Newspaper of Evening Star, January 31, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 31, 1867 Page 1
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m ' if J <^ft * " ^j| ""^BV H H^r ^1 i^ft ^1 *<i^H ^B ' ' ^1 > >:<^H VSV.. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. JANUARY 31. 1867. N?. 4,337. THE EVENING STAR PUBLI5UED DAILY.(SUNDAY EXCEPTED) AT THE STAR BUILDING*,*: corner Fenn'*.*cenue and II {A street, BY \V. D. WALL AC H. The STAR U served by tn? carriere to tholr enbecnbere in the CJity and District at T?* fwnTP tbr w*aa. Coplea at the coon tar, wltli or without wrnppers. Two C?wt? each. Fairs rot Mailiwo:?Three months, TO*4 Dollar and Fifty Cents alx montha. Three Ooltart; one Tear, Fir? Dollars. No papera ar* eat frrra the office longer than paid for. The WEEKLY STAR?published on Friday morning?One Dollar and a Hat J a ] ear. DENTISTRY. DBLIW IB i 1) KMT A L ASSOCIATION. Mo. JbO ffcMM'A AVE , |rl*r?n 12th aad 13th streets. Teeth eitracted without pain by admlnstertng MUnus Oxyde er Laughing Gee. L1WII hu recently purchased tb? beat^MBaM t heuiical A pparatus in the conn try for^*?1' *? making core |m every d*y alao, en improved VelTnlar inhaler the Association ia now prepared to make Teeth on Gold, Silver and Rubber at Mew *orfc Philadelphia and B-tou prices. All perMifm within* dental work done can hare It ae< heap in the above named cities All work done in tae neatest aad beet manner, aad warranted to give >atiafactioa Persons will do well to call and examine onr work. deM-if rr T n j^uig M B The Inventor and Patentee of tae HIBCEAli PLATE TEETH, attenda per?onelly al^M^ big office in thte city. Manr pmont cannMf *etr t??th wbo cranot *^?r other?* lod do person cad we#r other? who tini?t wwr (^99. Per* na calling at my office can be accommodated with any sty le and price of Teeth they may desire,bat to these who are partiralar,and wish the {iareat, cleanest. etroagest and moat perfect den are that art can procnra. the S11M EBAL TEE r 11 win be more fully warranted Boom* in thin oity-No 3A? Penn'a aveane. be tween 9th and 10th sta Alao. 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. of ?>T rKRSONAL. \ or CAN NIMB MAKE THE TBTPonBa 1 cun or Samaritan huint>ng? See Or !>%?HY, 493 7th street. He i? ) he bigneei anth >rity n ?nch ca?ee Hla ptivate rwuu are oppjeite Odd Fellow* Hall ja >-! >* 1>BEVKNT10N BET IEK THAN CUBE ? a French (ruentliea ??tiu?t ol?f?a? ?0'i preg nanf > . wh-n ?'Ch i? aude i aMe:8nut to an> etdree*.at Si..*. ;6. and 87, according to Quality, I y Dr Wt?OI' Box >ol, or . all at *JJ '*? atreet, (Upstairs i W af-huigton, D. C jaJS lm \1 BS CURTIS 1BYLNG, Clairvoyant, ami Tot i * I 11 vrK, will aire lile re*diugs. including Past, 1'reeei.t and Future at her office, 4^0, nwrtti ?i-de < f Pa av . between i!* and 5th streets. Office hoar* from 9 to - a lu. and 6 to a o m. a 21 lin* AB MAI BI B. KEAL SCIENTIFIC A. TBOLOGKB OF A.MKMOA, I rom the f sition auu a- pect o; t; e Stars at the tiir.e < f one'- birth will reveal ?*t -nutiing i<* creth that no li v i brf mortal ever knew before, h . w to be "'icr --till fi ?H ret-?0'i* 'le nndert>?kiQ8< II tel!? tame and very day you marry descri es tht* int-:*?'i to!"pinion, ?tf d t-!'b all efent^ life good lotk ano Iook life to viattora. LaltesW cert?to.*l trer tlenj>-n in fnll ^1. Oall at 1 7 0 12U. st . tear I , all houra until J In the evening. de SI 2m* i ' ENTLF.MEN WHO ABE AFFLICTED:?A " i ure warranted by an old Snr?e->n of twentythree years'e*i>erience in this partirnlar branch et the pro'eesieu. Char>??*? moderate Do not apply to tnark". hot to J B.OABlrMKB, M. O., ,ate of the United State* R cord Venereal Ho< pital. Offi'e Mo. ?J1 socth A street, opposite the Capitol Sinere, socth side. M B?Medicines alsofnrni?hed at co*t. de 27 lrn* C"?0> FIDENT1AL ? Yonu* men who have in/ themseivea by certain secret habits, which unfit them for bn?lrle^s. pleasure, or the duties of n,arrted lite: al<K>. middle ased and ol4 men. who. from the folltes ot youth, or otlier eau-es tee I a debiiiry in advance of tnelr years, before placli e themselves un ler the tre<itm*Qt <5f | aay one. should first read "The Secret Friend." Married ladiee ?ill learn i>on>?tni ng of importance l y p rming "The Secret Frlei'd."^ 6? nttoany ad- ] dresa. in a sealed envelope on receipt of 25 cents Address Dr. CH AS. A STUART A CO.. Boston. H>'? no s l? CLOTHING, Ao. l? J. HEIP.EBGEK. a bccce<?nr t? H V. L^ndun ACo., a* CITIZENS A>D MILITARY "? MERCHANT TULOR, Metropolitan Hotel Iwte Brown'a. <f 36-i Pennsylvania a venae mrl tf Washington. D. G. j 'tilMUHJ BUril. Will R.l?*OS. C.F.BLACI. LAW OfFlCK. BLACK, LABOR k CO., Oonn*?llor? an i Atf>rn?ys at Law in the Snarenie Court f the Lmtid Ctaies. the Conrt of Clal-ri*. tbeionrtsof th?- Plstrict. the Executive Department*. ?cd Committees ofCongre?ii. Office. 4i* uth street, (directly opposite Wlllards Hotel i de lS-tf HER/BERG S LOAN OFFICE K*tablistie<l 1*2. Highest advance* made ?n WAT0HR6. DIAMoM ? JfctVEl.aY. W'EABINU APPAKEL, and all kii da of M-r baudi-e Birsirew* strictly confidential 3-'?l North r street, IS and 6th streets. itnuiMiately la rear of the NaMonal Motel. jut lui* ; I ATEaT pabis fashions of hair li DBE>?>INU. r. Alliwt, *Kk !frH HA IK DKESSER, 3-^4 E street, between IStn and 14th sts Mr Alllot. fnni P >rla, Hair-Dret>>er. of the relebraled Bachel, wltii wboiu he arrived In this count!} , i as now Keen eatai>li?lied for tae last eUibt > *ra ia Wasl.ii.gton and Newport, en >ingtb? pat rot age of the i t* <ii> o fnitt jMr. aud ot tbe hiicioat S"Ciet>. He tia- the h 'nortoauliOncr e that be has this season : nip- -rted t h- latent fasbu s ot hair draining, aad ai~> potnade*. and everything that belettg* to the dressing o'hair at very reasonw le pri^ea. jm7 din* ^ LOUISIANA AVENLB J. H. CBAMI A CO. Have on baud a lar^e and hue assortment of GOODS suited to thin market, inch as BUTTER CHEESE. EGGS, APPLES, RAISINS. FIGS.' CITRON, NUTS, HAMS CODFISH,'MACK E BEL. HERBING. B<- APS CAMMED GUOOS, Ac . Also. fO Barrels Moore1* celebrated CHAMPAGME CIt> barrel or gallon. All the above goods are offered at the lowest market price, ana warrantee to suit, by J U CBANE A CO., ja 4 lm S3 La ave.. betweesi tth and 7th. UT M. T. COLLINS, CAHIMET MAK.XR AND Lin i? CRT A K EK. ? <7i Pbow Case Manufacturer. School Farnltare\j?L and H^tike^afnlshing Wareroouts Mew an4 iO| Old l urulture. uf ?U oe?crtptfins, bench* f V 1 a?' l?^ld. Kepairlng. Upholstering, arid V aruishmgduneat the atiortest noli * S <athe%?i corner of ptti ai d K streets north. No. 13 de ld-3m* || E M O V A L . THE MATTOf AL ^5777?? TWUBMfC* CO* PANY op WASHINGTON Have removed to their M-w Offi'-e M??. 7 1 LOOISIA>A AVENUE. 1 Irst door east of 7lb st. D 1 R B C T O R S Cr as. Knap. Pre- t, G? W Riggs. Vice Pros't, Thos Berry, Mar-hall B'wb, ll'ch'd Wall?, h. G 8.Gl<1e<>n, l*wniel Dedd, Win. Dixon Henry D. Cooke. ard it NOBLE D. LARNER, Secretary. i XTTO W ILK EN? PIANOS ANDOABHABT ' ' A ^EELHAM S 1'ARLOR OMGAJIS. Alt will find it greatly tn the. r interest?^^^ t. tiawue tli>4?rMperb InstramenU tw-|09lJ f t' pnr*h*oing any ' tber ?fv%Ti unu agency at btOKGl L. WILD A BRO 8 Me? Piacr Pnrte and Organ Wareroo;o Mo. 497 lltb -treet between Penu a avenue anA B *trept A ?eiect aas'rtnent of new ar.a ?econ4 haad Jnstrnmatt., including a GHLB' H ORGAN for "V.-wiS*"*1 factwrv prtree and on easy terras Tl NI NO and RBPA1R1MG (aiUdnlly execute-l 13 Wit" I-? <HHK POTATOBSr OyfPtMP biwheH MAINE P0TAT01S. jnst ?r rived, and for lale at our Wharf at the foot of 7th treet. P BBuWM A SON, _ Comnusalon Merchant*, de 14 tf No (D1 tth st . between E aad T. t HOCOLATB DOUBLE. VABTLLbT I DE H. Pur Caca.. et Sucre Exempt d* t?i:tim-lancs L. M. P. KINO a |oS, Kjivw- Place. Corner vinjdM avsmas and lis street. \|7W INDIA ORABtfBB AND ~ '? bwbbt Malaga gbapbb. Freeh KINO PLACI. J HOICB NLTa,KA'SIM^,"F7?S.C0BRANT8, ' fcl'lCA^ Ac , At , to s?lt line jswrtlcular a*?, u For a?ie ly Z. M P. JklaG A bON. de M-tf June Place. I' ST. TIMOTHY'S BAJUU I HE dwtles of tkte msatntioQ will be resamed n sept. 13, iNU Fog Urms. Ac., tee salatogne and cir *r at the principal Loekatorea of tale tup. er addreee the pria?l_p*4. aa tl X.TAR?0i8, OMaavtU*.M4. L'LENCH ALMANACHa'rbB lV?7.-Aln?a a neth Comf^ae; Almaaach Po?r Vire, Aiasatart, <u tos-toi; Alonsuach chsri varl: Alassxli a* ia l'ai.*e Alatanach <f? la bona* Cuidae; Aim* tare ln>teriah Almanack dp Nbaoleua, cs* .eai ds Bvciete; Almanach PoUctaMUa, aai others, imported direct from P?rl?, by 1* SI FBAM^r TAYLOB. \rIBGIN OIL OF AIZ FKE8H rMPOBTATION. I am aew in receipt of MWeaawa OLIVN OII?, "nvBWw. h acr. Uth abdFst&.aader BhbltlBoat* a - I f r < BANKERS. JAY COOKE * CO., Billlll, F\ft tenth sir*et, errostU TUm*wni% Btyud Ml I tctrmt nrkit ntn, and km outMtlr on hud, fall nyflf of HI QOVEBNMBNT BONDS, BEVEN-TH1BT1EB, AND COMPOUND INTBBB8T NOTB8 OHers far BTOOKS. BONDS, Ac., executed, and OtltectloniBiii* on oil acceaeible points. sel-tf l>ARROW * CO., BAHBBB8. Corner Loiiiln* ??n? ud B??ntb reet, D*al?M in GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, GOLD AND BlLVEB J7 1 tf AND LAND WABBANTB Firit Rational Bank of Washington. U. D. COOKE, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) President Wft. B. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. GOVERNMENT DBPOSITOBT AND FINANCIAL AGENT Of THB UNITES BTATE8, 1 ftU *, <?, orPosiutk* Trtasur? Derarim*nt. Government Securities with Treasurer United OtolN aroM MILLION DOLLARS *ebt? and sell all classes of GOV ERNMENJ bECL'RITIESht current market rates. > IIHyiSH EICHASUE ani maii* Collection* n ALL TUE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE [ UNITED STATES. We purchase Government Vouchers on the MOST TA VORABLK TERMS, and give careful kls prompt attention to ACCOUNTS *f BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, and to any other business entrusted to ns. FULL INFOBM ATION in regard to GOVERN M ENT LOANS at all time* cheerfully furnished ?H 8 HUNTINGTON, Caahler. Washington, March 30, 1MB. m II tf HOTKLsTRESTAUKANTti, Ao. : I (J A B D . WILLARD 8 HOTEL, I W A9H i Nutos , December 1, )8?d. ( Senators, Representatives, and other* residing in Washington, who oecnpy private apartments, cat, be acc?niH odated uith their MEALS at ttils Hotel at the rate of $1 60 per week de 4 2m SYKEB, CHADWICK A CO. |^lBBWOOD HOUSE,Corner Frnna. artnw and Tirtlhk irrrtf.T^ftT WaMiiHt:o?, I). C. AoBLL Situated in the most central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, Only a sh< rt distance from all the Departments, Patent and Post Offices, Smithsonian Institute, tc. H. H Dlf^LEY A CO., no 21 tf Proprietors. I^MBICHb KUTAUBANT, a No. 3)3 Ptnna avenue, near 6th street. P. EUBI( H wishes to iitferrn his frlenis and t lie public generally that Ue now keeps con A?. * stantly on hand OT8TER9. rre?h everyV|^m? day prepared in every style l>?lgl I HI- W IN ES and LllfCOBS cannot be sn^alnseT. Call and gtve him a trial or P tf WOOD AM) COAL. O A L CO A L ! 1 AT GREATLY REDUCED PBICES. Gross t?L>e of ..240 lb* , delivered in auy part of ti>e city Chestnut White *?h. ?7. Sto\e. f gu and Furnace White Ash, ?-<.2>. Red A oh ~8 50. Ul igli ji. Oak ai.d Pine Wood constantly on hand. Orders received at onr Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street 8 P BROWN A SON ja2*-tf 4f>5 9tli street, between R and F. ^JOAL! COAL I COAL III T T. FOWLER A CO. White Ash, store and eg* nixes, .f < 25 per ton. Bed Ai-h. do Oo #8.75 per ton. 2.240 pounds guaranteed. Orders received at the central office of the Washington <>nd Georgetown Ice Company, (late L J Middleton * Co ,) corner 12th and F streets, and at ? hart, foot of lt'th steeet je J4-lm ______ B. S. LAMRIN. Agent^ ^ 'OAL I COAL . I COAL 1!I Having determined to -ell a first class article of Weed and Coeias cheap as the Cheapest, 1 hope ty doing so to gain a lfber*l share of public patimage. The Coal prices are as follow* WHITE AfH NUTCOAL. by thet .n .... *7*3 BALTIMORE CO. WHITE ASH, Kg? ?nd Btove st/.ee H <2* ALLOTHEHgCALITIKBof WHITE AsH w ui LTKF.N8 VALLEY PCRE RED AHH 8 75 DIAMOND VEIN RED ASH 8 74 GROSS V, EIC,HT,2.:tO LBS TO THE TON. Always on hand arid constat.tly receiving the i r,t .ualities < f WOOD of every description, delivered in any part of the city. E. C. BAUM, ja4-lm 7th *t., between E and Fsts , Island. / ' O T O * W.B.MOSES' FASHIONABLE CABPET. FCBNITUBE AND BEDDIKG STORES, NOS. 321 A 619. INTELLIGENCER BUILEIN 'i, CORNER 7TH AND D., AND NO 30- 7T11 STRBET, TLIOBN B BU1LLI1G, ADJOINING ODD FELLOWS HALL, AND KXAMINE THE FINEST A.-?8oRTED BTOCK THIS SIDE OF PHILADELPHIA. He has all the latest designs made in Phlladel phi a. Wei York, mud Boston The ?tock 1? ui w*y? UcUd by Mr. Mcim, and hoo^hl at tke Iow<Mi for rath, wbfcli enaMea him tn compete aith BaAt*r' priest. Hit flyest Furnitura ia made to order in Philadelphia, and of tlie be?t nuaiori^i tlmt can be found. Purchasers stiould study their o?g intere-t by I calling at his Stores and examining the well a?s rted stock of t ARf'ETB, FUBNITUBE. Ac., h>s price-list b*^^tore ?eiug elsewhere, which he will fnrnish with pleasure His assortment of Mattr>asus. Blankets, Oomforta, C-n-iterpaiB's. I'tllows, Bolstrrs. Featherb -Os. and all kinds of Cottage and Kitchen Furniture is complete, which he offers at the lowest New York fetidi'hlladelpkla prices. Remember Noe 5*1 an 1 419 Tntelllcpncer BalldiD*. corner 7 th and D. and No Ml- 7 th street. Thorn* Building, adjoining Odd Fellows' Hall, between D and B streets. JSld tf W B. MQ8B8. J.^/EKIEL'S VIRGINIA HAIB BBBTOBIST Hat* Bnor?Til.-We publish this nomine the adTertisetneat of oar w?H known townsman, B Bzekial, who la the proprietor of the wellknovn a?i wridelr -used " Bzekiel's Hair Bestorer.M TLis preparation is no new preparation, but pnt up by a gentleman of known probltr and a native of onr cltr He has in his posa>sslor??ttiflcates from residents of Blehim rd, which he wtll pnMish. These recommeadations ase lum* f It. and place bis preparation above th- nuark nostrnme sal tried off aa hair restorers. Try it. and yon will save >eur hairRtckmond TiiutSt be*. 10,1860. W*sh1!?gto?? Out. D. 0 , Beo 51. IMf. DeahBia I am gratiftes to see that you hire ng^tveeweoed the manafactmrs <jf your Hafr Fr- in the testimony of-?Mny friends who have oaed It. 1 bave ne hesiUti a, lu elAting that I be llevelt take the most efficient compound of the kind ??r pr?senj.< for ?**./ Iqneed, BAOf of tho?e Who ha?etrf?id it assore n.e that it noiunly cleanse* the acalp perfectly, bat undoubtedly Tee- 1 tores tbe growth of <b* uadfv . , B?ip?ctfully. iPe . y<nre, ' _ .^CiFl <: Al*x Y P Oarnrtt.M D. TeN Jwmt. Bkh^'^d. V*. - i Orders Aid reused to I .WWf*?AOO.,Psrk Boss; New tot*; . ii Li. usgsPTiun uniun.i^.iui.1 .. u ; Jest received, a large variety of ert!ole?:t?L' 1* if rtSNTM*? de W JJor. Vt. are. s^UHst. fifrfE OPOBTO POBfT ?" v v . ("Tears of the Dnoro,") Direct importation, 4o?t King PUoe. , special notices. METCALFE'S OBI AT RHEOMATIO REMBDY lnataatlr relieve* pain. and never fal's tocure Neuralgia. Her tod llcadacne, and Pais Id the Hc?d or Face. jarteojw 8. C FORD. Agent. HAUL'S VEGETABLE a BIC1L1 AN AlK REUKWEB hu proved iteslf to bs the most perfect preparation (or ill* hair ever offered to tha public. It is a vegetable compound, and contain# no Injurious properties whatever. It will Restore Grat Hair to its OnieiWAi. Color. It will keeptha hair from falling out. It cleanaea the acalp, and makee tba hair tod, Inst roue and silken. It la a splendid balr dressing Ho person, aid ?r young. should fhll to wae JJ. It is Rrcommeit?*d and Osnn bt th? ?'*'t Medical Acthoritv ... ? , Wf Ask for Hall'a V eg stable Sicilian Hai. Re newer, and take no other. R p HALL A c6? Nashua, H. H., Proprietor*. Far sale by all Druggists. ^jatt Th.iy REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOR SPKOIAL OASIS, Ha. 14 Bond street, Hew York. l^'Full Infurmation, with the ttstimemafr, also, a Book on Spirml D#.?sa??s, i? n s*nl*d tnvHi/pf, s< ntfree. ttiT Harare unit sfnrf for them, an,I yob trtii not rtnrti t<; lor, as advertising phy aniens are generally impostors, without reftTtnr*.s do atrenger should be trusted. Em-lose a stamp for postage ar.d direct to DR. LAWBItN''R. No. 14 Bond street. New York oelJ DJIWlf %W MARRIAGE AND CELIBACY, AND THE Happiness of True Manhood. ? An Es?av f"r Young Men on the Crime of Solitude, and the Ph) otologic al Errors, Abuses aud Did- asea which c? eate i nipedlnienta to Marriage, with sure means of Relief Bent in sealed letter envelopes. free of charge. Addtesa Dr .1 J-KILL1N HOLGHTON, Howard Association Philadelphia, I'a. jall-3m secret di8babbs Samaritan's G .rr ia the most certain, aafe and eflectuul remedy?indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cures in two to lour days, auJ recent casts In twenty four hours No mineral, no balsam, no oarcury Only ten pills to be taken. It Is the soldier's hope, aud a friend te those who do net want te be exposed. Male package*, #2;fe male, Qi. 8a* ab tan'sRoot anpHkrb J i ices?A positive and rermanent t-ure ler Mpytaitis. Scrofula, (T'cers, Bores, Spots. Tetters. Ac Pr'ce 91 25 per bottle. Bold by 8 0. Ford. Bee advertisement. my 5 SUH ELY, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, BMOLANDER B EXTRAOT BUCKO 18 CBHUte ever? caae of Bidmy Di?*asb, Rmwmatum, Gravbl. Urinart Di>oidiu, Wbaekkm aud Pains lu the Back, Fimal* OomplaIxts and Trotulb* arising from Excesses of ait Kiro. 00 ME, YE AFFLIOTIDI TRY BMGLANDBR'B. TAKE NO OTHER BUCKU. Bold by all Apothecaries. Price fl. D. BARNES A CO., Hew York, and BARHEB, WARD BOO., Sew Orleana, Bout hern AgenU. BORLEIGH 6 ROGERB, Wholesale Hraggiata, Boston, Mass , General Agent*. teb 10-lf Colgate a co.'s WINTER SOAP, fceccmmended for chapped iiank aud for general toilet nae during cold weather. It may be obtained of alt druggists and fancy goods dealers, teb 9-eoly dancing. pROVb. J. W. A H. P. KREiS' DANCING ACADEMY. w| Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 6th and 7th ate.. JA Opposite Metropolitan II .tel. UUMk New (Masses frrning - very evening. Thnse desiring to enter our classes should avail them seUen of this opportunity. Preparations Mill be made in this quarter for Cur annual May Ball 'irenlarscau be had at J. F. Ellis' and W a Ketrerott A Co.'# Music 9tores. The Hall can be rented for Soirees, Ac. frays and Hours of Tuition : For Ladies, Mimci and Masters, luesdayand baturday afternoons, from S to S o'clotjK Gentlemen s Classes. Tuesday and Friday evenings. from 8 to lo o clock. For further Information,apply during the hoars of tuition. or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the first lesson. jaS MARIN I '8 FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, AT MARINI B ASSEMBLY ROOMS, W K, between 9th and lHth streets, JIB T Ma at ad .-my is now open far the recep uM t >n of pupiie. Dajs and houra of tuition for young ladies an?l masters Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday S, from 3 to 5 p m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 10, same evenings. N B ?Private instruction given to auit the convenience of the pnpli. seU !\I A8QI ERADE AND FANCY DKESS BALLS 1*1 AND PARTIES. The undersigned wouU most respectfully inform tbe ladios aad geutleiuaii of Washingtoa city, and the Dlstiict generally, that he is at all times prepared to furnish parties with Masjuerade and Fancy Costouie, either on loan or made to order. He has taken rooms at the well known faiwy establishment of Christian Rappert, Ks i , 6v!y 7th street, between D and E, where he will L>e bappy te await orders. ('HARLEH BKRG, late Oostumer at Ford's and Grover'a ja S im* Theaters. Washington, D. O. "boots, shoes^ &. ^ELLINO OFF I BELLING OFF71 ~ fftl The entire stork of Ladies', MiasM'.^^^V Childreas, Men's. B"^'s and Yetith'a * SlL BOOTS. SHOES AND OAITERB Vill be sold at private sale at and bRLOW OOBT I'RICES. JOHN ANGBttMANN. bO!t 7th Street, between D and K streets, jal2 lnt* oppoalte Odd Fellows' Hall. |Ai BOOTS AND BII0K8. flj HEW T~T ORB. Tbe urdersigned begs leave to inform his frisn lit and the public generally that he has opened the NBW CHEAP STORE, No. .V>2 7th street,under Odd Fellows'Hall, where he haa on hand a genera! aasortment of Ladles' and Gent lemon's, Boy'a, M iasea and Chi I d ren 'a BOOTS AHD SHOBS. Remember the nnmber, .(O'i 7th atrret, under Odd Fellows' Hall The New Oheap btore.forni"rly K F. Pace's (tore. del8 WEORGB B. WILSON. II K LITTLE BELT 01QAR, Manufactnred exclusively under copyright for E, 0. DYER A CO , PKNHSYLVAMA AVENUE. Between lith and 13th atreeta. L0NDRE8 FIHO, REGALIA BB LA BBYHA. These Cigars are manufactured of the very beat Havana Tobacco, Imported by oureelvss through Mc. Ren. B?ltt brother In-law of Mt. Dyer, wuo has b*en living for a number ef years paat lu Ha vana The special attention ie called to thia brand, as it te In every reepect a first class Oigar, at a low price. jal>-eo4t 0 T~X 0 E . The naderalgnad would respectfully announce to tha pubitt that the* continue the business of tb* let* (bras of OB. JEWELL A Oo., la all Its braaol>ee? end w.u.'daolicita ooutiuaanoeur the patronage extended to the old Arm. MORGAN A RH1NBIIABT, jk S tww^w q StreetWhar i^oxcbibb fob the holidays. doiblb vanilla t-HocoLAfB, BOSK AND VANILLA RU^bV AL&OHbS. MIXED BUGAB PLUMP, and ASSORTED C&HD1E4. . ? Just reeei>ed at KING PLAGB- ? ? /. m * ,01WEBT INDIA ORANGES AHD BWBET MALAGA GRAPB8, Freeh, at &1HO PLAOB. mi-os^rsstjsilh?. Al ? ?> e BINO PLAOB. i^oldbbbccf,pjbijjl*.. m-jw" GoM eater, fall. y*? delicate Rarer aa/fretraace.aad leas thaeaee hatl tha eeatef Imported Wine , .EWtWOB. i iholob bdtb. RABIN*. FiGt, OOjBBARTS. TELEGRAMS, fee. The Fenians recently fuond guilty in Canada | were yesterday, all sentenced to be banged March 5. The majority beard tbe sentence wnbout Apparent emotion. Several denied being Fenians, and stated that tbe testimony given against tbem was fal*e. Tbe names of I the condemned ere Patrick Norton, F. H Ma- I clnell. Patrick O'Neil, James Back, Daniel I Quinn, P Sedwiib. loba O'Connor. Jobn Ragan, Owen Kennedy. and Jobn (fraltagber. I A fire in New Yerk last night, at S31 Broadway. destroyed property valued at S3!r,'>00. I Tbe lowers are Leopold Warner and i^eopold I Swishemer, dealers in caps and furs, and Brandt-gee k. Thomas, restaurant keepers. I '1 hey are all fully insured. Wagner's bookkeeper has been arrested on suspicion of tiring I ihe premises. 1 J. J. Bryant, a well-knows keeper of a faro I bank in New Orleans, was shot aud killed at I ttie St. Charles Hotel last night by Jndge I Frederick Tate, a well-known Texas lawyer. I The difficulty is said to have originated in I consequence of a forged check being passed

I upon Bryant by a third party. The courts are now in session at Franklin, I Fa. The cases against Culver and Austin, in wb.cb Haze and others are prosecutors, will \>\ consent. be taken np to morrw morning. I Yesterday morning the private counsel of P. L tin*}-, sherifT, asked leave to enter a twite I in his case against tbe same persons for embezzlement and conspiracy to detrand. In the Legislature of Kansas, yesterday, tie House, alter a long session, pa??ed in Com- I mttee ol the Whole the proposition to submit I to the people the question of amending the I I State constitution so as to strike out the word I "white." I Oarrett Davis was elected United States I S-nator from Kentucky yesterday by the ] j Lemocrats and Conservatives in the Legisia- I tire. The vote stood: Davis, 7?: Bristow, 41, J | a id a few scattering votes. In tbe Pennsylvania Legislature a resoln- 1 ttou acknowledging with gratitude the cours* I ol President Johnson was opposed on the Ke- I publican side, and was tlnally indefinitely postponed by a vote ef 51 (Rep ) to 33(Dem.) I George Calvert, of C. C. Parks <fc Co., bank- I ers, who decamped from New York in October list with $4o,iMiOot their muney, has t-een dis- I | covered in Montreal, aud sg-.J5.0i*> ot the money I recovered. The new assistant commissioner of the Freed. I men s Bureau in Texas has abolished tbe labor uder. and the Ireedmen are at liberty to make I heir own contracts. I Havana ad vices to the 26th inst., have been | received at New Orleans. The gunboat Wi- I j ?ooeki and the revenue cntter Hugh McCulloch are still in the harbor. | At the municipal election in Wheeling, W- I I > a , Monday, the Democratic ticket, with the j exception ot treasurer, was elected by a de- I j creased majority. Don Luuis Arrayo, Maxlmillian 's Minister, has arrived at Havana en route for the United States on au important mission. The Lochiel iron Company of Harrisbnrg. l*a, has contracted to furnish 3,000 tons of rtilroad iron tor a Southern railroad. The State Convention of the (1 rand Army ef De Kepuhlic met in Colnmbus, Ohio, yester- I d?y. aud was well attended. CONGRESSIONAL. 8knatk.?Ysserday afternoon, the tariff bill beiiig uuder consideration? The duties on borax, boracic arid, building stoue, Ac., w?re heavily increased, in some cases being doubled. Mr. ('handler moved to amend by increasing | the duty on old scrap iron from 83 per ton. as in the bill, to ?4 per ton tor cast, and j*b per ton tor wrought scraps. Agreed to?yeas, 1-: I nays, 15. Mr. Sumner moved to amend by putting all j books primed prior to ic-to ou tho free list. I X-.sagreed to ulr Sherman moved to amend the third sectii^b by lutertirig a clause that to .'iscertain the undervaluation therein provided ;tgainst the | Secretary ?t the'I reasury may employ Buoh experts as he ntav deem advisable. Adopted. Mr. Harris otlered an ameudment to make the duty on ail brown and bleached linens, I ducks, canvas paddings, cot*oottoms, etc., when valued at 3o cents per yard, 4 cents per j vardand*.'5 per cent, ad valorem, and when over 30 cents per yard <i cents per yard and 40 per cent ad valorem. Agreed to. Mr. Willey moved to amend by adding a I paragraph as follows "On all flint glass ware, I plain and pressed, not cut or printed, 44) per I cent ad valorem. Agreed to. Keiess till7 p m. At tbe evening session, the Honse bill to I amend an act entitled "An act to incorporate 1 the National Soldiers aud Sailors' Orphan Home! 'was called up by Mr. Wilson, and I passed Mr. FeBsenden, at 7.30, called np the tariff I bill. Mr. Howe moved to amend the following I paragraph . " On glazed, tinned, or enamelled I cast-iron hollow ware, 4# cents per pound." I by adding aiter the words " hollow ware'' the I words : And on all descriptions of wrought- I iron ware." The amendment was agreed to. Mr. Howe moved to amend by increasing I the duty on wheat trorn -Jo to 4tt cents per I bushel, and the duty on Hour, meal, middlings, I Ac., trom 15 to 30per cent, ad valorem. Agreed I to. Mr. Kdmnuda moved to amend by inserting a paragraph putting a duty of 10 cents per I bushel on oats Agreed to. Mr. (Jritnes moved to Increase the duty on | malt trom 3d to 40 per cent, ad valorem. Agreed I I to. Other amendments were ofTered, bnt none I were acted on, a call of the yeas and nays, at I 11.10 p. m , showing that there was uo quorum J ] resent, and tbe Senate ad journed. Hocsb.?Yesterday alternoon, the House ik I C-otntnittee of the Whole, had the Consular j and Diplomatic bill under consideration. Tbe question being on Mr. Williams' amendment as amended ou motion of Mr Stevens, j to strike out tne word "Rome" trom the list I ofplaces where ministers resideut are to be I stationed, and to add the proviso that no mo- I ney shall be paid for the support of the United | States legation at Rome or tor the future ex- I pensesof such legation. The amendment was discuseed at cousider- I able length, and modified so as to strike out I Rome, and to add a proviso that uo money ap- I propriated should he paid tor the support of a u American Legation at Rome after the ciose 1 of tbe present fiscal year. The amendment was 1 liually adopted?51 to 4--. Subsequently provision was made for a Consul at Rome. Mr. Schenck moved an amendment requiring consuls to be native-born cituena, or naturalized citizens of the United Slates. Adopted. Mr. Maynard moved to strike out clause appropriating $^Sc70 for expenses of commission to run and mark the boundary line between I the United States and British possessions bounding on Washington Territory. Negatived: butaprovieo was added, that no further expenditure for that purpose should be authorized, and tbe bill waa laid aside to be re- I ported to tne House. The Committee of tbe Whole then took up the oill making appropriations for the support of tbe Military Academy. The aggregate appropriauous in the bill are t4u3.9"0. Tbe Committee then rose aud reported to tbe I Bouse the Consular aud Diplomatic appropri- I ation bill and the Military Academy appropnation bill. On motion of Mr. Upcoii, the Committee ou | Printing waa instructed to report by what au- 1 thority Government advertisements tor proposals for paper are published In tbe Wash- I ingtoa ^atieaai Adjourned. j From Wkxtco.?The report of the execution I ot Oums?l Caratao by the French authorities at Bhaailan. aud the bom bard meat of the place I bva^'ntted States gunboat, is discredited at i 1 Jan Fraaclse*. Direct dates tq Jan. ifcrh gay J every vhuip baa been quiet since thrcity was 1 eviicuated by th^ French laat November. The following iaaa extract from a leuer from Gen. Escobedo. dated at ijnltillo, on the - (4 th I instant, andTeceived rastarday by the Maxleaa 1 Minister1 arrived in this city yaeterdar With the sexood fUvielon oftba northern at my ] and a part of trains of Arn?s and ammnni- ] tion, %'hich wa take to the Interior of the Re- i public. My tnaj^h had. been delayed somewhat because I did not like to be withpptih* I arms, ammunition aqd cj&hiug necessary*) f raise and organize g large army tn Central T .J | mraen. Schenck, ?**.,?<+ Moody* i and Hea l>^a??0 an# art np for GoVernar i? Ohio- I i : VSoiae oiiha FaMscb mwapapera anaafewf j th# American Minister in Palis aa "General \ < VMt* > < ; > j J I 1 First AmiuI Disatr ef the Reatrdef Trade The first annual dinner of tbeBoard of Trade *?.? fivn at the Searon House last night, and we believe it la the snanmont opinion of alt preaent that a finer banquet and more agreeable entertainment has never b>en en joyed ia tdia city. It waa a like creditable to tbe Board of Trace, and to the enterpri?in? proprietor of tbe Beaton House, Mr. Joba H Sfminei, Esq. l he Board, witb their gueata, a?aembled in one of tbe parlora, and at H o'clock were ushered by tbe proprietor into tbe lure# and t*au. titetly decorated dining ball of the notel. The president of the Board. John H. Nemmes, K?q took tbe bead of tbe main table, with U B M>bun. Esq., at the lower ead. On the right of President rvmrnes sat tbe Hoa. -Mr. Rice, ol >le , and on hia left tbe Uon. Mr. Patterson, of Ol N. H. Mr. Mobun waa supported right and left by Hon. Major Wallach aid Major Richards. respectively. Among tbe uiviied guests present our report, er noticed Hons Misers. Patterson, of New Hampshire: Rice, ot Maine; Farnsw orth, of 11lmois, Beniaroin.ol Missouri: hull well, of Iniliac a. McDougal. ot California; Colonel J. W. Ferney, Mayor Wallacb, Uon. B. B. French, Consul General Hitz, of Switzerland; (>en?ral E. C. Carrington: Mr Crounse.ot the New York TWtts : Mr. J. R. Young, of the New York 7V?t um ; Major Foore, of tha Bston J am i! Mr. Shaw, of the Boston Tramcrtyt Mi. McFarland. of the i'/tromcU . Mr. Hitnicom. of the /{eput-liran ; Mr. Florence, of the ttonal Imrni, and other representative* of the press Tbe tables were laid for one hundred and twenty guests, and the hill of tare ptwntfd tbe following array of good thing-. wh<-b we should add were served up iu admirable style: BILL OF KARR. Soup?Mock-iurtia: oyster. Fish?Boiled cod, Blackwell's Ancbovie sauce; baked halibut, claret sauce. Boiled?Ham : corned beef aud cntibagc ; beet tongues: fowls and pork turkey with oyster sauce; leg mutton with Caper sauce. Cold Ihsbee?Boned turkey on ptdestal, garnished wltb jelly ; h im, garnished a la Florantine; pigs head, au natural: pressed corned bee!; leg of South Down mutton ; beel a la mode a la Britain: tongues glaie, garnished with Aspic jelly ; cbickeu in As-pic. Kntrees?Filets de beotif pique anx champignon..; lobster pattiea, Norfolk style"; chicken salad, a la Mil anaise , fricandeau de veau a la .lardineire, sweet breads larded, sauce toniatoe; partridges broiled on toast, a la Maine de Hotel ; call's bead, braise a la Tartar* . lamb chops, glace a la Nelsou : oysters baked in shell, New York fashion : can^a?s back ducks iu salmi, wltb Spanish ( lives. Roast ? Ribs ot beef; turkey wi'h cranberry ?auee; chickens: lamb; ham with cbampague sauce; saddle mutton; loin veal; loiu pork with apple sauce; domestic ducks; goose with apple sauce. ?iame?Canvass-back ducks with currant jelly; mallard ducks with currant jelly; redhead ducks with currant ielly: widgeon ducks with currant jelly; saddle vension with cori tut jelly: teal ducks with currant jelly g"o<e with apple sauce. swan with peach sauce; patridges: grouse; quails: pheasants. Re. I lishes?Spauwh olives; celery; cold slaw horse-radish: apple sauce; cucumber pickles: mpire sauce; Worcestershire sauce; tomato catsup; Ireuch mustard: pickledonlons;pickled tomatoes, cranberry sauce: peach sance. sago cheese. English dairy cheese. VegetablesBoiled potatoes: hominy: parsnips: turnips: cabbage mashed potatoes' boiled onions baked potatoes: beets: oyster plant; baked sweet potato a; green corn; nee: stewed tomatoes; lnna beans: green peas. Pastry?Corn starch pudding with cream sance; English plum pudding with wine sauce; apple pie eiiartl pfc ; pie; cranberry tar;>: Washington pie: lemon pie; dried peach pie; mince pie: charlotte russe blanc mange, wine jelly; Italian cream, j pound cake; jumbles; jelly cake; sponge cake. I liesert?Oranges; apples; chestnuts; pecan J i.uts: Mgs: raisins: n; tl:iga grapes; filberts a|. monds; Fnglisb walnuts, tritles; egg kisses, bmon ice cream; ^rawberry ice cream: vanilla ice cream: orange p\ : amid. maccaroui py rail, id; tea and coffee. Tbe supply ot choice wines, ice.. Was of a character to correspond with the edibles At;er the removal of tbe cloth .lotin li Semmes, Esq.. l'lesiJeut of the Board, called the company to order, and announced tbe first legnlar toast, as tollows: "Tbe City of Washington the Nation's Metropolis : It deserves the fosteriug cart? ot the nation's representatives." Eoud calls wvre made from all parts ot the house for the Hon. Jaa. W. Patterson, Repress ntatn e in < Congress from New Hampsutre. w ho ruee 10 respond amid great rpplanse. RKSI'OHsKOF HOW. J. W. PATTERSON. Mr. Patterson commerced with an eloquent illusion to a character of ancient history who, he said, fonnd Athens built of brick and lett it built of marble. This could not be done by ( ongreas.for Washington, for in thosa dnvs the will of tbe sovereign was supreme, and the power and wealth of the kingdom was concen. trated in its capital, but under the new to: ms of civilization Congress could legislate that tbe wealth of the Republic, its enterprise. iu? progress, its culture, and its educational influences could be centered in its capital. What was wanted was to connect this city with the South?every section of Ibe South, with the North?every section of tbe North, and commerce and wealth would naturally flow into it. We must build up in this metropolis a system of schools. Washington has Vi.uuu aliilareu between 6 and 17 yearscd age. Boaton has io,UK). The expenditures in Washington for public schools annually w aa less than4Hjn,00U. while in Boston S"3?'sU<? was expvnded annually for public shools. Washington has Slrto.wm worth of school property, while Boston has a million aBd a half of such property. Washington has school accommodations for bnt (5,000 children, wbile there were JO.!**) to be supplied. 1 be difficulty was that il per cent are children of employees of Government who do not pay taxes here, and in tbe fact that Government owns of property upou w htcb no taxes are paid. This Goverumeut proper, tv ought to pay ta\e> for tbe education of the children. It is not the people ot Washington Who are main!y interested in this, but the w bole people ot the country. [ Applause.J He continued 10 speak at length with regard to the improvement which should be made by Congress upon the capital, and concluded amid loud and long continued applause. After music by Espnta's band tbe president read the second regular toast, as follows . "The Congress of the Vpueo States: Tbe appointed guardians of the nation's capital, charged with subjects ot leg'-lation vitally affecting the District's Interest ' I pou the announcement of this toast. l,.ad call.- were made lor tbe Hon. John F. F.irnswortb. of Illinois. After tbe applause had subsided, Mr. Farnsworth aros? to reply. gPKKCH OF BO?. J. V. KA KH>V?OKTH. Mr. Karnswortb commenced by alluding to tbe tact that comparatively little attention is paid by Congress to tbe interests of tbe Dia> trictot Columbia. He judged ao front bis own experience. Members of Cougreas come here, engage rooma and board for tbe sesaion, go borne, and know little more about tbe Visirtct and ibe people who live here than they did at the beginning of the session. They were apt to think in Congress, when any bill waa presented for improvement of streets here or lor the erection of buildings, that it was some lobby scheme, and somebody Would move to lay it on tbe table. This was all wrong. Congress owed it to itself as well as to the nation to make tbe national capital worthy of the country. It would remain tbe capital of tha nation for all agas, [tremendous applause, lasting for some minutes,]?unless Congress should happen to remove It. [Great laugh* ter J Mr. FarnswoTtb depicted in eloquent terms tbe natural advantages of tbe city and Its surroundings, and predicted a future of prosperity and oucoesa for its various interests. With reference to tbe speech of tbe gen. tleman wbo bad preceded him. be alluded to tbe tact that tbe venerable Representative from Pennsylvania, Hon Tbaddeus Stevens, had this day Introduced a bill to establish a svstem of common schools in the IMstrletof Columbia. Mr Faraeworrh concluded bv pledging his support to aU measures that might come beforaConiirfas which wonid promote tbe interests of tbe District. After more music tbe president announced tbe tbird regular toast, which was: "The Prase of Waahin?ton In the van of ?? , provetneut* May their efforts in tbe c inae of prqgrvaa and enterprise meet with deterred success." >i? In response to numerous calle. Ool. J. W. Foraey, ef t&eCArem'ele, aroae ?ruca er <?&./* , la tbe ooerae at ha nemarka, Oal. PbMg t that ?f we are to a<^uirs bigb posltiea 1 reoag tbe c*?welal and manafbettt-tag titles, every avenue ef c*M?^?aUflB?MlJl? Urconnnaunicatlop must opened iad ?ra will ply between Q* orgs town and the treat atttM fforxb and South?if not between 1? Oforntova and foreign antioaa. and be wa equally costldrat tbat tbe oid**t m?o among as may lira to see the District of Columbia entered by more than one line of railroad I Ap| laaee.) Ifib*r?WM any oar portion at bia editorial career tbat bo eoaiemplated wnk mire pleasure than another, it h> tbe fart tovt. be bad humbly contributed in bin sphere u? tbe eataMishment of on* of th* moit a a be tan nal of our improvement*?tbe paeaage of a bill by the Sanaie. few day* ago. providing tbat ibe Ha lu in or* and Fotooa^ rairoad may be permitted to enter into the Lhstrict He b*d h?*? inform*-) tbat a movement la being mad* ?t Aa a a poll*, before tb* Maryland I^egislatare, either to repeal tb* obarer, or to tan* encb steps as will prevent tb* consummation oftbla great Improvement. It the Legialature of ibe Mate of Maryland ahonld nadertake 10 Bre\ent the ou us tract* on oi tb* branch road, r means of which va are to eajov a reaaeanMe competition between her* ana Baltimore. t.a trusted tbe (Vagresa of tbe I'Bited J<tat*? will supplement tb* act by patting through tb* ait Una to New York. (Cheers ) When we reflect tbat tbere ia hardiy a State capital tbat Is not, ag it were, tbe centre of several great lines of intercommunication. * I'd 'be point from whieh trad* aad taavel art-distributed ia all dineetione, may w* act express our surprise tbat tb*r? should be op position any wbere to tbe coaatruciaon of addit tonal railroad* into thia splendid political metre poll*! New York has nine lines ofrailroods Bo*'on. nine; Pbiladelpbla, nine Baltimorr, fonr Cincinnati, sit: St. Louis. seven; Chicago, seven. Pituburg.aia.Uiev*la*d. four; lndianapelia, nine, and Richmond, five And tbe overwhelming contract is presented ot a single fead extending from Washington totbe East and North, and asiogle road southward. 1- we look to the South, and dwell upon tbe rapidly-approaching ttme when all b*r now deserted and desolate fields WiU be so many abodes ot enterprise and freedom, ?f rtnnoi deny that a solemn daty ia laid alike upon the iiu rubers of Concrea*. tbe presa. and ine people to consummate such legialauou aa will make Washington city aa acceaaible at least aa any of the several Stat* capitals. Anplans*. J 1 1 ' 1 he tonrth tuasi was read, aa follows ' The Congressional Committees on Public Building* ai d Grounds Mav they, m the further construction of public building* and park, realize the fact tbat -he beauty of the city lies in their judicious diatnbntion " This was- responded to by the lion John W. Kice, ot Maiue, rbairman of the House Coinmitteeon Public Building'' and Grounda i:tMARKf> ov vox. ?. w m. i. Mr Kice spi ke eloquently of Uie great future for Washington and of it? unrivalled l.a'ural advantages, its broad nveroceu to tu? ?.a: its splendid witer tall: its beautiful surruBiiditifs He said tb* commi'tee of wbih he is a member were now conaidering measures ot great importance ro the caty ??ne w is for a site tor the new Presidential mansion. Mid another for a great public park on th it most picturesque region bordering on dock <'reek. W i h sucb a park of 2,1"*' acres of gretind yon cau laugh at New York with her C entral Park No wbere el?e on ta? ft e o f the globe were there tiuer natural advan'age* for a park [(treat applause | Another measure was the ?euiarg?in<-nt of the Capitol grounds, so tbat the surroundings shall bo | c> mmersurate with the magnificence ot the edifice. [Applause] In conclusion, Mr. Kice proposea the sentiment; 'I be Congress of tbe United Scare* nart tb* I uy of W ashington Aim they co-operate together so that this capital may be mau* the most beautiful city on the face of 'he globe ?* This sentiment waa received with unbounded applause by the enure company. At the coni elusion of Mr. Rice's remarks, aud alter must,: by the band, the Chairman read the fifth toa-tas follows. 'The Consolidation of the Municipalities of Washington and George.own The means by which tb* commercial and manufacturing interests of tbe two citlea will be greatly augmented."' Richard T. Merrick. E?q., of this ciiy, responded in a >ery able and eloqueut ?|>*-e, b. Mr Merrick ad\weated the consolidation of the two cities, and alluded to 'be fa,-t tbat <Ymgress bad failed to do a* much for th* educational intetest# of tbe H-irictof Columbia as it had done for Illinois and the other Western Slates. The sixth toast was : '1 be Secretary ot be ln'*rior, to whom amid \aried and res|H>nstbleduties areintruated many Interests affecting the seat of the tederal (iorernirent " I Response by Hon K. H French. Commissioner ot Public liuildings. 1 he se\ entn toast The Judiciary of the lhbtnct. w - look to th*m for tbat adimni*'ratiou of tb* lav. s upou V. buh d?Tiend life, liberty. ?r,d ptoperty.'" Itesponse by t. C. Carriagton, liistj-'ict Arte rney. The eighth toast: ?' National v.aiits?greater railroad facilities. 1 be lessons of tbe \rar impress us witn themnI ortance of providing more ample means of communication from and to tbe metropolis." lieeponse by lien Perley Poo re, Esq., of Uie I'.ostcn Journal. Volunteer toasts wero then oflered and responded to fehcitousl3' by Messrs. Still well, of liidiana, A R. suej herd, and John R. blrau?, tl bib city. The following let er was read QrARTER MASTER (iK>III*L? OKFIcr. Wa?hingtrn. li C-. Jan. V9, ?l?earSirs I regre: that an atta? k of illness, (fom a*hich I a.n not yet eniirelv recovered, will prevent my aroapt* mg jour kind in\itaiionio the llrat annual meeting of the Bt aid of Trade 1 have noted with pleasnr* he establishment ot a Poard of Trail* in this capital. I bavs watched with much interest it* re|??rted proI teedlngs It caiiDoi fail to be of great au\aniage to the city and to all otbsrs w ho. for private interest or i fficial occupation, inaae it iheir place of business W rh a nobl* river, an inexhaustible sni>plr ot water, increasing rauiroad communications, a beautiful and healthy ?iu>, must picturesque and salubrious en\ irons, and maguihceut and costly buildings. Wasbiagtou needs only the continued ana con. erted action ot its bnsin*ss men to grow rapidly into tht most desirable city .or a residence m the coautry. A public park is now one of its greateet needs Congress is moving in this matter, ai> t 1 trust thai the Board of Trade of Washington will lend ita powerlul influence in aid oi tb.s great and important euterprit-e. With the highest respect, 1 am your friend HndservaTi\ M. C. Mkk-s. To Alex. K. Shepherd, W*m. Wail, John R. El vans, Esqs , committee. Letters were also read from Speaker Colfax Hon Mr Eliot. W. W. Corcoran. Esq. and other gentlemen, who assigned previous engagements as a reason for not meeting with tha Hoard of Trade at their tirat annual dinner. Aa invitation was sent to President Johnson to be present. In conclusion, a word ol appieciauon should, be said in behalf ot the public spirit and energy which originated and carried through tfiii atlair, so creditable ta the Board of Trad- and to tbe city. The committee having ia charge tb* entire arragementa for the supper were ? Messrs. R M Hall, W. E. Brown. K B. Mohun. John R Elvans, J. W. Thompson, William Wall, John E Kid well. W. (J. ALetaerott. and Alexander R. Shepherd. Tbe committee on invitation consisted of Messrs. Shepherd, Wall, aud Elvaus. FROM ElROPE. Eo;?t>f?!r, Jan. sff.?Lord Cauarvoo, tbe Colonial Secretary, in a strong letter to Lord Monck. the Governor General of Uie < Lu.ada*. dated Novembers!. lt^KJ, commutes the death sentences of the Fenian convicts Mc31abou and Lynch to imprisonment to tweuty \ ears at hard labor, and at tbe same time talte? occasion to object to having the trials of the Feaiau prisoners revised by the United States authorities and to allowing Secretary Seward to receive the papers in thoae cases, for which ha save tbere ia no precedent. Paaie, Jan 3o?The French man-of-war Belliquense has sailed lor th* Paciflc. Bxu.iv, Jan 3u.?Captain Werner, of the Prussian navy, ia going to America on a apecial mission. WWTBRS Otpohtiox TO PROTECTION ? Tbe Western papers of all shades of poUuca are taking ground agatnat the new tariff bill. Tb* Chicago Tribune says ?"The curse of tariff legislation ia instability. Congress is eternally tinkering at tbe tariff. The present bill, if it paaaes, will make tbe eUrentk chant* it, th* fp?c? of jirt year I. Every three, aiz or nine months the tariff is pat higher than before, aad the cry ia still for more tariff. Wicra 16 this thing to end I la there to be no liam t Are not the goada aad ware* parahaarrl and conaamed by tbe people aiready dear eaough. and taxed heavily eneaigb I Tbepiaaant tariff* adds fourteen per ceau. as or* tax oa foreign goods coustimed by oar people tban any previona tariff that ever existed from tt>* ctoaa af tbe Revolution to tbe present amy. Aad to cap tut climax, it Is now gravely proposed by the grave aad reverend Senators to Inereaae this enormona Ui oa oar oiUasaa yet mare, not far tbe benefit of the Traaaarv. bat at tba taatanca ot a braxeu. napertunate iobbr, who represent greedy apaclal Intsrasa* aad cooacb>ae*le*a speculators, who seek to pluader tbe remain d er of tbe coramaaity a Oder eel or of b?, aad eall It promoting iadaatry ' From bit aucb patriots, goad uord deliver aa." t K^Beecber in a feeent aermot, stopped to talk abont "through Ucketa for aatvbtidaV b^-Tbe Mayor a* lyyncbbarg waa flaed fi>p "daag upon tba sidewalk m 1 be newMtskfttlbg aoralty M UMcade to ' tbat of a Rasstan who akataa mi satlia. ^ ?TM. Garalfo. an engineer ertVdat. baa ebM a needle gaa which area bftean abow a minute. 4 i. brOeanrla baa provided for the adasati on at ber indigent and maimed aoldiers. aSTIlrMliadmww oa tba Allagaeay aont. taina thirty feet high.