Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1867 Page 4
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ti 11: i: v i; ning star 1 A Jealous Wife on lee. [ 1 rj?a ibf rbilitd-lpbia relegrapb J I fit- and m:u vr? *h?>nld bear in rand tLai ihur better hAlwi hat* as jtreat * desire t?? skate a- they. aed, therefore. wbrn tbey coice to ttf conclusion to viett n lri(1n< park lor ibe purpose of indulging in the beal'btul exercise, tb?y should kindly extend an invitatu n 'o said better-fcalves. If not, they rnnjr bate oi CHnun tore* ret it, and be the victims ot an incident whicb happened upon one of our ska'mg park* on Wednesday, in tbla wish: A n> iitlr-ioan, accompanied by two ladies, c*n;r ro the park, and alter adjusting the la. do s'and bis ova skaree, with oue on em. b arte, prwo-eded to perambulate tbe smoath surface, lie bad suited aiinost every portion oi tbe pirn, atid no doubt being fired. stopped to have a chat with the friends accompanying him. He bad not remained standing long tfiorr a lauy was observed approaching tbe trio. Having reached them, she immediately canght be geutletnan by the coat collar and l?d bim off to the platlortn, aad tb??re bid bim stay until she returned. She then started aiier :be ladies, who, not unders'atHlii.g w hat i? menu', were much frightened. As tfcey saw the lady coming towards in a menacing manner they immediately left the sitiniiy of the spot, r.ud started ofT as fast its tbey were able. On * of 'hem being rather verdaut in :be >katir.g line, tumbled down several tint's hot having the advantage of being jn -kmee, kept out of tbe reach of her pursuer. 1 fie rba?e for frme time afforded much amu-en-in io tbe spectators, bnt was finally givea t p. aid the lady returned to where the capMired niau stood, look him by tbe arm. ?ud a.?: IimI bim out of the iuclosure. It tur?ed < ??, ou inquiry, that the gentb maa was the lacy > h us hand, anil >be, no' re|i?bing the idea f b- -kannr with oiher women,"' was ! >. >r?i in. t to spoil bis afternoon sporf. The v. i . i?-j Uair was ludicrous in tbeex reme; and af:-r 'be couple had departed, tbe crowd i n ??? a"entior. 'o the two ladies bat they V i if cisporrd to be 'be center ot a'.ir.ic' *. left tbe scene shortly after. ?> ?A nde|| 1'bitlip* delivered a speech be. t? r? 'h? tederal Con:mt"eeol the Ma^tohu. >>t'? legislature un Wednesday -(.gains' 'be r.. .iicaiion of Hie Constitutional Amendment b> Massachusetts. VVm K. (iooiiri. ti. of Gill, Mass., eorat. ?t -pieide en Monday evening by lrmgii ?. hitr-elf fo ?'ii? of ?h<' b'lims of his burn. ' ad been low spirited for some time, and ?> t |i/fJ io be pariiaily insane. 11- was i?i? }?ui? ol a^e. i'kv s" t' Williams, who wa> comir.i 1 'd f r il .1 Mancb'ster, N. II . f ir bet', coinrnitt? si , id? to limiaday. by throwiug bim>. If it. m Uih corridor 'o 'be pavementbeuea h. ii?* w*i> killed n'nm?i ir?-rnirlv. is A K^ii'uikv soldier in (Jinciunati p >i?. oino l. n.-? lf viib forty ei^ht er.niis ?>* morI tin * It,-* di*iva$ni let' a leinf s'a'irii.* that tie <?<*? ri.irn m hi*.I ili.treat-d h;in In 'he ma'iei of b?Minty and pension. ?" In one ol ihe prominent .Methodist cl.ur hep if Inniai:ap.>iiv. |nd . last Sabna:n, th? coa^refatiop ' i.thns a'fically applauded, wi'h lappmir of hands and ?'atnniug o! fee:, a In r|y fjt-,-uinl piece of music. - i'narir-<r Karnsay, 'tie oldesr publisher in > 1 ii -. mis retired ile was arretted iu l< ?>y If'ii' it * n ?> d |o<'re<j in ail because h? i it'nr.*'erf -|tn* fhst ^r?a? man paid more a"?ept? i kerridire's. and parting bis n.ur ?n tlie n..'' ,i? iuau ur oi<. to hnsiiiK>f. . I'- 1 ws ? -lis wife was sttrpr:?#rf to t'i t * " t pocke'of an old pair - f ; m*al< v r bei.nipM's ro her hriband, which ?h.w t- : k.t u.r up. ti e nion> y being wrapped up ii. i ? ? t f new-p If Tf || fc'alfui goi'eii -ill nh?.nt ,f. ^ Ki o\ Ile re;oi. e?. sav- 'be n iTr.mar. iftl. in - a new h. rn negro wi'h o.ilv MM Mr, n>i nos** e.jrht imc r* < n each liand', ej^ht >e. ON af ot. and a single eye in the cente of 'be forehead."' y A I)u lim in in Chicago trea ed avrav t.\e it'*- oi lager to In- friend*, under th?? >( ii -?li?i >:ri i coi.s impresiiou tbar he was tb> tipera Hon.-. man n?' lite H.-'un Transcript *ays that twe ? - -m ? oranr?sand lonr lemons can ln? bought in l ietin tor the prii e of ore apple. : ante paper ?ay s Amn;[nn- 'hop II. i .tin.rf-l. i -e parlaa e, mean* i p;e-e ,,t Ifcr t? -ie Oi a Si ee|. fr.MU Which the rn il': iii bus ?ll t*en 'l opped oil I be >r*tJi:ieii> fiureau is now i -i, ikr r.-'ic. , fi. '1, and clo'bing io the indi -v h?'<- t? well *i- *>!i. ks Hi.lly for :h? "l" r- ?u, y - .e |{; ii ,1, ) Di^pat -n. 'I ei'ope.^ pniitiiiK at tbe I'r p .a i iy -i i.?- o: . e amous mannseri;f , , .,. fire* k Itibie ot'he Vati< in, which t~ . . < ?.:?? of Moim' >in.ii. r^ie : u-?- ' 1 t? m pe v..t ;:. ftMiof fiacfeMdoi it ? !i...y K tther'o eUd .. -j h- Paris K bl'l'lt II. 4v 1"he pr-?c" ?>: w. m >u - i?aas n; ui.jaili .t wn er in ittt- ,\f# York I'm.-- o .-i. i.a eie I i n *> may - lehuld a fen. tle OomMr, will Wf My .->nn ill >r*. " vft^n i be sej w.iJ have - Mil "thing else u { Reside* ib~ir waterlal.a."* I be .New \ it i.erald ?ay- ' I appe%"s tha? **tre h:* tt> be < -me ameY.lmt-' j. 'o -h? i: ! ? Ta\, and that ii. -.ineH helov.' On" ' ' ? It: i i r- -i: e be e lemi from ?ax t'i? ii Tf-e test an endijient ttongres-t cou'd t> ? M.i* -ix w.. uld be t aholi-b it alioDKPAK1MKNT UK THE IMTEBKH*. LMT?1> STATES i'A Th..\ T OFFICE, ? ^ WA?H.Xt,IO.>,J^tl?i|i(,l?,7 On the petition tf ,iui;a TU?K of Lowell, M???achua*tt?, pra>ing for Ihc eitensiou of a pnttnt gr:u.te| to him on thf 1' h tl^> of May. Is ',for an iinproT.-nieat ir. nitting Looini for evei. jears from the cxp> ai ob .f ?tid p-tt-nt, Wl irl take pla< e on the lUtk dnj of la .7 It is rrdt red tliat the ?al.| petition be he?rd at the l atent Office ?.n MUNDiT. the 12d da> of apr l L.e\t, a! 12 o rlf-rk m , aH.i ill persons are Btdilie<l to appear arid at,, w cin<*. if ai,y t)4?y hate why raid petition Ok-ht ti t to he gr^o'el Persons ?<pi-?;ct the extension are required ?o Hie la tie Patent office thei r object Ions. penally et forth in writine at least /u>?h u d>?y? before the day of burli.s; all te?tii : ny fi'ed by elther party ?i> tensed a' the ?ai,l hearing rout he taken and transmitted In ac-trdHnre with thf rnl?e of the which will be famished on arplica tK>o Impositions a^d other papers relied upon aa teetluiony diq?; lie filed in th? office (?e?ary dava liet re the day t f lie trill*, tht ar?i:tueni?. if ?,lT within if it davs after fil'ru the testlniouy lT.Hrt . nlt.. . that thi? notice te pnblished In the Kepnt.llcan and the intelligencer WailunitMti. 1? i . and in the O arier. Ix.w e l. Maa? , no,> a week for three auct ex-ire we?ka; tbe ftrai .f said pnldicstl'tns to Ke at least ?4xty daysprevloni to ibe day of bearing. T. C TCXIKKS ?. ?. _.. . .. Oon?a?i?ioner of Patents. b.? Bui tors of the tbt?? \ ip?<ra will pleMe copy, and send tht ir bills to the PateiitOrfice with a i?nper coutainin^ this notice. ,.!ij ik?jw I VtPAUTilKM" OF THE IBTKBloa. * LMTFD ST A TF ^ PA TF. .v T OFFICE, ? . W>?E'?BTnj J tiiiiary jj. If 7 ( n the petition of Jott.N TklCIC of l .neii, N ?-aa. In -ei ?, proving tor the extension ,,f m ?o him uj t.'ii huh day '?t ?y. jSi.t. Kr an ini; r iTeu.ent in Waip Jfot ^.urics, ' 'r j ear# the ei pi rati' l, of <ai?l . ?t nt' v ?-Kh t-k-? rla? f < ii the Hifi da\ of >1 i> Js;T II l - oi.-rtd that the ?ald p. tltlon he n.-aid ?t tt - .'wlei.t i.fti e rn MONBAY. the J?<". 1?> ?f April next a: ].' o"clr,.-k M ; and sll perso- a ire p tifMit npref- and ab- w can*?. if an> ilir> bave. w.i *nh! re?i tion en^l t r>A to ??e arante 1 Ht r?. r, opp <lni' 'he - <tei.-i n nr? reimire I to rle in ti?? i atei Offl- e their "I. eetions ?j.f i?lly set rorth I" a I'ine at least twenty <11< ? 1 el >re th dat ??f be*rii.e: ?|| Ifttfuoni Bledhv elriier 1 t; t\ ic U ii-. I -it th- fal 1 he iritr mint b>- titVen sr .1 tr t*?nttte"d in aof rdsi r-atth thf r'.ie- of ' the the-. whi< h atll t?e fnr'ii*hed >" applic ?ti n l'ep.-tti iian-l t; >-r r ?r-er-* rolled n p. n s- t*tlm >n> mti-t * + fife<i in the ofKre raeTity d?vs I e f< re the day of haariti*: the trraments, if a:iy, wifl'in ten lajtt a'ter ft'inir the tf-1in.?py. <?? ,end a'eo thst th's noti.. le st|li|fshe<l fn t K- piit |trtp and tf e In'^lltren^er Washington, 1* (J and in Hie Courier Le w-II, Mass., 'K* * we -k for t>"ee >nrrewfrew?rk?. *he ftret .>f *%|.l in! liratl. a- to Mt least sixty days preTion* to th? day cf bearing TO Tfl FAKIR dm _... ti?n>tBis?ion?r of Patents. P. 9 -Editors of the abtive papers will pleas* eo?y and send tb- Ir bllla to the Patent Office, wltb a pat er containing this notice. ,a 30 w3w Dkpahtmemt or the interior, UMTED STATES PATE ST OFFICE, WAsMia..tna.j^im?rjr.n,,7 On the petition ot THOMA> .1 SLOAN, of ' r*t M V., praying for the extenmen of a patent Krai,ted to blsi fiie ?tli day of April. 7^5. for an Improvem-nt in Machine for Point ins i4i 4 1 hr? iiiu g scrtw Hltuli*, for mvpb y?'ir? from the expiration ot aiid oateat, which takes pirn.* 01. tbe Obtli day of Apill . 1 vi7 It Is ordered that the <aid petjtlonte heard at the Patent Ufhee on MONDAY, the ->th day of April next, at 12 o'clock w . aa 1 ail persona are aotiflad to appear and akow csaae, if aa*i tbey La??, why aald petition oiavht not to he granted. Persons opp. ?inv tne extension are repair-.] to flleinthe Patent Office their objectJt BS. speci ally set forth In writing, at le??t ttr'Hiw days before tbe day of beariiig: all te?fiBiour filed by either party, to le us?d at the sail hearieir. must he taken an : transmitted in arcordanr with the rnles t f t!?a ofB^e, w bicb w ill te furniaued OH appln^tion. Pepoidtlons and other papers, relied up ,n as teatintosy must he hleai In the otfi.e tiprn'y days .e'ore the day of h. aring the arguments, if any, ' within r-a days atter tliiiig the teatlaiony. ordtred al-? that thia notice ne pnbllahed in th* i /aJiuii'ar'' and the H't n'./uaa . W -t?hiafct 'n D O , and In tbe New York. N Y . on e | week f>r three snrc?e?iee wreeka. the flr*t of ?ald pi.hltcatier.? to heat leant sixty daya prerions to tbe day of beans*. T. c. THIAKIR, ? ? , Cemnslsttlo ior t>f Pntet|fs. P. 3 ?Edltora of tbs above pap*rs will p|ea*? copy, sad aend tbeir tilts to tbe Patent OITlc*. a 1 th a paper containing thia notice sie-lawlw Y^r?. *SAM1 * oo ? PIANOS, "" ph'pcm a co ? 0v0an8 a->o mlhhfe L?d*on8. ifflff tar aals and rent on **s> tsrma %. 5*. its tr. ct, aboie Pennsylvania avenue sl eofcn* V. 0. ftJIUHUBAUH, i AUCTION SALES. UCBBY OOLMAN * CO. ACOTIOM AND it COMMISSION MEBOtl ANTS, Bos. 9*1 m4 'i?3 PtiMi M.jbti. Mbud 10th sta. i 8alee at auction every Toeoday, Thursday, and Saturday mornla* and svsnlng. B C.JBIooBBB, ttlimn. A full assortment of Dry Goods, Boots, Mmi, Furnishing Goede, Crockery. Tin Wu<< Stjves, ? ktn4 At prlfM* sals. Ouh tdvanced ?u cotoiimniw ^ Wboleeele and BetaH Valor* la Hardwara and Til War*. Staves. Ao , Hot. 987 end 431, 1th strest, MtfMi M and I. A larjs quantity of Govern ?4nt stock .consisting of Blankets. Sheets, Pillow, Shirts Olothiag, Cart*. Barnes*. Wagons Wagon Wh**ls, JumIbarrow* Track* Platform Scale* Counter Scale*, i Cukkery, Lamps. Lanterns Tar, Paint,and &< .OiO joftt* Stove Pip# Alao. largo Quantity of iKondband Iturei. with many other artlclee to* numoron* to ennrner ate. The g oede ar* nearly bow, and will be told at almost any ? nn jaUlm B. OOLMAN *00. |?Y NAGLI A co., Auctioaesrs. L> Salesroom Mo. ??? Pens, avenue, Between 9th and Itfth *ts. N AOL* A CO will glvtTthelr personal attention to the aalo of Beal Be. ate and HousehoM Parolture. Alao. to ttie sales of atocka of Groceries, Wtnes. Li'iuor*. and Merchandise of every do rrlntion. Homo*. Carriages Harases, Ac. Liberal caah advancoe mad* on con*ignments. Regular Sale* at oar salesroom averr TOES; DA*. THURSDAY; aad BAT RED AY, at 10 o'clock MAGLEAOO., I jail tf Auctioneers. "proposals J) BOr08A L8 FOB 8 f ATlQMBBY. Pn.T Omen DiPtRTHi5T. Dee. SI, 18M. Beslet Proposals will be received at the Poet Ofti> ? I'ctar n ent nntil the JOth day of January, 1jl7. at 12 ?? clock, at noon, for famishing Station ei) fur tbir Departmeat. tor one year from the liit <>f February. 1*.7. Those unaccompanied by satisfactory testimonial* of ability to fulfil a contract wM uot i a considered. Ali tiit- articles uiust bo cf the vary best Quality, samples of which, containing at least a ream of ' each kind of paper, mast accompany the bid", and the Department reserves the right to retain and pa) for tbe fame *r the price stated In the orfer, or retui n the** ?t iia option. No l ids will be con-ldered where the articles acc- mpanying it arenotof tke kind and quality ' required by the Department, and spurious t?r i tide* will tit jert the entire bid to rejection, at the pl?-a lire of tbe Departmeat. 1 ii' snbioioed lint specifies, as nearly a* oan n w be done, tbe amount quality, and description of each of tbe kindaof articles that will be wanted* Estimated nuan tit/ tranteri fnt thevtar. i htm. class No 1?papbb. I l. 10 reame Polio P 'St. satin or plain finish faiut lined and trimmed, to wei^h not less than 17 pound'. per ream 2 40 ream* KoHscap plain niachtne, faint lined anil t'in med, to wei?h l jt less than u pound- p.-r ream 3. 10 lennif Foolscap. blae-iaid, hand made faint lined, garden pattern, commonly kni w a as Pikpat' h or Consular paper, to weis.b not less th in sixteen pounds, per ream 4. 1:5 r-aiw Quarto Post, ma<-hlne, plain, faint lined thr> e sides, per ream 5. 3 teams best Double Cap paper, plain, per ream 6. 10 reams Koto paper, gilt, large size, per rr*m 7. S teams Note paper, plain, large sire, per ream 3. in re ia- Not* paper, gilt, small si/*, per ream 9. 6 reams Note paper, plain, small si/e, per ream 10. 100 reams Envelope paper, yellow or buff, roj al. P,-r ream I 2S reams Slotting psper. royal, per renm 2. f> dozen press Copy Bucks, not less than 599 pages per do/.en 13. fl.OfO i itra large Hire white adhesive Knvei oaes very smooth and thick by 4>? in cbes square, per hundred II :5 0mi knt i uff adhesive Pnvelopee. very smooth and thick, 5?>? by Jjj inches, per hundred 15. 25.t^ long wblte or baff adhenlre Rnvelopes, very smooth and thirk for letters and circulars 8\ bv t-, lm ties, per hundred 16. 3 (M> buft ??r ? hit* sdhesive Knvolopes, very smooth and thick, per hundred 17 1 OtHi-roall size wlite note adhvsive Envoi ep, ?. per hundred H. 2 'to large sire white note adbei-lve Enve! opes, per hundred 13. et rr -l/.e white a?lheslve Envelopes per hundred Ci / No. PENS AND PINOIL8, ETC. 2". gr -- Perry's and tiuillott s besl metallic pens. p< r gross 21. 40 gross r:,. Tallic Pens, of other manufacture, per gr. ?s 22. 1 dozen best tiold Pens, per dozen 21. .' ii Opaque Quills, No. per M \ v.dovei, I'euboldms. asi- rted, perdo*. n. ^5 i?*, dov.en Faber's best black Lead Pencils. | k adnated prdo/en ii>d ' r. l*::t red and blue Lead Pencils, p?r o/. n c . No -INK., INKSTANDS, WAKEBB, 4Mb WAX. St. U doii u 11 Islands K iio.v or any patent lirge f i firi?ii. p*r 0? zen i *<./ > \ li.kMur in, cast iron, large, double. p* r ?io/. u .j. A buttles I k, black. Maynard Jt Noyea , in sus't oi,tilts, per b'jtll* 25 b, ttlen Arnold a Copy tug Ink, per bottle 31. km Lotties l>avi i s Uaruime I?k,'iudcj, N 1, l-r ilo/.en bottles iJ J'' poun-la Waters, common il/es, red, per pound 33 75 p unJs 8-aling wax, best extra soprflne, scarlet, per pouad Ov.L iLfc-Hlf AMD MISCELLANB 1 Ol 8 AKllULtig. 3,. dov.en Penkiiivea. Uodgers A Bon's, four tla.<e, buck aorn bandies, genuine, ptr do/?L TS 6do/.ti Erasers. Bodgers A Son s ivory han ii.e~, ?ei,nine, pr r oo/.en S . 4 do/.eu Uthre Sbears. 11 inch, per dozen 37. ? zen Otb. e ^ct?Bors. per dozen t XS 'jw do/.en lolders, ivi>ry,5? inch perdo/.tn .i?.zen re<i L.doq Tape, assort* !, per do/.en *o. iu ro/?u Mlk Iwt*, colors ana widths. In banks, i er do/.en 41. a>d< aen Paper Weights, assorted, p*r doien 42. . pout' s In !ri hut ber, prepared, per pound 43. 5 pounds India Bubter, unprepared, per i pound 4? 3.? ,uarts Black 8an I , per-mart 45 - ounces Poui.ce, per ounce 4? aC poands Twine, linen, par pound 47 1*> ponnds Twin*, cotton, per pound 4t?. 6 do/.en Bulors, mahogany, ronnd or flat, per dozen 49. 2 do/.en Uutta Percha. round ar fiat, per dozen 6". 6 pounds Sponge, bast, per pouiwl 51 10 peunds Gum Arabic, best, per poand Tl.e Adhesive Envelope must be thtckly gummed 11 urih of an Inch wide aroon<) the l?ppels. Kach bidder must furnish with his proposal* a sample?and hat one sampls?of each article bid lor ha- h article must b* bid for, and no more than one price named for any one article. ittda not luliy couloruiing to tl.e ad verti.-ement Will not be considered Ti e terms and conditions of the advertisement for station- ry are to be incorporated in tb-- con ti act Tor Stationery, and tbe head of the Departu ent will, in all < ases, judge whether the articles tendersd by the contractor are of the <iuality required by tbe contract '1 be Stationery is t-- be fnrnlabed a* It mar be ordered by the uepartment. end at th>' coutract I ricts. Whether the manti ties exceed or fall short of those eeti mated _ . ..... .... . Bach pi C'ponal oiutt be iifBd I'f th? IndiTiaaal or h rm making it. and mastapsclfv a prtcewi*/ i*i it. Ml e?I?r each and every article named In tbe schedule . ., . 8n uid any articles be repaired which are not enumerateo, tbe\ ate to be furnished at the lowest m rket i rices if the Department shall see tit to < rdi r tbm. trom tbe contractor having the con trnct tor similar articles, and if the contractors and tbe Department do not agree, then tbe Detriment a.ay have tnt article tnrulshed by any other (Often or pers u- who will furnish it at a irice 1 wer in ?n tha- u- niandel by theoontra<'tor. Blank forn s tor proposal- will be furmshed at ti e Dei artnit-nt to paisoas applying for them, an-i, as without nnifornity tb- r--ln, tlw? Depart ment would find It difficult to make a decision, none uill be t?ken Into coo-ldeiation, nnlesa sab i stantiallv agreeing tberewita I The bead ot the Department will, in all cases, leclile ? Letber tl-e terinsof ihecontract hav? boe'i ootnplie! ?ith aud resarves tbe power to annul i ti e rontrart upon any failure to comply In a reatonable time. Boix.s. with approved security, are to be given by tl.e person or pj r?otis contracting. an I, In case ol failure to supply the article*, tbe contractor and hi- eureties shall be liable for tbe forteitare *pe< IPed In so> h bond as ll-inidatod damage*. Tl e con'ract will l^awarde?l to the lowest an 1 best bidder; tbe best 11.1 to l? determined nfter a careful eiawiiiatlon for the parpoee of ascertain lag which bid will, m i s p actlcal moat a^vsntageon* to the Department. The Department reserves to itself the right to reject any bid where it Is apparent that a part of the articles are bid for at very low and a part at very high rales, without proper regard to tbe cost of ea- h. for the purpose of effecting the aggregate of tl e bids nader the eetimate contained In the advertisement. ALBX W. BAHDALL, jal-law4w Po*tmasUr General^ P LOUBI V E E D I A fall assortment of all grade* cholca Floor for Bak. r*. quality No I; pric?low. Are the only direct receiver* for Goldeo Bill, J. B Gambrtll tnot Patapeco) and Llngaaor Family Flours In the District. A* the latter brand has been extensively counterfeited and said la tins city, ws would Inform those wishing this floor by arrangement with the Blllara we furnJah it lower than It can be obtained from any other source. Quality ascend to noo6. Prlca a fraction laai than other first class Family Floor. Buckwheat allow rate*. A11 gradee of WeeterB^TIoar n^tore^andjor *al* Indiana avenae and 1st street, no U near Depot. SO B. JEWELL. OAP AMD CANDLE BANUFACTOBEB. Tbe subscriber will be pleaeed t j see all Bis old friends and customers at his new alaea of business. G street north, bet 4th and 6th streets, where he will keep constantly oa haad bl* pre nii'iai Soaps and Caadlra. and will centlnaeto sell them at the lo?**t cash price*. G street, between 4th and .'tb jall-Sm NEW BOOBS?^War Claimant's Guide; by Goo. W. Baff Elemt at* of Medical Ckanil*try; by Band. Treatise on IntrenchmenU; by Lippitt. Band Book for Miner*. Metallarg'^la and Asaayers; by Julius Silversmith. latrodactioa to Inurnatlonai Law; by Woolaay; no* edition. An "?i" COAL IB'lH. AND OIL. ortho Practical Amerlooa Miner; i-eisa a guide to oarmiaes and snireral r-s,>Tces. with nnaserou* maps and ilia*"fiT migiuws PROPOSALS. pBOFOSALS TOB^ABMT TBAH8POBTAQriiTuvAiTiiSimu'ii Omen, I a- . . ASH I KG TOW, D. O., JtBDHT IS 1*T7 I mmtnfm wHI be received at tills effloa i s-gsasito;: Jue&SBbKi i^astMSUi ,rJri _ BODTl Ho. 1. **rt McPherson leWtikt Territory or yeer ? tSLeo5!eE "*>? durlagtbe tk* Uelo* Pacific i 2<* rJn |cfh?nw. ?r from r?rt Mrtmn, P*mi> Territory, to iuch aoeta or derltV ??' ?*?WJartaMlebetffi the TertbJTari/toiS^?* *?iLof lo*?ltnde K? deg , In deg iita? V.,Jt'outh <* letltnde +s iiu?i.L 7L ?t#rSlt?I7.*r Dnkela. *Mt of longitude iS!il ? i Territory of Idaho, e?ath of I%tiJk V4 *!&" ftBd * < of longitude 114 dM end in i the Territories of Dtik end Uoloridu aorth'of uti ?nd. 40 de. , including If .e^aS, &vw - BOUT* Ho. 9. ggsasi I , V jW. M#xico. or ether depot that miT h? ttiRVS A ? BOGTK Ho. 3. fKJWiVtWW %h*x or Teriltory, and u? inch potts orstafi ? M m,V b? deiignated In tbeTerritnr^ of V?' 8'? ?' JtnT ?* ^0|' to Btjch Hill ? ar? ! _,Tf" *e'fht 5p be transported during the vear ?? !!?!.* *'! c.n Bo"** No ' ponnlS ; "AKat ?arkjfe-il *'? b" f.r M roui. ?p. ?' wwntaus 'vr.?V"r?K' '""A,r" ' rfHSSs ?r?* ^ If e'eurity furnished by'said flsemeat * *"** WIIU th? U Jf ?l.l. Jd"r thebfo1lowi?gt^truTtHbe r"inired t0 *' b0^? in On B<>nte Wo. 1. ??.'0,000. Un Koutx No 2, aw,mo. ?. 5 T,N "o 3, 100 bOV. 12 - * "H Bonte Ho. 4, fit iiH) fney ofCe^ km ?eDce ,of tt,e ^T?"r *nd aol25wtil,b^HSSr aBl1 "car. Aft,r?p?!"'" endorsed " Propoeals for * ^SKiSS BrTLTrili tT. to aB ?war l 14 ramie mn?t bo the contract at once, and to arc!r> oVtbt- contract' " t?'? perform. o?e^dri5hreierVSdCt anr ?r " b,d' that ? *' U The mntracfora on each route mnet be in readin^efor^rTire *, th? l.t day of Ap ii, 1*7 and Meiirv^at'''ih.?! k' hav'' ,* ?'* hu?1ne? f>r a*ency at which he naj lie communicated with H T'tV read 11 J for KoUto Ho 1 at OrnTliV! 5 ? ?,or ??ote No 2. at r >rt Ri|?y. Ram*, f,)r STS-S-J,:* pi'll li.j?" N?w Mexico, for i v." ?*lnt Paul, Minnettntn. or a? surh ath? roiDt for each of th?* afTtral Route- a? niai b. In dica.ed a; the.tartlne point of the rout 1 ? forma showing the conditions of the con tract fe be entered into for each route can b* h-?d on iipplication at this eftice, or at th? office of th? Wuartermastar at Hew York. Baint L is V?Pt hni**a^d"mh' Pm*ha 8*nta l r.rt'Snel p'oposal accompany and be a part of the By order of the Quartermaster General ALB X AN ft KB BLISS. a in Kt Brevet Colonel Had Assistant J _ 1 Quartermaster. O. 8. A ]\AVY BUI'PLIBS. p. . . D Havy Dkpartmk\T. / Fure-iu I rot-?.> tons ami Cluimn*, J>m 19 18'?7 \ ,, tfrot> and eadoried ' ' Pro l>o?ion. .>n or bef.ire the' first d?? t ^ ,n'^ '?' uua 1.titles f tlidl 'ermt art' les ineHfl^dVn the# llowlng list; uo thirds to be iie?iwertd >t New ^orkan i on. tbird at Boston vl/ * 1 New N;ivy Beef, 3,(J0o bb's . per I K] N?w Navy l ork ? two bbis., per hb] Rice it*i u> 0 potiiid*, per pound 8n?lr :?, 10 ?5f onu4*. P*r pound t|nK<*r. ,oo.<*0 p ninds, per p >und. /,'! 4' P' uuds, pet pound oof?-?. ji 0 it 0 ponudtt. per pound Li-ana. biiisheU. per bushel Mo'hs^s, 20 t<? gallo ,r, per g ilion >iBe?ar. it) ta?1 gsilou- p r a .tien i L,w received for o:ie-fonrth. one half, ttiiOe-lourtbs, or the whole el Itie tluatilltiencine I an I rtio?e only will be Accepted, wlilib nr' considered for the ad vantage ol I h'' tioveriitiM-nt -A,'1 'he ar?i< le< c.ntaine.f i j the at.ove ;i,t matt inspection0 ,tie uavy 8tHnd*r^. and pa?* the u-ual t Or a description of the artMes an I 'he pa^-k HJM \? conthtii tu?-m, bidder* ar*)referre l to the SMiniies at the sn>d aavy yaids. and for iut.jrma aa to the laws a?.d reflation* da paia >hlet Ti.rtn; ref ardinx contracts, to ;Ue ottic< , u? t'io Conmannants and Paymasters ?f the s-ve.,*! vyjards. T?*mported articles will be r-roived in bwd froe row duty, and no iut-roal revenue fax will |,e c nar ir?j,ble up. n any of the a'-ove articles ?_ er>_ offer must be Accompanied by a written guaranty, siL-ned by one 01 more responsible per fkLViJiV hr er they undertake that , r.or )',d''*r8 ^ill.lf hia orthetridd b- ac?-nter Into an obligation within tiveda?a. d aud "lllld.wt sureties, to furnish the supplies proposed; the competency of the suar torL^ b*r n riVfiM bVh." ''^master, Di.trift Attornoy, <?r Col lector of the Onatoios. w<" be considered unleas nccomF?*rai't?. ?" by sati?fac?or? eviBidder Is a n-ttular dealer In the cion*Jr? / th" Hcenso required by act of H.BBIDOI. j? B-wiw Chief of Bnreao. T0 P^T^L^DMp. MAKBB8 AHD MAJOR'S Offick, / Proposals In wrlU^rili'l1""'/"l v^l m tils r hV.'? " "?'l'.oc'i m- on Til fBSDAT. 7th of Ftbraary next, for making I'utnpa. Hydrants f^nHin??Ji7 D* for (inking Walls,' it 4?a*?*??ary material and workmautl'i 1 eit ?? ?*' fix,D|f au<l completing in avdVaitfin U Jr 0r. k<,;P'ng ?hp Pom ps and -.T-A" j? Perfect rap air In the first district, composed of the 1st ana 2d warda : in the second district, composed of the 3d, 4th, and 7th wards' and in the third diatrlct c..mpoaed of the 5th aad (itli war<s, 1 each district ta b< bid for aoparatel* and to bo given to ditleiant contractors )for the ApHL^commencing on the 1st day of ?* U>l? office, also at the ofTicaof 'h<-Ooniminxloners of Improvements Th1- vUe*1 wiD* of ,h? O'ty Hall' be for tha"whole city?11 PnmM ^ U'dr??"? Th< Mayor raver vea t < himself the right to reie t ??rr*. t . he dee,UI, 11 to t'"* 'ntere?t of the Legation to do ?o . B. WALLACH. j a 28 eotd ?1 ntel. J M ayor. ^JULLMBIA HOSPITAL HOB WOMBH LY1HO-1H AS7LUM, Fourteenth atreet,(airele,)corner of M street Washington, D. U. Tble InsMtntlen baa been established for the reception of patlenta who may be anfferlng from dia^r"tTelT(CliI.V to the,r for the ndmis?ion ?yin? in ch^e"? r#,u,re th* ??Ml#ru ?* "? Tbe building is sltnated la tbe moat healthy partlon of the District, iurrounded by it. grountia. Oars pass the door evory Ave minutes Termo of adirission : Prom 9f> (o flu per week fn acoordaaro with the room re?ulr* 1, pay able in ? Tw" Includes Board? Medlciaaa Mei leal and Snrglcal attendance. ' Me<1MIDIfl AL BT A If UniiSdbtatii A^8' * D ' ^ iV.^D., Oeorgetpwn I I P (!, fe5 ITT' nf ^r P J.'HN?tuN M 9 .'%Mttngto?***I1,l#' ? i'biKf.n the Hargeoa in cbief at tbla office, (at 1 street or ?f "? ?r ?be Medical etaV, aad of tti Bev. Dr7 Ha}' 0"*1**. Gillette, and Coombs. ' ?iViI9" **dow? ' oldlora deal ring admlsalen araly Burgeon Oeneral, United Butee * * d,?*Anca vba dartre to ostna to this leatltution for treatment can Mcare aruTt! Maa rn+oif* PreaideDt. ILLABD'S ? OHOOOLATB DB FAHTAIBIH *Lso mt Bo*BOH?. MilLLABD' 8 ' CHOUOLAT PAB BXOBLLBHCB, 1. a earner 14th and P streets, jmS *** ' Bbbltt Ho nee. AOKBBBL AHD OODFUHT L 10 000 ponnda large BHOBB CODPIBH 40 barrels Ho. 1 HAOKBBBL. rlDO* f.i?S CJSS'Jr1 'OP."?'B,45,w5hr?,b,S."* a?u If So. Ill mi?>?."lS'.

^ Mablbaab Ban".on'. ?le?snu2f A^t I Orltfdsroa Andrew's Oampaigaa of^ M?hnl 1 Trlfnne Almanac for 1B67. Mobile. >** BBAHOK TATi.nw P""58!*" "*SDSooa or"rs4ofIoB , ** 'UMI TATLOB. I # u LEG All VUTICBS. IB THB BUPBBME COURT or til? DIS* 1 TBIOT OF COLUMBIA. Tbts 3d day or J ancary, 1W. Patrick Whit* and AndiewJ.l Joyce, complainants, joeepb Johneon. M iry Jebn> BanltyNo.W. on, John M llano n. Johnl Flyn and John Malone, dV1 (?BdUtl. Tbe object of the Mil tiled ta'thli cause la ta procure a decrtfc for tha sale of aertein p?eces or areata of ground l>iag and being In Washington city. District of Columbia, being Lot 6 and part-T Lat 4. In Niuare l ,060, to satlsf? a debt due by deft nrtaat, Joeepb Johnson, ta tha c< mciainar's. Tha Mil seta forth in aubitaace that the ? Joseph Johnson waa indebted to "aid r c!*t ante in tb? anm of # ?' 40 for good* aold hl<1 delivered by complalnanta to tbe said Juaeph Johaaoti. Tnat at the time of contracting said dtblths aid Joaaib Johnson waa seized and i^?eeeased of tbe said pieces or parcels of gr nnd. which, while be was Bv inoebteo, he trauaulently conve.-e-i to said defendant, John M. Hanson, in trust tor th? sole ue* and l>enrflt of Marv Johnson, wife of said Joseph Johnson That complatnaotsobtained jndgu.ei.t ol anndemnatlon of tba said pieces or p arc-la o* ground in and by virtue of an attachment i*ss><'l out of the com Bon law side of this court in fever of cewplalnents saalnst said Joaeph Johnl--n and praya tnat tba said deed of trust from said .loa ph Johnson ta said John M. Hanson as aforesaid ba produced before the Court. and the nm' bo mh edited iTbat ?he said complainanta. atter the lasaing Qfjftid atta. ha.ent and the levins ot the same onlbesaid piecaa or paroela of ground. as certalnrar that ih> said defendant. John rlyn, claimed to have a lien on the said :*? or perceiaof around; that on searching tha land records *t ^esTingun county. District ot lieti or dead ot trust was recorded in sild land records, but that after finding of the jurr and u.?r m> nt of condematlon on tha said attachment*, the said recorrts were again searched and a deed of trust from said Joseph Johnson t? John Malone, to secure John Fljn for the sum cf .fl.oci, wafonnd recorded. That the said ieed of tru?t was recorded nearly eleven n-onth* alter the dat > tleieot and oyer two rnoatha after the Usui ng aul levibg of said attachment. That the said attachment la a prior lien on the said piecea "nd pare?H of around, before the said deed of tri?.,t. Pray* a discover,of the amount still due ana unpaid on said deed of trust and pray? a sale ?f the said pieces or par< els of ground to satisfy the demati la of the complainants atid other creditors, and for an Injunction MgeiiBtsafi' dsfendants Joseph J?hr*??n Mary Johnson. John M. Mans n. J 'tin Flyn and John Malone, and their cen'e derates, vlit h d scover- restrain *nd prob bit the n and their agent* and servants from Belling i>r IN posing of. or in an:, manner further Incumbering, the said pieces or rarcela of ground It it thereupon thia 3d day of January. IS'.. adjudged and ordered that notlceof thl? auit ?>e given to the said so*' resident defendant* Joseph J< iiisoo. Mary Johnson, and .lohu Flyn, by publishing a co py of thisoider in the E-. ermg Star, a ne?s paper publish, d in the citr of Wa'hington, in t * district of Columbia, three tinns a week lor ?ix consecutive weeks warning said tM'i resident defendants to be and appear, in i'-rsoncr by?oii<ltor, at rules to he held in the office ot the Clerk of this Court, on the tirst Tuesdav of Jure. A D. 1H. 7. to answer the said Kill of o mpl.-unt: oC-.-r wmo tbe same will be taktn pri '-on>>*.?? against them Provided the ti rat pi: lirati. u of thlaor;-r al'all appear at lea?t four montb* lpef)re8n.1 fir-i^ Tnerday of June .(H7, ?ui,l at ,tmg tha object and substaiice of said bill of complaint. A. B OL.IN, A?-O' < >te Justice, Ac. A true copy: R J MKIOS. ("lerk W M. .1 MILL KB, Solicitor for corupl.tiuanta ja? 3taw6w OBPHANS' COL'BT Jan. 3. IMS.?District OF COLOMBIA, Wasu^.^Tos Colntt, T?u>I t: in the case of Abraham Blafceiy. egecntor of Blizal-oth Miles deceased, the executor aforesaid haa. with the approbation of tl??- crphans' Conrt of Wanhiugton County aloreatiil, ap pointed Tuesday, the 31st da* of January. 1*7.tor the final settlement and distribution ?f the per*, nal estate of said deceased, and of the aaaets in hand. ?? far as the same have been collected an I turn"4 I to meney; when and where all the creditor* %nd heirs of said det,ease<l are notified t* att> ii.|. with their claims properly Touched, or they mny otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit in aid deceased' estate Provided a copy of thia order be published once a week forthre, weeks In tho Evening Star, previous to the said day. * ' * Tort-JAS. K ?> BEIBNE. ja ll-lawSw*_ Begister of Mr ills. nrniS 18 TO GIVE NOTICE, That the aubacrl1 ber has obtained from tha Orphans' Court <? Washington county, in the District of Columbia letterH to* amenlary on the personal estate of J. hn T Braxten. late of Washington, D. 0., deceased. All persons having ?l?nw againni the said deceased, *r? hereby warned to exhibit the aame, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or betoie the .l?t day of July next: the) tua> wtherwiiie. by law, be excluded from all benefll of the said estate Given uudtr my hand this tlst dar of July, )8?V HAKY J BBAXTOB. ia>.i-1aw3w* Executrix. GOVERNMENT SALES. CCT10N SALE C0VEBN&1ENT BI1L,D 1N0S Ckitf './uaritrmaMer'f OftUtj ntof Washington., Washington, U C.. January ti t *? ( Will te ao'il I.) order of the <^uaru>rfii?sr -r tien ?rd, oj Till B8DAY. Ke! rnary 7 at. li ? in on, uuder the aupervial. u of Lieut ntiitU-l iL-l .lanes M. 51'iore A. Q M the t Iomb, hij? 11 uifis. >i'uattd on 11 strtet, near ih- B an , o. H B Dei< t. , t^ne Cranary, 3. by 1 f< t One oih' e, 12 by 16 lett One Builaiug. ifc by io |? t. One hlurd llbyi?t??-t One 8t?ole, If. : > iii t< et. "ne sink and Ft a- > Termn V'^fh. in (iov-runient fu d-< i HAKLK8 rl T 'MfMMS. Bieret Bri*:. Oen . t'elit v M tisa , a ttn^C.ii f i. nter:n? t?r, ja 2*i lit Oapovof Washington. / 'OVKHNiTENT SALE Toe piopertv known as the 'COVEBN ^1 KNT T*NNkH> ANl? fTEA >1 -A W Mll.L. ?itt? ?'v ntv ve acres of laud, netir >a.i Antouio. >e lei Proposals, in dnpllcat?, will re-elvad nt-to f ie 1st day ot March, iH 7 lor the purch ?*e of seven?r ti *e ncr.-s ot 1 n<i, iuore or less togethei v.?h tin. I ill., iug* r< ct? d th :eou, xnd t he apiiurteu^ncen appei tain'Ug. mat is to say . v ONE TANNKBV. Contain iff TH thVE >T??n E LIME VATS, KIH V THU WOODEN V \T>, bEVEN t-ToNE POOLS, and capable of tani:lng fitieeu thousand hi.lee per annum ONE ?TEAM BAW MII.L. capal le ofsming three thousand feet o' lumber ,1 ,ilv. ONE SMALL SION K DfLPIB'* The abote property I* ritua'ed aWoat t wo rilles ab jve San Antonio, on the San Ant 'iuo river, .tad tbe water is conducted to the e?taMtsUiueni by a race of hewn stone, laid in cament. Tbe land waa purchased and Improveuieuti made by the Ixte so-called Confederate O ?veru rnent, and are estimated to have coat $1A0 W> In gold. Theproperty has been nnder lease for the year 18*.. at a monthl, rent ot .*100, payable in ad vaoce A secur?d title in fee simple will be given by the United States Ooverusaent. ? ? Proposals will be marked "Proposals for Qevernmtnt Tannery and Saw Bllll.' *"d. to J- B KIDDOO. I5vt. Majer Gen . Aast Com. Bureau B , f and A L , Galveston. Texaa ja)l-S7t |?OBTON MESB MACKEBEL. 1 am now receiving from Boeton direct, the very flneat^uahtj ofiB88 M40KBRKU| and which rarely IVnd their way to thia market, being used moatly for home consumption. As th-y have been trimmed of every p.rt but the moet palatable, the kite contain very much mera tban the quantity nanally packer, bOBCBELL, Corner 14th and V streets, under del tf Bbbitt House. V' 1CTOB BBCKEB, PIANO TUNEB AND BEOULATeB.^s^ Established is 18S?. n/yy* ORDER* NOW HECKtVUD AT DEMPSET A O'TOuLE S. Engrevera and Statloners, Ac.. 3*Jt> Pa. av., bet. 9th and ldtb stt. r C BJtlCHENBAUU 'i> Piauo Booms. 490 llth street, near Pa. avenue. Sit rial iVo'tei from Wm. Knah* t Co., Baltimore. Mr Backer naa tuned Planoa for us at our Wareroom's, and we take pleasure in stating that we believe him to be a competent tuner. u_?_-ljJm Protected b?i^otIalB'lbttebb patent of England, and aecared by the aeala of the cole de Pharmacie de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Vlaana. ^ . Trieaemar Bo. 1, la the effectoal remedy fer Belaxatlon, Spermatborrhoea, and Bxbauatlon of tbeEyatem. Trieaemar No. 1 haa entirely aaperaeded the naaseoHa nae of Coaarla, Cubeba. Ac. Tries*mar Ho is the Infhlllble remedy tor all Impurities and Secondary Symptoms, thus obviating the naa of mereury and all other deleterious lB|a^i preparation ta In the form at a moet apaaable Losenge Secured frem the effeeU of climate and changea of atmosphere. In tin cases, at at Mch, ar four #3 eaaea In on? for ft, and la Q3 oatesTthtia aaving $1. Divided in aeparate doses aa administered Dy Vaipeau, Ssdlamanda, Boux, *Who\eaale and retail by Dr. BABBOW, Ho. 194 ?SS?RSf3ii"" To"loaD.?..??? ?wane.eT?8*UU?. MH|r aiHB^BBBAT BEBELLION, by Jo??n ^Minor Botta; |1J0 Character and Characterlatlo m, by I T. Whipple; fl.T#. The Science of Sealth, by Amaaa Walker; tS. Uf?^ kl Jacket, by Wm. L. 8toae: E?. The Sanotaary; A Btorr o( the Olvll War. by Nichols; Illustrated; #1 Klartng tha Bod; A Bovel, by Edmund Yatee: 7*centa. Baoa for Wealth, by In. JVH ^Blddell; 7? centa. rBABOK T AY LOB. pBOMAGjnrtB.^ ??WSShs. SAP SAGO. I PABMEHAU, EDAM, BN0LI8H DMBY CHEESE. NOBTON'B P1BE APPLE. TOUNO AMEBiOA. N. W. BOBCBELL, corner Fourteenth and F streets jl 14 under Bbbitt House. J A MBS QUI LB. Dtal tr in JV? ic and Seend Hand hmtisrt. Old Fnrnltnre Be pat red. Baapholatered and Yarnlahed. ltth and Bate., (near the canal.) Blthasl prloe paid fot Baoond hand Furniture. eally* PIANO?One full atxe CMekerlng Brand Piano which we have taken In exchange, for aale upon eaay term*. PHoe %?*>, atMB tbe warsraoms of M____ ",n W. O. MBTZEBOTT t CO . (t? 7 Bole A gen to of Wtelnwav A Bona GOLD FBBB?A flne assortment of Bold Pem, Pencil Caeea, Bo., for aale at nannfacturer'a prlc? TJTu] FBABCK TAYliOB. RAILROADS. _ 1866 pHHBlkuVli SO DTI 1S67 TO THJBOBTHWB8T. SOUTH AMD SOUTHWK8T WINTBB SCHkDrL?.l On apd ? t?r 5or?mb?r II. !? ?. trains will |MT( M fallows* | WMklB|ioa?7 Or i m I Btltmor* 9 IS i. m 7 ? " I " _ ? ?0 a. m * 8 OOp m. I ... I > ?0 a. -a THE VBJiT DOl'BLB TRACK E"CTB with ELEGANT 8CEBKRY. Palace 8ta?* room day and night Cars with modern improvements, ud aavlngTrom four to twelve hours la tiro* over try other root*. Two hundred nvle? urvl to WMtm mo Central New Y< rk Two Dallr Train* to tha W " " North. Through from Baltimore to ROOH ESTEB and P1TT8BI BOH with >ut change. Pa**en?;ers by this route from Baltimorehave the advantage of making all changes in UBIr)M DEPOTS. ai.d bo FEBBIB8 _ ., Tlrkets ht this route can ha >roftr?d at the of fice. corner nth street and Pennsylvania avenne, under the National Uot* I. where reliable iBor taarion will he given at all Passengers procuring ticket* at this office can aecure ae< on>nnxlatlot* in Sleeping Cars for Kl Kilra or Pittsburg _ . . B. 1. WILKIN* Ticket Ag-jnt. WaaMagton. 1> O BP. B. Tor HO. Gw. Pas*. Agaui- , , Baltimore. Md. **l lW_ WASHINGTON, ALEX A 91 DRIB AND j KKOR'iRYOWM r Atl.ROAn TIM R TIBtl" On and after Mi>M)aV, November il. i?wt, and nntll further notice Passenger Trains wlil ran l.e> . .eev Washington aod Alexant tie aa follow* i LKiVt WAKHiRrtTO*. LXSV* SUl4%iK ? lH oi Md avenn dep. t Fri m e?r l?nk? * i| n.y Local at 6.14 A. M *t* L"< ai ai ? ? % H. Through Mail 6.3.", " Local rur King Local at....?. 7 00 ' and liei.ry <i jo " 9 ?"0 " Local at A I # P. 11 10 O 4 V " " Jn)U P. M. " 6 .< " Tbrongh M all. con. -r of M BnkeAHmrrfi.-On . M. Lo alcor lit tig and Uenry.... 7 <0 " " ** ' 12 JO " BUNDAT PASMBKOKtt TRAINS lE4VlW?(Hi*TOS Lvavk An:uvM> 1, Fror. Md Fr>.?ncor D;.k? Jt II *nry Throne!. Mali ? 4 A M. st*> . Local at 4 ?5 A M. Local at._.. P M Throngh Mail ?tt P M. O. A. BTIV USS, G?iimi Superintend*- t. no 1(1 W.J I'll EL PS O-neral M*i.*?. ?\ 'I'HROl'GH LINK bKl WKKN W Aj*H I *??YON 1 I'llILALKLPUlA ASUNtrt YUKK. _ . Vug IKtwJI ?U. 1, 10(7. Train* between Washitgto an J v v0rk aio now ron as foll- w? vi* TOR NKW YORK . witboat cbai " *f*?rs. Leave daily (except Suudayj at u and |3flp B FOB NEW YORK.cbai <,ln rv *t I lleOelpliia. I Leave dally 'except 8c *?) at 11:15 a 4 30 p. m. FOR PHILAOKLPHIA. Leave dally ! except SuD'lay) at f uaol 11 IS a j m . and 4:30 an<l ?:Vr m ?>N 8LNOAY | Leave for New York \nd PbliH l'-l^Lia at < ? m only. j !?: epiug car* for New York on 6>> P ' >> tr U l , ! dally. Thiongh tickets "o Phliadelplil New T.t c Boctoti, can be ha<! at tue station OitV at a'! a in the (lay. as well a? at the new >i9ice i't Parik'Tg aod Mr- k?-rs Tele*i aj<h I me, St" Pet avenue, ?atweo aiid 7th st'cotn. See Ualtimcre an J t?bi>' tlal'.r at iidv^rti'^tuen for schedule betw*.-u asnfag'-a. Baltimore, AiiUapoliH, an<* l\v t-t i J ; L. U1L80N. Master yt 1 ra"sp.^-t ?t1on L M ? OLX l-^cral Tick-1 Arfrnt OSO. 6. KOONT'A. A,-ent. tys?bi(!gton i ocSO-tf OALT1MORK AND OHIO BMLJiOAD, Il Wwiiji. Jan. , 1967. KBSST. iSTiU I Tra'ns between W^8H1N<}T^?N ANOBALT1MOBK and WA8HINOTON ANI? TUB WB^T are now run as foll?.w?. vir FOH BALTIVORB Leave dally, excapt Brn^'y- at 7 0 , 7 45, and U lia in . &L.J 2?". tn<t SU atd - 00 p id. for all ?. vY brati<j>s Leave f'uily, f-xcet .nda>, ai 7.00 a. ui , and 2 aa 1 8 00 p . ni >OL AY BTAr: .-^ sO' Til OF ANNAPOLIS IINOTK'N Leave :it e !3 > t < ?' a. m., ai.d at 2.i> aud 4 15 P. ui. F?".; A.NN*POLI8 1 eav. Kt ; * , ,< .? t tu p in No trxina t' rrfruai ALa*r'':i - w ,vr 1nv X -t . i I yj> b ..1 *i * S. A-\.av* * I . I v ii. 1 ; 'JO p m. ??'? - AV r. Vi'i SS. ! LWe a' ? *;. , n i I ?? ,i ? <> p n. t < i Al,i. yC i i < a i'.aT .r\,|r, x e-.t ?, <?'..!*? ? 7 ; . . m , aud ' 1'< i> 11 1 Ohfttlrftfal >6 ; .u. 0*4f. 1- ay i ^ Bt? I i : h ?ra .. in,i i a'n b sllbf, . ! .-i i' t;n fit K fcl>t' IV- l I.. :iv1 St ' K' 1 t ; i'iII !! >. % .oh .i ,? l ui a< an it ?'.rs | !:? ir. d ,uwsilis?i U ? - ?1 . j :?.- I j " 4rJ '|i irfr let k api> L n? <4* P n 1 i i f.d.L .t . ? ) 7tl sTr ?t? ! ii, s d^ftr'a. w e v??, !? r> e I -.1 ' r? .?;k? t?me J.I w ll.-iK h .?'!> i 'r ill ' ji L ui I . ,ti ,i? r?l 1 Ice. * <t ?<t c - 'J* '1 1 T. ?. S 1 ?: N ~/. a .a?t a S|?l?Or IVLK AND H Kl.BH l? \il_1 h<?A ' ? <> a >1 VI I VON I a V s .. ;v, l*t? , lis 11 ii>r ill .ii| u-it Tr* -.i 'its Na-tie -j ? . \\ .a'tvu tr*?- ? *i:!l?i Ne-- i r< Hb lot low t- : ?a. ni K.\< r t-a'ii via Hi n Kt er ita',road. * tii a' *i av **.r us'i ' ? ?i.j ^n >^el-l ? Rrlil.t v ilh"?t > n <r- ?'< wre * . t .u nertlug at Tr..? " itli 11 a I H1I C . ?,>.. ., l!0' til (?'0?i and Montreal 111 a. in Kxpiers aiid M til train v.a tl la. a I Ui. r liailroad,?%onn*ctttig ?t ai ?b' wi.ii We?t- | ern train-, abd at Tr><> with trains t.r B'-rtli. 11a ni F.xprets tiaU via Harlem, 2'i'h * arf ?th av.. rouuec'ing at < bat'iain with V*a?t< r- R* f.>r 8p'in j-, Pitt ?field, Ac at Albany ?1 h Western trains, and at Troy with trains lor Saratoga Rutland, Barliagtou sod Montreal. 3:t6 p m Express train via Had*on Blv r Railr->td ?onaecting at Albany with Western traius, and at Tn.y with trains for ModC(?m. with steep in? car attached ? if p m Bipress train via Harlsm Railroad, connecting at Chatham with Western Bailroa l for ; Lebanon Bpiiugs. l'itufleld. Ac.; at Albany witn West?i n trains . and at Troy with tralnsforBut land. Burlington and Montreal Bleeping cars attached at Albany , , ? , 6.30 p m. expregu train Tin Hudson River Bailroad. with *l?eping cars attached, and through to Bntlalo and Suspension Bridii' without chauge of cars. Also, sleeping car every day excepting Saturdays attached from H? w York through to I Ogdensburc without change, via Botpe W. and O Railroug. Connection for Troy will be male at Bast Albany. This train will ran on 8undaps lip m Train via Hudson River Railroad, with sleeping car attached, connecting at Albany with : early t rains far Buffalo and Bnnpenaion Bril^e. and at Trey with trains for Saratoga and points Berth. A Sunday trnln will ba ran via Hndnon Bivsr Railroad from New York to Fouglikeepaie and intermediate stations, leaving New Torkat 8 90a ni. Returning, leave Poughkeepsie at 1.45 p m , arrivii g in New Tork at 6 15p ni Also, a Sunday train via Harl m Railroad. leavfnf 4*1 street at '.'a. in . aud arriving at Millert n at 3 60 p m. Returning, leave Mllltrton at 5 p. in., ariivlng in New Tork at 12.3 > a m * a WM. H. YANDBRBILT. jal9 Vice President. Richmond, fbbd?bicksbub<* ahd fo T'OMAC RA1LROAP TO TBAYBLLBR8 OOIMO SOUTH TWIOB DAILY, (Bandar p. m. excepted.) The quickest and moat direct route to Blcflaioad, Ya , and the South. Tin tb^ Potomac Jf^m ^ steamers from Sixth Street Vbarf.Bj^WtaA now entirely completed from Aq jla Oreek to Richmond ,Vn, connecting there srlth trains on th*> Richmond antj Petersburg and Richmond and Dan villa Ball roads, for Peterabu rg, W eldon, Wilmington. Raleigh, GreensboroSalisbury, Charlotte and Steamers Bar port and O YandnrtH* leave Si xtb Street Wharf dally (Sunday evening eaoepted) at I40i n and 7 p m. and arrive In Rich mend at 1 ?p.m. and 36a m. THBOCQH TO B1CHMOH D IB BBYBH HOUBS. Vifty Milan Shorter and Vt Hours Quicker khnn ging *i??e o ^ mbar HonU. Ha awe* and set Through Tickets Tin Asula OrtSkwd Fredericksburg, to Blobsaond, at ths Company^s OIBce, corner oT Penna. asenne and ?th rtrMtot onWrd of the boau. Baggage checked toOmn!bnanee and BasWs Ws?cBS w11 l bs readlnees to eonver pn??n?* * *^S~S{S5ft iiS,Tu? ? ? ? 2>r * PtJLSfcfSst a*Sl SUB OB board of Bteaaera. n?l-lT ttaneral Pasaengsr Agaok. pOTOMAO TBAHBTOBTATIOB LIBB. * HOT1CB TO SH1PPBBB. The Manner EXP BBSS, Capt. B. A. BYTiiBB, tsss3w?*i0?? torftf?Ar:^KSfc r? Foxwells Wharf. Hatell's Wharf, ?JSTp5U:Tolnt Logout, nai nrrlvaant Baltl. morn nt 8 a. : ?? jgvJn A BBO , Agents, Ho. 344 Penna. nTennn. HIS 18 TO OIVB NOTICE, That the subscriber has obtained from tl. i Orphans Court of Wax'iington County, in the D.strict of Columbia, letti rs of administration an tl-e personal estate if H^ry ?' "1? !?* of Washington-city, D. O.. declased All persons having claim* a? anst ths said deceased are nereby warn?Ml to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof to the subsuiber.on or sssnsrjtszicfsrera aww jmVen uXmr AiBBar>' 18S*t-UWiW Administrator. 1 ! railroads \ (i,[1T -S*iSP'*>y viLM^iTr 11 !aA rt??T H * 1 *>OR *rMp k " v? f J ? f ; j -vv \(?t.THWKsT * f ," t,jSJ s ow bW:* I>*,?*?Tn k r ?>1 h ??. * ?-v vc KSflU,,r~" Ph? -4-1'"'? I At. J?0RN!rN0 ATJolM tiftoS " "J ? llUrM,lla ltoihratxK, Imtn k. ^ii>f at 6 ?p m IB Pi'UMfiyMa *1 ' t >|! in * ? arriving MOBfl iNO KVt Bt^ Al ?.l * IU lor bMi.11.^ , |rft *L , r-u.?..u. pn.t?:4,w ., !'< -. AU.vtown *'<*' '* .*. r,Vu\ ? *" * l*rii.|e ( h?i >nbar|. HWtiM..aD *"'* T .1* ttaia .rnt?ct? a KBAMN., ?.th ia ? . Pinu->,Valla hmllfmi,. |?, AllenlL?S? -*'1 ?ti) aith tl>* Let mi u >ai!a; titib t i. ' ?'? *< ; ?t ?"HT oLINION ?IU C "*rr" Bn :i.>?j train. fc, UliliaaMort Lock t? * Kit-* ? : ?t HABklfl .1 KG ?lth\",Vn' L biul, i a. I.. ila.d * i*y. aid . >eiiII? |kt] t)n?,n. ? (.(,* icr > : thu u.b-ilai %f * lianarcrt ^ ork, Cktin* erafc r? rTZLrlJi' * "* , AFTSBNuOM KXi'BEt*' ! p ? !r ,,'V* *' "? l?r Bead ? i fcss- * * ai . BKAlilNU At OOMMoDATloN ?tj?vtl| ,rI|,H?,r , put*?" m r K- urrlhH. |.av* I> ?*'**? ir. u^. din. ?t; ! ? m 4 to I .HI.., -et !??,. Harrl" Q ? ?? a ,, am and foltnil.e hi ? . * _ ".^r,v;? vs'skahr?^ 4 U: "k,:v 4 i i~ ^ * IMkMt p a iriWr, I'kllaM^M. a* I ,* rr0Tr rr Hi ?a> *UtlL,.n. ' * ;,J I?c?Bitikt.. ?n ij J { iu icr ? . iL* ?" V1*' *r?> kt?il- i ?M<] ?.( All tt># ?Um t? train* rr? ?t?iH 8--d? ?<iu ) imin l??v . L . PhlUtlMfbi. at i 16 p ? , J ' I hi 3.. i., . ? turllllJt ,r?,u g m*t(u VALLkT ?A'LK >4.. ii*m . fr ^ ?,." *'n p n "" to B *t : * Bl *. ... * "" 11 Kit* *?>Uk (Ok I'll TT B.u? AM) lia V.i>r T Bl Liav. Me* \ ?.i w mt , , fc t II K *t-H l! ? *t 1 W !1 J ? ... , -? f; > ' * t 8 Kt IU l-tu. ... . . 4,,fh.r-t.e . i. v ?' ?? * . i l;n' b' . M ^ Iwi.', hlkT^J tithuif . .< . ' " tl "ir?. d?;. v Ex pr? ? Train l^a. ? IT* ?.< ? iu . , p ,, ..... ' ' ? i. Ml . ?. Iu 4 .T"' N? 'i! ? m . , , i?i 'v,?i< ?t ??C(Hi.ai1|i:.f fhr-*. |r:? Jr ,,? ht>1 ?'u?. c? ? Miiil ' r"'" i'V'n ' h >I?II ir?ij t, r i r ii " , \:rzv,: \ : T.^i,a|i-!hKl'V? ,V \L" lf KAtLK<?AI> Schuylkill as: r^riaiiisA e\il A Tr*ir? 7 , f li d H.rnihur. .-t, t i fc',? n ,;,r P 'r ai.d r?ni.u.t. ,. in. trurn M rr\l,?r r ?> ?., ani fra,? i,eD %l i u m. mi j j \ ? . , ? , KKKIOHT O. od? fall <iaacri| tiuu* U.r? *ril<.< tr. -? r lot. er Bitf.. . r,n?Vv 1 L>fp?t, Itr<a4 ?nrt U'i|i?w at*?*toi .... TKAIH* -.1 X* PfcUal. irlniita<!? at?. rn p s n T- m f" .. r K' *' '"* *? ' ".'U Ih 'r . 1 P*- ,, c,,!.t ,, *L.1 all po.DU^ Oo??- at the Ptiil .? p'i ? p0?t nm__ ^ | -v..- ^SSpsa*!" I | 11 I'.?.tf I ; o' , ,.t i(t 'ii *H r.'r'' Kl ' Hli. in* f ? r *tr?.-t?, ;;^n?,la,r,nu ^ .. j :... c.rait r ?if t . ], : ?imw? b- a t P ^<i3ri;|i- rvni (.k _ t:t,e ft, jfohe^uiVSKt | atttntu u. * ! <' | Mac Tr?fa..r " " ' 0$m* ' ' F*-vli A , wmY ^ . .. o *? < - % Fa?t I f, * ? y f* * ' * ? I Pa' kfct irg Tfa n ' ' liarii*t>nrt A. .til 1 "ph. . t< r Accor- in; *' .u In* bargk and P r|c .. ' <-,|p ? PI' * ' .l-l.t a ?. Mr-.- , r?a\'!tUr^ * * i1,4, <!*'.?*. tear's?' A,| otli. A HitETut' ."h'i.^oT clr.Vni d arr'^ ' " x ^ti "t q id ^ ir ,*i y Ukii? *u a ? i^c'r-itl Kt?'r.tir.!...i"Li^r ' V ia. M. * !(r.ia K*pr. * V - 4 ,n1 >1 A<?#oi Niii i t 4 L"" .a * * I 1 :< r*rk^?r? Trafa I hi a-i*-r Tian ! FMUm ?t|f4ilp id ?? Kxn *?" *1 ' P't'l-l u g A . u iMc.l.'ti . at ? .1 p ? Pl.i?a.lai%la ! Ht * P k txpm* atrife. djuly< i innrnatl I>pr->. *rriT*a dallr ?>i train* daily *xr?pt gnll.tay T' A ! ; "r j^;ra"&vs!^,?sr!? = b'uSIh 55ilaiS""riui rAII B^'"> in? that mono o \aluV wi ,b; ^!uiV.Ir"c"ri,k ' JOBMI7bei,.n.f0r,n "?" PPl? l?! Mwi ALLKM- 63. Cfc^t. Df'?LtL " "ALIAC*. Tick.t A,.?, .. *iop* P< r tall partlrnlar* * to far* and a^r no, Uon. apply to P BANCI8 1'JNK, "7 BAILB0AD OF NKW IFRHrr foot of'utertl'lirVM1"Ooun^u1 a^ga^t'^ Juiirtiou altli the D l?i?r? 1 . k pt 0 > sss^cZ """"* T?^rL.,,,T,i-WN LINE T? THE WBST ? lCxi'Tt*## Triinn (1<<i)t for th* u Hxt^Lr b*'t'0?,'Klralnin,tl',ev,n' ? . m km an 1 tbiM huori **VMd i . fL... . toCbtc.^o. fct Loui. *, on* ch ant. e of can v,x k">t *i?hbabhaboiment>. m"ow7 January Nf* Vork *. rha?.k A ??ii7r*r p thl hem, \Ja ci Stt'^e ^,uu p r?. Wilk^barn. ii*.! y ?I*,L Tba Por Pl*m'ri8t.>- k ?? P*nd. P.tTil.ur?:U ' 4t town. U*?|rt.t^rtr PUiT.l'.rc, a'.'i"i'tV k*rrl !?r? Witw t"? otr*l and PhiUd,. SiiSpr- *r,t ^ d'- f?r Er- "-iti.uiiii AIM vTf.i -i." r?"ton AllanUwn, Man h LarJ ic ^' B"fc<1,D? Po?tnille U .rn* ChunkM'~r?r "*,t' B Maucfc 5 ? * -?or5?"'*"?'l*and Pi. miner 11 p-*??forHeading. H?nUil; u Wi*. lUmtp rt Irrinetfin. t orry Brir A. ?. cVir'y ?*w Jork to w',-l,*????port ' f. ? P<TKo?Hr*iil?. S MJTPor8"m?rTille. ?. "T K,T?E\.*xi'*K4* Tr? * ?For 1,1 ?Sd thr^iS**' lte*dtL?- Pitt-Kur?, I ftom J*r-'c,t' ^PittJ!S!SrLrim *rr rnB to B*r?'n Pui?tTlfket^for the W?at ran b* obtalaad at th? of tb. Central Bailr. *d of *7* j!Tm, 1 Liberty atreM, M< rtli Elwr. at N I A.tor W ,, , A OraenaHch at wit. ? So ! i jaM JOSIAH O^STf BNJ?,8ap^r ntendeot NBW YOBK AWP IIW HAVEN BULK >tp l'aa.*o*er BtAtun IB New York, on <1 2 a aircetand Fourth aveune T B A INS LEA N B NEW YOBK For Hew Havanand B<ld?-port-r. 8 E* II ?? ?. ni.; )7jii, a.ju aud s ei.i. P* Bi? BtratfortJ, Fairfield, S<athport. anf Weatport-7.11 ? a m , l.tom g 3,,, m For Norwalk?7, 9 ??. II *> a m ; |j u I, . J (Ei.i.lar 4* 11. ant * 1 k v. i p m. For Dorian an4 Greenwich?J, n j. a tn ; & M>, 4.90, ft SO B0<1 < Bl p rn. For Btamfurd-7, 8 (Ex . 9 *) 11 SO a m 12 15 (Ex.?, S(Ei .13 HO. 1 ?, ?.?.? and t It >p ? For Port Cke*ter ?ad loterm?liate Ht*ti n- 7. 9 SO. a. n : I *1. 4 ?> 6 SO ?.?. and 7 p m. CONNKCTINO TRAINS. F?r B ton na S?rlntBeld?8 a n . Ei ; J. (Ex..)8i n. For Buatoa via Shore Lina-il I*. t Kz . I 8 p ia. For Har *ord and SpriagBeld?8. (Ex..) 11 S' a m ,S.(B\ ,<Sao 8p 10 For Oonnr-tieut Bi i?r Ballro id ?a a. tn . ( Ex.;) 11 ?> a tn. t<> Montreal* 8 p aa. to Morihaaaaion. For U*' :f'.4 ProTideaca and rtabkill B B.MEx )ll !wa. m Fur Nf? H??i-u, New Londan aad St >n'B(toa Bailroad?- a m.; It II. Sand 8 p tn For Ca< al Ballroad?12.15 p ni. to Northampton. For TI or aa tonic and Na-(tatack Ballroad?S a. I ni.: S |? m For I'aubnry and Kora^lk B B ?7,9 Sj a m.; ft 4 *?P. Ui. Coinmod'ei* Sleeping ^ara attached to 8 p.m. Train. A jal? JAMB8 U. U JIT, 8ui>. rlaUuJ*at. V