Newspaper of Evening Star, January 28, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 28, 1867 Page 4
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, (' ) ! \ TITE EVENING ffPATL J TirgUI* H*?i, proposition# art before the Oe?er*l I A.semhly of Virginia, fearing for their parpoaa I tb. rrlr*i? of tb* Interest Held by in tha several nuliotii, for tha p> . of enabling them, by th? credit thas *r<,i mi, to make aandry connection)* or com> ' * ??*odry iin-s neceaaary to tbe full development of tha roads claiming this mdnlIbr.c* At no ttrae perhaps ha? the subject of ouaiac ** : K??*d the attention of Virginians so exU>a* : u at present. Daily, important and 1 luu ini# additions are mad* to the gr*at minern *mtb Virginia ia kanwn to Doeaeae. I'arru & Elsom. of Richmond, offer as a rr*miom a policy of life insurance for one ) ar for Sl^SUb. for tbe best specimen ofVirg'nta lob*-eo. san-cured, wvifkinr at least ttr? pounds. 1 be Shenandoah people am making a rood ?*.*:? 1 of rr\> n-y by tba lnmb-r trade. The H? raid saty a that a large quantity of lumber la being iikeu off down tbe valley. A marble quarry baa baen opaaed on the leim of Mr. A. J Logan. near the Rockbridge 1 hame, of a snperior quality. The <'ire nit Conrt i? bjw in session at Oulpeprr Court Houw, Judge Sbeffpy presiding. Amcsin., lmiMJlT OF THI STORM This ? - one oi tne fanny incident of the storm ?t 1< Mou. a* fold b* <h* Journal- "Tirjsuburban r*vtf. man who were obliged to remain i n loan ou Thursday night, were sought by wins, who scouted the idea of being -t. pj.e t h> I?,e -now, and set out for the city iu coi.ipaay im a sleigh driven by an Irish mait.eervaut. They got too far to return, and ujmrl 'heviselves snow-bound. bat found ii, n bono' by the roadsido. The husf rr!s u.. anwhilM hart started from Boston to?; t ?r iu a ?ie-gh, and after many mishaps ? re i. n;pe|ieatohaltforlh" night in abouw i next door to tbat in which their be ujr 1 i w w-r?- quartered. Neither party rtu or^rvd tli- proximity of the other, however, i.util tbr next morning. a^"It i- suggested that the French troops in % ii? i w :li be *o happy wh n tbe ship* ar- i rtifo mkerhrra home, tbat they will immediately go into transports. 1 be author of tne Bonnie Bine Flag oni.erto >k to give entertainments in iudianapo* U-. I>*t sot intox: ;.ted and boisterous, aud w t.ikeu c?re Ol by tbe police. An inter,ried narnage was broken off in N' w Haven t>?-csn* the lover pawned a dian . <1 ring hi* Ijetrotaed had givan him to have repaired ?/- A t.ew ? orrt has been added re the pinr>\ ' i'*e who oppose th? increase of tbf > v. 1 Ley call their opponents Inflai In 1" ' > ' f ' hn K Hamilton, a clerk in the empl yy t.n aid fci beri Simpsorn, pawn or. iits 1,1 y*-w Yurk, has bet-n arrested, cbari. >d v th; tiug P.NiDO of bis employ rs' r TfT r ij 1 uey Lave a female bercar in <inef>ec, t u brt prueteiunal rounde in a v 1? Hi!i iliaw ii by J rr own horse. i. I're-vatmig ;nodes amongst the misses V ve bat ali 'he h|ne bonnets are not over th* r?.i.i?r Norn- hardly go beyond their bead i-eiitrts. air A wortin ir foldwfiter, Micb.rnn. asked I . . a di\ r, mm ber hu>band btcanse h? ! r> rii.-ed o w ar a r ou?ta< be. WILe hi mail mon?tiosities known here *1 v rs ago as th* -Aitec Children.'-hive r'1' > '" i fl'tbifed in Kngland. Th?L.,nti | ?|-ers r j ?! t lhattaey wtre married in U.;it v. y on tbe 7*b inst. C sr-.r^x i > c ... i* pathetically described ;,r 'Oouiag p?i, ;,nd ?ad. while bis manners *re tie -ever .lerry is a noted jouq. ' r er row iu tne New Jersey State j nsou The t ol. iado papers .ay tuat n lady oc t: r?- lately el pert, and i^ft a uole for ber h|J#_ tM.u rriiin^ t? m not to n&ourn for tbe cinl. jioie ot 'em were hi* A 'ombt-r of Parisian seamstresses have i ? . n (i). . ni.jff from violent colics iron pm. ' t T tlje Mik -b-y use in sewing it to t ^ir t Tbisu anributed tofulphata.ifl.-ac i* '^enrt n en to Joppa.*' (Jaffa.) This | - f, n tbe book of tbe Acts: but * i -'1 a< : Ln. r-fereni* 'o rhe coPtiMafs tbat ' ?'ly I-?Bw-ot ifTeir?ra America, ' - "roro tfce lai 1 ure ol tbeir colony. S rat, Stalwart. Irtaty negro men may be em I ?I*T Z nrcnnd ti.e ^tr^ets of Hoai <?. ! ; w ..i.e .f tbry would go .u o the v ? uld t plenty o. work an i i.V>.U j ay. a, i ; .trnt>? ] rt >{the nnimai crea.ion in vi 1 :i" -.a kiou^.ehoids is gold and -;' -*r U-ti ^ ' " * ;;1 ?-very drawiug io. n, on -iv ?u p .outlier, m every window, l.ast i r > i.tne*Wortb were sold >n far^. 8 A | er ? i ?ricbmond paper beveche1 ?: I ' iaiiu->ck to -How ou" uariug :bf - .4j . i d hopes tbe appeal will not be In v i . titd tLai tbe nver wbore -hanks ire <: with v o.dlands"'will continue to -ei up and gil." R i' ;-,r.e:ai:y anewn tbat tbe leaves o: * ?'rn Trin ar? an nffllen" application for i * i..s, vri ere itie rkiu is rubbed off, and other 1 "i".~ ?' tf.a: kind. Ooeortwoi^v^i must i t" ' an<? applied to the part, nnd the I w . ui 'i ill he ? i< ft-riv-d in a *ho-t rime hipartmbmt or THK | c a n bi\[ sr.i tes pa th vt orpicE <> a?h Holm, .isi.u^rj ^3, is#; j Ou th* petitloa of JA11IS H TaVlO*. ?f CatLnij. n ua>cticat. for tba sitrn ' otM d?y ot Mar. i IM rJr'"SUS *Lim'fZlrSTm. I At I? ura?r*d thai the said petition be heard ?t tbe Patent Off.* oa Monday, tbe 1Mb dat of a i nl next at 11 o'clock m .ad all eeraona are notified to +ppe?r uid >hv? cause If any the* have * |*T "id Hti'itB oaibt not to )> (raited Persons oppoelag the extea*ioa are re'iulred to f?*ent vfftce their ebjectfons. spaclallr JJ*"1 'wrthta wrltlag at least if emu day? beUjre the da> ot bvarlag' all testimony flled by either party U>h?o?e4at ti e said boarlng most be taken and trai.amittru In accordance with tha raUt of the ofhee which will be faralehedon application ltepoeitioasaad other papere relied upon m tea- i tlwony must be ft led in theoffioe rieen/ydays before tae da> ot bearing; tbe arramwnts, if any, within 1 <<? days after flliuf tbe teeti nx>nv. ' I Ordered, elso tint this notice be published In I the Aepabilean, and tbe ln<elll?enoer. Washington. l>. O . an4 la the Palladium, lew Haven, Oo n . one* a week tor three eacoe^ve weeks : the nrrt of said put>licatlone to he at least sixty days rregions to the day of hearing *** ? * O. THKAKKB, w a un.. Commissioner of Patenta. r B Bditera of the above papers will please copy. and .end their Mile to tba Paiant OMcTwUh a r?rer contamina this notice ja2d iaw3w .. WAVHiaaTos.Jar.Ba'-' 2l?. 1?/ On ths petition oflOi Li* v? JJ ITS formerly -!|8pii*"'n* t W?>S?chn?ett< hi t tic W of Low. - J)M,'?cb?,*?te praylnp for the pxten aI franwa tv him tne *1 day of *, J' '-.k *Ld rl','a?d in three (tvUions af octnbar 1*3. for ?n impT'.ve In K p-atl'-g ^ire riu?. for seven j ear* from tbe extiratlon of said pateut. which takes place on ?ue 5- >tav af April, iaST ' e piaceon ?t is ordered 'hvt the said petitiou be heard at t_?e P?.erit ' # e ?d SlonSay. the Jfth day of * Ma^f?1 %t oe'oek M : ? * Mreons are uott&ed t, appear aud show cau^a if .n> tney nave. wh> ?:0d petition oacht u t to be ?rante>l. Persons opposing Fhe ext?naion are re<jaired to ! fi >^'i ? their tJoa*. aiiedally i setiortl. in writing at leati??i. deysbefirs : the da> of ?:eartn*. ail te.tlrn?ny filed by either pwriy to be uaed at the aaia healing mast be taken and fr-'?-?"tted iu accordance witu the rule, of tbe oflice which w?| be faroUbed ou applicatiea l'epo-itiona aitd >tner pa|?ra rene4 upon aa teske ft'nl in fhe ofBce twenty days before the d <? of bearlnc. the argnmeats. if aav wiimo tea days atter aimc tbe tevtiaiwuy ordered eia-. tiiai thia aotiae l* pnblithe l in the Bepabiiean aad the lnt?}|iNeBoer. Waahingtoa. D. t . and in tbe fteenbll aa Hprlogfteld. M?v . once a week or three sncce??iTe weeks, the SLXX ' *?' " ? P a .r* of th 0o"'?,<Sone?!5rApifeBia. til? n^ape| W>\\ B'aaga er py and send their bllU to the>ateat oihce wTti B paper confining this noUca. j? au-a^l I D V^IUiT MT?iTi?iu^= I cm Th VSTA T?s PA tbyf^fflcb. on ik* bu,iA waahibotob, Jaooary si. i*?7. Oa the |-Utlon ot aL?itBl? J vv aTTB. of Prookl,,.^ *praying for the extension of a patent granted le aim tbe Ath da* 0/ aeriJ 1*1 for ae impr..v.?i^? Crew... f..r pVepa tng O. II. tm eeven year* from the expiration of aa 1 ' g^*?t. which takes place oa the -^AU dap of Ap?ll It Is ordered tbat the sail petition ha aeard at the Peierit Oflice on Holiday tbe ^th%tv Vf ISsLyV cJ#rk * >Ml ?'l yrtou ar. notihed to appear and thew cante. If any they ' have, why Said Petition ought not to be granted HJ^b axtenelan are lemiredto Ale in the Pat* nt OAra their oLiartlone sae^laile ' set forta In writing, at ?eaet t JTat'Td^Tbefere ' the da> <>t liearHig; all testimony died by either 1 party to be iteed at the said bearing mnet be taken j f?d traaamitte^ m accordance with the ruiA< of ' tbe ft.e wMct wii> be fnrnlaUed oa application 1 Deposition* and other papers relied npoa as tae rtnteay niast be nled la tbe odice twenty dari be Vf!** '?] of bearii g, the argumnata, If any. wit bin ten d vye afer fit ng the taatleiear tk/'irr1. r1*? ,w* ??? ?> aBhn.ha< ia ii kepnbl.csMj amh the Ba-Ienal Intel ll*?ncer ?aat.melon D r and In the rin.a* New Vnrk* . ? . i nn a week 'or three saooea*! va weeks' tbe r S Kdltors 01 ^u a paper containing thunotiae. ,a ^~, Mentific ^ects, by l.rM, Bar^0'^" B^.kf j Wiu-M ?e?? Vg|tt?.aod Aaaavars >.y 1 Jtitin* H.reran ith Italia, a tew novel: hv the anrlirtr < 1 StratKm -re Robert Hev. rae a novel ry Wm A Baiamoad AmerL-aa Leaves' by gamnel Osgood. I ja7 FRANC* TATLOM. i a PROPOSALS. M* vr Pii?Afr?'i Officii i waihuisto*,!) 0 . jlmtfi Imm PtohhIi, to b* n4?r*d 'Pro#o*l?,' wiil TKfltid it tUi office until IS a ,tM Irit 4ay of February, IMF. for tba tell??ii|NttttM, Wkitk must b* rf tAe vtrw btu suajiry. to fee delivered fro* of (ifMIt ?I wwrinl lu it tlM Wta? lugtoB Navy Tard, and sukjtel to tA? aanaal tuspfctitm thertal. to wit: Bmrtau if Provision* and CUtktag. 10.QM (tea tbeeaand)toiidi ti|U, tt (ifty; barrel* Floor. But earn S" tarn Bntinter,ni. 17 JW (Nnibn thoiUM) pounda touad Iron. UJM6 (eievea tbotuv ) poaade tlat Iran MJN0 i ton thoaaand i annnde m?r? Iroa. 7.0W taevea thoneaaadi poanda of ancle Iroa. $00 (four bnadred) fOQM> 0#???r Wlra. Bureau of Ordnance. I ft wo) barrels Lard Oil. boot quality. ImkmIUo ooc utlty repaired for tb* arompt aad faltkfal doll Tory of aappliee awarded. Blank bnat vttkfurthtfpanxtulanfo* bidder*, tebebad atthtaoffice. CALTIH C JAOKSOtl. ja* St NrawMr P. 8 Havy. dbopobal8 FOB 4>MI TB AB B FU JIT Ax wow. QtABTIXMAaTXK OB.ISBAL'a 0??IC*. I W AARiaoTo?!. I*. U.. January W, 1*7.< Sealed Pro poeale will bo received at this oflRoo until 12o'clock m . on tbo ?tb of Febraary, Mtf, for the transportation of Military Buppllaa 4 art a* tbo year commencing April I, 1867, and endlvg rcb 11, IMS, ob tbo fallowing ronte*: BO DTK Ha. 1. From Fart McPberaoa Mobraoka Territory, or each parts aa mar bo determined upon during tb* i ear on tbe Oai<tha branch of tb* Unioa Pacific railroad, woet of Fort m?Pheraea or from Fert Laramie, Dakota Torrttory, to aueh Boats or da pet* aa *re bow or aiay bo aotabllabedla tbo Tarrlty o* Nebraska. waat of loBgitada HI deg . In tbo Tenitoi/ of Montana, south of htitnda * } deg. ta the Territory ?f Dakota, weet ot loagltude 104 deg , la tbo Territory of loaho, ?>atb of Utttndo 4? doK . aoy oaat ot loagltude 114 lag , and la the Tarrltortoa of Ctab and Colorado north of latitude 40 deg , Including If ncocaaary, Denver Oity. BOCTB Bo. 8 From Fort Blley. Mate of Keneaa, or auoh polata aa may be detcrintaed op-a during the yaar ob tbe Uatoa Pacific railroad. M- D.. t. aoy potti or depcta that are now or may be oatebtiahod la tbe Ptate of k idum or in tbo Territory of Colorado. sonfb of latitude 40 degrees north, aad to Fort I nion.Nev Mexico, or other depot that may be designated In that Territory, aad to any othar point ar polata oa tbe mate. fcODTB No. 3. From Fort Uaiua or aueh other depot aa may be e?t?bii?hed la the Territory of Bew Mexico, to any po?ta or st>'..ona that are, or may he eatab limed in that Ten Itory, and to aacb poata orata tioi a n n av be designated in tbe Territory of Ari7?aa, and (n th. State of T< xaa weat of loagltude 104 dog. BODTB Bo, 4. From St Paul. M innesota, to such pe*ts a are now or may be established in the (state of Minnoaota. and la it at portion of Dakota Territory lyio> e at or tbe Miaaonrl river. The wtigbt t o be transported during the year *1.1 not ex. eta t n Bo its No 1. -10,000 i?i poualt; on Bcnte E?. no OM poonda . on Route Bo S. S.iOO OP, and on Boute Bo. 4, S.fcio Jo? pounda. Proposals will be mado for each route aepa retely. Bid-'era will state the rate par 10<) poanJa per 100 miles, at which tbey will transport the?tor?a in aark reonth of the jeer, beginning April 1, 1367. and eliding March 31.13r's Bidder* ahortd mite their namea in fnll,ai well an tbt-lrl places of residence, aud <a?:H proposal ib' nld be acc >mpaniad by a bond in th* earn of ten tbonaand $10,00'') dollara. signed by two or mora re?ponail.|* pemona. guaranteeing tbat in a e a contra t i? awarded for tba route mea tioned in tne propcgal to tba party propo?,ng tb** contract wili be accepted and entered into, and good and anthcient aecnrlty fnrnlahed by aald party in accordance with the termaof tbl* advoi tiaemeat. Tba c?>ntractor will be required to glva bonda in tbe following amocBta: On Route Bo. 1. $?'>.??. On Bonte Wo 2, 20i),ooo, On Bmu No 3, lou.tuo. t)a Moute lu. 4. roioo. Patiafactorv < vldence of tL'? loyalty and aol ei.cj ot each bidder aad person offered aa aacarlty will be required. Prop'-a^la in' -t be *ador*ed " Propo-^ala for Arniy Tranapartation on Bonte Ho I. J.3,or 4," aa the r:i?e may he and none will be entertained ntila?a >h?y fnlly comply with the reuairatnenti of thl? <irertia^ment. The pHrty t?> whom aa award is imde mnat |>? pref at d: exev-u'e theccntract at otic*, and to glTi-the require 1 bonds fur tbe faithful performance of tb< contract The right to reject any or all bids that may l e oflered la rttervad. The contractor* on each route mnat be in readiness for servic* by tbe 1st day of April, 18o7, and will be repaired to have a pUce o. hnalnasa or agency at whlck he may h* co nmnnicated with ptOtuptly and readily for Bonte Ho 1. at Omaiia. B. T.; for B?ate No 2. at Fort Riley. Kansas; for Ronte No 3 at Fort Onion Be*.-M?<x;co: for Route No 4. at Spirit Paal, Minneto!a, or at *urh other print for ea< h f the antral lioate- aa may be ic dial ed aa tlie atartlng point o. the ronte. B ,uk foi ma siiowing the coniitiot aof tba c<>n tract t* I e entered into for each ronte ran be had on application at tbia office, or at th - office of th" tisart'rmasttr at N'-*> York, b?1l'. L<>ni?. K.jrt leaven worth. Omaha. B?tita Fe, hr 1 F rt knelling, acd limit aocoiiipany an l b? a part of tbe I p'opoaal. By ordar of tbe Quart*-#master General. ALE \ANHCB RLi^b, Breret t alonel and Aaaiatant ja Is .lot Quartermaster, D. 8, A. AV Y BUPPfclBi}. Bavv Dbpaitmint, / Fvrtnu /'r"ti to/<5 CfMaras, Jan. 12, l9o7.S Separate PropoMla. aoaled and endorsed. * Pro- I to-alafor Navy Huppliea.' will be rtneived at thia lurean until 2 o'clock ob tck8day, the lltliday ot Fel raary next, for furnishing aad delivering atttie United ?t?tes Navy Yards at Mew fork mi Hoeton. "n or the tirat day of April next, ilia iinai tltiea f the dttlerent articles apecifind in the f, llowing liat: two thirds to be delivered at 1 b ew 1 ark aud on?tblrd at Boaton, vlx ; New Navy Beef, 3 u?? bMs , p*r hhi. New Navy I'ork. a iWJhble.. per bbl. Rir* luu u 0 pounds, per pound Lried Apples, luu uOO poanda, per pouad. Sugar .id,'**) pounds, per pound. T?a. 40.000 ponads, per pound. Coffee, luu ik<) ponnda, per pound. Beans, S.i id bi'sbela. per bnabel Moiaasea, 2i?.i#i gallous, p*r galloa. Viaeaar, 20 0U0 galiona. per gallon Bida will he r?c*ived for ooe-fonrth, on* half, I tbrae-fonrtba, ar tb* wbol* af tb* qnantitl*s I named. aad those enly will b* accepted, wbloh ar* cenaidered for the advaatag* of the Oov*rninent. All tb*artlcl*a coataiaedln th* abov* liat maat be *<aBal ta tba aavy atandard. and pa** tb* naaal iaapecdoa. | For a description of the article* and th* packages to coutain them, bidders arefrefarred to th* aniplca at the aaid aavy yatda. and for laformatioa aa to tb* liwa aad r*galat|ona (la pamahlet |,.nn) regardlnc contract*, to tbe offlcea of tbe i;c??aa^tDta and Paymaatera ef tb* a*reral liaay yards. mp or ted article* will be received In bond free from duty, and no Internal revenue tax will be < bar g?able upon any of tb* a*>ove artli lea. Kvery offer must b* accoapanlad by a written guaranty, aimed by on* or more responaible peraota. to th* ettect that he ?r they undertake thai the bidder or bld>i*r* will,If hi* or tbair bid b? ac- I cepted, eutarlnto an biigatlon witnln nvedava. wuh good and scftlclaat anretiea. to farnlab tb* aappllee proposed; the eompeteacy of tbe gaar I aaty to be certified by the Pavmaatar, Dlatrlct At- I torney. or Collector of the Castoma. No propoaal will be coasldered unlets accompanlea by anch gaarautv, aad by aatiaf?c*ory evl dance that the bidder la a regular dealer in tbe I articles, and baa the llcenae reunired by act of Gongreaa. H.BBIDOB, I ja i2-w4w Chlaf of Bnreao. I pE0P08ALB FOB cavalry BWB8EB. Depot (/uarUrmattt.r'i O&f'i { J Bnltiim*'. Ml., January 9. 1*7 \ Scaled Proposal* ar- Invited and will be r*c*!ved at tbia Office uatil THURSDAY. 11 o olock m , I January *i4 1W7. f#ir tbe delivery in tbe city of Hal i i more ef FOBTY BIGHT <49> WAV ALB Y MOB8B8. Tbe Horses will be en'jected to careful laapectloa before being accepted. They must h* sound in all reapects welt broken, lu full rtesh and good condition, frem fifteen to sixteen hands high, fruji Bve t" Dine yen ra old, well adapted in everyway I for ravalry purposes. Ibe ability of tne bidder to fulfill bia agreement I most be guaranteed by two responsible psrsoua, eklch gaarant?e must accompany the propoaal Tb* B' rsea must he delivered within twenty (20) I data from tb* data of acce?t*ace of any proposal. The Govervaa?nt reavrves th* light to reje<-t auy or all hide. Payment to be made oa completion of contract. Bida will be Indorsed "Proposals for Oavalry Boreea. and aaddraaaed to tbe undersigned, Bain- I more. Md . ? | By order of tbe Quartermaster General A o. KlMRALIia Captain and a q. m., 0. 8. >a ll ltt Depot Q uartermaster. j S^bdidjbwelm. MB. ALBXANDBBbaa ja?? returned from Hew T<>rk, where be took from the Oaatom Bona* a very magnificent aaeonnient of Sliver Filigree JBVILIY, In.ported from lUly, which he will a*ll at OBe-qnart>*r the cost; th*y cannot b* obtalaed at any otk-T aatabllatament here He also I bronght oa a I .rgn assortment of new atyle I COBAL HOODS very rich and of gr*at variety, Wl-lch ha will sail at th* aaa* rates. jm 1? it"_ 910 l'enaaylvanla avenue. I V1CTOB BICKERT piabo tdk BE and BBODLATOB,_=aB^ BrraaLURkn m IMS. KIM OXDXKa SOW XSCftVID AT I DBMP8BT A OTOOLB 8, Bagravert Bad Stationer!, Ac., 33? Pa. av.,bet. 9th aadlotbatg. F. C. BAiCBBBBAOHti Piano Booaa, 4*8 11th atraot, near Pa. avaaae. Pfotiaa from Wm Knmbt (ft., Baltimore. Mr. Backer aaa tuaad Plaaoa tor aa at our Warereoma, and we take pieaeure ta atating that we boNave him to be a competent taaer. bo ai-Om ' tiWeWi D.PA.TaSXT*. Wa bag to tavfto oar frlaada, cltlmeaa, ,ja { aad at range re. to aa ex ami aa tloa of atock ^BM of (B.OTHI, 0ab81mbhbv, aad vmbt- (Q IN OS. of the aateat at) laa, which wa will am make to order la tbe meat aa parlor atyle of the art. at much - beeper rates than tba a anal city price* wall. BTBPHBBB A CO , _ja lf at 3'J*7 Pa ave.. bet. 9th and IQtb atg. NBW BOOKS?War Claimant's Oalda; by Geo. W. Baff Blemaata of Medical OMaU*try: bp Band. Treat!ae on IntraBcbmeaJa; by Llp|4tt. Band Book for Miner*, etaHarf/?1a aad Aasayera; by Jolltta BUveranltb. latrsstactina to International Law: by Weolaey; new adltloa. Aa aala of a Qaiet Balghborbood; by MaeiDonald de 17 FBANOK TAYLOB. PBUTOSAL8. PCSQ*** SrnptimtmdfM Pt+ltc Prinimt, I S Wasktnifn, Ju. tg, )a07.< " la. ??mnM of Um provisions of tbo foarth V?!*.*1 * ? ?* titled "An Met to farther regelate tko yriatlag of tko yabllc docameets and tbo yarckaoe of yayer far tee public yrlatlng." My"'* ?? ?bo ?tk July, IMS fSeeled Proeeeate Will ao nalw< an til Wedoeadey, the 13th day of frkrurr.jMr at M o'clock, i or fa retaking tko N?T f*r aatli tbo tut Joy af December. 1AS7, tko oald Pro*uwk to bo oooaod before aad tko awarA of ooatrocto to bo n'tr tir tbe*Jotat (kaaitto* of Ooagraas oa PakHs Print-' 'S? to tko lewsat aad kestbidder Cor tko Ir terwt of tko Goverament Tke sahjoiaed so bed ale i|t ejfloa. aa aoarly ao caa ka aocortaiaod, tbo qaaa tlty of *Mk Had of ?anr ikat will be required, hat ceatreeta will bo oatorod fato for all tkat mar ko aoodod darlag tko yoar, aad aa mora. Class l.-OIOALIIDJKIO PUITIXO PAof See Prlnttag Payer, eacel+adanid, . feeesarla* 24x38 laohee, aad welghiag forty- > 11 to yoaads to tko ream of m sheets. 7 Olaaa l -OAllfB?|D PEINTIBO PAPBB 8,009 reama ol sayertine calendered Priatlng PaK?' Iaokoo, aad working ifty-three yoaads to tko ream of Mo shoots. Olaaa 3.-B1EBD AJD OALIMDMBBD PBIBT1,000 reams superfine Prlntieg Payor, kard sized aad an per calendered, measuring i<x9l iacboa, MOsbeefaf#rty ,T# founds to th? roam oi , ? Olaaa 4.-MAP PAP*B. 'mZZ??* * ? Papor. sized aad caleadorod. ol such sixes ao may be reaelrad car MxtHnrhoo'1and^afV*iT**^ Pl',r aaoaoartay rr * *??#r S.ono reams Quarto Foot, ioxl? Inches 4. ?ia,.S'p?; or lex 17 lochaa Z'EE ,. ?? ?' iuchee 2*?5 .. f ol?oPc'at, 17x22 inchee .<? u il??ble Folio Poet. fex34 laches .. f ^tua.ltentackao Boyal. 19x24 Inches NO " 8aper Royal,rt*? inchoo Imperial, 22Hxfl iacteoa 6,0?0 of aay required else not enamerated above aad not exceeding 11x4$ inehe*. Olaaa ?.-PAPBB FOE POST OFFICE BLANKS. ( nglae aixed ) 4)0 roaaaa measuring 21i3i laobes, wsighing 40 pouuda per ream l,7u0 roamx measuriag 28x32 iacboa, weighing 41 pounds yor room 1,200 reama measuring 2?x3d iacboa, wolnkiag 53 pound* yor ream 100 reams measuring 14x18 inokea, weighing 22 yoande yor ream 400 rooma measuring 18xS4 incboa, weighing 24 younda yor roam. Proposals will bo received for tbo wholo quantity or for any portion, not loot tbaa one thoasaad roaaaa of tbo papers deeigaated ia Cla?o?e 1 aad 2. and for tbo whole quantity or aay portion of tn<> nayera deaigi>atod in Olaa?ea 6 and S, being not leas than oao fourth Samples of tbo nuility of tbo papora. In all tbo cla soo, will bo forniabed npon applicatiua at thla Office, and the auect^sful blddort will bo roquirod rigidly to eonfurn to tko asm plea fnmiahod *?ch clasa mill be eon?ldorod aeyaratoir, and bo antject to a aoyarato contract but bidd *ra may oner far one or more oftbeclaaaes lathe ntnuepro yoaal. H<> propoaal will be considered naloaa accompenied bv a guaranty that the bidder or biddera, if liia or their propoaal ahall bo accepted, will enter into an obligation, with good and sufficient sureties, to farnian the articlea yropoaed for: aad ooch proposal muat bo accompanied by ?atla'actory evidence that the person or peraono aaakiag aatd proyoaal are manafartnrera of or doalora In the deecriptlon of paper which he or they yroyote to furniih. All the payer In the aeyoral cla?aea mnrt bo de llvered at the OoTOraraent Printing Office, lathe city of W aohington, (except olaoa 8, wblch mast Ve delivered at Buffalo, K. l .ila good ornor, 1 free from all aad orery extra charge orexpomo. 1 ai d antject to the inspection, count, weight, aad measurement of the Cuperiutendoat; and bo in all rearecta ratistoctcry. The supplying of an laferior article la any of the c .tasoa, or a failure t" aupply the quantity 3muued at any time, will be conaiderad a violaon of the contract. Blai k proyoaala will bo farnlabod npon aypllcation at'thia office, and no proposal will to cob- < aidered which doea not conform exactly therewith I Proyoaala will bo en^oraod on tha envelope i " Propoeula for Pay r " and addre?aed to the Jotnt C<-rrt triiitf on Puhlir Primttm, either to tbo caro I o. Iloo H B. ANTBONV. Chairman of tbo Senate committee on Printing; Bon. A H LAP LIN, Chairman of the flouee Bommittea on Printing, or C. WCIDILL, Rs'i . Suyerintendont of the Public Printing. Washington, D. O. B* direction of tbo Joint Oommitta of Ooagreas on Pablic Printing 0. WINDBLL. jail Enyorlnteadent of PuMIc Priaili.g. AOOTION SALES. BY KAQLBA CO., Anctioe??r*. Saloaroom No. P>-nn. avonne. Between 9th and luth at?. NAOLK A 00 will give their personal at'an'ion to the aale of Keal Eaiato and llonoehold Fn'niture. Also, to tba salea of atocka of Orocertea, Wtum. Liiuora. and H>-r< b^ndiao of every description. floraea. Coriiagoa. Harneea. Ac. Liberal caah advancoa made on conalgnmonta. Kegalar Salea at oar salesroom every TUKSDAY. TBOBSDAT; aad BATCKDAY, at iu O'clock NAOLK A OO , J*11 ? Auctioneers. HEkBY OOLMAN A CO., AU<JTTON AND OOMMISMON M BttOd ANTS, hoa a?l and il?? I'enna. av.,bet. ?th and K>th ata. Salea at auction every Tueed.iv, Thursday, and Saturday morning and evening B C. BkOQk.BE. Salesman. A full assortment ?f Dry Oaoda, BooU, Shao?. Furnishing Ui'oda, <'rocker*. Tin W?r?, Stove* Ac , *1 w?ya ou hand at yrlTato aalo. Cash ad' vancod on coDsignnieau ALSO. Wholesale and Batall Dealers In Hardware and Tin Ware. Stoves, Ac., Nos. *227 and 231, 7 th street, between M and H. A largo quantity of Government stock, consisting of BUnketa. Sb<-eta. PlMoa-a. Shlrta Clothiaar. Carta, llarnoaa, Wagons, Wagon Wheels, Wiieel barrows Trucks. Platform Scales Coanter Scales, Crotkery, Lampa, Lanterns, Tar, Palat.and .% jim iofkta Stove Plp<* Also, large quantity ofaec .n lnand Stoves, with many other articles to? numerous to enumerate. Tha (ooda are nearly new, and will bo told at almost inr prioe to anlt ja 18-lm H. COLMAN A CO. g1iC*irB T D I 8 BABES. iamaritaH'i sitti SAMARITAira GIFT I THE MOST CEBTAIB EBMEDT BTEB USED "Yes, A PoeiTiva Gtraa," for OOt/VMMHQtA, OLMMT, STJUCTUMM3, 4, Contains no Mineral, ao Balaam, ao Mercury. Only Ten Pith is bt Thktn to Efti a Cure. They are entirely vegotauio, Aaviug ao smell not any anyleasant taate, aad will aot la aay way ia jni'e the ctomach or kowola of tha most dolloato. Cotes la from two to foar oays, and recent case* la "twenty tonr boars prepared by a graduau of the t* Diversity ofPennaTlvaala, one of the most eminent Doctors and Chomlats of the aroseat day, %o txvumt*, no trombU, no ckantt whatever. Let those who have despaired of getting on rod, ot SSftSST "?"SA MiBITAlf sfiV*0' Seat by mail In a ylala envsloys Prloo?Male yaokages, $i Fsautte, #?. BLOOD / BIOODII BLOOD III SCROFULA. ULOBBS. BOBE8, SPOTS, TBTTBRS, SCALB8, BOIbS, STPHlLlb OB YENBBEAVi DISEASES, AC. gAMAHlTAtra MOOT AND HSR-B JUICM Is offered the aablto as a positive oara. SKPUiLlSi OB. YKNJCBkAL DISEASES, th? SAlftABITAN'S BOOT AND HEBIt JUICE Is a moat potent, certain and effectual remedy ever pre acrlbed, It reaches and eradicates ovary particle ot the veuereal poison, ao that the carets thoroaxb and permanent. Take, then,of tkls purifying rsmsdy and be healod. and do not transmit It to yoor poaterity tkat lbr which y vn aay uytai la aflar DO EOT DEBPAIBI will remove every tige of Imyoritlas from tba r?"sw? r'i.y" ^ ^ ' vtjjfcw*blUty, aad loc alloomplainta iucldoat to tka six Boat by sxprasa. Pmoa ?E yar bottia. _ BAMAJUTAJiV WA8B ?* *? " Q0M9B wllk tha Boot aad HarbJaloes. Fall directions. Prloo M ooats. The efficacy of these remedies is alike aakaowtSeseBSSSSC!^'? WBAT ?> 5?IS\0K?Vr?JiTR" "for, So.m?l >01?Iinuii, MMmon,

that1 have ased them wjtk jnApasatTdiemwKa and noyorly, and, tevo fomndtCm raspood^to my &&sssassss3kss wS&Sr MAILLABD'S " OUOCOLAT8 DB FANTAISIE BT BOEBOES. AULA ID'I ' CHOCOLAT PAS EXOBLLEBCB, This Triylo Vanilla CHOOOI^Ve*la^^ier , . ooraer 14th aad F streets. * aaSor Ebbltt jawo, "? FBABCE TATLOB T OOLD PB^S?A tao aasortmont of Gold Pana iU-c"?T^r T1 * f * ! / * i# TtX k WiiiTcmoia. i L"^PI." " i JOfOO, nmpliftatoa, I 1 tS%2oI of the bill tted la tUiMM* to to irociri i*r?te tto sale of *?? or PfSga^SPl The 1.1 it eeta tonk is nbituc* utt Ut nil Joseph Johnson wti Indebted to wM oooi plain at* la tktHBof $H7 0 for (todi wU a yd delivered by oemvtatnaate to tbo eaM Jueeab Johnton, Tk*U( Ikt iIimb( c?otrKtlif MlidfbittM all Joitph JtkMoo vm MliW ?m *omnm4 ef ' |Imm or parcels of |M*ii4. *Wk. white | ktwM|oM?kMib? ireaenleotly eoi??)t<1 to , uM ?*fr?d?at. John M, luwa, ta tract tor the , sole aw aad of Mary Johnson. wifo of ull JiHib Johaeoa. Tbatoomplainaatsobtaiuodjadfmeat a( condemnation at tbe aaid plooes or p ire-is of groand Ib and by TlrMM of aa tttadiinnt ImbmI oat of tbo common law aid* of tbta coart 1b fever of cemplalaeate a a al sat eat d Joa*pb Jobiaa.u ?od j pray that tbo said deed gf trail rrom loldJaash ! Johnson to eaio Joba I. Hnwoa aa aforaaald bo prodaced before tbo Court, ?M tboua* bo e?n celled. That the said oomgtaiaaatf. after toe lesaiag of eaid atteebmcat aad tb* leviagef.the him oa tbo said piecdk or Foreeto of g reuod .atcertaioed that tbo aaid defeadaat. John Klyu, claimed to have a Ilea oa tb* aaid pieoea *r para* I a of around; that oa soarchlag tb* laad record* of Waabiaftoa cvoatr District of Oolombte. no liet. or de*d of truat ?? recorded la oatd lea I reoerds, but that after find lag of tbe jarr aad jadg eat of coadoaiatioa oa tbo aaid ttachmsatc, tb* aid record a voro acaia aearebod aad a d*od of traat from aaid Jeaeph Johnson t- Joba Maleae, toaecar* Joba Fhn for tbo aaaa of || as, ? foaad recorded. That the aaid d**d of trwt waa recorded atatlr elevea aontha alter ibo date tbriaof. aad over two aioath* after tbeloeaiae aad tori bc e# aaid etfecbme at. 1 bat tha a kid aUaohaaant la a prior lian oa the aaid pioc*a aad pereela ofprouad. before tb* aaid dead of trust. Prays a discoverwof tb* aaioaat still dae aad aaaald oa aaid de*d of treat, and pray a a aala of to* aaid pie< aa or parrel* of groued to satisfy theiaaaab of lb* comptoiaaata and other creditor*, and for aa iajaartioa Hgali.atseid defeadaats Joeeph JehaaoB Mary Jnhnaoa, Joha M. Hanson. J >ba rhaasd Joba MbIobo, and their ceafederatee, when discovered,to reatrain aad prohibit tbeoi and their ageata and servant* from selling or disposing of. or ia aay manner farther incumbering, tbe *aid piect-a or parcela of ground Ittotberaapon thiaMdayof January, 18*7. adjudged ano ordered that notiaeof tblaault ! * given to tbe eaid ao*< resident defeadaata, Joeeph JoHa on. Hary Johnson and Joba Fiya,by publish'ug of ihia order la tho Ever In* Star, a ae*a paper published ia the city of Washiagtoo, in the , District of Columbia, tbree timeo a week for aix eonsecr.tiv* weeks. wernloK aaid nonresident defendants t? be and appear, ia ?ersooor by soli Itor, at rale* to be held In tbo office of tbe Clerk of thla Coart, oa tbe first Taeaday ef Judo, A. D. 197 to anivpr the said bill of o<*mplaint; other wine tbe seme will be takm pm i~?,n ft\>o against them: Provided the flrat publication of thle order hall appear at leaat four montha before said ft rot Tuerday of Jaaa. end stating tb* object and aobatance of aaid bill of complaiat. A. B. OLIN, Aa?o<late Justice, Ac. A true copy B J MKIGS. Clork. WM. J. MILLEB, Solicitor for complalaaata. ja4 StawCw i kBPHAHS' CO(J BT Jea. 8. 18M.-Diotrict yj OP COLDHPIA, WasHi.<9T02l OoCHTT. Teieu; la tbe caae of a^rahatn Blakely. execator of BHtabetb MUea deceaa*d. tb* *xecutor aforeaaid baa. with the approbatioa of tbe orpbans' Coart of Waahiagton Coauty aloreaaid. apKinted Taeaday, tbe Slat da* of Jaaaary. lh;7.for e finalaettlement and diatributlon of tbe personal Rate of aaid deceaaed, aad of tbe aaaeta to haud, m aa tbe aame hare been collected and tamed iuto meney; whea and where all the credltora aad behra of aaid deceaned are netlfled to attend. with their clalina properly Touched, or they may otherwise by law be excladed from all benefit Id aid deoeaaed'a etate - Provided a copy of thia or der be published oace a week for three weeka la tbo lyenlag Star, protloaa to tbe aaid day. Teat?JAB B. O bKIBNB. ja 11-lawtw* Bedater of W ilia. I^HIS 18 TO OIYS NOTICE, That tha aatwori ber baa obtained from tbe Orphana' Court c> Waahlogtoa coaaty, 1b the Diatrict of Columbia ettera tea ameniaiy on the aeraonal estate of Jblio T Braxton, late of Waabiagton l). <J , deceaaed. All aeraona having alauaa acainai the aaid deceaaed, are hereby warned to exhibit the aame, with the vouchera thereof, to the dubacri ber, on or before the 1l?t day of luly n?xt: tbei may atherwiae, by law, be excir.Uad from all benef of tbe aaid estate Given aader my baad tbta .flat lav of Jaly, ]8r? MART J HBAXTOh. ial1-laa3w* Bxecntrix. GOVERN^MKNT SALES. A~UCTIOM BALK OP OOVBBNMXMT BUILD INQ3 Cki'J Quttttrinaf'tr'* Ofi.ce. l)o>?tof Wa<K,ntton,l Washtht'"H D C.. January H j^j7_ 1 Will be ae'<l t>? ?r. .-r of tbe Wuartermaater Gen ^r?lt OJ THI KBDAY. Ket.rnary 7 ( 12 o'clock b< ??o. ander the aupervisinuof Lieutenant Colooel .Ipnea M. Mi.oie A. M., the foliowia/r huild I, ri'uati d on II stnat, near the B. and u K \ H l)anit one Granary, ST by CI feet. One Oitirc, 12 by i8!e?t One BuIIhIDK. 1< by JU f*et. One r?hed. 12 by 24teet. One Stable, 16 by 16feet. <>ne sink ar.d Feaie. Terms, ktsah, in Uovernment fanda <H ARLKS a TuMfKIBS, Brevet Bri^. Oen . Dept. y M Geu , Acting Chief yaartermatter, ja 35 Ut Depot of Weahlurton. ^OVBBHMBBT BALM The property known aa th* "OOVEBSMBJIT TANNKHV AND hTBAM CAW MILL/' ?itb an ai) acres of laad, near rtau Autoulo, Texa* fce^led Propoaals, in duplicate, will be received uj> tr. tbe la* day ot March, 117. for the purchne I Of seventy five acr>-s ot l-n?, tuore or leea. to^ethe. wfik tbe bnlielnga erected theraon, and tba ap- I patteuunces appertalami, that is to aay ONB TABMKBY. Containing T*>LVE bTuM LIMB VATS, FIFTY TWO WOODBN ViTS. | hEVBN bTONB POOLS, aad capable of tanning Iftaen thousand hldea per annnm OWE HTBAM BAW MILL, capable of sawing I three thousand feet o' lumber daily. ONB SMALL STONE TtOlLDIM1'. Tbo abo%e property ia altaa**i akout two mllea ab've Han Antonio, t a th* Saa Aat- nio river, aad I tbe water Is conducted to the eata^liabmeat by a ] race of hewa (tone, laid la cement The lend aaa purchased and improvement* I made by tbe lute to oiled Caufederato Govern- | n ent, and are estimated to havo coat #1*0 OUU in gold. Tbeproiorty haabeen aader lease for tbe > ear I lMri. at a monthly reat ef $3N, payHble in ad I vance. A seenrtd title in fee aimpl* will b* ijiven by the United State* Government i'ropoeals will be marked "Proposals for Governmtnt Tannery and Saw-Mill.' and add reused to J. It K1DDOO. Hvt. Major Gen . Aeat. Com. ltareau B , V. and A. L , Galveaton, Texaa jafl S7t gl;'ILD i~i~a B A_T A D 0 T I OH . j Chief Quarter ma^Ur't Oftrt, Depot of WmxhitutonA I Washington, I) C., J ?nuary ii. 18i7. J Will beaold at public auction, on MONDAY, January St. at Ixo clock nooa. under the super | vl?ioD of Brevet Lieutenaat Jamea M. I Moore. A. 4 M.. tbe following buildings On 1'ennaylvaBia avenue, between Eigbteent , and MiaeUeuth streets: Two Portable Houses, ten feet high; one lGxU feet, tbe other 12iIt teet. , Al*o on A at roe t, between Tweaty-firat and I Tw*nty-iecond street* Une Warehouse, 41x116 feet. Hne hbed, I?x4l feet. , One Platform. 10x41 foet I Terms casb Ib Government f;inM?. Bievet Brig Gen. CH A8. U. ToMPRI MS, Deputy Quartermaater General, ja?l 6t Art'g Chief Q M . Depot W??blB^ion. I^ObTOM MEBB MAOKEBEL. I 1 am now receiving from Bostoa direct, the very I finest quality ?Jjggg moKlBBL, I and which rarely find their way to tbia market, beiag need moet!y for borne consumption. Ah th-y ba^e been trimmed of every pu-t bat the m >et palatable, the kite contain very much more tbau " w? ??U' BCBOHBLL. OorBerlttb and Fatreeu, outer I del-tf lbbltt Moase. PsoryonD IffSKft^au PATpat of Bnglaad, aad secmred by tbe aeato of the Ecole de Pharmacie de Paris, aad tho Imperial Oollege of MedtoMia, Vleaaa. I Trieeemar Ho. 1, to tho effectual remedy far B*laxatiOB, Bpermatborrhoea, aad Exhauatlon of tbe yetem. Trieeomar Mo. S has entirely aapersaded tbe aaaaooaa aao of Copavla, Cabebs, A a, Trieeemar No | to tbe lafblllblo remedy for all Impurities aad Seooadary Symptoma._tna? obvl- 1 atlng tbe aao of moroary aad all other d*ist*rioas | *^aoh proparattoa to in tbe torn of a moot Bfraeable Losenge Bee a red from tbo effects of climate and chaagee of atmoepbero. la tta eases, at fS each, or foar |S oaees ia one for ft, aad la catee. tbaa saving ft. Divided la separate doeas aa admlaistoredby Toipeaa, Sallamanda, Boas, Vbolesate aad retoll by Dr. BABBOWf Mo. 194 ?lKbeb adalM of"B. <TloBD, So. by?ao.eoraor lltart. aa >-ir rf^BB BBBAT BBBBLLION. by Joha Mi bo r taary; A Story of tho Olvil War. by'Nichols; rf^MdeUi hoeuto. j-BAMOB TATLOB. | BAP B^GO, PABMB8A6, j'i4 pBTBIOlAlt BAND-BOOB OF PBAOTIOB ?ST FBANCB TATLOB. RAILROADS. 1866 nronSag BOUTS 1867 TO rajKSnWOTT. SOUTH, AMV BOUT*VIITI1BOBBDObBj ? Oa ill *Jtf Sonnktr It. 1M, train* will Waablagu<a T on*. ? I Baltimore J II a. B. Hilr fi?5 SK&I toy m4 ilibt Otfi. with Motors iapTMMii, MM ntIbi from four to twelve bo?ri la tin* or or vusrgr&k,iys.v**w ?*" Throhgh from Btltlwrt to IOOHIITIlu4 p1ttbbcbgh wtthont eheage ssjafirasts DTtek^b>1tVll?ro'>ri^o proearod ntthe ai fire, corner ?th street ad PeoDSTl vanteaTeaae. ander the NoDosa) Hotel, where relleble infor Miloo will benlvsB kt oil UBSO*. PiHMcon prwartM ticket* ot thia oMco coo oocuro aeronmodatloas to Slooplng Cnrs for K1 artm or W1LEIH, T1c^t A??t, WnWutOB DO BD. ?. YODBO, God Put Ageot. Baltimore. Md *?' IT, WASHINGTON, ALEXANDRIA AND OKORWKTOW1 f-AlLBOAH. ^TIM? T * 11 B. Ou and after HOtillAT, Novou-ber 11. 10M. ??d Ulli foithvr aotiee, fwuunai Trilm will ru Sotwees Washington nod Alexandria oo follows: Li*TK WuNiRfcroa. LKAVIAi.II4\u?i< rroB Md. aveuae dep.,t From c*r Dake x Hoary Local ot f:U A. M 4 as A a. TbroagbMoil 35 Local eor King Local ot... I 00 " ood Umr) 6 >0 " M " Local ot ?00 1 JO P. 10 Jw " " - 4? " " _ 1 00 P M * ? ? " Tbronarh Mall corner o\ li ao M BokeiHenr* 3 i*i p . m. Local o?r King ood Henry 7 'O " " " !j JO BUN DAT PABSEKQEB THMNS teLllra Wa?h: w*jt<>ji Liiva At.Kxaabit.A, > Md avenue depot frumcor Dake A Henry 0B*h ftloll (30 A M. ito . Loca.1 at 4 ? A. *. Local ot <" .V f M Throngb Matt 8 ?> P M. O. A. BTEVRN8. Generel Bnperirtendent. now W.J PHILPH ^n^ril laa<M?r, T'HROUOH I-I.NE BITVAS WA6UIKOTOH I ^^HRADBLPHIA AND NSW YORK. _ . ? Wa?Hi2<MT?il. JOB 0, 1007. Trains between Wui luiwa aud *i*a York are bow ran aa follows tir FOB B AW VOBK. vltboit bange irt car* Leave dally (except Sunday > at < 15 a w ood I lit B, ^POB NEW YOBB,cbau*.iB? coi* at Leove daily (oxcap* Sunday > ot 11:15a to a id 4 30 p.m. fob Philadelphia. Leave doily (except Muaday I ot 7 45 and 11 13 o. m , ood 4:30 ood 0.30 p. m <?N SUNDAY. i L*a?# for New York and Philadelphia oi 4 A) p m oBly. bl*epiig car* for Bow York on 6 B) P-?u tralo daily. Thr< ngh tickets to Philadelphia fte? Yvrh or Boatoo, can be bad at tbe statioa Office at at! a><ar# In the day. aa wall aa at th? uew office i\ the Bankers and Brokers Talesraph ijiu?, 30" Peon OTenne, *-"t#*>OB ?th aid 7lh atreeta. He* Baltimore Bad Ohio Eailroai .Avertl-emer t for acbednlo betwoen Washington, Battlaiere, Ansa poll*, a Li' tbe W?-ei J, L. WILSON. MaS'er ot Tra&apurtatiua L M COLB ernl Tlr.k?-t A tent GEO. B. BOONT/., Aghut. Waabington t oc 90-tf j DALT1BOBB ABD OHIO BAILBOAD, O Wuhi^vMN. Jan a, 10&7( Trains l>otweon WABHI S(*TON ANPBlLTl MOBB ODd WASHINGTON AND TUB WB^T 1 are now ron aa foll?wa. rir : FOK l> A LT1MOitB Loot* <!oily. except Bondaj at 7> , 7 46 anJ 11:10 a m ., and 2'0> , and ? ?> ou-i ? imi p tn FOB ALL VVA* HTnTIUjis Leave dallr, <>xcapt Bnnda) , at I V a m ar.J J l o and 8 00 p. m FOIt -JAY BTATIuNs^Ot fd OF ANNAPOl,!* JUN0T1OB Leave at 0 10 and 7.00 a. at l.O' sulci: f m. BOH ANNAPOLIS Leare at 7 4^ a m and 4 *> p m No tr -.Ua to or from Anuaiolla on rouda* uN aLi>l?iV fok BAUitf jkc. Leave at 7'4A a a. , aud iou abJdJi'f. u. FOB WA* STATI''NH. Lear? at 7:?& a. u . and 2 ft and a ? i> r. FOK ALL PABTt) OF TUB < BST Leave daily, except Saoday. at 7-4.> a m %t1 S."0p b1 Ob Suuday atrOup a. only .oonne^tlna ?' ?t Htation with tralna from BalUniore to Wbaoii if, Park?-rabnrg Ac. 1 H H< >L GB TICK ITS to the Wo?t t an O* .?1 at the * aehliiKt'>n tltalion Ticket .'iffi'-e at all n i a In tbe aay. aa whII aa at th? uew offi- e ol tbe If -ik or- and Broker*' Tolecraah Lino, 34** Pruu avi-ime, between ^tb ana 7th atreeta For New toik. Philadelphia, and Boatoa. ae? adTorticenisiit of ' Through Llae " J. L WILSON. Xaator of Traoap -rtati >n L. *. COLB General Ticket Age? t oc 90 tf GBO.B BOOHT?,. Acent W?Alrt.a Hudson bivkb and hablbx imiBOADS ?On Bad after MONDAY N >r is>, l<gt>, tr*1ca for Albany and Trey. cnenactiuc '' if?? Npi thern blO Woatern trains, will Iobto Now Y m ki> follows : flam Express train Tla Hadaoo Biver Bailroad . 3" th at aud 10t'' av.. through to bott?io an l baapeiifl?b Bridge witboat chance of cars and coonectluK at Tror a iih trains tor Saratoga, Uutl.m l, , Bnrlington and Montreal. _ 10 a m Express and Mall trala via Hodana B?ver Bail road, connecting at AM>aa> with *oatorn train*, and at Tr?y with trains for North. 11 a n> Express traia via Harlem B*ilroa*t? 16th at and ath *.. cooaioctiog at Chatham with Woatern Bail road for Lebanon Spring*, Plttafteld, Ac :at Albany ?t>h Western trains, and at Troy with tralna tor Baratosa Bntlaad, Barliagton and Montreal. _ . ?, _ ;i (S) m Express traio via Bi4>ob Blv^r Bailroad coaaeotin* at Albany with Weatera traiua, asd at Troy with tralna for MoatNia. arith sleep log car attached 4 15 b m. Expross train via Harlem Railroad, connecting at Ohatbam with Western Bait road for Lebanoa Springs. PittsSeld, Ac ; at Albaay with Western trains. and at Troy with trains for Batland. BnrliBfton aad Montreal. Bleepiog can atU0I304 ?>a.a?>iws trala via Hodsoa Bivor Bailroad, with *)( epinf cars attached, a<id thron<b to Buffalo and Baspencioo Bridge wltboat cbau^e >f cars. Also, alooplBg enr every day excepting Batardats attached from Bear York through to Ogdensburg aritbont chaage, via Bo?o W. and O. Bailt oaO. OonB'ctioa for Troy will l>e male at , East Albany This train will ran on Sundays 11 p m Train via Hndson Biver Eailroad, with sleep!as car attached, connecting at Aihariy with early trains for B?ff?lo and Sn?pension BrMge and at Trey with trains for Saratoga and points ' MSunday train will be ran via Hadsoa Biver I Eailroad from Hew York to Poughkeepeie aad In- | terinediat?- stations leading New York at Sit a m. Betnralng, leave FongliWaepsie at 0.45 ? m, . arriving ib New York at 0 15 P. m Ale >, a Sunday train vlaHarl-ra Eailroad. lea vIbi?M street at ;?a. m . and arriving at Miltert b at 3 H)p m. Betnrning. leave Mill, rtoo at i p. m arrlvlsR ia Bow York at 12 3' a. m. in., arriving WM. H. YANDBBB1LT. jaj9 Vrce Presldont._ , gi?s?^g?^j?6$S?e "D " to tbayellbbs ooibg booth. TWICE DAILY,(Bandar p. a. eieefted.) The (thickest aad moat direct roote to Blohaond, ^r i rar lUchmond^Vrodartckabnrg and Potomac Ballrood, oiond and Petorsbnrg and BlcCioond ^ud DanviUo Ssssf" 2 ma. m. otdTi a. and arrlva lialtka?#4 at Ftfty Bilss .... ?^ Throngh Tickets Tla Asala o5itSd ItakaoM. M If. tweoa Sopots 1* mtm by darlight Moaat w'tSfrff^v^veaB opportnnlty of vial dug iT.^^tle^lJr^Vairtck.h.r, hy rtcy ^jralaWast1 WaahtnSoa, ? O. ^OTOKAB TBABSFOBTATIOB LIBB. * BOTlOE TO BH1FPBBE. tha 11"t bxfbbsb, oag. b. a. bythbb. ^r,^Bat0 a m g VClfCRDAYIW WJW*IaStf^Sf issrk&^snsi3kZ^ ^v???? ***hwejisah Hswrt Mottle lato of Waahiagton Oity, D O., do fttrwlM If lav b? mcIvkM fro* all beoeAt of y-m- ilT' I'Hortr Admin istrrtor. "7 " RAILROADS t GBBADINH BAILBOAD. BBATTHlfcH l.iaB FBMM PHIL A' Bl>fcBjA To THE lfiTEfclOB or PB^wl'ST NI A- TllM ?< Hi W A TL/. Sf ?v</( //4 V \ V ( [ fc; aSE WiOMi.Vu r "*u\sT 7"?* A OArtir * ONTHWEST A w7 TH h I CA.VAfldfc WINTKH A KM Hi IT V1 vf nf 1 t>4b?k\iiklt IKaIvs. OfiiNr^ 1*4 iunn( the Coneta. . D?ce?.1 flirt BBS fH aa4t>AL f Bt ILalwttiiw4.,c " MORNING ACCOMMODATIONS AtTJBa m.tur B?adla? and all nu-wtut, ft?doM B*nr?lngtlearaa Beadlag at (JO ? b...arrWiaa iirMW?iKi??'?iPr a. '?B ) MOBNINO KrPBBU At 8.|t a for NaadiBA Ulu,t, lisrrUt'iuc, 1 n?*Ur*T?. TmMsm ft?a ttry ?u , l ??i.fiort lli irt. Rocht? .r Hiul t rui. got tal**. All.nto-? M ilke-barre. P.tut u Tar* twll-w li?ii.u?ribii|,HiorMw?i ?c ,ic Tt.ia tibib i otueete at HICl'INO ?it| the But Pei.u-y itatia kailraau irtlu Iwr Ali*nt>wu m* MM with tba Ul'Mnn V*llay train t.r Harrta" baig.*< ; at POUT OLIITt'R wit* ?).t. ..IT. Bai i r o?d train* for ^ li.iaaiaao-1. Lt? k llae-iC I LiBtlia. Be . at BaBBISHI BO with Nnrth+^n C anal, <au.kiU?4 t allay. aad *?ttn|tkti| a&A* toll* lor Br rthuaib*. i, g * liau.atort, Votk,Clwit?f*liur|, rtuegrw? a<AFTBBNOON EXPBBBv i U*t? Pbtiairlpbla at JAO p m for Bbmio* Pctt-vine, H arri-b'T* Ac , cnaoecti ug wita B' aad OdnrobU Railroad tram* forColBnill?,Ac BEADING A< COMUvDATloN I L< Btet fared g Bt JV a at., ^otollM at Bit >! i ttatioae, arrive* il Pn adaipfaia at y ?ia m Be Uirtag. It**#- Philadelphia ?l ? JO D* tn 1 arn?ee ib be*dtn* BlUk m p- m ' 1 taiiie 'ar Pbliadelphi* leave HarrlsUn g ?t * l'? 1 ?w"" ?*<?? -' ?' ?? *?? a. arn.log in I kiiB>iH(hi?Bt | m. Att-raooa trama l ave a tiaulabuig at |-i a. m aa<l Pot . ill*' at l 44 D ft , at . arriving at rhtiadeip la at ? 4* p ra Harri-tuia- ac?. am. -lalloa I?.?P> fc-a.lina ,t If Harri.lnri ?t i 10 p ? C>.uo? t I?* ^ n^iBt Ins; i|!h Aft? n? q Ac> uiuati^AUofi N?uth ? m ftrrifiLf m rti!ftdrlcbU at t v.l" p. in, I , W?'\- TraJn with b r c?r ?t,h^d. IfKil tMl.otiiLll.l 1:4 liiK B t.? li BBl'lUtioim, ?<-hdltij( ] I >1 , ? ltv?nu?i?.vnu J f. ui iwi Piai?4?UB a ami 1 WB| rt?)l< n? All ti r Kb< t? train* rnn , , rc, ? # , piibi mf Trail B l-BT* P-itf-viile > i> a ui %n4 Phiiauc; ptiia at S it p m l'?tc Phila *?i ?|? f r I b- a.lip* nt 3 a Ui . returuilnf tr. n, hf% rig at 4 *i CHKtTBB VALLKT KAi LK >A1>. '" inn'i'-ri lot I>?w tktt.ovu aud ib.i rm?<t tt* *<<1t,t? taB< tkf ' > ?' >, a if. ai ' ,.ai b m lian a fnti' I'hiU.i -ijM 4 r?<?rilr.g Tto<u l>o<ru ir ^tov t> at 7 a f ai 0 12 ? t ?<.? K1H ?OUA BXl'lti-? r?ik I'll TTv HI R m AN1> 1HK It AttT l,UH ^ 01B at . tr< B 111 an-1 3 B m a... ii |[ kea lig?t i U, 11 :>jia n> aua 1 4- p ti ? 1 f. "it til K at^ ann P * ; . mJl K?rrtBL < laual Ua 'road Bl?r<a* T'aiu?t r Piti-bur.h. Chicago, VV: l?anp..rt Bi.i.ra fi? t I IMt * AC.* Kiprraa Tratn loar a Ha- t?'nr? ant>ai 11 PouBajlta iaf.kprmMiron it at 3 ahO V I' B 111 . 1 ( til F?aaiBK K--a1i,t?.t 4.4VawWl-.?. BI ?i4 HW I 1U t n.iu;,t >.a > rk J'l a n , a ,.1 iM p ,n. aJ .,-p;,,^ t. , ?ic?.n pan)* 11 ?h?-a tr* n? it.r ?.;tru ?? r?..^n 1^ rf ( It} an ' & ?it.i< Bt c!.?U(i M"il ithiii I r S * a I'll l*-a v^a Mat ri-' urv at J ni p iu Mail train lor Narrui Big I. lT. - s^.. Wii atlUoor bt. LkLklbL VaL .BV KAILUoaD T1 ali.a lt?if P.-itiVi If at 7.11 xi a it. an.|7l', p u. . rfuruiDM iroui i .a?,oa it , v a m . a?.f }.at* aa 1 4 16 p Mi. ' " miil ^LKlLL ASP SrHyDBHAfliiA BAIL ^ 11*1 AD. Trama It-uvt-Aut uru at 7 10 a. m fc.r PiMrroM BT d H?rri?bnig ?n l I I N' p tn . lir Pijt r, " and I rait.. tit, rataraliig ft ?m H rri?:,i?r> 1 1 ? p nt , and fiam Ticm. Bt at 7 si a. m md * p. ut. PBBIQHT Groda fall ?1?*. 114 tui.a lora?r<Jlt> ,i| ?,? al-bt* p. 1L' lr Bi tl < 1 all> a .N a t r.i,?, Ifc pat. Kr. ad BB1 Ulllvw M'aata " ??? 1KBl(.HT TUAlfla Phitao. Ipui 1 <iai Ij at '.mi a r?< , I? t n >^n Bt.d t? p Bt. for It. a ill# li in. Ha 1 i'.u j Pitta?lllB, Port t |!Lt t. and all puiai*' evo&t M AI LH C'loa*. at tb?- Phil de p! la Pott OSirt for alt p'acta ..|1 tit*. r?.aa Mil. .la l-rati -tma at S ? in Bi.ii t .r the pit I.CI pai atatl .UK obl> at 3 , u * Jtllitf' * ii L> N>? l.N A * ' A ' thTKU KAliRriA:T W IM CK i btt\NOk. * k.N The tra bt ul lu- I'.iuD') ivat it Central Ht'l]?au luti tLt l?*io:. at Ji*t aal klarhft ?tra^t< a bUl. U u had ir-.i > t*?> ar, (r,*. a 4r V t.-?r?^- Paa#- hs^- K til*. \y lj I n.. ';>?* l.ntf J B?lu,tNlW U tl 1 vr.ij rBa a tun fl |H<ir ?t It *. > ii M-AVB?Tb? Maik-t Mr-at Car, l*ara k'tus.t ait?l Uaik?l tti^lt.^ii.iuuiM b-'or.- t!,.< Ot(ait.r- ?f * > tit ira 1. M\M> C B AliOAOb XXPBBab Will -all 1 ,r Mi l r.*:i*ar flatr^ag. at Uic T'. pat tit>t*ra laft ai t? t . Itc*. 'j3i Cheat t. lit ?u*?t, a .1 rocfiw, attti.ui u. 7"' l.ttt-? Va'' Trrlu , I'auii A.v u. .. 1 A . ?a R. a 1. >1 p 1 Paf'Lir e Dl C'Ii ll,ritt ?i 1 ja . Parkat^rgTr... Ja Ymfrn. I" a:; l? l.i, r At<??i .. a"Oi Luct-ur Ac."i n. ?t ... Jt i c , I iii>I urirlt at (l fcrta Mat , ?m n Pl.iiBi.riplita Bipraa, ?t 11 Up PitiabLi*. A kill-11a., i^atn am j.n eu'Si nrilay. fhila'-e pM* ?> i'| oth# \ tram* dBt'y **<? p" bi Mat B Pa-a^t>??fa h> M*i 11 ,it. g? tn Willi iBiaaort out rii.tuKt- oi c.r-, a;iJ arrl ,a at L-ckllt \ru at |4> p. m P?>??ngt-r? i j Mail Traia so t > <'ar i? a?nl ( I aiiil t-trl.n g Will, utuCl.abfc- >t *r?. Ma- pi' g Car Ti. krU Can ha.1 .II aap . atl >D at the Ticket "lli..B. t>'?' ChNtLtt ?tr -t: 7Vti?.? Artie* )II Ore, It C*trciBr?tl B\?.rts- a- l?f<<* m I'M O.liLia lipr.? ?t 7 |.i a a Pa. ll Armm.. Not 1 ? J -.1 JO a m , A 7 10 a la Park-In:^ Train ?t li a iu la: < B"t*r Traip .at i. tup n >a-t Lib, i |i< p n I-a> Bxpr*aa at ft p m B?rn-i-urg A c<'. .>b at a M p i Philatlal^hia airivt-a laiir, act*pt Moa< ay Clrcirnatl Bxpr**? arriret dallf. All other trains daiij *x.,pt Hub'iai Pm?.mimi itaiinv L'k-I Uat>i a'7 a tn . a 4 \t lll.ara-iK.rt at it 40 a. u . r-narb Pliitadalplna, ai hout t haba* ot cars, f.oiu Williamtport. I f l)a> B*pi*?,. at S .v p at 'ill, PtRu?jiTabia Bniltoad C mptu? ?li| not a>Bani, ati) ri,k for Faegaga, except U aariug Apparel, and limit their r.-ap .'.ait.iittt to ?4u. Hundred llollar. In ttlst. All B?k'c?ee atoeel ingthat aa ount la value will be at tae riak ul the o?Ber asleaa taken by Bae< ial roatracl. Bor further in'orm?tion apply to JOHN C ALLCM, Ticket Agent, b310he?tnnt Mrftt. P^Ml'lCL H. WALLACB. Ticket Ageat at the B?p>t AM EMIOBABT TBA IN raaa dally, except Bnnda>. F> r mil partlcalara a, to fare and a~c ma >datioot apply to FBANCIS P'JNK. Ill l??ca at. CBNTBAL BAILROAD OF NEW JBBSBT Pntltliitr .witd Fielght Lep t la Sea fo'k, foot of LIV-tty atraet 0 .ni..-cla at Hampi. a J unction ?lth the pclaaare La. kaw-atma ant S M . at. r li Railroad, anl at B <Aton auti tlo Letiu-b V .llei Kailr.tad :iad ita cotnacti n?. !?r lug a direct line to Plttaaarg and the Waat witbout change of can. Al l BSTOWN LINB TO THE ? BST Two A>i>iera Train, daily tor tba W,-?t, except Sui'daje. a hen oue Tiaiu in ibttttniug MXtj miltte bl.1 thiae I, eaved by t'lia line, to Chicngo. tularin ii atl, St Loom, A , aita bat oBt cbancB of can WINTER ABBABOBMBNTS, Oo'i'tae'.fltit Jaauary 7,13*7?LaaVe New Fork at li lloa a i. .m A M ?For ImIhd, B.-thl- beia, Ma-'ch 4'hank. M illiam*p"rt, 1% ilkaebarr.-, Mt'.a'. t Oil . Ac. ? lo A M Mail Tubiji? For Deminrton, Kan ton. W alei Gap, ht rauloB W i keaoarre, Qteat bend. Pittthnra, Bii.tchaiutau, Ac y A M ? Veateru Ivpiew tor Ea-ton. Allen town. Hainabarg, Pittabnrc, ai d the Meat witb but one chitnre of can ta Oindni atl ar (.hlcag >, I abil but tv o rhanaee to St. Lama r.-an.-cta at harritbnrtr with N. ftbrrn Oaatral and Plitlalel pbia and Brie Boada, for Bria and tba Oil B1| glob*. 12 M. T|t *-For Baatoii Al>nta*rn. Man b : hunk * likrabarre. Beading. Pottaville, II trrn1 liorr. Ac. I ? P M - For Bast, ti- Bethleham, and Maucb f"p >1? For Bomai vllle aod Kieaimtt *, 5 P M - For Eaatoa. Heading Hanlabuig Willi atntp'rt. Irriaeton. forty Brte. Ac. Sleeping rar fr< in N,? Tork to Wi;iiam,|?rt. It P M ?For Suiaereille T *1 P. M .?For Boniereille. 8PM ? Wk>ter> BiPBtat Ttai? ? Far Baa ton. AilenlowB, BeadiLtf, ttarnai arg, Pitl-hnr<, and th'' Wttst. _ BleaplDf ?n through fro? Jersey City to Pittaburg t,erf erening. ? AdditioBtl tialna are ran to Bergen Poiat. jr tha Weet can be obtained at the a?l?* of the tiet tral Ballr a4 ol New Jeiaey, foot of i Llherty atieat, Bortli No 1 A-tor 1o,-e. I NoT" 44. Broadway. and at No 10 9 1 ^jbI^JO^YaJ^O. BTB' BNf, Bn peri atend eat New YC'BK anpbbw ai^ti bailbo^d Paartngar 8'ation in Mew York, corner X7iB ! atreet and Foerth aveuae TBtIBS LBAVB NBW TOBK For New Uatea and Balggeport-7. 8 t Bx 1. II ^ a. m ; |li.l,)(Bi ?, S*. t.? and 8iBi ?, i P F^>r Mllford. Stratford, Fairfield. Benthport, and Weet port?7. ll.*?a in .ItOand t *) p. na. For Not at ik?7, ? ??. li 30 a m , II U Bt ? 5 (vc; "... a ? - ^ I SFw Buinfo:d"7.8?B?IIJO.a m W? ' ?WlV^r4sw. #10. 11.*) a. Bi . J w. * *) * ? ?. BBd 7 P ? OONNECT1BO TBA1NB. a Far BohIob eia BarlagneiA?8 a bi . (Bx . ? (Ix.,)?? Bi For Boataa tU Bbwte Lme-ll it. j 1 For H?rtfoVd andF?rlBg?ald-8,(F*.,UU ! *For Oonaet'lent ftlrar Ball road 11 9' a n?. to Montraal a . t*? 5 ? For Bartforg. P'utMtart BBd Flahklll B a N*^er niw Hate , New Lond n aad Bt nlagtoa Bail road?% a ? <?.*aadS? ta F?.r 0a> al Ballroad-IMS ? . to Nortiamp *?For floaaatoalc aad Na* gatack Bailroa'-**- . TUFor,Taabar? ?nd forwalk B B?7.#*) ? ft 4 ??oBiBodiaca Blet piag Oan atUched to 3 p. ? ? . TJalt JAMBS E. HOTT.BuperlBtaadart.