Newspaper of Evening Star, February 2, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 2, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. The Urgctt CircalaUoi ii the District W. t?. WALLACH. UlWr tK FrvprMw. WASHINGTON CITY: MTIRDAY FEBRUARY ?. 1MT* WRBADINQ MATTIR OV ITIEY PAQ*. SEE OUTSIDE FOE INTEEESTISO TELEGRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTEE. TO ADTEETISIEl. Tki folio win* ir um oflclai abowtaff of thl Circulation of tk? dttlly papon of Ulis city competing for tat Otirernnirat advertising udcr the recent a?> of Uoagreee illreettai nek advertising to bo made in tk? two (tally MWIpaper* ot Washington bavtag tfco large* trcnlation : ivuma St am 7,714 oopiM por day. CXronieU.. V068 * u InlrlUptnetr J.554 " ? The retumi of adTtrtluait by tba otty papers or tbw quarter eadiac December Jl, 18M, m taken from the books of tfe* Internal Ravenna OHice. are a? follows: fcvama u ST A*. 913.1U7 Intellig'ncer 9, WS Chronicle ?.!-? Mepubltean 5 tti THE REfEPTIOM. The Whit* Hanse. The ladies ot the Execatira Mansion, Mrs. Stover and Mrs. Patu-rson, at home every Monday, lummencinjr on the 14th instant. me fwsident will hold three levees, tbe first on the 17th instant, tbe second on JbeTta of Febiuary, and tbe laird on the &2d of February. on each occasion between tbe boura of 8 and 11 p. m. The Cabiaet. Tbe ladies of tbe family of Hon O. H. Browning, Secretary of tbe Interior, will receive tbeir friends on Wednesdays, at tba residence of tbe Secretary, on tbe east side of Montgomery street, Georgetown Heights. The ladies of Secretary McUnllocb's family will receive as usual cn Wednesdays. Kesi. dence 3:6 11 street, between Connecticut ave uur auu 11 iii Birfri. Speaker C'elfax. Speaker Coltaz's public receptions will commence on Thnrsdty evening, tbe Hub last., and continae every Thursday evening durior tbe serelon of Congress, from f% to 11 o'clock. Tbe receptions of Mrs. and Miss Matthews, the Speaker's mother uid sister, for ladies and gentlemen accompanying them, comBrace on Wednesday, tbe lftth Inst., aad continae every Wednesday afternoon thereafter from I to 4 o'clock. Gtirral Grant's receptions (cards) will be held by Oen'l Grant and lady on Wednesday*, the ?)d instant and 6th proximo, in the evening. At Home every Saturday from -i to 5 p. m. TIIE FORCK LIBRARY. Mr. A. R Spotlord, librarian of Congres^ bu just concluded a thorough examination of the historical librar* h?.nn?'?" " * ' l>q.. ot this city, and has snbmit'ed to tbe Joint Committee on tne Library a m>st iatereating report of ibe result* of bis work, in which be was engaged a.bonl two montha. He aaya that in the department of book" rel\ti?< to America, tbe library rmbracea tbe largest private collec'ion ever brought together, and an iromen-e collection cf tbe aarly American iroyafee. In Linn. Krencb, Italian, Spanish. German, Dutch and Liiglieb, while in books | j/?luj>uiris mating 10 tbe politics and government at the American colonies, it stand* . un mailed in this country. In the Held of | early printed Amencau books, ?omuch sought , lor by coilcctors, and wbicb are becoming anavaliy more tca'ce and costly, this library ; posit ssee more than ten tiroes the number to ! be fouod in tbe library of Congress. Not to * dwell upon particulars, it need only be men- 1 tioned that there i? a perfect copy of Eliot's Indian Bible, tbe last copy of which offered at l auction brought SrOO, and was last year rasold at Sl.lUO; loriy-one different works of Increase ! and Cotton Mather, printed at Uoiu>n and Cambridge, from i?7l to 1735, a larce number of suil earlier books and pamphlets by Norton, j Cotton, aud otber Puritan divines; and a very complete representation of tbe numerous and znncb songbt for publication* of tbe presses of Franklin ui.rf ih* 1 n tbe department of early printed American newspapers, there are uu usually complete tiles of tbe leading journals of Massacbnsetla, Hew York, Pennsylvania, \ irginia, and other Mates, dating from 173.'. to leWU, and covering with mock faliness the period of the Stamp Act controversy, tbe revolutionary war, and tbe establisbmeniof Um present Constitution. Of pamphlets printed prior to !9iM) there are 8,310, and subeeqeent to 19UU about 30 or 35 thousand : thus making over 4o>uuu?a collection unrivalled in number, variety, and value by any other in America. Tbe Library of Congress at present possesses less than t>,oou pampblete. In tbe department of maps and atlases relatirc to America ih* - " _ ?.v..?vwvu iv iu|? BBO unique, numbering over l.uuo. The nam Mr of original maps, many of which are unpnblished, it o\er 3<?0, covering the wnole country. from Canada 10 the Gulf. Of books known as incunabula, or specimen* of the earliest develepmentot the art of printing, the collection is large and valuable, it embraces a complete series of imprints by the most distinguished of the early printers, representing e\ery year from 1467 to 150U, besides a large number printed in the following century. Among the manuscript treasures of this library ar* folle volume* of historical autographs of great rarity snd ia,erect. embr\eiae, especially, a collection of revolutionary letters, cbiefly military and oolit c*i. mJ*" "? questionable authentic a?. Tbe number of i manuscript volumes is tit. Bat the moit important part of tbls collection is tae materials in manuscript collected by Mr. Force for tbe great work of bia I if-, tbe i American Archives, or Documentary History of tbe United Slates. Tbe wbole of tbeee materials would make about 3GU folio volumes in ; manuscript, and tbey are tboroafbly analysed and classified bv States. Aa to tbe aumerical extent of this library and its commercial value, tbe whole number ot volumes, by actual enumeration, is'.M.fttf, without reckoning the pamphlets as volumes. : If tbe pamphlets are counted, (as is deae in most libraries,) the number of olnmM ?-,??? boot 49,(100. Mr. SpoiTerd refer* to the raet that the New York Historical Society offered . S1U0.0W) for this library, but tailed to raise the purchase moaey by sabecriptioa: notices the liberal annual appropriations made by England for the purchase of materials to laerease its national repository of knowledge: and appeals to the judgment aad liberality of Ooagree*. not re let each an iaealoable collection go into prlr?'? hands to he scattered or i-onenmed by lire. ' ORnlND 1100 WIATHKR WISDOM The American Aruoayt or marmot, kaown In this vicinity as the " ground.hog " aad in new England u tit* > wood-chock," la a hibernating animal, aad pastes tbe winter cosily ib It# barrow. It Has Ion* beaa belisred by Ike Wfrott of Virginia aad oy many w bile*' that on tbisday,tbe*.2dof February, Candlemas tbs grouad-tu>g always makes us appearance at lb* moutb of Its bole to tab* a surrey o ib# weaiber- II tbe sky ia overcast it does not nitro to its winter quarters, bat makes ar m (iiutiin iv< ryruuiu( ia> ^|>riii( ma sonmtr above greund. If, on the contrary, tke ids sfcinee, and the day w clear and cold, uat oim returns to ita *mi and compoaea itself to ai**p (or aiz weeks more. O ranting Um trntb ot tna tradition, we may safely predict iba' u? reign of winter U over, and tliat tne prearnt thaw heralds the advent of Spring, aa tne ann has not been visible to-day,and Una warm rain ia rapidly dissolving tfce ice and snow. CovninMATios a>d kajncTiojf.?The San. nie 7?aUrday, la txecatlee eaastea, confirmed be nomination of H. H. Hastk, Secretary of Territory a! Hew Mexleo, and rejected tbe nomination ot Sam ae| McKelrey, United States M it rah a I ? astern Hiateiiif ?w - ? ? >V?, m oim/iihhii wag ' will be remembered by muf here U Oi. Sam McKeUey, who, during the last two or tbran }rwi ( tbe nu, etamM titmyODiTttMcent, iktnttd btiwwi this eiiy and itnutal TTbey I#t? lid a Ona< Otft Ooaoerteen iitoo ta Wilmington Delaware?Southern ^migration Company?WW, 000 to 1? given way on Febraary 2l?t? tba whole thing a humbug, and tba "Secretmrj" ? J?U. TIM cb+me was adrertised extensively, and a* usual lots ot greenbacks wen sent by graealea through tbe mails to enrich tbe speculators. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATEST FROM Kl RfPE French Imperial Arar-Ort?jTtl?a||fri i*r irru-Arrni *1 Btrtlltuiitife ta Spat ?Decree ( IliptlrM-ftkr OeMii < talfdrrttlta-lfitra^JU Alalia* Clalna-Plaaailal, fcc. 7' \f [Hy Cable to Aasociated We??.l ' Loulow, Feb. 1, Evening.?Conaola tor money 90 11-16; IT. S. 5-'20'a cloaed at 72 15-16; 111 Beta Central, \ Erie, 39. L.iv*RrooL. Feb. 1, Erenins.?Cotton mar- ] keicloaed doll Sales to-day only 7,0U?bal4*. { Middling Uplands, 14Middling Orleans, . UJk- and Flour market dullaad easier. , Cora dffMofd to 44M. 6d. per quarter for nixed Weatern. ProtWoaa?Beef advanced one ball crown; Lard ia quoted at (Cto. for AtaerU can; cbeeae declined la. for middling to flue American produce. F-troieum is quoted at 1. HA ala dl/-d ? ? ? " - "' w^| u |>?i K?1IUU ior WDIW. Advicea irom Manchester are unfavorable, the market there for c<x>4s sad jar as bela< flat and price* macta lower. Fakik, K?b. 1st.? Kvenmc?Tbs Imperial arinjr will camp tbia year near tbia city, and not at Chalona as usual. Athxjtp. Feb. let? It ia impossible fot the Government of Greece to prevent volunteers Irom leavIDn for Crete. Fifteen hundred soldiers have just departed te aid tbelr atruff ling brothers in tbat Island Madrid, Feb. let?More than & hundred arrests bitp been made in thia'citv recently, of pervotis believed to be connected with revolutionary schemes. Lokdo*, Feb. 1st?A de?patch from Paris says l'. t?. 5-Wa clo>sJ there at8-2^. Faxis, Feb. 1 ?The Emperor Napoleon will soon issue a decree (ranting a perpetual riiftit of social and rellvlona muann? Kki.lin. Feb. 1?Tbe flag of tbe North O-ermmi Confederation bas been agreed upon, it consists ot itn eagle and a black, white and red stripe. Prussia declines o treat with tbeSouth German States. LoMiOS, Feb. 1?Evening. ?A.dvices have been received here ot tbe arrival at Monrovia, on tbe w?st coast of Africa, ot tbe tinned Stare? steamer Sacramento, on tbe l >ib of January. Low now, Feb 1?Evening.?The affairs of tbe Atlantic and Great Western Ktilroad, which was reterred to a committee of inquiry, are much improved. Frankfort, Feb. I.?U. S. 5-2<>'s 76X Lomm>n, Feb. I?Evening ?It is now certain tbnt tbe Queen m her speech at tbe opening of Parliament will propose reform measures It is rumored tbat Mr. L*ird himself offers to nxv tbe Alahmai rlmms Lomdok, Feb. 1?I^ate advice* from Sierra I^eon, on the weal coast of Alrica, state thai an earthquake bad occurred there wbicb was very I deductive ol lift* and property. Liverpool, Feb. 1 ? ?venin* ?The ship Monmouth, Captain Jon*-, which vailed from New Orleans on the 19th November for Liverpool, via Pensacola, was abandoned at sea; no nate is given. There were eight lives lost. The remainder of the crew, twelve in aumb-r, were saved Lohpo!*, Feb. 2?Noon.?Consols for money, 9t> V Illinois Central, 80^; Erie 39; U. 8. i 20* T.u Limkfool. Feb. a? Noon ? The cotton market to-day opens dull aud inactive; questions unchanged. Sales to-day will not exceed 6,i ?A) hales London. Feb. 2?Noon.?Oarihalrii riiicnnn , tenances any risnp at Home, aud has wntieii : a not* discom-agingrtbe scbem*for the present. L.ohih>k, Feb. 2?Noon.?Advices have hern ru t-ni d which state that the Government of Rnrrla has pro'eeted against tbe gathering ot the Pole* in Oallaria. Pama, Feb. 2?Noon.?James Ooraon Bennetf. Jr., ha? bad a private interview with bis Imperial Majesty Napoleon. Naval Prize. Nxw York, *eb. 2.?The Jacmel Packet Sfixtd at A*pmwa)l under suspicion of barratry by tbe f'nited States au'borities, arrived here ibis morning, consigned to Collector i Smytbr. This is the vessel which mrt Hin? pore last August for Melbourne, but went out of her conrfe and put in at Aspinwall, where ao atu mpt was made by her captain to dispose of ber cargo to the Venezuelan government. She ia in charge of an officer and prize craw of tbe U. S. steamer Mackinaw. Death of Ex-Gar. Haat. New York, Feb 2?Ex-Gov. Washington Hunt died at one o'clock this morning. Mr. Hunt waa one ot tbe most eminent and distinrn nhfil men nt thi? <> >? nr?r? COLUMBIA TYPOGRAPHICAL ttoOI lJJj STY?A Stated M tall a# will bt held THIS .) KVBNlftQ, at 7S o'clock in the Council Oh llfh' ??T DR. OXJOHBOB S. J .will Ml vara US LBOTGBB at ODD BBLLOWS' HALL, m? tURBLAI MIUBT, Vtbrukry s. for b?M<lioi ft. ViicMil Female Orphaa Atylam. W? bop* there will h? a crowd to hear thia tlojutnt divin*, m* ?l?o to twtll tht tar? for to good a caot-; U nrSr* TBB FIBS? ANBIVBBBABT 8KB tij TICKS of the formation of tk? WASH IKOTOH UBTTABIAB ASSOCIATION wHl It held TO IIOBBOVr (Saaday) BTBBIVO, t 7h o'clock, in the Unitarian Cttarck.cor neref 1) ana 6th etreete Anniversary sermon ? Be? BOBBBT LAIBD OtLLlBB, D D . of fcblcago The yablic art tordially 1a*ited A colltrtUa wlU ba taken la aid of Ateoration * rrb=?rxbiah bbothbbhood. Heetiac Tth* BBOTHBBHOOD OF THB D18TBIOT OF COLUMBIA will be held at Fredy'e Hell, Ho. 274 7th street, between B and MsryitaitTtBte. IaUnd, on MOHDAT, the 4th 7 o'clo:k ?. at. Aa lafurmetioiiof lm?ortance. juat receivedfroat Bn^aartare, will !> laid before the Boetiag, It le earnestly re?iaeM that all aaeaaber* whe have the esueatheart will be preeeat. ritiK p. Hroiiis, It* Beeretary of Oeoeral Meetln?. rv^=? AT TBI B ABB EST BBQUBBT OF TffB TOUBG CATHOLIOB FBIKBD 80GIBTT Or WAB1NCT0K, D. 0 , HOI JOHB TBABCIS MAOUIBB, M. P. tor Gork,Ir*Uad, Bfta kiiidly cockbM to Mlvirn AMmiO* THE EDUCATION OF CATHOLICS, oh TO MOBBOW (8CHDAY) BTBBIBO, AT ? O CLOCK. AT WALL'S OPBBA HOU8H. ADMIB8I0H *0 GISTS 7"T!ek*t* for the Irraiai Leetarti of the Toaaff Oatholica' Fnrnd Soeiaty will admit tha holder to the above addrw. it_ JJ-.OT.C. JOo?.X PATBM Of .UL Tk? Board ( Aw?en baring comyltM tba aoanal M?wia?m for 1*7. will sitae a board af apvaal. and hr tba pir??M of laakiug corrac tioaa, from the 1Mb iMtaat to i|rll lat IihiuIh^Iu* d?y? excepted.) at School Uomaiaalonar'a Roam. acoad atory City Ball, wait wing, from 9 a. at. to S i. a. aach dry. By oMarof tba Prealdant. tint] falootA?l fTS-A KBW CLASS 1? BOUK-KBBPIM0 I|J, epmmtmotm uxt MONDAY M1UHT at w>r <a. t. sniiva nonage, coriw 9th itrMt tm Fe. mniie The elan la f*bbb&sIu? will tin b*gln the ktsllfnl 8K?cirlta ciilttli, Prof Itory C iNDMr, MB or P I lp?M?r, It b*t??. bM Mnlmki*. good tHroofhout tht elite UbIob of GolUgea, laolading >oek-keeping, P?bmobeki?\proauu?r. Arithmetic. Coauaarclei Law, ()orimku*mt ead BoiIdmi Practice. |n, inatolffionta, or fii if 14 Inodvauce. ir^'A CBHBBAb MBBT1KO of the STOCKJJ BOLDfM Of TBI WtSHIBOTON X*D OBOBOlTOWN BA1LKOAD COM PAH Y Will be held Bt IB* OBee of the UuBnnr.Io. *94 Vow JttK-rmaa*. ob MOMDAT. February u, Bt It o'clock m GBO. 8. QIDBOH, ProaMeat. WM O. QBBBIHAr.SKrtUrr. ja?l-9f rj^=>GLBE10AL M^HAL BU1LD1HG A880 vi im wmmu Vr vmiOTVH Will U fcald oa 10MP&T IVIHIHO, Vtbrwry 4, at 7 o'clock. M Qomi * ibMll Hall. K waat of 7th A fall ittaiduM of tbooo who ktr? aab crlbod for stock, M woll m thoaa vho wteb to join the Aaaoelatioa, la raqaootod. Flnt nratiti oa "Jgy"11"- O.W.MOMU.^^T. irpTBl UT. DR. 8 All SO H, F1ISIDUT PSuS0,!? fHMJfemd? fi&M it: Lortaro roam of tha Ob arc n of tk* Bplobaay. Th< towtodoa alPr. Itatot oo a loetaror la vol! knowa, and Ma latoroot vbleb oaaaot fall to bo foil ia tbo aabjoct a ad tbo oxoollout ?arpoa-> bod to m?, aart draw a largo andloaoa Tbo Loctaraa wtll bo flro In a am bar. aad Will bodoUvorod oa Taiaiay aad Frldar oioalaia. Tlckata for the ooaraoT?!. liable tickato. % f * n t?, to bo bad at (bo Bvok Btoroa aad at tba Star OTw-A GftAflD I. 0. O. J. LBTBB. BBSEFIT OF V?B LIBBABT, Mirttx !. *??tMwKit?. M^Nu ilPPii tWtlNtiMMDlrMtori,tomn n?t is t'elMk m. ia4 cloa? it 1 I 2TimOB41. - BA1LBI. tertiary. . . .COKORaBSlONlE I SaTc*D4t, February 1 J SmTi-Th? rmidrat pr* tern. Ia<l befl?re I li e 6ei ate a communication frem the Plwi- I | answer to Senate resolution, relative I to apfoin moenis to oAce after rejection. tJkid | Tllr Poireroy prrtrilfd I memorial frote Mr. Benjamin V. Waae *ud otner miD^fri of tbe Colored Oi phAns* Home. Referred to OoqBnn'U*e on tbe District of Columbia. Mr Morr^n presented a mem or ml from sorst I reitnere, lUftinK tbe amendment of tariff* mil now ji^der consideration, ho u to protect tbeir ia?? re***. K?ter'r*fl to Committee on Finance. A 1-d. petition of Adam*' Kxpfess Co.. fof tbe iteue of lecai tender omra to raplac* note* destroyed bv fire. Referred to Committee on ClaotB*. Mr. Harris in-rod need a bill to amend the act for tbe rvmoral of cauaes in certain rasea from tbe S?.ne cuurt*. Referred to Commlttao on J udiciary. On motion of Mr. Conness, tbe Secretary of State woe requested to inlorm tho 9ei*ate what aieps hare been taken to obtain fmm th? H?. I public of Colombia the right to make tamri through it* territory for the construction of an mt? r-oceanic canal throngh the Iiinmui ot IlaTien. Mr. Wad* called op tne bill to amend lb* organic net of ibe territory ot ldabo. Mr. WMe offered an amendment providing that tbe next session of the territorial leelslatore thall be held in December, 1369, and biannual ly thereafter lbe amendment was discussed bjr Mewri. Ket-mitb, Hendricks, and others, fitter which the ameudraent wan agreed to aad the bill passed The joint resolution aatborizing ocean mail service between San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, w as taken up and parsed. The resolution calling for a eopy of the lett? r, and the name of thv writer, on wbicb was bum Mr. Award's letter to Mr. Motley, piiFird Mr Burkalew rose, and alluding to a statemt>llt In * Ph?I oHol nK.o ?? ... ... ? . H.|muvb|/UI? papri <uai (19 U'lQ doripfd the Tote ou the Tariff bill, said he never d< diced. On tbe occasion in gufition be bad paired off with tbe Senator from Maryland, Mr. Cresweil, who bad been called to attend a sirk friend. Tbe Bankrupt bill was then taken tip, the question being on tbe amendment ot Mr. Wilson exempting from execution a homestead or otber property to tbe value or 12,000. M r. Harris said it was in tbe power of Oongr.sstapass a bankrupt bill, but oy tbe Consntniion it must be uniform: and be could not suppose sucb :? provision as this would ever tUmd tbe test of judicial examination. Mr. Foster also opposed tbe amendment. as I it -would operate unequally. Mr. Poland said it was very necessary to strike out tbe clause recommended by the Judiciary Ommlttee. in order tbat tbe law might be nuiform. 1 be discussion on thiramendment was continued a*, great length. Hot KK Mr Stli*on? ' "* > - ^ ? ?-i luki uu u cru rw. olution to printout*) copies of each of the bills now before Congress to eetnblish a common school system for the District of Columbia. Keterred to ibe Committee on Printing. On motion of Mr. K. Thomas (Md.) the Secretary of ibe Treasury wu directed to communicate to tbl? House a tabular statement showing tbe amount ?^f revenue derived from Baltimore city and tbe several counties of Mary laud, from all sources except dunes on tm porta On motion of Mr. OrinnHl (Iowa) the Sa perintendent of I'ublic Printing was directed to intersperse tbe illustration*- in tbe report of ibe Agricultural liurea for ISM. in tbe copies intended for members of Coutreoa, in tbe same manner as in tbe copy intended for distribution by tbe Commissioner. Mr. Hooper, (Mass.) asked unanimous consent to offer a resolution that on and after Mundav next tbe Houae take a recess from 4/)<> p m. until 7 30 p. m. Objection wna made, and Mr. Hooper gave otic* that be would on Monday next move to suspend the rulea. in orit?r tn "?r B ? ? ??? ? wuci mr Jraolntion Mr. Jenckes (E. 1.) introduced a resolution to print 4,0M> extra copies ol ibe report of the Joint Select tJommittee on tbe Civil Service of tbe Untied State?. Referred to Committee on Prin tixir. The House resumed the consideration of the bill relating to ten ure of office, &c. Tbe question recurring upon the motion of Mr. Karquhur to reconsider tbe vote whereby Mr. Williams' amendment, striking out the exemption in favor of heads of departments, was agreed to. Tke motion to reconsider was agreed to? yeas 74: rays 05 Tbe question was then taken op agreeing to the amendment, and it was agreed te; yeas 82; nave <3 (Tbe amendment thns agreed to requires that tbe consent of the Senate shall be necessarv to me removal of a Cabinet officer as well a* to bis appointment.) The bill as amended was then read a third time and passed?yeas HI; nays3H. On motion of Mr. Morrill, f Vt.,) tbe Tariff bill which bad been received from the Senate was referred to the Committee of Ways and Means and ordered to bd printed. Tbe Honse resumed tbe consideration of the bill extending; tbe benefit ol a patent for machinery for dressine screw s ana screw beads to the betrs of Thomas W. Harvey. Mr Wilson (Iowa) moved to lay the bill upon tbe table, and it wm agreed to?yeas 74, a ays aj. Mr. l>elano, (0.) from Committee on Claims, reported a number of private bills of no general Interest. Mr. Delano, from tbe same Committee, re. ported a bill autborizlnc tbe Secretary of War to pay tbe Kentucky militia called out by (len. H. M Fitch, In 1883, to aid in the protection of Cumberland (iap. Passed. Mr. Delano, from tbn same Committee, re. E>rted back the bill for the relief of Oeorpe enry Preble, a commander o! tbeU. S. Wavy, and it was referred to the Committee of the Whol* on the private calender. The consideration of bills of a private nature ?u being oonUnwed when oar report cloeed. fTVJOBKPB H KHArriKLD. LL5 r?KHOtt OVHP^OTIOHftBY. LAD1SS' IOB CHUM * DIHIHO 8ALOOM, 346 Pean. 12thand 13th ita. WtddiDia. Dlaaer or BaiNr PtrtiN H)?U?d M abort kotice with noveltidk in Pyramlde. fancy Cakee, aad Confectioneries, Jeillee; We<l4iag Cakes, beet quality. Table Ornaments: Balnd<, Ice Cream, water Ice. Boutan Pouch. Boned Turkey, plain . Baooloped OvaUra, Booed Turkey in jelly, Charlotte da tee, etc., etc Attendant* aieo will be aent to attend to all de oi >rru(<m?n?i. BOBiittU, WrMtbl, ud est Yk>w?r? to ordor jmS im JOSEPH B. gHAFTIKLD. Yg"! TABLI8B1D l??l. McPHKRBOB * FKBQCtSON. ftl riM. AV1HC1, C0I.1U llT Itlllt, t OAPitol BIU.. "BNhkr** Pknldiai Proscription* tetgrtUl; oompouodod. The Bight Boll proaptlr iwrartd. ooM-tf | OAM OVVIOI. MONET loos*4 on Bold lad 81lr?r/^\ _fo I 1** hotwoQB ltfth ?ad 11th ?U. 486 "??"?'? 486 BB0UCBD PBIOBS roa T B I 1 f T n ? w - I A It T SB'S. Having in Stor* Um UrgMt ud bftat uMrt mailt of PAPBB-HANGINGS, WINDOW BHADNS, ASB OVA I. PIOTUBN PBAMS8 Id tho District, aad wlihloi U rodueo Btotk rior to miklu ifriBi purchMM, Ihtjr wflj b* 3Ntt?K&2I V.t.'3&.MKrW FtMraof foreign 1*4 4o??fttlc BMOtaotiin, wttk ft fall line dlffersst tiin, color?. iidMturii OYAL PIOTOBS r&ias? I? WolBat.allGtlt. Iniutloa IboB/andBoMwood. AlM.stmaro Barttc rrMBft*. Al?r|iirr

tloB of three Ooodt werft HMl SBOclftlly to ordor. of th* tost ilBlah ?*d fftbHcs. and will fc*?U>?wd Ml MlWMd?B nUMtMdr " In to the ftkov*. in ?tor? a tew fa 14t ll|bt p^pif l^p ! j^?|?rwj*b7?a$ k?MMM^a??^Sa 26*UK fii haracw. will to aoM ek??i. a?- tV* / !* 'U**% MmUa Hill. /Cy f I GOVERNMENT SE< IRITIES. ^ ^WUHIMTOI, ft>brn*/y 2, lf?7. jmj uwr a. uo lurmm tne following quotations of OoTtrnneit irearlUN: Buying. Selling V. B. ?* Coupon, IW1...U. ...... io?x '?8 u.k Fit* Twenu**. 1w8.?in*, if* r. S. Fit* Twenties. 1m4 lift* lij6* \ XJ. S. IWt Tr-erin** \9K 108 10G* U. 8. FiTe T **DttM, Jan A. J y.'M. U?4 if 1(4 \ U S. T*n Forum 100 V W. Srrwi ThirMw, August K4X ">5 U. S. Seven Thirties, June......104* 105 U. ? b*v*a Tblrhea, July U** 105 i *rw YOBK FIRST BOARD liLM. Oonpous 1U7X 10.4o'a My 5.20's. 1*W 1077.3U*, August.... 104 <* 5.JS'"a, 14*4 It* Jan* 104 \ 5.^0%, 1816 1MJy /.*'*a. Juir 104X S.2U S, Jn.AJj,'66.104* Gold 130S FINANCIAL. Lewis Johnson & Oo , qoot? Stocks ui in bom* and foreign markets as follows: New York. Feb 2.?1st Hoard ?New York Cenual, 9D^\ fcrie,s<>; Heading, lo4jg; MienimnNia bern, <2V; Cleveland and Pittsburg. fr*4; Chicago and Hock Island, M>)f;Uiiicago aim Nortbwestern, 36\: do. preferred, <W. Fort Wayne, 0?K:?oid, I3?>*. London, Feb t?Neon.?Bonds, 73; Erie, 39; Illinois Central, AN IMPORTANT PATENT CASE Tbe application of George W. Brown, ot Galtsbnrg, Illinois, for an extension of seveat??n w?*r-? ?? |>a>ciii mi i uru pinairr, wu argued before tbe Commissioner of Patents yesterday. 1 he oppoettlon contended that tbe extension should not be made oa account of want ot novelty la tbe machine, aad sufficient remuneration out of the old patent. The Commissioner, after learning tbe argument on bo'b sides, decided tbat Brown was entitled to an extension of patent, and directed tbat tbe same be issued. THE TREASURY INVESTIGATION. Tbe committee appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury bare nearly finished their exnmination into the business of ih? ? i ? "?"?IS Division, under Mr.Clarke, and the employees hare again been put to work. The business of tbe office was found to be correct, and all things conducted in a satisfactory manner. Tbe same committee, consisting of Messrs. Pratt, Marsh, and Wyman, will, by direction of the Secretary, examine toe business of ull the Bureaus in the Department, the efficiency oi the clerical force. Ice. I'Rinrinvi 1 m??V ? A.V.1 n u vi> nnA^l/ I ' The amount of fractional currency printed at tlie Treasury Department during the week ending to-day, was *156,106. During the same period there wns forwarded to the Assistant Treasurers at New Orleans and St. Lonis, tini,(OOeacb, Assistant Treasurer at Charles, ton, f5l),0<:0. To U.S. Depositories f I3n,00(i. To National Banks *03,193 3?. Total *473.11^ M. NATTOHAL BANK CURRENCY. During the week ending to-day there has been issued Irom the Treasury Department 9U9.V40 in national bank currency, making tbe total amount issued up to date *Wl,<r2:,l:jr.. From this is to be deducted the currency re. turned, including worn-out notes, amountinc to r?W7,KK leaving in actnal circulation at this date $298,749,504. DISBURSEMENT*. Tbe fallowing amoanuof mouej were diiburnd at tbe Treasury Department daring tbe week ending to-day: War Department, ?2,lflo,023; Navy. ?331,22#; Interior, 13?8,23l; Total, S2,c70,533; making tbe whole amount disbursed during tbe month of January to the War Department, ?8,578,012; Nary, 83.7%1,(?7; Interior, ?1,281,699. Total, ?13,811,738. TUB STEAMER LANCASTER SAFE. Information baa been received at tbe Nary Department from tbe United Statea steamer Lancaster, under date of Barbadoes, January 1, )fc67, tbe paymaster having drawn on the Department from that place. Qreat anxiety was lelt for the safety of the Lancaster, it har. ing been some lime since sbe was beard from. SECUKITIJiS 11ELD. Tbe amonnt of securities held bj tbe Treasurer ol the United States in trust for National Banks, reported to-day, are as follows: For circulating notes. *340.510,100; for deposits of public moneys. >38,761,450. Total, C3r9,37l,. 550. BUSINGS AT THE PATENT OFFHB Two bandred and three patents will be is. oued from tbe Patent Offlce for tbe week ending Tuesday, tbe Stb Inst. During tbe past week 510 applications and 90 caveats were Hied. THE WORK OF CONGRE??. It Is probable tbat tne House will commence night sessions next week, and aa tbe Senate has much important wotk on band tbat body Will doubtless soon bold nieht mmimi CUKRJCNOY DESTROYED The amouut ot fractional currency redeemed and destroyed at tbe Tre&sury Department during the paet week was S3 At, 100. TIIE SOLDIERS' ORPHAN HOME. House bill, amending tbe act of incorporation of tbe Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphan Home, corstitnted U. S. Grant, W. T. Sherman, David G. Karrag at, John A. Dablgren, Oliver O. Howard. Lorenzo Thomas, Amoe B. Eaton, Abram D. Gillette, Charles H. HaU, Htmry D.Cooke, and James iJ. ?hh i heir "successor#, a body-corporate in tb? Dtstrict of Colombia by the name of tbe National Soldiers' and Sailor*' Orphan Horn*. The Senate Committee on military Affair* reported aa amendment, to strike oat tbe names, U. S. Oram. W.T Sherman, David Q. Earragut, John A. Dahlgren, Oliver O. Howard, Lorenzo Thomas, Amos B. Eaton. Abram D. Gillette, Charles H. Hall, and James C. Carlisle, and in lieu of tbem to insert, David K. Oartter John H. Semmes, Franklin A. Dick, W. B. 'Woodward, Byron Snndsriand, J. W. Alvord, which amendment was, on motion of Mr. WUfon, lurther amended by striking oat Byron Sunderland and inserting J. K ?1 vans. The rrwon given bv Mr. Wilson for the change of names was that they wanted to get the institution into the hands of persons who conld attend to tbe business. These admirals and sen era Is have something else to do. These and several other amendments were adopted by the Senate at the evening session on Wednesday previous to the oas*a?e of th? Kin NAILBOA.D GRANTS IN CALIFORNIA. Tbe Commissioner of the (General LAadOOce ku rtctixfd list No. of selection* of land enuring to the Western Pad Ac KaUroad Oompany of California, under the aet approved July 1ft, 1&&2, and July 2d, 18M. containing tn the aggregate 132,57.45-100 acres, selected on the line running eastward from San Joee and ending at a point near the eastern boundary of Alameda Canon. The Oomm Us toner of the General Land Office has received from the Surveyor General i)f California a return of surrey for the private claim in Call lorn la known as "Raacbo Real de los Aqutlas," A. MoDoagal, eon firmer. This raaeho Is in Monterey county, about fifty miles northeast from Monterey, and contains 2I.0CC.M-tOD acres, (he title being derived from tbe Mexicans prior to the acquisUioa of California by the United States. rmm the itiiiur lack a wanna. Thm Nary DtpartaMt tan lalbrtnauoa from fttpuw Was. X^ysoldf, of the itnm?r Lackawanna, dated yalparaiao, Ote Pth. unouelai that ha W tako&la oo^aad proviatoa* tar a tfcraa nmtte' ergtn, Mid would leat? oa that day far Hoaalala. ' HTX&VAi. fOmorr*.?Tlw receipt* from ?hu too roe today *? Hi H. Mktai tl?e total amount of raoa^pU for UMVMfc Mdloi to-day, v * I I* P?k?o*al.?Kx-QoT?r*ar Hfcfca, of !* ?. Lana, J oh a Hay, who wu private iib> rn i4 la^i tt>?4<daM? ? ?W -w ?W ? ? ! mmumt* pipiy, sua XpT. low Wood, are at Wlllanta. CTMIm Rom Uytlaga tor tte last tUM it Wall's Optra Howm tim iTNlat. . $ looaitnews. V * Tm* Tm Oath Ca???C>?#rf * Gencr-ti T?m.?After our report closed yeaUrdajr, Mr. contina?d Us arfMient la opjvjsuioa to Dtdadigf Up rale to Modify to* t*?i oath, takifit ibt* rronnrf thtt nA?H k* j a?^in. it*jurisdiction trtr lu ruin Tt?e w oath dm proper, far traitors bad ao rtfbt to prac. tice at the bat of this city, wko would fl-idlr bar* wen tbe very baildinx la which ?hajr were atrembled battered to tbe cronnd. If th* rntleaai bad seen fit to tfaorethe oith ?atr?a by bho wben drat admitted to tbe bar, oa tbe . ?ioand of State rights. waa there aay security ! UK if another oat break snoaM take place be { woald not as readily violate tbe M'i acvin t On tbe point of test oatbs, he justified tbe , course adopted by Oontress as developing aad ' expanding tbe save Ideas as were current in tbe time of the Rerolation, and qnoa4 | i Irom tbe toarnal nf tft?ilminn?t?i <? Mr Bradley commenced hie rgum'-ut ib (a. , vor of the motion, stating that be would con* uder tbe question m to whether the tie <?ion of the Supreme Court wa* adrlaory or mm lator y. Ktftrrlni to the remark* of the counsel , who preceded him and eesailed the Supreme Court of the United Stater, be (Mr. B) said he would hold htm who speaks with cotn-mpt of tba dtcUlon of the hixktit tribunal in tfetUnd (because it ia soch by one majority) equtlir ruilty of treason with the man who wielded his sword against the laic of his country H? proceeded to read the opinion oi J usuce fields as bearing directly on this case. The question was not shall the nils beset aside, hot wbetber it is not already set aside. At this point the conrt adjourned until this , uioroiDf ThU morairi Mr. Bradltj continued bis argument in favor of abolialiinf t&eruie, anf*niuK ihc *r|un.ent on ID? other sids He ??ld that in rriird to ibf qualification* of aitorneyp, if the rules quoted hy tbe her side requiring aa applicant to be of rood moral character. and they were asked if they bad violated any of the ten commandments, that there would he but tew admitted. He referred to the fact that the greatest objection to toe art imposing the teat oatb. that It did provide for tbe trial of aliased offenders. He liked to deal tairly, and informed tbe Uoart tbat in tbeca.?e of Colonel Maerader they had naked for a mandate. He contended tbat tbe vale or tbe Co?rt was a law aad tbe admission of an at. torney a judgment, and that be could not be removed except for cause. In speaking of tbo powers of tbe Uourt he r#ferred to a 13th I'eters, where the Supreme Court of the T'nited States decloed that the old Circuit Court wa? a court ot the I nite<t State*, and he proceeded to arc*e that this Court, heme the ?ucce*eorof thnt Court, was tubordidate to the t'nited Stales Supreme Court. On this question the Court had not decided that tbe party id question had been wronged, but that, the Constitution bad been Tiolated. It van wholly immaterial whether that deeision bad been reached by Soul of 9 mwi, or < oat ot 9; it was a decision and it vat blading not only upon the Court?, but upon the Stales. He proceeded to argue that a pardon bavin been obtained, Mr. Magrnder was restored to his fall rights a*- a citizen. The tent oath was very properly exacted as it vu during the Revolution; bat after tbe emergency is passed it behooves the Court to inquire into the Consul utionalitv, Ac. Mr. Bradley closed at one o'clock. The Conrt reserves its decision. It may not be uninteresting in this connection to state that the oaths taken by attorneys in the court# of this District before the war were as follows *41, , do swear that I do not hold myself bouud in allegiance to tbe Kmc of Grout Uritaiu. and that 1 will be faitbtul and bear ttae allegiance to the United State* of America. So help me God." " 1 do declare tbat 1 believe in t*e Christian religion." " 1, , do solemnly swear that I will ^npport and defend tbe Constitution of th? United States against all enemies whatsoever, tbat 1 will well and trulv behave and demean myself in tbe office of attorney of the Circuit Court in all things appertaining to tbe duties thereof, to tbe best of my skill and judg meut. So help n.eGod " Tbe oath referred to in the rules is the following : ' I, do solemnly [swear or affirm] that 1 have never voluntarily borne arms against the United States since I have been a citizen thereof: that 1 have voluntarily given uu aid. vuuuKuouvr, ivuurn, ur rueuurajtmeDt to person* engaged in urmed hostility thereto: that 1 have neitbei sought, nor accepted, nor attempted to exercise tbe functions or any offlee whatever, tinder any authority, or pre. traded authority, in hostility to tb* United States; tbat I have not yielded a voluntary support to any pretended government, authorty, power, or constitution, within tbe United States, bos'ile or inimical thereto. And I do furiber [swear or affirm] that. to tbe beat of my knowledge and ability, 1 will support and delend tbe Constitution of tbe United States I against all enemies, foreign and domestic ; that i I wiU bear true faith and allegtano* to the same; tbat 1 take this obligation freely, with- ' out any mental reservation or pnrpos* of eva- 1 fton ; and that 1 will well and faithfully discharge the duties of tbe office en which I am about to enter; JSo belp me God " Assignment or J t imikp.?This morning. in nurkDllipa n? the tnthnri?? 1" K.? w_ the order of the Court of January iath, i>67, I Chief J ounce Cartter made tbe foliowm* asMiamrnt of J ustices to hold the various Court* [ for tbe current yeAr: Chief J usiice Cartter, to I bold the February and November terms of the Circuit Court and tb? June term of tbe Crlmi- i nal Court. Judge Olin to hold the February. March, t April. May, J ana, and Jnly term* of tbe Equity Court, and the Jane term of the District Court. I Judge Fteher to hold the March and December terra* of the Criminal Court Judge Wylie to held the May term of the Circuit Court, and the September, October, ! November, and December terms of the Kqatty , Court, and tbe December term of tbe Distrtbt Court of the United Stale * for this Dittrirt, aod < he Jaaearr term, 18*9, ef tbe Equity Court The TteATKAOB.?Now that tbe how and ice are melting rapidly, and tbe opportunity iaofXered for a general cleansing or tbe sidewalks and drain, it will be of advaatage ta various localities it tbe boase keepers will opea tbe drains and Allow tbe water to pass through them to the sewers. It will.not only add to tbe cleanly appearance of tbe streets bat will acre considerable expense to tbe Corporation far tbe cleansing of tbe stmers in tbe coming j Spring, in many localities this method has been adopted by the housekeeper*, bat in other parts the drains are Ailed with ice, mixed with straw, coal ashes, A.C., aad the atdewalks are covered With water and mod. Within a lew years the drainage and aewerage of the city has been greatly improved at considerable expense, and tba public should not bede- j privea of the benefit oftbe improvement. J The Thaw.?The sndden rise in the temper- ' a? me and tbe ominous appearance of the clouds threatening a warm rain, have lad to considerable apprehensions as to tbs result In case of . a sndden break up of tbe lea in the Potomac, uihink if ka m I* ? ?- ! the destruction of much valuable wharf prop. i erty, the Iom of vessels now in tbe river, and ] danger to the bridges The rata so ffcr *? ? morning has been very light, only suAcieat to weaken the ice, and hopes are now entertained that the thaw will bee gradual oae, aad the j ice blockade pane away without tarns** tte 1 mote it be. J Th* Polics KaroKTt.?The Lieutenant* ol j Police reported thts moraiag sixty -eight arrests made yesterday The total of flnea imposed tu W6.33. The Bight sections of tbe iaersased force east oa daty last night, and w conducted themselves well, la oae or two le- J stances yonng officer* were over aaxloas to make arreat#, and a objected thensel*e? to anpleaaaat lecture* fro? thetr aapariora. j p I A * o 1 ; BABOAIK8 IB QOQDggCOMP iznsstTfigss aa^CiHWl JMUB10 AND BOOAH AT BALr FAIGB. j trr?2?mk r' , p IA VO SI FI AII_OSt! , | VIKM MN 0Mck?ria|V?l|lk,B9| SSwVwS to?i coo?UnUy ?? teii tfmOirfHfc.rji, ? . i .... i?U-4m I -= ?-- -a?? \ - * 4. r * . V i Afltkl ii SmiMtva I TaaTa** -TM ?lktt of U? mi for | la-1 day or I wo, ud tU ren to da ., bv b- . ? T aihl# vpoa tba Iiofflid ic* in ibe aireata ikd roali, ud ith apoa thr ntoru.i cr?eaa, nciiin* hopes and *s?*r?aiioaa of an *a-|r 1 ItiBft of t*? ico blockade. aa? the leaamp. ion of HT?r c?TH?uoa Tba prjpnu. uoo Iftads i* tba Gou acila, I* a,?pr* uriate (& t? ope a tba channel, which ku been laid over or aieepa in a romna a awer. tm beta* apohea of. aai baa aiaajr t^eade with itooee wtoeprofnea to aader.iaad Vb? aubjoct. Tba plan propcted was to wa.m i, nntini ,K* "* w" -,r~. - j 'mmw .w* kau iji.cj fill ( *ntl/ to tortak It up in lfc? ciannH, witti ? uanirr, utf k?*p ib? rktito* eftn tut tn? r>mr?l bn-xMif um wkoa, it m ikoari', tt. (iUM?r of tk# ic* block* ibi?uh U? oprn c'aairl won)# tar* tkr vff^rt to dm+p*a it no-n r ft r c t u a 11 v iL?o a mor? cottly pros* * PviiLic'SciioOM.- Oar Hoard of (Ju&rdita* ot Public Set outo bw bm, trtH 1*w exc?|> tout, compoxrd mt nr?*?t frmrfi uf rd?m. tion in oar Midst, wko kjr t*rtr *?n.ou%l at. itblOD nod d?vobo? to lb* ctM, b??* la. Crttffd tb* ncMnHt of tftf ftkook wt mack. Anoic tb*?* *u Q?or*? W. H*aii. ?q., latr Prr?td*?i of tbe Uo?r4 kid w? ar> lb'rviore clad to fcmra tkal ik? hi mIioaIi prNriiM) bitn iut work ?rilk ? nWw o*r ie# in cknoWl'tiraMt of feu mti ., u ?r?r iiruui. nCDH * *.>r:DT >BCCM?ur a* Pietidfnt of tb* Board, im Auiboay liydv. ?q., *bo bu lo>( btxi HlrnulN Willi U><cau*f of e<l ucn.taoa ia Uhx I>i?tncu Ktorr. a?i? Okain TVakkky- Th* mar??t for br. aduuff* but do* beva macb li?#torr dana* tb ? wwk tbu la^rfTlout vrrki tb* k* Modid* Tb* ?xcl? "* <1 from wnfom, b?r# Wn light Tb* ?OB'T prwmrf bu affeciei tit d'uuad, ud truitctioni bt?? b*#u orafUiad to t u? trade, and in Iota onlr to la-el the imixdNi, y1**yy1K?o?r o??*^d to ?*yat?M .& to*1*MrSap?>;?i*mu>?is fOr ?rat ?*tm? and ftiS & to 914 for Kxtrm. Son* choir* brand* brine *14 25\?H 2'J. VTbeau Red *2 w. .??r- <-o v/v II -s UCJITUI*. lDftUMu! cra.ti b?Te be*n ino?i!y from wafon* in ?.naH lou daring toe *?k. Tbi Market ?This morning oar provtetnn mirkrtf were well supplied. th? d*tl?ri being fcur^ in fxpo^liii tbfir produr* f.?r sal* > tbe stalls. Tb?> country dealers too. were wil represented, notwithstanding ib? mctetn?> t wntlifr and tbe uucomioriable condition ut tbe roads. the pricm ( r,?*r*liy ar?> ahoat tbe mid* a? quoted iu tfaf Washington Market*. I.*i?r in tbe day. tbe rain melting in. 'tieKiD(?r?ti w?r* oe-etu-a by purchaser*. aud Urkirr.- palled ap to return u> tfe?-ir boron. laictiT t'A?iw-Yf?ifrd\f, tim Ann trong ?ai arretted by ottu-er Harry, tor tl<> larceny of turnace jratee, ai.d tbe pluncwbeelola Mran engine. valued at iiti, u><* property of fcd ward I.*neb Wm Oi>l* wt. iitmimi njr olllefr H^nrier. aa an accompli > of Armstrong. Th?y wer* taken before Jn?tiCH Htickey. who eent tbero to j%i| for conn Armstrong wa? r?cufnn?a by tk? o8Ic<ti tbe nine nan who was arrmied and cuaai:ifd ?uDf Boitb* >(o for tbf Itromr ?l a bullock belonging to a Mr Corcoran, of W*?hinetoo. Tola tnornlnr, Riber' Scott. a tmall bo> , waa arrested by ofDcer P&xaon, for tb* tar v of varions articles, tbe property of Jean* Liftconb, lie 1a beld for a bearing. AI.KUT BBlClin. BA large *arlft? corner and ?14a WALBCT akiClllTS At Ma TIB*. ?. 4 H 7lb stmt. I 4wn akor* roit 014 riMw Mau. K BBOVill K J. BMitHSU. B&owm ?_8MiTms. V DO. A TTOMHK CA SK l.LOUS AT I. 4 H ANUMJLIOITOK8 VUB TMI BCBBAU ktn OKKS. rftllUHKK, AID M ? ABA?DOMED LANDS. C>nk* ao. 4 I to IfTeaUi nttMt,?ypoo(* th? FmI ' * IT jy|ADAMB BOVIfc^FBEHCfl ATBBAT1TB Thee* Ptlla.M c leL rated Bur r**n la Paris for tbe reli?-f of r a?U otxtractlos sad ?U Intsrr option* or Irr?f uUrftis* of the M.? straai Periods . *r? to |* (,bteia*i oslv mi !?? South H MiM Mb i d 1< th, Ititad CiUTlOII.-TliM* Pills ?JmhM m If ukti during th*- flret three moniht of prero tner . * 'ti i r< nr? to ferine an % niMtrr m. W . ere ? ?t for tfas iiwt ' French Fen, ?I? Pre?eu t?:i *e ' Price only i ne dollar. r j 0WLT r?? LAPIBS To M'D -llMtmif I# Bntl>rwi<laied MKiHT 0UWM U'M'HrNI?i OKB8, mor<- Ibtt Mr ^ear rtarwi kara. of tb? w*;?? and ?ont baantifal .l?-?ig0. received dally, fr?* ??r cnr?- of Lfri eup?ri ,r budi. end for itl* >t KBDCCKD PttlCES. Beiuf tbo laraeet Buar*cUir*r here of tuts kiod of ladiaa'??ar, wa can ?Iaaaa lit. botfc iq ?aalttr and arfca. an4 are 4*tannioaJ. at vhtteftr c mt. to prodnc* thf beat work <w?* tfe noct ?-l?*ant patterns, and kTAMP CBltl ll than atir c#rn in this < r any <?kar cttr. Oar reputation a tba oatr Practical RtoaHr Mr* mtur?4 iMin tbu no IM'IMI coayMlU??a w? UM0. Md ahUldfl th*ui from trusting ik*(r work in tk? hand* of thoaa who bay o f*w black* kod prtcltiii ttnrlti itmiNn. Ktotnpmc, 4 cent* **r width, nud (<v?t?u 1 Oollor tkd Cofi in. . _ 11. PBIBCB. 4 tit 9th itrMt. t?t ft o??o-fte P*t?Lt Offico J^OTICB OT OOPAKTNKMHIP. M<?mn?d. HI8BOP OOOPBB on<i ABG0?IB. 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