Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVEN 1NG STAR. LOCAL NEWS. AHU81MKBTB. *C.. TO-HIQHT "Wall's New Opera House.?"(Irifflth O^wnt," with Mi?? Hos** Evtinge ? > b?r celebrtwt impfr?onation of "Kate Peyton." Tbe cast ui this |*iny bat uever been *nrpas?ed. and its popularity is shown by the crowded bouses every evening Natwsal Toutir- Last representation this evening of the French drama of "Kelpbegor, the Mountebank " Mmzu>>rr Hall.- Last afternoon and evening performance of the great combination of two l*eake families Swiss Hell-ringers and the Berber lamiiy. ClRiFFiTn (iarnT.? As many of onr readers may no' be familiar with the play of "Grilfith OiSBt," now b#iag played at Wall's Opera House, we append fr>r tneir benefit thefollowiug abstract of the piot: The seme m first laid at an English manor, where (injtirh '.aunt and George Xtnll* as rival* lor the hand of Kate /Vyfon, the Beauty of (umt^rlanti, and in their wooing became embroiled in a qnarrel ending in a duel, the innocent cause of which appears in time to pre- I vent a trngic termination. The death of Squire \ liiAtun, '.aunt's uncle, as well as Kate't, and the inheritance of all bis fortune by tbe latter, I is immediately followed by the romantic mar- | nage of '.aunt wnb his lovely cousin. For a short time tbe conjugal felicity remains uuiu- I terrupted. until a demon in the shape ol a jealous lady's ma:d poisons the mind of the doting bu-band against his wife, whom she charges with mainiaining tooclesean intimacy witn one Brother L'nnard, an old priest of j Hensbaw. Haunt becoming imbued with a fierce passion, charges his wife with being a wanton, and subsequently finding her holding an apparently secret interview with the good priset. which the lady's maid arranges tba he shall see, commits a violent assault upon the former. and then quits his home to become a wanderer Overpowered with mipgled feelmgs ot grief and ra^e, lie is stricken down with a nialignanifrverataroadsideinu in Lancashire. 1'iiring 'he progress of the malady he is can*d lor by the daugnter of the landlord. Mercy Tint and <>n his recovery, seeking to forget the past, ' and assuming the name ot Tom Leicester, one ol his own gamekeepers at the Alauor. induces ber to become bis wile. They have a merry wedding, and finish tbe festivities at an old-fashioned Lancashire fair. To this tbe real Tun Leicester also comes by chance. He is the Nearer of a significant message from the idibred wife: but, ?n learning what has taken place, be loses no time in retracing his steps; bis mysterious manners, however, have alarmed Mrn-y, who compels Griffith to eonle-s the terrible secret, (that be has another wife li\.ng.) and ihus turns the happiest day i f her pitte iiie into the most miserable. brtfth pu-*nes his gamekeeper ba.'k to his first si>M taitbtnl wife. who. having not yet heard of hi* perfidy, approaches him in a parcxysm ot loy. presenting him subsequently a package of letters from Father Fran-u, prcMrg her ence. A leconciliation is about to take place, when his evil genius, having meantime forced a confession ef the second marnsfe from the gamekeeper, rushes into the room. and hisses the blighting intelligence into the tar of her mistress. A scene ensues, in which the indignant wife threatens the life ot the hear'less and jealous bigamist He escapes, but p-siol shots and cries ol murder are beard immediately ait?rward, and these are supposed to be tbe result ot a murderous atta'k on Grtjbth, and be is not again seen at Herushaw At the instigation of tbe jealous lady's maid. l>nm' oun> is arrested for murder, tried, and about t>eii.g convicted, when Gaunt rn?he? into the court and proclaims her iunocence, i ringing to a<lose drama tull of the most tb rilin g interest. Thk .IriXlK Ol- tllkoftpiiaa.4* Coirt ?The following petition, signed by tbe members of the hat to the nnmber of ouh hundred and ten, headed by Mayor V\ ailacb. Ex-Mayor Crawford, Hon A Ct 14id.fie, J udge Hnghes, Hon. K.J Hren'. Hon. F. P Stanton, and Hon. T. .1 D t nller. lias been presented to the Senate and House ol Representatives: ' We, the und-rtigned. members of the bar of Wasbmgton ? ?> and District of Colombia, beg leave r**?.?*ectfiiliy to represent unto your Honorable bod es. that the salary of the Judge o! the tirpbans ('ourt ol this District is but twenty live hundred dollars per annum, and 'hat the same is inadequate in view of the arduous and responsible duties devolved upou bim. and respectfully pray your Honorable bodies to pass a law increasing tbe same to at lea-t four thousand dollars per annum. ' We feel assured that we bnt express the sentiment.- of this entire community when we sav mat the ability, fidelity, and rigid impartiality which the Honorable Wm. F. 1*nri ell, the present incumbent, has discharged the important and complex duties of this office for the last eighteen years, have reflected upon him the higbf t credit, and secured for him the respect and confidence of the people generally. We donbtif any Judge was ever so seldom reversed by the Appelate Courts. The duties of this <'curt are constan'ly increasing, and are perhaps more closely connected with the interests of the citizens than any other, not only on account of the magnitude of their interest, but also ol ibetr delicate character.*' A petition so numerously signed by the members of the bar is a high compliment to the Judge and it is to be hoped that Congress will at i favorably on the petition, and tbereuv v:tu*e bim to give yp the idea of resigning his position to practice law , We are informed that no decision of Judge Pun ell has ever b-en reversed by the Supreme Court of the United States. con* iente Money?Down on I'aul Brodie ? Tbe following communication was received at the Treasury Department yesterday morningKosto*, Jan 'i6, i' ob?to the Secretary of the I'nited Sta'.et Treasury.-?Dear Sir: Enclosed Flease find seven dollars, the value of which was induced to take in compensation for articles which 1 was obliged to pnrchase by that mu?; pernicious, interfering, meddling, fault finding, advantage taking, contemptible, and yranical officer. Paul B'odie, of the Signal Corps, he who gave scarcely one in his command a respectable character on their discfcai ge, except those who had been onlv a day or two under him. and there he shows bis smallr*ss and inefficiency, for he gave them a rood character wheu he knew nothing ot them. 1 ha\e sent an amount of money which 1 thought would fully cover what 1 took My conscience smote me a good man? times, aud now hoping toobtain pardon, 1 remain a friend to Paul as 1 hope 1 am to all, but 1 shall renumber tbe above named with the memory of an elephant Sincerely and honestly yonrs, ___ Also, a commonica'ion, dared Troy, N. Y , January tft-th, enclosing gllti, which the I writer says was obtained for a horse lost in the service partly through bis fault. Homki.ksp Wamdekki:*.?As usual, during the winter season, Washington is again visit* d by a multitude ot wanderers, seeking comlort and shelter in the station-houses. Many, without doubt, like Cain, are fugitives and vagabonds on the earth because of their iniquity, but it is hard to distinguish between them and tbe unfortunate, especially when they appeal to our humanity. Washingten ha? bad to take care of paupers sent here from other cities. Our citizens have complained and protested against it without avail, until they have had to adopt measures for self-protection. The deserving poor have never been turned away, and even the worthless vagabonds are made comfortable, at least for a night, and admoniebed to depart speedily for climes where they can live without work, or prepare for a term of service at the city farm to pay the cost of their maintainance during thewin'er Some of our stations are so popular ar lodging places that vagrants apply in advance for eoft planks to sleep on at night, but generally they are notitle* that two or three mgbu tb-y can sleep at a station, and then they mrst be transferred to the workhouse. This | baa the effect to keep the worthless away. The rught tlailS **idoin a*k mor? tb?n a single ? Math or ** Emtsimbo Citizen On Sun11 ?'c,oc*' ??r. Kdward C. ii- * C J: at tfcfl **e?den. e of Wm. , t,sq . 4-. H street. In the 17th year of bis age Mr Dyer bad suffered many months from dyspepsia, and death wu to him a relief from the pains of an incurable disorder It is stated that he naa never seen a day ot good health since the sudden death of his wife which occurred some three years ago. The deceased was a highly esteemed citizen, and his death will be deplored by a large circle of friends and acquaintances. The funeral took place this morning at St. Patrick's Church, aud was very largely attended Rev. Fathers McNally, Uovno ana Hoyle officiating, the latter delivering the dls. course Messrs J. C McGuire, Wm. Ortne, J.J Jilliard. Samnel Lewis. L. F. Clark and Henderson were the pall bearers. Theremains were Interred a* Mt. Olivet. Property Kicov;rid?Yesterday, detectives Miller and Coome* recovered two set* o double harness, which were stolen from Mr <jeorge H?-yd eu the 1 ?-th instant. It had been pawned with a licensed broker, aud the detectives found it thete. Major Richards, Superintendent of the police, delivered It to the owner upon proof th it it is his property. Wno hah ?ot Boi?ht a Ticket fer tbe gTand l>a I for the benefit of the poor of the Seventh Ward, to be given at Island Hall tomorrow evening II there are any such. let tbem at once invest, as it will be one of the most delightful reunions of the season, and is Ui help a charitable work. I*****?""** Lectu*b?The lecture ol B. T.Taylor, before the Young Hen's Christian Association, at Hetxerott Hail, to-morrow evening, will no doubt he one ot the moat ln? tereetmg of the aerie*, as the lecturer ta of treatability, and his subject. * English words, tfceir use, abuse, and beauty; thought and her Connote." n moat entertaining and instructive one. A TorRKAMZMT ow lea.?From the arrange, j menta being made for the novelty of a tourna! meat at the Skating Park to-morrow afternoon and evening. We hare no doubt the affair will be one of the grandest and moat unique ever witnesaed here. See advertisement. Board or Trad* Dinner.?The first annual dinner ot the Board of Trade, to be given at tbe Seaton House this evening, will be one of the inoat agreeable affaire of the kind we hare been favored with, a* its members comprise the leading citizens of the District. Hamlet.?A lecture on Hamlet, illustrated with recitations from tbe play, will be delivered by Prof. H. I) Preues to-morrow evening, at I'nlon I.eagne Hall. Jtie&id's brass band will enliven tbe occasion. 1'ermittino Card Plavimu ?Ed McCarty was arrested yesterday bv officer Gordon, of the 5th Ward, for permuting cards to be pityed in his restaurant. He was lined #20 by Justice Handy. + Polios Reports ?The Lieutenants of police reported this morning fifty.three arrests nude in the District yesterday. Tbe fines from the Corporation laws amounted to S100.T3. city" items. Jewei rt ?Bog Wood Setts, new styles Hog Wood Setts, Bracelets, Jet Chains, Mrt I ion Combs, Silver Plated Spoons, Forks, Cups, Uobleta, Call Hells, Napkin Hiuk*. Setts, received this morning, at Prigg's On* Hollar Jewelry Store, >'o. 43^ Pennsylvania avenue, near street. A link lot of gentlemen's stout Brown French Cotton half hose. ?, and IU inches, at tin rente per pair, or ?ii.5() p<r dozen, )U?i received, at xienmng's One Price Clothing Store,on the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenne. Wahbikotos Clcii Skate ?The Skates ordered by the VVa?bington Skating Club are now ready, and can be bad of J. W. B<.feler V Hro. Several extra pairs also for sate Orders can be left there for Hadieg and Oen Memen of this pat ern. K. K. Kllkrbkck. Milliards.?A match has been mad* b?tween ftle.sgrs. Davis and Jones to play a gameof Hiltiards at Miller's Saloon, 130 Penn. eyIvania avenue, between and 6tn streets, to-morrow evening, at 7^ o'clock. No Him it to?Bar A. Co., corner of 7th and K st^et ts, will sell you a befer and cheaper suit of Clotbm^ any other house in this city Call and see for yourself. ? My old Patrons will find it greatly to their advantage by calling at the new Shoe Store, No. 5i '2 Ttb street, under Odd Fellows' Hall. (j. B. Wilson. lm lata ot the firm of Hums A Wilson. ?, Dr Whits. Chiropodist, *24 Penn. at . betw?eiitj| and fith streets, continues the successful ireatmentof corns, burnous, t>u.d uails, ehinrfced joints, warts, moles, vascular e*. creeences, Ac. Office hours from h a. m. to 5pm. and ? to << p m. Established 1961. For Ciiilblaisf> and Frosted Feet, White's fcmbrocstion is a specific. Price per bottle, for sale at 4i4 Pennsylvania aveuue. between ttth streets. AScrePil* Cf kb?Dr. (Gilbert's Pile m atrument positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on receiptor *1 Circulars free Sold by druggists. Agent* wanted everywhere. Adiiie&s J. B Koiname. Manager, No 575 Broadway. New York. Pennies can be had in any quantities at the 8'ar office counter MAKKIEIl PA RK KB?TH0^1 AS. On tbe 2s th instant, by the Be* 15. Pe> ton Hruwn W M. H PABKKK.of K??m. N. H . to Miss CLARA E daughter of Lewis Thomas, E? ,.. of this city. NocarJs. * BIATTT-PA1SI At the West Georgetown Me'hodist Episcopal Parsonaue en the Ittu lust , by Bev Geo M b.rry W ILl.1 AM W BEATTY, ef W aabiBkt. n. to Miss ANN M PaINE, of I Georgetown dicu. DARKER On the xstli lastant, at 7 o'clock v ui . INTIN KABKKH. in the 5dtb year ef his Tbe funeral will take place on Thnrsday morn in* 31st Inst .at 11 o'clock, fro? nta late residence. 17 7 6th street wsst, between N and o st?. north. ImiFm MVMU ?" ,he ill,t*nt, JOHN MIIM, in his i ttb year His fnneial will teke ?l?c? Thursday, 31st at 3 clo. k.frcin hie late residence. Mo 1 I 1 Green at The relatives and friends and the Old Inhabitants' Aa-oclatb n are reepectfnli) in-ii.-d t? atttud * WEBB A 1!E\ EBIUi.E, IMfOaiEKS OF CBUCKEBV . CHINA AND _ glasswabt:, Have constantly en hand a large stock et G?jOD8, at the latest styles. from tha beat makers,ImTN at as low price* aa they can ba purchased In Morthern cities fijSf ^"Particular attention is invited to ourlv fine PLATED WABE and 'X'TLEBY. jaX it* Odd Fellow Hail, 7th street. 480 CBNTRA* LOA^OFFICE, 4S0 Wo. 4*0 lot h?ti one 4oor below Pa. to lean on G^ld"end Silver W ATCIIES, DIAMONDS. CLOTHING, and MEBCHAN DIB I of every des^ri^tien J* ^"Busineea strictly confidential. jg^^^TH* \V?AK AND luTZ- ' ni T' "xJi paibbd eyemght, arising from protracted aickneaa, general d-bi I Ity of tbe nervoua system, or the natural dispo sitlon to far er short-sightedness, will be restored, strengthened, and preserved by tbe nae ef our celebrated BRAZILIAN PEBBLE SPECTACLE'S, mannfa. tnred bv n? from the gennine quartz. I pure -lie*.) aflording unrivaled clearness to tne organ, of vision. Tbeee Pebble Spactaclee and Bye-Glasses we adapt with utmost care and attention to the prop er condition of the particular eyesight, in accnrdanee with the pn>aiolocy of the human eye, aad the laws of the acience of optica. We sell our Pebbles, aa w?lt as all other OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS, nt ,Yrte Yurie and P/ii aiit'pkt'i pnrt< aa stated In tbe ratalogane of leadlnK tirma? Benj Pike, Sem >ona ft Co . Mcealllster Bros , Oue?n 41 Co., Ac. KKANKLlN A CO.. Scientific and Practical Opticians, 24 4 Pennsylvania svrnie. between l.'tb and IStbsti . Washlnscnn. %jT in oig tbe distinguished patrons of our Optical Establishment during t|i>??e last six years, we beg leave te mention President Abraham Lincoln. Mrs. Lincoln. Ch:ef Justice B P. Ch tse, retary Seward. Secretary Stanton. Senators Clark. Grimes. Guthri#, Morrill, BpragiiH, Sumner. Y ate*. Hou H I Dawes, MO. Mass , Hon. John Wentworth, M. C . Ill : Jndge Either D 8. Snrreme Oonrt. Mayor Wallach. Major Geueral Hnnter, Major Gen Schurx , Gen. Dolafleld, Maj. Gen. Helnttelman. Admiral Goldaboreagh. Hnrgeon Gen. J. K. Barnes, Prcf Henry, Bmithaoman Inatitute; Pror Mason Oolnmblan College; Dr. Henry Brnl. Chemist. Agr. Dep't; Dr. B. K Stone, Ocnliat; Juege Tabor. Tourth Auditor, Treas Dep't; Gov. Patten, Ala.; Gov. Parsons, Gen. Spinner.U.S. Treasurer, Ac.. Ac. ja H> ">t UOhBTBIHS BEW ! " O EBCOI'BAOB HOMB MABUVACTUBB' B. GOODMAN, PRACTICAL CAKPET WEAVER, ? . C?>mer i>i and C streaU, (Island ) Makes Carpets to order with dispatch, on moderate terms, and aatiafactlon guarantied. Carpets constantly en hand, and far sale. jatl lm QlOO B E I B b~ HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner New Tork avenne and ttth atreet, (Bntrance en New Tork avanne,) Dealers In fine FAMILY OBOCBB1BS, TEAS, WINES, 1MP0BTBD LUXUBIB8, Be., Ac., vculd respectfully notify their friends and tha public that tfcey have jast opened thalr New Grocery Store, wbere can ba obtained any article nsa ally kept in a first class Grocery. Without attempting to enumerate oar large, frash and wellaelected stock, we cordially invite the public to examine our stere aad stock, balieving wa shall not fall to give entire satisfaction to all who may faver us with their patronage. We call especial attention to our assortment of TEAS and COFBBBS, which havabaaa selected with great care for ynrlty. Dealers will find a fine assortment to select from, and onr prices to nit. Goods delivered promptly In any part of the city, jan 9 3m ASKS i MASKS?! MASKS M A full supply, af all different character, just received, at , CHB BDPPEKT'S FABCT BA/.AAB. JulSSt _ Bo. A29 7ta etreet. IF I0U WABT BABGAINS . _ IN OABINBT FUBN1TCBB Call at the BEten?lve Wereioouis of HTT. /.1MMIBM AN B ?o? . Bo. 530Seventh street, Ja fl-dlm between La av. and D atreet. BASB BALLEBB will do well to call at tha lleadueartera and try ('RONIN 8 choice SK GABS and TOBACCO. !I3# Penu. avenue, jaxt ?t AMUSEMENTS. - I WALL'S NEW OPEEA HOUSE. BBBBY * WALL ... PBOPB1BTOB8 B. B. PHILLIP* STAG! MANAGER BBILLIANT BEOKPTIOH of the WasbTagtoB favorite, MISS 1MB BTTIBQB. Im AagutUa Dallr's suceeeeful dramstizatioa ?i GB1FF1TH GAUBT. which will be reseated TH18 BVBMiBO, Jaauary ?n. 1S47. with ita orlttnti effecte, charsct-o ftio miic.Ud THK GREAT KAlB 0 >kBB. To rorclnde aith the Farce-jf _ GHOST IM BP1TB OF HIMSELF. BATES OFTDMISSIOM. ^ ? Private Boies, #8; Orchestra Chairs, ?1; BiJ* Circle, 76 cents, Parquevte. |0 cents; Fauiily LWI clo, is cents; Colored Circle. 14 cants. NATIONAL THEATRIC. Pennsylvania avenae, bow willards' Hotel. | THIS (Wedaeeday ) BVBHIHQ, January ?. 1M7. LAST TIMB POSITIVELY Of tbe celebrated Freach Biwneatic Drama, in three sets, byCBerlee Web**, Bntltled i BELPBEGOB, TBB MOffKTEBANK. GBABD CARNIVAL SCENE, i introducing over One Hundred Character!. I TO-MORBOW BIGHT, BOMABCB OF A POOR YOUBG HAD , _ FRIDAY. February 1, BENEFIT OF J. B. 8PACKMAB. pMB&T GRAND BK ATING TOUBSAMENT. 1 a moTblty, The Managers of the W A8HINGTON SK ATI MO PARK beg to aanounce|to the public thit. weather ai d lie petml(tlng1 tiiej propose.en TilDRSI)a Y Sl.XT. January 31st. the novelty of aToarna mint on Ice Every preparation will b? male I for the eTent, and the role* for the Tourney strict i> observed. The contestants for the rlue will be expected to appear In fancy drefg and ell desirous of entering for the piize are requested to r< ginti r thtir nam- s at the office of the Pre-id-at | or with the ticket agent at the ^ate. Alter the ceremony of Crowning the Qoeen. a i large sleigh. beautiful'/ <le<*>reted, will be ! brought cu the ire. In which the Uue?n and M aid* of Honor will be drawn by the Knlnbts around the pond. The event to couelude with aOrind Mas<iu< rade, Illumination. and display of Fire *Afn"l Band of Music will bs luatteadaiice The gate will b<-opened at 1 o'clock, Tonrna ment to commence at 2}? o'clock p m. I Member'*mil season tlkets admit a gentle-nan ai d two ladies: 2l> cents lor each aaditional lair ; int-le ticket!. admitting a gentleman and one I lady, 60 rent*; boy *# 25 cent*. ^ t-ABCY DRESSESAND COSTUMES, For Tableaux and Private Parties. Apply to MR8. FRANK RC ja 2.S 6t* 10th straet. BALLS, PARTIES, <fcc. Ball for the beneIIt of the poor OF THE BEVENTH \VARI>. The nnderaigued citizens of the 7th Ward re-pectfully announce that they will gly" * g% Bull t?r the benetit of the po >r on THURS aS DAY EVENING, 31 Ht, at Island Hall. Aa the pro. eeds wi II be appropriate fur UliA alleviating the want* af the destitute ot the Wi d, I tb- y rei-pectfuUy ask for the patroaage and pres eiice ol the charitable on that occasion .... Ticket* $1 admitting a Gentleman and Ladies, I to be had ?.f the Manager*. _ J a- L Pennon E. B. Gray,.I. H. Bird.Dr E V R Hi hwell, l?r R 0. Crog/zoa, J. Yatea R H G aliaai. <! O. Hamilton. G Wright. Th mia* E Lloyd. William W L^aki y. J . A. W Clarvoe a .'4 7t* | LOST AiNU FOUND. DOG LOST.?On Monday evening, black and tan alut PL'PP Y ,??v n inontli* oil Lit eral 1 r>-waril offered by leaviug her at Orooery Store, | JA t>, street. ja 30 2t* I Cv a M F TO THE PBKM1SE8 OF THE 8t*B / crll er, ?n tbe Mth Inntant, one 15 A Y M k BE. I with tu lle on. Th > awuei l? re^uestej to came furwaid. prove property pay ctiarge- an<i take heiawa). THOMAS FOWLBB, No. *3 M street north. I a So 3t* between i3d and Hlb streets. I fgQ B B W A K I) .~ ^ II f rut tin* R'nd*-. roi'f, (r. S Armi, J 4?1 CStrert, U C . 5 January 33. 1^57 \ Thirty dollars reward Will be paid for the ap- I prehension and dell very to me at at th^s rende tous or esch of th<- following uaraed men, (le-ert or. troin the U"ited States Army CHARLES W NOELL, private. Co B 2Sth I Infantry . age 27 years; height. 5 feet '.''^Inches, I complexion fair; ey?-s grey, hxirdark. < EORGK H. WILsOSi. private,Co. D 12tli In- I fantry. age 2? yeare ; beight, 5 f et 7'< Inchas , I cotiipiexion dark , ey> s dark ; nalr black The above nain^d men anppo-eJ to be iu this I tlty. OABLE A. WOODRUFF. lit Lieut 2d Artilb ry, Brevet Liait Ool., I It U. 8 A , RecrulttBg Officer I C-VAME TO THE PBBM1SBS OF THE SUB y icrit^r in Uutontowo, a amall blitk H<>BSK I bmd feet vhit?. bAddle sail On bis back . at.out 11 I or 14 years old, as an a-tray. r Lu*jll V. The owner of said Horse Is re<iuested to-all on I tbe subscriber In (Juiontown, ?roTe property p?y I charges, and tnkii hlm away. F LUSREY. I I ^^shinjton^lai^W^ljjJjr^^I BOARDING. ROOMS TO BENT- With' Boaid or for hiu??keeping No. '^1 Pennsylvania avenne be | tween 24th and ISth sts. jaS3 2'. I BOABD1NG?Two pleasant, famished te end- I Mory BOUM8, sultaMe f t gmtinmii and | their wives. ?r ?ingl* gentlemen Term* me<ler- I ate. at Mo. 3 J6 street, between F and G streets Bortk. j* 3" * I F-CBBI8HBI) BOOMS for rent from #10 to fl5. Alio, TAoI.E BOARD at 9?l per month, a'. No 4*3 6th slitet. between C street and Louisiana avenue. ja 3t' I BOARDING ?A few genteel Boarders ran be accommodated with ROOMS and BOARD. I from 7^ cents t<> B1 per day. Two FBOBT PAR LOK8 for rent, verr low Apply No. 367 Pa. I avenue, epposlte National Hotel. ja26ee3t* I HlMDSOMBLY FDBN18HED ROOMS K0"R RIMT?With or without B ^ard. No !I34 H 1 street, between 19tli and ltth, ot e square from the Ciirs. ja2S6t* I I'ABLB BOARD at Bo. 464 10th street,a few duora north of the avenue. Terms ?u per month. de 14-tf GEOKGETO\VN ADVER'MTS. ^ rbbI soffbaQE. Ma^oa's Office, I Gkobaktowji, D. C , Jan. 19,18^.f Notice is hereby given to all tbe male Inhabitants of this town, above tbe age of 21 years, bath white andcolere<l that the Mayor and Board of AHermen I of this town will be In opensessioa. In the Mayor's I Office, between the henrs of 10 a m and 3 p. m on I FRIDAY and SATURDAY, the 1st and Jd days of February, l?$7. t" afferd another opportunity to the oltizeas of this tow n, above named. to register I their names as voters at the Electien to bs field in this town on ths 2ith day of February. 1H67 ja 30 3t HEMBY ADDISON. Mayor I rp~0 ARCHITECTS AMD BUILDERS Parti.s desirous of furnishing PLANS for a sontempi ated itnprovemeut of Christ Church, Geirgeto^B, are invited to appear before a committee of the vestry "f that church, at the Office ef OH AS. M MATTHEWS, Nn. At Congress street. Georgetown, (opposite the Pest Office,) cn SATURDAY, I February 2, ist>7. between 11 o'clock a m.aad l o'clock p. m., for iBformatton. ja 30 eo.t /^HEAP-COTTONS, U AT MILLER'S, 101 BB1DGB BTBBBT. GBOBOETOWB, D. C. Jast received, a large stoek of OOTTwM GOODd. which we are selling at lower prices than they have been sold since the war Bl.ached Muslin, 13'j? 18.18 cents; good yard wide Shirting ditto. *j and 26 seats, 4 4 Androscoggin Bleached Muslin, 30 cents, 4-t Wa*jutta d?., 36 cents: 5 4,6 4.x 4 9 4. 10 4, U 4 Sheetings, very low. Calicoes at KK. IS. 14 cotilr,, Merrlmacks, Spragues, and other best makes. 20 cents; Shtitln* Piiats, U) cents; Un bleached Muslins, 12!,. 16 cents; yard wide ditto, I 18 aad 20 cents Call and examine oar stock, MOMBY CAM BB SAVED by so doing ja24 1m* BENJAMIN MILLBB. WM H. WHBATLBY'S PBEMIUM STEAM UYBING * OLEANSIMG ESTABLISH I MENT. Office Ho 4(1 Jefferson at., Gaorgetown, 1 D. O. Established 1431; premium awarded by the Metropolitan Institute. 136T; rebuilt and 1 > now by far tbe largest and uio.t complete nstab- I llstnneatof the kind in this section of country, I w ith a large stack of tbe beet foreign and domestic Dyes and Chemicals. replete with every deslr able Apparatus, and provided with the best Talent aBd Artistic bkfll to be obtained. The sub aoriber is prepared to demeaetrate to his customer* that pre-eminent as may have bees hts pre- | vtona reputation, hit motto le " Bxeeleior'" In Dyeing. Cleansing, and Befinlshlag Ladles'and Gentlumea's Apparel, Silks, Velvets, Batias, Merino. Cloths, Ac , be means to stand nurlvalled. I Truly thankful far past favors, he solicits th* continned custom of the community. ; VUT Goods received and returaed by Express I with the utmost promptne*s and dispatch, i jall-la WM. H. WHBHTLB Y, Dyer. , piBB BOBDBAUX WlHB8~ Ohateaa Margaux,(viBtage, 1W1.) Chateau Larose, ' " Chateau Lagrange, " UU. Margaax Medoc, ?. [ L Caslenac M*d<ie, 44 Chateau Lafltte, 44 1461. Chateau Leorflie, 44 ! Obateaa Sauterae, 44 41 P -oiet Caaet. 44 44 H.Julio*. , 44 44 or"" " t"o. d'tss a 00 , i ass Pennsylvania avenue, jalT eodt between l?ih and Uth streeto. . qpticiaiTgoods. j OPEBA GLASSES Bad SPECKS for tbe Mil'VeBBLBS and other GLABSBS at half price, ;a Jl flt* 840 Psaasylvatila aveuwe. rOB SALB-One twenty hovee powsr eortnUe

BTBAM BBGINE AMI SAW MILL, just completed, and warranted to give n* Also, several small etatloaery EMOIMBS, new and second hand which will be a-ld low for caab. Apply to WM M ELLIS A BBO . Bagio Iron Works, corner or GBl* av*.n?T and 13th stroaj, Wachlngtvn, D. C. llntal.J ja7-law3w WANTS. W n,4^SI)rtn*Jff4 (*u?i"msncs AND A wuVf ** toT ff*narmI houseWASTED -We soLTB^sir luN^f6ol?*ri#t JT*2m1.OT v*" ylnXmwSSr* 4* WM. BPBLBT t no, W tn,TwD;-?^*B*??vt?el flrs? cia-. IT a a ad i^Jr a-^awsvis! .ft"':.: ir?iuS!.i ,?"'" "??? uti ftar* tbsm rv ?rw?W? *Bilor?4 f"r the time Mm jaS*? * M P LO Y M B El T, 8Ur OAc?. W VlSf^TA? *7wi">rt'Mt T*OAPPBiN re^nlM-i ' '?*r? Beferences required. i> ? ?t* W ? keant corner of nth and M and ir..^Il"?* WHITi WOKAN to cook, wash I I>rl.?? K'xxl recommendations. 1 * '/ MSween jo a nd it o'rlock a in. >a 29 3t* W ??*nUeiiian. a BOo?7bet?e-n entr.n ? 5 '! .h etrejita weal, mart haw prive'e Ad<j^p,TW0im/?V.,tr*et re"jn vir;.?L A TloN^rTA^L" t:IR?' W19H?? A SIlUA Has wi?kLi V..? ***. fwB"* M ?r,t '? ? e?oK Add r?L R-/^ J.f"a' If9 iB English families. Aocreu R?i ^n, Btarofflo0 j%29 81* W A NT F t>-A settled WOMAN ta rook" wa^h th.t v"n Ln Si?*'1 '*"'> > Ni>?? but those that understand their t usiues* aid ran come ??*l| rproiuBB0?dadnpedar?,y 0.11 Ho. 3?3 7th -tr-et, p_?*nd K strata Durth j% SJSt* VV ANTED?A truat* M \N. to drive a milk I)AVMt?*t?N? MlPl'C*! ?#B "n^ < > ?t JOll N DAY I IK ON 6 Mill Hater atreet. Georget wu. D 0.. |j?z8 3fj Job W. DAVIS W A,*J!??Z;Bl,*QE?tI;*MAN AND WlfK ?? i?!ib no childr?ni two neatly fur. i?he<i roemt suitable for honst-keeping, pleasant!) loeatfd. Adore.. H H S.. Btar office ^ V A ' H'1I8t,#f*i)od experience ii X* the drug business. luanu.actnring of artiii ?iS!# 'k Tf /*' \n<1 lb* manipulations of photography, d<--ires KM PLOY MINT Sneaks Kreuota and English. Ad<ire<s "A B "Star Of Dt?- _ _____ ja Ss St' \\ GIBL. 14 te In year* old To *' nurse and make herself generally uiefuI ic" rViAMi^i '? * C?D,,I',.*hil* ?ref-"ed W r.; ii-.? 1.LEK- V.e^'"?yt ?*eDue. bet we. n M h b?*r 14th; fratua cettage in a large '"ra ja?jtt* \V ANTED?By a youns man, who cai. pr.Mlure ?? ihe best of ta>tlm nialtt. a 1'oHITION iu ? r " h,d eiperlenc- in bo k keeping^ami will uot object ta keeeing book* iV,?l pfti, "g *" cusiomera. AdlrasH A L u '_ r w ja ii 4t* ALL OCT OF EMPLOTIIENT ahouli ? ,t f-il to call at the Kmploj nient Office Petm ? avenue, bet wteu Kth ai.d Uth st* Wanted-T?n Ojrle, white and roler?d^foi general hoiinewoik Alco. all thou.-in ne d of male or feni?lf HELP bitnutiona proui( tly filled. Agents wanted. /i 19 2* * W ~t'le Eeerultin* Office, No. 4t>I O etreet. n??r Italtimore Depot. KEOKL'ITS for the I'nitetl states Army ja if jm W ruT.n^nfsTi*v?MMt #ff 5?oreii?T? i.OLO ?n l f?lti\ EH, or aay other artic e .f rainc, at the wid eittablixhed Meichaat Pa*n b-eker i ?oreot K Ft LT..N A OO ,..UU9th ?t Jdoora n-rth ef Penria avenue " Bole Ageutfor B1NUEB> StVN 1NO MACHINE de Tl-\y W*MTKD-l00LkDIK8 immediately, tj.-m nil sk??t L.Tokt**-Wrapper Toke-. Kut, 2 kL i! I BHppera, and Initi?is To ?o >d hau U ^ ho briDK Mm pie ot work, kj^o 1 wafei au<i con BtttUf eniplo) mt-nt given (j* I *t the new ?i> MT^MPitn *t!> Htri'tt-??f ,a,te P?'eot Office dJr^f reUaced to FIVK centi per width. WANTED - 10.000 LADIES to kn .w that the New Stamping Bo.m,, 439 yth Tree| ?n paftte Patent Ofh< e they can find the bttt *ele t?-1 aMortinent of Patterns erer offered here t?r ^^*\i7^^^11' APX^'.n Jose??- Waists, Yuke? Batida. Wrappers. Slipper. Plncn.hlon. and ini t als AUo,<fesiBu? for Pillow Oaa.-? Ottoman^ Ohai r Cot ere. Pianos, arid. In short, every vai letv of Patterns as they are dally Issued Weba .ea Ki>ath Machine and a Fiaaual Stamper, and have i educed the price to FIVE CENTS PKB WIDTH Hrli". I".* P"',ern bronifht us Brat i?. Silk and Working Cotton very l?w de 1 * - tf W A.rj*EI>-?ICOND H ANI) FHttHITDBC Also MIKKOKS.CABPKTS. BIDS, H KI > V'^O and Hot'SKrUKNlSH IN'i OOOI>!> of every V'u'?? n BL "HLT 4<?.Wtb street between q and H eaat -ide personal. p |L. SBUKCKINO, M D . HYGIENIC AND , "^^'"ATHIC PHISICIAN J* 30 im*" Are., bet. litn aui ijth st< l\ P*r*?B that left the net of Kur1U. iJ iC al."lr>*oP be covered in *.reen r??l ? ch"r'.bKjr to come and take it s^d to'yiy'axMnses rckru,r'*or 11 W1" ,a2Q Sf. ".Ml1 BOBBINS. Agent. _ja_29'lt UH t St., bet 13th aad 14th at*. |Y1 BB WOBBALL, i ji _ , MEDICAL ELRCTBIOIAN, SB?r:^#I,?? T'1'1 *r* Invited to o,nHo '?14 v5"h * my ?* treatment ao . n ftewiork avenue ja^ii-at* fI Ah?J^. ^TiOB-I hereby Klve notice that 1 Pmi8M ,n mjr business of El -were, and ao one doing bntinessin A * ?n ' " b?>ri?ed to use my name jaB-lm' MBS FB1E3, 4^9 llth street 1baV,?.^2T AADIW "At CUABLKS i ?ACM 8 H op Skirt Manufactory you can buy r? 0T?ni ,e?t* *balebones. 81 M. reode ?.?- 4!* Lonisiann avenae, between 6th and / tn streets J4 2l lnf MBIDAL AMD FINEBAL W UIA THS, BO D WLETS,CBOSSICB. ANCHwRs. BTAHS. Ac ?ir?VuT?i forib, Imported FLoWEK.i! "AlB FLOU EKS, and BRAIMNU. AUo, I n ?|0rl fr?*?B,..Ha1U lor Bails, by kit- 1 UM r*n?OTed to No. 4S9 nth st , between Q and H. oc j <m? ' 'I^AKB NOTICE ?Bridal and Faneral Wrettbs, 'Jineta, Crosses. Anchors, etc., n eserved in natnrai form: Wax blowers, Hair flowers , . Olass or Pearl, at No. 34? Q street, near ikk ja 16-1 m* Ladies it ib acknowledoed that the NEW STAMPING DEPOT, en 9th street, * J J. baa the best selection of Patterna ever of rered here, and the proprietor has reduced the price to ONE HALF that has been charged heretofore. Beina a practical Stamper, no tear need ^h^i0'?ttUnVl'*1 wJ,,M"Sit you ?o ee? him Be wiII make and stanie AN ? pattern de 15 tf JOHN D. CLABK. ATTOBNET ANDUoi3N B"?hAt LAW AND NOTARY PUBLIC, aio. .Via 12th street west. de 14 ly I^ADIES LOOK AT TBIB. COLLAR AHD CUFFS & IVEy A W ' Y. Eacti lady having work done at the CHEAP I pT?AM,P|!?? *01V"8 .4S9 *t0 -feet. o.p,?ite Patent OSoe, will raceive trans one Collar aad Fair of C'nifa, sUmped on the hnest muslin, for cltain stich. Braid or Embroidery, suitable for alKbt-KOWns Star Braid ani Colored Cotton for the above at reducad prices. InitUls stamped from ont ioM'4 ceaU Stampod goods at half the price heretofore asked. 4. 29 tf for sale and rent. FOB BEUT-STOEEBOOM.40 feet deepTwitb snnimer kitchen and wood shed, on 7th atreet, reiwren M and N streets wast, No. M46H Kent 9tK laqnire next door, U4b. JB u 't>oSt* Fkf2SlfhHJ^0^18 KO* *ENT-SicelV Ho.rrf ii. 2^ for re?Cl ,ln*l> or entnlte. "5K"Vi;iK GjEKSW#** -"a Several desirable building LOTS . sections of the city. Terms. 9100 per month for the remainder Kor property will be aoid low and on easy terms or at ,or d]' Froparty. Also, from Twenty tofilxty Acres adjolalng the above. Alee, Farina and Country Beats In Maryland and Viriula. Apply to V. D BTOOKBR1B4B, _ .. Meal Bstite Agent, ... . Mortheait corner 7th and F streets, Jb 6 lm* Washington. P. O. FWniWtNTTtwr?tnr?!i.'?Sr,fn(l Brick * . DWELLING H018E, brown frentt water end ten rooms; now aederfcfiig repairs; sit nated en 13tb street weet, between L st a .rtb and Mum aveaae.Be. Jb9. la aire at No 40S Utk t. botwoaa s and iu a. m. and 4 aad ip m. ja i tf ir^B BENT?The FABM, for the laat three yean the realdanceof Major Tbeephllns Gaines, con Um of lto acree. lying near fort Maban, 1 . lie irom Benalng'a Bridge. Imfroyements, dwell na aonse of 11 rooms, stone etable, servant s houses Addrees'|E ?.," 437 B st^t, wiT fptton.D. C.,or Mil ia peraon, between ? and 7 a. " oc 18 tf irOR BKNT-Two large aad one small common!1?4 Pena. ay., bet, lth and ?th eta. no ? tf ?ABE OMAIICE? For Unmediato aala. one of the beat located amall corner (tore QB00B*iEB te the city Block and Fixture, new AaLZ ,H,"??ataly, by letter, to A, B. O., City Port wntc* ae M tf_ (jBEAT BAB Qjkj B S! One almoet new CBICK BEING PIANOj^Bk One JAMBB PIERSON PIANO, tm Oae upright G1LBBBT. $1U0. For sale ayoa eaey terms, at the Wareroame of _ W G MBTZBBOTT A OoT ? .. 5?'* tor.gteinway'a Planne. and ja 11 K Maaoii A BaaUt'i Cabinet Organ;, ????? 1 FOR SALE AND RENT. rem Mll*-T?o BOOIt? 1 etor> and k*? ?rai ?ch. iltnii< on Wth it,. na tb* Welter* Markat. Will be sold chesp for e* ?fplyfogAtHo Ittfi in. ??41 ^T?We~tlFfBASHED BOOMS OM VIMT 1 F LOOK VOS BEHT - Sultible for hooae krapiog, M Be. BUB M (KM. holwaoi Fm i O HOhtmoU jiJOStri^WO OB FOUlTCMfUBBlSHBD BOOM8. 1 ml table for >ot?Mit?|.c>i bo ebuuied U in'2 L street, between 9th and V*k. Ho chil Irei in tb< ko??. J?? FOll BEHT-One w* BBIOE BOUSE. oon tailing iix rotai id1 Mlltr, SI bp IS f??t, m ttb iItmi we at. btt*NB O u< P ?u. north. lmlrt wit dor. L^OB ?f?T -i ne?rimi 'K H'JLSg r I tig ft** rooiM end cellar, ii i Ab# I'K ." ?? F r further Mrtioaltri ln?<ilr? it No. *S1 O tiwt |?tb, b*l?wi M ui M at# nat.Ctr1*! Hill i*10?*. RABB(BilOK-rA&TdlK W*ut-<1. with liont ?i nuo cub. in a highly lucrative ss%n ntoctuiln* bu?lt.r?ii, w'tbont c irpetit on in this nelg hbcrto. d. and every itmii being to need of theirticteo pruned. Address, it one, P. 0. Box 7H4. Washington j* 30 #?* i/OB BKNT A threw etory BRICK DOr*E ? fnrolshed, rontoinUg eix roome.vfz : Onttu lor.thre'- he4 ro?M. i dining room ?a4 kltcb^i, eitnted i few door* from the Gipitol sqnire. I roup of c^od water ot the door Wilt be rented very chMp to O r d teniaf Apr') ot Ho. 47 north A atreet, between 1st md M itrMU ea?t. ja SO It* REbTACBA NT FOB SALE- TboOOOD WILL. LEAKE. id.] Ft BNITl BB of tbe weU-kn- n Or e> e B-?te 'list corn?r of 8<b mod K tmlt, do* doing good bustneee Rjnt only $l.4t'Ja ysir; recelvstf rent for roome. ?l,l? B*eeoi for selling , the proprietor going into other bn?1nes?. Apply to Mr. HAH10S, Inttliigeooer Building, or on thi premises jo ? e?U* yOR BENT?Three or (our unfurnished or (ar t.lihed ROOMS. two euunecting on lower floor. .401 D It., between llth end IJ'h ja.N tt * l^OB I1BNT?Three untirnieb>d BOOJt8. very d?siroble to smilt family for housekeeping 4 34 7th street heir I'ltent ibd Foat O.lic-s ji29 3t* l/URNISII ED CHAHKERB FOR BBHT-?0 r per month. sultnle for two A f-w T?t>!e Beorders occommodited it $9 por m nth B>> * Miraouri ivenue. jii^St* rt'K BENT OR BALE -I- RICK HOUSC r Milne ivenue. next to ath street west I n mediota possession. it $50 to B?oi t*n?it. or t "> pnrrbiaer it $4,000, ! y B M1LBI KN Hi (> at reot nor th ji !>-B* |^OB BALBOA BEST Al'BAMT wltu">Titi"r?a r md l e*ar ; on>- <>f the t??at rtiuda tu th<- rtty: would be a splei.did locution f r gro<or> store linn.eUlatb piaiohalon gi*eu. AppW th" S:*r tiffic**. Jl X9-Tt* L^OK KIBT-Two rntntni.nlcitlnK RUC?M* I the firat floor. ?nltil t* for hnaaek??pinK it Ko 4t>'i L atreet north, near 12th ?tre?t we?t L<? atinn plcHtiHLt rooihR partly fnmlBUi-l. tet ms modt-rotc. j* t> St* L/OR BBMT-A thirty ure FARM. Thar# i? n r tlie rlice a baru and dwelling, and * p imp f good water at th'- door. Inquire of BENJAMIN J FENWICK . idoiniDR Moant Olivet Cemetery. jI T.l 3t* h'OK BBMT?Se*er%t defiiahie RUoES. ani'i bio for h?n?ek#eptBe. partly farnlaiird eight [ room*, inclndiup kitclieo u>d dinintt room. g??, witei conyenier. a U ce ci llir lud n<tmry. A findly without childten pr-ferred. R-feren <*a I earbangt-d Term* o?'i per'oonth in idTan^e, Apply it 319 (tt. at , bit* ??. L and M . j* t> tt* L,'OR BENT-TKree atory MK1< K HtH >* N ?. r I9*i I atioet. te*w?ren 2(ith and ti*t street-, i fnriii-b'-d or nnfurninhad contunlng rt ht ro >ni?. rhBse in kltclun ?i b hot and rold ?it?*r; l athroom gi?. Ac Thii ta on? of tba b<?et Ix-ittona m | WH?ti> gton. rloae to Govert.a>?iit Itrp^rt'nent". I Injnire on the premlMa, or fto AOl yth atrett, I between If ind I. Ji Ji-tf l/OR RENT OR LEAdE-A aple^did three r ator) BB1CK UOI bE, containing 7frooma and kitcben. with an excellent range; ga> a t ihrongh, with igrt cery Ond IKinor atore, doing an excel I lent bnaln?a? The owner ia il'Oiit to retire, aa | nhebaa realized a fortoie. For pirticntara ap ply ? n the preiuia**. 26tb afreet, betwen Q and U tr?eta, oppofite the Oaa Worka. Thi?l?* S? 1 p!?ee for i boir'ling bouae ;ta everything ia conveniently eltuated, with a ni?e ceilir. in-1 pump I oppoatte tt.odoer ji t.> 'Hm 'I'WO ROOMM T LKT?Meatljr furniabed id I joining, it Ne 341 F atrcet. between vtii and 10theta a> < tt* |,'OR BENT-Tw.. neatly fnrniahed I No 36*? -<.b afreet, above K. one ayuire from the 7th ^tieet eiia. a & > ^t" I/OB RENT ?A PABLOB AH I) BKDBtMJM furniabed, <n n rat floor, auitabie for two or 1 three men. oa Loaialaui avenue, Itetwe. a | 6th and 7tb atieeta. .nt* .Ht* I/OB RENT?Two hindaoniely turn g .ej m ninui<iting ROOMS tna> l>> o t< KttUer, Ingutreat No. 537 .11 atreat, between btt ind 7tb atre?t? jl Sti St* Lrf II BKNT fTr^Tri BNI3/1ED ROOMS *n i I I private family, auitible for iniuibera of t'ou ! greax rr ?ther gentlemen Ho 37 1 1st atieet i eaat. corner C, Civitol JO l'- tt* L'OKRIBT-At f)5 910. #r, fv. Md #?!.?;- | r Unfurniatxd BOU9E9 m aliterait p*rta ot the city 8TAKR A OO , 4"?*,l? 7fb atr?et. l>etw?ea D and E. Boom 13 .4 i la' AirBTTOH EK'H SHwP F??B BENT, AND THE Produce and Fixtures for aale. Apply a4 the feed a to re of Mr. McNeil, on l^th ?fre-< l.etweeaC and P jort St RBNT?A atuall. four rooui HBIC'r a II or SB aituared In center of KiM'ey aajtia , heat* een tat and 3d atre^ta w^gt and D and E atre. a ! north Apply to BALDWIN A BROS . lat and Data. ja M 3t HOLBE FOB KENT AND FUBNITl BE FOB BALE. I Throe a'ory BBICK HOI BE on E at . H j 4 79, I between 3d and ?tb at*., ?itb gaaiud ??'?. ind in good repair, for rent. Poaeeaalon given Marcl I lat. The Furniture in the il>ove taouae being . w ind daalrabie. will bo aold at private aala. Apply at UA%2 7th ltreet ji v8 6t |70R RENT-A t?o atory BBICK HOl'SB. on r 1 ?lh atreet b twein O ind P. Bout % M per month Inquire it Mi 11th at. ji 26- >t* C'ABBOLL PLACE. 426 lat atreet fronting Oipitol I'irk ?Twohmdaome PA BLOBs. fnrniabid or nufarniahed. with gu. T?o CHAM It EBB Location nue tnille?l. )iJ4 5t* FOB~ SALE?A BE8TAUBANT and FIX TCBEB, wiih three yeara leoae now d lug a fair tuninee- For furthar Information apply to JOS B BAWL1NQS. No 460 lStbstr et oppo alte Trenuij Dapartaent. Ja V> nt*^ F'OB 8ALE-A DBCO STORE, aitoa^d on tl>e in(?t prominent comer in tb? citp. wellaWkad, and doing i good buainooa To heaeld very low ,tli? proprietor Laving buainaaa out of ib<-cit>. Apply it oac* to J . C KILL., Secretary Pbirib Aaaociation, box 740 City Poat Ortice. ;a sa ooSt FOR RENT-Twtnty icrea or More of LAND, with i COTTAGE, a few minutes walk :rom tbo city limlta. on tbo Capitol road, near Glenwood Cemetery. For piith ulara laquira b the preset*. Puaataeion given by tbe lat .f March. ? WM BMMERT. ja 23 eo3t* Mt. PI' aaoct, near Waahl K,r,n^ L^OB BKNT -A large and aeatlv Purutatied r tBuNT BOOM, in a privat family.suitable f?r ona ar two gantlemen, at 23b lat ea<t, batweea ?' md D north, near tbe Capttol. Also, one Front Room, nnfuiniabed t/OR BENT?Two for.H-hed BED B lOMS, wi<h 1 feather beds. Inquire at tba orocery StorCcrnerof 18th and K itreaia weat ]??? ?' f"OB BENT?A two .tory BKICK HOU8?.c?n talcing six rooin? ind bisaaient. on llth at , between Maryland avenue and K atreet, Ialand. Ingniroof Mra ST. OLA1B, 443 7tb street, betveon G ond H i?ts J* 34 t* 1^0 CAPITALISTS. BABB CHAHCB Ft>B INVESTMENT For Bale, two two stary FBaME HOTBESind LOT , 3 xtO, on in illey, between lith ind iStb and E ino F atrreta. Price 91 This property is low lid must be acid, _ ?? D. L. WILLS A CO , Rail Kafate Brokers, ja 23 9t Xortbwoat cornar lotb aid F ata^ F^OR BALE?A OBBAT BABGAIH?Tbe FOBHITUBE, LEASE. LICBNSB, AND FIXTURES at one of tbe beat locited ind paying Ho tala, with bir. near the Centre Morkot md I'annaylTu?ia avenue, ill in good order, now d ing a good burineaa, ind foil of boardera, haa t' irty ro<>na Owner l^vin* the cP> raoaon for aalllng. Apply to 1) L WELLS A CO , " ' Baal Botata Brokers, ji it 8t Horthwoat corner of mib md F ?ta FOB BALE.-FUBBITUBB for s?le for 91 OW md BBICK HOVSE of ten rooms 1or not, with gis md witor. ot %6? per v>nth near the F strict ears. Tbe House ia lu good repair, and the Furnftnre la lo perfect order A (root bargain fcr ibt one desiring 1 neit borne. D. L. WBLL8 A CO., Real Estate Broker*. noribwaat coruor 10tb and F ati. H. B ? Bevaral flrat ciaaa FUBHISdBD HOl'SE-for rent, in Eood locattona, from 91"? 10 9tuu per month. ja 3i-4t Li'1 OB BALE?tOnly 9230 oaah raquired>?Bevsr ral new2 story BOl' different parts of tha city. This la a rare ehonce for persons of smill m*ins to procore homes. STARR A CO., 4Q8H 7th at . bet D B. Ji 19 ll* a,-OB BEHT?One Urge three atory BBICK r HOUSE, containing six rooms ind eellir; lirgo yard; si tuitod on the corner of lith end Q sta ; pun pin tha yird Rent moderate. Apply to J. T.t ator Office, or 00 tha praalaei. jalt iw GH>R BENT?A Urge BRICK HODSB. oonr tainln* IB rooms mdoallar. with gas and wa ter;?ltnaUd ot the oorner of 7th street ond Po. ivenne eaat oppaaite Willich School Moose la?u>reoI 11 EN BY KOTTMAHH, 443 eoat. Jal0lw*_ HOGBE AHD 8TOBB FOB BENT?Na. 449 Pennsylvania avewne, between Bi and 4Hi ats., a very prominent buslneo* stand, fnsaeaaion given Fobrmry 1st. Apply ot Odaon Bill. _ T. W4LL40H, jall eotf Corner 4H at. md Pam. avano*. j/OK KEBT-A throe story BBICK MOOSE, r furnlahedTon O atreet sooth, Itetweoo Jd a vl 3d east, Capitol Bill. Inquire of F. FAIBFAX, at the Caeat Survey OSoo, Capitol Bill, between ?i m audBp m. ji 13 oolm* N^W8fiA??I85 S^t tf AS? I ilea by water and IB hp la?4 Apoly te H ft JOHN BOB, *0. S?B Fenn. ivepoe. oetwees 4^ mdMhsts. opposite Hatioaal Betel ja7 dli* r^OB BEHT-Tha STOBBBOOH ??mr of Pa. r avenoe and llth street weet. la the #Uf Office BolMlii. for-erly oocnpled by W O lletierott aa a muaV store, a^recently oa the ??oe of the Motional Bxpreoa oAoe Apply ?o 0. B. B ABBB. Star Office. dosi^tf AUCTION SALES. rmu Arrmmirob/r and To-Moamow ||T JAB. 0. McGCIBB * 00., AaaUo^T" Tiiii gToiT nui house f?Aiot>S ' tt?H ( H 0lr?#U BorUi, Ol WMMBAT ArTlliOOI Ml J*U aeriM.ataaVlaefc.oa tbe,r?.?.-a "u.JIi ffiP 7?*"S _." ? *?lu? - rrvnf a". *iii I*0* aide alley; the 1MB" froAtiuc js y ?" ?* ?Mf of afreet VMI M?Mfi o ?#< il turll. M?lilli| k?>'k H f|?l *n * 14 '?? lh* ?? la tbe Hnw in rTMUB r*'^ Haaae aew rautloc ?er ??.* **lf <= * keiaaoe in ala and montba. with intereat aecorad Uj <Im4 ef tr?.? ?? i dp areatae! Ail rnavayaaclBf aad aiamp< at c>at of TTI *' w- SKOUIBB k <JO . .* -1 d A <t( AgetlnoM-i BT II CO/M%B A ro . Au'?*onwr? Noa ?VI and *?J r*HMTlrMUi<?ag? betweea ktb \nd 1Mb MSSb&'tW a?Kb Ill'lZJ*0**- AT 5J>2 < NI \ A V KM UK. Nitk >nu SIBkET ATAlCTIoS u!Li m MOimwo. J*Dn?rr S9 ti i# Piece and cot Dri Good* Popllnt. Alpaca. Ptlk?. Calico-a f Mat/ee liar tea Hal mora and Bu*| bkirta. t*b??et1n?? M??liBa.T??r|'t.f. HmIm-i CM rmriran;, OloToaPha* la. i loaka. BtM <n. rio?*?? Fancy OiHXl* < ant..B and All ? ,>.,| ? anuela - Fu rauhlBff Tbe Udifi are invited to attend JB OOLMAN AOO |? t< .*"!_* 10. liOOKH Sa' |>I H ( OLMAH A CO.. Aiiiium.V, *> No *91 aad tfilj Frt?h.|rl?%m%%V?nne. *th **1 * * atreeta z*t'i 5^;u*rr vus/vs--h;v hJ>*'Z ** ?rr?a*"1 aad on ethiblrl >o at ur Z trTl It ,n' , ,,"r ar> I at tn?t*ii( J*?7t p O BKOOKS*!jt.C^l4i1i |{? J t MtGllbE A^CO., Aactioaeer*. j-'OAhT CHINKSc TIA RltTt Hma.a SSSTK WSV^BoWVTVW ' '* WSV SWif/2'S?a (jL A W A Kf. kr n4l!KKTs? OKbi\ME.MT8 & - S'Sw^ Tm K* '" l?lnarr PI*H atd Dub** Paarb Bowl. au? Vat^a Car*?-fi B), ay CI pckpr ?nd I n- k| did ii Hard* ^urkManda Kisur.-a Id la Wicker CI, tbaad Raaketa t reucli Oi ma Uti.nrr ti.d T*i|?-t 8?-U T ?i JIV'n JSV' '** Ud C^aira TiMe ?tii R, (j Ltaeii Blanketa th^f? t>?tbrr B Istara an t Pi I w bair and Hu*k Mattr. Kana aarilrclirt It; raaaa. ai>d W a-l tat.da kT. *c an<1 ?-aer*l .-?urt ant ?f Kitrben I- in ntturr Tfittf eaati 'a:8d j.O HrOriRI k 04 A a ? I'KW IS A CO., Auctl >urcia L1 S? aM^ K^rf i^THIN0 AT A' OT'OW i n I its l> a > Nk.XT.Ja: ,*ry 1. at i' o i atalialUeli tb?? ?br,|^ no. k t Mr U Kiev +t tiaatoia Pa av?-no?, near>'tr.~t < ' n'l'liiK o* ' l. rbiim-f i?hj .>? rljiiiou I r' Homerlea Ac . kc ur KaM wt 11 be c>Mirm?d n?r? pTf-alne until , W. U. LaU|> a ? O j a aa-i.t tactim?. ra U ^ NAOLk a Oo.. A??.:ioB?eia " '-y" Pea?ia>Uauia avaoue. Ob TDTBSDAY Jan Slat at io o' l?. k.a. Hi aall at out 5alfi o.n t > r|<>?# coi.aitBuiau lot ot l u.'t?o!?l I?t Ka,? .' P * m? " H"mvT^ ?ar.a:> .t A lac, iM' dfii ijobiia f r?ioiee Wibaaaad Lt ju r? Alao a l*it> lot of Cljtbs, 1 taa.aarr- a aou Cotton do<4a. ' uwl Tetaia caab Ji KkOLK k CO . A net. B* W. L ^ ALL A CO , AurtK-Becra Ort|ibal Uoraf and Carriage Lacaar y* Louiai?ua aveune. HALE OP UOK8K8. CAKBIAOIC8. U\:;N|^ On 8ATI'KUaY Mo UN IN'O. K-b I. at iv ? k Jtt ? ill atl|,4i tba Ha/**r a nua<:>ar ot > j ,Ur^' ,*IUU ' ? Many good HorS, Baddla aad Harueaa Horaea . . ALmi, -if? 'action of N?-w and HocoimJ (1*1,4 nti . VZi5;*2kmm*"'VanUtm' Hm q- S other Two new JaDay Lin 1 Watoaa, built la thucity New and 8?..n?t band barn?aa. Badd|pa,Carrla*t? kc atpriTataaala H*,t SaturtiM **'** d,lT,' Tkotedajra. and Carri&gM and Baraaaa.alwaya on prUata aala ^ ^ ^ I*. WALL k CO.. Aocta. |^T OKKKB * W1LL1AH8, Anetiuaoara. 1 B1LLIABD T ABLB8 AND BILLIAKII tbJtB AfcD FlXTt JiliB, all ci^'pi a DdJ?.*ood ortBf at Pobltc Aaaloa. On FBlli&I, tb? lit dar ol Febraery next at 1 * ' V-'.t*" VlL mi Br Auction i: oj. at tb<- corner ef .tbaad D atreata. Ho. Zjt. t, abora named Tablea without reaerv* for < aa ja?d OBEKM A WILLIaV?A^cta |JY GBKk? A WlLLlAlifT^AacUoueora ^ B ^ ^ If* t i(|A/x^4^M^ifkET^ ^ * D [saw'"n^ss^issus: ti -.Mr trtct "f coluBibla, and by direction of tba p?r:v fr?^ ,,lh,r^'-1 ? kBhllc aq ti Pu ,i froi.tal tbe prauii^ea. on MOItUAT. n.e llIt ot rat rnarj. A D, 1S?7. at 4 ^ clo^k a m L.t nun,t,aiad twanty foar n tn Wlitoorttar ? tr SVl^lLliU? VlV' ?,#'n?r? numbarad f..ur b a dred and f-rty twoiM2l, la taaoitTof WaaSi . t n , lu tba &t*t.'trt of ' alnmbia. t?^^tbar w tb . 1 tha itnpro?en acta therervu * lB ?H Tbla property ia well tmprorad, an4 lo^aUd 1 - a ~y ''eairabla aBd raiproTta^ part ..f tba it? Tertua of aale One third ia which As.1 jnnat be paid at theaala; th^ rainainmc tao t u 1* ^*ld 5 *,x. *cd twelT* ni"?tba wltt, ib v ,t iro? day of -ale ana t" be aero red |.> ... tru-t to tbe aatiafactlon ot tba truatee. Terma of aale to be cnplleA with within lire da>a. i?tli. r%i?e the trait, e raaervaa tUe right ? a re aall at tbe riak and e?wt of brat purchaaer .. in ?c? week a public in tice All c"B?e) ancinv an?l atampa at tba coat of tba parcbaaer. WV M M a kD. Trnata" ja .t-ecAda OREEti A WILLI A^b. Aucu gY GEEEM A WILLIAM?, ni Ta?l>TEE'8 8ALE Ol HOUSE AH D LOT EHOETING US 80CTH G ?TBt ET MK TWEEK 1WTH ANli 1 3TH BTKEET" AA ' T AT 1 BULIC AOCTIoVr. 11 Tl OnTBUHSPA*, Slatinat , at ISoolock m .1 aball aall, on tbe praatiaaa. l-y airttoe of a deod of triiat, dwtad tba 1Mb of Bepteaal-ar. A. D. r *, aud duly racaraad tn Libar B. M ti foiioa l?u l- and in, IB one of tba Land E?oorda af A uulrtoa County, in tba Dlatrlot of ColniiiMa, UaaiBir to feat fraal. ly UOIeet deep, to tbe placa of I giuBlag, with tbe loiprateu. nti. conaiatiaA ofa t?o atory Frama Boaae. Tarma: Oaeh All coaeeyaBciac aud reaenun atampa at tbe coat of tba parcb?aer AM)d>?a on the day of aala, and If tba tertna are act c.>m> plied with uitbln &va daya after tb- .lay of aale the truatea reatrvea the ritbt to reaell the pre?' iaea at the rl*k aad coat of the defaulting curcbaaer. by adaartiaiu three Utae^ la auaa newapet?r pabUaLed la Waahlagton city ??JfifiEBTCL^All, Traetea jell-eo GBBEB A WILLIAMS. Aucta. I^DXDUM FOB THE MOLTDATS. MAILLABD8 OABDlis AMD OHOCOLATI 8 (JAKAMILV OkBAM CHOOOLATB. * DOLBLB V AM ILL A VHOOOL 4 TB. B68K AND VABILLA ECMbV ALMONDS MIXBD M'OaI* ' ABSOMTEDCaBDIBI Juat received at K.LNG PLAWB. M. P. EIKO A BOB WEST IBDIA OBAMOBS AND . ^ SWEET MALAGA GKA PBS. KIBQ PLA< E. MINOB MEAT 1 Del) fct>T?C.? J uat made, of Mlart material a, At BIbG PLACE. I^ULDEJI acUPPEBtluMO WiBB. vv Ob* pinebt native b ine Gald coiar, fall. >at deltcaae flaaer aad fra raoce, aad leaa tbanoae ball tba coat of Imported WlBe. ELBtt PLACE CVLlP& NUTS. BA8INS FIG8, OUBBANTS. ^ SPlCBt". Ac., Ac , toaait tbla aarticatar aea <> ,/or aala by i M f. EltG A 80B ** ? Elat Pl^a At tmb bbw cmbap stampihg bv<?m ?<? 9th earwet, oppeVlta Pataat Offloe lad.ea w2afi.*U^ >k* taS SRSiSrT:JSLk-- -s-* "g"' ?*; 1, Banda ? Either for braid or earbra4dery, aaittarwVli. of tbe vary imM deaiaaa. moUm Jl?b^ JSiT? Mew Tork. aad betaA "a receipt at teem St^Ai, wa are able dally t.Tlaane new patleTuT m w.ii M*?caM.AT '?gR.|WgHjnit_ " "". SLxaar; Ajrtigjgt^2jr^aL' Piano Stoole Bad Oorara Far aale at toe-finH ery arteaa at tba warerooaaa of ?TTT^ * * W. 0 MBTZBBOTT ann MBTEOrOLlTAE BOWLING ALLBT, D atreet, beta^ao llth aad l?b. aear Star OfTl a. b 010. W. BADBB8. jaFi?