Newspaper of Evening Star, January 25, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 25, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Tk? Pukiiai, Tf>* following li.e ik^-rt (nfiilMCl Jof ladie*, which will t? i.aiversany aUopuu ,jw- 1 >?iC to their admirable auaptabou ioi?e -'??. acd :te Uimate oi ike latitaue. Winter F<i>nnet??The latent stv'e .onpts*? if a postage blamp wuji striae o: green rtbuom; ;b* bains carefully eomtcn txu-K .*o i. togiwim* air bmnirrrupUd access u? th* r?ta, and the ear* and ueelr Tbia style 10 highly r*comimenoed by jMeician* a +*,, 0i ut.ur.u.;? ointment accompanies each bonnet. 5>k>rt?IB* new hoop rk.rt, aiMmuatoter ded by physicians, comroeuces esp*uding UL..ier the arir.s?excellent article lor skating ?u<i *l*igb ride* a bottle of rheumatic lotion eoid with each skirt. Trams?Crinoline is to be discard**], and trar s from on* half to two jard? in iengfh will be worn, in view of this Uct, tb* city goverr. rnfnt havn discharged lb" rtguiar streets 1 sweepers, a* tbeir places will be ailed bv female volanteers. > art ladies will wear railroad trams Steady yornc la'iesof even temperament, who sre not sublet to a ugbt rein, will wear a , tie train The wives of retired editors will wear the ex. 1 preta train. The coler for elderly ladies will render it ! wece-sary that theirs should be of large size, as it wiJ! *>e a * ray train (great traiu). *1 here are getilug to he m->re points to a lady's dre?* than her conversation Th"point whi & th? y arrive (it witb n?le difficulty, except 1... i th ir bu-barids. is point lac. Most, he vr..\er, nave an eye to the great waste wh"n h *,7 ar* *"ry *aa* with :t? '?c* ?bnum co n. | a uuuri The muK'-H M t lit * *t.? <11 Vewpon. i Vermont, Key. Mr. HulUrd has been fined* i and costs, amounting to * -4 27, lor ?*?anltia' one S S. fall, a Macksinub aua St-con i Advenust, with Whom be bad * g,.?d deai or sharp controversy on religious subjects l appears tbat Bullnrd went into Cdl s M.oo* when th- -j.-oil discussion began, and fr? .u words they proceed to blows, ha ving a rou .. and- rom bl? lletit Call tins brought against ftullard for private damages m ""? WOO, and Bui lard ha-s brougnt a si n lar nit against Pall for gl.UOO. lllixoit.?ltirpr<tpu<pd to renew 'he s.ate *eal of Illinois, :h?* die heing worn. Whereupon the Chi agw Tribune saTs The mofo upen the seal is. ...state rov*? eiguty Na'iwnaJ Cnion." Il appears to i:-? !ha*. this ;s a favorable time for , banging jr. motto, itud mi tpriB* it to existing facts The-* u- to ?ucb thing as "State Ssover-.gntv ' in -ais eo an cry. The r?t?Htiou wis msututna pun :he ;h?-ory of ^tate Sovereignly It v? < .^sted by the opposite theory. Je?:'th? 1 , au?<* cea-e to be emblazoned ap^a tbd St S<al Oi till!: OAS. *^"'n Charles, Mo_ la?t Friday morning ap.ain Henry S. jobnet?>n, hiivlus; a pe- d >:' which had be(xme diseased and blin'i -o eluded to terminate its snff rmrs hy sboofing i it. i roa'urmg ar#vol i-r lor tha* purpo?- kutock cnt and ^hot an-? wounded it Tie th?n turned the pi?t0| ard "rnclr'he doe on tn- ' bea<., w ben a load from one of tb>* barrels w i? d'?kfcaraed. The hall entered hie right side ,?d pa.-i-ed throdgh bis body, inflicting a aura, ' wound. difftcnlty receu'ly occurred below >hreveport. on Ked Kiv'er, he'ween a Mr Armlstead and Mr. Carroll, which unfor una.e terminated iu th" dearh of the latter v n tleman. A dispute aN>nt th* h ring of ?o,ne !r?e mer. was the canse of tne tronhie. wher t>i :b dr? w tb^?ir pistols and common #?d fir nir With ?ucb fatal results HotM ar- said t>. b ive h^en oldaijl re?pei. ,.to!e citizens ?nd what msk?? the affair still more m fortunate, uo to that time most excellent friend?. ?75V An?:n*t,n??. Florida, is said to be % deliifhtful residence. The Examiner of haptace. speaking of the.T<?tt crop ,f or ?. - , say^ tbat will be P K 'rim one ;rr7v e' ** ":?? writ - iiiar ' ih t Ua 12 !n r,rh yellow cln-tero i.'.jm r..-- on h- <>r tb^ streets, ard the ^0:1 ain. redolent of thericb perfume " MO*toSik?a r?To. a Uka * ? V D'i- h man in Olevelar.d pu: Ualr p.,tin t .fi ,Wde in:o his stove tbe o'ler d.-:> make it 'dra* : The ^xpenment was m a^ntir? .icf - ftil. ai.t be na? jever had , ta.-i-L to , rrplaiu of bis stove since. It wa?- -o -miUiere-.n.-? Dutchman wa?n t hurt. TH*LASTCar^BFO*-STB!KIIIOIn r>. pliance with orders from :t -trade union.' .i I hundred . :irp?*n'er3 enaploved bv a (ln-i n I >nn<ier|jtijd, Knglana, fe'ruck b?caasn n-ir err plover* would nor give ibem rh-ir he?r ?t I < clock in?'ead of after their day's work w t< I uone. ^"Tbe Baffalo lecture co?BTiitfee threa'?' ? tosne th. Rev Henry Ward K-< h-r f ure to Keep his agr?m-n- to lec^ire tin- t?t son Th'y inter ,1 to'est the .pi^-tiaa iu rft- ' courts whether clercjra^n cannot o* held to a i h^r|tm ?h* aim?? as <>vh**r p+Of>9?*. . 10 Syr^cnse, N. v., some sjX y odd dollars bad disappeared in a v^rv ;nv?. Vr. tis manner, beirr taken from the monev. till .hen persons w? re in :he room At last a portion of 'he connter removed. wh?n a ra: w as discovered fast a?.e~p on a bed made wT greenbacks and postal currency. 1 "Stasii.ibi, by u,p OOLoa."?Frederick ( caghtss refused to l-cture atseveril towns in the West uu!es* colored people we re r^r mitied to sit where they chose. Frederick ' xa. ried bis point. ! WThe entire board of state officers in Iowa. inr!?id?t^ tbe Su|>rrme Court, commenced the nes/ year by sigmng a 'emperance pledge. i fcTMrs. Johnson, of Abingdon. Va, died i sndi ?nly last week of a nervous shock. Two I houi - before her death sbe was entirely well ! ar.dri 1 aline flow of spirita. W' wo men in Philadelphia attempted to ^ into a P w?r to search tor treasure. *o Wluck ondertaking tkey had been led by the recruit accounts m New York papers. The polkeMnested them, and d >ub:l??t saved their . Wlk) witnesses against Stewart, the Chicago cla; gyman, are ino?tly of the demi moude persuan*. n whose tes imony developes a tb*mel?i blending of religion and vice Petersburg, Va, factories were obligad if, suspend work during tbe la>t??r part of last mack, owing to tbe formation 01 ice on tbe vatet wheels. WAn 0.i gentleman. *l^ty-fonr years of age. sad ar. old lady ff were ?.* arts, Ky., a boot two weeks ago Wonder mkicb one of them it was tbat had tbe rnomy ?^A correspondent writes tbat tbe lat*st fsstHo.. for ladies in tbat city is "to weir doeskin gH?-8, and to wear them till?to use a *jpsy-ltke, perhaps, but still expressive simUe-tbey^re as black as a taker's pot.sSTHCIAL NOTICES. SKT/:? sr^tr,i^Avss??,V;f5 ^* 1'*. ItJatrnl, tbeVonder of i?.L?.A 110 + u " " C rORD Ageat. i^BaEKDM.JB HIHlxroflioV ODBSH hemt'ogs. will, u is ntderstood, s?l!> tlis la?hto * ?a * ?li perfumes l? this eonn#-y. Taey ar? tair 'anis, b it i.fsmsll me. cmuvjm ' n?. ,tb* IT!*1 extract et the darts " t'*r ,r**b *al of ,h# 80 J ?ja IS kjuiadiax iHiirrnjTB rojTaPBoui. 14B?Usimt',??wTork. n-!T WiUk f *"kM ??SS^3KSJS?r JiSBSKTMS, no strangsr sbuntd be ftFs.tsd IrS7rtuS is Uuaastrscrt. Mew Ysrk aetS-DAWly ??^MA|BAOlA>Dei|iIBAOT, A|n to. H.??>s^e ef Trus Maaks^d -Aa f J JoiiDg Mea ?? tbe Cna. ?f aelltade; and thm Pkysloioglcal Errors. Abusesaad Diseases which rharce. A44rese Dr J HHU41 HO^tfETiiw Beward As^dktioa Th 1 isdelTmi.". * n-S,' fapBBT DI81A1S0. Ioaix?a.iMi?t is tbe meet oar tain, safe aad effect sal remedy-nUideed. tbeualr eeget^UereSh dj MVUcpvMst Cares la two te la or davs and raeeetgw^elataaaty foar hours Somlaeral m bataam JM.msrcaa/ Oalf tea silis ta be ua?.'. u net mlattabe ovmL Maie<MMl 7t?;t? ?ft ?' saaaicaa^s Boot aND Haas Jricas?AaoelUvs and p.rras.nlmw tor brrhills 8<5Sfiu. **2* #l*?er battle! bold by aJTeed. Beaadvsrtleemeat myf stbadily, JW9CPU**LLT% n?(4?OIB1 MTEAOT IDfKI * ITVM wo oaae af |onr Fbiim ?imirw Bum, UazaaM Dimmk, Vuixh aad PatM ta tha Bacg, jfn+x* Osnuin mt Tao?? artatag fa* Ixcaaai ev am Km ooMi, rp affhotidi tmw S19UI9IBS taim mo otbmm bwcjlw. *>*dbrallApaUwwUs. PHa?l. 0 BA1DM f> OO., Sew Tart, md IAUM. W AAD * 00 , av Orleans, lutfctn Ajsals BUBLBiOB A &W1BA. Wbalesaia BrofftfU. Barteti Mass , QvcsraJ Agewm. rot, )^|g i PROPOSALS. Proposals fob*-arsi y*'tba n a po k r ation. . . jiaktefcmajitk of meal's OPflCg. t b , . m a-k.j< ,n*- v 0 . Jeaiv?ry j.v. .3?7.t ef*la4 Prop- sals wlil be received at this effioa j""'m.. vii lb* iMhof february, |w, tor he transportation ?f mlil'ary Supplies du?tu< *" year commencing April |, 1*7, ?nd ending Mirth ii, u*8, on tbe fallowing rout??: boctb he. 1. f i?bo >ert mipnu-ou. Njfcraaka Territory, ?t suck r*ru huiii be drtermli-ed upon duria*: the jwromhf oni-h* br&ach of the Union pacific r-i rowc ??*{ of Fort McPhersoa or from Part Lareitu#, Dakota Territory, to <uc^?o>u or df p*t? .* *-? dow or may be e.?t:imi-h. <fin the t?rr**> ' Vtbruka, ??it of tonffitnde 1 j d*g . la the t^riIt rv of Montana. *outh of latltud* ?i c?ff. it the Territory ?f l)tk*ti, *mt of i n*:t:jds iGsdeg .lathe Territory of Idaho, nth of lat!- ' tuce 4* d?ir. .and f>*?t if longitude ill de<., and rn the Territories of i tab acd<)olorado north of lat1tode 4y de* , including if necoeary, Dei.v?-r uiiy. bolt* Ho. 3 Fr? s Fort bllf|, Mate of kiii'u, or nch pointe ^ may b? d? terirlned n'p^ndnrfig th* year on tb^ r>|/n pacific railroad. k d., t? ariv posts , or depots .hat sr. now or may be estah ish?d in li e ht'?n! k?mmfir in the Territory ?i (Colore- i do. aootb ufl%ti'n i* tOdegree* nortn, and to Fort j i Lion, new mexico or other depot that may be d*i gi-at.d m tti ?t Territory, aid tc any other pt.ict er point* 0a the route. _ ? fcooti Mo. 3. Ft'm > rt i kin or ?oi h other depot aa a* ay be : e?'al Uhed ia the ternary of Hew d> p; ? " < r stations that ere, or rca> he est a: ib tl>ar t-riltcy and te such poata orstatiers a* t,a> b* designated In the Territory or Ar< us.and in thesifle of Ttxas west of Ijagitude l?f> Me*. rol't* h , 4. Fro n 8t p<?ul m hnerota, to anch ???ta a- f*re ne? i r may b. ?*l .ml^.d in the bt*te .>f Mlane- i fcota. and In th?r fort'cn o* Dakota Territory lrir.? e"?it of i.e hi*?onri rit^r fhr ? igb t it tra .b[urted daring the year i *1.1 ii' lumdiujo ! No l, iii,do? iioo bonn la ! ou No. . ju,?pomi'h ; oa Route Ho! i a.avit^uf cintide.a j ou k>ote JNo. 4, s.ftoO uo) P<.i:E'!S . j prof^ala will be made !or ea h route sepa T\ -i -ra ? !( hate the rat per lv? i mnJa per ,w i iie?. at whic<- .hey wiil trsnxport tlieatorta ' .?*'cb woc'h v the jf?r, l>et;iuniiii< April i. lf<7. *a?i eridin/t March si, iSfiS. '.'.'"vu" "u1,1 jf'*e 11 e,r nemeainfal. aiwhll ietb^iriplae * of v ?id^noe, mi1 ?a<-h pror nal i <>rle * ?> yci:' bj a bond in t o anm t. n tb<~i.??i d .4 iioo l inlinra. ?tch?'i by r#,i or u.. re i- f ""m* {t k :arant olni; thitic ta-' a coiitrait i? a?ar< ed tor the ron.e men tier to trie pi. r^it i to the pvrty pmpoainrf th contra : ?Il be a. ceiled ai.<f fnt? rnd iut), an.i ^ d *;.d -u -de, f vc-mt, fr.r'il?iie i by aaid anre ?;?!, t.e ier*ujof this aif?-i The fjii-.-ar tor ui|i bo rerjnirel to <lre boude in 'tie 'i.ili w iuii ahif.ti>,ta f; b 'It. n.I. f;-o 0,1(1 ut k int.- ;?). '?). oc b u'? No. j, ^ , . *'? b ite h i. 4. tO,(00 ^at.s-ac ct\ .->i4 ncp 0f oyalty ani a >1*'' f> i^'i' * ' '"j ah ' parnou offered a- aoour ii> will i e r?ni ir.' 1 i * mr.ct lie f?? if?r o d " rropo*al(i for ar_ > t-n.fpjriaa n <n u'.nte ho |,*.3,ori," t ie c:^-? r,- if tnil none-alll l e enterfalnfi-! on)*** in*y fn .j com;ii> with the re .alrunt-n'-i oi t l' <j .ertiaement th* par*) t. ?h tn ii :ivar 1 m m.'.de must t.. p'?-;..r'df exe ute thecoatr?ci at o ice. aad to |1t tli^ r.^nire! bot.'ls Tor ihe ."aithful inform ai re rt tte c >ltract. t' e ncl.t to rej. ct any or all bld?i that n,ay be c'f re ' i- i e.-^: ved the rotxi^ciot* on each ront< nast be in readj *frr-,rvKe ty tbe let la) Apr 11, irw, au . will pe rt-'ini'el to ha*e a pure of tn?lnen .,r agcficy at wnich he may be co ?>nniiira,ed with p On.e ly him readily lor Konte Ho 1 at Omaue, ?. t lor ttnn'e No i. at Fort r?l?y. k?r.?a?, for KonteNo 3. ?i tnrtl'n'on New Mexico for Koute i v." 8a'"t Pan'. minneh?.'?. or at aarh oth?r p^ Int for em h f the ^ veral >ta rnay be Indira ed a* the atartlrirf p*lat of the route. b'ar-k forma 'bowing the conditio .a if tho con tryct te f>e entarrd into for each r.-nte can be on *ppliratlon at thia eftire, or at th- office o' the yaart.rmaaf.r at New y?rk Saint lonis, Fort i <-a\enworth. Omaha 8.i;la Fe.aad fi>rt Snel liiitr. and mnat accompany and be a part of th? propoeal. By order of the yunrt^rn *?ter Oereral. alexanhkb hlms. Brnet < el >n>-l *uj Aaalataot jai" 36t Quartermaster. d. f. a. av? bdppllbb. _ ? haVT dbpa.rtm*?tt, / Rvrtnw pfirnm,n n* i CtntMn., j ,n. 12, ]?7.( separate i'roi ?a a jf-aiel and eador-ie 1 "Pro i <>a!iifor Nary b> [iplir?. will be recei red at ihi* i:. r.v.u '.ntil Jo clock ou TCKSDa v itl#< uu, <ia> . irb\r-1txt fo^, f?rn?-h'u?-vu l d- llreriuK ^t tn>- united htnt?<i naxy \ ar.i* at New y?rk in 1 bomrn, n orb.fora the tirat day of April next, the iuat tlMee f diferrnt article- aperitled lo t- }i?tba r,1" }? t"" ^o'ivered at New lerkau! t n third it boston, viz na- Btef, 3 h , pet m,1 ' Nea ^?ty i'crlr *.uwj v la., per bbl. Rice !( j.u 0 puuld., pi r tonr.d iri'd a i pi"-,. ;o0i<4t ponnda. per ponad. iut th} ppr poiiu j. t*?, 4 inn p nid*, f jr pouno < of?*. h o in) p. tjr,i}b- p>-r pfinnd. n". ' * ' i'.irl.^ rt p. r bushel mn .#- 4 .'i ,|? ks! oi pe- k vl' 'd. \ihc ?r .0 im*1 tfeilodh per tt ??i?u r l- ? i;l ? e rt ei v i f.jr or,, -fonrth oiie hUf ' ee fourth*, o' the wl: me ef the (jnatitltiei..ui.e-i hi, i' e only ?t ill be accepted, whl-;h aro cori?id^r? d f,,r the ad vant.ik-e of *h" Uortririieui j All ?ht arrlf!?. c> ritain-m in **ie above li't mns be e4u il la the uavy standard an . pa?a .he usual ii.sp^c'if-n > o- ? degrri pt'r>n wf the articles tnd e pa?-k nfm toci"t?<n :*' m, bidder" ai*Jreferre t to the in"-11?-? at tiie ia'd eary yards. and for inform* ti< a ae to the Ih?ii aiid regulations <la .iftmpHet U-tirt reaar<jliti2 cou'ract* to the olhc'.-s of the t'oo^piaueaut* and faymvsnta ?f the navy jards. niported aitides will r tved In bonl free i from no int^rnai evenne tax will be charktable n|,' u any .,f the a t,-. artlclaa. f.ver> otfer |.e a^ 'tr a tiel by a written FDarant; , eiuued Ly oi.e or i~ -re resyonaible per ^oi ? to 'he e^ect th if h? er t>ie> under * that the bidder or bidder* will, if hi* <-r their oi4 be accepted . enter Into an obligation within tive dare, w th good and ?uftlcl*nt soretiea to furnlah the xupplle* proposed;.the competency of the guar anty te be certlfte4 by the Payiaatter, Dietrict Attorney, or Oollrr'or of the ('gitoni. No frepoaal will be coaaiderad unlets a~com aaiiiea by eucfc guaranty, and by aatltfap'oy* evi leara that the bidder la a reeular deaf.-r In the article*, and has the license tequlred by act of Coserees h.bktpob, j? u Chief of Bureau. pbofosalb fub ua valk v awhbka. Dfpol ^**r,'rwa,,<r,i OJlc'% t ^ Baliimort, Ml., January a, ld<7.\ Sealed Proposal* are Invitad aud w ii be received at thia ofcee until thukfrdat. 1; o'clock m , January m. wi7. forth? delivery la the city of btl hob?!? ???" "?? la*> ?avalhlf The horse* will be tn: j?'ted to eareful luapec* tlon before being accepted. Tbey mu*t be -oumI In all res pec t? well broken. In full rteeh and good condition, fre? fifteen to eisieea hands high, "rem live to nine yeere old, well adapted Id everyway for cavalry purnoeee. The ability of the bidder to fulfill bis agreement nnst be guaranteed by two reeponiihle ptrsou*. *slch ? *** > * bint accompany the propose! The h-ree* must be delivered wlthia twenty (so) dure from the date of acceptance of aay proposal "h? Uoveruttent reserve* the right to reject any or all bids. Payment to be made oa completion of contract. Bide will be Indorsed "Proposals for Cavalry Horeee." and addressed to the undersigned. Baltimore, lid. By order at the Quartermaster General. a b. kimball, . ? Oaptainand a q. m.,0. 8.a.. )? 11131 Depot QuartermH<ter. 486 { s 4^ 7th (Tth .treat. BEAUTIFUL AMD USEFUL COMBINED ? PA1HTIHOS AHU BHOBAFIJ^r a limlUd butchaieeaeleetloos of Oil Paintings. Bngravings. Chromos, Wreaths, Basketa of Flowers, ac., appropriately framed. _ w oval p1ctlbh fbamb8. a rich and varied assortment fram the beet mantn tb*jcom?.,ri "bracing Wal?at. im itaUon Bosewood. all Ollt, Bustle and Carvad *^AU|CT <> ** and colors. Bins Halls, Walnut Bracket*, Basel* & papkbhamoihos ahd vrlnl?o a m1adbm * Abeaatlfal variety of theee goods, embracing th* richest deeiune of Ollt Bmbroldered Parlor i'at tome la the Btstiist with a well as?srt?d s?ock ot the eheajar grade?, with a lar?e varety of win dow 8hAdM,diff6reot t\/.r* aa4 color* Ordersi far w hi dowShades and Paperhanglngs yunctnally fille.1, la city or country. _ a Varge portioa of the above Ooods were made pbeeiahr to order, believing the beet tha cheapest, aadataJng to k?m.that chtssef ?oodt we respect fally Invito the Public to inspect aud conpareour Geods with any la the aarket. Ttrrru xnemriablj cm k. * .. *Zi If t*?ITBaii 4S6 7th ^ dalS Sm* light doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. i^PLBHDID J BWBLBT. mb. albxahdhh has jutt rstarnsd from New Terk, where he took from ths Custom House a ttfi, assortment of 8llver Filiicrae jbwmljur. Imported from Italy, which be will sell at one <jnarter the ooet: they caanot be obtalaed at aay other eetablishment here. He also brouabt oa a large aseortmrat of new style cobal goods very rich and of great varltlj which hs will ssll at ths same -ate* jaWSt* 940 Pennsyly .iiia ate "? vlotoh bugkbh. t PIAHOTDWBbind bbgu1utvr h*ta*LUlItD in 18u. jfe <^ 4 i^nTJjftViV'KSlZr. .w i 11th street, near Pa. avenue. t C,., Baltimort. mr Beaker nss tuned Plenos for us at our WarerooBM, aad we take pleasure la stating that we balleve him to be a competent tuner. ^ m bbchajit tailob1nq wi 1h all 1tb dhpabtmbntb. wa bag to lavita oar fileadc, citizens, r^sKfV^,i?ste,la',V5iseT' 1 1ngb, of the letoet styles, w^ilch we will tfy eke to order la the moat superior style of the art, at aiach ? Lea per rate* than the usual city prices. wall. bthphbhb a co., 1 ja u-st 329 Pa. ave.. bet. 9th and 10th *t?. Old btovh8 f akbh ih bxchahgb-^, 1 t?r new ones 8tovh9. ubatc8, fa great vaHety, at si IfliiHttreet,sear UaBridge. daff lm'^b AUCTION SALES. |j * GUpCM A W1LL1AH8, Anet!oa*er?. JJrsTFR * (iALioriNfioYiD pwpiktt OR MAKYLASiD AVBNIB B4TWHRN 4)fc A>D t>}U &TUR&16 ISLAND, AT PUBLIC By vlru^of ise<i of lr?at to me. datod th*Mth dajo' November K D. 1^4.*a?l recorded In LTWr * W . U , No. d. luiiui *v*, and tf l. vf t&c Uu k?( ,n-4 for * ft'bn g'oa eenmv Bis'riet of Colombia I ekell e?41, taTHl'UDAT, th* Tib day February ve*t. at * jclrwR 9 m.. on the premise*, * ?. hall t?f L. t N SI'. Beeerv ?tloo D, oontaloing twwthonaand ?even hnadrod u4 thirty - it e?i*aro fe*t fuor and a half ia;h?e. with|t* * Improvomeftta, cvi-f ?iln| of one iferv-Fram* H .aee on the front, mkI i?n?thertwo at r. Trow H*u#e fronting on th* eMey Tbe above d*>acrl bod property 10 b? eold m p^r order of the Conrt. . _ Tfrmi UMhtlfeMki, bftlanr?laalx andtwelv* mecttiH.for notta beftring interest. ?n/l sscnred by ? deed of trna: on the pr*m|e?* All convey aaci ? fti.d revenue atunps at t:.*ca*tof the part baser*. f lt>t) dwwu uo ti?? d?y ot *al* tod If the l#rmi are cot compiled within flv? Uya ftfter the day of sal?, the Trustee r. nerve* llm right to rerell the property ?t the risk ?ud cost of the defanltlug porcha-Vr, by advertlalng thr?*e Uom in the Natlonftl Intelligencer.^ ^ BaaWBWj GBKBN * WILUAMS, Aictt. jft 7 Tn,ThAd? [Intell l BY NAOLI A CO , Auctioneer*. BtlMroom No. U9i Penn, avenue, Between i#th and 19tH eta. HAOI.I A CO- will give their jenoMl attention to ill' of BfO Ift'ftto and Honaehold Kutmtore. Aiao, to the sales of stocks of Or oerle-s W>nes. Llqnora. and Mer Hsndlae of e?fy description, Horses, Carriaes-. Harnsas, he. Literal c axh advoncee u.iMje on consignments. ? :nl*r Sal s At onr salearcnm very TUKSDa >. THURSDAY; and SATCBDVY, At It) ? clock NAOLKAOO, jail tf Auction, era._ HENRY Ot)I. ^IA N * CO., AUCTION AND <JO?:fllS*ION MEItOb A NTS, Nos "91 and Peuuft. av.,bet !Hhand 1 tU ?ta. 8;:!ea ?t ftuction every Tneadar, Tiiurad.o, ftnd Satuiday morning aud vening B C BftOuRSB. Salesmen. A fall assurtm nt efpry Oejrls, t*he??, Varoiahin.; -tt 'd*. ' rociery. Tiu Wara, UtoTe-. Ac 011 hand it prlfuU ?%le Oftiu ad v?i.c6ii ?u conMKonientii. A LBO Wh.-.Icaftle ?ad B?tail l)?ftler? in Hftrrlwar* ftnd Tin V> ?re, Htove?, <sc , Jim. a'J7 ?ad'231, 7 th BtTMsti between M and a H larire <iU%ntf*y of Government Mock coo*!^ ins cf PI ir.k> t* ^heete, P'.Mowa. ?h?r??. Glothinst, . ,?rw?. Hi?rae*?. W*<nui Wagon Whwla. Win-pi hftiroaa Tr icks P fttf rin 8cal?<i. Cirnter 8 ill g, 1 1 u. kT?. L i'ups. L'?r.t?<rii?, Tar, I'lUiit, ftnJ A' ,<VJ jofbi^ biove i'ip Aif->, larg* lantitf of wcoml h.iL.i bt' Ti-t., y-rh mauy ntber dii?-'?*a toa au nt? Uj euniii*"."?ti?. The ^ood* art> nearly new. ami v ill l e sold at nlouet ?ny prloe io suit. j* 1(! 1 n ^PABRLINO WINfi.S. Venv? C'lrii'iot, l'on?ardin, f:i in i.rts ftnd pin's -di et atid Chandon, lire-? S^a!, Jnlon Hanoi A Co., Cabinet " Ho do., Ver7enftr, D? do.. Pry Veraen**/. <Uih? ITeidnierk. Hiliery. " I'ftri- * .puMtiou- 6oarkling Catawba, In anftrtn Golden (vl^ng, Sparkling Cftf,*? ba, in (jnarta and flnti. Foraale at reducod ^ 0Q 2?6 PenD'ylvani* ftvenoe, a j7 eoSt Bet wen l^th and 1-ltli street*. COLUMBIA UOBPITAL POB WOMBS and LYINQ IM A87LUM, Ponrteenth ?treet .<?lrcle,)corn}r ftf M atreet, Washington, I). 0. Thl# *r aMftitlen ba? l?<-en e*tibll?hed for the recut. r^tteut. ?ho may anffarlng from dis, ??cofW. torl eir sex ai d for the adnoiMion of ircni as may require the ooraferu of the ,TTh* b" f ' ^ngl'u *ltn?led In the moetbeftlthy p^r tlou of the District, surrounded by its ?wn /wr, nast, the door every ttve minutes *Term? ofadn.s-lon : From to 010 per week, tnaccordfture with the reom regvilred, payable in atlvanoe Th4? inclndes Board, Medlclftet, Medical and Snrgical attendance MEDIO AIj BiAIrgr BORON IN CHI It*. .1 H THOMPSON, M T>. 1P4 1 ?tr? at. between JOC' an i Jis* OObSOLTir U PliySICIANS AND jtBOBONS JOS K BAliNKS, M. D , bargoon Geuural, United Bt?t iAriu>. Juf MLkV M D.,Oeor?eVwn. THbS. MIL LBB M I? , r street. iVaahlngton A ? P <iAHN TT. M Ii., N. W York avenue. W P JOHx fTCN H D.,WaaljingU 11. 0B*FTt>H TYLBR.U D..t^lt?tovn F HOW VHu, M. P., F atreet. Orders for &dmlMloa to the tree beds ?n *?' Itftl, (of which ther-j are t>.cm ba cV-U aed of the Snrg-on in chief at this office 1 *? ? 1 ? of ary ot th. Mellr-vl stftT. and ot the Bt\a. Urs bftll. Gnrley. Oilletto. ?nd Coombs. %rtinj,-.wn Wives RQ.1 ntdowsef s^ldlera deelrtP?adm^si?n will ftppty tc -be bnrK?on ?*i?orftl, Umtoi States *rp?tients ltrlrig at a dl.tftn-e whe Wnl^ caw. to this instltnilon for treatment can "r? OU-MhS'l if D . ' i Pr~U?M. I UXUB1CS FOB TUB HOLIDAYS. MA lLLABD'8 OANDI*BS AND CHOCOLATES, UAUAM*LD cmM CHOCOLATI. DOf BUK VANILLA CIIOCOLATE, (For tftblw uae.) HOPE AND VANILLA BUBNT ALMONDS, mixed -t'QAf PH'Mi?,ftn4 a"sobted CANDIEi. Just received ftt A g0M. WIST i^DIA^obanoks AND BWK1T MALAOA OBAPma. Fresh, at KINO PL AC . MINC* flIAT (DoMBtoTiO,* At J "'"'S'v'S'Vtttk. U%P?'!!iS?TWN,rT,.V. ?.?? Gold eol.r, full, yet delicto flftjor ftnd fr?^rance, and leaa than one halt1 hG?PLAC CHOICK NUTS. BASINS FIG?,OCRBANTS, SPICBH. Ac., *c.. toeuit tbia Pftrticnlar wftaon. Foraftieby Z M. P. lie 19 Kkof riace. ^To BIT bi8 eTS B S. BAMARITnlt'l OI?*I SAMARITAN* 8 QlTTt TUB MOST CBBTAlN BBMBBY BVBB USBD fit, A P on Tim 0ti"v'f* tiOHOKKUQlA, 9LKMT, MTMIOTOMMO, tf. OontaiM no Mineral, so Bftlaftin, no Meronry, Only Ten PiUt 10 bt TbAata to kftci a Om$. ,7* "aatirely vegetnula, having no aaaell not T.^LleaTa "t toat. , a*i will not In any way laH1'"E'.i^acb or bowftla of Um aauat delicate. ^nti^lafroB two ? four day a, and receot oaaat ? *.^t.,tv fonr bonra " Prepared by a graduate J? ?? . r niveraity of PannaylTftnlft, eneof the moat ^Oboae who have despaired of getting ot .ksk.^ onry. **1 *?* ge?t by aaadl In n plain envelop*. Price?Mftle paokagea, <1. !??? , ?. BLOOD I MLOODH BLOOD! 11 AABAB/r^^KoT VANlf HKBtf JUIOM la offered tbe anbllc M a POftltj vewre. SYPHILIS OB VKNRBBAL D1SBASIB, the SAMABITAB'S BOOT AND BBSS JUIci ls a oiuat aetent. certain and effectual remedy ever prescribed . It reachee and eradicate! every particle ot the venereal poleon. ao that the enre la thorongb ?d nermanent. Take, theu.of tbla pnrlfrlng rem y and be beaded, and do not transmit It to yotu posterity that for whlob ? 3n may repent la altar yean. po HeT DMPAjB | jfJalTAN^ BO^rT?AND*HlK?^VoBB remeve every vestige ef impurtlea from the tbe bmd ^MA^fTnappUy adaptod, ta Ulceratod Otems in l^aoorrbSsa, in beartnadown. Fallin? of the Womb, doLiim and tor all oomplalnti lnoldent to th* MS. ?aaiby?z?ra?a Prlc* #Uip*r botu* BAM A BIT AN V WASH is,la**aa* tByptiiUs, ua*d laooan*oUoa wtth th* The nOcaoy of theM_rem*?ea 1. aUk* aekaavrt tnftv.nsi^ "? WHAT m^Ml^OWTBmUAMAM atftting th ftt 1 hftv* aaed 'The Baaarltaa Bam*dl?' for Venerftl 4L?M** In lta moat OMtomartr form*; KVt 1 have aa*d tham with {adamant, dlaorabea. and BToperiy, and, hav* found them r**pond to mi Sttolafttlon* iroacjtlr ??L HbotuaUy. Kaowing Skeir c rci siti^n. 1 Lave fbe falleat oon&a*ao*la E?,lr wfficacy. aud a* far aa my caeof >h*aa wliifc, nYw* ^AI^BCD o. BOW1U, ? AlatALt fenrgcoa, 6th N. T. Tolf. * aoiflby B. C. TORD, corner lltbate?*t and P*iy|' nyltftnlft aveun*, Wa*b!tigton; HENHT COOm, :oy,Vtaa'.Rg.f si A ILL A BP'S 1?I CUOOOLATS U jjj$VoBll#B8 >L?0, M A ' L CHOOOLAf PA* BXGBLLBNCB, . tTrlpl* VanlHa.) This Trlpl* Vanilla CHOOOLATB la superior la qoallty and flavor to ?ny other mad* ia thla cernor Uth and F atreata, )tl undr Bbbltt Boaaa, J V BTBBCBIV BD

rfATBB A ULBTV, th*y are offerlng at very law prloa*. ao M tf OOLOBBD TOT BOOKS, from Laadon; Fr*ach b Jnvenlla Booka, dlrset from Parte; Laboalay**' How Fairy Tale*; B*op. Wg*ly lUaatrated, aad 'iJV1""'>?*SOX TATLOB. LEG All NOTICES. j IB THH BHPRBMB COOBTOF THB l)M* TB10T OF COLUMBIA, Thra 3d day of J u?U|, 18KT. Patrick Whlse and Mdriw J t Joyce. complainanta, I [ Joseph JohaaoB. Mtry iQnHyHo.HT. s< n. Jobs M Huioi, Mil Fljn tad John lUku, de- I feft<1 Aiitt I The. t>j?ct of tb? bill filed i ; thla ceaae ia to procure a dtcrv for (kw nit of ctrUln pieces or areola ?t ground lying and being lm Weebimiton ct?. I)i?tr?rt of OuiuaUt, being Lot & and part of Lot 4. io Square I .060, to a?tlaf> a debt due by de fondant, J>aeph Johnson, i? tba complalaaato. The till Mta forth io substaace that the aaid Jon'i 'i Johuiuu waa Indtbkd ta Mid woiiUIb ant* In the ma of #t?7 ? far goode aotd and da- I 11 vered by complainants to tba said loeepb Johne?>n. Tbat at the tlmeof contracting said debt the said Joseph Johnson was seised and poaeeaeed ef ; the a*1d pieces or parcels of gr-'Ond. which, whila i Ie we#eo indebted, he iraaoulently conveyed to said defer dant. John M. Hanson, ia trust for the sole uae aad benefit of Mary Johnson. wife nf said J o>? pt, Johnson. That complainant! obtained jndca.aut of foi.demnation nf tha said pieces or p arc-la of ground ta Mid by virtue of aa attacbroeat tsaaed out of the c >mmon law sida or this ccurt in fever ot c?mpUluents tfeainat aaid Joseph Jobuaou and pray a that tha aaid deed of trmst from said Joe ah Jahraon to said John M. Usason aa aforesaid ba prodaced before the Court, and the ?aow be oenc<ll*-*i That the said complaiuaota. after the leaning af said attachment and the laving ef tha same ?n tha said pieces or paroela of ground.aacerialufd tbat the aaid defendant, John Plyn, claimed to have a lien on tha said plaoas or parcels of ground; that on searching tha land reoorda *t Washington county District of Oolombla no hat or deed of trust waa racarded in said land rac* , orda, tut that after finding of the jvr and jodgm. at of condvmatloa on tba ?aid attachments tha ai<l records wera aaaia searched and a dead of truat from aaid Jeseph Johnson U John Malene, toa'iare lobn Pl>n for tha anm of |l Mi,wa? found recorded. That the aaid deed of truat was recorded nearly eleven a ontha after the date , tbeieof anJ over two months aft?r tbeleaning and teviag of caid attachment that tba s?ld atteoh meut is a prior lien on the said pierea aad pareeln of around before the aaid dee. 1 of trust. Fraysa discover) :'of the amount still dne ana unpaid on paid tie>d of trust and prays a sale of the aaid pie- e? or parcel# of g rourd to satisfy the demands of the complainants ard other creditors and for an injunction Hgalnstaald defendants Joseph J 'maon. Mary J'innaoo. John M Hanson. John Vlnatd Jobn If alone, and their cenfederatea, whi n discovered, to restrain and prohibit them ai.d tl-eir agen'? and servants from telling or its posing of or in aav manner farther Incumbering, the ?aid pieces "r parcels of grennd Itis hereopon this :<d day of Jaauary, 18?7, adi jnd^ed at a ordered that notloeof fhissult he given to the i-aid ?uu resident defendant^ Joseph Johnsot., Vary Johnson and John Pirn,by publishing ? ct py of this order to the Bvei in# Star, a ne*a paper published in the city of Washington, In the District < f Columbia, three times a week for etx consecutive aeeiia. warning said non resident de f< t.dsut* to be and aaiiear, in j'Tion jf by eoliclt< r. at ru'ea to be helii in tha office of the Clerk of this Court on the firat Tuesday ef Juoe, A. D. 1--.7 to answer the aaid bill of oetnplaint: other ?l-e tl.e same will be tak?n pro 'o/ift >o against them Pre vlded the firat publication of thla order shah appear at lea?t four months befureaaid first Tiie?da> ef June i*7. and atitlng tha object and lubstance of aaid bill of complaint. A. B. OLIN, Associate Jastica, Ac. Atrnecopy: B J MKIU3, Clerk WM.J MILLGB, Solicitor for complaiaanta. jai .Itawfw O UP HAN 8' ooubt Jan. 8. imt-Disteict or Columbia^ W?jhi.46ton Oocntt, Town: In the case of Abraham Hlakely executor of Blizai>eth MUas deceased, tha executor aforesaid baa. with the aparobatlon of the Orphans Court of Washington County aloreaald, appointed Tu-aday. the Slst dav of January. lAit.for the final settlement and distribution of the personal estate of aaid decoapnd, aad of the asaets In hand, aa far aa the aame have been collected and turned Id to tnehey; when ai l where all the creditora and heira of aaid dec?a'ed ore notified ta attend, with their claims property vouched, or they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit In said deceased 'a estate - Provided a copy of this or der be pnl>llsh?d qnce a week for thr>*e weeks In tha Evening Star, previous to the aaid day. Teat? JA8 K. O BEIBNB. GOVERNMENT SALES. {'ufVEBNMEMT 8AL?~ The property known aa tha "GOVBBNMBNT TAHNkKY AN1> uTBAM ?AW MILL, ' with a?-v>ot> five acres of laad. near San Autouio. Texas re le 1 Prop >aala. in duplicate, will be received up to the lat < ar ol Hatch, Id 7. for the purchase of seventy uvr acr- a of l^na, more or leas, together wiih the bcholng* erected thereon, aad the apparteusnces appertaining, that is to say : (IS K TANMtKI . Containing TUftbVB ?sT?1> B LIMB tats, FIFTY T*U WOOI'BN V\TS. SBVICN 8TONB POOLS, and capable of tanuiBg fifteen thousand bides per arnutn. oitK STKAM SAW-MILL, capable of sawing ttnec tlio?i?and feet o' lnmber dstlv. u: K ALL STONK KOILDIH The ab.>ve pro;ertv I* ?ltn t'el akout two miles ab >va Ai.tonio, on tba San Ant nio river, m? the a ??< r is conducted to the esta'dlahmeut by a race of hewn atoue, laid in raiiient. 1 ite land was purchnse<| aad Improvement i inaie k> the |:i%e so cille<i t'onfedcrate tj >veru ineut. ;iod are estimated to have cost flWtKWin gold. The property has bee ti underlease for the year 1H&-, at h motithl) i<Bt ol ?Mlu, payable In ad V'lUCH * secur>4 title iu fee aiuipta wl.l be given by the Cl'lted Htates Governmeat I'ropoaala will be marked ' Proa-vsala for Gov crnni' at Tatinery and Saw Mill,"and a1dres?ej to J. B KIDDOO. Bvt Va?r Gen . Aaat. Com. Uareau It , P. and A L . Galveston. Texas .a i! 37t 1 L D 1 N G 3 ATT A D 0 T ION. Chitl Ounrtermafttr,? Qfic?. Depot of Ifa.<ttsri9s,I Wa\hinmon, D C., January j Will be aold at public auction, on MONDAT, January at l?o clock noon, under tha super viMon of Biavat Lieutenant Celonel James H. H (te A 4 M the following bnildingsOn l'annaylvania avenue, between Bighteent aid Nipeteeuth ?treeta: Two I'ertnhle Houses, ten fe< t high; oae lfxlt f?-et; the other 12*11 feet. Ai'o on A street, between Twentp-firat and Twenty-second atreets. One Warehouse, 41x119 feet. feue hbed. l?xtl feet. One Platform. Ii?x41 feet Terms cash In Government funds. Brevet Brig Gen. CHAS. U TOHPKIMS, Deputy Qnartermaater General, jeJl 6t _ Act'g Chief U M . Depot Washington. yObTON MBSB MACKBBBL. ~ I ana new reeelvlog from Boaton direct, the very flneat quality uaOKBRBL, and which rarely find their way to thla market, being used mostly for home consumption. As th>.-y have been trimmed of every P?rt hot the m?et 8alatable, the kiU contain vary much merathan tie quantity uanallj BUBOHBLL. Corner 14th and F streets, nnder de j-tf Bbbitt Hooae. UBPABTMBHT OP THB INTBBIOB, TO ALL WHOHSIT,rMAt COBOBBN Application having been made under the aet ef Jane 23. UHU, for the relaane of the follewlag described Land Warrante, which are alleged to have been loat or destroyed,?Hotlce la hereby given that at the date following the deaerlntlon of eaoh wart ant. a new certificate or warrant of like tenor will be ralaaaed. If no valid objection should then JOB. H. BABBBTT, Oommiaaioner. Ko tS,t48, for 160 acres. Issued nnd<r the aet of March 3d, ISM, In the name of Ivory Butler, and w?a grant*d April 19. latf-February J, 1947. No 43 0A6. far 140 acres, Issued under the act of March Sd, 1866. in tha name of Laxarna Uarlon, \nd waa greeted September If, 1896. February l0No. MM.794, for Mn acrea. Issued nnder the act of Harch 3d, 18?|. In the name of Robert W. Pierce, and waa granted May 12, uw. Harch 9,1667. Bo. 99.24<j, for ItiO acrea. iaaned unler the act of Harch S 1866, in the name of Bli.ah D. Ball, and waa graated J an* 8.1891. Harch 9,1B57. Bo S.916, far 89 acrea, issued nnder the act of Harch 3d 1866, In the name of George Plum, aad waa granted August 19th, 18S6. Harch 90,1.467. No 97 919 for 160 acres, issned nnder the act of Haroh 3d, H66, la the name of Jamea Henry, aad waa graated April 29d, 1861. March 50,1!H7. Vo. 66 799, for 160 acres, iaaned under the act of Harch 3d, 1866. in the name of John Wood, and waa granted February 9fi, 18S7. April 6. 1867. , No. 98 160 for 190 acres, laeuad under the act of March 3d. 18A6. Ln the name of Sarah Wood, widow of Bobsrt Weod. and was granted VabraaryM, 18&7. April 9,1887 Pbotbctbd II1?oValB'lbttbbb fa* ent of Bngland, aad aecared hp the sea la of the Bcole de Pharmacia de Paria, aad tha I?pert>l Oellegeof HedlcMM.Tleaaa. Trieaemar Ho. I. U the effectnal remedyfiar Belaxadoa, Spermathorrhoea, aad Bxhauatlon of the System. Trisastnar Ho. 2 haa *nttfaty aopyaeded the aaaaeoaa aae of Coeavia, Onhataa. Aa. Triaeemor Ho. I to the infallible remedy tor all Importtiea and Secondary SymptoBaa..tana opvfating thenaeof meranry aad aUother deletorioaa ^ftach preparation la ln the form ef a meet agreeable Loaenge Secured frem the ?ffeeta or cM* mate aad chaagee of ataaoaphare, la tin eeees. at $9 each, or four #9 eaaea la oae far #9, aad la $W caaea. thna aavlng #9 Divided la aaparaUdeeea at admlalrtaredby T*lpsaa, BadUmanda, Bonx, ^Vholaaala aad ratal 1 by Dr. BABBOW, Ho. 1S? a*' 99oJ+g* rjiHB GBBAT. Bf BBLHON. by_.John Hioq"r Hlnatrated; BtaHng tha Bod; A Hovel, bp Bdmaad Tatea, 79centoTBaoe for Waalth, hy Hra. J^B^Mdei1^ cento. FBAHOB TAT|*OB. MOWBH DAIBT 0HBB8B. "w ?o???"t"v,Yitlio*. H. W. BDBOHBLL. comer Fenrteenth aad F stree to JtU under Bhhitt Howae. gpSiSfSi fUxLROADS. ^866 rusm'iViI boi'tb 1867 Jim ii xiiw TO TBB BOBTH WB8T. SOCTH i?n SOUTH* Owaa* KJHlDULBj ui?# m mb*r i**1" wiU Wsaklagun 7 ? a st | Baltimore la . m. ?J* I ? 'II 19 ft. D, jnigfif TliACK ioUTfc.,n XSTaSiS&Z BOB!RET. Pals*. state wa "rtt Oin. witfo modern imirofeneBti *T,n* Kite tosr te twelve kunm Is tint ov?r . ?7 other raate. Two hundred aile* mAi va V?tffi in Ceatral New Tork Two Dally Tniu to the West. ' " * North SRWcSsa "d ?.?? *!!?' tblt roit? rroa B?ltlDorf kirt Slf.'WSJi'KfiY.Si ' v""s TTtkets by tkis route can be procured tt tk? ofthreat and PNiijr|vuttn?i??, n?d*r the Nstienal Hot* (.where reliable iafor"Vifi.w,u u ?" umi. riiwiinn^fotnriaij tickets at thU office can ,n B'eeplag Cars for II ?ra or Pittsburg. B. J. WILKIN*. Ticket Agent, .. - _ Washington. 0. 0. DfajLiT-9P*S.'-?**>- Past. Ageo'. Bal??oro. ?d. do 1 ly WASHINGTON, ALEXANDtlA AND b AII.BO AD. _ . _ TIMB TABLB^^^ r ? DAT? November II, fcnii H ??"*?? Train* irillTS'-blJ ^ D iad Alexandria ** foil on ? Si 4,11 '"^TOlS. Lliri ALIIiat 111 Froa Hd.aTCbu.4ep t From oer Duke sHeorr ' 16 A M *U . Locale!4? a'V Through Mail!? L()c? ror K ? ? A. M. Local at?? 7jOO and Hoary? 6 <>0 J Jo p M " ~800 " ?;<* f-M. ;; 10 00 .. 2 - .fa :: and Hanry_. . 7-00 L.4rJV^,A \w ?* T'baibs * " From Md mvua?lrZjt rr^m*V* *?"** *:>*ia. jj-frt ? " ??. '?r?!ra-/uvv 0Tiim?tMfl Throng, M*.t ft*) J-. H. ?mm i? Jra: Lewve'^d'aiTe^. BK ' w,f hr,*t chane? of c?r?. :?7 ? Sunday) at 7 4ft a m sod 9bim* N*W FOBK, chaa^lB? cart at Phlladel439*1?.Vid*,,r (ex**pt Sun-iay) at 11:15 s m. sod T?.M<i-.irOB pHlIiAP*LPBIA. m^Tnd7? .T,d"?P;*?Dd*y'*t 7 44 ' , , "N SUNDAY. m only Mew *ork HnJ ***laial?kla at ? 90 p. dal'lf"*1"*Car* f?r H*W T#rk on 6 *> , m tr%,n *wI~to}ikla. Mtw York or in ? ??',?? ^ f,1 th? i?tatiob Office at allhoari R?nktr^Vn^^r T* V tmt th^n,w 0??" 43 the Banker* tnd Broken Telegraph Lrtir, 34* Penn ^twe*n 6th *"d 7"h ttreete. b^h^ilT.0? ^?d uh,otai?ro?d sdTertliement | AMOon.Vln^ihTweet Mhln*t"'' i' m *rtt4r ?1 Trant?erUtloa. kmn a tt,J5n2S.",*r;1 TlckSi. Aaent ?' BOONTZ, Afent, WukioitoD. DALTIUOBB ABD OHIO EAILBUAD, ?, 1897. ".VkB La... A... rVK BALTIMOBB 11 ij. ?, 'j.'I?*'1 Sanuay. at 7.On, 7 43 anj 11 1# a m.. and 24k>, and 4.90. aad s 00 p m I L^t*dJtiOB ALL ?AI STATIOAS. ' jtedsoo1;-^^ Bau^y' ** m<i roc .: A* STATU^SSOOTB or ANNAPOLW | ^Lme at S:U aad 7.U0 a. and at J.oi and 4 90 FOB ANNAPOLIS w^'^v.UA.s^r.*; - s? "N , Fuh BALFtXuttK. Leave at, 43 a. iu., *n I j o*. ?D; AM p u iwte.t:^" WA> ^tatioSS.* l save ?t 7 ?3 ? ,a.. m!i4 ^ IK).. ^ 4 lk) _ _ Lea.S^iii LL PART?I UK **aT. 8:00 ? !L *' "*c*"1 ?t 7:44 a.m., a-J et?MonU!i1r^ rl ^ ^ ' m- <J">|7 ',0!'nert1n* ?t Relay frOJi " 1UD'?r"to thaalfS hl,0H 1 XS"K*TS ?> Wat i?u be had at J thll * 8?aii^a llcket offi e at all hoa ? JlJ *?? the Bew ofl5c? of the |!,3k r? tod Brolers? Tel#?gr*?h Line 'i-m pa.,n avenne, b?t?een <th ana 7tn ttr^ts' ' j ror New ?ork. Pbila lalphl*. and Button tee adTSrtlteBientof-Throti.h Line ' i' m "Mtar of Trantportatl >n ~.m?* k." ? i5 General Ticket Agent. i ocIO tf OBO.S BOONTZ. Agent WaTtUaf ton. 11 aV.RA?n? fc?iV*R^ AhD HABLBM BAILi-< *ft*L BON DA V . Nov U, L !v 'JL,Albany and Troy, rnanfectioe with aa'fohoirsT1 W#1,?ri1 tr??n>. ?? lea .e Now Y*rt 8a m Iiprett train via Hadton Rlw HailS?g,onT.ra MoatreaJ?* f" ! ." S1 *od Mul trm,B Hodson Blver Railroad, connect!a# at Albaay with Wattaru train*, and at Tr?y with train* tor North ? tr*"B If Harlem B^lroai, wit.Vn wlnibAV c?nf*ct,ni Chatham with Wsatern Railroad for Lebanon 8prin6-?, PltUHeid, ?f.K^ ^'bsny vIth Wattern train*, and at Troy llontreaL* 8~ato?a BoUaad, Bnrliacton and 3.44 p m Bxpress train via Hsd-on Biv. r Bail road conaectlag at Albany with Weatera train* akrVttached. ^rm'M ^or " W^Tth'.'K.T 4 14 p.m. Bxanss train via Harlem Railroad connecting at Chatham with Western Bailroad for Lebanon Springs. Pittafiatd, Ac ; at Albany wtttt tralat. aad at Truy with tr5n. tor Bo? land. Burlington and Moatraal Bias ping cars attached at Albany * 30 ? - express train via Hcdsoa River Ballroad with ?Utping cart attached, aitd through to Buffalo and Saspensloa Bridge without change of cars. Also, slea?lsg car everv day exoeaun* , Batarda) t attached from Bew York tbrongh to Ogdentburg withoat change, via Bone W. aad O Railroad. Oonaectlon for Troy will be mada at Bast Albany This train will ran on Sundays U p m Train Tia Hudson River Bailroad. with sleeping car attached, connecting at Albany with early tralm far Buffalo and Saspsnsloa BrlJce Berth *T Wlth tr*h" for B*r?t?>?a aad points A Sunday train will ba ran via Hadsoa Biver Etllroad frOfti New York to Pouf hkteptfe til jn. termed)ate station* leaving Naw York at 8 90 a m. Returning, leave PougUksepsie at 1.45 p m arriving la New York at 6 II p ns Al*t, a Sunday train via Harlem Railroad. |,?. ,tr,#t 1* If- and arriving at Millert- n at 3 Ma as. Return lug leave MUUrton at 5 p m., arriving la Bsw York at 11.91 a. a . WM. H. VANDBRBILT. Jlif Vfoe President. I gWH-OBD^FMOg^BS^M^DM TO TBAYBLLBBS OOIBO SOUTH. *WIOB DAILY, (Ssnday p. m. excepted.) Ths quickest aad most dlract routs to Bickmood. Ya .and the South, via the Potomas JNM . steamers from Sixth Street Wharf._^^4?^MJt Washington, to Asala Oresk Richmond, Fredericasburg and Potoasao BaHroad Bow entirely ooaialeted frost AqclaOrsek to Blckaiond.Va, connecting there with trains oa the Blck* mond aad Petorsbarg aad BloSsaond and DaavlUa te^SSEiabrtS SaMBp sLignarisRSfS TBBOCOB TO BIOHHOBD Of BBYBB HODBS. Fifty Hllss Bkorter and 134 Hoars QtlckN tkaa tar Otter Boats. Ba nit aad get Threagk Tickets via AMa Creek aad Fredarlcktburg, to Blahmoad, at th* Oompaay *s Office, ooraer at Peana. aveaue aad Ock street, or onboard of tke boats. ,-|rr Tkintii OnalbasM Mtd Ba?aca Wagoas will bo la w PwMttn bT thl. 11m MilfdWlllU Mml ?M* Isatral fatwsgw Ag^ft. POTOMAC TBABiPOBTATIOB IslBB. BOTICB TO BB1PPBBB. TBa llnasr BXPBBBB, Oa?. B. A. BYTBIB, CRDAY tor Olyasoat. Badd*8 Fern,^HiK ^ ?SL ?4vs*^? RSSW Risvsa: flsr^fea ctattd. All aereaaa kaviag ~'fs acataat tke said dscssssd are koreby waned to axkOMt tke asasa, wltk tke vouchers thereof, to tke subscriber, aa or bef"e tke Stk dap of January next: they taay SewSestate froat all keaaBtof ea aaderay kaad tkis ?tk dap of Jaaaary, . , GBOBOB LAUTulB RAILROADS RIAD^O BtlLBOAD vlBBAT Till (ah LlaB ?BoM PHILAPEU V H IA TO TH| lHTKMOB OF riNNMLV4 N IA THE S c HI T LULL. BUSjl t IUS'\A. I 1MB t hi ASD AS It W YOMI \ d VA LI !h J THE yuKTH. HQKTHWksT AM> THS (A.s AD A y WINTER A h R A fi K * E \ T OF I i'ASbk.SOFH fKii.VV ftWr j |?n, the CcBHi) "? Dep*?t. 1 BIRTEBNTH U40AL I LOWBILL ilmti, Pbllt4el ptu, it tb?(?il?vtL< Botri: I MOBNINQ AC? OMMOPATION* At 7 3? a. m. lor Read>Be and all ictr: mediate Bete atBg, ! ?"? Beading at 6 A p m.. arriving .a Philadelphia at * 1" p m M0EN1BU EXPKR&S. At 9.16 a 0> for iMtimi, Let tiiuii, HarrUtnr.;, i Patievilla. rice Grove, TMiqat Bui jar; WH ! lien *yort Elmira. IKhea'er Biaaara Fall*. Baf. , AlUutova. W hlMb?rr?, Pitut a. Tori. t arll-le. t t.aa.l erst>aig H*K?r?t"Wt Ac , Ac Tfci* iraia (onii<-cti at BEADING with ?h- K iit Pennsylvania Railroad train* far A lent <*u,4r anu with the Let.a?>n \ allay tram f.r tlarrl* ; at POUT OLIMToK with Ca?awie*a Railroad train* for W llliamsport. Lock Hiim Eialia. Ac . at HABR10KI BO with Nortkera i (Vnril, Cainl-erUnd Valler. end Scbuiikl.l ant hu?^o? banna trail * for Nortkumberls..d, * nUamspert, York. Csamter-b rg Piuegnve Ac AFTERNOON F X fRE?H. Leave* Philadelphia at J.30 p in 'or R*a>'..-ig Pott*ville, Harri?hi.rg Ac , connecting wit? R-aamg aiivj Colt mlia Rati road train* for Oolumi Hi, Ac BEADING ACCOMMODATION Leave. Reading at 6 3u a nj.. stoppmg at a.l war I itat.oua. arrive* tn Phi adelpbfa ?t .< ,u a q B> >at iJiD|i, leave* Phi ladetpnta at 4 jo d m . j ai rive* lb kt *dtb?r at 7 3ft p m Train* ter Philadelphia [? ? HitM-cx at * n . a and Poltavtl.e at IB a a. iin?u , I kiladelphia at 1 i p n?. A t rnoou tr *m* 1mm 1 Uarrisburg at 1 1 p m am Potiaville at ; ? > a id . arriving at I'ht'aavlplila at 6 a p m Barri-borc ace n>n Nation leave* Reading at \ 7 Jc a u . and Uarriabnrg at 4 1> p m. Ojr, u?>'t , iKg at Ba?ul->g alth Atta n< a A <.m:n Hiati >n Srtjtli at** p m.. arriving m i*bila<l>-lpbla at i' p.m. Marl*! Triln. witli a p? ?-cgar car attacked, I l*a? i PtiU-iflphta ?t 12 4' noon f >r K?aJia* aa 1 aii wajitati' D*. I*ar?i K- ?dir ciii ? ni .in I i Do? aiDttow n is p n tor Pi ilaJeltb a aal ail w>) ataiiona. Aii tii? ab' v<? tram* n:a dai'r. findu .-ir f?l Bui ay Iran* Uave l'<>tt<-vi|le at ft a. m and Philadelphia at j.13 p m.. Uav<* Ph.lad?>i|ata f r kradmg at 9 a in . returning ftuBi heau-ug at 4 li P'W OHKHTIR VALLKV KAILR 'ATV Pariei'p* r? lor l>o? iB*'o?t! *i,a in!?-rm^diBt^ puiuta takr the 7 30 a:.J 6 1ft a m %n?| ?,#p m tiaii *froai Pbiladriphia. returning trom Down iciito. n it 7 a m aLd ir tu n<win NBW VOkk BXPBt^S KOR I'lTTT-BUBOit AND TUB W 1ST W Leave* Hew \ ork at 7 *14 a. m an I 3 a m na** ing Hea'ili g at I as. 11 J3 a m and i 4* p n, 4u fililil ting *: (lar:t-burc atth.P. i a- \ ?uia < Nar'hBili t.'.nrral Uail'oa.1 Btpntt Tiaiif l'itt?burkh. ?. h'?ag , William port Citutra da'\ tilBOia Ac. Batr.ibing Rxpre*i Train leava Ila it'irg n arri> al of Peun-? iva. ia kipr>-.i tr?;i. l*itta r.qr ? at 3 and v 0. a m . : 1ft p. m pa*Mu (S .. 4 4? *nrtf10.n a bi ai d M t) p m arriviojT a' K e* li tk 1? a n> . a< d Z 4* p m. ?l piB.. ^ara arct'Bipaii)ing th?**a trnin* through br-rat-. n jer ?*) 1 ?l) ant Plltahareb. *.th?nt f Mar,g? Mall tram ' r K?*w i ik HMriahnrp ? 5.10 p m Mail train l?r UarrtahBig leivoaMew lurk at II i x>n pr ITLK1L.L VALLBT BA1LB*?AI> Train! |ea\e P- Uvi la at 7. || ?l a ui and 7 1' A p m . reinmiBK trom 1 ?u.a ,na t ; s. ? u, mu . 1 1.4? aaa 4 13 p m. c Bt U V V LK I LL AWI^ 8r?yi BUAKNA EilL * Tralni leaTr Alburn at 7 .'dim for Pina<fove and Horrial nrg. and tlMip in., P>n?er ive and lrairont, returning tr?m H <rnal>nre <r 3 *? P m , and from Tiemont at . at a. m tud 3 n p. 11. FBETOHT <icO>> "f all daacriftioni forward*I to all th* al-ov* p. nr? fruii th?- <\ pant'1 N ? rrH? It Depot, llrcad and Willow atre*-t* * (HEIGHT TBAIMs Leave Pbilad?lpb:adaii; ats.ioa m , l; 4S nnnq aad tip ui. for K> ar.i' g L han^n. Harrnt<a'g Puttivlila, I't-rt CliD?.in. and all point! Oa?on j * MAILS c'lofe at the Philode p i* Po?t OtTica for aP piac?F 'ii tii? road and its hranchea *t ft a m 1 and lor the principal itatlun* only al 3 1ft p m ' I i:> 11 IIKNNM'LVAMA OIBTBAL BAILBOAT* V? 1MEH ABBANOKMO t . I The tra.n* of tn- f.-un-> Ivaai? O-utral Rail1 i?au leave the Pepot, at .llat an! Market atrert* 1 allilili iea. lied llr?-cll i h) tl a car* ?( the *?r* I ketetreet Paai-i nger Bx'laay. Tti<-e< ttheOhe*tI nut aid Walnot ctreat Bailway run wunlu oi< | l |Oarf -f it. OK bL'NHAYB?The Mark< t Street f'ari leave Front at d .Markat itr'-et* 36 tiilnutes t?>!ore departure *( e?rh train SUKNB bAOUAUK BXPKES8 will rail foam! deliver it*|i.'ime it tut i pp-t Order* left at the fticv. Mo. o9i Ch?-ituntatre?t, wiii re eli i attention. Tr"t'i Lemv l)fpo'% I ;; I Mail Train at ? V) a m I Paoli A.fijtii 11 V * I .( 2. IU ua dj 1 1, > p >n Fa* Line *! ! Brl>- EE(T>m at I 1*1 m 1 PaikKt urg 1 rain -at 1*'IH p. ll tri l?bii r*. A on: o auou ... %t 2 .at p m Lsncarter Ai"*lli:i tat tl ?t 4 in p. la I Itl-lcgl' and Erie Mat' a> 5 , ? p t? i' lladeipkil Kijri -? . ..? 1, oO p m A pittsiiui k- A Bn?- M ail leave* tltrj . except S?? 1 uiday. " f hila^elphia Bipie*. lea. dulf All otha ^1 tiaine dal iif p'MiL-ia>. l'iri-1 Kara b> M *li Train to W tilHmvaort wittiont c>: <nge of cari, m<l arrive at Uck Hi van at >vl p. at Pa<??nger*tT Mall Triin eo to Cir.ic'.aanl Chr-ii' er-iintg wit out a el ?**? f ?r*. M?m plug Car Tli-ket* can ba had n app.icati'TB at tl;e Ticka? **ti<? a. t?31 CheatLBt atrewt. TYiiii.? jlrniy lit Dr , l*t: . Cmcinrati Evpkm a* UMa m rMlajt-ljtii lipil t Ma 1. Pa. ll Ack?m .No! Ul - JO a m . ft " i0 a m Parkehutp Train... .at : jo a. in Lancaster Train... %t u 411 p a Faet Lme? ? at t |" p n Pay Eipr.a* . at I.Mi Barri^t crg Accommodatioa at h -m p m Philxdalphla Lxp:a*a tirirr* uu.y, eicepi Mead ay CiDcinnatl Bzprea* arrive! dally. All other train* daily carapt Bnnday Pjisetigar* l*a?lnc L<? k Haves a'7 a m , ? d W llliam*port at 8 44 a. m , reach P!.>tadetphia, without ibaaga of cara, f.oni WilUamiport. by Da> Espre**, at S #? p m 'the Peanaylvania Baftroad Company will not anuroe any risk for Baggage, except for Wearing Apparel, and limit tbnr reaaonitbility to Oa? Hand red Dollars in valBa. All Ba?g?ca axewod Ing that amount In value will ba at tAa riek of the owner uBlesa taken by aae< lal contract. For further Information, apply to JOBM C. ALLEN. Ticket Agaut, 631 Chest at Hreet BAM DEL H. WALLACE. Tlckat Ageat at the Depot AN EMIGRANT TEA1M raa* dally, except 8nada>. Forfait particalara aa to fare and acc >msa >daUons apply ta FEANCI8 FUNK , 13? Dack at. /CENTRAL EAILBOAD OF NEW JEE8ET ? V/ Paaaenger and Fralght D#p*t in Raw Fork. I foot of Liberty itraet. Connects at Hampton ? Junction alth the Del a wire Lackawanna and theaters Railroad, and at Eaaton with the Lebirt allay Railroad and IU conaactioaa. farming a direct line to Plttstarg and the Waat wikkoat change of cara. ALI EN TOWN LINE TO THE WEST. Two Exi reaa Train* dally for tba West, except Sundays, when one Train Ib tba avealng tfixt> mi lea and thraa hour* aavad by this line, to Chicago, Cincinnati, bt. Loais, Ac , with bat oaa changa of cara. WINTBB ARRANGEMENTS, Comiaevclng January 7, ls>7?Leave Maw Tork as follows 6 30 A M -For Eaatoa, Bethl. hea. Mancb rhatik. Williamspurt, Wilkaabarr> , Ma:.a y Cit>, Ac 8:10 A M Mail Tsatn-For Flaiaington, Ban ton. Water Gap, Bcrantoa. I lke? bar re. Groat Bend. Pittsburg, Bii jhamton. Ac. 9 A. ML?Western Exprea* for Eaetoa. Allentown, Hariisbarg. Pittsbarg. a d tb> * est with but one change of cara ta Cincinnati ar Chicago. Bad but two changea to St. Leats C.anecta at HarrUborc with N'trthern Ceatnl and Philadel phia aad Brie Roads, for Eria aad tba Oil Becioas. _ 12 M. Tliil ? For Eastaa All*iUwn, Maach rkiu. Wllfceabarre, Reading, Pottavtlle. Harris bnrg. Be. ? p M.?Tor Bast a- Bethlehem, and Maach Chunk. g p M.?For Bomervllle aad Fleatagt"a. p. M ?For BMtM.BaadtBa. Harrlebnrf. Wllllaauport. Irvtaeton. Corry Brie. Ac. Kieeplig car froaa New Tork ta Wtlliamspart. 16 F. M ?For fWmervtlVe 7 30 P. M ?ForBomervilla. 8PM -WiiTti* Bxrsx*i Tim ?For Eas ton. Alleatowa, Beading. Mamsbarg, Pituburg, and the Waat. Bleeping oars thraugh froa Jeraay City to Pittsburg very eveaiag. Additioaal balus are raa U Bergen Poiat. Iii7lb?lk Ac. Ticket* for tba West caa ba ebtalaad at the offlo* t of the Central Bailroad of New Jeraey. foot of A Liberty atraat. North Mo. 1 A?tor Boa SA4. it 1 ADB Broadway, aad at Ba I* ?jal>WJOSIAjl10 BTE' EN8,Bupenntendent New yobe amp bbw havbb iailboa^ Paseengar StaUoa la Baw YarB. corner fftk atraet aad Faarth avenue TEA IBS LEAVE BBW YOBE For Baw Havaa aad Bridgeport-:. ?_Bx )^1 B? a. m , 11.14 (Ex.),?( * ). IB. aad SiBe.). *'For Mllford. Stratford. WfMi Jaathpart, *r?sa5y;?Si?sfw,s.K. ' Pir* luiSr^T.V .A'.** iy?,j .ri.V ?j?. llJDa. m.; s w. ?J?. ? COBB ECT1B? TEAIK8. {/?,xr ^ - I aadB#rtagBald-?.<E?..)ll W a. mjtor Lv^r ' Rsrei ^"ilVHa^rN^r Loaden a^d iVtflV^Barth-i, Boaaatoalc aad Ba igatack Ballroad-fa. V ^forVIburr and Barwalh ? ?-? ?? \ ' BlaapiagOars attached to! p.? j *!??' JAB?I H- 80IT. Bnparlatandsat.