Newspaper of Evening Star, January 26, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 26, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR A tvitu Ut? Affair and its Rosalia? Hew a TraMler wai Mailt aad Hell | [From the Kreeport (ill.) JoaraaL] A certain grnt. & member of a business firm la one of the adjoiainr r-liaces. aad for months past been "paying ht* di?tTM?n" to 4 yoonc lady, a resident, ws believe, of this city. Jtaiu-rs went alcnc very smoothly for some time, until at last as discovered in some way that either be was na worthy to poss?*ss ber or sbe bim, and made op his mind to dissolve the ' limited partnership heretofore existing between the parties aforesaid." Of course the Met way for bim to do this tnoroaghly was to attach himself to some other female eecurelv, whin lemaie cumber ou* diworfrtd the transfer of bis allegiance to another quarter thare would be noebaace to bac? oat. In accord* ance witb this plan of operations he began laying violent siege to the heart of another lady, and so successfully that in a few days tbey "were made one." In order to give bis former flame no chance j fer ravenge. ,->?r hero bit upou the happy expedient of making a transfer of all bla property to hia business partner, a man in whom be bad every eoafldenee. so that if by any chance :be rejected lady should see fit to iu tltnte legal proceedings to recover damages for the injury to her feeling*. tb*re would be tangible for her to receive. But pru uru?- urru ovprrca. om irseii. li ane course i ?f tim? the disconsolate mmden discovers ttjnt the man ?h* tbnufht ber own h\A "taken onto himself a wife," and much to her astoLi?hm?nt, she is not tbe one h? bad selected to sbare his joys and bis sorrows She tl?o make* :be discovery that ?be mis asi nat ui pr.bablr exceedingly interesting, but, umVr the cirrunictances, slightly unpleasant. Sh?? se?ks redress, bu: in vain, it is too )at?. B/ dint ot importunities she at lastso larsnece^is in to frightening her reducer and bringing him to terms a* to tnak>> him oflVr his partner ?l *i in cash if be will marry the rirl and thus h??lp mm uBi 01 nis unpleasant situation The partner i* nothing lotb: he has nut been blessed with ?n eicess of wordly go<?ds. and ?1<90 i? considerable money for a poor mAii. 11*, therefore, consented; a license is procured, ?ad the marring* crcmony performed. Hnt now conies lh*> be-t of the story. Once rn ?rn*d. and her honor ?e.-aie, the lady, vrb<> does. &ot forge: the manner in whict? she has U< u treated, has her revenge Onr hero Ui iik* ibat, as everything is amicably settled, au J the law *:?t?efled. he may as well resum* po-^ession of his wurldly goods. What is his Mif?r *e on applying to his former partupi for tbe property at being informed that the latter enuriains no idea of relinquishing it. H? considered it a part of the bargain, and. f.>r bis jiart. is perfectly satisfied that it ?h >u!d remain wbeieit is. Threat, : -a r * and etttr?ali-?s are used m eain. It is of no use. Tb? property bae been fairly ai.d squarely passed ov-'i ic bim. and he means to keep it. All's - a <vvr auu 1U I* HI . p ua[ iur>acr Mt*|lS w ill fc? mken id tt??? roat'f>r w do not know. At pret>^ ?t the newl y-married com pie are eujoying cCfniaflv^ ? iuui hi}," ; nd w* noticed them in .own * few aays ?nice judiciously investing a part of their dowry. A <i?ntleinan to '.he Last. Th*moment tb* chief insurance offices of Laonaon iMiid that Wainewrignt tae prisoner w&? under *euten?re of transportation for forgery, they determined to ?pen negotiation wi h ttie'rillMn. und get from mm certain confe9 ions neceseary to their interest#, I1UI0 doubting that be would make tbem "for a consider*, tion.*" lie m.*d? tbem readily enongh when he bad struck his bargain At ibU time he was < coi.fined in Newgate (modern prison discipline had not ttoen to^ud its wav into th?t ?hoI 1 ? ? cell with a bricklayer and a sweep in which polite company be was actually recognized, inn n*h a -:rjiug?* cbance. by Mr" Proc'er and Mr. Macready. vi-ttmg the prison with Mr. lMckme. th?- antbcr When the acnt of rbe m?araueeoffces hadexfacied from .ae ruiliaa all tbat be wanted t? know. that gentleman bh?J, in conclusion, "it would be quite useInt, Mr. YVauie *-rigUt, to s| eak to yon ol bum?nl7, or tenderness or law* human or divu e, r-ut doe* i? not oecnr to yon. alter all. tba:, merely ie*.-ard?d aa a speculation, crime isati&tlone' See where 11 en?ls. Italrfloyou in a sl.axn-tiii prieoo, and 1 talk to a detrrcuird convict *' Wainewrigut returned, twirling hia moustache, '-Sir, you cry m^n cntej on your speculations. and taKe tbe ctiaiice? ot 11>*aa tome ot your .-regulations succeed. somefni fthue to have succeeded: that is the difference, tir, b*-.ween my visitor ac:l ra-*. But I'll Teli >ou one thing m which I have fmc-tdi-d to t!i? IW: 1 Ii;ivh been determined t hroo?h life to hold m>* p of ageutletnan 1 have always rtoue so; 1 d ) so still. It is ih * cu?tcm ol :hifc p!ac# that each ot the ininauM of & oil ?-h&ll take his morn tun's turu of sweep. tug ti out. I oc' upy a cell with a bricklayer | ai*u a sweep. But by (i?they o?-ver offer\n<* I the broom t" A QCW?TTO? ABOUT LOW Dl'.L<!)|S.-A iiifeT in a i.omiou concert saloon wrne? to !?> Fall Mall (Saiettt: ' Can you or any ot our readers tell me wSy ladies ot title are allowed to w?rir dr^sse* la *-Mci*ty' whit a *he m.-.nafr-r of a musie ball wn?re i nm enpnged at n ?ln;^er te!l- me ;ir- 1 too indecent tor his siage1! J,ike most other rri'mliT? Of my profession. 1 buy all my d;v?M-a tH'iu a dealer iu fashionable cas'-otT I iiu<l that they are invariably w-?ll ir.ade, ibat no fault ran b* fonnd witn ttte qual y of the material, that tbey ar? Ion* ! enough. and often too long, In 'he skirt*, la: g** ; enot^b round the warn, broad eaoagh cr<>t>* the b&cfc. but always so low io the neck tbat 1 J am not allowed ta" wear them, and aerer f--?-I imliued to wear tbem without adding a de^p band of lace ?r silk to co v^r my sbouldt-rs. 1 My dresses come from countesses, dnctiessas, and other ladies who stand well in tae Court Ctrcuiur. How is it that tbes? ladies can w?>r drciiH, sttUur on ottomans wirh mention leaning over them, that 1 cannot anil im not allowed to wear on th* stage ol arouMchill with ten or fifteeu yards' space between me and my audience { A SlSOIB atthe ALH akkra/" A Ncvkl Wedding ? A lady in one of oar Vermont towns, sa vs the IiellowB Kails Xim^s, a Jew day* afo, wi?biug to get married, and to have people know tbat ?h- was married, invited the people to her father's house to an evening prayer meeOug, as the custom was in their neighborhood, and cave tbe parson an invitation and -the hint." He arrived at the taomr appointed and found some seventy or more persans there assembled, no one knowing what wa? going to take place He choose to addrea* his congregation npon the marriage at Can* in GaltlM Having finished bis discourse tbe said lady and her affianced arose to their ie.?t -without invitation. Hod tbejiarson married them without anjr -bluster," but among many bewildered countenance*. and said am-n, took bia bat and left t lie in wondering, and for aught 1 know tbey are wondering yet. Lpsar Caustic Slterskdkd bt Solar t'amic.-for a long time in the treatment of places to be cauh-riaed, only tbe dreaded nitrate of silver (lunar caustic) was used to produce the caustic effect. We now use several substances, but Barnes substitutes for all these the sun's rays converged by a burning lens, in all ca*?s. (cancer, Jcc ) la wbicb caustic has teen used, and the m jrbid character of which baa to be extinguished Thu *r,i ?r burBin* i* fi?r lee* painful, non-injurious. and far more m-etnal tban eacharotic substance? at ?tmi Hot lrm>. Social p*ofreas in the Sontb ia indicated by tbe fact that tbe Charleston Courier e?litonally prot^sti iirainiuo much tobacco-cliewinc. "It it well enough that men shonll be killed by love. Man bora of woman should die of woman. ()1?d btovbb takbb ib bxuhabqb *r?ry1?T. mtSl IMIXMIXX1"*1 > *?(!? . MU IB* <OC mzTmmmF Appllcatfoo having bNi made ud?r th? Mt ?( of the following de wrtlil Land Warranto, wbtoh ut alleged to nav# ?loat or dextrejed.?Botlce U berebr *l*?a at the date following the description ofeaob vtnut * new oertifloate or vurut of like tenor will be ralaaned, tf bo valid objection ahonldthcn ?1Hf' JOfl. B. BiiMff, Oonunlaeioner. No S4tf. for 140 acree, leaned nnd?r the act of tcch ?1,1 *u, la the naaa of Ivorr Butler, Mid vu granted April 19. IM-februrr S, IM. Mo. AM. for 1*0 tcrti, laeued under tbe act of MinkM.MH. in tb? ium of Uuru Harlon, ad vu ruMd September V, UM. February Mklo"7??4.m, for M? aerea. tamed nndar the act of trek 3d, IHI, la lb* ntM of Bobert W Pierce, Md *M |(*dM Mt| H, IWi. Marc h 1,1987. o. W.M. foe 1? acree. iaaned onler the act of arch J lau.lo the name of BU.ab D BaJljjud we* * ranted Jaa* 8.1H1. March . 15*7. Be LM, for M acree, leaned under tbe art d arch M UN. In the name of 0*one Plain. aaB vaa granted Angnet )0tb, lBfld. March V), 1-47 Bo M jll f? r Mt acree. leanedonder the act UWH. MM. la B( UBe or JtBM Bwrr, *ad 8?. M T*. for M arraa, ImuTbi4h the oct of Morck M. \m. la tho mih of Jotoa Wood, au4 ?M irutarrtbrurr > ?. April ?, 1M7 Vo.N IN forMQocraa. Imm4 aador tfca met .?f NtrckN iM.Ulktuatofltru Wood, wt4"W ?f *ok?rt Wooa. Mi?M gran tod FtbrurrM. 1#fr April M7No for M* acraa, im*d an4or tk? act of y*t>raarr ll.) tb??ai?f haitl Hodton nod wi graafd Pa??Wr 4. tta? A?rll9. 1X7' N*W ?OOES -11 bi lali of Art CUtUt?; by O. W tauM, D D. Paariltar baatsraa oa MMttac Htijoeta: bj Iit J*ha Borackvl. Hand Sm for Mtaar*. Vat*Harg1ata. u4 Aaaorara; by JallMMtwialtfe. Holla, a m mW; fcytha ^. 'rtts^.n2ysrx.* rtt ST1 FUIOI TATliOB. PR p L ^ , t, ItaM P tn ktM^anW l>F>>^.?l< ?1U be rwiwl at tbfa offc* nntil 12 m , tbo flr?t <*f Fabrnary, 13W. forth* following applies, wktth mas', b* ?f ?Ae rtrv bc\t ntaliry. to beiellverod fraaof U)?u? tk QoTtrnmiit tax at tho WcaMngtoa S?t( Yard, and subject to tk*usual tn&teiion !A*rtat. t* wit: Bureau Hf Prorin*m$ and CUthing. 10.000 (ten tbaataud) pound* Sugar. CO dftyj barrala Flour. ? B??a? Se im Emitter int. ' !! !?: theuaaadi ponn l* round Iraa. 11.MO (elevan thouean') pound- dat iron. M.MO (tan thonaantftmoawda cauare Iron, i 7.0uo faeTtn thousand) pound*of angle Iroa. 400 (fonr hundred ) pound* Copper Wire. _ Bureau oj Ordnance. 1 (two) barrela Lard Oil, be-?t quality. Beeyonetble security reqntred for the arompt and falthfal delivery of sbppIIps awarded Blank forma v ithfurtker partirvlars for biddm. to be hat , at this office. CAL.TIN O. JACKSON. . j*2$ 3t Payjaaeter 0. 8 Savy. PROPOSALS FOB ABUT THAN SPOUT AF finv QrAKTVtMA8TBR OtXIlAL S OTFICK. I Waaliibgtow. d. o.. January 18,1w7.i I 8eale4 Pr?M*li will be received at thl? 1 until 12o'i lock m . oa^the ??th of February, i|67, tor the trinayorutiou ef Mili ary 8applU* unatnc the year commencing April 1, 1^67, and endiug March 31, U68, on the fnliowiDg rentes: boot* r?. i. From Fort MePhrrron. MeUiaaka Territory, or nth parts aa mar be il<-termintd upon during the jearotthe Omaha branch of the Onion Pacific railroad, we?t of Fort VcPheraon. or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Territory, to null ?o^n or de pot* aa are now or may be established in the Terrify ef N?bra>-ka, west of longitude l"t d?* , in th?* Tenitory ot Montana. vouth of latitude 4* rie?. in th<* Territory ?f Dakcta, ????t ot ionrltode llUdri . IB Ih* Terrlforv ..f lil* .? i>ti. tnde 4t deic . and east of (oiiffttiid lit de* , and m lb* Ten itortei- of Ut*h and Coloi ad north of latitude 40 deg , inclodloff If neeeanary, Det.yur ' OilT. BOUTK Mo. 9 Tn m Fort Kiley. (Mat# of Ktii'M, or stfth prists ?> may be detarriined np< adoring the v??r i>ii t h?- I ?Ion Pacific railroad. B D..t. anv p<>?t* or dtp ts ;bat art now or iui*y be establish*'t in the Pta*? i f H nn?M or in th? Territory ?f "'olorado b< nth of latitude tOleffreea n rt'i, and tn fort ( ntcn.Ntw Mexico, "r other depot th it may be detonated In that Territory, and to any other point ei (oibts ?i the r< nt?. BOUTK No. 3. ' From Fort Cnioti or etirh other depot ai may be established in the Territory of New any po-?s . r stxttoi that are. or may t.e est?ti iateu iu ttiit Ti rHtf.ry, and t<? snrh posts orst.itiota v- ii.a. I.e design ited in the Territory of Arty.' na, aiid iit the State of T< xas Vi?t of lou?itiide lUi iltg. BOUTK No, 4. Front 3t Part. Vihn< "-ta, to such pasts a nre now or n:ay ? (?! i?h-d in the Mat.i ..f not*, and In that p< rtlcn ?t l>abota Territory Tyiu8 e<?t of the Min" nrl river. The weight t be tran?rorted daring the- y9*r ? l' 1 n?'t e*.-r?-d "B Ho i!* Sko. 1, 30,i*Vl 1><J> pouu In ; <>n Bonte No 2. 2u " 0 0"0 ponn )s ; ots Koitte N<? 3. S ' to l**) p<>o:nie, ftiiti on B-ute No. I, put. bill. I'ropo?al* will be made for each route oept ratt-lj. B'd'era wtll ?tate the rate per 10) ponnl* pt 10?i n lie*. at whioh they wiil transport the*tnr?a in earh BOiith >>t the >?ar, bfgianicK Apiil 1, ! 1*67. ?d<1 ei didu m-?nh 31, 18 "t. Bidder* ahutild site their caai^a in fnll. as well i | as thei*"! liners of r*-*idrBce, ani racb prop sal , nil uld be ace >rnpaiiiei by a bond in the acta ?f 1 ten tbouaand *10.00 > dollar*, ?ifB*il by t? > or i Hi re re*ponaiMe pernona. guaranteeing thtt to >a e a rot>tr*-t l? awar<!al for the route nriun ; tiorediatii. pro|M*a?| to tbe party pr posing th j ! ccotract will be accepted *ti?T enter>'d inti, *i. i I g"f d and autticteiit *?cnrlty fnrnl*hed t.x hbM party in nocerdance with the term*of thii aJrer ; ti?<-n.-iit The.cwBtrsctor will be retire 1 to glv? bonds in tha foliowii*$ ap'otibtd . tfn Route Mo. 1. 9^0.000 On Monte No 2, 2^?.'">0 On M"Ut?- No 3, 100 I"). Ob Monte m<> 4. ?0 100. I cauaiaciorv <ti<i<-o<*h of the loyalty %n 1 sol veiicj of emh bidder anil person offer**! a- ??cur11} will be raoxirnd. Prof*-??" inu't fce ior?ed " Propoaale fi>r I Arn.j Transportation on Bon*?? Ho 1,2. S, or I," i * the c i?e :ra-. he anJ none will le entertal r,*~l nn!?M thty full) cot.u ly with the re^uirtui n.? ot thlt advertis. n f nt Th?* p.'Mj to wbutu ?? awarl n m ide mast t) rrer^'t-d the r^utrnrt at oiice. ami o KtT--th? r*<,uireJ bonds for the :aitbful perform Hiicr of th?- coiitr kct The riaiit to reject any or *11 bid? that may l>e ottered W roentd. The contractor* on each ronte truil be in rtfidin-iliir*frii (t y tb<- let day of April, lSf>7. ai?! vul b- r<?.;oi ed to have a place or I n?lne-s or a#enc) at which he nay oe co nmnnicated with piainp'l) ar d readily foi Ronte Ho 1. at Umt it, H. T . lor B?at? Ho 2. at Port R'ley. KauMi; for Route No 3 at Fort I nioti New M-xico:for Route He ?. at Haint I'na., Minne*i??a, or at ?urh oth'T print for ?-a?-h of the Mtrril Ro?it?*- ai may 1?? indicated r? the starting p?int of the ronte. * blank form* tbowing th? conditions of the con tr?ct t? t e entered iut?> for each route can be had ? *i ipttllcation at thlft affce. or ?-t th? of ??.? <<inri*rni?M^r at Few York Ki?lut L um, Kurt l<r?Tfn* rth Omaha Bint# Fr,:iB-l F >rt Sus!lioji. ?Ld iuii?t acc<>n>pauy aud be a part of tte propositi. br ordsr of the UuirUrmwttr General. ALKXANHKK KLI3B. Brevet Lalonel >ind Asnistnat jalSKt Quartermaster, C. 8. A. J\tAVY SQI'l'LlKS Havt Dspabtvkst. < Rvrtnu PrnrtMom and Clottin*, Jan. ??-parats Proposals. ?t>*led and eadoned. "Pro rcMBisfor tiavy Supplies,'' will bn received at this Bureau i ntil 2 o'clock oa TUK8DA Y. tha ISth day of Fel>t*ar> a^-xt.for furuithiug aud dellveri o? at the United btates Navy Yar la at Maw York ?n 1 Boston, ui or ihe first day of April next, tli* uuantlttea < f the diilercnt articles spx-itled la the Kilo win* list, two-thirds to bs delivered at v 0>m Y At k Mti.l aii...*WIsmI - ?A ? I," - ' vu. >unu m* uvflUB, T|? . Hew Havy Beef, 3 ?k>> bbla , par 1 Hew Navy Fork. 6.0W bbla., per bbl. Klce. jou WO pounda, per pound. Dried Arclta, luu sou pounda, per pound. Sagar, 200,OfH) pound*. per pound. T*s, ponndx, per pound. Coffee. 100 OtO pounds. per pound. Heans. 6.1 ?A) bushels. per bushel j?oiaes?*e,3U.fg. galtous, per gallon. Nlaetar, M OOD gallons. per galleu Bid* will be rtctiml for one-fourth, one half, tbree-foorths, or the whole ef the Quantities named, end tbure only will be accepted, whloh are considered for the ad vantage of the Oovernmeat All the artltloa contained in the above list aiust be equal te the navy atandard, and pan the uaual inspection. For a deecriptlon af the article* and the packagea to contain them, bidden arefreferred to the eonipJee at the eaid aavy yards: and for inform* tioa aa to the lawa and regulations (la p amah let form) regarding contracts, to the offices of the Commaadaata and Pay maaiers of the MTeral navy>arda. reported article* will be received In bond free from dutr, aad no interaal revenue tax will be chargeable u pen any of the a^ore articles. *?eryon?r bom ba accoBpsnle-l by a written mwinl;. signed by one or Bore responsible parsoli, to tks effect that he er fchey undertake (hot the bidder or bid'lara will,If fila or tboir bid be accepted, enter Into an obligation within Ave days, wilb good and rnfHelent sureties, to furnish the Adpplf-s proposed; the competency of the gaar *nty to be certified by the Paymaster, District Attorney. or Oollector of the Cystoma. Ho proposal will be considered unlets aicornpanieo by sncb jru?rantr, and by taiisfictory e*i " ncs that tha bidder Is a regalar dealer in the articles, and has the license required by act of Oo?gr?u H. BRIDQS, j? i2 *iw Chief of Bnreoa. PROPOSALS FO* O AVAL BY HVRSKB. Ltpm Quartermaster's OJkcf, I Fnltxm ft. Jl'l , J%ni?rr 9,1HS7 S Healed Proposals art- Invltad and wilt be received nt this OSce nutil THUUeDAY 12 o elook m , Jmuary 14. lt<7. fur th?' fltltnrj in the city of R?l lia.nre of FUSTY B1QUT (4?J OAVALMY OBbBS. The ll. r?e? ?||| We selected to earefnl ins pection before beiug acepted. They mu?t h? >ouu<l In all respe.-t? well broken. In full flesh aiHl coo<l condition, from fifteen to sixteen hands high, froin five to nine years old, wall adapted in every way (or cavalry purposes. 'I bo ability or tho bidder to fulfill bis agreement must be guaranteed by two resp?a?thla ptrsuoa, which /nnrsntee must accompany tbe proposal Tbe H-rses must l>e delivered with!a twenty <S> davs from tbe date of acceptance of any proposal. The Government reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Payment to be made oa completion of contract. Bids will be indorsed "Proposals for Cavalry Bono*.'and addressed to tbe undersigned, tialti wore, aa _ Br order of lb* QauttrmHUr Q?neral. A. 8. KIMBALL, Captain Mid A g. M., 0. 8. A . j?iri> Depot QuMUfwHr. <^PLKMD1D JBWBLIIT. MB ALBXANDBBku j??t returned from Hew Yoik, where he took from the Onstom House *-ry magnificent assortment of Silver Fllteree JBWBLbY. In ported from Italy, which he will ell at one gnerter the coat; they cannot be ?b mined at any other establishment here. He also IronsM on a large as*orta><at of now style COKAL WtOM very rich and of treat variety, which be wlli sell S( the same rates, ja 1? ?t* 840 Pennsylvania arenas. VICT OB BBCKBB, P1ABO TUBBB ABD B?OULAT*B._? Bstablishbd in 18m. mm oaosms sow itciinD it DXMP8KT A UTUOLI'S, Ba?rarsrs and 8ta Uoasrsj *e_,_3U8 f?. s?,Lb*i. Mk and lJth sta. m v. t? ritM Boomo, 49ft 11U ItTNt, BMT P*. MUM. SfftUl r*?tm fr*m Wm. KnmUt Ch., Bmtitmor* Mr. Boohor ooo tiMi PImoi for u a oar Wore rooM. ood we take ?l?M?r# in otattac that wo boIIpto him to bo a coM?oto?t tnnor. bo SI 1m MB1CB&IT TilkOIINS | IB ALL lTtf DBPABTMBNT8. Wo box to la Tito oar frloais. dttsoao, _ aa oho to order ia tho moot oapertor atrlo NVnS^SsSsSSp^i^; Saa4 Book lor Mtaoro, IKotaltary**fci aud Aooor auction sales. j?Y UBEIM * limiM, AoetiooMra. TKDBT** 8 SAL* or IMPROVED PB9PBRTT OH MAHYLlBD AVIKUI. BCTWIKN 4 S ANPblU tSTMKSTS. ISLAND, AT PUBLIC AUCTION bt virtu* of a deed of treat to me. dated the JdXh d ?y of November, A D. IHt *d recarded In Ltror H M, H , No 3, Wioe 4d, 47c. mod 471. of tbe Laud Bprord? for Wathiofftna eouniy BUrrfct of Oolorabhk 1 ahull II, ob TBrrB8UAT7the 'th day Peb ntarr next, at 4 oVIocfc p m.. on tbx premise*, eaat half of Lot No I In Starvation D, onataloioif two theuaand revea hundred an>( thtrty-iti eiu*re , feet four and a half iaehea, with the improvements, conaietliw nl one ftery frame Hons* on the front, and another two atory Frame Heuae fronting on the , alley The above deecribed property to be aold m* peg order of tk* Court. i ttiib use 11*11 casn; naianre in six and twalre j no.the for r?>te? Iteartag ?at<?rest and eecurnd br a dt ed of trust on the premise*. All conTejencmg ' aud r*wnM# etamiM at ?he re*t nf the purchasers fiiO du<*M ua the <i?r of *ale, snd if the Wit* ere not complied with ia ft?* days after the day ?f ale, th( Trustee rcMrtM t he ri|ht to resell the propertv at the rick end c<-?t or the defaulting ' purrha*. r. by advertising thrte tiroes in the MiI tional Intelligencer. t. A. BOB WILL Trmiw. OBKII A WILLIAMS, Aucto Ja7Tn.ThAde (Intell] ' >Y NAOLB A CO., Auctioneer*. I L> Salesroom No. 4i94 Penn avenne, Between 9th and 10th at*. I h'AOLl <t GO- wilt give their peraonal attention to the Rale of K?al Kaiate and Ilouaehold furniture Also, to the sain* of stocks ot Groceries, WVae*. Li inor*. and lI?rriwitl?B r.t seription. lioree*, Carriage*. tlamass. Ac. Lit eral aah advances made on consignments. I Begnlar Hal*'* at oar aelesroom every TUK3i DAY. TUUB8DAY; and BATUHDW. at 10 j o'clock MAtibR A OO , jall-tf Auctioneers. Hknby OOLMAN a CO., AUCTION and i COM M Ir>IOJi MEKOUAMS, No*. 891 anJ 2!?:< I'jnna av., bet. ?th and loth eta. | Bales at auc.ion evt ry Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday tnornioR ?od evening K C. HttOUh?K. Haleeni-H ' A foil assortment ?f Dry Ge*'?, Boot*. Shoes, , FarnlahioK Got da, ''rockery. Tin War*. 8tov.>', Ac . oil band at prtvite Bale. Oaab al j vanred et. cou-iKon^-ntH ALSO MboWale ai.4 Retail Dialers In Hardware a-.d Tin U are, ftoves. Ac., N a. 227 anl *231, , ?tlietr?et, betwfeu M nod K. A large ijuniitity of Government rfCock r?'nl?t- j ing of Blank te.Bheets, PiMowa. Blilria (Jlotlniu, Carta. Harbtisa, W ikodi. Wagon Wheels, Wh-.-l j : 1-arrows Truck* l'la?f..rm Scalen, U >unter 9 kin, i V?r. I - I -?* ? ? 11 OiSt iStoveTip*' Alao, large <juantity of ?*c<>n | j' lur.d Stoves, %<i:' nj.u'i ot mi article? to* dm meronp t<> et-'tmer ?te. The cod* *r?? ;it>,?r|y n?w. ?t'd v ill ' ? at alniost ?'i> prfoe to suit. ja 16-lm V^PAUKLING WINIS Venve CHrutiot, Ponsardiu,In quarts and pin's irfcet and CI>ai;d<'B, tirf-a Seal, " Jule* Mum i t Co , Cabinet " 44 I)o. do., Verzenay. 44 44 D >. . <io.. Dry Veraenay. 44 Clias. Heid^ieck, Cillery. 44 44 Pari* Kxpo ition, Sparkliu? Catawba, in Quart no t pints. Colder welding. 9p\rklln^- Catawba, ia i|U?rta and picta. { For sale at re lnced prltes by E C DYtB A CO., 25*4 Pennsylvania artnne, ja 17 ?X Between l?tli aa4 13th ?tri<?t-. ^'OLCMBIA U?BPITAL fOH WOM*H JLi 1 IfiU-1 N ADZLta, Fourteenth street .< circle,)corner of M itreec, , Washington, D. O, t Thli Irct1tntl*n ha-< been ectabtlabtMl for the r??- ( ceptlon f?f pitlent# ?li? mxy be nfl-riug from IN- t ea?e? Bccn'tir to th?.ir new arnl for the adiniic-nij t, of -nob l?*m?lee m may require the coafvrta ol the 1 1 >:i.K in chamber The tuil?iini{ is xltaated Id tnn most healthy per tion of the District, gurroundtd by it. <^rD K.-ounda. Cam pi?< the door every five mln -ten. Tei mp r>f ?*l?r i?*'. n : From $0 to $i0 p?r ?.xk, In wcordcnre with the reom requlre l. payable In advance. includes Board. Mediofaes, Mi.i lc?l and SnrglcM attendance M E D 1 O A~L B T A F F. t 81 KCtijV IN OH1KF. t J H THOMPSON, SI I)., t 1?4 1 meet. lettrern 9>fh ami 21it street* CONSULTlUti i'H YBli'lAMs AND SI li'iKONS I JOB K WAttN&s, flft. D , burgeon Qei i*ral. United btatea Am y 1 JOfv K1LKY.M D , Oeorffetfwa. TUflW %M f I f V i> M IV L - a . .L.? ?a? i u vo. jiiut-nik .it L/ , r Bi.crk, n nauiai u A Y r.UAHNITT. M 1).. New York avenue W P JOHNSTON. M P . Washington. GBAFTON TYI.KK. M r> , Georgetown. t. UOWABD, M. D., K street. Orders for admission to tb*> fr?e b?vi? tu tial* ho? ' rital.tof which thote at" *> ' e?n be obtained ol < he fnrji?ou in ctaiff at this office. 1 *4 I ptrep;. or of any of the t*l staff, an'l of th?- Be vs. Drs liail. Ocrl?*y, Gillftt*. and (Vtomb*. Wf ?m ati'1 w!r],,wq of loMlorii desiring admission i 1 will apply to the Surgeon General, United d'.itt- 1 arn.y. Putlepts living et ? Hstance who do^iie to 0'itne | 1 to this iutltntloa for lr atuient can se?; pri* ate room* 1)J app.ylngbv letter to the matron of the i hospital. A. ti GILLETTE. I) D . a S3 eolf.r _ President | CXUBlEd FOB TITE HOLIDAYS. maillabd's candies and ohooolatss, caramel 8 cream chocolate. dol cle VANILLA chocolate, ( K->r t?lf? BOJ?K AND vanilla RUBNT almonos. , mixid ?i;oae plvmsisi ' A?B"RTET> *' LM Jmt rtctned it hfNG pl AMI / m f king ft son. , West india 77baNi.ES AND HWKtX MALAGA CRAPH. rrnb.*t KINO PLACE. J Mine* HEAT iDOMKtiTlC.? J art nm.le. of (elect material*. I At KING HLACH. GOLD!! BCCPPEBNONG WINE. utb pinem- native wine Gold col*r, fall. >?t delicate flavor and fr?- i vrance.aad le?? than ou*> half the cost of Imported i Wtae KING PLACE Choice ncts. basins nun. cubbanth, 1 BP1CE8, Ac., Ac , tuiuit this particular ?? on. For aala by Z m. P. KING A HON, de 19 Klo? Place , g 1 CUT DI 8 M^A BIB. ariaritaN'I flirt! SAMARITAN*8 9IFTI TBI MOBT OSBTAIB BBMBBY BVBB UtJBL "Tw, A fowTiw Ov?m?" for eOMOKRUOiJ, OLMMT, STHJOTUSSa, 4, Contains do Mineral, mo Mercury Only Ten Pills to bt Thkm to Kfect a Curt. Thmj are eatlrel* T?feta ?? , b*rtug ao audi do, 1 hi anpleasant taste, aaU wlllnot Iumj?j la mfe the atomach ?t bowels of the most delioate Untee is from two to four aays, and recent case. ta"t??nti tonr boars. Prepared by a graduate of the C Diversity of PfBMyhraala, oasof the moei aminentDoctor*andCheailete of theareeentday no ixrosuri. no trovblt, no chant ? wkatevtr. bet those who havedespalred of fgttlaf oared,01 Beat by naail In a plain envelope Prico?Male packages,$*. WmuAo, ||. BLOOD t BLOOD 11 BLOOD/I/ anlOfULi. nuiBRM HOKKH HPOTa jWlTWr BOILS, ' SVPHfLlfc la offered thejrabHc aa a aoaltl ve cmre. rtVPHlLl? OU V KM BUBAL VltHCAtflB, tb% AAHAHITAM 8 BOOT AMD HBBB JUKI* U niuM lotMt. eertain apd effectual remedy ever pre aerTbJd; U reacbee and eradicate* every particle ?, the venereal aoleoa.eo that the core la tboroagt and permanent. Take, then,of this porlfrlnf rem atv and be healed, and do not tramit it to yoni posterity that for wMoto y 5a may ?mt la aflei imn' DO ?* DKBPAIBI ??s?Haw asFnCTjsm,. ill remove every veetige of imparities from th* *" Wiicisrr im manf affecvioae with whien n ameers of fe tn KAaHnc down. Kaillnu at ta. 13?- - AM ABIT AH >8 WASH So??T&2b5*MT* "* *?""*? wttt UM mux TE. """ "Port a?n*a.i, fo*T Mar*ha.lx. BfclQinor*, tor V?Q*r*l *i?>?1> InlU*o?t ooatomarr forma; th?t 1 MT*?Mdth?a with judgment, dlaorou?n. lad BTOfMly. ?nd, h*T? f<rand thara r*a?oad to m> tb?lr dmt. ?nd MfBMlntttwmUHi, (klV 0. BOWIES, "AMafurt Bo?c?oa, Mb H. Y. Tola 1 J^tZSFIlX^ma'Jfgr MAILLAED'8 CHOOOLATB DC * ANT A1811, t bonbons. AUO, HAIL Li ID'S OHOUOLAT PAB UGBLLBHOB, . ThU Trtflft Vanilla CHOOOL/Vb*t.^u'pertor InqtxUHyMd flavor to ?*y other ma4e la thU country ,?M U ?r?pared ?j?t[tllT for tablo ut. ? W. blKOUKLL. . . cornor !4th and F ?tra*u, J?> nnUr Ibbltt Hosm. just bwiirn ~ * k n??rlwr>iolof L ADlX^jtoA*KIH08,-wMcta thor are offoriM M T*rr ?OW ?rtco? *? m fba10k taylob. LfiGAli wtIces. I" T" m"wits Joyce, coapl at naau, Jaw?b JoiMMon. *<ry Jobn} Kq?1*y Ho. 3ST. on, Job* M Hanaon, John! The ?od John M*lon?, de-1 fend an ta 1b*"hjo?t of tba bill nie4 in thU ca??* la to nrornf i A Fdl for f ha aftU ?f .*rr?in m^*a /\? parce'a of ground I) tag and beluf In Washington city. Di?tri. t of Columbia, being Let b and part of Let 4. in f?nnr? 1 Itto, to aatlafy ? debt doe by dafrn^ant. JoMph Johnaon. t? the coaplninanta. Tb? bill mui forth in an b? tame that the ?a>d

Joreph Johnaou wm indebted to aaid complain Hiitoln th? mm o( $u7 ?> for *o>vla a?ld aud delivered by complain aura to the aaid J<*eph Johnton. That at tlmenf contracting ?ald debt the eld Joaei h Johnaon waa aeired and p?aeta?d ef the mid piece* or percrla of gr' tiiid which, while lie ? an .< indobte<t, b? t r?uuul?ut)> comfjtl to aaid o?l? tid*Bt John M. Hantun. la Irtml t' r the sole ua? *nd l-eneflt ol Mary Johnaon. wife of aatd .Iwapli Johntoa. That corr plat uauta obtained jud?rr eiit o, mndemnaiiott of the aatd pieces or p ?ro la ol gr 'timl In aiid by virtiie<>f :m attachment iaaaed out of the common law aide of thia conrt in fa?er ot couipiatiienta *kuinat aald Joaeph Johi.a-n and 5 ray a that the ?a?d deed of trnat from aaid J<?-ph Imaon te aala John M. Hanaon aa afor**sal i bo | prod need before 'he court. atid the peine be c%a celled. Thtt'h'said complainant a. after the ia- J tnnijr ot aaid ?n?i htoent and the levin* ef the auu.e on the neid piece* or parotic of ground, aa- j certaiued that the atid defendant. John Pirn, claimed to Iihv e a lien on the raid ple-ea or per- j ce'aof ground; that on aearchi:iK the land recorda ?t n?aTinitt<n c. uoCy Putrid of Columbia, no tiei. or deed trnat ?a? recerd>-d in aaid land recnr<4b I.tit that uf ? a# ?l.a - "4 "4 it!-Lt of ri'Dd'-niHtlcn on the ?aid att?cfini*Hta, th? Phi.I r?Tor<m w?" m id <warrbe<l And ? d1 of treat fr'nc ??ld Jnwph Johnsont? John M*h>n?, to ^enre Jobu H>n for thw inn of fi nun. w?? f. ni. l rrronled. I ' Ht h ; i-?l of |rg-t WU ! rec< r ird u<ml) ii.ontl " alter {he d?l? thueof kii'' ovtr two months nftt-r the ?n1 j IfMwp ot paid Hititcliii" Mt i hat the u-iifl attachment ii a prior Men on ih?" *-?id pi fees iod p.*r?els of l round befor* the said d<-e<t of trust. Pray* % dt?r<>v?r\ ?>f the amount ?M1!dTienni unpai'1 on j r?|.| 'irtu <> irUBI >1111 rr III a ??ie III Ml* *?l 1 pie. en or pari el* of grotied lo -atut) tlie dentin ' of th?> < itmplainarM and other ere l1tor?, and tor >111 lOjntii it in >iR?tr lit m?l<l i(?f*nd?nt? Joeeph Jnbiinon Mary JonncoB. John M Uau? >n. J<>ha F!<nand John Malore, and their renfedera't-#, w hea (Uncovered. to retrain *04) i-r^hihit thru id their and *ervant? fr<nr. celling or It* po?in? of or in-tin manner farther inrmnhfriBi, 1 he ??ir1 piec> 1 or 1 arrets of ' r?tind It is ?her*upon this <d lay of January, 19"7. ad? , nidged aim ordered ihitt B'>tt?**of tt lttuft ('AS'v>)a to the *al 1 acn remdeDt defi-ndauU. .Jo??ph J vi ?ot?. Mary Johnson and .lol ti Flvn t?y pntili?hine . itr.>pyof ihi* older in tli? Kvei inj % n"*i paper rct>li*b<d In the city 1 f Wa<mn<rtou. In tli? I'ictriet of O' lnm' l*. th?-ee ti "en . *eek for ?i* roneeentive t?eetis warning ?aid irni resident deT* tidaiit* ti be and appear, in ?.? re >n r by so'i It r st rnie? to held in the tci of the Cl-rk of (his I'ourt on tbu tir?t Taeoda) of Jure, A L>. 111 i?ii?w>r ;ne aii'iin o>m ' *i ill. ot . er t'lietb*' name will be t*k?ii vrr r<>*fe *n fttrtimt 'hfrir Provided tlie t"ir?t pu'tl. ?tio i of thitjr.ler I all Hj'peur at l?*?t fonr month* 1. afore *n ?1 fir?t ut' June i4>7, atirt titliif the Ai.J tul n t .ine of sail III of paint. A. B. OliIN, A ?o i ite Jn?tie?, Ac. A true ropy K J. NKI(iS,UI?rk WM, J M II.LKP., Solicitor for compl uaintii. jim Stawcw f kkphans' COtBT J?a. s. 1S?!?oT?t?ict L/ o* ( ^ *-h. . .T'is .hit, r? ten ; iti ilie i air ot &t>r?hitiu i.l ikely i*ciit>r if Kli/al etli miles jecoui-il. (be executor uoreiaul htm witb the approbation of tbe Or?tm7is' Ctiort of Wanhiiufton ?; unty *t<)r<*Ai i, ip poiiMKM I u. nuay mf nil na? ol .1 autiary . IS >7 for :n Hettleinaiit ?u?l distribution >{ the dot* >n?l M'tiitt 4.f eaiil Jocoadttii, a>.d of the a^sete in rimci.l. a* ?r a* the same iia>e beeu co'.l??cr?*l and 'nrred Into uebey; *h?-D and where nil the creditors and Jeir* M ?aid a?* ere notided te attend. *ith their cisima pr.-p.iriy von* hen, or they may Ktaorw?-*? bj law b? excluded ail benefit tn I laid deceaKed's estate Provided * copy of this or lei > ? putWmbed once a week for ihree weeks In tbe Cven(?(f Star, pretl^ns to the said day. Teat?J AS K. O HSIRNR. a 1!-Iaw8w* Bettor ..f V? ilia. rillS 18 TO UIVK fiOTlOB, That the aabacrl1 ??er has ottatned from the Orphtni' f'oartcf A'a-Iiin?cton connt>, in the District of Columbia utters i?* aireuiiwr oa the aernonal e?tat? of I hn T Braxten. late ol Washington L> l!., l-rciistd All oeraona hating claima again*! he f*id deceased. are here' y warned to exhibit he aauie, with the vouchers thereof. t<> the ?ub?cri>er. on or before th?> .Jl-t d ay of July next: hi'j may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all >en??f t of the aaid estate Given under my hand this '1st lav of July, ?'<l JUKI J. BKAXTO*. >a*Ja* Kxwcntrix. " GOVERNMENT SALES. a K Ties 8ALF; or WTIUVI8TBUlLb 1NGS r'ki*f OmirtermasUT(Jgirr UtVotnf Wmh*i li' i a Ji D C.. Jaaaary . # 1&?T. 'c Villbeaa?<i t>> <?rd, r ot the y U4i lei iu*at?i <ien r*l, -J-; Till K8I?AY. Keoruary ; h: ;j r>' icon, uoder tlin n . perviaiouof Li<>ut<n tut (J ,1 ants M. Moore A V M the f.illo vln build iK?. Mtuattd ou 11 fctreat. uem lus B a.i ; i? R li Tat f t. one 1 ranary. 3. by '>1 feet Ono VUiict', 12 by 10 lOct Otip BuiMine. l* 1 y 2u :? t. One*,hPd 1* by litest. Oi ? 8' 11 I j fret. 'lie Bluk aul N't u, o. Terms *, ,hIi, u vjuvarauiout fund*. CHAKLEd H T <MfKIN3. lltertt Bii*. (leu . Dei>t. (J M. <?eu, Avtin? Cbi'f *.{0?itarmaitor, jaWIlt f>?-p t of WMliiuKion. | juVKKNMKNT ti A L.B Th* p oi er<r known aetbe 'GOVgRN MKNT ANU STIAX MW MILL, ' with i?? n>> nve mifi of lead, near Man Antouio. fm?? , >e lc I Piop saia, in dui'llCHt", will b?> rec-ire 1 h i .?1 ? iat <i*> ot March, id >7 lor the pa rebate jf "ttventy ft** ecr. s oi l?ua. more or leee. U>i(?thnr wi.k ilie bull' in** reeled theieoD, end the eppnrleUMQtM appertaining. that is to aey UN K TANNKBt . K TWELVE t*T>i>B LIMB VATS, VIKTY TWO UlHIIitN V?T* HKVgN STONE POOLS, aa?i capable of tanning fftaen thoauud hl<l*? per innnni OHK SHAM SAW-MILL, ciptMe of Rawing tlutf tnAmud t?rt or Inwber ON* SMALL STUNK LiCILDIBu. The %bo\e property ia situated about two milea ab \? Han Aiitonio, on the San Antonio river, and the water i* ceudncted to the eatabtlahtnent by a race of hewn atone, laid in cement. The land wee purcheaed aad improvement* made bjr the late to e tiled Confederate Oovernui? nt, and are estimated to have coat Jlaoowin gold The property ha* been under lea*e for the % ear I9fc, at a monthly rent of $300, payable in ad vance A aecurtd titl** in fee afmole will be siren ly tlie United States Qjvernia.-kt Proyoanla will be marked "Propoials for Gavernmt-nt Tannery and Saw Mill.' and addrewd to J. B KIDDOO. Bvt M*jer Gen., Aaat Com. Bureau B-. t and A. L.i Galveston, Texaa. jalirt priDm 8 A_T AD0T1 US~ Ckie/OHmrtermasUr's Qfre. Depot of Watkin*ton,l Washington, D C., J tfiuary 21. 3857. j Will be aold at public auction, on MOM DAT, January >h. at 1* o dock noon, nnder the taper vUion of Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Jamea M. Moore. A. 4' M.. the following buildings On Penuayleaftla avenne, between Clghtwnt aid StDeUenth ttreeta: Two Pertable Home*, ten feet high; one 16x24 feet; the other 12x12 teet. Al-o on A etrect, between Twenty-tirat and Twenty tccond atreett: One warehona*, 41x129 feet. tie 14x41 n et, Ote Platform 10x11 feet Tencw e?ab in UoTernmcnt fnnda. Bretet Brig Gen. CHAM. H TOMPKINS, Pecuty (Juartermaeter General, ja21 it Act'g Chief U M-- Depot Wiahlngton. OOBTOM ME?8 MACKKKKL? I mb new receiving from Boston direct, the very flneet quality of MESS MACKEREL, and which rarely find their way to thia market, being need mostly for home consumption. As they time bwn trimmed of every p>rt hat the rnuet palatable, the kite contain very much more than the Quantity aeuaily packed. N. W. BOEOHELL. Corner 14th and F streew, under de I tf hbltt House. PEOTECTED I?1 VuViL,\b*TEEE PAT nt of England, and aecured by the seals of the Bcole de Pharmacie de raiis, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Tirana. Trleseiaar Eo. 1, le the effectual reaaedy far Be taxation. Spermathorrhoea, and Exhaustion of thetistem. Triesemar H*. S has entirely superseded the nauseous use of Copavla, Uubebs, Ae. Trleeepar No 9 is the Infallible remedy for all impurities aad Secondary Brmatoms, thnsobvl atta* tbaaaaof urnrr *11 ttttr 4?l*tirioii Itch prtptrttlw it in the form at a momt um *bla Locanga Bacarad fraa tha affaatt of eHmate aad chan*ee af atmoapbere. In tin cmm, u |3 each. or four ta WH 1b om for ft, ud la fff cMM.thuuTlDi^l. Divided la aaparate dosaa m admialatoroday TM^mb. Sadlaaanda, Boas, *Vholeeale *?d ratal 1 by Dr BABBOW, Wo. 194 Blocker atraat, Mow Tork. Tobohad alao of S. OfOBD. >0. 9S0 Pj??l| tmM.torur UU<. ? ?-ty T^Bl OBKAT BBBBLLIOM. by John Minor Botm, Mi.10 Character and nbaraotorlitlo Mao, by B.V Whln?la; fl T*. Tha ftclance of Wealth. by Amaaa Walker; #S Ufa and Tfwaa of Bad Jacket. by fa. L. Ftone: ft. ^ Tha Sanetxarr; A Story of~the OItII War. by Nichols; lllaatratod; #1. ??aata* tha Boil 4 Not*!, by BdmoadY atSa: 7# cmuilMa for Wealth, by tori. ' TAYLOK. ""oWW*., SAP SAOO. PiBBSB&B, MflLIHH DAIkY CHEERS. '''"''ffiiii"-1'-corner Fourteenth end F etreeti je 14 udtr Bbbttt B oqm . IAMBS OUILB. Deafer in NmmmmA amp* km* J fVrmir*rr?. Old Fmrnllmre Be paired. fteayboletered n<i Ttrtlihed. ltth ead Beta.,'seer the eaaal.) Hlfbeet ?rta? paid far iMOM-kaad FmMta. eel It* p^TSI01A>t HANDBOOK OF PBAOTIOft de I FBAMOK TATLO*. % KA1LR0ADS. 1866 ,.,,.,^1 1867 filMNH TO TBI KO?TH WEST. SOUTH AMD SOUTH* .. (tWII*TBB M'UIDULI.I Ob apd ar Hoeember 1?, 1*?. train* will leave-aa toiiowsWaablaguta 7 SO*, m I Baltimore ... j is a. m. ?IS " . ? t?*a. m. thb ?bBVt OocbLb track'Hoorfc vltB BLKGANT BCBBEBT. Palac Stateroom *a? aad alpht Oars. wlHi madam iaproT?m?nta, aad taring from four to twelve hoars in time ore* ary other roate. Two hnadrsd aula* saved to , Wntna aao Central Maw York Two Dally Tralaa to the West. M - - Horth. Tkroojth rjom Baltimore to ROOH EBTBftaad P1TT?1?0B?H wttboot<cbaage .. ?s*?-ngera by this route rrom Baltimore here ^ Bd'aniafeof makiM ?I1 changes ia UMlOM DEPOTS. end bo PEBBlElS. Tickets by tMa ronf can be procared at tbe ofBce. corner fth street and PeoMylranla arenne, aader tbe Battene) where reliable information will bealrea at all times. Passengers procuring tickets at this offloe can ecure aec ommodatlens In Sleeping Cars for El- ' Btlra or Plttsbarg. *. J. WILK1SS. Af*n?. __ WMhirgton. D. 0. | i> ?*n. raw. A|MI, BtlUaori, Id. tolly WAiHlKdTowl ii.rii?niiTi i?n ftEORftETOW* KAIL*6AD." On and after MONDAY, Nu*-uit,?r 12.18M. end nulli turihtr notice. I'aaeeuger Trains will run b?tw?ev Waablnctoo aud Alexandria aa fotlowa LKAVK W*?M1H^T<I1. LKAVI ALKIAMIiRta Fit>m Hd. Fr>>iu o?r Dnk? ? Qmry ' Lo<ai at a.m. ,u - 8, TUronjfbMail R Sft " Local cor King Local at..- 7 00 ' and Ut-ury .... $ 09 !>:? " Local at 8 00 ' ' S 06 P. M. ** - 10 00 * ? 4 ? " " - IMP I. " ......... 4 30 " Through M?il. corner of " _._.... 1130 ** DukeA Henry 6 JU P.M. Loraloor. King and Henry.... 7 00 " SUMDAT PAS8ENOKK TRAINS ^ LliVI**?H J'iN*. LKAVI ALKKftMDKIA. '[('in aid HTehue depot. From cor l)uk- * Uenry Ttrongli AIail C .V A M. it* . LochI at 4 45 \ . M. Local at 6:30 P M Through Mail |? P V. O. A. STEVENS- 0?*ner*l Mip^rint. nde*it. no 10 W.J PHELPS. General Manager. j 'IMFiotUH LINK BKTWKKM WAtH l*UTON I I PHILADELPHIA ANt> N1W VuRK.. _ . Wa?HiN?Tnii, Jan.*, 1H7. Train* between Wa* *n<i Ne? t r* DOW I III! ltd fClloWl TIK: MBNIiV lORK.wJthoBt chant" *c?r* Leaxe daily iexcept Sunday) at 7.*6 a. m aid * FOBMBW TORK , chanrln* car* at PhlUdetdaily (except Sun lay) at ll:15a. ?nd 4.90 p. m. fob Philadelphia. Le**e da'ly e*c??pt Sunday > at 7 43 and 11 l5 a. m , and ?.J0 and 8 .30 ? I Lf?Te for New York and Philadelphia at 6 90 Vid only. Moping car* for dew Ytrk on <J0 ?. m tralo dally. Through tkketa to Philadelphia. Mew Turk, or Bo?ton, can b? had at the Station Off e* at all ? >ar? In the day. ao well aa at the new office ij the Farkers and Brokers Telegraph Liu- . ;I4" Peon. venae, ^twwo 6th ertd Mh streets. Pw Baltimore snd Ohio Kallro*,) eiiTertl?*me')t for schedule between Waahtn?t*a, Baltimore, | Ai.capcll- an'' the Went J, li. WILSON, Muter ot Transportation. L M. COLE OeiteraJ Ticket A*ent ^ 8. KOONTZ, Agent, Waahiugton. U A LTIMOKE AFD OHIO BAiLBUAD, A* Wa.aHi.ia to*, Jan. e, \&I. are now ron aa follows, Tie , j FOB BALTIMORE ,, ,?aTe ' "T. except bnnday at 7:9), 7 45, and 11.It a m . and 2.<0m, and 4.30. aud A 00 p ra _ 'ob all way 8tatiuas. m . and roc .. AY BXATIUHS SOl'TH Of ANNAPOLW JtNCTluM Leave at #.15 auJ 7.00 a. m., and it S.(ft> and 4 W m' rOK A3NAPOL1H Leave at 7 4", a m . and 4 * p in No tr^lm ' to or from Aul??o!1? on Sni"1*T uU rOK BALT1M JBE. Leave at I 45 a. ai.. anil 2 ??i an *) p a. KOi WA? STATIONS. Leave ?t7 45 ? iu.. au-l *2 ?*< - ^'p. r*. rOK ALL PAKTH or TL'K vvF.ST. Lcavn lailr, except tJ'inoay. at 7:45 a. n1.. aud ; 8 'tJ ? m. Oh but. lay at x *V) p in only, -nnr^'-ttig at K- *f Union with train* from BalUiuoreto , Ptrkxrcbnrg Mr. TUui'lQB TICKBT8 t*> the W?-?tcau be hw\ at tbe a anhiuKtoo Station Ticket Otb e *t nil h >u ? In tt??* oi?y . a* well ai a' th? n.<?r otlire of t tie Rnk uroaere io,t>|ritpb L.nie, feu a I v^, betveeu ?tk ond 7th streets. for Ntw York Philaialphla, aud Boston, aea a< vartlnirient of "Tfirongh Lice." I J. L WILSON. Snifter of Transportation. I Li M. ('Oi l. OrtSriil Ticket *r?st. ! OclMf GBO^S KOUNTil. Auput WnThlmton. HI UPON BIVIB AND HlBLEM BAIL BOAUS-On and utter M'JNl?AY. N. t IJ, j l'S"< trains for Albany id Trc y. cmniiictine ? ith Sai thei n Western trains, will leave New Vert ;ir follow * : Sam it x press train via Ilndnon Bivor Bailroad . ? tb at and 10th av . thr?ug!i to liaiUI" an 1 Bridge witb->at change of cars and < on- I nectli m at Tror \%iilitraii.? lot Saratoga, Butl iad. I Burlington and Montreal. iUa. ui Mxpress and Mall train via Bcdson B<v-r Railrt ad, connecting at Al'.aav with West- i aru train.', and at Troy with trains f r IMrth. 11 a w Express train via Harlem Bitlroal, Jfith *t and ?th av., connecting at Chatham with Wastern Bailroad for Lebanon Spring*, Hitufield, 1 ac.,? aiuan) ?iib ? wifrn trains, ana at Troy with trains tor Saratoga Butland, Burlington and Montreal. 3.45 y m Express train rla Hnd<on Bm Rail- I road connecting at Albany with WeatJhi trains, and at Troy vith train* for Monti**,, with Bleeping car attached. 4:16 p.m. Bx press train via Harlem Ball road, I connecting at Chatham with Western Bailroad for | Lebanon Springs. Vittufield, Ac ; at Albany vita 1 Western trains, and at Troy with trains for Bat land, Burlington and Montreal, bleeping can attached at Albany __ 6.30 ? m exprens train Tie Hodson BlTer Ballred, with "keping cars attached, and through to ' buffalo and Suspension Bridge without change of tars. Also, sleeping car every day excepting Batarda) s attached from Hew York through to Ogdenaturg without change, via Bona w. and O i Kai 1 road. Oonn-rtlon for Troy will btntdtat lut Albany This train will run >>u Suodaya U p m Train via liudaon Hiv?-r iUilroad, with I leepiug car attached, connecting at Albany with I early trains for Buffalo and Suspension Bridge and at Tray with fntna for Saratoga and points A Sunday train will ba run via Oudaoa Biver i Ball road from Mew York to Poughkeepaic and in- I termedlate stations, leaving New Yorkat8.3wa m. B* turning, leave Peaghke?paie at I.4S p. na . arriving in Mew York at # It p na. Alan, a Sunday train via Hurl-in BaUroad. le.iv Int 4Id atraat at t?a. m. and arriving at Hillerton at 3 to p m. Returning, leave MilUrton at 5 p m., arriving la Mew York at ll.S* a m WM. H. YANDBUBILT. ja 19 Vice Pr?>aident r. TO TBAVtLLBBSOVUie BOOTH. TW10S DAILY, <Sunday p. a. axoepted.) The qui ok eat and moat dlraot route te liokatal, ^aaA Ayvatk wla Ik* _ teaman from Sixth BtroM Wbir(.fi*4kBA Waehlngtoa, to A?ol* Greek , Richmond, Prederlckjbarg and Potomac Eoilroad, Bow entirely completed from ia-it Oreefc to Ricknond,Ti. connecting there with trains on Um Rich* moud and Petorebarg ktd Richmond and Danville | Railroads, for Peterabnrg, Weldon, Wilmington, Boleigh, ^Qreonaboro', siwbmry, Ohftrlotte aad BtMBtni Kinott and O TutorMt km Sixth Street Wharf dally (Sunday ev?alng excepted) at ? a. m. aidT? a. Mi arrive U Mahawi at 1.4ft p m and SMi g. THROUGH TO RICH MORI)IV 81TH HOUB8. Ififty Ml lea Shorter and U Ho?w Q?tohar Mm aar Other Route. Bo g?ro and got Through Tlekth vte Ante Ofookand Prederickabnrg, to fUohmoDd, al, tbo OomH?T . 0<ao>.,oorBor A UW1, VI UU VVMH vi V. tkronch. OmnlbMMt Md Btnt|i Wmtom wIU tw ta raadlBMito eotnr hmw|i? and .lniii|i ba??*? <?pouliUchaoBd. Pii*M|?ri by thJ? line bf df/llghtMooat V?n?B ?Dd may bar* aa ofaortnattr of MTaral battu fUUa aaar Fraoarlokafcorg br itoplloc at that point. _ q*Sm/tt i Vol *, ??*.. WaaiwtM,-B. o. o. . kATTlNOLT, Tlcke^iynt^ M Ht linal'fMMit A|W , POTOMAC TBAJf FOItTATIOM mr J aOTIOa TO ?1FF1H. T? jliiair ?xrm?ae, Oapt. . A. BTTBU, UBDAT for OlyaaoBt, Badd^Parn,?HI^^HB B5WSL- M"KoV.i.?a u>: T"?5B.Tia3?S,0J!;JSr.aJ5,J? I with tk* TMcWra UMrsof. to tfco Mtaerltor, oa or b?for? tho. M to of Jonnorr ?o*?: ttor * otWrwfM tj ltv kt n?mm rw mi ?? ot RAILROADS. (' ~ mkaulfto r41leoau iiiat tklkk ll?b mum pmil4ibu| iuia tothi uttmotur pbnnmlv* ij THF.^ 5 HI ^j.K Tl L^Sl s . / MA S CAN A DAS* WINTKH'A"* H A? e v t ' ! I'A MbEAGMM^t HA lh[S. tt'C er A. !?*?. Imiii . lnuut'or Philadelphia lea? e Harru o-f it A HI B., and PotWitlle ?t I4i I n , krritiBf tn 1 kili/tlpbi? at t vAi p in Att rnonn train* It-are lUrinlari itilt ui ?t4 Pi>u?? ill* at p. Di ; :?rt !Tii (j Bt I'htlartrirbU at ft 46 p m Harri-bnrg aco- mmooatioti le?*.-a fc<-a<iia( ?t 7:wt m . au1 Harritborf at J It p rn Oonu*<-t IBP Bt Heading ?itb Aft^rtio. n A( latl n Ss-utli ?to X* p m arriving in l'Biladrlphia at p. ui. Market Traia. with a ?*! > tg?r c?r attaeb?4. Ifiui Philadelphia at II ?' Iioob for Heading an-i all ?l) 1atioD?; IfnTf K-adlnc II lam , ul DewBiuatoub 12 ) p id tot Pbl.adelvhia aad *1 way *tait?'oa. _ All ll.? ? - ... , DUT10*' elf M!i?< ay irtiii ! ?*< l'ott??nl* at fl ?. m and *1 .1 J5 p Oi l?a?* PtiiU-1?lrki? f r Kradibg *1 l)?. Bi . rrturtilBK fr 'in Km4iu| ittC r' ' OH FhTK K VALL1T KAILK >4H. hii4 in>roii>dia'?? point* ikkr tb? T an O.IJ a m ?kit 4.j# p m tikiio fr<lu Phi I ad Hp bi a. returning from l?.?c i?ktov> d at 7 m at 4 i2 n bwiii. MVS *OBK. IXPHKSS KUtt PITTSBURGH 4NDTIIIWMT J.iuti- Ni * \ i., k kt T i"? ui ?n I 3 p ra , pa>? itK Ho Mi; at 1 II ? in >bJ I 41|.di .1.1 cut t'i g ?t Har il-bur* w?.b IV: b-i I \ *i>ia 4Dl N?rtt>?'lj ?>utr?l bait'Oii Expr-.s Titiui t ,, riti-t>ur.h, ( ti'cftffc. WilMaaupjrt ibliulra. ri*|timoie Ac. b?turi>ii>?' K> prtr* Train Hi Miliary n ariltalof IVbt-) l*a l? K?pr. iroin I'lt'ttmr >1 atSaua^G ni . JI5 p. n p?*?iy? b?*.in,i> 4 4# amljio.f. a. m 11 W P Hi . -*rii\m, ?t Mr? V rk ii) ? in ?' ? m. el - ptiik- cart mc?n pat jtnf the*e tr?m? through i~t?<M-n j#-r. trt illy an I Pttt?bnr*h. without changa. M^.11 train t<<r N<?w I i rk Il.rrnhnr. at ^ .ii p m Malt train ! r Uarn* or* . .>?? | \ i rk * II n?K?n i ttO l\LKIL>L VALLIY KAILk<>AI? * Ti?ui? !? ?*? PoltiVi 1' at 7. ll ? a m au4 7 1% p ui , retnrniBK Jrotu I tia ,oa ?t " ,x> * ai.,a,, I ).<|i and 4 15 P. Q. BCHVILKILL ASP SrSurKHANN* ?.. B(?AD rnmtu Trains hff Anbnrn at 7 . <> a m f, r Pi r a> d Harriabaric. ?n<l tl M ,, n. . t!,r "E5E1! and I r.n-oat. innr?i k tr?m H rr ?<k , ?*> p m? and fiota Tinaiont at 7 at a. m *,,4 j Tj * * , FREIGHT, Of odo rfall <1eftrri|>tioua (orward>1 to all ?k? ai o*> p< mta from tte otxpana'a > ? rVJi-l? lH-pot, lir* ?d ?nd Willow streetn "olftit 5"??HT TSAJJIs Leave Pbiladrlpaia dally at a jo a ra .12 ?s wit, m. lor ?.-*.ln?/L.?.,??. B, r ,?n? Pottsvllla, PcrtClibt. a. ami alt pointsbay out.* Close at the Philadelphia Post Offlca for all pi acta oil Hit- at ita ?raucb** at ft" * l"rt{ ?nueip?l tat'oa^ at 3 13 p i" " P kN>M V*m \ - J**J * _ H ^luA ~ _ ^ > U. ? a i* u a v* r. Tl R > I Tbe tr*iu? u( iti* Ccolr*! R?il* tea<*. ItiTt- tbr Pt-po?. at .51*1 ?ul Market itrcft*, ? liti h l> icti M illrml) l>} tu c?r? ! the a ?r k>'tMr??l fu- B(?[ Ilia-' ? ?! - Cfcaat nut eid * ?lnnt Mtwi B*il?f.y rnu wiiiilu vac (uSkic *-f it. ON bl'W hAY8?T?>e Meik*t Str?-ot <'*' leave Front and Market eti e*t* .16 uiii?ut?>* b>'fare t.'n? Q. t ai ti.r< t>f ??ib iraiu MsNN'b hAOGxOk KXTHKSf will cell 'or *n?l deliver B*g ?? at the l'?-pet Oraers left ?t tt-r, Mo. ?Ji CiM-etDateWeet, will re oiv, atteiitiuu. . 7"r i?n< .' ear- O'po*, r?;r Mei. Train at siHl? m. Pacli Aucvm'u N ? I A 2, It) Ua m thti ( m. fk< Li I .e xDil III' IlfiiM at U ??l m. fat k??>nrjr Train _.*! i <J? ? m Haril#l>ore Atveiwticatlou at ?. JO p in. l.?co??t?r Acoanimodeti n ,1 iuu p m | > ir?rh i??d K r le M alI . a* V CO p. ni. 1'i.ii Atlnph a K*pr?-*a at 11 no p m r;.H?Lul^ A Kii? Mail leave* dallf. e\ opt S?(c: (J&j , Pliladelphia F.*pre?? leave* daily. Ail oibe train# dal'y . e*r. p* . b; M til Trail f to W 'M in??rort Without r)i4D*e ol cart, ao-1 arrive at L-ckti*>Dg*>i* \>j Mn! Train ?o *o CarlUleanl CIIH:. ?Tfl<n:? ?? "I ? chaM?- ?? ?* - He-pli g Car TicfcrU can be had <>u applicati n at the Ticket '>flue. b.t \ t Le?ti.?t street. 7Vaia? A'r**t ai ft I ClLclDtlti Il?(?K ? IIMl TB. Phil i<1? Ipbia It*>!' "? at J 1j a > p? Arc em.. Nut 1 Jt a 5 20 a di ma ci Parfc-tor* Traitj >t . a; a.m. Lan< a?ter Trait. at 1J *0 p n Ka?t Line at I 10 p m. Day Kxpn iw at 5.UI p to Barri?t<urc A. rot?nto>Utioa at 9 M) p "> Lxpreta uhin daily, except Monday Onnrnatl Eipr-ee arrive! dally. All other train* dally exrept 8ar.<1av Paa4M-niter? lea\1nc L<x-k Hi"? at 7 a m , a & \MUiem?rort at ? 4fl a. m . r-arh Ph ladelphia. without change of care, f.oui WilUaaeport. by D? Iiprf?,Miii>p m i ne I>BUS> lruiwa Kailroad C nptn; will not adenine any nek for Baggage, *x ept for WNnait Ay^r'l. md limit tbrir r?-?pri?ibility to Ud Hundred Dollars in mine. All Bmcw? tioteJ 1d( tkkt amount In TAlue.vill be at the ri#k uf the owner nnlfaa tel < n l<r aoeHal contract. For further Herniation apply to JOHN C ALLEB. Ticket Agent. 611 Cheatnnt afreet. SAMUEL H. WALLACE, Ticket Agent at the Depot AN XMIGRAMT TBAIH rum* daily. exe?p: Bunda%. For lull |*rtlri)?r? ? to fare tad acctmn-xlaticn* apply to FRANCI8 TV K K, 13? Dacfc at. fEHTRAL RAILROAD OF NEW J CR8ETV P.>t?aeng*r and Freight Depet in Mew Fork, loot of Liberty itreet. Connects at Hempen JuiK-tion with the Delaware. Leckawanua and Uritrrn Railroad, en* at Beaton with tbe Lrhub Valley Rallr-nd ;?e< Ita connection*. f?rui3| a direct line to Pittaknrg and the Waet witbont rbauga of rare. ALLEMTOWN LIRE TO THE WMgT. T? o Kxpteaa Traina d.,ily tor the Wmt, tiwpt ?unda)?. wben one Train in tbe evening Mxt1 ttiilaa and tbiee bonrt aered b? this line to Chicago, Cincinnati. St Loaia, *<:.* witti bat ok* ckugt of car*. WINTER ARRANGEMENTS, OomtBc -c1i.? January 7, ls$7? Le..??Tic* York *? f-ltow*: 6.V A M ? For iMtin, B-tlil.heiB, l*<ich Cbank. Mllliunaport, Wilkeabarrr, M&ha oy Vit). Ac. .vloA M Mail Tbaijs?For FiMinnirton, lutein, W ?it?r Gap, Rtr?|U?. W ilkMbtrr*. Great Heinl. Pittsburg, Bi i.ffhamton, Ac. ? 4. M -Wwteru for IiKtott, Allentowu, Hatrlabarg. I'ittebiirc. and th?- WMt with but one change of c*r* ta Oiuctanati ar OMr-ag >, aud but two < han*?-? to Kk. Lauis C.>ati?-cU *t Btrrubnn with NwtkMa Oxatral and Phlladel pbia and Brie Road*, for Br>? and taa Oil B??cioo*. 12 M. Tkatm ?For Eaataa. Allentawn, Maocb hunk. V IlkNbariT, Reading, Pottatlll*. Hurialarg.Ac. _ _ . ? 4 r. ?.-?or Mai n ofiii*Hn>, ui HaacL Cknnk. I p M.?For RonarTille aad Fl?-a<Dgt"N. 5 P. M ? For Beaton. Heading. Hwiiiborf. Wllltema?ort. Irrineton. Oorry. Brie, Ac. Mmlu rar from Mew York to Willi?m?p?rt lllP. 1 ? For ^ rTilk' 1 m I*. M.-ForBomerTille. g P M-Wmiix B*r*sa? Tum -For Imton. Allentown. Beading, Herriafcnrg, PiUabmrg, ami thr WMt. Electing care through froa Jersey City to PltUl>nr? *eery evening I Additional train a arc ram to Berg*n Point. Blirabeth. Ac. _ , Ticket* for the Wat caa b? ebtaiaad at tfce oflce of the Central Bailr>?4 of Bew Jereey. foot of Ltlurtr treat. Mortti Mo 1 A'tor Ho??e. Hon. 814. aTl, (si6 broad*my, aad at So. 10 Greenwich street. jaH J06IAH0. 8TK* M8, a?*rint<?ndent_ NEW YOBK AMD MEW BAVBM BAILBOAD. I'MHnier Station ta Mew York, our iter Vtk street and Fourth avenue TBAIMS LEAVE MEW YOEE For Mew Haven and Bridgeport -7. 8 Ex IJ1JQ a. m , 11 1* (Bx.)tl(Bx ), 3Ji. 4.30. and S(B*.), * For Mllford, Stratford. Fairfield. 8-ntfcjort. ao4 Westport?7,llJ0a 3 ?p aad 6 jo r m. ror ^or* ?ix?#? *.*>. u.w* m . u ui *.?. ^ S2??3teay?^tV *fc'fcUWS.iWKU .... (Ix.K S ( Kx ) S.l?, 4 ?.m4 *<** ? ? For Port Cb?rt*r Mrt l?Ur*?1itU 8Utt'*??7. vat, \im + ;? ??. ?-? ?-*> * * * * OOVH tCTHO TRAINS. _ , Far Boaton ?? S?rlncfi<-M-8 For Boston Tit Shore !?!? ?i? ?? ' For B?rtfori ad B?rinirfi*ld?6, (Ex.,> 11 * a ;3,<Ix ,U.S,li ?. _ _ _ For eou^U.nt kr?r B*iiro*?-? *. m i-? 11 fift *o Montr**! ? P. m. to M*rth???t?n For ?**, PrvrMcnm tM rtobkill B B. ?(?*..) M.? *. m .?* K*w Load an ul Bto?t*?1on B*Ur?M-la. 'or CmiI lillwii It.U p. . to I?rtbM|^ Hran*tonic ud Bnafttack l*llros*?6 a. | | jo'Vuktr? Mid lamlk |. B -7.I M n?-*? m. _0*ee*Uee l)w?ii|Oui itUcM tol p.m. Train. jn? UNM B. BOVT,B?p?nnw*4*nt. IE* v' lDND) ? i 111 K I B | \ T H mdLAi, lowhiLl .tr~? w " TSTlow.^ 1 konri: Beediie Md all iLU:ia?diiu ?*tarftln?, INTN ft*fcdlu? At 6 Sua m trrlvin* IB PtiMelplii* it? lo I u> .. rrUlM M OBBIMU BXPBB88. At s.ift* m for Madinc. Ul.a1,i,ulrr|l|Il.f PnlUvilt*, fin* Grove. ?UD: ?r? w?f' li?BtF?rt. kiinira, KvehM-erTnisiiare r?iu ?, Alltnto**, WilkMt^rr*. 7.IUI,. ?"BJ' ( ?rll<l?, C li*Bil-?r?barg Hutntotu *c' I, * Thl? traiM cctiti'ct? ?t RBAI>IM> with P?bD?y IVMi* MailroM tr?lo? for Alltnw ?B bbo with tb? JL,?t>*o<>n \?D?r train Ur lUrrt.' i ( ri'KT ULIBTUM with ... b fclTromil trolo* (or * tlliamop.rt. L*wk H?, ^ k.nli a. Ac ?t BAlkllBl IO with worth*"' Control, CuiuUiUnd Vol lor. ??<1 S*hu?iklil oo<3 tiolt.c for h 'thu rub. r lt..d W?i lionoport. York. Ohon t ?-r?b rg. PUSES' Ac AFTBEMOOH K\rftKS9 boovM rktiooclpalo ot jy p iu. for Boodio* PttUviilo, Horrubur#. |r , roaoKtlni wt*r* ST.", Ac* * forOolotn BlAriKO ACCOMMODATION l"*"? Kr.OKig or 6 Hi a ut.,?U.rnmium ml all mmw tattona. arrive* In PMioiaiphio Ti o L li' inri.inK, leoio* PhilMnoulo ?t ? JuT ?, orriTu iu koMilbc ktiUi n 1 * ** ? m >