Newspaper of Evening Star, January 25, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 25, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Ttc Utgtil CireolaUoi in the Diittiet W . D. WALLACH, MIMr Pftfritter. WASH1NOTON CITY : FRIDAY JANUARY 95, 1MT, W AEADI>'i) MATTER OS BYSRY PAQR. 8KK Ol'TSIDH FOR INTKAKSTIMO TELEGRAPHIC AN 9 OTHBR MATTER. TO ADVIITIIIU* Tu following u the offlcial showlag of the circulation of the daily papers of this elty competing So: the Oovsrnmeat advertising aader the receataetof OoagTees dirsctiag *noh advertising to be made IB tbe two dally wwipaper* oI Washington having fee large* circulation: Kvaaiao Stab 7,715 oopies P*r day. CknmuU 5.?8 " " JnUUifenetr UM " ** TIM returns of advertising by the city papers for tbe quarter ending December 31, as taken from u>? books of the ln:ernal Us venue OIBce, are as follows: ?rniN STAA 11X107 Intelhgenetr I.IW CkrmieU ?.1M Republican 5118 THE RECEPTIONS. ? The White Heuse. Tbe ladles ot the Exscntive Mansion, Mrs. Stover and Mrs. Patteraoa, at home every Monday, commencing on the lith instant. Tke President will hold tbree levees, the first on tbe 17'h instant, tbe second on the 7th of February, and tbe third on the 22d of February, on eaca occasion between the hoars of 6 BBd 11 p. The Cabiaet. Tbe ladles of the family of Hob. O. H. Browning, Secretary of the Interior, will receive tbeir friends on Wednesdays, at tbe residence of the Secretary, on the east side of Montgomery street, Georgetown Heights. The ladies of Secretary McCulloch's family will receive as usual on Wednesdays. Kesi. deuce 3u> H street, between Connecticut avenue and 17tb street. Speaker Colfax. Speaker Colfax's public receptions will commence cn Thursday evening, the 10th met . and ccatinue every Thursday evening during the session of C->agrest>, from to 11 o'clock. Tbe receptions of Mrs. Bad Miss Matthew*, the Speaker's mother and sister, for ladies and gentlemen accompanying them, com. meace on Wednesday, the 16th inst., and continue every Wednesday afternoon thereafter from 1 to 4 o'clock. General Grant's receptions (cards) will be held by Gen'l Grant and lady on Wednesdays, the 23d instant and 6th proximo, in the evening. At home every Saturday from 2 to 5 p. m. - _____ Till EASTERN QUESTION. By late advices from Europo it appears that plans for the partition of the Turkish Empire are being seriously discussed, aad it begins to look as if the only obstacle in the way, the jealousy of tbe great powers as to a mutual sati*factory division ef the spoils, will be overcome. We are now able to form some idea as to the policy which tbe rulers of the great State* are likely to bola towards Tnrkey and each other previous to aad at the final settlement. From Prussia we have the outline of a plan, jast proposed in Germany, for the par tition of tbe Turkish empire and the obliteration of the Forte government, which, if carried out simultaneoasly and in the interests of the Christian subjects of the Saltan, particularly by Kussia and Austria, would be likely to effect tbe object without bloodshed. Kussia takes to herself the credit of being tbe only amcere friend of the oppressed peoples of tbe Turkish provisoes, and watches tbe progress of the Austriaa agitation in Poland with much anxiety, and is likely to anticipate the llarpeburg movement by a bold counter stroke. TU I RECEPTION OF SPEAKER COLFAX The residence of Prof. O. 1>. Barrett, No. 8, * street, was filled with a brilliant throag last evening, tbe occasion beiag tbe third weekly reception of Speaker Colfax. Mrs. and Miss Matthews, who have rooms at Mr. Barrett's. The doors were thrown open about 8 o'clock* aad from that time antileleven, the parlors aad daacing room were crowded. The Speaker* with his mother and sister, received their guest* in the front parlor. Mrs. Matthews was attired in a tasteful pearl colored moire aatique, lace cap aad collar, ana Miss Matthews was dressed la white alpacca, high neck, aad trimmed with blue velvet, hair plain. Among tkose present were Senator Sumner, and lady; Senator Trumbull, Senator Sherman and niece. Miss Mary 1 Sherman Kepreseaiauues Perham, Ortb, Weiker, De frees, McKee, Went worts. Morrill, Lsftwlcb, Bingham, Miller, Ketcham, Washburne, aad a number of others. Senator elect Oonkling. of N. Y , ex-Postmaster General King, Hon. J. S. Wilson, Major Geaeral O. O. Howard, Chiel Engineer Is her wood. Jao. Hitz, Esq.. Consul General Switzerland, and a large number ol prominent citizens. The dres?e?of tbe isdies were rich aad elegant. Mrs. Senator Snmner was attired ia a lilac colored silk, trimmed with silk fringe aad point > lace: hair crimped, and tiasel net. Miss Mary Sherman, niece of the Senator, wore a white illusion dress, trimmed with lace, and blue satin peplum: hair dressed with flowers. Miss Mixtell, of N. Y., wore a white satin i drees with train, and heavy lacs point; hair trimmed with white roses: pearl jewelry. Miss ' Shearer, of Buffalo, was dressed in crimson satla, trimmed with bom ton lace; hair carled i aad dressed with natural flowers. Mrs. J.S. I Wilson was attirsd ia a rich black silk, lase ! ahawl, and hair dressed with narrow crimson velvet. Mrs. General Gaines wore a chocolate colored silk, with black velvet basque lace cap trimmed with piak rib boa; diamond jewelry. Mrs. O. D. Barrett wore a blue rep silk. ; trimmed with velvet of tbe same shade. Miss Sutton wore a white alpaca and peplum. with crystal trimmings; hair dressed with flowers. Mis* Pitcher wore an as bee of roee silk aad lace shswl. Tbe furniture having been removed frsm tbe diuing-room, and musicians being in attendance, dancing commenced about Bine o'clock, and the lovers of that amusement enjoyed themselves dnrisa the eveaing. Tbe reoeption was a brilliant and fashionable affair, and was kept bp until near midnight. Taa Ova Tan* Constitutional Ambvd. mbbt.?The Senate Judiciary Committee have instructed Senstor Trumbull to report back the amendment to the Constitution introduced by Senator W rvde, providing that the Presidsat o: tbe L'aited States shall not be eligible for a second term. It is changed somewhat from the original, aad Is ia effect as follows: No person who, by virtue of an electioa to tha office of President or Vice President, has held the office of President, aball be eligible to either of sach offices Thb Kbbtcckt Sbbatobbbik.?The Kentacky Legislature is still engaged ia ballotiag for I 'nl ted States Senator with little hope of coming to a decision. Tbsrs are seventy-live conservative and radical TJaion men in the body, bnt they refuse to compromiee side issue*. snd will probably, by sach action, ensure tbe election of an original eeeessioaist. Sixty-six voles ars necessnry to nchoice. Ta* Fast Family.?This comedy of Web?ter,s ?s one of the finest of ths nsw plsys recently brought ont at Wall's Opera House, and iu first representation, last evening, was very satisfactory to ths large and fashionable audience present on tbe occasion. Shall Pox ?We regret to announce that that loathsome disease, Small Pox, has made Its appearance in our county. Five or six cause are reported from tbe Factory district, and tbe duress is repress a ted to be oa tbe Increase. Study cleanliness sad cobs alt lbs Doctors.?Si. Mary's (t'e. Md ) Fairfax Coc*tt, VA ?William Lee has been elected a Justice of tbe Peace la the 2d Dlsteict ot Fairfsx County, to fill the vacaaoy occasioned by tbe death ot Mr. Ferguson. KPOf the forty-four highest prizes la the Crosby Art Association, tweaty were drawa by odd, and twenty-losr by evea a umbers VSpenalag of Impeachment Mr Greeley says >*no patriot will waa'only or lightly shake tae twin labrtcs of Pablic Order aad PuMic Credit." y Lead quarters aad half dollars are circulating ia Uutbac. LorntiA**?jr -<?nt. #'c?*rw ?ru,' m,t. og* ?Owernor Wells but his meaSafiTf L*??*Utor?. which nMt> oa 'be *2? ' ?Unl. He appro ve and favors the adoption of tbc constitutional amndmvaku ,om" that OonffHi will require tb* Soutn- f ern M*ai>? lo enfiaachis* all citiseBs. refers to i the July riot*. denouncing the assault i ana killing of tha con v*ntiOni?u it an t unTri?Trln,^d *D(* ?BP*ovoked maasacre. to t gratify tftf hatred felt by the police and ntb againot the loyalists. He reviews the condi- i tioc of the treasury. urxin* tazaUoa to par the i obligation* of the Stats an* for the mainte- I nance of its credit. Hagiveea favorable re- < f!Prt.^L!b.* progress o' tbe levees and lsay*e < . l? prescribe the system oif constraction la the future He recommends the i on. re real education of the natm; aiirsita a i JOB ?! thB *ehooj fund and aa approprltt- ] tabltahment of schools for freed- i 4T1?cat**a8y???mof internal improve. I meats. He alao calls attention to aa earlr completion of the Opelonsas rail way to Texas. < He advises an address setting forth induce- i menu for foreign Immigration to thik State, ( l>noi?io* o*THj VALiorTT or~A<rra Dona ! V"*mTn* Kbbbl Qovbbbmbst.?The Suprrme Ooert of Alabama in the case from *i Lrfrendee couaty baa decided that the axis, tence pf the State waa not destroyed by aaoee. slop and the military and political acta that | folio wad, that the government or the State 1 waa a df/arto government, tbongh not in narmony with the Uni-ad States OonstituMon and Government, aad all aou aader the authority i of sticb d* facta government before tbe ear- , 5T^der,,?21f*f *" tbe* wer*?**cuted, are valid. The validity oleneh acts does not depend npoa i the conformity of the law to the Constitution | of the United States. Guardians who have made investments in Confederate boada and i received Confederate treasury notea uader (be i authority of tbe act of the Legislature ot December. i&6i, tn good faltb, are aatitled to i credit on acconnt thereof. TbU caae settles the queation of liability where aa administra- i tor received Confederate treasury notea in i payment of debts due tbe estate. Chief Jus- i tlce Walker delivered tbe opinion. I *wo7H" IM TawaasaaB-same. , thing lees than a fortnirht a*o. Mr. Almoa Caae, a member at the Senate of Tennessee *|J?* fr?nL^1" fcorae in the road, near his .I'*" i.1^"* a rtrt? "tanoes of pe. cuhar atrocity connected with this murder. ^ ?0" ?tMr. Case was shot dead about lour months before, tn tbe same road The murderer waa a young maa, oaly twenty-one years old. the eon of a widow lady who was a near neighbor of thi? Senaror, aad had received K,*r.Kat deal of kindnaati from him. His older brother waa indebted to Mr. Uase for his edu rn?rin? brother, OWver Farris, formed a guerilla company early in the war. of which Frank hams, the murderer, was a member and committed so many cruel acta that he was forced, at the return or peace, to flae from that eecUon of country. Some think, however, that ? ? neighborhood, and directing tbe persecution of Union men. t.l!!* ?* TH* J AIL tn Sorm Oaro? ."1? inquisition into the burning ot the >*''Sooth Carolina, ha5e ran! T"d,ct They find that the tweaty -two colored persons destroyed came to their deaths by 'he burning of the j*iJ. butlhey were unable to decide whether the burning wa? accidental or otherwise. They believe, how^ jailer had been in his place with hi* keys wben the alarm was given threS of the women could have been saved, and for this neglect of duty the sheriff aad jailer are censurable. Lieut. Ross, commanding the garrison at Kingstree, acting nnder instruction from General K. K. Scott, of the Freed, men s bureau, has arrested Sheriff Matthews Charleston. ^arr*ntan' them on to rrr^.0 0 ?-?BABB hoampmcbtja? 21 CH Aa. B m oofaLBPQB,? r ^rfbe BXBCCTITB OOMMITTBB -The Oe? ?'?tae of the Worklagn-n "aStVtHisij Mall, on SATUBDAT J? i?0,2<,th lMtaat, at 7>i o 'clack. B, order A T. 04 VIS, ja a it ^ ^ ^Bta (j airmaa, (T?3" b*?*V?L?HT ABBBOIA. ai^na \ 5."?. ^ tneetluf will be held oa aiffDAl.srthiDBtaat, ntioo'clo k a m 7b bltwl/nm'^d l\%Xr9gmtl<la'??Wh we-tt Doiweei M lod I ltrt?U nortb. Mr*rr nAnh^ \1 jmu n H. H MILLBB Preaidant lTT"?f>f.W/v/?r .?**? ^ DIRECTORS' oWL. Board^>f TraHe ViH*meat*aMha ^T"ato" H. BABDO, 8- retard "*MM Pr,^d?0*Hut .Ohrea., Con Dhlen, Ee??b 1 w*dn???at. ?th la.u."^/r ?.? ion , ja?-4* (Cbron. Intel A Bei 1 * (IF?,0/o,A,Kff,T5S.?1l.? Hi&w 1 fok"?lh4t ^ fcM?M(5rfT I ered from his receat illnaaa. aad has re-oaea*.i with Oigara of the beat brands* and hols ready to reoaive hie former patreae with ae many naw 0,?. M I rnf*?**AT FALL* 10 OOHPANT- A maat. '' ^"iS^avSSTp: ?B J very stack holder la reaae?ted U ba : 1 0^8ATD1?DAT 1 J.M PALTVB^'uA ^"' rr?&V- , oMVa* ^0"^"* tlx Oo MoJ MUNr . * ' " ot < " ? '"?? ?. ?4 *?,i ; cam ? ^nUrJ \ Wi<wJr? rn' ' #t mh Uth eta. I bor^nX %ernrTe8i?rrinprftj^sr! ?^ee, and OoafectionertiJ,^^ JelTii^ ' Table Ornaments: BaiaZf ' *5?k5% j tafli^V wiW b* M?t to attend to all Am tells of arr an (amenta. B oa. i oata W? !?kV fl. 1 eat Flowers to order i"*?e. wreathe, and JE?iE - JP81PHH BmrniLn 1 jJj^*?T A? LI 8MB D I8#?. . art J5PpHB*80H A FBB0080N, ' ' * ""? , ,l^A%SfDKwaa ,aiM- ! j S : Court, by Muhlbaab to ..". ?il!?i bii -J*-U >?AH0K TAT LOB P?Tp?rtH8WSyV'IV/i8'-? ! ytu UrulM ?iu!tSwniah'?!f,>' ! day of February, 1847. forth* kiuiu.' S^1 sradfi mH"4/ ^ ** vtTI if*11*ahtv. to ba'JoiT!' i loos !K;SSa3^ I? ago m,'m Mmgin*ri*t. y^SS ' tboaeand) aoanda aeaare Iron 'asertfswi^aSSGwlj-gftKRatpv'-i aasf^yss. nssif ; "lii'y"-- s^iVo'j?'u4afr.b- ; ^ fMmaatarP ? Bavy. RAp * ^BALLBBB Will do wall to eall at the saaivaigdgtf j 2.500 """g ?,W,i?5j SiSalMSsJi'S 1 &\*>rr 91 iiSfi "? r?AMQK TATLOM j ItrV.b.,#iiTr ?bw 4t UUMHRn 1 Ua &m"? /,rM7 0 1 CONGRESSIONAL. Kbii?at. January is. rom*AlfmAIw' XHf00 Pr,,y?,ni'<l petl'ion Af1Jnt*?t General of n-h?*d taV??i!2? 10,?*i troops wer* fnrh^0^40 toybatS:ate. and uki.c , ' ,n* records iw published Referral u Militar? ih,r K^"r*d 10 ir"ftefhi!f prwented the petition 0r a mmofr of citizen* of Philadelphia a *h? manufacture of cl"th./ nTk^ r I rSdS iwh liu'T"*1 ftT*n? iu oh vj >l-n aua In * Commit*? from tbe Co-nm it tee on Print. >f the rrDort Tk to prinl '.""copies Pari.V!??L ? herniary of State on th* ta" "a' of the -^na r, and {.u? fcopif for the use of the i-epartin mof 5l,ei wiMch WM ptntd. y n 01 [roai ta* Committee on the Die. Mr. Morrill, from the uim Commute*. r? fih' kf* bl" 10 *1 low the trustees of Foundry %* ??? a tertoin *??toreVf land , ?W?wn presented a memorial extensive. rLti??H **' .* ,h* redaction <5f the duty pa iir w^r- W ?*?? ?*! 70Q Kufrfnee JSSwii T0? tf>????ee on h.ii .--tl "Spotted back an amendment to the "" " kin, ? addi'lor. lo iS poi.r.. iSfc"*,,?; U?nmittee on District or Columbia *ne Chair presented two series nt lions adopted by tbe Soldiers' and Salleri.' I nlon league of Washington; the flritHklli l-ongress to increase the pay of theGovernent wnployres. and the second relative to tTbie 10 #old'er8 ftnd ??"ofe. Laid on the Mr.Foster introduced a bill to ezDeditethe obstruct,on of the Southern Pac.ilcwi?oad On motion of Mr. Trnmboll, the Mil t,i y?*"* tbm ac' 'Hating to the bar?eas corpu? 1 ?n of Mr* Tr?ttbull. the bill to *beuii?i"S 'r8,*bUstun* judicial courts of ,a'.d 'if'01* 'to* Senate a communication from the Governor of Pennsylvania Honn ?, La ???' ? of thp *3E2 S'tfc Cam"on " Senator from that ? tate for*ix >ears from March 4. JStf; Also \Tr?n'!a,??.U.Vn T the ttoveruor of WesJ \ I'KlBia, statin* tbe ratifleatlon of tbe coustis'tate ameBt,mftnt by tbe legislature pf that Tbe tariff bill waa then taken up. Mr. Johnson moved to make tbe ditrcn biu.ra.noa coal Sl.M per ton T ter^f. TJFE"0* 01 M*ry,!ln?* foal In"* *?oeaeUy of protection being ateuded. was argued upon at length by '0to?Ron and Oreswell co?slidere.Brfi,^n ?p,>0",d th* *niendmeat, and considerable discus*ion ensued upon it fiOCBB.?Mr Pattersos, (S. II ) from com. n?T>K!LAff!i'spurted a bill to Fr^t^r Sf k" <f"ttnc* ?r *toe northeastern be?J?riate? P?rt- Wh,cl> was ordered to Mr. Orth,(ind ) from tbe same comrait-^e presented a minority report, which was aisn ordered to be printed *Uo tn^r<N: * <*? <? op the Senate bill to proTlde t ,r the removal of the wreck of the steamer Scotland from Nsw York harbor and it wat considered and parsed. Mr. Longjear (Mu-h.) Introduced a bill to uSfted 10 reTt?r9io? to the United States ef lands granted for the con tructioiof a milroad to Hillsdale, in Mirbu fan. approved J uljr 3, l-(66, and it was referred to Committee on Public Lknds r?'?"ed Mr. Bradford (Colorado) introduced a renn ution setting forth that It was r^rewnted* that gross frauds bad been perpetrated iu the ffiKSW1 ?! fhe lnrt'?n ^.cc fnVd tOT (.oloradoTerritory, and directing tbe Com. mittee ou Indian Affairs to Inquire in what the fund had been expended, and whether such frauas had been perpetrated a,Th!?w*POrt by b'" or otherwise. Agreed to! The House resumed tbe consideration of the bill reported on Saturday last from thn pnm S. forbee, tbe constructor of the steamshm Idaho, with an amendment authorising the Secretary of the Navy to take the vessel at the contract price?i6nu.W0. ^wSpa,ll,*f (^"o) oppo??d the amendment ann M^rvanii ,liip WM a "Peculatiou * L f ortoe* had not fulfilled bis contract Hr'.?a?*r ( 1 ' **ked if the Goverameut needed tbe vessel at this time; if not, he^vaa oppoeed to paying ?600,000. WM ii. ',,1-> d**ma.nd??cl tbe yeas and nays upoa tbe amendment, and It waa not agreed to?yeas 57, nays ?4. " "greed ,b#D r'<*?rred upon tbe Senate bill, which left It discretionary with the Ne< reuiry of the Navy to accept ibeVessel turn it over to the contractor upon his refund On motion of Mr. Pike < Me.) the vote whir. ^ wm ordered to be read a third time **** ^coMkJirM, and the Mil wm then am^n/i td so as to allow the Government te accent tha ves??-l at tbe contract price, but to exempt Mr from r*'?n<tlng any money. * This amendment was agreed to: and tbe demanded on the parage 2 tt. b.ll ? ? ni P?.ed-Jr?S? Mr. Broomall (Pa.) ruing to a uueeti*.. privilege, sent to the Clerk's desk ?nM w?^ '?* *? debate yesterday by ; jS'if TSSSiSii'i.'Sj v arrj; Mr. Broomall said that waa what he deair?H 0 know, whether it was now too late to offer 1 resolution upon theeubiect. * ?ffer >lJtmnSlMS**er **" he mu" ? Mr. Broomall then sent to the Clsrk's desk a jesolntton declaring that the langniVnsed b? Sir. Cooper yesterday well merited a vote at ^|nih?hrmbaB<?"hhte| COn8tUn,BU w?r? satisfled ?et compi??. " lan*Ua?e'the Ho would ?VBf m?de tbe point that tills n?t a ?juestion of privilege. hi k r rn,'<l that 11 WM required that meTed in ,?h"i ^ tml"'n doWB ?oon ^ iiiierea. in this case none called the rentta ??h? ?1' ??VdfSSrt F-enuIvik nor by the *e?>??nian from rennsylyania, but as soon as the words vera Xrdd,nhe T^ud time, the geltTemln ww formal vouTnfr reeolution was not a would entaiu % *Dd untter tht rul? h? iff?ct ?he .tb6 ""ola'ton did not fifat ^inir i??^and ! resoLflon ,nTesVriM8k*d lf a m9M8*n???nUl iToaofprlv?lege no actlon ^asaqueau~r..d^S*lKV?rSr"""*W "" rMOI?Rr^rJ!111011 w.u flna?y Withdrawn, Mr a s^ ?nnClBfthlu *? would introduoe r^reb^a w.'irl?,0Iff1 fo reconsider the vote wifidT^r- ---p'ton^SetnVnS sasag-. xziMii'., -'H-rassu'sa "'aft"wlth*itmostoTe\Ldatten&uu"* w* "dtbi lavs of the aclsnce efosUos 9y*' Psbbleslea well as all other *?e sell our ^'a. Mrs. Llnealn, Chief Jostlos B V ovL " ^' Urr, Seward, fleere tar yStan tea kdS*?"' 01 ark, OHmes Guthrie M?rriii a- ' toenators Mr, Yats.^on H l bawM ll'09- 3pm John Wsntwertb. M. O.. I|] ;'judas"*&?;' w*2Buprsme Oenrt; Mayor ^sliihrilfror n:17 Hunter Slsjor Gea Schun, Sen, "^ l!,attI*,5a"' Admiral OortsKlUih^' ??' %Z- V;< g^g>?nner. D.B. Treaearer. he'., ke.' u^g*' gKATWi KATK81 f sirSiTM Li4|Mt BMW VOUMDSt; ? t He.4UB?treet. WdeanwerkirtKrJins^1*^'1^ ! 16 3m JOB* J. FIAIUDI | huk; 4 O'CLOCK p. n. t GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. \ W uhiiutob, Jaaua.y 25. 1S67. i Jay Cooke A Go furnish tbe following quo- ' tat ion# of Goverament securities Dajing. Selling | U.S. 6*s Coupon, 1661 107 i.i/* t U. 8. Five Twntiti, im it?* lur^ t U. S. Fit# Twentiee. 1864 |u4* H>5% < U. 8. Five Twentiee, 1B6.V KH \ 105* < U.8. Fit* Twenties, JankJ'y,'65 101 \ UA\ { U. S. Ten Forties 98)1 um j II. 8. Seven Thirties, August,... iki\ tui\ \ U. N. Meveu Thirties, Jon# i<n* 104* ( UJS. Seven Thirties, July.......lo3* i<** IIW TOII riMT HOARD ialn. Coupons 10? \ I0.4o's 90 \ S.iU's, 1M4 107* 7-HTs, August.... 101S , 5?'s, 1864 106 7.3U's, June 104 , S 105 ,.3?'s. July 104 i 5 ? s, Jn &Jjr,*?>5.104 Gold 134* i FINANCIAL. Ltwli Jobnion A Oo, quote Slocks and Bends In bom* and foreign markets as follows; ' Nxw York, Jan.45 ? 1st Board?U. 8. reg. Istered. Irfcl, 107JJ; do., coupons, 107#, 6-SO's, | reentered, 105: do. coupons. 107; ao., 1865; It A AC; 10-40 s, registered, w9*; do. ooapons, 7-3o s, 104: Onlo and Mississippi Certificates, *4*; Canton, 43*; Cumberland, ?; Uuicksll- i er, 38, tfariposa, 10; New York Central, 00*; Erfe, 57*, do. prefhr'd,70 Hudson. 1*20*: Beading, 100*; Michigan Central, ltcj Mienl?an Southern, 68; Illinois Central, u*; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 79*; Cleveland and Toledo, 118; Rock 1 eland. j?5*; North wes. tern, 34; do. preferred, 60*; Fort Wayne. V4, Chicago and Alton, 105*, Alton and Ter- ! re Haute, 3*; Toledo and Wabash, 3fc W. U. Telegraph, 43* Boetou Water Power, K>*; Pa- < ciflc Mail, ; Atlantic Mall, . Cold, J p. m , 134*. _ BURRATT. J There is no trath in tbe statement that th ? ( steamer Swatara. with Surratt, the conspirator, on board, arrived at Annapolis, ou Wednesday night. The Swatara, on leaving tbe squadron was ordered by Admiral Gold6- , borough to proceed immediately to Washington with the criminal. The Polomac being i elated by ice it is very probable that she will ' stop at Fortress Monroe and await orders from tbe Navy Department. No information has been received by the Department since the 1

eighth of January, when the despatch was J received from Admiral Goldt-borougb an. i nouncing her departure on that day. < GOLD AND 8ILVER MINKrf IN MINNESOTA , Tbe Commissioner of the General Land office has received a communication from toe Pioneer and Union Gold and Silver mining companies dated St. Paul, Minnesota, January 1?, stating that assays have made on quartz i rock discovered In Carleeton County, Minne. eota, with favorable results: showing the exis- J tence of both gold and silver. Tbe veins are < reported to be well defined, shafts sunk, and 1 work Derformed sufficient to give assurance ' that that locality is rich in minerals. " ? i THK PARIS EXPOSITION. ' Mr. Sumner, from tbe Senate Committee on ' Foreign Affais. reported a bill to-day regulating tbe Commissioners to tne Paris Exposition. It provides for a Commissioner-in-cbief. i the thirty Commissioners already appointed, and twenty additional Hono. j orary Commissioners, fifty in all. Other appropriations are made, which, with the existing appropriations, will mrke over 8200.000 for the United States department of the exhibition. ADDITIONAL COMPENSATION RESOLUTIONMr. Williams reported back from Senate Fi. nance Committee to-day tbe House resolution "giving additional compensation to certain employees in tbe civil service of tbe Govern- i ment at Washington" with amendments. The amendments are in the sbape o! a substitute for tbe House bill, and provide that j there shall be paid clerks, messengers, watch- i men and laborers, and all tbe civil employees ' wboee salaries are fixed by law. and do not exceed tbe snm of S3.500 each per anunm, and 1 including temporary clerks, female clerks, em- 1 ployees in tbe Department of State, in tbe Treasury, War, Navy, Interior, Post Offies * and Agricultural Departments, in tLe offices 1 of the Attorney General, Coast Survey. Naval 1 Observatory, Navy Yard, Paymaster General, ' including the Divielon of Deferred Claims, Commissary General of Prisoners, in tbe Bu- * r-au of Sefugees, Freedmen and Abandoned 1 Lands, In tbe office of tbe Capitol Extension, in tbe city Post OfLce, to all enlisted men ot the Army, Navy, Marine Oorpa, or Genaral . service ef tbe United States, serving as clerks, messengers, watchmen or laborers In any bureau of tbe War Department, to all female clerks or emyloyees In either of tbe departments, including the Agricultural Department or in any bureau or division ' thereof, Who** compensation doee not exceed f60 per month, to tbe superintendent of metres, lamp-ligbtsrs, aad draw-keepers, employed under the direction of the Commissioner J ot Pablic Buildings, and one clerk m the office of said Commissioner, and to the detectives of the Metropolitan Palice, an additional compensation of twenty per centum on their re- 1 spective salaries or pay, from one year from 1 and after the 30th day of June, U*6ti; provided that the above-named additional compensation to the employees of tbe Patent Office be paid out of the funds of the office; and providsd i further, that this resolution shall app;y only to snch persons as may be in service at tbe time of tbe passage thereof; and provided farther, that this resolution shall not be construed so as to give any greater amount as additional compensation than an increase of twenty per centum on the salary or pay for the time of J actual service during the period hereinbefore | specified. FRAUDS ON TIIE PENSION OPPICE. ' Charles J. Brenner, alias William Mulligan, { was before U. S. Commissioner Stillwell, in New York City, on the 3ud lust., charged with forging soldiers' discharges and presenting the j same for the purpose of obtaining bounty money aad pensions. The examination revealed the flaci that the accused presented a claim and discharge at tbe office of L. B. Swift, Cbipman, Hoemer, A Co , signing himself as Charles J. Brenner and William Mulligan, whereupon he was arrested. The evidence was so clearlv taken, in connection with the prisoner's own statement, that the Commis- i sioner committed him for trial at the Febru- < ary term of the U. S. District Court. Indict- i menu have been found against James L. To- J bias, at Albany, for fraud on the Pension Office to which the accused plead gailty but haa not been sentenced. Tbe numerous frauds committed require and secure tbe most de- < termined efforts of the Commissioner ot Pensions and his chief clerk, in order to punish the guilty parties. LAND PATENTS. Daring tbe past two week?, Hon. J. S. Wll- 1 son. Commissioner of the General Land office baa transmitted to the several laad offices for delivery to the grantees thirteen hundred aad fifty.six Patents tor location mads with mill, tary warrants and sales for casta. He bas also just tranamitted to the Register of the Land office at East Saginaw, Michigan, three hua. dred and fifty Patents, for locations made with Agrlcul.ural College serip, covering about 50,bOO acres, for delivery to the grantees. i ? PROM THE STBAMER SHAMROCK Information has been received at the Navy Department ot tbe arrival of tbe U. S. steamer Sbamrock, Commodore Hopkins, at Teneriffe, ! Canary Islands, on the 17th of December, and left the following day for Lisbon. Officers and crew all well. Thb Wbbkly Stab is now on our counter for sale, and In wrappers, ready for the mails, containing, amnng much other reading matter, a capital love story, showing "How 1 Lost my Whiskers;" Madame Res tell aad her furnace for destroying babiea; accounts of the great snow storm; Society in Washington?re. Sirta of the receptions of the President, Gen. rant, and others, telling who was there, aad how tbe ladies were dressed: the fire at tbe Executive Mansion; tbe Intellifnuxr aad tbe Star; full reports of the meetings of tbe Re. publican Association, Democratic Association, Ac., during the week: uaeful items of domestis economy; Congressional proceedings; Humor, ous Sketches, with Domestic, Military, Naval, Departmental aad Local News: Agricultural and Housekeeping Miscellany, and the lateet Telegraphic Dispatches from ail quarters. 1XTXUXJ4. Rnvxnrx. ?The receipts from this soutce to-day were 9646,954. ? # ? ? tOTA glpsey camp near New Haven, Conn., takes about SI CO a night from foolish yonag people of that city, who visit them to have > their fortanes told. TKJLEGKAPH1C NEWS. WMlifll PUHpi Inprirbmril UurrtK, Jan. -J5 ?Tbe ladie? anti-elavery lubacrtption society held ito thirty.third anHveraary last evening in Music Hall Toeatfilaoet war not vary large Wardell PkiHp* wai aati( the ipoak?ri. bft? said, am on* other thing*, that tbe North suit be hept up to the Ifof demotion aad tacriflw wbic i i? manifested by th?> Sontb if ;be people are permitted to come down to th<* level where Henry Wilson stood, instead of ?en>f kept np wbere Boatwell aad Simoir l<ve, a change of Bve thousand vote* will reject Andrew Johnson, and Seward is poiilcan enougb to get them. We mustget John, ton oui ot the way.not to pnnisb htm but be. ;aaee we need bis place to work from President said, is a traitor, and ths Supreme Court poisoned with disloyalty. The hgtelative branch of the Government mast ibtorb the Qovernmant aad save it. Railroad Cslllsisa aad Lets ef Life. Korea's Point, M Y., J as a eenoas collision between tbe express and mail trams on the Ogdensburg aad LakeCbamplain railroad occurred this morning about one mile from this place. Tbe engineer. William Dans, of tbe Weetern mail train wae killed; Benjamin Pecor, a fireman on tbe express train had bts ankle crushed. The following passengers were iajured Mrs. Thoa. P. Cant well, was seriously injured in the face and head; Mrs. Mary Joseph, of Vest Albnrg, Vermont, was seriously cat m the head; Edward Missile of StoUesville. C. fc.. was seriously injur*) la the la?. Several otb?-rs lucludinc George Uarnum aad Mayor Forrest, and the Stale prison inspectors of New York were more or less bruised. Affairs ia Texas. Gai.v*rtow, Jan. K.?By order of the S?creury ol War, General Griffin assumed ta<? ffflce of AsaisUuit Commissioner of tbe Freed mens' Bureau, relieving Geu. Kiddoo. General (Iritfln forbids the contemplated honors being paid the remains of General Albert S. Johnson. (Japtaia Lnwton. of brig Golden Eight, [-barged with perjury in falsely swearing to bis manifest has been acquitted by the r. s. Uourt. Trial ef the Child Marderer. Kochmtib, Jan. *5?Kev. Joel Eindsley, the mau who whipped his child, 3 year* old. to death last Jnne, in the town of Selby. Orleans county, is now undergoing a trial for manslaughter at Albiou. There is great excitement over tbe trial. Atrocious Bariui'.it i ks or mi Tprks iw Uaniua.? We read in a recent number of tb?* Avenir National ?"Some t4me ago. it will be remembered, the English steamer Assurance received on board some children, women, and old men of Selinos. The captain of the abip promised to return in a week and take those who wished to find shelter rrom tbe barbarity of tbe Turks. A few days afterward a frigate without colors appeared, snre enough, on the horizon; tbe fugitives rushed to the sea shore. When sbe had approached near enough to land, the frigate launched a long-boat, over which waved the English flag; tbe shore was crowded with Christians, who had battened forth at sight of this 6ignal of safety. At the woe moment the vessel d splayed the Ottoman flag, and discharged all her guns upon this unarmed crowd. This incredible act of barbarity is attested by one of the principal papers of Greece, the Hermapolis. printed at Syra; the cemmittee of tbat town received the news in a letter, dated the yth (->0ih) December, addressed to it in the name ol the general as. sembly of the Cretans. According to this letter, tbe number of victims was considerable. Before such a fact the heart throbs with indignation; public opinion claims satisfaction the rights of humanity must be avenged, and it ought to be known whether the commander of the Turkish frigate obeyed the ferocious instincts ot bis race or the instructions of bis Government." A Nkw Kirk a km?It is known that the inertia of the ball tn a masket causes a certa n time to elapse after the explosion of the powder before the ball is set in motion. A certain amount of the explosive force of the powder, therefore, is wasted, and tbe more rapid the explosion the greater the loss from this cause. To obviate this, an artisan of Eiege has invented a new breech-loader, in which tbe force of the charge is first communicated to an elastic body, which is easllv set in motion, and the force which, in ordinary cases, is wasted, but in this is stored np, is gradually communicated to tbe ball, after it has begun to move. The charge is ignited by a needle, the explosion commencing at the end next the ball, but between the latter and the gunpowder are placed five pads of "eat the ball having been, for the mke of lubrication, moistened with a fatty matter. This arrangement altogether cban ~es the nature ot tbe explosion. A white smoke escapes from the muzzle instead of the flame ind the penetrative efTect of the ball is much rreater than that of a ball from an ordinary rnnsket. If the pads are moved, the foree of tbe recoil of the weapon is proportionately increased. * P 01 A L r tmot? it**** T#U*ra'h ftable for One}arte size Fire and Burglar Proof Safe One 8 ton Coal and Hay Scale. ' 3"0 Cotton sad Lia?n Bed Back*. 900 Iroa Bedsteads ,o1 of? Q???ermaators' Buret from he late Government sales ^Chea^^r cash ja M-St* Tth strso'tand Penal Bridge p11018IIDDOID, We offer a large stock of Winter Drees Goods* Shawls, Blankets. Flannels, Balmoral BUrttage, domestic Cotton Goods, Prints, White Goods and [ilnen Goods, at BBDUCBD PBI0B8 for cash. PABIB KID GLOTB DEPOT, An tmmaaae Mock of tbe moM popular makes. Ladiee' Gloves, ?2. Goatlemeas'. fSM. JOB. J. MAT A CO., 30b Pennsylvania avenue, ja 2f eoitif hetweea tth aad 10th sts Fob all the latbbt boybltibb ih FANCY GOODS co to DAT1B A GAITHBB'S, 30 Market Space. VCBT BBCBYBD?Fresh supply of Beal Laces. J Laee Ooliars. Bugle aad Crystal Trimmings ind Fringes. Cat Jet Buttons, Ac. all or the atest Importstioa, at DAVIS A GAITHBB'S * NBW ABD DBB1BABLB GOODS IB BTBBT vartsty, at DATIB A GA1THKKH. WATBBBD ABD PLAIB BIB BOBS, Flew vv ere. Feathers,Beltings. Ac.,at i?26 eoSt DA vI8 & QAITHBB'SpBOPOSALK FOB BBW JAIL. BiniTMMf sr tn fmttoii, J _ , . __ Washisoto!! Janaary M.IMT. I Sealed Proposals will be received at thle Department antil n o'clock m , oa MONDAY, the ithi of March. 1867, for the ereotioa ef the .lall ia and for the District of Colombia, authorized aad grojgdad for by the aetof Congrees, approved Jaly The designs, detail drawings, aad apeclleatleaa can be seen at the architect's offlc-,in the eastern grounds of the Oepitol, Washington oity.every day except Sundays. hetweea the hours ot a. m. and 3 p m . on and after tbe Kb Instant. Separate bids will be resolved for ths maseary work,brick work, iron work,and oarpsatry work. Tbe ooairaetor whooe bid may be accepted will be required to enter Into a sufficient bond, to be approved by the Secretary of the Interior* for the folthfnl completion of his contract. Payments will be made as tbe work progreesee, on estimates oertlSed toby the erehltsct.lmt twenty per eon turn of the estimates will be retained until the contract Is completed. Tbe contract will be awarded to the lowest responsible bldd er-. bat the Department reoervee the right So reject an or all ef the bids should it be deemed for the fasercats of the Government to do so. The bids will be opened at nooa on the 4th o< Marsh arxt, tn nreaenea of such of the bidden as may choose to atuad. Proposals should ho endorsed oa the snvslope, " Proposals for Bow Jail." aad ho directed to the or t?. murLfjlJ-li B.|." jatt-wdw Secretary of the Interior. p BOB IB HAS BBCBIVBD A LOT OF LAt DIBS1 SABATOGA BKATBS. nt bio Head gnnrters. 83S Penasylvanla avenns. ja?2-4t In cubbbngy. "DOWN WITH HIGH PBICBS." Tbe best American Howard WATCH, 18 karat eaeee, f 140; 18 karat Appleton A Traoy, with all its improyemento, lilt; B. Bartlett, with all 1U Improvements. #7?. in currency. A splendid lot of GBBBVA WATCBBB, set In diaaaonds aad la plain gold eases, |M less than la aav other store is this city. A very large let of ladies' ae? Gold CBaIBB, of the lateet style, fig oaeh Gold Tbimblee, very heavy 18 karat gold. As Vory rich Garnett Setts and others, one half loei than any where .tee Gold eeal and plain Blags of the very best make, go nor cent less than ia anj other store in this city. Fine Silver Tea Spooae handsome figured. weighing 4 oa, a half dosea. a IYI ackbbbl ajtd oodfibh. Just received aad for sale at oar wharf, a* thi root of Seventh >1 fp. BBOWB ASOB. Ooaami s?i?n Merchants doll-ir Bo. 4SS Ninth at., bet. B and F. OrtrfrtMn r*wrU?! Boa*? or iionwi -Tto raeotaua. .. lb* or of Ur C H . Or acta. So^rrtma^rM^ 5? anflatabed btiiinM*. aad laid 0??r -* Tba ma*, iron tbe stand lag eommttme. rfD,f . reeolatioas ib Uxor of O W Roarer! ofTT^ MrPbtrioB, aad for tb# tmprovsiwea- or u>'o cfcaaael ot the Potomac nm, tod asked ut! discharf-d. ao ordered Mr Hyde, from ,h? ? " co? in it ton, reported ioMhiv ur u? Oouacil resolution providiag fcf the paMteation of ttf law* la ta? <tnrpMvi Ooar,e< aad tbe Daily Kveaiag UaUa, evafiaiag upablicb'ioB lo tbe flri: aaavd paper wki<?. waapaeeod Mr Thomas moved IbiiJII^ I* *eat to ti? Con aril muNtmr a iwntaMu ing to elect a email-pox physictaa for aw ?*au ra ward, loflil u>* vacancy occaeioae* by ia? rraigsauoa of Or. A. P?im, whioh wat km to Tbe follawiag wwi received from the Ooascil ? tteaigaatioa of C O Offett as r?<lr? of eleauoa; acoepted Reeoluttoa ta oar a dV f cteacy for rvpain to the I.iuie Fall. Bridge pasted Reaotatioagraaliog the use of the Hill to tba Waal O?orcfi?*a Sabbalb School laid ?T?r. He*oluUoa makiac aa ao propriauoo far tba Peatale I'aioa B*a?vol*!i< Xoc?*ty ot OeorgetowB; passed R*eolau*n aim tba iUwU 01 tba towa. paaaed Reeoluuoa for light log Lbe float of tba P*ti utBco; passed ReeoluUoa gtanUa* the in ?r tbeMarhet Hall to tba Yoaog Oatholic Friend* Society; laid oo tba tabla. Adjourned. Con no a Coomou. ?Tba mile of H tt Brewer. surveyor. for work doae tor tba Oar pc rati on; of A. J. RadritHe, and Mr. Hoaa. were preeented aad referred Mr. Olabaarh a pniriird aa ordtnaace for tba regulation of ] party walla aad partitioB Sauces, referred J tba rfM(n?i.?,D of <; 1 Jud?* of alacuon. wbicb wu accepted aud relerred to tba Aldermea Mr VrV>,K,*a0^1 ** rerbal reasgaa tion ox W.4). m & jvdftot iim'tiAi out L6* r?'*d oat of order la that abape u*m?\?71* reported T <?labaugb, from tbe ways aad mem. ordiaaace levym* a (Moral and direct special taxes lor turf. i rhs cmarai tax ta Sxed at 70 cant*, additional special tax for tba Metropolitan Railroad. 5 ceote ra. Ux' 12.c^DU.i Metropolitan Police ta*,2? cam. per 100. It waa mad* th? special order for Thursday ant ] By Mr. fualur, from tba poor aad work hoaa* comaiti**, a raaolauoa to pay expenses ot tba poor and workhouse for tba uuartar ending December SI. l-uu, paaaed ilr^ OrtBe, from tbe police commntoa. a resolottoa ia faror of Wrx H Whaiea A Wy coaaeBt, tbe report of lbclaim* commniee Bcatnut Ibecla.maf nn'd b*c4"?,h- < omatniee aad Mr Da^ id<^>a reported from ih* commit. nTvme^JMK" arpr?pr,*,,*r #t7*s for tba paynant or tba claim paaned Mr. Fo?rl?r ofTered a raaolotias innrtictin* tbe committee oBflreaociaea A ra#olu'ioa to payadettoaacy lor the la.t repair* of L.UU* Kail ? bridge, aad a reaolntioo for lirbtibr the front of the Fo*l IMBca, were adopiej A me*8B(a from tbe AlderxneB, propo?iar a joint mertiair to flu tbe vacancy cau*?d br tb<? resignation ol Dr A Feter a. phv.iciaa cI ?b* 7'fr,J".'^nct waa received, and. on mjtu,a lil *' tb' 0,"rk WM d??*ct*d to notify .h-rBAeS.?f ,U lfP'pl4BM- An wrdtaaac* from tba Alderman, a* a sub?uiute tor the i ordioaaca of Uu* Board, for tba repair of foot I way* ot tf>a towa. wa* referred to tb* ati^!. committee Mee^r* CJoddard and I^ibb^y w?? & appoioted * condact tbe Aldermen to tbi* ah amber. (The A Idermen bavlog entered th?f W*V ?rIT?n??*d by K?*oorder Ma'tbewe akiBt tbe cbair. and Mr Kaird acttBK a* aacretary. The election of pbykiclan for the eastern district was proceeded with, and resulted a* follows :?I?r. A Sherkle* t vote. Dr. Florence O Doaogbu*. 1, Dr. A. Richla. 8 vote*. Dr. Ritchie waa declared elacted and the )olBt raeetiug di**olred ] Tha lioard ra*umed?Ab ordinance to amend aa ordinance for tbe government of the Market House wub tbe commit**'! recommendatioa that it do boi pa*fc, was tr.ken up, a raoUon to poatpooe wa. rajacted. aad tba report waa adopted?v*a* ? nays 4. The Aldermen's resolution auUiori*. ibr tha pablicaUoa of tbe law* ib tb- i)*or(*. ^wn.,Courxtr- * ?ub*titui* for a resolution of this lioard ;tutbori?.n* tba publication of th* laws in tbe Courier aad tba Tnioa, wa* taken up. aad rejected Oa motion, a coromitte* of corfer?Bce wa* a*ked, this Board adhering to the or giaal raaoluuoa. Tbe Board adjouraed Thb KrjinTRATioi?Tbe registrauoB of Toter* in the Aldermen's t'hamber i* *ti|| progressing, aid apparently with as much acuvny as duritg tba two days pa*t. The numb-r registered -o-d?y will t>* nearly if nol quita ^.n Tt" colorad re*. denta *U1I All the gangway to tbe chamber. and a> fast as one d?paru another succeed* to his place at the registry table The whit* oter*, too, are being rapidly registered and it i* estimated that fro'm three t,> five bundled white roter* who have aever oted befcre, will be add*d to tha doII list. At preaeat tbe ragisterad voters, no der tbe oil Uw. i* about >.**,. If.a*u*^o. i poaed, tbe colored qote will reach i^it. and the locreaced white rote 3uu, tbe registered rot?r? M It-?!*, !?W". WUI ** *2**? ** ,he BPIt election .1 t'iPtit*d of 111 ese wilt be polled, though tbe roUng me a will be largely increased. To-day tbe Mayor preside* at tbe registry, and Recordar Mataews and Alderman Thomas are relieved by Aldermra Cropley andI Hyde, who, with Aldarataa Hej^ton :n^UCU?f rr*utr*li^> ?o far not th lightest uapleasant incident has disturbed the peaceful progreae ol the work. , . Lirriia and Till-bobrimo?La> atgbt aad this moratn*, sererai cases of sbopi! .lnf till-robbinx were reported to tbe pelioa. Tba fkct tba. aareral gaogi of thioror hare arrived ia tbe District is kaowa to police, aad It may be expected that after operaUB| in Washington tbe gaag will scatter aad test their akill ia our towa. Meronaata aad boaaekeepera should be caauous if they would be aecare. ' Flocb akd Okath Ma sect?The demand lor flour Is moderate, aad confined to tbe high grades for tbe local trade. No receipta. Prices uncbaaged and transactions unimportant Qraia -No sales of wheat reported, and transactions ia com are with city trade, ta small lota at last qustatioas. Thb Rareulicah Mbbtiko. ? Hoa. Mr Stokes, of Teaa , is expected to speak at the Rgpablitma meeting, at Ebeaezer Church, to. I^SJfllf *4E1, bIb* years eld. /! Jro' ln three miautes. Also, ac-v new Cutter Sleigh, Haraees aad Balls VT* fw? IS? 6eaeral Laad Office. ja >3-zt C^lVK-TWUTIBfl ? " AND BBTIH-TBIBTIK8 ] A fall sapply of Jaaaary aad July riTB " AH TI KB ea hand, which we eaa exebaage for all issaee of SeTea Thirty Treaaary Koaea aa fc reral'le terms. COMPOUND IITI1UT MOTES waatad. ia a dlw Jar OOP KB t OO. 4b'I01 W. 480 Bo. 4?? I9t hstreet. one door below K. are., itili'"'-,'3r "-"iVESK!.' WhB of* very daeenptioa. ja> trtaslsoM strictly ooofideatlal pAPITOL BILL v M BOOT ABD BBOB 8TOBB, Corner id street cast sad Psbb 'a ayeaue.' ^rrt>?fT- aad eiamtue \>'ic\*WL SasraaSs?1^ "alb. Meaearea takes aa^^t ^epalrtacpromptly atteadod to. jaadt* COMBTBIVO BKW r O BBCOUBA9B HOMB MkBeVACTCBB ! PRACTICAL CAHrST WkArKR. 1 ? C^efaati^d. Carpers coastaatly ob hand,aad tarsals. >aSI lm ]^|A8KBt MASKS 1! MASB8~ A fall aaptly, Of aU different character, jest received, at r ,f5# BUPPBBT-S fABCT B4ZA AB Be Adit rth etreet S qpticiab ato?s. I IIom'*4 OLASSBS aad SPBOKS for the Bil, PIBBLBSa^otber OLASSBB at hair price. tbaa by tbe Opoeiaa, at <.?? I- ALBXANDBB. ja P-lt S40_Peaaay I eanla avenue. gILLIHSOrri SBLLIHO OFF 11 _ The entire stock oT Ladles', tsses'.fwl Chlidraa s, Mea^, Boy's aad Teeth * WL BOOTS. SBOB8 ABO OAITBBS Will be sold at prtvato sale at aad bBLOW OOST PBICB8. JOHN ANOBSMABB. ! i.i,as?JW.gvra,. ILLIT, D street, betweea 11th aad Itth. aear StarOflloa, b OBQ. W. BAD BBS. jatim^ i 17 OK HA LB?a jam ?BBT blamkkts. at r BOBBBT FBLTOB-S. PawBbroker.adil Hfc ' street ; ? ?? ; /jo to obobib-s b ask ball bbapqcak , "* TBBS aad ex assise his stock of BBwABSt \ TOBACCO. Ac .also, his assortmeat of LadNe* J aad Oaat'e SBAltKS. J*d* ;ss:wii,TOnx?r'-r aaaialBe MatM G? T0 ^""^^^S^noB.K. i?? reaaeylvaaAaaeeaaa, bet 1Mb aad 1Kb eaa.. 1 Aad glee year orders for Parti ea. Weddiaga. 1 U Keeeptleae, etc. far all klada of OUBFBCTIOB BBT, 1?B CBBaMS, ate. jatt ?*