Newspaper of Evening Star, January 31, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 31, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR \ Tl? ttamMtl JrftUnr lar^r Mm. Tit* telegraph baa announce*! the mvi^v In *'in- nna i o(Mm Xalli*Thompson, danftiM : ?( a Ut? well known Hqaor merchant, bj the enraged wife of out William MeLiuthiia. & wn tby builder It rirni the affray occurred ten day* a#u, though the womrui did sot die ontil laat Tuesday The Cincinnati Enquirer So bile he* tbe tallowing statement of Mra. I' l^aof hlin : Dunne one of the early ?ntrmer months I wa* railed upon by a man formerlT in the enolev of Mr Mrl.infhlln. vbi all v in. qniTed of me tbe nam# of his feuiale fri-nd I bvarcimg in a boui* la tb? ricinity of the Gar- I d#D of Edrn. Having noticed tbat my bu?band | was frrqnpsily absent of nlfli'J, the word* of the man again reused the jealous feelings in my woman s nature, and I determined to ttnd oat wbo the woman was. though I had my ?n?pitiot?? To be a*snred. between ten and eleven o'clock one night 1 might have been t-een tmveliug away in tbe direction of the krone that bad been pointed out at to me as cvDtainmg tbe womw who seemed to be my evil genius. 1 fonnd- the honse I n* my hu?haud and Motii* Thompson together, aad oh! sir. 1 thought tbat mv heart would break 1 returned home, aad the next day. so outraged were mv feelin*?. that I nnld not help but berate my husband for bis roLtinued ill treatment. His replies were of ? ustore to *1111 increase my angar, and I don't know what 1 did pay. Kind in* that 1 had discovered their retreat, be then removed bis m'?*. the aforesaid Mollie Thompson, to No. 212 Baymiller street where she remaiaftd, anknown to me, until a couple ol weeks ago, wben 1 found oat where she was domiciled by wntcbing bts footstep*. Determined that the /?!??? should be broken up, bat not befora I had remonstrated with the mother of Mollis agams: her apparent desire to break up a respectable family, praying her to take her daughter home, which possibly might hive ti?e effect to reform ber. which was all of no avail 1 di?goi*ed myself as a peddler?a seller of ?oap?and thus gained admission to th? pres. i ence of Mollie. hut mv husband was not there. Ob Saturday la?t a wwlt, I &&d acatn paid a Tint to Mollis and this time met a Mrs. Thsmpscn, who keeps- the bouse, and found my husband iq :he room who did not rwocm/." me. In a few moments Mollie caine out trom aa ad'O^ninc room, tn deshal IU and partially intoxicated. Approaching me, she said : "Now, Vuman, 1 told you not to come here any more." " l merely remarked tuat 1 came here for my husband."' "Your husband ' Who is your husband f* "Tha! man. Mr. McLaughlin!" Wnj, that is my uncle William, and fce has no wife'.'' "Yet, 1 am his wite, and bave rfae documents to show it *" All the parti* ? were taken by surprise. and Mollis eauzht hoid ot a monkey-wrench" that lay close at haiui. and rushing 'oward me strm-k me iw<> blowe, which di>* my buihand to hie feet, whumadc the effort to ward oft another blow >1. Hie bad aim-d at mo. when 1 struck htm a ba, ic-bacd^d blow, which s'agg?red b.ia buck, tb?n eaueht the wrench rrom Mollie'e bind, (imck ti?>r a blow rifhc ovi-r one ot her eyes=, and left the bouse The only persons prwiit at tbe time were my husband, Motile, Mrs. Tb^mpson, the keeper of tbe house, and M?*? Alice Htirri*. Ccrcner Emmeu held an inqaest upon tb? body of the deceased Mo Hie. .vht-n the eyi<l??n,-e of Mrs Thompsoti and Ali?e Hum* w:n beard, which did sot differ materially from what Mr*. M EaughMn has admitted took place. had *l?rj of Seduction and 111 I tajf. About two years since a young and ibuocnt romitry *irl .Sarah M.irtm I*tt her pa- j tcii'?, who reside a fevv iniiea Irom tori Waj ne, Ind . and -oujrht work tu that pine The Kin, una quaiu'ed with the wiles and snares to be eucountered in a world where sp trilling eye? aud pretty faces are prizes t^iat excite ihe cupidity of bud men, ?ojk employ* rurut in an rating saloon, and ?ooo becam^acwitq a man named Ja:ne* M--Donald, wboirrvrd in Bill Lake's traveling circus as second clowu. A few week" of intimate acqvain'ance sufficed to prepare the way lor 'he ruin of the uMsn?pe ting girl. and pri-mi^s a> swrn and as bright a? the pictures drawn l>y "Melnotte" in the >L.adj o( L?yons'* stole into her enraptured ?onl. and shebeiieved as ;he heroine of tbe play believed. The honey of bis words lingered even in her dreams, a*lingered wi'h the Poles cf old the sweetness ot tne i/orn? 11 ? proffered hi? protection mill :b>- care aud atifoiiou ut s lover. Hu proffer ws< accepted, und the unhappy prirl njrreed in s itt ut'B! vl drhriom to live with him in an unwarned t-tate. Friends nr<ed upon her the ioip? nan. e of legitimizing her connection with >1 lunula, a. d ?he begged him to marry n-r Alter almost two year* of torturing slight and fear*, of barrow mj; allusion? to her conduct, and ot Mieer? from neighbor*, tie mar ried her They left tort Wayne and came to Jeffersoaville, lnd. He rented asmill house, dissipated henTily. and hi* wife ws< finally compelled to wuik 141 the capacity of a ?r>?nt for a Mra. Ofdt-B of tha; place. Una Monday morning, b?tore('hristmM, .McDonald came home drunk, and whipped hi- w:!e unmerclfn!ly, almost t>i> ;tkib|C Let arm McDonald etill continued di-Mj u iut m tbife city during i tie holidays, anl was freqtientty cootined in tb? S'atioii tiou'eof ti?e citj Just M?r? New Year"# day b<wlnpprd L wtf*ac?in. and fbej??.er. tielp!e-<is. ami tirart broken yirl carat* to -bis city to tint rnj-l'>vm? tt. f?be was enza<ed a^ a cook uu Tbtrd street, but tiu?B('ial embarrassments Cv>i?( ttH'.ue tne ?al<* ot the e?<ablisbment a (>w ??hv9 ibf uiiloitanat* girl. hum?l?M und fhelrerless. with but seanty elo,hiPj; 10 defy th* wintry blast, camet*>-day heart-sickened, trtrrul, to the t ir?i??irwt StMiim-houtr, and atkt-d shelter from the cold ?f.nutfillr Courier. 1>kath isa I)i>tist v Okkh * ? Edrannd koro? youRC m.iu. rw clinic in pbn, wfut to the ulhcr of D K. L,-m. denust. ot that cut v. 1?? 1Thursday, fur tit* purpose ot un* u( a Kxiiu fiuiticu. ji?* requested ibe dentist to administer '-h** nitrous oxide or Uinebtn? *a?. hut at the nam* time desired tbe !o tv h -mall one, as he (Mr. Korosme) was in delicate beal'b. The fas was ?tven and tbe op-ration performed, but immediately al'erwurd* tbe patient was taken witb spasm*, and d.ed in The office in about one boar and a ball. It appear* tbat it is th?* practice, before administering tbe nitrous wxide, to plac? a small cork in tbe moutb of tbe patient so a>- 'o ke?-p 'be jaws opru wul* eu oaibio allow tbe operator to pull tbe tootb. This course was pursued in the case of Mr Korosine. and after :b* operation th?" tooth ?liPB*<l from th? f.r. cep* and ro* Into the patient's throat. Thi*. it ?t> supposed. caused the and 1)rs. t.'lapp and Maury werei^ulfor. Mustard wa? given tk-' patient, and the tooth * &- itrjtrn oat wi'b 'he ramutrd. bat still entire reli*r w?? not (itrn, :md, while |>r Miurjr w?8op*ratiBK upon the pane?: with a b;ttt?*rj. he died. lia5?KR'? or Oial itAH-Mr. Jam?? W. Kord made a rnirniw wcipe vwilli hi? life in Kichmoud on*- night la?t ?><?k He was stopping at one of th?* ffrst-olass bo'eU, and ou awaking in the moraine experienced very peculiar sensations in ih* h~ad and stouiM b. Un arising be toond Him*elf in a very wea'n ciiniii'ion, and with dittteulty inautwred to di>*ss bim-?-lt -intl m l tli ;l ?- rliu.r nl hi? r.m r? - fr**b air Mimrwliit tiiia. and on croinr b*-iow be rej.ort^-d bin ?-a??? Af er xitniii.v.iou H was thought iba: co'il ga.* Uad ttc^rd iuio hi* room from fbe chimney, where a r>ricls had lailru out? be being in lb* third Ktory, above tb>- bane.bL?u.*e. I'U<' kbtmltTinaid, on C'>tr>< into tne room *ooa after Air. K. left, had to rrtrfat, but b*-iujc able to stand tb* L*is?*on s couduion of the roon?. Had the Are be^n kindlvu a: au earlier hour in the rooming, it is raoie than prunnble taat Mr. K. would have lost hi* life.? Eichmt n<I Timf*. WA negro ?n> run over a few daysaro by tbr traiu trout Wiliuiugiou to N??rbt>rn.N ()., "1. ? ?vu ?rir ml II n . 1 I WPniH Tnai h? *o? Ijmf iindfr ih? tram near tb?* wb^li, ?iin bis bat tlfw oil and goltlowu to get it ??><1 run over. He uvi be ran away from WllaiDfUiB. bud fot unJtr tb?* tram lor ih?* (ibr)uM of obtaining (r?* pa^tage. It t? Utougbl tbat be will die jl< pt iwthhsxow ?a p?i>on bytbe name of Hart. belonging 'oTann'on, Mass., and who left rt??*re id a d?nh on Wednesday afu?rnoju last Itrck, 1? still ini??ing. On Friday iboia *e?rcbluc for biin found a borM and sleigh on ibr iMtii'jou road, tlif boric tro*?n to death In a boui' B?ur by tbt*y discov w?l a man and boy wi?n ??ere ib^npiuninui of 'h *nri nrt,n barely eecaped d???tb trom cold. yRlbfcooe are now frequently appended to the ehoold*r? of evening dre#?e*. aad tied in a bww krkiw <beiiiM- ul lb* \*ai?t tb? end* floatin? low down npot the ?kirt*. The** ar? particalsriy appropriate with t*?dr?MM of white ftvu:\Jl n? and orirandi*. which are etripel wi'h aatio rtbhofi. a novel arrangement whicb provee very elTJ?clJ?e. %f A Ktn-i< corre*pond?-nt oj a Chicago pa. l*r ?ay? that --poola" wera aoJd in tb? Senatorial contact juit * th??y are at a bora* rae?. l b?r? are tea c boicea on tb? card. #"Th<? ladm of ijrooktyik hare organized an awocntlon w'th the view of influencing all ladres of tbe city to dieronttnne the u?e of ?ptriratnia IHjoora Hi tfcetr fttratMe* Tbe initiatorjr meeting was an erthmiastic one. vn ip Miimvca thir tbe health oi American woaaru bu improved twenty-Ave per cot. fiaee tbfj cimmnucd wwnBf tbick cloftwind warm uttd*r<tloibi*c. VSvmi areeatrie geatae broke lata the Tr*c?ar? r*e offlw at Wabaeb, lad., oae alffec laet w^it, unlocked tbe ??f? aad depot tu-d twenty-flye do?l*r? *a *he e%??* 4n #?r, learjB*?T#rrihin* etf? ondte'urhed. V At a fnir in New Hadf->rd. Mm , last w??ki Ktilvrr pii?beraad fraiter ?*n w be awarded to tbr inoet popelai- pbyetciaa. Mrs. ur. Helen W. W abater jot the moetrotaa aad UMMlTtr. AUCTION SALES. |JY SUM A WlltLLA**, iuboatm. tHESf* d?*J of tnat to mt'. d?t?<l th* 1flU 4m ofRounbtr, A D. IM mm! rooortted la Liolr M M. fi , Mo. 3, iolio# <7t>. and CI. of tfce Lut Mfoonte for W*? 6 1 nfWyieoani/_Bt??rict of Oolnm gib. a snaii ?t~u. on iuumu&i, i be rtb atf reoraar* neit, at 4 otlock y m., on tke frtaliM, eaat hair of Lot Ho 1,1a Becerratloa D, o??UluinK two thousand i?t?o hundred and thirty-at* tqaare feet four aid a half liobn, with UtolmfroTsamU, eouaJattr* of on* ?tory fruM Honae on the Croat, and aa?ther two atar? rvame Heoeefroatin* onthe Hey Tbe above described property to to sold aa per order of tho Cour t. Term* One half cash; balance in tlx and twelv* ; oath*, for note* bearing interest and aec?red by 1 a deed of trait on tho premises. All eoateyaaeia* and raTeauectampa at the coat af tha porcbaaera #100 down on tbo day of nale; aad If the terma a uvi cunyuni wua IB di? a?ll imr IM ? ; ?i Bale, the Traitee reeerve* the right to r?Mll the property at the risk and coat of the defaulting purcha*. r. by advertising three tine* id th? National InMligeacar. BOBWBLL Troatee. * - ... GBBBN * WILLIAMS, AacU. ja7 Tn.ThAde (Intell ) BI.U? A WILLI A MB, AaettMNn. | _ TBU8TEF. 8 8ALB Of BBAL BBTATB. ? By vlrtae ot a dead of trait baariag data no the fifth day of Jauuary, 1 ate, executed by John OolUna to me r<>r the benefit of Jaha Haael, aad recorded la LiUer N. 0. T., No. S7.folio HI,Ac. one of trict of Colombia, I will offrr for Ml*, on tha to FRIDAY. th? W* <Uf of /tBnkrr, 1M7. at 4 o'clock p. m. . the north part of Lot No. It. in S juare No. 867. In tha city ! Washington, I). C , fronting 18 fret and 1 insbes on Mit y"lh street. lrt*Mu A and B streets north, and nins at thnt width to tb? rear, together with the improvements. constating of a tmall dwelling bonce nod attier boildlngs. Terms : One balf ca?ti, the balance in 0 months, the pun hnaer to receive a deed and fi*a hia note, secured by aderd of trnat. All canveyancing and reveune stamps at the coat of the purchaser. A depo'lt of $ro re-iuirad at the ttmo of sale, and the trnof'o reserves the right to resell at tha cost of the parchatter If the terms of ante are not complied with within five dnva. JOHN . MORRIS, Traatae GREEN * WILLIAMS. de27 2awAd? Auctioneer*. THE ABOVI SALE 18 rOBTPONEDun til MONDAY, the llth day of February next, at tb?* came hunr ?nd place My order ef the Tru?t<'?". ja!9 -aw*<l? 6BEEN X WILLIAMS. Anctf. H?NB* COLMAN A CO., AUUTi?N AND COMMISSION MKMJHANTS. No*. 491 ao4 U'?.1 I'enaa av.,b?>t. 9th and l' ih ?ta. Malee at auction every Tm td v, Tbnredny, and Saturday morniu# aod evening B C HBOOKER. Salesman A full assortment ?f Dry Oeods, Boots, Bbaes, Famishing Goods, ('rockery. Tin War*. Rtuvev Ac .always on hand at private sale Cash ad vauced tin consignments A LSO. Wholesale and Entail Dealers In Hardware and Tic Ware, Moves, Ac , Mo*. *4'i7 ?n I 231, 7th ntr?-et, between M and H A Inrse'inantity of ttovernmtut "took. cousl?t InR of Blankets Sheets, Pillows. Shirts Gl.jthinir. Carta. Harrew, W?(nni. Wagon Wh??ls. Wn-el I.arrows Trucks. Platform Scales. Chanter S iln, C'rot kny, La-n^s. Lantern*, Tar, Paint, and v ,o?i ioflt? 8to?e Pipe Alao, large ijuantlty or second hand Stoves. with many other articles toe nil irernn* ti> emitter ate. The goods are near!/ new. and will )>e told at almost a"V pHc? to snit ja 16-lm FT OOLMAN A_CO^ BY SAOLIt CO., Auctioneers. Bale--ro.m Mo. ii?4 Peun. aveaae, Between yth and 10th el*. M AOLI A CO will ei?e their pereonal attention to the eel* of Be*l Ketate an J ITouaebold Furniture. Also, to the ?*! ?* of *tock? of Groceries, Wvne?, Li-inorf. en-l M*rrb<indtae of every de vription. Horien. Huron' Ac Lit eral t aeb advances mada on louatgnmenta. Besular Sale* at our *ele?roon avery TCK8DAT. THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, at 10 o'clock MAGLCAOO, jail tf Auctioneer*. jg?CRIT DI8KA8IS. IAMARIT7N'1 SIFT! BAMARITAtra GIFT' THE MOST CERTAIN BEMBDY BYBB USED "Yea, A Poiwtiv* Cua*," far UOtiOHHHOtA, ULMMT, 8TMOTUHKX, 4, Contalna no Mineral, bo Balaam, no Mercury O n.y Ten Pi lit to b* Takm 10 Eject a Curt. Tbey are entirely vegetable, natiug uo tuicli noi any nupieaeaui taate. and will not lu au> way iu jure tb?- etoniacb ?r boeeli vf tbe uuit delicate. Cnrea In from tw* t? four aaya, and recent cneet In'tweiitj lorr houra Prepared by a graduate _ .I., i nf Pitniuy Titnit ananf th> ....... emiueut lectors ??4 Chwulito of tiie ertsent dar nu t7W0**Tt, no trortblt, no rkann i#*?'?rrr. Let tbone who havedeepal redol getting coi#a,w Sft'm a." "'mmaeitab*Sir?" Sent by mall In a plain envelope Price? Male package*, Si. female, ?3. BLOOD! BLOOD! / BLOOD III SCROFULA. ULC1BS, BORIS, SPOTS, * "r "SI- v ?*???. gr" MAMA RITAS'8 BOOT ASD UK Mi JUICE It offered the pnb'lc u a ro*l 11 re care. OR V fe.fnJtiitAL D13H AslCS, ih? SAMARITAN 8 ROOT AND HIKK JL'luC t, . nioei petent. eertaio and etfectnal remedy ever pre scribed, It reaches and eradicates every partlnle ol tne veuereal poison, so that the care is thuruagfc aud i-ermanetit. Take, theu, of this purifying rem edy *ud be healed, and du not transmit It to root posterity that for which tSn may repent la after DO MOT DESPAIR I A It boa* a yon may oe prouooncee lnenrahls. SAMARITAN ? ROOT AND HBRR JOf^ORS will remeve every vestige ef Impurities from ths mt^io, M wt?il fts All thd bid eff6Ctl of Mffrowv , r*mal*?i female11 happily adap?wl. la Ulcerated Uterna la Lettcor rb<?a. In baartaa dowa. If ailing of the Womb, debility, aad (or all complaint* Incident to the aa* Beat by expreaa Price fi ji perbottl*. SAMARITAN T? WASH SiXSftSfWSllS:,"4 '"??? "? Fall direction*. Price ? oenta The efficacy of thwa remedlea la alike acknewl fassit1 t*" ,"ussw.w?i"'"u "Port oefiral, Foet Marshall, Baltimore. Md., Fab. *?, 18S4 ?"I hare rraal eaCtafacu.n la itattac tkat lhave aaed The Bamarltaa Hemedlee' for Veneral lUauei la ita mo?t caatotaary forma: tbatl ha?e aaed them with jndament, dlecretiea and pfofariy, and, hare found than reapoad to my aattotpatioBi> promptly ani effectually Kaowini their aompoalnon, 1 have the fa 11 eat confidenceio their aAoacy, aad aa far aa my aa* of them extend*, 1 raooaaand than atrongly. "illBVn n anmae* " Awlataat 8ar*ieoaT tth VoU. MA by I. O. FOID, Mnwlltk Mr?Mu4 PeoaCOLUMBIA HMlPiTAlj fOK WOMBS / AMD j LYING IK ASYLUM, Fourteenth tre?t,<elrcle,)cornjir ef M street, Waahlngtou, D. 0. Tbla Inatitntlon hu been eatabllebed for the reception of patient* who may be suffering from die* eMvs peculiar to their ae*. mid for the admission of ?ucn female* aa may require the ootaferta of the lying in chamber The buiMfn* la situated In the moat healthy portion of tba District, surrounded by Ha own frounda. Oara raae the door every flve minute*. Termi' of adnrie?lon: From $6 to #10 per week, fn accordaB<-e with the/eom required, payable la advance Thl? Ineludee Board. Hedlclaea, Medical and Surgical attendance 1KDIOAL DTAIf, srnr.*o? is chikp. ? j h thompson, m d.. "treotg. OOABCLTlJiU I'UY SlrlA.Nfc aNU St EO ICONS. .* ? ?a*blm, m. p. sargttoa Qtotrkl, Cut I?<1 States Aran. JOS. ULK!, M D., Gaorjatpwm. THOd. millie. m. p , ft traat. WaaHngton. a.Y.P GaENBTT.M D.. New Tork avaoua. W PjlOHNUJoN. M B , Waahlngton. o? ^jftom tylbb, m. f> , Georgetown. p. howabd, m. D., p afreet. i Ortwi for idBlntot to Ik* in* be4a fa tkii boaaltal, (of whieh there are %>J can be obtained of the Mr|MB in oM?f at this offlee, I?4 I atreet, or of u; of the Madtcal lUn, a ad of tba Be*a. Dra. Hall. Garier. Gillette. aad Coomba. WlTea and widow a ef aoldfera deal dog admlaalaa will aypir to the Surgeon Oaaeral, United Statea army. ! Patienta llrlaa at a diatance wha daatra to earn* to Una Institution for treatment caa eecure ?ri rate room a by applying by latter to tbe matron of tba hoaMtal. U alLLKTTE. D D . \ ~~ao~?-eolr** " ~~ P'reeldaat. P LODBI V PI A foil saiurtmmt of all grades choice Floor for Bakers: qaalUy-Bo 1; pric?luw. Are the enly direct rectirers for OoMra Hill, J. H Oambrlll (lot Pata?sco> and Ltaganor Family Floors Id the District. As tba 1 attar brand Baa been snsnaitely counterfeited and seld la tbie city, wewonld Inform those wishing this flourbf arrangement with the millers we furnish It lower than It Can Be Abtalned from any other Source Qaallrj second to none. Price fraction leea than other irat cleat Famflr Floor. Buckwheat atlow rates. . All gradee of Wsstera Vioar astore aad for sale >AW b' Indlaaa arenas and 1st ktreet, ( . ?wrQni?t. IV KW BOOKS?War OUlmant'e On Ida; by Geo. m W. Ball. Bleaaente of Medical Oaemt*trr;by rs; br Jallna SlWaraaHh. latrwtartloa to In* teraatjoaal Law: t>T waelear; n?? idftlos. 4a C#?rt. kr Mablb*cJj. Tba Merahaataf ?*Hla. ' ^*^kib.rrhe?i: ?:!?'? ii i?U rfcAWCK T1TL0K. pHTSirtlijr'i HAHD-BOOK OF N&OtlTl 1 * i WMAHOE TATLOK. 1 PROPOSALS. PROPOSALS fOB^ARMY TRAHSPOBTAQl ARTltMAJTMChtWMAL't OTTl<r?, I nun llo clock a . on Um Mthof Fabntory.Jttf, for ika transportation of Military Sup pi toe du*iag the year iMa?Mhi( Apr*I l, IW, Md ??<iH Marth 31,IMt.oa tbo fallowing routaa: moon M?. i. ? From Fort MrPberaon Irtruli Territory, or aarh H'U u may bo detenalaod n?"? during tlio >otr onttt* Ob*u bttHk of tko Ualoa Pidte r ail rood, wait of Fort Hefhorm. or froan Fort Laramie, Dakota Territory, to uek io*U or *0p?U aa aro now or MT he ?atakli h t-d 10 tko Torrlty a Ribraika. ?itt of loagUade 11 dag , In Ike Tenltbt* of Montana. tootb of latitude *6 dor. la tbe Territory ?T Dakota. wNt of longitude )mdag., la tko Territory of Idaho, r ath of lati tode At deg.. andofenoflonaltade 1U dog , and tn tbe Territories af Ctak and Colorado north of latitude to deg , including If nooomary, Denver OUr. . . BODTB Bo\.a From Fort Blley, Mala of Enema, or raeh point* ne ?ay b>- determined apondnrtog tko voar on the Union Pacific railroad.M D., U any po?ta or depota that are now or may ho ratabtiaba.1 in tboBtarcnf Kauai or in the Territory ef Colore dft. AOUth ftf dflilMvrAAa Anrth ?4 ?-v. ?u, ?u? iu on 1'iilofi. Hew Mrxico. other dejot that may be deatcBBted In that Territory, aid to any other point #r points oB the rout*. BOOTS Bo. 3. Vroaa Fort CbIob or anch other depot m may be eatabiUhed It: the Territory ol Hew Mex>co,t<> bbj poet* or stations that are, or may he eatab llsned in that Ten Itory, and ?<> each posts orstationa aa mat be de^lgBated Ib the Territory of Arlr?na, and 1b the Stata of Ti xaa west of longitude 10* deg. BOrTB Ho, 4. From Bt Pan!. Miaseaota, to anch pasta a- are now or tijsy be catabii?bed In tbe btate of Hlnneaota. and 1b that portion of Dakota Territory lying e -?t of tbe MiaaoBii river. The weight to be transported daring tbe year will not exceed on Bonte Mo 1. .10,000 UOO pounds ; on Boute Ho t. 20.m># WH> pounds . on Konte Ho. 3, K iKO Ouo pounds. Bud on Bonte Ho. 4, 3,400.W poi.nde. Proposals will be made for each route sapa rately. Bidder* will state the rate per 100 pnanJs per 10tt miles, at which they will transport theatoreg in each month of the jp*r, beginning April 1, 1867, and ending March II, 18n3. .I...,.- _ ? -- immu miiii uivir aimri n mil. m* veil as thfirl places or r?*nid?nce, and each propositi should be accompanied by a bond Id tbe inn ?f ten thousand $!n,0O>) dollars, signed by two or m--re responsible persons guaranteeing that Id ca?e a contract i? awarded for tbe route men tioned In the prop'-sal to tbe tarty proposing th<> contract will be accepted and entered Into, and K<>?>d and sufficient 8<"cnrlfy furnished hy Mid party in accordance with the terms of tbisadver tlffUirnt The contractor will be re<inired to give bonds in tbe following amount*. On Route Wo. 1, .f 2.'0 <M0 On Moufe Mo 2, JKt.mxi. On *<>nte No 3, 100 CO. Oa Monte Ho 4. .'IHUO Patis'actory tUmri. of the loyalty anl solvency of eacn bidder and persob oflerod as security will be rcqnlred Prop"?als must be endorsed " Proposals for Arinj Transportation ?n Konte Ho i.i.3,<?r 4,'' a*- the c:ise Kay be. and hol? will be entertalne<i unless tlisy fully comply with the requirements ot tble advertist-mcnt. Tlie party to wln-m n? awarl in made must tv prerartd toexe*a*e the contract at once, and to jr1?e the required bonds for the faithful performance of tbe contract The right to reject any or all bid* that may he offered la referred. The contractor* on each route mn't be in readlii*Mi for ?t>rvir* ty the l"t day of A art). 18*7. and will be required to ha>e a place of ttuatuea* or agency at which he may l>e communicated witti piomptly and readily for Route Ho 1. at Omaha, H. T.; for Beme No. 2, at F >rt R'iey. Kat>?aii; for HouteNo 3 at Fort Onion.New Mexico;for Koute No 4 at Saint Paul, Minnesota, or at such other point for each of tbe aeveral Koate* m may be indicated a? the atartlng p<-iat of the route. Blank forma ohowing the conditions of tbe con tract t* l>e entered into for eacti route can be had on application at thia office. or at the office of the Qnart< rmanter at New York. Haint l< um, Fort I.eavenw. rth, Omaba. 8?rita Fe,aB<t F^rt Bnelline, and mult accompany and be a part of the p?opo?ai. By order of the Quartermaater General. ALCXANBKR BL1S8. Brevet t elotiel and Ainistaat ja lk 3*t gu?rtermi?t?r, U. 8. A J^AVY" SUPPLIES. _ Hivt Dkpahtmkxt, f Purmu Provisions an'l CiolAini, J an. 12, 1^">7. \ Separate Prop. ?al?, ?e?ie<l and endorsed "Pro ro?ala for Matt Hupplifo,' will be re. ei ved at this bureau until 2 o'clock on TUESDAY. (lie lJtti day or F?-l ro?rj next. for fnrnlebtng and d*-HTeritiK kt the L nited btatca Navy Yard* at Mew Y, rk m l Bo?to?, "?n or before tin- firm day of April next, 11 ? nuantltlea f the different artir|e-< sperifled iu th?-f llowing list, two-thirds to be iaiifered at >?? l?rk aii't OTiH-iblrd at Hotton, vl/. ; Ne* Navy Beef, 3 U0>> hh's , par bhl. New Navy Cork <1 floo , per bbl Kice iou <* poumU, par ponud l'ru-.l A|.|>|ei, im i?hj pucuds, per pound. hugar. ujV.'Ai pound*, per ponnd Ttn. 40 <*W pomxl". per ponnd CaTpH II Ml fu *\ r^ I.< an*. ?.<?*) bupbt-la. per liuabel M o'lifii, "Jvj,10 (iit'.loi,*. per g Viaesar. U) 0U0 gallon*, p- r K*ll?a . ? Bida will he f. eel re 1 for one-foortn, on# h?lf, tbr?e-fonrtba. or tl>? ?1. le ?f the quautltie* tiiuic,: and ilio?e oiily will b?Mc*pM, which -ir? Cdutidtrtii for th??ilv4Dtu*ut tb?ttov?ruiii' ai All the article* ei-nta n?<l in the abow Hit most b>- * jo?l tw (tie biv; ttandard and pa*? tha usual ioapection V Or a d?-?riptiOD of the article* and 'he Pftck ag?n to eontaiu tbMn, bidoer-" arrjreferred to the trtii'Pl** at the (aid aavr >?d<, an t for inform* tloB a* to tbe law* aa<i regulations (la ptmohiet form) regarding Contract* to tn?> ottiCi-H of the Couin attracts unJ i'ayiu asters uf the several \y yard*. namported articles will t>* reraised In bond free rom duty, acl no lut- rual revenu'* tax will be <.n>rif7aDi<* up' n my tutne ?"OTt ariicies KTervoItT Dull b? a cottpanie 1 by* written po?r*nty aimed by oti? <>r more re?pori?ibl" persona. to the etleot h? ar they undertnke that the bidder or l id ier# w :J:, It ! >? or their bid b>* accepted , enter lulo au obligation wituiu tire data, wiib good and huihciebt nuretiea, to furniab the cnppli>a propoaed; the cottiprteacy of the Knar *nty to be certified by the i'ayaiaater, District Attorney. <T Collector of th?< Ctntouie. No pivpimtl wiii be con-td>*r<?d imleaa accompanted by anrb go irantv, an ' by natiafac*c nr ?viiienco that ttia bidder ia a r^ealar dealer id the article*, and haa the iiceaae re<juirt*1 by act of tioDRteas il.HUIDOB. ji? i2-atw Chlat of Bureau. pboposatsnrdbhlw^ail. Bkpartvkvt or Tin Interior, S Waihimgtun Jannary 24, 1847. ) Prop'ii??l? will be receiTnJ at I 111 e !> rarta- nt ai ti! 12 o\1o<k w , ui MONDAY. the 4'bof March for the rection of th" I ell in and for the District of <'olQuil ia. authorized an1 proTirled rer by the act of <'ondreai, approved J oly u is*. Tbe design", detail drawing!, and upeciflcation* can i?? reen at the architect lln-.-, ia theea-tern S round* of the Capitol. Washington city.every ay except Sunday*. b*tw?en ike hour* of t a. m. and 3 p m., on and after the 2Sth lust-tut. 8?p*ri?l^ bi4? will e received for tlx* tnnonry work,brick work, iron work.an4csr???utry work. The contractor w nose bid ni?y be accept*# will 1-e re .uir' -l to enter into a tatlineat bond, to be approved by the Secretary of tbe Interior, for tbe faithful omsleMon of hl? r-ontract Payment* will he marie a- the ?or* pronres*ee. on estimates ce?unea moy tti? archlt?rt, r?nt twenty per cen turn of the estimates will t? retained uutil the cen tract la comj l-t*d Tfceconttart will he awarded to the loweet reeponaible biddr. bnt the D?*p?r|meiit reservea lh? right to any or *11 ?f the hide should It be (letmed for the inter?einof the Government to do SO. The bida will he opened at noon on the 4th of March next, In prfseLce of inch of theblJdereas may cliuo-s te ?tt?n<1 Proposal" should be endorsed on the envelope, " Proposals for Mew Jail." and be directed to the " Secretary or the lnterler, Waehinfton. D. O " O. H. BHOWMINO. ja 2A-w<w Secretary of tbe Interior. TO P&AOT1CAL PC M I' UAKBKd A BID PLOMBBKS Mayor's Office, I W\?Hii(iTon, Ja? 28, ia?7 ( PrepoaaU in writing will ?>? received at thia uiik up io iz <>'< jock m. no THURSDAY, 7th of ITebraary next, for making I'n nips. Hydrante, Logs tor coDTtfiug water, ?n l for Kinking Willi, li.eluding all nec??eary material* and workman?litp in itluging, laying. fixing, and completing in th<- teat manner, and tor keeping the Porn pa and Hyilraut* in perfect repair In iba rirat district composed of tli 1st an? 2d ward# ; in theaecond district, composed of the 3d, 4th, and 7th wards ; and iu the third dlatrlct compoaed of ttietth end ?th wards, each district <e be hid for Mparetely, ad to k?a siren to dltleiant contractors.) for the term of one jeer, commencing on the 1st day of A ptil. 18'i7 Bpecllcatlone can he seen at this office. also at the ort ceot thi- Commissioners of Improvements, io the basement of the west wing of the Otty Ball. The bi>U fur the Iron Ptioape and Uydranta will be lor the whole eity. Th Mayor raearyee toblmeelf the right to reject hu? or all bidaif be deems it to the interest ot the Cei^oration to do ao. B.WALLAOB. _ja <? eotd (Intel.) Mayor. M A 1 L OHOOOLATS D* * AWT AI8 IB. * BVXHUNS. ALSO, MAILLABD8 OHOOOLAT PAB BXOBLLBNCB. (Triple VaniHa.) This Triple VanillaOHOOOLATILIt superior in quality and flavor to any otb<<r ildde la this country,and la prepared *?peclelTr for table aae. H. W. B[ HOUILL. oeraer 14th and F streets, jaS under Bbhltt House, j^|AOKIAli AMD OODPUfl. 10 OUO pounds large BBOK1CODFI8H, ?0 barrels Ho. 1 MAOKBKEL. Just re< el*?d aid for sale at our wharf. at the foet of Seventh it. 8 P BBO WN A BOB. Oemmf selon Mercbaate. ' <1?l# tf Bo. ,46B Nlatbet., bet; Band W. C! O B. JlVKLL. I F40AP AH? ftAMDL* M ARUr AUTDRKR. Th? inbfvUM wU| M? all kt* old frlrndi ?Ml enraiffl ?t bit new ?l*e?ofba*1Btm. O itrnt north. Mt (tl i>4 ?b?r? he will Imp ?yuk?mf m fcanT hi* pr? itiim 9otp? ?v4 *UI c?ntlna*u> >*ll tfr*tn arth* toWMteakh )rio*?.- OatrMt.b*tvmiimwimk nrr 1 the ,oo?ji%TlJrti_J H Kldiell,

t iTSh S^O^^fSsi^iSiZ fK?3 An amrrW Fialll nr v^amwv. by J. b<mm Bro??-. A1**01? ff >h* libUloB br Jo ha [ ' rSASCK TAIIOI, TJ?. Ui ,5/? LEQAli , WPIOiBS. H ? aSSK.'iSSSMr.'" DW PatrfetwB Joyce, I J?*pW Job mod. Harr Job* > K??lty Vo.MT. on, Joba Biuob. Johaj Vlra mad Joba Malono, de-1 Kigtl. of tba bill 114 ii'thli caaao U to ?racara a docrqo for tbo aalo of eertniB ffoooe or parcel* of groaad Irlai and btloc la Washington I city. PUt rut of Ootnami, btiaflxit lud part of I Lot 4, in ftjuare I ,M, to aatlafy a debt da* by dof*a<i*at. Joaeph Jobaoon, u> the r??aUianata. The lit It oote forth ia aabetaace that the iald i Joseph Jobnoon wae Indebted to aald complainaata In tba earn of $U7 40 for goo<la aold ant do- ' livered bf comaleluanta to the aald Joaepb John- I fUll. ? MIBCWI lUUUKl'll UK VWSU UVUl ll?C aid Joseph J?>hn?on vm seized and pnaseased af th*said plecaacr ?arc*la of gr and, which. while irnanlrnllr eainytd to ?id def.tdant. Jobn If. Haasun. la trust lor the scle Ha* aid benefit of Msry Johnson. wife of aald Joseph Johnaen. Thatcomplelnarttenbtalned.HKifment of aondemoaliuu i f tbe aald piece* or taTO?ll of gr<-nrd In sndb? ! rttie -f na attachruent leaved out i f the collision lav tide of thla eeartfa f*r*t ?>f eemalMneats ?t*ltiet aald Joeeph J"hiie>>i? and praya that tha naid deed of trnat from eatd Joa~vh Jehtiafcn fa aald J ah ft M. Haason aaaforesaid be prodaced before tbe Court, and tha came ha cancelled That the >aid complainants. after the iaatfaf af aald aKadnieot and the lariat af tha snnie on tha said piacaa or pjirorla of ground,aacertalued that tha aald defendant. John Fljn, claimed to bare a Ilea on tha aald pieces or parceTa of gionod; that on aaarchinjt tha lud records t * asMngim county Dlatrtat of liec or deed vl trust was recorded In aald land records, I ut that after finding of the jnt[ and indg , Dirui VI lUDUVIBIIUUB t'U IUO HUHrmBCRH. IQf id record* were again searched and a dM<1 of j trnst from 14 Jeeeph Johtson t* John Malone, to stcnre John t'ltn for the earn of .$10uh,?m , foand recorded. To at the said Heed of tru?t wm recorded Marly eleven ironVn after the date ; tln'ieof, and over two moatlis aft?r theiasaiau an 1 levibg of aald attachment. That the aid attach mentis a prior lien om the said pieces and parsels of ground. before the aald deed of tniat. Pray* a di?cuvt?rv(of the amount *1111 doe and nnaail on aid de.-d of trnat. and prays a lal* of the said pieces or parrels of croaBd to satisfy the demaada of th? complainants and other creditors, and for en injunction asatnstsatd defendants Joseph Jehnenn. Mary .fnhncon, John M Hanson, Joha Fl> n and John Malone, and their confederates, wliex d'aco\t>r>d. to restrain and prohibit ttieu ai d tieir ageut* and aervanta fr>m aellir* or imposing of. or la aav manner farther lac timbering, tbecaid places or parcela ofgrannd : Itis thereupon this id day of January, 13*7, adindeed atxi ordered that n??1oeof thissnit hefivea to tbe raid ?o i resident def> ndanta, Jovph John son, Mary Johnson. and Jobn Flya,by publixbtug aMMrtf thi? nr<Ur fn 111* ttfUfinoHtif ? paper rnbllabed jt, the city of Washington, Iti tbe District of Columbia, three time* a ?eek for sis ooLseruti ve w eek* wkmlng ?a1d non resident doft-ndants to be ai d appear, in ?er?on r by solicitor, at rale* to be held In the office of the Clerk of thla Court, on tbe lint Tneaday ef Jane, A. D. 1*7. to answer the ?ald Mil of complaint; other wi^ethe game will be taken pro roflfetio against them Provided the ti rat publication of thla order Rl>alt appear at least fonr month* before said first Tuesday of Jnne. 1*7, ana stating the object aud substance of aaid till of cwnplftlnt. A. B. OLIN, As-o< inte Jnstic#, Ac. Atruecopj: K J MKIQS. Clerk WM..) MILLKB, Solicitor for complainants. ja4 Sfawfiw i IKPH AN8' OOUBT Jan. 8. UM.? Distbict o? colcmbia, Wa8h4..9to* oointt, Town: lu the cane of Abraham Itlakely. executor of Blizuteth Mile* deceased, tbe executor aforesaid has. with the approbation of Uk? Orphaus' Court of Washington C<.niitT aforesaid, tp pointed iumdt;, the 31st dav of J auu?rj. li.7.for the final settlement and distribution of tbe persona) estate of aaid deceased, and of the aaaets In hand, as far as the same have been collected an I turned iuto m* y , when atid where all tbe oreditors and heirs of said deceased are no tided tw attend, with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise bv law be excluded from all benefit In aid deceased's estate Provided a copy of this order be published once a week for three weeks in the Evening Star, #revl"??s to the ssUd day. Teat?JA8. K. O'BBIRNE. ja U-lawtw* ltectater of Wills. I'M* IS TO UTI MOTIOB. That the snbscrl 1 has obtained from the Orphans' Court cf Washington county, in the Oistrict of Columbia^ iK-iii i?o ii'i-.iiwj wu iu<' wmemi uitu OI T Braxton, late of Wa*hingU>ii, I). C., deceased. All persona having tluuu agatn?i the said deceased, are hereby waru?xl to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the sabsrrl ber, on or before the 3l*t day of July next: the) may etherwise, by lav, be exclcdod from all benefit of the said eatate. Given tinder my band this Sist day of July, ]8r? MAM J BKAXTOh " GOVERXMBNT SALES. Auctioh sale of government build IMO0 CkitJ Quartermaster's OflIce. Dtpetaf Washington,I Wa>htn*ton. J) V.. J?na*ry j? 1^7 J Will be uM b> urd? r ot the <4u?rter!iiait?r . # ral , 0*1 Tilt Hbl)AY. Kelruy y 7. at 12 o' iork in,1 u. nnder the supervlslnuof li?-111 u-int OolouH .Ian M. M < re A. *J M., the !.,liouin? kmu ii p*, oil M street, Lear the B. an I o 'ii B. D?P"t. *>tie <.reiiery, 3. by 1 feet One Ofline. 12 by io lett Ouk ttuiUtntf. i* by A> le t. One ""bed U by i\ le??t. One Stable, 15 by it> tret. t'uo sink au<l f ?-ni e Terms in O..vrmuieot fund*. ' haki.kj h Tompkins, Bretet BrU ?*ti Dept. i; M (i?o , Actiov Obi?f UOartwrtne-ler, je 28 lit D*p'>t of *'?ahto?ton. # jovbhnm knt bale The property known g< the "'iOVKBNMBNT TANNEIiV AND hTIAH -AU MILl., ' ?i li -v?n'> live ecree of lend, near heu Antonio, Te\a?. { ewled Prop< ?e!?, in dnrllcht", will i><1 received nf t' tlie 1st iter of March, 18.7. for the purctme of seventy Ave acr<-e of l?rfl, men- or lee*. togetbei with tb<- bttliuiugs ?recl<d th'-teou. an 1 the epparteuaacee eppt rtainuif. tti*t la to eay . ''N B 1A 3MKii^ , Couteinirjr t? *lv* .?t<-?NB lIMK VaTS, Jk'lk'l i'-TWO WOOH?N V4Tt?. ?*v*H ?T?v? nnni asH r-npnble of tan:iing B1n>en thousand biles hot mn nil (ii OMR HTEAM SAW MILL, et?abl? or sawing three thousand te**t o' lumber <)hI!v (INK SMALL bTOHK KU1LUIN Th? above protartv i? situated about two mile* ab \ e Han Antonio, on tha flan Antonio rivf. tod the water I* endnote*! to the establishment by a race of twwn (tone, laid In c*oieut The land wu purcbaae.l anl Improwaments made l?y tbe lit* ?o-c*llel Confederate Ooreru Tn? Bt, and are estimated to have cost flsoOUOin gold Tberrorerty has been underload for the year lH6r>. at ? monthly rest of $AM, payable in ad *tnre. A scenrtd tltl? in fee simp!? will ba tttveu Ijr tin- Crited State* Goverua'-ut Proposals will be n.arfced 'Proposals f?r Guytrnnitnt Tannery sua taw Mill.' and addressed to J B. KIl'DOO. bit. Gen.. Aaat Com. Knreau K . V and A. L., Galvaston. Texas jail St llkfeVlkM iflWlfl u 41IL VUBf I stn d?w receiving from Boston direct, the very finest quality of MESS MACKBBEL, sad which rarely find their way to this market, bflni usfd moMly for borne consumption. As tb?*y < beea trimmed of every p ?rt but the most palatabl*. the kits contain very mucb mors tban the liuuutity usually packed. N. W. BUEOHBLL, Corner l?th an J F streets. ander de 1 tf Bbbitt Hons*. \J 1CT0B BIOS KB, PIANO TUMEB AND BEQPLATeB.^. Bmtabluhid in 1866. km! omt>t*s JOW RKcKTVgTl at DEMP8EY A UTOULK 8. Bagravers and Stationers, Ac . 34tt Pa. av., bet. 9th and lirtb sts. t. C. BAloiiBMUAUH a Piano Booms, 49b llth street, near Pa. arenas. Spreinl Netimfrom Vfm Knabt f Co., Buhimort. Mr. Becker flu tuned Piano* form at oar Wtrerooms, ana w take pleasure in stating that we believe bin to bo a competent taper. no 21 3m PBOTBCTBD Bf11 oVal*i.*TT B8 PATent .of Biifland, and aecnred by the aeala of the cole de Pharmacia do Porta, udtba Import*! College of Medictoe, Vienna. Trtesemar Ho. 1, la the effectual remedy for Be taxation. Bpermathorrhoea, and Bxbnustion of tbeSyatem. Trieaemar Ho. 2 ka*entirely aaperked ed the nauseoita use of Copavia, Cnbebs, Ac. Trieetmar No a U the Infallible remedy for all Impurities and Secondary Symptoms. thus obviating the nse of mersary and all other delete rlons Ingredients. Each preparation it In the form of a moat agree ablo Loienge Secured from the effects of climate and chaagaa of atmoepbere. In tin caa?s, at f| each, or four fScasea la ut? for $9, and la &a ca?0?. thna taring !}? Divided in separata doses as administered by vaipean. Sail am and a, Bonx. WhJssale and ratal! by Or BABBOW. So. Ill f^ojSfbSfideo of S.^J*fc"oBD. Ho. Pran'g Umi.WMf lltfcl. ?Hf IHB9BKAT BBBBLLION. by John Minor aottf, 41-60. U^wwUr tod CbaracterleUo n, by 1. t*. Whiffle; f 1 75. The Science of Wealth. by Amaea Walker; |S lilfe and Tlnee of Bod Jncket, by Wm. L, filoue. f? The 8*uotnnry; A Story ofthe Oivil Wnr. by Hlcbola; tltaet rated; ? . Klein* the Bod; A. Novel, by Bdnnod Yatoe; 76 centaTBaeo fur Wo*Hh, by Mrs. J H Biddell; 76centa. - .1/ DO 11 1AI iiUtt, P"'?Rn SAP SAOO. PABMBtUn, ROL1SS PAtBT CHMf*. M *?*** ob TOBK CBBAM. ?ornW V*nri??nth and r atreeU jt 14 nndT Bbbltt Hon*? si^rnKgtft.agtetcg I OIBBO?Bii* fallrtM OhUkerfM SrMdtUM I r ?iicii m uh mm h for Hit u*ob *MT terma. Price vMH| Ik* rt, itTJ?*OTT M no . u>J foWkm*u ? &^'?W wtTAi? . .'jiU iwi BAiLRtfAD?: ! >M>n I TO TH* MO?THWm?TjlWUTE7jJII> ftoCTH* _ . Jirns HiDrx*.i , ?M ' w >oT?mb?r W, MM, ?r?lnt wtll )mt? M MlowsWukiwtrJl 7 Ma I Ball llff ill* mm ?T ?H Bfrbt 0*r? with rood?ru tanrov?mcntc, MMTlnc frwa fbnr to tvolwo boom To ttmo ?t*t fj other root*. Two htiarirod b1Im Mr*4 to ' tor* mi otitrii W?w Tork _ Two Dtilr TraiM to Ik* W?t. _ " " " Horth. SftWutei j^r^*waMT" "? Pmnirer* by tkM roato from IKItlmor* h*?? tll? UTinlmsfMktu^l rli.a... I> IIMIOH bbpotb. u4 bo ianu Ticket* by ikU root* ? M ?roc?rW *1 Um of f*. cortjor 8 th ud PtturlmU ?*?!??, ndfr ttt National Hot*). wbwo reliable iatorMflo* will be ft-r%a at all time*. ruNiKm ?roct>r1oa( t<ck*?* at thU oflee eaa ?wnr? Mr?aio4Mli>M fa B!???!bc Car* for Kl ira or Pittatmrc. B. J W1LK1NS. Ticket Agqt. ? Weehiautoa. D. 0. ID. I. YOtTHQ, On. PaM.AfMt. Baltimore, Md 4p t ly WASHINGTON, ALEXANDRIA AND GKORuKTOWN aAlLKOAD. TIMB TABU. vo MM "WT SUH DAT, 11, ISM i>i ?nui fwrikjr noti?<>. pmwgtr Trala# will mo bE twaea WMklaitoB aud Alexandria aa follow* ( LBAVK WAShlRWTON. LuVlALIZtipmt From Md. BTeuu? d*r. t. From o?r. bake m Henrr Local ?' ? *:U A. M. Local at 4 4; ^ Tbroi)(l>Hill Jft " Local cor Kim Local at. 7 00 and H?nr>' 8 00 i ** ?"? " Local at- 8 00 " ? ?? P. M. " 10 00 ? " 4.30 " " _ . ini J ?3f ? Throofh Mail . cora'T of " II-30 " VukeA Usury 5 ju P M. Local cor King ?nd Hanrjr.... 7 VO W..?WAJ * T1AI*8 J " v%!?Xma ? Lllfl ALF*4WT Eta. . . v_ -I pui. i ruin CIT Ufllt tt?tiry Through Mall 6 31 A M. *U , Local at i 41 A.M. Local ?t_ > V P. M Through Mail lluP.H. 0. A. 8TKVFM9. General 5npertntflnde:it. nolo W.J PfllLPH O^ditiI Xtntirr. ' | ^ U BO (Gil LI NKBJCT W K * |T WAittilHU TOM _ Wuhiwtoi, Jan. , 1*7. Trains between Washington and Maw York ara BOW r?n M follow*. Til. FOB HEW YOKE . wlthoat change o4car*. Leave daily <ax<apt Sunday) at 7 *5 a. m. and 6 * P at FOB NIW YOBK, chaneln? cart at Philadelphia. Leave dally (except Sunday i at 11:16 a. a. and 4:90 p. m. FOB P1IILADVLPH1A. Leave dally (except sfnnday ) at 7 iS and 11 15 a. m.. and ?^9U and (.Vim ON SUNDAY. Leave far Mew York and Philadelphia at t:SO 9 m only. t*l< t-ping cara for Maw lark on 6 90 p. ni. train dally. ThrOnfh tlcketa to Fhlladelphla^Maw York or DoaioD, r?n d? u?'i at toe Mnion Otflee at *11 Hoars Id the d*7. m well u at the new offlcn li the ranker* iimI Brokers Telegraph Line, 14" Fenn. avenue, >?tvr*?n 8th ard 7th etreete. See Baltimore and Ohio Ballroal advertisement for schednle between VVaahlncua. Baltimore, Ana* poll*, an" the Wet J , L. WILSON, Master of Transportation. L M COLI General T1ck-t Aceut ? <>. 8. K.OONTZ, Agent. Wa.hinrton 00 JD-tf WALT I U0BB~AB D OHIO BAILBOA D ~ Wi4HiS(,Mji,J?n e.lW. lr?T.S'raStt%WAVHD,VSB re now rn aa follows, vi*; _ FOB BALTIMOBI Leave daily except Bon-lay. at T.&i, 7 43. and 11 is a. m., and and 4 9U. and 8 00 p ni FOB ALL WAY STATION* Lx>are daily, except Bandar at 71* a xn , and 2 U)?a<l 8 (JO p m. rot. AT BIATR'NS^Ol TH OF ANNAPOLfB J L'NOTION. Leave ?t 8 IS and 7.UU a. m , and at S:'X? and ? U *' Di" TOR ANNAPOLIS. Leare at 7 4% a. m , and 4 3U p. m. No tralaa to or from AnnapolU on Snnday UN FOB BALTIMoKS. Leave at 7 46 a. in.. aoi >? and a i*> p in. FOB WAY STATIONS. Leave at 7:46 a. m.. anl I nu aud * W ?. ?C POH ALL PABT8 Of TU* WEST Leave daily, except Bandar, at 7.45 a. m., and S*#p ta. .. , Ob Sunday at 8 00 p.m. oaly.connecting at Belay I Station with traina from Baltimore to Wheeling. Parkerhbara J?c. , 1 Uhi'l Oil f lOKlTBto the Wejtcan be had at I >uc -?uiDfi'in rMituon ncaei vrace at all Dujri Id the day. m well ftt at the new office of the Banker nil Brokers' Te!?gfraph Line, 11* Peuo it?nf between <tth and 7tn ?tr' etn. For New York. Philadelphia. and Boaton, aee advertl*-merit of "Through Una." J.I. Wl LSON. Manter of Transportation L It. t'OLB- General Ticket Vrfent. oc 90 tf GEO. H KOOBTZ. Aaent Waahiju toil H lb SON BIVEB AND H&BLBM BAlLbO& OH ?On at.d alter MONDAY. N v ll6?>, trains for Albany and Trey. coauaciia^ *ith Keiili-ru and Western trains, will leave New V?rK a* follows ' Sam Express train via Iln<lson Biver Bailroad. ?tlt at and 10th ar., thr?n?h to Buffalo arid hn?ren*l?u Bridge ?i th>nt C ansf ?' can and runnetting at Troy v> itlt trains lor Saratoga, iiutUnl, BnrliLgton an4 Montreal. 10 a iu. B\pre*s and Mall train via Bodaon B??' r Walfroad, connecting at Alhaay with Westem train*, arid at Tr>?y *Ith tr*ln? f r North. 11 am Expreaa trala via Harlem B*llr?al, 2mh M and ?tb ar., co .nectiug at Chatham with Western Badr. ad for LebanonSprings, Plttarieid, Ac.: at Albanr v1th Vk Astern tr*lin ?iul n 1"'?? with train* tor Saratoga Butl ?ud, Bar Hag ton and Montreal S.tfi p m Kxprea* train Tin Hadscn Btv<?r Bailrad connecting at Albany with w^?t?rn train*, and at Troy with trtiM for Mon?t? with ?Im| ing car attached. 4 19 r m Kiproaa train Ti? HarUtn Railroad, ronnertingat Chatham with Wa*teri< Bailr a! for Lebanon Springs. I'ittsfield, ic.. at All>aa> aittt Western train*. and at Tror wirti trains for Hot land. Bnriington and Montreal. bleeping cars attached at Albany _ . 6 30 p m exproMtfaln via Hndeon Bi*er Ballr "art . with ?l< eping car* attached, ai d throngh to Huttalo ai:d 8uspwi?ion Bridg- without change .f rare. Also, sleeping ear ovary day exc-ptlng Satnrdai a attached from Mew York through to Ogdensburg without change, via Botpo W. and O Kail i ;>J. Connection for Troy will tenia'* at Kaat Albany. This train will ran on Bond ??< II p m Train via Had*on Blror Bailro*<l, with lectin* car attached. contacting at Albauy with rariy 11 hiih i*r cnnaio una ca-i ensiOB Brldga and at Trey with trains for Saratoga and-point* North. A Jviaday train will ba ran via lladaoa Biv#r Balhfad fiom New Vork to Pon*bk<??*p?i?- an4 tntern station" laatin* New York n j,i * Rj. Beaming, leave Pougtika-psie at I.a p. m , urlftD|iti lie* York it( H|i m. Also, a HnMar train via H?rl?*m Railroad. ie ,v. lac 4Id atrcat at 9a. m , aid arriving at Mlltert< n at S SO p tn. Beturning. Ieav? MUl.rton at So. iii., arriving la New Yark at lt.y> a m WM H. YAVDBRBII/t. jaW ; Vice President Ri?""u"%tfA?g|?KS!ri " ** TO TBAVSLLBB8 eome BOOTH TWTOK DAILY, (Bandaj p. m. axoaptad.) Th? aalokaat aad most diraot roata U KlokaoM. Va , anil the South. *1* tb? Potonuw . a mm . ftatmen from Sixth Street Whtrf.C^^^A Waabtoctoa, to Attala Oreek Richmond, frederlrkaburfi and Potomac Railroad, now entirely oMM?tad front Ag J? Oreek to Richmond T*i. *t it thm with train*oa the Rich* mond and Peteribnrf and Richmond tadDiavfUt Cheiter, I. O. Steamers Ktmrt and O VanderWIt leave Sixth Street Wharf telly (Sunday areata* excepted) at Itfia. and 7 a . and arrive la Sl rihiaiaS at p. m. and 3 30a . THBOCQB TO BIOHMOHDI* SITU HODBS, fifty Mile# Shorter ana IS Houra Quicker teas an| ||OQt# Be aara and tat Throach Tlokeu via A rot a Oraek >iw| Fradarlckabari? to lliohmaBS? at tha Uomnanr' Ottoa, corner of Paana. aveaaa aal ilh IS^Tor ? ?f tha hoata. f Ba?a?e checked "'[SnSbwaw aad \ J,, readlneae to ooajay ?a?aaa*a*i and .baccage between depota la Richmond. Paaaanxer* by thla 11a* eraoTSd may have ^ opportunity of Tlaida? MTtrftl B?M '5&W&a O. **4WHr?.T, "ck oMr^Rll\^' MI-IT PMMWW t|OtnOTOIiC T*A*BirO*T4TIO* U*l. * ?OTIO? fOjBIPriM; t^^v^vtozj*T555 ssia'* f&to fesss 1 MoW ? * ??* I* ltaW. ^1-aLHSS. ns ttJ&sa ! B^tuSSTtoS .1 w^?,,?.?r^^?*uTM' OMMi. AM IWMIH kT*H?UUM UMMl th? M4 drcWM^4*W-W?kiJ ?rUM? to CMU?'(ttaA MMj ^ 'iW^wJfcniwiiiLif. tottw anbacribor. on o* before Um flfc dwr of Jtaotry Mst: th*r Mr othf rwitf, Vf,fcw lip ad<M Iroa all benefit of "nriaray . i- '% .. t. il" . . ' CiUAT truIL4DIL i iMj/nhi i\u AMUFiiiX vA. :?s the JtohTH 7rf//V|\r i.vy rWJ h.WDa* wihT9h AKMi#K?r\T of fAf^hSO Eh THAIXS. (lM??r8.llip*. iMVWi* jfea 0?MHtr ' L^P**? 1 BlItTBBNTIi udUAL UiVBILLttr**'!, FMI?4?I?>I>,?tbafoilMirm honfi ORHIMO AC* OMMOHATIOVP AUJI*. B<>*r Bm4IU iM all inurMlitu ItftUciB. B#??r?tt>*. B^adfim at < aot. ..arrt*i?< is Philadelphia al 0 10 p. m OUIVO IXFMM At 8.11 a ferlMiiaj, U^mb. BarrUfcarg, ftwvllli. hM ??* , TMNWi WH liacDtyori. A. aim. Boe)>M?*r. Mtafara rati- B?f. falo. All?ni?vm, >*tlfc?fcarr*, PiUat^a. V*rk, ( arll.u, Ch??t#r?b?rf. Had*mo*?. Ac., Ac fkt*tr?t? At Rlftl'tRO with tbf But P*?D?fi?aL?a H*llr?*d tralan f?r AlUntova, Ac . M with th? uimob Vailar tpaia for Rami tnrm.Mc ; at POUT OLIfllvll wttA Uat*?t?? tallruad tralat lot VHUtaniMort. Lock intra, Ac . at RABBIlBtBa wltb Boi ta?r h (VtinK Oomt^rtand \alt?y and *cb jlkUI and naaria tram* 'er p"mitiri#. rlinj, Wiillwbipcrl, Toik. CkMMrn^irf. Plb?|r?T? Jtc ArTMMMOQK KXfBltv ' Lmtm Philadelphia at 9 JO p m fur Kaadiaj Pctt?T Ma, Harmburt, te , eoanocttnf wtn> K??<3ln? and OeloaibU Railroad train* for Oolniu tli, Ac _ HKAD1XO ACCOMMODATION . ? -*> ? '*?*?.? at all war tatlona. arrive* In Philadelphia at 9 ?v a m Hfinri-tBir. Itatn Philadelphia at 4 30 i.' n, k>rimli>hMdiuU7i:? a 1 * Truu tar PUl*d?iftuaMt? Harrltl*ara at * in *od Pott?ilUe al 9 ^ a u arrivini in I'hliaJalptiia at I " f, m. Alt- rnoon trains Uava liariMi arc at 1 J a m and Ptuville at . ? a dj . ?rrivii.? at I-hfiMt-lptiU at a 4ft p tu Harri-bii ? aca ?.Tu>xiattoii Imim Mm !laa at 7mam,a?d Harrubarg at ?.10 p m Connect lu at Kmil r ? irh . a* Mkmtti to* p m ftrrivmg in i'fciitdeiflila at y.ln p. w. Maikrt Train, with a pu*rD(i-r car atta<h??d, Philadelphia M If ?.s I.oon for Keftdia*; ?n4 nil *lf lUlloi; leave* U'?dtl.([ U>1 D| , ?a4 Downingtu?n 12 I1 p >. for Pbl.?dal?h a and ?:i way ?tatlon? All tbeat>. *e tra1narns<1ft1lF.Bnridata*xr? pi?1. Fiadti I rait ! ?? Pott?T?ile ? ? in and Philadelphia at S IS p m leave rintfeteli at* f t Heading at S a tu.. returt. D- fri ni beading aU ? **"' CHIt-T*B ViLLIT BAILR"AD. Pl'tuf'Ttfcr Po*lil?r??ii a lid iBlrrmnliitit joint* t*k?- the 7 .V a'M SIM m atrit.itip m I'LiUdHphia r?-<nrnlTif frouj Down tf to? i >t * n> u4 It NIW iUUk KXPKKSS run riTTT'BL'Bae AND TIIK V(ht ? Nr? \ ur W at r vy a. iu ao i 3pm p*a? Iiii; ht-a li f ?t I ?J. I1U a iu and 1 W|.m . at>4 C blirtiLf! mI HariWbuftf *ltt and N?rtti?iu Central Kail'oad Kxpr aa Tiaiuaf.r l'itt?buri.h. Ch'raio, Williamj.ort Btmlia. daltimor* Ac. kainrnln* !< Tr?l? '" r ...... . iib'iic gr( U anltai *.f HaiiB?f Ivatila fe.xpr?Mlrutii f'tttabnr -h at 3 ;< ? B m . i' 16 ? > ??wiu* Heading at 4 atid.R.:* a it Blid II Si p oj . ?rrl<igK ?t S?* T< rk 10 t a itud 2.1. | >, cara *cc< oip?ri?'i <t the*? train* through tx>t??*n Jer?<-? ? It\ bb<1 J'f't?l>nreh. witUnat ctiatif*. M*tl tr?n t< r Bl*? York i???n Htrrt^nrc it 2 lit p m Mail tram for MarrWtorif Imim M??rk *112 uuob t?r n l'f LK 11>L TALLKT RMLHOAD Tiam* ) ???? t'oifcavi.l* at 7, |i :? ? m.atid7l.*> p rn . r<-tnrt>-Bi{ Irou T?o.? at 7X ?. tu ,anl l.?M bb1 4 IS p. m. 8CUVYLK.1LL AMD SUSuUKHANMA KAIL ROAD Train* abb^rn at 7 .*<> a tu for Pf'i**rov? it>d H*rrlibirr. *l>4 *t l.W r '?r Pioe^r.ire ai d rr?Q<>>Bt. letnrBlBs tr^tn H rriabnr^ it 5>' p ui., and (rtm Tibihobi at i ul m >b<I j a a. ni FREIGHT G. odo of ?11 dwcrlptiob* for**id?>lto all th? il'OTff'iDti tr'B ttf i'o:i V m fr?l(iib Dcpct, Hr- *d ???>1 Wl'lo* ?tr???*t? I UII GBT Tll&llS Leave Ptlladf Ipti;? d?iIt Ht .'i iu a m , It IS noon b4*i p. m. f>?* Hctblni, L ' anon. Hirrn' ar|, P. tt??llie. Pc-rt Clibtou. atid all point* b?> ood. MAILS Cl<** at tb? Philadelphia Poat Offlra for *11 ! pl?c*- oi, tii?- t' mo til t it* tranche* *t I i m , au i lor the principal at?tiua? obi} at r >u, , _ja ii?-tf I?E>i?>YL\ AMA t'lNTHUL BAILKUAD. 1 VklM'lEtt AKbANUKVICM' Tbetr*iui?[ U>? P<-uni*yiv?al? i'?otral K*tllead leaTe tbe Depot, at Jlat ?IiJ M?rfcft ?!re?-t? , ' w blrtt 1* ?e* bad dimi!) t> tue car* tta? m+r krtMVMt Pmi njtor B?n*?y. Tb -?-uf the Cheat mitkiiil ^ilnat Fintt ran withlu uao 1 iiatrr ?*f It. Oh bthwAYh?The Market *tre*t C?r?|?a?e Fruiii kiiU tti**U uliiutM Mo^f W ? dr[?l ti.r? at! talli ir?iu MaNN'S b 4GOAUE IXI'KE-t will * - and ae!iT?T *t the IU-p*t Ortfrra l?it , tt tk? ' fiiK' I" ?Ji Chestnut meat, wUl i eieii** ! tttcutluu. _ , ? T'f", l.tnre a Yirr Natl Train - *? * ?' * Ftu'i Auuiu'n Nui UMu ?t ni ? II 2J ? m. fti: LUfc ?ad KiU Exprea* at IJ ?' m P?rk?hnr|TrMB ... .-at 1 ?. m Hariltbcr* Accommodation at i +ip m. LMc?tUr Accoiniri"<!ati?u ?t 4 "o p. ok ! i mrt'ortfti nrd Krte Ma>> ... a? 9( ' p.hi. Philadelphia K*pre?? at IT "Op Hi. Filltbtlg * (lie Mtil Imt?i daily. except Sat I m da> . Philadelphia Eipraa* l?a\aa daily. All otbai train* dal'v. e*<<p? Pnurtu li Mail Trail. <c? to W .lliain??"rt vitl.i Ul ' || btpof ran t " ! imtt a? \rc at 8.H' pm P -r?-uc?-r?. y Mail Train o to Om h ?n1 Cliaiiii^rat-n g ? illti.ut ? ctxtiia*- -t car -i. Mi'< |i|, ( Car Tn krte ?l. be had <>li ?t0-' at to? at ttif Ticket '>fSce. > > I Che* tL at afreet. 7V?i?* >rir' ? D'p r, It: Cincinnati E\ pre** ? at It Ma m. pl'i >1< l|Ma Expi ? 1 Ia ia Pa' li Achea... >m. 1 A 2. a au a iu , A 7.10 a t.i Parli?t#if Truiti. at >a>. u ! Lan< a*ter Trail at 12 40 p. a. V art li up . at i 10 p to D*f Kiprpfl > at t p rn B*rrt?iuig 4< < <>Bi?odntion at y.Mip. m Pbll.'dal^bla Lipie** airiff* laity, exce ?t t Monday Cincinnati Kxpr*w arrlrt.* daily. All other train* dally except Ptin<l*r P???*o*er? L?"" k H?t?* I'Ti m . a id \Miliam??<!rt at * ?0 a. m . rNwh PhiladelpMa, Iibnutctiamr of car*, (.om Wiillamap^rt. by La. Sxpici*. at 6 ! > p m 11 n P?-nu?> Iraui* Baitfond Conpany will not wtunin any rt?k for BaKgag*-, txcapt for We* in* Aprar. l. lull limit ibetr r??p >o?ibility to Ou'? Hnnitrnl I>oll?ri in rnlqe. AM Baggage exceeding that unounl In ralne will be at tbe ri-k .f ID* oiwt BDleu tok^n br ooitract. I For further information apply to JOHN C ALLEN, Ticket Agent, *>31 Cheat* Unt etrfet SAMUEL n WALLACE. Ticket Ageot *t the Depot AN EMIGRANT TEA IS rua? daily, eicept Bnit4a\. For foil partlcwUra *a to tare and nfomiaMiticB? appl> to FEANCIb K5SK, 13J Dace at / " ENTk.\ EA1LK0AD OF NEW JEESETV P >'ieL(i r and Freight l>ep t in Ne* fork. Ibot of Liberty street. Connect* at tteuipt?o Junction with the Delaware. La- kewanua ?ai Western Bailroad, ?nd at E taton with the L<-b:.t? Viillay Kkllr"kd *ttd Ita rorn?i-t? na, fer-utag % direct line to Pitu?nrc end the Wat with,-nr chare* of run. ALI. EN TOWN LINE TO THE WIST Two Ki(i<-?a Tr-Uu* duiiy lor tbe W-?i, (Kr,t Dunda>?, ? t,cn on' Train in t b* veaiug tixt miles and tbtoe honra ?***! by tiila lio?> to< hir:igo. Cincinnati, bt Loaia, 4c., with bit oaaeUBnoTean. WINTER ARRANGEMENTS, OowBe* ring january ?,i?>r-L?a*e New Vork m follow* > :*? A M ? For E*?mn, R-th1>**><>m, ('batik. Wtllumap rt, Wi kaibarr , Sl? .arioy Uit), Ac. " lu A M Mail Tka n?For lutou, \Wi*r Gap, StrantoB. Wilkeatarre, Great Hend. Plttahorg, Ititghtiutoii, Ac. 9 A M ? Ve?terc E\*r?>*? tor Ea-ton. Allen lum.uuini'ull. I lllnKirc.lMI ID' *? r?l ? ll# t ut cm cbu?? f c?n t?? Oincitr ati ?r I'bteM ?. ab<1 but two .ba.i?v# to ht. L?u ? 0 nnw-to *t Harri-barc with N rtb^iu l>olrai and Philadelphia Kri? Koailt, for Bria auj the Oil ->cion*. II M Tittn -For *?nt?n At1rnt??rna Waorh # bant Wtik*?b?rr?>. Heading. PottarllU. H trns' ?r?". M.?For lMt?. B?bl?h?m, and Mucb (brink I p H.?For SomcrTlIt* and Fl*minft >a. ( f M ?For Baaton. Heading Harrlabo -g Willi?ni?port. Irvineton. Cnrrj Brie. Ac. car from N?* York to WilliiuMapcrt. Ut p. II -For8t>?<*?iH? 7 M P. M^Fpra. mertillo. sp M.-Wi?ti?n Im>ns T** i -For Imton, All?-?tow*, Beading, Harri?b?rg, Fitt?burf, ?hro,1'h ,Tom ierml cttf to r,m" ?? ro. to B.r,- Pol.t. ru b* ?butM<l ?t tk# offlco **?*''JCLJLli ItllruU of Jfr?#T. fr> .t of nf. _". ?tr??? Berth Rl?eT.?t No. t k.*U>r a-*. jtaT^ZftV 8^1. ?sM? ?r?uwtf, tad ?t Bo I? "^M^USlAliV BTK1 &M*.?a?r^?t ^wvnu *?n?*w - * v"" *" ow" l'M?in|?r BlftUon In Yotk, Ct>n,.r t'lli tract u< Focrth mu??. TBATVS LIJLTI VBW TUKK For He* H?wiftnd &rtdf??ort-7, 8 i Bx [ft. tn.; 13.18 (Bx.),!( * ), S.M, t.j?, tDd ? It I. ?. m. Fi t MUM. Btratford. FaJrflaU. t?atti?ort, fta4 WMtport?7. U M ft. ii ,3.Wm<| ]0 p m. Wir Vftrwalk? 7. 9 Ju,Tl.?ft. m , u u Jl.). * 4 H 8 (**.!? m For Darlan fcsd OrMftwlch?7, tJD, 11 V ? 3 r*. 8 * ivl ? ?_? ? For Stanford?7, 8 (Ex .9 <0 11 ? a n? \? 15 (Kx.).SiIx > For Port CkMtor ft?d lMrMiiit? ttUtfonv-T. 9JO. U.10?. m ,*?> .*). *?. ?.*? *?d 7 p a. OOIIIOT1I0 TBA.IN8. rm Bonoa ti? rincii^ m?? i. m., < u..> (|x..U?.a. forloitoi tto llwrt Lit*-u U. (Klj * p. m. For B?rUort ??? Sprlsgllttd-S, (fti.,) n.*? ?. I! P*or l)eiiiwr?cii? fclrer Ballreei?8 e. < 11?"? . to HoilrMl' I ? . to|*fife?a*?oi. HritrifMi Pt?Mmo( mmi rtohUH ft * 7* Iff* Loadnm ?a4 tVmtaftos ?iiro?d-)Vu ?-V" to WortHw^y*rJlnwit>Bk Mi N? (*tort i>itrn< It. , Vor'rMbvrv * < ft*r??U ft. ft ?7, ( 1 a.; Otn MkM to# ?. . j' j?M JlMH I. HOfT,ft?p*iiatMd?Bt. itfl iC*