Newspaper of Evening Star, February 2, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 2, 1867 Page 1
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fL ~ / ^Bj >Tf[* . ?. .. H w M w^ ^b ? i ^ i ????????????? ___ V2t. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 2. 1867. N*. 4,339. "the evening star PUBLISHED DAILY, (SUNDAY BXCEPTID) AT THE STAB Bl'lLDlNU, corner Ptwn'*. ?enue and lit* ttrut, BY " W. L>. WALL, A OH. The STAR Is e?r*nd by me carriers to tbsir ttibscriler* In the City anl District it TN Cbhts raa wbbb. Copies at the cotmtgr.wlth or without wrappar*. Two Cbbts each. Fkicb roR Mailiso ?Three months, lOne Pillar and Fifty Ctntt; tlx months, Thru Dollar! one Tear, #Vm Dollars. No papers ar? seat from the office longer than paid for. The WEEK.LY bTAK?published oa Friday morning?One Dollar and a Half a Year. DENTISTRY. DA. LJtWIRD DERTAL ASSOCIATION, Mo. iftO rKNN'A AVI , l?wt?s uth end 13th streets. Teeth extracted without pain by admlnsterlng Nitrous Oxyde er Laughing Gm. Dryg^ Llallhw recently purchased the ^t^JBaSS Chemical Apperetu* in the oonntri mafclng rorefM ever) day; also, an to.proved Val volar Inhaler The Association Is n>w prepared to maie Teeth on Gold, Silver and Rubber at Hew lork Philadelphia end Boston prices. All persoaa wishing dental workdone can have It Mcheap es is the ebove named clti?e All work done In the neatest and beat manner, aed warranted to give satisfaction. Persons will do well to call and e?aaMoe oar work. de 14tf T' * 1 M LOOMftj.M D.. >ke la venter and Patentee of the MIBBBAL PLATE TEETH, attatids pertonnlly at his office In this city. Many persons c + nymppm wear these teeth who eaanot wt>ar others, 1 " and no person can wear others who eannet wear ifeow. Persons oalllng at asy office oan be nooowaodated with any style and price ol Teeth they My delire, bat to theeewho are J wi?t> the pnreet, cleanest, strongest and moit i erfoct den fare that art can procure, the 51 ISIHIj TBBTH will be more fullv warranted. Roohm In this olty?N? 33* P(?V? avenue. te tween Pth and 10th its Mao. ??T Arch street, "personal. \TOC~CAS NEVER M A K It THE TBlPonBn 1 ohn or Samaritan bum* a** See Dr DAR BY, 7th-tree' H- d? blgnest anthoiitj en sueta caxes Mis pitvate rooms are opposite Odd Fellows Hall jaa-lm? PREVENTION BIT r EB TH AN CORK I French preventives against else tse and preg nancy ( ?k> n irch is n<e i able > a?nt to aav a.tdrese at 9 < and ?7. according toenail ly, b> Dr WOOU Box ttt$. or call at *ii 7Bh street, ?up stairs ; Washington, D. C. ja28 lm^ MBS < I RTIS IRVING, I iairroy ia'. 11/ T> t Medium, will give life readings. Including Past. Present and future at her oBice, 45*0. nertii eide of Pa. av., between and 5th streets. Oiico honrs from 9 to a a. w and 6 to 9 a. m. ^a2ilai" AB. MAl Bl< R. BBAlTsOIBSTiriU AS . TKULOORK UP AM K &IOA, f rom the pueition ana nspect ot tne Stars at toe time <>l one'r birth, will reveal astonishing se crtts that no livl ag mortal ever knew before, how to be ^iiccesitul In all reaso:i*!>le undertakings. He tells came and very day you marry; describe* the intended companion, and t 1 Is all events of life, good la, k and long life to visitors. Lalies t>) cents to ?1 gentlemen in fall -fl. Oall at 4 7 0 121 h st near F. all hours until 9 in the evening de 31 2m~ f'RNTLEMEN WHO ABR AFFLICTED:?A " cure warranted by an old Surge n of twentythree years' experience in this pa ti-nlar nraucli t the pro'esaien. ('barges moderate Do not apply to .4'iacks, but to J B. GAKirM ER. M. Ii., late of the United States K cord Venereal Hn pital. Office Mo. *J1 south A street, opposite the Capitol Square. south side. M B ? Medicines also furnished at cost. de 27 lm COK f 1DBNTIAL ? Touug mrn who have ijjured themselves oy certain se ret habit*, which unfit them for business. pleaNure, or the tfutiaa of married life. also, middle aged and oU men. who. from the follies of youtb. or other ?u>es, feel a debility In advance of their yearn, oefere placing themselves under the treatment of any one, should irat read "The Secret friend " Harried ladies will learn something of importance by perusinr "The Secret Friend.'^ Sent to any ev* dre?s. In a sealed envelop* on rectfpt of 25 cants. Address Pr. CH AS A STUART Jk CO.. Boston. Jlaos no ?-ly OLothinq^acu FJ. HRVBRRGRIs, . . Successor te H. 9. Ijjadon A Oo., sa CJTlZEy s AXD MILITARY _ MERCHANT TAILOR, II Metropolitan Hotel. Ute Brown'a, fg 36'J Pennsylvsnln avnunp,-" my 1 tf Washington. D. 0. ' anwiAHi.BLAcg warbh.lawob. C.r.BLAC*. LAW OVF1CB. rouxii BLAOR, LAMOH * OO., Counsellors and Atterneys at Law In the Snnreme the*Oonrta^>T of Claims, lb* ijourts of the District, tbe liMntlvo Pel<*rtiner. t?. axH Committee# of Congren? . ? f ?"* 14111 traet, (directly npposlte W1Jlarcs Hotel.) da 18-tf HRBZBRRG S LOAN OFFICB. Kstatxisbed li32. Highest advances made an WATCHK8. DlkMuSDS. JRWBLRT. WEAH1NU APPAKKL. aa<i all kluda of Merchandise. Btrsii aan strictly confidential. 3d] North C street,l>et?aen 4>? aad 6th strrets. imn.ediately In rear of the National jag lm* LATRaT PARIS FASHIONS OF HAIR DRRSblNO. R. AZl!9T, fKEItCll HAIh-ItRESSRR, 324 B street, between 13th and 1Mb StS. Mr. Allloi, from Purii, Hitir-Dr^ifir, of tJie relebrated Ra< bel, with,a hom he arrived In this country, baa now been established fer tne last eight years in Washington and Newport, en ojlng the patronage of the corns d&4omaliqHt, and oftbehlnbeet aociaty. He has the honor to announce that he has this season imported the latest faskiona of hat r dressing, and ab?o pomades, and everything that belongs to the dreaalng of hair at vary reasonable prives. ja7flm* liOPIBIAHA ATBBUB.~" J..H. CBANB A 00. Have on hand a large and fine aaaortment of ^OODS, suited to this market, auch as BUTTRR OHRBSB, RGG8, APPLES. BA1SIHS. FIGS,' CITRON, NUTS, HAMS. CODFISH, MACKEREL HERRING, S0AP8, CABBED GOODS, As. Also, M Barrels Moore's celebrated CHAM FAME CIDER, by barrel or gallon. All the above goo-is are offered at .the loVMt market price, and warrant*! to suit,by J. H. CRANB A CO., ja 4 1m A3 La. nvp . between tth and 7th. w" t- colh"auilkblt makamamd SWw Case Maauia^arer. School FnrnitnreUl aad Honse/nr nish|?g Warer oms New and M| Old f urniture, ot all deacrlptiona. bencht / C I and sold. Repairing. Cpholntoring, and Varnish at tt?a phartest notice. SontheMteorner of ML and R streets north. No. 13. de IB 3m* B M O T A L~ THB AsAT'ONAL f'NlON IBSDBANCB COMPANY OF WA9BIBUTON Have removed to their New OMce. Bo. 71 LO0IS1ANA AVRNCR FJrst door east of 7 ih si. ^ _ DIR|7T0BB: Chan. Knap, Pres't, Geo W. Ulgma. Vice Pres't, Zl2,^P*crr> " ball Brown,TTch d Wallach, O S.Gldncn, Daniel Dodd, Va, Dixon. Benry D. Cooke, de 3 If BOB LB D. LARNKB, Secretary. /kTTO W 1LKBB8' PIANOS AND CABBABT U M HBCtBAM'S PA BLOB ORGANS. AH will find It greatly te their inxnreet? to ejiamine tkese mperb liutrUHDta 4s-|||M for? 'purchasing any otber. fit || V Only agofacy at ORORGB L. WILD 6 BBO *8 Bew Piano Porte aad Organ Wareroom, No. 4 97 II to -treat beCweea Pean a aveaae and K street A select aesortateat of new and second hand Instruments, including a CHURCH ORGAN, for 3,000 bajhelTMAAIMB*P6TATOB8, jatt ar ri ved, and fog sale at our Wharf at the toot ?f 7tt> ? P BROWN A ROB, _ ...Commlsalan Merchants. 14Ba. 485 ftb at., between B aad V. / 'HOCCLATR double, varillb! \ _ , DB h. maillaibd. ' Pur Cacao et Sucre Jtiemst de teutl melange. M. P. KING B BOB, . Blag Place. Termor, t a venae and ii)i street. WEST IKDIA <?RA|WliD~ Vraak #W " ^ GBA PBS, 1 r*** R1BG PliAck ^aoici BCTS, BAISINS. FIGS,C0BRANTS V ^PICAS Ac . Ac , tosnlt<hi. iarttcuUr Zi' ** *|j<* R'ag Plane. ST. TZMOTHTR KALI*. 1 HI daties J this laattiatian will ha reenmed ? ***~T.^tSWis. ?ss?^.aa rBBNCH ALMABACHS FOB 1*67.-Alma aach Comwaa, AJmaaacb Poor Tiraj Alma ?acb dn Hsndsa; Ai ma aach charivari; Almaaach de in Danse, Almaaach da la hoaae OuisifM A leanest n Imperial; Alniaaaeh da Bapoleoa; Almaaach dn* ,rsi de AdMs; Almanaeh Po4i blnsdte, aad t!!.l.wste.t.aiit,ntw V""""1 l?r0ST?T,0St I am new la receipt of new aaaaon OLIVE oik, direct from Bordeaux, aad as prepared to fiBMly the trade aad faailifea at **W T0*%, . . B W. BUBOHBLL. s Mr. MB aad Veto., BaBpr BAM ttBaaa* * '' tjf ! - J ' ' f I BANKERS. TAT COOKE * CO., BlIKllIt fifutnik trrMit IV?a?smN yend Ml ienTrent market ratea, end knap ousts ;tly on hand, fall supply of ftU GOVERNMENT BOBDB, BBVBN-TBIBTIBf, AFD OOMPOUBD INTEREST BOIBB. Orden fftr STOCKS. BONDS, Aft., exsoatod, and Collections made od ftU aflftoaaiblft polnU. seltf HARROW Ac CO., 1 barkbbb, Corner LcalManw avenue and Seventh raftt, I)*A.T.KRS I!l HOVERKMEXT SKLJRITIKS, COLD AND fllliVBB jy ,.lt AN D LABD W ABBA JTS_ Fint Haiionil Buk of Washington. H.D. COOKjS. (cf Jay Cooke A OoM) PrMli?nl, V, M. 8. HUNT1NGTOB, Cashier. OOVBBNMENT DBP081T0BT A. WD FINANCIAL AGBNT OF THE UNITED BlATBB, 1AIk orfostit tn* Trtaiurv Depart** t. Government Securities with Treasurer United t?tat^|sr0jV? uiLLioy dollars .en Wefcny andsell nil clataea of QOVKti.V MEyl LLCLRlTIESit current market ratea. IVRXaSH EXCHANGE and make Oatl?rUons I* ALL THE 1 HINCIFAL CITIES OF THE IZITED STATES. purchase Government Vouchers on the HOST Tk YORABLE TEKMS, and give careful enft prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, and to any other business entrusted to ua. FILL INFORM AT ION In regard ?o GOVEBB AlENT LOANS at all times cheerfully farnlatood WM 8. HUNTINGTOH, Caahler. Waehingtcn. March 80.1806. na 11 tf HOTELS^ RESTAU RANTS, Ac. /1 A a D WILL ABB'8 HOTBL, I Wa'HTI'.toi, December 1,18*6.1 Senators. R-prefentati ves, and others residing in Washington. who oecupy private apartments, cum be accomv ?dated witn their MEALS at this Hotel at the rate ?f BK W per week_ del 2m sfKIB, CKADW1CK A CO. I^IBKWOOD HOB SB, Cofntr PtTina. avenue aid TioelftATp-raT IVifi' >M oh, D C. Fitnat- d In the most central location the city, midway between th? CAPITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, Only a shi rt distance from all the Departments, Patent and Poet Oifices, Srnlth?onian Institute, etc. H. H DL PLKY & 00., noll-tf Proprietore. ?7 MRICH'S RESTAURANT. M-J No. 3A5 Penna avenue, near 6th street. P KM BI B wishea to i?ferm hie frlen Is and tha public generally that he now n>' ps cu" IajI Btantl) on hand OYSTERa. Ireab every wpaAV day. prepared In etery style JLiJQ&A Hli WIN IS and LlQl'OBS cannot be a< rp***ed. Call and give him a trial. <x 23 tf WOOD A N I) COA r7 fOilii COAL ! AT ORKATLY RBDUOED PRICKS. Groa* tous u( 2.,2*? lbs , delivered in buy part of the city. Chestnut White Ash. S7. Stove, fcgs and Furnace White Ash, 93.20. R< o Ash. >8 ay 0*k end Pine Wood eoastantly on hand. Orders isceived etonrOlbce; or at the Whari, fcct of Seventh .tree. g p BBoWH * 80? jail tf 663 >th stret, between E and F. ^JOAi.1 COAL! I GOAL ill t t. fowler * co. White Aah, atOTe and egg sizes, $8 ffl par ton. Red Aah, dv do *1.7S per ton. 2.140 pounds guaranteed. Orders rec*i?e<l at the central office of the Wa?hington and Georgetown Ice Company,(lata L J. Middleton A Co.,) corner 12th and F streets, and ?t aharf, foot of llrth steeet . ;a 14*1 oa B. 8. LAMK1N, Agent. ^OALl QOAL11 COAL!!! Having datenalnad to sail firat elna* article of Wo?d and Coal aa cheap aa the ch??p??t, I hope by doing ao to gain a liberal share of public patronage. The Coal prices are aa follows: WH1TB ASH NUT COAL, by the ton $t US BALTIMORE 09. WHITE ASH, Egg and toveetze* ...^ ? 34 ALLOTS KB QBALITlESof WHTTB ASH HJJ LVKEB8VALLKF PURE BBD ABB 9 TS DIAMOND VB1N BBU ASH - 8 72 GROSS WBIGHT, 2^40 LB8. TO THE TON. Always on baad and oonatantly receiving the best unalltiaa of WOOD of every description, dalivered ia any part of the city. ^ ^ baUM, ja4-lm 7th st., between E and FsU , laland. O T O I W.B.MOSBB' FASHIONABLE CABPBT. FURNITUBB ABD BBDD1BG 8TOBES, NOB. 921 A A19, INTELLIGENCER BUILDING, OOBBBB 7TH AND D.. ABD j SO AO- 7TH STREET, THORN 'S BUILDIBG, ADJOINING ODD FBLLOW8' HALL, AND EXAMIBB THB FINEST ASSORTED STOCK THIS 8IDB OF PHILADELPHIA Be hfta all tha lateat daaigna made in Philadelphia. New Fork, and Boa ton The stock la always selected by Mr. Bfoaae, sad bought at the loweat ratee Tor cash, which enshiea him to compete with Bassarn pricea. Hiafineat Fumitara ia made to order la Philadelphia, and of the boat material that can be fonad. Purchasers sUouldatady their owa Interest by calliag at hla Stores ant examining the well-as sorted stock of CABPBTB. FCRIflTUBB, Ao,, and '.Main hie price-list before going eleewhere, whish he will famish with pleoeare His assortment of Matkreasea. Blaakets, Comforts, Geuuterpaiaes. IMIlowe. Boietere, Featherheda, and all kinds of Cottagftaad Kitchea Faraltar e Is complete, which he offera at tha lewaftt Bew York aud Philadelphia price*. . Remember Noe 381 and #19 Intelligencer Building- corner Tth and D. and No 9C** Tth street. ThoraW Building, adjoining Odd Fellows Hall, between D and 1st reels. M??_. ja M tf W. B. MOBB8. I^UXUBIBB FOB THB^BOLIDAIB. Ji DOLBLB VANILLA tJHOOOLATi, ,M8z,tt? H,S t SOS. W~T "Wis? asipn, K1BO PLAOB. Gulu" ""znvr&vSiT, .in. Gold coier, faU. pet delicate flarftr and fra^ran<a,aad LaM than one hall th^ri<2o0p2Vofi^d CHOICE NUTS. BASINS. FIGS. OUBBANTB, ososRioa loxdmh., I Jest received, a large yarisW ?f arttotaa aftlaHlJ4 aartigpUwlw for the reCODIIIII' t *?^a A# ^ to* 0?r,Y?.^o.ijriffil. ? l.-m '. .?4. -. ., ft i ' r ' a!ei?l* & i-.a* }?o!as I .YBUAf AttOI*; J I Asa > -? -?*ui dlH eiji':) lad | WAR CLAIMS. WAX DEPARTMENT, Booms of Tin Claims Co*mib?toj?, Washington. D. 0 . January 31,1867. Statement of Maima Filed during the til of January, lt?6T. Ho. 696. Oltlm of Benjamin Thornton. for materials tut d la the defences ot Washington. No attorney No.tirt. Claim of Wylby Woodbrldge, for rise tsk? n by U'-i'ed Bra'es No attoraey. Mo. 697 Uiaio ef M. B. Leonirt, f?r itr'icu as scout anu detective. Samuel V. Nilee, attorney . Na. 698 til aim of Mn.l L. Ooleman, for damage to property by United States aruiy. Mo attorney . No ft99. Claim of T C. McBee, pastor,for de trnetion of library attached to Cherry-street Baptint Cburrh. at Nashville. Tennessee. ho attOin. y. No 7<o Claim of Mary Ann Johnson, for paynimt ef her property taken oy Dnlted States army, attorney. No. 7 1 Claim of Bobert Adger, for restoration of property and rent of san e. Mo attorney ho 7o2. Claim ef John T. Co* and W. ?. Newbury, for services in the Provost Marshal's Department. No attorney Ha >03. Claim of Thwmas Garvay, far pa* for service* while under arrest. lien. J. K.. Moretaead, attorney. No. 70i. Claim ef James O Brown, for hides sei/.ed l.y United States authorities in Texas. Owen ft Wilton, attorneys Bo. 7os. Claim of R T. Hunt, for damage to hi* property by the 17th Illinois Cavalry. No attorney No 70# Claim of Jehn A Stevenson, f*r re im nitem< nt of ameniit paid as agent of stsamer " Bart AM " L 8. Wells A Co . attorneys No 70* Claim of Major B. ('hapiu f<?r a horse lost oa Government service. Downman and Ma grnder. at>< rnt-ys No. 708 Claim of A. F. Gantreaux, fur pavmnit of amount iu hand-of Sequestration Com mission. William 0 Wood attorney No <<i9. Claim of City of Richmond, Virginia, for possession of prop.ity corner of Ol.ty and Thirteen h streets, Blctiinon d. K T. Daniel, attorney No 710. ilaimof Mrs William F. Gilliam,for 'am ate io her property by Unhid States troops. No attorney. No 711. Claim of Mrs Mary Boyle, for rent of property at Key Wist, Florida. William Marvin, attorney. No. 712 Claim of Jean Marie Laurie, for cotton taken at Baton Boiige. Louisiana Freue Legation, throneh Sta'e Pep irtii.etit. >o 713. ( laim of Dnnlap, Moncnre A Co., for rest of property at Bichmond, Virginia. No attorney. No.714 Claim of P T Bllgh and J P. Gallagher fo' rewa.d fcr cipturibg James Maloaey. l'M.'gf A McLellan, attorney a. No 716. Claim of Samuel MrGatghey. for toba< co lakea l?y United States tioops. i J. Atkinton, attorney. No.Tl'i Claim of John H. Tucker, fordamage *o property at Arlington, Virginia. John M McCalla attorney. No. 717 Claim of Mrs. F. Chester, for valne of a horre taken for use of United Stut< t troops. T. J D fuller, attorney No 714 Claim of John D Miller, administrator, for property taken t.y United States army. T. J D Fuller, attorney Ho. 719 Claim of Natalie Biraahe. for d??tructioa of property by United states anth ritl-s. Italian Charge des Allaire*, through Plate Department. No 7:0 Claim of Walter F Herrlck. for a horse lost In Gr.vsroment tcrvlce. Boyal Taylor, attorrey No 721. Claim of Bt Psnl> pi scops I 0hnrch, for repairs to church building at Chattanooga, T?-nuf-?eee. No attorney. No. 7?3 Claim of Amsrose Morrison, for de xtruction ol property at Na<hville, Tennessee. Boil. C. Delano, aturney. No 733. Cla'm of A 0. Hunt and H. R. Tlnnt, for value ot leg houses used in defence of Denver City , Colorado, ayres .t Bishop, attorneys No 724 ( laim of John Mitchell, for value of sugar taken at New Orltau? Mo attorney |>Ko 7?i, Claim of Ma'tbew Alliw >n. for m?aey s alleged ta have been taken from him in 1462 Trow bi'Oge A Caldwell. No 72?>. Claim of John G Gelstrlp. far extra dnty pay as teamster. Tucker an 1 Bells, attorn<) s. No 7:7 CTa'm of H. H. Nell?on, first lientenant. for return of arn.s tafcrn tr in army ?f Haiti BioreCitj Guard No attorney. No 7:S. I laim of Mr*. K F Carter, for property taken and destroytd by guerillas. A S.Cox A Co . attorneys No 729. Claim of J 0 Van Wickle. for ordname an<l commissary George Taylor, att mey No. 7<0. Claim of Mrs Margaret Myers, for pi<.p?rty destroyed by United States troops. No attorney. No. 731 Claim of John H. PowelI, for property taken and destroyed by United States forces. No attorney. Ne. 732. Claim of Bamuel D Flnrkle, for wood mi irom his place near Washington. No attorney No. 733 ?laim of L. M Long, for servires as clerk at Little Bock Arkansas. Tucker A Bells attorneys. , li. 7*t, ? laim of O. II. Bayns, heirs or, f..r lsmaees to and rent?f warsh- n<e at Alexandria. \irginia. H. O Claeuhton, attorney. No 735 Claim of Joneph B Bhaonoa, for s#rvice* and valne of steamboat 11 W. Barton " K Brlik?"botf, attorney. No. 776. Claim of D. M Mortenbsugh, for wood, charcoal, Ac. No attorney. No. 717. Claim of C. F Urtruhart, for oats and corn. Owen A WIIsob, attorneys. No. 738. I laim of Mrs. Franoes Abells, for ssr vices a* scout N* attorney . No. 739. Claim of llenry Alley, for property destroyed by United States army. B. D. Hyam, attorney. _ No. 740. Claim of Fr?i ?i Foster, for loss aad d?maseUo proparty. B, D Bvam, attoraey. No. 741. Claim of Mrs^Bll/.abrtb Landholt, for rent of hone* used by United Btatea troops as a hospital. B. P. Hyam, attorney. Noa. 742 and 743. Claim ef K. M Marshall aad elaim ..f Boraco Hewitt, for auhalstence stores Ow* a A Wilsoa.attorneys No. 744. Claim of William Muir, for rent of lann occupied by Unll< d States troops. Chi eman. 1 tmer A Co .attorneys. No 745. Claim of Hre M. A Peters, for de stractionof her house by Ire. N? attoraey No. 7i7. Claim of Washing tea Infirmary, for destruction erf furniture. Ac. No attorney. No. 747. Claim of Mre. Teresa Warner, for property used and destroyed by United States troops., B I? Hyam. attorney. No 748. Claim of C P. Oood\ ear, A Q. M.,for remuneration fjr amount paid fer clerk hire No attoney No 749 Claim of William Broadders, for valne of a horse taken from him by United States authrrities. James 11. Kmbry. attorney. No. 750 Claim of Frederick Andreea, for ice tnker for the use of the army, and an ice house deatroyed bv the tro?ee No 761. Claim ot Skston Sanders, for compensation for haslintf medical supplies. Statement ef the Action had an Claims Duriastbe Present Month. No. 2 Claim of Allen Valentine. Oontianed No. 19. Claim of A. Morrill. Ac Continn d." No V3 Claim of Angelo Mlatzo, ag. ut, Ac. Alio vd No. 27. Claim of Charles Nafeltn . Continn d No 39 Clglm of the Trustesn ef the Columbia V> male Institute. Continued No. SO, Claim of Samuel B Jaoobs. Continued No 37. Clftim of McMmmUic iod m?cbeiter Bai I road Company. Continued. No. W Claim of B Jianlaqaet. Continued Na 43. Claim of C. B. Brooke ACo. Continued No as. Claim of Joseph Anderson Oontianed' No. 77. Claim of James Byrne Coatinued. Na. Ai. Claim of Maria Josefa Cardoaoe. Contiaaed. No 81. Claim of A. J Btchardson. Continued No. 82. Claim of John Sheldon Continued. No 84 Clalui ef C 9 Bnead. Continued' No. 86. Claim of D Pierce. Jr Continned No. 86. C laim of James MHIlgar and others Continned. ?? of,.tV ?^neT\ of *??e steamer m H Toting." Continued No. 93. Claim of the owners of the British brig Madeira " Allowed. No. 94 Clain. of Adolpn T<ensch. Continned. No 95. Claim of Kngene Bourcey. Continued Na. 96. Claim of Bobert A Gray. Coo tinned No. 99. Claim of John T. Armstrong. Continued. No. 191. Claim of Mrs. S. W. Turner. Oontianed No. WS Claim of J W. Potnfr?y. Continned No. M7. Otaim of McDonald A Poller. Oontianed No. 266. daimafMrs. Mary J.Boiland. Con tinned. . _ No. 374. Claim of thelplscoyal Church at Pe tersbnrg.Va. Continued. Ho 3<i Claim of the Metbadlet Xaiscoaal Chnrch at Winctieetar, Va- Ootitinned. Mo. 399. Claim of Benjamin M*aeh. OoutinNe. 51 i. Claim of Paran Moody Continned. No. 3?. Claim of B. A. Firepels. Continued. No 834 Claim of J H Maddox. Ceutinned. No 9^8 Claim of tbo Boman Catholic Church at Predertcksburt, Va Continued Bo: 839. ClaimefJulae Parrodin. Conttaned. No,811, Claim of Domini<ine Levat Contfnned,' No. 138. Oielm of John H. MeKss. Contin"f-'o. s?4 Claim of the Methodist Ipiscopal Church at Warrentoa, Va Continued Mo. 889. Claim of the Can vent of the Holy Orosi at Plaunemiaa. La Oontiaaed. No. i*3. Claim af M. B. Hart. Continued No. Mi. Claim of John McDawail Oontianed. No 394 Claim of CellaA. Qrove. Continr.ef No. Sit. Claim of Mr*. Edward Blag. Oon daNe. SCI. Claim ofO. B Cutter. Continued. No 877. Claim of George Ham*. Continued. . No 898. Claim af Ohev Atwatar A C?. Ber? Claim of iamas O. Hamilton. Ooatta?' SCSS: ASSSU fltea. 411. Claim ef Sarah A. Saamden. OmMb? Hi. at. Claim <*J. L. Bunt. Continued eeril i^ai nil* -jci ?:{ r-tM'vl .j.naa/ i a croU ft | Ho. 413. Claim of Stint G?nr|?'i Cburoh it Poo|Ml?t(ai. Virginia. (Jni'lnnK). No 4)7. Ult-B u( t tiocli or* Continued. No 422 C)?loi of M C. Brlckl y A'lowed. No 423 Claim of J R Hall. Rejected No. Cairo ef Thamu *l|ee Continued. Ho. 4'7 llilm of PtDBMt M Rird. Contlnned. Ho. 411. Claim of pvn<1?| Carpenter Rejected. Mo 434. Claim of Jordan T. Cumaing*. ContilMd. fro 4'-8 Cliioiof Wiilltm Joiu. Continued. Wo 436. Claim of Martin W Our. Continued. Ho 438 Claim of Carl U. Heoiicke. coa??l, Ac Continued Ho. <34 Claim af.I B Dlckereon. Continued. Ho. 440 Claim of Jaaeph '? FiMppi. Continued. No 441. <'leimofR. M. Ki -liarc. Continued. Ho 442. Claim ol Fiaderick bchr >*g. B?tnri?l to the claimant. Ho. n3 ( latiu of J H?rr?y M Kf?. Continued. ?n. 4>1. Ci?tm of W J Sextou. Continued.

H<> 4f4. Claim of theLe>ee 8t?am Cotton Pr??? C< mrany. 4 r>n tinned Ho 453 Clain of tba R>msn Catholic Cbnreh at D-"?n fieorsia <nntinued. Hn 447 Claim of tba owner* of tha Pelican rotten Preee at h e* Orleans Louisiana Continual. No.. 4'*. Claim of Loot* Pa?il Cayor. Continued. No 46n Claim of Robert U White. Continued. No 4<1. <'lhlm o' Th"iua? Case. Reacted Na 4 2 C a m of the Maryland Agricultural College Oortinue'l H 4n7 Claim of B. T. Kirkpatri. k Continnad. Ho 468. Claim ef Samuel M. Jehnsun. Can tinned No 483. Claim of Reuben i'mith. Continued. No. 4-14 Claim of Jmrti Truttinanor JohL Joseph Truumsn Continued No 4t9 Claim ef William H Irwin Continued. No. 49i. Claim of Isaac Lane. Continued. Ni> 494. Claim of Cliarid M. Taylor aiid James fi. McNair. Continued. Mo 4k7 Claim of Mr* Julianne Babble. A1 l"wad Mo 604 Claim of Julius Frank. Allowed. No.fO!). ('lain, of Heni> Hoi Continued. N- :i0. Claim of Mrs Fiancee Johnsou. Con tinned Mo. 812. Claim of William Faux or E.C.Drew Rejected. No 613. Claim of Thomas Ra?cliff Continued | Mo. MS. Claim of John 1> Mima Continued. Mo (16. Claims of .lohn M Hunt and others. Continued. Mo 617. Claim of J*hn W Alver Continued. Mo. 618. Claim ol Mrs. Margaret kmgtit Con tinnt d No 619 Claim of Joshua Rhodes et al., trustees, Ac Continued No 621. Claim of tie Fairfax Seminary C ntiuued So .'22 Claim of the East Tennessee University Continued. No 623 Claim of Joseph Rlock Continued. Mo. 635. Claim of the (Evangelical Gerotn Ln tberan Church at fcavauuah Georgia Oontinned. Mo. 626. Claim of Antoine Caine Continued Mo. 328. C aim of John Kord Continned. Ho. ?29. Claim of James Kteay;oi James Keens n J Rejected No 5*t Claim of John Slatterv Continued No. Mi. Claim of the M ?ys\il!e and Lexington Railroad Company. Continued. No (33. Claim of the Mt-ihodi't Episcopal Cburck (colored) at Jacksonville, Hond.? Continued. Nn. 634. Cia'mof Thornton Aldman. Allowed No 633. Claim of Mrs Julia A. Armstead. Rejected No 638. Claim of Mrs AnneJ Pendleton Continued. ? _ No J37. Claim of P R Atchison Continued Mo 338 I laim of Caleb Harford loutmaed No 639. Claim of A. W. Hur.tut Returned to claimant No. 640. Claim of Richard Lawton Oon'ianed No 641. Claim of J A J . Prom A Co Allowed in part. No 642. Claim of P K. C Donuell aud others Continued _ No. ?43. Claim cf Mrs Margaret Itel ran Continued No. 644. Claim of James Tongue Canti.ued No. .'45 Claim of W? ter B Comstock Cou tinned. Ho. 646. Claim of Louis L. Ferriere. Continued No. 647 Claim of Peter Swartzwelder. Continued. No 548. Claim of Cornelius Hatpiue. Allowed In part. No. .'49. Claim of Joseph Xerin.jue and D n? me I Continued Mo. 65y. Claim or To? a .kiLip. ia Continue. No 661. Claim of Willi im 11. u.gers. Rejected Ho. 653 Claim of 0 II M^?t !n, owe r of Le^ ert h'spital. Continue''. Bo. 6M. Claim of Mrs. Julia H Addison Ai lowed. No. 654 Claim of Mr*. Mar ?< rijjlit and .1. M. Rai.som, adverse claimant*. Couiiunixi No. 555. Claim of Mrs. Flora L>. Darling. Can tinned . ? No. 68? Claim of Mrs Ann Craig, font uaei. Mo 6<'7 C.'aiB?"f Thomas K^ddy Re.ected ho .ve Claim of Mrs. Louisa fl.blgur. Coo tiuued No, 669. Claim of Jacob Aufnstine Continued. No. K0. Claim of James L. Price A Co. Rejected No 5*1. Claim of Ceorg* Bearlglitaud F. Farm?n. Continued No (Kt. Claim of Coorge H. Smallwood. Continued. No. 3*3. Claim of C. W. liugaly and James O Bowen. Continued. No. Claim of Jobn A Rollings. Continued No 6&. Claim of Marshall I'urtus. Joseph Pom' ell, Simeon Douglass, Richard Bmtth, Nel# ,n Berrv, Bdmaud Fields, an l Bird. Continued as to thealaimof Simooa Douglass, und rejected as to the remainder. No. 606. Claim of John B. Hearing. Rej<-ctei No. 6n7. Claim of Hargous A Co. Continued Ho. &H. Claim of Mrs. Hancy Lear Re octed Na. 66" Claim of R. B. QibLs and (iardiner tireeu Continued. No. 570. Claim of Allan Psares Rejected No. 571. Claim of Mary Irwio. Coatinued. No. 573. Claim of Joel T Compton. Continued No 573. Claim of tha Manaasas Gap Railroad Coiuaany. Continued. No :73. Claim of O A. Lilliendahl. Continued. No. 57o. Claim of William J. Portevant. Continued. _ ? No 577. Claim of MoaeaBimon. Continnad. Mo. 378. Claim > f John B. Swaet Rejected. Mo. t^>. Claim of Coclirane A Tileston. Rejected Ho. f81. Claim of John F Javens. Continued. Ho. >3. Claim of M Ogleaby. Rejected. No : &. Claim of the Roman Catholic Church at Cbat'anO''ga, Tennessee. Continued. Ho. 3M Claim of Mre K A Wffntt Continnad. Mo. Claim of William A. Crman Allowed. Ho. .'<83. Claim of Thomas Sherlock Continue'!. Ho. 3?7. Claim cf David R. Godwin. Continued. No. .'88 Claim of J. R Halloa-bush. Continuitf, No. .^9. Claim of John Caldwell. Continued. No. .'9i. Claim of Thomaa Nea1 Rejected. No. . 93. Claim of the New Vo.k atd Mississippi Steamboat Company. Continued. No. 393. Claim of JacobHirscb. Continnad. No. 394. Claim of Robert A. l'hullps. Rejeeted. No. 6t*4. Claim of John H. King. Ailwed. No Claim of Thomas Keboe Rejected. No. !*T Claim of Matthea Pepper. Continued. Ho. .'98 Claim of J. B Raverdy-T. R Martin, J S W alley, and H K. Gallup Continued No. 399. Claim of Amherst w Stone. Rejecta<l. Mo. tut. Claim of R A McC -mb. Cantinnad. No. ?'l. Olulmof Jamea M Ashley. Continued. Ho 602 Claim of Thomaa A. Hlliott. Gontln ued No. 6"3 Claim of Mrs, Luclnda Trimble. Continued No. tOi. Claim of Richieson A Carroll and C. M Fleetwood Continued, No. ?03. Claim of John W. Tnnnell. Continued No. 603 Claim of Richieson A Carroll. Continned. No. f?7. Claim or H. A.Otla Allowed in part Ho.608 Claim of R J Stringfellow, administrator. Ac Continued. . Ho 6W. Claim of Milton Jackson. Continnad. Ho. ?iu. Claim of William Rlchardaoo Re jected. No till. Claim of P H. Volar, Avery k Co., P Taledaue, M Pugk. George Jackson, C M.Gillia, and the heirs of J. H Brown. Ra jected. No 313. Claim of A. J. Martin. Continued. Mo. 613. Claim of F. McNerban*. Reiected No. 614. Claim of (3. D Cutten. Continued' No 616. Claim of C. W. Vinson. Allowed Ho. (ii? Claim of John Aikln. Continued. No. 61f. Claim of AdamKllng. Allowed. No. 318 Claim af Henry Queen. Rejected. Ho 3711. Claim of Joaeph Segar. Coatinued. Ho. 621 Claim of Alfred Cooke Continued. Ho. 333. Claim of Oeorgo M. Brenner. Continued. Ho *33. Claim of ArtttirBland. Continued. Ho ?M. Claim of John Brown. Continned. Bo.333 Claim of Henry A Baler. Continued. Ho. 633. (Halos of Charles Bldpely. Rejected. Bo. trf. ClaimofA.V. Rnma Brow. Continued. - Ho. 338. Claim of Mra Minerva Morris. Continnad. Ho. 32*. Claim of JohnLoakwo4>d. Rejected a. art. Claim of Franals C. 7.el|ar. Rejected. Bo. 631. Claim of Lonla D. Qilbaux. Continued!. Bo. CM Claim of J. W.Pago. Allowed Bo. 333. Claim of Francla Simmons. ContlnHo.634. Claim of J. B ikaon. Allowed. Bo 33a. Claim af St Paul's Episcopal Church at Chattanooga. Tenn. Continued. He. SM. Claim Of Andiaw Low. Ooattnnad. Ho 137, Claim of Faaehail McCullar Continnad. Ho 338. Claim of J I*. Cain. A. A Kyle, A. Kennedy, J. W. C. Bassa,and Cowan A Dickonson. Continnad. Ho 639 Claim of lamaa E Carter, -dnardian, k> O on Waned _ N.,w, <??.sssasj; It Drove* L4eut. Col , Recorder. t^EKDS I SBjBpS' SBBDS! ^M. KHABBAOO -S PIABOS, PR1BC. A OCW ^R. A-D Ml-MMa* ,T*r*071?w0M?BACa. J l iia ! .Id .) '! *?-?1 >' 'if'!* ' ?? 1 ,liiii a i ' i|<i .If ?! ? ! *" ed ft? * ? I fc'fe it l .1 ic! , lijili i 11111| A ^1 I j | TELEGRAMS, fee. The KtiMi Senate ptMtd concurrent reeolstions yesterday, with only four dUMDttif v otes, declaring tbat the late rebel States are without any legal government, and tbat It is 'he doty of Congre*e to provide tbem witb territorial governments. An amendment tbat upon ths adoption of the constitutional ?m?Bdn<>-nt loyal representative should be admitted was defeated It is understood among the friends of Goverror Welles tbat if the Louisiana Leg.slaturs praes the bill for anew constitution over bis veto the Governor will issue a proclamation declaring the convention of 16CI legal, and reassembling It. The Kentncky I,egislatnrs yesterday passed the bill granting universal amnesty for all acu commtted under military authority prior to October 1,1*65. It applit-s to rebels and Federals alike. Governor <"bamberlam, of Maine, has been intormed rbat W H. Bidwell.of New York. will he sen' by >?ecr**tary Seward to look after the Jaffa emigrants from Maine. Several proportions are hefore th? Missouri legislature o provide tor the early re?nmption of the payment of interest on Missouri Siate bonds. Tbe Governor of Ne-wfoundKnd opened the Assembly Tuesday. He congratulated the country on tbe su e?-tul laying of the Atlantic fable I.ate Havana ad \ ices state that the reported approach of tlie IVruvinn aud Chilian flue's bad plven ui.eaMu*ss. The was rapidly abating A report irom Jefferson City, Missouri, fives the details of outrages committed by the State militia iu sacking and robbing stores Some of the parties ar* now under arrest. The convention rate of Interest na* been adopted in Kentu'ky. 1 he frank rite is si* per cent., and contracts may be made outside as bigb as t-n per cent. The Memphis Ayi'.al newspaper, has been purchased by John Hi'inn, of St I>^uis, and o'hers. It will be edited by General Albert Pike. Fx-Governor Hen*, of New York, is dangerously sick ai.J Ik cot expected to live 'brcugh the flay. Senator Davis telegraphed to bis son in the Kentucky legislature to give a grand wine supper to celebrate bis re-flection. It is announced that the Austrian troops in Mexico do not leave with those of France. Count Fnrral ha? been appointed Italitin Ambassador to Vienna. From Mexice. A private letter from the City of Mexico says it is reported tbat a new proclamation will otn appear, issued by Maximilian, taking strongei gronnds than those assumed bv Orizaba. Tlie Cabinet meeting at The palace of Maximilianis conbrmed. The expediency of Maximilian's stay or departure w.ks voted upon, with a decision in favor of his remaining. Five ^ otrs were cast for his departure tn tl>e grow d that the struggle should bo abandoned. At last dates J uarez was still at llnrango. A minor *?bour the defection of Miramon was rue, and some credit was attacbed to it. Advices lrom San Filip* s'ate that Colonel Huiroga, the ls>t oommander of the Imperial j foices * ho passed through that city on the retreat, imposed a forced loan of S'-J.tfOon the inhabitants of tbat cit j. The sum, lacking was made up, when ?iuiroga ordered three of tne '.nhabstants to be shot A priest was called to aflmini'tsr religious rites and execution was about taking place, when tbs balance of the sum was paid, General Mejia when pa*smg through Filipe and Hidalmo, epened the doors of the jails and enlisted all the prisoners in his army. Ciuale.- is at Victoria. He has expressed a wish to repoi to General Geroe. at Tampito and obey his orders. Matters are quiet at Ttimpico and vicinity. General Gomex is in command of troops who are not j armed ana rerularly paid. Cortina has taken I poeseeslon of Reynosa, and declares his intenI ti< n of collecting duties on goods going into the inteiior. Hut >n contradiction ol this Cortina is said to be going to light the Indians and to have crossed the Ki<> Grande. Juarez has left Ourango for San I.ouis de Fotosl, via Zacatecas. It is said that the seat of government will be at either Iiurango or Za. atecas. Gai.vestom, Jan. 31 ?News from Mexico represent that Juarez s Secretary el State was making efforts to hang Ortega. Colonel Mejia, Juarez's bearer of despatches, lett to-day lor Washington Thi Mary las d I>b>;ihi.ati'an.?The Senate yesterday, by yeas I't, nays I. repealed the new law providing' fur au election ef mayor and city council ot Baltimore on.Wednesday next. This bill was immediately seut to the House, wbicb body relused to suspend the rnles to put it upon its pas.-age. the Republicans voting against the suspension. The question will therefore come op to-day. The decease ol Henry S. Magraw, Fsq., a delegate from Cecil county, having been announced, both branches paid appropriate honors to bis memory and appointed a committee to attend his funeral. In the Senate, the committee on judicial proceedings made a report in regard to the right ot the eity council of Baltimore to appropriate money to contest or resist the laws of the State, itc. A resolution was offered In the House warmly commending the course of the Hon. Keverdy Johnson in his support ot Fresident Johnson's reconstruction policy. This resolution lies over one day under rule. The bill to take the sense of the people ot Baltimore on the propriety of running the city passenger cars on Sunday was made the order of ihe day for Tuesday next. VtRoiifTA l.E?.iplATI"kb.?The Senate, on Wednesday, bad quite a lively debate on the bill to incorporate the Southern Association for the benefit of tne widows and orphans of the Southern States, whicb consumed the greater part of the seskion. Tbe bill was passed. In the House, several resolutions of inquiry and petitions were presented and appropriately referred. The Committee on Public Property reported that they deemed it inexpedient to sell certain property aud apply tbe proceeds to the liquidation of tbe State debt. Several bills were Vassed, among tbem one Incorporating tbe Richmond and Peninanla railroad, and a bill for processioning and settling tbe beundariea of laada In tbe Commonwealth. A bill to exempt certain property from distress or levy was ordered to a third reading. BAI-TIMORK Al?n PoToVAC HAILItOAD-Jlin'sr to it SumiiioHtd.?We learn from tbe Annapolis Republican that Colonel Oden Bowie. President of the Baltimore aud Potomac Railroad Company, appeared before Justice Owen M. Taylor, of that city, a few days since, to make application tor warrants to tbe SberilTof thai county to summon juries to assess tbe damages to be sustained to certain stripe of land through which the said road contemplates to pass?tbs owners thereof being dissatisfied with tbe amotBt tendered. Tbe Jnstice accordingly issued the required warrants, which is in accordance with tbe act ol incorporation. Lar(? Rbckiptp?Tbe Universalists during the past year raised, by bequests, dona tions ana sn ascriptions, fi.uou.uuu. Tbe annual expenditures are estimated as follows Ministers* salaries. f-J^T.OUd; incidental church expenses, C140,(MK>; periodicals, #9tu*i0: other hooka, *40,UUb; salaries ef teachers, 953,0(10. 7*Tbe Cincinnati Gasette thinks that the prize concert baa "p|ayed out." V A Pitbole paper la pnbllebinff a serial novel entitled tbe "Haunted Derrick." y Tbey are blasting ths toe in tbe Allegheny river witb gunpowder. W"The Constitutional Eagle" la tbe nnme of n paper oat In Arkanaas. It must be a healthy old bird. CTSt. Louia luxuriates in tbe possession 0f female garroters yTbe local editor of a Pittsburgh paper has been elected an alderman of tbat city. VRichmond has a Southern Orphan Association Lottery on the tapis. 7~The first shad sold in New York for six dollars. %r In Florida daring the lata aeld Map, nobody bad any fuel for fires. BTTbe salary of a hare-back rider la Ha* Tana is SMO per week in gold. Lancaster has thieves so mean that they teal crape oE of door kaookega. An Icicle in Newark Mil and smashed a twenty dollar bonnet. |9rOaliibrata produced nearly Ureo million dollars worth of viae last pear. fiCT Philadelphia ie abont to ha ltd UMNO worth of aaw eehool honeaa VKngtaad basaa eqaal afiaher of paapwa I $m eaots b ^ oiy 9 t; ts ^ ' ^ iiX 1 I CONSaEMIOBAI*. Sxhatb ? lenerdaj eitrmooa,the Bankrept bill being under consideration lbf amendment of 'b* ^ena-e Judiciary UobbUIW. to ililk* oat fW'ii the liet of?io?p. none to the opfrtuoM of the b?il th? f word* -And ?a?b other property a >t iBeiuded in the foregoing exceptions a? extBP'Kl from l?nr end *l? upcm execution |>y ibe laws of (too Suta in which the bankrupt baa bis domicil at tba time of tbe commencement of tba proceedings la bankruptcy to an amount act exceed) 114 tbat allowed by sach MM exemption law* in fare* ia ? ? year !-? >" was debated a*, considerable l??f? by Meeers Onmee, Stewart, K&meej. MclMagal, I>btU. Wilsoa and others, wbaa Mr. Wiieon moved to ameBd by subetHating for tba worde propoeed to ba stricken oat tba follow lac ' And a bomesteed and other property aot exceediog IB Talae Mr Feeeenden aeeerted the right of Coagreee to paee a bill wltb a provision IB It similar to that bow propoaed to be stricken oat. Withont something of tbf kind be would aot ?ot? fcr tbe bill. ^ . Pending tba cooatderatloB of tba ban kr apt bill, Mr Feeeenden asked and obtained uaaaiojoup consent to call ap tba Bill of tbe Heese authorizing tbe Secretary of tba Treasury to receive into tbe treasury ibe residuary jegney of Jama* Smithson upon tbe tame term* aa tba original bequest; which waa passed. The Hankropt bill was resumed Without reaching a > ote tbe Senate, at 4 p. m went into executive eeseion, and soon altar adjourned. Hoc-*.-Yesterday afternoon? Ibe House, at half-past one, took ap the Senate bill regulating the tenure of certain civil office*, the debate being, on suggeatien of Mr Hale, limited to halt-hour ?j>eecbes The Honee, ai 3k o'clock. t-econded the previous question, and Mr Halo, who had charge ol tbe bill, made tba closing argument in ite />*tiate then being closed tbe House proceeded to vote on the bill and amendment*. The first amendment was that offered by Mr. Will.ame. to stike from the flr?t section ibe words '"excepting the Secre*aries ?f State, of the Treasury, ot War. of tbe Navy *nd of tbe Interior, tbe Postmaster General, and the Aitorney General." 1 he question was taken by yeas at.d nays, and resulted?yeae 7A, say* T\ So tbe amendment was rejected. All the Democrats Toted ?n the negative. W hen the result was ready to be announced. I it was a tie vote, and there was considerable interest manifested as to bow the Speaker would give bis casting vote. The necessity tor that was obviated, however, by Mr. Alley changing his vote from aye to no, leaving the repult as above indicated Mr Farqubar moved to reconsider the vote rejecting Mr. Williams amendment -as to Cabinet officers." Mr. Hale meved to lay the motion to reconsider on the table. Negatived? <i?to 74 Before pro. eeding tartlier wnh the ma'ter a movement w^s made for adjournment. FROM CANADA. Srriaas Resalts ef an - Ice Shave" at ?t. Regis. Moktrial. Jan 11 ? lu-elligenee has inst been received of an lee -hove, causing very serious results, at St. Regis, an Indian village, sixty mi'es up th* St l,awrence. on the American frontier. Tbe ice shoved over a large part of tbe village, submerging it. It occurred during the night, and tbe consternation is described a* dreadful. Some of tbe villagers climbed up and lodged in trees Many had nothing to eat tor a whole day. The Indians, U is said, have lost their all, and are lying on straw without any covering. The degree of | misery caused by sueh a flood in mid-winter can scarcely be realized, and an appeal te made to Montreal for help. Tbe Fealaa Trials. Tobokto. Feb. i.?The total number of Fenians held bere since Juue 1st is 107. The following is tbe disposal made of their cases Twenty-two convicted twenty acquitted forty-nine dismissed for the want ot evidence; thirteen discharged on bail, and tbree remaining for trial Tbe condemned will be sent to the Kingston peniteaiiary when tbe sentences upon those convicted at ?h* present as'izes shall have been commenced. ALixA?t>ftia Itbm*.? I "om the Alegar dri% papers ot yesterday afternoon wecltt? tb? following: Tbe U. S. Revenue Officer of this city. terday, undsr tbe bead of Win lsuncau, U. S. Marshal. armed with a warrant, lit down suddenly upon the premises of Isaac Lovejoy, lottery policy dealer, ob Prince street Uear tbban k, and aUo upon bim. He was in tbe floo>l tide of a thriving business, with the booktickets, and paraphernalia of bis vocation, together with two dozen customers or soaround, waiting tor tbe sybeline leave, which should lead to fortune if not fame. He and all bands were completely surprised, and their consternation was demonstrated by tbe most laughable attempt* at flight, concealment and explanation. Hut it wa? no nse, tney were spotted, and Mr Loveioy was Immediately brought belore Judge I nderwood, where he gave bail tor bit further appearance. Rev. J J Talbot, of Louisville, Ky . who is on a visit to hi* relative in this State, and who preached in th s place on Sunday last, was, we are sorry to learn, knocked down in the streets of Richmond on "Wednesday night, and rebbed ot all tbe money in bis possession. The Rev. gentleman was stunned by tbe blow wticb be received, and which cut bim severely and injured bis bead. He bad a satchel, sucb as is usually carried by bankers, and it is supposed that tbe robbers thought be bad a large sum ol money with him. He returned to this city laet night suffering sev-rely. Mr. Christopher Hodeman. a native of Germany, but for about fifteen years a resident ot this city, and for some time in tbe emploj* ol George" W Clifford, Esq was examined, yeaterday. by l?rs. Lewis and French, before Jus tice Hell, L bier and Moare. and prouounced insane A telegraphic dispatch has been received, announcing that the Committee on Roads of the House of Delegates, have made an adverse report on tbe Canal Railroad Bill. Tbe report was unanimous. Tbe various offices, at tbe coming Spring election, we notice have fairly opened the campaign, and are urging their claims, in the manner usual on sucb occasions. We hear, tbusfar, of only five candidates for Mayor, though others may be reasonably expected. The Mavor has. with tbe money placed in bis bands for tbe pnrpoee, purchase* from tbe government agent at this place, fltty cords at wood. fur distribution among tbe moat destitute of oor population. Amothbk Ship Racb?Ths cable bas informed us of a ship race between the two clip| pers Louis Walsh and Cbarlotta Wbl >e from Callao. Pern, around Cape Horn to Gibraltar. This voyage took HM days, and the wonderful part of tbe performance waa tbat dnnng all this long period tbe two vessels kept *0 cloee together that tbe Louisa Walsh, which woa the rate, was oaly twenty-tlve minutes ahead of ber competitor. In the race of tbe tea-ebips last fall from Chin* te New York, the winning vessel and ber two competitors for eightyfour days kept m sight of each other and during tbe yacbt race tbe three yachta were at no time very lar apart. Practice vg. PaatirT.?C- C Williams, ia jail at Norwich for b: utal treatment of bis little daughter, holds aa office under the town government, having been appelated one of the Board of Factory Visitors January S MT. The duties of these officers are to see that mifcl owners are not guilty of the inhumanity of working children under fifteen yeara who have not atteaded school. At tbe very time of bis appointment he had forbidden bis own cbild all tood. and two days later she made ber escape from bis treatment. Looking after tbe welfare of children la evidently But Mr. W llliams' forte. *7-From Nashville tbe ladlca'ions are that no election for representatives will be held ia time tor the Fortieth C/ongress . Gov Brownlow will wait nntil Augnst before be orders an election, loaing. If neceeeary. all repreeentauoe in tbe first session, so tbat he mar take advantage of tbe colored vote, which, It seems certain will, ba legalised in Tennessee ia the coming spring. 7"!n fauenos Ayres tbe Indiaas. Instead of hilliag their prisoners, aell them for slaeee KTTwo skeletons have bee* found la a Savannah cellar, suppoeed to have been placed there during the revolution. A worthless follow ia Chicago stole the funds bis mother bad appropriated to attead tbe death bed of a daughter 7* A a eagle ia Titaeeille recently flew through a ?5o pane of glaaa aad '?eoaght tbe empyrean.'" H"A rural paper advertisee for fifty yoaig ladies ol uflTcient age -to go ia ?omjteay,'' wbo dare confess tbat have ever made a loaf of bread or a paddiag. VKtseiag lean uBexperteeed Joy am on* tbe Toaga Islanders. They Beyer praeuce it. - vRoger de Beau voir, just daad, ia Parts* reckoned the* *bad twwmt* * dollars ia champagne dnrtag Ma Ufa. ?BeoenatracuoB" la aot eoafiaed to this country- The Spectator bas aa article oa tbe Beconstractioa ot London. gySmelt flsblng ob tbe ice ia tbe favorite tpert jest sow oa tbe Peaobecot r.ver, ia alas. ProvMeaoa, K. L. tor tbe Oroeby OpwaHoaee lottery, aot oae bat drew a blaak. TA womaa la Parts never fail la love entil she waa seveety-foax, aad then bligbtBd affectioa Indaced smclds. VA young girl la Detroit waa aeduoad. tamed oat of doers by ber adopted per ante, aad tbM died troas eapesere. til V'l la-rt-t ,* l ' ?v taese laiihiustij ?t - / i/t a ? -#J: ai I jI ii