Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1867 Page 1
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Status V2i. XXIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 30. 1867. N?. 4.?6. TI1E EVENING STAR PIBLTfUED DAILY,(SUNDAY EXCEPTED! AT THE STAR BVILDINO, Southxftt corner Penn'?.*cenue and lit* ttrteU BT \V. D. WALLACH. The STAR la served by tae carriers to their subscribers in tbe City and District at r*? Out* r*R wtu. Copies at to? couuter.wtth or without wrapper*. Two cists each. taick roa mailihg:?Three month?, 'On* Dollar and fifty Cents; alx montba, Three Dol. ien, one vrar. Fire Dollart. No papers art seat from the office longer than paid for. The W k.LKI.Y 5?TAR?po*>'ished on Friday torn in (r?One Dollar and a Half ? rear. "dentistry. I\&. LEWIE'S DENTAL ASSOCIATION, LJ No. 360 I-EHM'A AVK , Between 13th aad 13th streets. Teeth extracteJ without patn by ad mi altering Nitrons Oxyde er Laughing ?n? LiWllhM recently purchased the beetmABw t heu.icsl ApMrtlnt iu the country for^ '11 * ntiklut corn im every day, also, an ln.praved V*lTilir lbneler lh? Ai-oci?ti'U ie now prepared to n.ake Teeth on Gold. Sliver and Bnbber at New >ork Philadelphia end R iitoa prices All pern wteblng dental work done can hare ttaacheap ss in the kb?f? named cltiai All work done In tbe neatest and beet manner, and warranted to give ?et!*factioa Prraona will do wait to <?11 ?Mi examine car work. de M tt T * 1 * M LOOSM * . The Inventor ai d Patentee of tae MINB&AL PLA'l B TEETH. atteuda per?onallf al^T^ bis office In th>* city. Many persons eaDlM| w?er tbese teeth who cannot wear others,1 and no peraon can wear other* who cannot wear Persons calling at my office oan be aooommodated with eny Myl# and price or Teeth they anay de aire, bat to these who are particular, aud wtsni tne Surest. cleanest. stronicest end most perfect tjen_ are that art can procure the MIHBBALTBBTH win bemorefnlly warranted. . K"on? in this city-No 3S* Penn'a aTeaue. between vth and 10th its Also. 907 Arch street, Philadelphia ocjO_lv_ personal. \OC CAN >S\ IR MAKE THE TRIP oaBl1 oi u or Samaritau butubug^ See Dr.O\wli?, 4 y J 7th ->t! eet He Is the hlgneet authority < b t' <-h cai>e? Ilia private room* are oppr>stte ui.d fellows llall ja1 m I) ktv IINTION BKTlEtt THAN CUKE ? I rei . h preventives anainnt and preg t ft ry i * b-u -? cn is u de r ablei a-nt to any aa?Jfs at 5 -6 ftu'i $7, accordii g *o laallty. b> L>r \A ?O bjx i, r < ?ll at 4JJ ?tb i up *i aira I ^ a?biugtud. d jaa lM \| ks 4*1 bt1> irving, Clairvoyant. ami Test 1*1 will st*e lite readiugs, Including Past. Preseutaud Futura at ber office, 4 30, p-rtll si.i?- of Pa av.. b? I aeen 4*j an i Stb *treeta. *^^"ce hours from ' to . * tn aud d to 9 jp. m. jft It im^ \B M A hi K KKAL. SOiESTiriO A3t iloluoitt of amd hi oa, ^ ti -i' iou <u j a- p -ct of t' e Stars at the tiu.. : in'- b fth wilt reve?l astonishing ae crus tr at no living mortal ever knew before, how tot-- -- .1 i i all re*-iO'i?!>le undertakings. H- *?-l>? can ? and very day yon merry; describes f. u' " h 1 i panion, a id t>ll? all events of lite no. <i i k and long life to vialiora. La ues 40 cei :*'o *1 k-* tle.ueu in fall 91. Oall at 470 12M' *t . uear K, all boars u ilil ^ in the evening. if 31 lm" 4 ' ENTLKMEN H 110 ABE APFLICTED ? A ' I ;r>- vk? ?i.!*-d by an old Sarg?ou of twentytbr?? years' e*.i>erience m this pafticalar branch el the cro'e?Hi<?u. t harge? moderate. Do not ft ^ pi> to elk* 'nt to J B.OAUDAiEB, M. 11., l.i. oi the t r 1 St.te* Bicord V?nereal Hoerit.l. Otr .eN. . 1 south A street, opposite the ftHtol S ,n?r?. ^uth side. h H - Medicines also fnrni"hed at coat. deZ7 lm * CON riDANTI A L ?*oai.g men who have Injureo t-ieaiselvta oy certain secret babita, which nnf.S *li m for bnsinesi pleasure, or the duties t mar'led life: ?l'o. miadle aged and old men, who frj1*! the follies of yi>utb, or other Baasee. feel a (> In ^ ivance of their years, fcefer*- |,.aciin theuifeivee under the treatment of any on-, should fiist read "The Secret Prien 1 " Married ! i<*ie? *H1 learn con^e'hing of importance j pertisibs "Tt:e S?rr*t frieud ' Beuttoany ad dre^s. in .> stale- enveloi?- n re< ?slpt of 2S cents. Address L'r. CHAS A aTCAii'i' A CO.. Bontoa. Ma*? Bo J-l? clothing, ao. l"1 likibeutflt r s*?<? rt/- H P L-ndon B 0o.,^a CiW/fVi \D >yiL!TAHY V?!iCHA>iT TilLOR, lm U?trop( .t?n Hotel late P.rown's, If ?>. * peaasyl''?nla avenue r;y I * Washington. D. O. 'IS : tLsrs wsh:; h.t.aMoS. c.?.?i.acg. LA? 0**ACA. B lark LAilOii M 00., Ocu&.?l!ors jk Aiu>rite)? at-Law in the Supreme Co -ft of tii? tm'd Maiee, the Court of Claims, the Courts or the District, the Executive Departaiei.t? au i C' iiiinitteos of Congress. Office, 4*>?* nth street, (directly opposite wlllards' Hotel I de lt)-tf I 1 BB/BSEa S LOAN OFP1CB. i 1 Established 1W Uighe4t advances m?>> ?>n WATCHES. DTAMi M>S Jlfl ELhT. VtEAhINO APPAUEL, ml ?!1 kinds of Mt-ri banrtise. Biisinee- st fctly ert '1 1 North < stre t. l'etwa^n 4 and fthvtr^ets. i niuediately in rear of tb Na'tonal Ho:r 1. ,a8 lm' Latest pabi^ fashions ok hair DBBaslNtt. E. Ai.LieT, tKKltCH HAiU DKF.SSPH, 324 B street, between 13t j and Utti sts Mr Alllot from Paris, D.iir-Dr-v-er, of the celebrated Birbel. with whom he arrived In this ci nntry. bas Uuw te? n established fer tae last elgbt yt-ars in Washington and Newport, eno' ing the patrouage of tbe rmvj uiploma'> tw, and ol the hliit ??t society. He ha- the honor to announce that he has this seftson imported tbe lftteet tasb'oi* of 'iair dre?slne. and also pomftdea, and everything tb?t belongs to the dressing of hair at very reaecn*< le prises. ja7 <m* 5*3 l0c1b1ama AVBHCB. J. H. CBANB B 00. Have on band a large and Sue assortment of GOODS, suited to this market, sacb as B0TTBR CHEESE. BOOS, APPLBS. BAIS1NS. PIGS,' C1TB0N. NBT9, HAMS. C?DF1SH, MACKEBBL. HEBBINU. BOA PS. CANNED GOODS, Ac. Also, m Barrels Moore's celebrated CHAMPAGNE CIDEB. by barrel or gallon. All the above goods are offered at tha lowest iLftf ket prike, and warranted to suit, by J. H. CUAfiB A CO., j? 4 lm 53 La. ave.. between Cth and 7th. \X M T- D biiow fe'a??- Mauu acturer. School Furniture VA. ftud iioOM-fuinisbiug Warerooms New euj Oil >i rnuure ef all deter! ptlons, bwusli' 1^1 ai I d Kepainng. Upholstering, aud Varnishing done at tbe shortest n-ytice Southeast corner of Sth and K streets north. No. 13 de M Sm* j> E M O T A L ! TUB NATIONAL I NTO~N INSDBANCB COM- | PANV OF M ASHIMGTON Have removed to their New Office, No. 7] LOUISIANA AVBNCB, i lrst door east of 7th st. D 1 K B7T O B 8 : C'iiaa Enap, Pret't, Ue<> W Kigge. Tice Pres*t, Iboe. Berry, Mar-htll Brows, iiicb'd Wallach, G B.Gi lei'U, Uaniei Dodd, Wm. Dixon. Henry D. Oeoke. d- 3 if NOBLE D. LABNBB, Secretary. Otto vwlken? pianos and oabhabt a nbel ham s pablob obgans. A'I will bad It greatly to their Interest.? to .xaaiirie the-e r uperb instruments be-iqrb f r.*Vui?hasiug any other. 111*11 Onii ign;cj at GEOKGB L. WILD B BBO.'S N> ? PiftLo Forte and Organ Warerooan, No. 40T Utb-'reet between Penn'a avenue ana B street. A *eie< tass rt: eat of new andseooud band InstiuseuU, including a CHUHCH OBOAB. for aale at lowest fa< **rj prl -es. and oa easy terms. TI N i Xtt and BBPAIB1BQ faithfullyaaacatad no 13 6m' ') (ii til potatoes^ O.IMIU babels MAINE POT ATOMS, jast arrived, and for sate at onr Wharf at the toot of 7tb alt cel. i p DROWN A SOB, ? Ctmmisalon Merchant*, _de li If Bo. 4b5 >th st.. between E aad F. ( 'HO< OLATB Dor klk. VANILLB, l'b h. mailla1bd. Pur Cacao et Sucre. Exempt de tent) melange. L. M. P. KINti a SOB. King Puce, Corner Vermont avenue and i?H street. ItrtST INDIA OBANOBb ABD^ ?? sWBBT malaga obapbs. Fresh KIBG PLACB. / HOIt'B N L'TS. HAiSlNS T KlS.OUBEANTS " Bl'li LB a<- , Jto . to suit thi. sftrtlcular seasoc For sale by Z. M. P. KIBG B SOB, de 31 tf King PlftM. I1* ST. TIMOTHY'S HALL. UB datlee of this tnstltntlott wkl be resumed en Sept. 13.18M For terms. Be., see catalegue aa<l tir ular at the principal bookstores of this dty .or addreeatbe prlarlpat. en 31 B. PABSOMB. Oatoarille. Md. 1/BENCH" ALMANAOBS FOB 1967.?Alma r nach t^ymiaue; Almaaach Pour Flra; Almanack uu Ben-toa; Almaaach cbarivert; Almaaach ce la I a use, Almaaach de la boane Ouislae; AlmaLa n In.ieriaJ. Almaaach de Napoleon. Almaaach ties tax deSnclete; Aluiaaaoh Po4lrMaelle, aad mf.t' "- "" "nstegtatmft. \ '*0,> 01l ?* Vhcsb mroititios. I am new la receipt of sew ecaaaa OLIVB OIL, '.Ue. t fr< ns Bordeaux, aad am pre pared to supply a eor. I4tk aadFsta.,aadar BbblUHoasa BANKERS, JAY COOKS * CO., lilKllli Wlfinmik MriD, an*t*u . Btyaad eel iteirnat Mrkit rntea, Ml outuUj on haadt? f?U "ifl of All GOYBBBMBBT BONDS, BBYBH-THIBTIB8, ABD GOMPOUBD 1NTBBBBT MOTH. Ordera tor STOCK . BONDS, Ac , exeeoted, and Geltectlona Btdt on nil aaoeeaible polnta. M 1-tf UiRROW fcCO., babkbbb, Corner Louisiana avenue and Bevanth reet, DI1LIU III OOTBRNMBNT SKCVRJTJS8, gold abd bllvbb ? j-tf amd labp wabbabt1Fint NatieiAl Bsek of Washington. B D COOBB, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) President. W U. 8. HUNTINGTON, CwUer, GOVEBBMEBT DBPOBITOBT AHD FINANCIAL AGENT OF THB GH1TEB 8TATB8, 1114 ttrttt, orrositt tk? lViomrv DsjartmsW, Government SecuriMee with Treasurer United 8UtH|TOW? MILLION DOLLARS.4* Weba; mdaellkllclMi? of QOYERNMEN 1 SECURITIES*,t current market rate#. FURNISH EXCHANGE and make Collection* m ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE cnited states. We purchase Government Vouchers on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and givecareful tot prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, and to any other bud Dees en t mated to us. FULL INFORMATION In regard to GOVEBB MBBT LOANS at all tlmee cheerfully furnished WH 8 HDNTINOTOB, Caahler. Washington,March30.1MI. roll tf HOTELS, RESTAURANTS^&o. A B D . willabd'B hotbl, i Washivgto*, December 1, 1860.$ Senators, Bepreeentati ves, and others. residing In Washington. who oscuey private apartments, cik be accwiDHiodated with their tttALs at thla Hotel at the rate of 81" per week lie 4 ?m b1 k88. chadwick * co. IBB. W OOD HOUSE. Corner Ptnn ar$nu' and Twelf'-k Jtreei, ylvSA w Wa'ktnt'on, D. C. ItMl Situated in the most central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AMD PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, Only a short distance from all the Departments, Patent and Post Offices, Smithsonian Institute, etc. H. H. DUDLEY 4 00., no21 tf Proprietors. EMB1CH S BB"JTAURAHT\ No. 344 Ptnna avenue, near 6th street, P EMBICH wishee to inform his frienls and the pnMic generally that he now keeps con - A . ? A otantly on hand OYSTEBS. fresh every VrMLw day, prepared in every style Mix WINES and LIulORH cannot be surpassed. Call and gtve him a trial. oc H tf ~ WOOD AND COAL. ^OAb! COAL:! AT GBEATLY REDUCED TBICES. Gross tons of 224(1 lb? , delivered in any part of the city. Cbeatnut White Aah. %7. Stove, kg* and Furnace White As)>, $9.2<>. B?d Ash *8 BO. Lehigh. 89. Oak and Pine Wood sonstantly en hand. Orders received at our Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street _ . 8 P BROWN A SON. ja25 tf 463 9th street, between E and F. ^JOAL! COAL! I GOAL .Ml T T. FOWLEB a CO. Wbita Ash, stove and egg sixes, 98 IS per ton. Bed Aah, do do $*4.76 per ton. '2.240 pounds guaranteed. Orders received at the central office of the Washington and Georgetown ice Company, (late L J Middleton A Co ,) corner 12th and F ctreets, and at wharf, foot ot luth steeet. ja 14-lm B. S. LAMBIN, Agent. ^ 'OAL1 GOAL 11 GOAL 111 Having determined to sell a first class article of Wood and Coal rs cheap as the cheapest, 1 hope by doing so to gain a liberal share of publlo patronage. The Coal prices are as follows: Wb 1TB ASH N OT OOaL, by the ton *7 US BALTIMORE OB. WHITE ASI1, Egg and Stove sizes - - 9 3ft ALL OTH KBQPALIT1ES of WHITE AbH ? ?? LYKEN8 VALLKY PURE BED A8H ?74 DIAMOND VEIN BED ASH S 74 OB08S WEIGHT, 2.240 LBS TO THE TON Always on band and constantly receiving the beat 'inalitiea of WOOD of every deacription, delivered in any part of the city. E. C. BADM, ja4-lm 7th at., between B and Fata , laland. f O TO IF W . B . MOSES' FASH 10BABLE OABPET. FURNITURE AHD BEDDING STORES, NOS. 421 A 419, INTELLIGENCER BUILD1BG, COBNEB 7TH ANDD., AHD HO 40P7Tn 8TBBBT, THOBN '8 buildibq, ADJOINING ODD FBLLOWS HALL, AND KXAMIBB THB FINEST as80bted STOCK TB1S BIDE OF PHILADELPHIA. He baa all the lateat deaigna made in Philadelphia. New York, and Boston The etock la alwaya selected by Mr. Moeee, and bought at the lowest rates lor cash, which enables htm to compete with Sea tern prices. Histtueet Furniture ia made to order In Philadelphia, and of the best material that can be found. Purchasers shouldstndy their own Interest by calling at hla Store* and examining the well assorted stock of CABI'ETB, FURNITURE. Ac., and obtain his trice-list before going elsewhere, which he will furnlah with pleaaare His assortment of Mattreaaea. Blanketa, Comforte, Ceunterpalaea, IMliows. Bolsters, Featherbed a. and all klnda of Cottage and Kitchen Furniture la complete, which he offera at the luweat New York and Philadelphia prioee. Remember Not 481 and 419 Intelligencer Building, comer 7th and D, and No 40** 7th street. Thorn's Building, adjoining Odd Fellow*' Hall, between D and B atreeta. ja!4 tf W. B. mobbb J^ZEKIBL'8 Y1BG1NIA UA1B BB8T0BBB. haib Biwovat**.?We pnbllah this morning the advertlaeaent of our well-known townaman, B Bteklel, who ia the proprietor of the wellknown and widely used ^Bseklel'a Hair Restorer." Thla preparation la no new preparation, but pat up by a gentleman of known probity and a native of our citr. He has in hla poeeeeaion cer tiflcatea from reaideata of Blcbmond, which he will pnbllah. Tbeae recommendations are bona a ft*, and place bis preparation above the qoaek noetruma palmed off it balr restorers. ^Try It. and yon will savs yeur hair.?Richmond Timet, Dee. 10, MM. WAsniNQTON Gitt,D.O.,BM. 91, UM. Dcab Bin : I am gratiOat to aee that you kava again commenced the manufacture of ynnr " Hair From the testimony of many fflands who bava need It. 1 have ne hesitation In stating that I be Hare It U be tba ornate Aslant compound of fbo kind ever preeented for sale. Indeed. many of those who hate tried It asanra ma that It not only eleoneea the acalp perfectly, but undoubtedly restores the growth of the heir. isMclnlly, *cu7?ij, _ ^("opyl Alu.t. p imtT.ll D. Ta B. BznxiBL, Blcbmond, Ta. For ?ale by all Drogoiets. Orders addreesed to dema8 BABBES A GO., Park Bow, Bew York. ia 10-eoJm j?BGBPT10B LUX CM 88. Just received, a large variety of arttolea eo'v. ? ds a Oor. Ft. nva.'nLdwSTat. irfmiTB opobto poetttt V ^ I Team of Ibo Bnoro,") Direct Importation.^ a p ^ it?t Blng Flooe, SPECIAL NOTICES. WILD OHEBKY BALSAM. Tke memory uf Dr. Wl-ttr is embalmed la the l>*?ru of tkooiiBdi, vhrn bis BibBAH OF WILD CBBBBY Iim eared af coughs, cold*. m? sumption, or some other form of pulmonary ilsmm It Is no* over forty i??ri Ibo* this pf?l? ration wu brought before the *ul>llo. and jet the demand for IB Is constantly Increasing. It VA 80LDIBB WHO HAD LOST THB USE of hie limb* freta Bhenmatism bu been completely eared sad eott<l?d to abandoa hie crutches by ?>ne bottle ef METOALFB'S OKI AT RHElMAriC BEMBDY It is truly the wonder of the age. ja Sl-eotw B. C. FOBD, Agent. BALL'S YBGETABLB SICILIAN HAIB SB NEWBB Benewe the Hair. i Hall's Vbbstablb Sicilian Haib Bbnbweb BeetorM gray hair to the origlnid ooler. Hall's Visbtabli Sicilian BTaib Bsnewib Prevents the hair fro? falling off. Hall's Vkg stable Sicilian Haiv Kenbweb Make* the hair soft and glowey. Hall's Yesetablb Hicilia* Hair Benewhb D<>ee not stale the skin. Hall's Sicilian Vbaictabi.b Haib Bbnbwi r Has provsd lteelf the *>Mt preparation for the rialr ever presenter) to the public. Prlce$l. For Mie Ly all druggist*. jaSO-Tnly BEMED1AL IHSTITOTE FOB SPECIAL 0A8BS, Bo. 14 Bond street. Hew York. SyFrll information, with the kinitst ttfUmoniah: also, a Book od Sptctnl Di**a*et,tn a ??'iI'd envelope, sentfree. W Hi surt and >'nd 'or 'h m, and will not rtK't'it. for.M advertising phy siclens are generally \mvo<tors, wlthont ref'rno stranger should be trusted. Enclose a ?t<urip for postage and direct to DB. LA WHENCE No. 14 Bond street. Mew York ne 12 DAWly far MABBIAOB Ah DC ELI B AO Y, AND THE Happiness of True Maahx.d.- Ait E^af for Young Men n the Crime of bolitnde, aad the Physiological Error*, Abuses and l)i?ea*ee whlrh c? eate i n>pediments to Marriage, wit i nure to "an* of Belief Sent in sealed letter envelopes ire?of charge. Addrens Dr l SKILLIN ROUGH r<>N, Howard Association Philadelphia, I'a. jall-3oi BECBET DISEASES. Samaritan's O; ri is tho must certain, Mf- and efiectual remedy?indeed, tbe only venetable remedy ever discovered. Cures iu two to lour days, and recent citei In twenty four hours No mineral, bo balsam, no merenry Only ten pills to be taken. It Is the soldier's hope, and a friend te those who <lo not want to be exposed. Male packages, 82, fe male, 93. Ha??btan'? Boot and Hbbb Jnc???A positive and permanent cure fer Bpyhitis. Srrofala. Ulcers, Sores, Spots. Tetters Ac Pr'ce 91 M per bottle. Bold by 8. 0. Ford. See advertisement. my I SVMELY, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, BMOLANDBB 8 EXTBACT BUCKO IS CVBINB every cage of Kidnbt Disbars, BbbVmatisx, Qravbl, Urinabt Disobdbbs, Wbaenbss and Painr Id the Back, Fbmale Complaints and Tboublbs arising from Beckers or ant Kir*. OOMB, YB AfFLIOTBDI TBY SMOLANDBB'S. TAKE SO OTHER BUCKW. Sold by all Apothecaries. Price fl. D. B ABB BB A CO., Hew York, and BABBIT. WABDACO, Hew Orleans, douthern Agent i. BUBLBIQH A BOOBBS, Wholesale Brugg?U. Boston, Mass . Oeneral Agents. feb 10-U COLGATE A OO.'S WINTBB SOAP. Kecommended for chapped h an ?s and for general toilet use daring cold wkatiiih. It may be obtained of all druggists and (aney goods dealers. f-eb 9-eoly ^??????inn DANCING. pBOFS J. W. A H. P. BBEIS ~ DANCING ACADEMY, M Pennsylvania avenue. bet.6thaud 7th sts.JjA Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. fiJSl New Climes forming every evening. Tho?e le siring to enter our classes should avail thetn selves i,1 thin oppt rtnnify . Preparation!* will be made in this Quarter ro<our a: final May Ball Circular* can be bad at J. F. Ellis' and W G Metrerott A Co.'e Music Stores The Hall can be rented tor SoireM, Ao. Days and Hour.* cf Tuition : For Ladiee, ftl.sse* and Master*, Tueeday and Saturday afternoons, from 3 to 5 o'clock Gentlemen s Olasses, Tuesday and Friday evenings, from 8 to lo o'clock. For further Information,apply during the hours of tuition, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the first lesson, ja 8 MA BIN I'M FASHIONABLB DAHG1NQ ? ACADEMY, AT MABINI 8 ASSEMBLY BOOMS, fit B, between tth and letb streets, fttk This academy ( now open far the receptloB of pupil*. Dajs and hours ef tuition for yoang ladles mlssesand masters Tueedays, Thursdays and Saturdays, from S to t p m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 10. same evenings. *, B ?Private instruction given to suit the convenience of the pupil. MSB !\f ASyI'EBALE AND FANCY DBB8S BALLS 1*1 AND PABTIBS. The nBderslgued would most respectfully inform the ladles aad gentlemen of Washington city, and the District generally, that he is at nil times prepared to furnish parties with Masquerade and Fancy Costume, either on loan or made to order. He has taken rooms at the well known fancy establishment of Christian Bappert, Bs> , ft'iii 7th street, between D and E. where be will La happy to await orders. CUABbBS BBBG, late Ooetumer at Ford's and Grover's Theatera. Washington. D. C. BOOTS, SHOES, &T 4?KLulHO OTT I MBLLlIfa orr M _ Tlie entire stock of Ladlas', Miasas'.F^R Children s, Men's, Boy'a and Yeuth'a * BOOTS. SHOBS AND OAITBBS Will be sold at private sale at and bBLOW 008T l'BICES. JullN ANGBBMAHN, SOS 7th street, between D and B streets, ja Ulta* opposite Odd Fellows' Hail. BOOTS AND BHOBiT fW' H B W TT O B B . The nnd rsigned begs leave to inform his friend and tbe public generally that he has opened the HBW CHEAP HTOBB, No. 40< 7th street,onder [ Odd Fellows'Hall, where he haR on liana a general assortment of Ladles' andQeatlemeu's, Boy's, MisaeR and Children's BOOTS AND SHOBS. Bemember the number, 604 7th etreet, under Odd Fellows' Hall The New Cheap Store, formerly K . F. Page'r store. dels WEOBGB B. WILSON. J?H1 LITTLE BELT C10A1, Manufactured exclusively under copyright for B. 0. DYEB A 00 , SS6 PEBHSYLYANIA AVBNUB, Between 12th and 13th streeU. LONDBES PINO, LONDBBS DB COBTB, COHCHA DB BBOALO, BBQAL1A DB LA BBTRA. These Cigars are m&BBfactared of the very best RHavaBB Tobacco, imported by ourvelvee through r. Ben. Belt, brother In-law of Mr. Dyer, who is been living for a number ef years past In Havana The special attention If called to thle brand, aa it la 1b every reepact a first claaa Cigar, at a low price. jal? eo4t O I H l._ Tke undersigned would respectfully announce Bo the public that the* continue tbe buslnMs of the latoftraofO. B. JEWELL A Co., In all Its brancbea. and w?u!d eoliclta contlnuanceof the patronage extended to tbe old ?rm MOBOAN A BHIMBIIABT, ia B-tawJw Q Street W bar OBATB DBPOT. O LA DIBS' BKATB8 of all kinds, from fl an to fis. P0ULTHB1 A TBIMBLB, Ho. BOO Weet Baltimore strMt, da IB-la BaltlRMre. Md. h-' " ittBJenmBBs; iwOuiABa, jg&saiifiags.'uaara.ygg TELEGRAMS* fcc. The State Senate of Louisiana has adjourned on account of the death of A. B. Abney. In the House a resolution for the appointment of a committee to prepare and submit an act for calling a convention to amend the State con^ti'n'lon was under consideYation. A motion to table it was lost?67 to 27. The resolution was then adopted and committee appointed. The proposition before the Kansas Legisla*' e to appropriate S1UJ.000 to continue the work ou the Capitol building will probably be deie.ited. from the fact that the wall* already L;iilt are crumbling to pieces. Petitions from ail parts of the State a*king that the word while'" be stricken out of tne constitution are be'ng presented A joint resolution to the effect will undo .htedly pass Yesterday several forged cheeks of Sl,000? were offered at different banks in Philadelphia* and the ?ignatures being well executed, were p; >4 withont suspicion. One on J. I>. Boyd and another on J. Planner for *WS w*re paid. Similar efforts were made simultaneously to victimize nearly every bank in

the city. Lieutenant Arnifi. with thirty soldiers from l-'or. Sedgwick, overtook a party ot Indian* ou tb* 24th inst , and recaptured some cattle which had been stolen on Pole creek. The inwere going southwest, and were certainly Cheyennes.wbo are all reckoned at peace. Tne Iieirenant and his command were badly frozen. Tte Salt Eake Videtle contradicts the report ot the murder by Indians of a party of New Mexican miners who were out prospecting. The missing paity Save returned to the settlements, and report rich deposits of gold a-" baving been discovered by tnem Gerenal Alcorn. United States Senator ei*c* frcm Mississippi, addressed l?oth branches of the Legislature of that State, urging them to accept tue constitutional amendment as tae least of congressional evils. A unan.m mi" vete r?]ectiajr it was the response. A telegram from Idaho says that General Crook has returned to Fort" Lyon with on?* hundred prisoners and thirty-six horses that he had captured. A great many Indians were killed, though the number is not stated- A big light is expected soon. Admiral Tegetboff. the hero of the great naval battle ot LJssa, visited the United States navy-yard in Poiladelphiayestei Jay, aud was received with full honors, lie afterward visited the lleet ot monitors at League Island. The committee appointed by th* Chamber ot Commerce, of Memphis, Tennessee, to test unconstitutionality of the cottou tax report* d against testing it, owing to the apathy ot me: coan's and planters. Both Houses of the Alabama Legislature are earnestly engaged in discussing the constitutional amendment. A test vote which has be?n taken indicatc3 that Mobile will soon be the capital of Alabama. The lower House of the Illinois Legislature adopted a resolution giving aid from the S'ate to a.d in the completion of a navy yard at Mound City, upon which the T'nited States Government bad already expended SI 00,Of* The schooner Elizabeth, the first vessel of the Venezuelan Emigration Compun, sailed from New Orleans yesterday more i ig with fifty emigrants. Heports from the plains says the recent cold weather has caused great ?ail"-rug. Many men have been badly fpjzpn, r. is tearel whole trains will be lo>\ Phineas Brook?, of !Vt- r am. M is- .died of apoplexy on l'i if" - y *hil<- go;:i^ to *l.<- w-il lor a pail ot" water lie war b- ve..'y-e?<lit jears old. ChnrU- 1.y .j i.ii'er >2 >?i.-ls iotr:al b? for? . T uite 1 S' l*?-? v ill- i-llirT Af j Co.* ton, fur ?? ! > ?: life s lion he Fit. u/urg, ! Alas* , post oi.We. Mrs. M. C Ta> ith, rla of - t Mr < roll, of Carrolr k \* av ? ine<l ?r -,t\ tiifC?the dral iu ha! t< o . yester It y "! !? 'a ra! was largely ir ?i.?le.i. Mr. Hichnrn p. Ki !r?y, S i 4?ru:t r. o' Maryland, lb t ad. Jiavid Steves u a i. e ,v-r> iii a\eiiu,-> New York. his beet, J ?iio.??-U ny lire. Laltimore bat i>or lou'iauw <?p*u 1 rmu Vera Crnz corre.-poiifl* m c : *'ie !>.! s i\ ?*A bulletin appeared :?i t;n j- *ncli uu ?si> .p r off.ces in thf ci y of >i '\u < : t- w d*\? t/? statu g that Mr.t'arm: i , tue Am> r chu *? i. - ! Consul at Mazatla*. bt came inrolvi i madtt- j iiculty vi nh a Mr Broman, v 1> r M"fic*ti ! authorities interterred Mr.Carman -tint turn- j self up in his house, but was attacked, tud during the light killed two Mexicans. He then imprisoned and summarily executed. Norville, commanding the United States gunboat off the 'own. demanded the punishment cl the Mexican officers who had taken part in the execution ot Carman, and on the refusal ot the authorities be bembarded the town for eight hours. An attempt to capture the steamers Panama and Continental off Cape St. l,ucas, by Col. ll'Artois, a Liberal officer, has been frustrated by the energetic action of the commander ot tke United States steamer Suwanee. who boarded the steamer Continental, put D'Artois and party ashore, and sent the vessel back to Mazatlan. It is not believed here that D'Artois bad regular authority given him from the Government of Mexico to warrantsoch an enterprise. The Nouvell, dated City of Mexico, Jan. 19, says Maximilian is at the City ot Mexico arranging bis private bureau. It is reported that a Con vention will take the place ot the Congress called to meet at Orizaba. It will shortly assemble. The anxiety of thepeople in riewof theprerarations for the departure ot the French is growing daily The last column trom tne interior was expected at the close of the coming week, and the capital will be evacuated liefore the close of this month. Each convoy of troops going to Vera Cruz brings its contingent ot relugees. Business is suspended aud communication with the interior entirely closed The Minister of War published a note dated 2d instant, stating that, according to treaty stipulations with frirndly powers, foreign subjects will not be conscripted. General Gretnrrez was attacked on returning irom Guadalajara, but repulsed the Liberals. Dkrcbnt on a Fashionable Gambling Hor&K? The Proprietor, John C. fleenan, arretted. About eleven o'clock last night the police of the 15th precinct, under orders of Capt. Caftrey, and commanded by Sergeant Scho^ninaker, made a descent on the well known and fashionable gambling bouse No. 762 Broadway, kept by the celebrated pugilist, John CHeenan. It seems that the police have been keeping rather a close watch of these places of late, aud last night Sergeant Schoonmaker. becoming convinced that there was a large game going on at the above pla< e, concluded to make a raid on the gang. Taking with him a good paste ot men, he stationed them near by. and then, uuaccompanied, entered tbeplace in disguise. Here he found oyer fifty noted gamblers, sports and others engaged in a game, enloying themselves to the fullest extent, and little anticipating what was In store for them. The Sergeant, after enjoying a view of the game for a short time, made himself known to the party, who in utter astonishment jumped from their seats, and the greatest excitement ensued. They all made for the door with a Tiew of escaping; but they were too late, as they were met by a guard, who forced them back Into the room. There was no less than from S10.UU0 to tl5,UW) on the table, which the cashier seized and put in bis poeket. The rambling implements, consisting of two tables, 360 checks, a dealing box, layout board, 4c., were all taken possession of and conveyed to the 15th precinct station bouse. The prisoners were all permitted to go at large, except Heei an, Louis Baker, (the alleged murderer of Hill Poole,) Wm.Busseil, and the colored servants, Charles Willis and Wm. Johnson. They were locked up in the station bouse, and will this morning be taken to Jefferson Market Uourt.? ,V. r Herald, i^tk. y Gutta pereha manacles for the gentle ones are going out ot f-isbion. y At Hartiord, Conn., on Sunday week, the thermometer narked ten to fifteen degrees below nro. STA ball card in the shape of a fan which opens for the writing down of dance engagements is a sew thing in London. sr A man In Franklin, Pt., last week, died of umbrella?poked in his eye. M^The State officials in Iowa have signed the temperance pledge. Whiskey is quoted Itye cents lower in Iowa. VDonn? brook fair is a good place to take chsuoea. There the Irish all club together. l ane, of Hampton, N. H., is 111 from eating pci k which had 8,000 trichina to the cubie inch. I NMIMNik SixaTK.?Ktirrnoou, (he wrifl Nll being under consideration? Tbe duty was on wrougtit-iron wasber?, nuts, bolts or rivets *huliy or partially fiui'lied from two and a halt to iiiw cents per pound; and on NMl carriage springs | Horn nx to eight wuii per pound. In iieb:<te on tbis point Mr. Williams said that if the iate* on such articles a- the-** were increased much more lie should vote tgainst the wbol> bill, tbourb he was one of the comniit'ee who reported it. Mr Davis moved to amend by in? reading tbe duty on Russia. Manl'la, Italian, au'l all other I.Miips lrom ?-5 to ?5o per ton : on the ton oi flax or hemp xrom IS to *.' ? per ton on jute atid sisal grass troru S.r> to SO" per t>u I on gunny cloth, gunuy bigs, A?* . valued a I ten eentK or lees per yard. fr >m tbre<* to tra I cents per pound ; over ten Cftit.-* per yard fr > n lour cert* per pound to four cents per pound | and tbir v per cen' ad vnlorrtr: and said ii* i b* lieveo the whole bill was a r'ltne of gr:>h. ^ and as e. ch Senator was jrrabbinz for all It could ge for his particular interest, he h?l offered ibis amenrtmeut to get h-? share He rhonld nor# to recommit the hill to the com mittee. to be considered in co-inectioo *''h the internal revenue bill, for ?h<? prrpi-eof reducing 'be tuxes of the country at least a ( hundred millions n vear After ?>bate by V- - ! . H n? son. Brown. VltaNi P?i aden, -nil Men- | dricks.the Seuate rfin-eo u? recommit tli? hill. | Mr. Grimes mofd to amend hv putting i ' duty el twenty cen:s per hnsliei ot? barley. i Instead of ten in tbe hill. Agr-eri to?y< a* * ! 1 ra>s IS. Mr. Suirner said there was an inins'.ce in | ti e bill to v bioh he wished to call tli at eni,. b of tbe Senate He lllltli !<the<iu:\ on canrM coal, which he wis tied r**d iced to fifty cent*. VI .Icbnsou said that suojec: bid alreuiy i ??i. *c">d on. Mr Sumner moved to amend by inser'mg a provision (< a duty ot li?t> ai per 1 >?? oi. i oal mined r i mote than tbir:v d-vt ees ot Was-uii gt . Tbis ww iu tbe hill a? reported lrom tbe cOj viittee, but as amend-d tie duty i- f 1.50 upjr i.l coal, no matter wiiere imported lrom. Alter deba . Mr. Sumner modi*".-d Im ainendmen*. s > as to malt" the dutv n all 'inpcrted coil ''fty cent* per ton, t i* sum*. qrentlv,? v i^ juest, withdrew tbe m .li? cation. Before n was taken on the a . utlmeot, tbe Senate ?' 'irned. Hovbk?\ *rday afternoon? Tbe Spea <" ; resented executive documents, as follows: Rej ort of the ^cretary of 5tate in reft-rence to atte mpted compromises of certain suits instituted in the Btitich courts in benalf of tne 1'nited States against Fra/ier, Trenholm .V: Co , alleged agents of the so-cailed Confederate States. Referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Report from tbe Secretary of State in answer to House resolution or *be u'lrb of January asking informa ion in relation to the removal of the Protectant church or religion* assembly meeting at tbe American Embassy at Home, by order of tbe Roman Government, rta ing that tlie Department ha<1 received no information concerting the subject, llef.-rred to snue committee. From the President of the 1 ni'ed S'ateswith copies of telegraphic dispatches, kc . re-pecting the New Urles no riot. Referred to Select Committee on New Orleaus R.>. t-. The House then went iuto Oomiartee of the Whele (Mr Pomeroy in the chair) on the general appropriation bill. Mr. Niblack moved an amendment to insert ai appropriation lor salary of Minister u> l'ortural. ilr. Sievens exp!ii??-d that Congress bad. !a-1 session, strut k eut the aj pr priatlon toi I .at salary because tb'" Incntiiben' ui Uia' p >st, j .Hr. Harvey, had written a letter ol fui* :i" j t, .o?:y en tbe Pre?id?-nt and of most vulgi. j ; i u-e of Cougress. '1 bis letter hart b<"*n ^'fi' it. ,lit President, ar.d the President deem* 1 it I o i<n t. a thing ti a; b?- nt it to a Ne w \ ork i I a; , i utit! bad it published. 1! i.. M.^ion was conunuedfor sometime j h) Ai^-srt ^chenck, Hise, Ni ilack. aud orb- j i-. Iinallv t was agreed thv the amend- I it.-i * thoi 1C ??e "onsiieredadopted in commitee, ha* a v tte night be tak<-n on it iu tat* I j oi e. ai,d m ni ,ts the consideration of other ;,ir r.i . ii*- U < mmittee rose, and tb? n- . << er p-.f-'.ui the invalid pension bill. ridjotirr.'-JI ??fcove?Y v Family Plate.?A sbor t*t ? pteMoto tbe evacuation of Danville, is. ft- ."? a it. i c ontaining valuable family plate , -h-r :u"cles valued at f&tMl, was de. I uri'ed in the Bank of Virginia In said town M y.r. C. W. Rhodes. In the ceafusion attrr.uii.g the evacuation, tbe box was lost and d not be accounted for or found, after diligent search. Abont nine months after the box was lost, when all hopes of findinc it had been fciven up, a gentleman occupying rooms in tbe Hank, wanting a box, went into a closet wherein was stowed away a large number of boxes and rubbish. To bis joy. saw a box which exactly suited his purpose. Tbis he pounced upon, but fonnd it not empty, but full and very heavy. He opened the box. and to his surprise, found the silver plate which had been given upbv Mr. Rhodes as lost forever. It is supposed 'hat the box, in the hurry ot moving tb* effects of the Hank had been pushed into tbe closet.?Richmond Times. Nbw Sewmaokof I^okiki*.?Thelateetstatistics of the new main-drainage works in London are eurious The total lengtn of new sewers at present contemplated is eighty-two miles, and tbe works, when finished, will have cost ?4,2W?,000. The drainage intercepted and carried off by thsse sew?rs is derived from an area of abont one hundred and seventeen square miles, and a population of 2,8<ifl,0"0. The amount of sewerage carried off on the north side of the Thames amounts to 10,Unj,(?ni. and on the south to 4,?>0,UiU cubic feet. In the construction of the works 3lP,0Wi,UX) bricks and it*),0Ub cubic yards of concrete have been used, and about 3,500,(WO cubic yards of earth excavated. Tbe Lancet says"This grand system of sewerage has been constructed umder buildings. and over and under canals, rivers and roadways, from twenty-five leet above to seventy-five feet below the surface, without any important casvalty or interference with the public convenience or traffic. The construotural arrangements of the metropolis would appear to be more wonderful and successful below the surface than above." The Tabiff ?The following facta in tbe legislation of Congress upon the tariff, will show bow Congress differs: "Copper, which comes m at preeent at five per cent, ad valorem, was put at twenty per cent, in the Honse bill and fixed at ten per cent, by iheCommissloner.aiid has been finally pnt in the Senate at three cents per pound, which is equal to thirty per cent, ad valorem. Zinc has been put at three centa per pound, when two and a half Is practically prohibitory. The duty on bituminous shale, which costs at Pittsburg one dollar and fifty cent* per ton, has been fixed at five dollars per ton." The Largest m thb Wobld.?Tbe larg*?t room in the world, under a single roof and unbroken by pillars or other obstructions, is at St. Petersburg, Russia It is G50 feet in length and 150 in breadth. By daylight It is used for military displays,and a battalion can conveniently manopuver In it. Ia the evening *t ia often converted into a vaat ball-rootr, when it is warmed by sixteen prodigious stoves: and 80,000 wax tapers arereqnired to light it prop, erly. The roof of this great structure is a single arch of iron, the bare alone eu which it rests weighing P2,83u,000. Ikflux of Gebmams.?During the year i860 there were, in round numbers, just as many immigrants into this country at New Yora from Germany as from England and Ireland together?t. e., one hundred and six thousand Germaus and one hundred aad four thousand Irish arid English; while from all the reet of world there were lees than fifty thousand. There were sixty-eight thousand Irish to one hundred and fonr thousand Germans, and these figures at New York include about fivesixths of tbe whole immigration Into this country. T'Mre. Susan ?., of Memphis, Inbaled cblorofoTm on Sunday last, when abont to have a swollen finger lanced, aad died in* tantly. %Th youth in Michigan was rejected by hie Dnlciuea, whereupon he threw himself beneath a locomotive. The loeomottTe aiso had a tender attachment. grit any thing In the world will make a man feel badly, exeept pinching his flnfers in the crack of door, it is unquestionably a quarrel. n-An association of yontbs has been formed, N c/.b.mem^^ are sworn to marry bo lady worth lees than SW,000of lucre. ^ t sa> ? f,?er< as /?? . ; t;t R?I'LA> KEH-X. Lohtx>* Jau.W-Kvrinni ?It la considered re. "?'?? * Cou?Un?tiuopie that Lis em 0 a WU1 tMHli in war Turk-* u t< ?a l-di ut 150.100 rM?r??, and the meutul Kumii bu ird-iyd that all mil; ary fur* ugbs i-ball and oa tb- Hr-i of <*r, b > .*kie Jan ?'-lui said that If tmoiitiaa ha* iMnrd a manifesto against ia- arringenieut made Mw^n the United surra au 1 Frat.ce in regard to Mexican affair*. St I rrxKHftrito. Jan *J9 ?It t*eai1 that'ha Kuasian (iuTi-rtimrutpru|io*r> to build a < itwek ibmrb lo New Yvn FLvnncB.Ji>. <?.- Admiral Persaao ba? b?? n a< qu i't?d of a cbar** of cowardice V11>> a, Jan. American bree, b-l-.a linjj r.ftes bav? been givea to a poru?a of U?e a u?titan amy. Athims Jan ??The Greek ministry pro. pcae to rai?e me effective force of the army to turn, including r^rTM Ttti* sctiou is utkra oa account of the military preparation* made and the llNtteniae attuuje taken by tbe Sublime Porte Tbe Fatal Child. Whipping (use The t aae ot Joel Lindsley, tbe clergyman of Sbriby, Orieuus county, N. \ who in junls"st caused ifce death of bis son, three .rear* of age. by whipping for disobedience, came up lot trial at Albion on Thursday laat on an in aictment for manslaughter in'tbe secoud defter. The physician ? b? made tbe tx> ?t,rexamiuaUon rave tbe circumstance* jt the whipping a* related to btm by lindsley be said about nine o dock ?u tbe night Jt ita death bis wife (who was not the child's nio.her) went to correct tha cbild for souie. birg it refuted to do. she tailed to make turn nin.d, and asked b.m to do it; be said he om RietiCrd correcting him with a piece of a stiiuf ' *?* * bipped and talked to him alternate!* for tw ohourf and a half, be reasoned with h rn ai d tried to make him mind; at tbe end ot :*o Lours and a half saw a change, topped whipping him, laid him on a conch and called in* ^<1. Wny. .1 ohu u y d, tag!" be MM he (iHMd motTaud t?H?k him off the lonnre. aud he died <B hi? " *;b* ?*??? fainted or bad a apa-m it lolled up its eyes, and becam- anII aud lie.i A i riLbvr. ?bo was called iu imuaefuael v r t **** teetlffed that Liud?le? much moved walking up and down rare ?nn. and exclaim in* repeatedly, H-'? tour I o< r Jebnnv is di-a*; 1 have whipped bim o death. Preparations were mad*-tot buryii.n the child the next day. hot the corcner inteibred. The body *i, -ak^u out of 'h-* < .Ifcn no examined by the doctor*. Oa one ""eol the forehead there was a mark ot discoloration. aud also on the jaw; tbe artu* w? .? iiis.-oirred to within two inches iroia -be shoulder, and down to near tbe elbow -hdiscoloration covered nearly all u?. ontaide below the elbow tbe arms were discolored I ; } ir hand, the backs of toe *erbruieed and awollea; the back of >be w*re bruised morethan the band- tb**kin was broken on the fingers above the nails f, ,m ti.e point of tbe bip po?terlotl> . tjje p%rts were distolored, except about :he kuee?, and tie the kne. s to the fee- M?(N the bottom ot tbe feet bad been Mistered . broken in the hollow of the toot; th aiswof t hruisea wasar^ut as lar*e a* alif y oe?t??H-, ai d were irregular in the child look- t . tbcufb It had been bruised by V .hTSle Airs. I.indsley testified thtr tbe whtppia^ aidone with a fhinjrle about an inch wide Th~ 'uty, after rematiunx out about eight hou-' brought m a verdict of Biaa-languor ,u ne fecoiid degree. LindsUy II abou, tbir-y.-iA year* old. and pa?&?>d through colleg- an l a theol. gical seminary, acquirer a repu'atio , s a brilliant scholar He afterward nreacbe i lor tbive y ears in tbe West, aud is?t it Msnli.Um'k..iV ?Z,a* fb**Prof^?n on accouut of II health. 1 he attempt to prove that Linds ley was subject to meutal disorders wa- n it successful, tbouch it was shown tbat he wis Of a n oody and unamiable disposition, and treated hia wife harshly VtRGiKia. L?i,*LATi rc ?In the Sena-e. on . a urday. Senator McKae, who i? chatriatn of ihe finance commmee, introduce.! a hm r.v leave, to adjust the S ate debt, wMcb was the most important leature of the day> proceed. iDfp. and will dOMbtlffg -:t?r* Tb* atttiition ?f the ablest members of bo-b house* i hl, 4,1 ^pporuooiuent ot tbe 0 bt between .he >tates of \ irgmta aud Wear Vrgli.ia, assigning to tb > |a: er ,Ue. u.nt of a I ano io the former the remaining two-third*, and upon this basis to proceed to provide. nr-* J 4 h} ?' luiere## and tbeu for be tot. 1 he j,rrandt ot tbedlvmim ,s to e,1Jire the Second Au.l." ,, to . tor--wo-tbirds of any bond presented to L n *t;d the mtejeet on 'hi* , ertifj,*ate t.< be semi-annually,commeuci.g wi'b Januan 1 Tbe Secoud Auditor to prese ?e bond- surrendered in lieu 0f the n certMcates, in order to settle ^uh W g:i ta hereafter. The House passed a bill to pav k u i,,^ ict^ers fur siaiues lor ibe U u.?biBgrou M n: tnent; ai*o a hi.I appionnating !?l. ,i*? \ ? pairs to the institute for the deaf, dumb am blind at Staunton; alfo a bill pt j\idiu2 t taking a li>t of all persons who were k?iled wounded or missing during rbe late war. fr ini a"d ? b'," to*,d Ur H.cumoud Me i. ?cal (. ?hiikm< rui En [Utrtr Wild Hkasth.?Wild toaats are no immouly fierca in the I uited States tbe preaen' w inter. 1 he paper* state that a man iu \ e. 1 .H0?'* ^**"n kll,'*a by one ot uie pautber* that have been making such havoc among be ?beep.iolds of that State Pan uer* frow h-John Brown Tract" and the Ad.roada * Mountains, in Northern New York, have made sad havoc among the .beep and calve*, and even in Massachusetts the farmers 11viae in the neighborhood of the Hoosac Tunnel have be? n heavy losers bv their depredations T ie hlrri7.i?ArK I K,*cor<1 ?*>" ' * negro woman and n , wtu,e passing along a mountain road in U bite county, about a tortnight ago. were V rt0Ck0f W ,v"" eaten up I^.hM 8,1X8 tbe conn,rr ? warming with these ravenous creatures, and that whole flock of sheep have been devoured by the wolves, and pigs scarcely venture from tbe stable-yard for lear of being gobbled up. .a-AM V*ti"'LATIJEE -A b,I? > before the Delawaie Legislature which provides that all negroes, mulattoes and persons of color in that State shall have power to make and en. force contracts, to be a m ants and give evidence and to have lull and equal benefit of the rights of personij security the same as wbit* persons now have, and shall not be subject* 1 io any other diffcieut punishments, pain or penalty for the commission of any act or o ire use than such as are prescribed for white persons commuting like acts or flense*. S^'Tbe recent money panic in Wall street has been exceedingly damaging, not only to stock gan biers, but to many operators " So rapid was the decline that manv parties were forced to si low themselves to be'soldout, being unable to provide iu time the necessary margin* to carry their stocks In a few day. !eadin; stocks fell from ten to twenty-five i?-r cenr, and one fancy stock. Cumberland C >al declined fifty-eight The amount of m >neV st by the operators for a rise cannot be estimated. GR*at SrtXEM OK Kiptori in Cmca .o ? Madame Kistori states that the receipts a- her performance, Tuesday evening, at tbe Cuicago Opera House, were the largest since her first appetrance on the ?tage? am -nu'ing to M>scow ranks fecond aud Hrooklyn third Of the f4.8isi, her personal share is Her own personal receipts sinae her arrival in this country, in Sepremoer last have been Poumi. ?^Thert?are six millions of milcb cows ia i ranee. ^"Philadelphia is stated to contain more Methodists tbau any other city in tbe world. Lots uf litigation leaves but little lei/ure to lawyers in North Carolina. All the patent medicines are sold in England; and so are the Knflishm?n who buy Lu?T&. mr Falsefcnrls?carls over tbe left shoulderare going out of fashion. **-Gslvtstou is afraid of yellow fever next summer. WLvery county in Alabama has au iron foundry. a^The nxmes of tha Japanese Ambassador ? are Ko-lde aud Tsi-K.awa - *^"iri Massachusetts there are about fourteen bulid red cclort*d rotors. B^The Excise law was again rigorously en forced on Sunday in New York, ans tbe pvpers state that tbe (Sabbath passed off qmetly an! soberly, there being but few arrest* for violation of th? law, either in selling liquor or using it too freely. WMn Jane M Sweet, of Kennebunk Maine, has been indicted for tbe marder of her husband, I)r. Nathaniel Sweet, last fall by poisoning him with strychnine. She *ava that she oaly put It in bis whiskey to cure bi* lave for liquor, aad that she accidentally ra? him an oyer-dase. 7 fBT* WThe coal miners of tha region around Pittsbnrg have quit work, on account of an attempt oa the part of the employers to cut down tbe price of diggirg from four to two and a half cents per bushel. An officer in the army In the Indian country sends a letter ta a friend which tains the following cheerful r.rmd,'?V loc* of my hair, but T&r It would be a fraud upon the savages or this Ticinlty "InVLPro#P'ct that oae of the nobfu red men will be my barber before spring." ?t ? magneuc character, tbat would be drawn to the bouom of any iron veT stl tbat was passing, is talked of. n be a very attractive arrangement. wouia WQiieen Victoria has been aledgine " a. bay call it in ?uClaod. f **' M - . *! r4 btabX. . j . r ' ja.on t'?> aoli *>:, xiAtmjU