would not do. The colored men thought that they could beat the copperhead* it their whit? friends would make a ticket, and when that t;cket is made they would -go it." Mr j. b Adams said that he did not hav** the same views as bis brother Brown. I11 <?eorgptewn they were acting on the expediency principle, as was done in Philadelphia when Judge Kelly was tlrst elected. Il they came out as square Republican. :bey would not accomplish anything h* defended the :epot*. BQitde at the previous meeting, and e'a'ed that he knew the element there from l-^ttl. when :here were not teu righteous men living there. The opposition were a', work, and tr will take a considerable effort to deleat the present government of georgetown Ad? dison w ill go to any u ngth to secure a reelection, ai d was not his triends going round to the colored chorabes r h? [Mr. Adams]sp?ks o! the bill introduced 10 i'ougre-s to take the registration from Addison and his Aldermen a^d Waliach with his Aldermen, as 1 use-?sity. He was opposed to a strait-oat man a? a matter of wspe?i?#ncy. They had a man seiectad on whom 'he colored men would concentrate. and it was worth a trial to let the matter rest until the meeting was held at Kber.e7*rChurch on Friday which Hon. <} w Julltan was to speak He would invite the association to come over and commune with the Republican-* of Georgetow n. a Voice?ft there are any ! Mr c. s. Bates ?aid that he did not get the same impression as mr Brown, and proceeded to -:ate that they tound the colored men wr" actively engaged in the contest. They had thmr eyes directed to two gentlemen as candidates for Mayor, with either of whom they would be satisfied. They bad committee-' out canvassing the wards, and were earnestly at work. He did not think that the committee shonld interfere. They had men of undoub-ej loyalty selected. During ".he war he dete-ted the very name of "expediency," but now be. Iieved in it. With sucli a man to lead as ihev had named, the election was desthied to be ,1 Republican snrcess. He did not think that it would be wise lo ask the candidates to make any pledges. tb?gesriemen they had named he understood werepromin -at members of the l":iion league Mr. j 11. Crane, ano'her of the committee, said that his impressions were much the same as those of Mr. Brown. From all he could learn, ibe geuilemeu named had never be?r. connected with the anti-slavery movement; and. although it wa- in their fav?r to say that they are members ot the t'mon 1,-ague, some ot tne worst negro haters in the country were memhers of that league. The association should take warning by the past experience of tbf? Kep'iblican party, who had tbrown Hannibal Hamlin overboard, and took up the present occupant of tbe White House?a bigger traitor than whom never lived. a Von e ?and Tom Swanu. mt. White.?Swann never was a Republican. Mr Crane further argued against any expeciencv programme. Mr White remarked that the colored men with whom the committee had had the conference seemed to be a* intelligent as the members or the committee They said that they knew ilieir friends and were workiug well Th. a wnv this baianzue, when the colored people were a unit there. it you want colored men a? candidates why don't you say so * Mr. 1 r;?ue.? 1 would like to see some black# elected. I'r Kovd ?I rise to ask a suspension of the rule*. Mr Br-owu ? Ket'a get through with the repurt first. i)r. Boyd hoped that the gentleman would not insist on il.e report, and he moved that the debate be laid on the table until the ((enilemeu invitrd at the previous meeting t? address the as-*ciatiou could make their remarks?Messrs. v r lull, of the a'ro, Kort Smith, Ark,, and Albert OnfBti. of the Xationaliil, Mobile, Ala. mi n h. Miller hoped that the business would be proceeded with Air. Bar*on rose to a point of order, stating that the principal business was the collection 01 dues. The Thnir.?That is out of order. Mr White?i move the previous question l he Chair.?There s a gentleman on the tloor. Mr Miller.?Kvery uun of the commutes come here with their opinions. l?r Boyd -The gen:|emen who expected to 5(teak having left the room, 1 will withdraw the motion a Voice ?1 obysct. Mr Miiler business was laid ?ver from the last meeting. Mr b: ai moved to amend the motion *c that it v ill :ake ettect after the return of th< ^erueinen Mr Crane thought that a committee should be t.est alter the gentlemen'o in ?ite them back a? thev bait been very badly used. Pr withdrew lite motion. mr Miller ?1 move that the speeches be dt? <h^r?e.i fl^anghter ] oh, no. the committee Mr Browu proceeded to state that tbe com ir ,'tse wnt to < ie.irretown to see that.the col? ed men were not betnir misled. He believed iha; iter were going lo be Jed estray. It th? r<*poM:cacs led them estray, he w?uid do hn u "u duty of SSF^-s s^PHS ??J!cfc?".'"" *"(' >?"' ? W???7 ? **u' "" ' """ ^ called up his resolution or. ofThln^!.^! rn*TUn* to relation to a repeal ^wiLzTm ^ '* *** *>''tr|el, and by consent ?^ns"? ?i,o*,n????""Wtituter to thiS Association reeonamen* Sii ?f r<T#,U of tbe CtlarIrZXL. 2*Ji!n ?n aod ^wr^iown, the ?OTemjieniof tbe District to be placed In the *rs?8 ? mmUWoo'r, '? h* elected by ConJ more cfflcert to be elected by tk>n i^L^.?rer* M>" \ ftDd that 'h? Aeeocia* ^Pct^ !^-C/>mraUtM' OI ? ??> persons to cTS.fsn^^r." 4J^r* Wateou proceeded to argue tHat it was impossible for the Kepu bllcans to ever obtain the control of tbie District. [A Voice ?Faint heart never won fa.r lady." It was for tb?s reason be wis bed tbe charters re Denied Hp JJJJ ln^2fJl0! of l?" ?'"* taken from the dov^? ? . e " , <*?teeted tbe one man power it was a failure, and be sometime. ir^'i ' *>*?* t??e office or president ot tbe United States and put bis powers in the bands of an Executive Council th.V W?can carr* ,h?* Action, when ^ven t^^?n K J Or.Wa"ach can oarr>' fhthousand votes. and he did uot fSLnV ?h?Ee ll?o?s?nd white men could be found who would vote a Republican ticket along side of the colored man. When toe demoption y-as (jotfeH up in honor of Uo?* s w?&.It"? Mar,**d witb H-wthanahondred * f1 '*"9V which was increased to three hundred bj the t me they reached the Capitol, rie h id f-V.eJ'td w,,|i Prom"","t Kepublicans, who said tbe proposition wa? right. It. Boj d A^oppn-ffi to tb?* resolution, be. cause it was like putting buttej on butter and bailee on ?aace. He wanted to go up to the polls and try the experiment. It we are beaten U Will not be the first time we have been beaten vn principle, a?d then can petition as contemplated in th? resolution The came of defeat ,n the past was because we haw not had the people to vote for. If we have rascal candidate* we can swerp the city like a tornade. He believed tba' the colored race in this city were as intelligent asanyela>sof workingmen in tbe country, and thev shou'd h?? af ,ea*' To-day, ,f straight. ( w/re nominated ihey could be elected, but if conservatives or latter-dav the party would be <t?. reated. 1 he time has come when all eyes were > timed to the District, and if we succeed the same principle will be carried throughout the country ; it w ill give tone to the whole counSouttt measure will be forced on the Mr. Adams spoke of the consolidation of the districts now composing the city of Philadelphia a.> an evidence of tbe beneht consolidation would be to us Even if this measure i& adopted, the colored meu will be able to \< te en what most concerns them?as to who sball assess them, tend to what amount should be deToted to schools. Mr. C W. Wright. I wish ,J*T S' Hepbom.?I object, he has spoken two or three times already. Mr. }\ hite ?Ob, you have been asleep. I have not yet spoken on this question. Mr N H Miller claimed the tloor, and proceeded to speak in fayorof the measure, arg'ung that this was tbe worst go>erned ten mile* square in the world, not because of the people but because they labored under so many disad' vantages, having live governments. If thev revoke the charters they may g1Ve us a delepate to Congress, and he saw nothing but g.Jud from the movement. It Boyd asked if he bad faith that the people can govern the city. * filler.?I do not believe a majority have intelligence enough to govern it. It we elect h 51?3or. are we better off It. Boyd.?Better saiisfled, at any rate Nr Miller etTered the folljwing as a substi. tute, including ihe sutlrage clause in Mr War. sor. s resolution; and moved the sublet oe laid over ' K'n ivrd. Tba' it i-the sense Of this association that the Charter ot the Instnct of Columbian repealed, or so modified by Congress a. amongst other things, to provide far the go* ' ernn.eBt of the District by a board or commissioner?, to be selected or chosen by Congress and that a committee of three be appointed by ', ' hair to confer with the Congressional Committee for the District ol Columbian! re. gard thereto. 5?r ?,r?ne *'a"1 a" th,> tallf wa-s ridiculous. J' saul ir was a" ?wine to persons with extreme ideas, not practicable, going to (?eorgetown to view the political atmoenhere A mi ti<>H was made to invite Messrs. Zeii and <>riffin to speak a' the n?xt meeting, and adopted after w hich, the meeting adjourned ? Dkaim ?y Caj'Tai* Mut.tI.NBR. Olf THE Mkamkk E. C. Kwioht. ? The Alexandria <j.:?zetie gives rfce lollowmg particulars ol the sudden and melancholy death of Cap? h K Muiliner, of the steamer E. C. Knight On Sunday last, capt K E Muliiner, of the steamship K. C Knight?which was caught hv the ,ce .one mree weeks ago ,n qnantico n!". and has been lying there, in company with the I niled States gunboat Ascutney, and the schooner J S. Havens, ever since?accompanied by Mr. Sharp, the chiet engineer ot the -teamer. unci Capt. Airred I.ewls. of tbe .! s Havens, started in a small boar, upon whi.-b skates bad been placed, for this city. The severs snow storm of Sunday evening coming on as the party were on their way up.compelled thsm oput back, and, shortly after one o'clock, when boat, impelled by tbe gale blowing at th? time, was going nt the rate ot, as is reported torty miles as hour, it struck against a cake or ice, which had been forced up abo /e the general surface, was upset, and the back of oapt. JHulliner - head -trikingagainst tbe projecting piece of ice. his skuli was fractured and he died that evening, about six o'clock, on board the schooner .1.8. Havens, to which ves* *M taken by the two gentlemon who were with him at the time of the accident, and who, though also thrown from the boat, escaped with but slight injury. The captain s body, encased in a box, was brought to this city yesterday evening, over the roao from Huantico, taken in charge by Capt. Jos. Dentv the former commander of the E. C. Kni?ht at whose house it was laid out and prepared for interment, and will be forwarded by express at once to where he resided, Ereeport, Eong Island The brother of the deceased, who accompanied the body to this city, expresses his w armest thank* to the otticers and crew of the Ascutney for the assistance and aid they rendered his unlortunate brother while lying in Quantico. s Thhk I< h on tiif Potomac ?The Eeep. bur? i\ a ) Mirror says The Potomac River is tightly trozen. Loaded wagons have been crossing on the ice at all the fords for several days pat-t. CITY ITEMS. ^ ! ? ^w.N.*lT w' " and frankly we meau it. that franc sells <Jeht?' Furnishing (Joods *,rVi*ls 'hatdefy competition 4SH 7th street. near Odd fellows' Hall. ? ? , 1 I'Wkkkh on in Vienna will And objects of interest &t Henning's One Price Clothing Store, on the cornet of Seventh street and .uaryland avenue. Brown** Fatknt MrrALLrc Wkathkr . thivs keep ont Wind. Hain, Cold, Snowand Wuj-tirom Door-and Windows. Eor sale at D. Moore's, 63b 7th street. 3 Mt oLt> Patron? will find it greatly to their i a<ivantage by calling at the new Shoe Store, >o. itci 7th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall. G. B. Willow, im late of the firm or Burns A Wilson Dr. White, Chiropodist, ?2? Penn. ay.betweec *H and ?tb streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged Joints, warts, moles, vaseular excresences, Ac Office honrs from ? a. in. to 5 p. m., and 4 to a p. m. Established l*tfl. For Chilblain8 and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation w a specific. Price *1 per bottle, for sale at 4V4 Pennsylvania avenue, between aa d Oth streets. ASi rhPilb Curb ?Dr. (Gilbert's Pile jn. etrument positively cures the worst cases uf piles. Sent by mail on receipt of ?4 Circulars tree s?|d by druggists. Agents wanted e\ervwhere Address J. H Koinaine. MaaaNo. 575 Broadway, New York. i tto he bad in any qnantities at tbe star once counter OIEt*. At bis residence. In Phlladslahla. i I L.1 ef tbeiW iostai.t. Mr JuHMU in?AWN.Ib the 64th >eerer his ag, hUf.?i? . V.* invited toatUnd Uh* from hi" resi?<?'clo,koB I At Cambridge City. Isdisns, dtvBiorBi?>three o'clock eo Hatur FNDBkW<5.iu'DU!ITJ' Mr* 8 B ; Ji;"i/n?8W5KdMfhter 01 ti?n "ll. r')ast'e?*Vr,h<,4 hft<1 " ***' * nbrl" ti?ji IItr i*?t fxrMMton, w?r? fnll of conft i d? nc6 U), in<j 1"V# f r bifionr Ak*a* m?.i 1 Ob ' 1 do, 't II ks t die a-.dU.vs V, . ho. i d Inye no 8s>ienrso nioci ller eud wii p-r ? fret yeses ,v. 1_ AMUSEMENTS. WAU'S NEW OPERA HOUSE, BBZEYAWALL .. PROPKI1TOM. i * *' M1UUP? ^..BTLQU MANAGER pbopootibb ot bmothbb hit comedy. . THIS EVENING, Jaaaary ?4,ISV. ! ' WTTH ' BNTIBBLT IIW BOBMBBT. BLBQANT appointments, Also an ' .?k . ^WAPPBOACHABL* CABT. tSiVw^osnKiM v0*,b* ^^aa??MBswatw ; FiL ? 4 ?el*\ rarauatta, aucentaj Family Clr- * cle, 26 cents: Colored Oirclt.sctati. : 1 NATIOiAL THEATRE. . PewuftTMU aven*e, near WHlarOa* Hotel. t ONIMOR1 BIOUTOr FAMCfllOS. In compliance with the lnntjrr#r*t)l? nqUMti of perscns families who ware unable, tn eonse 20ePc? '* jn?*rlablT crowded slate of the house ? during the night* of la*t week on which It *ii ? performed, to gain admission to Witness the wot ? derfal impersonation by MISS MAGGIE MITCHELL, In her (rreat end original character of W ANCHOR, , tbe maiuwrmrnt bare coasaated to the repetition } THT8< Thursday) EVENING. Jan.2t. ! ?. -v v 'AHCBOjSr.THBtJHlOKET. J in which the will be supported by the popular roong actor MB. J. W. COLLIER. and the bril- ' liant cast of last week rJ1?? THIRD OliAh^ SKATING OA BUIwill take placeon YBIDAY NEXT, weatber per i "? t'ng.attbe WASHINGTON SKATING PAKK . Toot of T wen'ieth street. commencing at S o cloSk tin..closing a'. 11 p. m. Every preparation will e mmie for the comfort ani conveni< n^e of vi?|. Ba?1 7!!' b# Fr**?nt. and the 1 pond brilliantly Illuminated. ' Tbe maaaaer* beg |e?ve to announce that two wtli be presented on this occasion to tbe t beat l?dy and gentleman stater*, to be decided I by a committee selected from the memliers of the club The pri7es to be awarded at 6 o'clock. Tb-i r?n be k?u at Maura. Gait A Bro.'a, Jewelry j Mem! er> and aea?oo tickets admit * eentlaman ( and t wo ladies, 16 cent* tor each additional l?.l* stable admission tickets. 60 cents?admit genNeroa-i and one lady; boy's tickets. 26 cent*. ja24 1t I ODD FELLOWS' HALL, 7 th Street ~ | EVERY EVENING THIS WEBK ONLY. Tl e Great Confederation af Distinguished ETHIOPIAN ARTISTES, i BU Bi-ESS A LA RCE 8 CARNIVAL MIN < STEELS T!;e Largest and n.ost Perfect Mlnatrel Compaov ever Organized TWENTY FOUR BRILLIANT 8TABS, Fix Comedian*, Inclndiagthe great PURl)Y AN0 K'.AN Four 01 g Dancers, the chain pious of the worbl M1KK K ANANb. NED WEST 1 and the wondrona CTIOA BOYB 1 Marvellous \ o?al Ooiutet te, SWEET, CHLRfH. HRANIUSI, WHEATON AND CARTER. ' NED KNEELAND 8 MAGNIFICENT OBOHES 1 TRA < ^"An entire new Precramme every Evening 1 t v th? Largest ami Mo-t Versatile <'-ompany and ' Most K\traordlna'y Combination of lnstramen t*i V< i at . Conic and Tei psi hori-an Talent ever con'alernted in <>n? orginiration. Tickets. and 50 Cis. Culora'i GaMory . 25 ets I J* ?-tf D C L A RDE. Manazer METEEROTT HALL. I'NEQUALLED 8I 00B8S. ' MONDAY EVENING. Jan. 21,IS67, And every evening during the we> k. grand consolidation OK THE TWO i'EAK FAMILIES, 8WI85 BELL BIN<iER8, 1 Assisted by the BBRr.ER FAMILY. I Vocalists. Harpists, and Pianists *J.'> PERFORMERS, 2**0 SILVER BBLLH. I TDE LARGEST TKOCPK OF HELL RINGERS IN TUB WORLD Ticfcfts HO conts K?-*ervea Beats j j .? Tii fcet> tor unleat Met/erott's M.isic Store and at John K B111"30t> Penn':i avtnue.where seats 1 can I e secured tbreeda>aln advance c i GRAND MATINEE ON HATt'alHY AFTER NOON ja 11 St ISA LLS, PARTIES, jtc. Ball for tiie benickit of the poor Ot THE 8EVBNTH WARD 1 Tba undersiijuad citliena of the 7th Ward ra- 1 *P?fttiilly anoounca tbat tbe> will gf?? a ?a h*netit of tbe posr on Tu litis at OAY EVENING, Slut, at Island Hall. MJm As the prc^aedawill be approprlat*<i faruyfl^ 1 ahsMatlug the want* at the .Untitute of the W?r.l. ! tb?y respectfal y ask for the patr nage aud prts atirant tbe cbaritabla ob tbat oc< a?lon 1 Tickets Jl admitting a Uentlemaa and Ladia?. to b* bad <.f th' Manaserx Jai L Pearson. E.N Gray,.) H.BirB.Dr K \ B Bt.swe1l.Dr R C. Crogsoa, J. Yates. B. H Grab an. CI O. Hamilton, G Wright, Tb mas K Lluyd. William W Laakuy. J A.W Clarroe 24 71* GBAN D MILITARY DRK88 BALL, M < 3L I ODD FELLOW8 HALL. I EBRUARY 1, 1^,7. DISTRICT OF WASHiy<. TOX, prtST Xo. 1 ( DEPARTMENT OF THE I'OTOMAO. ? A. R.. Will ?iv; thetr First Annnal Ball on FRIDAY 5\*?ING, February 1, ODD FELLOWS ilALL. Officers ?f tke Army and Navv, and all nrnmUrn of tbe late > oianteer Armi-e of the United States ara re^aeeted to be present In anifyrrn. ' . Ticket- and Oanls of Invitation t?r Ladies will ba procured from any mernbar ol tbe Committee of Arrangements. TICKETSiadmitting Gentleman aad L idles; S3 Refreshment* famished to Ladies COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS. C.,1 W. Millar, southeast corner 11th an4 R sts. ' Ma^ar T Lnbey, corner 4th and I streets north. < Major J W Lord. 474 10th street, near Pa av? I Maj->r C G (Kiuld, 136 6th strert, bel. M and N. CaDtaln R Mid lieton, Capltel Bxt-nsion. Captain R. Morgnn, Capitol Bxteualan. Lieut. Col C.W Ta>lor Quartermaster'* Dep t Captain C. C Parker. iU5 t street north. : Major H A Myers, ^7 Massif husetts avenue ' Dr. W. F. Collins, Office internal Ktfvenue. ja?-6t LOST AND FUUND" C1 AME TO TBB~PBBMI8B8~of Mrs~ErniTy ! / heall. near Glenwood Cemetery, two MULCS, w bicb the owner can have by proving property, 1 pay ( heroes and . , r them awav ja^4-3t IObT?On Widneaday evening, ISd lastaot, a J -* LADIES' PIN, marked 8. J. Stone. Tiie CnOer will be anltably re war.ted by sending a llao, s aticg where the I'ln may be found, to No. 147 | 12a street. jail it* IOBT?A SLEI'.H ROBE, purple, black, and J igr?y, on the eveninx of December M. somawhere in the western part of the city. A liberal | rtuard will be paid for the delivery of the aa:u? to '40:1 Pennsylvania avenne, near 16that. ja 23 2t* IOBT?On the afternooa of the 19th inataat, a ^ MINK 8\BLE V10TORINE A auitable re , ward will be paid on ltadeli vtry at '432 G atre*t, l between 17th and 18th. ja SS 3t* CAMS TO 00B PREMISES AS TBA Y. white COW with little spots on both sides; right ear split, little pieee of the left ear; horna turned down, atrnigbt hoots The owner will come farwarn, prate rropertv. pay cbargea and take her \ away DANIEL bHEA, 10th street, between L 1 ano M atreets ja 22 St* I OROCGHT TO MY BTABLEXSTN ESTBAT, \ I> one Black MULE, about 13S hands hlrb, t about S yaara old ; scar on tbe left rump ; tail a f little bobbed. The owner will pl aaa come for ward, prove property pay charges, and take him ' awav. THOMPSON NAYLOB, jat2-3t* E at., bet. 13,''a and Itth. ( fiO() REWABD?Stalen on tbe ulght of the OO'" 13d ofBeptember from the oremlses of r George Jones, aear Bladensbarg, a dark browa HORsE. marked C. S and I. 0.; medlnm size, c ma?e and tall aomewhat sunburnt, baa a roan 1 nose The above reward will be paid if returned i to GEO. J0MB8, j oc 2 Hyattsvllle, Tiince Peorge's Co., Md. c "BOARDING. ~ ; I'KNTLBMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED s witb priTnte ROOM and BOARD, with home made bread and supper at nine in tbe evening, for ( 23 per month. Also, unfurnished ROOMS to let, ' ver\cheap JOA D atr et, between 12lh and lath. 1 ja ti 3t* A FEW WELL FL'RBIHHBD ROOMS WITH I Are and gas eau be obtained at H74Datreat, 1 between K?h and 9th atreets, near Patent Office, * altb or without BOARD. Charg**a moderate 3 ja i.i-tit* j 1' A BI.E VOABD at No. 4*4 10th atreet, a faw ! doora north of tha avenne. Terms ?U per ! ?0Btb- de M a | f ADIEa DRESa TK1MMING8 -* YOB EVENING DBESSB8 Just received, a fine assortment of Crystal Dress Tilumioga. Chenille Fringes and Gimp ; V\hite Fur ttnd Feather Trimmings ; Opera Cloak 1 Tasael*, >wans'lo>vn. Gold and silver Fringes, Spangles, W ax Beads, Crystal Be*4a. Bodes. Ac 1 Mrs. LOWB'8. ! ja 21 3t 2??T Pa ave , bet. 9ih and 10th, IF VOL WANT BARGAINS ! _ It ... _ IN OABINBT EDRNITCBB ! Call at tbe Extensive War??ro >ms of I H F. ZIMMERMAN A CO., ..... . No ?3?Sevauthatra?t. r Ja 21 dim between La av. and D straet. (REASONED OAK WOOBT ' FOB BALE CHEAP, ' AT WALKBR'S LUMBER YARD, jall-ft Corner lotb street atMtCaaal. WANTS. P VV competent WOMnT?Tn?ir??o?d A A??lr ?tu? boose of ?* Oomnand.nt. fiayy Tart j^St ft* W '"TID-A SBBvonT. w c<wkt?uk. an 'Mro# Apply ml 61b 7th itrMt, betweeu E r Mmii, IiMkiHt. )?ti )tW/AXTrnV-k SITUATION it % uort- by ^toi iatrlcu ?lto olil (if* Hr* n?M tuiiMi a note to Btfillf J 8'?r >?< *. mtn WAMTKU-llf ? r?nK>*(il? girl. * SITU ATI?* as ohomborortlM, and to atglst In *?***?& ?< IrtHilnjf. Applr for tferoe days at JI* H etrtet, between 17<h and I8ih ip it St* VV ANTBD? A food Intelligent BUI. ialtorfi'' town, must l*> able to Been accounts, and u? biuseif i?mrultr tiMfoi Geod reference r ecwlty reooired. Apply to 0. GOLDSTBIN t CO , .14 (^street . j?u U* VI/ B!?T*rt-A SITUATION Wf a dottled wo ? men todo chamber work ebd Plata sewing. MM mtli herself generally nsefnl. In aire at the (tor offco. between the honrs of 12ond 1 o'clock. i?T4 It* WAN! mo?Br o roaptiMM married lomii. 8IT0ATIO? m cook Ib a hoarding hsaee. eetaurant. or private fomiiy Can give geed ref>rences. Addie?? o not* to Box no. 9, Star fflte. / it*

W AMTBD-TWO BBD BOOMS, with tlreond gas In each, and BOARD for two itrnom. Jinst be near the strtot car* Booms on second loor ond tdiolDl*! ooeh other preferred. A4Ireoe, with price lid location. COLES AB , (Star >thce. jal4 nW ANTED?A COOK. Apply at 493 K street, sooth side. bet. 4 lb ood Mb ata. ja 23-21* WANT*D^A~White WOMAN, to cook, wash. nd Iron , mast come well r?commea ie-1 ipply at SAo I st . bet. l.Hth and Htb. ja a 3t* WAHTID-A WHITE WOMAN tor general housework for a small private fauilly. Ap >ly 1 aimed lately to l?94th street, near N?w Tork ja It ?t? \\'ANThD-A SITU ATIwM . by a respeotable * * Girl. to do chO'mher er dining room work, or ;o nurie children. Apply at Bo. 310,3d street etween (I and Mossachusetts atenne lail 3t* WABTED-A flr.t class WHITE COOK None but a thoroughly competent one need applv VInat bri ng refer*aces At No 4 00 4th *t . n*ar ;ity Hall ;o M St* tt/AHTICD TO BOY?Either two or four BOW " WINDOWS tor store front Any person laving soch lor sale plooao coll ot Bo *>9 Bridge itreet, Georgetown. V C., between Jefferson and 3?ngrese ate., north aide ja 23 St* A~VOrNG"ME BCHANT .(German,) being two rrontlis at Washington, wants another SITUATION in au office or stare. Ue*p<-ak* and writei he Er g'ish, French and German language* Ad ires* "U. H fctar Office. _ ja 23 3t* U7 ANTED? A respectable 61BL to do general housework Mnst some weil n*eonitn*nd?d M W IL1.1 A N, ja22-3t 33b 1'anna avanne. VV" ANTED ? A tirst c!as? female COOK for a v T Bestnurant Also , a good 01BL for general ious*-work Non* others nted apply. Apply ^0^ th atreet. jaW-3t* ALL OUT OK EMPLOYMENT should not fail to call at the Employment Office Penn t iV'-nne. betwfen l'/th and l tth sts. Wanted?Ten jttls, white and colored, foi general honsework Mto. allthoH.-in ne<d of mole or tenia in H KLI'. jitontiona promptly titled. Agents wanted, /a 19 2w* WANTED WANTED "-At the B.. ruftwig Offices No 4t>l O street n?ar IUItlmor? [lepot, KECBU ITS tor the I uite-l state* Army, ja IS !m YV* ANTED?New and Cant off CLOT H I NO, old *? (.OLD and HILVEK.or aay other article of ralne, at the eld o-ttaMUhed Merchant Pa*n i oker's Store ol h KI LToN A CO , ?' h at., ?duors north efPenna avenue Bete Agent for BINGEU'a HEWING MACHINE, de 22- ly WANTED-IO.OOO LADIES to knTw that <t tin- New Stamping K >. m-t, 4.'i!? 9th -tre?-t,oppenite Patent Office, they canr.nd tlie t*st ^elected *f*Hurtmet,t of Pattern* e?er otTere-l here fir Uloaks, Cape*. Apron*. Josey*. Waists, Yoke*, Bands, Wrappers, Bilpperg. Pincusbious. and Ini tials Also, designs for Pillow OnSi'? Ottoman*, [Jhair Covers, Pianoa. and. in short, every variety >f Patterns a? they are daily i**ned. We have a Crench Machine and a Piai tieal StarNper, au I liave i educed the price to FIVE GENTS PEB WIDTH. We make and stamp <ii?y pattern bronght ns Braido, Silk and Working Cotton very 1 w. de r tf W anteiTTsk*-onTTh and r u km i runs ? Also MIKBOKS.CABPET8. BIDS, BED DING and HoLSE KC KN ISH I N'i GOODS of every le?cnption. B Ul'DHLT 40* 7tb street je?-8-tf batweeu G and H. ei??t -Ide PERSONAL. VIBa CUBTIS IBV1NG, Clairroyoh', and Tut M>'hum, will give life readiugs, Including rast, Presett and Future at her office, 420, nerth tide of Pa av , between 4S and 6th streata. Office lours from y to 2 a in. and < to 9 p. m. jalt lm' 'f^HE GENTLKMAN WHO TOOK A LADY S 0 H A N DKBBCii IKK from the Laher vu ttie night ot "Fra lMavalo'' will confer a favor on the >wner hy returning tne sam? to J.U. CLAUKK, Hank. ja tt it' rI,AKE NOTICE-I hereby aive notice that 1 1 have not instructed any one In my business of Pr*s?rviric Flowers, and no one doing husinessin Was hi ngtou ig authorised t*> in# ai; uaiue a 23-lm' MBS KB1E8, 4vtvt 11th street (VOT1CE TO LADY HOABDINO IIOU8M* ' KBBPEBS?A young man of high standing, wants to ENOAOE with a single Southern lady , to attend market and take a general mtere-t in brr oetlfare. before and aftor nnslneaa h^ars, f?r hia room aiid board, H??t references given. AdIres* A. BCH ALL, Post OttieJ ja.ltf I A D I K 8 ?Those who woald sooner lojk J Healthy, teel Well, an?i Bnjov Li e, than to nffar with Headache, Pain in the Bact and Lcms, wttb th< many evil cona?<iuen. es arising from '' hia, Ac , at an Improper time, causing those irregularities which prone theava'em to DYSPEPSIA, HYSTEBIA. And many other Diseases, boald proenre a box f MBS SMITH!) FEMALE PILt S. And read tt?a Circular with it. They restore the i)?t?ni to that healthy condition without whi<-h [to lady can enjoy tha Health, Happiness, or a,jnirettient* of her aam. Price -?0 cect? per Bu\ Bold by Druggista ar by addressing MBS. 8 S SMITH, ja 12-a?3t* ^ Washington. D C. FV OTICB.?Apprehending that drafts drawn ? ~ upon h?-r may be offered for negotiation in or aewr Washington Mrs. STILLWKLL of Zaues t itle, Ohio,usems it proper to thua notify the public not to purchase or advance money upon the larna. an thav will n< t he accented or paid bv h-r, no pereon being authorised sa to draw ja 21 lu * IMIOBTAJNT FOB L.ADTkS ?At CUABbES BAUM n Hoop Sktrt Mannta<~t >ry you can t?ny French W oven Coraeta, whalebones, iJI.jO, reeas Si 2j. No. 4 V? Louisiana avetne. between btli and tb street* ja211m* Bbidal and fuhkbal wbbaths.^io VCETS,CBOSSEB. ABCHwBS. STAKS. Ac , Ereserved in natural form; Imported FLOW KK>. 1AIB FLOWRBS. and BKAIDING. AUo.lm ported MOSS, HAltt DKKSSES tor Bails, by Mre FBIBS. Haa removed to No 4*29 ilthst , between G and H. nc 1 tm* I'AKE NOTICE -Bridal and Faueral Wretths. H.'quets. Crosses. Anchors, etc., preserved in aatnrai form. Wa* Flowera, Hair Flowers, ol 9lass or Pearl, at No. 3 G street, near 1.tb ja l?-ltu* 1ADIKS IT IS ACKNOWLEDGBD THAT u the NEW STAMPIHG DEPOT, on nth street, 139. haa the best selection of Pattern* everofered here, and tha proprietor has reduced the price to ONB HALF that haa been charged heretofore. Beina a practisal Stamper, oo tear need be bad of getting what will suit you. Go see him Be will make and stame AN t pattern, de 16 ti JOHN D. CLARK, ATTOKNKV AND fX?rN BELLOB AT LAW ABB NOTABY PUBLIC, Wo. 3ga 12th street west. de 14 ly ^ADIBS LOOK. AT TH1B. COLLAR AND CUFFS O/TK.V AWAY. Each lady having work done at the CHEAP iTAlPINO BOOBS, 4 3!) ta street, opposite Patent OfBoe, will receive tratis one Collar and rair of Onffs, stamped on the finest muslin, for ;hain stiih. Braid or Embtoidery, suitable for light gown* Star Braid and Colored Oetton for he above at rednced prices. Initials stamped rom ens to .Art cents. Stamped goods at halt the yvlce heretofore asked. de 29-tf [iKORGETO WX A DVKR'MTS. lfc=?HUMOttOUS LECTUBE-Dr. BAGBY.ot )J> Virginia, will deliver Bis popular humor mis Lecture ou " Baconand Greens, or the Native I'irclnian." on FB1DAY EVENING, the 26th net., at Market Hall, Georgetown, at o'clook. tdmissieo fifty ceuta. Tickets for pale ot thedoor m'y . ja 24 2t* IUST BECEIVED-At WALLACE S. Of filjh ' street, Georgetown, Sweet Ha\aua OBANGES 'nd delicious Malaga GBAPEb Parties and K^iugs furnished with tbe choicest OONFEC riOBEBY. ja 2t-3t* f^HBAP COTTONS. AT M I L L K R' S. 101 BB1D01 STBEET GKOBGETOWN, D. C. Jo>t roovtTed.a large stcok of COTTON G0ODH, rhlch wo ore selling at lower price* than they lave been sold since tbs war ?Bt aebed Muslin, 2Sj. If, id cents, food yard wide Shirting ditto. 20 tnd 26 cents; 4 4 Androscoggin Bleached Muslin, *> cents, t-4 Wsmsutto d?., 36 cents; 6 ?,(?.? 4, ? 4,1? 4,11 4Sheetings, very low; Calteoeaot 12S. S. IS cents; Merr 1 macks, Spragues, and orBer beat nakes, V cents. Shirting Prints, 20 cents; Un Reached Muslins, 12H. 13 cents; yard wide ditto, .8 and 20 cents Gall and examine oar stock, MONBY 0AM BE SAVED by So doing JO24 Im* BKNJAMIH MlLLBB WM U WHBATLBY'S> PBEM1UM 8TKAM DVSiNQ A CLEANSIRO CSTABLtSH M BNT. OfBce Mo 40 Jeffereoa st , Georgetown, D. O. Established llll; premiam owardad by the Metropolitan Institute. 1&7; reboilt l&k>. and i* sow by far the largest* and most complete e*tab Hsbmentof the kind In this section of eountry, ?i th a large steck of tbe best foreign and douveslie Dyes and Chenricots; replete with every desir kble Apparatus, and provided with tbe be*t Tal ent and Artistic bkill to be obtained. The sub ciib' r is prepared to damenstrate to his enstoaera that pre ecnlnent as map hare been Ir's previous reputation, his metto is " Bxbelaior'' in Dyeing. Oleoneing. and SaAntshim; Lad lea' aid G?< nil em en's Apparel, Bllka, Tetvets. Battme. Ms rtno. Cloths. Ac., be meona to stand oacivailed Truly ifcantfiU for past soltclt) tjt#continued enstum of the community. k>oit? reoetvwd and returned fj^Expross with the utmost oreuprnes* and dis^iatcti. ia lMm Vf. H. WHEHTlIJ, Dyer. AUCTION SATiBS. _TVia ArTXM.rOQJI AMD ro-Mi'KM')r htfccvraw hwwNalt knmhIm? "SUk ; GOO?*OB TUESDAY HOBNIMO Juur, M. r?n> mcibi Mill 'clock. a*4 tote Bt].?vd dait* until|tbe wboie at ark n diepea*4 of. we wMl **||. ?4ir.ffci?45r? "~" BIT GOOD#, To COY*T tlTIDTN, AO . c?n>prItfaf Meit?a, 0MT?r *r>4 Ir**! Ototl.e Freoeb aad American Ftacy aaS other Gun BtTM 1W ?leoee of b*?l bruill of WUk Bleer a*4 0*tt?r * ' PIMM of CnMear h?4 (V IUxm ? piece* of We,thaw Mills 10 -jaarUr 8h??ii.?. I'M pleoeeof beat brands cholc* Prists W P?otOa Pine French . ribKad Ml pin* K yiKMiwtart. Wkii? end GoUrod MT<?1 AlMrtl, KonhuiDM W Pj*"** Boole* rery floe ?P<*<e4p*laln*e al.ite.frai tal r*4 Op*r% hirMii 130 ple? ** Fine Dr*M 0 -ode 10 Stoker P!mbi>Ii ted CuctrlM ii'14fV kilo ar.d Cdo(d Pltkstla Plerea UcUm Scar fa m| BwoAa FIne Proaa Shawl* aod ( "k. ia<1 Silk Hoat. Large stock of Storkinya and Half koee. Br?W bin*. Pn?ff. Wool Jackets. 8u?peo.!aca Hd* Merloo Btlrte ond Draw*te *t>b?lMV? ?i*k ?? doalrwMe ib.1 Dr> Good*, allot which will be poeittv*4> eoid. regard teco-t ..7* asps. Tally call tl>* attention of th? trade te thia seU, a* it i? ? 0rth> tb?-ir attention ;a-|Jt W LWiLilOO.iteU WTHI A HOT I 84 IK IB CKAVOlBtBLT poetponeri until THIBBDAY MOBMNU. Jan Iitti. same boor and place W. L WALL A 00 . >?? ? |Chron kIntel 1 &uch?aMra |^T GBEEN * WILLIAM*. Auctioueer* 8AL1 OF A IOT OI~~HOUSEHOLD rCBNl Tj BE AND WEABIMQ APPAHKL AT ACS On F KII>AT , January ifth, at 10 o'clock a ra we shall sell. at tfcf> r of aih and |i atreets north, a lot of Household I uciiltura and Waar rig Apparel. THe t'ac ? 111 designate the p. ac. Tfrnn caab ;aUd GBEFN A WILLIAMS. AtwK |^f W. D LkV IS A I'O , Aurtlooeera EXTENSIVE PAWNBROKER'S BALE OF tLOTBING. W ATt HE8 ATHUBSPA* a ad K Hi OAT , at laadatk.ala r Auction St>r~. we ahaII etll 1 0? lota of ' nr? <te-:i?d pledge*. rat rw lag l.adt-a CI. thine Hen's an-t Bo* 'a Clothing of every deacriptloi W Gnr.?, Pistols, aud y ottier W -ola Br order of I'OI KB A B BOTH IBs. Pawnbrokers It IChrOlil W.B LKWIH A OO . Anru jj" JAl* 0 M' Ul'lBE A CO., A ctioueers PBSIBABLE TUBKI BTOEY FRAME HOIS* in ' tu etre. t. b'l <*>- i. O and U etrtei* uorth at Aartlon On WKbNKBDAV AKTKKNOON oert, Jan tiar> :<0, at 4 o'ricck. on the premise* Vvai'll *?|| Lot No f. In ti^oare ?* , tmpr ?~d bp a^ ea nllect tbtee ator> >"tau<a Uoaae. containing ? room ?!th l.a'l, m!*. . elde aiief, tba aatne tr tit:ti< k tr+tf>t) thh east t>lde of ?h afreet ??<t bet?r<ea <1 aud II atreetx north, rtinciiutf hack 8> feat toa It foot pa\td alley In ?!<a r> ar <ia? : a the b*\a* and water In tba >atd. Hauae oo? rautluc for Sol per annum Tertna Or e ha f raab, halatice id all and twelve moLtba wl?b Intereat aocuieO b> deed *r trait on the amulaoa AM con*eyancii)c aod rerrrtie atttmpt at caat o< pnr biiaer J. 0. M?.til I Kk A OO . ja23 dAda Ancttoii^ora H*"j T COCUU ell * t_t> ; AtKti. n~?r<. Nn 4"* S Beventn atrcat BVTENSIVK SAI.K OK HOI t>IHOLD FT BN 1 Tl UE AT I IBLIO AICTIOB On SAT I BP A Y .the Jot h i net . at I- <'clock a ni.. ?t aLall a?-ll, at the reotdeuca of a centicinak leciitsiac I aeokri-pmf at N* 0;'Mi'r*?t b? taeen Kth and ISth ? I'lano Bnrea>.a. p.dtteada llair .'8d Car." t1- ai t hatra B ? k? I-, Pofaa. \\ ?r4rc<t?ea \V?>h?tatd- .Tin .ft f 11a leather Bwie Hair Mattref-?a< Pirl-r ? hauler and tftair carp-t at Ollilloth Window Curtain* a < Parlor, ClifcOit^er ai d Cooking ?u>? >4 Una FixC:rea. 6 ' T't M<a t a?b The Hnoa? u ill b? 'or rant ja2!3f J T COLDW ELLAOO An ta Bt W L walla CO . Awcttuaaeia. Oticlnal librae ?i,1 Carnage Bazaar. Luulatai,a avruut*. PALE OF bOK^Es. CAKBlAUEh, HABM?B At-. At . OnBATUBDAY MOANING.Jan 2?.atl a i d *r ?ili cell, at the Ba. aar. a uututier m Carriage and Work U*r-ea, tafutl d-arriptiot. at ale.Kumpri-iop about ? FIFTY HO EM KB Many go<.d W ork had ll* *1.1 Uart.e?a H .< * At ?< , A l?r^? Ci?llwtlon of N?*t? and f^ec^'Od-baod But ciea. Berkaways>t. ariia?e?, Ua??oa. aad o?li-r Yeblclea T?o b?? .lenn;. Lin ! Wacxia, built la thi? tit* Bute, And U?rt).-. Al?->. Be* and 8*c<.n? hand Hartxia. ?*-1d|. , t'*^' af?. Ac., at private aa-a Be^nlar aalea da>a. Tnoadaia. ThoraU>a. at J Batnrdaja Carriage* an 1 llarQMs al? a?a on prj vata ia!e ja*s _ W L WALL A C*0 . Anou |JT UBEEM A W ILLIAMB. Aactiwaa*ra HOC81 ABD LOT FEUBTli*O IIS BOCTH G KTRI BT. RR TWKEN U'THAND I3TH BTBEET? EA?T. AT i BBL10 Al t TIOK ??aiDaa. i. OnTHl B8DAY, Slatioat , at 12 o clock m . I shall aell. on th<> pr?mi*?a. t.p Tirtoe ot a d?~d ot trti*t, dat*d tba 1Mb of??Rt*al*r. A. D. Iii6. and dnlp racaraad It Ltt>*r K I.H foJtoa IS) ::i an4 1Z3> in one of th* Land Bkot>I| of Wtihlnrtoa County, in tba Dietrtct of 0*lumMa, baTtac JU feet treat by tsu leet da^p. to tb> plaoe of h~rlt.. Dins, with Ike mproveoir-nta. cBatatinx ufa two atcry h raw* Houaa. Terms Cash All conaef am inc and rarrsu* xth.n-.pN *t th>-o^at of the par>-haaer *.vid>?u ou tbe day of aaie, and If the tc rma are'art compiled witb within Ave day- after th- lay of aale, th? tru*te? riWrlM the mht to r?-*e|| ti.e prea. iaefl at the risk and -oat of the defaulting pur chaaer, by a<1verti?itif thre? tln?e- In ? me uewtpaper pakliabeo in Waabtn^ton city. BOBEBT ( LABK. Trnatoe .all eo GBEEM A WILLIAMS. Asm. |^Y GBEEB A WILLIAMa. AncHonaera. TBCfcTEh a BALE OP BEAL BB 1 ATB By vlrtae ot a d?-*d ?f trust bearing date on the 8'th day . f January, l-sif, executed |.y John Collins to n?e U r tbe benefit of Jvha Hazel. aBd re eoMed in Liter N. C.T .No .folio lti.Ar.o i* of the IaD'1 r-c?r'le for Washingtonaotjp.ty. in tbf Pia tnct of CotntsMa, I will ?fl?-r for aale -n the pr>i&lN?a. an IK1PAY. the 1-th day of January , ia?j7. at 4 o'clock p. m. the north part of Lot Mo 13. in B iuare Bo. ?a7. m the city of W aabingtun, P. < , fronting li f-et atxl 2 u>ah-a <n enet - iti street, between A and B atraeta north and . ?n uiu*? at that width to tbe rear, together wtth the improvements c.naisting of a an.all dw-lllu>; honee and ether buildlugs Term* One half caah, the t-alance in ^ months, the pur. t.aaer to receire a oeed and fire his not.-, secured by a deed of troat. All conveyancing aod revenue "tatnpa at tba r.oat of the purcbaaar A deposit of ^fO re.itiirad at the time f -aie, an t the trust, e roaervea ttie right to reaell at the coat ot tbe purchaser If the terme of eaie are not corn plied with arttbin five data. J OH M E. NOBBIS, Trtittae. , ^^ OBEEN A W1LL1AMB. de>. ^w.tda Auctioneer*. TBE AKOVB BALE IB POSTPONED un til MOB PA V , the lltb day f letruar ue?t at the aame hour and place By or ler ?f tbe Tru-t-e ,al? Ca? Ada GBEKN A WILLIAMS, Ao.ta. <ELL1>G OFF AT OKEATLY BBPUCRD k* PB1CEM POK CASU. We sR*i| pell, from tbla day nnti! tbe lat of February, our t>tock of Prv and Fancy Goola at UBEATLY BEPCCED PEP EB KOBOABU.for tbe puipoae of takl ? aecount of stock. DBY OOODB AM1> SHAWLS AT OOBT CLOAKS AT HALF COST "NO HUMBUG ABOUT IT." llENMAi.E. LUTTBELL A CO . At Geo J. Johuten A Co.'*014 St aud. tor. Ktb it til Petin aveati BOY ?B >K ATES from km ronta ta >, MEM S Bk AT Ebfrota #1 m to 930, at tbe C'aat* Depot POT LTN BT A TRIM RLE, Mo. iOO W'tst Baltimore atreet, de 18-lm Baltimore. M'l HT. OOFFBB MOSES RATES B. T. OOFFBB A CO.. 0 TTON^FACTok S dEXEKAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS. M?. It* oka TIER BTBBBT. Il? OtUAM. Btrlet attentlom flvan to th* pnrchaaa Bad Bale of HerchaMiaa. Liberal advaaoaa made oa OoaScmnent*. ay 1AM ^1 BOOTS AMD otlOBB. flj HEW ~T O E . Tbe ncderalgnwd bega leave to inform btafrtead* and the rnbltc generally that he has epen*d th* IIW CHEAP STOBE. Mo. SOS 7tk atreet.under Odd Fellowa' Ball, where b'' has on hand a gen eral aaeorti aitol La<lie* aDdGentlem?..'i. Boy's. Mi sacs and Children 'a BOOTS AMD SHOES. Eemember th* gmiaber, 40* 7th atreet. unler Odd Penows" Hall The Maw Cheap Store, formerly K. P. Pa**-, atore. _ del* WEOBQE B WILSON ^FECIAL NOTICE?Two thousand load* clean n waahed GBATEL. of the moat agitable kind for concrete Also two tboueaad loads BH A BP BAM D and two thovaand loads FINE hAlO eaitable for maaonrv aad placteriag, on hand aad for aale at vary moderate price* by TH0HAB FABET. da I im oorae lath a tree t w?at acd Oaaal USE NOTHING BDT THE BEST THOMAS' PINE TBEE TAETEOCHES, forConghs Colifa and Throat Diaaaaea. Special Agent. KIPWEbL A SON. and aotd ty aTl Srigglata. jat-lli* FOR SALE AND RENT. ' r - u ^ .... I ? |?OB BB*T-A 8TOBB w4 two BOOMS #ntr r ?Mt IHr frwcilKMl llO <mi, W?w? O wi g. ja ?-n* Fovk cbfcbniihbd Bocgu ro? but. ISS4 Ke F'O* **kr-Tw?f?r<?i?aidWD?^>W5feattur b?Kf?. Indira * Gracer* ?*or<. evrser* j-itha.4 mwwti >?I4 4?t*OB BBNT-*TOBB*001f.?Jn*td?fV with i sdmmer kltafcea and Woad-ebefe.on ftbatraet. Mvcetl ud lit'Mli vMt, ?. B?nt ft . I?ee?re wit doer. 3?j6. ialdaoJt* F'OB BBPT-TVrea oBftatauM BOOBS. ?wy df?l*bla l??iitkH toil* far 4S4?th?tr?#t. Bttt Patent M< fMt Ofhrm /n *4 - ' F~'*?B BRNT-Two FUBhlBHBO BoOMB.enitkbit lor Uiiekifflai. m*at 6It per aoaih. Apply M Wo. feftO L street, tth a?4 Mb Ureete. ja3t?f F'ttSIIISHlD BOOSE for rat. ^Tth * rooms, b*lh r?on<. nwt dent. |M. II *.. ?W? iit? Otinri Btytlit Church #73 t month j?HW L'OB Kllt-i (we >t?rr PBIOKHOUM mi F mining lii rooaif anil ImmbmI. #? lit* at , Mirjltnil trntf and B 'tmt, Island. Inquire of Mr* BT.OLAIB.49S 7th at rant, be tv^o O toi H iti. 14 St CHJBTiil.W3rBABB DWBLLING HOUSB. r onnHiniatili rootni ttd a b*ck kitohn Situated on H Street worth, between 2d end SJ iut T bee will be (oM ch'ip for c *?h It brlnga It *3?> i >?ir AtHf 1? Urt HAHBiHAS, ItW n?*r lstetreet ?n24St F,0K KB ST -A handsome BKl^K Ht'UsB. 3 itotitl tod kUtiittl, (outkttlll 13 room*, furnlabed. Inclndmg piano. The house * o? itrnlly toceted . end (onttiiu the modern improve meat*. Furniture wilI be ?ol1 if deeired. Bout low to t good tenant. Appl> toll. B. FIT/. OBBALD 3 ?'i O street north, between l?h an I IStiL je34 St* F^OB BALK OB RBhT A two etnry BRl< K HOUSE. jnet fiuiahed.of aeven room* A Ne I stand for Uro ?ry and Provision Business Apply at the house, on 4th, between M itad N streets lortk. 1* S3-St* FOBBBNT-A 3 story HRl'K HOUSE. con taining 9 room*, gas an i a ator, on Id ?tre?t, Georgetown. Apply to JOSEPH t I. K LfK BET, Lumber Merchants. No. '2 7 Waterstreet, Georgetown. jatlfct' FOB BENT-BBlOK HOUSE, I?* rorna. No. 36, on 3d atTeet rut between G an 1 Mar> land avenue, Capitol Hili Kent moderate. Inquire J KUBU I Ail OWNNELL. corner at 1st and K It. Perth. J* rp 0 0 ATI T A LISTS. BABE CT1ABCB FOB 1 N V EST M K NT For bale, two two stery FRAME lIOLBBSnnd I HT,3 itO, on hit >ll?f, hrtnerii llth and I .tth and E and F street* Price $1,300 This pr perty is low and must be sold^ WBLLg , 00 Real Brukers, ja23 3t Narthwest corner 10th aad t etc |.TBNI!"H ED AND UNFURNISHED ROOMI POB RENT?Applj 3J'J 13th street between 1 and K. _ ja2i-3t*_ L'OK BENT-Ob 7th atreet. between 8 and T r ft* . a two story FRAME HOUiE with gas. Apply to BERNARD II A * BS. ooruer tth and II ata I a 31 St' tfOU 8ALK-A ~SE0AR STORE.'with Stock and Fisture*. doinc a (ooa liu?io?aa Satufactory reaaona gtr?B for aellinK ont Ibiuire at '27*4 Ttli rtirrt weat jtllB* I 'CR RENT ?B BALE-A H<?t*9B w:th -ve I rooma aitnated co Virginia a^enna,^een yth and 10th ?t? K?nt 91'. p*r month Apply to GEO W H A l' PT MAN. A47 1 :th atr?<et. ? ar O atr? et laast' fHBNISHKD BOOBS FOB RENT-Mc-ly fiiruiafefd ROOMS, for ri-nt, alnxiy reoanlte. Board na> be obtaiue?t epp<?ai'e Apply at .14 7 K atn ct, m ar 13th etrret, oppjut'- Frttiiklia It * jaXt tc t h~H?R ?ALB-ThaOOCBTBK%nlGLASS PAB T1TION uMd in the ?*< Offlc-. ?tiltat,I^ f -* t.ank or upr* i. office AI?o. a n:st tlat* BAB OOl NTER In eotnpleie "Mer, c!i?#p at JAMEr' Gl'lLD'S Setoud h^tid Furultuie Btura. 12th ?tid I. ulrt^-t- near raoal. fc* I/OR 8A1E-A GBEAT BARGAIN I FOBI N IT U RE. LkAbK. LICENSE . AMD FIX TURES ?f or.e of the bwt located au : payics II j tela. wtth har. ne>ir the C< ntr?* M arket and i'enn -y It'tila ay-nue. all iDK'-od order, n ? d inir a ^oo'i burineae, and lull ol boarl?-ra. La- t ir'y roona Oaner leavitg th?* cl'v rea?on for aalilns;. Apply to U L VV K LL> A ( O ? Real Ea'.tte Brokers, a3".'xt Northwest--ortier of I'th aad F -t? P*0B ftKNT -A new twoTt'oFy BRICK H?>' HE containii g si * rooms and lar^e reltxr 18 by 12 f<=et t.itr.tit< il on .Mh atr*et north. t>etwe?>n O ahd P "treats w?st Iniinir?< itt the cornw of M>< *nd P st*. (ja 31 4t') T UOliLlDOE. I^'OR BALE.?FT BMI TUBE tar -.ale fi,r fl" r and HHIOK HoEHF. of t?n r.^mi tor r?-Dt, with gat and 1* iter, at >< [?r rear th? V Ktr< et c^ira. The Hons?- i^ in good repair, nnd the Furniture t* ia perfect order. A ijreat b<*rgaia for any on*- de- rlre a neat heme I' L WELLS A CO.. Heal E<ta?e Brok- ri. nor'hw?*st cortjar loth and F at*. , * H ? S"Terttl first cla-s Ft'RNISH BO HOUSE.-for rent, tu good locations, troin Jl'*i to $7141 per month. ja 21-6t i^'OB SALE- Th- Fl'KNITCBE in a bouse of 12 rcoma, very near oar ufflce. Rant o' h n*e ?76 per month. l> L WELLS A CO . ja 19 et cor. luti. aud F str^eta. C'OMFOBTABLE KWUM? FOR BBNT ? Par / i.libed BOGUS for rent on Ittth street , aoert tial sr<4 pleasant l<K-ati<>n Apply to N . W Bl R (IliHiL under Ebbit Hona^. ja U-??? L'OB BEST Two new FBA M E HOUSES, on B r atr**t wast, near ct.rner lftb Tb-y will be rented on reasonable terms to pun-tual tenants lr.^mre at Othce of JONES A COLLINS 47 4 -th atreat, bet ween D aud B ?ta ja IP 7t* l^'OR SALE?(0nly a^ah re'iairedf?BevaI ral ncw2 atory HOI different parts of the city. This la a rare chance fur prraons o! email mf ana to procara h. te?s STARBAOO, 4??H 7th at , bet D B. ja Win F'OB SALE?That ce?t FBAMK COr'AliE, ol all V atrvet, batwaen 1 St^ and ltth atreets north Terma easy. Apply to M I11LL, on the pren.laea; no Diml>*r, ja 19-6t* F" O R R K NT?Tti?t deal rabla Furnlahe.1 HO USE No 4 10 F street, bt-twasa 5th and rtth Bent ?7S per mouth In advance Apply I 31 6th street, between F and G strata. Gat and water and Piano ja 18-?* L'tilR BBNT A Ursa and conveolant DWELL F ING. with all themodarnlmprov*-menU. with cr without tht; furniture, lOV W?at str?ct, O-ort'toau Hfighte. Po?a?^isi^a given imixed ately Inquire of Mr. OEOBGE D AKlluT, Treasury Drpartmebt, or on the premiaua. ja 18 <f l.'UR KENT?One lac?e tlire^ -tory BBICK I ilOUSK. containing six r<oms and osllar larn? yard, situated on thecornerof lotk and Q ats , pait'D In tb" yard Rent moderate Apply to J. T , Star Oflice, or on th? premisee jalft-.'w pUR RENT-A lnrfe BlUCK HOUSE oona tatnlng 13 rooms and cellar, with gaaaod ?a ter titrated at the corner of 7th atr>'at and Pa tveuDc eaet. opposite Wallach School House In 4U*rol 11 EN BY KOTTJAANN.aSJ lift atr~et eaat. jaiu?w? HOBSK AND 8TOBE FOR BEST?Na. 44" PennpylTanta avenue, between Sd and 4s at.- . a very prominent business atand foaeeaaion L-iTtD Febraarr lat. Apply at Glenn Hall. P wallach, >al2 eotf Comer 4.S at. and Pann arenue. F"7oB KENT A three storr BRICK UOU^B, furnished, oa C atreet south, between ?d ml 3d east, Capitol Hill. Inquire of F FAIRFAX, at tbe Coast Survey Ofiice, Capitol between 9 a m and 3 p m. _ ja 16-eoltn' fVIOTICB? F(JH KF.NTOK /.E.4.SE-Th? well i'J ^tuwn FISHERY "n the Potomac river, thla side of Fort Waabington on the Maryland side, lo miles by water and 13 by lard Apply t? II S. JOHNbON. Ho. 373 Penn. avenue, between an I eth ats . oppvslta National Hotel. ;aT dim* F"0B SALB-A COUNTBY SKAT AND GAB DEN PARM.vnthhi one mile ef the city property wit I be aol4 low and on easy terms, or exchnngad for clt> property. Alao. Trom Twenty to Sixty Aores adjoining tha above. Alaa. Farms and Country Seats In Maryland and Vlriula. Apply to V. D STUOKHUlliUB. Beal Batate Agent. No: thaaat earner 7th and F atresia, jaS lm* Washington, D. C^ L UU BENT?A thr*e story and baaemant Brick r DUELLING HOUSK, brown frant, water anl waa. trn ruom?, aituated on 13th atreet weat. between L street n rth and Maaa. aveuao, Na. Jfcy Inquire at No. 'J03 ltth atreet. between 9 an 1 10 a. m. and 4 and 8 p 'l, ja 3 tf 7 uB SaLE- Several desirable building LOTS I indtflerent aoctiona of the city. Terms, $1!>> down, and flu per month for tl<a remainder For particular*, call or addreaa BOGAB A WYLIE. No. 38? 7 th etreet. da t9-aolm" E^OB RENT?Two large an l aonmodioua BOOMS F tone a front room) on second flour, commanicatitig, handsomely lurniabad and pleaaantly sit ua'ed, at No. Peun'a avenue, between 21st and 23d streets de 11 eotf FOB BENT?Tbe FABM,for the last three year* the resldraceof Major Theephilus Gaines, constat! na of 150acrc?. lying near Fort Mahan. 1 oi. e from Bfi nicg's Bridge. Improvements, dwelling house of u rooms, stona stable, servant s houaea, barn. Ac Addreaa 'B. S ," 437 E street, Waab ington, D. C.,or aall in person, between 3 and 1m. m. oo Ktf RARE CHANCE?For Immediate sale, one of the best located small corner store GBOCE B1E8 in the city. Stock aud Fixtures new Apply Immediately, by letter, to A. B.C., City Post OCace. BOX tf ChOB"BENT?Tbe STOBlBOOM corner of Pa. r avauue and 11th street west, in the Star Otba Building, formerly occnpi?d by W O. Iftetaerott aa a muain store, and recently na tbe office of the National Express office Apply to C. B BAEEB, St hp Oflice. d?30-tf F' OR BENT?Twu large and one small communicating BOOMB, unfurnished, second floor No. 134 Penn. av., bet 19th and ?th sts. no 28 tf_ F'OB BEHT?Two Furnrthed BOOMS, at No 467 13th street between E and t sts de 14 tf FOB BALE?One twenty horse power aort.iHe STEAM BNG1BE ANU SAW M ILL, just completed, and warrauted to give satisfnetioa. Also, savernl small stationery EN GIN B8. nsw and seoend hand which will be aold lowforcwah. Apply to WM X. ELLIB A BBO.. Bagla Iron Works, corner of Ghla avenue and IStb street, Wash!ngton, D. O. jlnfl | ja7-?aw?w ~m~ PIANOS A LABGB Assortment of Btetnway A Sons' Pinkos have jnst been received. Alse,_jM?^ Piano btooia and Covers For sals at fac "VrVlTZtBOTT . "