Newspaper of Evening Star, January 31, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 31, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR | Tiir Urged lire ulatioa in the Diitrict W |t WAI.LM H. C4ltor?d PrtfriiMr. WASUmOTfiN *:itv Tin JAJLART SI, 1**7. V" KK \iU.\"(> MATTKR OH RTRRT PAG*. rlK OITSIDK FOR INTKKRSTlNtf TKLKOKAPMK ANDOTHtR MATTER TO ADVKtTIMRI. i tip iiituiwiKc >? nir odfiu nbowliff of tk* cWrelannt a? ?t># datlj p%per* of this city COniftia* to* a** <?overuaient ad erttsmg nu4rr the r?i_?-ui*otof OonitTvu directing sack u% !? os(l? ia the two daily nwip*p?r of w<vbinfftoB Sana* th? large* circulation Lv kfiKS >ta* 7,71* coptM per day. Vhrtm%<J* ???t><N6 " " W54 " " 1 b- mum of advertising by the otty papers or ?t> qu&r'rr endin* December 31, 1966, a* fiifti fr >m th- ho<>ke of the laiernal Revenue OAl'k. arr a? follow*: fcTiaiM Stab 913,107 ChrtmtcU 9,1*t Rrjuhlican S M9 THE REr&PTIONS. The White Hmr. The ot the Executive Mansion, Mrs. and Mrs. Pa'ter*on, at bora* every JHoma*. fomrafncmit on the Hth instant. 1 h- t're?id?*at will hold three levees, the IS rsr on th- 17 b instant, the second on the 7tn c-T }?-l>raary. and the third on the */id of Feb . ....... miii vAwiva vriwrii itt( HOOTS or to and tl p. m. The ( tbiarl. Tftf Indies of the family of Hon O. H. lirowmiif, Secretary of the Interior, will receive their friends on Wednesdays, at the rrndfocr o( tbe Secretary, on the east side of dlomromery street, Georgetown Heights. IbelHdie# of Secretary Mcculloch's family will receive ?? u>nal on Wednesdays. Keai. denes H sireet, bet ween Connecticut av?- I nue and 17th street. Speaker * lfa*. r?p*niier uoir&x s public receptions will commeuc# on Thursday evening. th? NMh inn . nnd continue every Thursday evening during tbe session of Congress, from to 11 o'clock. Tbe reception? of Mrs. and Mis* Matthews, tbe >peak-r'? mother and sister, for ladies and gentlemen accompanying them, comnn>?nce on Wednesday, tbe lfith inst.. and continue every Wednesday afternoon thereafter Irom 1 to 4 o'clock. Geaeral Grant's receptions (<ard? will be held by Oen'l <}rant and lady on Wednesdays, the -i3d instant and tith proximo, in tbe evening. At home every IS.iturday from 2 to 3 p. m. IS TI1E OLD RUCK. The Intelligencer cannot understand bow it is that the Stac favors tbe adoption by the Sooth of the Constitutional amendment, on tha one band, and on tbe otber takes groand against tbe proposed action by Uongreas in the matter of impeachment. This is precisely where the Stab and tbe Intelligencer differs1 be Star main'ains an indepeadent position. where i*. can discuss national affairs with an impartiality that entitles its nitir?nc?? to -J " ' ra viai? kvuilurisuVU. 1 UP ImrlUgtnetr ts so entirely partizan, so commuted to th<? copperhead rock ibat it followed so faithfully throughout the war, that nobody expects it to hazard an independent opinion ou any rubject. Its readers expect j nothing better from li each mornicg than a I r> petition of the same old tone?the same j rontineenunciation ofold worm-eaten political i dogmas, and the came senseless abuse of Congress Hence -he growing disfavor with which ! that paper is Uslu nere. The community f^xls | that it cannot afford to have the pestilent cop- I perh^ad utterances of that paper counted | acainnt it- it i? *? ? ?>? ?-? - 1 ? ?v. JUOV 3ULU j oift-rnucea a* tbuso by tbe InUlllgtnctr bare ! served to convey the idea that tbie enure community is as unpatriotic as itself, a belief on tb?? part of Congr-ss tbat has cost this District i millions of dollar*. and has been at the bottom of mocb of th? adverse legislation by Congress ; &g*in?t os. This cotfrmnnity, and especially i its active busin**n men. ar* showing in tbe i most unmistakable manner tbeir determination to repudiate any sympathy whatever w?a lur luncaiPTuat coarw oi toe Intelligencer. I Thw fact accounts for the spleen of that paper agaiBtt tbe St> s. hjmctioi aoaisst thbCityoit Balti- , vuik ? Yesterday Judge Alexander, la the Cucuit Court of Baltimore, upon tbe applica- I tion of Allen E. Forrester, by Jobn H. Ing> ' l>q4 solicitor, (ranted an injunction against tbr Mayor and City Council and tbe Register 1 ot Baltimore city, restraining ttoem from ex- i pending or contracting to expend tbe 920,uOO lately voted by tLe city council to test tbe au- i tbority of tbe L?efislature in altering tbe ebar ; ter of tbe cit*. Th? ?w.nH u ?k^ ? Used at *44j.iju>, t.nd wu entered by Col. Samuel H <ioT*r ani Warfleld T Browning. MiBTUID at'bicplti bal Socibty.?Tbe Baltimore Sun harus ibat Oeaeral Casta* Lm. vbo wis lately elected to the presideucy of , the Maryland Agricultural College, baa declined tbe position. pKJtaovAL.?Sir. Bifeluw, tbe late American Minuter to Pari*, is on bie way borne. He left Havre with bis family on tbe l?tb instant, by , tbe French etetmer Europe, and may be expected here in a day or two. T'Kose Lyujge, for tbe last time, as "Kate PeTton-" in "flrifflth <Wn.i ?> - nr-ii?- ^ , >? n an B vspvrB House, tbureTening. Rrraocmesio*."?The Altuudnt Owtte | ha Tin* learned that Mr. lngersoll, of tbe Committee on tbe District at Uolumbia.of tbe House ; of Representatives, bu stated tbat there will I be a meeting of said Committee, on Friday, j 1 February 1, at 11 o'clock, a. in., "for tbe pur- i poee of considering a bill proposing tbe repeal i of tbe act of Congress of 1S46, retrocediag tnat portion of tbe District of Columbia, South of tbe Potomac river and included ia tbe county I of Alexandria," trusts tbat tbe coastitated authorities of Alexandria, and tbe people tbemsilvee, will take steps, as far as they are able, to counteract this design, and. If possible, to frustrate sucb a scheme. iwruHl CHLOKOrOlM U^ID-ibOlt It | ? slock on Saturday ?Tfoia(. two mm ?nt?rtd the store of Mr*. Wolfklme, on North Eden street, and inquired for a pair of stockings ' and gaiter*, which one of tbsm pot on; ther 1 MUM a ready-made coat, which 1 the second nun found to fit him desiring to see another coat, as the ladj was sliowic them one. a bottle of chloroform was thrown over her, fa I Hug mostly on her hand and arms, i when be two men made ofT with their booty, ' and have thus far slade<l arrest Baltimore Aim. I'iuh UiKimn?This specie of edibla. Is the piscatorial liae, appeared in oar market i on Monday, and were selling for fortr-ftve cent* per dozen, tt Is remarkably early ta the season, yet, lor frash bmiif; they generally do not begin to ran In ear waters nntil about the first of March. Thoae we saw were rary 1 ar#? lnit ftat ?V/w/aIV In ' TbiMaitlaid Pmitmtlaky,?Tk?r?in at ibe prncti umi sob? 7W coaricu ia th? Mary laod paoitaatiary?a macb larrer a amber tban ?t?r bafora kaowa. Dr. Baar, tba phyMciaa to th* lantitnttou, raporu that tht so*|Mtai U raapty, ud that Uiara U not a ala> fla-caaa ol itekafu ia tkm pnaoa. | KTTbtra ta good laifbiac all tba way frost Bo?tua to SC Loaia. KTTbt Marqais ot Waatmtaatar baa aa la<ua* of i.uau,tji? per aaaaai. VTbry baTtcraan paaa In Florida. . Tb* Koaad Table c?a?i4eee flirtation a ur?w?brj *?. VHUaty ot Gotuon ia Nor Lb OaroMaa. Vll fcogUnd there are an people to oaa ' porker, la lb* Uaited Stat** u 1* lit* rerera* RiTA maa la Paiareoa, M. J., brofc* lalo jail to aatMd maurtmoay. V4 Ubieaco tblaf vu captarad la 0*rjaaoy A loag race ?Ti -U>T*re" iMouonarj" b jast pnblie bad. VBeef u <uar e*ata a poand ia New Or* ltaa* - i ' I Th? Marylaad L?|Ulatarf. Aftar a tactas of tnree dajr? both Doawi raa??? mhl-rt \?-?terday, nnt for thi? want of a quorum no'bnaiuaaa vu transacted in tba H*nara. In the Hnuw a proposition wm mad* to appoint a a|>*cial commuu* to iBVMtixata Police Ounmiuioarr Vftliu*. of Kattimor*, but it was laid on tbe Ublo?fMi 44, 1171 11 I.e* ve wm obtained to report bills 10 tntMl tertion 227 of article fourth of Um code* reintm( to elections in Ualtimote c ty; to establish ten hour* as a day's labor ia cotton factories', and to create a Stai* hoard of commissioner* to keep op-u tbe harbor of B^I'imore. Tbe Senate bill authorizing tbe sheriff of Bal- 1 tmi'M city to give five days' notice of tbe holding of a municipal election was passed, and is n iwa law. Tbe bill relating to divorcns was de tested Tbe registration committee reported favorably on tbe bill to add to tbe qualified registered voter* in Baltimore city tbe names ot persons recently restore I to tbnlr full civil ricbu by tbe enfranchisement act. South Carolina? The Difficulty on the Chertt I'lon'atirm?A Ilurean Agent Wounded Store trouble h?? occurred on tneCberei pKnui'ion, m Sonth Carolina The neproea will not Imt? the place, and s'ill refuse to contract for thla y?ar. A collision took place yeaterday morn, log. in winch L.ieuimant I<einoa.of tbe Freedm^n's Harpin, wu shot in tne left arm. He returned tbe Are and killed the negro. Captain Hrandt ta reported aa being held u a prisoner by tbe negroea. Colonel Sibley has proceeded to tbe?crneof action with aeventy men, aa4 rumors of an engagement are prevalent The aurgeon of tb? 16th Infantry haa been aent over. Savam*aii, Jan 3f>?Colonel Sibley has re. turned and reports all qniet now. bnt deemed it necessary to Irave a heavy guard to retain order. The whole trouble ia layed to a colored lawver. named Bradley, from Boston, who makes a hoatt that he would like to see blood* rbed. and promises the negroes that if they will resist the I'nited {States forces at the point of tbe bayonet tbe land will be theirs. The burnin* of ibe steamer Oeorge Shepley is attributed to tbe same scource. There is a general feeling of insubordination among tbe negroes in this district. Kins in I^oitdon county, Va.?Between II and 12 o'clock on Friday night, tbe dwelling bouse on tbe ?-d?e ot tbe town, belonging to the widow of the late Asa Jackson, was discovered to be Mn Are. and to rapid were tbe fames that it was with mnch difficulty that the fnrni'ure rnuM h? Mvart Th? itself, wbu b was occupied by Mrs. Jark?on nod her son-in-law. Mr Wm 1) Easter day, wa- entirely consumed, and its inmates coin fifllfd, at the dead bour of nignt, to seek sheiter.over tbe snow-' overtd earth, beneath tbe reois of tbeir mors fortunate neighbors. Tbe |os? is estimated at from SI,&lK) to 9*2,04)0, and falls roost heavily upon tbe distressed v. ido w?no portion of tbe property being protecte d by insurance?Lee.,burg Mirror. TBNNKP8KK I.EIilHLATC EE ? A resolution was adopted by tbe Senate Tuesday anthorizii>C tbe Governor to employ counsel to defend the cases in tbe Supreme Conn involving tbe conetr.utionalitj of tbe franchise law. In tbe Houee a report wa* read from the special committee recommending the impeachment ot Judge Frazier, of the Criminal Court ol l?avid*on county, accompanied bv articles of iinpcarbmmt. Judge Krazier's offence was the liberation from nrrest under habtat cornvt of members of tbe legislature arrested last summer for nhsennng themselves and leaving the House witbont a quorum He will probably be impeacbt-d. Yik'*inia lJE<Hf?LATUR* ?Both Houses ha ve agret-o to the report of the Conference Commute* in relation to tbe bill extending tbe time f. r tbe sheriffs to pay into the treasury tbe re venae lor IsM. This report require* all sheriffs who have collected the rerenae of their counties or any part of It, to pay tbe s.-tme into tbe treasury in accordance with existing law, but tbose sheriffs who have not ma>ie collections are allowed further time. j i ur *i.Hid i uuwiiiMiiun rniiroau ichem*'' cftine up, with the amendments proposed by tl.e S*-uate Committee on Koads, and these amendments being agreed to. the bill w&3 laid on the table. I'knnbylvaxia l.Ki.isLATKKit ?The Senate on.Tueed&y nfu-rnoou discussed the House resolutions in?tructiug the Peuntvlvama Sena, tors to reject the nomination of Mr. Cowan for the Austrian mission. Able speeches were ir.aleon both siiea. Senator Coleman offered a resolution, which was passed, authorizing inquiries into the power of the State to regulate railroad charges for passengers and freight. A bill was passed by the same body creating a loan of S23,(*H,0U0, payable between Are and twenty-five years, for redemption of the bonds and certain certificates of indebtedness over* d ue aud unpaid. 8KVIMTH_ GBAHD BALL of the T1EST IKJS KABU BUII1L Ulil' B tofc?(iT?a February J#, 1*7. it Odd Yellow* Hkll.7thitrMt,b?t?e?D D ?i4 B. Bet fntore adTTtieomont. jSl 2t* rrs=" A rlHI 1MPBR1AL FHOTOCEAPH 0 ? lj J " Bepr*e*ntatl?e Men of the U 8 Pension Off!"-#.'' Ho. 1.juet pnbllebed by the Metropolittu ftiewa and Art AeeoclatloD mt> biiMBit 43*? 7th trrot. op*>alt? the Pout Office. and at GARDNER'S Price, framed, aa epecimen, $10, without frame, #0. It* fr^r"A cknbeTl hbbtino of tho stock(19 BOLDBB8 OV TBI WASHINGTON All) GBOBGBTOWN BAILBOAD COMPANY will be hold it ttee OMce of tbo Uompauy, Bo. ?-J6 New Jtritr imie. oa MONDAY. February 11, at 13 o'clock OBO. 8. GIDBOB, President. Wl. O. OBBBNLBAF. Secretary. jall-3t? rj^=*CLB*iOAL .7.;AL BUILDING ASBO* a m*uii or tbe hoard or dirbotobs win be bald on HOBDAY IVIIHO, February 4. at 7 b'clock, at Qmm * A bail's Ball, R atraat, west ef rtb A full attendance or tboaa vbo bare rabtcrlbed for ataak, ae wall u tbaaa who wlab to jaln tba Aaaoeiatioa, la reqneated. Flrat pay seats on subscriptions dae. ja 31 4t C. W. MOBBI8, Secretary. rfy* BRHJ. F. TATLOB, B8Q., will deliver [L3 tki Ft fib Uctnrt of t>? Ooaree, nader tba au<pieeacf tba Yoanf Men's Christian Aa*uclatioa, at Mrtzerett Ball. TBCB0DAY BTBSIBO, Jan Sist, 1M7. Single Tickets ao cants Foraale at Book and MaaicBtoree. aad at tba door. Leotara will comaaanc* at S o'clock Doora oa?u at 7 o'clock. ja St-lt' [Vs=*TBODOHT8 OB H AMLBT, Lk_3 Illnatratad by Recitations from tba Play, By B. OLA 1 PRBC30, At Faion Loaine Hall, 9tb atraat. ^On TB0R8DAT i o'clock. auuinaiUB ?<f l/MII. J?29 It* rv^?TBS BKTTDB. BAUSON, FBBSIDBBT LL2 COLUMBIAN UUfcLBOB, will begin a COCB8B OF LBOTDBBS on thn Holy Land for the benefit of the New Episcopal Church, In the Hr?t Ward, on TDB8DAI. ttbruurlth, In the Lecture room of the Chorch of the Kplphsnjr. Th> reputation of Dr. Bam son u 1 lecturer la wall knovn, ana the Intereet which cannot fall to Lefaitiatbe mbject and the excellent yurpos>had in view, njl draw n largo andlenee The Lecturee will be five in naniber. and will be delivered on Tneedar and Friday evenings. Tickets for the aonrea. #1. Single tickets, Js c-nts. te be bad at tke Book Stores and nt the Star Office. jaM BATY PATMASXBB 8 OFFIOB, [L7 Jauuarv Jflth, M47. The office of H ATT PATMABTBB Is removed to new building, corner *r hew Terk avenue and Fifteenth atreat. opposite Banking Bona* of Bigga *Ce_ _ jiWiw OBANO 1. O O F. LBVBB, J2iEJSI ?a.i.>n vr ram iiim&IT, will be b?M At ODD pbllowb' H all, Seventh Street, Oa MONDAY kvbnin4. ftbrikry 4,1*7. Ticket*, One Dollar; to be had of the committee, tid >ftte l.O * of the Lodge*. TBI ANNUAL MBBTINO Of THl IS Stockholder* of the WABfllNOTON CAD tre?T COMPANY will be held at the efflre of lh<> OoBiM;,on MONDAY, February 4.1847, for the electloa of Director*, to Nrrt during the tooi?? at is o'elook m. and oIom at 1 t>'clock a. a. ja 17 l?t CHAB. B. BAILKT. Secretary. W^JOBBPH H 8HAFFIBLD, JJ FBKNOB COBF1GTI OH IB Y. LADIBB' ICB CBBAM A D1BJBO BALOOB, 94b ftn. At*., bet. 13th and 13th?u. Weddings. Diaaer or Bamr Parti r* M|fUed at Sort notice with noveltfe* la Pyramid*, fancy Hakea, aad Ooufeotionertee, Jellies; WedJlag Oakee, beer, quality. Table Oraamenta: Salads, lea Oream, Water lea. Bo nan Pnnch, Boned Turkey, plala , B*oolo?ed Uy*t*n, Monad Tarkey ta jelly, Charlotte Baeaa, ato., ato AttaiwlanU alut w?ll k? ? ?M *? * UiliI of irr?B|*i)i?iti, BoaqaoU, Wroatiu, tod cat Flowvrt to or*?r jU lw JQ81H H SB tFfULP. ir,,i4,Lii?-D * MeFMMO* * maUBOH. ?1 FBRB. AVBNCB, COBXBK 1?T SI KBIT, ?aUtol Bill. *w?r PkgicltM PmeiliMw MnnMy mb|??i4 d. Tho Itfit B?ll promptly mtml. ? IVtf ^1IM! ?? ? ! MIDI! Jwi fn+f* M Bwr Tyrt Ik* ilnair flw P?rl?, with* Urgo lotof two?4S. war - M.tu,'-wisassi. X" m >?^|BKI10TT HALL" -" "vqmrar ? tt B?V5o .U^'hul'' C0NURE8S10NAL. Krioat. Jaav&rj 31. 8iK*Ti.-Mr. ConapmciEtd the petition of mriikrri of tbe bar ot Philadelphia. &>k n| Uir uirn H * VVHI IB uunup; lUf |ABl JWIT. On motion of Mr. Patterson. the Committee on Claims was instructed to inquire into the propriety of recompensing the loyal citizens of Last Tennessee for aid famished the Uuion armies. Mr. Sumner offered a resolution calling on the President for a copy of all correspondent between the Department of State and oar Ministers abroad relative to the policy of the Oorernment towards the States lately in rebellion, and also as to sny inquiries addressed to them relative to alleged compensation, Ac ; which was adopted. Mr. Oonness asked to take up the resolution introduced by him yesterday, r?*qnesting thf Secretary of the Treasury to communicate to IhP S*?nn'fl hia nnininn lr% ro??rrl ?a ?hn able advantages of a commercial treaty with tbe Hawaian Inlands Mr. Grimes opposed the resolution a* not coming within tb? province of the President or Secretary of the Treasury, who bad nothing to do wi b making treaties Mr. Uonnea* replied to Mr. Grimes; alter v bu b, the resolution was adopted Mr. Sumner asked to take up tha resolution ot inquiry introduced by bim yesterday, calling ou the President lor a copy of tba letter of Mr. Seward to Mr. Motley, and also the name ol the writer. Mr Davit* thought it better to let tUe subject drop Mr. Mo 1-j bad saiisfacto-ily repHled the charges made against, and & citizen of bis eminence could not niw be unfavorably affected by the letter. Mr. Sumner wanted to know the name of this spy, this earedropper. It was due to the country, and (1n>* to the eminent citizen wbc bad been so maligned. Mr. Hendricks said it was the duty of the Secretary of State to ask of Mr. Motley a deuial ol the charges. The Secretary had not made the correspondence public, but the Senator from Massachusetts bad Pending discussion, the morning boar expired, when the tariff bill was taken up. Hot Pit.?Mr. Dawes (Masa.> introduced si retolntion .which was agreed to, directing the ^igeant-at-Arms to pay to Hon. E. H. Webster the amount ot increased compensation to wliicb be is entitled as a Representative from Maryland, for and during the time be was a ni? mber ot the Thirty-ninth Congress. On motion ot Mr. Eliot, (Mass,)ibe Senate bill supplementary to tbe act t? prevent smuggling, was taken from tbe Speaker'* table and pasted. Mr. Donnelley (Minn ) Introduced a resolution to print 5,urn copies of tbe report of tbe r>eci rnrv 01 war upon tbe examination and survey of the I'pper Mississippi and I'e '.nbatar e-. Keferreu to Commit tee on Printing 'I be House proceeded to tlie consideration of ibe amendments to the Consular and D'plom.nt c appropriation bill, as reported from tbe Committee ot tbe Whole, and the amendment to insert Portugal was not agreed to 1 be question tben recurred upon striking Home Irom tbe list of foreign mibsions of bigb railv: mil the ?mcnrtm?nt ? Tbe other amendments were adopted en viaaf. aud tlit* bill passed. Tbe bill making appropriations far tbt Wei: I'omt Military Academy was tbea lakei lip. and tbe amendment* made in Committee ot tbe Whole were concurred in. aid tbe bill panted. Mr. Trowbridge (Mich.) from the Committee on Knrolled Bills, reported a retoluticn fitting forth tbat tbe act 10 repeal Section I't ot tbe act to Suppress Insurrection, fee., approved July 17, Is'W, (the Amnesty law), and me diii to regulate tbe Elective franchise in the Territories of the United States bad been passed by botb Houses of Congress doly enrolled aiid submitted to tne Committee on Lurolled Kills to tbs President of the Coiled biates on tbe 9tb and l-2tb days of January respectively, and the Presiesnt bad failed to notify tbe House whether be bad approved or rejected tbe same, and that under tbe Constitution tbey nad therefore become laws bj | Inpse of time: and as tbey bad not been published, tbe Secretary of State is airected to inform tbe Honse whether tbe laws indicated bave be?u filed in bis Department. Mr. Finck (0.) objected to the reception of thw rofinlntlan Toe Speaker decided that the Committee on Enrolled Hills baa leave to report at any time. Mr. Finck made the point that this was not an enrolled bill bui an original resolution. The Speaker said It bad a bearing upon the question ol enrolled bills. Mr. Trowbridge said this was the first time in the history of the country when bills sub* milted to tne President bad not been returned with or without hia approval. The bills bad become laws by lapse or time, and the resola. tion was simply to ascertain their whereabouts, and if they were not on file in the Slate Department a proposition would be made to take such action a* would secure a re-enrollment of the bills and their publication. Mr. Scbenck (Ohio) suggested that tbia was a new question, and the resolution should go further. The Secretary or State migbt answer that the law* were in bis Department, and tbat be intended to publish them, and they would tben appear without the approval of tbe President, and Congress should take such action as will show that the bills became laws by tbe default of tbe President. Tbe resolution was agreed to. The Speaker laid before the House a communication from tbe Secretary of war, transmitting the papera in relation to tbe purchase ef tbe steamship Illinois. Ordered to be printed. Tbe House resumed tbe consideration of tbe bill reported from Committee on Indian affairs. ? ivi MI auuuw luojiccuuu 01 inaum a flair*. Mr. Hijcby (California) advocated tbe retaining of tbe Indian Hureao under the control of tbe Interior Department. Mr. Scbenck (Otiio) advocated bis amen ment, which la to transfer tbe Bureau to tbe War Department. He believed It woald pre\enttbe perpetration of wrongs, and It sboald be done on tbe score of economy. Mr. Kasson (Iowa) argued tbat tbe present system ol Indian affairs was a miserable fall* nre- ind under nrHant ?k- *- 1 ... , . . - <M I Uf^RlllCUlQ l-UB Al* * disss could not be civilized, unless to cbeat and swindle tbem was tbe proper process whereby to civilize tbem. Tbe wbole present system of Indian treaties must be abofisbed or else tbe United States must seetbat its faitb is kept wben treaties are made. Tbe Indians tftrmselves, be argued, prefer to have tbeir affairs managed by the military, and such management was more eonducive to peace between the Indians and the whites. Tbe treaties as carried on by traders and agents are continued trends, and this system cannot be allowed to centinne longer without Injustice to tbe bonor and dignity ot tbe United States. Tbe bill of Mr. Wlndem be did not believe yvv?**\* VVIIVVV ?UJ fJYUB. Mr. Darling <N Y ) advocated the transfer of tbe Bureau to the War Department. Mr. Sloan (Wii ) believed any change in the management of Indiana affairs would be for the better, and favored Mr. Scbenek'a amendment. Mr. Henderaon (Oregon) argued In favor of keeping tbe Indian Bnrean in tbe Interior Department. Tbe ieae they bad to do with tbe military waa the bettor, for they worked mmtual corruption wben brought m contact wttb each other. Tbe Government could do bnt one of two tbmga for tbe Indiana, either exterm in ate them or to civilize tbe remnant of hisi |nu|>n bvw ( ibs. xi it wm QMlr&bl* tO exterminate them, employ the military, aad if to civilize thorn It wu boot to pui the hill as offered by Mr. Wtndom. -s.^s:arass?jn,w,a yn? olsoa, vhioh will bo aaM at reaooaable ratoo. Bo?alrlnc of alTklatfi ?*om?tly at* jatl-H* 3T4 P Ml 4TT ?h etrooio. 200 BABBKL8 ftSSr ."Jofca Dortdooa " R Barrel* KXTBA, v do do. r aalola loto ?, aoar A?.?2L?uTSSSSit. J****' w?t? rtt.,?w^r?. C"*A?HSroi n ?ow? ~~ TO BUT IB AT OAK WOOD lll# J- * WAitni. _ . , J*** LWBH TAB*. ES&gmzm&m Bu luiirur 01 im marjr oi tne united States I ol that district toM.uuO. Referred to the ! <J? mmlftef on the Jnduiarr. Mr. Morgan prrsefcted a memorial from surgeons, piymasWs, steward*.|*c., who served it. the uhvt dnridg tb<- rebellion, asking for positions. Referred to the Committee on Naval AfTmrs Mr Ramsey, from the Committee on Post Ofllcpr, ri-portt d. with amrntimfnu, the bill to amend tbe postal laws.

Mr. Trumbull entered a motion to reconsider the voie by which the bill in relation to the National Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphan Home was passed fThis bill was mmaerf l?*t Mr iSberma.a presented (our petitions from citizens of Ohio, asking thf paut(? of tbe tariff bill parted by lbs Houu l*at lunmer. L?aid on tbe table. Mr Sannrr presented three petitions, asking ciTil and political rights without distinction of color. Referred to tbe Committee on Reconstruction Mr. Morrill introduced a reeolution calling t n the Secretary of tbe Interior for a statement ofjtbe amounts paid to the bailiff*, Ac., of IBM MIM 40MDL0CMP. M. GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. WASHiaoro*. Jaauazy 31. !W. Jay Cbofce k. Co furnish the following quotations of Government eecDriue*; linking Selling I U.W ?' Ixapon, it?i 107 lti7? U. S Fire Twenties, 1862 lory 10?fc U. S. Fit* Twenties. ltM 115% lui* U. K. FUe Twentiet. 1M5 lUGk 1U6 U.S. Fire Twentle?.JanA: V?.'<i5 nv i..?ir u. S. Ten 1'orUM ... iui^ V 8. Thirtlw, Aafiit.,.. i?4 U. S- S**?n Thirties, June 10* ? HH\ U.JS. 5>?T?n Thirties, J?ly 104tf 104* MW YORK TIU8T HO A ai> RALH. Cod pone 10? * 10.40's 99* 5.*?'s. IH6* 107* T.:W?, Auimt. 1?64 1<S\ 7.30'?, June llM\ S.-jVb, 18tia ?.3n's. J uiy lO? % 5.2i>'?, Jn&Jy,'65.104^ Gold I3j FINANCIAL. Lewis Johnson & Co., quote Stoe as and Bonds in bom* and foreign markets as follow*: Raw York, Jan. 31.?1st Board?U. 8. regis, U-rrd. ISM, 107*. do., coupons, 107*; S-KU'S, regitftrred, 1(3; do conpons. 107\ do., 1??S; 1<5\; l(>-44> ?, rrglsterfd. ? *: do. coupohs, 99*; 7-3*> s. 104*: Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, ?; Canton. ?; Cumberland, 34*; Quicksilver, 37*, Mariposa, 9, Mew York Central, <s-V tr'r, 54?j; do prefrr'd, 70. Hudson. 1*J5: Handing. H3#; Michigan Central, lii?*; Michtitan Southern, <19',. Illinois Central, ll*X; Cleveland and Puuburg. 76^,; Cleveland and Toledo. US. Hock Island. 1*1*; Northwestern, 'i4 S do. preferred, 61*; Fort Wayne. "4\, Chicago and Alton, 107, Alton and Terr? H au re, :?l %: Toledo and W*hMh !?iu w ft | Telegraph, i'J\ Boston Water fowcr. Ptcilie Mail, ?, Atlantic Mail, ?. Gold, v!.3u p m., 134X [ EXAMINING QUARTERMASTERS. The Board of Examiners recently appointed to examine all officers appointed in the (^uar_ tcrmaHers Department, aie holding their ses . f lone at tbe office of Gen. I?addington, Chief Quartermaster, Department of Washington. For *eyeral days past tbe Beard bas been enpaged in examining Major Kimball, formerly *.i?nnermasier, iiepot of Baltimore. bat recently appointed in the regular army. SURRATT ON THKSWATARA A letter has been received in this ctty from an officer of tbe ateamer Swatara, wbt writes from Lisbon tbat Surratt ia very reticent. fpeaking only in answer to queations, and then in monosyllables. He ia still clad in the Zouave uniform. He seems to be in good health, and is entirely aelf-poaaeaaed. TUB INDIAN DELEGATIONS | me delegations of the various Indian tribes who arrived in this city vesterday, bad an interview with tbe Commissioner of Indian Affairs this morning They visit this city for tbe purpose of making treaties relative to certain lands to be occapied by them. FRKEDMEN'S AFFAIRS IN* MISSISSIPPI. Tbe report of Brig General Alvan O-Gillen, Assistant Commissioner of tne Freedmen's Bureau for the State of Mississippi, showing the condition of freedmen's affairs in that State during be month of December last, has been received by General Howard, tie states the demand for labor is so great that freedmen are being brought irom otber States to Mississippi wrj vnu uuiim-i in \rifM or irotn ten to fliteen dollars per month. rations, quarters, and medical attendance During the month there were 7,'KKi rations issued, being an increase of 13* over tbe issue for November. Tne treedmen show no spirit o idleness, and the planters are anxious to secure laborers. School matters seem to be progressing finely, and a growing interest manifested, wbicb promises to be of permanent service Two fruitful sources of dissatisfaction to tbe freed men are tbe laws prohibiting their carrying fire-arms aud owning and holding real estate. SURVEY OP PRIVATE LANDS The Commissioner of tbe 0?*neral Land Office has received from tbe Surveyor Oeneral of California returns of survey for patents of tbe following private land claims under Mexi:m and Spanish titles: Part of the ranenr -KModf Hartoto," Bernardino Quirado confirmer, containing r75.#& acres; "Island of Santa Catalina." Jose Maria Oovarrnlias confirmer, 45,-Jo 43 acres: 'Parroche de Jan Joan z UsCarrisaiitos." Julian Ursna and Pedro liomeo conflrmers, 2.'217 u5 acre*. I.os Neganoe," Alice Msrsb conflrmer, 13,316 acres; San Joaquin," Cruz Cervantes conflrmer, 8,774.#:) acres. PUHLIC LAND FOR RAILROADS Tbe Commissioner of tbe General l^and Office baa prepared instructions to govern registers and receivers aad agents of States and corporations in the selection of lands under grants from Congress for railroads. There are attacbed to tbe instrnctions, and made part thereof, forms for verification of lists of selections and maps of designation and permanent location or railroads. The same having been approved by the Secretary of the Interior, are now being printed, and copies will be sent to the Governors of States, railroad companies, registers and receivers of local land office*. Pbrhonal.?Gen. L. C. Baker is in town. It is understood that he has been summoned to appear before the Judiciary Impeachment Committee. Ihtihal fiitikm.?The receipts from this souree to-day were *957,570.18. Dry Geeds. Trade continues inactive. There Is also considerable distrust and anxiety, which checks any early purchasers of moment. Money matters being so unsettled hampers dealers. Credit is more eirenrasrnhed. hun enlarged and extended last year, a reaction la now seriously felt. Brown sheetinga and shirtlogs are in limited request, bnt prices appear steady. Bleached goods are alao without demand:, and only a few of tbe finest grades are selling. Heavy drills are in some demand, bat light weights are dull. Canton flannels are quiet. Stripes inaativeaad pncea weak. Ticks without chance. Heavy denims are in amall reqneat only Prints alicit a little more inquiry, bat only very desirable goods-ln quality and designs sell. Some new patterns are offering. Delaines are in moderate request, and Italian clotbes sell rather better. Broadclothes are being bought by tbe clothing trade to complete assortments. Oassimeres, even of tbe most desirable qualities,are without buoyancy, aad job lots are being aold very low. auneia inactive. rluneii are in little re* quest, and blanket*are inactive. There is no change In tne market for foreign goods. Lavni, linen*, and dress-good* for the 8onth are in request, and some lots of seasonable fabric* have bee* told at auction, realising satisfactory prices Staple stlks and dreesgoods continue to attract buyers to a Moderate extent. Tbere are, however, no indications of an active demand for spring goods. Dealers are watching the movement* of Uongress, both witb regard to tbe tariff and the currency and to such public impending meaanres which, if carried out, will unsettle tbe public mind and limit buslneee. Trade now wants to be let alone, and would gladly eee Uongress adjourn without doing anything.?X. 7. IndtpendaU of tn-ti n*i TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Iatertitlat News frees Barepe aad tkt WMI MIH. i BiUTiZ? Jan. 31.?The steamship Africafrom LlTerpool, oa ths llth iut. bM urlTtd. Mr. ttladetoae in a cirenlar dated Florence, calls on his support**! to asietnble on the opening ol the seetioa af Parliament, aad it is said that oa his arrival in Englaad a confer* nee of ike heads of tte Liberal party will be held nnder his aaepiaee relative to reform and Other questions. The ice catastrophe la the Regents Park con M""~ ~ ymmu. mwiuvs. IDl lOl&l number of bodies found amounted to40, ud the search la still progresting. Ths West India mail steamer La Plata ar. rived at Soathamptoa wild the yellow tevsr en board. Bhs had61 caim daring ths tots**, of which 83 proved (Mai. The weather con tinned rery aerere throughoat Europe. In tome parte of Denmark tke telsmnh wine are baried la the eaow, which In plaoss le fourteen feet deep. F La Prance gives a formal contradiction la the rnmore of alleged aovemenu or Bnselaa and Anstrtan troop* toward Oallaota. Prince IMUUaa. of Mingrella, had la hie owa name and that of hie saceessor*. volaatartly ceded kli MTmln rivhu tn d?.i> . ___ ildtrtiton of a mTllira rtnkiN tadamafty."*" Tb? Brasilia* mail ted arrived at LMoa. Later fr?a Mitk America. MlV Y?uc, Jaa. 31?The steamer Hitry Ohaaocj, from Aeptawatl, arrived with a ail. Von uCNmty*tkotHD<l in treasure. Mr. Bartenoar, Kiaister at Bofota1 wu to aa apotofjr for offrnntr* Ian;-it if n > <1 by dif gf tba Praidenu' Ofnfritla. "it is reported that tha Knuilim army Hvl r aired hi a?l\ant?nt* otrerl^e er -tx t?j(?n?*n.t ' Hondaraa papers ?ta?? that ibn Hondnrv Oovernmen' bad eatrred iato a rm'rti1 ? i the Freach.O .vn-fment tocnnxtrnet an n t?roccaotc railroad across the Ri*|??Wrc " 4 * m - LOCAL. NEWS. Cor*T iv OlMiAl TIRII ? TDt* m 'rninr ou motion of Mr Jos H Kradlrjr. ib* toit *in* n<lmitt? rt to th* t??r of Mi? (*?ur', *abj*>ct to ibe operation of th* ml* pr?son???l *> tbe Court tor urimirsioti . Anrtr? w Hrtdl?y. I tb? I>i?trici < V?*. of U ?mbridge (Ma*# ) I-aw School; 1' A. iKdrtd**. ot ? ugiuia, DtmMr 01 me Mr ol L?.u>d State* Sunrrme tJourt, and oh tnotioo of Mr. Kirtrtle, J u 'f Lorenzo Shrrtrool, of ??>e Texas bar, who, it was remarked, could take any oatb wbicb the Court might s?*e fit to praMM. tri t**t oatb qvbmvloa. The Coon anooDtued thai it w \? ready ta bear the arrumec.t on tha motion to r?-t<1nd 'be role of the Canrt reqiimc applicant* tur adnusion to ' Ik- bar to take the oat a pre?crit>*d by 'be act ot Congre**i of July v. i#>'? Mr Totien raid be under*root) tba: a number of frenttem#B ?i?feed to be beard ta sition ?o 'tj" motion, and *une?n?-i tlv 'be h^Mnnr h*. c?? ? '?* > ? ,w-* "*? Vk ?. - - ? PV( rvuir IWIUIC U?J U I bUPJ may have Mm* to pr*< ?r? Jiidc Wylie Mid tfei' >t could rm be *xp?c. ! M lor tbf Uourt to fit and b*ar #ttjt rratlr- ' man vbo ct^os* to *p??nlr on the question. Chief Jnrtim t'.artt r remwrked. after consulting h colleagues. that the On art would hMr two .ticumen's on ?ifh mi1#, and w >utd poftpone ttat* hearing until to-uomi* morntor Mr. Bradley remarked that bis argument would very brief. aod a?ked thitthe foliowing form*-1 motion be < ntered on tkeminn(e? 1b tbeSnpremeCkiurt of tbe District of I'olumbia. Alien B Mazruder, by Jos H. Krtdl^r. E?q , bia counsel. moved ihe court to admc him to quality ard practice a* ai *nr>rn?y-a'law in this court upou bis taking and subscribing an oath or affirmation to support ttoeOwisiitution of the Unit??d sww?. aud tb? cwual i b to deineau himself boneatly .tad according to law id tbe practice of hi* profession, > i< without taking the oa'b rr?? cribed by the a." ot Congress on tbe 2d nf Jnly, comm inly called tbe ?t*st oatb;" acid hi support of bih's motion, he tendered evid^nc** to tli* couri that he is a licensed attorney under the laws of the State of Virginia, and a pi actitioner of that State: was a member of the l>ar of the courts held in ibis District before the creation of the prwent Sapreme Coort of said District,and is a member at present of th?* btr f the Supreme Court of the Unit?-d States: and , drums to be a loyal eittz. aof tb? United S'a-e* , now resides in Baltimore, Md . and said Mv j grudor offered in evidence also the proof of in* niMiigi cuinpi'ru Willi idi> Ifrmii 01 in* fre?i. dent's proclamation of the S^th of May. 1W5S, commonly called the amnesty proclamation, xnrt thereby accepted and received a lull par?)i n and arar*?*t\ tor and on account of all acts of real or supposed hostility to and other offenses against the T'ni'ed States, and rolled on 'he oaint* to relieve him from all disabilities and penaife* which may have been incurred in respect to the same. __ Klbctiok or IMrbctors ?At a meeting ot Potomac Kerry Company, held last evening at the Bank ot ihie Metropolis, the following g*utleraen were elected directors of the company for the ensutnc year: William A. Darling, Kerry D Cooke, John B Hutchinson, John Sherman, John A. Wills, WiUtam i>. OoU, and John Van Kiswick At a meeting of the asw board held this mnrtiinv W Tl Pnlt F?n waaAla/>toH dent, and j. B. Hntchlneon. fcsq., treasurer. Sw*ARlS<; IK.?The recently appointed increase ot the Metropolitan Police assembled thi* morning at Police Headquarters for dual examination and to take the oatl required hy the regulation* before entenn* upon the dii>. charge of their duties. In personal appearance the newly appein?eu officers are up to th? standard, all being over 5 feet * inches in height: and their examination relative to in* tellectual qualification is said to be very cred itable. They report for duty to-morrow. lMPOBTAHTTO f'UD-DKA LICK* AID HTCK ptkbr?Tbe law^cently passed by the Councils. providing that wheat, swelled corn. oats, and potatoes shall be sold b; weight, having oeen approved ny me mayor on th* 17th inst., it will ko Into effect on the 17th of Kehrnsry, after which date a bushel of wLeat will conFiat of 60 pound* rye, 56 pounds; shelled corn, 56pounds : oats, 3*2 pounds, a ad potatoes, 6" pounds T)ANontortr.T 111.- Hon Henry 8.Macrav, a Representative in the Maryland House of Delegate*, from Cecil county, was attacked with a lit of apoplexy on Tuesday evening last, while at Willards' Hotel. He wastmtne. diately removed to his rooms on T. street, n??ar Utb. and physicians summoned, but be still lies In a very dangerous condition, and the physicians this morning bad but little hope of bis recovery. His family were notified and arrived in the city yesterday. tract* for paring, guttering, grading" curbing, Ac., in tbe several Wards tor wbi?h bids were opened several days siiioe, ware awarded by Major Wallacb as follows : 1st. Ward?Tenly and Kslin. 2d Ward, Win. B. Wilson. 3d Ward, Josbna Rooksey4th Ward, Cbarles Stnart 5 h Ward, D. K. Nutwjr: 6th Ward, D. Oiddiags ; 7th Ward, T. Lynch it Co. Rncovanr or a Stolid Watc*.?This morning officers Harris and Rosstter arrested Dennis Mackall and John Mac kail, colored, tor tbe larceny of a gold watch and chain, the property of Geo W. Hughes. Tha watch was recovered from John, who said he got u from Dennis, and Dennis confessed tfiat be stole it. They were committed for Court by Justice Drury. Pkdpliso Withoct L.icb*bb ? Simon Vondenbyder was arrested yesterday by officer i oorapsoo, or in* roorto wara, lor peddliag wiihoat license. He was fined #20. Sblliko o* SrKDAT.?O. W. Driver was arrested by officer Frazier, ot the Second Ward, fer selling liquor oa Siuiday. Jostice Morsetl fined him *? M. Pim-haroes?a few days since 15 fchip carpenters were discharged at the Ifavy Yard, and to-day the machinists department will be reduced by the discharge of 24 hands. Police Report*.?.'The lieutenants of police reported this morning 47 arrests during jwit#rrtftr Th? fln*fi in nnmAPa?i/>? amounted to ?76.60. No Lbctttkb.?Mr. Taylor batnc d?tain?d by a enow storm Wwt, tbare will b?no lecture at Mctz*rott Hall to-nifbt. Proposals res pbefobmjho sa& 'SE^X?2??Si.l wuwaittn, i).?. Jaaaarr si, mr. \ ?*al*d Pto?omu? an idtim aft thia oBm hUI is *!*45ell ^??* ' brm*r7 it, im7, It tbarmmval of all afak dtyotlto, aabM, uii 4m4 public <t tnm tb* yaiioaa barrack*. biUlhn. M? owm4 ?* aecapm by tk? braaebM ?Tlb* War of^Wtekl^toa.) for tk* |?U4 af oao r?*r trooi IMdmufinlih all aiaaaaary Mtortobut labor for porforalaf tfc# work. m4 to (Ito Ytih to baaxacutodat oaoo ??ot tbo ?w*nl of tto coo tract in Uo auaof At* tbouaaad doilara for tbo faltbfal porfomaaoo of tha mm Paymoata to bo a*4oaoatUr. Bhoald too amoaat of work raqaltad darlac tbo period of tbo ooottact bo altboc lacroaaod or do craaoad. tbaa a proaortiooato taaroaoa or dodac tloa to bo aiada fa tha monthly Mra?U Llata at tbo pUcoo to bo rlaftod aad a atatomnat of tboar**?t*iaoaatof work roqairad oaa bo bad Tbo aadaratfaod roaorvaa tborlgbt to rajoet aay aarf all propooalaaboald tbay badoamad too blah, aad atoo too rfaiil to aaaal aad dlocoattoao tbo ooatract at nay Uaa whan tha coatractor aboil fail to aorfana too work raqnlredlaa prompt aad bmilfaltory lQAftDM 91U ahaal J bo agdanod Propoaala far Par forn.lBK t an I tor r Wark af Qaartaraaitart Da HrtaHt, "u< tUmud to U> ??4or?lfyd. Brt. Brie. Oob. u4 Chief QurtoraaMi, j?3i uT"*FABia KID SLOTS MlOt. nru BCPPMf OV OLOTIB JVBT HOlITID tie.004 WOSTB V TBI TUT BSST BUM, TIB : eOVBTOXBlBBV, AfcBXABDBB'B. ABP lOUTlBf. BT All n*la?a bsJ lf?Afl frAM Aftf Ia 1 fli&s V Frlofr-LADIM' LOTBS.^t; V?n4 KID GLOTlt at |1.M Hi ?1.H !??* KTLoai niriH KIP CbOTM. ft ?tr fair. 5T OLOTH udothir vara OUTIB, fro* tl enti t*|l.tO, ' ^ IN. J. BAT 4 CO., Paavylranu imif, rmmammr-rnmm.Tmr~ mm 1 ' u ? ???" ? ? AffaVr* la Or?r|?Mwa. 1#*st mum, a <?' 1 h?- caswtl K+pi.t .1 '> r itc- i|?iii?'i ?i* iiN4c Ulnar . umi U'.n. .i' tru t. r- * >?rr? ?t. ?. #?inn , ?.? 11 areh i#i j crii?HM (< ?. ra< l-ack* I P'' "a 1. *t??1 m'radu?-?-<l II >n. ?ir Jtrxf*. Mi't.' >\vlr? Mrowa ?>f w*-? ln/t?ii; !/*.? of f>-<i<-?--? .* <> ??? I'r d(< wuJa a d*pl& of ISO t?*u to K., ! or *1.751 Kicm a?d Uka!I Makkut- Tb?r? *r<? <> of Pour or rrilu r-p<?rt?-.i to dav. ami tii*- iran?!u luue arc uiumportaut Th<* H?* ui bine*-kl Pokw ?),; lit'I* -lain? tfc* r#c*ipu light, nut* tb? rtu. k in b*t d n?-&rl.r xhaust ii. Pri.'*? nn* qnov ii n n, i .;!> for priu? lUnrtbTnl hi-r>-, 9"~' p**r l?o lb? fruin u>, tu>l M tftitil HUkok'. kt?'?* !* f b umrj I, |iW7 4ViK(J Tbud*) M*?r ?to>l?likint %LBIliT "V- M A T 'l 11 k A 6, iLt Ijii?i I lorN'ior ki ikiitr the at* ??ni ?ifl* wt J M> W LI M?D(lN A < O .... ...... MMthntU ud M b?lM?i'r0*?Uri In Frail* * 4 Piaine* ;?ll ? JMO W. LUHSftOM |?BOPO?AL8 FOE L0MBEK T?r*?l *Y D*?A*TM**T. I UrriCK or Iji'IIVioiia ItcmitrT.} J?n??r> w, ij.T \ | Peat <-4 I'icpoee'. will b* r* ?i ?e.| m% tfeta iiiitu H > ? b M , r?t>ra?rf i>tb It-T f tic I i.i-biuf IumI*' r?j?it*4 lor lb* N rth * I ,B ?f |iv<lr?%?urf Kit?ii?iun ma dr?-rib?<1 lotiefollo?'?? MhMuU i I*no?I t?*-i of N Carnllra (b?art fluorine. 1>4 in?b ti i. k not w 6 lacnot .Je an. v le?r of Udo?" 24 000 lr*i, bu*rii Bfunr*. W Piieb'.m Cell*.,] tuc h thick .' f?*t I.o?m1 Dituuri. W Pin?0oa Onlla., i tD' h< a Iktci 1 000feet tw*ro memaor- ft?*uc4 bctotilaf, 3 bf 4 I iBrbea.20 i?rt leu* the 1C.0U* le?*t. l nie*??r?. ttprrce Scaatllnc Ibf 4 in, Iim li <-<> 3S OtC f*?t iwrd H?*>ar?, }trncc Kails, t by 3 la cbN.> faat l? u?tbc l'-.iOt t?<-t,bu*rtBMiUr*. W. I'lU J |B. ch*? Uiick. S 000 Uat.feoatd tueaaurt* W. Pin# l*k*cU.4r??Mi ib>.b thick 9 K*) leet. ?? ard n #?.ur? W PinaSala-U.draaasd, '? inch thick 4 OtOfett t'>?id measure W Ploe 8ala ta.dra??a4. \ liuh thick 2.<M)f?tt i utr? Pica ttalaat* dracaad. 1 * in baa ttai< k . 2 #u0 faat board wuri. W . Ploa tolacts.drraaad , I , Iki lH-a thick. 1 .Outsat board ma**ora. Poplar, dreaaal, Sloth tfctck _ 1.00 fr?t board maaacra, P??l?r. draaaad, lack Al> ib*atv>Ta daacripti as of La at bar moit baaf the b??t tiuailt) uf their aaaaral kiad?. au<i must ba dail??r*d at tha Treason Ball Hag fru? ine t. time * o tl?-r?d ?nd la at.-cl to 't.e to re t| l of the 1 Dsp**cl#i and ftacalret o: Mat* l mis. Bid* to itttt price per M. tee*. and rm?t t* trC'Bpant. d ty a written C**rMlM fro u u rie r? pnnaible peraon tliot tb* bidder wilt axacote aa4 perform the roiitrnct If awarded ta hln. Ttie l,*part?-tit ra*rrvo? tlie tifbt to reje. t aa? ar all the t >d?, it r-ODaiderad fur tba i ntaraat of the t>ovarkiuai>t to do ao. or to acept oaf portion* of bid* to be enc'o*a4 In a oeale4 envelope and aniutaea "Propoaaia for Lubber * A H MULL ITT. jaSl (Chroo 1 8 t- i ?u, t-ot p B I C I 8 IIDDCI D~7~ JOS J. MAT * CO . 30? Pan* aTt-nna. betwaan #th and lot h sta.. Ofl<*rth? btlttct of tfceir ?tock of V11TIB UKA88 GOODS. SHAWLS, WOOL EH 8 BLANK ITS, 8KIBT1K4M, and other Wiat?r Goo4o, AT GBBATLT BBDL'CKD PBICB8 BOB. CASH. jkNlttr c t^BLLING OFF TO GLOSB BC8IBBB8 A.W miHlND A OO .IIWUH. ?|6 7th St., D ud B. Bivitii 4?toral>*d to rottro from ku<n?N,?? ofer oar bttitlfnl Msortm-ut of J?**lrr tad Fancy Good* at tritcMt. All cooAa aoW <a?r?iMed to b? >b?t ro*r*Mit?4. Whllit ciodof oit oar stock of Jtwolrr Md fucr Otodi. ? offer oar patroaa who with to parckwo Vatr.hM tho opportunity of bnyiM tbom At wholaanla ratoo. FBICB LIST Or WATCH B8. Silver huntliu| cm*, tocbw Duiratiti, jewel 4, 09, foM, l>o American. Bikor> but?miu, jevtM, ||7, foil; Bo. inMrtua, P 8. BortUtt moreB?iti, jeweled, #tl, |*M. 1? k?ret cola ?s Kt. cam. Amtnceu, p 8 B?rtlett. chrouometor 1.. ftf.foW. 97t.coM; U 4o.A? 9l*toB, TrK?r * Co., ckntomtw rtl., |?,(ol4. 1U10MS TO BB UIILIP. 1 UdlM CtblMt u4 Chdr. Hfiw Mok?. tilaid witlk pearls 8*et coot, Ml Infold. I kwliM1 Work Table. H(i?r macb*. Inlaid with ??arl; ftret coot, B7M u mM. 1 toN?eo4 DrMiuutr, mounted With mIM Bierltng silver, ft rat coot, %l#> in fold. T?o whole to be nflod foe fMK cttOKT. A. W. TOW MM BHD * CO., Jeveton, 818 Tth etreet. few doors below je 10-1b* 0M folio we' Hell. Fob b&lb-im obbt blabkbts, x BOBKBT rVbTOMV. Fawnbrokrr, AO* Mb treet. j*U tw wwiSm flBirtn I VDi ? W J AT 1ATB8 * OUIt, *o. 3J3 Ponaaflaata ituw, A rayerior lot of LAD1B9 OLOAKItf Q8,whl<-b tfcar offerlas at ?ary low pricoa Ml t) EfOTV 8K A TB8 from M reata to #6, 1> IU1 SKATES fro* #l/4> to $3C. ftt the Bktto Dtyot. POULT1IT ft TRIMBLE. I*. BOB WM BtlUatr* itrMt. * 1M Bato more. Jld_ CPIOIAk BOTIOB?Two thoutnd lotte clean O vmM BBATBL, of tbo ?t aoi table kJa& fproeacvot*. A loo. two loadi BHABP BAND *ad two thouaaod loadarlBK sABD.aut Ua far Mwan aid plaatortag, oa taaad ladM run. <or? mfcttr? ?j o?i. 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