Newspaper of Evening Star, 1 Şubat 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 1 Şubat 1867 Page 3
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* ?i * I ' A 1 a T4J <3 THEKVENiffG START LOCAL NEWS. U8BUSVT8. Ac.. TO-I1QHT. Wiu# Nk* iM'm Hot mi? Benefit an J 'las: n>ibt but uue of Miss Rjse Ey?iur?, who will in her charming Impejrsonatiou of ?Lartj Gay fpatiker," in Bouclcatirt'adeU*bifal comedy ot - London Assurance.' National Thbatrr.?Benefit of Mr. J. R Spackmau, on which occasion "Rosedate. or the hifle> Bail" will be performed. Mr. Pot* in hie speciality of "Elliot Gray." ? ? M?iTi>?of thi SK*-B?TH WARD RRPHRu.u an Aae<xiaTiow ? Last ulgbi, the regular wrehly meeting ot the Kadica! Republican As ocintton of tne Seventh Ward was held at the Turner Hall. Mr. F O. Boswell in tne chair, and Dr. William Boyd secretary. There were present about ninety persons, fourteen of whom were wuit*. Mr. S s. Baiter, from the committee oil the constitution. made a report ot a constitution, firefaced by a preamble, setting forth their betef in and desire to perpetuate the fundamental principles of the Declaration of Independence and tne Constitution of the United States Tbe constitution was unanimously adopted. Tne Chair rated that that tbe constitution having been adopted, that the offices tilled at tbe previous meeting were vacant. Alter some discussion, the Chair was sustained. ami a new election ordered, which resulted in the choice of the following:?F. A. Bos well, (wbite.) President: H. U Johnson, (colored.) Vice President: Dr. William Boyd, (white,) Secretary; G. H. Newman, (colored,) Treasurer. Mes-ra. Bacon, (white,) Pierce, (white.) Newman, (colored.) Jones, (colored.) WilsuA (White.) were appointed a committee to asldP an executive committee, and subeeqnently report! d the following ?J. R. Pierce, (white,) Anthony Bo wen, (colored, )S. 8. Baker, (white.) C_F- Barnes, (white,) Jos. Williams, (white,) W. A Wilson. ( wnite,) (}. M Newman, (colored,) Wro Beckett, (colore t.) (Jeo H. Brooks, (colored.) J. T. C. Brown, (colored,) W. T. Stone, (white ) The resolutions of Mr. Bacon, offered at the previons meeting. were taken up. The resolutions declare that the refusal of the right of suffrage to a large class of native-born Americana in tbe past haa been at war with the letter and spirit of the Declaration of Independence; that Mayor Richard Wallaeh is a true representative of a majority of the wbite men of this city, and that tbe indecent baste in which he called the special election by a portion ouly of th? citizens of this District, to ascertain whethertbey were willing to accord to all mi-n tbe rights they claimed for themselves. evinced the ineffable meanness which the system of slavery had impressed npoa him rind Lis coadjutor? that under the benign influence of tbe legislation of a loyal and patriotic Cong ess, they look forward with hope and confidence to the day when the Harpies of tbis city, who have so long preyed upon the weak and defenseless, mindful only of their own ease and agrandizemeat.) shall have ticket-ot-leave and the places that now know tbem shall know- them no more forever. Wm. P Jones (colored) said that the colored people brd been in a helpless condition, and tbey were glad that the white Republicans bad come to their aid; but it did not bei?me ib?m yet to be personal. and suggested tbat the name of Mr. Wallaeh be stricken out. and the word 'authorities" used. George H. Newman (colored) said h? did not whh to go behind tbe door, but wonld stick up for principle. If Mr. Wallaeh is found wanting he will have to suffer, and he would tell a man to his te?th if he has traasgressed Mr. K Bacon explained that the resolutions were not personal bnt were founded entirely on principle. D did not mean to say that Mr. Waiiach was worse than other men. The system of slavery had imposed the course be pursued on bim. Tbe resolution was witndrawn. Dr Boyd rose to a privilege question, and called the attention of the meeting to the fact that be bad been s yle in tb* SunA'y IltraUl 1 a street peddler." If the association considered it a disgrace to have a street peddler as Secretary they could elect another Tbe Uera!d bad attacked him personally several times, aui fie had been several times advised to sue tbe editor. but be had not come to a conclusion to do so Bnt if that contemptible sneak and coward attempted It again he would take bim before the Courts or claim tbe privilege of dressing him down w ith an oaken towel. He would, hereafter, hold him to a strict accountability. The Chair suggested that if tbe association were sat shed with a peddler for secretary, it was nobody's business but their own. Mr. Barnes said a peddler aa secretary of the assi>ciation was as good as a tailor for President ot the I'nited States. Remarks w?re made by Mr. Jos. Williams, ot Fredericksburg, Harrold, colored, Dr Boyd, and tbe Cbair, the latter giving tbe colored people some advice, telling tbem to give every man as wide a scope as possible, but not to get oft the pavement, and to be lawabiding. The meeting adjourned to next Thursday. Thk Boarp ok polk b,?Yesterday the Police Commissioners held their regular meeting at Police Headquarters. The Board disposed of a large amount of business of importance to tbe department. The following private* were appointed: W. H. Shreeve, W. 8 Fowler. J. L. Gates, J. yr. At well, < 'baa. H. Homer, and S. S. Moore. Serg't Kelly of the 4th Ward, was promoted to be a Lieutenant, vice B. W Reed promoted to be Captain and luapector. Tbe following privates were promoted to be Sergeants?M. A. Howard. Robert Johnson and Chas. aahton Complaints against Sergt. P. W. Harbin, and private* O H. Thompson, J. W. Davis and S. N Smith, were dismissed. Tbe Board resolved tnat all applicanta rated as average by the examining committee, eh all be considered ineligible Cutil tbe liatof those reported as first class is entirely exhausted The District is CuauE?s?.-The Senate in evening session- yesterday, passed a bill for improvement of tbe atreeta of Wasbiagton. The Hon-e dia >osed of the foliawing: Disagreement ot Senate to tbe House amendment of the Senate bill certain property of debtors in the District o" Columbia f'om levy, attachment or sale on execution. The House receded from Pa amendment, aud toe bill goes to tbe President for bia s gnature Senate bill to punish illegal Toting In the District of Columbia. passed. Senate amendments to House bill authorizing the extension, construction. aud u?e of a lateral branch of tbe Baltimoreand Potomac railroad into and within the District of Colhmbia: amendment c oncurred in. Mr Ingersell. on leaver introduced a bill to incorporate the National^Jnrgi&ry insurance Company of the District of Columbia passed; referred^to Committe for the Dlstrit of Columbia. Rk-T'*ioji.? Last night one of those delightful re-unions giv? u periodically by the OddFeiiows. took place in Colombia Lodge, No. 10. There was present a large number of the members of the lodge and order, with their wive-, besides the widows and orphans und^r the charge of the lodge Addresses were made by <irana Master J T. Given, P. U. Master Smart, P. fj. Jahn O.Robinson and others, and music, vocal and instrumental, added to the interest of the occasion. The oruhans attending school were each presented a suitable book ani a large box of confectionery. Refreshments were furnished to ail preseut, and ike company, after spending a very agre-. able evening, separated at a late hour, well pleased with tbe affair. a Saritart Riport for Jajicart. ? This merniug T. K. W. Feiouor, Cierk to the ShI ermfei,d-nt of 14 P Police, completed the tables of the Unitary eorpa for the month of January. Nuisance* reported, MS abated, 357unabated. 11: warrans served, 11; amount of tine* collected, friendless persons, who in th*? .bvn*d by vb6 corp*, 2; sent u? hospital aud insane asvlnm, number of dead horse* ai rt eews reportedand removed This month there were bnt four men on hi? Ssrgeant Oreer, tbe ofllcer in charge, the other men being aick. Tbe small Uf nn7 >a creditable to our c,u?ns! who are generally prompt to comply with the requirements of the s^uiry offlciri. A Child op trk Kboimbsit?On Wednea C irtatopber CUian.of the ijth l 8. Infantry. vm before Jnatice Walter on the charge or being the father of the liiMiti mate child of Mary Shaffer, bora on Christ mas day The accused was arrested by officer O'CaJlaghan. 1 here were ten or twelve wit nessea summoned, the majority of whom testil fled tbat there eras in the case or each as good grounds tor ctargln* the paternity of the vhild to tbem as to the accosed. and moreover the same was the case with a goodly n am her of the 4ih artillery at Fortress Monroe The charge was dismissed. The Ball at Islaxd Hall last ai*bt,for tbe benefit of tie poor of 8onth Washington. *asa moetaacc****ful affair, and will donhtie?s realize a very hitadsome aura. An Incident of the evening was tbe preseuiatioa of a maruitlcent pyramid < ake by Mr. John H. Senunes. which waa rallied fnr and realised to the rel^f (uml the sum of a^i. The was beautifully dec?>rared by C. O. Hamilton and a* sis Lin is. Pertvas having uckeu are deetred t<> make returns as soon aa passible, so that the> treasurer can n-ftort the amount realised, Foe r-iiraT?Yesterday, Alex. Washington ?as arrested t.pon a charge of larceny of rlotbiog. the property of Towlee Shelton. He ja? tskeu by officer McRIf e?b, of the Third * *rd, to the Central Gnardhouee, and after a hearing before Juatice Morsell, was sent to J4*' for court. JKtAOSfJiAA \7\y\ _ ? T*iiRT> I >(? i *T*.'-.a /i??/.TjTtKzr niin! Ac*#Ai?iiA atto ttonhrr.?trnm the ^ l"?* r^tw*aj afternoon we Blip tho followingitems: "7 the anti-Canal Kail road residents of Una ??y, At* op and dotag, making most strenuous effort?' to defeat those of tho mend* f tbe ?ow M?? BrnM heforo oarflpat* Legislator?. Petitjoaoaro circulating and aa agent baa been eeat forward to make latereet against the measure. Tbo Alexandria aad FredericBsbnrg ttfflrhad actually commenced on acme ot Ita eectloni, bas, it is Mid, completer bursted op," to tbe ioeaaad damage* of aogoral who bad credited tbe concern, contractore, oaerohaata, aad oth TP, A beantifnl locomotive, called tbo Cameron. wm turned out thta morning from tbe Machine shop of th* Orange and Alexandria Kail road Company, Mr. James Waddey, MattPT Macbinist, aad entered reguiarly into tbe aervice of tbe company. The C-MTOPron distillery, built and operated beiore tbe war by tbe firm of Clemson A Cook* rob, has been leased by Mr. W Makely, of this city, wbo will commence diettlliog in tbe cooraoofa week or two. Tbe question of annexation to tbe District is agaiuat oxercialng the functions of some of our folks, and the aati's especially are in motion agaiaot tbo works. A (U\o? Yesterday, officers Harris and Kuel, ot th* First Ward, arrosted John Maokall, Dennis Mackall, Jerry Carter, Abram Wallis, arid James Jackson, all colored, for various larcenies complained of by George W. Hughes, Timothy Kirby and John H. Clark. They were taken to the First Ward station, and were committed for court by Justice Drury. Police Reports?Tbe Lieutenants of Police reported this morning 42 arivsta. with an unusual proportion of United States cases, nearly a halt ot tbe total tieintr for larcenies and assault and lottery The fines in Corporation cases amounted to ?0.1,94. Skllivo Liquor Vulicxn^xd.?This morning, Elizat'etli Bniley, colored, was arrested by officer Ray for eelling liquor without license. She was lined by J notice Moraell. CITY ITEMS. m '? Vat* was the cbief>;'lfc#!NA5e's pride! They had no poet to sinf their praise, Like Hpnninu's One "Price Clothing S.jre ? And they died. Coal Oh. asd Lamt Goons.?Wanted, Store keepers to know that they can purchase Coal Oil, Chimneys and Lamp Goods, Earthen Ware. Ac., at Baltimore rates from on r friend, J. K. Foley, Nos. 275 Pennsylvania avenue, and 316 F street. - China,Glahs amo t|r kens w ark.?Mr. J. K. l oley wi&b?a to inform lb* public that he has jus*. opened a neat assortment of House Furnishing Goods, suth aa French, English and American China, Glass and Crockery Ware, Cutlery and Plaled Wares: also, Japan Tin Ware, Coal Oil and Lamp Goods, which he is selling wholesale and retail at his stores, N?s 316 F street and v.?75 Pennsylvania avenue, between 10th and 11th streets. a Mr old Patrons will flnditgreatly to their advantage by calling at the new Shoe Store, No. 50a Ttb street, under Odd Fellows' Hall. G. B. Willow, !m late of tb? firm of Burns 4. Wilson. Dr. Whit*. Chiropoiiibt, 4J4 Penn. av.. bet^^? and ?tir streets, continues the successful treatment ef Corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged Joints, Wnrts, moles, vancuiar excresences, Ac. Oftfce tinnrs from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m , and ? to * p. m. Established 1361. For Chilbla!j.p and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price I per bottle. For sale at 4i>4 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4)* aad ( th streets. ASrr.sPiLK Ouuk?Dr. Gilbert's Pile in strument positively cures the worst ea?es of piles. Senl by mail ou receipt of Circnlars tree. Sofd by dmgtrists. Ageuu wanted vervwh*r? Address J. B Romaine. Manager, No. 0~5 Broadway, New York. 3: Penmibm can be bad in any quantities at the Star office counter DIKU. SHOEMAKER. <'n Tne*d<ty, 29th of Jionirr. 1867 DAVID. infant son of David b. and fctolto' a. Shoemaker, ag?d 4 months and 4 days. * JOHNSON ONCE SAID .'AW^n ,ou he*rlk Uian about the Conetitutloa. spot him?he s a traitor." When y?u see a merchant advertise to snii GOODS AT COST. spot him. and buy your Shoe* elsewhere. No bib wit* any BHl business knowledge Is going to pay ttefll present high rents, license, etc., and sell' ML jou his goods ?t cost Bar your BHOKfi of a man who sella at a moderate profit. O"me with v?ar cash and we ?ni s*ll ran BOOTS ana SHOES st a very small advance. BOOTS AND GAITERS of all styles and alzca, for MSN, LADIKS, AND OUILDBIX. MADE TO OBDER and A GOOD FIT WAhKASTED, ot HSJLBBUN k BE?., 608 SEVENTH STREET, One Door Sovlh nf Odd Fellotct? Hall. ja3w>t? WEBB A REV1CB1 D<>B, IMPOaTBRS or CBOCBBBY. OQINA AND . _ _ OLA88WARE, k constantlr enband alargest?>ek * GOODS, Wf tbsi latest styles, from the bMt maker*,?mT\ at as low prices as tbey can bo purchased#&/ In Borthern cities. VParticalar attention is Invited to our W One PLATBD WABB and COTLERV. jmM 8t* Odd Bellows'Hall,7th street. ^HO CENTRAL lit&'ori-ioB, 480 No. 490 l?t hatreet, one door below Pa. ava. BJO OOO to loan en OtTuTand Sllvsr WATCHES. DIAMOND!. CLOTHING, and MBBCHANDICE of every daerrlptlen. J* ?^Business strictly confidential. -.THE weak AM P I M" . ? Paired EYESIGHT, Arising from proira^tpd sickaeoa, general debi 1ity of the nervous system, or tbe natural disposition to for er short sightedness, will be restored, strengthened, aad preaervtd by the nso ?r our celebrated BRAZILIAN PBBBLB 8PBOTACLBS, manufactured bv us from tbe genuine quartz, (pure ?ilex.)affording aarivalod clearness to trie ergiin* of vision Tbase Pel bis Spectacles and Bye-Glaases we adapt with utmost care and attention to ths proper condition ef the particular eye sight. In accordance with the physiology of the human ore, aM the law* of the ecteneo of optica. We sell our Pebbles, as well as all other OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS, At ynr York s*d Pkxlm leLpkm prim, as stated In the catalogues of leading firms?Beaj. Pike, ftsm mons A Co . MctSallieter Bros., Qusaa A Co., Ac VRA^KLtfl A CO.. Scientific and Practical Oaticiano, 444 Pennsrlvanla avsuoo, betwssn 1Mb aad titbits.' Washlagtoo. A?oa? the dlsdngnlshed patrons of oor Op,4nriS* tbesa laat six roars, are beg^leave te mention President Abraham Linoola, Mrs. Lincoln, <%ief Justice ? p. Chase, S?er?u^L ?*ward, Secretary Stanton. Senators Clark, Grimes. Gutboo, Morrill, Sprains, Sumner, Tatoa. Hon H TDawes, M.C . Mass; Hon John Wentwortb. M O . Ill ; Judge Blsher. 0 8. Supreme Court: Mayer WaUorh, Major General Huntjr. Major Gen Sobura. goo. DalafieM, Maj. Gen. Hslntselman. Admiral Goldsborongb, Sor**?* J K. Barnes, Prcf. Henry, BmtthsoaianInstitute; Prof Masoo Columbian Col love; Dr Henry Brni, Chemist. Agr. Dspt: Dr. B7K. Stone, Oonlist; Jnsgo Tabor. Fourth Auditor, Troos Dep t, Qov. Patten, Ala.; Gov. Parsong, Gen Splnnsr. P.8. Treasurer. Ac . Ac. Ja M-?t SS%2f fine Counter O SHOW GA8BB, one eoven and th* other five feet long, plate glass Will bs sold vary low. Ap ply in Prog Store corner ftb and B st. ja?3f 'tj^jmElOTT HAX.iT" ~ House Furnishers,' jo M b HO Metterott Hall. S0M* N^o'lfRA??oHOMB MAVFTAOTCBB1 PRACTICAL CARFtf W^A YMR, OornerM and C*trMa. (Island.) Makes Oar pots to order with dispatch, on mod* raio terms, aad satisfaction guarantied. Carpets constantly an hand, and for sale. jotl lrn IB TOO WANT BABHIIS ~ u. B F. Z1MMEBMAN A ?0.. , _ No. a SO Seventh street, lag dim between La av, and P street. DA8B BALLBB8 will do well to caM at tbe O Baadoaarter* and ?iJ (JROBIN'S choice SB O ABB aad TOBACCO, flit Peno. aoeuoo. ja?t 4t P LO 0 Rl VBBBI _ A fnH aasorumat of all grade* *h*lce Floor for Bohmp. aonlitr Bo. I; pdoelow. n Are tneoalr direct receirer* for So Idea Bin, J. OIOp/wow*?td Inform tbo** wiahing this flour by arroaoepent wltb tbo millers ws furnish It lowsr tbanTl can he obtained from nay other aouree. Qaality second to none. Prloe a fraetloo loaa than Other irst cless Family Floor. Buckwheat at low rates All grades ef Wsetern Fl<?r n store and tar sale low by W M GALT A CO., Indiana avenue aud 1st street, no II boot Depot. '. ZL >J I ) " * % 11 ' . - ;. AJtUaRMENTSl ? NATIONAL THKATK*. ' MmtItmI* ithimw WlUarde' HoUl. BBNBF1T OF Kt. J E 8PACKBAK. 0? which occasion 'Le8uoceserul ruum Baltimore KUr.llr. J.llpyLX alll mpmt la rvi? (rMi specialty of ELLIOT CRAY. IB Letter WAQack* ll?ga?f Flay of KO/KfiALB. OH. THE HI FLH8' B Al.L. Mr. O.J GARblSON, trading maa of Holliday iirtM TUUr*. Baltimore. ha via? kMlr v Innteore*. will iiMir u MAlfHEW LtvlOH, Profrptor Oitrfi TTClitliloa, who hu *l?o kinlly v*>nnieered. wltl appear In a a|ea?in? Pas Seal Beclutionof the beautiful Pi-#m. titled The WidowS Bon. by Mr. H 8. MURDOCH WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. BBBHT A WALL - PROPR1BTOB8 B. B. PHILLIP*. 8TA0B MANAGES THIB BVEN 1NQ, F CBKUAEY 1. 18^7 BINEF1T AM) LAhT N10QT BUT ONE M188 BOBB "ETTIVQB he will ?ppe?r in her charming Imperii net Ion of Lady Oar Spnnker, in Bouclcault'e elegant Comedy of LOU DOM A88UBAN0E. anpported by all tlie tavorilaa of the unequalled totock Com pan r. MONDAY. BBNEF1T OP MB. TBAHK LAWLOB. In rehearsal, the last new London Comedy, entitled FAVORITE Or EOBTUNE. m , a BATES OF"ADMISSION. Boxes, #8; Orchestra Chairs, <1; Dress Circle. 76 centa. Parijnette, 80 centa; Family Circia, 2b sentej Colored Circle. 2ft cants. JIHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. CBAHD ORATORIO HANDEL >T~ MESSIAH Will ba gitan by request AT MBT/.EBOTT HALL, ON WEDBESDAY BVKNING, FEHBUABY 6 The foil"wine named Vocalists will appear : Mloa JENNIE E HOUSTON, th? Great Soprano ot the Handel and Haydn Society, Boitoa. Mr*. J.P (HUI DKIBLH,Contralto Mr ARTHUR MaT THISON, Tenorof Trinity Church, New York : and Mr J r WINCH, Basso of the Hand 1 and llaydn Beclety, Beaton. Chorus of nearly one hundred voices, sustained by at> orchestra of oyer twenty pieces. Ticket*, one dollar. No extra cbaree tor reserved seat*. Sul' of teats will commence on Saturday. Feb rnary 2d. at Metzerott'* M<iaic Store. fe I-St I^ANCY DRESSES AND COSTUMES, I For Tableaux and Private Partial. Apply to IIHS. FRANR KB A. ja2fl6t* 44 7 10th street. "balls, PARTIES,"<kc7 ('RAND COMPLIMENTARY I A BENEFIT BALL, jS to l>a given at FORREST HALL, CBOROBTOWN, D. O.. BT THR C. S. BURIAL CORPS ASSOCIATION. ON TUESDAY. February 5, 1857. Ticket* 91 admitting a Oentlemaa and Ladfea. mmi"r -S.rn'1 B Fox. Will H La Boch>j, Charles Style*. T. T. Stockman J. P. Millard John T Blia* John \V. Bents. Master of Ceremonies. fe l-4t* QigOIB ORAND BALL or tiik B LONE STAR TEMPERANCE CLUB Will be given AT TEMI'fcRANE HALL. ON WEDNESDAY, KIBKUAR1 H, 1*67. TICK KT8-.J I .admitting a gentleman and ladiea ja 31-?.t* lostanIT<ound~ L^Ol'N D-Ob t he 23d of Janaary. a BUFFALO M. HOUE, which the owuer cau bave by calling at J*nie? Martin'a H at E, between N and O at. 8. pricing 1'iopert/, paying cost, and taking it away. feh 1 3t* w\)li To f?0 BEWABi>.?Htolen from 440 I ^ " " uro-t, 4 Tahiti. 6 Leesert, 4 Tea, ai.d other S1LYBK SPOONS, all marked A. M. Y. A reward about*- inal to their vulue will ba paid If returned to above ad lrie?-. it* IOST ?On the 1st instant, a bao<iie of HILLS, J < acme ?.f them receipts,? of THoMASA BOOINBB. All parties ere hereby forewarned not tw pay any such hilla. Toe finder will receive the thank* of the owner by returning tliem to the corner of IStli and C st^ fe l-8t* 108T I'OCKBT BOOK.. ?^ eaterday miming t>e J t w?en 4th and K at'eeta and market apace \ la Hh sirert*. contaiuiug between live and Hlx dollar* and three papers nrellei. A *uitable reward and the tincere thsnka of the owner will bs given upen its rxtnrn to Mis* McNeai. 5'JO K street, l>etwo?ii 4tb and . tu bi reel* fe 1 It* gJQ BBWAB_D. Loot. In tbaCapitol, on Wednseday.Wth Initaat, a SABLE TIPPET. The reward named above will be fivtn for the delivery of the same at the Naval Observatory. ja31-at* ^TVLBB eB TAKBN BY MlsTAKB FBOM ?5 the slstpiag car of this morning a New Yerk train, a BLACK MOROCCO TRAVELLING BAG, haa the owner's name on It. If left at the office at Metropolltaa Hotel, with the contents, a reward of will be given, and no <mestions asked. ja 31-St* C'AME TO THE PBBM18B8 OF THB~BO / ?crlber, on the 2dth instant, one BAY MARE, with bridle on. The owner Is requested to came forward, prove property, pap charge-, and take her away. THOMAS FOWLBB. Mo. 8A M street n< rtk. ja 3o 3t* between 23d and 24th streets. ~B0ARD1NQ. HOARD Fiie gentlemen can be accommodated ILP with good BOaRLi and pleasant Lodgings, at No. 29* 13th street, near New York avenue. 'ft per week; three uoaIs a day Table i Board a week. Families can be supplied with | meal*. fe l It* I IVOB RENT, WITH BOABD-A lar;?e, well I , furnished FBONT BO?M , on 2d rto'?r, ina private family. Terms low. at 4f?3 E it., bet. 3d and 4th. ja3l 3tA LADY AND GBNTLBMAN. OR TWOalngie gentlemen can get BOABDin a private family, at 317HMhitreet, between I and K at*. ja 3i 3t * [ OOABDINO ?Two pleasant, furnished aeceudL? nory BOOMS, amiable for gentlemen and their vrivep. or single gentlemen. Terms moderate, at No. 348 3d street, between F and G streets worth. ja 3u-3t* UAMD80MBLY FURNISHED ROOMS FOB II BBBT?With or without Board. N>>. B34 H Mrtet, between 19tii and lgth, oi.e a^nare from the c?r?. j? Zbtt" rpABLE BOARD at Bo. 4?4 loth street,a few 1 doors north of tha avenne. Terms B2t per *noath delltf GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS. J-g?FBBB BUFFBAQET Mayor's Officb, > Gioboktow j,. D.O ,Jan.?9,1817 ( Notice is hereby given to All the male inhabitants of this town, above the Age of 2i yeAr*, b?th white end colored that the Mayor and Board of AHermen of this towa will be in openseesioa, in th* Mayor'* Office, between the hours of 10 a m antf 3 p. m. on FB1DAY And BATUBDAY, the lat aad Jd daysof February, 18*7,toAlfard another opportunity to the el tlx ana of this town, Above named, to register their names aa voters At the Bleotioa to be held is this town oa tbe 2*th day of February, 1*67 ja 30 3t HENRY ADDI80W. Mayor 'yO ABCBlfBOTB ABD BUILDERS! Panics deslrou* ef furaUhinc PLANS for a contemplated improvement of Christ Church. Georgetc*n, are Invited to appear before a committee of Lhu,,e.h-"? Office ef CHAS. M. MATTHEWS, I*, ll Concrete street. Georgetown, (opposite the Paat Office.) as 8ATUBDA Y, February 2.1867, between, 11 o'clock a. m.aad l o'clock p. a., for Inforaatloa. ja S> eolt pBEAF COTTONfi. 101 BEIDOB^TBXBTL(^EOBGETbWN, D. 0. Jet! received, a large stock of COTTON GOODS, which wo are sellisic at lower prices than thep have bee* sold since the war ?BloAched Muslin. 12V 18.18 cents, ceod yard wide Shirting ditto. S) Andaseents; 4 4 Androecoggin Bleached Muslin, 90 cents; 4-1 WaasuttA d?., as cents: A4.8 ?,S4, # 4,1S4.11 IBbeodBCS, varyfowi Callcoee at 12^. 13. lSeeats; MerrlBwcke, Spraguea, and other beet makes. B) oenta; Bhlttlag Prints, S cent*; Un bleached Maelins, 12M, M eents; yard wide ditto, 1? aad St cants. Oau aad examine our atock, MOMMY 0AM BB SAVED by 00 doles i?M ! * BBBJAMIB MII^LBE ChemlcaU; replete wita every deeir hie Aaparatne, aad provided with the beet Talent and Artistic bkillTo be obtained^The eab ' pared to decaenecrate to his custom g no. Cloths tAc . he aeaM to stand a nn vail e l J?r^1-^?ved aad retaraed hp Express * Band* " ~:ZZ?cts Either for braid or embroidery, our patterns are of the very Uu*st deeisas. seleeted with care in Bew York, aad being fa receipt at them weekly, we are able daily toluene new patterns ea well aemahe and stamp ety pattern brought us I. 0.0 Working Cotton at redaoed prijes. 19-tf WANteT -v, W-f NT*D TO BOBBOT 'orjrwo ) sa?s . . o?ntiate>a??y|lfa , ??c?rUv_^''*J ' t*te A du r? borro aer, St >r u>w. '..V** 8.* 1*/ANTED-A WTCATIOBb} ? il 1?*,r^*8 Klr' asn^eawt i eee or rh??At>?T?AM tannine *e. UM wrtt 7Ui ?t. VV * r??pactablegirl. ? il f li v J * ac I a?n4reaa or 0 Appl> *t ?*>

88* L et^, tuimtui Uth if. It* W t ,NJ.,B'tr ? ? r?e?-o?Ahle yawn* OraeiAa. a 6! TO IOW i*do^M? n-vitftolbf w?*t. ?.r iTlV ?? ? D ? "* ' <>?? . ?* tbeUtertiW reepirtA'jl'- loon*girl. a SIT. ^*TI05, to cook >?1 d6 ^endrAlaouM^rk Lu ftU f^'f' n4*i( ef irf?retNicit^i. At 5,1 #Ky *** 1Mb Mil zftib #lrr#u, OUtb lldt. , It4 AHIJPIOTABL* SiBL wliDM a ?iTua TIOM 'B trci)?cutl?fknitlr a? cook Bj jection to Assist Is washing and lronli>| A pply ?" ?vesu?, Vmwmi Sth m< 'U street*. Mb.UlkM. It* W?*A" fW>? tns II ?ri?. a SITUATION as ho tier, aaderetAnds fart taring ?nd all About itotk lliv, farming la ell its branch**. or will take charge ?f Tor A ??n tlMttin li ikt dtjr. Bo objection to going is the country ._Addrees 'QBQ A.," Star Office If WA,^TItD?Thj public At Urge to kuw that JOHN B FTrLBY has in t received fr?*m i JJlTiIfi'0/;1.?!.. -!/??' assortment of F RSNOM CHINA. OUTLBBY end PLATED WAKE . inch ancestors, Walters. Spoons. Ac .which he offers At greatly reduced i iU Call ai once to 97 4 fA. SI!?-.*' ?.riif* <"t \WAW*I?8 WH' fi?d olarge atlcty of HousafnraishlAg Qools fe i #olt \V 4?,y,*F?"f a rnpcctolil* woman alth * I. ihWJ?? J**" n,,1i * SBABSTBBSS, or Attend children. #?r Is willing to auk" hereof f?o eia ly useful Any rsaeouahle term* ?coepted. OaII for three daye. At 4VJ I at. ja w it* ABBbPBOTABLB GIBL for (tntr^l hnnwwak nr two in fAmlljr. German preferr~l At No. 40? PennsylvAuiA Avenue. ja So-:?* ^OUTHBBN BANK NOTBS WAHTBD -W? * will pat the hUhf-at market prioe for all SOI THIK* HANK NUT Bp, At ??r office, No. 4<!*? PenneyIvenia nvsnn*. jASUtt W ?. HPttLBT A OP. Uf ANTED.-We waiiI Several lir?t class Far ilrt In the conntry for onr Customers. AI<o, HOU&E8 And Lots intb* city, both lArxe And tmAll. Apply ImmedlAtely tc D L WBLL8 A CO., corner Itflh and y i-t* j? % ini WOTK E TO MERCHANTS-The ?<lTert?-Ar I* closing up bl* bunlneiie In tkis < Ity on?? c-unt of l>Ad heitlth. And liu two ??n*. uei 19 And 17. be woold like BMPLOTHRBT for. Ther Are well educAled. good a< coantAnta, And ?oeted In t>natn*a? iMtfiii eenrrAlly BeaunerHttmi not ?o rrncb ? consideration hate hare tbeui ruapectably employed f >r the time helnc. Ad lreaa KM PLOk MENT. Star Offioe. jA 30 St* All odt ok emi lovmknt Ahoui*Fnot f*ii to call At the Employment Office Penii a Avenue. I<etw?eii i;th And 13th *W. WAnted-Ten Glrla, white Aud colored, foi senerAl hon^ewotk Alro. AJItbo?ein u?i d of niAla or fernaU HELP, gitniitioiia promptly tilled. Amenta wanted. rfA 1#- 2 ** WANTED' WANTED '-At the B-crairiAu Office, No. 4B1 O atreet, near KAltlmore Depot, RB0BU1TS for the United States Army, ja 1ft lm VV ANTED-New And 0A?t off OLOTBlMO.old ** GOLD an>l SILVER, or a?y other article of value, At the eld established MerchABt Pa?u I.i okar's Store ot B. t li LToN A OO., iV'i 9th at., 3 doors north of Penna avenue Bole A Kent for B1NOBR S HEWING M ACHINK deal) ANTKD-1C0 LM)IKS immediati-ly. to em ' ? broider Vukes, Uanda, WrApper Yoke><, flan nel bkirta. Blippers, and Ini:i?ia. To ro >d han is who brine fAAjpleof work, gwo<l wagea And con et*>ni ?niple> Bent ifitren. t^itil at the new HtAinp lug Boom, 49th street, opp site Patent Offioe STAMPING reduced to riVK cent* per width, de 16 tf. %* AM SD-Ill IIIIO LADIBS to kn^wthAt at " the New UtAmpitig Bo< ms. 4;<0 9th ktreel.oppfcfite PA'.ent Office, tbey cau r.nd the l>e?r oelected assi rtinerit of Patterns erer oftere?l here for Cloaks, t apis. Aprons. Joaeya. Waists, Yokes. Ran<1a, Wrappers. Bilppers Pinrnahious. and Ini tials Also, designs for Pillow t'ases Ottoman*. Chair (Jover?. Pianoe. At d. In short, erery rarlefv or Patterns as they ere daily i?ntied Weh^veit Vruck Ma< bine and a PrActieAl HtAutper. ABd hAve tedured the price to riVB OBNTB PEB WIDTH. We make And stamp tint, pattern bronght n?. Br a! 1?, Bilk Arid Working Cotton very low. de l?-tf VI/ ANTBD-BECOBD HAND ri'RMITDBE ?' Alao MIRRORS, CARPETS, USDS, Bill D lb 0 and HOUSE FURNISH IKG GOODH oft very description. B. BUCIILT 4ft* 7th street. jet-8-tf l>etween G and B, eaat side PERSONAL. OTK'B- All persons wbo have an Interest in the Bur>ing Gronjd on lsth street, belong tug to the Foundry M B Church, who have their de?4 bnrled there, er who hAve di-mterred them . ate requested to meet At the KosnSrr M B. ( hurcli lecture room, on FRIDAY EVENING next, Feb. lac. At 7H P bi , to ratlly the Action ot the comiiiittec Appointed on the subject, J. M. TROOK, O B. GREEN, . .. _ C. (JAM MACK, Jr , JAJl-lt Comaltte? PL. SHUk< KING. M D , HYGlBNlO AND HOM'KOPATUlC PHYSICIAN. Or nc*-24y Pa. Ato., bet. uth And 13th sts J A 3u lm MBS. WOBBALL, ^ . MBDICAL ELF.CTRICIAN. Ladles suffering with diseAse are Invited to consnltnie.And eiAmine By system of trAAtaent. Ho. 214 > ? York ATenuA. ja *-?t* TiKl BIOTIOB?I hereby |It? notlce ttiat 1 A have not last rncted Any one In my business of Preserving Flowers, And no ons doing basinessia Washington la ititbnrised to ase my dsids. jaU-lm* MB8 PBIBB, i'29 nth sir?t. IMIOBTANT FOB LADIES?At CHARLES BAUM'B Hooy Bklrt MAnufActcrry you cab bny French Woven Corsets, whalebones, fl M, reeds 91 K. Mo. 4? LouiiiAna Areane, between Sth end 7th streets ia 11 lm* UBIDAL AMD FIHEBAL WBBATH8, BO D QUBT8.CBOSHBB, ANCHORS STARS. Ac., preserved in natural form; Imported FLoWRBj, HAIB FL0WBK8. and ^RAIDING. AUo.Im sorted MOSS, Ha IB DBBSSB8 lor BaUs, by Mri. FBIBB. Has removed to Bo 489 lithst., between Q And H. oc S 4 n' 'I'AII NOTICB.-^BridAl And Faneral Wretths, A H 'gnets. Grosses, Anchors, etc , reserved In natarsJ form: Wax Flowers, Hslr Flowers, oa Glass or PeArl, at M*. 348 G street, near Uth ja 18-1 m* ( AD1B8 IT lb ACKBOWLBDGBD THAT L< the NEW STAMPIBG DBPOT. on 9th street, 4X9. has the best selection of Patterns everoffered here. And the proprietor hes reduced the price to ONE HALF that has been cbnrged heretofore. Beina a prActlcAl Stamper, no tear need be bad of getting whAt will suit yon. Go see him. Be will niAfce And stAnse ANY pAttera. de 16 tf JOHN D. CLABK. ATTORNEY AMD COWN8ELLOB AT LAW AMB MOTABY PUBLIC, Mo. ft'i* Uth street west. ____ de 14 ly J^ADIBS LOOB ATTHIB. COLLAR AND CVFFS GIVEN AWAY. BacIi lady having work done At the OHBAP BTAHPIMG BOOMS, 439 9tb street, opposite Petent Ofloe, will receive rrao'.i one Oollar Aud pair of Ouffa, stAmped on the finest muslin, for chain stich. Braid or Bmbroidery, suitable for aigbt-gowns Btar Braid anJ Colored Ootton fur the Above at redncad prices. Initials stassped from on* to Ave cents. StAioped goods at hAlt the price herctofare asked. de 29 tf {^BOOBBIBB. HALL A PLANT. PLAHT'S BUILDING, Corner Msw York avenne and Uth street, (Bntraace en Hav York Avenae.j Dealers in fine FAMILY GBOOBBIBS, TEAS, WIMX8, IMPOBTBD LUXUBIBS, Be., Ac., would respectfklly notify their friends and the public that tbey have jtut opened their New Oro c?n Store, where can bo obtained any article nan ally kept In a first clan Grocery. Withoutattempting to enumerate onr Urge, fresh andwaUsslscted stock, we eordially invite the public to examine onr etoro and etock, believing wo shall not (ail to give entire satlsfhction to all who may favor us with their patronage. We call especial attention to onr awortmetit of TEAS and 00FFBB8, which bavebooa select*d with crest care for ?urlty. Dealers will Sad a fine assortment to select from, and onr prices to suit. Goods dell verod froasptly la any part of tBe dty. jan 9Sm rpHB LITTLB BXLT 01SAB, Manufactured exclusively under copyright for B. 0. DYBB * 00., tS8 PEBBSYLVANIA AVBMUB, Between 12th and uth streets. T,These Cigars ars manufactured of the vary best ?atw? Tobacco, Imported by ourselvee through M*.l?n. ItVbrnthsr In-law sf Mr. Dyer, who baa boon living far a number of ysnrs past In Havana Ths special attention Is edled to thto " "sssarh*"3Rw3!J?T~. ." easamir lavOuMM. C~ OAL 1 BOB. ABD OIL. or the Practical Amerlean Miner; bains a guide ta oarmlaee aad mlaeral reeonrars. with anmerous maps aad lUua' ; trations. Price 97.M. in If VBABOK TAYLOB. t ***?-,hi oavoi 'v i*: ??? ii i *0R SALE ANV RISOT. FJI IINT-lirori BII?IC? hr without ? ?? f W? Uh Hitlk. AppJt 'HHlw yrmiUx ? * fcjTGkE >UK RENT-OT. ? ; t a ee n sth and mik ?<* . r?ianl ?pp-n\t* Ik* depot luqnlrs an the ptamlaas.L " a L"P? BHr-T?g kK>?<Ui wwly ?BrtHSh*?e??? r muaiea?ir,g * <>* Mav be ?Bi #lnrjr ??r loi.rt^r h^w?tX?(in|Bit >kiia 7lk I'ntti " r BOOMS. nettto Coluaible Law BuUElntf. Atranged to b? u?ed a* lodaiag m4 I'iUM room, wiih Ct BMoktr at I OK door. Apply 441 itn street. beta e?u I) >n4 1 iUwii f? 1 *' I?V<R HENT-two nnoee* moubb* ??k*r r liiDltbH o' unTirfliltwl, l< r???? Itted hear the DrMH*mi*k Attn, ??her House* Apply to McHElR A BHTAHT. 4??7tb nmt.' T. ' i ? COR^BEBT? K tbrNMto *"0* US"*"r with km and w*k?r. Apilr Io BBENAKD HAYES corner 4th aed H ibHU. ja It It* FHjTb BERT VTwo v? BBIOK UOVMk,thrN Storlee. OB Rbo4> I>Utd MNiit. betwesti Utb tid IHk itrtMi. Inquire No. lsl Hilrwi.b#(?** IKtb and lttb stn_ *' fOB BBNT ? Three or foar FTBSISHBD r BOOMS, suitable for bouse keeping. t5l ** L ~ street between Kb *nd jotb treets, Worth J* SI it'. l/OB BE HT?Three-story frame HOUSE. No r 4?4 h. street. near 7th. st P*r m >nth 1? gulie of A. LBkltLl kiitb t? the comer of North Capitol an I Boundary streets, or ?t Dan Pldll'e Stove Store, Mo. 431 7th ?t. jatl W L'OKUALI Thr EXCH aHOE BB*TAUBANT r and DIE I SO SALOON. Ho ?4 ttr.dg* St., Georgetown. D 0 . now dolag a fair bu*ln*n. Good rtMoni given tor ceiling ont. lagulre on the premises. ? rrwo FUBHI8HBD 0?mtanute?tiug B<?i>M8 ? on first front suitable for h#o??k??? Ine for gent end lad y ?as in roem end water In yard. Street earn pas* the door. Ho. H* 7th fctreet. bet. Mi. eve. and B street. j? 31 3f L'OB BIST The three story 1$B10K HOUSE. ho I?4>. on I'enn Avenue N >rth st'-.e. be tween lTtb ?i.d H'h streets, Wdt Wesbieftton. Alio, or Hi_h ?tre^t. <;eorgetcw ... in forrest H.ill building. a long uarrov BOOM Sr?t!i?or. suitable lor ati office or business b't?iM?n_tw > lute stores For term-. apply to B FOBKE3T. 7 * First street. <A? orget 'wn / H ?t'^ L,f R SAIjB?Two UoUSK* 2 ef.ry and b**e r nieiit each* situated on "Mth at . near th- W e? tern Market. Will t<e aol<t cheap f >r cash, by ap (l)iigl' hu 176 Pa are ja >?-4t TWO^ifilFrBNISBBD KOt?.H8 ON FIRST FLOOH Fr?B REWT - Suitable for houtw kteping, at Ho I'.'fi 3d ?treet. t>otween I ant 0 etreeta north. ^iu per month. jaJO St* RARE CBAHCE-t'ABTfiiBK waute<t, with about ?1.?V caah. In a highly lucrativ-man nlactuiluK liUfiu< ?ii, mithout compntt on in tbi* tieigbboihood. aud t-varj per?on being tn need of the article* produced Address, at on ?, P. O Bo* 7*4, Washington ia*)4t* R~ibTACEANT FOR 8 ALE- The GOOD WILL. LBASE, and FLBNITI BE of the Or>et'd BestauraM. corner of sth and K-treeti, now doing a g-?od baiioesa B?nt on!y ll.Wa * ear; recrlved rent !or rooms. Hl,3-H R -as* n for s. lin? . the proprietor going into other f n*U eg*. Applv to Mr. TlANBOB, Inu-lligencer Hnlldlng, or on the premi?es J* 3' t'OB SALE?A BE^TAl RANT, with Kutnree r and I.ease . one of the heat *tands in th? city . wontd be a splendid locution firs jrc*sry store Immediate >< ssosslon given. Apply at the Ntar OOlce. ja?-Tt*^ L'OR RENT?Tt:reo story RR1< K HOI SB. Ho. K IM'i ! atiast. telwten Vith and Sle* stroeU, fnri?i?h'''l or uiifnrniohed. coi.tainin* el ,-ht r ionii m kltclwn, with hot and oold aater; bathro<m. gas, Ac This ia one of the beet lo at ions in Wsubingten. clost to OovoruBi*nt Department*. Inquire on the*s, or fto 601 *th street, between 1) and E. ja 2^-tf F'OR REHT?At^iTs ?t8 EJ?, ?i0.aad UDfurnlchtd BOL'?ES .0 Jineratt parte ot the city BTARR A UO.,4S?>4 7th Btr?>et. between D and E. Boom 13. ja sa 1W House for lent and flbmifurb foe tALK. _ _ W Three a'ory DE1CK U01 SF. nEat.Mo.47Q, between 5d and 4th st< . with easand wa'er. and in good repair, for rent. Poaaaslsa civen Maroh l?t. The Fnrmtnre in the atK>T? house being ti?w and desirable, will be ?old at private aalo. Apply at 54tf 7th street^ ja 'Jit t-OB REN'T-A two atory PRICK HOCSE. on 12th atreet. b twten O and P. Rent per month Inquire at lith st. ja y>- 't* F'OB 8A1. E-A BEBTAVBAHT and FIX I TU RES. ?i -b thr?e year* lease, now d lug a fair businese For further information apply Vj JOS B RA WLIMO^. Ho. 460 ISth str< et oppo site Tieaauiy Department. ia a- >t* Ei^OB RKNT? A larae aud neatlv raruiehed r > R< i M T a privat. family, eaita ble fer one ?r two gantlemen, at 1st *a?t, betweea Caud D north, tear the Capitol. Also, onFront Rwom. nnfmniahed. ja It lw* '1^ O CAP I T A S T ? . BARE CBAHf E FOB INVESTMENT For Sale, two two star* FRAME UOUBfcSnnl LOT, S Xf 0, on h n alley, b?t?een 12th and 13th and E and r ttreeta Price 51JU0 Thia property is low and mutt be a< hi. D L WILLS k CO , Real Estate Brokera, ;a 23 St NertbwAst tot Lar lftth a*d t ata. F"OR BALK-A ORBAT BAR? A ill?The FURNITURE, LEASE, LICENSE. AND F1XTURE? ?t oue of the best located and paying llo tela, with Lar, near the Centre Market and l'enn syWaBla avenne, all in s?ood order, now doing a good business, and f?ll of boardera; has thirty ronBia OwMt leaving the ci*> reason for a*Uing. Apply to D L. WELLS A CO.. Boal Estate Brokers, ja 22-St Horthweat rornor of iuth and F >ta FOB BALE.?FU BE IT ORE tor aBlo for ft JSP and BBIOK BOUSE of tea ronna tor rent, with gaa and water,at ft!" per ninth, near the F atrtet ears. Tba Houae is In good repair, and the Furniture la la yerfect order. A gnat bargain fer say oBe desiring a neat hone. D. L. WELLS A CO . Real Estate Brokera, 4 norfHw-st corner loth and F at*. N. B ? Several first class F0BNI8HED DOCSES for reat, in good locatlona, from tH?J to jgj) per mt-nth. ja ll-?t 1/OB SALE?(Only ?J5fi e tah remired (?Sere r ral new2 atory UOI different parts of the city. Tbia it a rare obaace for persons of small m?ans to procure homes. STARR A CO , 7th it , bet. D E. >a M \m' f/OB BENT?One large three story BRICK r HOUSE, containing six rooms and cellar, large yard.situatadontbecornerorirthendQste . pump In the yard Rent moderate. Apply w J. T .Star Office, or oa the premisee. jalliw OUBE AED 8TOBB FOB BBET-He. 4 44 Pennsylvania aveaue, between 3d and 4St at* , a very prominent business ataud. foeeesalon tfiveB February lat. Appl> at O-legu Hall. _ P WALLA(>H, jal2-eotf Corner 4% at. and Penn. aveaoe. fToB RBHT-A three aton BBICK ROUSE, furnished, oa 0 atreet south, between 2d a*d 3d east, Capitol Bill. Inquire of F FA I RV A \, at the Coast Survey OUce,Capitol Hill, between ; a. m and 3 t mJ ja H-eolni' IVJOTICB?FO? KENT OR LEASK-TU* wellIN kDOWB FISHERY on the Potomac river, thla side of Fort Washington known as the Bea?lev Fishing Landing, en the Maryland sine, to Biilee by water and 12 by la>d. Apply to H. S. JOHNSON. Ho. 3' 3 Peau. avenue, between t't and 6th ata . oppoeiU Natioaal Hotel. ja7-din* COB 8ELB-A OOUBTBT SEAT AND OARr DEH FA RM. witbi? one mile ef th? city Thia property will be eold low and on easy tern*, or exchanged for city property. Also, from Twenty to Slaty Acres adjoining the above. Alee, rsrma aitd Counti-y Seats In Maryland and VIriula. Apply to T. D STOCKBRIBOI. Bcal Estste Agent, Northeast corner 7th and F etreeta, jaSln* Washington, 1). C. L/OB BENT?A three story and baeemeat Brick r DWELLING HOUSE, brown treat, water and gaa, tea rooms; new aadergclng repairs; situated oa 1Kb street west, between L st. arte sud Mass. avenue. He. 369. Ia aire at Ho. <03 14th t. between 8 and H) a. m and 4 and ? p m. ja 2 tf ?~0B BEHT?The FAJBM. for the last three years lD| Snsoacree! BlSgnt^'le^ahaltVLl'e from Bennlng s Bridge Itnarovemeats, dwelling boneeefU roans, atoao ataSja. ervant^a houase, barn, Ac Addren "E. B.,n 43T E *treet, WNaanIngtaa. D. 0.,er call la Boncm, between S^aod 1^. |j>0R RENT?Two large and one email oomtnnnlJr eating BOOMS, anfnrnlahed, aeeoad floor. No, 134 Fenn. av.t bet. ItWh and Mth ata. no 28 tf_ COB BENT?The STOREROOM corner of Pa. r avenue and 11th atreet west, in the Star Offloe Building, formerly occupied by W .Jletxerott aa a music store, and recently as the oflee of the Hatlonal Exprees office Apply to 0. E. B AEEB, Star Office. da?-tf FVRHISBBD BOOMS FOB BBHT^Wieely furnished BOOMS, far rant, atngly or enealte. Board Baay bo obtata^d ep?oeiie. Apply at 34 T K atreet,Bear IStb atreet,opposite Fraahlia Bow. p?OMFOBTABLE BOOMS FOR HENt -Furt uiahed BOOMS for real on iOtbstreet. a central and pleaeaat location. A#?ly to N. F BU BOHELL uader Bbblt Hsaae. ja l9-oo3t P)B SALE?Several desirable building LOTS la differeat section* of the city. Terns, #100 down, and #10 aer month for for fWlMPtn ysagg BOOMS, at Ho. f ??T 13th atreo* betw^sn E and F ata do 14 tf Fob all the latbbt bofbltibsTh F . NEW AMD DBS1BABLE OOOBS IV EWBBT variety. at PAT1B A OAITHEB'S. W ATEBEE AMD FLAIE ElEEOBS, BlowVLJZf**--"'iVfif*SSITSSSS Hfiteli* oood?._ ~ OPBBA GLASSBS aad SFECES fer the Mil1!pEkBLE8 and other OLEESBS at half ?rlce. thaa by the O^uslaa, at {. ALEXAHDBB. | ia 21 tt* ** Feanayleania aoeaus. .fl ' oziv: t VH MKT .aioxi ja ir.ojii AUCTION BALKS. TBtM ~APTtit NOON AND TV-*U**U?. BY W L WALL A OO . iwtiaaMTi, Onglaai Mora* a< Otrrtin hlNr, 6 LotMtoM tlfitr au or Betflia. cabbiaoes. hakim, ?? SATBBHAT Moilfclfco. Teb l.ttW^V V* * ill mN. At I*? fUMt, H*Ml *? Bwl ll? Cwrtii* m4 W ort Hmm, ( ( II doecrlptlou at Ma; COO* Wark. Saddle aad Uaraoaa Boraaa, A larga ?n*rWoc of ?U B?? ft* lu eke way , Carrtagwa, Wmhi otk*? TeMcloa Twe MV Jni; U?I VM?M, t ?i U IB tkie eltv AL0#% S??IUBmoM kMlHtraM^MAlN.VtrrtacM, ftt ,it yrifitoul* _ ReawUr m)m day*. Tkaradaya. u4 Sato i tm a . OwriM? and HaraveaWjra'an p*?? j* so w. L. Wall i ou . >?* . |> Y H COLHtl I OO.. AwotloaaOera. D H? V*?I kid U?S NtMfllMII eTOnae, k*l?M? nkMHl ml IIIMN. UBOBAIB iriGliTsALI Or l4??kllT iBP HABNEAS OOBPBiBIBM OVKK i ? bKT8, AT AlCTlOH-TtlB STOOE OB A PEa LEE DEt'LIBING I'tCsINEbS _ Ob W BDN>.8nAY UOk!lirO nut February 10 o'clock. ?* will | II, at orAietlon M naa . Bn?- fcilaifut of lk? >htif?(on4i, m?M wbick will I* Im>4 rt*M VifM Itrottl*, Stage, Hack, Gig. Unco ?ad Hww?, Bn ilea Ac , the vhcle to to aokd wcboat mi iNtiuliPt for cask They v III be ?rraag< 1 uil on tthiki'lAi at oar Balaer out*. *a awl attar refcraary I at Inatant The trarta. a* wall aa partis la* iavtftad to Mln<,ai uraat ladaiaaanl* will ha <rterwi H OkMAN A OO , An. ta. ia?7t B O BIUOKIB Jl. SalaauM. BY W. B LBWlb A CO., Aactlaaeer* LABOR STO' E OF CLOTBLM* AT ATOTIOB. TH I'K!*PaV N EXT. Jauuety 31. at 10a clock, Wf ati all aell Iba wkole a toe k <4 Mr W. k.tag. at bit atora. Mo. *fc6 Pa atenaa, b?ar rat, coaal-tlng of Clc-tblng af i-tctj da?< rlpdoa,Far niahtng G??de Hoatertea Ac .Ac Pale will ka cnsklturd r<-*alg? notll ckaed W,H Li*lMi\l, ja Jo- f t A?ctli>na?ri BY M. B. WALSH A OO., Aaettowr* Mo. Stf*? fa. a?a , cat tier KHh atraat. ri K.MTt BI B El'S. BEDDING Ac On BATbBUAY lURMN'U, Yabruary 4. at 10 o'clock. ?* will a*-ll tn littniufouralic'lju rouna I'teaa Bareaaa. Encloeed Waehataud Oan* aad Wood Beat Ob at ra, liocktre Krtitaadi. Ma*tr*-a. 1 a Ma* Cook St??ee. Bttfroam W"tN Blaiikata. Sbeata, Cuafurti wa Ita X asti Tube. l>*lt ana Crockery M art. A Lao. M pa,r Colored Blanket*. The above so -da were raaovad to oar Store far convenience of aala. Term?- raah It M K VAMIH A CO . Ancta B* bAOLB ? Co ? Auctiouoara PEBEM I'TOBY #ALB~or BA1SIN?. riQ9 GMOCEB1EB, WAP, OIGAB* TOBAOOU MATCH KM. tfBOOMS, BASK ETB. %r AUUW' We atiallaell. wiikoat r>aerva. at oar Store 2M4 Pennaylvanta atenae, ou BATUBI'av marv S, at i? o'clock? 1 luu dtame rig* 7a boxea Balalna. prln a 26 boxea aaiarior Kaaitlj B'>ap 2^fr<>as Yeaat I'oader.SJ kozea fei>r>?r 26 Kasaa Panrl ftarck aroaa a?r*rior Blacktag % dosen atrlnt Brooiua . II dorea HtwU Btoona U'do/.*a Wtiap Br( om?, 7? irroa* Matnhat 16 l>a\r# Clotbaa Pi??, JU N?ata Bwitti V demljofepa old B> W M?ka> deuitjohna Holland Oln 10 dafaltoha* J imaica Kia 16<!emi a ban bkarry Wlna 8 denil ohn* Port WlBa 2i dt 7?n Pouck Kxtract JO c**aa Bidae Wina 2. baaktta B^atklia* Baranudy, Ac. Aj so, Jf> 000 fhoi'-a Ol^a'f arcpoaada Vir^ 8m king Tobacco <ti eio^a Chfwrr T bare" MI drzeu BucW?ktn Oaant'eta 26 doxeti Miapendara T. jutt: ?i;li a varlaty ol otbar articlaa. Terma c?ab. It B AOLt A CO . Ancta. BY W. b"l7bw1?? A CO . Acattyaara Mo. 1M Pa av.,aader Mational Hotel. PAWXBBOKEK SPAlYoK DIA MOM P8, liOLU AKT> PIL^ BK WATCHBS, OULO CHAINS. ( BATE K AMTLEO OILE I'BB>8ES. KILE &OBE8, OB NTS' CLOTHIKO, Ac. We arill at-11 at Mo 3?4 Peunif I vauta at?noa anlar National Hotel,^onDg SATUBWAY E\ EMIMO. February 2. aud cantlaua every a?aatog ontll all are dlrpoaed of ! >) Dlaaond Piaa an<i Karr nca. Olovtar and Hlngle Stotte Binaa, fine (Void Watcbaa. Ladlea'Dlaatond a-t Watc'i*?, kliTer Watcbea.Oold Obaloa.oa* Cr?a* Mae tie, coat . one extra tin* Silk l>r?aa.coai %l:i , oat flne Mlk Bote, ?.oat $&< . 100 rati b >ck eloiu Pant*, A* , Ac. Tli* abova ffoo '.a to b* acid without t (Afrve lo y x > advai cea N. B.?All Good* rarehaaad Aad not fonnd toba a a ityrtttLUd caa La retara*u witbta tbraa daya atter aak ai.d mcut y irfnudtd. W B LEWIS A OO.. fe 1 tt Auctioneer-. JJY CBOWN. WALKER A CO., Ancllon?^ra~ 8TOBB riXTTBEB AT ACGTI9H. Wa will eell on MOM DAY. at 10 a. a , at Stir* on Ulkat .1*1 and. tkrae door- frrna tbaaor?*r of Md. at.. Bow Window*,Skelalng Oooatara,Bkov Catta, Candy Jar*, toteiber wlu a Wagoa and Harnaaa. Ac l*rmaca?h fa l it* CBOWM. WALKBE A OO , Aocta |JY 0BBBB * WILLIAMS. Aartloaaara. 1MPBOYED BEAL ESTATE. FB0MTIM9 OM H bTBKl.T MOBTH. B*tweaa Sd and Sd atra*ta aaat; alao. fronting oa L atraat aorta. batwe~a He* Jeraey avanne and lat atrcet wear, at Pat Itc Aoctfoa. On Tl KSUAY. the 6th laarant. at 4 a'elocc a. m .we aba) I aell. aa tka yraailaaa. a Sne tbrae atory Frame and Brick Hoaaa, coitolnlag atx good rooma. wltk kitchen and cellar. Alao, a goad twoate ry Frama Hoaae. both baring fine lata, aa4 w hick wil I be worthy a! tka attaatiaa of bayara Teruia caak %:4 dowa aa aack baaac waaa aold. fal St* OBEBM A WILLIAMS. Aacta. 1MPOBTAMT SALE or GOVF-EMMENtTbSBEL. D'Poi mrrermau'r't QfUt, i Bai xmort. Ml , January 39,ldB7.\ W ill baacld at pualic aacMoa.attba aart -f BaltlBioiu < Benderaon wbarf. Eaat Baltimore ion TIlLMfcDAV. IS M., r-i raary SB. 1M7, the ' BCPEBB SIDE W^lKEL^bTBAHBB OOSBO?f 779 toa*; l^agtb, T* feet, breadtk of beaa, SI teat deptb of bvld, 13 faat cyliadar, tC inchaa and 11 feat atroke. A i are oyyortaDity la afforded ia tka aala af tbia Steamer to yera u Ueairikg u> yurctiaaa a really hrat rlaaa veeael. bbelaof lUbt draft th? angina and bo liar* ara in m?*t aacallent > onditioa, aad tba ball parfactly aoand and atroa?. It la believed tbat far else and baild tleCatmofoil tan aarpaaaaa any vaeaal liltkatl* ofterad by Uottisaeii lar Kaia at tbla pott Teru.a caak, la Governmabt funda, oa day of aala rurtbar particular# maybe laaraad ipoa appll. ration to tbe aaderalgnad ?r to the Auction.era, Meatra ADBKON. THOMAS A CO.. Ma. In* Sonib Ckarlaa atraat. By order of tba QuartarmaaUr General A S. KIMBALL, Captain and A. vf. M., 0. 8. A., fel-ltt Depot Q carteraeater |JY GEBEM A WILLIAMS, Aactloa*ara. BOOE8 AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On SATl BDAY BIGHT, coaa?uein< at 7 o clock p. m , waaball aell at oar A action lU>oaaa, a Una aaaortmant af aaw P-ooka.embracing a collection of standard Po*U. M1?callaneoa* (A'orka, Papalar Ncvela. School Booba, A, . Ac. wki< k ?a bare received aa coaatgnuient, to be aold witkoat raaerva lor caak. . ja M d GBBBB A WILLIAMS. Aacta |>Y H OOLMAH k CO., Aacta. D Boa A9l aad Panaat Ivaniaaveaaa. Between Bib aud 10ti> atraata. WELL EEPT HOUSEHOLD rCBBITtTBB. PIANOS. OtBFBTS, AC . AT BOCTHWMMf C0EBEB 2S? AMD I STBBBTS, AT AOOTIOM. On BCBPAY MOBMTMO aext, Febraary 4tk at IB o'clock, wa will aall. at tka aoatb?r*at coraer ?d aad I etrceta, the Furniture of aavan rouaa, coaprlalng? Two Piaaoa, la good ofdar Mabegaav Sofa*. Eareana. aad B*dat>-ada Maboaaay Okalra. Oaatar aad Card Tablaa Looking Glaaaaa. Veatkar Beda aad Ptllowa Hair aad Skock Mattraaee* BlaakaU Hkaata, Oailta. W'ladow Bbadaa Park* aad bed rooa Sto vea, Waahataada Braaaala and lag ram Oar pa U. Batttag. Oil Cloth Bafaa. Eefrlgtratara. Cook Stove-, Crockery Glaaaware. Eitckea Utaaaile Baage Ac Taaetkar wltk tka ta? aaaortaaeat of good* aaually foaad la a beardiag boaaa. Termaaaab. H. OOLBAM A CO . Aoati. jail-Bt T B C B BOO EBB. Jr.. Balaaaaan j?TIAS. 0. BcOUlEB A CO., Aaattoaaara. LAEGE AlkD VALUABLE COLLECTION OE bTABDABD HlfTOBICAL AND M1SCELLAL-iL'l fatfsr. JfuiaV every braaak of Btaratap^ Baay of tbaaa VS5d JAB. O. McBCIBB A CO.. A acta p OB ST ABLE BAUJI?IOB. ? ?y TlrBMaftarawHtaorBoHfcalaa.Maa.naad n. laaT"1 by ioka T. 0. Clark, aaaaf tka laaainaa of tba Paaea far iba ooa^t# af Waablagtoa. Dta trlctofQpluBkla,aaAta?a Alractad. I bava tkla SCU day bf JaaaaPy, Itl7*Uriad a>o? oae Mara*. troatof tbe Baak of WaablatfBaa, Ba taa """ J t aiao o?w..M. M"ii~iaV\^0?L1.aI. ! ?*Tjs,ntf siiTir*'