Newspaper of Evening Star, February 2, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 2, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Geergetawa Ctikcib. Board or Ald&mmb*.? 1 he Hoard met Thursday evening. Recorder Matthew* la the cnalr. Preaent: Measra. Cropley, He>ston, Hyde. and Simms. The resolution is favor of I)r Cbarles H Cragin. guardian. authorizing pa^nriii to him ot arnoant do* lit ward*, on acconmoian erroneous aaaeaemeat of condemned lota for a public alley, was laid on the table. The resignation of W?.C. Mifwu judge of election in tbe 3d precinct waa accepted The Board receded from ita amendment to tbe reeolnuon authorising thepublieation of tbe lt?i in He decree town Uou ner aad tba Daily Ereainf Union, and the rneointioa, as Srst reported, authorizing the publication of the law* la botb the papers for the sum of 8*?> per an nam each to be paid them, was adopted. Tha ordinance ameadlng the ordinance for the government of the market house, aad for other pnrpoeea, rejected by the l*ower Board, waa laid over Resolution to pay to Win. Whelan A Co. 827*1 for work of putting up water closets in tbe police station, was parsed. Resolution to pay the expeuses of tbe poor and wont house fer fourth qoarte r of 1*66; passed. Reflation in favor of B Borrows: referred to the standing committee. Resolution to pay the claims ot tbeQeorgetowo Gae Light Co . and et R. E. Talbot; passed. Tbe ordinance levying a general tax and special direct taxes for the year 1-<J7, waa referred to tbe standing committee. Resolution authorizing tbe approaches to tbe Paper 91 11 Bridge to be made; pas--d. Resolution in re* latiou to tbe claim* of the Corporation spumt ] Mrs Eleanor R Lang, directing tbe Recorder to institute tuit against ber, unless tbe interes' 1 on tbe notes, given tbe Corporation by ber on tbe late Town Hall sold to her, is paid aad tbe property insured, was parsed. Resolution to pay tbe claim? of H. W. Brewer, surveyor, and A. J. RatclifTeA Co ; passed. Adjourned. ivuMi'S CocnciL.?Tb* following messages I rem the Mayor were referred: Enclosing a bill of Bui key A Marberry, and J. J. Mcquillan: transmitting a communication from I)r. Newman, Surgeon of the Metropolian Police, relative to tbe condition of tbe station house: relative to tbe roadway to tbe paper mtll bridge, asking tor an appropriation tor altering 'he grade to correspond with tbe elevation ot the new bridge A c ommunication from W. C. Magee, declining tbe position of judge or election, was accepted and referred to tbe Aldermen The bills of W. H. Cbaraberlin, of ib*Georgetown Courier, and Daily Eveiiug Union, were referred. Mr. ClabaugU, from tbe ways and meins committee, reported a resolution directing tbe enforcement of the deed of trust upju tba property known as the j Town Hall, given by Eleanor R Lan?. as j ??cunty tor notes now due the Corporation in | payment for tbe said property, unless the in- j teres: due be immetimt-ly paid. Mr. Davidson, from the claims comm'ttee. reported a resolu- j tion in l ivor of G. H. Barnard A. Co. Also, a [ resolution to pay the claims of H. W Breever, Surveyor, and A J. KadclifTe A Co.; adopted, jlr. tjoddard. from streets committee, a resolution authorizing the approaches to paper mill bridge to be made; adopted. Also, recommended the pas^a^e of the Aldermen s substitute for tbe bill relative to tbe footways ot tbe town: adopted Mr Libbey, from claims committee, a resolution in relation to furnishing articles tor the use ot tbe police and tbe station bouse, re- j quiring that such articles be furnished only on the ?rder of Mayor; adopted. Tbe ordinance lev*lug general and special taxes tor tbe year 1HR was taken up. Mr. Clabaugh moved to fill tbe blank for tbe tax tor the Metropolitan police with 27 centa: lost Mr. Libbey moved to insert 20 cents: lost. Mr. Davidson moved j to reconsider tbe vote on 27 ceut$: which was J agreed to, and tbe motion was paseed. Mr. Urme moved to till tbe blank for tbe general tax vitb 65 instead of 70 cents: rejected. Mr. >o?ler moved to reduce 'he fee of the tax collector trott tour to three per cent; which was rejected, and the ordinance s-a* adopted. By unanimous consent the bill of Messrs. Shoemaker ana Collins lor services r-*i.dered in making tne a*?eesment, was referred. The r? soin'ion to instrn t "he committee on fir* engines, in relation to s l additional officer of the j Tire department, waa adopted. A resolution authorizing tbe publication of tne laws in tbe O?*>rgetoleu Conner :<nd /?ai'y Erening j with au amendment ot the Aldermen stipulating tbe same amount to each paper, waa concurred in Mr. Kane called up a resolotion to place a hydrant at the corner of Istaud L.inttau streets;adopted, and the Board adjourned. fer Mr. Jones, of Troy. N Y., on lea-ning tta* kis wife had presented h m witb three boys, was hrard to exclaim?"2 mu.h?2 j much'' I/Tli* dials of tbe English Parliament ' clocks are 'wenry.two feet in diameier, the larzast in the world. Every half minute the p<' clot te miCL'.e band mjvea nearly seven tachea. A*"More candy is purchased and *aten in the city of New York, it is stated, than :n either London or Paris. This is indeed giving aid to tbe Candians. WTij- wives of the Adams Express robbers, who la ely escaped from the Danbury (Ct.) Jail, are n<>w on trial at the Bridgeport Superior Court for aiding tbe prisoners to get away. SPECIAL NOTICES. WISTARB WILD rB-fiHBT BALSAM. T) is I'aU'tnic compouaU .has >>e<*ome a home fixture Let all who snier.aud have iu vain attanipril t? cure ihtir roughs . 'teds, bronchial or pntni' nai) compialuts i?ahe as* ef this un called remedy It can be relie i neon. ?s the n??? of testimony that baa been pnMi?bed since Its introduction li ample proof of ita sSlcacy. It METCALFE'S GREAT RHBUMATIO RFMEDT instantly relieves pain. and never fai's to cure Neuralgia. Nervous Headacne, and Pain la the Hted or Face. ja il eolw B. 0 FORD, Agent. RIM EDI AL IB8T1TUTB FOB SPECIAL OA8B8, Be 14 Bond street, lew York. y Fall infwrmation, with the k'gktst ttsttmomah. alto, a book ut Dt.?a.?eJ, is a ?salt<i envelcT*, s?ntfre?. B* tun an l *ewl for tkem, ami >< u H-ill mot r*gT4t tt, lor, as advertising phy si' tans are generallr im^O'^i. without rtftrrnrt* no stranger sken14 be trusted. Bncloee a stamp for postage asd direct to DB. LAWBBMOR. No. 14 Bond street. Bew York ne 12 DftWly ~ A MODBBB MLRAULBI From ol4 aad young, from rich and poor, from high bom aad lowly, cornea the Universal Yoioa ef yraiaa fer HALL'S TBOBTABLB BICILliM HAIR RENEWRB. It ta a perfect and oUracuioas article. Onraa teldnesa. Hakea hair grow. A better dressing than any ' oil1' or pomatum.'' gofteus brash, dry and wiry half la to Beaatifoi Silken Trues mi. bat above all. tae great wonder is the rapidity with which It reetoraeGaaY Haia to its OaioixaL Colo*. Use it a few tlmsa. and PRESTO. OH ANOE I the whiteat and worst loekiag hair raaotnea Ita youthful beaaty. It doea not dye the hair, but strikes at tbe root aad fill# it witb new life and coloring matter. It will net take a long disagreeable trial to prove tbe tratb of this matter The first application will do good: yen will see tbe BaTraaL OoLoa returning every day. and BErc BE TOC KNOW IT, tbe old. gray, discolored appearance of tbe hair will be gone, giving place to lustrooa, shining and beautiful locks. Ask for Ball s Sicilian Hair Reuewer: no ether article la at all like it In effect. Too will find it OHaar to Bcv, Pliuant to Txt, Amd Srki TO DO Yotf Good. There are many Imitations. Be sure yea vrocore the genalne. manufactured only by _ ? BP. HALL A CO., Bashoa. H. H. For aale by all AroSffleta. ia 17-8Jy MABB1AGB ABDUBLIBAOY, ABD THB B applnese ef Irue Itaahood. - Aa Etna* for Tonng Hen on the Crime of Solitude, and tbe Physiological Brrora, Abuses and Diseases which oeate 1 tnpedlnieata to Marriage, with so re means of Be!laf Bent in sealed latter envelopes, free of rherge. Addresa Dr J SBILLIB HODOBTOB, Howard As* clatioa. Philadelphia. Pa. jall-Sm BBCBBT D1BBABBB. BajiaxilAM s U; wj ia the meat certala.aafe and effectaal remedy -indeed, theoaly vegetable remedy ever dtacoverad Coraa la two to teor daya, and recent casss la twenty foor boars Bo mineral, no halaam. no asercary. Only tea plUa to be taaea. It la the soldier's hope, and a friend te thoae who do net waat ta be sspoaed. Male paokagoo, #S,fe mala, $1. 8a n an'Tan's Boot a!?D Hixb Jtricaa? A positive and per ma aant eare tar Spy bllia. Bcrofnla, Dicers, Sogoa, 8 sots. Teters. Bo. Pr?ee fl M par bottle. Bold by i. 0 Ford. Bee advertisement. my I gUMML 7, STEADILY, BW0CM88FWLL 7? IBOUKDBBS BXTBAOT BUOKU la ffUM every aaaa ?f Itim Praia, Mnunx* Sumi Dueut DuoEBiia. Waaxnnas ml Panm la the Back, FnuiJ Oosfuins aad TaocsLBs kiWtg dram Bxcassas or aar Km. QOBI, Tl iff LI0T19I fBT BMVLilPII'l. Kill MO OTWMM BUCK*. Bald by all Aptdheaartag. Pitaefl. B.BABBBB B OO .Bew Tark, Md BABBBB. WABDBOO., Bew Orlaaaa, Hsatbmn Agaata. BTTBLBIOH * mmm> A<a?a MM-1F COLUATB A CO.*8 W I N t B I SOAP. Baecmmeaiad f?r caarrgD nints aa| fnrgaaaial toilbt aaa davlag cold wumi. It may be ohtataeS of all draggUU aad faaag good* dealers, (eb S-aoly AUCTION SALES. |JY OUU A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TBTSTBR 8 BALE OF BBAL BflTATB. By virtue ot a deod of trust bea^ag date on til* flftb dsy >f jm-ttry, 1M6, i br J odd Collins to me tor the beneftt of Jobs Uiui, r# ourdedlB Liber N. C. T , Bo. o 181, of tl?e lud rxwds for Wssbiagtoneouaty,1B (be District of thimble, 1 will offer for sals. on tbe premlsss. -d PBIDaY. tbe ixth day of January, ?8tf7, at 4 o'clock p. in., the north part of Lot Mo. U. In Square No. 807. in the city of Washington, D. C , fronting 18 foot and S inch*-* on wty ih street. between A a ad B streets north, and . juning at that width to ths rear, together with tha iairoteMiiti. con* l "ting of a I mall dwelling bouse an?l ether buildings. Terma : One balf caah, tbe balance in 8 months, the purchaser to receive a deed and give bla note, i secured by a deed of trugt. All conveyancing and 1 I*veuue stamps nt the coat of tbe purchassr A deposit af $60 required at tha tima of aala. and tbe treat'* reserves the right to reeell at the coat ' of the purchaser if the tar ma of aale ate nut cotnpllad with within five day p. JOHN . NORBIS Trnatae. . OBEEN A WILLIAMS. UW-MNl Ac-tloneers. 8AL* l* P08TPOIIBO antil MONDAY, tbe 11th day of February next, at the aame hour and plaoa. Hy order af tbe Trustee. jal9 2awAds OBBEN A WILLIAMS, Ancta. HENBY DOLMAN I CO. AUCTION AND COM MISSION MEfilOHANT8, Boa. 491 and 193 Henna av., bet. 9th and ICth ata. Bala* at auction every, Thursday, and Saturday moral ntr and evening B C. BSqokbB. Salesman. I A full assortment ?f Dry Goods, Boot*, Shaes, ; Furnisblng Goods, Crockery. Tin War*. Stovus : Ac ,alwaya on hand at private aala. Caah ad vanced eu consignments. , . AL80. Wholesale and Bat all Dealers in Hardware and Tin Ware, Stoves. jto , N.>s. 447 and 331, 7th street. between M and N. A larsa quantity of Government stock. consisting of BlanKete. Sneets. Pillows, Shirts. Clothing, | Carta, Harnaee. Wagona. Wagon Wheels. Wh??lbarrows Trncks. Platform Scales, C' nnter ^cales, Crufkery, Lamps. L?r terns, Tftr.l'niiit.nul !W,0uu loffcts Store Pi p? A'so.largeq .ntlty of seconiband 8tov**4, with many other articles to* nilmoron* to ennmer ite. The tr ods are nearly m w, and will be soid n; almost any prioe to s"lt ja 161m n. COL'JAN A CO. BY NAGLE A CO., Anctionsers. 8aie-r<>oni No UHA penn. avenue, Between yth and 10th ata. I & 60- will give their personal attention I to tbe smI* of Beil Estate and Household PurniI tore Aim., to tne na'es of stocks of Groceries, ' Wine* Liquors, and Merchandise of every do! S' ripfiou. Horses. Carriage*. Uarn*-,s, Ac Liberal rash advances made on consignments. ReanUr Snip* at oar salesrcom every TUE8DAY. THURSDAY. and SATURDAY, at 10 0 Vlock N AG I.K A CO , jail ti Auctioneers. PROPOSAL^ O PRACTICAL PUMP- MAKEB3 AND 1'LUMBERd M \ yob's OFFU K, / W ash ,xi. n>N. .la* 28, ia?r ( Proposals in writing will ?.* reived at this office up to 12 o'clock m. <>n Til CRSDA Y. 7th of Ftbrtiry next, for making Fuoip^, dyJr'ioti, Logs for conveying mater, ana for -iukinc Woll-. including all nece-sary mat- riuli and workmauship In dlzclng. layiag, fliln?. and cojipletlng in the 1 est BiatBfr, and tor ke- pin>; t!if Pnm ps and Hydrants in perfect repair in the tir-t di?*rict, I composed of the 1st au<t 2d wards ; in fho second I district, composed of the 3d. ?th, and 7th wards . au-i to the third ditirfct conipo?(* | ot* the 5tti tb l tirli,i?)ich district t# b * bill for ep trAtcl;, and to ha nlven to dit1eia:it contract >r?.) tor the term of one >ear, cotnuit ucin* on tlie 1st d-ty of April. I8?" SpeciScatlcns can he seen at this o'^ce. also at ! the ofticaof the Conmi?>loners of Tmprorera?*ntK. In the base Blent of the u est wing of the Oity Hall Ths bid* for the Iron Pumps and Hydrauts wi.'l be tor the whole city. Tb? Mayor re*erv?? tohimself the 'ight to r?je t any or all Md? if he deems it to the interest ol tbe Catporation to do so. B. WALLAOH ja 28 eotd (Intel.) Mayor. pBOPOSAL^VOB NEW JAlLr BtrARTMINT OF THI HtKRIOR, V _ _ Washimi.tiix Jauu-try 24, 1*?7. ? i Sealed Proposala will bo received at tf.l* De part meat bkMI 12 o'cluck m , on MONDAY,the 4ib of March .18)7, for the erection ot the tail in ' and for the District of ''olaiul ia. ar.tbori/.ed an I 1 n vided . ?r by tbo act of < o'ic;ress, approved J uly 2*. 18fc>. Tbe designs, detail drawings, and s,.eci8rations i can be eoen at the architect s o|T.( in the ea?ter-i ! gr< nnds of the Capitol. Washington cltv.every day excapt Sundays, bsrwton tb? hours of 9 a. m. and 3 p in., on and after the J8?b insttnt. 8epar?t<? bids will t o received for th? masonry work,brick work. iron work ?nd carp?ntry work. 'l'he con ractor whose old m .y he ac-? pted will herejuirt'd to toitr int. a -nli -teo' bond, to be approved by 'be Seer-tarr o?" the lu e-ior, tor the faithini cmyletion of his contract Payments i will be !?;? ' a-the work pro^res-es. on estitnai n i certified toby tba architect, tnt twenty per coriturn of tba ttiimatos will be rot lined uutii tb cantrsct is crnit l'ted Ttecontiact will ha awarded to the lowest re I sponsible bidd-T, bnt the Department reserves i the rieht to reject any or all of tbo bids should it bo deemed lor tfco Inter, sta of the Government to ?o. The bids will ha opened at iron on the jth of March next, in presat co of su< h of th? bi Idere as may chooea to attend. Proposals should ha endorsed on the envelope, i 11 Proposals fcr ttew Jail." and b? directed to the " 8e>.rstary of the Interior. Washington. I) C " O. H. B HOW NINO. ja23 w(!w Secretary of the Interior. ^1C BIT DIBBAS1B. liHiKlTall'l eifTl SAMARITANS GIFT t THB MOST OBTAIN EBMBBT EVBB (JSBL Yoa, A Po*itivi OcRB," far UOSOKHlUJtA, OLMMT, MTMJOTUMK3, tf. Contains no Mlnoral, no Balsam, no Mercury. On.v Ten Pills to bt Thktn to hit a a Cm s. They are entirely vo?staoia, having no smell not My an pleasant taata, and wi ll not In any way la jure the stomach ar bowels of tha moat delicata. Cures ia fro* two to four aays, and recant cases In "twenty fonr hours. Prepared by a graduate of tbe University of Pannsylvanla/anaof tbe most eminent Doctors and Chemists of tha areeeat day; m txrumrt, no iros4 i. no c*wn wkatertr. Let those who have.Uspalrod of gattiag cured,o? ??'?s'1v?h.B,Sy57lsiSi<" cury.w?- Boat by ss.ll in a plala envalopa Prlca-Male packages, h. Fsaude, ?|. BLOOD I BLOOD! ! BLOOD 11 / POBOTULA. ULCBBS. SOBB8, SPOTS, TBTTBBS, SCALB8, BOIL8, SYPHlils OB YBNKBBA\i DISEASES, Ac. gAMARITAWS BOOT AND HBMB JUICB Is offered the public as a sosltl vo cure. SYPHILIS OB YENEBAAL DISEASES, ths tiAMABlTAN'S BOOT AND HNBB JUlC'l tss moot potent, certain and effectual remedy over pre. scribed; It reaches and eradicates every particle ol taa veaereal poison, so that tha cure is thorough and permanent. Take, then,of this purifying rem sdy and be healed, and do not transmit ft to voo> posterity that for which yCo may Mpeat ia DO NOT DESPA1B I Although yon may oe proaooncea incurable, SAMARITAN 9 BOOT AND HEBBJoVoBB will remove every vestige of Impuritlao from ths riSy.-1 ^ "warns;?'happily adaptao. In Ulcerated Uterus In L*uoot. i rhcea. In bearing down. Palling of the Womb, dability, and for all complaints iucldeut to the si* i Bent by sxprsss. Pries $ 1.? per boitla BAM ABIT AN S WASH s^srs? sfflii'-ooM~Bo* Full directfoLS. Price tS oents. Tbeettcacy of these remedies Is alike aeknewl Stf.v.PS!Siui:^_2H"" Tk" "* WHAT THE f?fO.OK5?, OJ^IWI .AMA. stating that 1 have used 'The Bajnaritaa Bemodles for Veneral diseases In Its most customary forms: that I have aped them with judgment, dlsorauen and properly, and, have found them respond to mi anticipations promptly and efleetually. Baowiui their oompoaltton, I have the fuUest oonSdonee la ttelr effloac;, and as far uay nseof them sx tends, * ? lhmD o. BOWBBS, "Assistant Burgeoa, tth N. Y. Yols. ' Id hy S. 0. FOBD, earner 11 thsteeatMd Penn> VICT OB BBCKBB. piano tom? and p?"tt .-m _ M _ Bstablishbd in 1838. joRa OBDtns SOW BBCCIVUD AT DBMP8EY A O'TOoLE S. Bagravers and Sta. tioDers, Ac , 336 Pa. av., bat. Pth and loth sta F. C. BhiCHENBAOH s Piano Booms, 499 nth street, near Fa. a venae a**rial !*?tioo from Wm Kmabo # Cb.t Baltimore. Mr. Beaker aas tuned Pianos for as at our Warerooms, and wo take pleasure in stating that we beHeve him to be a competent tenor. no 21 |m M A 1 L CHOWLATB DB FANTAIHI?, T BONBONS. A ill AID'S4"0* CHOOOLAT PAB BXOELLBNOB, This Triple Van! Ha CHOOOLa't'iI* is Superior la quality and flavor to aay other made In this . . earner 14th and F streets, under Bbbltt Hoaw, ACBEBBL AND OODFIBH. ~ sm tt So. ,?? MliityTl'l.* V:^"i PROPOSALS. pROPOSAL> FOR FLOUR. Q*(f of 9uh>*stenct. I W.t > niton, D. C , February 1.1957. { 8?tM Proposals are inn tod until SATURDAY, Febmary 9.1?>7, lto'cioca m.. for furuisuiag tbe Subsistence Department wittt 091 THOU BAUD .1.6001 BARRKLB 0 W FLOUB. The proposals will be for what U knows at this Depbt Noe.l and 2. and bid* win bo entertained (or any quentitv lot* than the whole tf ids mmt be In duplicate, and for N*k grade on separate sheets of paper. The delivery of tho Floor to ceaaenee within | flre days from the i ' tig of the bids. and mnat be delivered in au- h .ties, daily, as the Government may direct, at t .ie wharves, or Railroad Depot in Waehingten, 1?. C. The delivery of all Flour awarded to be completed within twenty days from the acceptance of the bid. Fids will be received for Flour to be delivered in new oak barrela. head lined. Payment will be made in inch funds ae the Government may have fo r disbursement. The uanal Government inspection will be made just befora the Flour ia received, and none will be accepted which ia not freah ground, and of n anterior tonality. No bid will be entertained from partlee who have previously failed to comply with (heir bida, or from bidders not preaent to respond. Government reaervea the right to reject any bid for any cauae. _ Bida to be addreeaed to the undersigned, at Ho. 223 G atreet, endorsed "Proposals for Flour." G- BILL, fe 1 4t Major and 0. 8.. 0. B. A. PROPOSALS FOR PERFORMING SANITA- ' BY WORK OF QUAUTBRMABTBB'S I DBI ABTMRNT. Htadqumrters Department of Washington. ) ' Qjfietof Ckitf (/MrKrmiNr,) b January .11, 1897. \ Healed Proposals are invited at this office uatii 12 o'clock noon, February 11,1957, for the removal <>f Ml *lnk deposits, aerie*, and dead public atiiinals tiom the various barracka. buildings. Ac .owned nud occupied by tbe varioua brenchoHof tho War Department u nnd about thia city, (tebedeelgnated by tbe Chief Quartermaster, Department of Wa^hiagtoQ,) tor the period of one year from March 1, 1847. fl;ddera to turni?h all necesaary inateriala and labor for performing ;he work, and to give bouda to be executed at once upori thf aw ird of the contract in the mm of live thousand uOllara fur the faitlitnt performance of the same. Payments to b? made monthly. Should the aniount of work required daring the period of the contract be either increased or de ceased, then a proportionate 'increase or deduc tu>n to be made in the monthly payments Lists of the plarea to he viaited and a statement of tbe pteaent amount of work required caa be had or tpp'i nation at this office. The undersigned reserves the right to reject any am' all proposals should t!vy b? deetned-t-vo high, and also the rlght to annul and discontinue the contract at any time when the cob tract or shall fail to perform the work required in a prompt and setisUctory manner. ? Bid* alioni : tie ?ndorae4 " Proposals far Performing i-Muitary Work of Quartermaster a l>epartaebt," and addressed to the undersigned. Ml LUD1NGTON. T5ft. Brig. Gen aad Chief 'iuartermaeter, ja J1 lit Department of Washington |>ROPOSALS FOR LUMBER Trfascry Dkpahtmmt, ) J Office or b< cbkvisinu abckitkct,. 4 January 30, Id>7. \ ' Pealed Proposals will be received at thia Office until 12 e <lock M , February lsth. 1M7, f?rfurni-hini! lunibet required for the Nnrth Win( of tleTressury Extension, as described in the following schedule: au.uMI lineal feet of N Carolina (heart) Flooring. 1 inch thick, not over 6 inches wide, an 1 r lear of k nols. I6,0i*" feet, l>oard measure, W. Pine Oom Culls., 1 Inch thick. I . i<ou feet. board measure, W. Pine Oom. Culls., 2 tn< h< s thick 1 toil feet, board measure, Spruce Scantling, S by I inchee.20tool lengths , Iv.W.uiu-' boaid measure, Spruce Bcaatling.Sby 4 ( inches, li feet lengths Si.oiu fs??t, ooard measure, Spruce Bails, 1 by 3 Inc his. 'JO feet l? ngths. IVOOt ieet, l?<ard measure, W. Pine Belacta,2incbes thick. 1 3 000 ieet, board measure, W. Pine Selects, dressed, \ Inch thick. 3 coO ieet. board measure, W. Pine Selects,dreae'd, '2 inch thick. 4.U1O Ieet bom d measure. W. PineSelecte, dressed, < Jt inch thick. ;,M0teet loan! measure, W. Pine Selects,dressed. 1-j in' thick. ' 2 CO feet.board trie* ure. W. Pine Selects, dreseed, i'. inches thick. 1 1,0??leet. beard uiea>ure, Pop'ar, dressed, H Inch thick. 1 1.00 teei board measure, Poplar, dreaaed, Yt inch thick A.11 the a'j >ve descriptions of Lumber must be of the he*t liualitj ot tU- lr several kindn, aud must be H?!ivered at tbe Treasury tiuililag from t ire t. time hs ordered. '?ud be subject to tbe In-' *re<t|i n of the In-spector and Beceiver of Mate I rials. Bids to sts'.e price rer M. feet, ai.,1 must be acC4 Mitatii'd by a wr'tten guarantee iroru ?ome refcjo. oit b. pe i ?<,n. tho bidder will execute and l-erfom it- co. tr.iU if awarded to liim ; The I'epartm^ut lexer ve^ ttie right to reject any ,1 all t ie d?, If < ODsidtred f< r the ii taroel of the I ( ovetbuient la do so, or to accept auy portisns of tuem. fcid- to be encased in a s aled envelope and eu- 1 dcn-ea 'ProposAia for Lutatifr." ___ ' A B M0 LLBT r. a 51 [Chron ] Supervising Aicuiteot. I Proposals fob akmt transportation. i Qt AKIKKMASTEk OXKBHAL'S OVF'CB, t ] \V A>nijsi?Tof<. U. O.. Jar n.sry 16. 1377.\ Sealed Prop -Sale will be received at tUia eltice until 12o\ lock m.. on the 2Hthof Fobruary, 1347, ? tor the transportation ef Mili ar) Supplies during ihe year commencing April I, l*>7, and endiug i March 31,18o8, on the following routes: ROUT* N?. 1. From Fort McPheri-on Be%rnska Territory, nr such parte aa mar he determined upon 4<ir1ag tbe I > ear on the Omaha branch of the Duioa Pacific rai road, wt)?t of Fort McPherson. or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Territory, to audi poets or depots hs are now or may be established in the Tarrity o Nebiaxka. west of longitude 1 1 deg., iu the Ter it'.ry ot Montana, soutb of litituae 44 deg.. In tbe Territory Uaketa west ot longitude Jim deg., la tbe Territory of Idaho, aonth of latitude 41 deg arid east ol longitude 114 dei; . and iu the Teri itories of Ttah and Colored" north of latitude iu deg , Including if necessary, Denver City. ' BOUTB Bo. 9 VromVort Biley. biate of Kanaaa, or inch 1 points as may be deUnninad nponduring the year ? n the Csioo Pacific railroad. B. D.. t. uv posts or depots that are now or may be established la 1 the State ot k ansae or ia the Territory of Colorado south of latitude 40 degrees north, and to Fort Lnlon. New Mexico, or other depot that may be designated in that Territory, aad to Mny other , point er points on the route I BOUTB Bo. 3. I From Fort L nica or such other depot as may ba established In the Territory of Mew Mexico, tu ' an> pons or stations that are, or may be established iu that Teriltory. nnd t? such pouts orstations aa mat be designated In the Territory of Arizona, and In the Stale of Texas west of longitude J 106 deg. BOUTB Mo, 4. From Bt Paul. Mianesots, to such pests a* are now or may be catabiiabed In the btate of Minna- ' sota. and la that portion ef Dakota Territory lying eeat of the Miaaouri river. ( The weight to be transported during the year , will not ex reed on Boute Mo 1, oUi pound a ; on Boute No. 2. 20M?8 Ooo pounde . on Route No. | 3, d.tbw ooi pouuds, nsd on Boute Bo. 4, 3^00.UU0 1 pounds. Proposals will be made for each route separately. Bidders will stete the rate per 100 pcunJe per Itsi ruiles, at which they will transport the stores in ea" U wofcth of the year, beginning April 1, 1367, and ei ding March 31.13^ Bidders should give their names iB full, as well as thelrl places of residence, sod cach proposal should be acojnipanled bv a bond in the sum of ten thousand $10,00') dollars, signed by two or ne>re responsible persons, guaranteeing that In a e a contra t i^ awarded for the riute men ( tioned in the proposal to the party proposing th? contract will be accepted aaT entered Into, and , good and sufficient a'enrity furnlahed by said party in accordance with the terme of this advertisement Tbe contractor will be required to glvo bonds in tLe fallowing amount* : 1 On R?ute No. 1. fi'4i.WW. * On Route No. 2, snw.'iOO. ' On Bonle No 3, loo w?). I Ob Boute Bo. 4. toiuo Satisfactory evidence of the loyalty and sol ency of sach bidder and person offered as security will be r?<ji ired. Proposals mnst be endorsed " l?roP?eals for Army Transportation on Route Bo 1.2.3, or 4," 1 as tbe cuaemay be. and none will be entertained unloee th?y fully comply with the retirements 1 ot this advertisement. The party to whom aa award is made must t>o prepared to execnte the contract at onoa, and to ' give the required bonds for the faithful perform- ' ance of tbe contract. 1 The right to rajeat any or nil bids that may be offered le reserved. . ' The contractors on each route must be in readi- 1 noee for service by tbe let day of Anril, 136T, and I will be required to have n place of business or ageney at which he may ba communicated with 1 ( mptlv end readily for Boute Bo 1, at Omaha, J M. T.; for Beute No 2, at Fort BMey, Kansas; for ' Route No 3. at Fort Union.New Mexico; for Route No 4. at Saint Paul, Miuneseta. or at such other * print for each of the eeverel Roate< ae may be in* ! aicatad as the starting paint of the route. 1 Blank forma showing the conditions of the contract te be entered into for each route can be bad on application at this efllce, or al the afllee af the | Quartermaster at Mew York, Saint Louts, rert Leavenworth, Omaha. Bsnta Fa, Bad Fort Snel- ,

ling, and must accompany and be a part of the i pro pot a]. j Byorder of the Qoartermnatar General. ALBXAIfttB BLISS, , Brave t intone I and Aeei stent J jaHBt : Qaartamaatar. P. 8. A. , goww MISS MAC^BBSL! ~ ] I am new reoetvinc baa Boston direct, the very ! and which rnrely find their way to thia aarket, J hetag used aoetty far haaeo oonanaaMaa. As they i have beea trimmed of every p^rtbnt tbe moot ? i Corner 14th nad F streeu, under 1 ?alt* Bbbitt R oaae. 1 Court, by Muhlbaeh. , Bamaoa a Blemeuta af Art- ! OriMHsms Andrew'i Oibpsigaa of Mobile. J Tribune Almanae fer WW-?- . . f j?> . yiAMOM TAYLOm. f f|# . ol r * ?? Ills/ feel f IA?I X, .fa mmm LKGAJj VOTICKS. i" "? sbmbsuttl.*" ' wh,. ?kr a/ftgjwt'-?JtlMitoaiUDnto, i Joeeph JchMoa. Mary Jfta > Bggitf Be. ?T. eoa, John M Iimoi. J oka I joh* **lom' * * i Theobjeet af the bill ||?| tn'tbta caaae It to procure a deersa for the eale of certain ?|?om or percale of grooud lylag aad being la Waehington city. Dlitrnt of Columbia, beiagLot ftu4 partof Lot 4, la *?aaro 1 jm, to aatlafy a debt doe by defendant, JoooH Johaeon, to tho oailtiauu, The bill eeta forth ia aubeteece that tho salt Joeeph Johnson waa Indebted to aaid complain ante la tbe ram of #447 40 far good* oold and delivered by oomplainaata to tho aaM Joeeph Joba on. That at the tl aioof contract la* said debt tho aid Joeeph Jtihnaon *u aoizod and poeeeoeed of tbo eaid plecee or parcela of errand, which, whilo be waa to indebted, he ireuauleutly c?n?oyo<l ia told dofeidtnt. John M. Beaeon, la tract tor tho aolo nee aad benefit of Mary Jobneon wife of aaid J oeeeh Johaaon. That complalnanta obtained judgment of Modem nation of tbo atKj plecee or p arc-le , of ground in and by virtue of an attachment iaeaed oat of tho common In side or thla c< art in favor ot ooniplaineate againstaatd Joeeph Johne n aud praya that tbo aaid dood of traat fro* aaid Joe -ph J eh neon ta Mid John M. Haaaon aa aforeeei l be prodaced before tbe <'-oart. and thoiaa<- b* o*d celled. That the aaid ompleinaata. after the iasamg ef aald attachment aad the loving of tUe Mine ot th# ftld piecN or yiro^li of groQnd.ucertain?* that the said defendant. John Flrn, claimed to have a lien on tho aaid piece* or par eiaof around; that on aearohlng tho laad record* of Waehtagt<>a conaty. Diatrlct of Columbia, no | hop or dood of trnat ?m recorded in aaid lea1 roc- ! orda, but that after finding of the jury and iddgm? nt of coadematioa on tho aaid attachmenta, the aaid record a were aaaia aoarched aad a dood of trust from aaid Joeeph Johooon to John Malono, to m care John Fljn for the sum of ai awi, wax found recorded. That the aaid dood of tru-t waa recorded nearly eleven n.ontha alter the date thereof, aad over two moatha after the iasaiag and ! leviag of said attachment 1 hat the aaid attach- ! roent ia a prior lien oa the said pieceo and parcel* of around, before th? aaid deed of trust. Praya a dlac> veivfof the aroouat still due ana unpaid on aid de< d of trnat and praya a ?ale of the aaid pie- e* or parcela of ground to satiety the deiaan la of the complements aud other creditor*. and for an injunction agelietsaid defendant* Joaeph Jobneon Mary Johaaon, John M. Bauson, J<>hn Fly a and John Malono, and their confederate, ?h?-? dacover<d. to reatratn and pr hihit thorn and their ngen'a and aervante from celling or il4poatng of. or ia aay maatier farther incumbering, theaaid piece* or parcela of ground : . 1It la t hereupon thia.Id day of January, ]W, adjudged ana ordered that not toe of thiaauit l>o given to tbeaaid a on resident defendants, Joseph John aon. Mary Johnaon. and Jehu Flyn, ny publishing , acopyof thiaorder in the EveHntr Star, a neoi paper published In the city of Washington, In tho ! l'iatrtctr f Columbia, three time* a week for elx cor.aecntive weeks warnlug aaid nonresident d? fen^ai t* t< he and appear, in jeraon r by ?oIi itrr. at rules to he held In the olBco of tho Clerk of thla < ourt.nn the firat Tueoday of Jnne, A. I) IW>7. tn an*w?r tho aaid hi 11 of oomplaint; other wise tbe same will be tak?n pro roa/<?.<o agwinat ! them: Frov1<it<d the flrat puMioation of thia order ' al'all appear at lea?f four montha beftreaaid tirat Tne.?Ja> of .Inno I8;7. and atatitig the object and atibefance of eaid hill of rnmpleint. A. B. CLIN, A*-o iato Jnatico, Ac. _ A true copv: B J . M KIOS. Clerk "" J MILLEB, Solicitor for coinplaiaaata. jat Stawlw f IBPBABS COIBT Jan. 8. ias6.-Dt.?TaiCT y #' Col.UMltA, Wi?H, ,8TO.t <Joc?Tt, To ten: la tbe caao ot Abraham Hiakely. executor of Bljzai.oih MUes deceaaed. the executor aforeaaid baa. with the approbation of the Orphans'Court of Washington Couuty aloreaaid, ap pointed Tuoeday, the 3i*t Uav of January .?*,7 tor tlie finalaettiopient an i distribution or the pera .nai aatate of aaid doceaeod, and of the aaaeta in hand . as rar aa the aan.e have been c.< ilected aud turned lute ??* ?; wbea and wL^ie ill the credltora and berra of eaid deceaaed are notified to attend with their claioao properly vouched, or they may otherwiae bv law be excluded from all benefit It mid deceaaed'a eetato - Provided a copy of thia or Jer be pnbllahod once a week for three week* In tbo Bvonlag Star, previ*na to tbe aaid day. Toot?J AS. *. O BBIBNB. ja ll-law3w* Register of Wilia. THIS is TO OIVM MOTIOB, That the aubaorl A her haa obtained from the Orphan*'Court ot Washington conaty, la tbe District of Columbia etter* i??_anieiilary on tbo aeraonal estate of John T. Braxton, late of Waahingtoa, U. O leceaaed All neraona having cla'ma agam.t the aaid doooaaod, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the anbacrl t>or, on or before tbe 1l?t day of July nextJhe> may etherwiae, by law, be excluded from all benefit of the aaid aetata. Given under my hand thia .tist day of Jnir. . . MAKI J. BBAXTOh. J?*yawJ?j*^^^^^^^^^ltxooutrix. go v'kr^ment is al es. IMPOBTABT SALE OF OOVKBMMENT VBS SKL. D'pot (/uar >rmaster's GJkrt% < Faitxmvrr. W(Z , January So, nj|7 ( Will bo acid at public auctioa, at the port of Hal Vfa,f- K*"t u'?t"??ore.jou lliulltUAY 11 M , F?lTnary 28. H-,7, tiie SU 1'AUti SlLlX-W HKEIi STBAMEB COSMO , PuLiTAB. Df 1.9 ton?; l< u*th, 219 foot, br.-adth of be?m Si teet. de^th of hold, 13 feet, 4:jrlinder, 40 iuchee and 11 leet ttrcko. ' A rare opportunity I* afforded in the aale of thia steamer to feia. ua deairiag to pur liaiw a really ttrat claaa veaael. She 1* of light draft the engine and boiler* are In moat excellent (oaditioa, and the hull nerro*tly aound aud atron*. It la believed that for also aud build tha Cosmopolitan *urpa?aea any v?ael l.itheite ottered br Uov?i nnieat for Hale at tide port Tem.a caab, iu Government fund*, on d*v nt taie. "l Further particulars may be learued upoaapplf. ati. ntotLe uadeisigned or to tbe* Mes-ra Al'BKON, THOMAS * CO.. No l "' Eiouth CUarlea ktreet. ' * By order of the Quartermaator Qeaeral. A. 8. K1MHALL, - . Ca#tain and A. v. M.,U.a. A.. fa l-81t Oept'l y uartermaater. ^0 BLILDEHS AMD OTJUEEsT By order *>f the guartermaKter Ueaeral, th? Ininber u?ed in the coaatrnction of the ?'air Buildimr rorner Seventh street aud P?nosx Ivaula aven,,^' wlli boaold at anatioaou 8ATUBDA Y, Fehruar; i. at IS O clock noon, auder tlie anpervision ,.f Brevet Lleutenaat Oolunol Jamea H Moore A K M . at the tiovernment Lumberyard near'tha root of Slxtb atreet, eoaalatlns of about ?2 331'feet timber, joist aud acantling, uiew j S2,?01 feet timber and boarda. (o:d > 61 window frame*. >2 aaeh, and 10 dors. Sohedulta containing frll deocriptiona of thia lumber mny be had by application to (Lionel Mouro pre vieaa to day of sale. Purchases mast bo removsd within tea daya from lay of aale. lorva < ash in Government funds Brevet Brig Gen. (.HAS H TOMPKINS Deputy Quartermaster General, a 31 8t Act g Chief <1. M , Depot Washington. ^~UCT10* BALE OF^UOVEBNMENT BUH.D Chit/ Quart trmaster'f U*re Deft of W*.-k,nrtom 1 Watkintion, D. C.. January if tar>7 '} Willbeae'd l.j order of the Uuartermaatei Gon ral, oa Til L BSD A Y. February 7 at llo'.^k loon, under the aut^rvlaloii of Lieutenant Oo|,.uel Ian ea M. M<M>ro A y M. the following build npa< ^*uattd on H street, near the B. aud o. B one Granary, 37 by M feet Cue Office, IS by it teet One BolMing. 16 by su feet. One hbed. 12 by ^4 tu< t One Stable, 16 by 10 leet. oneBink aud Fence. Terms: tash, in Government fuuda CUABLES a .To Ml'KINS, Brevet Brig. Gen , Dept. y M Gen., , ? ... Actiag Chief guai tertnasler, ja 26 lit Depot of Waehington. ^OVEBNMENT SALB " Th" property known aa tho "GOVEBNMENT rANNEKV AND STBAM SAW MILL, ' with leveaty-livo acres of land, near Sau Antouu, rexaa. Se?lod Proposals, In duplicate, will be received id t? tlie let dar of March, 18>7. for the purchase 1 ?f seventy-five acre* of l?na, more or leas, together wiih the ballctnga erected thereon, aad tho apI>urteuaace8 appertaining, that is to aay - 1 ONE TANNERY. 1 Jontaining TWELVE r>Tt>N LIME TATS, 1 FIFTY TWO WOODEN V\T.S, w. , HEVEN STONB POOL8, tad capable of Unnlag fifteen thouaaad Lidea per mnum. OBB STEAM SAW-MILL, capable of aawing throe thousand toot or lumber daily. < ONB SMALL 8TOME BC1LDIH<> The abo^e property la itoatiad aWont two mflea tb>ve San Antonio, oa the Baa Aat-nlo river, aad be water taooDducted to the eetahltahmeut by a race of howa atone, laid ia ramont. The land waa purohaee<l aad Improvement* nade by tbo IhIo so-called Coiifednrete Ooveru 1 neat, and are estimated to have coat $iau <M) In < rold. The property haa been uader lease forthevear 1 >846. at a monthly rent of $600, payable iu ad rH0C*' aecnrtd title in fee almple will ba given :>y tlie Cnited States Government I'ropoeals will be marked "Propeeals for Gov rnment Tannery and Saw Mill,' aim addressed i? . w , ? J.B KIDDOO. , 3vt Major Goa., Aaat. Com. Uar?aa B , F and A. L., Galvestoa, Texaa. jatl-S7t Paotao imifS. BTTBBS PATTrioeotaar #. l ia tbe effectual remedy far Be azatioB, Sporaaathorrhoea, and Bxhauatfoa of Trieeamar Bo.S haa eatirely aaperJketo areparatloa ia hi the form of amoet agree Seoarod from tho eiTeota or ell- 1 lufflMU iTnrftjff* **"?>*. a?. m , n ... . ,j f'j , * i4t a ' * J* * ' * . " v#! i>i,id J a KAlLROA DS. 1^6 pnimmu BOCTB 1867 TO TH? NOBTBWRST^OUTH AHD 8UUTBOa aad aOUIDDLlJ le??eMfo?toiV ?T*mb#r * 1M' ?? WaafclpgiM^r JJa.m I Baltimore.,.-* i?a. ?. 2s%ss?IHtt TB40Ot0U?li,tS L'??- t0^' Two boadred buIM aaVadta *?rtW??M Central New Tork 10 T?o Dally TraJnj to the Weet. apWoSa 5a2sa?foS&" ? ? theYhCS!!?" bje th,t r??u? from Baltimore have in UBlOfij maU<?-"ii?M? Howl, where reliable iafor mail,,a ?||| b? |Uu *11 timM I .JT *n'#r* Kufulng tlcksta at this office can ^riror*?ltSb^tloM ,D *W c ^ *' B.J. WILKIN*. Ticket A*ent. ?n Tfknun ? Washington. D. 0. k&<I?CB?.0??. Pw. Agent, Baltimore. Md. del If "D >.m ?&??!???$?][;!?*'{$2 irti!"'- *M Ess ?.' ' vvri r;r Tknuhliil ' Local'cor Rt?. 43 A >* IlOCSl fct......... Tt)0 ud Unary (10 II :. ?-?S PM ^.1*??00 .. M ?- ? <g F. M. 10 U0 ? ** Z J1 30 ? T?rnkertHl',*il,COr'*"r<>' Vake^Uenry ft iiy p M Lo *1 oor King Md Henry.. . 7 ?J ta.?5v^Sf,Lyj" ?? T1A1N8 * " I From Md evekna.b^T.'t Alkxaxdb'4. Through Mul l V A N ,? C?r Mnk* * HenrF Loc*ohri4v^L"? ? "A&rfcKKi. ^**'^'^h^'A^xiV Vo k 1 ? ilWiligqi Train* b*tw^n '"V." -Jaa- j> l?7. now run * follow, T,,rlu?l0,t Sew York *re I^vo"dLT,*?B* .wlthMt ph?o*?<?f cere. ? *> p m ?*cept Sunday? St 7:45 a. m etd ?h*a.***W T01ilt'<* ?? * e?re it Philadel4 ap*md*,iT f*xcept Sunday) at 11:15 a m and I MM ^1,'OR PniLADKLPTI \ m.. end ? ? ?Vr?!i%"",Uy >St 7 48 mn* 11 18 * ! . . _ ON 8L Nl'A Y ID only. Se* Vork ta* 1>hli*i?"lpaU at? h) p. I d^oplnteanfor Hew York on fc jn p. ns train I Through ticket* to Philadelphia New Vnrk r-r^v ^^ *'ih* jui* BankrreV'rftf, V V .4t tlM> "*** <7 the ,n*pM *w) Hr> kere Toleirich Lit)' . 3 4** Penn ,?:tv"en ?h *01 7t b etreete * fo r^L ^b ednt !T Wln Ohi?*?<'ro..l Ufertl^ment ADnrX tn^.hVw^,' Mh,n?'?. Bel t!more, i.' M Toifr ?o lr?oe^rutloD. nw?? o B O^nerel Tick- t A cent OeSO-tf kOONTZ,AgcuC. Weeun.ttou. OALTlJIOitK^ AhD OHIO BAILEOAO. ! __ w asmin>*to3i, Jea e, my, are uow run ee foiUwe ri* ... rv* baltimokb ii i?. exo*?? Bnndey. ?t 7?,.7ij 11 .M a. Di.end 2.<V, *nd 4.SO eud sOipJ 45 * *ni , toa ALL WAY STATI??>ri >?SS,;,r?t 8ni-dm>' 7 ? T AV J t'ftCploH1 UF AHSAP^? ? a4'?"1 41i **"*' ? a. ? .and et 2 *, ?nd 4 ? L??Vi? l?r?K ANNAPOLIS uTboZAZ&Zi.'SSJiS' m "?? , "N OtMJAt. F?'ii UALTIMOK*. Leave -a 7*45 ? ni auij 2 (> stl?l ^ lj0 p Le.?,t;i"B WAf ^TAlloSi. ' *' w L',J5,1 ,n T.dsiwp ?. ,r" r^. itVtta?m.. e?d ! I ^,hr.ri i er* and liro'ke're' avenB?, between ?th aad7th itreato. ^ Penn*1r.^t,w >oik, PfciUieirUU. ?tid BoiUb ?? adTBrtleenient of ' Tliroajib Lino." "'* f M T'm 'n* ^Jr?"???>rUUon. ma":! vi? A'^v.;',v ? .tberwwJ[?irA'^**,r *ro> < ro*nectlDg wrtii * folk," W*,,?rn ?? loave N#ir -A5 E*trm,B Hndeoa Rtrrr Rb|I. i?ro,IT:^ u^rf J!.4 S.I?1'!"* ,kn<, "*11 f"1" *l? Budeoa ?Z"*ZJi 1 "lr'n<K"t,B* *t Atbaay with Wait71 tt troy with :r*toe f .r ? .rtb tnim *'? H???na Bill road, witlVn ??n5^rt?>t at <'bathim with r** "41""* ^or Pitt ?**<<; with^ri<i^*?a> 2"h woe't?rn tralae afxi ?' Troy MoiVrSJl Baratofa Ba tUnd, Barliaiton end 3 ie * m Ma rta Hadvos BiT-r Bailr >H?coB??ottne at Albany with Weetern traul. 1 and at Troy with traine for MaMMa. with ile?n. ' iag car attached. ?"???^, who ?ieep. ( 4.16 a m. Eipreee train tI? Barleoi Railroad > roueectiDK at (Jnathaui witb WaeterH Bailr .adfor' Lebanoa Bprt.ife, I'ltufleld, ; at AlTa^y a , a Weetern tratae. and at Troy with train* for Rnt^ Wb5dB^trlACaBU ?^pin? a?;,- | -A3*!,&^f*P'?"tra?n^aHnd?OB Bfrer Bail- f , far attached, aud through t.> 1 1 Buffalo and Bnapen-Joa Brtd?. witboat chance ..f ' care. Aleo, aieo.ptag car oiery day exc^ptlna Batorda, attached front Bea York through t5 Ofdenel.urf without chaaae, rta Rome W. aadO Railroad Connection for Troy will be male ?t Boot Albany. Tble train will rao on Bundara lip m Train Tia Hnceon River Railroad, with ?leepin? car attached. coanactiBK at Albany with ' early train* fer buffalo and BbhpomIob Bri l<r? Horth tralna tor Beratofa arxl^oinu A Boaday train will be r?B rla H?daon Rir^r 1 ' Railroad from New York to rou(hkeep?i?. and (fT terniedlate atatlons. leaving New York at 8 Ma - Bcturnlng, leave Poughkarpeie at ?.4? , . 1 arriving In N?-w } ork at 6 lft p ta *' m ' A'""- Sunday train via Harlem Bailr<i*.f l?rlT. ing 4ld str eet at 'Ja. ta , and arriving at M:||>.rr n at 3 flu p m. Ketarning. lea%. Mill, rton at - l 1 m.. arriving la New Yorkatjt.S a m p* . ,n WH. H. VANDBRBILT. ,1*H Tlca Proaidant- I U9mmom\iE^SSSSSKm *** ** : TO TRAYKLLBKII OOINU BOUTB. TWIOB 1>AILY, (Baaday p. m. excepted.) The qalokeet aad moat direct route to Bloheoed. ' a , and the Bouth. via the Potpmau ? ' tearners from 811th Str.'<et WLarf._^^^R^^A Waablngtoa, to A<?aia Creek and^HBMW . Kicbinoud, Frederlcktbnrg and Potomac Bailr ,a i 1 now entirely ooaiploted from A?i la Creek to Rich-' ' 1 mond.Va.connecting tbero witb trainooa the Rich. mond and Petaraburg and BldfTmoud and l>auville Ratlroada for Petersburg. Weldon. Wllnoiagton Raleigh. Qreensboro', Batiabary, bharlotu and > Cheater. B. O Steamers Ke> port aad O Tanderbllt loavo Hlxtb ' Btreet Wharf dally (Sunday evtslug axoaptadi at I M a. m aad 7 a n. and arrivo la Rlcbmond at 1.45 m. and 3 90a m. THBOCOB TO BIOHHOVD IB flBTBB HOURS, 1 Fifty Mi lea Shorter and IS Houra Quicker thaa , any Other Route. Ba Bare aad sat Through Ttckete via Amia ' 1 Oreek aad Fredorickaburf, to Rtohmuad, at the Oompaay 'a Office, corner or Peana. aveaue and 6th street, or od board of tha baaU. Bagga?e oheaked . Ikrough. < Omalbaaaee aad Bacga?o W ago as will ba to raadlaeea to ooavey paeeengera aad .baggage bo- , twoea depoU la Rlchmoad. 1 Paeaeagers by thla line >aaa by daylight Mount ' Varnoa. and may bate aa oyaortualty of Tlaltlng several battle-fleUa soar V rod art oka burg by atop- < ''Bretk&Tt1 a"Sl sua ob board of Bteajaaerr ! j aptly Imiairaiwawr Afm. i 1 pOTOMA? TBABSrORTATIOB U1BB. BOTIOB TOJB1PPBBS. Tha (Maaaar BXFBB88, Oa??. B. A. BYTHBB, ! 1 TSSSS ' Dsa esrrss.' Sfi-rJSS: ~ ! rpHIS 18 TO ?m BOTIOB, That the aahacrlletter a MjtaUMnttM W tha paraoaal aetata of aan Vatua. lata of Waahiagtoa Olty, 1?. c.. de aaaad. AJl >araoaa ha via* claims agaiaat tha aald lecaaaod are hereby waraea to exhibit tto aM*. , aith the voachers thereof, ta tha anbecrlber, oaoc tsa TiT k" b"-'saaSaSar' ' i >1 >V7*t i -r i o J V I RAILROADS ! H IlADtM BalLBOAD t JSSfttKVA VIA THK S( Hrvi gn L 9C9><r^ If A!* St. Ll'UdkhL4\D JLKD WYOMJ.yfo rALLtF!& THE XOKTti AO A TH WmSt 4 \ /> 77/2 , (VIAjUMB IritiTER A HM.A Q E M E \ T Of" I /'.4 SMs A ? lA 1 HA1XS. On*-tr 8 n*. |MT^. blltlti MORNING AOCOMBODATIOB8 At T.JO ?. m. for Baadia* u4 ali *- ?? fcMaticna . Reteialn*, Beading at ? SO p. ..arrl viae in Pblladolphla at? Kip a. MO El 1 HO IXPUU. At 8.It a. ? tor Boaoia*. Mm?i, Barrtebarg, PMU?ill?.flMfir*f*. Tmmh Btikirt. Wu Iiair *f ort Elmira. Bocheeter, Btafara Fails. Battaio. AlleutowB, Vlikeebarro, Fuut >a. Yerk (*rii?i*. c uea-bereLarg Hi0rit?wi Ac , Ac * This irali conned* at IBAD1MU with the lut PMiDf)(taaia Mailreao train* far A Ilea Sow a, a( aac with tb* UIMvq Yaiiar trala Itr Harris ; at POKt OLIMTUl vita OaUviiM RatTrcad trains for * liliamagert. Lark Htrm. Kiailra, Ac : at B A BBIBBIB0 with Morthera C< ntral, < an l>erlaiid tailor. aa< >ohnyikisl lag bueyuehaana traiae fc>r lortk?a6*rlM4, Wllliaii sport, York,Oh?>?r?hurg. Pluegrove, Ac AFTEBHoOB EXPBB8* Leave* Ft Uadeipaia at AW p. u for Bead:ag, I'citavtlie, Utrruburr Ac , connecting w1u? R ad' ig and Columbia Railroad trala* for vuiaatLla, Ac BBAP1KO ACOOMMODATfOB Leaver a-anmf att .Wa ni , e?oppi i.g at all war statioi a. arrive* in Philadelphia at t.wa m. *e'uitin?. leave* Philadelphia at 4.10 p. m.; arrive* in he .all o* at 7 3* a m. 1 ram* far Philadelphia lea* e Uirrlili'i at t.10 m ?a<l Poit.villa at S 45 a m. ai riving la Philadelphia ?t 1 ot p , Aft raoon trains leave liarrtstarg at 1 l< a in aai PottavlIU at s.?| a. m ; orrUinf at Phlleaetplila at* ?t p m. Hat rieburg ?cc n.mmattou Inin Be*<liag at 7.d? a iu., aad Harnebarg at 4 lo a. m. Ooaaact IB a Bt with Aftei boa Ar< omuiiMiatton pouth at 6 3L> p m. arriving la Philadelphia Bt *.! p. n, Maikei Train, with a paeeenger car attach ad, leevee Ptiiladelphle at IS *."> boob for Keedtag aa 1 aii ?a> *t.?tion*. leavaa Reeding li Ao e n , aad Dir?b.htU ?D IS A' p. m. far Phiiedeiphia aad ail ?t> stations. Ali the at r* train* run daily, Band** a excepted. t>nD''?; Tralt.0 l?eve Pottaviila at 8 a. at . aad Philadelphia Bt J IS p m.; leave Phtladelchle for (trading at 8 b. ai . returaiag flora beading at t li f,n*' CHKhTBR \ ALLKT KAILR'AP P*t?ei>g< ra tar I>o?niag.own aud later mediate fcltiti ukt the T 3u aiid (.11 a ai and ?jg p m train* fr^m Pbiladelrbla. retnrat&c frooi Do?b it)f t< n at 7 a m ai <1 12 '*> c?i>b. KBW YORK BXPHKSS* FOB PITTTSBCBau AND TBI U BBT Lhvm Mew \ oik at 7 vv b ai Bad S p m . bbk irn Ufa-ill g at I e.V lldla n aad i 48 p. m ,ni Cfbua dug at UartKbutg alth Penan) Uaaia aad N*r'hBiii c'?m;al itaii'oad Bspr>-*a Trbiua for l'itt-burr!i Chvago, WiltlBaiaport, Bliulra. rialtiaico *c. Kotrrnlng. Rxpre?? Train leav a Ra' 'SI org n antial of PenB?rlvaiiia Kipreap trom Pittabar ; at S and U a 1' p ai paaaiag Blading at ,.4? aadilV.U a. ai and II ? p ai , arriving at Ne* i rk III b a , aud 2.4:. p ai, M *piu^ c? . xece ir ; ai.jlt g the-e traist through beteeaa Jarsev ttt) an I Ptrtabargh. without cbaugo. Mull train for Mea York leave* Harrmburv at 2 1" p m Mail traiu for Uarrtal org |?;tr** Slaw Y ork at 1; ? -oo WI lVLKIW, VALLBT BAILBOA D. Ti*ir.* leate P<>i4?vnle at 7. II.Ma m. and 7 1.1 p. in . returning lrou? laiaa-iaa at 7.A'ib at., and I.aO an 1 4 It p. m. BCiiif \ LAiLLi AKl^ STSyCKU ABBA BAIL Train* leire Aubnn at 7 fOa m. for Plnagrova B?'d H?rt i*bnr<r. ?al <t 1 su p no., lor Citwrov* J ar.d I reniojit et*r*tr>g trein B^rnabnrir at 3 pi 4 p. tu , and from Tien) .Bt at < 36 a. m aad s.js L. tu. FBCIOBT G< od# fall descrictioB* forwarded to all tho ai ore P' ltits frctn t! f t ompanp's N?* Vreiaiit. l)t['?t, Hr< ad and Willow *tr??ta FKBI OBT TKAlRS L?ave Pblladt Ipma daily at 5.3va tn . 11 45 n00a atid 'p iu. for k-anlng. Lfl<aii?s. Barria' arg*TlllB, Port Clinton, aad all poiat* hot oad* M A I LB Bt the Philadolpbla Pott Office for all p!*r?h >! tiie t ao BBd ita hraachea at S a. m an.I l?>r the principal atati<>a* aalr at 3 li a ai ' ja 19 tf l)kNN*TLVA<tIA CBBTBAL BAILBUAD 1 wlMTBK tkS&AUklllNt. Tbe tra.u* t f tb? P -trn-j I vaul? Central Bail'Mil It a*i the pepot, at .flat and Mars-t atr?et?, a ilcti la 1 ea< bad nrecil) b> tBBcarn ??f the Bir kei street Pm>< b(*i Kniiwav. Tb<i><-,ittlwOkeiit. I i t ai d ^4 ?lnat reet Bailaajr ran witblu oae a ,oai?- ef It. bl SfAY S-The Market 8treet Cart leave Front a 10 tl ark?t atreeta it uilnatea before tu? d-pai ti.r- ?f eatli trata MaN?'? UAOOtai BXPBB88 will call for au<l deliver at the I'epat. order* loft at {lie fhce.Ho oSi Ch??tnatStreet, nrill racalvo BtUbtiuU. T>iit*< Ltm;* Orrot, fit: Wait Train at lima m. Pa?i. A <?in ti N"a I <t 2. 10 itf a m A II 1* p. in. Kb* Lit.a >a<l Kne lapieaa at ijwi a l'ark'tiurg 1 rata. ... tl | m p. m. Haril?bnrg A c?miiio<1atioa.._. . at p ta Larc??ter Acooni'Modati a At 4 uu ik piitMiamh and Brie Mall a' 1111 p in pi lta<t? .pbla Bi| cm atl'OOp m. PittM.btK A Iik Mail laavas dalip. except Bat a. day. Philadelphia Bxpre** leavas dally. All othai traluK dal'j . except hnnda) . Pa**errer? by Mall Train ga to Willlansvaort I altnont chuBgeof car*, aud arrive at Lack Ha- 1 \en at 8.1<' p. ai. w P.i-*? nget* i.p Mail Trala go to Carllelaaal Cban.i er*i nig witln.nt * change ot *ar?. tic. pli g Car Tickete can be bad -a aopiicatl >o at the Ticket 'IRii*. bJ I treat. 7Vaiiti Amve at fltfo1, Vts Citiciut.ati Bxaiee* at ItSOa tu . pbilad?Ithia Bxprees. at 7 !? a. ?. Ph. It Accem.. %oe. 1 A 2. a 20a u* , ft 7 10a at. Park?huigTralr it 9.a6a.?. Lancaster Trala ati:4?ip ai. Ka*t Line at I 10 p m. 1)bt Bxpr.a* at SMp m Bani'tiarB Atcoaiaiodatioa Bt t.ttp.m. Philadelphia bxpiea* arrive* loily, except Miadar ClTirimatl Bxprree arrives dallf. All other train* dally except Bandar Paaaengera leaving Leek Have at7a m . and Villimn.-1'?rt at " 40 a. ta . reach Pliiladeiphia, aiih.iut rhaage of cbtb, f.Oin Williamaport by La I xprene. at .s .*? p m I t-e Pi Bnaj lVBiiia Ballroad C apanf *111 Dot a'Stin e any net for Bat-gag-, except for Wear-lag Aprar?l. and limit tbeir responsibility to liBmrttted Dollars la value. All Baggage exceeding that amount la value will be at the rink uf the owner aaleae takes by saecial ccatract. Per further inform.tioi, apply to JOBS C ALLEB, Ticket Asout, 631 Chest, set Mreet MhlEL H. WALL ACB, Ticket Ageat at the Depot AN KM18BABT TBAIB raas daily, except Bunda\ . P? r tall partlcalare *e to fare aad acoo?a<?daticn> apply to FBANC18 F3NK. 1 j7 D*c? at. C'BNTRAL RAILROAD OP NBW JKBABT? I ' P.irkenger tud Kielght l'epot la Be* lorfc, (not of Liberty *treet Connects at Bauipton Jut.ction ?ith the Delaware. La< kawantia aad Ueatern Ba Iroad. and at Baetoa with the Lehigh Valley Kaiir id nad ita conaecti'>oa, farming a | dlp-ct II- e t< Pituaarg and the West ?ithaat ' chat s* uf car* A LI MU'VN LINE TO TBE WB8T. Two P.xi re?* Train* dully for the WV?t, except Piit'ta;*, *b> one Train In the evening MXtv mile* aad throe lioare aavod by thl* line. toChu-kgo. CiBcinnatl, t?t Loai*, Ac , wltb bat oaa cLati^e of cars. WINTBB ABBABOEMEBT^, Co:;.ire ci i.g Jaauary 7,1S>7?Leave Baw York as fvilowa ti A M ?For Baatoa, Bethlebeai. Match Cbauk. V ilhnui*i>,irt, Wilkeabarr-, Mabaucy 011.> . A.c ? 1(1 A M Mail Tsa-*-For Plemingtou. Ea* ton. V ater Gap. Scrantoa. V tlke^oarre, Great Rend. Pittebarg. Binghaiutoa, Ac. 1 AM? V eotera Bxpreee tor Ba-toa. Allen town. harri*bu!g, Pittabarg, and the *Mt. with but 01 e . bauge of cara te Ciacia:.ati or Onicag . al 1 but two changea to St. Leai* Connect* *t Harrifburg witli Hi?rthern Oeotral an I Phllalelphia and Brie Bo ad*. for Brio and the Oil Be gj.iB*. __ 12 M. Tbstp ?For Baatoa. Alleatewn, Manch f hui.k VtlBesbarre, Reading, Potts 11 lie. Harris bnrg.Ac. 4 P M ? For Baatoa. Bethlehem, and Maacb 1 For BornervtHe and Flealagtea. 5 P. M ?For Baatoa. Beading. Harilet arc. WllIlaui-p. rt. lrviaetoti. Corry. Erie. Ac. bleepiua car Iruia Haw York to Witliaiuaport. S l: P M ?For i*?B*ervil1e T ? P. M.?For 8o?*err1 lie. g p. M ?WaaTrxt Bxrax?* Taai* ?Por Baalim. AU-ntewa, BeadUg, Marrlat/arg, Pittabarg, * 8*1 t-?'pln? car* through froas Jersey City to Pittsburg every evealng. Additional tialns are raa to Borsea Point. Eiiraleth Ac. TUket^for tho Weet caa be ehtalaod at the office of the Central Bailr ad of Bew Jareoy. foot of Liberty etreot. Mortli Bo. 1 A?tor Moa-e. Boa j}4, HT1, A26 Broadway, aad at Bo ltf ^jbW^ObVaJi'o. 8TB- BBS. 8 a peri stead en t N~ BW YOBk ABP BBW BAVBB BAILBOtD l aaeeafor Btatioa ta Hew YorB, corner X7tk street aad PoarthaveBae TEA LBS LEAVE BBW YOBK Por Bew Bavoaaad Brt4ceport-7,? (Bx 1.11JJ a. ai., (B*.>, (** >. ? ti, tJO, aad StBx.i, *'for MUford, Stratford, Palrflald, Beathport, 'Viiatfawsassra.= SSi,'&iR^.VV?.rr? II a. -.?? (Bx 1 S (Bt TS SO, 4 30, 8 (Bi. IP For Port Cheater Bail at^ea^ tafte Wtto*^-7. . V10 11JDa. as ; S toTtPI. t . .?, aad > P ,*ys?S?HSws* Bar M&lS^ aad BprlacBaU-^. (B?..)? "li ^S^cUeif L "r Ball road?8 ?*J":> II p a as. to Moatraar 8 p. m. to j?'_ por BartferB, frovldoaoa aad PtahWH B E. ' jSfallr'ft^E Bear Laodoa aad Stoalagtoa ^'or Boaaatoalc aad Haugatack Batlroad-ta. n Fo'r'baahary and B^?^k B. B -7,? ?? A?-. 1 fiinaMdAaao Sleeptag Oar* sBackai tot 9. ? 'fflV JAMB B. BOtt. H?artstw*wt. I