Newspaper of Evening Star, January 31, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 31, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR LOCAL NEWS. ABUBBMHTS. *C.. TO'VIQHT. WAIL h Naw Orrn UoDRi -Lut night of JIIbs Ko?>- Ettincr, it. uft cflrhTtwd imp?rM>mnon of -Kate Pejto?," in "Griffith Gaunt." National Tu *at*a?Tb? only repreeeatation ol the French drama entitled "Th* Komane* ot a Poor Young Man," will be gven ttii ereaing. >kati>u Park?A great novelty tbia afterxu< n and evening, being tli? Brat grand skating tournament, for which extensive preoaraHon* have been madf, as will he seen by the jwivtrttjoiBfnt in our paper to-day. IslasdHall?The ball forth# benefit of the poor of the ??eventh Ward take* place this evening, and should be liberally patronized by our citizens. I'moif lsaori H all, 9th ?treet.?"Thoughts on Hamlet." by H Clay Preuss, illustrated by recitations from tbe play. The Repabhraa Associativa. Zirely Meeting? Colored Copperheads in Office? Attack *}?m Congress?It hat done nothing tinct the w. r but Raise its Salary and past Bounty L>ivf to keep in power?A Goat in Sheep-, cUtthing?A Cracked Drawer in the Freedmcn't Hureau. Last evening, the regular weekly meeting of the Republican Association was held at the T Dion League Room*. The President and A ice Presidents being absent, as also the recording secretary, Mr V. A. Bo* well was cal ed to the chair, and Mr.C.M Barton, financial secretary, called on to act as recording sec- I If'srv. M Mc IS alley and J M Don nel I were elected members. A Dause. broken by a roice, (eotto,) Let's adjourn sine die." Mr Barton called np his resolution confining speeches to ten minute*. Col. Curtis suggested that an amendment be xnntie to limit the speeches to two on each question Tbe amendment was accepted, and the consideration of the resolution was postponed Sir. Watson called np his resolution in relation to abolishing the charter. [A Voice.?It ain't here J He proceeded to state that the .Republican* desired the political control ol tbe District, and that it could not be so even with the colored vote. Objection bad been made on tbe ground that it would debar the colored people from the privilege of voting This i? did not propose to do; but it looked to leavinc some of the officers to be elected. It bad been thought best to propose three commissioners to be elected by Congress and two to be elected by the people, so that, sbonld the loyal vo*ers tall to elect their candidates, there will be a loyal majority in tbe board. In answer to a question, Mr Watson said that there was a bill similar to the one preposed now under consideration in Congress. j?nd he proposed that a committee wait on Congress and urge its passage The resolution was laid oyer for one week. Mr. H. O. Johnson (colored) presented an address, prepared in compliance with a resolution Jf the t'nion League of America, No. H, JvTeurh Ward, signed by himself, A. Bowen, and C. Marshall, setting forth that numbers of colored men are out of employment, and asking the association to aid them in getting employment, as it is the only mode of concentrating them. Mr. Johnson said that it was not to be disguised but that there were colored men in efflre who did nothing towards the elevation ot their race, but did all they could to sink 1 Some of these men were employed in the CapitoJ, and tbe association mirbt do something there, fcnt could not expect much ibe ru le 1 artmenU wtl*re Copperheads have Mr Mi atson said he knew colored men In the -Departments, as well a* in the Capitol, who were tbe enemies of the Republican party, and one of his reasons for urging the parage of the charter revolutions was to get the power from tbe hands of the copperheads. There wer? white and black men under the shalow theracetatUe ?! llberty' wn? are ia? enemies of Col. Curtis aaid that in Washington he had observed that the office holders were ?vcop bants and this remark was to he applied to ? c.?'or*d office holders who showed, from what be had seen, that they were like their white neighbors, and this was an argument that they were human .Mr Johnson said that many of the men alluded to were those who never gave of their means to churches or other good object# bat were to be seen hanging round grog shops They w, re the men who can be bought for a drink of whiskey. Mr. Watson suggested that the names of these copperhead blacks be made known. He knew a white man in the capitol, who was a copperhead naturally and his name was Turner. Mr. Baker knew several. The Chair sugg* sted that to make their names Anown was to strengthen their enemies, and that the most judicious way to accomplish anything was to inform the committee before C ongress of the names and positions of these people. The paper was referred to the cemmittee before Congress. Mr. Joseph Williams, of Vs., said that tbe idea of asking Congress to do anything was preposterous What has Congress done' After they nad sat for two years after tbe close of the war, there is a worse state of things than there was in 1*W. Congress has done nothing except t* raise salaries, including their own and pass bounty laws to keep themselves in jlower: but nothing for the Union men of the ?*outb. who are being shut up m prison, their arms taken away, Ac. What did they sav< They promised last summer that sleep should not come to their eyelids until Andrew Johnson was impeached, and a friend put tn bis place. They have not done it yet, and the civil rights bill and the freedmen's bureau bill under tbe Administration amount to nothing He appoints officers of tbe Bureau to carry ont his own views. How are toe people of tbe !Jii0t **?/*' !*w U (>od *?lnr lo work a miracle He hoped He would, and smite tbe rebels and weak-aneed Republicans as He did rh&xoah. Old man Stevens, who had fought thein like a Trojan, even now was compelled to pause because tbe weak-kneed Republicans failed to do their duty. Why don't the committee go to work and do what they were elected to do? Talk about removing a tJZ Why' tb* T*r> ?P?k ? of by Mr W atson is retained in office by a radleal. Maryland had shown an example in tasting care of her friends which Conrr?t?s should follow In a few short months Maryland had done this, but Congress in two years has not even reconstructed the Dislrict. A Voice.?Or the Capitol. Oeo'ge H Newman (colored) said that he ,bat bia 1 n*'e Moees, at the other end of the avenue, had been mentioned. He called tbe attention of tbe association to the case of Jerry Gordon. a colored man. who had both legs shot off at Bull Kun second, who bad been badly treated by tbe officer in charge at i '''*** iCapt. Lawrence.) He bad been locked np on bread and water, his rations and his papers taken away from him. Ac. This Capt. Lawrence, in his opinion, was a goat in sheep clothing. He thought toat Vien. Howard should know of this case that some one had better tell him tbat one of bis bureau drawer* is cracked. Mr C. H. Bliss understood that Lawrence was about to be dismissed, and was satisfied tr tbe proper course was taken that he would be in twenty-four hours. Mr Bliss and Mr. Newman were appointed to wait on General Howard in relation to the matter. Adjourned ? Labcbvy Casks.?John Richards was arrested yesterday by officer Leach, of th* Second ward, upon the complaint of Augustus Brucbel charging him with larceny. The case b7 J Moreeli, who com. 'J1' prisoner to tail for court. k*m Jwbnson, colored, was arrested by Oapt. cane'aiSw ? hl* P?M*MIO? two fur from i0ini ?k|B'1 Diettrich, and a coat, . . om L Lob man Th? artiri** iZfZj? "" ? j?" tor conn in wfV?w!i*- "' Gibbon* was arrested by officer Mc^lgan. for stealing a pair of pant* from J. j woman went to Oradv's shun and appearing to be i. a suffering coidtSoS' Orady gave her a bowl of coffee and aft.?' ward, some whisky. She got drnnk ^ Grady let her lie down in the back nart n* * shop. He left her there with a friend and the woman s husband, who was notified that sh? was mere. Orady ascertained, after she wal gone, that a pair of pants were stolen The woman conTeesed tbe act, told where the panu are, and was committed for coart by Justic* Walter. " Kailkoad Itbms.?Mr. Charles Cook, for merly the accommodating ticket agent at the l?epot of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, m this city, has beea appointed tbe Southern agent of the Marietta aad Cincinnati Railroad and has located his office in thw city. The General Lastern agent of the same road is Mr. J P Lmkebart, formerly of the B. and 0. R. R. who is located in Baltimore. Mr R W Edmonds, lately of the Little Miami Kail road, is here for tbeparpose of obtain'ng *T5.?*w from the Government, which amoant was drawn by tbe Government from t?e Pbeuii Bank, N. Y., at the time of Mr Ed. bonds' arre*t by Gea L. O. Baaer, a few years lnce. ? m Th* Ball to-night, for the relief of tbe poor the Seventh Ward, promise* to be a fla* af. t"t Sheffield furnishes the confectionery and *?pper. Parties having Uckeu for sale should ftera them to-night. BVMLilT in Litcnr Last airh fflcer O'Callakaa, of ^TKIrtkWaA^i? i MtMl I atu KM L S. KiDttltU fSf bar*. KS&SS'Ss*' ^r*? MS?*' *** BasdOitrMU, kept u< steallag an amount oX woney ft-om a Man named Mara kali Sprorpt. McDnaiei wu taken to the statioa boose and lacked up (or trial. It appeared* feta Ike statement* of various persons, that the old m??*T naaounting to between ?ou and 1300, and being intoxicated, was put to bed la a chamber of the WhUe House, the flr'rK-0^,0! whi?hi* accessible from the roof or the kltcben. McDaniel got np oa the kitckea and got into the chamber by hoisting the window. A serrsnt, hearing some one walktag on the roof, went to the chamber, but He* Daniel was too qniek to be canght in the act, and bad cat ont the pocket from. SDroecaPs clothes, which contained the money, had got ont of the window, bnt was seen by the *"v*at and others an he got down from the kitchen root. Sergeant Kelly bemg notified, a? once sent bis men to catch the thief, and Officer O'Callaghao ascertaining where he loosed, went to his room and waited lor his f*"1 betw**B 7 and 8 o'clock, Mr Daniel went to his room, and was at once arrested, and about $29 of the money was found apon him Mc Daniel very frankly conf*8sed taat he committed the act, but pat in | the plea of necessity. He will hare a hearing to-day. Alkzasdria AMD ViciMiTT.?From the late Alexandria papers we clip the folio wine: The ice on the Potomac is increasing in thickness, and each succeeding night freezes more than has teen thawed ky the sun during the day. Tne ferry boats on the line between this city and Washington oeaeed running in consequence of the ice blockade, on the '23th of last Decsmber, and from present appearances there is no likelihood of a speedy resumption of navigation on the river. A farmer living near Mt. Vernon recently killed beef in the maw of which was dtscov ered a large number of shingleand other nail* to the extent of more than a pound Th?y were brightly polished, and were all taken from one locality. The animal was in annarent good health, and does not aj pear to have 8u?"r^ any lncon,r*nlasce from indigestion W. H. Dulany, Esq., startea on last night's train of cars for Richmond, bearing with him to the legislature a protest against granting a charter for the construction of a railroad frsm this city to Georgetown along the line of the Alexandria Canal. Lawrence B.Taylor, Esq., also ptartert for Richmond last night, to aid in procurine th* a*lc#?d tor charter. The Mount Vernon Cotton Factor? of this city turns out ion,)*)" yards of co ton shirting monthly; employs, constantly, 150 hands, and' has a monthly par roll of from 8*2.200 to $2,7uo. CITY ITEMS. At Hksmno g One Price Clothing sure, on the corner of Seventh street and Maryland a,n#n maj bn> a Coat this week. Pants the next week and Vest the next, at the as ifhe bought them all at one ime This gives the man of limited means chance as the one ot independent forJ*w*i.HT.-Bog Wood Setts, Plain Beg W ood Setts. Tipid Bog Wood. Bracelets, Jet ^ ..a?So 1 Comb". Dfw styles Buttons. K,n*'1 8"ver Plared Spoons, berks < tips, (Joblete, Call Bells, Setts, received thi- morning, at Prigg's One Dollar nlZr'fx 8iwrrW?' ** Penn'i lTaniaavenue, ?1t old Patrons will find itgreatly to their advantage by calling at the new Shoe Store I>o. SOS ?th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall. , , O. B. WIl.HOH, im late of the firm of Burns A. Wilaon. Dr. Whitb, Chiropodist, 4*4 Penn &v . betw?-en 4Jf and #th streets, continues the successful treatment of corn?, bunions, bad nails enlarged jc .is, warts, moles, vascular ex' creseiicei, Ac. Office hours from s a_ in to 5 T m., and ? to s p. m. Established 1861. 1-or Chilblaixs aud Frosted Feet, White's r.mbrocation is a spe iflc Price ?| per bo'tle^ tor sale at 4i4 Pennsylvania avenue, between an (1 Oth streets. A Scan Pilk Ccbi?Dr. Gilbert's Pile in struineut positively cures the worst caees wf piles Sent by mail onreceiptof SI. Cin ulars free Sold by druggists. Agents wanted every where Address J. B. Komame. Alaua*er, No. 575 Broad way. New York. 30,1,1 had in any quantities at the miar office counter DIE1I. On the morning <.f the jut init at half past 11 00 leek, BSTELLA BCGBMIA daughter of the )at? Rolert J nud Martha C Oonnrtly.sged .lx jeers, one tneath and twMt,?o.:. J .'"e'evv'*'' ?! AMNll?RriR(4n .'wV3* 'L,Unt- LOUISA fn**.?Jef^ier ag* *,f* of W,B 0 All Is not here of onr beloved and blent. /i. V.* s*r w,,h h*r <**d torsit W 0 D .J#* friends ef the family are Invited to attend the funeral rn Hnndsy svening. at 2 o clock Ilea lden^e ?o. 4? F ?tr>-et. Island . JOMMBOk OMOK SAID ''^hen yon hear a man prating about the Oa? tltntlon, spot him?he'a a traitor." dn? f1? ? *'u ssan merchant advertise to sell 0?OD8 AT COST, spot hitn. and bay ' irour Shoes elsewhere. So uat with any flBi bnslDeas knowledge Is going to pay tk?r|? *"? ? r?nts, license, etc., aad sell* 1L yon his goods at cost. ate proft?tnr BH0B8 of * m*n wh0 "?!! at a moderand >*11 you BOOTS and SHOES at a very small advance. BOOTS AND GAITERS of all styles and sizes, for MIN, LADIK8, AHD OHILDBIN. MADS TO OBDXE and A GOOD FIT WARRANTED, at BB1LBBUN k BB?., A06 SEVKXTH STREET, ja*??* Dc0T S*uth cf 0dd Boies' Hall. \\7 BBB A BBVBBIDGk, " eB0CB.B,YMPO*T"9 ?r CHINA AND ? OL1AS8WABB """-'fw . *^farticn|ar attention is iavlted to oar V fine PLATBD WABB and CUTLBBY. 8t* Odd yellows Hall,7th street. 480 He. 4*0 l?t hstreet, one door below Fa. ave.. D?A Mc?w r>H0 B,1T*r WAT0HB8. ? 8> CLOTHING, and MBBCHAHDlbBof every descriptien ja Business strictly confidential ?^cvTHB WBAK AND IM PAIBBD eyesight, Arising from protracted sickness, general debi Ilty of the nervons system, or the natural dlspo*1??* !tf*^*r fc?r* ?'*l>?Sdneps, will be reatored, ceiehrate<f prseerved by the use ef our ?L1 SPBCTACLM, m an a fart u red by us from tbe gsonine quartz, orjrans*of vlsion? *' cle^n...'to tne' These Febble Spectacles and Bye-Glasses we adapt with atasoet care aad attention to the aroaor condition ef the perMcular eye tight in accordance with the physiology of the human sre and the laws of the science of optics. We sell o^ir Pebbles, ss well as all other W# onr OPTICAL INSTBUMBNTB, S.N?j?iza *00 "" "'KiS KtiSfrc* ??:' Scientific and Practical Oetleiana, BeereUrv Seward. Secretary Stanton, Senatora Clark, Grimes. Oujbrle Mor>lll7ipm~ $?* nor, Yatee. Hen. H. I. Dawes, M. 0 . Mass.! Hon Joha Wentworth, M. 0 . lU : Judge Fisher, 0. 8* SupremeCeart. Mayer Wal/arh, Major General Hunter, slajer Gen. Schnrs. Gen. Delafleld, Mai Gen. Hsiatselman, Admiral Goldsborengh, Snr*f?n ,?sn- J. K.Barnes, Prof. Henry, Sssithso* nian iajtltuts. Prof Masaa. Columbian College; Dr. Henry Bral. Chemist. Agr. Dept: Dr. B. K. Rtone, Oculist, Jaess Tabor. Fourth Auditor, Trsa. Dep t; OovTfaUen, Ala; Oct. Pareonn Oon. Spinner. P. B. Treasurer, Be., As. Ja ?-4t 8#,?^u"W,W?n i PRACTICAL CARPST WklVKR, and C streeU, (Islaad ) rau wl2rr,SJ-l?05<#L,r,lk dlspatck, oa mode satisfacdon gnarantied. Carpets constantly oa hand, and for sale. ja 11 lm MAU?I MABUII MASKS! I rsoe/ved "i**4*' * M character, jut BDPPBBTt WAHOY BAZAAB, , Bo. SSBftb street. YFlfOu WAIT BAMAIB8 ^1 at tbe ?j? ^-SJ5rW,IT0M JaM-dla botween La. av, and D street. DABB BALLBB8 will do well to oall at tko uJ Headsaarters and try CBOBIHH choice SBOABB aad TOBAOOO. lit Psaa. sreaa" A# #t A1TU8KMBNT& i NATIONAL THIATtK. rtuiflnali e>eaue, mr Will aria' H?M. OILT TIME POSITITBLY _ | THIS (Theradar I BYBBIBG. Juurr SI, INT. .OTiftilrtllUn Dr?m*tlc Adaptation, tr. u Ule [ French of Oi TitI rmliLIT, ??i *e.l %nJ favorably know* la New Yark u?i*ofthi <VALLA< ElaM SBNSATIONn, entitled the BO MABfc'B Of A POOB YOUBO MAN, which will be yrodaMi with i faithful kdh?riac? to the pro vsrlial good taete ud well iwm4 repatatioa of thli Mltblii iBtnt lor oorreetnees of Scenery. Wardrobe, Music, Propertiea, ui |U*rtl tut ensemble. witn every detail reealsite fer tha pro daclea of a flret does Noveltr, aid a <-a?t of haractera la every way worthy of aflratelaas Theatre wall's siw opera house. BBBBT A WALL PB0PB1BT0BS B. B. PHILLIPS- ? STAGE MABAGEB LAST MIGHT of tha auccaaafnl Drama, by Aatutia Daly, Ba?.. uuu?i omirriTH saost. "1U "" V,MIB^tEMI?>Ti!l>ai. and the CBEQUALLBB BTMK COMPANY la tha cast TO MORBOWi Baielt and laat night bat one af Mlaa BOSS BYTIBGE, wha will appear la Boaclcault'a Comedy of LO*DOB A88UBANGB. In rahaaraal. Pouctcault'a Gomedy af LONDOB A88CB\B0B. - I ABD BEYBBAL BOYBLTIBB. BATES OF~ADMIS8IOB. Private Boxes, 88, Orcheetra Chairs, 91 jDi^ss I Oircla. 7ft cent*. Parquette, W cental Family Circle. >6 oents. Colored Circle. 16 centa. 1 17 ABC Y DBS88B8 AND OOSTOMB8. F For Tableaux and Private Partlaa. I Apply to MB8. FBANK BBA, ja 28 6t" 4 41 'Oth atreet. [ "balls, parties, <fec. i BOO ID G B A N D BALL 81 or thi em LONE STAB TEMi'EBANOB CLUB wflhi Will be given | AT TBMPEBAHE HALI<, j ON WEDNESDAY, FEBBDABT 6. 1*67. TICK ETS?9 1, admltti ng a gentleman aad ladies I ja 31 6t* I Ball fob the benefit of the poob of TBE SEVENTH ward. j The nnderaigned cttizena of the 7th Wardre- I "pectfoiiy announce that they Bail far the benefit of the poor onTHOBS JH I DAY EVEN ING, Slat, at Island Hall. Aa the proceeds will b? appropriated for UMh alleviating the wauts ?f the destitute af the Ward, I they respectfully ask for the patroaage and pree I enceof the charitable oa that occasion I Tickets 91 admitting a Sentlema* and Ladiea, I to be had ?.f the Managers. | Ju L Pearson. E B.Gray,J H.BIrd.Dr.E I V B Boa well. Dr B 0. Croggoe, J. Yaies B H Graham. o O. Hamilton. g Wright. Th maa E ] Lloyd. William W LAskoy.J.A.W Clarvoe ja 24 7t* I lost "and found. iiq?ir.wi.j. | Loat. In tbeCapitol,on Wednaeday,3i)th inataat, J a SABLE TIPPET. The reward named above 1 will be given for the delivery of the aame at the I Naval ObeervatorjN jaSl 3t* I ^TWLKN OB TAKES BY MISTAKE FBOM the sleeping car ot thia morning a New York I traia, a BLACK MOBOCOO THAN KLL1NG B aG, has the uwner'a name ou it If left at the I office ef Metropolitan Hotel, with the contents, a I reward of 91ft will be gl>en, and no <ineationa 1 .laktd ja 31 2t* 1 I'hOO LOST.?On Monday evening, black and I 19 tanalat PU PPT, aev< n months old Liberal | reward offered by leaving her at Grooery Store, J!> atreet. ja M-lt* I C^AMF. TO THE PBEM18E8 op THE BOB s icrtter, on the 28th instant, one RAYMABK. I with bridle ou. The owner la repeated to come l?.vw:i4.v?">" ssaii. No. 65 M street north. ;a So 3t* between 23d and 24th streets. ! boarding. | 1/ 0 B BE NTT" W IT H ~BOABD?A large, well r fuinuhed FBONT BOSM, on 2d rlo?r, la a I private family. Terms low. at4S3 E at., bet. I 3d and 4th. jail 3t* I uaDY AND gentleman. ob TWOalngle gentlemen can get BOABDin a private I family,at 317>, 6thatreet, l.etween I and K ata. ja il lt* I ROOMS TO BENT-With Board or ror houaekeeping No. 21 Pennsylvania avenue, be- I tween l?th end 26th ats. ja 30 It* I DOABDING?Two pleaaent, fnrnlehed second- I I) etory BOOMS, euitable fur gentlemea and I their wiv>-e, or single gentlemen. Terms meder- I ate. at No. 326 A atreet, between F and G streets I north. j? *o ** F" CRNlfHIED" BOOMS for rent from $10 to*9lS Also. TAbI.E BOABD at 9*> P?r meutb, at I No. 465 6th atreet, between C atreet and Lonlsi- I ana avenue. ja X 3t* I BOAKDING ? A few geuteel hoarders can be I accommodated with BOOMS and BOABD, I from 7;. oente to 91 per day. Two FBOBT PAB I 1,01(8 for rent, very low. Apply No 3*7 Pa. I avenae, opposite National Hotel. ja2*eo3f II ANI>SOM El'Y FCBNI9HED BOOMS FOB ll BBHT-With or without Board. No D34 H street, between 19th aad Mth, ote e^uare from the | e?ra. ja2fl-6t"_ I TABLE BOABD at Bo. 484 Mth atreet. a few doori north af the avenae. Tarma 8* par georgetown adver'mts. rvV^FBBB BPFFBAGB. MavoK'a Orrici, I I Gio*gitowm, D. C , Jan. j9,1857.$ Notice ia hereby given to all the maleinhabltanta of tbia town, above the age of 21 years, both white I and colored that the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of thia town will be In open aeaaioa, in the Mayor'a I Office, between the heara of 10 a m and 3 p.m.. on FBI DAY and 8ATCBDAY, tbe lat aad Id daya of Vebraary, 1347,to afford another opportunity to the citizens of thla town, above named, to register their namea aa votera at the Election to be held ia thia town on the 24th day of February, 1467 I ja 30 3t HEBBY ADDISON. Mayor. /''HEAP COTTONS. ly AT MILLER'S, 101 BBIDOB 8TBBBT. GBOBGETOWB, D. C. Jast received, a large etook of COTTON GOODS, which we are eelllng at lower prlcea than they I have been aold ainca the war Bl-ached Maalln, 12S. 16. Is centa. good yard wide Bhlrtlng ditto. 20 and 2ft eenta, 4 4 Aadroeooggin Bleached Muaiin, I SOeente; 4-4 Wamsntta do., 36 centa: 6 4.44.84, I 9 4,10 4, 11 4 Sheetings, very low; Calicoes at 12X, I 14. is centa; Merrimacks, Spragnea, aad other beet makee, au cente. Ibirtlng Pnata, 20 cents, Un bleached Mnalina, life, 1ft centa; iard wide ditto, Is aad 20 centa. OaU and examine onr atock, MONEY CAB BB SAVED by eo doing I ja 24 lm* BENJAMIN MILLBB WM B. WHBATLBY'S PBEMIDM STEAM DYEING A CLEAS8INS ESTABLISH I MBNT. Office No 49 Jefferson at , Georgetown, I D. 0. Betabliahed 1431; preanom awarded by the Metropolitan Inetitnte, 1867; rebailt 18^6, and 1, I now by far tbe largeat and most complete eatab- I llshment of the kind In thia section or country, I with a large aback of the beat foreign and domeetic Dyea and Chemtcala; replete with every deeir- I able Apparatna, and provided with the beat Talent aad Artlatic bkill to be obtained The anb- I ?crIb- r la prepared to demenatrate to hia cnatomera that pre eminent aa may have be?n bta pre- I viona reputation, hie motto la " Bxcelaior" in I Dyeing. Cleanelng, aad Befiaiehiag Ladiea' and I Geatlemea'a Apparel, Bllka, Telvete. Batlna, Me- | rino. Cloths. Ac., he meana to atand unrivalled Truly thankful for past favors, he aaMoita tbe con- I tinned cnatom of the oommunfty. C^Oooda received and retarned by Expresa

with tbe ntmoet promptness and dtanateh. 1 ja 13 lm WM. H. WHEHTLB Y, Dyer. ^BOCBBIBS. I BALL A PLANT, | PLANT'S BUILDIBO, ! Corner Bew York avenue and 16th atreet, j 4 Bntrance aa Bew York avaaue,) j Dealer* In fine FAULT OBOCBBIBS, TBAS, W1BB8, 1MPOBTBD LDXDBIES, Ac.. Ac., would reapactfally notify their friends and tha public thaLtttey have jaat opened their Be* Ovoaery Store, where can be obtained any article aaa ally heyt ia a firat claea Grocery. Without attempting to enumerate our large, freeh andweU elected atock, we eordially in rile tbe publio to examine onr stare aad stock, believing wa shall not fail to give entire eetlsfBctlon to all who may fayar us with tbelr patronage. ! Wh call as pec tal attention to our aaeortment of TEAS aad OOFFBBB, which kavabaaa aalaated with great care for purity. Dealers will find a fine aesortmaat to select from, and onr prices to I auit. j Goods delivered promptly la any part of tha city. jan I lm J FOB ALL THB LATB8T BOTBLTIB8 IB FANCY GOODS no to DAVIS A GAITHEB'8, 80 Market Space. VST BBOBTBD?Fraah supply of Boa! Laeas. J Leoe Collars. Bugle aad Crystal Trfmmiaxs and Frmgea. Oat Jet Battens, Ac., all of the la?aa? importation, nt PATIS A OAITBBB'S. I NBW ABD DBBIBABLB GOODS IB BTBBT variety, nt PATI8 k OAITHEB'S. nr ATBBBD ABD FLAIB BIB BOBS, BlewV?^~tt*"**?IVi?WiiTHssv. ! rsr- " wants. W 2HJ alreet.a White won A.* ? to Wub ??4jd, Ck??k?w#rk If in ***i*.^-?-t* p~~ f mlwl wwii, ?r* atiaofWlV ft??* rfwiwiitlKU. Ap >fy *t 3?9 iyth atreA. ? door fr >m H If w * ? <* ? *? ?mu with attUd rhfwVl >#V* ol,1l "BAJIATBBSS, 1* jrut, .li-i *?r ' *> hi-rt-u c? i (kll fur ?i?n J ' ''MOUkblt Mru aOM(t?l I wni for threedaysat_4V2 I st jail 3f A BLB_OIKL fur |tu?rtl ho nee- I I llo ink P *? family Owmia preferr?l I 4 ?o. ?0b Paansylvan.a irHM Jn pi-it* I yiSffglA"* "OTBS WAMTlif^W* SOUTb/kL ?r,## for all j* * 4* wm.jipklbt % oo. ! IV4**BD.-WewaatPevemi Ar?t c?-? Mui9 BOUmkh ^2*7??f ^or Por "wlMitri. M?j, I enuaJI ??!?? l-OTt? lathe #l'?. both large en* rWT It h aad r ?ts. j> jg I TO MBBCMAHTS ?Tbe ^verti-a amuJt ir?? /u f .' J* b0*'"*" I* thla city on ae ? J'A ?J bad ktaltk sad baa two u*,) i j I ..In !7** ? ,lk# * * PLOT Ml BT foi Tker . ' ted. good accoamant*, a?d eo?tw1 I In boat dm* matters generally Remuner^T; ani;#t?M?Ch *iC?UV?*r,tioD M t# them re- I ArtfrJ/ *EL?y.' 1 ?"' tfc* time being. 1 fim sF "HOIMI1IT, Star Oflfce. W Vinf? TA.1 "7U,ltb , r*"t T *U A P P RIN rI?niAj|0*a*tol**rB,>r#M '" klug. B>feren< as required. 8 ,a ? n. VV ' "TID-At northeast oorner of Itth ena~M I a WH'T* WUXAM to cookw," ? c?? j?.'0?4 recommendation*. I Apply hat wean to and It o clock a m. ja .'9 St" I \V A*T*^-.A aattlad WOM AN. U taok. weh W-. . ?d ,ro" Ln }""'l None bat fhoae tbat UBdtritMd their bnaines* aad can come ?-ll I recotumendedneedapply Oall ho 343 7tb between I and B street* n- rtb ,* t* it' I All out or bmploymbnt shorn,i u.<t r.?ii to call at the Employment Offi e i$9 Pami 'i I avenue, between Hh and 1 <th at* Wanted- Ton *i *B<1 colered. foi general housewoik I 5',0? tb?ee m d of male or female HKLP 1 prompt!j Oiled. Agents wanted. WAr?? ?w wf?T5D -EtThT'B^itTTa Panot 9 "treat near Baltimore Dapot. KK0BDIT8 for the United Statea Armr. I JA Ifi 101 | WlnTn1^?T.*vtoff 0LOTHINoTold ciuld And SIIaV ib, or tii other Article of I nine, at the aid aotablisbed Merchant Patn biakar'a Store of K. Ft'LToN AOO ,40-itth ?i 3 doora north af Penna. a^obue " I Bole Agent for BlNOSR'b 8CWIN0 MAGU1NK de a \y I \V???RtV,!W LfL.,,I.K8 ImmedlateU te ?m ..likiH m! M "anda, Wrapper Toke?, Plan nel Kkirn Bll^pertt and InltUla To *o.?d h*n i. I ?ho brlnt sample o! work, gt.o-1 wagea and con I tkntemplo) tbxnt given Call at the new Ma-no I 9,.h Hlr.??t>o?P >?lte Patent Offlce ^ A .# nct^ t4''* * * c?nta per width I ae it it. WABTKU-U) OOO LADIBS to kaow tbat at tbt- New Htaniplng Ko< nil. 4 39 >th ?tre?-l,?? I panlte Patent Ofti< a. tbey cai> tibd the beat nelecte^ I aas'TUuebt of Patterua erer i.ffrred here f,.r I Moaka, Capea, aprona. Joaeya. Walau, T^ka? I Banda, ^ rapaera, Hllppera Pincushion*, aud IBi tiala Ala<>, riVaiaija for Pillow Cna?*a. OttomaiK I Chair Oovera, Piauoa. aud. In ah<>rt, every varlett I of Pattern* a? they are daily i-^med We have 1 French Mac hine and a Piactiaal Stamper, ab < have tednred the prlc.< to I FIV1 0*HT8 PIK WTDTB. We make and atamp any pattein brought na Braid*. 811k and Working Cotton very low. de i*-tf j WANTBD- BlftOND HAll 1) fflBHITDBK Aleo HIBKOK8, CABPBT8. BIDS lllo DI NO and HuUSRFUKNISHlN'J OOOl)?of every de^cri?tlon. B BUl'HLT 4*a 7th *treet ! 8-" l>atwean Q and B. eaa< *ide I 1'khso.nal. I\ faraona who have an Intereat in t.U'nf Bur>lng Ground ou 14ib street, belong ? Ponndry M K Church, who have their . ^era. or who have di-interred ttieHi. I aie iequeoted to meet at tha honudry M I ( nun h lecture room, on FK1DAY KVCNINU - 1,t' *7* P w ?to ratify theaotiouof the comuii itee appointed on the *n hject. I J N TBOOK, C M. OBKCN, j.?? u.0AaaA??.j,^ p.;,!;sa"'"S10 "D ja? lm?" Ave., bet mh and iJth iti. I\ tLTtIC*~?he p#r,on th*t left tha set of Pur I ?.?."?"KrVk?', ?? *ekruar7l0r il wul ^ ia?Q?- . BOBBMB. A|nt, jal9 St 2AS f >t., bat, utb aad 14th at*. |\l KS WOBHALL, ... _ MEDICAL KLECTBICIAH, an^?tlrr?J gT,!h Invited to eon Ho'STiVf.*'va"llD# my ">U? W*???eat. ao ?'* Haw Yark areana. ja2S-4t* I T^* ??*tOB?I hereby give notice that ~1 I Pre^iin-0ViMtrUCl#d^",on* ,n ?' bualneee of w^i ?* Flowara, and no one doing hnalneetin Waablngton la authorised to nae my name " ! : MBB PB1B8, 4-A luh atraat I Bin?r? ST FOB LADIES ?At OHABLB8 i'fH* Ho?P 8klrt Manufactory you can bny Ji0ILBi i1?*' wbalabonea, #1.50. reed* -th^rA-..' Louisiana a venae, between <lth and 7U street* ja?l lm? # "rii???''iih41" >ov b.iu', >, '1'^^ HOTICB.?Bridal and Fanaral Wr*>?K? I 1 B.Hjnet*. Oroaaes, Anchors, etc % eearv?d in svairs-jss; *-?? f.r2l h^r. .V^#^,,*4*Ctlon of P*tierna evarofkM reduced the pnce to OHB HALF that haa been charged hare- I fe- Being a practical Stamper, no tear need Ba^Hii l?V?"^wi1*lw,,l.,*,t7on Ooaeehtta. He will make and *tame AN Y pattern de 16 tf J(L??w>DC^iB,K.1 ^TT0KN Y AHO OOOH ? sJi itt4.* L.A AH? MOTABT PUBLIC, Ho^ Z2i 11th street west. da 14 ly | ?^ADIBB LOOK AT THIS * ~ I COLLAR AND CUFFS GIVES AWAY. Mmwtn* work done at the OHBAP I pi,A*.Po? viv 4 3? 9tn street, oaposite i Patent OMae, will receive grant one Collar and I pair of Oaffa, stamped on the flneet muslin, for I chain stlch. Braid or Bmbroidery, suitable for I nightgowns Star Braid an4 Colored Ootton for I the above at reduced prices. Initials stamped I from one to .Are cent*. Stamped good* at half the | price heretofore aaked. ds 2* tf I for sale and rent. Board aay be obtained eppoeite. Apply at34 7 K I street, near I3tb street, oppoeite Franklin Bow. | jan-eoot | f^OMFOBTABLB BOOMS FOB BBHT^T^V. I V> fished BOOMS for rent on 10th streeta oen- I aumft "22K?MK^hfn Awl' 10 * w BU*vMBLL under Bbblt House. jt i^-ao.4 I K^^L ?d^rribieTTiiTidIo* T,OT8 I d\wlB ^WJ^o-rbWretnaTrST' \Tr ggaryitdss.*^ boqawj^ Bab. 6IAVOI"~For Immediate tele one I the beet located smell corner store oriwik I ib Id the city. Stock end Flxtur^ .e0w 0ai gl^mh&me4lAt#lj, bj letter, to a. b. o., Olty PoSt I K??rnt,h21 BOOMS, at Ho. I 13th street between B aad F sts. de 14-tf I An?__ _ ^ bbmoval. I OBBBN A CO. have removed to ITS Pau I rxriu HfttlOBS tbey will fn,nish at Herthern prices " ' wMch I can'hiiv? l7 f?SP.h^5^ '? *V Mrt of th* o*'P letter '?rafabad by leaving addreea^orby | T Vob5 aSbiV.%^^;;?d1ii>at mhml ?li*4?u!ff?. IHBTITCTB" can now be sup J Pllad with the necessary books for theoourseat I FBILP A SOLOMON'S. ia 28 St ?.n Metropelltaa Book Stare, I ja?at na Pa. ave.. bat. 8th aad Kith sts. |jHHB BCBBBAUX WiBBSi ifevaasv ? Canlenae Medoc, Ckateaa Lafitte. ? 1KI OfeAtaa* Leorilia, " Chataan Sauterne, " Pootet Oaaet, St. JuIlea, " ?? For aala at reduoed pricea by ? i ?- ?**? * . j.17^, 'tslar;aafiakaw QPTICIAH OOP PS. ?OP?EA OLASSaa Mi SPBCKS for tbe Milsslsj.^?.8""" siatb dmr9t- umi, mm ?r *U klaii, frMi tl JD i? tu. * ? ! Baldaara, Md. BWoambum. j j^garjaysusisyttgs FOR SALE AND RENT. F?J?tk BUCK U?C8?, S.Zlf.f *M *iUr. *ppi7 t BEEN A HO MAIMS, OQfw 4 th aed H ittHU Hi * - " 1 ' P0**??T--Thr*>?^ or fanr F! IMS'dD ?i **'-?? >? for house keeping Me inn*** b*t"**n ** audiOth ltrHt<, M?r:h K?A/v *?Tr.Th ** * *J'7 > 'r?me HuUSC K j yiifil nf *M I* permnoth la North *lb tb* eor??r of mJIT?. etr-et* Or At Dm .^t*T> Kor*! Wo. 4 31 7th et. jt Ji H' F'OB RILl-fk* I \0H MiaH EK^TAOKi <lr aad DlBlfcO 8ALOOH Mo *4 UmT?* .? JJMTlrtoWi.J 0 . mow dofa?- h fair Ku'lnsaa' th^frHSEl" f'T*b for oat ! < ?!? toe promt Ml . jo?. .tf Oommnnieattng B^OMS f flr* _ floor, front euteble f jr fco< ?i?op to* for coot and lady Bm In raw* and waterTa 'V*. <** pass il*e <??r. No a; J 7th street bet Md.avo mwI L ?tr*?i* I4'0.* Tb? ?brM story iMKIOK duUBS Ro 1:0, o? Htsi Avcd tm N ,rtn sl4e u? two-BB 17th ?B<Htb otrorf. Writ WMWutoi. H-nMlfiii? Kk "{It*1' i. la Forreet ?i?g iBe B?rrow '-><>?? flr?tn n>r f?. i it ?? OW-'O >T ( UiiIUfM between tW.? ,'C. ,tor?* 'or torn* ply to B. FoBKEST ^ First rtrwt, Oierjft *n % jl $t* f4 ^1? T"u -i o?..r? ?ad ti?? Ur? i! i^fkL,.'fi?W "? Hl' at b- Wee cli!u?It ??< l ii ch,1*? f?r by -?p |l)<l|?tMo 116 ft OTO. JO?'4'* T^OOa'aJ?.? KO~?-? UN FIRST k.eatn. *? /. * KKMT-BriltaMe for ti U?. Ail *?* *. between K \ni 0 _ "*"* ,0 P*?" month ja SU 3t* *1 *?- ?P .K>PB 0IVOUiIII|? lobiu Aoa? 118 r*n "? -bian.ed a CJUrSSS: ~ """ "vsyr K(IMMT~A mi Bil' K H M'"? oat*.a i '5* "5* rooms md (.filar. ja * fiB? | SLTESff Particulars .uqnire ?t No. 3?A 0 jtjoet north, between 2d an 1 3d it* ti.t.Ctrtu l?A-f*/J?AhCB-pABTNlK -it), "!*fbU'Urmm, w.thn.uc .B.pdt on in thi? the**r,,ol> in ueo<i <jf RaVySS1Addrei#, at on e, P O BOK 7M, >mhln|:on J4 9? ?f*T-A thr?*e ?ti?ry BttI(~K lli)P4I lor.thre.- t.ert roi-ai* a d nin* *Dd kitrnpa s.tnatod B few doors from t". (JaB-toi \ t?r^Prh ?' ?h*d.wr Win b?r??t?d very cheap to a *imk1 tt-nsnt Aaply itt No 4 7 J* ?S/ 21 L'OE KENT-Thre? qafarmsbr-d BOO HS, Terr 7*Jv!l,*!Lu 10 ,m411 Nm,l> for hoB-ekMBlBK ?"reet fceftr ''^n1 ?od P.tBt o.tic<*? J?W 31 L'VbMSIIEh CHnH>4BH8 K Jh^H K N r 4 0 t per mctitb. ?o1ta< lo f .r two A frw Tablri*ardera accommodated at por m ath M . >4 Mthsoari avauue. jaitjt* h triih VfuiTu* *OOM?, to a married co ?p wlthbPt i kl.drt-D, ou It strert, one daor 1st street wcbi ja5J-003t* L'l'E EIST OR PA LB ?It KICK HOI SK c*,t *,J street we*t l?n niediatf posse*Mon at $m to grfM t-n-at. ?r to "* ?-7 B MILBI BN Sx j Q rf-et north jt!9 F(inrib^?Lf A ?UL H*iur?s . JLm",' ?"?f the l^at to tb-city; Tmn f h t * Pl',"<',<1 location f -r * grooor> ?t->re i.rtii. p<,,*,',l0D *,ren Appl, hi th? Mar v-mc _ _ja B'HT?Two <oiuruuiitcaiin> BuOSli~(fi J the Brtt floor, for tionsekeapiD*. at No 4hi L street north, near 12th stre.t we t lo cation pleasant, rooms partly furulsbod. terms uioaei otf, ja tJ Jt* BBNT-A thirty acre FA KM TboreTiTTw eood wJlr' ***.*.'**" Ild ">'1 ? P ?mp .f 1 FbVwIiTkth*l<,oor. loantreof HINJAMIN ja * 3t* u,n 11 Mon,lt WiivotComeiory. K<io.?Bf?'J"~Tt,rir* ,ror> BKIrK~aoi"sE HT, r* . *troet. tetween 2??th and list ?tro*u furtii'hed or uMiurnlnhed contaialug n. |,r room*' rn"-""k,Le,"D^i h bot '"1 ?""lf water; ,??* j.'g.ffl""-' - ? L'OB KENT OB LB A splertdid thrf-o Li? HOCigE, containin* 7jro->'ns ?'id |V, ? i>?*r c ry V/1 tl'ioor store, doing an excel it k !? The owner is aliont to retire, ?s shebu realized a fertaae. Kor particulars ?p ply on tbe preiuia#?. 2?th street, between Q an 1 H streets, opposite rtu Ou Works. This 1* a Ne l place for a boarding house as everything is cono'JKSSV.'SS.T' *"h * ?vr?. ini I^l 3 . ^ 7,11 rtr et- l:Z7Ln.D ?|OU8i FOBIHCNTT^u fcbnitcIhisTub TbrM Btory RBICK Hoi BE on E st . Wo. 4 79 bet?een 3d and 4th st? , with gas and wa'er ami in good repair, tor root. Possession gtren March in/t J l? V? 'y.I'J11 th* Ob?** bense b?-ia> tftft rS?c?? " "*,&gr F mb'if,?,'^TVI?VJ^ month Inqaire at iUi nth st. js?V^ CABEOLL PLACE, 4*^6 1st street frontlne Capitol Park ?T?ohand*ome PA BLOB!) fur? ntsbod or unfornisbed, with gas. Two OHM. BEBB Location unoqnalled. ja tn j|> KUt'd r4|L twh tkBB8T A L * A *T ^ w,i? 7?ars Isom. bow doloc a mL S S?a? Far further Information apply to JO?_? BAWL1M08.II.. 4?0 lAth stree? o?p^ slto TroMniy Department. ja K si* POBJALB-A DBUO 8T0BB, sttaated^^e * moat promloent corner to the city, well toeksd, and dolag a go?a bosinsas To be Mid fropriator baring busias.s oat of the city. Aprlyatonceto J.C. FILL, Secretary '^"^r^a110.. Box 740 City Poet Oftoe J> wb OJt FOB BEMT?Twenty acres or More of LAND with a COTTAOE, a f?w mloutee walk from ,M *''? limlta, oa the Capitol road. Bear Glenwood Cemetery. For particulars inquire oa the promiSM. Poms salon gives br the let ..f March WM. BMMBBTT^' _ja ?eo3t* Mt. PlfBMBt, near Washing ton F ??\ u n r w* 7 " **1 * *!; F a rntebed * FBOBt BOOM, la a private famiiy,snita ble for one or two gantlemen, at S*.1? 1st east, b^ b^**1! D nor">,oaar tbe Capitol. Also, one Front Boom, aafuralshed. ja iy O OAF IT AL1ITI. BABE CHABCB FONE INVESTMENT Lox'Slt- two lw<,i ,t#r7 rB&M? HonsErt and ?? ac ^'p7. bet wee a nth and 13th and r.- An ^Jlce tlJ? This property is low aad must be s?.ld. ?. L. WILLS A 00 , .. .. Bssl Kstate Brokers, ja -3 8t Nortbwost corner 10th aad Fsu. FJB 8ALE-A OBBAT B A BO AIM?The FOENITUBE. LEA8B, LICENSE, AMD FIX.* V^BBefoae of the beet located and paylna Ho tele, with bar. near the Centre Market and PonnKffftirB^r?d^iWbS?d :r. <^M4ot,l!!?ty S to?WD" J* P 9t BorthwMt cTBor^!ft|ot*h^Klfc r"?ts F and^HMlOK'hnf ,#r **1# for #1 * BEIOK B068E of tea rooms tor real. with gas aDd water, at 96" per month near the .met Mrs The Hoijm Is in good repair, and tbo Furniture is la perfect order. A great bargain fer aay ob* desiring a nsat homo. o*rg*m D. L. WELLS A CO., Koal E?tats Brokers, urihwest corner loth and F sts. H ./, r^v. g*10 per month. ja tt-4t F"5,v.i\^rBj?!.rr. 'flstsirfis of tho city. This la a rare ehaaca for persons of aiix^ecn. "" ,ta^aS? ' r?*yard,situatad?athecoraorofl6ihaadOsu ' paniptBthe yard. Bent moderate. Apply to J." Btar Office. or oa the pramleea. jau-4w UOBBE AMD 8TOBB FOB EBBT-N. 4 4? At Pennsylvaala aToaao, betwsaaMand 4H sts a ??7 prominent buslaess staad foeeesaion givaa Fobraary 1st. Apply at Odeoa HolT jUl ootf Coraor 4* t. aTd Petn.^TMaa. TT?* B thrM olory BBICE MOUSE, 1 famished, oa C street south, betwean m J? rfV0* 'o>' Bill. Inqalro of F. FAIBFAX, at tbe O^t Barroy OBoa.Oapttol Bin. between ja 14-polm* sldo of Fart Waabiagtoa. known as the fcaa?ley Fishing Land lug. on tho Mary land aid* in wiles by water and U by lasd Apply U H i zBs&i.iJs jots sTSSB;.* F?EfittTw%asZv'ii" jsj nSti iA<S5?S?.tSllSVJi!?js ?i pOB BEMT-Tb# 8TOBMBOOM Mrasrsf Pa. * Bftsae aad lln street w?#t, IB the Star OBm Baildlng. formerly oeeapied by W. ?. iSistsB M a mu?- store, aad recently as tbo oOaa of the Battoaal Ex proas otloe Apply to G. B BAKIB, Btar OSes. da ?tf I AUCTION SALES. TMIt ATTWMjrOQM AMD TO-MUUMOW. j BT ,mui * WmiAM, f ktwii. "tv&rS"S":Ti;sr ?: w w wa" """" I tol)** Matlaat , M It oVert to t I ah.n m>ii rm u>* previaae. by vlrtae ?' t ^ J ?'? * deUg ?*?> U*SOP?a??bar, A U ltd) rrf.MM Ik Libor K H foil*. I A, |rilw I fr7' ' "** ol U<? Lw< KxurW .4 tt ul>iurt?? 1 <..ui1 j.ib the L.atn.t of OolaanM* tteviaa m I "?t IMl?t( <W|, U tk? ?lte> ?( fcwta o>ng. aritb tb* la.prev*BM>at* roacietlBA efa twg '*rr Irm? Inn. ?? ..--IT* 0^k All eeaweraaclag ud rtmn* I iUn> *1 tn. Mtt of U? ^irmutr *4 4 ,n I T Vf* de> ?'f **?>. e?d It tk* tarat ?r?K(?M. I Pi1*"? *,,tl> de?? kftar ik* <a> ?f e?ia I } r?>?rr*e^ lk? rtfkt lo rriril ia? km I -****-*' r! k *?*d c?** * tke d?faaJt uc par I h> * ' rtleln* three time* in enaae M*i I l*t#r Wbllib?>d ! VMklutOR rili. I ..Troetoe I i*U*o Olllll A WILLIA4I. Aicu lfT B OOLMAB A O0 ? ~ MulMi itrtMi "TUIT AT AI'UTIOB ' #T" I . I1 ,|")|* MOBMVO. Jeaaarv .1 u VI.*k win m.||, at the alls. I ",orfc tk*r^B. the ?j b? ceat/aa?2 I trw.. a* (a nu aatil iKa wboia to v!.^*.?'*? Pie.-* and c at Pry Qoo4a ?!>? < aMrfv a ('kln-TM ftar.?aa aa-.*?.'-* ?"d ?"* ^k'rfa Sheeting, MW!IB? Tow?|i?, HiH?rr I n4'rt?r??iti Glevao 8hae|,? . ioaka. ?lbb?a. T\V?Z? t atuy bouda 1 ant.* ?od All W? | r.aaeela Tba I?4im ere Invited to at toad ,ltt ? H OOLMAM A Oo . Aa-to " B O RHOOKIK BaVatoaa RT ** .COLM AH A 06.^ AaJtloaeere ? No *P| and V?3 Peoaay 1 rauia evoaee batweea ?tb aaJ lvtb atreeia. WSB,H tB?v" I7?W*."rr"**l<'' '*? f<J. -jaya TZ a?!' J m. iuV'ow'T1 riatI/w-,3. J u/ ?2rfirL ^ ' Lr*r H WMmoo f.^c.T* "?" ? "? ? ur Bal^r' Tl" ^*rr!f**'Kl on "kibltloa at oar . .1 If 0B " *' *T,*r ' fcf>iary lat lo>t?at to att> b<T at - ? ? c yT W B. LEW is ftOI AucMgaaTta. ?iT?,,AnA J;LSTi;TV?'^ dlrs wlM u ,"^1 ;: ' a.ui jajfr.4 w, B. L4WIB ? ro.. ? Aactivn^-n. |^T OBBBH B WILLIAMS. Aoottoaaa'n "fff ."iVi'ifS On KkM^Vr.0iTr,*t , ob'?<- Aociloa. >1"1* -?S3 watiIAS ?auxflaf 25L Bl * ??-UAMS, o. t5?V5t,ST K?yo otlt rA r. ai . shall ? 11 at'our^a*?, M 1 a fluaaaa..1 tubular saw Book. aiahii.V? 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McOClkK^A OO., iuOdiMn " LfT??Di?D , looaV*'10 BB *ULU *T Tag tooriua OB MO*I;AT?VEHIIIO( r#br, h I toanclBK ?t 7 a clack, aad eoafcaBiaa eiri antil all ara aold. wa "h!Sl *|| /? ^ An^?f B^?a. lam Work. cam J Prt.lBc every braacb af llteratara ? ???'th? I oalBK tha tioaat Bcgliat editlofl. Id ala^^t bl^ I flra.'iLr Catalotaa .ow ri!j;, " j* 31d O McQFimBBCO., Aacta. NMABLI 8ALB-HOTIOB " J Br Tlrtaaaftvavrlu of Aarlfkclaa.Moa n aad 7S, iaaaad by Jubn T C. Clark ob. of tba /aatlcaa of tha Peaca for tba eaaaty of Wa^hlngtaa Dla tHctof Oolnaibia, and ta tna diracUd, I hara tbla Mtb da j of January, 13J7, opoo oaa Haraa WagoB and Haraoaa tba ?ro?arty of J T. B a' all. aa au^areader for J W. B. Kboada and h.r. ? J r BIHO OoaaUbUI^O BU1LDBB8 AND OTBKBS. ~ C%ufQ*Mntrwi+jiUr',Qfbe. Utft ,f ITajA.?,f0m , *ai?iaiMa, D f , J?uu?ri Sl.iatT '1 By order #f the ^tarurBMUr 0tiirtl, (kg intf, bar ated la tbe coaatro. tion of tbe fair feaUJi^' -?r.?tr "? * ??id Paaaa. lvacta aV.,M' will ba aold at aaetloa 01 8aTF BUA T rei.rB.f-' ? Bt IJ a'cloak aoon. BDdar tba eaaer?.a;o Jt Brajat Lleatapaat OoIodbI Jaaaa M MoorS a ^ ? i S! *ka WoraratBeat Laaibarrard near the **. ?/ 8??*k atraat. eaUetlai of a bo at 12 i2v f##l JolataBd acaatllBf, (nev 1 63.M1 feat timber aad boarda. .old 6v window frame- 42 ?*ab . and M door* Bcbadalea eoatainiac fall daacrlp?loaa af tkla laiaber may baba1 by appliraUou to ttoloaal Moore pr?Tieae today of aala *oora dajVftnr ma" U rt""OT#<1 within teadaya from Teraa caab in Ocranac t faada Brevet Brig Oea. CBAB. 1 TOMPKINS I>e:ut UmrUrBAlUr Ommtm) ? ja31 8t Act g Chief Q. M t Depot WMhlaftoi, B* * A ^ OO , AacUoaaara. Original Horae and Carriage Baaaar. 96 Loaiaiaaa avaooe. SALB OF B0B8B8, OABBlAOKS, HABBB8S, wtl.fMn r"b , 4t w*'ci-k. oTrHfcinii i- S Banaberol Saddle, *9nm' (*,uu ? lUay good Work. Saddle aad Harsaaa H.raaa. A 'tlf? S^1?0*10? 9tr?^ Baooad baad BugfvbJ^U^*WaM,?*rrlM*i' ud otber Two B#w Janay Llad Wagoaa, built la tbia oltr A L> 1 ^JUjjIjr mtm ? Csrrlacaa aad Haraaaa tfwaya aa arlrate aala j*** w. L. WALL B OQ.. A acta. BT ?*"M B WILLIAMS, AaaUoaaaia. T?*^">"?*"VAa,ArMT,n , JPi?& * dead of troat, baartag data oa tba * H?*? . M-foMoa 4l?. Be . of tba w**kiastoB aoaaty. ia tb?- I>i? ^^^ '.BBd kyjll recti oa of tba party fT^Uaw.^" r*bT?*wlll aall at jaablta aacMna. la of r.rLi MONDAY, tba litb iay A. D. 4 o'clock ? ai . Lot aambarod twenty foar 1 SOi la Wtltbcraer'a ro ordod aubdlTiai. a of a^aara numbered foar buadiwd and forty twoiMt). la tbe city of WaoBia? fr>?.ia tba Matrlct of Oolumbla, together with all " " praveaioBti tborooa. Tbla property la wall I to pro red, aad located la a ?T dealrabla aad (Baprorlag part of tbe city Terma of aala: Oao tblrd la caob, of vbiea Bag >?*t ba paid at tbe aala; tbe reaaalalag two thirda Jo be paid la aix aad twelve moatbe. with laureat from day of aaie. aM to bo Bacarad by deed of traat to tbe aatiafbetloa of tbe traatoe. Teraa of aala to be ooaplted with with!a See daya: othrrwiae tbe traatee rwoervaa tbe light to roaoU at tba rlek aad ooat of tret parchaaer. after eae wea? >a pa bile boMm. ' g' prloaa.aa tha vorV beet Blfkif for Mlid if nrbrelderj, oir miuvii m *de ft (WS^Sad'^SfprtSaa. Haw BMP aad Oorora tor aada at C- |hH| VTBA.a.oTt'iVo"