Newspaper of Evening Star, January 29, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 29, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR LOCAL NEWS. i m i A1UIIUI18. Be.. TO-BIQBT. Wall* f*aw itkia Hot: be.?'-Griffith 1 Gaunt, ' with Mis* Kw? Ky:inge is her cele- i britted imptrwaaiiun of "Kitr Peyton." j N atiosil Thbatcb?The French dramaot "Helpbegor, the Mountebank " Mbtzbr<>tt Hai i.?The great combination 1 ot two Fenke familiea Swim, Bell-ringers Bad J the Berfrr tamilv. ? 1 The Public Park mk this District.? \eeterday. iu ui- ?>enate. Mr Brown tutro- duced a bill lor the establishment and main. ; "nance of B public park in the liuinet of CoJumbia. * It provide* for tbe purcnaeeef a tract of land 5 within tbe limit* of b carrey uade by Bri(. 1 <T?oeral N Micbler, nnder the order of tha secretary of War, and ia pursuance ot a Senate , resolation. 1 The second section designates it the Na- ! tional Park of tbe I uited States, and empower* tbe Secretary of War to lay ant, embellish and make police regulation* respecting it, and also detail cfficers and soldiers for such ! purposes. 1 The third section requires tbe Supreme Oonrt J Ot tbe District to a just and suitable appra.sement of tbe c vsb value ot the real estate ' interests involved. The SecTe.arv of War is required to pay tbe amount of such appraise- J meiit. and m case it shall not be called for in fifteen days in any cases, the amount shall be deposited iu said court to tbe credit of the -owner. One hundred thousand dollars u apI propriated. d \ Coat Stealing in Chtri h ?Hansel Harris, colored, whs arrested yes'erdav afternoon J by otfi. er I,** i-, of the Kourib Ward for tbe t larceny of an overcoat, tbe property of Geo. I ain?, colored. Tbe i;ij? bad a preliminary o bearing before .1 ?sti.? Tucker. who held Harrib tor further examination It appeared that * ?'ir the tfi ib instant, the complainant was at d lohn Wesley Church, on L street, and several 0 penitents bem* at tbe altar be was requested by the minister to converse with them. He lett Lis coat and other articles in the pew I where he sat, and went inside the altar, and 1 iter the services be discovered that some one bad appropriated tbem. Subsequently the coat was offered for sale to a mau that it did I not fit. The coat was left at a house for the man to consider about the purchase, and Hr?r- n n- went to se.- about the payment and wa* ar- ? Tested Another party is implicated, and the officers are ar.xiow* to arrest him before the I ilual examination ot Harris. * Aiijasdbia Ann Vi< ihitt ? We clip the following items trom the Alexandria Gazette ( ot yesterday afternoon: The ice bridge which now spans the Potomac, was crossed yesterday bv numerous pedestrians xrom ibis city. This morning the ice cutters wer? procuring ice from spots r from which it had been taken last week, and n entirely tree from snow, seven and a half inches tbu k. Old ice on the river is now one I loot thick I Mr Criando O H-nderson.on Snnday nicht f last, while on King street, near St. Asaph, ac. eidentailv shot himself in the calf of the leg I with a pistol. No serious iniury is anticipated from the effect* ot ibe wound. Tbe residence of Mr Obv?. D Rudd, former y ot tbiscnv. in Ki-hmond, was robbed last week bv a negro woman employed by Mr Rudd as a cook, of several articles of bed ?.io:bing and ladies wear. / ? ' A 1'onRKXtTioH ?The following item ap. * penred u> ibis paper yesterday, clipped from i a morning cotemporary: 1 ? 1 be conduct of Samuel Strong, on the av enne la>t night, becomingof rather a disorderly t '?tnre. he was arretted b\ Offlcei Strong, wbo locked turn up tor a bearing this morning * We learn that there ia no truth whatever in . iHe above statement regarding Mr. Stron*. fnd we regret that it found its way inadvertantly into unr columns The insinuating by the Chrrmiclt that it was used bv u? "to injure the imputation of Mr Strong in this Dis- 4 tuci, a* hi? honest Kepublcau sentiments are rot liked by a majority of the people here," i* entirely unfouuded. The item was copied by u- ia the ordinary course of news-dlppinr. E without tbe slightest aulmus against >ir s * or knowledge of bis political sentiment*. ' " > A Heavy Loss ? This morning an old gen- . 'leman named 1). R Peters-, ou bis war to the ? South, was robbed of about #17,000 in Virginia 1 money, which he had in a small saichell. The v sat< hell wa.-. carried away, with iu contents, c trom t|,e Maryland avenue depot of the Orance Jr Alexandria Railr .ad The ca-e was assigned " to Detectives Clarvoe and McDevitt, who i,1 Were speedily at work, but the traces are very obscure. It is but a f?w days since an- a other heavy robbery was perpetrated in tbat * L locality, and the Detecti vee have been on the Cl I* lockout ever since, but they have no facilities I afforded tbem tor following up suspected parties who leave in the trains after an act has been committed. , ^ Babk in the woeos.-Last night, abon " 12 o'clock, an orphan boy, about ten years o age. named Thomas Conlan. who hid strayed away from his grand parents, was found by Lieutenant Johnson, wandering in tbe woods ti beyond the 7 h street Park It was fortunate * for tbe little fellow tbat the Lieutenant was o making a special search of the woods; for it is 8 verT probable tbat he would have frozen to ? death during the nieht. The esiray was taken "J to headquarters and restored to his a*ed a guardians ^ G Ball for thk Lknefit or the Poor ? g The ball lor the benefit ot the poor of the ?ev- n enth Ward, to be given at Island Hall on 1 Thursday evening next, is under tbe manage. 2 ment of some o! the most prominent citizens ot J Washington who are sparing no pains and . expense to make it successful. As the pro- ^ ceeds are to be used in a work of charity, our * readers should extend their patronage liberally, and show by tbeir presence that want and suffering do not appeal to them in rain. r Thk tV>Lr*BiA*.?The statement that the c tinman paper, -The Columbian," had been i s-old by Mr Cobnbeim to Mr. Koob is a mis- " take, as Mr Cobi>heim's paper has been discontinued for want of support. Mr. Koch has resumed the publication of the same, but the paper will no longer be a political one, but a business journal, devoted to tbe interest of tbe citizeus of this District As it is the only (*erI man paper among flfeen thousand (lermaas, It.will iiu doubt be supported ' I.ari kxiks?A number of larcenies, gran 1 * and petty, have b->en reported to the Detec ? t: ves witlun a f?*w days, which hare employe 1 those active officers day and night in endear- * onng to recover the property stolen and cap- a ture fhe thieve*. The mode of proceedure by t, De-tecures in such cases requires sec res v, aul the detail? are seldom made public. In many * cases tbe facts are notorious before the Detec- * tires are notified, and such case* are given tj B tbe public by the press. {l ORrnAWs" CorRT. Judye PurceU?To-day, tbe will ot Tbos. .lobuson bequeathing hi*mm. 1 tate to bis son and daughter wa* tiled and fully proven letters testamentary were issued on th? es- ? tate to Ld. McKeefe andTbos. Met}rath (bond ? ) letters of administration on the estate of Ann Roberts were issued to W. ?. Roberta (bond - Pkbs^sal?In regurd to the remark ofCo>. ' J li Adams, "that there were not ten right sons men in Georgetown," which appeared m oar report of tne last meetingof the Republican Association, ('ol. Adams informs us tbat 1 be meant it to apply only so far as hi* own * knowledge extended in 1*-61( when his acquaintance in Georgetown wa* rery limited. c Thi Catti b Market ? At the Drorer's 1 Rest yesterda\ a small number of extra be?t 1 cattle were *old at to 9a,'ii. fair, 96 to old cows. #4 Uj *."> .ow-and calves, &J0 toflO> i sheep, *5* to ?7: hogs, fs ^ to *10#. I | Shillibotob (>deon Huildiag, ha* pnb- [ hui.d*oinest calendar lor 1567 tbat we t have seen. j P?.li. k Rei-obtb.?i he lieutenanu of police I reported 34 arrest* in the District yesterday. "he amount of fines imposed was 950.7!s. 1 Jsct* B B 1 N 0 Y . ( "OOWH WITH HIGH PMIOBS." | Tbe best American Howard W ATOH, 19 karat ' mm. till), is karat Applet?a A Traoy, with all its lL2?ro?emeuts, ^itv . li 4 bartleit, with all It- loifioxuKats *: . iu currsncy. Asplsndi l l let f A Wa Ti'tfBa, set in 4iam'<nds *n<l ib slaiu gold case*. (20 lose than la tni other st r> tn tai> < 11y A very large lot of ladies' new j fcf.ii ? HalhS, of tbe Utest style, fit each. <i 11 Tbimblsa. very heavy 18 karat gold. fi. Very rlrb Osrnett 8st?- aa I others, one half less any here l?s Gold seal and plain Ki ngs, of ib- ?sry fce.l make to per cent lese than ia Buy ether store in this <-itf rise Silver Tea Bfooas. i i akilaom* liga'-ed. weighing 4 ob, a balf dozen, at J % - ; pitta the Mine 4 0i fit.warranted pare f Is A ?ce l?t ef OPIBA OLASSBS and bl B< KA.of tbe finest pebble, warranted to give i satUfactioa,by I ALKXAHDBB. ' Jeweler.-J 10 Psna are., -an <5f bet 11th and 13<h ?U /'OLOBID TOT BOOK B, fross L^Bdon" Tresch " V Jovenile B<>oks, direct from Paris, Ijaboalayea I " ? Fairy Tale*: Bsop largely lllueCrated, aad ' ?a*y others,iBst received. ?e 14 WBA1CK TAILOB. CITY ITgM3. J*w*i.aT.-W*w atyles Tip Bog Wood Setts. Tip Orose Setts, Pma, floe Oaird Utelw, SO# i?w styles Buttoas, Stude, Bracelets, Oall'-rnla Stone Setu, Silver P1&U4 Spoons, Forks, Goblets, Gap*, Call Boll*, Rtap. re*iwJ this moralag. at Prtn'l Oat Dollar rewe'xy Stops, Ho. MS Pennsylvaniaaveaae, tsar 4* streeL Mr oldPatbona will BaaUgreaUy to their LdTUtai* by calling at the new Shoe Store, So. HM 7 th street, under Odd Fellows' Hell. G. B. Wit-so*, ra late of the Ann of Burns A Wllaon. ? Dr. Witts, Chiropodist, ?M Peaa. *t- beween in and Ska a treats, coatiaoe* the aac-eesfnl t rent meat of corns, bunions, bod nails, nlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular ea:reeencee, he. OSes Hour* from 8 a. m. to pp. m, aad 6 to f? p. m. Established 1*41. Foa Chilblains and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation la a specific. Price *1 per bottle. 'or sale at 4tt PenasyiYaaia avenue, between % aad 6th streets. ASraaPiLa Ooaa ? Dr. Ollbert'a Pile lutrument positively cores the worst cases of (ilea. Sent by mail on receiptor S4. Uircaars free. Sold by (Ironists. Agents wanted vervwhere. Address J. B. Romaine. Mana;er, No. 675 Broadway, New York. 3: ? Paaaiaa can be had in aay quantities at ths Itmr office counter DIElf. 1)1 BR. On Sunday, 27th instant. at the rs?l ence of Wm M Bait Be<|.. 4*7 H street, ED A A RI> C. LYkR, In tba 47th year of hia age Funeral servic* will ba performed at Mt I'at ick eOhuirh. on Wednesday, ? th inst., at 9% Vlutk. to which hia friends and tha friends of he fsmlly are invited. * COOK8EY. On the :Sth in?t . KLLkN 8., wife if Joshua I Oenksey, ag'-d .14 year* The fri?ada of the fawny ara reepectfnllr in 'tied to attend ler fnnaral from her lata r??l ewe. M street a >uth. between t'? and id atr> e'?. n Wednesday. at oue o'clock. * W&DDIT Thl?<Tu**day > morning. January Ith. of heart disease. KDl)l K. the son of B. F and Isnrietta Waddey, aged 3 >ears,S menths, aad 9 days. Thus God bath railed another To sing bis praise in beavsn. Ths friend* and relation* sre Incited to attend lis funeral Wednesday event ng, at .1 o clock BARK K K Ob the tttli issUnt, at 7 o'clock p. a . gClNTIN BARKER, in tha 64th year of his a. McNANBY In thi? city on Snnday, ths 17th nst. MiCUAKL McNANEY. ef consumption, tar a lingering illneas of 3 months, aged ears May he rest iu peace, Ames. * r^HBAP PIANOS _ L/ UBB FOB > 1?. _ ? - ^ ON* KUR $ - >. one roB #40. rnxn % OH g FOB .*90. Theae l ave been taken is part payment for new lanos. and 1 will sell theaa on small montrily pay tents JuHN F. BLLlrt, js 28 It 30h Peaoa. avenne. near loth. j? 6 B 8 A 1L B . 10.(XO pcund* of Telegraph Wire, anitabla for ?nc? *. Ac uue large f>l7e Fire and Burglar Proof Safe. One t ton Coal and Hay aie 3>' u Ci ttor ?nd Linen Bed Hacks. 300 Iron bedsteads Also, a larg?- lot of Quartermasters' Storet from La late ticvernment sales Cheat t >r ca*li B. Q WHItliKK. ja 26 3t* 7lh street anl Canal Bridge 1ROBIN HA!? HBOKIVKD A LOT OF LA ^ lilt!)' SARATOGA 8KATBS. at hi* llealuaiters Pennsylvai:ta aveone. t L'lVK T?fc?TltS P ANB 81VBM THIBTIKS. A fnll snpflj of January and July FIVB WgN rig8 an fcand, which we can exchanza for 11 issues of 8?Ten Thirty Treasury Notes vu fa eral?le terms. COMPOUND I NT g RKST NOTES wanttd. 'a J3 dl w JAY COOK K A CO. ISO cbntra7 lV?aHNSOFFICK, 4S0 No 4**0 lut bsireet, one door beluv Pa. ave 910 0??0 to loan on Gold sad Silver W ATOH KS, IAMONDH. CLOTHING, snd M E R<'U A N ilcK of every description ja? a7"Bueiness strictly confidential.JTt .^.vTUI WBAK AND IM . , rT^tPAIBBD AYK>I?HT. * irlsitig fr. m proiraofed sick..ess, g?neraldebil t? of the nereoua system or the n?tnral disp > itlon to far ?r short sigbtednee*, will be restored, treiik'tbeasd, aad preserved by the use ef our Brazilian pbbblb spectacles. lannfa. tnred l>? us from the gennine 'I'jartz. (>ura vilex. i adordlng unrivaled clearne?s to tne rs.-.n* of vision These Pebble Spectacles and Bye-Gileses we riant with utmost care aad attention to the prop r condition ef tha particular eye sight, in ai:i.rdance with the physiology of the human eye, nd the laws of thea^tenr.* or optics. We sell our 'vhMen. as well a* all other e0b , OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS, t \nr Yi rk and Philadelphia prirt.\. as stated tn he catalogues ot leading firm<?Besj Pike. Hem? 0. JO... ?c. Scientific and Practical Optlciar*, 444 PennsyIvanla avenae, between 12th and )3th at* . Washington ty Among the distloguiahed patrona of oar Opicei E*tabli*hment during th^?e Isat aix year*, re bed leave to mention President Abraham Liuoln. Mrs. Llucoln, Chief Juatice S P. Obise. eeretary Beward, Secretary Stanton. Senatoia llsrk. Orimaa. Guthris, Morrill, fepragne, Snm er. Yates. Bon H I Dawes, M C . Mass ; Hon. ohn Wentworth. M C . Ill ; Jnd?e Fithejr. D 8. nIrene Court; Mayor Wailarh, Major Genaral lunter. Major Gen Schurm. Gen. Delatlel'i, Maj. Ian. Helatielman. Admiral GoMsboreugh. Sureon Sen. J K Barnes, Prcf H?nry, Bm-thso. ian Institute; Prof Mason. OolninblaB OollaB?; ir. Benrv Brui. Ohemist. Agr Dept; Dr. B K. tone, Ocnliat, Juage Tabor. Fourth Auditor, res* Dep t; Oov. Patten. Ala.; Gov. Parsona, Ian. Spinner.P.8. Treasurer. Ac.. Ac. ja -jft fit Som*"oIV0BA9E HOMB M AHCFACTDRE ' *aw E . GOODMAN, PRACTICAL CARPET WEAVER, Corner and C streets. (Inland > Makes Carpets to ?r4er with dispatch, on *m* ate terms,aad satisfaction guarantied.. Carpets unatantly en hand, and fer sals. jail 1m J i O O B B 1 B 8. HALL A PLANT, PLAHT'S BUILDING, Corner New York avenue and 15th street, I Entrance en New York avenne,) Dealers In fine FAMILY GBOCEBIE8, TEAS, t INES, IM POSTED LUXUBIB8, Ac., Ac., rould respectfslly notify their friend* and the ntlic that tl ey have jnat opened thalr New Ororry Store, where can be obtained any article uau lty kept in a first claaa Grocery. Without atMopting to enumerate our large, fraah and wallelected stock, we aordially invite the public to istrlne our stere and stock, believing we ahall ot fail to give entire aatlafbetlon to all who may iver us with their patronage. We call especial attention to our assortment of 'KA8 and COFFEES, which have been aelected rith great care for purity. Dealers will find a ne asaortmant to select from, and our prices to ult. Goods delivered promptly In aby part of tha city. jan # 3m 486 I ) 486 rth stsaet. i ^ V\Tg n?jf g *Tth BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL COMBINED. PAINTINGS AND ENOBAV1NGS. , A limited bnt choice selections of Oil Paintings. Ingravlngs. Chromoa, Wreatha, Baskets of flowA rich and varied assortment frem tha beet maaifact orers lu the country embracing Walnut. Inflation Boaewood, all tillt. Bustle and Carved frames. PassepartoaU, Card Frames, *c^ ICTDBE 00BD AND TA88BL8, WALHLT BBACKBTB. Ac. Picture Oerd and Taaaela all alaes and colera, ling Naila. Walunt Brackets, E?^j* A? >aPEBHANOING8 AND WINDOW 8HADB8 A beautiful variety of theae goods, embracing the Icheet designs of Gilt Embroidered Parlor Pet arna in the Bistrlst, with a well asserted atock of he aheaper grades, with a large variety of Winlow Shades, different aires aad oolora. Ordere fer Window Shades aad Paper hangings lunctnally filled, la city or eonatrr A large portion of the above Good* were made peciaHy to order, believing the best the eheapeet, nd aiming te keep that class of Goods, we respectnlly invite the PubMc to in?*ect andoompare our leode with any in the market. Term, t-raru,^^ 4?6 nh itr^t de 18 tni* deJwabove Odd Fellows' Ball. r CXUBIEB FOB THE HOLIDAYS. S A ILL A BD'S CANDIES AND CHOCOLATES, CARAMEL S CBBAM CHOCOLATEDOCBLB VAM1LLA iOBF. AND YABILLA BUBBT ALMOMDS, MIXED BUGAB>LUMS,aad ASSOBTBD CaBDIB*? ""rtErnw * ?? W?T ..WfAV/SftiS?OEje..,. Freeh,at KING PLACB. V11NCB MBAT (DOMB8TIO.) gol>s. worj. --S-TVTT'.V. mm Gold coler. full, yet delicate flavor mad ft aS"","" I?"lYSWJSSS*4 PH010B MUTS. BASINS. FIGS. 0U**h*TS, L SP10E8. Ac , Ac . toauit tbje aertGalar eeaob. For *ale by Z M. P. II>? ?J II al?| riaee. AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL THEATRE. Penagylraaln innt, BHT W1 Hards' Hotel. 'IMT PBODUrriOM 1? WASHINGTON ^ Somas tic Drama, thres acta, by Charles Webb. aatitlsd bblphboob, th* mountebank. New ?e*n*rr. iHb-MU Mar hi art . ." i'S*1, liMnitTi Property 5 ili ? Orlglaal Ma?lc. Sapetb Mountings a OiLV gaaeridly, and an Unexceptional OBAND CARNIVAL BOEN*. WALL'S HEW OPERA HOUSE. .--.PBOPBiBTOB H. B. PEltLlPA ..STAGE RAMAUII BBILLIANT BECEPTIOM f the Waihliflon favorite, MISS BOSB BTTIWQB. la Augnstla Dallr 's succeesful dramatization GBIPF1TH GAUNT. which will bt ripMN TH 18 EVEN I EG, January M.ltT. with iu original effect*,characterietio music, ai TUK UHEAT > AlB SOBKB. To conclude with the Farce of TRYING IT OK. _ , . BATES OP~ADMISSION. _ *r!T*^ Boxee, #8; Orcbeetra Cbatra. $1; Dra Circle. 76 cents; Parquetts. <) cents* Family 01 cle, 16 cent*; Colored Ui rale. 15 cants. piBfiT GRAND SKATING TOUBNAMKN' A NOVELTY. of th? WASHINGTON SKATIM PaBK beg to announce|to the pabiic tbati weatb J'Jf P*rOilttfi)g 1 they propose, ea THURSO a Mil, Jinutr; Slat, the novelty of a Toarn ni' Dt on ice Bin; preparation will be ma< tor the event. and the mien for the Tonruev atric l> observed The contestants fur the ring will I expected to appear la fancy dretg and all .1 airous of anterl ng for the prize are re tueeted i r- glat# r their name* at tbeoffica or the Preaidei or with th a ticket agent at the gate Alter thecereaaoay of Crowning the Queen, large sleigh. beautiful'* decorated, will I brought on thaire. to which the Ousanand Mai of Bouor will ba drawn by the Knlithie aroni the pond. The event to conelutie with a ilrsi Masyin rade, Illumination, and diaplay of Pi Works A full Band of Music will ba isatteadaace. The gate will be opened at I o'clock; Tonrn meat to commence at o'clock p. ro. Meaal>er's end aeaaon ticket* a Imit % Keutlenia aiid t wo ladles; 15 cent* tor each additional lad kindle tickets, a gentleman and one lady; boy'a ??" ja 29 :"t 1/ANCY DftESSKS AND COSTUMES, 1 For Tableaui and Private Partle Apply to MBS FRANK RE\, ja 28 6t* 44T loth straet. BALLS, PARTIES, <fec. Ball pob the benefit op the poo OF THE SEVENTH WABD. The undersigned citizens of the 7th Ward r pectfnlly announce that thev will aire a B?ll tor the benefit of the poir on TH0U8 ttw DAY EVCMNG.Slat, at laiand Hall. /! As the proceeds will he appropriated f>rUil alleviating the wants at the destitute of the Wnr they re-tect'Mlly ask for the patronage aud pre ence of the charitable on that occasion Tickets $1 admitting a Gentleman and Ladie to be had of the Manager*. Ja* L. Pearson E. N . Graf, J . H . Bird, Dr. I \ B Buawell. Dr K 0. Croggoa, J. Y?it>s R 1 Giahaai. (J O, Hamilton. G W'ight. Thomaa 1 Lloyd. William W Laakoy, J . A. W. Clarvoe ja 24 7t? LUST AND FOUND. CAME TO THE I'BKM[713 OK THE 8UI amber in Uniontown, a amall blaak H0R8I hind feet white, saddle Kali on hia back, about or 14 yeara old, aa an astray. F. LUSBEY. The owner of said Horae is re<iueated to call c the anbaci iber in Umontowu, prove property, a* cbargea.and take hint away. F. LUSHEY ashlngton. Jan ja 2? 2t^ &'>(! BE W ABO?Stolen on the night of tb tPOll 13d of September from the nremisea ? George Jones, near Bladenaburg, a dark brow HoRrE, marked U. 8 and 1. C ; medium atz< mane and tatl somewhat annburnt; has a ros ni ae. The above reward will be paid if returns to GEO. JONES, ocl Hyattsvllle. Prince George'a Oo., Md. BOARDING. AKVBNISHBD FBONT BOOM. SUITABL for two. with Board, can b" obtained at currn Ii.dmna avenue and ;Sd afreet treat, upon mo-Jeral jali St*^ HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BOOMS FO HkNT?With or without Board. No tt'Jl street, between Itfth and ltnti.oie square from tt cars. ja as df F"OR KENT-Two neatly fupn.shed BED BOOM a>l olniaK eocb other, with IK>ard if desired I a private family. No. 47b lath street, opp..sii theTreaaury. jalr. 3t* 'PABLI UOABD at Ho. 4S4 10th street.a fe 1 doors north of tha avenae Terms $u m month. Ac lA-n Georgetown advermt.CHEAP COTTONS. AT MILLER'S, 101 BBIDGB STREET GEOBt.ETOWN, D. < Ja?t ractlTed. a large st'ck of GnTTwN GOOD, which wa are selling at lower prices than tht have been avid atnea the war ?Bl ached Muslli 12-j. 16. idcenta. aood yard widaSblrtlng ditto. audlAeenta; 4 4 Androscoggin Bleached Musiii 3Ucenta, t-itfaa<otU d?., 36 centa; 6 411.1 tt 4. It 4, 11 4 Shi-atlngs, very low; Calicoes at 12> 16.1-* cents; Merrimacks, Spragnea, and oiber bei makea. !U cents; Shitting Pnata. 2o cents: Ui bleached Mualins, Ilk, 16 cents; yard wide ditt 14 and 70 canta. Gall and examine our stocl MONEY CAN BB SAVEI* by so doing JJ?24 lm* BENJAMIN MILLBB Ur M H. WHBATLEY'S PB.EM11 M STEA' DYBING A <<LKAN8IN<} ESTABLISH MENT, OtBce No. 41 JeiTersou at., Gaorgetowi D. 0. Betabllahed 1S31; premium awarded by th Metropolitan Institute. 18.'.!; rebailt 186o, and now by far the largeat and moat complete eatat liabment of the kind in this sacMon or country with a large stack of the best foreign and dooiei tic Dyes and (Jhemicats; repleta with every desu able Apparatus, and provided with the best Ta ent and Artistic bklll to be obtained Tha sui scrib< r is prepared to demenatrate to hia cuaton era that pre eminent as an ay have been hia pr< vloue reputation, his motto la " Excelaior'" i Dyeing. Cleansing, and Befiniahin< Ladles'an Gentlemen's Apparel, Silks, Velvet*. Satins. Mi rlno. Cloths, Ac., be meana to atand nnrivallei Truly thankful far past favors, ha aollcits thacoi tinned cnatom of the community. W Go'Mia raceived and returned by Exprewith tlie utmoat promptness and dispatch. ja 11-lm WM. H. WHBHTLB Y. Dyer. ^KATBSI SKATES!! SKATES !M Juat received, a fall aasortmantt for Ladle Gentlemen, and Boys, at CUB. Bl'PPKBT 8 PANCT BAZAAR. 18 8t Ho. aa-i 7th street. ^OLDEN SOUPPBHNONQ WINE, (Native.) Rich, frnity flavor, with dellaata boqaot. Pr duce of the . ?80UPP?BH0N0 GBAPB, of North Carolina. . ^ 2. M. P. KINO A SON, King Place. jyjASKSi MASKS I! MASKS :f A fall supply, #f all difTarant character, ja received at CUB RUPPEBT'S FANCY BAZAAR, J? 1* St No. A3U 7th atreet. QLD BBABDIES. ~ Antediluvian, (year unknown) Hennessey. < vintage 18*8) Alex Selgnatte, " i860 Old Ba/erac, '* 1A4? J. J Dnpny A Co., vlntaga 1840 Champagne. 1841 _ And varloas other brands. In waod and glasi for salaby B 0. DYBU A 00 7 . .. ? . 9*8 Pennsylvania aveaue. Ja 17 eo3t between 11th and 18th streets. IP YOU WANT BABOAIN8 n ... . . JMgABIMBT FTJBNITUfi Call at the Bztanstve Ware rooms of H. P. ZIMMEBMAN A GO., .... No 430Ssvsath street, J* "l olm batwaen La. av, and D street ^ LLIHO OFF TO CLOSB BU8INBS8. A. W. TO W8HBND A CO , Jewalers, 7th it., betweeq D and B. Having detarmiaed to retire front busiaesg, v oBer onr beaatiful assortment of Jawalry ai Fancy Goods at first cost. All goods sold gnara: toed to be what represented. Whilst closing oi our stock of Jewelry aad faaoy G?o<li. wa off our *atioua who wish ta yurchaie Watchss tl opportnaltyof buying tbaa at wholsaala rata*. PBICB LIST OP WATCHES. Eilver banting case, anchar movemeata, jaws ad, ?. gold; Do. Amarioan, Bitary aoyamaal jeweled, #17, gold; Do. American, P. 6. Bartle movements, Jeweled, til, gald; 14 Wat gold, awt. case, American, P 8 Bartlatt. ebroaataeti bal.- $*7, gold; 18 do. do., #78. gold; IS do., A Pi?t??. Traeey A Co., chronomatar val., #M,gol ABT1CLBS TO BB BAFFLED. 1 Ladles' Cablnat and Chair, papier mache.l laid with pearls first caat, #MA In gold 1 Ladis Uork Table. <aanier mac he, inlaid with p?ai first coat, #701 gold. 1 Rosewood DraeaiagCea mounted nlth solid Sterling silver, Ant cost, <?1 In gold. The wbola to ba raffled for #M* ennraoey. A. W . TOWNSHEED A OO., Jewelers, SIS 7th atraat. fe w doors balow j? W-lm* Odd Fallows' Hall. EpOB SALE?Oaa twaaty borea power aortab T STBAM ENGINE AID SAW MILL, ju cample ted. aad warrauted to give aaUvfactio Alao, several amall statioaery ENGLHB97 ae and aacaajj-hand which will ba s<.ld law for oaa Apply to WM BLL1E A BBO . Ba?1a Irt Works corner of Vhle avanaa and lSth atras Washington, D. 0. Unul J ja7 Saw|? WANTS. W VSn^Pr4?9T# T wo W A**?D-At *artbeaAt?a*?a efl*a.~? : ' -Ui.*'- *'? * **?* *OBAB towi.WM * caa bna* gad recommendation* * Mlj lutwm loand it e'rleck a m. ja If *' ... W 4JLT*^7*/ IMUmw,aBOOM.betwe* *. 5? l!l.h*irtu " *. ? ?* P??va' 5 MKi'rl'o *S" '"" SSW A>f>*>'K0T4BLB AIM, W1BBBB A J?lt?J * ION la i iriTit* hail; m first ?Im? cm * **rM for several w?ri la BaiUih Umi la

Add re** Box Etar office Jo ?-* W'^KTID-Bjr a Int cIhi e->ok. a SITU* .? . TJ?*private ar pnblle family. Ll*t < u fl.! m |tw? Apply at No. 44 * 10111 "WH,b?ltwil?(|g,ti It* \\ ANTED?A Milled WOMAN. te cook wa-l . * \ *ad iron in**m? l'amity. Nom bat thoi that DDd*ritipi) ih*lr tsalnN> ud ran cna? r ec o mm*r<M DMd apply 0*11 Bo. 3il 7th ?trn oi between I >pd B itrwti north j? ? lf W ^Atbd?A trmatT Mas, to dri?* u*il nVvi^fnfi ? d?? at JO H DAYUkON* Mill Water *treat. Georgetown, U Jd 0 |ja*?t?|_ JoSiWTDAVIs W ANTED.-BY A OENTLCM AN AND WI F1 (with no children) two neatly furui*he< roatna auitalie for housekeeping, pleasantly lo cated. Ada raw H H 8.. Star Office. jata st* W ANTBH-A nicely FUBNlSHBD HOC8E o *? about, or Brooms, between 4th and utl ss atraata and Penan avenue and 1 ?t , foraia-uilj r- of adults. Boat will he protrpt and mill b if** Addreas "TINaNT," Star office p A QBIM&N CBlHIBT,?rgood experience n ana drug business. manufacturing ol artiii clal mineral watei*. and the manipulations o [Q photography. dntr?? KM l'i,OY MINT Speak rr French aad English. Addr*-.* "A. B "Star Of Y ja ai-Sf ? VVABTID-A 01 EL. 14 tii l? year* old t , " nurse and ma ke bereelf gem-rally uaef'i > IP a*n?all private famUy ; white preD-rred W ^ B.GHANDLKB. Vermont aveoue. between R , and a streets, near Utb, frame callage la a larg< j? T?rd ja U WANTED?An exierienced L?UNDlllS> _ Apply at Columbia Hospital. o<>ruer utl street *?d Maasacbusetts avenue U* \AJ ANTED?A COLubTd COoKwho nwfer I'i stands ber bnsineee. Apply 431 nth street J" between u and H ata. ja tt St VV^'ANTED? By a young man, who ca<. produr" the l est of te tina niala a POSITION io i a tracery atora. H%a had eiperleoce tu bo k keeping, and will not object ta keeping book 6 nnd waiting an cnslomera. Adiraaa *'A L , ' O'ty t. O. ja 26 ii* r' A LL OUT OF EMPLOYMENT ahouM not fat L a* to calt ai the KniploymeBt OITico Henu av?nue. I*etw?en l^th and l.ttbat* Wanted-Tei I Girls, white aud colored, foi general housework AI'O. allthosi-in tie- d of male or female HKLt' bitu.'itiotis promptly tilled. Agents wanted. m jM\9 2m' 1*7ANTED ' WANTED "-At the Bacrultia) Office, No. 4?>1 U s'reet. near lialttmori Depot. KbOBUITS for the United Mates Army. B ja l? lm WANTED-New and Cast off OLOTHINQ,~ol( (<OL<L> and SILVEK.or aay other article > " value, at the old a-taliii^hed Merchant Paan Inoker s Store ot B PI LT >N AGO ,^U'i9th at. L] doors n-'ttb of Peuna avt-nue Bole Agentfor BINOER'h BKWING M ACUINK de g l) S A NT F I?-100 L M)I F,8 I mined I at' 1 y. to em * ' braider Yokes, BaudK, Wrapper Yoke*, fua a, nel bkirta. blippera, and Iultialn To good hau l' wbo bring earnpla of work, g*oi wages and con ? st?nt emplo>m>nt given. Oail at the new Stamp i ing Boom, 439 9th street, opp istte Paieut Office ? fTAMPING redaced to FivE cents per width de IS If. _ WANTED?10 OOtl LADIEM to kn^wThat a Y" the New stamping B<> 4 9th itreet.op paslte Patent Office tboy ran tind the b?-at selected a*s<>rtuient ol Patterns ever offered here fm Cloaks, t apes. Aprons. Joseya. Waista, Yoke* Bunds. Wrappers, Slippers Piucuabions. and Ini a tials Also, deslgna for Pillow Caa s Ottoman 12 Chair Cover*. Pianoa. arid. In short, every variet] of Patterns as they are daily Issued We have i French Machine and a Piectiaal Stamper, au> ,n have t educed the price to FIVE CENTS PEB WIDTH. We make and stauip -my pattern brought ue. Braiis, Silk and Working Cotton very low. de D tf Jf 1|/ ANTED?SECOND HAND rilHNITDBK a YY Alao MIRKOKS, CABPKT8. BEDS, BED ?. Dlb O and HoUBBFC KMSH 1HG GOODS of ever] Ji description. B BU<!HL*Y 47th street 4 Jeed-tl between <J and H. eaat <ide ? PERSONAL. TVOTICB?The person that left the net of Fur * 1" nlture at my anop to be covered in (iraei K Bap, la hereby re<iueate<l to come aud take i ?r away before the lat of February, or it will b< le aold to pay expenses llENBY E BOBBINS. Agent, g ja >9 3t* Uii W at., bet. lSib and Uth *ta._ H V?V OAK NEVEB MAKE THE TBIPon Bn be * ?,;n ?r Samaritan bnmbugs Bee Dr DAK BY, 4 92 7th street lie laibehlgneat anthorit] on aurh cases His private rooms are opp^iu Odd Fellowa' Hall je2Vlm* ^ PBEVKNYION BETTEK THAN CUB>~ I French preventive* against dl*e?ae aad preg nancy (when scch i* nude-iiable; aqiit to an; ad w drees, at and #7, according toiioallty * by Dr WOOD Box 40J, or call at 4ij 7th atreet (np ataira.) Washington. D. C ja^s im* - \| EB WOBBALL, > 1V ? MEDICAL ELECTRICIAN, Ladies t,nffering with disease are invited to con suit me. and examine m> system of treatment No U14 New York avenue. ja2t>-ftt* j rfAKE NOTICE?I hereby give aottce that 3 A have not instructed any one In my buai:iees o Praatrving F1 -wers, and no one doing bosineas ii Washington la Authorized to nse m> name a} ja 2i-lai" MBS FB1E8, 4 ^9 11th street ? IMPOBTANT FOE LADIES-At CHABLEt ?' 1 BACM'B Hoop Bklrt Manufactory you can bui ' French W oven < or seta, whalebones, .M>, reexli SI 15 No. 49 Louisiana avenne, between 6th an< ? i th streeta ja ? lm* k< UB1DAL AND FUHEBAL WBE A TUB, BO D y F E TS, C BOBS Kb. ANCHWBB. STAKS. Ac preeerved in natural form, Imported FLOWBI&S HAIB FLONVEBB. and BKAlDINO. Alao, lm ported MOBB, HaIB DBESBEB tar Balla, b] Mm. FRIES. Ilaareiuoved to Mo. 4U9 11th st between G and H. oc i 6u?* l? 'pAKE NOTICE -Bridal aud Fnneral Wrettbs >- 1 Ir quets, Orossea, Anchors, etc., n eservtHl ii r, uataral fotaa: Wax rlowera, Hair Flower*, oi - Qlaas or Pearl, at No. 346 G street, near 11th r ja 16-1 m* J AT TMI N?W CHEAP SIAMiPlNG BOOM! j. /A. 4X9 9th atfeet, o*pe?lte Patent Office, ladtei 9. can get at onr reduce-J price*, on tbe aery be* a Wauiaautta? d Night gown Yoke*, ready stamped ??t sis. g Cbemiae Yoke*, - _J*ct*. Band* " " _a*t*. j. Either for nrald or embroidery, onr patte' n* an of the very < ?.<( deeiga*. selected wltb eare ii ,g New York, and being In receipt et them weekly we are able dally to Irene new patterna aa wel aa make and etamp *ny pattern broaght us ? I. O. 0. Working Cotton at reduced arioes. de 19 tf | A DIES IT la ACKNOWLEDGED THAI A-s the MEW STAMPING DEPOT, on Mb atreet ' 4 39, haa tbe beet selection of Patterua ever of fered here. and the proprietor kaa reduced thi price to ONE HALF that haa been charged here tofore. Being a practical Stan per, no tear nee< be had of getting what will anlt yon. Go aee bin He will make aud stame AN X pattern, de 15 tf 0- IOHN D. CLABK, ATTOBNEY ATND OOCN J BELLOB AT LAW ANB NOTARY PUBLIC No. 6ti Uth *treet weet. da 14 ly | ADIEB LOOK AT TH1B. ^ COLLAR AXD CUFFS GIVES AWAY. Eaeb lady having work done at the CHEA1 STAMPING BOOMS, 439 9tu atreet, oapoeiti it Patent OSoe, will receive ira'ti one Collar am pair of Onffa, * tamped on the fineat mualin. fo cltaia atlch. Braid or Embroidery, suitable foi alght-gowna Btar Braid an4 Colored Oetton foi the above at reduced price*. Initial* atampet from one to> v cents. Stamped good* at half th< arlce heratolere aaked de it tf FOR 8ALJS AND RENT. F_ OB BALE-A OODNTBY SEAT AND GiB DEN FABM, within one mile ef the city Thi '' property will be aold low aud en eaay term*, o exchanged for city property. Also, frotn Twent to Sixty Acres adjoining th* above. Alee, Fariu and Country Beat* in Maryland and Ylriula. Apply to Y.D BTOCKBB1DGB, ? ? Beal Estate Agent, _ _ Northeast earner 7th and F atre?4e, ja 51m* Washington, D. C. FOB BENT?A three story and baeemeat Bricl DWELLING HOUSE, browa front, watei and gaa, tea rooms; now nndergcing repairs; sit nated on 13*.h street weet, between L at. n>>rth am Mbm. aveaae, No. 3b?. la ulre at No. 40S Utl t. betweoa 8 and 10 a. m. and 4 and lp. a. ja 1 t EfOK BENT?The FABM, for tbe last three year A the reeideace of Major Tbeeeblln* Galne*, oon Istinj of 154 acree, lying near Fort Mahau, 1 uth from Banning'* Bridge. Improvements,dwelling re house af 11 rootas, stone stable, aervanta house* id bara, Ae Address "B. 8.." 4?7 B streat. Wash n- lugton. D. C.,or eall fa parsoa, betweoa3 aad 7 a *t m. ooid-tf ke H ARB CBANCB?Far iaamedlate aale. one a Al. the best located small corner atora GBOCE BUKI In the city. Stack and Hxturee new. Ap 1- 1*u*r' 10 B 0., City^Pos tt FOE BENT?Two Vnraiahed BOOMS, at Bo 45 467 tsth strewt between B aad F sta. da 14 I ?r - -5 REASONED OAK WOOD, FOB BALB CHEAP, AT WALKBBV LUMBBB TABD, J* jatl-at Ooraer 10th streat and Oaaal. <? B B A T BAB OA_I B 81 ' On* almost new OBICK BEING PI A NO. Oae JAMBS PISB80B PIANO, tl* Oae ..right GILBBBT. #1?. ' v i. u y 1Kg.'gK:av&ar,ASi.. AUBY, FOR SALE AND RENT. |7<*BBBB T - Twi BOOMS, to a aaArrleA coupe ** r wuhoa. hi. r- a. urn t> atreet, ou? deor lr-m > ( iimi vt|. jslMjSI* * L'OH lllT-tkrtt or foir i*ra'llib?ii or far >h r MikH bOuMI, twn -octfng pa !?w?r leer. ;??'l Bit. Wiwmi ISth Mi IS ? P1B BBNT-A tbewoetory BRI? K HntSl.o*uinit i r..iii.ii>' ob ?tk ?t . tetweea * (iMi H 4rHli Apply at No *9* 4ta atreet beI. lw.?i? V awd H ?tre#te north. ?t* FM KMUlD ROOM a fur real ham $ V 10 Al?o TAtfLB BOABD at $3$ per laoutfc. at 1 hit 4 Aa ?ik unit. briVNu C aliMt u4 bnitil? nUlftBUO. laS? at* L1'1! IKKT-Tkro* iifirnikkrl kuojiJ), -ny ' Id *trahi? tn a eaaall family for hov?ok?eptag V 4S?7rh oirHt i?u Pitoat ud Poit OScm i^embablb rrm>i?BHD aid in rot I IF N1SHED tiOuHit, ?lib board. atrttioiUi* ! trio a,at Ho. 97 I'eanayivaaU avenue aad Slot [' tmt. jaisit* L^OB BENT?February let a li<>HUB, contain r lt(lv*rMtM]*iit ro?mi,?likr*(,tc ?Joo4 5 location Apply at 39? 15 th atreet betweoa I aad * K. after At* o'clock p m If L'UB.NIMIKU CH&HHBU ?Ui RBMT-9 _ r per Booth; ant tarda for two A few Table J B??r??ri Kcomaodttod at #20 par aoitk ?. 9 a Mbooarl aronoi. ja 29 St* F^OB BINT ?B 9ALB?B RICH HOUSE Maine aveaua. next to nth atreat waet In J mediate poaee-?ion at flu t* ge<>d tenant, or to II pur baaer at 94,000, by B. MILBCRN. i i'i Q ' aireet north F* OB BALB-A BE*TACBaMT with Kninr-a and Lena* . ou? of the 1*11 >tan.1a 10 the city, would be a aplendid location f >r groce-> a?>?ra Immediate p< aaoaalon given. Apply at the dtar f Office. ja?-7t* a I^OB RBHT?Two communicating ROOM* on r tba Brat floor, aaltahie for bonaekeepiug. at No 40>2 L atreet north. near 12th etre. t wa-t Location pltaaaat. roots* partly furnlebed , terma ? moderate. ja t? St* L'OR BBMT A thirty acre FitM. There ia on ( r the plate a barn and dwelling mid a puma >f a (ood valor it the door Inquire of BENJAMIN 1 FEN WICK , adjoining Mount Olivet Ceaa-tery. ; ja 20 3t* a L"t> K BBNT?Several deairable ROOMS. anl * r l.le for hansekeeping. pertly fomlahed aigtit rontaa. Including kitchen and dining room, gaa, waiei convenleat. a large cellar and pmfry. A fetidly withoat children preferred. Referen ?a exchanged Terma .* " p*r inontb in advanra. a pt pl> at 31V 9th at , batwi aa L aad M. ja t? It* * L'OB BBMT?Thrao otory BHI. K BO( ?B Mo. r IDtf 1 atiast. U'weaa >Oth and IJot atraet*, fnrti'-b?<l or ua>arni*bad. containing eight room* raaga in kltchta. wp b hot and cold water: l>a'broon gaa.Ac Tbla la oao of tba beat locatione in I Wraabingtan. rloae to ObrartliiiDt Department.. 1 ltiittire on the piemiaaa. or A* ftOi 9thatraet, 1 11-tweei) 1> and B. ja 23-tf L'OB BENT OB LB^E-A apUMid three I nor> BKIOK HOHBE. containing and kltrban. with an excellent rang>>, ga> all throngh, \\t'I* agrccery ai.d lienor aterr, doing an excel j lent boat tit a- Tbe owner la aicut to retire, na ? ahebaa rcali/ed a fortane. For particul?ra ap ply rn tba piemlaea, 2?itU atreet. betwan Q an 1 H atrteia, oppooia tbe Oaa Work*. Tbia i? a Me I plar? for a boar.ling bouae ?a ererything la con\ TeDleatljr altuatad, with a nice cellar, an<4 pump > opposite the d??r. ja 2* 3t" 'I'WO'BOOM9 TO LET Neatly fnrmanei. ad ' 1 joining,at Na 341 V atreet, between yth and Kith ate J?H V* I/OR BENT-Tw.. neat'y fnruiaheA ROOMS, at I Mo. ntb atreet, above K, oue a^nare from the 7th ctr^et eara. ja Ml St* ? L'OB BENT ?A PARLOR AH f> BED BOOM I ftirui?bed, rn fi iai floor, aultable for two or three gentlemen oa Lonirlana avenue, betwe-n rith an iTtii atreet*. it?< Ht* l/OB BENT?Two oaudaoiueiy farniaiieJ v.omI mnniratlng ROOM8 may t?- ba 1 ?i glr o- t ? t gtther. Inqmreat Mo.A37'.H atreet, betw?en titi. and 7tb atreata ja H St* ! i.*e<R KKNT T' r ^ rr BJJI8n ED ROOMS Id a P prlva'e family, aaitabla for meiubera of Con ' gr< a. or oth?r gentlemen Mo 37 1 lat atr?et eaat. corner C, Capitol Llill. ja W-M* r L'OK BBHT-Ai 9i8. -", #?. aad $ n.? t I Cct'irniari. d HOLIES ia "Oiierert p?r'a 01 : be i citj STARR * OO , 4*?*?li 7th atr et. between D an?S B. Boom I 3^ ja ?> 1 w* ABfTCHEIlTBH?P TOR RENT, AND TtfK ProJnce and Eixtur-a for aale. Apply at tbe feed atore ot Mr. McNeil, on lrtli atrw . between C and D jafrj St* L'CB RENT ?A unal.. four room HRIOK P IIMPHE eituated >d center of Ki'.liey aa juare, l.e.tween lat and Sd atieeta weat and D and E atre>-ta north. Apply to RALDVt IN A BROS . lat and 1 I Data. ja tn 3t II 01 hE FOB BBHT AMD rDMMITURB FOB n PALE. I Tbree a-ory I'BIOK HoLfl on E at.. H 4 7 <*, . 1 between Sd and ?th at* , ?ith (tiaud ?a<er. and ! I in good repair. Tor rent PoH?eeal'>n giveu March t l?t. Tbe Fornltnre in the above boaae being , and dealrable. will ba oold at private aala Apply I at 64 U 7tb atreet ja t tit 1,'OB BBNT.? F >ur aeat ROuMs for rent, ou L' { I treat, una door from 14th at. lnialr>- at the . 1 hon?e ja S' It* |/OR RENT-A two atory BRICK HOUhB. < n r l^thotreet b tweon O and P Beut per ' moiith Innulre at &UZ 11th wt. jato- t* 4 1ARBOLL PLACB. 41b lat atreet fronting - I V- Capitol Park ?Two han<li*orae PA RLOR4. far I nlabad or nnfarniabxd. with ga>. Two CHAM I liEBti Location una<jualled. ja M St* ' L"OB~REMT-Two good BBICK BOL'SBs.two ' I r atone*, well ttniabed. at $ Id each Street paved and lighted with gaa. B W WiLLBTi.F 1 atreet a??tk. bat 4>? nad 6th, Ho. 17A j?M-W* L'INI BLITHE OF ROOMS. ry pleasantly I r located, to rent, alngle or together, npon - I moderate terma lo.ufre at 3'i* B l?ih and 16th. jat6-tf r li'OR RBMT-A PRAME HOI 9k coutai iagS | r rooms,.)tnated <?n tbe corner of 8th and O I ata. R -iit ?2i per meiith. Inquire next door, ja Jo-St" L,"OR BBMT-Part of the large FRAMK uOT I J r TAOE. P atreet. 3 doora weat of Hth Oara ' paai the coraer and convenient to the Depart tnanta. jati 3t* 1/OB 8ALB?>TOCK. FIXTURES, and GOOD i r WILL of a flrst claaa Millinery S ore, in oh* I of tbe beat locatione on Pennsylvania! av> ane . I Addreaa A B . Star Ottlce ja K St* L'OB SALE?A BESTAl'RANT and FIX I r TORES, with throe yeara lanae. now d ing a ' 1 fair buoineas For fnrtbar information apply to I JOS. B RAWLINGS. Ma. 490 16tb atreet oppo I aite Treaaury Department. ja 15 at* I L UR RKNT A large abd neatly Forntahed 1 I r > RoMT BOOM. In a privet- family,anita1 ) ble f?r onaar two gentlemen, at ill# 1st east, beI tweea C and D north, near tbe Capitol. I Front Boom, nnfurniahed . 1 l/OB BENT?Twe fural-bed BED BOOMS, wttB 1 r feather l<eda. Inquire nt tba i.rocery Btore 1 I corner ol i?th and K atreau waet ja :4 ?t* I L'OB BENT?A two ?torr BRIOR HoOSs.cenI f taimng aix rouma and baae uent. on iltb at , I between Maryland avenne and B street, Ialand. ? I lti'iulte t.f Mra ST. CI.AIR, 443 7th atreet. be1 I tw-en O and H ata j? ?4 st * 1 L"OB BEM 1?A 3 atory UHlCR MuU>E. con 1 1 r talnlng 9 rcoma, gaa and water, on Sd atraet, I Georgetown. Apply to JOSEPH t 1. E. LIB I BEY . Lumber Marchanta, Mo. 17 Water atreet, I Qeorgetawa. ja S3 >f C I T 0 CTA P1TAL1STS. BABB CHAHCB F(^B INVESTMENT B I For bale, two two atary FBaMB llOCBESand I LOT, V xtO, on au alley. betwe?nitth and (3th and 1 ] E and F atreeta. Price fl^OO Thia property la I low nad uuat be aold. D L. W BLLS A OO , ; I Raal F.atate Brokera, , I ja23 8t Nartbwaat corner IQtb aad t au. I COB BALE?A GBHAT BARGAIB-The FORft4 MITOBE, LEASB, L10BNSB, AMD FIXI TOREK at ona ot tbe beat located and pay I nc HoI tela, with bar. tiaar the Centre Markat and Pann> | aflTaaia avenue* all in good order, now doing a . I gaotl bualneaa, and full af boardera. baa thirty J | nx>aa Owner leaving the cPy ryaaon for aalllng. . I Apply to D la WBIiLS A CO . t 1 *tpiy |state Brokera, ; I ja22 8t Mortkweat c?raar of mth aad F ata I I 1?oTF8ALB.-F0BMIT0BH far aala for ft.OMP a I r and BBIOR HOUSE of tea room* tor rent, I with gaa and water, at per aonth. naar tba F a I atr?et cara. Tba Houae la in good repair, aad the " I Furniture la la perfect order. A graat bargain I far any one desiring a naat home. I D. L. WB1?L8 A CO., Real Batata Brokera. n<T'hweat corner 10th and F ata. H. B ?Several first clasa FOBMISHBD | HOOSBs for reat, in good locatloaa, from #100 to r I > '' naoatfc. ja Sl-M ? ITOi'BEHT?Taro aaw FBAMB H099B9 oa B I a atreat waet. near corner lata. They will be I rented on raaeonalda terms to anpctaal tenanta. I Inquire at Office of JONI8 A COLLINS 479 ?th I atreat. between D and B ata. ja 19 7t* I L'OB SALE?(Only 9250 eaak re-jnired>?Bevek I r ral new J atory HOUSES.iu different parta r I of tha city. Thle ia a rare chaaca for paraoae of . I am:iti m? ana to arocara homea. 8TABRACO., 1 I 4I?hH 7th al.. bat. D B. ja 19 ! * r L'OR RENT?One large three atory BBICK I P HOOBE. containing elx rooma and oellar; I large yard, ait natad on the corner of l&th and Q ata.; r I pni ipln the yard Rent Moderate Apply to J. 1 T . Star Office, or oa the premiaea. jai* 4w I L'OKBBNT-A large BBIOK HOOBE. eoa* I r talalng IS room* and cellar, wltk gaa and wa* I ter. aitnatad at the oorner of 7th atreet aad Pa. ' I atenae east. oppealte Wallacb School Hoaae In*utreo( HBNBT KOTTMAHH, 999 lltb atreet \ aaat. )??? * 1- tJOOBE BMP BTOBB FOB BBBT-Ha. 44S - I n Peoaaylvaaia avaaae, betwaea Sdand4H ata^. * a very prominent bnalneea atand. roaaeaaiac glvea Fabraary lat. Apply at O-leoa Hall P. WALLACH. i I jatS-eotf Corner 4H at. aad Penn. a venae. TOR REMT-A three atory BBICB MOVSB. I r faratahed, oa 0 atreet aoath, between Sd aad 9d aaat, Oapitol Bill. Inqaire of F. FBIBFAX, I at the Coaat Survey Office, Capitol Hill, between I 8 a. and S ? jalt-eolm* IVJQTICB? FOK RftfTOR L?dSK?Tba well | 1^1 known F1BHBRT ?a tlae Potoaaac river, thla . I aide of Fort Waahiagton known aa tba Baaa* I ley Viehing Landing, oa tha Maryland aide. 10 v mllea by water and M by land Apply to H. B. FIMKKSiT!* fJSjISSjl 134 Feaa.aT.,bol,irkaB4?t?lol9. BaMtf i * I AUCTION 8ALB8. rmn Arrmtufoom an* ro-momww l|* ? COLKAB * OO .AMMMM^ ~~ K> In. ??1 ul 1PR a TDMDif iOBMIO. jUgirr ? at M ' lock wa wi.l aell, it tbe klitfrdm J! Wttc??f etork there* a, lb* aale to beaaeti'eaad <*> da. u> dar Mill fV. ?' u SKr.iff5P co,t Tb#,lockc?C??fSf fi*? ?n4 fit Dry Good* Merino**. D*ltl*M IIhcu MHi. (liJiceN CkliirM Bar h?l?o>i Md Bo*f ftlrrta. IwIIm.T***IIb|. Hori*r;. ( kdrr vanii ?!?? ?ha?l?t < ioake, Blbl <>a?. pio??r? fancy GowJM'iiloi ??d 411 v ool F umU Olotfci, Otyr, ind (Uit rvrtukltf The ladiee AT* Invited to ?tt?(4. B. OOl.MAB * OO., Acta jo??t ft n.iitookiR |*T NWmAM < l&uil'nu. ** Bool <it?t? Broker* THOMAS DOWL1NQ, AMtioMtr ALB OF BOPbBHOLD~AND K1TCBBB FOB o. ? an JL'J,1 V 1T ABCTIOB. _ W?>NB?DaT theStftb fnttMl, at leo'cl'k ;.J.:SU5,V.?' - "?* < <:-5SR?KS.':sssaM: -? Wi*h^tu4i Toilet Hat* JMtclothe. Carpotiu. Window Cnrta ?. and Shade* P*rior an*" Oooklar Bt..v*e kticl*o UUmIh, *a . Ac. T. rm< ia*h Tb? hcaee for rani TBO0. POWLIHB, A not II' ^ L.WALL A CO, itrtMuMn ** B .. Worn Noa 3t 1 i ant *17, Booth com?r Pron* avenue and ?t bet root BOSEWOOP I'IaNO, HorSBBOt.D Fl ENI __ 1PM, Be.. AT AB<1TI<>? * * BDKIm?*V B oSKIbG j"Mr. ? ?. jTJTrtJC-**4 ,Mh ,h# Ac . Noeewood Piano and Stool Bnreao*. T*b1*?. H ardrobee Be<i*trad* . ifter<-nt Mi-d. Hair uit Shirk Mattreaa?-e Chair*, K cfcera. Toilet Tablea < rickety G4a??wate t>0 kmc St re- Ac . With mary o?li*r arilclei la the honoeboepinr lie* all of which will I* eold wuriont re??r*%. J??-d ?. L U ALL A OB . kacti I^T BBBBB B WILLIAMS Anotioaeore. TBBSB BILL I A KD TABI E9 AND KILE4ABD *^L.L CVf* AND HXTlKKs. ait and in gtied older at fublic Auction. ,t'D 'BillA f , the let da* of teoi aery nei f at 1 O clock p. Hi w ?- -hall ac||, ?t ear Auction H-? ? ( el tbe ot 7th aad D *tro*ta. No A jt> tlia' above named Table* a^thent roaerva for caa> J*?? BBBBB B WILLIAM? Amu. BI B COLBAB A CO.. Anctloaaara, N?. UV I and a'J Penanyl reuia %* e*ne between ytb and luth oueeta LABGBAND SPECIAL SALE Of gtnbi.l** BikkKM COMPKiHiMti r>v*H io? fia ' ? n'^'TIOk- tHI KTtlOK OK A DBCL1BIBC HO>l M EbS f M?J?5rSBD4* "'** ^narr . w* 71'1 at ear Anetlon ho w, -""''tment of tba at *? gotda. anion* whTi, * k ft?"??* ???r*a. M.rne^; real,",lo.'li!"c.Tn * 10 ^ *?" w.tba.t aar a.^hey *,a b* * <> oa axhlbl'lea at oar H"er February lallnatact . tr*1e, aa well aa partb*? iu* il vlto-t to atund, aa i?reat Indnroiprut* wj|i t.? orf?re<5 i Iia A ?Ki , an t*. ja .9 11 B.C. BBOO K BB J a . SaleauiM J. C.McOl IBS 4_C'o . Aactioaeer*. ' H ^ K9K Tf A HIT8. I'l N I k PLATlCfc A N Li 1'I^H Kb VAj'LS \ I10 n <' m tO"I?! BM)Af. J <n aar > 3t. at 1<i a clock, at the Ancti< n Bo..oih, a a *hall aell a lot of Chliiaee >? aro. ceii.rr aia*? *"" Tea <Wt*. I>tmior PUt-* abd Diaha* Punch Boa In and Vase* CarTeo Bi' n\ Hutd* Clieck^r and l^ k|inD"C Board* w ork>tand*. ktanro* id ia Wu ker Ctotb and Raaketa French Oi itia HiD'i and Tell<>t Seta Oak kftt<-n?ton Tat.lea aod Dinlcc <"ha4ra Tslile and B?d Linen Blankota. fefaeet*. koather B -latere and Pillow Hair and lluak Mattr< aao* Hardrobt-a Bw reana and Wa?hatand* Tin*are Ac., aud a general aaaort'aont of Kitchen r urniture. Tetmeaaah. ;a .8 d i. O. McQFIBt A C?.. Aacta, |^T W. B LEWIS A CO., Auctioneer* LABUK STOCK OF CLOTBINO AT ACCTIOB TBI KsI-AV KKXT. January St. at 10a Hoek, we aball -ell the whole *tock . f Mr. W. Bine, at bie "tore No H?"6 Pa av?-nue, near Itthotreet. coa*i>tli>g of ClotkinK of eaory dea. liatlon. Furniabinc G?oda. Uoaierlea. Ac , Be ?ale will be continued evary eeenlne until el aed. W. B. LBWIti a CO . ja26-ht Aactlone-ra |JT J AH. 0 eCIBE^A CO., AoeMaaaara. DB81BABLE THBEE 8T0BY FBABS BOT8E 0?.g,b . ,r#et? b**tweeu Q and H atroaUuortb. at A action Oa Wh|>NE8DAT AFTERNOON next. Jan oar> .*i. at ? oVlock , on the aremieaa we will a?i| Lot Na.t, in Square ?a ., Improved by an ea -ellent three atory Frama Booae. coatalninc ? rooa*, with hall, alao, elde alley; the aetne fronting a feat an the eaat tide of 8th itreet we*t. botweeu O and 11 atreet* north, mnuing back * Jeat to a 1?foot paved allay In tba rear Gaa in tbe hoaae an* water In the yard. Beuoa now rautlng far lea per annum. Teraia: Otia halfcaah, balance In ill and twaive niontha. with lutareat aacnred by deed of tra*t on tbe nremleea All oonveyaBcinc and revenue atamne at ooat of purrhaoer J. C. BcGUIBE A OO . jiSWlkdi A action 'Ore. |JT OBEBB A WILLIAMS. Aoctioaaaaa. TBC8TEB B tALEOP IMPBOVBD PBBPSKTT ON MAKYLaBU AVSNL'B. BETWEEN 41 A?D ?Tf ST BEETS. ISLAND. AT PDBLlS ADCTiOB By vlrtae of a dead of traat to ma. datod the tkib day of November, A D. ltfeA aod recorded in LlTWr A M.H , No S.toltoa 4^8, ?7<<. aud ?7I. of the Laud Beconla tor Wa h. .stoa couuiy Biatrict of Oolumbla. 1 -hall a?41. on T HI'BSD AT. the /th day Petruarr next, ai 4 or lock p m., on the premteM, eaat half ot Lot Bo. S. in Beaereation D, C"ntai wn* two I bo u* and ?even hundred and thirty -el* a<iuare feet four aud a half lacbee, with the Improvement*. conatetlnc of one atary Prame Bouae on tbe front, and aB?tbertwo atory Frame Heoeo frontln* on the alio Tbe above doocribad property to ba aold aa per order of tbe Court. Term* One half caab. balance la aiz and twelv* mouth* for note* t>earia< iatrreet. and aecurad ba a dead of truat >n tba pramieee. All c?>BTa^ ancm* aod revenue atampa at the coat of the pnrchaaora Sl"0 down oa tba dap of sale, and If th- teraia are Dot complied with in five day* after the day . f nle, the Trnrtee reaarvea tbe rifht to reeall tba property at the risk and coat or tba defaulting purchaeer, by advartlalnc three tlmea in the Matioaal lnulligaacer. ' A.BOSWBLL True tea. f. ^ILLIAMS, Aatka. ja7 Tn.TbAda (Intell J |?T GBEBB A WILLI A MB. AnctloDoer* ? TBUSTBE'S SALB Ot BBAL ESTATE By vtrtaa oi a dead of traat bearing data on tba fifth day of January, 1866, executed y Joto OolUn? to me lor tbe baaefit of Jahn Hazel, aad re corded la Liber N.C.T . Bo 67.folioitti, of the land reoroa for Wa*bm*tonaouaty. ia tbe Dta trict of Colombia, I will offer for aale. oa tba an I'BIDAY, tbe l*th day of Jaanarp, 1*7. at 4 o'clock p m..tbe norO) part of Lot Bo. 11. in Suuare No. 8*7, ia tbaottyol Waabingtaa. D. C , fronting 18 feet and a inabea on aMt g' ih treat, bet wean A and B atraate aortk, aod . ^anin? at that width to the rear, togetner with tba improvamenta. coaaieting of a email dwelling booae and ether boildlnga. Terme : una half caab, tbe balaaoe in.6 aaoatbe, the parihaaorto racoiva a deed aad givable note, eecnreA by a deed of tract. All ooavey Mtclng and revenae atampe at tbe coat of tba pnrcbaaar A deposit of QbO required at tba time ot eale. and the traetee reaervee the right to reaali at the coat of tbe purchaeer If the term* of eale are not oomplled with within five days. JOHN B. WOBB19. Troetee GBEEN A WILLIAMS. daff-lMrAda Aactloaoer* Sy TBE ABOYB SALB IS POSBPOBBO a*til MOBDAY, the llth day of Fobraar? aaxt. ak tbe aame boar and plaaa. By order af tba Triwtea. jal? 2awAde OBBEB A WILLIAMS, AacW. L O 0 B I 9 1B D I fall aaeomaeat of all grade* choice Floor foe Bakera, quality Bo 1; pnoelow. Are tne only dliact recelvera far Opldea Bill, J. B Oambrlll mot Patapaco I and Li aga a or Family Flour* la the DMimT Aa the uttar braad haa bee a extenai veky aoonterfeitod and aold la thia city, we woald laform thoee wtablng thiafloarhy arrangement with the millara we furuiahtt lowar than ft can be obtained from any other eoaroe Quality aecoiAte none. Price airaottoa Mm than other Bret clan* Family Floor. BuckwheataAlow rataa. .. Indiana aaaoae and ketekreat, noil aaarDepot OB. JBWBLL. J^OAF ABB CABBLB MABWFAOTOBEB. The aabecribor will bo pleeaed to eae all ate aid Esvsisrssr -wrj^raisai; zt:r.' fcjfiiTB.3K2 a *: .ft-rs.asjrt, aell tbem at the loweat caab prioae. Gatraat.befeea 4th aod 6th. yall-Am aaBBfe. ! ^SSF8^ 4 U' J