Newspaper of Evening Star, February 1, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 1, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR, ItOM EVROPI. Loudcs, Jan. Jit.?U u oiaumi that the memfctrs ot Ihr British Cabinet fully rxprf?? tb* bop* that the p?a< e of L'urupe will be preserved lb spire of the threaten mg appearance f affair# In ibe Kml Tte search or ba^ac* ot foreiga travellers in liagland and franc-* will be merely aotainal. I.ondov, Jan 11 ?It is asserted that ?he , Ix>rd lierby Adminis'raMoa will fall to th.? : gronnd if tbe forthcoming ?peech o( the i^ueea at rbe reopen in r of Parliament should not recommend reform Joha Bncbt baa made a speech at Kochdale, ta which he said the recent reforms announced by the Kmpertrr Napoleon should be interpreted in a liberal sens*. Despatches from Constantinople announce thai a fleet of twelve American war vessels was dally expected there. Paris," Jan TO.?It is thought that the mission ot Kaiergie to tbe United Statee ta a Kussian intrigue to involve the American Government in tbe Kas'ern question. Despatch** irom tbe Laat state tbat a plot of tbe Cretan clergy against Mustapha Pasha bad been diecovered. Advice* from Rio Janeiro report tbe death of the French Minister to Brazil. Parip, Jan. 31.?Tbe French Government, actinjc tor tbe great Laropeaa Powers, is engaged in framing reform# favoring the interests of Christianity in Turkey. Jas. Bennett, Jr., is to receive a gold medal from tbe yachtmen of Koehelle. He will also have an audience with the Emperor. M. Montholon has been decorated with 'he Grand Cross or the 'Legation of Honor, and goea to Uaboa as an 1 mbntsador of France. Lichox. Jan. 41 ?la the Portuguese Senate action baa been taken in favor of the abolition ofsiaverv in the Por'ngue?e colonies. Li'SDUl, Jan. 31.?Tbe latest reports from tbe Last bring tbe intelligence that the Porte has determined to make a concession to the Cretans, and will soon appoint a Christian tiovernor for Candia. Ath*>'??, Jan W ?Tbe Greek Government is about to raise tbe tariff, and expects bv this m*ans to increase the revenue by one and a half millions ot drachms. A Novii. Pkrporm akcb.?Near the city or St Joseph. Missouri, a tew years since, the rite of baptism was performed on several women by lmroertiion in the river. As it was winte'r it was necessary to cnt a hole in the ice, and tbe novelty of tbe scene attracted a large crowd, among whom were several Indians, who locked on in wondering silence. They retired without understanding the j r<at nre or tbe object of tbe ceremony they had seer.: but ob?erving that all the subjects of immersion were females and getting a vague idea tbat it -was to make them good,the Indians came back a few days af'-erward bringing tt.eir sqnaws wi.b them. Cutting another bole in the ice. near tbe same place, they immersed > each und all ef ifcera lb -Spite of tbe.rremon- j p'lantea. lic.AK I-tvixo i> Colorado ?Th^ Black i HawK Times < -mplam-ot the high prices of j liviug. 1 be edi'or saye: "The idea of for daj board, such as it is. ati<t twenty odd dollars for board and lodging, these days, when the choicest t^ble truck c?n be brought here lor small freights, and when flour and meat* are drog. is simply outrageous. 1" takes at this rate a printer or a professional man all the week a warkmc to earn enongh to pay for I tbe privilege of chawirg gutta-percha and j bunking on a board floor." A Large K?tate ?The value of :he estite ot the late F.dward Mott Kobinson, of Pie v Bedford, Mn-s . is eworn at four-and-a-h^lf millions The will, as now tinativ sustained. leaves Miss He'ty H. Robinson ??.(** in her own right, ^iP.fiOO to each of the executors, K'jUV to 'be town at Sonth Kingston, R I., tor educational parpwtee, aart the remainder of hi* estate to b.s executors, in trust for Uisa Kobinsou. Tbe ? alteo rentes stamp doty on . 51>e vill amounts to ?J,250 i MiSir.Ai. Wax?In a-irtition to the other j nuirerons and varied products leuuii in t?.e j >tate of Texas, a beautiful white miueral wax , has been discovered ou the Inland of Madr-*. at the month of the Brazos r;ver, in that State j Pi rcsor Van der Weyde. of this city, b'?s j specimens of this n*wly discovered m fterial 1 ia found in large quantities, and tine hitu- ; men. heavy petroleutd and salt aUoexiat upon tbe same island. j^Land in Loudon sells at ten million dollars an acre. People live there because they can't afford to boy a grave. Mrs. Lycla Bragdon, of Snlllvan. Maine. aged s? years, dnr ng iiie Summer and Fall b*< sptnilU s*?ins ot yarn, and woven 16' ! yarn* of cloth, *nd this "too without the aiu of apec.-acl^s. If there was ever aa old lady that lieservedto be I>ragged-on. she does. A/"The eight hour system does not work in Indianapolis, wh-re i' is enforced by 'he city and'he funnrteri?s Tbe employees are paid by tbe hour, and do not eaxu enough to suppert tbeir families. ^"France is not increasing in popnlatio.1. j This is attrihnted to a decrease in m-trritges Statistics chow, "tliey marry le?? nnd l 'ss in > ranee." The ymngmen shrink trom marriage. It cost so much. ?yA woman in N'ew Britain, Ct? receotly became eorag?d at her husband for some cause or o hrr. and in revenge rustled out of deo;a and sealed b* rseit in a snow bank, where she remained until nearly frozen. CThe Richmond fenijutrer aaya, "?o where in lUe world can a man of small meana rulti. * aie tbe soil with such ad vantages ot marg*>t, tr:m*rcr^at1on. s*^ed and vlrtnons so> ??ty, geuial climate, ancMboice of lands, aa in Virginia. Wl be New York Legialatnre have before them a bill allowing hnsband and wile to testify a^aiiit each other. T'The Maltese say tha- a peraou who i9 never in love ia sure to b? fat. Fredericksburg, Va , has lid boga and 4T pianos. VA Chicago young lady has jnst run away with a circus actor. K3r31iscbievons little boya in New York light lucifer matches and drop them Into the letter hone., so as to ha%etbe tun of burning the letters. K/"A man in Oarliale. ky., nineiy year* of age, ;hotbim*eli recently. ?/An Indian pony in Texas maybe bought for a quart ot whiskey. i; r North Carolina asks Congress to suspend the land tax. %jr There are lorty hom ropAthic physician* in Maine. yi bree hundred instruments assist Gottschalk m his concerts in Valparaiso. ^"Mexican affairs are styled bash by a New York pap?i. f^T" Naples has struck oil, and Italians are busy constructing "ground floors*' aud "nii? thMkga.'' %jr A man in l>esaware petitioned lor a di. I vorce on tha ground that -his wile was a very disagreeable woman.'' i U'-y ha\e '-vt-sper services" with b?ll, bo?K and cai.tLle in Kpiscopnl chnrches in Augrrs'a, Me. 1 here are languages spoken and t t< 0 different religious profes-ed in tbu world. VThe Schuylkill water has made mttoy of the PLiladelpbians ill. special xotick^. %ra rolribk ys no hai> lost thb dsk of hit If rul fr?m Rheumatism com^iot?lf cor*-d id4 to a>>andoa hii crutches )>y <n.? I b. ttle ef mktoaj r?-8 ohea1 ruklmai10 BlMIbt It i* truly the won ier <>f tae a^e jatl-mtw 8 o fokd. Agent. , UT MiKkiAOl AbUCbiilBACIf, AMD THB risptiuess if True Maaboudi- An Bssaa t-f Tomig Mrb tbe Crime u# Sol it ad a, and the rhyatotoglral Brror*. Abases and l?is> ?aea win % ci r?u i M~t *!?.?ma to Marriage, with suae n?au? of Bsllef. Sent in aaalad letter anvelosea. free of chatga. Arfdr-M I>r j SKlLLlti HOUiiUTon, Howard Ass elation Philadel*hla. Pa. jall-i.a bbcbbt oltjbabbb H am ax it a n ' OiVTia tbe bmM csrtaia. aafa and attsvtoal raeedr?Indeed, Ibe eel j vaavtaola remad; ever discovered. Caree la twe to four day a. ana recent cases tn twenty four boo re Bo nalasral, ue baiaam, a* marenry. Only tea ?iUa to be taasa. It H the aoidler's hove, and a friend te these who ie net want to be ex?oe?4. Male Mckagee, #S;female, |1, Has aI-Tah'i Boot Attn H??b JBtcaa?A?oeUlve and Mraaasot ??re fee b^ybilla. Sorotata. Oicera, Sores, Sp"t?. Tetters. Aa. Prtaa llttper hetUe. Sold br ft. C. Ford. See advertteewaaft. my gVMELY, STEADILY, BVCCBSSrOLLT, bmolabdbbb bxtbaot bdcbd is eaxuM every mm ?f Kismvt >isBa*I. MWUtim. Oxavil, OinuiT Dtsoxnibs, Wuina and Pa ns ta tbe Bacg, FbmalS Oogyuim aad TaotrxLBa arlalag from licmn or abt Kir* GOBI, Tl AfVIilOTlX T BY IB?liAI>l>'l. TAKE HO OTMEE BVCK9. Bold by all Apothecaries. Pitas |1. ?. BABSBB * CO.,He? Tort, sad BABBfBB. ?ABB BOO., ew Orleans, BstBsis Ag?M?s. II1UH1 ft BOABBB. Wbalsssts BisM'^l Blrtis, Mass., ] COLOATV A OO.t T I N T I I ft OA F . B?tsss?n?i1sA M cianii harm aad for general voitsv aae deriag cols wunn. It mar be : obtained of bO drtABl** bad faaef goods dealers, let S-eely \s rf O r K t J A ' U it ^ 1 , HTlf f ' #t i AUCTION SALES. UT SUM * WILLIAMS. AacUoMtri. i nSiieHa ByrtrhNrflMor trutto ?.toUdtfc?lAlh day of |?T?ak?r. A. D. 1MI. ?4 rteoH?4 la Llnkr KM. B , Mo. S, lotto* ?M, 4W, aad Ol. of the Load |M*rii lW Vaiilsiua eowif Si strict of Columbia. I shall sell. o* TED AM) AT. the rtb ta| f *bruarv aext, at 4 o'clock p- the ymhw, east half of Lotlo.8.taRe**r?atloa D, c?it*lmng two tbonssmd htm ha ad rod sad thirty-six square bet four aad a hall laehee, with tbo Improvement*, onstatfa??# oae-atarr Frame House as tho frost, tad aaoth*atwo-stery iraw H*aa* froattag on tho alley Tho above deecrl bed property to bo sold as por ordar of tho Caart. T*i ?. Oao half sash; halaace ta six aad twelve bo a tho. for note* bearing lateToat, and secured by a flood of tmt oa the prialm. All coareyaacing aad wwawittapi at the coot of tho parchae*r*. #100 down oa tho day of sale; aad lr the tor ma aro not oomplWsd with la fir* daya after tho day of sale, tho Traatoo r near too tbo right ta roooll the property at tho rish aad ooot or tho defaulting purchaser, by advertising threo tlmee in tho Matlonal Intcllifoacer. . . _ . F_A. BOSWBLL Trnatoo. ORB KM A WILLIAMS, Aacta. ja7 Tn.TbAd* Llatell } _ UT 01111 * WILLI A MB, Aaotioaeera. TRUSTEE'S BALI OF RIAL 1ST ATI. Bp vtrtu* oi a dead of traat beariag data oa th* fifth day of Jaauarp. 1M6, exec a tod by John Oolllaa to mo for tho benefit of Joha Haael, aad recorded la Liber N. O. T., Ho. 57.folio 181, of the lead rtc.rd* for Waahington oounty, la tho Dfotrict of Columbia, I will offer for aale. oa th* premise*. on FRIDAY. the l*th day of Jaaaary. idoT. tt I o'clock p m.. the north port Of Lot Mo. II. in Square No. 8*7, la tbo city of Waahingtga, D. C , fronting 18 feot aad S iaebea oa easts' Ih street between A and B atreeta aorth. aad i .waning at that width to tho rear, together with the improvement*, consisting of a amall dwelling honae and other building*. Term* : On* half each, the balaaco in 8 month*, the pure baaor to receive a deed and (It* bia note, ecured by a deed of trust. All convcyancing and revanae atatnpa at the coat of the purcha**r, A deposit of pu) required at tho time of aalo, and the trusts reserves the right to roaall at the coat of (be porcheeer If tho term* of sale are not coaiplied with witbia five daya. JOHN M. MORRIS, Trnatoo. GREEN A WILLIAMS. do27 2awAda Auctioneers. y TBR APOT1 SALX IB POSTPONBO until MOMDAY, the 11th day of Febraary aext, at the same hour and plao*. By order of tho Trustee. jalPZawAda ORMKN A WILLIAMS, Aaeta. BT GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auotlaaeers. TRUSTER ? BALM of VALUABLE IMPROVED PHOl'RRTT (>M 7THSTMBST. By virtue of a Ite i of trust, bearing date on the 1Mb day cf August, A D 18S8, and duly recorded in Libtr R, M U No Ifi. folloe 4)9, Ac . of the land records for Washington couxty, is the District of Columbia, and by direction of tho party secured thtref.y 1 willaell at puMic auction, in front ft the premise*, on MONDAY, tbo 11th day ot' Fet ru ?ry. A. D. 1867, at 4 o'clock p m , Lot num' erea tweuty four (It) in Wlltberger's recorded ant>divt?t >a of a<iuere numbered four bun dred and forty t?o<4?2i, in taeeuyof WmSiov ton, iu the I>lat: let of t'elmnbia, together with *11 tl e improten ent* therein. Ibia pi ope i ty is well improved, an I located ia a very tle*irable and Improving part of the city Terms of aale Oi.e third in cash.of which $50 miit be paid at the sale; tho remaining two t'lir's to be paid in tlx aid twelve moatb*. with interest from day of s-ale, and to be a? cured by deed of trut-t to the tatiafactlon of the truatee. Turns of sale to be complied ?ith within five daya;oth r?i?e the tinatee ree-rves the right to resell at the ri*k and cost of lirat purchaser, ;?'t*r ?oe weeh'* public notice All conveyancing and stamp* at the coat of the pun bai-r. WM H. W ARD, Trustee, jaip-eoAda GREEN & WILLIAMS, Ancta. Henry oolman a co., auction and COMMISSION M KKOtlA NTS, No*. 991 and ^9:t Penna av.. bet. Mh and loth *ta. Bale* at auction every Tneadiv, Thnrsd iy, and Saturday morning and evening. 1 C. BHOOKER, Salesman A full assortment ?f Dry Gaods, Root*, Sheet, Furnishing Goods, Crockery. Tin War*. Stjve* Ac .always oa hand at private ealp Oash *d vanced cd consiguueA1^^ Wholesale and RstailVaieia in Bardwar* and Tin Ware, Stoves, Ao , No*. U'H and i31, 7 th street, between M and M. A large qnantity of Government stock, consist 1 ing of Blanket*. 8b-eta. Pi I Iowa. ShirU. Cl^oia*. | Carts. Harnoea. Wa?ona V> agon Wheel* Jiim barrowa Trucks. Platform flcales.C/onr'.ur 8 ilt *, Crockery, Lamps. L*ntern?. Tar, I'aiat. an<l s< i oilt* Stove Pipe Alao. large luautlty ot sec .nd 1 hand Stove*, with maDy other artioe* toe nn merour to ennmerate. The good* are nearly new and will be fold at almost any pr'o* to*nir jelS-lni " COLMAn A tW. BT KAOLIVOO., Ancttoosers. Balesrofcm Ho. Penn. avenn*, Between 9th and 10th ats. MAOLE A 0- will give their p*r*oiial attention to the aale of Real Eaiate and Household Furaiture. Also, to the sale* of stock* of Oroeerie-, W tn?*. Li mora, aixi Merchsadiae of every de eeriction. Horses. Carriages. Uaratsa, Ac Liberal cash advancea made on uoualgnmonta. Regular Sales at our salear >om avery TOESDA*. THURSDAY, and BATl'RD^Y, at Id o'clock NAGLE A OO , jail-tf Auctioneers. o iC R IT DISEASES. HMARIT7I'S # I FT! gAMABiTAira Qtrri I THE MOST C1BTA1M REMEDY MVMR US1L j ?Iee, A PtxMTivx Of?x," fer eOKORKUQtA. OLMIT, aTKlCTUKKlt, | Contains no Mineral, ao Balsam, no Mercury. Onlv TtnfiliJ to 64 Jkt? u> KgwCwt. t>,M .re aatlrely Vegetable, uavtng no smell act ?a* Uani ?ate. aad will not in any way 1b . mr* th? stomach or bowels of the most lelicau.Cores la froai twa ta foar aaya, and recent eases 1 tout hours " Prepared by agradnais of the ruiveraity of Peaaarlvania. eneof the m<>si ^r.entl>"wiV audC tanihta of the present day; ""'MiE.TTS h\?T?' <rurTl ' Bent by mall In a plain envelop* price? Mai* packages, 17 Female, SI. BLOOD t BLOOD 11 BLOOD III I SCROFULA, ULCERS. BORIS, SPOTS, j TKTTlM. S0ALE8, ioiLB. BY PHI id* TK11 OR TRMERMA\i D18SABBS, Ac. BAMAMITAjra BOOT AND UBB-B JUICM la offered the aablle aa a ao*1d v* oar*. BYPHILlb OR VENARRAL DISEASES, th* SAMARITAN S ROOT AND HMRR JUICR la a aioat potent, certain and effectual remedy ever pro exited, It reacbaa aad eradicate* every particle ol 1 tb* venereal polaon, ao that th* cure la thorougl 1 and permanent. Take, tben,of thla purifying rein- i ady and be healed, and do not traaaait It to yout | posterity that for whlob yCu may repeat la Mfor 1 DO MOT DESPAIR I Although von may d* prow ounce a laearabtp, SAMaiWAN S ROOT AND HERB JUIOSB will remove every vestige ef Impurities from ths ^ ys&tisrr- I happily adapted, in Ulcerated Uterus, La Leaoor- . rhoea, in bearta* down. Falling of the Womb, d*- I tllity, and for all complaint* incident to th* s*x p*ai by *xpr**a. PrioeSlJI per battle, I SAMARITAN'S WASH I*, la aaaaa ef Byphliu. used in ooaaeotloa with tb* 1 ^u^fr^ona^Prioefooaati The efficacy ot the** remedies 1* alike MkoawlWB1IIB.or I "Port loePiTAL, Foxt Maxshall. Baltlmor*, I Md , f*b. W.1884.?"I have great satlafaciUu m I atatlag that I hav* aaed ' The Samaritan Remediea' 1 lor Veneral dtseaae* la Ita moat enatomary forma; hat I bave aaed them with judgment, discretion and properly, and, hav* foand taem respond to my , llllWMia 'VALFkED 0. BOW IRS, | " Aa*>*iant Burgeoa. Mh 1. T. Tola. ' 1 /COLUMBIA HOSPITAL FOR WOM1I LT1MO-IN ABTLUM, Fourteenth street ,(*lrcl*,)ooraar *f M (treat, Washington, D. 0. This Inatltatl*n baa been eatabltshed for th* raeeptloa of patient* who may b* Buffering from dl* aaae pecurlar to their sex. and for th* admls?to* of aooh female* aa may rvqaire th* aomforta of th* lvtaa-la chamber The banding la altaatad in the asoct healthy perMoa <3 th* District, surrounded by Ita awn greuada. Oar* nam th* daor avarr fir* minutes. Terms ef adn> (salon -. From #4 ta 910 par week, la a**ordaace with the room required, payable in advance This include* Board, MeSMa**, Medleal aad 8argtc*i attaadaaca. 1IDIOAL STAFF, OOM Sft L-flTo1 'PSYSTc IA N/AM D 8 U R0K0N 8. JOS K. RARNES, M. D , Sargeoa Oeaeral, ^3oSf 6., Georgetown. WFia^jAvter1^. F. HOWARD. M. P., F atr?t. Order* foe admiaetoa to tb* tra* b*d* la thlaAo*pital. (or which tber* are 3B??aaa b* obtain*) of the Bargee a la chief at thla offlo*. 1*4 I street, or "wiv** and widowsef eoldleradaairtngKimt^sa wfll apply U th* Sargeoa Oeaeral, Ua?ted States nay, P*rU*nts living at a distance whe deal re to oaiaa . ?a thla laatltntUa for treatment eaa aeoer* private room a by applying ij foster to tb* matraa bf tb* 1VIEW ItooE*?Two Marriaeee. by the author i^l of John Ballfag Jeeapa ta* Beonad and hi* Mublb?ch. Th* Merehaet ef Serllq. by Mnhlbaeb. Freder<eh the Hrewt aad hie Coart.bp Mahlbaeli. Savon's Rlemeata <?f ArtOrltfrlZs Asdrsw'. O am pal gap of Mabil*. TJj" 1657 flAlOl TAYLOR. 1 ? 9 ?ill I'd ijr'OSI I# 14 ; li M <! >l 9 7 4 1* ; PROPOSALS. I>Bor?BALS rHB Piimmiii s?nita- 1 J " ""V.'i'.Til'f1'4""3 Mmtmmtm Hapartwswi ?/ Wmtktngf*. i ITojA ?afgyk'i* QmmrmmmrJ I X5"eae *>'??ehesof the w*r WiThtiiVui'aS ffjy- <* dself"/?r. H . Ohief QoviernMttr, Dmrtmit Krr?',lor th*Mrlttd * on. ,ZTr fron! ^_BHitwi ttfinhfc all necessary materials >n4 5ferJ^L5t!ior?l? thB work. end to SSvTbotSi t?Jrt li^S? ?JC* ???ti the award or the confi&tS iSOSJ7JSSSfdo,Ur" for the ?OT*BS ?o be mad* monthly.' of thiVrL^nt ? ? tetement iuSUKSS *3i?3S f"""r"' "*'' b"J Ul!t ?? V rlfht to tastl and discontinue the ^''r51 1 "? When the contractor shall fail 1? f fetor rDin er'' r#<jn,rt d'? ? ?" * ?< ?*: Bids should be endorsed " Proposals f? pjf Dar*ii?!t X,?^0rk fl Q??rterma?tvr Department, and addressed to the undersigned ?.? d . ? 1 I LDDINQTOH. it^|T|'n ? Gen.and Chief Qu arte matter, | ja 31 1,1 Department 0f Washington. j pB0P08AL8 FOB LDIUlg' j OrFicit o* J n 8tt?JSSFSf ?Pice M,0to|n<ch'thick1. moMur*?W ^n?0om Calls., 1 5'mi"ch^?tT1rtck,neM,ire,W- plBe Oca. Colli., J "" 3 by 4 '"""iizijrxtiiTsrstf' - 8o"t,in-3 by 4 tf&RSSTspruce aAiU',,J73iD"'^clSatWek"1 w#ur*' w- Pin# Salecta, jjnS Wfeet^ard.^.nre. w. Pine Select*, dre,sen, 3 ^ >?Vnch th*ick*MUr#'W PlDe 8*,ec*< ire-rd. 4'?H5Vi.WcS-U",W> P,ne8?l?*u.dreMe<l, 2,0.^^*1 hoard ?<? ? ,W. Pin* Selects,dressed, 2.000 feat, board measure. W. Pine SHects.dreesed, 1 a, a * thick. thicVb0ard a,*a,ur<s Po>'*r, dressed, >j inch 1,00 thYck'?"d m#Mnr#1 p0P'?r. dressed, * inch thtVih.e **?T? descriptions 0f Lnmb#r mn?t he of the i*t Quality of their;severe. kind., and must Ume ?Il.T*r*d atJth#. Tr**?nry Building from bi!L?m ?ffor/tre4,*n<1 ,,e nhjfet to the In ilaTs 0 Inspector and Beceirer ol Mate Bi ds to state price per M. feet, and mast be ec?????* b? written guarantee from some re sponsible person, that the bidder will esacato and rerfo.n, the contract if awarded tehiiu " if A eP*:tnifiit re?cr*?i the rieiit t.i reiert anv r all the ( ids, ir considered l.?r th- luterett of the them ri,,n*lit 40 rt? or to a. cept any of Bid* to be enclosed in aaealed eavaloaa and endorsea - Prop.,aala for Lna>b. r." ana en . _ f#1. A H M0LL1TT. jasi (Uhron ) Bnperrislng Aroniteot r)ROPOSAL8 FOE ARM! TKANSFOUTATION. QfARTKRMASTEH OrXKHAI,'s OprtCE. I ? . w a?h h.jti'N. U. O.. Japnarv in n? nntu if Prop-sals will be roc el Ted at tilts erne# yntil 120 clock m.. on the Jflth of F<-brnarr ih;t for the transportation of Military Supplies diirinz Marc'hVi ^'wf'aBl JiffiS piwrch 3j, ldi^.on the fvliowing routes: _ , BOU1I Mo. I. *Jrlom f#rt McP??er.oa Behraska Territory or tnch parte as mar te determined upon dunat; tne i*.a,roVh* l>rauc1' ot the Union Pacific "J *ort McPher eon. or from Koi t Laraiitio, Dakota Territory, to such posts or de rit? t"S i'Vn0' mmT be ?*?Wlshrt in the TerJM' Jf Kebrat-ka. wm ,,| iontiitnde 11 <tre in the Teriitury ot Montana, coutn of l.titn l-. < { tfaln t',*2er%t<'^r.*, A,ft^*'a. west ot lunaitnde tildf / ? Territory of Idaho, a. nth of iatit"^rlL.*' '1? dee . and in ierntoriefr of I'tab and Color ad . a?rth of I iti^ii?U to de? , iuclndlng ir necessary, Denver _ _ ROUTE Ho. 9. Fr'm Fort Rilpy, Mate of Kansas nr ln.k *1? way be dft?-rmined npunduriiic tne .e?r on tbt r.,lon Pucilic railroad.IB b . t, V.v p ..ts "the ifate 'I't' *T" nOW urtln"" ^e .etahlishS-l in the Ftate..f Kansas or 10 the Tenitory ..fCnloral-nion Jel tft0 eBreeenortSi.and to Fort l Dion. >fi Mexico, or other depot tint nuv ha dtelpanrediu that Territory .and to an? oth^? point er poiats on the t< nt?. ' ola' r _ . . BODlkiiu. 3. *? , ?J* L'niofc or su< n other depot as may be established in the Territ ory ol ??? *",;ao t! h!1k j 1r "*"#,a that are. or oia> tie esta>>1 sned .a that Ten iior> . and t? snch i,u *s?al tior.s a* n at |.?. desi*Dated In the Territory of \r. IXXi*"* f? 9??o of T.xas west of latitude _ " ? BOrT* K.i, 4. ^ From Bt. Paul. Mmnesott, to snch posts a are now or may he cetahlirh^d in the utate -t Mlane. S?ta. and in that pr.rtlou ol Dakt.ta Territory iy. lTif e*st of the Missonri river. "I he W'inht to be transported darlne the rear ftn Ken! < n Bo re JSo 1. jo.ooi tX poun is* ?n *? t io^ooo ponn-is ; on BJateKo* p,.tn^s P? *' l*J OU *v>ut" Wo- *< JS/"-'w,n b8 mad*for *th ront# ,, Bidders will ''iatp the rate per 100 ponn ls af-r ] ^ mile*. At which ih*y wtil train*port th? #tor I Id each month of the semr. befiinninJ allti x l8^"i eTid'n,^ M*rch A,rtl 1 .. ?L 11 8 f* iBelr names in fall, as well as thelrj places of residence* and each pro?o^*l ??n tin,b?, b> ?*>ond In the sn^^f 1 ten thousand ^ip.COn) dollars, sipued by two or r^aiMd t0 It On Boute Ko. I, f ZV 000. Oo Route Wo. 3, 2nn,0u0. On Mi.ate No 3, loo pqu. . M _ . On Route Bo 4, to too *eiTe?"n?^? kilf#BC* itof tb* *n1 Solu/rinWJififir M(i P,"?B offertd ? """'A b* endorsed "Proposals for Army Transportation on JBoot^e 80 l,2,J,ori," 1 C if* I!?. *nd will be entertained Sr {hU^e,?jiiie0Stai,,y WUk th* r^n,Mm?Dt? The party to whom an award is made Must t>c ?r*p^L the contract at onoa. a ad to " ?* ^"Iretf bonds lor the faithful performance of the contract. iwrerm _Th* right to rejeot any or all bids that may be offered la reserved. The contractors on each route must be in rcadiI f?r i-erTir# by the 1st day of April, 18?57, aad a HI be required to bare a place or businees or *ik5k i1? commnnicated with t ??? ) li'd readily for Bonte Bo. 1, at Omaha. * for Bente Ko.J. at Fort BMey, Kan-as;for Route Moi 3 at Fort Union.New M?*ieo; for Route 1>?1' or at sach eth-r Pflnt for each of the several Bontes as may be tnoicaied as the startirm psint of the route. f . forme showinc the condltiens of the con tract te l e entered into for each rente can be had ? *2?Uc?Mo? at this aftjee, ?r at the office of the yoarurmeeter at Hew York. Baiot Lonis, Pert Leavenworth. Omaha. Santa Fa, and Fort Snelp"opoMl mn,t company and ha a part of the By order of the Quartermaster Oeneral. ? ALBXAHBKB BLI08, i&ie v? Breyet Calonel and Assistant jaiH ?t Qaartewnaster. a. 8^A KPABTMEHT OF THB1NTBRIOB, ' LMTED STATKS I'A TEXT (JFFICR, v?<*' Vofs. the d?v Bf JnfiA ifl?t # frftuwd to him on ??t. at is o'clock and all ^w^fljKysra.'fB ?t forth ill writiula itWmt tittniy dt>?< before the Depositions ami other papers relied tin?ou? must be flled ln the j fflce i?-,"j^da? hefore the day of hearing; the arrum?nt> ?/ within ?? daps after flllna the tes"Som ' '/ necllcnt.once a week for three snccesslrewMk. the first of .aid publications U be^tleltiT.tV days pravlonste the day efhMtriag. xtJ _ T. 0TTHB4KBB. P. 8.?Xdltors of th.^b'oTi'^^^roulM CHoJofcATSD* FASTI Hie 1 ' ' ' / AJt.a BOH BOMS. UAlilt B-D 'S 'l . \ eauooLAT ??IM?U.I?C?, , paXr, -' gfraea. acssttfr;swa?" "?au"u-' '"iXMutiMr uu > sanrte * f Direct Import??. -?wmV ' ' i?M "? * .p; KINg^soji, STU '41 ^ ~ Mu+.WiJM , e, T!ji !.l|l. il'| ?( << ,fijr , fttt . 01 .* - uUa in It eh.?; * ,"L . ^|lr ll *<lr I .v

i'Ui ! < '? *4* JV ?VGT>A2s< j iftHr 44 ?' ? M ^ ' r# ***** .JIOtlTlT lOliHl J .k?"H#u 31 *i; j LEGAb NOTICES. IH TBI SlFKlMK CODET or TUB DIS1 TBIOT OF COLUMBIA, This 3d dsy of Jen wry, \m. Patrick White tad Audit* J. 1 Joyed, cc znplalnaatg, j Jeteph JohSloa. Mary Jsbn) l?mltyBo.9V. on. Joha M. Hanson. John! Flyn and John Melon*, de-1 of tit* Mil filed tatM* ?* * 1* to procur* a deer* for the sato of eertaia |Imm or parcels of groand lyin* and being la Washington city, District of Columbia, being Lot 6 and part of Lot 4, in Square 1 ,M0, to aatlafy ft debt due by dafrndnat, Jo**ph Johnson, u the roBnialannts. The Mil sets forth la rabstance that the w J Joseph Johneon was indebted te said coinria'tantsln the ram of #447 40 for good* told end delivered by complainants to the raid Joseph Johnson. That ftt tly? time of contracting said debtthe said Joseph Johnson was seized and Tv-eseaeed of the said pieces or parcel* of groand, which, while be was j indebted, be trsnuuleutly conveyed to s?id defendant. Jonn M. Hanson, ia trust tor the Kle ase and benefit of Mary Johnson, wife of said soph Johneon. That complainants obtained juds lent otaondemnatlon of the said pieces or p aci ls of gr nnd In and by virtue of an attachment issued ont of the e<>ninoa law side of this so art in fever of complainants s?ain?t said Joseph J< hns-m ami prays that the said deed of trust from said Joseph Johnsonte said John M. Hansen as aforesaid be prodnced t>eforethe rourt. and the same be eaneelled. That th? *aid romplsinent*. after the i*ssitig ef said attachment and the levin* af the ssnie on the said piece* or parsels of ground, ascertained 'hat the snid defendant. John Ftya, claimed to have a Ilea on the said piec it paroenof ground; that oa searching the land record* , ef Weebiagtnn conaty, District of 1 ea or deed of trnst was recorded in said 'and records, but that After finding of the iurr and judgment of condeaiatloa on the said attachments, the said records were again searched and a deed of I trust from said Joseph Johnson te John Malene, tos? (nre John Ibu for the sum of $1 oou,-vas faLnJ recorded. That the said deed of trust was recorded nearly eleven months after the data th*-teof and over two montba after the issuing and j lavifcg of said attachment. That the said attach 1 roent is a prior lieu on the said pieces and parrels cf ground, before the ?ald deed of trnst Prays a ' discover.(of ii?e amount still due ana unpaid on | said de ' of trnst, and priya a sale of the said ! or ,>arcels ol grouad toeatisfy ttis demands | of th# complainant* -nd other creditor*, a U j for an in^uc th>n against sold defendants Joeenn j Jehr^'iB. Mary Jnnson. John H. Han* >n. John Ki n and John Malone. and thslr confederates, v.hen discover'd. to reiuralp and prohibit them ' urd ibeir ageit's and servants from sailing or 41-|o?mg of. or it. an> manner furtner incumbering, t be said ptecea or parcels <?f ground It ia thereupon, this .'4 day of lannary, 1157,adjudged ana ordered that notioeof tuiaault he given , to the said son resident defen.lauta. J. i'rh Jo'.tnHoti Mary J ohnsoa and John Flyn, by publishing I Bcopy f th:- order in the Kveri .g Star. a newapaper puldisbed in the citv of Wasaington, in tha x)i^trict'f Columbia, three times a week for six | consecutive -eelts. warnlnc said n in-reiddont defendants to be and appear, in person or by solicitor, at rulee to !>< held in the "dice of the Clerk of *his Court on the tirst Tuesday of June, A. 1). !?-.? to answer the said ldil of oomplaint, other A'-e'b" same will bf> taken pro against therrt I'rovided the fcrat pub(lnatiO:i of thia order ?1 all appear at lea^t four months beicrs snid first Ti;h(?> of June. ,, ins st"?ti- 4 the ^Wji-ct and subataucs of aaid bill ot complaint. A. B. OlilN, A??o date Jnstics, Ac. Atruecopy: B J . HI 1.10"*. 01*rfc. WM. f 91ILLFB. Solicitor for complainants. ;a4 1taw*w OBI'HANS'TOURT Jm. S. hV>.-District t>i CuLvaai*,WasH...9T0^ Ootxtt. Town: In tb< case of \braLi ,111 i1!aRely xecutor of BIi7.a)eth Wile-i. deceased, tne executor aforeMiid bae. with the approbation of tbe Or* p.'.aijj Court of Washington ''ouuty atr.r^sa'd. apP 'tnted 'lm mtay, tne Ji?t day of Jauu?>rj. iij7.tor t:.e settlement and (lls^n'-ntlonof tiie personal estate of HAi'i decoas?d. and >f the assc'a in riaud. as far 11 the .same have been collected and turned into money; wb^n and whore all the creditors snd heirs of said dect-aeed are notified t* attend. with th* ir daii.ta pti>p< ri> vouched, or they may otlcraise by lav* bo oi'-iuded from all beut-fit In aai i deceased a estate 1 l'r?#vide?l a copy of this order be published once a week for three weeks In th* Evening Star, previous to the ?id day. Test?J AS R. O BEIHNB. ja 11-HwSw* Kegiiter of W ill*. 18 TO OlV E NUT 10a., That the aabacrl I ber has obtafued from th? ''rphsns' Court ct Washington comity, in the District of Columbia, .etters aiutii.iaty on the oersoual eftate of John T Brasteii. late of Washington, I). 0., deceased. All persons having claims agafnn tne said deceased, are hereby w<krn?d to axhildt the same, with the voucher* thereof, to lbs aubscriber. on or before the .it?t day of Jnly next: they uia> otherwise, by law, be excluded from all bet efli ?f the said satai*. _ Cirin under my han^ this .M"t dav of July, IS<'6 SIAKI J. UBAXTOB. la'-Tla-vlw* _ . . ... Kxacutrix. " ~G0 VHIfNMBNTHALS: rp6 B01LDIBS AND OTBEB9. CfiK/Qvart^rmnfter^ VTft: ' Winmf.m, D C., J ?nuary 1t. ;#57. \ By order e* the 'ina-tcrm*'t< r aen?ral, t*ie |tj. ber ti?t d in the c< udructlon of tiis ""air Huibhng, corner tsventh stre jtand Peunsj lvaiua avenua. will beaoid at austiononSaTCttUAV, February t at u oilick noon, nn If r t\o nn p jr vi>iai < f Bisvet Li"ti ton ?ni Ool juel .l.ujes M Moors, A. '}. M . et the (.ovrnm-nt Lumhsryard near th> foot of SlTth street, r -nslstinif oi ahout 4? 3*'feet timber ; ist an i s antntig, < new. > i?*t tiniber and boards. i??:d ? M wli><iew frame* s> 4a*h. and lOdo-ir*. Schsdiibn containing f?ll des;rlpfi na of this lander m <> be had by application toHolonel M^ tre pr? vions to day of ?hIb I'nr' Ua-ea niuet be remove 1 within ten days from day of "ale. . 'lern-s cash in ?Jovernm?'it fends Ur.-vet brig. n. < IIAS U TOMPKINS, Depnty Wnarteroiaater Oeueral, ;a.*l ft Act g Chiel '( M , Dep?t Waohtngton. AC(TTTON?ALR OF OOTBBNMBNT BUILDINQb. CkrtJ Qunrtirmatur's OJkre. DtPt tof Wanktnrton.t Wn. hiM^iOHy D. C.. January aft. U67. | Will teas' 1 oy order of the Quartsr master Oeueral, o- Till KSDAY. February 7. at 12 o'riack s<?>n, n nder the su per vision of Lieutenant Uolosel Jan es M. M<K>rs A. V M., the following build Incs. rltuabd on 11 strest, nsar the B. and O. B B Dftpot. una Granary, S7by *1 feet. 8ns Office, 12 by i?f?*t ne Building, id by is -t. One hbed. U by Jilset Ons Stable, 15 by If feet. t^ns Sink and Fence. Terms : fc'ash. in Government fnnds. CHABLK8 M TuMFKIBS, Brevet Brig. Osn , Dspt. Q M Gen., Acting Chief Quartermaster, ja 2i lit Depot of Waautngtou. QOVBBBMBHT SALB. The nroperty known as th* "G0VIB1IM1KT TAMNkbY AND KTBAM SAW HILL." with vrnty livs acrs* of laad, near Aaa Antonio, f ^0. be.iled Prop-sal*. I" duplicate, will be received up to the ist day of March, 1S>7. for the purchase Of seventy five acre* of land, more or less, togsttisr with the buildings < recti d thereon, aas the appurtenance* appertainin^ ni to aa> Cortsining TWILVI ?T?*N LIMB TATS, FIFT* TWO WOODBN VATS. SEVEN STONB POOL9, nnd capable of tanning ftftsen thousand hides per IDQUIXl. UBK STBAM SAW MILL, capable of aawing three fhouaand feet of lumber dnllj . _ ONB SMALL STONE BoILDlMG. Tbe abo\e property is situated about two miles ah >ve ban Antonio, on th* San Antonio river, and th* water is csnductsd to tbe eeta'sllahmsiit by a race of hewn atone, laid in ?ament. The land was purchased and 1 merovemeuts made by the lute so-called Confederate Government, and are estimated to have coat flat) Odu in gold The property has been under lease for the year 18?*>. at a monthly rent ef i?a00, payable In ad vnuce. A securtd title in lee simple will be giveu by the United Slater Government l'ropoaala will be marked Proposals Tor Government Tannery nnd Saw-Mill, ana addreeeed to J. 11 KIHDOO. Bvt Maer Gen.. Asst. Com. Bureau B . F and A.L., Ga)vs?ton, Texaa. ja?l^S7t |^08T0N MB8S MAOKBBBL. I am new receiving from Boatou direct, the very ftae*tqualityofMi;gtj uaOKBRBL, aad which rarely find their way to thi* market, being used mostly for home consumption. As they have been trimmed of every ??rt fcut the moat palatable, tbe klta contain very much mere than MMU, ,VU?mU.U Oorner lith and F atreeta, under dsl-tf BbblttUonae. , V *P^Al?And BTGCLAT8B.? mm BtTABLiaHED IK 1886. RMh onvtu !?Q>t **c*lV?0 AT DBMPSlCT A uTOULf a. Bngravera aad Statlonsrft, As., 326 Pa. av.^hftt. 9th and loth >h. r. C. Bhit,H*N*AOH'? PlnaoBooaa, 498 nth trset, near Pa. avenue. Sprtinl I9otiM from Wm. Knubt # On , Baltimore. Mr. Besker ana maed Plaaoa for a* at our Warereoma, aad we take pleaaare ia aUUng that we bsUsve him te be a competent taner. no il-Sat P>?H0m IlTJRt.1 lltnu TATsW-?*??Sf rrsi^r&^s: Trt*MMra?.?, fa^M^AKtoal sasahft.tJssssw! ZSl?!8Z& S^SnJV^SSi^i fngredlsnta Bach prepavatloo ls la ths form *t aantnates ableLoneage Seearsd frees the sBscfts of s lima ts aad changs* of atiaosyhers la tin essee, ad CrSJ^r4Vrs.'.?,sJ L'^.'UZ as admialaterddVy T*I**m, Sallaaaada, Boax, VheyaUMftdrayiby Br. S&IMVfBt. 19? * ~ FBABOB TATLOB. >#1-1^^1 t r,w! !| ., f w-4 Hf l.4gaJf) 1 ? >- * in \ f? > i? ? ! .a -6 ? " i'j p'?i j# mu> it a M> < it O O T iS li lb RAILROADS. *0 *0*THW IBT^OLTH. AMD kUDTHSr.' I 1? 5: sSSi^fedi^ VN&JTS^niffiS.mlm 18 th?^i^!!??rl bLth,i r?nte from Baltimore have ' ^a^Bjir/ass^- - ? ?? '?vtiuC?i,?s.B.?,ai;ss: '*" "* .,f a^*5_g*r* ?rynrlng Mtkrti at tkla ode* ew im ,<1* ?* for *' B. J. WILKINS, Tleket Agent, >n m _ Wnahiagton. D. 0. r 5r?L m..?** Pm* Ai*t< BtlMlow, Md. del ly mi ?K!iSS."5'Sii25?!Ss ftii*"' *" f " ?d- ,m.V???t From ? ? DokV2D^Local at r? ? ???*** m ? 22 p ' ** * *- 8 00 * zz; tM ?" ? '? w - ?'uj :: 1tsssflKri'^?'^ ........? lKBSt fiSJ*-'* ' * i nod Henry.... 7-00 u I ??'?!* " ft;?.* wawri- 'st e?a o'Wts?E.edJirrcl^"?' ?p:i: ; r^L^atffZIKViyftLgTO* wmmm Trains between * *** now ran as follows.^},1>?t?n nad Hew fork art I Lea^e^daiTy *,e^K . without chang" of c*r? ?:??.? *Uy (*xce* Sunday) at 1 46 a. m. *nd ?w?.*w*w TOBK'ok*?&*?*care at Phlladel4 ?*p.Tn>dal17 <ne'pt 8??<l?r> at 11:14 a. a. tad Lear* rf.llf?? PH"'API LPH1A . n.aiHlA^TiVm m 7 " U>411U , e... f ? / * SUNDAY m ?aly. W *Dd PbilndHphln at ? SO p. dal'ly**1?* ?*r* fW M?W T#rl1 on ? so p m. train Through ticket, to Philadelphia New fork or Si th?B'(taT ^. ..Vth? s*"?onOffla*?? all hoar. ff-iktrf^tT V1 V .at th# n*w ??c* ?3 the BapfceraandBroke reTelegraph Line. .14* Penn. ?#n,?'*?h and7thetreet*. I ro? JhVd?T.0rh.^l,0hiSLBfcL,.ro?d <*??rtleemeot L' m Toi^m 'Nii M**t#.r5! * e?omtlaa. OBrf a Y/LSSSfi1 T,ckt* A*ent ?- ROONTS, Agent. Washing ton. RALTIMOmi AIDOfllO BAILBOAD, mWasbimbt. n, Jau. #,1*7. i ^^2S2S|w??'www1 !> ?.? ^ .. FOB BALTIMOB1 n^lIV- 'j Sanday. ^t 7 00.7 43 >ni 11.16. n..^ M(i? ? andsWrm ' fcn4 Leared.^i0? AIjL fTATiOMS ft'l'r" 8on<J?'' ? ? n, , and ' KOli .. AY STATIONSS(t(!TB OF ANNiPOl M I ,. . J0N0TIO* A?NAPOLW ?. w :l?*nd7:U0 a. Ja .aud at S.ttt and 4 U .t . /?" ANNAPOLIS. ? s?"?? _ ON M!ND.\T. ._Fob baltimobb. Leaye at f?am #nj luu am H 00 p m L-.?aal7.iOH WaI ?TATlO?8.P < f i^i a . * m ?tD^ M and ItM . m. Le.rlrf .ALL pABT3 or TUB WBST ? ?? ? ' **c?pt Bandar, at 7 46 a tu . aud SU*?n tr^i? t" - 0S,7i' c?nnact1cjt Ht B.lay p?rk, r.h?rV ^ from B*1Unjor* ?o Whaallag, thl^'h1;??. ri?K? t? tk. W-tcan be had at tne a aohtugt n Statma Tlckat Office ?t ati ?.?,?. , in th? any an well a. at the n offlc^of t h" b2^ r* and Brokerit' lai>?raah Line. 34* Pciin I -''"Ij I '-tween6th and 7tn atreeta " J ?A-r.. w ?'.^"adatpbla. and Boaton. aee OTertlBemerit of T'lronyn Lint." L M " tfro'Tranaport?tton. 1 ???iJS.SPtibSvySg'j.taas;^ HW, ?"? a?? BABLBM BAIL- I i^ ^W -Vn a?d after MONDAY. N -y i?. I );6o, tralua for Albany and Trey, connecting * At! 1 smsssr*Wtttern 85 tTMia Hnd?<m Biver Railrf?ad. 30th at and 10th *v . thr*n*h fo Bnfulo atid L'.% K? with'jat change of cara an l rOB. ' H- 1e ,at Tro? Hhh tr*,", ,or Saratoga, Batlaud. I Bnriiiigton and Montreal. *il.\ ^5* MaU train ria Hndaoa Blver Railroad, Connectiag at AH.any with W e?t rn traiu-. aad at Trv y wltli tratn* f r NortS {. .,m.n5x?.re" t,a,B ri3 Ball road. ' w^,.1 *? iV' Vi' conaactmg at Chatham with ^ tera Baairoad for Lebanonoprinx*. Plttvtieid. if.kV V.DT J?h Wet tern trafna. and at Troy Moi treal ? rat?*a Bnrliagton ani 3:46 p m Bxpraaa train Tit Hnd.on Bk r Bail. read connect In* at Albany with Weat-r" train*, rifsr'ssua!"-"" 418 p. m. BxnrMS train via Harlem Railroad corner tin* at Chatham with Waateru Bailroadfor Lebanon Spring.. I'ittafiald, Ac ; at Albany with Western trains. and at Troy with trtfai for Bnt tacbidatAlfew MoaOrnal Tn?eping cam at 6 3? ? MH* trala ria Hndaoa Rlvar Bai# rt ad. * itb #l-eping cara attached, ai.d throaghib Bnflalo apd Suapvn^oa Bridice wlthoat changlT/r ( cara. Alao. aleapmg car every day excentln* Batnrdaja attacked from New York through t* 1 Ogdenahurf: withont change, rla Rome W. aado Railroad. Oonnt ctlon for Troy will be made at Beet Albaay. This train will ran on 8 and ay a Up m Train via Badnoa Bi ver Railroad, with leaping car attached, ooaaectlng at Albany with ?r]j '2?h?e fer Bnflalo and Baapenaloa Bridge Nerth W tra*M Tor Saratoga and^olnta A Sunday train will be raa rla Hadeoa River Railroad from New York to Ponghkeepeie aad In termediate atatioaa. leaving New York at 8Jj ? m. Returning, leave Ponghkeepeie at 145 n m arriving in New Yerk at is p. m. ' Alao, a 8na?ay train via Harlem Railrad. leivIn* 4fd atreet at*a. m . apd ariivtag at MMIert^a ntSBOp m. Betnrninj^leave Millertoo at5n m., arriving tn New Yerk at it.S" a m 5 p" WM. M. YANDBBBILT. Wee President |lICBMOBD^rV?DJjj0SBBiK|-4B0 M TO TBAYBLLBBS OOINO SOUTH. TWIOB DAILY, (Banday p. m. excepted.) The galckaat aad moat dlreoC route te Biehmoad. Ya , and the South, via the Potoma* at camera from Sixth Street Wharf.^^^^^^A Waahlngtoa, to Aeaia Creek aadBHvw Blchmond, Predertokabarg and Potomac Ball road aow entirely completed from AqMi Creek to Blchmood.Va.coaaecniig there with tralna on the Blch* mond and Petarabarg aad BlcEmond and Danville BUIroaAa,for Petorabarg, Weldon, Wilmington Raleigh, Oreeaetoro', SalUbary, Charlotte and Cheater, S. O. Steamer* Beyport aad 0 YanderMlt leave Stxtk Street Wharf Bally (Snaday evealng excepted I at 40 a. m. and 7 a. m. and arrive la RtokmoaB at 1.4A 9. m. and 9 4) a. m. TKBOOOfl TO BlOHM<MrD IB SB YM HODBfl. Fifty NUiee Shorter and U Hoars Qalakw llua umr Other Mo&te. Orwkud FrladSckSha^f^o^iteh2oJd?^*th? "Snnibnaaee aad Baggage Wngeaa will be ta readlnem to convej paaeengeia and.baggage boUtl, MnlMwtleu. DOTOiuM *>4>tniBTUioa iSn. * BOTIOB to SHIPPBBS. Tke BMama* BXFBBSS, Ont?. A. HfMB, i,e^ YraahlMtoaate a. m, aad A1 J^am^ SSSi': Stfi Kr"&*,t,Y?SZ&.. ! npHlS IS TO OITB NOTICB, That the aatwcrl- 1 Mtera of aigalaiakrMtoa on ttm Mraonal eatgte o^ Bearr Mettle late of Waaktagtoa City. D. C . deceaaed. All aeraoaa kaaJng claima acmoat the said ' lSS^S&Ab?XT,a."iEi5S5S F ^ T !?l .n^v,4 4 ..06 4 TJau '? * K ' t j* **( *3?ik! v * * \ of Ulil y RAILROADS. OlITI .MAPIKO BAILBOAD I Jiffv,yrn'tei ir?f WrtmtimiMWMIU gjwBttLateanteTWledelpaie.nt the following I ^. t'S0mJfQ JKH??BODATlOB8 StatlcM * *' Rao<hkg aad all laUrMtitu ..Tssaa&srr.wr "' .trrlTlai lOIIINO BXPBB8A. * R to* Harrlebnre E32S.B^XihSSrv&5Stet J,1?-' I?u>, Allentown, WllkMbaria. F.lWt^ tork a}'1** Hmritefi. *? , l?kt *bl? trait, consma m RBALINU with th"sae* Pwn^lTuli Jtailrend train* (wr Allentown j and with the UbMOD Vftltsr trala T.Yh' bora, Ac ; at POUT OLIMTuN with Cmtm^mL Bail road A nine lor V llliainenort. Lock SuelT KiMlra. Ac . at RABBIIBl Btt with KoruVu" C.atral, Cumberland Valley. and twhuyiklu an* Sue^utkaaia Iraloa for Bortkainberlang, w?? Uaiuaport, f ork, Ckaaberaburg, Pinagrove Ar . AFTBBBOOH EXrBES* at 9.30 p. m for Beadin* Potto villa, larri'kirt, ?c , connecting wTu.* Ma Ac* *D Oolumbu **,lroad traiBi for Colam^ READING ACCOMMODATION Ltevea Beading at ?..?ia aateapina at all war stations, arrlvee in Philadelphia aty ?va m Returning, leave* Philadelphia at t 30 d' m arrives In Seating at7 3J? m 4 " ' BlTrains ler PhilndHphle leave Harriabarg at t |o a. at., and Pottaville at Aas a m arriVl*.?? l'kiiadelphia at 1 ? p ?. AfLrnoon train. i, ^ at B lo a ni. and Pott*villa at i a? p id > arriving nt I hiiedalphle at A.aA p m Hamburg aco. u.m.^atlon la*Tea Beading at 7 ?a nr. aad Harnaberg at 4 in p to Oounict" *<3lr* m,,h Afterao n AerowwodeUoa Eg* m, 9 m rr,TlB? ? ?-Wlad"ph?? at Train, with & iUHnctr otr ftttarKa<i ^',tl Philadelphia at It t!> noon. lor Heading and all wayeiatOn.; leave* Reading 11.? aw !Sd !* mSi'Im ?' - ,or '^WlrtTia^^U fAli the above traioa run dallr. iondat.ea *p'#i Knn.iay 1 raits leave Pottanile.t ? a n .nd bliadelphia at 3 16 p n?., leave Philndeit .,laVt Heading at 8 a. tti . returning from Reading at ? lb ' CHESTER VALLEY RAILROAD raaeeng* r? lor Do* >lag'own ?nd mtermedi*t? point, take the T M) end tlia m aid ? w B m trnins from Philadelphia returning ffroaTllown^ ingtow n at 7 a.m. aid u.3n an n wo" HEW YORK B\PHK?S KOK I'lTTT-Bl'iQH AND TUB V\ *6T OU Lea Tea Hew ) ork at 7 ua a iu nn.l S m . pa.. Irg Kea in g at Kl.lliia ni an.1 l ai a ul 71?! rj nna-tmg .t Barrlsburg atth Pei,a-> Iv'auia H-rtbarn <Vntrnl Ka Iroa^ Bipr^ T.^?l f uio.e0Vc. Ch!C**0' Wil,,?*?P,'t Blitr:nVur. Aaturaiug. Bapraaa Train laarea Harriat,Bre _ &V?il?'i'!?r,k's'2sz iksK" ' 4 4V andjl?..*2 a. n>. atd u *) r m arri^i Na? T. rk 10 a m . a.,d 2 4 n ? ?1 Vii? "" h< cABpanjiitg tbe?a train, tliroctrh l*-t??! j*L* er Utj.anl Tl.tabargh. w.thon, ?h.7;rn Jer" Mail tTkin for Kea ITork laava Harri.huri: at YMZkZX ,rw? ,or 1? be mil lkill valmt railroad TiaiDtleiiTe PotlflTille ut 7.1i Mm u, iud7r> 8'JHUYLBILb AHD 8T8QUBHABSA BAIL* T7wB" '"!w Aaburn at 7 Nla.m f? r Plnarrov. ntid Harilahnrg. and ?t 1 s? p m.. t..r rine^IT r' n, ^A*i' 1 ,'l5>r",n* ,r?a. H irriabarg IT?? r m., and from TieniKnt at ; U a. a ?Ud a L p.m. uu J ? ^ . FBKTQHT, ^ Of ?d? 'f.n d?arrl|.ti(Mi? forwarded to all th? al ove pxinta fro* the l on pai.y . Mt-w Pref.h? l>ep?t, lirad and Wulow.trarte fight ? ,W4 ,t*.BlOHT TKA,?? L-eave Philadelphia daily at ' .3Ba m , II 45 nnnn and > p. iu. for Kraoing, Lt-u.non. H?ir,<,.nr. Pottavilla, Port Clinton, an4 all point. beyonS* MAILS Client th? PhlUdaphU Po.t Often for al> ?lace.oi, ti.t road ana it. branch*, at 4 . ^ "a A} anociyal .tation. only nt 3 lr. p ,u. * PENNSYLVANIA CBHTRAL RAII r?iT . ?i?riumiKGti(iNi UJAPThe train, of tlia Pi-un-y I mni? Central Kailraad leave the Depot, at di.t anl Market .tr-et* which 1b Led llrf< tl> b) tklcin >fth? m r* MMWP^gar Rai.V.; Tf M.w.flt ,W*1 R^'t>??* roL within onj OR &ttiWAV8-Tbe Market Street Car? lakr# Front a:.d Market street* .li uiinutaa beiore d('|.ai tare *f each train ' MaMM'8 BAOOAGK EXPRESS will call i, r anrf deliver Baggage ?t the I?epet orl.r^ lett attention10'' *>S' Cheatnntatreet, will receive. Tratnt Ltmvt l?ro:, I'.t; Mail Train. .. *?*.?,? Paoli Acrom'u S I A 2. lii Oa ni"? u W p i. Li^cnd Eri Kxprti. at 1 - t.i i Perkab.irg Tram tt Harilatmrc Ac. oatn olation . at T Laccuter A coon, r 1 .?iati ? J-itul.urgl, ,na kn? Man v Ci a Philadelphia Kx iir?. oiPU..bur< a R,rt Mail lea,.. d.uir ei.aptV;: Philaletpbla E*pre?? lea e. Uaily. All otlie tratnt. ?lairv. except t?nnda- oiae v *!*" Tr*u' * to Villiameaort ven a?tU8 f? ?fCmr,'Md *rrl T" at cte'-v.rv, "1 4 ?,?K?r4SroS'.*iBf?'b5:?v.i * TViin> ^lrrit? a: Depot, l'?x Citcinisatl Exprea. ?t ij ftl . Philadelphia Eipr.-aa ... ,, " f * " 0 w "? JI Si ? :::" hliz ray BxpreM.. ._;_:r.r.:S ? Mondltr Etproea arrive, daily, eicepc 4,1 ?,h" u ^ Hnren nt7a. . a d U r,*ftch Phi'edelpina, S b StC9rm br The PeanavlTanin B.ilroad Company will n >t a?anme any nek for Baegage, exoapt for Weannr Apparel, ana limit U.eir reepoo.thility to On Hiiudr.d l>ollara la value. All Baxgace exceel Id g that anion nt In value. ?ui be at the rl.k jf b* contract. Information apply to not Hreea ALI',C,r, Tlck*l Agent, 631 Cheet^SAMUBL H. W4XLACB, Ticket A?ent nt th? AN EM.IQKAHT TBAIB rnn. daily, excep DQMIf. For fnll pnrffralar. a. t0 fare nod accoam..datlo?M apply to PBAMCI8 PUNK, 1.17 Dec* ?t CBHTRAL RAILROAD OF NEW JEBSETPaaaenger and Freight Depot In Hem T<?rk. toot of Libarty atraet. Connect, at Hampt u Junction with the Delaware. L. kawanua an i %eetern Raitroad. nnd at E .ion with the Lrku t Villey Railn ud and ito cotnecti..n?, far ntna a direct line to Plttatnrg and the Weet with"at change of can ALI BHTOWH LIHE TO THE WB8T * Two Kxpreee Train, d .ily for the W.-?t, exc-'^t nun<ia>a. ? hen one Train in the evening H&t) uu lee and th ee boor, eared by thi. line to Chicago, Cincinnati, bt Loot., Ac., witn hot one changa of care. W1MTER ARBAROEMEMTS. ponime^UBianaary f.le.r?Laave Bew York a. ?For Baaton, B'thl.l?e?, Maich rhnnlr WfmainsjH.rt, Wilkeabarr. . ka .a . y Oit?. ? ?:MA M Mail Train? For Flaaingtou, *? ton. V ater Gap. Scranton. V* ukest.arre. ui *t bend. Plttniiurs. Binghan.tok, Ac. 5 A. M ? Eastern Expree* for Ea^ton. Allen town, Uarrisbarg. Pitt.l arc. and tb ant. with but one cbangw^f cam to Cincinnati or Oni ac . Ml bnt two crianc'-. to .<t. Leuia C. an -eta t tlerrUburv with Horthern Central and PhiUJr phia nnd Brie Boada, for Brie and the Oil H gione. 12 M. Taaia ?For Eaetoa. Allentewn, Man h t'hnnk. V ilkeabarre, Reading. PotUvtlle. Uarri. Lnrg, Ac. 4 r M.?For Baat>n. Bethlehem, nnJ Maach Chvnk, 6 P. M.?For SomerTlIle and Fleaalagt^a. P. M ?For Baaton.Reading. Harrieburg. W ! liam.port. lrviaeton, Oorrp. Erie. Ac. Hleepiu^ enr from New York to Willianiapert. t.ll P. M.?For Sumerville 7 ? P. M.?ForSomerTille, 8 P M ? Bxrax<? Taatw ?For Iu ton. Allentowa, Beading, Harriaonrg, Pitt.hurs, | and the Weet. Stopping enra through froai J< raey City to Pltu burg every evening. Additional tialna nre ran to Borgnn Point, I Elizabeth. Ac. TltketaPfor tha Weet can be obtained at tbe offir* Of the Central Ballr *4 of Hew Jrraey, foot f Liberty etreat, Hortti River, at Bo. 1 A-tor Won-e. Hoe. 4*4, 'ATI, m?iaadway, aad at Ho 10 Greenwich e?raet_ jal* J081AH O. 8TB'. BH8, Superintendent NBW YORK AHD HEW HAVBE BAILHJAD , l'aaoengar Station la Bew York, corner Z7ta atraet aad ronrtk avenne _ TRA1HS LBAVB HEW YORK For Hew Haven nnd Bridgeport-7.8 Kv 1.11 >' a. m.; IS.If (Bx.J.KB* ), S.N. 6.30 nnd diEx >, P'Fot Ml I lord. Stratford. Fairfield. Renthport, and Weetporl?7,UJua. at.,3.Mand>.*> i> m. For jforwalk-?, 9JO. 11 JO a m . Il l* ,Bx.?, S (Ei J.tsu a 10. A and S (Ex. p tn For Darlen and Greenwich?7, 9 30, 11.90 a m . 3 . ?,?.?, 5 90 and 6 9P_p n?. ? For Stanford?7, (Exi, 11 90 a m II 14 (E*.),9(Ea.?iAa, 4 S0.A,W,4 9r> and "; Ex > r For Port Obeater aad latemendiate 8tati?n?-', I 9 At. 1L? a. ? . S AO, a.90. A J9. 4A0. aad 7 p W OOHHBCTIBB TRAINS. _ ,, Bar Barton van Sartntheid-8 am, (Bi.;) ?. <Bx.. For Roetoa via Shore Line? IS i?. 1 F<>r fifrtfb'rd and Sprlngteld-8, (Ex.,) 11 3' ? F4>r ijonnec'tiwrt Lw Bnllfwa4-8 n. m i** * I Kffirr R - ; ^^nrHewlTaven1, Hew Londen nnd Stmiaftoa Bnigntnck Bail road-C a. *Ver Jiembary an* BarwaJk B. B ?7,9.R) ^foa modieaa Sleepfag Oare a?Ucbed t?.? ? ? *!? JAMBS B. BOFT, Rnaorlatondenl. JjaSBAiTf .E-U .V* '