Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1867 Page 2
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% i'l 1 14 i i ? ! l .?'* . t '4 . .#. TIIE EVENING STAR. ] ' .,? ? ? . ? | The Urffif Cirtatatioi in thf District W. 0. WALLAty, B4ltor ?4 Prefrteter. WASUIWOTOW <J1T* : WEDNr*ll4t JAT?lTARY 3% l*4 >7 . . : ... - :???J?; ' i 7" Ui^blSO. MATTER OM RVRRY PAOR. SEE OTTTMUE FUR INTERESTING TELE ORAPi^K AND oTUER MATTER. TO ADVERTISER!. The fe'.'owmjc la ' He official showing of the CtrculaiiuE of the daily papers of this city ' competing /or i>overnoH>nt adv*rMeing under the rrc*nta?*of 43?ogreee directing each advertising to be Made in tbe two dally ?w?papetn'of Washington haying the large* In olajien: ' fcvinK'i Su? 7,715 ooptee per day. Ck**tcU. 4.1*8 14 44 " ? i ue nurn. 01 advancing by the ofty papers or tfce unarter eadin* December 31, 196ft, as i tasen from tbe bucks of tbe IaieraaJ Revenue OSc?, ar>> a* follows : i.rt?l>o STAB I3,1t?7 Jnttiiigeneer............ 9,193 CArtrosii........... 9.1*2 KefvUwua . 5 S*S THE RECEPTIONS. The White H*ne. Tbe lad:es ot the fcjecatire Mansion, Mr*. 1 Stover ai d Mrs. Patterson, at home every j >vn< >T. I-..1U mrncinc OH me I41Q lQSt.lUt. Th? iTtiiflitit will hold tbree levtw, the 1 first on tbe l?tb instant, the second on tbeTtb ol IrbrutfT. Aud ttn- third on tb* 2-iil of Keb- t rnary, i>n eacb occasion b?*tvre??? the boars of ! 6 and 11 p m. The ( abiart. The Indies of the family of Hon O. H. j liromuin?. Secretary of the Interior, will receive their friends on Wednesdays, at tb* residence of tbe Secretary, on the east aide of Montgomery street, Georgetown Heights. The ladies of Secretary MH)n I loch's family will receive as usnal on Wednesdays. it-si. ' dence 3:6 H s:reet, between Connecticut avenue and ITtb street. Speaker l olfa*. Speaker Colt?x's public receptions will I Commence on ThorbU.iv evening, the lmb 1 i?*t . and continue every Thursday evening during the session of Congress, from "?){ loll | o'clock. The receptions of Mrs. and Miss Matthews, | the speaker* mother and sister, for Indies i and gentleman aceompinying them, com- ! roence on Wednesday, the loth Inst., and con- | tinue every Wednesday afternoon tnereaiter lroua I to 4 o'clock. General Grant's reception* (card?) will t>e held by Gen'l <}rant ?na isu) on vv fUnrvday s, tlr '23d instant ;t 11 1 bib proximo, in the evening. At Dome every .Saturday ftom 8 to 5 p. m. HALT I >l< ?RK AND TH f. MARYLAND LKGII LATL'RK The liw passed by the Maryland lv?ifi$latnre providing tor a new election of municipal officers In Baltimore on Wednesday next, d >< s not Btean to have met the unquntitled approval of the major.ty in that city, aa was ex. j pecied On the contrary, there is wide-spread j dissatisfaction nmonz the Conservatives, and ' il i i?iil imiirijHaMgt tKat tt#<a?>ta ?w- ?- : ... ? ihuiu> win ut9 miae t to bave the law repealed. The Legi-la'ure rea??*a:blea at Aunjtpoli- to-day, audit run ti?s i to tw wen whether the two Houses will reconsider their action. Tin- reasons for the oppo. aitian to the niea>ure are stated to be the wi?h of the people ?f Baltimore to be allowed a breathing spell trom the political exeitenif-nt which has continually agitated the c< aiEui.rj and unsettled business for six jear.- pa.-t, hurt the tearot retaliatory legistif inn K*- I1""- "* *? ..j auvrrse 10 ttie city and j 8*'at?. One of the most fair and ably conducted 1 l*on?er\alive journals. in the Slate, the Bal'i- j aiit I'maKmoi, says of the measure this j morning, tbat where so many most discreet 1 public spirited citizens of all t-hade* of ' political sentiment arr more than don bun I of j good resuiu to the city, it is the duty of some j one frankly and uubesitatingly to tpeik out, ; and urges the repeal of the law ordering the election. It reasons thus: ^Granting that the election of the present Major and City Uonacil was untair and ulto- ; ge.ber wrong in its manner, it waeoneof 'ho?e tumult miii bhu t**m?r b? aeqnr?*ced in than to I make matters wor* by the method proposed. ; Just out of oue rriurat complication, escaping by merest chance h moat dangerous aud ojirowting cruu, the city cannot afford to reprat escapes or dangers for the benefit of mmy ret or any party, we may add?to punish a&> set or party. And wb.u untaught or uut aooonUiifd by oar troubles, we propose kj iocs to experiment an?-w. what is It bat imi> tstii'K 'he example of the revolutionists at Waabtnrioa. who do not appear to know the | ' uees ol luctrbi. but who aba** it to plunge the country into new embarrassments f" j < ti i n/1 ???"? ^ ~~ - * - .vv, lanuK uuieoi oar pr*>w*nt sitaatien?not vbat it sbould t*, bat what it is? 1 , alive to the tact that there is a power at band ready i* tafceevery advantage of any bluuder ! or irregularity committed by ibis ceinrnumty, > aware that a pretext is earnestly Bought to oeny this State, also, the representatives of our choice id Congress, and more, to mnlte the | Slate a cypher tor an indefinite period with ittiereav* to national affairs?is it wise to go on with ?nat a a* beea attempted within the ; 1 past fortnight or so. the upsetting; of our municipal nuvernment, nod. as the seqaal to ir, tb?* elecuoa of men wbos* r?eorJ for the past t six years is such as to give Congress a pretext for ils territorializing' achemes, for anrlotng all of real food tbat baa been so far gained I" LAND PATI VT* Tbe Commissioner of tbe General Land { Office bas jus: approved tweaty-oneadditional entrum of town lots in ths city of Petaluma, ! Cal , mtilo under tbe act of July 1, 1WH, for j the disposal of coal lands and town property i In the public domain, and bas directed patents to be i.-?ne?lto tbe claimants. Tbe claim* to , nearly two hundred entries of lots in tbat city ; u><r ucir^iuicDcen approved and patented. ~ A Hiuutcocm Jvtmm.?'The grand jary of Philadelphia having made the existence of so many gambling bouse* in tbat city tbe subject 1 of a presentment. Judge Pierce responded, ' 1 expressing bis concurrence in the views presented by tbe grand jury, and continued by caliiag lheir attention to the lottery schemes that are now prevailing to so large an extent, as gift distributions," "prize concerts," etc. These affairs are hardly less mischievous than the more direct forms of gambling. They ar? new being very extensively advertiaed, with all the ailarementa that *? prixes la green- ' backs" and "prize* la gold." and all other ( forms of nciou* attractions, will permit. There ? hv?. ? viu pv-uuiug iu ioe Kennsylvama Legislators to prevent such publications. How IS OLD iKKUKl), AMU BUW DOBS Shi I Stasi' f?Tbe great and increasing emigration from Ireland i* enzaging tbe wumi attention ot prominent public men there and in England, with tbe view of devising measures to < check the exodus. Tbt?may accomplish more for tbe re J lei ol.oppressed and tax-burdened Urm than baa jet bMa done by the Kemani. Tbe agricultnral districts are beginning to feel tbe Jos* of labor, and the farmers, the coaotry squires, and the landlords are grumbling at tbe prospect of bigb wages likely to be demauded by farm bands this year. itKirriTU (jiviiT -ibis play hu b*?n one ol Um greatest ratcMMtof Ibe present theatrical -rawm in Washington. aid was witnessed a#aio last night by one of tba larfMt and moat fatbionablr audi*uc?a ?v#r a?MnWtd at Wall's <jp?? Uo?H.wbo re p?at?diy called Miss Kosa Eytmr*. 'Kaii Pvyton." and Mr. J. K Mortltiiit, *mniBtn Oant," before the curtain. Th? 4ait of lb# play U excellent. I^Krom tb( commf BctniHt nf th< Pnn k<. ! < laid coal trade in 1-42 to ISM, Incfaaiva, (tweaty-#r# y**r#) 7,?M?3 toaa have 6-?*n transportedaver tbe lhltimorr and Oblo rail, road, and J.l?* ?W taa? over tbe Cbeaapeake and Obio Canal?total 10,4*4,066 tons. . ., . . i 7*Tb* Kicbmood Ejbamioar ia;i> the teat* 1 of bosin^M booses In Richmond, batra returned 1 to the standard before tbe war. I KT Tbe Jamea rirer is still frosea Ufbt to < a boat lurtj milea below City Point. I < TELEGRAPHlfe ftEWjl. FROM EUROPE TO-DAT. Admiral I'rrtaat on Trial?An?trla and Italy?Thr Greek MiuUa u th*Tallrd States ? p j [ 15y Cable to Associated Press ] Flmrkm'k, Jan 30?Admiral Persano, whs ha? ju?t b??en acquitted of cbarxes ol cowardice, u dow to be placed on trial for tncom* petency and disobedience to bis superior offlce??. Vibn*a, Jan. 30 ?The surreys for the new bounoary line between Austria and Italy bare befn fully completed. ' ATHass. Jan. 3a?It is Geo. Ktilergta. and not Kanjarir, who is to go oa a missiou to the United Sta'e*. L,iv*bpi>ol, Jan. 30?Pfooa ? The c>tioi mnrket is quiet and unchanged. Midillng uplands steady at 14\d. The sales to-day wil nut |uuuaui> riirra n,WU DRIN. I DB Dread- j stuff* market is generally .lull Corn flat. London, Jan. 3c? Noon.?Illinois Central advanced %d., and arc now quoted at Aijf. Er.-e sbHTPd ad\*nc?>d to 44%. U. 8. Fi vatweiities. 73(f. Consols quiet and unchanged at 9t 5-13. Proceedings of the Kaaaas Legislature. NT Lor ib. Jan. *29.?The Democrat'* Topelra roirrhpm dent ways a bill was introduced in tin- Huuse to-day providing for the assuinpi >u of claims by ib?s Stale growing out of Price's rt-id during tbe war. Tne House debated tbe resolution asking Congress to give land toe*tat>lirb a freedmen's university on tne ground tbat tbey bad access to common schools and all tbe universities of the State. Tne proposition to amend the constitution so as to allow negroes to vote w*< discussed in tbe House, but without final Action It u ami tbia naeaaare b?6 more ibau tw > (birds majority io the Hou>?. From Cuada. Tobokto. Jan. >811.?The Fenian triala were continued to-day. J?hi> Hracf wan placed in tbe dock. He clium?*ri tt> be an American, and was allowed a iurv t-cmpoaed half of Americana, wbo returned a verdict of not guilty. John C<<on*y wa* n?*xt tried The Crown coanael stated tbat h* wa? not aatiefled tbat tbe witnetae* could identify tbe prlaon^r. and, th?-r?fore. be would offer no evidence. Tbe jury vn?re directed to acquit tbe prisoner, which *?' done. nTir* * MEETING OF D13 \RLED BOL'iJ D1KBS.8AIL0BS AND MARINES, will beheM on Tu MOBBOW < Thursday > EV EH INQ, at 7 o alock. in the Council Cfctamar Oity Hall. Full attaadaoce la reqaeatad. ja SO It* rfy* BEN J F. TAILOb. BSQ, wTD deliver Lk_3 tbe Fifth Lecture of th* Ooarae. nnrler tbe au-picaa of tln> Toon* M-n'i ' M.t/erett HatT 1 H U IMDaY BVBN IN4, Jen 3.?t. i*?7 Single Tick*U Micoute Kor ?elat Bock and Mutic Bcor?*. itJ at the door Leo tare ?tii commence at 8 o'clock Door* open at 7 o'clock. jaSOtt* }V"3=?l?OTl(JK?A regular meeting of the ECUS PI1HLIOAM A^OCIATIOB will be held oTVS EL'NBSDaY EVKN1NO he .HMh ln?t .at 7S o'clock, at Pniea Lt-Mgne Hall. 4M1 ?tb st. Bo liietlnctioB male whatev*r on avowant ef race, col< r. or religion to became member* of thin as iiociatioD. A good moral character an<lede<ire to advane lb* cen?e of bncianUy and freelf.m tbeoolv nect??i?ry rr^uinitei Meair* Griffin and D-l' will addren the a>ao< iatlon P-rfO* wishing tojoiu the aa*oclatlon can come Id |?non or addree? It A. O. HALL. Secretary. fr^-TUOUOHTSOM I1AML1T. _ j L 3 Illuitratea bV Rirltatlnn* frnm ?h? P1 - - . By H CLAV PBSUNS, r> A.'.FjPI?? lUll.fttb dtr??"t. OnTBLHSDAY KV?MifiiU,?t 8 o'clock Aaojitkion 25 Out*. j*29 3t* nTs^TUKRItV l)B fi?-ON, PBBS1DENT riTrnan'"' UULlllliM, Will begin t UTTBSK or LB0TURK8 the Huly L.nd tor iu . of V wfi?m Kglecopal Church, in the J i*?t M ?rd. on TUKPUA T. Kt-l.ruary 5th, In the lore ro?r, of the Chofh of the Kplphariy. rb. reputation of Dr Mamson i?s a lecturer i* wen known, and the internet which cannot f*ii to tetclt lathe iut>jn i and the excellent parcoahar, in view, n !.!? . i.r.. k Tlit- Lecture* will be Ave m namber. and will be delivered on Tnf?lav and Friday evenings. Ti ket* for the c>ari?, Si Sinjlf ticttM, 15 cfrtit*. to be bad at tbe B"ok Stores tod at the Star Otfue. ja g rfr- MAVY PAYMASTER'S OFFICE, llSf Jnnoarv J6th, 1867 The office of NAVY PAYMASTER In removed to new tut'dim;, corker of New York avenue and fifteenth afreet opfotite Banking Huow of Rlgga AC?. ja li-lf y^?r.OARD ?F TRADE -The members of lj< the Hoard of Trad* r? procure ticket* to their firat ANNUAL DINNER, to be given at the SeetoD Hons*. WEltN ESVA Y. 30th ioitut. of K. B. Mc<>oire, treasurer, or at the atore ot Hlanctiai>l A Mobnn. A. R. SHEPHERD, -WM. WALL, JNO. R. EL VANS, Invitation Committee. ja23-4t IChron. Intel A Bep l TUE~ANNLAL MCETINO OF THE LL3 Bt.ickbolder* ol tbe WASHINGTON OAS lTuHT COMPANY will tie held at th? ell e of the Company,on MONDAY, February t. 18i7, for tbe electidn of Directors, to serve during tha en mill }C?r. w PolU o?n at 12 o'aloek m. and clot* at 1 o clock ?. m. in 17 lSt OH AS. B. BA1LIT, Secretary. ff% JOSEPH H 8HAFKIELD. lioF rSENCU OWNPEOTIONEBY LADIES' ICE ( BEAM * D1HINQ SALOON, 846 Peno. At*., bet. izth and 13th ?t*. WeddlD(j?, Dinner or Bu*?*r Partis mipfiied at bort batica wltk a<jT*ltfe* |D Pyramid*. fancy tfak**, and Confectioner!**, J*IIim ; W*l4in? Cake*, b*et quality. T?bl* Ornament*: S4l*d?, IceCream, Water Ice, Buman Pnuch, Boned Tnrk??,pA?10; Eaeoloped Oyitera. Boned Turkey la jelly, Cbnrlotte Binte, etc., etc Attendant* also will be sent to attend to all de tail* of arrangement*. Boajaeta, Wreathe, and i cat Flower* to order j*3 im J061PH a BaarriELD. y^EBTABLIIHED 181*. Mcpherson a kebguson. ATI Pl.1.1. iVHllg, COKNIl 1?T STRBZT, , Capitol HILL, ' Dp*ler?in PUBB DRCOH, MBDICIBES and CHEMICALS, < PBBFUMBBT, FABOY GOODS, I IN8TBC MBNTB, Ac , *0. Phnleltu Proscriptions accurately oomfonridid. The Bight Boll promptly uivwdl. ? 11-tf j 200 BABBELS FAMULI,"John Davidson." .*0 Barrel* JCXTBA. do do. For Ml* it lot* to Halt, by john davidson, noar Alexandria A iuedact, jt >' St* WMM !., g' orf town. C/HEAPBST PLAfll IH mnmm TO BUT OAK WOOD IB AT _ J. T. WALKBB'S j?*Ot LPMBBB YABP pi 10 IS BKOUOID. J08. J. MAT ft CO., 309 P?n?. ifoDn*, IwtffMB 9th and loth ?ta., Ofier the teluct of thalr at*ck of WIBTEB DBBSfl GOODS. BAWLS, WOOLBBS, BLANK BTS, BK1BT1NOS, and other WinUr Q??dit AT OBBATLT BRDUOBD PBIOBS FOB CASH. ^BBBBW JOHBSOB AM/1* ? ** "Wbm yon boar a inan prating about the Uonitltntlon, apot btm?be'a a traitor." Wbon j"?i a merchant adrertiie to Ml1 QOODs AT COST. spot him, aad bay ronr Sbooa ?lnwb?r?. Ho nia witb ?nr|HI hnatneaa knowledge ft going to pay thofHj prea?nt higb rente, tlceuae, ote.,?ad Mil* VQfc r >? hia guoda %' co?t Buy your ?11010 of a man vbo m|1i at a moderate profit. C m? witb yonr cwb and wo will a*ll you BOOTS and SHOES at a very amall adranco. BOOIS AND GAITERS j at all atylea and alzoo, for MEN, ItADlBS, AHD CHILDBBN ADB TO OBDBR aad A UOOD FIT WARRANTED, t BBILBBUN k BBS.. 406 SS VENTH STREET, One Door South of Odd Fellows' Hall. imw 1 CHOW CA818 FOB BALI?Two flne Counter l3 SHOW CABBB, on umd and tbe ?tb? flre Notion*. plate tlaae. Will bs Mia vary low. Appl> In Drp< Hw> corinrTU??4 lit jtWif ] PiB SALS OB BBIT-ONilx oetart-^^ < Ublckerlag P1ABO, with Cover, Krtoct order. Apply to Ho 470 Uth.'ll VII 1 tw^Bjrsnd_eete: ja ? ?t? ' "Y| KT/KKUTT BALL " DBC??BATBD CBIBA DINHBB, TBA AMD t I0ILKT Bo?M rualikirt, jatt ?t 3<0 Mctaaratt Hall. A ABMOVAL .OBBBH A CO bava removed to 178 PaaanlnaU intu, kit'Mi 17lb aa4 IStb ttrnU, hoplag with their iaereaaed faallitlee and Urge itork. to merit tbe aatlr* trade la WBaFPINQ I'Ariu rtOCBMCEU. TWINB. Ac.. Whlcb they wlllfuinUh at Martbara price*. , Par'tee wiehlnc Papor In aay part of the etty ' raobare It faraiabad by laavtng addraea or by >eUar. ja >8-$t 1 CONGRESSIONAL. WBDXSBDAT. J an nary 30Sf.hatb ? Mr Spragoe moved that thft readtor of tbe jouraal be dupea<<ed with. . Mr. Grime# aatd the practice or suapendiaR <he rtaiiinpr of the journal wa? beconfiag too c mmoa He wanted to nee how Mi? name *at recorded ou th? important que?tloua now bfturs tbe Senate. l?f unair.?Is there any objection to tbe reading ol toe journal b'ing dispensed wi'b ! Mr Brown ?1 object. itae iuurmi< was acco'dtngly real. Tbe Cbiur lN(d before ?he senate a commitntcat on from tbe Secretary of Sta e of Alabama. rertHYinr the election of John Anthony Vi inston as Senator from that Stat' tor six years from the *rh of Mhrch next. Laid on the table. Also, a menage irom tbe President enclosing a communication from the Secretary of State in answer to Senate resolution of ?ih instaut. I Laid ou I be table and ordered to be printed. Aiso. tbe message of tiie President vetoing tbe Nebraska bill. Mr. Wade moved that the reading of the message be dispensed with 1 -Mr Nuekalew insisted upon ihe reading. Tbe message was then ordered to be printed and laid npon the table. Mr. Wade presented a petition lrom the Guardian Society of tbe DUtrirt of Columbia, asking an npprupria'lon ot Siu.oo.i. Referred >v jLfiv*> >v* \/uuiuiitiro. * Mr. Nesmith presented the credentials of Hun. Henry W. Corbett, elected S-'uato frorn Oregon for t>ix years trom March 4, 1937. Tbe cred?-nt'als were placed oo tbe file. Mr. Sumner presented a protect from citizens of New York against any admittance of State? making any dtstinc ion on acconnt of race or ro'or. Referred to Committer on Reconstruction A number of other petitions were presented, wbicb were appropriately referred. Mr. Morgan presented the memorial of tbe Cbamberot (Commerce, atiking tbe release of the Pacillo Mail Stranmnip Company front tbat part af their contract obliging tbem to toui b at tbe Sandwich Islands Mr. Sumner, from tbe Committee on Foreicn Relations. reported favorably the House bill fortbereliet of Admiral Paulding and Commander Bradford. Mr. Morpan, from the Committee on Finance, reporb d adversely on tbe House bill to regu HIT- fiiirn ui Ki)in. Mr. Lane, from th? Committee on Pensions, reported adversely on the memorial of th? Washington City Soldier* and Sailors' I nion League relative to pensions. Tbe bill punishing counterfeiters of public securities was taken np, and tbe vote passing it reconsidered. Amendments were then adopted reducing tbe length ol imprisonment and amount of Hue. Tbe bill was then passed. Mr. Ramsey introduced a bill ta incorporate tbe Colored Mutual HuiliUug Association of Washington. Referred to tbe Committee on tbe District of Columbia. Mr. Sumner offered a resolution calling on the President for a copy of tbe letter on which was based Mr. Seward's communnation to M. Motley, and also the name of the writer. Fending discnsMoa tbe morning hour expired, when the regular order, being the taritt bill, was taken up. the question beinjr on the amendment 01 sir. >nmcer, to reduce the duty on tiitnmmom cost to fifty cents per ton. After considerable debate the amendment was rejected by a vote of 35 to 11. HorBK? Mr Ell j', (Mass ) from Committee on Commerce, repot t*-d a bill to fix the compensation of officers of ttar United States revenne service, fl t fixes tbe pay of captain> at i per annum: 1st lientenant and chief engineer at 2d lieutenant and assistant engineer. ?1.5Wi and :id lieutenant and 2 I assistant engineer*. #l,2U>. Tbe pay of the same officers v hen on leave ?? fixed respectively at *l.W?, *I.5W?, Vl.Stm. and and each olHcer on duty is al owed one navy ration.] Cm motion of Mr. Kooutz, (Pa.) tbe Senate bill lor the construction of a branch railroad from a point between Knox ville and Mono^acy Junction, to and into the l>istrictol C>lumbia, was taken up from the Speaker's desk and referred to tbe Committee on Urn District ot Columbia Mr. Kooutz asked that the Committee have - * iu i ai any iime, and urgf<1 tne importance of the hill not only to this citv but >o the country at large. Objection was made, and Mr. Koontz th?*n entered a motion to reconsider the vote whereby the bill wnf referred. On motion of Mr. Cook (III.) the Committee on Foreign Affairs wi? directed to inquire into the expediency of the assertion by Congress of the 'principle that all persons naturalized 1 by the I'nited States shall be exempt from military duty in any foreign service so loop as they do not renounce allegiance to the United S'ates Mr. Stevens (Pa.) introduced a bill to establish a system of common schools fur the Pis. irict of Columbia, and it was referred to the select committee on the subject. Mr Wilson (Iowa) introduced a bill to confirm the rules of practice and pleading in the muru males courts 10 me law* of the respective States in which said courts are held. Referred to Committee on Judiciary. Tbe House resumed tbe consideration of tbe bill reported yesterday by Mr. Wiudom, from Committee on Indian Affair*, to provide inspectors of Indian affairs. Tbe Board of iu spectors to consist of live persons, one of wham shall be an officer of the army, and others eball be appointed upon tbe recommendation of tbe religious bodies of tbe country. Tbe bill feaves the management of Indian Affairs to tbe Department of tbe Interior. Mr.Scbenck (O.) proposed to amend tb>* lull by plat ing tbe management of Indian AfTiIrs in the War Department, and he earnestly ad vocated the necessity of the amendment in order to break up the system of wrongs now practiced upon the Indians. He opposed Mr. Wir.dom's bill on the ground that the Board would under it be composed of politician, priest nnd warrior?the politician to wink at wrongs; ibe priest to pray tor the Indian, and the warrior to kill biin if be does not behave himself. Besides it was the first direct effort to bring Church and State together. Fending discussion the morniug hour expired. | The House resolved Itself into Committee of the Whole on the Diplomatic Appropriation bill. 8lpi,i'Ku,!r,v""o,-g| FULL SUPPLY OF GLOV18 JUST KEOHVID 910,000 WOBTH OF THB Y**Y BIST MAKES, YIZ : OOUKYOlSlBB'B, ALBXANDBB'B, AND JOUVIH'B. All Oelora and Six** from to I OS. %T Price?LAD IK8' ObOVBB, $3; OKNTLB MKB'8,93.3ft. >y-Oto<l KID QLOVB3 it 91.35 ?nd J l .)0 H' ?alr. VLou nndreaaed KID OLOTBB, #1 per ?atr. MOT CLOTH ib4 other vira OLOVIB, from 7ft dnti to &1.A0. JOB. J. MAT A CO., 308 Pennsylvania avenue, Jn 30-ltif between 9th and 10th ate. _ a juatest WewM I AT TBI C0RH1B 6-261 OF 8IVIMTH AHBD8TBHT1 [ ?iS A Majority of theee who read the news pert never even give a hasty glance ?i a hosiaew advertisement, mud If a MAN Actually baa a choice variety of Oooda. of all da* aort?ti?as, which ? are celling at the loweat WMiiingtos Prtcea, it bartll# pa>s at te publish the fact. Therafore, we have FOUND It ta bent (Imply to invite everybody to call and examine oar e* tenet ve Stock and Prices before rnrchaaing elsewhere, aafl say but little in re s?y w uiv wa Uiuiiim which ws poseees. We Are uurftlMd to moke It od*nkUfMui to thou who ue sot DEAD To their interest to buy their Good* and eteryUltl I N Otr line of Block Welnnt end Mahotiny Bornlture uf etery description, Painted Cottage Sett, i Cane iftt Chain Bockers Cottage Bedateed*. Wardrobes, Dreifiil Koreans, Vuhitudi. T?? bit*. Heir and Bask Mettressee, Panther Beds. Pillows end Bolder*. WindowBhedee. Brussels. sijvr ?{&& ??& k. Dithers, Aertion and ('OBmlwIOB Merohanta at the corner of BBVBBTH nnd D 8TBBBTS, Bo. iUb WASHINGTON. Jntt-lw I'HB MBMBBBB OP THK *'8UNDAT SCHOOL I BOBMAL 1M8TITUTB'' eao mow be ?u?"uf*nb " ""tsfitvtivoiigmr * _*?m M?ig^fe?agau. f ILD BTOVB6 TAKBM IIIK0B11QI l' for new onea Mm BTOVB8. OBATB8, In greet Tarlety, at^fil l?3iHatr*et,nMr the Bridge, do V ia* QK f t -v - ? ? 4 O'CLOCK P. 1*1. f;AVKRKMl'!IT &I.I I D iTir-K V shibotov, Jauua.*jr 30, 1S#7.

J&y Cooke k. Co furnish the following quotations of Government securities: Mmyiuff. telling I!. ??. 6'B Coupon, lt?l 107 Jj u ?\ tJ.fe. FIT* Twmun, MM. to; uw U. S. Ft** Twentie*- l&M It i %' 105 \ U S. Ft"Twenties, Its* lixi U.S. Five TwenUes,Jau&J'7,'66.l(4 104# U.S. Ten Forties.... ? ># Km II 8. Siren Thirties, August,... It 4* l<4 \ U. S. tS?veR,Thirties, June 1(4 104* U^S. beven Thirties. July Iw4 % 104 \ ji*w york first board sal*8. Coupons ...107X lo.lo's 9#\ SWe.lB i 107 7..'Mi's, August.... 104 *4 Siiti's, 1?64.. 10S\ 7.1u's, Jone 104* 6>!0>, 1H>5 ....IMk - :u<'m I.i. ..n ~ 5.2u's, Jn>AJy,'6S.104? Gold II..135* FINANCIAL. Lfvu Johnson A Co., quote Stocks and Hun us ib bom# and foreign markets as follows: flaw Yobk. Jan. JW.-? 1st Board?V. S. registered. Irbl, lit*, do., coupons, 107^, 5--J0 a, registered, 1(4; do. coupons, M?7\; ao., 1363, 1.5\; 10-40 s, registered. 96%; **>. coupons, 91? ;.3>< s, 104 V Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, 24; Caatuu. 44; Cumberland, iio# Quicksilver, 37, Mariposa, ?; New York Central, Hl\; Er?e, 54? V do. pretor'd, 63. Hudson, Isf>; Heading, It :i; Michigan Central, lu6; Mictitgan Southern. 71*; Illinois Centra.', 113if; Cleveland and Pitu-onrg. 77Cleveland aud Toledo. I IVy: Kock Island. ?.?; North western, 3T>\; ao. preferred. ?->V; Port Wayne. HSJi". Chicago and Alton,?, Alton and Terre Haute,--; Toledo and Wabash, 3*1; W.'U. a *-ir? i a|ru. ? : DUBIUD WSIfT l*t>Wl?r. ?; Pacillc Mail. ?; Atlantic Mail, ?. Gold, 30 p. m.. 134 Lomws, .tan. 30 ? [Per Cable.]?Five-twenty bond?, ; Consols, IK) .?-16. Erie, 44%; Illinois Central, INTERNAL REVENUE. Tbe receipt* from internal revenue source*, exclusively for to-day, amonnt to S3W4.396.1 ri making tbe total since Jan. lat to this dace iuclueive <16,591,70199. Tbe monthly aveiage tbis year tbus far been below tbe estimate, even for tbis usually unproductive period. In tbe matter of reveune; but tbe decrease is attributable to several causes, legislative lu character, not the least >ul|W?? nuuu ib mr recummeantiou of the Commissioner of Ktvenue. Hon. MrWells, tD reduce the tax on distilled spirits from two dollars to one dollar per (alien which, of ceurse. operates to check manufacl ture of the article under existing rates. SURRATT. The steamer Swaiara, with Surratt, the conspirator, is hourly expected to arrive a: Fortres* Monroe, froin whicb place she will communicate with the Navy Department, being unable to reach the city on account of ice in tUe Potomac It will be remembered t-he \ sailed irutn Liishon on tbe Mb m'-taut. and he nsnal time for the trip from that place to New York being twenty day#, it is Tery probable tbe Jiwaiara will be brand from in less than tony-eight hours. TIIE PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN C? ?X0 KK.*$ Mr. Stevens, of I'enu.. introduced in the Hon&e to-day a bill to establish a system of common schools' for the Iiistrict of Columbia It commences with a preamble, '-Whereas tbe | capital of a great nation, though a political necessity, is generally a social evil and whereas it is incumbent upon tbe nation to le&seu as far a* practicable by it* aid this evil, which, though lncul in il? d'""" ? -_ ... u..?v> u|iciauuu, is national in He etTects as well as its caused, and whereas the proper training of youtn Is. next to Christianity, tlie surest remedy for such evil and the beat foundation (or virtue and safe-guard of republicanism; Tberelore. be it enacted, Ac., there shall be established within one year next alter the passage of thib act, a sufficient uumber of common schools mi th? Jiistrict of Columbia lor the education ol every child withoot distinction of any kind, betweeu the ages of six and sixteen years, and resident therein. The s> hools shall be kept open anci in operation ten calender months in each year; tne other two being tor rest of teachers .tud recreation of pupils. No father or gardian snail be per milted to vote at any election tor any public ?V aramiw nuu * >1 a I I UUl ll?\ VH canted his child or children or ward or war<U, to attend th? common schools or senae other ecbools dnring at least months within the year next pieceding suota election. Reading, writing and arithmetic ball be taught exclusively at first, and afterwards with other studies till each pupil shall be proficient in these essentials. The form and nature ot the chief governments of the world, witb those of the rutted States, as set forth in its history and Constitution, shall be carefnlly taught m such of the schools as shall be sufficiently advanced. The school boolrs shall be Christian in their character, without affording preference to any sect or denomiaationa. The school houses ebali be worthy of the nation iu architecture, furniture, and surroundings, and fit training places for body and mind, morals and taste. As toon as practicable all the teachers shall be graduates of institutions ivr iar train me 01 teacners. All taacbeis in the schools shall receive for tbeir *ervicee an annual compensation equal tu tbe high duties ot their office, and shall, after the strength of life devoted to the poblic scbeols, be permitted to retire upon a well merited pension. Cheap, interior teachers shall not be employed for the younger pupti*. After the first year no person shall be eligible to the office of school district, trustee, controller, &c.? unless be shall have been a mi. dent taxable in the District for one full year. No clergyman of any denomination shall be an officer or teacher while in discharge ot clerical duties. No person ?hall be appointed scbool superintendent unless he shall have been within next preceding three years a practical school teacher la good standing, and a resident of the District during the year next before his appointment, provieon is made for the enrolling of all children annually of scbool age; for theestablisb mmi ui a common scdooi Doard; lor the establishment of nifbt school*, of infant schools, normal schools. A per centa*.- of the salaries of teacher shall be deducted tor tbe establishment of tbe teacher's pension fend. provision is made for tbe election of a board of control of common schools. Tbe chftaftxerutive officer of tne schools shall He asnpermtendent. who shall be appointed by tbe Vice President ot tbe United States. and confirmed by tbe Senate, and who shall serve far tour years. One-third part ot tbe expenses of the common schools or tbe District shall be paid by tbe United States, and two-thirds by tbe District of Columbia. THK DISTRICT IN CONGRESS. Mr. Morrill, from tbe Senate District (Job mittee, to-day reported a bill to amend the act authorizing the construction of a jail ia tbe District. Tbe amendments require that the city of Washington sball raise and pny Into tbe Treasury ot tbe United States, before the completion of the jail, tbe sum of S70,0W>, and tbe city of OeoTgetowa the sum of $l*i,0<w. Tbe bUt passed 10 a second read inf. Mr. Trumbull, tram the same Committee, reported back, without amendment, tbe bili to establish a Department of Education for tbe pnrpoee of collecting national statistics and facta upon educational matter*. Mr. Poland, from the Judiciary Committee, reported adversely upon tbe joint resotaito* authorising special juries la tbe District of Columbia. ATTEMPTED VEAUD ON THE PENSION OFFICE. A man named Frederick Quscettl, formerly of company A, 47th Mew York volunteers, was arrested in Mew York a few days aco. and taken before the United State* Commissioner, on tbe charge of attempting to commit fraud on tbe Pension Office. It appeared that in June last he applied for a pension, under the name of Jncquee Bollinger. It was afterward* discovered that hie real name wasOuscetti, and be en already in receipt of a pension from tbe United States, and had succeeded, under the name or Rotlinger. in obtaining firs or els hundred dollars pay. Rolltnger a comrade of Unscetti in tK? 49th New York volunteer*! but 'died it tbe Andeiednville prison. ' ^ * ' v>y LAND CA8?S ADJUDICATITD. The ComaiMioner o the General Lrfmd Office bae sent out to the local land offloe at San FrancUoo, California, tbe deeteioas in forty-two cases of tbe Ex-mission of San Jose, under special actaf Congress, approved March 8, IMS. There are about two hundred of these cases which are ia process of adJudJeatM*. % i PnnsoiiAL.?Charles Augustus Davit, the New York ? Jack Downing, (Seba Smith, of Maine, originated tbe "Jack Downing" letvers,) died on Saturday night in New York. \ I W0CAXNKW8. IllRSCTOBtOr ItOAfcuor Tkaob ?On Hond?y rTnlnf, nisetm? of ih? dli ectort ut tb* Board of Trart?* wu unci m the r?om* of tb? hoard; Mr Jobn T MiicbPll. v>o? jpfud+nt, in ttteefiftT Tb? fnttowlaf c01c*ri> w*r# ? Sam'I Huron, I*wi? J. |tavu and Wm Wall, fin am* committer: R It Mobnn, A. K Sb?*ptirrrt and J R Elvan*. room commttw-e, K B fld- (J aire, I rrrsrorer. ana N. Narrto, s^cmary Mr Shepherd moved that acummitw b?Appointed to inquire intoitie expediency of h?|.t. I \ iur a pnbhc meettrjt t? nrf* upon U:>ii^r -?? , ' the pitssitfe of tft# bin for kn atr-iin* railroad I i#K?w Vork, **ra*d to. A memorial toConrrwea, nrrior the aelection | > of tbe harbor bet*, aAd apttingfirtb lUadran. 1 t*fea for onr' Ifoii-olart*, ?m pr*M?nu?d. and ; i tlie board affixed \beir ?icahtarr? thereto. )Mr. l. J. Imviii offered a reaAlutiort dlfrctinr i tbe rcmtaitUjp "Uftofkraattu ibe hoard before Coqgrraa u\m quire into the expert ien'jr of era ploying Maaftal, tbd, if expedient, to noiuiaa-e ' ror'b ?oatif?| to the ant tteaenag, witb tie I amount u> be paidMr. Mobon offered areaolotion directing 'b* flaauce comnrlttH tb InqutT* inio tbe experttenej of laveetinfr tb* ria4? of (M board In i I'nited States NcvrKtw wben they thai! amount to fl.uoc, ana.Vbould they approve i\ i th*y are directed a? t? inreet tbem. *' ? j Tin Cokpkrvativk Armt aj*i? Nivr I'Mon.-l be regular weekly meeting of Ihe I CoiiMTva'ive Army and Ka*r Culm wa*beld at Temper uce Hall l:?et ev^nm?: Captain I*. Young, Vic* president, presiding, and Captaia Rtidyerrt Secretary. ThV ci trniittee an bounties reported That the petition of the I nion relative to toe equalixation of bounties bad been presented to (Tongret>s through Mr Paine, and that the subject wan now fairly before that body. Tbf eomniitee to confer with the Soldiers' kiiu omorr c uio*. as to co-operailon in pr?*f-enting the memorial for an equalization of bounties. reported tbtt th?-y kad be?n refused a hearing by ibai organization. Th's report gave rise to a debate. wh-ch Anally cloeed by the adoption ot a reaoluti^n offered by Col. rarley, lhat the report be recommitted, and that the committee be instructed to jrlve a true and lai'bfnl report of the manner in which the commute wan received, and that the report exprem the temper an 1 Isnimueol that organization refusing to receive the committee. Ca*'t v.e pkbfltadbp?Quite a large nuni ber ot the male colored population of our citjr : assembled at fb? Wolfe street colored scbojl bonce tbie morning, to listen to addre?sea de. : livered by Dr. Vogel and Col. Ltf>, containing j inducement* to them to emigrate, witn their . fnmilte*. to Teiae. wiere tnev ail ??/? I comtortable bomes. and be employed at fair | waset-, by a Mr. (ireen. who ha* large cotton plantations in that State. If, however, nny of the audience were induced by the addresses to contemplate miking tbeir future homes in ibe SiiuiLi w?i, tbeir determination was suddenly chanced by a speech trom a colored man, an old resident of Cbts city, namea W H. Nvlor, whose experience compelled him U> advise all of bis color to remain iu tbe Stat* iu wblcb they had been born and ranted, and where they weie acqnam'ed with the people am<>ng whom tbey lived; and not to be persuaded to go on wild goose expeditions by people from the North, about whose disinterested and> I thronlc intention* h? h.? ~ ? ? ? V?|MII U'U?. | Remarks 111 opposition to the propose! emt^ra. ! tior> were al-o made by Hannibal Kmg. Wm. i Da\if, (rfo. Windsor, and l'liomiis Harper, all colored.?Aleranilria Gazrttr. Akbk?tei> ?of Okibd Lakcinv ?i,ast Ktgbt. detertlves Kelly and Higley arrested a roan nanifil Solomon Herman npuu a charge of stealing a lot of clothing, valuable papers, and silver pieces, the property of Abr&bnm H Harry, I'. S. N-, at Joy'b Hotel, on the &itb of May, ISfiH. Herman was arret-ted about th-? *ame time for an offence committed in .Maryland, and ?m> turued over to Uie authorities of that State before the detectives were avr:tre of tbe robbery at Joy's. The detectives, recitinr the antecedents nf ...... unfavorable account of bim. l'be testimony not being complete without the evidence ot a gentleman temporarily ahsett from The city. Jus tee Tucker commuted the prisoner for a lurther hearing. Wlin'!l r.RKK HIBl SllCI I'VI Bm UONI! From McConnell Sc. Herbert. 45" Tth street, opposite the Post OHIce, we hare recei\ ed a fine lithograph of tbe artist Beard s painting of The Returned Dutchman." The subject is a most snggtstive and amusing one. representing a *oluntw just returned from the warn, who has thrown bis knapsack on the floor. , placed his musket the wall, and is leaning over a cradle in which i* a chubby infant only a few months old apparently. The 1 look ot conMernat.on in the unfortunate soldier's face, as he mentallr reckons up his time ui iiuiruM kUU IU? IU11U O JlJtf, 18 VfT V 1 tlrticronj, but not euggestive of domestic lelicity. SrsricioK of Lakobny.?I^ast mrbt. it colored mat named B T. Moore, a eboemak?r from Ororfrtown. went to an auctioneer on Pennsylvania avenue and offered an overcoat for sale at auction He paid be bad purchased it at tbe corner of High and Bridge streets, Georgetown, for f I2: but tbe goods and workmanship were so snperior to tbe clothing sold for sncta a price, even second-banded, that be was suspected of larceny, and was arrested by Officer Hawea, of tbe Tbird Ward, and tak?n to tbe central guardhouse, wbere be was b**ld for bearing by Justice Thompson. . ? Admittbd to thb Bab.?Yesterday, on motion of Mr. Norris, Mr. John D. Ellis was admitted to practice at the Supreme Court of the District. Mr Ellis taa native of tfcls city and is a younr man 01 line abilities. H?* commenced tbe study of tbe law ander W. R. Webb. Ksq. Wben tbe war broke out ta* lert bis law books to take up arms for tbe Union. He was appointed an Acting Ensign iu rbe Navy, aad served during tbe war under Admiral Oablrrea. At its close be catered tbe law office of tbe late C. H. Utermeble. Circuit CoraT, Judge. Car Iter.?In tbe Cireuit Court tbis morning, a new trial was granted in tbe case ?f Coy le agt. tbe Corporation ot Washington. It will be recollected that Coyle sued tbe Corporation on a contrwt for grading a street, obtain* d a verdict, be con. tended that be should be paid for both excavating and filling, wben tbe Corporation claimed tbat tbey were in tbe habit ot paying only for grading or filling. Morgan for tbe plaintiff, Bradley for defense. Nbw f*ivi*ioN of Sons or Taunt abck.? On Monday nlgbt, a new division of tbe Sons oi -.temperance was instituted at Dooley's Hall (Capitol Hill) by W. P. Drew, Qrand Worthy Associate. The division opens under very favorable auspices, composed, as it is, of w?U known residents of the eastern section of tbe city, tmotf wbom art Dr. James Walsh, who was elected Worthy Patriarch: J. F. Dobbin, Worth Associate; Wm. Dixon, Treasurer, and Chas. II. Murray, Recording Scribe. Commutation or SuTuca-'The following named persons, convicted in the Crimiu&I Conrt of this Diatrict, and sentenced te the Albany penitentiary for one year each, have had warrants of commutation of sentence Issued to them for good behavior, tinder t&e rales, each prisoner gaining one Month In the year ? John U. Cook, George Harris, Samuel Brown, Jiraea Pinckis^ Oee. H. Lyons. Frederick I ..oiicu, ?iru IJ navuu, I Jior oar?, oeiomon I Quinn, and Thornaa ugletoo. Thk Post Orric* Bcilding Tbe work on i the extension of Um Post Office building is ' nearly finished, and it In thought hv the end i of February the entire bnlldinc Will be comI pleted and the new rooms ready for oceui pancy. Biz earpenters were disc barged toi day on account ot there being no work for them. About fifty mechanics are yet em| ployed, bat they win be discharged In a short time, as there will-be no further use for them ? Fiqhtiho at Cftomcp.?Last aight a conI troTersy occurred la Um colored Baptist l Oh arch, in the 7th ward* Jamas Mason and I MartbaHarab Tidings'participating, about tbs | hasband of thp latter. Hard words and a 1 fight ensued, and the fcena ended in the arrest of the parties by Officer Whits, who took tbem to uw iiauon-novn. JtiUee Han*ty diemiM?d Maeoa, nad fined Martha Sarah Tidings 93. _ ViotATrsa th? Hack Law.?Yesterday, of. fleer* Fraxier And Howard, of the Second Ward, arrested a number of hack ownn for violating the ordinance of the Corporation for tho regnlntiop of fcneks. Tkn were fined in tho itMlieit Meant tho law will permit bv Justice MorsefT. in order to eeeure prompt obedience to the Uw with m little coat to hack* men aa possible. UnLicnronD.?S. 8. Adams wne arrested yesterday by Sergeant Franklin, of thotd Ward, far huckstering without a lice nee. Justice Thompson fined him M James Bateman was arrested yesterday by officer Clementa, of the 6th Ward, tor selling liquor without a license. He was fined ta> by JaeUceUall. I . Orimi.-Tlw Baltimore Sun aavs that jresterdaj morning the steam.tnfs Mary Shaw, Emma, Oil re Branch, Ma/ ^um, Facittc, i and Wlttakar, alt tamo ap from AonapolU to i Balttmor* towiig ap a laro H?*t or oyster pnngios loaded down wtth Wralvea. Tbi? 1 , arrival will no doabt have a tendency to re- ( duce the price* here as well as in that city. , o Thb Wa8hi*oto* aid (>*?>Rorroww R. r. ' Co. have removed their offlce to No. 520 New Jersey avenue, opposite the company's depjt Affair* la Gf?r|rUwa. Committed coh a wtr>n was arrested Moncay by o# ?r t'ax^on. \a 1 Jam** A M??oe by offlcer Hruwn. lor b* tarffiy of certain wbr?|?. bad a bearing t>-t jrm Jnitir* Bccbey ?MUrd*jr moram* Tho pr >p. ty waa idmiUfied by Mr Uury K?i(lt IS14 . as atoien Iron kua, and ibe priaouer* w?r? coaiamiad tor coart. TH?lct?The ice on tbe Potomac and ;h* creek*, froan wbicb deaier* I'hum rh?r --- pii#o. r-oatiaaet to b* In #i *n#at cia<ti<i?<i, nod tb? ? (>!<>*?** of ibe<Jr?*at fralu le* CJompu?,ud oiMn Hi'Mi ijr ravaged in ittf t'utinni, irt duly ai work Tb? boi*? cm durni( th? day aro iblcklj covered wra ice at ntffbt. and b>coa?. oa a~coant ot tbc tuooota. aesa, tb* faTortM tralaiac j?la~e? mt young kiurn Tba Qieat Fall*U-nima r oa Little Biver back of Anaim n open a way <bivu?b ifet ic* #??> d*v, fr .ia rt? f h> of Hifh ftn*t to tbr l aland, for tn* pwrpn?e ?r con y lag tbe ic? cat from ibeir workmr piace to 'be wbari at Htrb ?rr#?t. Tb? way hu (?** lrocaa ovrr acvt-ral btgbia lb aacceaaioa and ixiPMird every aoarciug. C'HAfcOB Of llOKKI SjT*ALl*<? ? noratir Painck Cummmo wu hj ofBo?r Sb^rwoud upon warrant ebarg.n? him with thr larceny of a hor?e ftvm Wiilii-n litndlej on th* 15*b Ni'V< rnh*r, ! **? Tb* war. rani ?u iiturd bj JutUct Mwiwll, in Wa?uin(l<w, on >bf ltd AifviU IMK, hut (be ot the complainant ha* dflrrn-d tbr arnwt an 1 Dial to ibKitkit Tb? nrruaml aaya hr purcba*ed thr animal from lb* Ouvtramriit a I air ot tap Hfrd tor*.- IB A>-zaadr?a. tt-tr V two ?*ar? ??<>. and hs* <h? r< c?>pt at bi? b ?n , near Tonally town Tbe nu> u b<-td f#r a b?>*r. iBf by JBiiicr iiuck*-) I [ ?> oi\<i mu. ? fin a ays pill It-J nod pnilimfN ol lit* town. au>i a tare* number fioro W a* tunic to u. U\r visiting l>it j* Kirer, eoatb of lMnnl. tor ttj- pur l>oDf of tkaciBf. Th? Or.-nt Kail* company cutout an iminruM of ic<* fur, Dd a beautiful ihffl oj n?w n>, wiifcxnt an v uDfTi'iiiim of *urlaor. ami rJnir ol auovr. f-rnwd in the place, mbirti the w?t ?lta?eri' ?o mi joy 'b?*t? favorit# winter pa*ntn>Tbia mornm* a large number of ckater* mmrtkaimc npon Hock Crwk. wherr tli* very emootb in many p wm, \ lOI.AT^U C-ORll'ltATIOH MEDINA!) It- ? Thi? morning ofileer Sbt-rwood arr**t*?i M< h I Hey noinc, :iua ollcrr t;ua mucht? arr?-- I Mu imH M< Nally. tr wr?, lv>r carry ilk uu tbrir b?air?-*a without licence They wr*> taker be!ore Justice Birk?;, who fined ea.h #.">.44. Kiel nrd Smi'h nod Aritboi.y iiirri-on. colored, tirimrovf Washington. w? in hauling ice ?rom the country into tl?*org*town. Tb*-y not brine licein?*d to run th-.r carta within tbte corporation. were arr-s>?<i by officer Cunningham. and lined S5 14 each by Juatice Bu. key. "Ftocm akk Ukaim Market ?Market dull demand fair lor the city trade, but traaaacii i,? limited to small Iota to supply Immwlmv wanu of purchasers Prices unchanged No recetpia or grain reported io-day. PoKK.?The receipt* ot pork this week h i* Vi??>n ror? li?hf Th? ain.?ir >n hun.i .. ? - viae proportiot&'rly ffr.ail l*nm- country tiogt- vrer?* i^uoU-d tbi? rooming at f?.?1 ro n w * arovf, aud irom t-tor*? relaiuug ai f 1" j*r ^ ' J18 IS TO OIVK H0T10K, That the iiImti 1 bar liu obtaiuod fr?'tn the Orpbaaa Court ?f Washington the lh?trict of Colum'i*. l-tu>r? of adminl?tration on the prr?->??al mittf ,1 W>ll am Batkiinirr, lata of tba I' 8 Arin>. Oereaa?d All pt-r?>?* having claim* agam?t 'M aid de>C4?aaa<l art- licrn t warned to a*MI?it the am*. with tbe Toother* tner*M>f. to th* cabwri ?r, cm ar bef<>re tha day of J ana try ne?t. they may otherwise by taw be iclndad from all t>*-i.?-na r a aid a?taW h_.ld thl. ??tb * JVJUTf' OtTM ??* * * h*DQ . I?ri5< ' HI T*. 1867 . ^dmimstratar ^orVtrrSiTSsrsiTiLT....? h FANCY ?WMtV?..?0?^TV?V' ITBT KKO1VKD-Fraab"K'-Vai TrVni^o* J Laca Collar. *c . all ?f tr.a and Friii*??- y?* J* lw Uteat t??ort?no,?* pA^|g # q^jtHEB ? IN ?Xi!5 ? !?1* T W ATEKtD AND PLAIN BIBBOMS fi?* ?" ere fxtikwi, B?!ii*o Ac ,?i j?2te^3J 1)AV18 A GAITFICB 8 SiLLlhO OFF TO CLOSE BUSINESS. A.W TOW8H1ND ft GO Jeweler*. 7th st , ktt*Mn D and I. flaring determined to retire from kn*lD?H, off?-r our beentifut tmurUn -ut of Jewelrf ea?1 1 Fancy <><x4? at Hiat cost. All good* 14 ?a?r?o- A teed to l>e what r?*ere?ei:ted Wtallat cloeing at onr etock of Jewelrr and FaBcy<>?od?. we o~ ' our WD? ?1?!i f? purcDM* W?WD?I tIk opportunity of tafias tiiata tt wholr-aala r*t?< pek i list or watchbs. Illvtr biBtiiif cm*, kbchw novta^yd, j*w?l 4. ft9 (M; Do. American, Bliarv laovemeou. jeweled, #17, gold; !> > American, P ( Ba-t(rtt i!iov?K??u, jeweled, #21, caM. 14 karat gol 1 t! Ct. ceaa. Adrrlcin. P 0 Rartlett cbronom-ter 1.. #?7. gold, IS4o. d >.. B7g.coM. 1^ do A : p.etoa, Tracey A Co., cbronoatetar ral., ABTICLBS TO BB BAPrLKD. 1 Ladl(i'Catiiu?t ?u4 Chair, papier inacbe inlata with *...rl h?.t . I- i - I ? Work Table. *a*ier mar he. 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