Newspaper of Evening Star, February 1, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 1, 1867 Page 1
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/ ????? ? ? ?*-^?11 I I - ??? V&. XXIX, WASHINGTON. D. C., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1. 1867. W. 4,388. THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED DAILY, (GUN DAT excepted) AT THE STAR BU1L.D1NO, frutXwett corner Ft**'*. ?H?W and iitk strut, BT W. P. WALLAOH.,, The STAB is served by tae carriers to tlieir subscribers in the Cinj aad District it Tu Cents rum. wsbk. Copies at the conn ter,with or without wrapper*. Two Cnrra each. PmicB for MaH-IHO?Three months I One Dollar and Fifty Ctntt; atx months, Thru Dollar/; one year, Ftrt Dollart. No papers are i from tbe offlce longer than paid for. Tbe WEEKLY STAR?published am Friday morn inn?(Me Dollar and a Haifa Tear. dentistryt DB. LEWIE'S DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Mo. 960 rl'MH'A AVE , Between 13th tad 13 th streets. Teeth extracted without pain by adaalnatering Nitrous Oxid* er Laughing Gas. Dr.^w^ LEWIE has recently purchased tbe b?itME3 Chemical Apparatus is tbe country mating purs gas every day; also, sa Improved Val ular lnbalsr Tbe Association is now-prepared to asks Tscth an Gold, Silver and Babber at New lork Philadelphia and Boston prices. All parsons wishing dental work done ean have tt as cheap ss la tbs ibow niBsl c1ti?s All Work done in the neatest aad bsst mmner. asd warranted to gtvs satisfaction. Persona will do wall to call sad eiamins onr work. de 24 tf rp B I T B . Z " 1 . M. LOOMM.M p "The Inventor and Psteatss of tks M1BBBAL PLATE TBETB, ntteuds personally at^Hb its office in this city. Many persons aaamalBM wear these ie*A who cannot wamr others, 111 *" and no person can wsar others who sanaat wear tbeee Person* calling st ay offlce oan be aoeommoda ted with sny style snd price of Taatb tbay may detire, bnt to thoee who are particular, sud wish tbs purest, cleanest, strongest and most perfect denture that srt can procure, the MINERAL TBETH will be more fully warranted. Booms in this city ? No 3S* Pena'a amsa, between 9th snd )0tb its. Also. *07 Arch street, "personal, V'OO CAN NE\ MAKE TBE TBIP on BuI elm or Samaritan humbugs. See Dr D?BBY, 4^*2 7th sti eet He la the highest authority on ?nch ca?es His private rooms are opposite Odd Fellows Hall ja.S-im* I>BEV K.NT ION B K T r E R THAN CORK i reach preventive* against disease an J preg nancy t wh. n such is uods-irable i Sent to aa> addies*, at <54. >6 and *7, accordiu< tu jca'.tiy, by Dr WOOI> Box 40], or call at 49'J 7th street, tup stairs) Washingtoa, D C. ^aiS-lm* \| BE 1'llBTIS IRVINE, Clairvoyant, m*'i Tit! i's Mrrtium. will give life readings, including Past, Present and Futcre st her office, 4titf, uertn side of Ps St., between 4,'? and 5th streets. Office hours from 9to 1 s m and 8 to 9 ?. m. jalt lm* AB. MAI *T a. itMALi eicIBNTIFIC AS TROLOOKB or AtfKRIOA, . Krou'. the position ana aspect of trie Stars st the time rt one's bi.h, sill rev?a! astonishiug se cret* tbst no Itv' 3g mortal ever knew before, b<?w tobe-ucc ssfnlla Ail reasonable undertakings He fells came and very day you marrv. de*crl es tbe int' ti e.f companion, a id tells all events of lifs good ini k ana lonz life to visitors. La lies so cents to ?1. geiitienteu in full $1. Call st 171) 12th st near F. all hours until t iu the evening de 31 2m' | ENTLFWEN WHO A HE A l>'K LICTE D-A " iure warranted by an old Surgeon of twentythree years' ei eerie nee ir. rfcis parti-alar Oranch t the pro'essteu. Charges moderate Do not srtiy to ,iinrks. hnt to J B. OtHUtilk. N. D , late cf tbe (inited States H cord Venereal H js pits). Office No. i 1 south A street, opposite the Capitol S'tasre. south si<le. N B ? Medicines aire famished at cost. de 27 lm* CONFIDENTIAL?Young men wh i have ln/ jnred theniseives tf certain secret hsbits, which nnflt them for bnsine>s pleasure, or the duties of married Uf;. also, middle aged and old men, who. from the follies of youth, or other 3?nse? f?e| a debility in advance of their years, before placing tbettiftlvee under tbe treatment of an> one.sbonl.l flrsr read "The Secret Prion 1.' Mnrried lisdiee will learn something ?f importaace by perusing "The 8??cr*t Friend.'' Sent tonny address, in s seale?l envelope, on receipt of 25 ce-its Addrees l>r. CHA8 A STUART a CO.. Boston. M?" BoH-ly CLOTHING, Ac. FJ. HEfBiaOBb, ~ __ Snoceeeor to H. F. London A Co., ta SlTlZES s Ayi) MILITARY MFRCHAXT TAILOR, n Metropolitan Hotsl, late Brown's, fflC 36a Pennsylvania avenue.-^ I- Washington. D. 0. ' IBIWrsH s. BLSrg. WiinH.lAMOS. C. F. BLACK. LAW OPF10*. ? BLAGE, LAMON A CO.. Locassllor, ?nd Atternvys at Law In ths Supreme v/Ourt of the Lniud Stsies, the Court of Claims Courts of the District, the Executive DepartrJ2?' *D Committees of Congress. usfdoir ""ftvu" || EB7.BERG S LOAN 0FF1CB. -a,1, ^ , Estabiisbwl 1*?, Highest advances mads -u WATCHES. D' AJIONDti. JEWELET, HEARING APPAREL, eaaa ail kliidt of Mer< haDdite. Urniness strictly colB icLtiml ;U1 North C ?(re<ft,l>etwseD ml ^tb struts, immediately in rear of the National Botel. jadlm ATE&T PARIS FASHIONS OF HAIR li DBESSINO. E. A^LIOT, ,, >*W/ HAIH DRESSER, mm strswt. between 15th and l?tb sts. 1nia P*r'0< fialr-Or S?ST. of tke teJoUaied Ra ha, witli wb?m he arri v?.| In ttiis CuonUy. bas now tsci established for tae ImH aifh* ?ears in Washington and Newport, en b*}?9 Jr* atronnge of tbe cptph diptomati^ue, aod of .hehigtxst society. He bas the honjrtoaroounce that ha bas this soason imported tbe latest fukoy* of hair drssslng, and also pomades, asd oeacythiog that belongs to the dresaiag of hair al ssrp reasonsLle prices. js7 6m* 53 LOUISIANA AVENrB. ^ J. H. CRANE A CO. Baae an hand a large and fine assortment of GO?DS,suited to this market, pueh as BCTTEB CHEESE, EGOS, APPLES. BAISINS. FIGS,' C1TBON, NUTS, HAUS. C0DFI>H, MACK EBEL, D4.RBIHG, bOA PS, CANNED GOODS, Ao. Also, io Barrels Moore's celebrated CHAM PAGMC barrel or gallon. All tbs at <*ve goods are offered at tbe lowest market ?riee, acd warranted to suit, by J. U. CRANE A CO., in d-lm A3 La avt?.. between Sih and 7th. 1%'M. t. COLLINS, CABINET MAKER AND ? w Dn??ERlAKEB. A f, ^T.^T#IUD,ufct,,i?r-8cb^>1 ParnitursVl and HoaaMurniahing Warerowns. New and Mp| Old ^araiture, ?r An .lescrtpUons, boush? iT\ and sold. AoaniriQg. Ppholatering, nnd Varnish f ebortest wrtice. bontheast corner of Mb and R streets north. No 13 de ia Sm* | J E M O f A THE NATIONAL mBDEANCI COMPabvtkF washibi.ton Have removed to their New Office, No. 71 LOUISIANA AVENCB, birst door east of 7th st. _w . DIB B*CT Oil: Chaa. Knap, Pre* t, Geo. W. Ulags. Flee Prest. j[bos. Berry, MarsbUi Brown, a.cb'd Wallncb. O S.Gideon, L'aaiel Dodd, Win. Dixon flenry D. Cooke. n" " NOBLB D. labneb. Becretarf. OTTO U ILK EN?! PIANOS AND CABHABT A NEELMAM'S PA?LOB OBGANS. Ail Will fln<i Jt (raacljr to their interest? to ea amine tbeee ,np?rb Instruments lorv pursbasmg any other 111 Kl 1 On If aasncy at GEORGJ JL. WILD A BKo "8 aw Piano Forte aad Orcan W areroo-n. No. 497 Um street bet? eea Pean 'a avtjiue and I -tre^t A select ass rtaient of new and second hand Inatrauecits, Including a CHUBOB ORGAN, for ?toc*?rj pHf-es nnd on easy terns Io * to," "ld M^*,??<^"?f?"7Weeaid 3/1(1.11 POTATOBB. sIMfW bushels MAINE POTATOES, just arrlaad. aud^or sals at onr W harf at the toot ?t 7th ?'?*. t P BEOWN A SON, j Commission Merchants,"* M-tf No. 161 >th St., betwsen E and F. / "HOOOLaXE DOI KLK. VANILLIT \ H MAILLAIBD. Pat Uosu ot Sucre. Eteuiit de teiitl melange L. M. P. KING M B?*. Ceraer^Fermont avenue ?n/S)( >?rsst. wnt IBDIA OKAM?Ba AMD v". . "?"?9apiibh. * ' " ? r. "iiQ 4 ooir Plaoa. TBT. TIMOTBT'S HALL HB duties of this insBtutlon win be resumed en Sept. 13, i?? For terms, Ac., see catai^ua and circular st tbe principal boekstorsa of thia city er address ths princisei Wl an Si e. fab80es. Catoavflls. Md. rBENCH ALMAMACMB FOR 1M7.-AIM nacb Ooinline, Almanach Pear Fira; Alma aaeli da Ben-ton, Alma?rh obarieari': Almanach de la t>anse. A tmanacb do la boaae Oalslne; Almanacs tape rial. Aimanacb de Bapeleoa; Alaa*aa<.h dss e?? js Boctete. Aimanacb PeHetnnelle, and etbsrs, imported direct from Paris, b* ds SI FBANCK TAYLOB. VIRGIN OIL OP AIX PBBSH HBPOBT A TI OB. I am new in rsaslpt of now is? tf LIFB OIL, dtrsct from Bordeaa*. nnd atpaapared fee snoply u.--W'lSa rales* <\. tor.lta SbMUBo'u, i 4 \'+bi v #i?? ltd? J -It & 'i I 9 bI It, ' ! (:b it tt^ff I - ? tlus] i ' " " a*wle? i BANKERS. JAY COOKS * CO., mini, JVutrntM mm, trft\U Tt?*wn% Bnyond Ml 'cnrreat Mrk*t rotea, nt km ooataatly on hand, o fall ny|ty of HI GOVERNMENT BONDE, B1TH-THUTIII, AID OOMPOUBD INTBBBST I0T18. ?Td#r* WWII, BOVDt, Ac, iimM, ud Ueiiectlona nodo on oil ooooaalblo oolnta. M 1-tf IgARROWfcCO., BillBBi Ooroor Lonialana ?mu and Seventh root, D?ALIB? IS GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, GOLD AND SILVER If ?-tf AMD LAUD WABBANTS First Nationil Bank of Washington. B.D.COOKB, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) PreaHent W*. S. HLNTINGTON. Oaahlar. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY AJID FINANCIAL AGBNT Of THB UNITED STATES, 1 ?;A ttrttt, vppo<u* tk? Trtamry Dtparimtm. GeTemroeot Seonrltlea with Traaanrer United StatN WTONE MILLlOy DOLLARS.4* Webnr and sell all ciasaea of GOVERNMENT &E( V R IT IE S at current market ratea tLRNISH EXCHANGE and mnkt Colltrtton. on ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF Ttlt UNITED STATES. F'fcbwo Government Vouchers on the WOST t A VOR ABLE TERMS, and fire careful an# prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, and to any other bnaine*a entrusted to nr FULL INFORMATION in regard to QOVERN MRNT LOANS at all time* cheerfully furnished WM S HUNTINGTON, Oaabier. _W*?hingto n^March 30. m 21 tf HOTELS, REST A (J R ANTS,?fto. c a 11 n WILLARD'S HOTBL, ? fiMnmt,*. a WA*H'*?iTos, December 1, J*^r?l?nUUv*?'??d otters, residing '.^ynington. *ho pocnpy private apartments, with MEALS at ttiia Hotel ffct the rite of Jlrt fio per we^k ^ 4 ,m BYKES, CH A 1>WTOK * 00. J^IRKWOOD HOI SE, Corn'" Ptnni. araniie and Tietl.fth jrrett.f "Prf-hittr on, D. C. M'nAf'd in the moat central location the city, midway Lttween tii8 CATITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, Only a abort distance from all the Departmeata, Patent and Poet Offlcea, Smithsonian Inatitnto. #tc* H. B. DUDLEY A CO., -D0 " 1'. Proprietora. I/MR1CH S RESTAURANT, Ao- 3i* Ptnuo avenue. near 6th street. > ! oo"k'!! !h2 WOOD AND COAL O A L 0 O A LTH " AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES thecu* ,0U" ,24?,tM ' deHvered In tn, port of t'heatnnt White A ah. 07 IMA*?#IS.* "* WMU A,h? Lehigh. 8i. Owk ai d Pice Wood eonttantly on hand. fo?trdof :^i*hrtr^rr0ffic#; ?r*tthe wharfP BROWN A SON. J*? " 4^* ?th atreot, between E and F. Coal: coal : 1 goal; 11 T. T. FOWLEB A CO. R#.rfltA?t>h'*"u ?fa site#i *8 M ton. ?'?*" ' ?. _ J" U Im B. 8. LAMBIB. Agent. ?OALi OOALII 00AL ! 11 Herln* determined to sail o flrat claaa article of Woed and Coal aa cheap aa the chexpeat I >.onT by doing ? goln a ifberal abare 0f pnbUa^T *b* trt*1 ?r,ce8 foliowsf P S? 1 f OO tL, bf tb? ton *t n< ti'sm ??-wHiTt iSH, " 11? diamond VEIN BED ASHT..^ ? ?2 GROSS WEIGHT, 40 LBS. TO THE TON. . Al?aya on hand and cooatantly receirint- th? best^alitiaaof WOOD of atery da?eri?Uon da liv?r?d in any pari of the city. ' ... tT11 t?k.? v. _ ?-C. BAUM, jae-tm Tfh *t.. between B and F sta , lalotid 0 TO ~ ? W . B . MOSES' FA8H10HAI1LB CABPET, FLRNITL BE AND BEDDING STOR^H, NOS. 421 A 019. INTELLIGENCES BUILD 1NG.OOBNBB7TU ANDD.. AND H0-^ ^TH ETBBET, THORN'S BUILDIMO ADJOINING ODD FBLLOW8' HALL AND EXAMIBB THB FIHEST ASSoBTED STOCK T.iS SIDE OF PHILADELPHIA .1*? ''Ith* <laaigna made In Phlladel ei?t?d * Mr !'vr; Baatornr?wlb' *^rjll''?abl??a him to compote alTh Viom]* utn*r thHr own Interest by calling mt his Store* and examlntnjr t'i? ??n u " "tecTatoch of CABPBTS. lOBllITDKi ^ kinds of ad<I ! ?? 4.a ivutrtn " !< tf W. B. MOSBB. I^UXUBIBS FOB THB HOLIDAYS. ~ A?8o?8P*"?. DOIBLE VANILLA VHOodffcoTH, BOSE AND VABILLA BURET ALMOBM *IXAD 80o?b PLl MS.nnd . AfSOBTED CANDIti. Jnat retailed at KINO PLAtfB Z M. p. KING * SOB. IV *8T INDIA ORANGES AND ieah at BW"T MALAGA OR A PBS, r h'*t KING PLACk. ]\|IN0| MBAT (DoMBSTlOw a. "-" "'am fZOLDBN BC'UPPCBNUNG W1NB. " ? , . our FiNEbT native wibb Gold color, faU, yet dalicaia flavor and fra^lS?#' UM UUa ?M UVlHa?Vl,a?,4t*d CTOcni1 i".RASINS; FIGS.CUBRANTS. IV O t i q 1. ~ toT?htonaonnca ? the onhMc that tho? rontlnoo the kialaaai at the late ftraofO. B. JRWRLL A Oa.. in All ill !S2r?SHBEST14 G Stroet Whor ttBCBPTIO* L0XUB1BS.' jiW -1 Bine Ptooo, T-j, ?"? ? ?:>W :00W 3AO a a ?adAw .* .iTA 11 .CHI'I a^a K'Ja K 04 ai LIST OF LETTERS RIMAINIVO IH THB WASH1JIGTOJI VIXY POST OFFICE, Friday, February 1, 1*07. |OFFICTALLY PUBLISHED IN TIIR PAPER HAVING THK LARGEST CIRCULATION I > To obtain any of these letters the appllcau* nurt call ter * Advertised Letters " give tli date of the lint, and pay one ceut for ad verifslng. i/"Hioti?llo(HorwUhli nw raonta they will fce cent to the Dead Letter Office. LADIES' LIST. Arnold Lizzie Haw Fanny Piatt 8MB Mrs Atrtai llttria HilleBelle.i Mrs Perry Luc .? Mrs "r? Holmes fanny Peters I) W Mrs Anderfon Fr:c< jHogge Mrs Fnmphrey Loyd Armstrong The- HetrtMary Mr* W Mrt be L Mrs HayciaB Mn iPumibrey Lin e Asrerly l?r Mrs HuntWniUp Mrs Mre I Brown.TnllaMrs Hii??ln< T C Plnlle Prl'a Mr* Banks Gath'ne Hentlty O B MrsPrenter* 0 A Mrs Mr* Hauiuel Kmma i'httouix Moley IhrigRS Eaily P Hendricks Ellen Rev J Mary ?Mr? Hapertr A M MrsRoan* B->sa A Barn* JaneM y Uadnall tt Mrs K??vs Oslia Be<>'! JohnEMrf lIaVl>>?rt!i atnR nues Millie A Brmh Mr* (for'gn? BlyeaCty Bra; at Matti > Jtlur.iei ft < Air* ft* mi ??t**b?rh RrownParaV Hetf? T.mG Van ? BrownMaryE Harris Caroline B dllns C H Mrs Brown Mary Ho. ley Ada MrsRichardsc-i F A RfwriPetieMrs Howau Anna Mr* Bush Ma-yAMrsHoward K.n Mrs lted field L PMra Burn* M J Harris Miss Kyar K.itle M Bates Si rah Haw kins MJ MrsBowlaud SalliE Boyd .1 A M l Mo'i/man M MrsRicnardaon M b Bsrto?, c YMrs Haskell M KMrs Mrs Bi s*lf ,?t dl.a \ iuaUarris Sicah Kstarts 8 51 Mr i* Brcner H iloldemau S MisBy?n Mrs Beaton John H Irvine Ali<-e Rob' ln? Mtrgt Mrs .lone- Sarah is Short Louisa Baldwin Elit'h Ja> kson K NSk Brnoctt EuimaMrs Mrs .1 rdanGahriellaSwlft .Icarlo M r* Barker Eli za J Johnson Caaey Bims H -nr'a Mrs Sirs .Sarin.i- J4 Smoot Bell Mrs Br?wetAll<*e KuavpAP Mr?Stnrm Untie W Bi euenWmMrs Kesley Lyd'aS Small A N Mrs srlosdLi. zle Knowiton L Whuiitb Jane Mrs Mrs Mrs Smith 'male jr BankerdC Mr* Kearney Annie Scott Marin Mrs Bauxtt F. M Mii Laws ls< ttio A Smith Mattie i. Brrmney ti Mrs Lo>al Rebecca Mra < Bailey Fanie W Lett Mrs Sltnte- Miry Mrs lieuiley Carrie Lufcli ( A Mr* Smyth* T >1 rs lirtn-maii Mis* Lot ke Ilemieit&S.uith Susau Mrs B ?rstow M nry L L'ght Till Sloan F? r.i* A Bnrti'O N H i. ws Kate Sanderso n Kate Bntltr Mary LiUen Kila Kate Bobysoro ?1 rs LoniaxEliz ? fce> rnour Kliz K BryautMr> I. V rsl.nw an< e lC'lltli^Hnday LncyMrs B>-p|. ySarabMrs Lyon Ann L Mr?b*>ldn <r Ham,ah Bnrtleft Mary Linn Pau'l Mrs 8< ho kl^? f. W Cloueh Chita b Lsm< the V T Sherw iod K AM rs Clark Su-a'i Madnrrte Suten I' .tea Cum (i L> Mrs Ltdbutierliach'lS.iltcrHarr tMrs Cox .1 L D Lawrence Orp StertoeRnilyMrs CoU-LoilndaA Mrs Hwanisey Marth Cain Serah Ltais M Mrs Supple Marirt tilark Alice M'i.m RlebarJ Scliril-if r Mrtby Carter Ann Mrs Mis bt.'vwnson Marift C< llins Ellen Marks Lillie Mrs Ctnrchill M MrsM'_><?r- Hea'rice Sawyer EM/aChsrkly Kannie Msy Cbarlotta ?ethB Mrs Ci llins Jas M > s Mrs Tbonison laa Cait< r Ln< > M< rce Jennie L Th >rr. j?s nLrnl a Carpenter Mr*> Mra Mra Cotiner Martha Morse Fumn F Tiy ior Belle Carney Maria Maralann Mrs T'irk?r Kli/.a'h Campbel 1 it V Mnrptiy M^ry Mi> Mrs? Mirirk Mary 2 Torrey ^Tarv C Co'torSarb A Mr^'iathis Mary K Te??bott?^l <>Mri Dunn Km il K M s??r Nettie TaylorAda eMr^ Mrs Miller Mary Thomas 8 a M^a Pnbbs C P M*a M ?son Ell/aMraT.t> lorKeb aMrs DiK^sJenneyMrsM tf ten \ Mr- Taylor Har* a Pou?lierty?; Mrs M its' all Bailie VenvirX Mrl'elitay Eliza Maocbester Mis? *'hile Ada K Damn Fannie A Murray Mra AVau'hS'h.l Mrs bebois Mary Miller Marj<aretU .. diM ?ry Mra DenKler C M rs Mrs Woods I' .1 MrEvans M A Mrs Mill r Fannie M'atts TA' nMrs Fla MargtKMts Mrs WildtW A Mrs Bills Mery Ma'i-n Jernle Wood Oapt Mrs F asterj Ma'a MrsM auis, d Li/ le W.-Jtsliarriet E ErrlnghtonLiz Mr- Well? Ella FriwiJP I Miliar Jane WrtghtKlea'rW Flj nnliaTtd MrsMaicn Laura Mrs KcnKe Mollle Mar?u|a Fain ie Wnnlit S SMrd Frkeivan Lizzie Miller < E Mis Wiiite Liz;.i? F'rereBiir. bMrsMiBl'l F K W'eispickerL'i'e FIsherM .1 M i ?M arti?j W V M^W! Iliam* K K Mrs Kruaer Mi*s Mirhal Willie MWl ealock A W > arwellSarah 1> M cChnn< y P M Mrs Mra Mra Warra Annie Fiafcer M A McRee KlizaL I, \* ash nctoriKPa Oont Mary Mrs Mrs U'Utbers Julia Gray ltanry MrsM< Real Ella Wa'hinston A GelrrM?tMr? 2 M^DermottMary Mrs Gray Kate Mrs F Waters H E Oslmao Elir'th McLauehlan AI Wi son lan? Mrs Mr* Vheeler Ellen GalLaber Kate M Null? Mary wilUaa>*LUMrs Garii?t Bum.a J Mi Kee BO >1 ra Watson F QuEthir.'K Car'e McNall B 0 Williauis <' M < Gi'tinulS a yAnn McLean 'arsh Wyn loin M IllMrs Norton Win MrsWalkerMart a A Glennaa Mary NadenBCMrs WttburnM aMr* lisnibB Eliza A Noym Harriet Wetxel Llna Mr* Olmstead J Mrs Williams N M Griff n BP Mrs 0*en- Sarah E YoungAda d II GutbrleMK MrsO'Dea Mrs TonnijSarah Or-Dton Marct Prim Ellen Mrs Yoaut Geo O GrisonSarahMrnl'ike Ja* 8 Mrs YouncMaryMrs Ootd?nTr?'aMrsPeake Virg'aA (JKNTLEMF,N'S UST. Athford Craren Abbott J no Oao Artist Rol>t Anthony Col BGAixlar .lubn Aniery Pr 8 V Allen P B A mislead Julian Archer Hon 3 Aytr Paiil C Aahenfelter J P Adams Thos P Amright Fred Ad?nsJ <f Arthur Win Allen IIAH Adams .1 Q Andrew* W O Armstron# O?<o AnnlsJnoA Arnold Wm g Armstrong J \V Alien Jacob 8 Alexander W T Anderson J Adams N B Burr Alb't Q Barnes Can Q L Brawner Lewis Beall A B Baker B F Bruce Lewis AIP>eTan Pr A D Baldwin Jno exaudsr Blair Hon A KiittouJaa Burr Mr Barri BartholotoBaahn?11 J H ltriacoe Mr Bnabford Mob Heni-cb Jobann Bradford Bicho Colas BekerJtio^ laa BlakeBevChftsMHarton Jas Brown Orlando BurllnsnmaOhMButler Jno M Bryon Pat'k _ .. ? 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P II V asht urnHcnOW llscn Hugh Wall .ce BM ,0 * Wallace Jno F Wood 9 W W eager Clem B Wiggins laaac BWallace Thoa 2 Weber Cbr Whltel.UI Jaa WytheraThoaJ W hitmavUajKEWkfAtley Jet A W toitetteld A Wittera 1A W aller Jaa Tommex Sf.,tbtS ?t J,8- W'^aenOaatWM *1 Uon DrlJ W altelong J S Williams Lt Cel Weber B_ Woolf Jno W O Wilkina Frank White Jamee *7arker Wm W arren GenFitzW llliama Lewii Wood Warren ?.? n^7 ? Woolf Mich* I Wella W C WIma G L Whitney M A Wright Wm nf1i,fJyLYAB^u,^LoI?,,: Mn- Agt -8ute *li; H D i Bonnty Agt .Sut of 8. J. BQWBM. P. M. 7 PANCJNG. jpBGFB. J. W. A B. P. BBBIS' " DANCING ACADXMT, M Pennaylranla avenne, bet. 6th and 7th ate . JH Opposite Metrepolitan Hotel. ! ?'* forming every evening. Those daaiw?Ir?K? ?ir c.lM?e? sbonld avail them eeivee of this opportunity. onramTu^MVy SH/i * ,n thU tt0MUr for Clrenlars can be had at J. F. Bills' gad w o ***?wott # Co.'s Music Stores. W' ?' The Hall can be rented for Bolrees, Bo. Dayi and Hours of Tuu\on : u.. L. !?' Miseea and Masters. Taeodoy and *ftornoons, frona g to 6 e clock Gentlemen sOlaaeee, Tneeday and Friday evenlnga. froms to 10 o'clock. J? f.? ^rth*r '?ior??tlon,apply daring tks boars of taltlon, or address a note to tbe Academy. (JBarter commeasing with the tirat lesson. ja8 M * '"'A?i28lSV!ii" " "iBWl A8SBMBLT BOOMS. A WW. . ^h and 19th street*, JIA tJn!5 no* op*n f#r u# r*?ep Dais and lionrs ?S tnltion for yonnc ladlee ssw'gsryr. IT"'- Ttar*d"- ?" ?? a.iu?a?k >|IIM from > to 10. nn >nDla_ t.* ' | Tke nnderaigned would most resnectfnllr in. "d. ???tlrmeu of wiSlngt ". city, and the District generally, that he la at ?n times prepared to furnr.h pvIL with mLfm?}. . happy te await orders CHaSLbs BBBoT i BOOTS, SHOES. A. ; g*LLINB OFF I SBLIiHia OFF 11 ! .The entire stock of Ladies', Mlssaa' 9W ChildrenMen's, Boy<sMd Yoitk'. 'ML w BOOT8. 8HOB8 AND OAITBBS ! W ill be sold at private sale at and bBLOW OOST PBIOI8. Ana . J^HM ANOBBMBHN, i. 19 ?i.7tb ****** between D and B streets. 1 jal2 1m? opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. < M|' ' BOOTS AND BHOB8. fD Ji a w b_t obi. MH t be?s leave to Inform his fr^S J HWflBft'i thathehaaepened tbe tor.?8^SraKV!L'?.,S5-;iir . BOOT1 AMD BHOB8. ..1 { *?5?sbor tke avaber.MS Ttb street, nnder ' ?SlftP,3eL M**! .tt> * ? Slora, for- 1 "S^"- w tuom. J pis J BOBDBADX WiBBS. Sb2S3 hZSf' (T,i^ I (IhitciiH MM l?rmxMMto? " 1 Oaaleaae Medac* 44 *' " WalsSs Lafltte. ** )MI, c - t. UsiNaliMtab, r. ' r -ti .1 m" iii) rl fevv< ? eiaa t ea i i 'MB '< I >'M \4 .levot a v 1 eeeit I ? i . < . - n.t: il b> toil <*tff I-fl* *?J eM*>?* I m f .1 t -ie* I .?g ,? ' W'l tiMfhf f if'ii ^ .U ~ ?JJ .1 tiI UMn*:' *1 MWMSI& >1A : . I. \d .soSmsl Ml lo 1 ,eth??l vout*? M .BCJTAT BUKABt oj j U TELEGRAMS, fcc. The friend* of tbe Hon. Onslow Stearns, to tkr nnnkrr of one hundred and fifty, including many of the moat prominent Republicans of New' Hampshire. held a convention at Concord, and passed resolutions strongly pro. testing against tbe proceedings of tbe late Republican State convention, bnt adjonrned -without making an independent nomination for Governor. The ship-builders of Maine held a contea tion at which a discussion took place respect ing the onerous duties impoae<i by Congress upon the ship-building and navigauou inter ests. Tbey vo'ed to memorialise Congress for a drawback of duties on article*actually entering into ship-building, and for a modification o the excise tax and other burdene. A delegation will be sent to Washington. An act which waa passed by the Legislatnre of .Louisiana of l?fi4 laying a tax of a quarter per cent, on gross sales and receipts bas been declared by Judge Duplan'ier, of the 6th District Court, unconstitutional, as it levies on imports,and exports, and thus comes in conflict with tbe provisions of tbe Constitution of tbe United State*. This decision gives great satisfaction in New Orleans. The steamer Mexican from Baltimore on the 27th. for Liverpool, arrived at Norfolk la?t night. She experienced difficulty in gett-ng throngb the bay. The schooner James Haig. from Newbem for Philadelphia, with naval stoies, bas arrived at Norfolk short of provisions. (she could not get up Lhe Delaware b.iy on account of tbe ice. The Alabama House ot Represen.ativ " pn?ed a bill to establish a system of public schools for the blacks and whites alik*?. except that tbe echo >ls for each shall he separate in each school district It is understood that the Legislature will not reconeiJer their action or the constitut onai amendment. The Select Council of Philadelphia yesterday passed a resolution inviting Congress to visit that city and personally inspect Leafie ls'and, the site proposed for a navy yard. The expense of en'er'ainng Congre.-s will be defrayed by the private subscriptions of citizens. Junction City. Kansas, will be the terminus of the Union Pacific railroad the coming summer. and great preparations are being ma le for a heavy business with New Mexico. Twelve large trains are already en route for that Territory. Sixteen thousand acres of land were entered in the Junction City. Kansas, office under the homestead act uunnt December and January, and fifteen thousand acres have been iaieu up nnder tbe pre-emption act dunug the latter montb. A bill has passed the Massachusetts Hon?e of Representative allowing the rateof interest fo be fixed at seven per cent, by special contract, bnt where no agreement is made the le. gal rate of interest remains, at six per cent, Tbe ice in the Delaware river is very heavy. People are crossing at Chester, sixteen mile* below Philadelphia, on the ice. Thousands of people are bleating ami sleighing on the ice opposite Philadelphia. Late Colorado papers report a moyemeut of some Government troops towards the region around Fort Kearney infested by Indian*. Large herds of Buffalos are steadily approaching Denver. The negro Bradley, who it is alleged has been inciting tbe colored people about Savannah, Oa , to a resistance of the laws, was arrested yesterday moruing by tbe United States authorities. Priva'e despatches frotr Frankfort, Kv.. : s'nte that tbe Senate has passed a bill fix i ^ ' tbe congressional election for the4:hof May ' It is apprebeuded that tbe Hense will uot con- I cor. Tbe sufferers by the Quebec fire are clamor, j ous to receive money, aud refuse to Mguau ad- | dress of thanks to the subscribers until they do t Tt celve it. Tbe Missouri House Committee to investi gate the sale of railroads is that State bae? ?d. journed from Jeftvisuu City to St. Louis, where they will examine witnesses L'eutenant I>mon, of the Freedmen s Bu reau, who w as shot in the arm on the Cheve plantation, is doing well. Tbe Emperor of Braxil bas resolved to increase his armies and carry oa the war against Paraguay with renewed vigor. A scout reports the Cbeyeune and Arapahoe Indians, numbering about 12,um warriors, on the war path. General Sheridan, and Colonel Croshv. o bis staff, leftnew Orleans last night for Washington. West India advices state that the cholera is decreasing at St. Thomas, but the small-pox and yellow fever are raging Tbe Governor General of Jamaica, Sir Peter Grant, left on tbe 12th Instant for Honduras with troops te suppress insarrection. Havana advices state that tbe quarantine on vessels from Liverpool, London, Cardiff, aud Jamaica has been raised. The small-pox is raging violently at Matanzaa. Frem Mexico. Mexican advices state that Col. Carillo, who lately embraced the Liberal side, bad again i changed, placing himself and troops under command of the Prefect of Puebla. Guerillas are very troublesome in the neighborhood of the City of Mexico and Vera Crnz. Mejia is , organizing a division, and would soon meet Miramon and Queretaro, who has s.uuomen. | The city of Patzcnaio was stormed by Regules, the Liberal chieftain, on the 2lst inst., , tbe bombardment lasting several hours. While negotiations for its capimlation were progreslng gnerillas entered the town and committed { excesses, burning and destroying houses, ic Nearly all the male inhabitants were lockeu up as prisoners. Some were released, however. through money, and others by entering ( the Liberal ranks. The women were hiding , in the mountains and chapparals. Galybptos, Jan. 31.?The despat jh-boat Blackbird brings flies of Brownsville papers and speeials. The Blaekbird brings also Col. E. Mogna Mejia, ot J uarez's army, who brings dispatches to Washington and New York. i Tbe authorities of Zacatecas have given up Ortega and Gen Patoni to Juarez, who received tbem as prisoners of war, though they are expected to be hung. They bad travelled i from Matamoros to Zacatecas en horseback. | seven hundred miles, and Ortega being deceived by the chiefs who espoused his cause i went into the city reckleasof tbe results. The Liberals are concentrating in the valley of Mexico, and will soon have an army of one 1 hundred thousand. Escobedo is at San Luis Potosi, with 'Jfi.WiO men and 55 pieces ot artillery. Gen. Pase Is chief of artillery. General i Trevino commands the cavalry. The lj)?>r- 1 mation about Cortinas and Canales is tery 1 mixed. They appear to be robbing promiscu- : onsly, in t^e name of God and liberty. B. S Osborne, late Captain of the Mexican gunboat . Bravo bas been dismissed from the service on , tbe charges of misappropriating money and [lesertion. Osborne is well known in New York. He served some time In Eldridge-street jail for giving information to the enemy dnrtug the rebellion. He publishes a card saying be will appeal to Minister Romero, and signs Himself admiral. ( Sin of Coal ?The Delaware Lackawanna ind Western Railroad Company sold iu New i If ork, on Wednesday, thirty thousand ions of >c ran ton coal. There was a large attendanoe ( >f dealers, and the bidding was spirited. The ( srices paid were from twenty-flve to flftv rents a ton higher than those ef the flrat of January. IKTBBHAL RKyxhcb Tax?It is stated that i he ways and means committee ot the House if Representatives nave agreed to authorise , ras companies and horse railroad companies o charge the government tax upon their cutomers. The present law gives this privilege * mly till April neat. Niuararu Chabob.?E. F. Chnrch, Esq., j ormerly of Townsontown, has sold bis inerest in the Hag*rstown (Md.) Herald and Torch Ligbt. to Meseers Mittag and Sneary. ly whom. In connection with Mr. Negley, tbe taper will hereafter be published. , A Rbspitb Asbbp Fob.?Petitions are being a trculated in Delaware asking Governor taulsbnry to respite Andrew P. Armstrong, j or a season, so that he may haye abundant f ime to prepare for the awful death which be ?doomed by the law to suffer lor bis teadisb rime, thai of the murder of his wife. I Labob ?A balldlBg association, with a apt la I of SXKMX*,'ha* been organised in If 11- ? rauhe*. far the object of ractigg small 4w* IIig-bouses dnring the next spring and sum o MT forth* worhlngmsn of tfca city Tney pro- t ose to treet eome three or 1am* hundred i I.' " , sr?>' ' ? aavi^ ** *<- j? f4 , .* yfliifK ft ran* AiV i' u M . iiM/Jtevi ;n w s IS QM J|?ll<?sl Misll CONGRESSIONAL. SnnaTB?Y?sterday afternoon. '.b? tariff Ml I being nodtr consideration ? Tbe duty on cast Iron, iifam. ( < an i water pipes, was increased from ^ to 1\ cent* |>er ponnd Mr. Wilson moved to amend tbe paragraph patting a doty of forty five rents jier p.iuad nnd 35 per rent ad valorem on woolen cloth*, comprising broadciotbe, cloak i tigs, cassimer**, ladies' clubs doeskins, iri.-ots. and all other fulled or 1*1 ted foods or fabrics, woolen shawl*, flannels, and nil other manufacturers of wool of every description made wholly or la part of wool, not herein otherwise specified, as to!lows ?Valued at ft per pound, fifty con's per ponnd and 36 per cent. nd valorem vnlardu over SI and less than SI SO, fifty cents per ponnd and 44? per cent ad vnlorem, over Si .vi fifty rents per ponnd and 45 per cent nd valorem Agreed to Mr Sherman offered, in a modified form, an amendment, voted down last nif hi. authorizing any railroad company to import iron fbr their road within two years, any provision of any law to 'he contrnry not w it ha (and in* This provision is tor the benefit of the 1'a. flc rail, road, which, by existing laws, ia compelled to Bf* American iron. Agreed to Mr. Spragne moved to amend hy putting animals importedezcluai vely tor breeding purposes in the free list. Agreed to. On motion of Mr. Spragne, the doty on flies, rasps. Ac . over III inches long, was increased from 6 to b cents per pound At the evening session, several amendments offered by Msesrs Spragae, Krelmgb u t ?*n. and others, increasing the duties on various articles, were voted down Ad effort to reduce the duty on coffee from S to 3 cents per pound, failed by a lie vote. Amendments to reduce the duties on tea, sugar, ana salt, were also voted down. Mr Grimes moved to reduce the duty on printing paper from JO to 15 per cent. Disagreed to Mr. Hsnderson wished to amend the bill as to the time when the bill should take effect. He moved to strike out the first day of April and make it take efl'ect from and after the pas tare of the act. Agreed to. Mr. Stewart moved to reconsider -he vote bv which Mr. W ilson's amendment increasing tbe doty on waolen roods was adopted. The vote was reconsidered, and Mr. Wilson's amendment was modified so as to read, on all woolen cloths valued at si.S<> per pound nnd less, forty flv$ cents per pound aud twenty, per cen'. ad valorem, ovet $1 So aud leas than perpcord. fifty <"ents per ponnd and forrv percent ad valorem, over e-?. fifty cents per pound and forty-five p*r cent, ad valorem The amendment as modified was agreed to. The bill was read a thud Ume and pa*s?d. at 13 30 a to . by?yea . ST; nays. Hi. The Senate then adjourned Mot an?Yesterday afternoon, the bill to reorganize the Indian Bureau being under consideration? Mr Schenck's amendment, transferring 'he control of Indian affairs to the War Department. was adopted?yea?. T?; nays, ?3 Mr. Scbenck moved t? reconsider the vo'? adopting the amendment, and al?? moved to lay the motion to recousider on the (aide, which is the parliamentary mods of clinching a vote The yeas ano nays were taken, and the motion to reconsider was laid ou tbe table year, ?? nays, ?u. Mr. Windom then moved to lay tbe bill on the table, but wi'hdrew the motion so as to let the yeas and navs be taken on ordering the bin to be read a third time Tbe bill was ordered to be read tbe third time?fH? to 53. The bill was then passed without a division, and the title was amended so as to read, "A bill to transfer tbe Indian Bureau to the War Department." Mr. Wmdom suggested that the title should be to massacre Indians and deplete the Treatury. Mr. Maynard presented a memorial from six hnudred citizens of Virginia for the setting aside of the present State government and the establishment of a provisional government. Referred to the Joint Committee on Ceconstrnetion. The Uon?e then adjourned. Bill to Punish Illegal Voting m the His trict of < oluinl'ia. The following is the bill to punish illegal voting in the District, which passed the Houh* yesterday. A Bit L to punish illegal voting in the District of Columbia, and for other purposes, i' 'mac fed try the and /loutt if Repre* tnlatiret i.J 'Ke I fed Staret *f Amend, ,n f,m. grit: That any person notdnly qualified to vote iu the District of Columbia who. knowing that he is not so qualified, shall vote or oiler to vole therein,or who shall procureor alien pt to procure himself to be registered then iu it# a voter, shall be punished by imprisonm ut rot exceeding six months and list less than two months. Sec. < And be it fur'her mac'ed. That if any person, being a qualified voter in said District, thaii know ingly vote or attempt to vote in auy other ward or election precinct than that in which he shall be lawfully entitled to vote, or shall nnlawmlly an.i knnwiuftij v?u- ur ? lempt to vot- more than once, or in more rbau one ward or election precinct, or shall so vote double therein, he shall be punished by imprisonment not exceeding six months aud not less than two months, and shall he disqualified from voting thereafter in said District. >ec. :t. And he it fur'her enacted, That there shall be fl\e jud ,?-sof elections within and lor the city of Wasnngton. and three within and for the city of Georgetown. 'if same to be appointed by the Supieme C<>n* of the District of Columbia, who^e duty it shall be, biennially and prior to each election, te prepare a list of ihe persons qualified to vote in the several watds of said cities iu any eleetioi. and said judges shall be in open session iu their respective cities, to receive evidence of the qualification of persons claiming the right to vote in any election therein, and for correcting said lists, on two days, biennially, not exceeding Ave days prior to each election for the choice of city officers, g*\ing prior notice of the time nnd place of tacb session in some newspaper. Sec. 4. And be it further mar ted, That prior to s^id election the said judges in the respective cities shall post up a list of voters thus pre. pared in one or more public places in said cities, and at least ten days prior thereto. S*c 5. And oe it further enacted. That nil net a and parts of acta inconsistent with the provisions of this net nre hereby repealed ThiMakvlakd Lkoihlsti an ?A remonstrance of citizens of Baltimore was laid before the Senate yesterday against the repeal of the Sunday law and against any amendment t?r the charter of tne Baltimore and Potomac railroad. In the House, after the presentntion of petit 10 us, a resolution was offered authorizing the Governor to employ such conn?e| as ne may deem expedient to prevent tbe marorand city council of Baltimore from expeartiag the money of the people of said city io reei?.t action of tbe Legislature in regard to the city eleotion ordered on the 6th of Kebrnary, and appropriating Sl<i.ftut to carrv the resolution into effect. It was laid over one day, under the rule. KkEr Pins Oct or Torn Moith -A few days ago Miss Catharine ilunoe, of Washington cour.ty, Pa..swallowed a pin which she w is holding in her mouth. The pin, going down point foremost, stuck in her tnroat. After considerable trouble. Dr McK-nnan succeeded in pushing the pin downwards iuto her stoma h It is hoped it will give no further Lroable, bu: it should be a warning to oar lady readers Mills Froze* Ovu ? We learn that a large number of grUt mills in this coan^y, whicti were rnn by water-power, have frozen up. l is a serious inconvenience to tbe farmers, as come are obliged to go a considerable distance to get their grain ground, whilst not a few are on short allowance.?Lancaster (/?? ) JnteUijenctr. A Rmtrk to Old Cisto**.?According to the Boston Journal, the peculiar people of ' the Hub" are returning to tneir old ways It says that parties are now given to grown pe<*? pie which are announced oa the cards as com meucing at three o'clock p. m., and terminating at eight o'clock p m. The London Coart Journal deiendscrmjline. WSmall pox la a sure cure for dyepepala io an exchange says. VThere have been in the Protestant Kpssopal ahurch in the L'aited States 83 bishops, >f whom 43 survive. KTTbe earth has l,<Mi,liOe.QOO inhabitant >1 whom 33.333,333 dm every year. A Southern lady declares tbat tbe Yan tees have nortbernized the weather WA Louisville boy bad bis arm broken by i soft snowball. He bawled ?*- A Virginia paper records tbe marriage of t Massachusetts wbite soldier to n <- <loreJ raHa iTTbe Kassians apeaks of tbe (Jilted ?latesas ?The great empire of tbe two oceans. tdr A San t ran cisco pai>er speaks of a a tor m here which. Included rain, wind, thunder and igbtnlng, and an enrtbqunke. VAu Indiana paper thinks Governor Moron stands n chance for n nomia tuon for the ie*t Presidency. Wf now balling is dangrroo* la Missouri. 1 man In Jackaon, shot another tbe otber dav, or Indulging in il ' WTfce ladles ever in Pniia nre bnlldfng tbe ront hairs in immense mounds a be re tbe loreiead. W En rope holds of U. 8 Govrnmentand otber secarltiea. W-Oneof tbe three discbargod eondactora >ntbeN.Y.A N il. Railroad was aot satisled with lets than fifty dollars a Stay ta tbe ray of extra plcklnga. i Ma stfrMii? D 'eon^itaii edl vs .'6 ! ail is v> I > te .? [* *. L nal (tei4