Newspaper of Evening Star, January 26, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 26, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. I, I Thf Ursfrt f ircultlioB in tta* Bistrict J; W. 0. WALL/tm. K4iltr?B4 Freprt*%mt. ! WASHINGTON CITY : KATT RMT JAHVAKT S?, 1M7. j 7* RBADIKU MATTBU OK BVBRY PAQR. 8KB OVT?II>R FOR INTERESTING TBLK G BArillC AND OTHIR MATTE*. i TO ADTERTMRRB. Tkr following ? tb? official sbotrlag of the circulation of the daily papers of this city competing for tbe l>or*rnm*at advertising nder tbe r?centa?tof Congress directing sncb advertising to he miffl* in tbe two daily m??papers of Washington oavtng tit large* , lrcal*"oa : Kvci no Stab 7,718 copies par day. CkrtmieU 5.W " ? IntelHgtnctr 1.55? " ? Tbe returns of advertising by tha city papers lor tie quarter ending December 31, IS66. as , taken fr.>m tbe book* of the Internal Revenue Office, are a* follows: tvismo Star *13,107 9.193 j Ckrimicte. 9.13i Republican 5 3i9 THE RECEPTIO^S. ? < The White Manse. Tbe ladies ot the Executive Mansion, Mr*. Stover and Mrs. Patterson. at bornt every ' ?1 otiday. commencing on the Uth instant. Tbe President will hold three levees, the first on the 17ih instaut, the second on the 7ta oi February, and the tbird on the S2d of February. on each occasion between the hoars of fc and !1 p m. The (ubiaet. Tbe ladies of tbe family of Hon O. H. I Urownin*. Secretary of the Interior, will ! receive their friends on Wednesdays, at tho i residence of the Secretary, on th a east side of j Montgomery street, Georgetown Heights. The ladies of Secretary Mct'ulloch's family will receive as nsual on Wednesdays. K-si. ! dence 3ifi H street, between Connecticut avenue and lTttk street. Speaker Colfax. Fpeaker Colfax's public receptions will Commence on Thursday evening, the loin inst , and continue every Thursday evening during tbe session of Congress, from to 11 j o'clock. Tbe receptions of Mrs. and Miss Matthews, the Speaker's mother and sister, for ladies i and gentlemen accomp tnying them, commence on Wednesday, the 10th inst., and continue every Wednesday afternoon thereafter IKm 1 to 4 o'clock. General firaul's receptions (cards> will be held by Gen'l Grant 1 and lady on Wednesdays, the-iod instant an 1 j 6ib proximo, in the evening. At honf every i fSaturday from *2 to 5 p. in. TOUCHING THE POCKKT NKKVK. The impeachment agitation has, it seems i frcm leading journals in the North and West, I already had a depleting effect, unsettled the , finances, and cost the country millions of , dollars. Capital has taken alarm, workmen are U-ng demisted Iron employment, stocks are gong uown, the demand tor National securities bao diminuhtd. and indications of a financial panic increase. As a conse<jnence? the principal Kepublican journals throughout j the ccunlrj, (whii h, as a general thing, rep- i Tetr-nt the intelligence and wealth ol tne com- ] U...UT >U XUIV.U iur; air p a oiisuea. I wit n 1 but ii>w exceptions. seriously deprecate even a 1 remote possibility of conflict b?*twe^n the j LrfUlitiTt and Executive branches of tbe I Govtrnment. Tbe New York Tribune is | foremost ib iu opposition to impeachment, ! and indirectly charges the Iltrald with a design to break up tbe Republican party by iU advocacy ol tbe measure. Such a result would be almost inevitable, and otber leading journals Joiesee disaster to tbe country, and ruin to tbe Republican party, if the agitation is continued, j The CLicago Tribune, tbe great radical tbnn- 1 derer ot tbe Northwest, is out in au elaborate 1 and forcible article against tbe impeachment of | tbe President; and tbe Albany Journal goes so Sum aa io say. '-We believe tbe country will suffer lets by a continuance of Andrew Johnson in office?even if be ahouid repeat his 22d of February speech once a week, and appoint none but Copperheads to office?than by the perturbations which would follow aa Indict- ! mentin the House of Representative*." CALIFORNIA INTERNAL IMPROVEMENT SK LECTIONS. A transcript embracing a list of lands se- j tected by tbe State of Califernia for internal ! improvement In toe Stockton land district, including 449 separate tracts, and covering in ' the aggregate an area of tijsi.o*1 acres, ha? been approved, vesting tbe fee simple title in the State. Certified transcripts of tbe approved list have been transmitted by the C'ommii- 1 sioner of tbe General Land Office to tbe Gov- 1 ernor of California and to the district land of- | flies at Stockton. MEXICAN CLAIMS The Commissioner of the General Land Of. flee baa just received from the Surveyor Gen- > eral of New Mexico, returns of survey for pat- ' ent of ten Mexican claims in that Territory, known as the "Sau Pedro Grant," con'aiuing 35.911.=9-loo acres. *-Canon del Agrea Grant," containing3.34>l,^I-IU) acres. These grants lie northeast of Alberquerque, and about midway between Alber<iuerqne and Santa Fe. INDIAN LANDS Commissioner 'Wilson, of the General Land Office, bas just transmitted to tbe Commls_ sioner of Indian Affairs, tor delivery to tbe parties entitled to receive them, 117 patents for Winneharo trust lands, embracing an area ef LS,iOv#*.? acres in Bine Earth county, MinneM)tA ThftflA lanHs ?? ??rippuiu uuatr me ACl or 1 Congress approved February 21, 1SS3, for tbe benefit of the "Winnebago Indians. LA!*D CLAIMS ADJUDICATED. Tblrtj cu?( ol the series under tbe provisions of an act of Congress, approved 3d March, 1-*k>, entitled an art for tbe relief of the occuSaul* of tbe lands of tbe Ex-Mission of San oee, in tbe State of California, have been abjudicated by tbe Commissioner of tbe General A<and Office. Tbe series comprise over two hundred cases, embracing in the aggregate 27,633.97 acres. Elxitio* or MR Swank as TTmitbd Static* Sksator?Ta? daily billotiugs which the Maryland General Assembly has bad during some nine days, in joint session, for 1'niN State* Senator from tbat Stale to succeed HonJohn A. J. Oresweii after tbe 4th of March neit, resulted yesterday in the choice Of Hon. Thomas Swann for that position. Tbe vote stood. Eor Mr. Swann, 6?; for Mr. Creswell,24: for Hon. Alexander Evans, of Cecil. ? . for Hon. John W. Crlsfleld, of Somerset, Iand fer Hon. George K. Yickers, of Kent, L KTWe have received from J. C. Parker, Post Office News Stand, and from J. Shilling* ton. the Riterride Magazine for young peopleAlso, from tbe latter, the LaJj/'t Friend, all for February. Pat*!?t?i to ri iwriD -Two hundred and four patent right# will be issued from tbe Pat. eut Office oo Tuesday next. Daring tbe pas wevk 17- applications and 76 caveats were Hied. Mi*s Roen Etti*< ?.?This charming Actress will appear in her original character of "Kite Peyton," in Griffith Gaunt," at Wall's Opera House, next week. A Foe?t a*t? his Mo* icy .?A Western arust had SU"0 worth of tickets In the Crosby Opera House lottery. He drew |li worth of 1 pictures. it/" An act 'or preventing negroes and malattee, lroai sittiug on juries in Colorado, was l'a.-?ea, over a veto, by ttee legislature. pEr?OWAt.?William H As tor, of New York, ia in town. ?Mr. Charles LI hot, tbe arfl*i, has come here from Albany to take-portiaiis of Presuisai Johnson, <*eaerai Grant, at d W W. Corcoran. KTTts H. Y TOnserte my* that as<m rfJdhn C. Breckinridge is emi>fo;ed in a dry-goods noit u? (hat city. ' J , T "> V' *583 ?5^* * - m * i Mauylamd?Jfa?* Meeting I*terr*p'rd.? A BtM m^riing ol M>ek a?d wbiM ciui ai ?m k*ld WrdnmdiT fdi nt il?Tr?.i?.tirv?, wbicb wu addressed bv Gen-ral G ecory, ol tbe Kreedmen's Biir?*n In t&.v Stile; Kev. Thoe W CoatriT, ol New York; and tud*e Bond, of Baltimore. The rebels of tbe town threatened to bmk up lh? m-euce. pro m?ing to n??rk every white man who should attend It. nnd to pnnieti ttae m-er (or ihnttttrndance While Mr Conway wu sppatlng, nhd I ecanse he saia the America? conflic codid not be ?aid to be nt nn end until the bl*>k apd the wbi'e citizen bad n voice la tbe <J?r*rnnifn', tbe rebels made tamped* from tfc* roe? a* ir a bad been thrown l%to their midfct. and an they went they shouted "Pat Mm out." Although tbe meeting was for a philanthropic purpose, and some of the beet men of Maryland were present. giving U their countenance and encouragement, not one clergyman ol any denomination conld be found to open it with prayer. Judge Bond, ia his re. mark*, said that Jesus Christ loved 10 be among tbe poor and down-trodden, but those of his Maryland preachers who lived la Havre-de. <Jrace conld not see that the poor constituted any part of their flock. He hoped that ia a year or two it wonld not have to be said that tbe people of Maryland bad to ask iNiff York clergymad to open one of their meetings with prayer, as had been done this evening, because none of their State clergymen could bo found to do it. ExtiTU(k?iT in Tkkas.?Great excitement h*?bv?n occasioned in Texas by the interference ot< ten. Urifhn in the obsequies of dsn. Albert Sydney Johnston The stores in GalTeuton were all closed and draped in mourning. Gen. Griffin agreed to allow tbe body to be Lakrn to the Lptecopal Church, and permitted tbe burial service to be read on the following pledges from Mayor Leonard: That there shall be no music by bands, no ringing or tolling of bells, or public or private demonstrations of auy organized societies or associations in tbe procession. The body shall be conveyed to the church on its arrival, and thence to the point of its departure. All persons appearing in the procession shall be invited and shtOl appear as members of the family of the deceased. The conditions were reinsed. and tbe body remains in the open air, where it ha* !>een visited by orowds. Business closed during the day. Hkavv Fraud on a New York Bank ? Death rf the President.?The New York I'ost of Thursday evening says: It ha* been learned today that the National liauic of North America bag l;een defrauded out of the sum of $419,1)00. The money was obtained by means of certified chei k?=. which tne president was induced to sipn It is ."aid that the man who defrauded th?* bank was a broker named A. J. Myer. The president of the hank, Mr. Johi; P. Yelverton, bat since died of apoplexy, his dea'.ti being attributed to the excitement attendant upon the discovery of the fraud. The standing of the bank will rot be affected by the loss, which is one half less than the surplus. Fkeokricksbiku axd i*oi:t>oN?vir.t.K IUa11<>AI>?A bill parsed the Virginia House of l??*leg?tes on W?t1nesday to increase the capi* tal stock of the Fredericksburg a d Gordonsville Kailroaci, in the sum of to borrow the same at a ratp of interest not exceeding Hi per cent., to construct and extend the road from Orange Court House to Charlottesville This, it is said, is to t>e done bv Maryland capital, and as an extension of the projected rond that is to i>a*s through that State to a point opposite the landing a' Aqnii crepk. KAYY PAYMA9IKB 8 UrfiOl, Uof Jauusrv Mth. 1W7 lheftffr# of WAVY PAYMASTER I. re.uv.ved to new fcul ding, corner of Re* York ?T*oqe and Fifteenth street. opposite Banking fionse of Biggs A Co jmtyrf Ty^FiriRAL LODGI, Ho. 1. F A. A M HET W o M. BROM WILL, of the Sta'e or Illinois. will deliver ? Masonic Lecture before FEDJtKAL LODtil, No. 1 at next Htated Com munlcatioii, on Tb?8J>AY BVEM1HQ, ths tJ h instant Members are reqne'ted to t* punctual in their at'endencr Ittetbren -f Bister L?lges are cordially invited to ho present. By order of the W. M. jaJ6 3t_ THOMAS BIGH. Secretary. ?V"^? BOITHBBH BVAHOBLfXATIOR. lL_5 The meeting in behalf of 8ARBATH MCHOOL AHD M IBSION ABY efforts in the Sooth, having been postpone! on account of the Inclemency ef the weather, will beheld at th? Firs* l're,b>t?rian Cburth.Bev. Dr. encderlaad'?(4H street> TO MOBBOW (8*bbeth i EVKN1N<>. at half past e^ven o'clock. Interesting addresses mar he esnected from Mr. J011H K. Va88AB. the veteran aaieoionary; R?t. G. L 811EABBB, the American Tract Society* Secretary forth* South, and several member* of the Senate an 1 Hous<- ef B-preseutative* The Bublte are reODcetfnll* in*itu<t ???ah^ It* " "" " __ rr?"I O- O. B-QRAKD BNUAMHMBNT.11? The regular commnnlcatloa will be held on MONDAY KTRMIMU, J?d *8, at 7S o'clock 26 21 CH AS. B B. OOLLBDUB, Or Scribe. rT3=" BXfCCTIYB CO MM ITTBB -The B*ecIL_5 ntl^a Oonjmittee of the Workiu*iii?n'a AsmuiMt will meet at Orrmtn Hall, on (JATUBDA Y EYBBIBQ.Mtb laatant, at7*o'cleck By rder A. * OA VIS, jaMtt bate Chairmen. irn=* HB?BBW BBBBVOLBNT ABSBOIAII, 7 TION. - A roeetin* will b? held on SUNDA) ,27th lMt<uit, at to o'clo k a.m., in the Tt-etry ro< mnf the Bona rotation, on8th street west, between B and I street* north. Bvery member le waeeten to attend, a? Tory Important baaineaa will be braafbt ni. ja 26 it _ M B M1LLBB, President. ry-^BOABD OB TBADB - DIRECTORS' LLj? WEFT/A'*?.?The newly-elected Dtreeiora of the Hoard ?f Trade will meet at the B?ome on MOB DAT BVBBIBO, Janaary ?, 1M7, at 7* 'dock. By order _ ? a J. H. BBMMBB, President. B. BABDO. Secretary. _ jatt-Jt flnt , Ohren., Con. P>lw, B?wb.l vr~r~ UOAKD ?r TBADB ?The members of lljf the Board of Trade procure tickets to their firm ANNUAL DlBNBN.tobegWea at the Seeton Bobm. WEDNESDAY, XXh inataat. oft. B Mcflnire, treaaarer, or at the store of Blanch ar<1 A Mohan. JBO. B. BLTABB, Invitation Committee. ja M 4t lOhroB. Intal k Eepl frg=?BB OPBBIBQ OF THB BAMS HBAD.? LL5 Mr. JOHN BOBBT bag* leave to Infer? his Mends and the ?nbllc that ha has entirely recovered from his recent Ulneaa, and baa re-opened the above place, at the old etaad, corner of I3tb and C streata. Ha has alwaya on hand a fine ateck of Li?uera, with CI gar a of the beat brands, and he Is ready to receive his former patrons, with aa many now ones aa may call. ja?-3t? nTK^OBBAT BALLS IOB COMPAN Y-A meet'J3 ing of the Stockholders of tfca Company wTTi be held at Bo. 78 Loalaiana avenae, on BATVBDAY, the Mth inataat, at 7 o'clock p. a. Bvery ateckhelder is rs?vested to be present, a * bnsinena of Importance la to be transacted ja 24 3t J. r C ALLAM. hecretary nrS=*A OBAND I O. O r. LBVBB, LL3 F"K tHB BBBKBIT or TBI L1BBABT. will I* held At ODD TBLLOWS' HALL, Seventh Street. On MONDAY BVBBIBO. february 4.1M7. Ticket*. One Dollar; to be had of the committee, and of the M. O 'a of the Lodgae. ja it sott THB ABBUAL MBBTIKO OB TUB _Stnck1|olaera of the WASBINOTOK sar l1ih1t CUIPAKT will he bold at the office of tb?- OoDMBTion MONDAY. February 4. |M7, for the election of Directors, to Mrre during the en nine jeer. PoU? open it is o'clock m. mod eloeo et 1 o'clock y. m. i? it lit OH 18. 1. BAIL IT. Secretary. nr#? CAPITOL HILL BDILD1B9 A8SOOIAUJS TlUl.-fhe (took of iMe now Building Association Is now being leaned. Any persen can ecoure stork by calling on UBUBOB 9. 00LICK. Treo?nrer. rom*r Nov Jerney areune end south B eiroet.or W ?. .JOHNSON, Secretory , south B etrext, third door from Sew Jereoy oreoae je 12 eo?t JUIBFH H ttHAFPIBLD, UJ FBKNOH OONFBOTIOBBBY. LADIF.8' K B CBEAM A DIHIBO SALOON, 946 Ponn. Ave., bet. 13th nod 13theta. Wedding*. Dinner or Supper Parties eapplied at ohort netico with novelties In Pyramids, fancy Vakse, and Confectioneries, JellUi ; We.Uing Cakee, beet quality. Table Ornaments Salad*, Ice Cream, Water Ice, Soman Pnncb, Boned Turkey, plain j Escoloped Oyetare, Boned Tnrkey In jelly, Charlotte Auaee. etc., ete Attendants al?o will be sent to attend to all de tails of urrangementa. Bouquets, Wreathe, and cnt Blower# to order _ ja 3 Itn JOSBPH H BHAPWBLP. B TABLISHBD 1811, Mcpherson a febquson, 971 Fu.i. avanvn, comu in itun, C?rizot Hill. Dftlen in . , * pl KB DBCQS, MBBTOTBBS and OQEMIOALS, PEBFLMBBT, FABOY BOODS, _ 1B8TBUMBBTB, Ac , An. oe 13 tf S^ATABBM ! BBONCUITIB ' SOBOFObt t Chronic Dieonaee.?WM.B. PBIBOB. Flashing, N T., for lOyenrs proprietor of tho Llnne m Nui eerie*, offers Baton's positive remediatetpr thee* dtseoeee. being melted extracts from plants. Explanatory olreolars mailed toappti cente. jn 3<-lt* W'BB * BHFBBtBOif ' ?T mrasnu or * Hare cooetantty en hand a largo eio-k e'OOODS, of tke loust etylee. from tko beo? makere.neeA at ax low prices ae tkey can bo pniohaseitM/ alrti c ' nl or?t tentlo a Ifltjrtigd ta Our W* BBAS8 FOUBDBT, Bn. 414 D stree*. i 4 flavin*rftartod ?BBAS8 F0T7NDBY in qonnoction with my Gun and Lockamitb boslnase, lata prepared to do nTl Work in that Hot jo ??-3?n ' JUHB J. PIAB0?r. .1 1 Ms * !> \ a?? ?a????? i con gressional. SATtRDAT, Jftnatrr 26. SiHAT^?Mr. ftvo* prfrMUtd a petition from citisena Of NpV York. asking that tbe d?iy on coal be fixed at 50 enti per ton. Ivud .on (tie table. Mr. Uoolitllr, from tb? special committee apfoiL ted la March, ? inquire into tbe o?rai{f?*titof ladiftn affairs in certain West* era Mates and Territories, made a report. Tao com mIttrs state tb&t th? number or Indiana israpidrj decreasing, caased principally by venereal diseases, destitution, and the cruelty of the white*. Tbe ccviimiiu*e unanimously recommend that tbe ladtan liureau be continned under tne snpervision of tbe Department of the interior. Most of tbe testimony taken, whioh is appended to the report, bn? already been published. Tbe report was ordirect to be printed. -Mr. 1-ain' mirodaced a bill-to amend tli- act restricting /he jurisdiction. of the Coart of Claim*, and to provide for tbe payment of quartermaster's stores tarnished to the armies of tbe United States. Referred to tbe Committee on the Judiciary. On motion of Mr. fcVseenden, the joint resolution to amend existing laws relating to tbe internal revenue, which was parsed. Mr. Wade introduced a bill to provide for tbe care and supervision of the Capitol Ground*, and fcr oth> r purposes. Kelerred to Commutee on Public Buildings and Grounds. Mr. Henderson Introduced a bill to provide fo- tbe relief ot the Northern Missouri Railroad. Keverred to Committee on Finance. Mr Wilsbn Introduced a bill to abolish and loreyer prohibit the system of peonage in New Mexico Ot an v other part of the T'nfted States. Kefsrred toCommitteeon Military Affairs. Mr. Sumner introduced a bill to amend the charter oi the Newsboys' Home of Washington. and to provide lor the care of abandoned children. Referred to Committee on District of Columbia. On motion of Mr. Wade, the bill to author* ize tbe constrnction, extension. ;uid use of a Inieral branch of tlie Baltimore and Potomac Railroad into and within the District of Columbia, was taken up. Mr. Hendricks thought that the bill should not be considered rtnrin* ?hp h.mii'u r.f ti.^ Maryland Sfnuor?, as he saw that neither of lium was preset!t. Mr. Wade did not believe that either of the Maryland Senators cared anything about it. The bill was then passed. On motion ol Mr. Williams, the Dill reported by him yesterday, to increase the compensation ol toe (ioverumeiit employees, was taken up and read, and several verbal amendments agreed to. Mr. Hendricks said that as the clerks of the Washington city post office were to have increased pay, he moved to add the clerks of tbe Indianapolis post office. The Chair stated that the proposed amendment wat< not now in order. Mr. Ke^senden said tbe committee intended to con Hue the benefits of this bill to the city of Washington, and be hoped no amendments having any other object in view would he adopted . fending discussion, the morning hour expired, and the regular order, the tariff bill, was taken up. tl.e question being on the amendment ol Mr. Frelinghnysen, to increase the dn'y on '/.inc. speller or tenteuague, in flock* or pigs, from t to cents t>er pound. l he amendment was disagreed to. Mr fr'essenden moved to red nee the duty on Aibertite from *5 to ?1..r>n per ton. He said the ieason why these digh datieg weie advocated on this and similar materials was becawM a tew New Yorkers, whohvl goueiuto West Virginia and engaged in these speculations, wished to make money. The Government had, last year, derived a handsome revenue trom the importation of this article, tut micli a high duty as was now proposed would effectually stop this important tTarte. After Fome further discussion the amendment was agreed to. Mr Kdmotids moved to make tbe duty on marble, in slab or block, tl per cubic foot. Mr. Krimond* argued in favor of his amendment, nud niter some discussion it was disagreed to. Hot>i? Mr. Koontz (Pa.) moved to take from the Speaker's table the bill of the Senate, (No. '(C) amendatory uf the bill to extend tbe const ruction of the II. and O. K. K. from Km xvllle and Monocacv Junction to Ue District ol (Columbia. M r. 1 ngersoft (III ) objected. He said as soon as tbe House went to business on tbe Speaker's table he wonld move to pnt tbe bill npon Its passage, as It was of actual moment to the conntry that It should be passed. Mr. Darling (N. V.) introduced the following, wbleb was agreed to: Retdlred, Tbat the .ivinrnj >> A I rncui J lir UIITCITO lOSUSpfDa the farther wile of confiscated wbisicy nnlm* the price offered for tbe tame shall be equal to the tax tbereon. On motion of Mr. Brandegee, (Conn.) the Committee on Appropriations was directed to iuquiie into expediency of making appropriation to erable the Engineer Department to make a survey of tbe river Thames in Connecticut. Mr. Aqcodu, (Fa.) from Committee on Military Affairs, reported a bill amendatory of the act approved July 28. 1 W> giving additional compensation to discharged s jldiers. Ordered to be printed and recommitted. On motion of Mr. Wilson, (Iowa) the Committee on Poet Offices and Poet Roads was directed to enquire into expediency of authorising packages and parcels of merchandise to be transported on mall trains and mail packets, at suoh rates as shall be established by law. Mr. 1/riggs (Mich.) introduced a bill granting land to tbe States ol Michigan and Wisconsin, to aid In the construction of the Wisconsin and Xjake Superior railroad, liefer red to Committee on Public Lands. On motion of Mr. Ingersoll, (111.,) tbe Com* mittee on Post Offices and Post Roads was directed to inquire into the expediency ol erecting buildings at Peoria. III., for the accommodation of tbe U. S. post office and internal revenue offices. Mr. Cullom, (111.,) from Committee on Foreign Affiitrs, reported a bill for relief of George W. Stevens, u. 8. Consul at Nlngpo, China. Passed. Mr. Raymond, (It. Y.,) from same committee, reported Mil to compen sate Townsend Harris, Consnl at Japan, tor extra services rendered in negotiating a treaty in 1936-18SK. Paseed. Mr. Dawson, (Pa.) from same committee, reported a bill for the relief of the U. S. Consnl at Hong Kong, China. Passed. Mr. Patterson, (N.H.,) from same committee, reported a bill for relief of Henry B. Blancbard, to compensate him for service* at (J. S. Consular Conrt at Canton, China. Pasaad. A large number rf private bills of no general Interest were reported from tbe Committee on Invalid Pensions and disposed of. Mr.'Bidwell, (Oal .) from the Committee on Agriculture, reported a bill to organize a depot of agriculture, and it wan ordered to be printed and recommitted. Mr. Hubbard, (Conn..) from the Committee on Patents, reported a bill granting an extension of a patent to Sylvanue Sawyer tor improvement in cutting rattans, Ac. Passed. Tbe House tben resumed tho consideration of Mr. Stevens' bill to enable Southern States to form valid State governments. ii, Mr. Ross, (111.) obtained the floor, and argued that tbere was no constltntloual power to past tbe bill; and even if Congress possessed that power It would to unwise and Inexpedient to pass the bill. flasl BALLKBB will do well to call kt the 9 Ht?<qiMrt<ri?ii4 try OBOMIN'B cholca sbABB and tobacco 83E Pann. av*B?o. jmM It Pl*0tl BALI?A Black MASK, Bin* yaara old. Will trot in three minutes. Also. mfiy new Cotter Bleixh, Harneee and Balls. lnqalre Boom 136 General Land Office. jatt-lt? FOB BALI?A Slager'a Ho. 1 Boat Kitting BBWING MAOUIBB, neariy saw. Bold reaaoeabla ferceah. A paly at Mr*. CorFBB 8, 0 etraet. batwean Haw Jersey avenue and let at. ja M-ll* ^A^T?A1SbVeT*8*6HT^ ft rising from protracted alohneee, general debi iy of the neryone system. or tba natural dlspoaitlon to far or short aightednee*, will be restored, etrenctbened, and preserved by tba na? of our BRAZILIAH PBBBLB BPBOTAOLBS, niSQ(|ctaini l?T na from tha genuine quart/., (ptira tile*.) affording unrivaled clearance to tne I organs of vlaiou. _ . ? i Tbeee Pebble Bpeetaclcs anl Bye-Glaaeee w? 1 Bdapt wltb utmost oara and attoatton to tha Bropa* ooaditioa of tba aerMoalav eye-eight, in aci cerdaac* with tba papaloloayof tba human eye, and tba laws of the Kloac* of opUca. Wa tall our I nt yew York and PAita<M/>Aia Wtes>, as stated in tba catalogaaaof laadlagflraaa?Baaj. Pike, Sen ions A Co., MeBalMrtMBroa., QneeaM 0o? Ac. Scientific an^Vractical Opticians, 94# Pennsylvania avenae, between lltbaad IStb ata , Washington. k BST Abiobc tba iUattngm!abe<i patrooe of aar Optical XetablUbmeat during tbwa last aixyoara, w* beg leave to meation Preeldent Abraham Lincoln. Mr*. Lincoln, Chief Juatteo B. P. Obese. Secretary Bevard. B.cretary Stanton. Baaatora Olatk, Orlme*. Ouibrlo. Morrill, Bprajue, Aam aar, latoe. Hot. M. I Dajrea.jMjfui ; Hob.

Ulan O . 111 ;Jadf* Viabor, V. B. 8ncreaia Oonrt; Mayor WaJlaeh, Major General Dr. Benr* Mini, Obanlat. Agr. Pept; Dr. B X. Stone, OeBiiat; Jnaca Tabor. Fourth Auditor, Treae. l>ept; Mot.wbHob, Ala.; Oar. Par?ona, Pan. gpinaor.B.B. Treaearac. Ao.. Ac. jaM ?t <i? """ fl948 Peaaejlvanlaavenue, bat. 17th and mb ata., , And five jrout ?fdert tor, Faptiaa. Woddlaxs, Be. apt less etc for all kiada of BOTIOM VII, 10B O&SaMB, ata. . jaa-Jf .mMMBB* ' i -? i i I HURK 4 o'clock p. m. govkrnmkmt securities. V\ ARUiaOTOK, Juu&,'7 26, ISI7. J my Cooke A Go furnish the following quotations of Government securities: Baying. Selling U. S. I i Oonpon, 1881.. 107* 1*7\ 11. 8. Five Twenties, ico* H4>* lo; % U. S. Five Twenties. ISM It5* H)5* U. S. Five Twenties, IMA li/>H !<*? U.S.F1t? TwenUes,JanAJ'y,'R5.l<0\ 1ti4s II. 8. Ten Forties loo It S. SeT?n Tbmie>, August.... |o4 >..4# U. S. Seven Thirties, June I,tt\ 104* U.?S. Seven Thirties, Jnly 1UJ* 104* KHW YORK FIRST BOARD 8ALK8 Conpons 107 \ 10.40's 5.20 s, l*<fc>.. 107 7.n0 s, August 10*'. S.sfU's, 1MH 1(?X 7.rWs, .lone 104 5/JOs, 1S65 105* /Jo's. Jnly |<>4 5.*/s, Jn AJy.'* Gold 134^ FINANCIAL. Lewis Johnson A Go., quote Stocks and Bonds in home and foreign markets as follows. New York, Jan W ?1st Hoard.?New York Central, 101^; Erie,5-J(; Reading, 101 Michigan Son.hern, 7Sk; Cleveland and Pittsburg. fc?; Chicago and Rock Island, 115%; Onictco and Northwestern, :{?*,: So. preferred, Fort Wayne, 95Gold. 134)4 - -. ? FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. The amount oi trnrtional currency received at the Treasury Department la?t week from the printers was 1407,000. During the same p?nod there ha* been shipped to the As-ist. j ant Treasurers at Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, ?100,1.00 each; U. S Depository at Baltimore, $70,000; Cmcago, ?jJ,0U0; N?. tional Banks, tisojxil .91 NATIONAL BANK CURRENCY. During the past week there baa hoau I from the Treasury Department SI01.275 in ' national bank currency, making the whole ' issued up to aate t30ti,?u?,-^6. From this is to be deducted the currency returned, including worn out notes, atrounting to ?2.t&S,ftfc>, leav. ing in actual circulat.on at this date S29H,71^064. RECEIPTS FROM CUSTOMS. The receipts from customs at Ne w York city, from the 12th to the 10th instant, wu fJ.lSn,. 470 3*; at Boston. ?I69,H0W: at Philadelphia 9172,004 01; at Baltimore, S1S3.6tM.0l; at New Orleans, from the 5th to the 12th instant. ?I2:?, H54 7fl: at San Francisco, from December 15th to 'i*2d. ?107,517.97. OFFICE HOURS TILL 4 IV M The Secretary of War has irt>ued a circular directing that, herealter, the oflicers and employees in the several Bureaus of the Wa.* De. pkrtment shall remain on duty until 4 o'clock p. m. SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS. Rev. J. W. Alvord, for some time past on duty with the Freedmen's Bureau, as iuspector of schools, will shortly be appoin'ed geueial superintendent of the schools under the friedmec's Bureau. DISBUR> K M KNTS Duriup the wefk ending to-day there has bern disbursed at the Treasury the following sums or money ?Kor the Wax Departmen', *l,el4,Ht&; Navy, ?2,#43.976; Interior, t21l.6o2. Total, g4,970,3*6. SECURITIES IIELD The securities held by the Treasurer of the TTnit'd States in trust for National B*nk% reported to- day. are as follows ?For circulating note's, 340,514,000: for deposits of public moneys, ?LS,;61,450, total 8378,275.450. SUPERINTENDENT OF THE CAPITOL The bill introduced in the Senate to-day by Mr. Wade, ?'to regulate the care and supervision of the Cipttol and Capitol tlrounds,-' pro\ ides for the appointment of a Superintendent of the Capitol and Capitol Qrouuds, who shall be appointed by the President of the Senate and Sneaker of the Hnnu t'ho vision heretofore exercised by the Commissioner of Public Buildings over the Capitol and Uronads shall be exercised by the Superintendent. THE NEWS BOYS' HOME Mr. Sumner introduced a bill to amend the net incorporating the "New Boy's Home-' of his city. It changes the name to the "News Boys' and Children*' Aid Society of the Distrlet of Columbia." and the power* of the managers are enlarged to enable them to receive any unprovided for minor children. Magistrates are authorized to commit destitute, abandoned or vagrant children to the exclusive custody and care of the Home lor such time as may be necessary. MICHIGAN AND WISCONSIN WAOON ROAD. The Commissioner of the General Land Office is having prepared, for submission to the Secretary of the Interior for approval, lists of the sixty sections of land selected at the Me. naska office under the grant of March 3, 1W3, to Michigan and Wisconsin for a militarv wagon road, the Governor of Wisconsin having certified to the completion of ten continuous miles of the road, as required by the terms ol the grant. RANCilO BOLSA D1 TOMALKS Cuder the provisions of an act ol Congress of June 17,1864, granting the right of pre-emption to certain settlers on theKancho Bolsa de Tomales. in California, the Commissioner of the General Land Office has adjudicated all the uncontested cases of the series comprising In number over one hundred cases. THE LAC LA BELLE HARBOR IMPROVEMENT The Commissioner of the General Land Office has just approved the lUt of selections, amounting in the aggregate to loo,ui 1.67 acres ot public lands, for the Lac La Belle Harbor Canal. Th? list is now in hands for the perfection or a patent carrying a fee simple title to the State of Michigan tor land selections. DISPOSAL Of PUBLIC LANDS. Returns just received at the General Land Office show that 6?b41 of the public lands were disposed of during December last at the local office mx La CroBse, Wisconsin, 4,Sol acres of which were taken up by actual settlers uuder the Homestead act. MTTMTVDVn H?'? Brevet Brig. (Jen. Robert Avery, Maj. lat regiment V. K. C, has been mastered oat and honorably discharged tbe service. Brevet Lieut. Co| , J. K. ChoT, 21st V. E. O., ha* also been mastered oat and honorably discharged. Intkrnal Rkvemk ?The receipt* from this source to-dHy were *565, 3. making the total aroomt for the week ending to-day , $3,40t?,77? 35. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATER FROM EUROPE. Snrratt?Opposition to Rrlerm ia Fraace ? Thi German Confederation? Oreere? The Short Tim* Movement?The Mar. keUi Awe. . &OT [By Cable to A?sociatod Press. J Livbbpool, Jain.-22?Evening.?There is no change ia the cotton market. Middling lip. lands 14jf. Tbe market lor goods aad yarns at ilancbeetar I* doll and heavy. The breadftaflh market it active. Corn advanced to 43a 3d, for mixed Western. Lard ia quoted at &>e per cwt. Ltmuoir, Jan. 22?Evening?Consols for money. U. S. 5.90'a 72KFbaYBpobt, Jan. 22?Evening.?U. S. i-Hi'm closed at 79\. Pabxb, Jan. 22.?tbo United States war ateamer Swatara, trith John H. Snrratt on board, arrived at Port Mahoa, Isltfnd of Minorca, one of the Ballarie Islands, recently, and after coaling sailed again for the United Stairs. Pa hi a, Jan. 92.?Telegrams from all the departments of tbe Empire express dlssatisfactien with the proposed reforms in the policy of the Go vet a meat. The Bourse ia dall, aad rents declining. Bbblih, Jan. 22.?'The members of the Ger-, man Confederation have acreed to tbe sebeme proposed by the Prussiao Government. Athenh, Jan. 22.? Great interest is felt in this citv and thronghoat Greoee generally on tbe subject of General Halinpes' mission to -Waobtngton. Help la confidently expected from tbe Great Repnbtlr. Makcubhtbb, Jan. 22?Evaain*.?Tbe short time movement among tbe manofactarom is extending. I'rtB FtrtrtM M?ar*f. KoBTKIM Murrdr. JiR.M .rhp ship Nascy M arriving Inst nicbt sixty-Ave days from Cardiff, tor Haltiraure. b>\s sailed iu comoany with tha ihtp> Kllen Stewart, tor Haitim -re; Mwrrt, fct New Or|p?D?; 5 1< Tilkr, f-?r K ?> Janeiro. Thotans (irRh*m, for New T->rh. -md the I'rvuJio Bark D?i, lor n?lnrnore. all loaded with railroad iron. A Krce niim^wr ot American t Hps are expected at Cardiff Jrotn Loadon and Liverpool to load. Thf Seathera Relief Me-tiss. Kiv York, .Ian *J6 ? At the Southern relief meeting last airbt, resolutions were adopted itiat a rommrssiou rooeisiinc ot thirty nva , wi'b power to add to tbeir BiimtT b* appelated to raise money and distribute ?upplies itmont th# destitute without distinction of race or opinion, and tbat tbe philanthropic Indies of tbe North be luviied lokhtirein tbe impossibilities and blessinr* of this work. PI re. N?w You, Jan. ?.-Twn cotton ware* bout-en. on Washington and Moore streets, occspied by Uatroia Siballing were bnraei I Isst evening. Four thousand and ninety bile* of cotton were destroyed. Tbe loss is over i f?44i,WUi. Tbe steamship Hellonta. from Havre, has ' arrived;also, the Union, from Southamptou, on the lt:th Inst. Later Frsaa Mexico. Naw York. Jan. ?J Tbe lierald's Vera Cruz correspondence say* Maximilian's war minuter arrived there on tbe loth, en route tor Knrope The l'n-neh oa arriving at Perote tookawav the Anstnati garrison, destroyed tbe upper workr, sp.ked the fsni they could not remove, tacked several stores and then left for Pnebla. domination for Mayor sf Baltimore Haltinork. Jan. In the Conservative Mayoralty Convention in Baltimore, tbis morning, Kohert J. Hanks received ?l vote-, and JobnT Ford :iei; scattering, II. Mr.Hvnk* was declared elected on the first ballot, lie is one of our most respected and substantial citizens. Xew York Items. Nkw York. Jan. -JC ?There was another light tall ot srow here last nieht. Thi. m .m. in?'In p are indications of rain. No more whiskey distilleries were seized in Brooklyn yesterday. (Jnirksil ver. Sak Kramishi. Jail *jr? _The New Al-naden Mills produced :t"?,uxi cuki of quicksilver in IHSti. ? ??? ? LOCAL NEWS. ((bpiiam>' CofUT, Judyt /'nrcrll.?To-(lu, the will of the lute Jobncon Ilellen vrv tiled and partial!y proven. He nominates his sonih-Ihw, Q Kant, his friend. J ibu B. Bltk**. and sons, Clifton, Clareuceaud Fr^uk ilellen, executor? and trustees of the pert iinl estate. l>r. Blake and Mr. Fant guar** :ins to his sons, Cnnrles. hujeue. arul Joseph Heileu. and bequeaths his improve! proi?*rty with the exception of his preset' residence, o tfce executors, the proceeds of whi:-b hedirects to go tn the children which he names, giving a specified .-urn to each, and among other annuities provides for one of S5t*> to Eli/a <?oddard, a colored womau. Letter* of administration were issued to Michael Conner, on the estate of Catherine Noouan. (bond *1(10.). Sophia C. Snyder was appointed guardian to the orphans of John M. Snyder: (bond ?*J ',<*<) ) The third general account of the guardian to the orphans of John Crome, and the third and final account of the same, and the tirst and Una) acconnt of the executrix of Valentine Blanchard, were approved and parsed. Arrest ok Thieve* add Kk< ovkry ok Goons.?Yesterday, detectives Kelly and Miller arrested i wo young men. named John Cape and John O'Brier. wno were traveling about the city laden with boots, shoes, far caps, , Ac, which the deiectivt s suspected were stolen. I'pen interrogating their prisoners they became satisfied that the good* were portions oi good stolen in Baltimore within a few days, and teUgraphed to the well known detec tive firm of Smith, 1'ierson A West, two of whom came to Washington this morning to identify the prisoners and the property. The Baltimore detectives say that about the same time these goods were stolen about MM worth of cloth disappeared, probably taken by the same parties. The matter will be investigated, and the prisoners turned over to the Baltimore detectives. Infectives Kelly and Miller took all the property found with the prisoners, but have not done with the case. CornT Capes.?Yesterday. Clinton Smith was arrested by Officer L.eacb. of the Second Ward, upon the oath of Alfred Lee, charging aim wiid Durn&ry. n?" was sent to jail lor court by Justice Thompson. W. S Silliman was arrested by Officer Howard. of the Second Ward, on tbe oatb of L?ucy Harrison, charging him witb keeptug a bawdy boose and witb grand larceny. Justice H;ites held bim to bail for court in earb case. Luanda Biscay was arrested by Officer McColgan, of tbe Fourth Ward, apon charges ot larceny and aesanlt and battery made by Mr. and Mrs. Qoldstein. Justice Walter cam mil'ed ber for conrt in eacb case. Isaac Johnson wae arrested by Officer Tucker, of tbe Tbird Ward, upon a charge of petty larceny, made by Peter McOiuness. Justice Thompson sent bim to jail for court. Charoi or Mcrdir ?Yesterday, officer Gordon, of tbe Sixth Ward, arrested Sergeant Wm.C. Walter, of tbe Marine Corps, on tbe charge of killing private Jas. Streeks, on the 23d instant. The prisoner is beld fer a bearing. From tbe statement* of witnesses, we understand that squads of marines were employed in getting a supply of ice fer the barracks from tbe river, and Sergeant Walter wae in charge of ore squad in wbicb was tbe deceased. For some reason the decreed was put under arrest, and started toward the quarters. Deceased turned back toward the Sergeant, wbo struck him witb an Ice book, inflicting a wound which resulted In death yesterday. Se>xkbodt'8 Hoiit Saybi>?Yesterday afternoon, upon tbe arrival of the Richmond train at the Maryland avenue depot, Deteetlves Clarvoe and McDevltt report that they discovered Daniel Burns alias Blacksmith Dan, and three other native thieves, trying to rob tbe passengers. Tbe detectives took them from tbe train, bat there being no law In this Dlatric to pnnisb thieves tor an attempt to steal, they released tbem after assuring them that if anything was stolen tbe party would be beld responsible. Tbe presence of the detectives saved some one's property from being stolen. Large sums have been 'stolen from passenpers on this line, and tbe detectives are working hkrd to break up tbe tangs. Jprt fok th* Cimcrir Cor?t.?The name* of the following persons were drawn by the clerk of the conrt yesterday to constitute tbe petit jury of the Circuit Court, *o beheld on the first Tuesday iu February B. T. Tbora, Warren Lowe, J H. Sherwood, S. H. Moore, Joseph Redfern, T. W. Miller, Thomas Goodrich, H. Clay Stewart, Edward Hawley, Jas. Andereon, (ieorge H. Grant, K. H. Willet, M. W. Gait, James A- Crane, Joeiah Venable. I > v irl M*('J*IUn Saul, D. K. Irving, Charles Homtller, Joaiab Betzwell, Charles H. Lloyd, Samuel C. Wrot, Henry Bergltng, w. w. Bean, and Thotaa* Otvdwy. Tbb Distmot ijr Comob*?8.-The House of Reprseeatativee yesterday afternoon. dispose* of tbe following Senate amendment to tbe Hou ?e amendment to Senate bill incorporating tbe Washington County Horse Railroad Oompanjr ot tbe District *f Columbia were concurred In. Disagreement of the Senat* to the auendment bf the House to Senate bill incorporating the First Congregational Society ?1 wasbington. House receded frjm its amendment. . if _ Tbb Pbotbstawt f >rfha!i Asrrr*.?l*?t nlgbt, tbe Hoard of Managers of the Protestant Orphan Asylum held a very interesting meet, log at the 13th street Baptist Church, which was attended by the numerous friends of the institution. Tbe devOtioahl exercises at the opening were conducted by Rev. I>rs. Gillette and Samson. Tbe stnging was by the orphans. Reai. Ehtatk Salks.?By Green tc Williams, anctioneers: a tract of land In the county railed "Aaron." and part of lota 1 and 8 m Dunda's sub-division, with improvements, to Rexin Aswold for 9S,(W0; lot 18, in square 79^ on South A street, between 3d and 4th streets east, 11 cents per toot, to Catharine a. Shawner. Stolbx Fowls ?This morning, Liemt. Hnr. ly captured two colored individaals who had with tbem two sacks containing twenty-one cbickena. head lees but not picked. Any one wbo has loft sucb property since T1 o'clock last night, may find it at the First Ward sta* tfon. ? Akbbstbp ob a Bkxch Wabbabt.?Dennis Noland, alias Delaware Hudaell, alias Baaks, was arrested yesterday by Detectives Kelly and Miller, on a Warrant issued by the Criminal Court, tor keepmr a disorderly house. He was delivered to the U. S. Marshal. Tbb PoltCb Rbpobtb.?The lieutenants of polios report this morning arrests in the entire District, including a number of felonies. Tbe fines amount to Wl to. _ j Afmiri > (if?r|ft??a. RirriLicAR Mutim L*?t Nwirr.-lmi gilt t%r hrpablUiM OKI j'I^ohj i r : e . )>#cti%?4>f color, i?*Mib!o<l ia Ktw?-j?r 04 red) M-dbodiat i'barrfe. ?> Beau. near m ,u: toweryat. Tneati iidtoc* Wtjuiipiri#. tax rburch, which will *en? about n ? t-oaforuMtlf. waa d?rtly crowded. aa-rvly wkh colored men A?oi|tho* i>re*??i ??re SfMtor wluob. of J*M? Hon.G. W li.d.Ge*. Howard. Md anuatipr of le?>i0( Kepablii-aaa of Georgetown and Washington The choir of the church waa ? attendee -e and before t?a a|?aa*era arrived favored <W a-eemblv Wit* lose nupical e4vrti?a?. whit* tbej yrrlor?ed in good atyU. Mr CJ. K- ?r, (colored) who afiod a* rkara?n. belora intr^e onon* *be ?pea*era. m*?> a few retnnm*. r minding ft a n?dt?or? mat tber were km la ?? ordinary pabtir tell, where ibe nawal demonelration* of applauan might be u^rausl If tDrjr wiebed to applaud what vu said br the peakera let if be clone wttboat reitm* or temping opoa tb* floor. It* uien introduced Me* Mr K<iki?. vhoftTCoat tbehyau ?< . men ring, "How fceauteoos are ttietr * wm ctaad on Zioa'a bin." wblcb war *ung b* ? ? eboir, and wan followed by prayer. N>iator Wiimx wo Introduced, and congratulated liie aodient* t.iat the men ani) womea befoee bim were bta peer* and e?j.t . and equate { Uk> Preejdeut of ibe ltepo?-?>. a pooition achieved mtur a atrurgle of alone ra *n j Thirty year*. Mr. W procoaaed to trace the bi?*or> of eaaancipatk'W from the orgaeiaa*H?a of the brat anu-^laverv a*eocilMlou by lveet?? men in Boatoa. thirty Ave year* ago. to 1 a- A present time, daring wblcb the andx-tu e oowid V not reetraln tbelr applauae. bat manifested . 9 by clapplag'heir batida. He exbortoo then* o f exrrcua >be rigbt ol vuflrage conscientiously, tbougb'fnlly, and prayerfully, for Itbtr.v uetice, and btirnjunty.arid to remember that o (tod laduethoir tbankk lor all tuat b:?? b?--n achieved. Mr. Wllaon bope<l that now ihey were to lead the van of fbe million* who are ? exercise 'bat n*bt, tbat they will know their | friend*, and not ca^r their voUmi to cup|?.?rt the rebele. On iheelrction day be b>>p**d that n a sincl** drunken colored man would be men .1. the eireeta of Georgetown; nor ?ha? one would lay violent band* npon any man, bat tbat a? eober tru-n they would ca?t their votoe. and tbur w in the coocowfofc that tbey can e*?r i?tbe right ot *i?rrajte properly. At the conclusion ot tbi? addresa the cbotr aai g -Awake ! jei-amte. awake !** Hon. Geo W Julian ?u introduced. at><1 favored ih? ?iuiu??* ?in. - -? - ? - - ? . .u n U1 Vlll* irrmmatuif in tbe pmanciiirmn and ?iitr*ncbiseirent of th# colored p^dplc, dur i( tbe (Wintry of which be rapiuritaol; appiauded. In coaclusion Mr. Julian remanc-1 that it wa? not Ins purpose to interlerw Wi'h tbe local affairs of the people 1a tb? cominc election?tbe people knew their friend*: bt.i * gentleman bad requested hirn in ff*il a !??w interrogatories, 10 be propounded to tbe candidates before tbe election. Mr. Julian then rend tbe following : ? 1st. Have yon Heen in favor of enfranchising colored men in this District since alaverjr ? t? abolished * 2d. Are you in favor of giving the same rml and politu al rights to people ot color that are enjoyed by tbe whites | i !d. Are \ ou in t.t * or ot Hie education of c >1 A ort-d children. and will v. u. in i*m yu M ? 1?. t? d Mayor, us** your power and in flu?-i. to (rive them tbe same advantages. in regml 7 to schools, as are riven to white cbiidrvu ! 4lh. Will yon, It elected. SO execute tbe law* and ordimnces of tbe city as to admit ot n distinction on account ot cMor, a" required ny the act ot Congress known as the ~Ci ill Kig.j? biii r Mb. Will yon. when laborers aad mecbam j are to be employed by tfce corporation. ?o ditribcte tbe labor as to gi*e employment to I ..Libs and blarks alike ! (ieneral Howard neat addressed tbe mw:. I me. giMi c a veey favorable account of tt:?* progress makir? by tbe freedmeu in the South As a means ot extrcistng tbe rights of cltu-i.s properly, be exhorted :t?em to tensperaace I: they we're exaiied. vice will pull th?-m dow auci the best way to begin ngbt was to giv?* their hearts to Hod, arid become tb<-folio w?rs ot Christ A \ oU- of thanks to the speakers was unanimously adopted. I .1. W. l>eeble being called for took the stand a. expressed b - regret thai Mr Julian baa consented to read the qaesti^ns sutrgesied v p< rsons not resident tu Georgetown The speaker wms opposed to questioning any cat diaate on tbe eve of an election. L*i th?*m stand by their past record For his own par* he would vote for Charl?s L>. Welch, and wcnld do all he could to have him elected After the taking op of a collection to defray tfceexpense of the meetiag, tbe audience b-gau to withdraw, but a large number re. mained. and were eniertaiued by an addresfrom l>r. Boyd, ot Washington. Thk Keoibtratios.?The Mayor and Al- i dermen were sitting to-day for tbe porpos*- of I registerinc qualified voters. Tbe rush is ore'. (L and to-day not over thirty presented themselves. Tbe total number ot colored applicants rented the last four days is rot more than thirty, most of them because ot confessed minority and residence ontside tbe corporate limits. Probably a half dexen. not more, ware rejected because ot disqualification 9j cnin*". V?LiCByfiBT>.?Barnard Shields wa* arrested this morning by Officer Nylea, fur peddlinc without license. Justice Mucker lined him fiU TUK Fbovibiojt Market ?The markets this week have bern necessarily bat poorly attended by dealers, and the supply was pro1 portionately small. This morning the country dealers weie not as numerous as they | ucnally are. bot the snpply was about the average in quantity, and the prioea about as quoted in the city varkets. Flock akd Oraik Market?The demand for floor closes rather dull to-day, owing mainly to the stringency of money, and sale* are conrequently limited to the immediate wantof purchaser*. The prices are not materially chanced?supers are quoted at su.5?ie#tt i?>. cut extra tl2 50 to tl3,>; extra Stf.TS to SU.4?, choice louftU.SULto 11.75. Wheat and corn dnll and lower th.>n last quotations. No sales reported. D O ft I A L ft. ^ ?.W ^pounds or Telegraph Wire, suitable for One isrge slxe Fire and Barglar Fr<>of Safe. One * ten Cual and Her Scale. Cotton Lin?n Bed 8* k?. 90h Iron He JstseHI. __ . Also, a large lot of Quartermasters' Stores from 1 the late G? vsrnmeat sales Cbvaet >r cask a ft. G WHIILKI. * ja K St* 7th street and Canal Bridge C~~ BOH IB HAS BBCftlVftD A LOT OF LA DIBS' 8ABATOOA SftATftS, at his Ural quarters. iH? Pennsylvania aveaae. jaC-<t L^IYK-TNN KB T1 At r AND SBTftB THTBTIIS A fall sopplf of January and July flTI TWBHTIBSea hand, which we ran xcham.-e tor all i?eues of Seven Thirty Treasury Botes en fa verable terms. COMPOUND IBTBBK8T N0TK8 wanted. la a dlw J AT COOKB A OO 480 CftBTBAL^JtAft^OrriOB. 480 Be. 4(H) lut hstreet, one door below Fa. avs. BlO.OAO to lean oaGeiTaai Silver WAT0HB8. DIAMOBDS, CLOTHING, and MBftCHAB DlfeB of every des<-rtatlen ja 9 <^~Baslnees strloUy confidential ,^s C",t0to"0?BD^0.?O?? Oorner Id street east and Fenn'e avenue. Just received from New York, a large aad beautiful asaertment of lien's. Women's. Bites- gSg es.Ohfttdren's. Boy's aad Teat bs'BOOTS, bAITSM ul ibnM ?" V"W everybody Oall m4 NmIm. <Jnkek Mk 1?? uull proflu. Mtawei t?kn ul e At (MTUtlM. Be pair!nj promptly attea4>4 to. je ? f I H CD Bill 0 Y . 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