Newspaper of Evening Star, February 2, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 2, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR LOCAL NEWS! ilMlimii he.. TfMTOR. WaLI. t'HW UfMA huctk. ? Lwt nigh' Of 3disn Koee Krtjnge, who will tppw in her celeb*-* ?-d character of ??Mr?. Sternhold," in 'Still Watera Kbu after wbicb, tbe> nautical drama of "Black-eyed Suaan." N atm-ssl Thratrr.?Last Right of Mr. J. B. Polk, cn which o *ea?K>o he will app-ar in lit* speciality or UioU Gray,*' ia "Kosedale, or tbe Utile's Ball." CUTU KiUUT 1 fW>Al .-BMf, beat cuts, Erlb.,24c.; aext,*<c.; Malt B*t ISaaUc.; Dried *t -SaCiOC. Veal, ?*c. Mutton, chops, 40c., Lunb, 2ucLard, 18c.; Fork, fresh, i*a|je.; curuM, Ite..Bacon, bams, uncut, ??30c.; ahead, 25c.; breasts. Ira-^ c.; shoulders, 18c. Butter, 4oa 45e. Chickens, pair. 50c. a# 1.50; Turkies, wU, (1 a#4.G?*ee.75e.a?l 30: Uucks, pair,75; aft. Eggs, do*., iinutc. OrwB l orn, can, 40c. Green Corn, mear.desen, 12 cents. Apples, pk, 75c.af1. ApBa, dried, 75c Leeks, bb , 5c. Turnips, 25c. pk. tehee, dried, per quart, 15 cts. Beans, butter. ? c.: white, laalSc.; dried cberries, qt., 50c. Jtadishes, per bunch?2a4c. Beets, per pk..4oc. Onions, 4?'C.; Okra. 3t?c.; Parsnips, 3Dat0c.; ivas. quart, lttc. Carrots, buncb, 5 cents. Fish?Kock, large,each, f la-2; small.buncb, 40c.; Perch, 4oc.; Mackerel, 25c. each; Halibut, lb., 45c.; Sheep head. 75a#l each; Lobsters per ponnd, 15 ceuts. Sea Rasa, per pound, 12 cents: Spanish Mackerel, SiaSM 50 each. Bye, pei bushel, ttc ahl.10. Corn Meal. lafl.lo Sbipstuff, 6<taK>c. Hrownitnff, sue Shorts, 40c. Corn, shelled, flafl.10, is ear, bb!., V4a95 Oats, bh., r>i&R5c. Hay, cwt., fl.50 #1.75. Straw, fclal.5t/. tilery, pr buncb, loc. Krout, per quart, ec. Cabbage, per bead. 5aloc. Hominy, quart, 10 cents. I,?>ttace, lain cents. Fhea>arte. per pair, fi1.30a*t: Potatoes, 35c. per peck; Sqtrrels, 3J cents each: Egg Plants, 5al0c. Chestnuts. 2i>c. qt. Sweet Potatoes 7"ic. Graphs, 25c. lb. Small Birds, per doz., I.2t>. Woodcock, per pr. SI. Small Docks 75c a#l Canvass Backs, 93a?4 ; Red Necks, #1**2; pair I*artridge*. p?.r doz., ?4*95; Bobbins, 150. Rabbits, each. 30atoe. Chinqnapins, per quart. 20c.; Cranberries, 20c. Pumpkins, 10 to 60c.each. Thi.- morning, a large lot of prime slaughtered hogs was offered at the scale-bouse for Jlu per It>0 pounds. Beef was sold tor ?12 per JUf pounds. A good supply of poultry was oflerrd at prices averaging 25 cents per pound, whicb was the average for a month past. T?? bay market presented an average stock this morniiig. For several weeks tbe supply from wagons baa beea rather less than the average. The Movkvimt ruE Tin Relief of tub Poor of Socth WaIhikutos.-Tbe committee of ladies appointed to distribute tbe fun Is raised lor the relief of tbe poor of tbe Seventh Ward bave made the following allotment of districts: first district?All that portion of tbe Island lying between 12th street and the Potomac, and between B s'ree! and the Potomic; visiting committee, Mrs. T. E Lloyd and Mrs. Dotialson Second district?All that portion of the Island lying between 7th street and 12th street, and between B street south and Fat.: visiting c? mmittse. Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Fowier. Tbird d.strict?All that portion of the Island lying between 7tb street and 12th street, and between F street south and the P?>tentrc; visiting committee, Mrs. Wo Cooper and Mrf Clarvoe. Fonrtb district?All that portion of the Inland lying between 4th street and 7th street, and between B street eorth and F street, visiting committee, Mrs. E Holmead and Miss Lottie Martin. Fifth district?All tbat portion of tbe Island lying between 1, street ai.d 7th street, and between F south an>l Potomac: vl iting committee. Miss Wimsett, Mrs. pearsou, ai d Mrs. Brown Siztb district?All iba> portion of the Island lyingeast of 4j| street, rb,i nor'b of L street: visiting committee, Mrs hredecamp and Mrs. Toroo t. Seventy district-All tbat portion ol tbe Island lying east of 1% street, and betwsen L st. and tbe Potomac; visiting committee, ladies of Goranv h Chapel ? BriLDiao Association.?At the fifteenth monthly meeting o; the Eastern Building Association, held at Odd Fellows' Halt, Navy Yard, on the 19th instant. OJ were sold at an average of 51 per cent. Tbe Metropolis, a new association composed principally of tbe German citizens of Ea?t Washington, was fully organized en Monday evening, tbe 21st mst.. at Wunderlich'ssaloon. Seventh street east, near the Navy Yard, and the following gentlemen elected officers for one year; President?John Wund*rlicb.secretary, Henry Kottman; treasurer. Charles !>ohroth: directors. George M. Miller, Henry Friend! Joeeph Joseph*. Frederick Hinzing, George Hemzerling. Eberbart Hoffman. August Wirz, Fredencb Arreroch, and John Tealburg; trus tees, Mea.-rs. George A. Bohrer and Kobert Cembs: attorney, Louis ^hade. Esq. The amount received?f5ou?was aold at 55K per cent premium Tbe second annual and twenty-sixth monthly meeting of the East Washington aud Union Town Building Association was held at Odd iellows' Hall, N ?vy Yard.on Saturday even* icg last, and the following gentlemen elected officers for the ensning year; President David Leecalletf; tr-asurer, Jebn H Feake aecietary, J M. Dal ton; directors, Leonard Frc?t, Jamea T. Peake. Georga W. Duvall, James A. M Cathron, A. K Mclutnrff. Philip Iielmo, D. L. Lnabv, L. A. Woods. William Beron.J. H. Wilkinson, and T. E. Jacobs. Over ?l ,injo was sold at the average of 47 per cent. ? Odd Fellows Lives for thr Brvrfit of their Libkart.? I'he Odd Fellows of this District, it Is generally knowrtu, bave created an excellent library: and tbe amount of good it ha* accomplished cannot readily be eeu* mated. It ia tbe nearest approach to a general library for tbs nse of all that we bave here, and the valuable, useful, and interesting books contained in it not only serve to delight and instruct thousands of lamiliee, bnt serve to keep hundreds of youne men from dissipation and bad coar.pauy by affording them entertainment of a higher and more ennobling order. Tbe Odd Fellows propose to make additions to the valuable collection of books, and also to provide accomodations for tbe new books: and to tbat end will give one of their delightful levees, at their ball on 7th atreet, next Monday night. Avery large number of ticketa bave been sold, and it is certain to be a great auc. cess. A DiaoRDRRLY Gatuekimo.?For sometime past the police of tbe Fourth Ward hare suspected that tbe house located on 7th street, near H north, was a resort for evil-disposed perscae Yesterday, abont 3 o'clock p. m., officers Clements, Lewis, Hill. Ourand, Larrabee. and McColgan. made a descent on the premises, and captured thirty-six young colored men. who were wasting their hard earnings playing bluff, ''cent ante," tcc. They w??re marched to the Fonrtb Ward station, when twenty-two of the party were held for a hearing, and those who were not certainly eegaged in the game, or other illegal employment, were released. Justice Walter disposed f those retained by imposing light lines, ranging from 75 cents t? ?5. and ordering tbe detention of others for several bours. Tub Case of Watkins vs. Smack cm?An Interfiling Quaiton ?7 hta afternoon the above case waa taken up in Court in General Term Tbia case coram up on an appeal from the decision of Judge Wylie. Two small colored boys, Robert and Edward Wilklna, claiinea by Mr. Watkins. of Montgomery county, Md., were allowed by him to viait some relatives m Georgetown, and failing to return, he petitioned for a writ of baoeaa corpus, on which timacknm appeared with the children in court. Judge Wylie. after bearing the case argoed, o'dered the children in the custody of Mr. Watkina, and tbe counsel for the respondent appealed. Mesara. Bradley and Bradley for the relator (Watkins,) and Messrs. Brown and Smitbsrs. and Win. Danisis of Baltimore, for tbe appellant. t?RFHA?s' Court, Judge Purceli.?T%\a morning, the will of the late Eleanor Baden, bequeathing her property to her son, Wm Wallace Baden, who she nominates as sxscu. tor? was tiled aad partially proven. Lettera of administration were issued to Martha C Jordan, on tbe estate of Gemellus Noonan: {bond *?*>) Also, to Elizabeth Voa Kaaecke' n tbe estate of Theodore Von Kaoiecke; (bond #3,?Uj), and letters of guardianship to tbe earns (bond #2,'0? ). Tbe first and fiaal accounts of the administrator of James Sheasixth general of tbe gnardian to tbs orphans of Joebua Gibson, first individual of gnardian to JiobertGibson, and fourth individual of gaar? dian to Martha Gibson were approved and passed. Sr*i>AT Lectcrr.?John Francis Maguire, Erq , editor of tbe Cork Examiner, and memtmr of the British Hoase of Commona, or a tour through the United States aad Bntlab Provinces, baa obtained cousiderabls cele?rity aa> a writer, aad the obtest of bis visit to this country Is said to be tbe eel teclion of materials tOT a work on tbe history and eresent condition of tbe Irish in America. He bas consent** .it will br be s#ea by the adverti>etr.rnt elsewhere* at tbe earneet request of the Young CatLolice' frtende Society, to deliver --?n address to-morrow evening at Wall's Opera House. Mrsn aL? The p-rlormance of Handel's grs* Oratorio of the "Messiah" by the Pbilbarmouic Society a Meuerou'a, Kail on Wedte?day evening e *111 be one of the great. *?t events in the muaical world tbia aeason. as niii.ent talent bas beer, engaged. wlt?j a chorus of one hnndred voices and an orchestra of l*eaty pieces. CITY ITEMS. Memo rot TRI lHAH -Jofca F. EUtalti ?3id to Dr Nichols, two ofChtckenng h Sou'* u|>erb Pianos lor tbe im of Um Insane As7hn A Lkotttrr for St Vincent's Female Orphan Asylnm will be delivered at Odd Fallow*' Wall, on 7tli stmt, tonday night. by Bar. Hiebcp O'Connor, S.J. We bop* there will be a fall attendan ce. ,? Who Sat* ih Vkrhb wbat others say In pros#, that the place 10 boy clothing, U where tbe lowest prices are marked in plain figures? at Hennmg'* One Price Store, on the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue. ? Wr A mm* all of oar frisnds desiroas of pure bneinr dry roods to call on oar friend Benjamin Miller, N*. 101 Bridge *treet,Oeorgetown who, as bis advertuem?nt states, is **i|. ing at lower prices than has been sold since tbe war. Go T? Bosah A Wylib. Kfl Seventh street, tor bargaina.?Blenched Cottons from P'x cente wpward; Unbleached Cottons from to 'J5 cents; Delaines 25 cents; best Mernmac print* 22 cents, and very good 16, 18, and 2i> | c<*nts; a variety of nise dress goods at cent* per yard. Everything in the Dry Goods line at tbe lowest prices. Jrwrlrt.- Bog Wood Setts, Tip Cross Fins, Tip Cross Earrings, Jet Chains, Br*ce1 lets, Cluster Setts, 900 new styles Buttons, 1 Studs, Kings. Scarf Pins, Silver Plat>*d Spoons. Forks. Caps, Goblets, Call Bells, received this morning, at Prlgg's One Dollar Jewe'ry Store.Ko. 438 Pennsylvania avenue, near 4# street. Importawt to the sick a?d Afflictrd.? Dr. J. H. Kuttlev, the celebrated Electro Magnetic Physician, is performing some marvelous cures at his rooms. No 6, Louisiana aveuue, wbere be is pit-pared to treat all forms oi Acute and Chronic diseases. He baa been truly styled tbe "Great Miracle Worker of the 19tk Cent'iry"* Call and get reference of remarkable cures in this city, and elsewhere. No charge for ezaminatien. He can describe your disease without asking any question*. Coal Oil and Lamt Goons.?Wanted, Store keepers to know that tbey cau pnrchn-e Coal Oil, Chimneys and Lamp ( roads, Earthen Ware, Ac, at Baltimore rates trom our friend, J. K. Foley. Nos. 275 Pennsylvauia avenue, and 316 F street. China,Gi.ass and m rksswarr ?Mr. J. K. Foley wishes to inform the public chit he lias jus'" opened a n?-ai assortment of House Furnishing Goods, sueh as Freucb, Knglisii and American China, Glass and Crockery Ware, Cotlerv and Plated Wares; also, Japan Tin Ware. Coal Oil and Lamp Goods, which be is selling wholesale and retail at his stares, N?s nif. F street anri'.TS Pennsylvania avenue, between lutband llth streets. Mt old Patrons will ttna it greatly to their nrtvartJige by calling a: the new Shoe Store, No. 502 7th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall. G. B. Wilson, lm late of the firm of Hum* A Wilson. Wr tarr pleasure in announcing that our old fellow citizen, J. B. Gardner. M. I)., has renewed his practice, in which specinlity we know he has bad great experience. We refer you to tbe advertisement column. s Dr. Whitr, Chiropodist, 4.M P*nn ar.. be. lj| ai.d ft'L streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bid nails, enlarged joints, wares, moles, vascular excresences, Ac. Office honrs from *) a. in. to 5 p. m , and ? to P p m. Established 1*61. For Chilrlaixs and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price #1 per bottle. For sale at 421 Pennsylvania avenue, oetween \n d Sth street*. A SrRR Pilr CrHi ?Dr. Gilbert's Pile in strunieiit positively cures tbe worst cases of piles. Sent by mail onreceiptof *1 Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere Address J. B. Komaine. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: Pbnnibs can be bad in any quantities at tb* Mtar office counter 111 CO. BAR BY On tbe 1st insisnt, of heart diseaf", Cept KIiMCND B A kBY. aged 48 yeara Thefunt-rai will tske place from tbe residence of his niether, A94 New Jersey areuue, Capitol Hill, on Rauday, at 1 o'clock. The rtiidfM ltd friends <'f the fatai ly are Invited. ( Baltimore and Bl.hmond payers please copy.J * FBABSON?Died, at his residence, in tbecity of Georgetown, on tbe morning *f January 31st, ]s)7, JVKII'H N FlABbUN, in tbe ?sventy second year ef bis age The funerai will take place from his realdene*, Nl. 17 Cougrea* street, en 8 ami ay, February 3ro, at 2 o'clock F M., wkirh tbe frlenus of tbe family are respectfully laviteJ to attend Another one af oar old citizens has passed from oar midst. Mr. Joseph N. Fesrtou. one ef the eldest merchant* of Georgetown, afur a snce?eful career of nearly balf a century, died on Thnrs> day morning He was long and favorably kaowti to nearly all of the citizens of tbe cities of Oeurii* town sad Washington Hewn* tor many yenrs one of tbe Judges of tbe Levy Court for the District, n Magistrate first appointed by Martin Van Bores. at>d t,f his successors until tbe year 1*41. Be was for many year* a member of the Council! ef the corporation of Georgetown, where hi* knowledge ef business serve* him well in legislating fvr tbs interest of tbe towa Horrojyi led by wealth and all of tbe comforts of tbia IjK he after a long Dines* and In the hope of a biased immortality. steeps bin last aleep. Ob death I tb* poor man's dearest friend The kindest and tbe beet! Welcome tbe )>onr. my aged limb* * Are laid with thee at rest! BokX*. MAGBAW In thl* city, on tbe moraiag of tbe let inatant. Hen. BBNbT S. MAQBAW, of Maryland His friend* are Invited to attend hi* faneral from hi* lata residence. West Nottingham, Cecil county. Md., oa Tuesday mrntng, the Sth Inst., at 19 o'clock. SIOOBSA. On tke 1st of February, WILLIB T.. only child *f the late Aagnsttn T. and M. C. blouses, in tb* llth year of hi* age. The faneral will take place Trom bi* grandmotaer's retideaoe. Bo. IM Mewlork avtnna, on Sunday, at balf-pact two o'clock. The friends and relative* of tb* family are respectfully invited to attend. * MILDOOI-Oa Saturday, tb* Id day of Febrnary,i*.7, B BN BY B. infant eon of Jobn A. and Mary A Meldoon, aged 3 month* aad 3 day*. * WIIB * BBVBBIHOB, 1XFOaTRRS OP CBOCKBBY. CHINA AMD OL A8SW ABE. Hare constantly an band a large stock si U00D8, ef the latest styles, from th* beet maker*.WVO at as low prices as they can be yurchased^^/ In Northern cities. y Particular attention 1* invited to our V fine PLaTBD WABB aud COTLBBY. ja36 Odd Fellow*'Hall,7th str?t. f ABBIAGB8 ' OABBIAOB81 V> CABBI AGES' On band, a large namber of now aad second bandCABBIAOBSefalletylM SMK an* alsex. which will nesold at reasonable rate*. Bepairiag ef all kinds promptly at* tended to. Aleo. boree shoeing. BOBBBT H. OBAHAM, ja 31 ?t? 374 1> and *TT ath etreeta. CuBAPBST PLACB IB fOWB 10 BUTOAE WOOD WUm\c?B.. YABB. A T TBI BBW OHBAF STAMPING BOuMB a 41V Mb airreet. oe pe<1 te Patent Office, ladies can get at onr reduced prions, on tbe very beat Wemaantta? _ A Bight gown Yokaa, ready stamped AO oi*. Oh< aslse Yokee. " ,.3>ct*. Band* H ? ,J0 cts. Bithsr for krailor embrr>id*ry, oar patter as are of the very (?'?< designs, *e lee ted with care in Bow York, aad beiaa fa receipt at them weekly, we are able dally to issue new pattern* a* well as make and stamp say pattern breach! us. I. 0.0 Worklag Oottoa at reduced prions, do l? tf 1FBAB8 FOCBDBY, ~~7~ . D Ho. 414 9 street. Having started a BBABB VOUBDBT la connection with my Gun nod Locksmith basis***, I am prepared to do all work la that II a*. ja 14-ta JOHN J FBABODT. UBIL1P THE 8BOOBD; by Charles Gayarre. I Joeeph the 8oc*nd and M* Court; by Muklbach Braithwnit*'* Betroepect for January. Gardening for Profit; a Gald* to tb* Market and 6sally Garden Bwiabarn'* Lau* Teneri*. Two arrlages, a novel by Mia* Malocb Tb* Adv?aturesef a Griffin; I lluatratsd. The Btateamaa's TttL0. M"???-ftUU. ALLS!. ?? f^OLPBB BOPFFBBBOBG WIBB, (Battea.) , Bleb, fraitp Savor, with AalloaU boqaet. Fro.. Jtsaai'"0-' <.?? 1 ' pbRAUi steam bngibes, MaTwaMmy!* wdsb'ul"*JiSSuBef 'wTghteSi prtee. Tbey an widely aad fbvoraMy kaeva. mare thaa #4# bolag la as*. AU wswiHj gaMefactory, or no sale. Deaarlptlve olrcalar* aaat oa appUeatlea. BGADLBY A 00.? aeFeoHi Lawrea**, Man*. 1 AMUSEMENTS. I WALL'S IWW OPMi MtH. GUIIIIHDIU KITIITillUlt, t.?C M*? " toara>,tsi?i?*nVss4,,*r la lb* tlHUt of . STILL WAtlBI BtJN DEEP, ? I i *t|p?rM l>| Nnni Uvlof, H*rttB*r,??rr?}, I MMllHch* Oni.*i. j 1 To oonclode with ?he Nautical Drama of I 4. M BLaCK EYED 808AN. . __ *lik In.Inilf Jordu, Mr. (rukLltwlor. Mr. I Hale ltd tM prinolpal char- I MKri. MONDAY. BENEFITTF MS. FBAMK LAW I LOE. ^..ZZWUSSlViSl: Circle. 7'cents: Parqaett*, Mcentaj Family Or- I ale, 36rents; Colored Circle. 16 cent*. j NATIONAL THEATRE. Pennsylvania avunue, uu WlUards' Hotel. j Last appearance of the I BUCCESbFUL ^ OUNQ BALTIMOEE STAB Mr J. B POLK. who will appear In bit popular speciality of KI.LIOT OBAT, j la the churning aad absorbing PI?J of BOSBDALE, supported by Mr. 0. W OA RBI SOW, 1 of HolUday street Theatre. Baltimore, and the I BBILHAHT 0A8T OP LAST NIQHT. I pBLLHABMOMlO 80C1BTT. CBAND OEATOBIO. { HAHDBL'~ MBS91AH j Will be given by reqnest AT MET/EBOTT HALL. ! OB WEDEBSDAY BVAB1BO. FE1SBUABY 6 The foll"wlne names Yooali?te will anpea- : ftllte JENNIE E HOUSTON, th< Qreat 8?prauo of the Handel bud Haydn Moilety, Boston. I Mr*. J.P C 4 ULDFI ELI), Contralto Mr ABTHUB H&T f HldON, Tenor of Trinity I Cburch, New Vorh ; and Mr. J. F WINCH, Baeeo of the Handel and Haydn Society, Boston. , I ( b<rusof nearly eue hundred voices, sustained [ by ae orchestra of over tweaty plecoe. Tickets, one dollar. No extra chare* tor reserved seats. i 8al of seat* will commence on Saturday. Feb I roar? 3d. at Metz-erott'* Maslc Store. fe 1-St ! I/AMC\rDBES8lis AinTcoSTUMES, r Tor Tableau* and Private Parties. I Apply to MBS. TEAM K. BE\. ja28 6t* *** 10th street. HALLS, PART1 F^'kcT / BAND COMPLIMENTABI BENEFIT BALL. SB to be given at Q& FOBBEST HALL, CEOBOSTOWN, D. O.. BT THK I 0. S BUB1AL COBPS ASSOCIATION. ON TFKBDAT. February 5, l?ff. , , T nk'tn 81 admittinc a ttentlemaa and Ladies. (\itnmiirr,SaRtuei B Fox, Will H. L* Porte. I Charles Seyler. T. T Stockman J. P. Millard, J( bn T. btiaw. , , .... Jobu W. Browu. Master of Ceremonios. fe 1-it* UKCOND GSANB BALL or Tilt xl LONE STAB TEMPEBANCB CLCB fiflk Will be given AT TBKPKR&MR HALL. ON WEDNESDAY, FEBBUABY 6, 1*6T. TICK ETS?? I ,admitting a geatleiaau *nl ladies | ja 31 (it* I LOST AND~KOUNO~ ( AMI TU MY MTABLI un ill. Slat nit.,0.9 I v ted and wllte spoiled COW, short hums,white I I fuce. and a rope <>n her neck. The owner will I [! ?.? com? forward, prove property, pay chargas I and take bar away. BOfiBKT JOllNMON, fe 2 St* 4 36 29th street bet. B and F. f OBT?Yesterday afternoon on Pe:in?ylvaaia I I 1 i art-Dos, a small white POODuE UOG, with a I rtd Trltet strlns round its neck. It U a pet. and the I tinier will reelv? the thanks of the owner, :?nd I Hoy reasonable reward, by bringing it to No. 33 j I 0 ?<reet, between 12th ana 13th. It* O. 0. SNOW. S* BEWABD?Lost. this ( Saturdnv > mornlne. I y>' on Penn a are or 4^ street, a BUCKSKIN I PDBbE. containing $41, two STO notei and cue I 810 note, end a silver dollar. The above reward I will tie given if returned to No. 4*4 4H street, near I tbe avenue. ! fa 1 St* J J BB0TH1ET0W j l/OUBD-On the Md of January, a BUFFALO r KOBE, which theowaorcan have by calling I at James Martin's H st. E, between N and O St. 8. I proving property, paying cost, and taking it I 1 away. feb 1 it* I I OST?On the 1st instant, a bundle of KILLS, I I i <*??ne if rpew receipts ) of THOMAS A BO I DINES. All parties are hereby fori warned not I I te pay any sack bills. The finder will receive I tbe thanks of tte owner by returning tbem to tbe I comer <>f 13th osd C sts. fe l-1f j STO-" Lost, In the Capitol, on Wedaeeday. Ti)th Instant, a 8ABLB TIPPBT. Tbe reward aamed above will be given for the delivery of tba same at the Naval Obeorvatory. ja31 St* I ^^ardinq. j I 13 OA ED ?Front PABLOB. haudaoasoly far- I I D i>Uhed.for two, at fotlper month. Baok PAB- I I LOB. for two, at $10 per month, at J?0 B street, | near 10th street. fe J-<t* I UOAKD.?Five gentlemen can be acooam jdated I 13 with good BOaBu aad pleeaant Lsdfingi. at I No. 39A 13th street, near New York aveaue. I Toibji! $6 p?-r week; three meals a day. Table Board $t a week Famili?s cau be supplied with I meal-. fe 1 11' L/OB BBNT, WITH BOABD-A large, well- | f furnished FBONT BO0M, on 2d rioer, la a I private family. Terme low. at 483 B St., bet. I 3d end eth. jasi 3t* | A LADT ABD GENTLEMAN. OB TWOsln- I t\ gle gentlemen can get BOABDIo a private I faully. at 317 >4 tth street, between 1 aad Ests. ja 3l 3t* ; I T'ABLE BOABD at No. 464 19th street,a few 1 doors north of the aveaue. Terms |8 per 1 month. do lf-tf I GEORGETOWN ADVrERMTS. i^HEAP COTTON8. 1 AT MILLER'S, | 101 BBIDOB 8TBBBT OBOBOETOWB, D. 0. Ja?t reotiaed. a large sfeokof COTTWN OOODd, which we are eelliag at lower arlcae tkan they have been sold store the war ?SI-ached Muslin, I 12'.. 16.18 cents, good yard wide Shirting ditto. 20 and 24 sents; 44 Androscoggin Bleached Muslin, I SUcente; 4-4 Wansutta d?., 3ft cents: * 4. 4, 8 4. V4.1U4.U 4 Sheetings, very low; Calicoes at 12X. I 14.18 cents; Merrlmacks, Spragues, and other beet I makes. 2U cents; Ihirting Prints, 20 cents; Un I bleached Muslins, 12H, IS cents; yard wide ditto, I I le aad ? oaets. UaH and examine oar stock, I "TKar?1n!l'lnLL.E. IE/ M H. WHBATLBY'S PEEMIOM STEAM vv UYEINQ A CbEAMSIN<& EdTABLidd I MBNT. Office No 49 Jefferson at., Qoorgatown, I D- O. Established 1*31; premium awarded by the I Metropolitea Inetitute, UUt; rebuilt 18?i. and 1 I I now by far the largeet and most complete eetabI lishment of the ktad ia this section or country, I with a large stack of the beet foreign and domes- I I tic Dyes aad Chemicals; replete with every deelr I able Apparatus, Md provided with the beet Tal- I I eat aad Artistic bklll to be obtained. The sub- I I soribt-r is prepared to domeaetrate to hie custom- | I ers that pre emiaeat as may have beea hie are- I vlous reputation, hit motto Is ' Excelsior" lo I Dyaiag.Cleaonlng.aa4 Beaatehlax Lad lee' and Oentlemea's Apparel, Bilks. Velvets, betins. Merino, Clothe. Ac., be tneans to stand unrivalled. | Truly thankful for past favors, he saMoiW tba continued cuetotn of tie comiaaalty (TOoods received aad retaraed by Exprees

with the utmost promptness and dispatch. jalMm WM. H. WH BdTLB Y. Dyer. I Selling off to close business. ! A.W.TOWSHBND A CO . Jewelers, ?l8rUst.,betwooa DaadB. Having determined to retire from hnsiaaag, wo oger oar beaatiful assortment of Jawairy aad Fancy Goods at Srttcost. All gaods sold guaranteed to be what reareeeated. whilst cloelag oat oar stock of Jewelry aad Faaoy Goodi. wo offer oar paSione who wish to purcnaee Watchee the opportaalty of haylag them at wholesale ratae. PBIOB LIST Off WATCHES. liver banting ease, anchor movemeats, jewelmovemeats. Jeweled, f 11, Mid; 14 karat gold.4* pwt. oaea, American, p S Bartlett. chronameter Lai.. S?7. gold,, $76, gold; U do., Appletoa, Tracey A Co., chronometer val., A BT 10 LBS TO BE BAFFLED, 1 Lad lee' Cabinet aad Chair, papier mac he. in. laid with pearls 8rst coal, |W In geld 1 Ladies' Work Tahlf, aapier mache, Inlaid with pearl; 8ret eoat, .. geld. Ufeoeewood Draeaiag Oa?e. mounted althsoUSiMiHhgsllver;flystcoal, f KM f* OAL. I BOM. HD EVL. or the Practical AmerV> lesm Miner; aolSa a gwide to oarmiaea and mineral reeouroes. with aamsroas *ape aad ttlasW Prto# * - FEAME TAYLOB. JOST EEOBIVED ~ " TATB8 A'SELBTV, Eo. S?3 Peoneylania aveaae, A superior lot of LADIB9' OLOAEIBO8, which thoy are offerlag at very low prloea. aoMtf WANTS. 1 WA<n*?W*,*a,? *|ce *00>1 u4 m>? Irt ??, J*j?' Whe-e tbey will oSko^ 7 ?***tloas. iMria B. M. #F, Star W^?* , >,4 fcnl lrtmT?iilfit*w*r*nak_f T?*k J* "*,?11 I VV Vk"Vi* ?*Lf| LiJftT 11 t?ni| *nii I Gerr*r? !^li,?'na*S/ ?* * ,w Bridge ' ? 0 Mast com# well rKOBinia l?d. I W Ab!,7,??~^ PABTfclB in tn? ,__ ?_ , * ??,t' having ||?* hee<tred 4oi- 1 OMOrtnain?h?r0liJ?}Lucmm ?**r ?* ' "I*'*1 ! Offlfe" bj MU?MSTB* Htnr I"!*:.,. _ _ r?i 1 it\V^?T*5~A WHIT* WOUN. Who bit hoI t 'f.Bt ? r,.i,n* U charge .fan between f S *2. *2 .r**!??en . ed Apptr I . tad I mud Ti. at 404 c between 3rd and iS shs. "letst* W ^n^^eTnt ** ??* '?r tWO rMrt tote lnU'^t"t t'T?">. leoerltr rul ? _ _ f m * **_ wer, liter ottee. feidf | SiHSrefc1ssMsaa %HSK .u?,v '" *jj Ms." OTSrajK SoT?s WAsr?i>-w. S01TH*?R{| HANK*wni?2*rk.*t pr,ce for *11 !??}?",'uarws;."- ?,r ?* * 4t W?. HPELBY A OO. W ^*T?*D'W*ww>l"?**r?mr?tcJ??e f AKV8 nnniw ????j?7 ^or onr Cu?tom*r*. AI?o, mall ?*!!? 4 h" 0,t,? Mhbmu4 JjO ro^!f .LJ*?lJ ts D ** WS^LS A uu . corner itfth and r ?ts. ja ?i im A Lta?i?T.VJ' r ehouM rot fail ? L' th? Bmploymeat Office -2i9 Peun'a I avfnne, between iltfi and nth ate War,red-Ten A [.''JJithn1 colored foi general hon**work ei?..?i }ho*,In.,no?.d or f*ni?le HELP 19 2w*Pr0m^ Agents wauw-d. I W*"l*K Wf*T"D !!~*? the Becrtrfting DeLt KiiittmrSf1 ?u 'V^1' JB**r "*lllm?re jitl'lni tolled Mates Armr. W rfiTKrf ?7.*v?SMt-OLOTHlS57oi.| "vLU ma 81L\ Ik, or tiv utber ?rtiri? nf I value, nt tue eld established lieicha"Petm bioker Store ol B. FULToN k OU., iui 9tti at 1 5 doore north Of Penrm arpntif f ?ol? AgeBlfor BIIiCIK'a 8KWIKQ KAGHIHE WAMTKP--100 L A DIK8 imm?dt?t-ly . te?Bi- | lir'.lder Toket, Bend*, Wrapper Token, Ki^n net skirts. Slippers, and lnliinta To ?o<?d heu it ho brlnir.auiploof work. K?o<i u*?e. *?d c.? st?n.emplo> oient given. ?Jai| at the new SteuiD 9t!' "fr1" 2"P P?"eot OffliS de lJU reduced to FlVB cents per width. W^NT^U~i,0 00? ^AOIBS~to~kn".wthat at tlie I?ew Stamping Bourn*. 4 .19 ?tliHtre?l oe p??ite Fateut Olhre. tbey caa lind the btst selectirt assurtiuent ot Pattern. e?er offered bire f*? Cloaks, Oo?ee. Aprons. Josefs. Waists, Yoke* ??? ? ? Piooashloaa.aod ijl' n? i."n'?"* PHIowCaaes. UttonsiiH. I ? n Oovera, Ptanoa. and In short, every variety I IT, th'} ?/ d.?i" I-""led Wehave a Tir ^ *ind * Staaper, and bave i edurcd the price to FIVE CENTS rEB WIDTH. ?e make and stamp an# pattern broosht ns tfVl' tf' b"k *"d Work'n? Woll?o very low. ' WAKTIIt-OICOSD HAND FOKNITDHK Also MIHROKH, OABPE^S REDS KRh El> O and Hul SK FCKNfSH I NG OOODS ofefer, "Z. Tr n BLTR irrA4 0 ? G and B.eaa^ side PEKSOXAL. P L* K,NUi M HYGIENIc! and Or P,rF^<?;p.PA.Til 1C: FH ja3u im* ' *"th *u<1 '* ,\|Bs wob&all. . M"D?0AL ELECTBI0IA8, snlt n' T,lh invited to con *o UlAot treatmeBt no ^ i? mew i ork avtune. jaij-dt* I TTA^? HOTIOt?I hereby give notice that I I Preeirv?n?0|rin!,trl,Ct<,d rn*one ia ni7 bu.lnes. of ib. l. ^ *' were, and uo one doins bunineniK ' ??'h;ri.ed to nt? tnv tfam? ne,< 1B ja^il l aj MBS. FKI?8,4 i& 11 th street i KiTiiJiu d' 'P? LADIES ? At OilAHLE8 Krefrk^kn ?00.'P ?klrt Mannfactorv pou can t?a> I I6 Ho 4iBt ,n?.Trt Bl M, reeds 7"th streeta Louisiana aveune, betw^e* sth and mil reels j* 21 lm* BB1DAL AND FUNEBAb \l UE\TIIH itr? I WU*T9,OBOS8EB ABOHtilW sVa" 8* Ic M'a"& iiowiks"foT.!?rrv1 rLuwi|?si aorierl 11 f?MU o ?B?RAlMNO. AUo, IO, Jka^TR?M 'iiifIB DK*S8*S for BalU, by '|'A,,** HOTICB ?Bridal and Faneral Wreitha i ^tor I'M^2 jTM-Vm-1"1'" * O atraet, ue.T nVh" J8ILLOB?ATUwIe0aB3l,Y AHD 00 lo^a^wl4" M0TAET PdS?4LI!,C' BOOTS, SHOES, A. 0 * i o B . " d*^*'?lood to cloae baslnaee on tki Oboot the lath of the preflfcTt month.T ofTer ?y stock of w BOOTS AHD 8HOB8 ^ VL at rednced prices, for re?A ea/p, iwl to me to take Botlc* of 2~?r?/aiB"tK5 2ZX72SS S?erwiM ! } ?* Ho. 63^ 7th st. eMtfoJf L^th ^ELLIN8 OFF I SXLLINO OFFTl entire stock or Ladloa,l lftasee' Gklldrea a. Men'a. U y s nud Yenth-lr^ * HL BOOTS. SHOHS AND OAITEBS " >11 be sold at private sale at and bBLOW OOST PBIOBS. ... ,4W , _ JOHN ANOBBHANN, s "troet, between D and B etreeu. ja 12 1ns opposite Odd Fellow' Hall. BOOTS AND BHOB8. N B W 7T O B . The nnderelgned begs leave to infbrea hie frlT% the pobhc geaorallf that he boa opened the HBW CHEAP STOBB. Ho. to* 7th street,nnder Odd Fellows'Hall, where he hae on hano a general assortment of Ladiee' and Qeatlemen's. Bop 'a. Misses and Children's ' 7 * BOOTS AND SH0B8. Bomeinber tho B?nber, 30S Tib street, nnder Odd fellows' Han **> New Cheap Store, fermerlv K.F. Page's?*oro. 0? 18 WEOEQB B. WILSON. ^BOCBBIBB. " ~ BALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner New Tork avanne and 1Mb street, 1 Entrance en New York aTeaue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY OBOOBBIES TEAS WIHBS. IMPOBTBD LUXOBIBS, Be.. Ac.'. woald reepectfnlljr aoUfy their ftiends and the pnblic that they have jnet opened their Hew Ore oerr Store, whore can bo obtained any article asn ally keyt In a first class Orooery. Without attempting to en?Morate onr large,frash and weUaelected atock.we oordially in vile the public to exaalne onr store and stock, believing we fKe" net fail to give entire satisfaction to nil who may favor as with their patronage. ^ #l" Feetol attention to onr ? nr lniniil of TEAS and OQFFBM, which UvoHsn eolect^l with treet care fen#fJ^ Dealers will find a ??o asaurtmont to select from, and onr prices to suit. Ooods delivered promptly ia av part of tho cHr jon ?3a H,T ^mwadMSreetk..4,?0 sBfKfflfflra-Mafc l? ' M^BaslRosa soXHuntlal.^a 'IHwcr1 ^aa;-ffta?^aa:rwteJSreM I* IOD WANT BABOAIW9 OnH at the J ^ ?*ir,Tu*B IAMS1? Mrf Dw&f. OA8B BALLEES will do well to eall at the FOB SALE AND RENT. FOB BUTT?A camfoctablaJBICK MOOM. r Ac ImiIN u >0.419 H Mp*t. k lptkaod ntE. ?*?? BABBBE SHOP FBB ALB.-lBaaireat 49i fth >HNt, DMT the BatJoaal ami lljjjo poll tan Hotels. rO?BI?T-Two PA BLOBS. snfaratsked. ?a r Irat Hear. with in of kttohoa, ; wesla rent 3 room* ?w second floor untarnished. Aw'? an of lliMin.tilikjUiUad. fet-3f rl BBKT ? A Bret-cUO* GEOOBBT STOBB with large dabUb? itaThed. BtMataeoraer Mk and H afreets, lb i.edlate ?nassa?i?s |tr?a. Apply ob tbe premises fa j St i/fkNIi-nif) BOOMS FOB BBVT-rintiM r PA BLOBS tad M u< M floor BUOSs for root. B a?d caa bo ehteined opposite. A pair at 341 K Mieet, Bear 13th street, oppaaita Fraaklin Bow. >aS WH* I/OB BBBT-Two PUBB1SHBD BoOBs with A or vtthoat BOABD. at 4*0 1 street, bet ?th aad cth. Apply ?>a tho promises. fs 1 **' ?*TOBB FOB fcBET?Ob Marylaed a to sue. botween Mb and M'k n , lsleai. Of pool to tbs dopot laquirc oa the premises. Ba. abT fl It* LTOB BBBT?Two baadeemeiy l?rnUh^ com r muaicating BOOMS Mar bo bed slasly or l?t*tb>r la.atrt) alRolSTXI it.MfH* ??k??o rtb atroojjr foi-? F)B BENT ? Two very deelrabb loaeted BOOMS, noit to Columbia Law Bsildicg. arranged to bo writ* lodging aad stitlu* rooa, witb c< uai'-atlng door Apply 441 :?h afoot, between D aad B streets. fr I I'*. FPU RBNT-Two first-class r.OUSBS eitoer furnished or sBfuraisbed, It room* each, sit noted Bear the Deparneen'S Alan, armal "*k?House* Apply to McBBlB A BBf AM I. 4?-7Ui street. fa 1 4t* FOB REBT-A three Storr BRICK H?CSt. with (as aad water. Apply to gBBNAKO HATBB. corBor 4th aad H streets. in 3i 3t* 3OB BENT?Two imt BBICK HOl'SEa, three r stories, on Hbode Ialaod avesoe, betwsoB Mtb aad 1Mb streets. inquire Bo 1*7 B street, betwees IHtb spd l?th sts jaSljJt I>OB BBBT?Three^story frame BuOBE. Bo 4 34 k street. Bear 7th. at f?< per month la lalre of A EBkBLY. nexth to the coiner of North Capitol end Boundary str> el?, or at Dsn Pfeil's StoTe Store, Wo. 4 31 7th at ja>t tt'^ F'OB'salIs?The EXCHANGE BSST a U R A tf T and DIBINQ SALOON. No *4 Hrt<1g- at., Georgetown. D 0 . bow d?io? a felr business. Oood reasons givea lor solllag out Inquire on the promisee. )?<! ?t* 'l'WO Fl'BitlSHIP Ot-mmunicatlng B'K>B8 1 ob first floor. froBt suitable for hon-ekeep Ins for gent aud lady Una in ro#?a and water in y?rd. ftteet cars pass the door. lo 4U 7th street. Let. Md. eve and B street. _ja St-St* Li'OB BENT-Tlie three story ItRI<'K HOUSE. P No ):o, on Penn Avenue North side, between 17th an* lith streets. W<st Washiugtoa. Also, on Rl^-h street, tieOr getown la Forrest Ball building. a long narrow K"OM tir*t fluor. Fill telle for en oH'e cr bstdsess b'tween two la'ge stores For term- ?i ply lo B. F0BHE4T. 7?? First street, Georgetown ja SI I, t'R BALE?Two HOI 8KB 2 st -r> end b*?s ? n<?*et each, situated oa "Otli st . ue?r th* Wes tern Market. tAIII t>o sold cheap for cash, by ap pl>iagatNo 176 Pa are ja B>-4t RARE CHTBOE^PABTaBK wanted, with Bbont Sl.noocasb. in ? htghly lucrativ van olacuilutr business, without couip'-nt on in tbi* ue^hborhood. and erar) person being Io used of the articles produced. Address, at on e, P. 0. Box 7 ?4, Washington ja*)4t* L'Oh BALE?A RKST Al BANT, with Figtnres r and Lease ; one of the best -tands in the city, wonld be a tpleudid location f >r e grocary store Inunedlste p< ssesslon given Apply at the ritar Ofbce. J* r?-Tt? L'OB BENT?Three story BK.l> K BOl 6E B->. r 19'2 1 stiaet. tetwten 20th si.d list stioeu, fariii-hed or uu'nrnii'hed. con'ainias ei4-kt rooms, ranee lp kitcluB, ?iih hot an! cold water; bathroom. gas, Ac Tnis is not of tbs best locations in Washington, close to) Oo?ertm-?ut Departing to. iBiairt on th<? premiMs. vi #01 >th strati, bttwfen 1) and B. ja 2?-tf F'ORBENT-At $16 #t8. *>*, 3 ?, and #? .?;? I'nfurulHhid bOU^Kts b tfln>'rent parts ot tl e city BTARB A CO., 48?1, 7th str et. between D and E, BoomJ3_;_ ja IW House fob rknt and k^mtui fob PALE. _ _ T^rae s'ory ItBICK Hoi 8K on Est >. 470, between 3d and tth sts , with gas aud wo er. aad in good repair, for rent po?ae?eloB glTea March 1st. The rnrnlttire in the sboee house being iew and desirable. will be sold at pri rate sale Appi> ot 34'J 7th street. ja:S-<t |> o 0 A P I T A LIS T 8 . BABE CHANCB FOB INVC8TMENT For bale, two two aterr fU.AME iiOiSfcaant LOT,3 X'O, on au alley, betw < eu Wih and I3tu an 1 E an? F streets Price ?1.UW This property is low aad must be .oM.d l WILLS A OO , Real Kstate Brokers, ja 23 8t NertUwoat corner 10th aa.l I sts. I/OR 8AI.E-A UKCAT BA KG AIB?The K U Rr N lTl) KR. LKABE. 110BN8B, ASK F1XTl'REf" ot ot.e of the best located and pa) Ins Ho tela w.tb bar. near the Centre Market aud Ponnsilvaala aseBiie. all in good order, now doing a good business, and fall of boarters. ha- thirty tooms Owner leaving the cr> rea-on for sailing. Apply to D L W EL&jB A CO ? Keel Batate Brokers. ;a 52 84 Northwest corner of luth aad P sts L/OR bALE?tOnly $250 cvsh rejairedi?Sere r tsl newi story HOl*bE9 in different psrts ofthocit). This is a rare chance f.^r persons of small n.? ans to prorara homes. STABBAOO., 4gt*H Tth st , bet D B. ja 19-1 as*_ L'OB RENT?Obo large three story BBICK L HOUSE, containing six rooms aud oeilar. largo > ard, situated on the corner of loth and Q sts ; paiiia la the yard. Bent moderate. Apply to J. T , Star Office, or oa the premises jsit is HOUBK ABU STUBE FOR BEhT-Ne. 4 4? Pennsylvania arssae, between 3d and ?SsU , a very promtneBt business stead I'oseeeaioa giren Fobraary 1st Apply at Odeoa Eau, P. WALLACH, jail-eotf Corner thi at. aad Peon aveaae. (V OTICE?>'OAf RENT OR I.EaSS-The well 1^1 kaowa F1SBBUV <>a tke Potamac river, this side of Fort Washington, knows as tba Baa>ley Piebing Landing, an tbo Manlaad side, in miles by voter and 13 by lasd Apply to H B. JOHNSON, Bo. 37 3 Peaa avenae. betweoa aa<l tth sts . opposite Batioaal Hotel. ja7-diia* FOB^ALB-A OOCBTBT SEAT AND GAB 11>EB FABM.w it taw one mi leer the city This property will bo eotd low and on easy terms, or exchaaged for city property. Also, from Tweaty to Sixty Acres ad joints g ths above. Alae. Farms and Country Seats in Maryland and Tlrlula. Apply to V. I) STOCK BR1 t*GB. Meal B?t?te Agent, Mortheastcorner 7th and F streets, ja Aim* Waskiagtoa. D. O. ??OR BBNT?A three skory and basement Brick r DWELLING HOUSE, brova front, water and gas, tsa rooms; bow nadergciag repairs, sit sated ea ltlh street weat, between L st. B irth and Mesa, avenae, Be. 369. 1b ralre U Bo. *iOX l?th t, between 8 and 10 a. m. and 4 aad ? p m. ja 1 tf FOB BBBT?The P ABM, for tba last three year* the residence of Major Tbeephltsa Gaines con siatiag of UB acres, lylac n,sr Port Mahao, 1 tie from Besaiag's Bridge. Improvements, dwell cg house of It rooms, stone stoble, servant's busses, bars, Ac Address "B B ." 43T B street. Wash Isgtoa, D. O.,or aall la persoa. between S aad 7 a. gg. oc 14-tf Li^OB BFNT?Two large aad one small oommsair cattac BOOMS. astBrnlshml.aecoad floor. No. 134 Peas, av., bet 19th and Stth sts. bo 38 tf E7OB BENT?Ths STOBBBOOSl ooraer of Pa. r avanse and 11th street weat, la the Star OMce Bulldlsg, formerly occupied by W. O. Metaerott aa a mane store, aad recently as the office of the Batioaal Bxpraas o?ce Apply to 0. B. B ABBB, Star Office. de20-tf FbBNISHED BOOMS FOB BBBT?Nicely I furaished BOOMS, tor raat, singly oreassiU. Board Bay be obtaiaed eppoei'e. Applr at34 7 K street, near 13th street, oppaaite Praaklia Bow. ja 33-eo64* /^OMPOBTABLBlOOMS POR BBNT -farL uished BOOMS for rest oa 10th etreet, a entral aad pleaaaat location Apply to N. W BUB CH BLL aader Bbbtt Hosae. ja 19-oo?t |/OB SALE?Several desirable bsildtag LOTS r ia diiferaat sacttoas of ths oitp. Terms, Blw dowa.aad BM par month for theromaisder _ tor partlcalsrs. call or address BOOAM B WTLIE, Wo 3 SB Tth street. dog ooim* O ABB 6BABCB?For immediato sala. oas of II tbs best located small corner store OBOCBBIBS Is the city. Stock aad Pixtures bow Apply immediately, by letter, to A. B. 0., City Poet eaco. bo n tf K70B BBBT?Two Psratshed BOOMS, at Mo. r dST ISth street bstwssa B aad P sM. ds 14 tf 486 } \ 4867 Tth stsaat.S ^ 5?/g frtk ?? * BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL COMBINED. D PAIMTIBQS ABO BBGBAF1NGS A limited bat choice select!Ms of Oil Paistlags. Bsgravlags. Ohromos, Wreaths, B as koto of Blow? 8K3rtfASBri'sA?s?. _ A rich and varied aaaortannt, from the beat maa Pictsre Oerd Sd\asaela aTMaes aad colors, taras la the Bi^st^wltha waBassorted stock of tbo sheaaar grades, with a large rartety of Wlaspecials to order, believing the best tke ohoapoat, aad alanng to keoB that atasa of OooAa. wa raapact* R",u yr*SRs6n?, 496 rth |tr|<tdo 13-lt* Tiidst teorsahowo Odd Palkosw* Mall. F hO V Ml V MB VI AfallMaarttMBtorall grsjdee cboloa Ploar fo* !Z Allyraiaa^eetWy^J' aaU AUCTION SALKS. "tan ATTMMWOOM AMD TO~MO*BO* M* ^ j[ >#yuioo.tMBuwi *B mv JM Pa Batiaaa! Botal. BOBBI, "B arr?i.o tu*AJ'**?-***'04 ?BVlIO fritrgtrr t. u4 r?att?n ?nrt ?'m 'M ?*W all w? at?nn I or IN I'Uaotl ptn? ?ad BarrIM> ??B?*Or ?t4 Slot* Bteae Bieg?. Viae 0?M Ladiea' D*mcmI ?4 6l?J*r W aickoe. Ooid ioet f? oae nir* Iim Bilk ooat (U, M< plan a^?' 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