Newspaper of Evening Star, January 29, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 29, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. The UtgtU Ciicalitloi li tbt District ^ * " WALLACH, B4ittr Ul Prtfrittar. WASHINGTON CITY: TI FSPAY JAFICARY 29, INT. iTHEADINQ MATTKR OV BTKKY PAO*. 8KB OUTSIDE FOR INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC AND OTHBR MATTER. TO ADVIRTIIIM. The following u the official abowiag of tht ctrculatiou of the daily papers of this city compenna for tbe UoT?rnmrat adT*rtMo| nder the mrntMi of Conrrsss directing such ad veniing to be made in tk? two dally hwi* paper* of Wwbin|toa hartai the largee air eolation Jtvaaiwe Stab 7,713 copies par day. (Vuiink. 1.1MB " w lnttlligmc*T 1.552 " ? Tbe rsturn* of advertising by the city papers or the quarter ending December 31, t?e?. as taken from 'be hooks of the Internal Revenue Office, ?re ak follows: tvisixj Star ?!3,Ui7 IntfUxgmcer.. ............. ........ 9,19$ ChrtmxcU R'publicnn S ii-i THE SITUATION. I^e'ter* ponr in upon us, a.>king information relative to the prospect of the impeachment o' the President. They are generally lrom iaen ? staged in active business, desirous of guard in* against the effect of the derangement o commercial matters which, it seem* to be takec for grarted, is to be perhaps the first post tin rt>ult of a vote of the lionse putting the Pres id?-nt or trial before the Senate. To aasve ibese letters, except through the St a a's col turns, would be a serious labor So we pre ceed to say, here, tha' we do not believe th. impeachment will be ordered. The pruden and well-informed memtK-rs of both Hou?es o Congress disapprove the scheme with grea unanimity. They believe tbat frivolous pre lexis oLly. fer swell procredings, have beet "discovered*' throughout all the investiga tiors to the end of discovering" justiflabi< grounds for their initiation. Pretexts, whicl if made the >>asis of the proposed Impeach ment. will proclaim to the world, as i were, tbat the real ground is that state* boldly by Mr. Wendell Phillips?tbat th President nm*t be removed, not for wba he has done illegally and unconstitutionally but because he is a stumbling-block in tb path to rea.-h thfconsnmma'ion of very extrem* party measures. Prudent Republican Senator ?ud Kepreypotiiii ve> do not *ee in this state o the thine the justification for so extreme i measure, authorising a hope that the poptila verdict will sanction It. They realize tba while all their political opponents denounce it more than half the press, capitalists and activi business men of tlseir own party condemn i with scarcely less > mpbasis. They credit tb< labors of the New York in its favor t< tbe motive= charged upon That jonrbal witl great unanimity by the business men of Nee York city identified with the Republicans Viz: to a desire to break down Repnblicai par*y a-cendan^y. They know the countrj carries its current financial load with grea difficulty, and tha' anything likely to sbaki public confidence in the Go verument will inev itably lead to financial convulsions tbrea'enmi wide spread bankruptcy. Tbej know tha: ll /?af comes, tbongh as innocent of bringing i1 about :i9 the bnbe nnborn. responsibility for i will be flxed. for the lime being at least, upoi the msjciitv of ConfiPsi. Or, In other words on the ruling power in the State. They know lurther. tbat such a public convulsion would inevitably defeat their candidate for the Pres idency in the approaching flection. Thej knjw. too, that it might possibly reanlt in what they sincerely believe to be n greatei pnblic calamity Tbat is: m defeating the con. summation of tbeir policy for settling the terms of reconstruction while baying contro of the subject they may do that thing upon tb? basis demanded by the popular sentiment o tbe loyal States. A financial convulsion, thej hold, cannot fail so to strengthen the opposition, as ihat it wonld prove impossible to prosecnte the impeachment serionsly without dan gsr of generating more or leas popular colli, stons throngbont tbe North, which m turn would inevitably weaken their party's hold on tbe loyal Statea. They know that Con frets is absolutely master of the situation here; their two-thirds majority barini deprived the President of all power what. * ver except to All certain uon-nominative pettj Federal offices: to take which power from hire they do not consider worth tbe stake proposed to be risked agamst it. Vie : tbe continuance of Republican party ascendency and the Hnal success of its policy of reconstroc'ion In their judgment it is of vital public impertance that reconstruction shall be consummated upon the base* of the proposed constitional arr.rr.dment, which cannot be reasonably looked for nnless the majority of Congrees retain tne confidence and support of a majority of the people of the loyal Stites, th? loss of which is foreshadowed iu curreni popular responses to the impeachment project Tbe?? views, already held by a large portion of the Republican party in Congress, are hourly gaining strength, while it is daily be. coming more and more apparent tbat no grounds of impeachment other than party grounds, pure and simple, are being discovered by the Judiciary Committee. While t?w committee are doubtless unearthing many things likely to increase Republican party dislike to the President, they find, it la believed by all cool and thoughtful persons here, nothing whatever ir volving the violations of the Constitution or intentional disregard of law on his part, necessary to satisfy the public of the justice and propriety of reporting to tbe extreme measure of impeachment and deposition before conviction. STATS DINNER ATT^HR EXECUTIVE MAN The fourth State Dinner of the President will take place at tbe Executive Mansion this evening, at six o'clock. Cards of Invitation have been issued to a number of Senators and their ladies. Admiral Parragnt, and Geueral George H. Thomas, who are now ia the city. The Senators Invited for thia evening include all who were not Invited to the previous dinners. a certain number being invited to each dinner. V inoiiriA'a 1 vtxbksth m Rahjujam?According to a statement made in the Virginia Legislature oa Friday last, tbe amount of stock owned by the State in the Loudoun and Hamp shire railroad, is ?l 017.M8 W); in the Manassas Gsp railroad, 00; and in tbe Orange and Alexandria railroad. SH7-U500uu. The Orange and Alexandria railroad, according to thia same statement, is alse indebted to tha State in the aum cf 9400,000 000. Tan New Natt Register The valaable navy register for the present year has just been published. Mr. Welles, the chief clerk of th. Navy Department, has succeeded in harlot the work finished aud the book published a1 least a month earlier than it has been Issued for many years past. PKB**3fAL -Mrs. F. W. .Lander, the widew of the celebrated General of that name, and heretofore known as tbe famous actress, Jean Marie Darenpert, arrived in tbt* city tbi? morning. Her numerous acquaintances wllj be pleased to know that she la stopping at the National Hotel. AUiKiitt DarajtciATioit or Ran E*tati V H. Crosby has bought the Chicago Opera House of A. H. Lee. the Intky ticket bolder in the late lottery, lor S??>,<4)0. It will be renumbered that tbe lottery price was S6U0,00U. and yet people will consent to be humbugged by he next gift eaterprise all cfce same. IT Rose Ey tinge is charauac aa ever la tbe character of "Kate Peyton' at Wall's Opera House. By It appears that Head Centos Stephen, has not jet sailed for Europe. ?*"Tbe Maryland Legislators will reaaaem ble to-Morrow. i TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. . FROM EUROPE. Rrarwtl ( Ik# Cretan War-BiimrrkTke Great Kaitrra-Thr Markets, fee. [By Cable to Associated Press] LtvsarooL, Jan. 29-Noon.?Tka tfattott "* market open* quiet and steady. Tk? dari 1 sales will probably reach luJOCB hale*., Mil: dlmg Upland* are still quoted at I4\(L Ia>Vuoh. .Ian. 34, NoonCoBMtol* for Money advar><-?d l-lfrd . act are now ^aotod at? 1-1#: : U. N. i-W'i advanced*2-10. and are now quoied at lilmoia Central *bare*8x; Erie ah area ! 43\. 1 'ivbrpool. Jan. *9. Noon ?The mammoth ' t st. an sbip, Oreat Eastern, will positively sail ; lor America on the 2Mb of March. Bum*, Jan. w?Noen.?Oonnt Hiimnrk ha? been nominated for the Osrman Parliament, u> represent the city of Berlia. l^onnoB, Jan. 2ft?Noon.? I>i?p*H-bea (hat hare been n?ce4ved atate that the Cretan war ha- been renewed. The terma of tka Subline Porte lor peace were *< urn fully rejected by (be Cretans, i A butle haa been fought since, bu: the result ta not stated. There ta apparently ma:h eu thaoasm on both side*, and the war had spread i * to the neighboring islands. LATER PRO H MRXVCO. The E vacantia* ef thetlty ef Mexico?The Emigraatsfnr Transportation. N'kw OaLEAXS. laa. W-Wra Crur. dates to tbexfci inaL have be?*n received. Tae French Frigate Hocau left Vera Crux on the'ilat witk l9Uu Auatriaa Infantry. The evacuat ton of th? Oity of Mexico was to have been completed-by toe 2-?fb.' > MnrshHl ItaiaiOH bad luued a proclamation to the superintendent- or r&iiroads to arrange i for the transportation of 2.WI0 troops per diy. Faaame bad alao riven notice that he bad . arranged for the tranaportatinn of all parties ' wbo desired to return to France, free of cost. ? ; The U. fcj. gunboat Tebamo was at Vera ? ! Cruz. ' | A I'lrrgimaa Tried fer Murder. AvLMKn, C. E, Jan vfi ?The trial of Rev. - i Jo?eph Kxhin. for the murder of bla sister, n - i helpleee cripple, has occupied four days, and e | created intense interest throughout the connt i try. The evidence tor iLs prosecution wis I entirely circnmetuntial. She was last seen I ali ve is the prisoner's ho axe, and was after, t i ward tonnd drowned in the river. The defence was also circumstantial. It shows that j l deceased left for Ottawa in charge of a man named Hedwir, who has since disappeared - | The verdict was riven?not gailty. B ; . 1 ' The Dsuble Tragedy in Maine. . ' LrwiwowK, Mi, Jan. 29?Frechtcbe, the t struggling Frenchman arrested on Thursday. . on suspicion of being the murderer of th" oid ladies at West Anbnrn. and against whom e there suspicious circumstances of almost cont ; vincing character, has proved bis where, 1 aboutsso clearly as to establish bis innocence. The mystery of the mnrder is now greater ! than ever. ;i , I [TljF-THOUGHTS ON H AM LIT. Lk-3 lllustrateu by Becitatlona from th* Play Bie.OtAlfglUM, ? At Uniou League llall. 9th street, r ai?i ^0B.?-P,tY *v*MUlfa,at? o'olock. t Adulation gS Cent*. ja29 Jt* DB BAUSON, PRESIDENT 8 r#i??oliOLDM,,,aN COLLBU*, Will begin . K*8"- OF L?"JU*E8 on the Holy Lsndfo? t it .Lof th-J!Lew Erlecopal Church, In the e i OB TUBHDAT. PebruarySth, In the %'Tcmtu of the Chorch of the Epiphany, i Jb?-rtruUMon of Dr Mamaon *e a lecturer la 1 i . Rno*"t and the interest which cannot fail to r I'iJveubjeci and tbe excellent purpose ht?,Jn J'e^-nnat draw a large audience. . T|?* Lecture* will he Are In namber. and will i ,'<*.,'*liTere<i on Tueeday and Priday evenings ? r.Ti- ?V,0t ?.h<" " ? 11 Single tickle.!* r ??<i! ' *>? a* tke Book Stores and at the Stsr t J4J9 9 rr^* k'AYY PAYMASTER'S OPPIOB7~ ~ I'-Sri _ Januar* 26th. 1S57 ~"The office ef NAYT I'AYM A3TBB I. removed Vi? .. 1 din"* coraer of hew Tork a venue and rirteentu street, opyosite Banking House of Biggs ' ) ? t o jeii lw t Ys^'BDBBAL LOIXiB, Bo. 1. P. A. A. M. 1 BROMWBLL.of the Bta'e of IH1Kkti innni'V Masonic Letture before PBL?. . i akAL LODGB No. 1 at l'? next Stated Cora' 0B Tu*8DaT IVBBIHO, tbe^.h ' st?M.d M5*r*^?(,u ,,tH, tob*?UBeto*? I" their r to'Vj1 present ^ ,'g**are cordially invited i ' By order of the AV. H J??* THOIIAB BIOH. Secretary. TkAD* -The member, of a tile board of Triple tin Brucure tlokciti t > ? their first ANNUAL DlBNBB'to be glee* at the 1 I"?*, *?"-. WKDNBBDAT. ?th ineUnt. of r! ? ?t the etor. of Hlanch? | aid A Mohna. A. R. BHBPHBBD, f , ?i. WALL, r JMO. B. BLVAN8, ! ja? ?t [Okron. Ialei?A B^L?f Tf*A OBANt) I. O O P. LBVBB, BBBEPIT o'rVHB LIBBABT. 1 MnviT?wL2WB' MALL, Seventh itreot, 1 t?-W?. nm n^?.^*BBIBO. ^enraary 4, |r?7. i ..Ama. wn.r/.'J? , j1*4 of lh* committee. I Me O a of tbt Lod^ti. jt ii eo5t ' : nTT* J,8"WA,?MLAL' MKBTINV oF THB 1 ' rtrnT^ / nSiw,idJ5? li,b# wAB?INOTON HAS ! rJ?J?T to*PANY Will be hell at tkc a B"e of j the Company,on MONDAT. Kebruarp 4 1?W for ulngyea?* Dl' ?*<?". *> daring Ue en [ u fl^k p?^* U n ?'c,ock ? kDd <=lo*e ?t i j*17 lit ' OH\8. B. BA1LKT. tecreUry. I ffW^JOBBPHJFI SHAPP1BLD, frl..., CON FB0T10NBBY LADIES ICB CBBAM a DINING 8 a loos, _ **6 Paaa. Ave., bet. ixth and 13th eta. . akorl^MtfL DJrrr* ar"** a???'"d at Z. w norellio# in PrrmBiid?. faiirv Oonfectienerie*, Jelliws Wedila* ; j3fr.%!ii<Jsrs:s?.ar.?a"??? t"*" , 1 **"? w111 to attend to all deII c^vvJw^o-oTsr-wr*?th"- ^ ; ; J JOSBPH H SU APPIBLD. Hj'ISTABLISBID mil, ! *CPHBR80N A PBBGDSON, i i P*?*. avmui, coa.taa 1st stiiii, Dealer* la Hill, PLBB DBLM^, HBDIOIJIBS and OHBMIOALS. 'BBPUMBBT, PABUT GOODS, ' ww . . . INSTBL'RBNTS, Ac , Ac. ed Ft'on" .a**urately oompoundoe H-tf * promptly answered. ! S?8Sw0*?!S/?? ""-T'olTn, Counter #.i CABBB. one seven and tka ether Ave ^ kUm Will ke eold very low. Ap?ljf la Drmg Btore corner fthaad B *t. jakit' f 'm.uf1!? V*,**?T?On#*fx octave ChlckeriBg PI ABO, witk Cover tn|MK| i ? ,.Bly 10 1,0 4ro mk.TTTll WlWffl F And G ati. 29 $t* Myuoli uiiwAo roft - fOBrHEE CIRCULATION. van be kad at oar Btore, or will be mailed to any ft'*" JOHB P. BLLIS/ I -* 106 P'-nneyIvaala avenue. "^JBTZKBOTT HALL.77 ~ xJ?.V?J?C?1 DIHHHB. TBA AND TOILBT ?,?,? j. Mit ""a/gaa?'B?i. ]V1*LOBBON8 ?BKiHT VltT GOOD^W^ Second hand Melodeoaa for sale orRMB reat, oa easy term*. TTTTTl iaM. W. BLLI8, janjt mc Pa.aveaae, near Xutk *t. /^ABBIAGB Fob 8 a LB-a flne full alxed di7Vy cular, Glass front CLAllVOIi.mmB. made to order by one of tka beat build ftjRggfr ??M wmlrk: cost.delirered h*ra,SBr=sg& W?M. Will be told low. Cm be *hi at _ McOlBMOTT'B. ja?-2t AAA Penney Ivanla a vena*. Om_, ~ PIANOS ?*> J one fer fltt ; on* for M _ a* all eeven ectavoe. Iran frame*, and kjb In sood order : were taken in nart eav for iTTin ' new on -* of Chlckering A Bo?TanYwUl bl eold a'r?*,y rlM* Al*o, one Piano for $so end one for ja*?-? lo? ? J0HH * J> ,fl^" 306 Pa ave . near 10th et. ^ ?GBBBN A CO. have removed to ITS Penneplvania aveaae. between I7ta and !?th etre hoping with their increased fee 11111 ies nd lVr,? stock, to merit tka entire trade In WBappi vPa PA Pi* PLOCB backs: TWI??r Ac^, Whlck I tbey will fninieh at Northern price*. " , PaptiM wleblng Paper in aay part ef the dtv fetter* fnni'?b*4 by I*?t!d? addryj^by ?ncodba?b mtrm HOMB MARCPACT0BB8 ! ?Iu I ^ BTOOB aad OBlATKBT VABIBTT la tkla city of SARATOGA TBDNKS. bolb lbatrbb tbdnks, ABD WOOD BOX TBCBKS, ladibb' ard mens batohbls. i tbatbl1ng baob. ' ali8bb, habnbbs, saddlbbt, ac., ac. At jarrs b. tophar a 00.1, RANUFAOTDBT. e-SOB bbvbrth btbbbt^ One Door north of Odd Ftllowt* Hall. TRUNKS aad HABNKS1 prempUy and tko. raaghlp repaired j, i 4 Vft tTa TS5 TAK,lr lir ?X0?ARRB , 'zzimfEL 1^???^?i CONGRESSIONAL. Tugboat, Jmiotry 29. 5iiati ?Tfc* Cfetir laid bffon th* s*nati> a rmtnoiitciUoii tr*m tbe President of the United Stau??, inclosing a commaaicnt:on from mei-wcretary of f*a?e, containing th? corresl oodence with Mr. Motley. V. s Minuter u> Austria^ coneeraing his resignation. l**id oa Al?* tbe veto message of tha Pre-ideat oa i^1*^Colorado bill; wbieh was read by the Mr. Wade asked to take a vole on tha bill. Mr Johnsn* moved to postpone us further consideration untlUo-morrow. Mr. Da\li said IttiNfuld he postponed, so as to aiiow time tor debate, and as a courtesy due U> 'ha Executive. Mr. Wade raid tba debate on tbese bills had already be?-n in terminable, and as the ae^stou was appr&aobiar an and. It was time to stop debate nod go to bostoete. 24r ??aulsbury askad for a postponement, in order tin ha might re pet tba vntrar charges which h?d bean made against the Preetd~n . Mr. Hendricks said It tbe Sen .te by a twothirds vote should pas* this bill, they would have to submit; but ha denounced It as it wrong to gise the twenty-seven thouaiad people of Cok rado the rights In this body its the million and a half ot Indiana. It was-t wrong upon tbe people tf bis State. The mv'ioa to postpone was further di?. ensued until the expiiaUon or the morning hour, when tbe regular order, being the tariff bill, was taken up, the question baing on the j amendment of Mr Cat tell to increase the duty ' on ulvbel to 4(i rents per pound. Tha yeas and nays being ordered on the 1 amendment, it was disagreed to?yeaa 10 nays Horor-Mr. I>awes (Mass >, from tba Vimroittee on Elections, to which was referred the resolution directing Inouiry Into the late ejection* in the State of Maryland, submitted a report that undertbe resolution the only que-tion this House could luquire into was the conduct o| the President of tbe United Stat*-, and a* the Committee on the Judiciary had that subject at present under consideration, the Committee of Election* asked to be (recharged. and that tbe resolution be ref?*red to Coinmittee on Judiciary The suggestion was agreed to. and tbe snbject was referred to tne Commlteeon Judiciary. Mr. Scbeack (Ohio) reported tba bill to equalize tbe bounties of soldiers in 1 sailors, and gave notice that be would call it np at tbe earliest opportunity. Mr. Jtnckes (K I.) from the Joint Select ( onimittee on Retrenchment, reported a bill to regulate the civil service of tbe United States, and to promote tbe efficiency thereof and be proceeded to make a leugtby speech in explanation or tbe bill. The bill provides that hereafter all appointments ot civil oftivers in the several Department* of tbe service of tbe United States, except Postmasters and such officers as are bjr law required to be appoint, ed by tbe President, by and with tne advice and consent of the Senate, shall he made from those persons who shall be found best qualified tor the duty of the offices, in an open and competitive examination, to he conducted by a board of "hree commissioner*, who sbail hold their ofllreh for a term of five years, and who shall be called tbe Civil Service Examination Board, and whose duties sball be? 1st. To prescribe tbe qualifications requisite for appointment into en b branch and grade of the civil service, having due regard to the fitness of each candidate In respect to age, health,character, knowledge, and ability fyi. To provide for the examination of all applicants 3d, To establish rules governing the applications, the timea and places ef the ex amimuious, the subjects upon wbish such examination snail be had. and 10 divide the county Info territorial districts, for tne purpose of holding examinations of applicants resident therein and otherwise, and to designate con\enient and accessible places, where such examinations shall be held. 4th, To examine personally or by persons by them especially designated, tbe applicants for appointment. Stb. To make report of all rules and regulations established bj them, and of a summary of their proceedings, including an abstractor their examinations, and to make report to Congress each session. Sec. 'J designates the order ot appoiu'.ment which Is?1st. The applicant standing the highest in order, Ud. Vacancies shall ?e filled by the appointment of the senior In the next lowest grade, but no person now in office sball be promoted or transferred from a lower to a bit;her grade unless he sball have passed at least one examination under this act 3d The right of seniority shall be determined by the rank of merit assigned by the Board upon the examination, and having regard also to seniority of service; bnt Heads of Department* may, at all times, order ne wexaminations, and tbe Board sball have power to establish rules for the special examination. Sec. 4 empowers the Board of Examination to prescribe a lee not exceeding *3 to be paid by each applicant for examination; and also a fee not exceeding SIC, to be paid bj each perion who sball receive a certificate of appointment said fees to be paid to the U. S Treasury. ' J^ec. 6 empowers tbe Board to designate by rules what misconduct or efficiency shall be sufficient lor the removal or suspension of all officers. Sec 6 declares that the Commissioners may conduct examinations 9^ call tg fbeir a??i9t n^h character and ucb t nfted States officers as may be designated by the President of tbe United State* or Heads of Departments. Section 7 empowers tbe Board to hear - !ir5e# a*a,nst accused persons, and to hear and determine any case of alleged misconduct, and to report tbe result of investigation to the heads of Department. Section 8 fixes the salary of the Commissioners at *5 u?) each per annnm, and empowers them to employ a clerk at a salary of >,000, and a messenger at a aalarv of fOoti. Section 9 enacts that any officer in the service of the Departments at the date of the passage of this act may be required to appear before said Board, end if found not qualified, sball be reported for dismissal. Section lu makes all citizens of United States eligible to examination, and where duties may be performed by females as well as males, the females shall be equally eligible as males. Section 11 enacts that the President, and also the Senate, may require any person applying for or recommended for any office, which requires confirmation by tbe Senate, to appear ?<efore said Board to be examined as to bis qualifications, either before or after being commissioned. At the conclusion of Mr. Jenoke's remarks, on motion of Mr. Hale (N. Y.) the further consideration of the bill was postponed till after the morning hour. The Speaker appointed Mr. Farnsworth (III.) a member ot the Committee on Reconstruction in place of Mr. Wasbburne, (lit.,) who was grnuted leave of absence Mr. Rltter, (Ky.,) from the Committee on Agriculture, reported a bill restructlng the Commissioner of Agriculture to tbe purchase and distribution of seeds and plants not native to the United States. After some discussion the bill was laid on the table. LatestNews! ^ AT TH1 COBHBB ?* ! OF 81VIITH A? 9 BTtlBTl. (396 A sVM the newspapers never ?eetf and if ? * ?' kuslaess advertise MAN Actually baa a <holes variety of Oooda. of all deWM*/^MWpriCrt-W!t ?*J5?111 Bf M th# lowest ^S*ttfte7e\ li.hh?}r " U pob,1#h found Jsuffjsssfss u b4? " " ? DEAD ?biiiflr 10 hmy thalr anl every I N Oer line or Black Walnut and Mahoaanv ian,i tare of ever* de^rlstioa, Painted 9Ltu?fffil" oituge SSUTaSK' r^robtf, Ppjnine Bnreaaa, WMhstaadaTrablee, Hair aad nfiit HattreeHa, Feather Bads pillows aad Bolttera. W1 ndoiTihadM, Brussels *hr?e->ly, aad Infraia Oareets. OllO/oihs. Mat-' WltLliMS . HoSJ; F?rBlsners, Aartioa and Coaalaalon Werebanta at tbs#eoraer of 8BVBVTH and D STBlBTfi, i|o! ' WASHINGTON. jaM-lw 81",D !T" D"ot- 91 $10,000 W0BTH BMT PAB10 KID OLOYB8, AT POPULAR PRICES. a.,08> J' MAT * 00>0? Peaasylvaaia a venae. Je M-IUf between tb aad letb rta. 4 PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. Mnrair ef tke Prrtldml < tke raited States, KrUrtfn % tke Senate a Bill Entitled "An Art far tke Admissien al tke State af Nekraaka lata tke I aiaa." * ; To tke Senate ?/ tke Vnited Stalet : I return, tor reconsideration, a Mil eatitled "As act lor tke adraiscioa of tke State of Net. braaka la to tke Union," wbick originated in the Senate, and kna received tke assent ol both Houses af Congress. A kill haviag in i?w tke same object was presented for ray approval a lew hours prior to the adjourn, ment of the last session; but, submitted at a time when there was no oppjriuait; torn proper ron si delation of ike subject. I'withheld my signature, and the measure failed to bfccme a law. It appear*, by the preamble of this bill, thai the p. epic oi Nebraska, availing theme*! ves ol the authority conferred upon mem by tke act parsed on the iwk ot April, im?, "bave adoped it constitution which, upon due examination. I is tonnd to conform to thp provisions and comply with the conditions of said a t, and to be | republican in Ite form of government, and turn ' they now ask lor admteeion into the Union " This proposed law would therefore aeam to be based upon the declaration contained in the enabling act, that, upon compliance with its

turns, the people ot Nebraska ebould be admtited Into the Colon upon an equal footing with the original Mates. Reference to ihv kill, however, shows that wkile, by the flrat section, Congress distinctly accepts, ratifies and confirms me Constitution and Stale Government wntch the people ol the Territory have lormed tor theineelws, declares Nebraska to be one of the United States ot America, and admits her into the Union upon an equal footing with the original States In all respects whatsoever, the third section provides that this measure "shall not take effect except upen the fundamental conrtinon that Willi in tue State of Nebraska there shall be no denial of the elective franchise, or ol any other right, to ?ny person, by reason ol raie or color, excepting Indians uot taxed; and upon the limber fundamental conditiou that the legislature of said State, by a solemn public act, ?b?il declare the asaent af said State to ine said fundamental condition, and shall transmit to the President of the United States an authentic copy of said act; upon recaipt whereof the President, by proclamation, shall forth w lib announce the tact, whereupon said fundamental condition shall be held a* a part ol the orgauic law of the State; and there upon, and without any further proceedings on ibe part ofCongress, the admission ofsaid State into fbe Union sball be considered as complete. ' This condition is not mentioned in th? original enabling act. was not contemplated at the lime ol l's paeeage, was not sought by th? people themselves, ha* not heretofore been applied to tne inhabitants of any state asking admission, and is in direct conflict with th? constitution adopted by tne people and declared in the preamble, 'to be republican in ita form of government;" for in that Instrument the exercise of ihe elective franchise and the right to bold office are expressly limited to while citizens ot the United Slates. Congress thus undertakes to authorize and compel the Legi*. lat lire to change the constitution, which tt in declared in ?lte preamble has received rhesaitc. tion ol the people, and which bv thia bill is ' accepted, ratified, and confirmed" by the Congress of the nation The first and third aectionn of the bill exhibit yet further incongruity. By the one, Nebraska is '-admitted into the Union upon an equal fouling with the original States, in all resp.-cts whatsoever;" while by the other, Cjugr^ssd emindJ, as a condition precedent to her admission, requirements which in our history liave never been asked of any people, when presenting a Constitution at.d State Government for ?he acceptance of the law-making pi>? er. It ia expressly declared, by the third section, that the b'll '-shall not Luke effect ex cept upon the fundamental condition thai within the State of Nebraska there shall be na denial of the elective franchise,or of any other light, to any person, by reaeou of raceor color, excepting Indians not taxed " Neitner more nor less than the assertion ol the right or Congress to regulate the elective franchise of any state hereafter to be admitted, this condition ia in clear violation of tbe Ked eral Constitution, under the provisions el which, from the very foundation of the Government, each State has been left free to determine for i'self the qualifications necessary for the exercise of suffrage within its limits. Without precedent in our legislation, It Is In trarxed contrast with those limitations which, imposed upon States that from time to time have become members of tbe Union, had lor their ob|ect tbe aingle purpose of preventing any infringement of the Constitution of tbe country. If Congress is satisfied that Nebras ka, at tbe present time, possesses sufficient population to t-ntiile her to full representation in the Councils of tbe Nation, and that her people desire nn exchange of a territorial lor a State government, good faith would ?eem to demand that she should be admitted wi bout further requirements than those expressed in the enabling ast, witn all of which it is asserted in tbe preamble, ker inhabitant* have complied. Congreaa may, under ibe Constitution, admit new Statee or reject them, but tke peo* pie ol a Stale can alone make or change their organic law, and prescribe the qualifications l9f Con|re??. however 1 acting ihe bill in ihe shape in trhich it'has been submitted for ray approval, does not merely reject the application of tbe people of Nebraska for present admission as a State into tbe Union, on the ground that the Constitution which tbrv bave submitted restricts tbe exercise of the electi ve franchise to the white population, but imposes conditions which, if accepted by the legislature, may, without tb? consent of tbe people, so ebangethe orgauic law as to make electors ot all persona within the State, without diatinction of race or color. In view of thia fact, I suggest for the consideration of Congress, whether it would not be just, expedient, and in accordance with the principles of our Government to allow the people, by popular vote, or through a convention choeen by themselves for that purpose, to declare whether or not they will accept the terms upon which it ia now propoaed to admit them Into ike Union This course would not occasion much greater delay than that which the bill contemplates, when It requires that tbe Legislatures ahall beconwmed within thirty daya after this measure abjp bave become a law, for the purpose of considering and deciding the conditions which it imposes, and gains additional force when we consider that the proceedings atteudiug the formation or the Slate Constitution were not in eonlormity with the provisions of the enabling actthat in an aggregate vote of 7,776, the majority in favor of tbe Constitution did not exceed one hundred, and that it is alleged that. In consequence of frauds, even this reanlt cannot be received aa a fair expression of tbe wishes of tbe people. As upon them must fail the burdens of a state organization, it is but iust that they should be permitted to determine for themselves a question which so materially affects their interests. Possessing a soil and a climate admirably adapted to those industrial pursuits which bring prosperity and gTeatness to a people, with the advantage of a central position on the great highway that will soon connect tbe Atlantic and Pacific States, Nebraska Is rapidiv gaining in numbers and wealth, and may, within a very brief period, I claim admission on grounds which will cballeuge and secure universal assent. She can. therefore, wisely and patiently afford to wait. Her papulation is said to be steadily and eves rapidly increasing, being now generally conceded as bigb as fbrty thousand, and estimated by some wboue judgment la entitled to respect at s sti 11 greater number. At her presentj-ate ef growth, ehe will in a very short time Save the requisite population for a Kepreaentative is Congress; and, what la far more Important to her owa citizena. will bave realised snch an advance in material wealth as will enable the expenses of a State government to he borne wltbent oppression to the tax-payer. Of new communities, it may be said with eepeclal force?and it is true of old ones?that tbe inducement to emigrants, other things being equal, is in almost the precise ratio of the rate or taxation The great States of the Northwest owe their marvellous prosperity largely to the faet ibal they were continued as territories until they bad grown to be wealrAy and populous com. munitles. Akdbbw Johsson. Washikotow, January aa, 1*67. JB8SII *cD1A*OTT. CDAtDlAB Or QKO. J ?- McDermott. Charles r. McDermott, Frank 1 ? *?Denae??, having reported to jfct cowl that, is pursuance of i? da. 5*1 W0*1!" of the Supreme Court of tke District of Cviamkla. she sold the ia teres I to and east of laid dwelling, with a dsfcth eauai to I the detth ef said Lot ? *. boanded m ftlloe* the west line of Let a; thenoe north along said BQQiTI IMt? M fVUlO MMIOf TOT IM UB Ol M litktd ia the latfesJ faielllMsMt as<i leeeing 7STH?8inS" its?*".so. i f at iiwjua* J nuiii 4 rCLOCK P. I?. govehrmeiit itel iritiev WASHITOTOM, J an us.y *?, l?7. JtT Coo Be Sc. l!o turn lab tbo (oiloiriif qiotations ol Government securities: Mmy ing SeUtng Uoipob, ...il7 it 7k U. 8. FIT* TWMUH, IW?W i<?^ lu; u U. S. Fits Twenties. ie?? |.?% j<i5h I Sj. t'jT? Tw*ntf?. IMS lufrfc Iu5k U.S. Eire TwfDtlnjMA J'y,'?6 l?t?% n>4\ U >. Ten Forties B-i\ ?#e> II s. s?wn Thini??, August ... u?t iHk i r. S. SfVfn Thirty*. June #HO\ lot* J U..S. >even Thirties. .! !; \w\ bbw you pib0t board 8albs ! Coupon* , ttf? H'fc ?w 5-SBT?. .107 ?H'?, AukuK.... Kit\ ! JWU, l?4...:.....ire* TJU's, June UMJL i 5.5ws, 1k05 IHj| <.3u's. July. ...... lot JnAJr.t5.IOt Gold 134?, 11 - , financial. Lewis Johnson * Oo., quote Stocks ud Baud* is home and foreign markets as follows: Naw Yoru. Jan *9.-l?t Board?U. S rmf. : istered. It6l. 107*. oo.. coopous. IV7*. #-*i's, registered, Itti. do. coupons, iu;; do., l*?sv Ii5; lo.Mt, reentered. : do. cobdods, ftik' 7-3i.,n. I?V Unto and Mississippi Certificates f S'-'X Ca?iu>u. 41; Cumberland. !*6: uuicBstiTTr* '*?' Mariposa, lu: Mew YorB Ceuirai. I t#7\; Er?e,5:?\; do prefrr'd, 9J. Hud?oo. l*o; , Reading, l(il\ Michigan Ontral. luti; Michigan Southern, Illinois Centra., ma [ Cleveland and Pittsburg. 78. Cleveland and Toledo. 117: RooB Island. Sci*; Northws*tern, 33*; do. preferred. 5?\; Fort Wayne. W>. Cbicago aud Alton, K?i, Alton and Terrs Haute. - ; Toledo and Wabash, 3?B: W. U. Telegraph. 43* Huston Water Power, ilk Pacific Mail, U0. Atlantic Mail. BIB. Gold, iju p. m., 134*. THE CASK Or MR MOTI.RY In compliance with the resolution of the Senate, Secretary Seward bas sent in to that body ike correspondence between the State Depart | rasnt and Mr Motley, Minister to Vienna. Th* letter of Secretary Seward to Mr. Motley is as follows: Dbiautmrrtof Statb, Washimgtob, Nov. 81, 1MR.?Sir: A citisen of tbe United States bas adoret-sed a letter to tne President from Paris, in wblcb be represents that be bad tra\eled extensively in Europe during the last year, in the cour.e of which be had occa?ion to see something of our Minister* anlC.nmi Is lu various countries; mat most of them w him he met were bitterly hostile to tbe President and his administration, and expressed that hostility in so open a manner a* u? astonish American*, and to leave a very bad impression or Europeans. He adds that you do not pretend to conceai -'yqur disgust." as he nays you style it, at (be President's whole conduct; inai you despise American democracy, and loudly proclaim that an English gentleman is tbe model ol human perfection; that the President has deserted his pledges and principles in common with Mr Seward, who yon say is hopelessly degraded Your denial or confirmation of the trnth of these reports is requested. 1 am, sir. yourobeditnt servant, _ . . _ wm. h. sbwabm. To J. Latbrop Motley, Esq. Mr. Motley replies. December II. saying that i his first impulse was to content bimseif with a Hat denial of the truth of tbe reports- bu' on lurtber reflection, did not wish that there sLould be doubt as to bis political t-emimsntHe bad always believed that strong Buaran- t tees abould be taken against a recurrence i f , tbe rebellion, and the re-estiiblishment of so-ne , form of slavery, before the seceded Stats* should be re-admitted to representation in Concrete. Latterly lie has inclined to the opinion that the noblest and tbe safest course 1 , would be by amendment of the Constitution prohibiting distinction of race or color in regard to tbe attainment of the franchise, together i - * nb a general amnesty to be pronounced by the President There opinions, ic the privacy ol his own household, aud to occasional American visitors he had uot concealed. He had never thought that because he was a public servaut 1 of tbe American people be was deprived of tbe rlgbtof discussing within his own walls he grandest subjects tbatcin interest freemen. da<1 &1 <^Hys b^fD careful in sqcIi coii v^r* i sations to aveid sny expressions of di>re*pect towards the President or bis Cabinet He warmly denies the other allegations, and in conclusion tenders his tesignaiioa ef his poet ac Minister at Vienna. THK WHfTK HOI'SR J To-d?y being Cabinet day, no visitors were 1 admitted to tbe Executive Mansion. All the memtiers of the Cabinet were present, and the ! t-ession was held from twelve o'clock at til aftertwo. 1 Pkrsokal?Haron Stoeckl. who was snp. ' posed U? hare take* final |e?v*o* tfte ^uutr^, how on his wfcy to tbis #ity to resume i former position as Russian Minister, which ! in bis absence is filled by bis Seeretary ol Legation. Bodisco. Mrs. Henry Johnson, < formerly Miss Harriet Lane, of President Hucbanan's household, is now the happy 1 mother of a bouncing boy. who rejoices in :be 1 name of James Buchanan Johnson. ' Tiikniw Fivb c*kt Pibcb.4.?Sam plea of ! tbe new five cent pieces have been received at ' tbe Treasury Department. The coinage hat already been commenced at the Mint, to which application for them must be made. ibtbrbal kbvbsck. ? th" receipts from ! this source to-day were ftt-2,.i4*?.23. e?? . ? local news. ? Thb rrlk8 as to admission to thi Dip- ' tbict Si fkisk Cotrt Hak.?This mcrning ' the loilowing proceedings were had in tbe | District Supreme fourt. in general term; t Judges Cartter. Fisler audOliu on thel*encb: | Mr. Joseph H. Bradley, sr^ moved for the admission to the bar of the Supreme Court ' of the District of Columbia of Mr. Alleu B. 1 Magruder, of Virginia, a member of tLe bar ! of the old Circuit Court, and at present an attorn, y and counsellor of the Supreme Court I of the United States. , fit was Y?ry generally understood that Mr ' Magruder would be unable to taBe what is > known as the "Test oath," and that this motion ! was made with a view of asoertaiuing how this court regarded the recent decision of tbe Sa- i rreme Court ol tbe United States as affecting I its duty with regard to the rule it hail laid i down on the subject.?Hep.] In response to tbe application? 1 Chief J ustice Cartter said: Mr. Bradley, to 1 grant your motioa and pass an order for the ! admission of Mr Magruder would be to set aside the flrst rule of this court. Mr. Bradley. I thought, your Honor, that after the recent decision of the Supreme Cjurt . of the United States on the subject of the test , oath a distinction woald be recognised between a party who Is an attorney aud counsellor of that, the highest legal tribunal, and ons who is not. The Chief J ustice.?There ia a rule laid down 1 for the admission of parties as attorneys or this ] court, as is the case with regard to the highest courts in the surrounding States and Territories, and this admission Is here as in all sach tribunals subordinate to compliance with the first rule prescribed by this court, whether ndmis- I sion be moved upon examination, or upon cer. ' tiflcate fcoa some other court. I presume the | object of the motion made at this time is to call 1 tbe attention of the court to that rale, with a t I view to Its repeal or modification. i Mr. Bradley.?That is the purpoee of a mo- I tioa which I propose to n*aBe at a future time, I for the admissioa of certain gentlemen who have never been admitted as members of tbe Bar of the Supreme Court of the Unit?d i States, bat I supposed this motion woald I stand on a different ground, under tbe de. ' cision of the Supreme Court or the United States. I presumed that when a member ! of the bar ef tbe Supreme Court of the i United States applied for admission to this j bar, he would be admitted as a matter of i coarse, taking such oath as is prescribed by that tribunal, this o?art being a branch of each. The Chief Justice?We will take pleasure , In hearing counsel on this motion, but would | prefer not doing so at the present time, as oue | member of the court (Judge Wylie) is absent J lrom the city, and perhaps it would he oest to have a tall bench during auch argameat. , He will probably return within a day or two. Aa regards myself, I will say at this tine that 1 1 I see no dlfTerenee in the position of a member of the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States and that of a member of the bar of any J other court, inasmuch on on application tor < admission hers each la subordinate to this rule. 1 It after all rednoee itself to the question whether the court will ooneesit to repeal or modify the rule referred to. < Mr. Bradley .?Tee, sir, or make any excep- ( tions in particular cases. The Chief Jusaes.?I repent, the Ooart would be Terr glad Indsed to hear oouasel oa the subject, for their disposition Is to accommodate bemselvee to the condition of afhirs, as well j as they reasonably can, without beoomlng ac- I I ceeoonee to rebellion. That they do aot propoee to do. either before or after the fact. Mr. Bradley.?I do not deelre, may it please your Honor, to argue the motion to-day, on I ' I |K?1 fcl e* * ' Hi engiipanu elsewhere. Mt I he glad it the Ooart wo?ld nasi*a .or># day tot t?ar|a( The Chief Justice?We will -adeaT ,r t? acommodiu counsel ta itte r-a^or. W ?-r IT* that nf our p>?t?i%Ti r??i.rM thu quwiot to be rally and lairiy m- ? j disponed of it ar intelligent, ja?t *nd dejiber e m Mifr, i|4, therefore, we will be pieaaed to bear from yon at mr tirr? Ton mar surreal Tb? B*U?a WM (M for hMuloi Oa Tnnr* tir *?, ' li' - # Affair* la SmcMawa CWTtXAKT mkvicm ?L<*?( >un iar at the lJoii?rr?? ?iTt ?l M P Ctur, fa. ?? de?o>d u> t*Icm codhrctrd wiib ttic collections heinr trade In tin various charrfae, of tbe Keth..dit ( eootnioauone tnroufhout ik<> ceuatrv R-? hir. Sberaier is me puivr. Tbe ?-r?i,^. or h* tnorairg were conducted by Her. liaotei liuwem. farmer pastor of tbe congregation The iter noon and evening exarctees of tbe N%ht>? a school and congregation wer? very interesting and in tbaee fcev. J. Tbuna* Murray, editor .if the Me>hodi*t Protestant, aad Key p l Wil. son. of Baltimore, participated a* agena of tbe centenary lunds of tbe Maryland Uoafereare The coatri buttons will amoant to ahoat |Mii r>LK?llD Waook ?Alfred Zimmerman *" arraated for raaaing a wagv>a without tbe license repaired by law, aad flaed Soil t>> Justice Rarkey. Laaraar Casks -Wm. Aug Warden ?u irmifd by oflcer Pax eon. upoa a charge of stealing a pair of wagon wheels. tbe property of Conrad Myera. Tbe wbeel* were re.-o?er?*<l. and tbe prieoner waa bald for a beumt. Joseph Mill* waa arreated by officer Brown for tbe larceny of a lap dot. tbe property a( Wm. P. smith Thu rw. al*o wall JTd for a 1 hearing by Justice Buckey. J <J*a?d MaM UiiTim o? thi Taaritakci OiniRR ?I .am iifbt the vartons tern peranre organizations of the town omted in a grand demonstration in Naw Market Hall The organizations were iargeiv represented, and tbe bonse waa crowded, Eleqneat addrettes were delivered hy Kev. I> a Shermer. of the Conti*M street Church. Mes-rs Bolloway aad (roldin, of Washington, and other friends of tbe cau*e The meeting re united in a number of persons pledging them selves to total abstinence. FLora A*n G rain Market ?Market dnll. receipt* unimportant: tranaaclion* limited t ? the city trade, aad price* am banged LIBT OP PBOPOSALS or A NIMILL4neoai character receirod at tne on. * 0f tae usrVa'lrfs? for * eadiug Jan General ? Toskman, Washiagton.D 0 . after* B.rV^VThS XVOM M 16 ~h..TSKJE^'SSKS'S ? ? JL"wVJav.%; <" ,r rill BOBBBAUX W1BBB. t'hstesn Lagraags, " |b| l*r* ?c * Mcdoc, * Oaalenac Med c, " ? Obntean Lafltte, 1841. Chateau Leorllla, ** Cfaatsaa hautaras. *' P*>otst Oaast. H Julian. " For sals at rsdaced prices br K 0 UTEB A CO.. j . 4M Pei asyl*aoi* tu?v?, 1 ja 17-aoM betwaea Utfa aad l?th itratU L lllll BALLRItS will do wHI to call at the JJ? Head.iuart^r* and 'ry OROIIKD <~hol<~a Nl. CAH8 and TOBAt'OO 2'<? Pn i aeeaae jtjj it QftlC ?H GOOD81 OI'KKA OLABVBtt aud 8PK0K8 for tbe Millions. I'RBRLKS and other GLA8SBS at half ?rl *. than by tbe Opticlaa, at I ililXIMPIIl jatl lt* 240 Peanaylvaiiia avauva. Fob naL.v-i.ono quit blankkth at BOBBBT FULTON 8. Pawnbroker. Ao-i 9th rtrsat. jals tw J 8T BBCBITK3) ^ TATB8 A t*BLBT?. Bo. .1^3 Psnn*ylaaia arma*. A snperior lot of L&DIBV OLOAKIBU8, whl -fc tbay ars oiferinx at very low price* aa tt t< BOI1 rtKATBR from at cents ts ft*, MEN'S bk ATBS from fl.? to ?M. kt the Skate Depot POULTNBT A TRTMRLB, Ba. 900 W*at Baltimora street, 8a 18-1 BalUmere. M4. ^PBCIAIt BOTTCB?Two thoaaand loada slaas ^ waabed OBAVBL, of the moat *alt*t>lo kind [prcoacrete Also two 'boaeaed load* 8UaBP BAB 1> and two thonaaad load* FINK H4VU *aitbfale for maeoarr aad plastering, on hand aad far mla at vary moderate prices by TH0MA8 FABBT. da / ooras 10th street waet aad Oaaal hBPABTMBBT OP THE IBTBBl(7b~ U UMTEDSTA TBS PA TEXT orPlCE. - ^ * a*mii??to3i. Jaunary a, im: On the petition of JAME8 8 TA \LOU of Patinry. Conaeaticat. prat lag for the esteu don of a pateat fraated to htm the 3d day of May. A 186!, lor aalmprorainent In Machiae* for f>,iiiB? lb* Hat Bodies, for eeven years fram tas si I iRft S.FSJV"- ^ It is ordered that the saM petition ba heard at ths Patent OSes aa Monday, ths 1Mb day of A art I nsxt, at lta'elock m ; aad all persons are noUsed to appear and ebow oaase If aay tfary hare, aby said patJtlan oaght not to be (raat?d Pereoas ouoMaC Jht txteneioa are repaired te Die Id the Patent odes their ?bjsctk>ua. re-.Hkl'ut forth tt wrtU&f at !#a.-r (.m. Jay, ths Isj of hearlai: hli testimony Sled hy either psrty tobansedat tb? sail hearing ncatbe taken aad transmitted la accordance with tbe ralee of the office, which will be faralehed oa appllcatioa Depositions and other papers relied apoa as testimony must be fUed in taeoffiae ricea/pdar* before tbe day of hearing; tbe argam?ats. If nay, wltfain len days after Sliag tbe teab mom. Ordered, also that this notice be published In (he Bepcblieaa.and the Intelligencer, Washington. D. 0 . aad la tbe Palla'tfuni, Be? Hav-n, Dor.n , once a wf<ok for three saroeaeive weeks : tbe Drstofsaid publications to be at least sixty days previous to the day of bearing T 0 TBEAKEB. _ _ _ Commissioner of Patents P B. Editors of ths abovs sapors will pieass copy, and send their Mile to ths Patent <>?r? with a paper containing this notice jm 28 lawSw rhBPABTMBBT OF TBB IBTEEIOa. U UNITED STATES PATENT orriCE, _ WASMjnaro*. Janaar* 2S. 1M. the petition ofBOcLlH WHIT1. fortaerly ""frlsilsM, Ma.aacbaaettt, bat now of Uo*?ll. Massschasetu. praying for the esten ??* .of?m HU|' franted to him tne ?i dap of *r!*' r?-tscned to kin In three divisions >n the I7th day o October IM1, for an imarneaaent In E< seating Pire?ros?, for e*ven years from be expiration of said patent, which takes piaoe oa Ihe3u day of April, 186? It Is crdf red that the said psUtlau bs hoard at the Patent uttce on Mondar. the 17th dap of Mar next, at 11 o'clock M.: and all parsons are 4 f tihed to appear and abow cause. If aay tney aaT*. s h> said petition ought aot to bs granted. Persons opposing ths extensieu are required to Sle In the Patant Office their ot^ectioas. specially >et forth in writing, at laeat tweutr days before .facdsyof bsaring. all teatimony Sled by either [varty to be nssd at the said bearing must be taken tnd transmitted in accordance sntk the pile* of the office, which will he furnished on appllcaties. Depositions and otrier papers renes npr>n as tee dmi'iiy must he bled in tbe offioe twentr days >efore the day of hearing: the arguments, if any. sltbin ten days after Sliag tbe testimony Ordered slat , that this notice ba published la tbe Sepubllsan and tbe latelligenoar.Waehiacton. D. 57, and la the Bepubllcaa. Springfield. Mas* , inee a weak for three saeceeaive weeks; tbe Iret of said publications to be at lasat sixty days - '"" fo. THBA RBB, _ _ , Ooamisdwer of Pa?eam. P- S.?Bdltors of the above papers *MI si ease topy. aad sead their bills to tlmPateat Office, witk a papar oontainiaa ibisnotlaa. jaLriawSw nEPABTMBBT Of TBB IVTBBIOB If UNITED STA TES PA TKNT (j FF1CE. _ ? .... WAsaiaaTon, January si. 1847. ?0a tts Bsttttoa of aLFBBD j WATT8. of Brosklu<> T., praying for ths aztsnaion of a psteat graated te aim ths Mth day of april. 1841. or na lmprovamant in Froaasees for Preparing Hold, for ssven rearsfsom the exalratfoa of sail |MM4. which taksspMbs oaths day of April It is ordered that the said petitlon ha heard ad the Patent Offiee on Monday, ths dk day af kpnlaext. at IS a clack M , aad all persons are sotiSed to appear and show eanse, If any tfaoy Mva, wky said pstitioa ought not te be granted. Persons opposing tbe extension are ra^ui rad ta 11a ta the Patrnt Office their objections, specially let forth In writing, at least tweaty days befara the day of beerlag; all testimony Sled by either party to be used at ths said hearing must ba takeu Aad traarmitted In accordance with the ruiee of the office whlofa will bs furnlshsd on application Depoaitlons aad other papers railed upon as tas k dmony must be Sled la the ofBas twsnty dare be I roreths day sd hearing; the arm meats, If aay, aithln tea days after Snag the testimany Ordered, alee, that this notlcabs published In Ibe Be publican aad the BaUenal Iatelilgeaoer, Washington. D. C. and ta thaTlmas, Bern York, B. T . once a week for three snoassrivn weeks; tbe Irst of said nablloattoas ta ba at least sixty days nuin r. b. sum. ?f >c3S?1SS.0,.'ilu!S~ ?py, aad send their Mils to tbs Patent Office wttb t papar aaatalalag this aattaa. ja ?-law?w Brass foubdbt. Bo. did B street. Bavlag started BBASB FOl'BDET la et>aaaelea with my Baa aad boeksmltk hasiasss, 1 aa prepared ta do all work la that Has. ja U-?m JOBB J. PBABUPF. D BBBMBKE, yon of the Baae Ball frstsralty. tV that C BO BIB *8 Bsad?aerters Is Bo. 819 Pa. Avsaaa. Oail oaa and aU, aad asataiae hie See IBB ABB aed TO B a OOP iaiJ-41 WM. BBABB A OO.* PIAB08. rusos s aB-R^ rwK %e It. 4W nib r'"""ll"F*^.TEMOBBBEAOB. N WjSmsaa?YVa'ySMUIUpaLeotar** ea Ti ^ mraunot.