Newspaper of Evening Star, January 29, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 29, 1867 Page 1
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/ ^I I f M I j A ^ A A A A j ^B" A y Ai M ^^Bk/ I ^BMr H HT Bi < * ^B^^ H ^B ^B H ^B H ^B ^B i ^P-^r m/ M ' X W m? Ar i . . .. i i , ..I. . ... " V?i. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. JANUARY 29. 1867. N*. 4.335. tiie evening star published da ilt, i sun dat 1xceptxd) ! AT THE STAR Scuikwttt comer ???*? and lltt ttreeL by . ' W. D. WALLACH. T&* STAR i? by tn? oarrt^rirt? ttteir ntecvrtar* In tfte City *nd Dtairict at Tu* v'iBTf r*m win. Copiea at ?uuter.witl* of without wnjip?n. Two Cbsts e*c&. fbics ?o* aiailijio:?tbre? ra->utbs On* Dt tar and *' /!? c?*u; six montiia, Three D<1iar<; on* t*at, A\te Dtllart. So paper* ff?l from the o(fc? lon*?r than paid tor lbe WtKKLY bTAU?pnoliabed on Fr>day morning?One Dviiar and ? ~ DENTISTRY* DH~T?wTs;'i destal assvjiatiojrt No. ibti i'lha'a a.vb , between 12th and Ut'i afreet*. t?*th extracted without pain by nLnlaaterin* mtr-ue c'a> :e er baeghiug Gaa. .ur.?7*^ (>\tu iim really p?rcb-?-e<i thg tertsuw < bemi al Appar?tns in ;he eonntry f>r^ ?1 ** traAlng l>o"? |m a*er> dsy , alao, an *~d v a niir innaier Tke Associati in is im* prepared ioui??clr'thui.i^id Silver and B'ibtver at Mi* iuik pl.iitddfmk ib<i h>aton prices All peiNit w 1-bm* Aeutai work done oau l?*v? u?i. h' ?j a* lb tbe ?lwif rwi?1 dU?l A'l work d.?us- Hi tbe n??teet *iH b??t minncr '1 twrmwJ *j g'se i-Atisfaciiov. P. raoua will do well t,i call n:>d ?i?bi'.w ni work. de -< tt t1 * * v loomtfc m d.v t?? is?**ur md p?mi?iol ? llalim' l LA i A TkETH, ?tt*u<U t>er>on*li> ?>r^fc at* ttc*iutli*? ?ii>. ram ptrtoai ctnamtf wear tfc*"se. ^mh who e*nnot ?ear otuera, tad no v^rtog rig *nr nthfri who an"''' ?ear Paranacalllti* at m> ..ffcce oanoa a?c^?>ao-!* ;ed with any at> ! and price "t teeth they ??*f 'i* tire, but to theee who are partlcol'>d wish tne ynrrst cleaueat. strongestai <1 mojt perfe t den lure al * t can ?roco-e the mtheka utl?tn njtl be m< re folly warranted. Booms in thlaclty-Ifo at" Penn'a a^enae be tireea tth and Wlh ate Arch atreet, Philadelphia PKRHONAU Mbs <1 btis irving, Ciain<yfm?t, tnl tt.'i Afrdtmot. will *l?? i'fe r.-aan?4a, in^lulln^ Past, prareiit ami f atnre at h*r *" ?<?, ?*jtu ide "t pa. av., b> taeen aad ith boars frrw ? to a m aort < to 1 p ti v* ' ',n AB. M*t hTt K Mtk S?JI*N I'IKIO A? ' r aulu>jku oif a, > ron> the p.?*niou au i aspect ol t e biara at tne tm.^v?l . u- - birth, will rav^l i?t >Miillni| curls tbat uu living luoital aver kac before, a iw to b^ ?iic e"?rul in all r?*>?a*i?l* uac??ri ?*nn? lie t?u? ban * *?<! vrr 'lay you niirrv, ?w m .?s ihs ikisrdt l cuisi*a:ur. and t Us *_ ?? ?ts <?r ufa ?oih1 in. k .u4 ioiik hie t.> Usiiora. ,,L? ret>ts i.i si- ' rtu-l. lu tall ^1. 0*11 at t ? o 12i li it i.e tr If. ail houra uutil * ?? ti?e rfoatiig ?le 51 im* g ? BNTLEMKN UHO AHK A >'Kl?IOTED ?A " I cure ? >ri?:itrd b> ?n uld Surgeon of tbr?^ years'axvc-rtOBce >?? 'Ma i>a<l'-*lar ??nch *t the i>r"'e??itfu. t hargf-H luolarat*. u > oot arply to tii.a--ki. but to J B.tiMlIiMSB W.I) , lat?- of Ik* Vuitsd States H curd Vt-n?ml uik piul. t'H.ia No 21 soutu A atroet, opposita ibe ( at'iicl t aare. aoutb ?l-le. > ?i - sir?ii< itiee also furnished at cost. 4*27 im* C*on eiu ast 1a l.-Iunux in?<q *h base in jtireti ttirniseiv<?i cy cerukia saoret habita, which nnflt th-oi for !;n?iue-s. plensnre, or the 4oti?s t i ixarrted life, also, aiiddle ??ed and oi4 men. ssbo. fro?? th? fwiliua of yntfi. or otiier :an c? t*el a debility in advance of their years, before ptacli.g tbem^ettes and?-r the treatment of any o?.-. ahoiild tir?t re-^d "The ^ecret Vrieul Marr-e-i !a?Jie? ?i?l learn sonietbing of importance by pernsipf "The Sar ret Fr1ea(i.:' Bent to any *<1 4ress, in & seale.i envelop*- ?'n recrijt of 29 cents Aiidresa Pr. c'has a 8tcakt a co.. Bo- >o Maes bohy CLOTH1NO7&0. j" B OBKBCBa, . _ Snrtaaaor te H f. l'?Odon * Clo.,^S* cmtES S A X n >TTL TTA itY MVRCHAHT TAILOR, 1J Metrc?oiitan Hotel Vate Rrown a, ff 363 Peaasyl'^nla avenne tn? 1-lf Wuah^n^ton D- O. 'IttVUH s. black. wardh. labor. c.t.*laf*. law ut itick black. lamon a oo, Connsallor* aud Attorn -ys at Law tn tne Bnarama oowrt tbe i mt?d Staiea the Ouort of Claims, the rta <?f the i'lstrici, the KxecuLiv* ufpirtbm^ite and Ooiiimittrsa of Congr'-?a. (/tee, 16* mh atraet, <dlr&ctly, ?pposlte wlilard*' Hotel > d? 18-tf (.iebzbkbg 6 lua n orpitl. XI Kstabtiafced Hit. bighert advances maiJe -n wat< HtCS. d!amum'b. JkVtUY. vakAbiMi afl'akkl. awl all kinda of m-r<hacti?e. tinaii ea-i atibcly confi >e>itial. nil s< rtU <'atieet.tiet ae-n *n 1 gib streets. imii ? ia rear of thr Matlonsl ho el. ja8 Ini* Latkax pab1" eabuiusb ok ua1b dei^alku. e. a uliot, tKENCH HAlti I)J., 3*24 k street, bet'., eeo istii and lath ats. kt aill"t. from p-ris, hair-Dro?-er. of the relet rateo h? bei. wish whom h? arrived lu tt?i-< ?vn?iti>. has ni.w i ?-?.a e'-taDti-Ue'l for tne laet >?-hr? ia w.vahin^t b and newport, eii ji.i ;tiff the pafrr>t age of tt<e c ~p ' /? '? 1.1. i<j?r. at. i cf tbe htxh??t s ciety. He ta the h'>n't to a>.roi are that h* ba? thl? -eaaon imp >rted tli- late-t taatikir-a ,'f hair <fre??frn{, and at-., pr.niad'-a. and aarythin^ that belongs to t^e dressing of h tlr at Ttry reaa*> .a. le pri-ea ,a7 siu* lollblana at1mum ->> J. h cbake * oo. Have on bat.d a large aud tine &-8Drfnent of fiOODti. autttd to thl- market, iacb<K lltteb cheese, eggs a i'pleb, bai9iss. f1gb* oitkon. nl'ts, ham? c?dfifh, mace EBkL. hebb1kg. bCAPS. canned goods, Ac Alao, 10 Bsrrela Moore's celebrated cham paune ClfvicB- by barrel or gallon. AlltbeaboTe goo^s are offered at the loweet Biarket price, and warranted to aoit, by j. u chan e a co., ia 4-lm )3 La. between sih aud 7 jj. \l m. t. collins. oamimet m a k Eli and ?? litbeifclakek. bbow (> ?( Mai mactiirt r. school Purnitore\m. and uuc.iju uisl l?g WarerocriiH new ana mk old furniture. ?t all deacrlptioaa. bought i ^ i ani -uld. Ke#airttig, i-pholstaring. and Varninn ing done at the ahoriest notice. Soatbeast corner of eth and k atresia north. No. 1 3 4e !* 3m* e m o v al. the national tntttn in-?tjrance com pany op wash1bgton have removed to their Mew cm&ce. No. 7 1 lul' avenue, >'irat door raat oi 7th at, d i b bttt 0 b 8 : otim. knap, Pre?'t, Geo w Btfsa, Vice Preat, Tuo-. Berry, Mar?li ill bring, t fli j Walla h, 0 s.Gbleoai, l>auiel Dodd, wm. Dixon. beari d. OocAe. tte j if noble d. labn eb. Secretary. Oito \tllabnh pi a.n os and CAUUAllT a NEkukAM's i'ablob oboans. Ail will fin i it greatly t? their interest ? to fxawii.e tkw* ?i?pert> UiiromeuU Le- jV/fi4 ti?r?~purabaaiug atiy ottwr. ' ? * oil 1> a?eu<) at ceukgb l wild a hbo s lits Piauo Porte and Or*. *& Warwoo.a, No. i'll litb -treel tiasenl peuu a att n*e and >(reet. a aele? t a*? rtius>nt of new ai.sfo?oud hand Jnatrcn est*, including a CtiUBCH OBGan. for aale at lo*e?: factsr) prices, and on eaay terma ti.MXOaad bbpa1binq fal oil ally execute 1 no n Cm' ) ni|ik potatoes. 0,u imf bt.jiJel? maine potatoes, just ar riaed . and fot aale at enr Wharf at tha loot of 7th met s p liBOWN a bon, Commission Merchants. del4-rf No. 46ft 9th at., between e aa>1 k. g 'hocolate l>ol'ble, vanill1, 1 1>e a. maillaibd. p?r Cacao et Btiere. Exempt de t?nt' melange. x. m. p. bind a bon, King Place. Corner Vergaont aveane and 16v6 atreet. \V>ST india banoef and V ^ SWEET MALAGA GBAPKS. ereeb. kiBG place. C'hoice nl'Ta. BAiBlBM i igs.cdbrants, / 2frl< LS lc a % to *uit thi# pirilcuUr s?aacn For aale by z m p. klNG a ?oy, de si ?f kiug Place. *p bt. timothy's hall. i he datleaofthl* nstimtion will b* rasamsd n Bent. u.196i For tern>a. Ac., aee catalogue and circular at the principal bookatora* of taia city er addreea the principal aa si __ e. pakhoss. CntoavlUe. Md. t,' BEN't'll A L MAN At US P 'K 1-r, 7-Aluia m nacb coiniyne; Alntanarb Poar Vira; Almanacl. du tfsu-tvB, aiiuanat:!! ^karivari; Almaaacb de ia Dtuae; Aliuanas.b da la b nue cui?in?, Aimalaiu Imperlnl; Almaaaehde Napoleon, Almanac!) tie* >e?x de sortete; Altuanach po 1< hfnella, aud others. Imported dlrsctfroui Paris, by dell kbahck TATLOB. poBlABLB 0tbam bnoiheb. Coablnlng the maximoaa ef elb' lency. Jarabfllty, and accnoniy, with the g?lBim?m of weight and price 1 bey are widely and faaerably known, mora than ftoo baiif ! All warranted aatlstartcej or ae aale Deaariptlf* circuUrt aent oa o. h?4?Lai * 00.. ao 8 Lawrence, Magg. \' 1bg1n oil Of a i x fhe3h IMPOBTATfOB. i an aew ia receipt of new aeaeoa ol! vb d|l, 4>?e t'r ?n Bord-aax, aad am prepared to aoppl/ AititJi ?ad 'aanlle- >1 nsw tobe phiceh. i n \v. kukmhbll. a aor. Utk nod V ?ta., auder Ebbltt h^us# BANKERS. I J AT COOKE k CO., BAH Kll?, J FifttrnJi strut, ow**t*U 7Yeaiwrp, li * cjand Ml * 'current aukit ratea, *n4 ka*t cnataatlj on hand, a fall *09917 of ?U IB SOVBBNMBHT BONDS, SEVEN TH IBTIBS, AND COMPOUND 1 INT1BBBT KOTBfl Ordera ttr bTOOBB. BONDS, Bo , anecntpS, ?od Collection* made on all aacaaaibln point*. Ml tf I J^ARROW t CO., j BASKBBS, t 0 .rner LogliUu and Seventh root, niiMKi IN I tool EHXMEXT SECURITIES, OI'I D AMD PILVB* ,y 3.ft AND LAND WABBABTS Fint Hationtl Bank of WuhingtoH. * H T>. COOKE <?>* .UyfooBo BOo.,? Preaident d W I* ? .B( NTJNOTOH, Cashier. * qovebnment dbpositoby ANI) . FINANCIAL AOENT OF THB CHITHB I -j STATES, 1 1 $tk*tr$*t,vprosi.? in* Trtntury Dtpartmtu. 0 Governnient 3eourltt?e with Treasurer United j titSl>96 ! VONE MILLION DOLLARS Y* e bu> and sell oil dine, of OOfERNMENl a &1.CL R171ES *1 current market ratea. 1 tURXMH EXChANU R and tntike Collections [ ? ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE ? CMTED STATES. g We purchase Government Fonchera on the f .MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and give ohrefol S -ipo prompt attentioa to l ? ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, J and to any other buiMM eat mated to na. FULL INFORMATION in regard to OOVBBB MB>T LOANS at all tlmee cheerfully fnrnistied WH 8 HUNTINGTON, Cashier. ? Washington, March 30. l*M m 2l tf | HOTELS' RESTAURANTS, to. 1 ? A B D I WTTLABD S HOTBL, I Washtn .TO*, December 1, iSid.I I Senators. Representatives, and otaera. reeiding I In Washington, who oeeney private apartments, J can be acvoii.n odaUd ?ith their MCA Ld at thla I Hotel at the rate ol SI : P*r we^k I de?:ni 8YKES. CHADWIOK A CO. Ij 1KB WOOD HOLbB, I I'orn'T Fmna. ami Tir>lf:k ttrftt. yc!|AV I Washington, D. C. iuHJL Situated In the moat central location the city, I J midway between the 1 CAPITOL AND PRKHIDBNTtAL MANSION, < Only a sh rt distance from all the Departmeata, ( Patent and Poat Office*, Smithsonian Inatitato, I " tc. H. H DUDLEY A CO., no21-tf Proprietora. E-'MKlCH 8 KK-1TAUBaNT\ I j a Nu. JH Pt udi kTesse, near 5th at re at. P KM HH'H wishes to Inform hie friends and the ^ public generally that h* now k?*eps con B ?. as -tantlj ..n band OYSTEBS. Tresh every 9|?mV ?lay prepared In every stvle 1 ) *flB f Hi- W iNF.Sard i.lvl'OHS rannut beaiirptvwT, 1 Oall and give him a trial. oc 23 tf I 1 WOOD AM) COAL. Ij ^OAL' COAL'I ! AT GKKATLT REDUCED PRICKS , Grt-? ;oi b "t i lb- delivered in any part of I ' the city. I t heatnut Wbit<? Ash. I 1 f tov e, f g? *ud Suruacv Wliito Aali, ! K. d Ash SO. * LsMfh. ?'j. Oxk and Pine Wood aonstantly on hand. ! Orders i*< ei veil at onr Office; or at the Wharf, | foot of beventh str? el I ' S P BROWN A SON. jaJ5-tf 46A 9th stieot, tetweoa E and F. I ^JOALI COAL ! OOALtlt M T. T. FOWLEB A CO. | Whito Ash, stove and egg sixes, ?8 23 per ton. ' Bed Arh. do flu <S3.7.j per ton. 1 2 -.'49 pounds gnaracteed. I l Orders received at the central office of the Waab- I ineton Hnd Georgetown Ice " ompauy, (lata L J I Sli'i :l' tciU & Co , miner 12th and f ctroeta, and I ' at v hart, foot of luth steeet J? U ln> B. S. LAMKIN, Agent. i ^ 'OAL ! GOAL ! I COAL I!! I Having determined to ?ell a flrtt claas article of I Wood ai.d Coal iaa cheap as th<* cheapest, I hope I h> doing ao t/i gain a liberal share of public pa- ? tr. ij?fe. The Coal prices are as follows; 1 ] WhlTB ASH NUT GOAL, by the ton 37 Ui I UALT1MOBE CO. WH4TE ASH, England ...m s as I 1 ALLOTHKB gpALlTllSof WHITB ASH *24 1 Y KENS VALLKV PUBE KBD ASH ? 75 riAMOMD A BIN BED ASI1 S 74 OBOSS WBIiIHT.2.140 LBS TO THE TON. ( AlwavH on hand and coustantly receiviug the I l>eat "ioaHfles of WOOl) of every deacription, da- | Uvei?d in aoy pari of the city. E. C. BACH, 4 JiU-lm 7th at., between E and Fata . Ialacd. J d ' O T o " \ W. B. MOlllS' a FASHIONABLE <'ABPET. FCttNITfBK AND 1 BEDriNG STORKS, NOS. S'.'l A ?IH, 1NTELL10ENCKB BUILD- 2 iNO, COBNBB 7 TH AND D., AND , NO AO- 7TH STBBET, TIIOBN '8 BUILDIHG ADJOINING ODD FELLOWS HALL. ^ A>D kX.AMINK TUB FINEST ASBoBl'KD bTOCK. THIS S1DB OF PHILADELPHIA. He has aJl the latest dasigca made in Phliadel ri'ia. New i oik. and Hostou The stock is always I selected t.y Mr Mosos, and t.onfht at the lowest I rate-tor ?a?h wtii li <-Q?S'es hiui to compete with * B^atoru prices. HiaHuest Fnrnltnr* la made to or.ier in Philadelphia, and of tl>a bast material tl at tan 1 e found. S Purchasers should study their owa interest by c calltug at bis Stores and exara:niug the well as . ?..rte.rstock of CABPKTS, FUBNITUBB. Ac,, t ai d ( -tain his price-list before uolug elsewhere, which he will furnish with pleasure His as-ortrneat of Mattreases Blankets, Oom.orts, t -ULTtrraik. a. Pillona. Bolst-ni. Feather- 0 r.''ds and all kinda of Cottaga and Bltcbea Far- ni nitnre Is complete, which he offers at the low eat New York and Philadelphia prices. _ Kernei,!b-r Noa .??l and 419 Intelligence r BuiidiBK corner 7th and D. and No .'?0- 7th n'Vr1; Thorn Bailding, adjoining Odd Fellowa' Hall, between D and K atreeta. JlL'JI w. B. MOSBS. J^/EKIEL 8 VIBG1MA HAIB BKSTOBBET Haik Binovatii.?We publish thla mornins tbe ad vertleemeat of our well-known townsman, L a. Evekiel, wbo la the proprietor of the weH*n?wn 2?1 widely u?od Btekiel'a Hair Beatorer." TiJs preparation is no new preparation, but pet up by a gentleman of known probity and a native of < ur city He has In his possession car H titeatoe iron residents of Bfchmond. which ha M will pBbiiah. The-e recommendations are bonit hi * It. and place hia preparation at>ove tn qnaak vi noeti utua aalnMd off aa hair restorer*. Try It. bi '[)* Tmm ,aT*,#ur Balr.?Richmond Ttmtt, al _ Washimoto* Guy. D. 0., Be?. SI, MM. ^ Dbab Sin : 1 am grati bed to aee that you have aga!uconiiitenc*4 the mauafacture of your "Hair . Be?torer " tl Fr<tn the testimony of many frlenda who h?v? need it. 1 have ne hesitation In atating that I be- B? lie>elttohe the most efficient compound of the k'ad ever presented for eaie. Indeed, many of the.e who ha.e tried it aeenre mo thai it not only ^ oUanae* theacalp perfectly, bat undoabtodly ru- c tores the growtii <>t 'he hair k"'<r?e:fally. Ac.. y>nn of _ Atnx T p D. ? VziKrvL.ElchvDond.Va. hf Or^Bri AddrMNd to DUMA* bABNES A OO , Park Bow, Mew Tork. J ja lo eo3tu r I^SOBPTION LCXUR1ES. Just racelTed. a large variety of artfeloa aoj.** i' sr rsabTw;? King Plaoe, de It Cor. Vt. are, and lft^a at^ I 1^'HITK OPOBTO P**BT, 2 ?\ i "Teara at the Ha?r?t") Direct importation. I Z. M. P. KINO * SON, IUe2St Blag Plane, I special notices. 1 VMITCALFE'S gbbat BHBOMATIO ,hl E|IBDT luUitlf relieves pain, tai urn f?l'? n > care Neuralgia. Hervous H?*dKM, ib4 Mi of i the Hfid or Fm(. nn ja2Jeo:w B. 0 fobd, Agaat. jn ALL'S YBttETABLB SICILIAN H A IB BB NEWBB ?V Benews tb? Hair. ? hall'* yeoktablb Sicilian hum Bbnbotbb , BMtorw gray hair to tk? trlgln' ooler. Hall's vbgktablb Sicilian itneibiwii ha PntcbU tb? hair fro? falling aff. ^ Ball ? vxabtabls Sicilian haib Benbwkb ',ft Makes tha hair toft aad glossy. r" Hall's yxtitain Sicilian Haib Binbwii l)oe? ant staia the skin. ' Hall's Sicilian vmitablb baib kbirwii be las proved itself tha baat preparatton far tba hair fw ?r preaentad to tie paktie. I Price #1. Forsalaby all druggists. jaSO-Tuly _ bbmedial ib8titcte vub bpboial th oa8bs, tl Ba. 14 Bond street, Bew York. to .b^*fnll infermation, with the fci(*s? p* limit; also, a Book oa Special Diseases, tn a sinUd j nveiopr., a*at free. i/1 B* sure tend tend for Iketn. nd yoa wilt not refrtt it; for, as advertising phyicians are generally tmportor*, without reference* *>< 10 stranger shenld be trasted. Bncloee a stamp in or postage a*>d direct to db. l&wbbnoi. No. pi 4 Bond street. New Tark nolSDAWly Se tffr mb rbi age and celibacy, and the lb. lappiuesa of True Manhood.- An e?sav f r foung m?n n the CrliiiH of Solltnde, and the 'hystologlcal Error*. Abases and Dlseasea which m t eate impediments to Marriage, with sare mean* re >f Belief Sent in sealed letter envelop*^. fre? of of barge. Address Dr j hElLLIN houghton, c< loward Association. Philadelphia, l'a. jail-Sin bbobbt di8basb8. Bamabivan's OirTis the moat Certain, safe and ' ffectnal remedy?indeed, the only vegetable retne- " y aver discovered Cures in two to tonr days, and ecent caaea In twenty fonr bonra Mo mineral, no fo talsam. no mercury to s the soldier's hope, and a friend te those who do , . ?et want t* ba exposed. Mala paokagea, #j,fenale, ?3. 8a? abiTAN'sBoox andHrbb JncB*? a positive e tnd permanent ear* far Spy bills. Scrofala. Dicers, su lores. Spots. Tatters Ac Pr'se $1 39 par bottle. told by b.c. Ford. See advertisement. my i tTl SUM EI. y, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, BMOLABDEB8 BXTBAOT BUCKO dr u cbbhm vary oaaa of Ztbvby PioaA. BimAfin, ibavbl, ubinaby DisobdbBs, Wbaenkss and b? pains In tha Back, Fbmalb Complaints and . raovBLH arising froaa Bxcbmbs ob art bibb J" OOMB, TB AVf l10tbdi 0,1 tby 8MOL AND kb'B. ^ TAKE NO OTHER BUCKU. v. Bold by all ApotheoarlM. Pries fl. D.BABHBB Hi k CO., Bew Tort, and BABBBB, W ABD A CO., Haw Ortaana, BoaUarn Agents bublbioh A in iOOBKS, Wbolaaala Druggists, Boston, Maaa., t* ianaral Agents. febl?U g] colgate a co.'8 ^ w1ntbb boap. p( Recommended for chapped h an *< and for general 10 roiLKT use daring cold wkathbr. it may ba j, btained of all dragclsta and fancy goods dealers, oi tet 8-eoly dancing. * pBOlTS. i. W. A H. P. KBE18> Yc dancing aga.demy, ? Pennsylvania arenae, bet. 0th and 7th sts.. jfm, sj Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. tfma 1" new Claeaea forming every evening. Thoaede- b' lfing to enter onr classes should avail them #ii *. s of this opportunity, 5j1 Preparations *111 be made in this quarter for rarannnal May Ball ??erior Ctrenlars can he had at j. f Bills' and w n ' 'h Metserotf * Oo.'s Mu?le Stores pi Tba Hall can ba ranted tor Soirees, Be. tb Days and Hours of Titmon : i "<1 Masters. Tuesday and saturday afternoons, from 3 to 6 o'clork Gentlomrn s Classes, Tuesday and Friday eye- c ' lings, from 8 to 10 o'clock. vr ^'therlnformntlon.apr't darln* the hours u )f tnltion. or address a note to the Academy. ai _Qaartar commencing with the first les&oa. jaS Mabini'b fashionablb l>anclno p,' m academy, at mabini s assembly booms, 34 th e, between 9th and 19th streets, m 80 This academy la now open fer the recep- gm^ ;lon ol pupils. " Days and hours ?f tnitloa for yonna ladle* i? alssesaad masters Tuesday a, Thuradf>,s and t>atardays, from 3 to 6 p m. Oentletnen'g classes from 8 to 10. sam* -venlngs A B ?Private instruction given to salt the con- m renlence of the pnpil. sell pf \|a8<jlebale and fancy dkbs8 balls 11 lfl and pabt1bs. le; would most respectfully in orm tfcs ladles aad gentlemen of Washington iity.andths Dlstilct generally, that he Is at all v imes preaared to furnish parties with Masquer- ni i *nd Fancy Costume, either on loan or made to ?s >rdar. He has Uken> rooms at the well known th ^""hb,nt of Christian Bappert, Es i vr i JU 7th^re?t. between D and b, where he Will u lappy tflBsaitorders. chables bebg, 10 . ? vbte Coatumer at Ford's and Grover's ja8 1m* Theaters. Washii^tou, d. o. li< ^mm boots, shoes, <fe i] CAPITOL BILL ~ v, BOOT AND BBOB STOBE, hi Corner 3<1 street east and Penn'a avenue. Just received from New York, a large and b?aaiful assortment of Men s, womeuhiss- cjt viullirn ' *nd * ???h?' boots, flbl th iAlTEBb and 8hoa8. Prices to suit^^hb iverybody. Call and axamloe. gnick vftl als? and small prouu. Meaanres taken and ? fit tuarantieu. Bepalrlng promptly attended to. ja 22 at* ac JELLING OFF I SELLINQ^OrFT!^ Vf the entire stock of Ladies', Missesl'c hildrea's. Men's. Boy' aud Yeuth'a wkL au boots. shoes and gaiters \ ill La sold at private sale at an<l tni below 006t 1'bioks. ^ . john angbbmann, ca oa 7tb street, between d aud E streets. to jalg-lm* opposlts Odd Fellows'Hail. so boots and btiobs! cr b b w Tx obi. jo\ The anderalgned begs leave to Inform his frienlj j 'd the putlic generally that he has opened the m ibw cheap Store. No. ao* 7th street,nnde" >dd Feliowa' Hall, where be has on liauoagenral assortment of Ladies' and Gentlem&a's, Boy's. liases and Children's 'bi boots and 8h0b8. >?< Bamember tha atnbsr, dub 7th streat, under dd Fellows Hall The New Cheap Store, forisrly r.f. Paga'sStora. Th del8 * weobgb b. wilson. dri he Tittle belt cioab, Tr Macnfactured exclusively under copyright for bo b. C. dtbb A CO , Mc 24b PENHSYLVANIA ayenob, ;i" between I2th and I3th streets. a" ondbes fiboi tt0 londbes db cobtb, OOBCHA DB B^OALB, 1 RIGA LI A DB LA BBTNA. TV Tbasa Cigars are manufactured of tha vary bast avaaa Tobacco, imported by oarpelvee through on , brother In-law of Mr, Dyer, who the * ir bar ef years past tn Ha- tx>i *ba special attention is called to this iT '"" " ?._ ^ Tb* nBdarslgi?ad would respectfully aaoouacs 1 tha pdbllc that the* continue the boslnassof ia late Bra of c. b. jbwbll a Co.. In all its int 3?.e.b5; xsffiwia st"""" ?' ? "???? * "fetsrlir itatl mwi. ' LADIBB' KATES 1 all UbBb, flroBi 91J0 to fis. 1 FODLTBE1 A TBIMBLB, Ln Be. BVO Wast Baltiiaore streat, exi laB la Baltfaaara, Md. U. SS klABIBB FOB IMT.-4 large aaaortaaeatof ^1' i^dlaull, to, to,|E TELEGRAMS, kc. In ooosequenceoftfce prolonged cold weather pre to |Tttt igflVriai among tb? poor whites d freed men In Tirginia. It is reported that w two thousand freed men bare b*?a thrown I of employment by the suspension of worn tbe lobncco factories. The Kreedmen's irean ia Issuing rations to tb? destitute. and rneral O. H. Browne, assistant commissioner the barrao, ia in tbia city endeavoring to ocnre relief tor them. The noft disagreeable atrrm of tbo aoaaon a boon ragtag at Buffalo, N. Y., since Satar y night. The train* on all tha roada are be nd tbeir time Tha trains are blocked by owrtrifts on the Erie road eaar of Utica, and e Lake Shore road i* again blocked by mow ta-feit Irving and Silver creek, whtcn ia ten

etdeep in rant places. Drders have been issued hy the Canadian overnmeLtt? remove Lynch, McMabon. and e other condemned prisoners to Kingston .on anrsday. The Government ooea not intend sllow tbe Rev. Mr. McMabon any more tviiegee in tbe provincial penitentiary than Xethers enjoy. Lord Waaa, member of Parliament for >ckermouth. England. ta expected to arrive Canada a? Qovemer General in the early rt of March. Lord Waas has been Chief cretary of Ireland during tbe laat two ad'nietrations of Lord Derby, in 1832, 1358 and 59. The Loniaiana Legialatnre met yesterday orning. Tbe message of the Governor wa* ad and ordered to be printed. A committee ceven was appointed to revise the Stat.matitution. Tbe trial of the Rev. Dt. Babin. an Episcoil clergyman, for the murder of his sister, is eating great excitement in Ottawa, Canada est. The police in Toronto, Canada, intend enrring thfc law which compels liquor dealers close their places of business from Saturday seven p. m. until Monday at seven p. m. Seven bundred dollars bave been aent to ngland by a few citizens of (Quebec to aid the fferers trom tbe late collivry explosion. Tbe Texas fiearon says that the Umt??d States Dops near Jackaonborongh were attacked by idiana and forty killed. The whole number of regular troops in C.tnaI is CONfiRESSIONAL. Senate ?Yesterday anernoou, the tariff bill 'ing under considerationMr. Morgan moved to amend the paragraph relation to saws, as lollows: Increase the aty on cross-cnt saws from twelve to fifteen nts per lineal toot: on mill pit and drag saws rer nine inches wide, lrom fifteen to twenty nts per lineal foot; over nine inches ide, from twenty-five to thirty.five cents p? r neal toot,en all buck saws not exceeding ten cbes in length, from one dollar to one dollar id twenty-five cents per dozen: over ten cbes in length, from one dollar and fifty to ro dollars per dozen. Agreed to. Mr Sherman moved to amend the para, aph in relation to bunting by changing the aty from twenty cents per square yard and urty per cent, ad valorem to fifty cents per jnnd and thirty percent, ad valorem. Agreed Mr. Wilson mov?d to amend as follows: isert the words "and on Marseilles bed quilts bed spre: 1s"' after the words '-or by hand." the following paragraph: On all cotton hosiery, comprising shirts, awers, stockings, socks, gloves, and all other >ods knitted or made in frames or by hand, n cents per pound, and in addition thereto rty per centum ad valorem. Tbe amendment was agreed to; Mr. Wilson moved to amend by adding a teeiflc duty of six cents per dozen'to the fifty r cent, ad valorem duty in the bill on nm ellas and parasol elasticities. Agreed to. Mr. Harris moved to amend by reducing tbe nty on lead in pizs or bars from two and a ilfto two cents ptr pound. to. Mr. Cattell moved to amend by increasing e duty on nickel from thirty to forty cen?* ?r ponnd. Pending the consideration of this ie S^n-ite adjourned. Hovel ?Yes'erday afternoon? Cn motion ol Mr. Shellabarger, the Judi* :try Committee was instructed to inquire telber (be act regarding the arrest and rern of fugitives from justice requires any nendment. Mr Kasson introduced a bill to enforce a ovision ot theetghth amendment to tbe Conitution otthe United States so a^ to prevent e infliction of unusual punishment of perns convicted of crime. After considerable discussion the bill was terred to tbe Judiciary Committee, with ave to report at any time. On motion of Mr. Hale, the Sergeant-atrms was directed to discharge from custody r. Tracey. a recusant witness, be having ap ared and testified before the Joint Coramitp 011 Itetrem bment, atd shown that he mnded no disrespect to tbe House. The House then proceeded to the considera)ii of Mr. Stevens" reconstructiou bill, and f?F addressed by Messrs. Julian, Scofleld, id Cullom: he former declaring himself :ainst the bill, as he favored the territorial eery, and was in favor ot keening the rebel ates from representation in Congress for an definite period. Mr. Stevens modified bis bill in several par,-ulars, especially tn -inking out the sixth etlon, which declared that any State abroitiTtg tbe provisions of the bill should therer lorfeit i s representation. Mr. Stevens appealed to Mr. Bingham to itbdraw his motion to refer, urging that the II should first be perfected in tbe House, id tba: tbeu tbe motion might be r newed. Mr. Bingham desired tbe House to decide the lestion for itself, and declined to withdraw e motion. Mr. Stevens said the reference ol the bill nnld be its death. Mr Bingham said be did not recognize the itboritv of tbe venerable gentleman [Mr. S;ens] to say so. Mr. Stevens remiu?l"d Mr. Bingham that he id not asked bis authority. He did not prois* either to take bis counsel, recognize his ithoritv, or believe a word be said, l'be Speaker.?The remarks of the gentlean from Pennsylvania are out of order. After consult lable discussion the House me to a vote 011 the motion to refer the bill tbe Reconstruction Committee, and it was referred?yeas, uays, 05, rue Demoats all voted Hi the affirmative At ten minutes past five tbe Hense adurned. Revolt in Bowie CocNTy, Texas ?Bowie unty, Texas, is in revolt. Captaiu Tremble, e of an Illinots regiment, planting there, is recently, shot, wounded, and his life eatened. He came to New Orleans, and rerned with twenty cavalry to remove his nily. He found that bis wire and child bad ?n driven from their home into Arkansas, ie negroes on his place were manacled and iven througn the streets in tbe presence of > cavalry, who were forced to fall back fore three hundred unreconstructed. Mrs. emble died from til treatment, and was ried in New Orleans on Sunday. Generals >wer. Hatch, Klrby, and many Union officers d members of tbe "Grand Army of the Reblic" attended the funeral. The captain is tbe point of death from wounds received ! m the chivalry. 1 i Knock Down is the Viroikia L*gisla- j be ?Immediately upon the adjournment of > Virginia House ol Delegates, at Richmond, 1 Saturday, a scene occurred between two of 1 members, who had a collision, ooe of them ng knoeked down. Both had been members \ the committee on lunatic asylums, and a ' tement made by Mr. Ward, tbe chairman, the honse, was taken by Mr. Smith, the other 1 rty, as impugning bis veracity, and before < members ud left the ball he approached * ird. A dispute then arose, several members 1 frrupting, but Smith succeeded in planting * effective blow on Ward's prominent feature, icb floored that gentleman and dr*w blood, ir which they were separated. Both ware tseqnently arrested by the city police, and 1 d to bail for a breech of the peace. "he Crosby Opera House? a Profitable 1 dtriaktng ?Th* following Is said to be an 1 ictstatement of Mr. Crosby's balance sbeot: 1 H. Croaby. creditor by '2KMJ00 tickets at *5, 1 130,000; debtor to 30,00)1 tickets not sold, 0,010; to advertising, *150,000; to paint. e, *7* 000; to engravings, *100,000 ; to com- ' isions, *46,000; to printing and traveling, * ,000; paid Mr. Lee, (for Opera Honse,) < 0,000. To at debt. #730,000; profit, *??.00u. < loe of Opera House, *150,600 Total profit < tha undertaking, *890,000. 7"Tbe Empress Eagaaie is becoming visi - 1 ' older, and has seHons apprehensions of 1 wing stout. To prevent this aha walks t eh and drlaka vinegar. t % Ctrptratlw Affairs. Board or Aldbkmbk, Jan. ?>, t0t7?The Board met poriaul to law. Present, Mmov Barr, Iklaonitoa, A. l/lo;d. Tartoo, Oivee, Owen. Tail. Ma|rud?r, McCathran, C. S. Noyes, Oulick, T. E. Lloyd, President, and S. V. Noyes. Secretary. Tbe Obair laid before the Board a commnnication from tbe Mayor, returning wttboat hie approval an act entitled "An net for tbe relief of Martin Km*," tor the reason that while the act appropriates tbe Money, It tails to state tbe fund from wbleb tbe amount sbnll be paid, as well as on wbat acconni Uie overpayment waa [Tbs bill authorised tbe Mayor to pay Martin kin* tnn.34, being tbs nmount overpaid by bim to tbe Corporation for uits.] Referred to committee ou claim*. Also, n communication from tbs Mayor, transmitting tbe written opinion of tbs Corporation Attorney, In reply to tbe resolution of tbs Board of A'ldermeu of tbe 1?tb instant. in relation to apenmg new alleys, Ac. Tbe Corporation Attorney says be bas examined tbe question eubmitted to bim. as to tbe power of tbs Corporation to revoke or annnl its action in cass of tbs condemnation of an alley, and eubmits a lengthy and elaborate opinion, to tbe effect thai tbe Corporation, having condemned land for a public nlley, and tbe assessment having been made and levied, the Corporation bas no further power over the subject. "The fact that tome parties have protested again?t it, and tbat tbs work bas been ceaaequently suspended, can have no effect on tbe power and duty of the Corporation. Their discretion was exercised snd completed when the assessment was made, and there is no power, express or necessarilv implied, in any of tbe grants of the Corporation to arrest the progress of the work at tbat stage." Ordered to be printed with the proceedings. Also, a communication from the Mayor, transmitting a memorial from Messrs. Sptld. ing, Rapley, and Davis, remonstrating agnnu the imposition of a tax on certain property for the construction of a sewer. fThe property referred to is that known as the Intelligencer Buildings, in square 431, on which a tax was Imposed to defray a portion of the exp~nse of building a public sewer in the vicinity ] Referred to the committee on dratnace. Also, a communication fr>m tbe Msyor enclosing reports of tn? Corporation police constabler as to tbe number of persons engaged m tbe insurance business in tbe several wards of tbe city, in answer to tbe resolution of tbs 1 in?t. [Officer Leckron, of tbe 1st ward, reports one company ; Officer Oliver, of tbe -id ward, ten sompauies; Officer Dawson, of tbe 3d ward, thirteen companies; and Otlicer Kirby. of the 4th ward, eighteen companies. Officers Frailer, of the 5th ward, Lusby, of the tith ward, and Cammack, of the 7th ward, report ao insurance companies in their respective wards j Referred to tbe committee ou finance. Mr. Magruder presented the petition of Jas. Barnard and others, tor tbe paving of tbe east side of square 140. Referred to committee on improvements. Jtir. Barr presented a communication of Jas. M. Downing, enclosing bis bill for work aud materials on tbe Franklin school-house. Referred to committee on pnblic schools. Mr. A. Lloyd presented the petition of W. R. Renning, asking tbat certain monies be refunded to him. I Deposited by bim in bank for a license for an insurance company, which it isstatecba* dons no business in this city.) Referred to tbe committee on claims. Mr. McCathran presented the petition of Adam Oaddis, jr., A Co., praying ibe refunding of amount of SIO overpaid by them for a license. Re:erred to committee on claims. Mr. IN'oyes introduced a bill remitting flat of 910 imposed ou Michael Downey, fur alleged violation of law: referred to committee on claims. Also, introduced a bill making an appropriation tor a public lonntain at intersection of C street north And Louisiana aveiiue referred to committee on improvements. Mr. Barr, from the ccm.nittee on police, reported back tbe bill regulating tbe sale and measurement of oysters, and recommended a non-concnrrence in the amendments of tbe Board of Common Council, and the amendments were rejected. Mr. Given, from the same committee, reported a substitute by way of amendment.for tbs Council bill referred to said committee for relief of the deserving poor of the city. [Tbe substitute appropriates to purchase fuel , for the poor, to be distributed by the police magistrates iu tbe several wards, after personal Inspection into the case of each applicant. where such a course may be necessary to ascertain whether parties applying for re. i lief are deserving.] Passed. Mr. M?.j;ruder, from tbe committee on claims, reported f^orably on Council bill for relief of I John M. May, and tbe Mil was passed. Also, i reported favorably on bill for relief of Georgw Baeur; passed. Also, reported favorably on bill for relief of J.O. McLaughlin: pissed. Also, reported new toll for relief of Martin King, ur lieu of the bill vetoed bv the Mayor; pa**-d Mr. A. Llovd. trom tbe committee on claims, reported tavorably on Council bill for relist of Jeremiah Costello, paying him for Corporation work done by him in ln63 and Ls64; passed. Also, reported favorably on oil! for relief of Edward Corridan: pae?ed Mr. McCathran. of the committee, on market , bouses, reported a bill regulating tbe sale, by weight, of flesh, hour and provisions in tbe city of Washington: referred to the committee ou police. Mr. Noyes, from tbe committee on improvements, reported back bill tor opening 6 h street west, trom tbe canal to Maiue avenue, with certain amendments, which were adopted, aud tbe bill was parsed. Mr Barr introduced a resolution Instructing tbe committee on police to examine the frame building now being erected in square 4o8, and ascertain whether it is In violation of the law forbidding the erection of frame structures within twenty-lour feet of brick buildings; passed. Mr. Magruder introduced a resolution requesting tbe Mayor to inform this Hiard by what authority certan stalls, set aside in tbe west market lor the sale of vegetables, have been sold to butchers for tbe purpose of selling nii-at thereon; passed. Mr. Gnlick. from the committee on finance, reported favorably on Council bill prescribing the duties and fixing tbe compensation of tbe Collector of Taxes, increasing tbe bond and security re juired of that officer, Jcc.; laid over for one wee* Mr. A Lloyd, from the Fourth Ward delegation, reported bill lor relief of John Webster, paying bim amount due bim on accouu of d^Uiency m appropriation for buildiug a bridge ever Tiber C.eek at ite intersection with M street north: passed. Also <lrom tbe claims committee) reported bill for the telief [>f Josiah Simpson: passed Several bills from the Board of Common Council were referred. The Council bill amending tbeact regulating licenses of Insurance companies b- ing the t-pecial order, was taken up, when Mr. Oulick offered a substitute for tbe same, fixing tbe ra e of lioenses for Are and accident insurance companies at fluu per annum, all othersmeaning life insurance companies? t 5u per jmiium. and withholding licenses where agents of companies nave neglected to comply with the law until arrearages are paid. Ac. Mr. Barr moved to amend by fixing the rate of licenses for exclusively mutual life Lasurunce companies at tltw per annum; which was rejected by a tie vote. The substitute bill was then passed. Mr. Turton, from the First Ward delegation, reported a substitute for Council bill for relief of Henry Butler, refunding him amount erroneously paid by bim for taxes; passed. Also, introduced a bill to increase tbe salary of the Water Registrar to S2.?U> per annum; referred to finance committee. Adjourned. Comro* Oocircil..?Preaident Moot* in the :bair, and all the members pres?-at axoept Messrs. Baker, Calvert, and Peaks. A message was received from the Mayor, innouncing bis approval of act to pay certain :laims against tbe Central tiuardhonse. Also, enclosing a communication from the Clerk of the Center Market, asking the appropriation >f tl.OOtias contingent expenses of tbe market; referred. Also, one m answer to a resolution stating that no oAoIal action has been aken in relation to tbe examination of a portion of the Petemac river: ordered to be print?d. Also, enclosing n communication from Messrs. Sykes, Cbadwick A Co.. asking peril iss ion to lay a 4-incb water main from F ureet to their premises, (Wlltard's Hotel,) to i fire ping; referred. Also, one la reply to a resolution stating that for the year ending June 30tb. 1HJ6, there were xpended'for tbs inppert of tbe Metropolitan Police tbe followJig sums: For salanes, ?U,43T??; contingent expenses of station booses, gA,r<V7.33; heeMag central guardhouse, *1.000; services of labor rs at station|bouses, #4(J0. Total, *40,734 02; lrdsred to be printed. Mr. Joyce moved to reconsider the vo?* by hicb the hill granting permission to Hon a?gh Mc<*lk>ch toereet a. iron raMlngftre Iset beyond the building line was rejtered: ehicb was agreed to. and after some debase ho bill waa read a third Use and passed. / 1 * Tfc? following ?*n iatr-< taced ~ By |r Fimms?Bin for tbe relief of K M.Mpea-u... re#?rred By Mr Andervorn Bill to pav? Wiwtttiwivni.fnaH m K forrrd. By Mr Moore-Pe-uioo of T <? r -4 and other*. In rrfrreitf# 10 iiftii Jit solution roane?utig tit* to mlc a tbe Board to ? tons wa? paid Mir uiof <14 for plana forth# improvementthe Wvh >? o Uu?l; adopted. Heeotau.ia r^qu-oimf Km< dolph (^)K )??%* to Hilgrn Use Bwird u 'o tbe most effective plna fur drammc :ae First Ward: ndop ed. Tbe following wot* reported from coram 1'. teee By Mr F? u*b. ( wave mo meau?>-bill to pay tftf tccoimi ef the ap >uiri?rir? tor the 4*?. 1Mb. and ?th ward*; pa-.-n \r. AidfTBMi'ijuint ntotatwn 10 >.<* Baltimore and Okw rulroatf, (*114 a iu> fti tbat farther action u unneeeasary. ?? cause of the action of Conrr?M ) laid an th* table Ateo, made n report from too *amron tnl'iee aceom panted br n Mil. whu>i h* asked might be substituted for the toll prut ). ib* lor t be pat m^nt Tt*s?u,Ouu 10 tb? trn?iee* of tbe colored rcbool* n (The repor<a aet fbrlh t|u *.hev are *ea?iM?? to tbe value to eocie'y of th> educati >ti of the eo4or?rt rate, more especially as they ar?-1 k>ly to rrinxin ana be an oleacat m our population. On an exaont.nuon of lb* boob* or the Kegia'er and Collector they And that u?e whui?* sum paid by tbe colored people in taxe* <>: %n kinds i* le*? tban M.CW per annum The? a|*o rod upon an examination of tbe re-eni a.vs of < 'ongree* per aip<?r to ib?a city, tb it a a\ n about Mi-.0i4* annually 1* imposed f??r thf col orsd a- boot*. more that, t6r? t mn?ne*m>ium paid bj tbe colored people m '?\?. of *11 kind*. Also. irwiti lor M new nil. and ?.! ,i?.*? for tne b?,i.Tf-aanceol the Metropolian Folio* I)?par'm*nt in addition toloi o<Tr?-^uir#iu?i.ta Tbe citizens and rax-payer* are wilting to r.?e tbe colored peopi* Nn rn<> tair* th-r p*v fir the eoactlli i Of their children, wnboilt refer ence to an) other burden* borne tor toeir caro and support m many inatauies, but ihev ,io not urderstand bow Congrva* sbnuM so an. UllUngly bare enacted law* lyquinrc 'bis oppremioa to be borae by ibem At tbe com. eL cement of tbe rebellion (bay tiitruta r- t about ll,OU of our population Nona tt?-? tb# rec< rd* of the rW.t?eii-i Bureau ?bo w their number to he -M.t? ?. miking nearlr on-. lourb of 'be enure population, and fmm their greuier prolihcueae. n-ar.y, if not HHiv third of tb#? cbiidn n ol ibf city? want* r,i? property tbey po?*er? ia abou* oae-*evrntiettt of ibe white; and. Indeed, the whoi* ta*a-iou po?d bv tbem la but *?r> little in e*ce** ?i a autn auttici^nt to meet tbe burdeua their ence impo?e? upon aocb-ty bere. 1 he report allud-a to tbe fact fbat liberal ai.t ' f'T*" Statea for edu-atioa il pori>o?r-, braidra other donntiona for ?*n. nl'.urai collerea, and ci.ea Delaware, wlncb h .? i*--? pop. nlation tban tbe Ilibtrict,receiving u ,0,-0 aarrr Accompanymc the bill ia a bill diroctiui tbat aeparare acconnta ot ail mon*-v paid uno the City Tronanry by colored pe^ir be krpt, and aucb <udi at ibe end of erery qu.irbo paid to the fruatre* of tb- public acboola, and in view of tbe morrr. u? bardri.K imposed on tbe cltr. directlnr 'he M<tvor -<> explain to C^ncreta tbe inability to men thr?e> requirementa. Mr. Dudley objected to tbe bill prop.iaed b.'Inr made a aubeutute for the bill | eiiam*. and did not think tbat the committee bad auv ru-hi to ofler 'bia aa a aahatitat*. F/'Ugh explained tbat tbey reported -he bill in obedieuce to the reaolulioa releired to ttem last July. Tbe Chair atated the report waa ia conformitv wita the resolution refV-rrert to. l.nt aa Hn individual be angrented tbat tbe bill luokud to an increaae of the burden* ooniplained of The report, with the bill, waa ordered 10 Iw printed. By Mr Stewart, (improrcmen**)?Cnfaeora hly on Alderman a b il to open ??tb *ireer, a?.i ^ laid on lb?' t*b? ordered. Alao. bill directing the Surveyor to mark tb* line of 6tb atreet, tr..m tbe Cnnai to ixatne aV-. nue. and aubaeqnently to re.10e?t the Comruia. aloner of Public Bn.ldin(a to order tbo lenciur ' aod ltoat " * P4v^. . He,/. J.allied by a report, paaaed. Ilv Mr Moraeil (aame committee) ?Aldermen > aub?tituLe f.?r bill to repa.r alley aqrare3;4. with are^ ommendation tbat it be not p:<i?,-,| The?ui atitute waa reiectod By Mr. l?nirr. (canal*.) Bill Teaung the mtereai of the C?rp.jra 4ou ,11 WapbjRfton CiLal in a company, wuu amendnaeaU: ordered to be printe.i and mv!> the order for next Mondar. Br Mr Wr,fh>. (fire departmeat)?Bill fr??m tbe Aldermen J purchase boae. horaea, A.c., lor -be fire d-*b1Ct1' at!er tt,me ?* *"? < ?a< A number of bitie from the Aldermen w>r? referred. Tbe biM from the Aldermen for the r-lief of Martin fc'ng waa paaaed. and the subeutu for the Coanell bill for the relief of 'be d r waa adopted. The bill to pay the Tr?*'*es of the Color-1 fechoola the amount found to be dne them an ^aken up, and tbe amendment ottered bv Mr Peugh waa rejected, (y^at ll) After eome debate toe bill waa paasod-veas 13, naya I, Mr Mead Adionrned. FROM ?1 ROPC. Loklus. Jan. ib.?Lord l>erbv ia ill. ^ Uladatone ha*- returned to Krijchui l. On way home be pa?*d tbr nCh Par, . :iu 1 ?. . m. in erT.ew with tbe Kniferor N.v TV. /L Amer?.t o, -h . Atb of March. It la reported that the bero Kai.ana intends to^rolo Am.r.u oibi, the people of the Cnited Staura lor ihe.r av n pntby, and ask thetJorernment to 1 1 monitor a to tbe aaaiatanre uf tbe c. ,n Mihich, Jan 2-.?King Maximilian i?t? h> married to the sister of Frauci* J^?**pa, t>i l-.mperor of Auatria. Bielii, .Tan Jfi?The Sinfh 1?rnt\n "5;ivi have propoaed a military union wra tuISortbern Siatea. 1 k JkbTE. Jan. t*.?It is r-ported fr*>ia Mir imar tbat tbe fcmpre?k Car.otu? haa comolet.-.v recoTered her health. , P*bth. Jan. i#.?A foil minatry haa b^-n formed in Hungary. iLoaiKct. Jan ?Noon.?Toe Com i? m Italy11 10 4r*al lbe doaiaads j\ Frena Mexico. /V* a?8*,t*'^ ';'&1 lbe f'rt-ach forces Kt. iv at San I-uns Poiom are defeated in tbe ?*.? . tbat is believed '> be lir.peiuiing, the dei.\t of all tbe French troop?from li?!coTa deiayud by order ol the Imperial fi irernmeZaca^M arr^<1 byCior A?/a in Vera Cruz adrtcea to the 22d inat. atat.. that af rench transport bnd let- -here w. :_^"vV detachment of Infaatry for France, and other's Kr?eV ,OU#W Tb' of tb" Y Truck forces in Mexico Uad arrived at Y>*-a. Cruie en route lo trance. Additional transporta wore daily expected. Tha French Consul in Mexico had pnbliabed a.Bout, advising all the re.,dent* ,n .be country who wife lb to leave it wun tbe expeditionary forces that they caa have a tree 1?Taro homs. A party of ' O1 accordingly left. Maximilian permitt,d a kind of trace of warTrtd* between Jalapa and Vera Pruz. The Lioeral^ are tearing up tbe Imperial Mexira. raTl^iS. The moat important movement ?? tUr dolec| tion of one Oenoral Canello, who command. . h1^ Tnh? ,,^Wl eu <, tb* ad. dress to hie soidiera Von ha*? alraad v ae?-a the conduct of your ao called proi?c;ur m Ma amoraa. Yon already kaow that the stripea baa floated in tftat port* and thai 11 wasoccupieo by the t aired State, forcea, after they hud covered 1 he road with innumerable corpses of your countrymen. Tto-r wish the extinction ol your race, to thereat. tor occupy our coantry. The North. o6r con. stant enemy, deairea a planaible pretext 'o penetrate into It. neTer to abandon iL^ Uuaymas (Mexico) correspondence aara intriguuig is going on to prevent thr location o' a grant made by J uare, to an American I of vacant touda in Lower Calif, iriafi,,, Mexican? arc ft-anng thai aunexauon will tol> low colonization The Mexican Legation here buproQn?ra>,l anouce canuoamg tbe public agmnst aa.arious Mexican bonds said to be in the market. I *tal ArraaY.?About nine o'clock fiiatnr. day evening Thomns N. Ba-ley. engineer of tb* SL^'E,a*lB9' wm m '*? street at Troy, N. T. by a rouug man named Jool B.Thompson. It apj>ears that about an hour previous Bailey's sister bad in some manner been insulted by Thompson. Mailer mei him la the street aud charged him with tbe offence, and aome words passed between ibem, When Thompson drew a revolver and fired as ataied. The nail pa**ed through the heart of the victim, and he died almost lasiaatly. Bailey leaTOs a young wife and widowed mother, lie waa one of tbe moat pre<n:nent members of the City Fire Depart me and highly esteemed by all ?ke kaow htm. ? wasaboat thirty years of age. , W^Tbe organisation ol a society for th? pre. ention of cruelty to human bemg ,t agiiAted An exehaage says that some admirers of Historl in Cincinnati presented her with six hogs, as an avldenoa of iheir appreciation o< her acting. MMM aTo%r7i?'i* rear of VitvIZ f.r Oo?. VnHn HUM for SSSIF'tX!' "a,"lw ? ?" ? ? ^ atk* (real fb?e oxer Ave inchaa of Snow. WBntchara are gMtiug to waar Mrad shirts. a waar gored ?*-The Lexington (Va) Oazetto eays ?t?Jo prereLt winter Is a regular Yaukee iavasion. and as radical as Congress."