Newspaper of Evening Star, February 4, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 4, 1867 Page 1
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f ' 1 .11 ! * V~. XXIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. MONDAY. FEBRUARY 4. 1867. N?. 4,340. ' "the evening star PUBLISHED DAILY,(SUNDAY BXCEFTID) AT THE STAB BU1LD1NO, amUkmttl corner i^saa'a. * utk tirut, bt W. D. WALLA c H. Ths STAR 1* served bj tae carriers to their subscribers la the Citj aad District v Cu Cists mm win. Oopin at Um counter,with r without wrappers. Two Oim each. Paicn roa mailiio ?Three months, On* Dollar and F\fty CenU; atx months, Tkrte DotImrt; one ti?, Fivt Dollar t. No papers arc seat from the office loafer tbao paid for. The W LEKLY S?TAR?published oa Friday ?n>lnt? Oim Poller m%d a Half a Tear. DENTISTRY^ ||B. lkwicb dehtal asstfciatioh, U _ So. 860 PKHH'A AFB , Between 11th sad 13th streets. ***th sxtracted without sain by admlastsring H'troas Oxyds er Lesghing Gas. Dr.^a^ LkWlShas recently purchased the b?4tAwB3 Chemical Apparatus m the country for**-*''" metlos soregaae very d.*y; also, en ln.prov< d ?*l vuIar Inhaler The Aseociati >n la n w prepared to Bake Teeth on Gold, Silver and Rubber at Hew ini Br>?ton pneee. All pereoae wishing dental work done e?n have it aech~ap aeintbe above osnel cltiea All work done in tbe seateet and beet Banner, and warranted to ? Ti#." Arsons will do well to call and examine onr worfc. de 14 tf X * * T * Winif m m i*t i'VSiT' 1(1 Pe tea tee o pa? ...iu, E, 2. TBBTH, attends personally tt^MB kle office in thin city. Maay pereone eanMKa wear tbeee teeth who cannot /ear others!^ " y>||?? person can wear others who saaaet wear JTTO" efcl, * office Ann be nocoamoda*n7 d ?r1ce of Teeth tbeyBny ds?11 . JBt.??.tfc-**e who are particular, and wisb ths ? ' strongest an J moit perfert den 2K? 2?!', >rocnre, the MfBHRALTHHTH UiJ?* "srraated. Boobs In this city ?Ho 3J? Fenn'a avenne. be j-'aagih'ir *" - *?? ?" PERSONAL" Y/'OO CAN NBVBR MARK THB TRIP on Ba ^ eUa or Samaritan humbug* 8se Dr ftre?t. He in the hlgnent authority ?*heseee. His privets rooms are opposite Odd Fellows Hell lia* 1>REVBNTION BfcTTBR THAN CCRhfl French preventives against ctsetse *nd preg nancy < when such is un<Je irable) Bent to an #1 drra?. at $4.%^ ' ".anil ?7 e*r doien.according to que'lty, to Dr. V OOl? Bo* ,??, or call at 439 th street, iap etalrs > W athinglca. 1>. C. je-3Ira' i\I VVHUlBVUCiCMmyasI, mmd T r .V?/ivm.eili give lite reading*, lncludiag Pest, Present end Future at ber office, 4:10, n-i-tti side of Pa. ev., between an-! oth streeto. Office houre from 9 to I a m and ( to J a. ja24lui* A B MALBK 1 BICAIJ ^'JiaNTlFlO AS?% TROboORR or AMUdlUA, From the position an3 aspect of ue 8tars it the timeolone'i, birth, will ro?-a! ast >ni?hiug ve crei* that no living mortal ever knew belore; h w to be siico'Miul tn all re??oa?Me cndertakmits tie tells name and very day yon narrv . deicri ei the intended companion, and tells ail events of lire , good I at k and ioog life to vistu re. Lahei W cents to ?1 eenllemeu in fall Osil st ?70 11th st ne?r F, all houre until j in the evenin de Si 2m * / ' BHn-LFMBN WUO ARK AFKI IofBD~T\ \s ruce asrran>d by an old Surgeon of tw, ntrtbree years experience in this pa<ticnlar Oranrh ef tbe pro'essien. Charge* modvrate Do not srply to 4USckn. ?>nt to J B. OARDHBR M i> late of the United States Bicord Venereal Hos* pital. OBre Ho. Ul south A street, opposite the Cssitol ?.,nare. south side. H B ?Hedicinee also farnithed at cost. de 17 lm f^OBF1DBNT1AL ?Toung men who h.*ve ininred theiuso.r?n oy certain secret habits, which unfit them for bneineaa. pleasnre, or the dntiee of married life; also, Biddle aged ami old Ben, who. fron, the follies of youth, or otlier ?*? ?*. feel a debility In advance of t\ieir years, befoie plscli.g themkeives under the treatment of any oae. should firet read "The Secret ITriend ' MarrKx. ladies win learn ?Ometbing of iBportacce by perusing "The Secret FrieiKl.': gent to any ?,! savelose. on receipt of ^6 ce .ts Address Dr. CHAb A STCABT A OO.. Bost ..; no t ly CLOTHINQ7<fco. K1 J. H BIBB ROB a, crw-rr r.T.V'**0' * H. ?. L?ndon A Co , a* CITIZEN'S AMD MILITARY MEMCHAXT TAILOR, WK Metropolitan Hotel late Brown's, at __. H 3M Pennsylvania avenue. -mr 1tr Washington. D. 0. BUUWAU$MivM*OM' F,,LACI* n?.nM|, . blaur, lamoh a oo.. 3^-?sn:;:::; iikbzbkbg a loan office. ui-K . a RstaHisbed I'M. Miifr>? ^Vw'rcv^.."11 WATOHB8. DTAMi.u kit u f i VL RARIHG APPAklli. at vL,u S Boiii'iMs trictiT confident,.13iI Nor.t, 0 street,iTt^n 4^ HotVl lminedlaiely la rear of the National LAT.,r Of"!';,* *h-?jrri?' hajIFD'hesser. Mr A1II ? r*1" b*twe*Q *sd itfh atf. from Puna. fiiir<Drf<eaap Af tKa "let-rated R. bel, wttlVVbom he ^HrM la cjuntry. n w established fwr ine last ^fi thirH?l* Wllshli,<ton and Hewport, ea nounee that he baa this season imported the lat st lTar',0t'hln?J Kltt *Bd *?'Si vi^.' LOD181AHA AVBHLB. J. H. CBAHB A CO. hsts on hsnd a large and flnf assortment ef 600DS, an lied to this Barkst, seek as BUTTBR CHKB^B, BGOS, APPLB8, RAISINS, tlGS' OITBOH, NUT8, HAMS. CODFISH, MACRBBIL, flJCBBlHG, BOAP8, cahhid goods Ae. Also, 8i Bsrrela oors'a celebrated CHAM PA&BX CIBKR.hy barrel or gallon. All tie aksvi goods are offered at the lowest nnrk*t price, and warranted i? 4 ! > S3 L. Pi '"''aliare, of all descrlptioiis. Loatfhi of 8th and Ratreets north. No. 1J. de??3L? Jt B M 0 T A r; ? "KSty^a\V0?AVro? 00M' Have removed to their Hew Office. Ho. 71 LOUISIANA AVBNlTB First door east of 7ib st. * Thoe' I"*' * Bu*?Ty^ Ritts, Tloa Prest J'?r*hall Brown, aich d W?Uach' >?tf HOBLB D. LARHBB, Secretary. ( )TTi) JLK BNIJ PIA1108 AND CARHART U A HRRL UAMti parlor orgahs. 11 Sreatlp *e their mmm o etaaine these .aperb lnstraaeate be-Bia fore pnrehastng any other. ITT If 1 _OnfV agency at GBORGB L. WILD A BRO '8 He? Piano Forte and Organ Warrroo?, S, 497 Utb ?treet between Pean'a avenas and I <treet A select aee rtTuent of new and *eoond hand In Mrnments, Including a CRTRCH ORG AH, f"* lowest factory prices, and on easy tsrma Is U to- MFAlBIBB f-thfunVVxU?Ud rtvif ^?k,*< "^ATOIS. jnst ar aareet'. ** ?' **i# *l B*p^Vbo'(TV * SOH ?l 7th j ,. _ Oo?rai?eien Merchants, _? 14 W We.d? Pth et . between B and >. | liOCOLATR DOCBLR. VAMILLbt % _ D* H. MAIbLAlRD. rnr Cacao et Sucre. Bxeupt d? t?uf metance St. M. F. RING a BOH. Corner Vermont avsnue a'd^l*>Tstreet. \V I8T 'BD1A CRANdtti 4?D~ Vra^ SWRBT MALAGA QRAPKS. ,r** KIBO PLA' B pBOICS HCTS. RA 'SINS. F1G8. CORRA MTM V aPlCRS. a?.,at ., ?e .Ult thi* aartlc^nr J.' "J. " k " ? nft ? MS^' T b, JIT1, fty. er address the principal. _?? B. FARSOHi. CatonrtUe, ffig. PRRHCH ALKAHAC'flS FOR ISOT.-AIb. ^ ?sch CoBi^ae; Almanack Four Vlrw; Almanac!. da Ben-toa, AlBaaack uhailvari; Alautnach de la Lanee. A Imaaach de la bonne Uai slae; AI ma sacn Imperial, AlBaaack de Hspoieoa. Almaaach J*?* deSedeta; Almanack Polichlnelle and 'mported direct from Paais. |w ' <* ?' _ __Fllail6a TATIsOB. \ IR?1H OIL OF A1X ? ?? j? mtnJtS'jy.?*L Wu't. 7 mT1" m. ua r\ ,^4"?KSJl&u , | BANKERS. JAY COOKS * CO., lillllli fifteen* sir*". crHn'i lVMWi fetTind Ml icnrrent market and too onataatly on bud, i fall nw'l of ?U 80T1KHM1IT BONDS, BBVKN-THIBT1B8, AMD OOMPOUS9 IBTBBBBT ROTES Orders Tar STOCKS. BONDS, Me , eaeentod, and OeliecticLS made on *11 MC?#iibl? point*. se 1 tf UARROW fcCO., BANKERS, Corner LomUltn* Avenne end Seventh reet. D1ALKRS IN BOTKRNMKST SECURITIES, GOuD ABD SlLVEB jy |.t( AND LAND WARRANTS^ First national Baak of Wa&faLngton. tt D.COOKB, (of J Ay Cooke kOo.,) President. w'm. b. HUNTINGTON, CAsbler. GOVERNMENT DBPOB1TOBT amd FINANCIAL AGENT OF TUB UNITED BTATBB. Iktk terttt, opFoM.t tkt Treasury Uepar'rr.tit. Cov-rnment Securltios with Treasnrer United Ct*U8nr02VE MILLION DOLLARS We bwy And sell all clAsaea of OOVERXMEtfl tE( VRITiEStit current market ratee. I URSISlI EXCHAXOE and make Collection' ?,? ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE I XITED STATES. We purchase Government Vouchers on the y.OST FAVORABLE TERMS, and give careful and yromft Attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN nnd FIRMS and to any other business entmsted to ns. FULL INFORMATION in regard to GOVERN MBBT LOANS at all times cheerfully famished ?M 8 BCNT1NGTON, CAihler. WAshington, March 20.1868 m 11 tf HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ac. A B D WTTLARD 9 HOTEL., I Washii sto!*, December 1, ;3>d.l Senators, Bf prewentati ves. and others. residing In V> ashlngtou#who oecupy private apartments, cab be acromv odAted with their MEALS At thla Hatel at the rate of SI > 6(1 per week il?i? fill fa EB, UHA1)WH.'K k CO. IRKWOOD HOUSE, Corttfr Pennn. avenue and T*r'lf'k ttr'et.yfiWkw Wa^k'ntton. 1). C. Situated in the most central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, Only a short distAnce from ail the Departments, Patent and Post Offices, Smithsonian Institute, etc. H. H. DUDLEY A CO., no21-tf Proprietors. MR1CH '8 HEiTAUBAHT, j No. 343 Pinna avenue, near 6th streat. P. EH RICH wishes to inform Ms frien's and the putiU generally that be now keeps con A . . jt *tantl> on hand O^itTEUs. tresh every ViTTWk# day. prepared In every sty I* His W INES and LIQUORS cannot be surpassed. Call and give him a trial. oc M tf ~~W(5ob~ANT) COAL. POAb COAL ! AT GREATLY BEDDCED PRICES Gross tons of 2,2*0 lb* , delivered in Any part of the city Chestnnt White \sh $7. Stove, f ge and Furnace White Ash, 33.2.). R?d Ash *9 ?0. Lehigh. $9. Oak ai d Pine Wood sonstantly on hand. Orders rA* ejre,l at our Office; or At the WhArf, foot of Keventb street 8 P BROWN k BON. JaJC tf 463 9th street, I etwton E And F. ^JOAL ! COAL 11 COAL III T T. FOWLEB k CO. Wbita Ash,stove and egu sizes, -94 28 per ton. Bed Ash, do do $3.75 per ton. 2.240 pounds guaranteed. Orders raceivea At the central office of the Washiarton and Georgetown Ice Company, (l^te L J Mlddleton k Co ,tcorner 12tb And F streets, and at wkArf, foot of 10th ateeet ja 14-lm B. 8. LAMKIN, Agent. ^'OAL! COAL 11 COAL I! I Having determined to ?ell a first clan article of Wood and Coal as cheap as the cheap?at, I hope by doing ao to gain a liberal abare of public patronAfle. The Coal prices Are as follows; Wh 1TB ASH N UT OU AL, by the ton 97 Ui BALTIMORE 00. WHITE ASH, Egg And Stove sizes - S 23 ALLCTHKB QBALITIKSof WllITBASH t? 24 LYKRN8 VALLKY PURE RED ASH *73 DIAMOND VEIN BED ASH 9 74 GBOBS WEIGHT, 2,140 LBS. TO THB TON. Always on band and conatantly receiving the best <inal!tiee of WOOD of every deacription, deli vered in any part of the city, ^ ACM ja4-lm 7th st., between B And Fata., laland. PO TO Li W.R.MOHEB' FABBIOBAULB CARPET. FCRN1TUBB ABD BEDDING STORES, NOB. 921 k 619, INTELLIGENCEB BUILDING, CORNER 7TH ANDD., AND HO fiO*7TH STREET,TUOBN S BUILDING, ADJOINING ODD FELLOWS HALL, AND EXAMINE THB FINEST ASSORTED STOCK THIS SIDE OF PHILADELPHIA Be has all the lAteet desigca made in PhlladelphiA.New 1 oik, and Boston. The stock is AlVAys selected by Mr. Moses, and U?u?ht At the lowest rate# (or cash, which enafe'es him to compete with Iwtsra |rtc*>s. Hlsnuest Furniture is made to order 111 Philadelphia, And of the best mAterial UiAt cau be fooiKlPnrchaeers should stu.iy their own Interest by calling at his Btoren and eikmlnlug the well-Aa- i sorted stock of CABI'BTB, FURMTURB. Ac., and obtain his price-list before going eisewhere, which he will fnrnleh with pleasure His Aexortmeat of Mettr>>a<e* Blankets, Oomforte, Cenat*rpaiB<'S. Pillows. Bolsters, featherb< da.andall kiu<1s of Cottage And Kitchen FarBitare is complete, which he offers at the leweat New York and Philadelphia prices. Remember Noe 341 and 31M Intelligencer Building, corner 7th and D. And No 3o** 7th stre?t. Thorn's Building, adjoining Odd Fellows' Hall, between D And B atreeta. JB14 tf W. B. MOSBS. j^UXUBIES FOB THE HOLIDAYS. MAlLLARD'S CANDIES AND OHOOOLATEB, CAKAUILH CREAM CHOCOLATB. DOUBLE VAh ILLA CHOCOLATB, _ _ __ (For table nee,? BOHF AND TABILLA BURNT ALMONDS, MIXkI> FUGAB PLUMS, and ASSOBTED CaBDIE*. Just received at KING PlMOB. / M. P. KING A SOB. West ib di a or a ng es an d SWEET MALAGA GRAPES. Freeh. At KING PLACE. Mince meat <domestic.) J oat made, of aeloct materiala. At KING PLACE. fOLDBB BCUPPEBRONG W1NB. U OUR FINEST NATITB WIBB Gold color, fall, yet delicate flnvor and fragrance, and loea than one half the cost of Imported Wine. KING PLAOB. f HOIGB NUTS. BASINS. FIGS, CUBRANTS, V' SPICES, Ac., kc .to ?ui t tils particular season. Foreaieby Z M. P. KING k SON, de 19 King Place ^ O T I e B . _ , The nnderaignod would respectfully announce to the public tTiat ?be> continue the bnslnaea of the lAtekraaofC. B. JEWELL A Oo., in all ita branebea. nad w->o'd solicit a continuance of tha isltaasis aitsaSid to ?s oM draa If BCBPTIOB LUXURIES. 4mm ? *. ?. tnm!liliEkk. ,s - <r?w?i! a' ?l KAu aui HI. ffui ahta"At n'ii' sie?.<x a -wtf F i 1 , . j .1.. -1 ? "4 | SPECIAL NOTICES. KTTBC MO?T WONDERFUL MBDICINE ??r kn-wi to man i9 METCALFE'S OSIaT IHIOMATIC BEMtPY, Tell your aifllct-J frlei (is to t. y It. fa <-to2w 8.0 rOKD.iiwt. BEMED1AL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL OASES, Ma. 14 Bocd street. New York. ^"Full lktwrinatiou with ttie kuntM u>timo nt 'h, ulso, a Book ou Specuil D 11 a utmled env'lcpr, s?*nf free. gy B* $mr? imi tend for Iht'fl, ari ynv frill not rtfet it: for, ai Mlnrtliloi phy Kians are ttenerally twif>n-for?. withwnt referrHrts no stranger should be trusted Enclose a stamp for postage a> il direct to Mi. LaWEINOK. Mo 14 Bond street. New York ne 1J DAWl* A MODERN M1RA0LBI From old and youu^, from rich aad poor, (run high born and lowly, cornea the Universal Yoice ef praise tor BALL'S VEGETABLE SICILIAN n.MR KRNRWRH. It U a pei leci and miraculous article. Cares baldin-M M?tn hair Krow. A better Iresnug than any ' oil or t-./ini'.nrri." Softens braeb, dry and wiry hair Into Boauii'uI Mikeu Treeeee. But above all *he sr"*t wonder ia the rapidity with * bleb it reetorea Orat Hair to its Original Color. Use It a faw Hium and PRESTO, Oil A NOB I the whitest and worst loekiag hair resumes ita youthful beauty It d,es not dye tbe hair, but a)rlkea at the root an-1 fills it with uew life au-j CClori?.? matter. It will not t>ike a long dlsa,rreoabl? trial to provo the truth of this natter. T*?e first application will do ?o?d; you wiII see the Natural Color return log every day. and HE Vi'UK YOU KNOW IT, the old, gray, discolored t\ppeaianc? of the hiklr will be Kone giving place to lustrous, shining and beautiful locks. Ask for Hail's Sicilian Hair Renewer: bo other article 1a at all like it lu effect. Yon will find it Ohkaf to Bit, Pi.rasa'st ro Try, And 8rrh to do Y??r Good. There are many imitations. Be ?nre yen procure the genuine manufactured only by R P. HAT.!. A TO., Na?hna. N H. For sale fey all druggists. }aJ7-8.iy GT MARRIAGE AND CELIBACY, AND TBI llappii.ess of Trne Manhood.- An Ks?a? for Young M. n on the Crime of solitude, and the Fbyi>lo!ogi< al Errors, Abatesand Diseases *'hu b r? eate lnipedinietits to Marriage, with tare means of Relief Pent in sealed letter envelop* 9 frei of charge. Andrews Or .I MULL1N HOUGHTON, Boward A*S"clation Philadelphia, I'a. ,,*11-3m SECRET DISEASES. BiKiaitAiN On is tho must certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered Cares In two to 'oar days, and recent cates In twenty four hoars No mineral, no balsam, no mercury Only tea pills to be taken. It Is the soldier's hope and a friend te those who .lo not want t? b? exposed Male packages, 9fe male, ?3. 8a ? ar:tan'? Boot ait> Hsrb Jric?s? A positive an.l permanent tare far SpybiMs. Scrofala, Ulcers, bores. 8pots. Tetters Ac PHae ?1 25 per hottle. Sold by S. 0. Ford. See advertisement. my I SVHF.LY, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, BMOLANDKB'S EXTRACT BUCKO II CURIM jvery case of Ktd!*rv Di<sasR, BaittfaY *M, Iravrl. Drtnarv DisordrEs, Wiarnrss and Tx ns In the Back, Trmali Complaints and !"b?jVBL?? arising from Bzcrxsb* of A.M Kir?. COME. VB Af r L10TBDI TRY HHOLANDBB'B. TAKE NO OTHER BUCKO. iol4 by all Apothecaries. Price fl. D. BABNBfc * CO., New York, and BABNES, WABDBOO., Gew Orleans, Southern Agents BUBLB10H A ROGERS. Wholesale Druggists, Boston, Mass., General Afsata feb lO lj COLGATE A CO. S W1NTBB SOAP. Recommended for CHArrta hanbs and forgenoral toilet use daring cold wiathib, It may be obtained of all drugcists and laney goods dealers, feb#-eoly ~DANCING. pBOFB. J. W. A H. P. KREIS' DANC1B0 ACADEMY, ^ Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 6th and 7th s?s.. Jfm Opposite Metropolitan Betel. New Classes forming every evening. Those dat2??iLter ?ir toonld avail themseivea of thia opportunity. Preparations will be made In this quarter for onmntiual May Ball. Ctrsnlars can be had at J. F. Bills'and W <3 B'fjterott A Oo.'s Mnslo Stores. Ths Ball can be rented lor Soirees, Be. Days and Hours af Tuition : For Ladles, Misses and Masters. Tneslay and Saturday afternoons, froas f to S o'eloek. Gentlemen s Olaeses, Tuesday and Friday evening# . from 8 to ill o'clock. For farther Information, apply dnrlag the honra of taition. or address a note to the Academy. _Q?arter commencing w ith the flrst lesson. ja8 MA B I B I ' FASHION A BLB DABOIBO ? ACADEMY, AT -w MABINI S ASSBMBLY BOOMS, M K, between ?th and ltth streets, J|A This academy Is now opaa far the recep-(Hk tloa of pupils. pays and hours af tuttloa for young ladlss misses and masters Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday s, from 3 to S p m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 10. same evenings. N B ?Private instruction given to salt the convenience of the pnpll. sett MASWLKRALK AND FANCY DBBS8 BALLS AND PABTIBS. The undersigned would most respectfully inform tLe ladles and gentlemen of Washington city, and the District generally, that be is at nil times prepared to furnish parties with Masquerade and Kai o> Costume, either on loan or made to order. He has taken rooms at the well knows fancy establishment of Christian Bsppert, Esq , ?U'i 7th street, between D n?4 ?, whsre he will be happy te await orders. CHA RbB4 BERO, late Costamer at Ford's and Orover's ja S 1m* Theaters. Washington. P. C. -BOOTSTSHOfisTX JELLING OFF I SELLING OFF 11 The entire stock of Ladles', Misses', Children's. Men's, Boy's and Youth's BOOTS. 8HOBS AND GAITERS Will be sold at private sale at and bBLOW 008T PBI0E9. JOHN ANOBRVANN, iOi 7th street, between D and streets, ja 12 1 ru* opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. gUll BOOTS AND SBOBS. fij N B W Tt O b . fn The undersigned begs leave to inform his friends and the public generally that he has opened the NEW CHEAP *TURE, No. SO* 7th street,uiMer Odd Fellows'Hall, where he has on hand a general assortment of Laities' and Gentlemen's, Boy *s. Misses and Chi I dr an's BOOTS AND SBOBS. Remember the number, AOS Ttb street, na<ter Odd Fellows' Uaii The New Cheap Store, formerly R F. Page's store. delS vBORGB B. WILSON. V1CT0B BECKER, PIANO TUNEB AND BBGULATGB.^^^^ Established m 1856. RbHes ORDimS WOW RICH VXD AT DBMPSEY A OTOOLE'8. Engravers and 8U doners, Ac., 326 Fa. av.,bet. 9th and l<nh eta. F. C. JU.1CBENBAGH'a Flaoo Booms, 49t? 11th auaet, near Fa. avenae. Sp'tial Notim from Wm. Knabt f Co., Baltimore Mr. Becker oas tuned Pianos for ns at our Warerooms, and we take pleasure in stating that we believe him to be a competent tuner. Mfl-te MAILLABD'B OBOOOLATS DB FANTAISIB, BT BOBBGBS. ALSO, MAILLABD'S CHOOOLAT FAB BXOBLLBBOB, I Trip Is Van! Ha.) This Triple Vanilla CflOOOLATB is sa peri or In quality and flavor to any other made la this j.. MiOKIllL AID OOpriftS. sKsaft'rivimff1"""tSisziiEff Oomtnission Merchants, deU tf Ho, 411 Ninth st^, bet. B and F. ffJSMDBMS|. Band Baek lor Mlaera, Ketatlnrgtvts and Aasarers; by Julius SilversmltA. lntrednctii>n la la|: i '! < ? \ I, _ i j I : a Uiu>. II. ;.. .)! n* ft 1 . s ..? !? a 4 u ??.' 4 ? TELEGRAMS, he. I.tti Omaha papers mention the marder, by Indians, of numbers of (ettlers at Lawrence Ranehe, about 50 miles from Jalesborg. The Montana Gat*tie of tbe 3th reports thai Mr. Russell. wife and children, Joseph McKnight, sutler at Camp Cook, and an Indian ruide, were attacked by Indians at EagI* Creek. The Indian jrnlce was killed; Mr. Russell severely wounded; Mrs. Russell, who is a squaw, two children, the wapou, four mules, and a saddle

horse were captured. McKnight and Russell es?iped. Senor Mejia, bearer of dispatches to Senor Romero at Washington, left in the dispatch b< at Blackbird, at Gat veston, to attend to tbe shipment of a consignment of Wbitworth guns find other munitions ot war which Lad arrived there. His dispatch* were brought to New Orleans by Major Nash. chief commissary of tbe Department of the Rio Grande, and sent lorwaid by mail to Washington. General Griffin has issued an order empowering military officers, where tbertareno subassistant commissioners ot the Freerlraen's Bureau, to act as snca. This extends the oper>tiou ol the Bureau over the entire Stite of Texas, lie also officially compliments A. J. Hogan. wt the 11th t'ui'ed Suve- colored troops, for eailantry in routing a tro <p of banditti at Pogtuwn. There is considerable excitement a Waco. Texas, on account of two doctors pferfoming u nameless surgical motilat n on a uegro :d Ttiey werf arrested by ih? civilauthorities, and afterwards rescued by tbe citizens. They ha/. however, been rearrested, and are now held by tbe military. 1 he Kentucky House ha* referred to th Committee on Federal Relations a resolution that the Presiden: be requested to issue a proclamation for a general amnesty. and if not considered expedient by him tbat John C- Breckinridge be pardoned, an<l permitted to return home. Advices from Lonion that a demand has beei. made by tht Britt-h Government for the rendition of Lamirande cause muck excitement in Canada. Lord M >?ck has laid the whole case before the Home Government, and it is ucderstood 'hut he was censured for the course he pursued. Anthony, a United States soldier, nnder sentence "of death in Tennessee, for killing a Nashville policeman, and two of his accomplices, who were sentenced to twenty years' imprisonment, have been pardoned by Governor Brownlow. A tetter Irom Fort Phil Kearney says tbe Indians nre still hostile and very threatening in that viclni'y It was with difficulty tbat the bodies of tbe victims of the late massacre could b<" buried, ow:ng to the presence id the immediate neighborhood of bands of savaces. In New York, yesterday, a number of bootblacks were arrested for violating the excise law by dispensing whisky from small bottles to the thirsty. They polished their Doots for twenty-live cents and threw a drink into the bargain. An a. t which trs? passed by the Louisiana Legislature last year exempting property in certain cases, fcas b*t n amended to exclude property used by niilitary or civil authorities of the 1 luted States. A telegram states tbat General Crook is actively carrying on the war against tbe lndiaus in Idaho Territory, and confirms the report of the -apture of one hundred Indians and a large number of horses. The ->Vio ?ra, a Radical paper at Fort Smith? Arkansas, is reported to have suspended publication on account of the antagonistic feeling there. The failure of Messrs. Bell A Yelverton, c*ock exchange firm, who have been heavv operators in stocks in New York, has been announced. The Kev. Mr. Baha, who was recently tried n Canada, aud acquitted of the murder of hia ?i*<t*r. has been depi ived of clerical connection with tbe Church of hngland. The operatives at the Middlesex woolen mills, at Lid well, Mass., are on a strike, caused by a reduction having been made m their wages. Salt water of great strength has been reached within tbe city limits of Lawrence, Kansas. ar tbe depth of seveaiy-five ieet. Certain parties have leased all the city property in Lawrence, Kansas. Much excitement exists over the matter. The regular collections of internal revenue for New York city for the past four years amount to nearly $1U0,U00,U00. A heavy rain storm, with tbnnderand lightning, in Baltimore and New York Saturday evening. General Ord is moving his headquarters from Little Rock to Fort Smith, Arkansas. A company ot the 34th regiment in Tennessee left for Overton county to protect the citizens The James river is now clear of ioe. Frem Mexico. Sait Frahcipco, Feb. 2.?The Golden Age brings later dates from Mexico. Gen A varez bad moved his forces toward the City of Mexico, bis headquarters being at Y'quala. When last heard from the Imperialist force nnder Mendex were besieged in Merelia by the Liberals. News ot the laiking of the town is soon expected. Corona passed quickly through Topic. and would march on Colimas, uow in the hands of the Imperialists, making it impossible to send merchandise to Gnadaiajara and other cities from the coast. Five or six vessels with lull cargoes are due at Manzanilla. from Europe, but tneir merchandise will not be landed while the Imperialist* have possession of Colimas. Corona and other general* will spare no effort to capture the place. Five French war vessels are in tbe harbor o' Aeapulco. A small lorce of Imperialists garrison tbe fortress. Niw York, Feb. 3 ?The steamer Columbia, from Havana on the 30th nit., has arrived. Tbe Diario la Marina publishes a curious document, a copy of an official despatch or circular wbich the military commaudast at Chalico, near Mexico, sent lately to tbe authorities of the towns la his district. It reads as follows:?"This city having pronounced in favor ol tbe cause of independence and liberty; having a respectable force to sustain it, and relying on a still larger one commanded by citixen Oen. Francisco Hujoa, who yesterday occupied the town of Morales, and in the character of political chief and military commander of tins district, I order you on the receipt of this to call together tbe authorities and principal citizens, with the object of making them pronounce or declare allegiance, that yon may send me a pronunciamen'o, which I have to remit to tbe above-named citizen general, as per order conveyed to me by a despatch of the !7tb instant, received to-day I have to inform you tbat if this Is not aone to-day, with the spontaneous action which tbe occasion requires, 1 shall be under tbe necessity of using lorce, you being personally responsible for tbe troubles which may result therefrom. I also notify you for your encouragement that the Eronnnciamento once made will be sustained y a force of more than 2,000 men, which the said general offers me." Salt Fbakcibco, Feb 3.?The Mcxican consul at this city has received official information of tbe capture of the Important town of Carnaraca, forly miles from the City of Mexieo, together with the Imperial forces commanded by Col. Madrid, who also waa shot by order of a court-martial. Oen.Palacioe bad routed tbe Imperialists at Morlla, in the State of Michoacan. and captured the city. Thb Maryland Lioulatcbi.-1There was no ssssioa of the Seuate on Saturday. Tbe House again, by a party vote, (the minority voting in tbe negative,) refnsed to suspend the rules te take up the bill to repeal the act requiring an election to be held ia Baltimore , city on Wednesday seat, for Mayor and Olty Council. To-day the Mil will oome up. Without tbe necessity of a two-thirds vote to (impend tbe rules, aad will probably be passed, as tbe Judiciary Committee has reported in tavor of Its passage. Pugilism.?George Kooke, of Providence and Charles Collins, a)iM tbe Cast Iron Maa, of New York, (whe are both Englishmen.) were matched on Taenday last to tight in ten weeks for SI,bOO, according to the new rales or the English ring. The fight will take plane v. itbia one haadred aad eighty miles af New York. Tbe beet feature ia the new rules te the compelling ot the seconds of each man to leave the ring as soon as time In called, and not atlowing tbem to enter the ring agala aatil the < round te over. T*Aom>T.?la Kentucky, reoently, a yonng ; Cuban, being croseed by the Ihther la hie pension for a young lady,declared tbatatoe ahoald aot be taken from him. and (tabbed her.afwrwards kilting himself, la (pita of her Mpph 1 won ndad u she wan, to hiader him. He eat J bis throat aad died immediately, lits victim I lingered forty hoars, aad then expired. 1 .vi-Ai- *.wj * r" $'." * *i: .1 | CONGMKMIONAL. SratAT*.?The Ban krapt Mil being aader cossideration, Saturday afternoon? The pending iimUob wm apoa tbe tarad< meat of the J udicisry Committee to strike oat the provision of the Home Mil sxempting from *ale nnder the operations of ibe law ao moch of the debtor's property aa ia exempted by tbe exemption laws ot tbe State ia which tbe debw or reside*. TbU was debated by Meaars. Stewart. Foster. Poland, and Doollttie. after wblcb tbe vote was taken on Mr. Wilson's amendment to Insert in lieu of tbe above a provision tbat an amount may be exempted not to exceed S2,ooo. Tble was disagreed to, and the question tben recurred on striking out tbe clause above referred to from tbe bill Yeas II, cays 23. So tie clause was not stricken out. Tbe Clerk of the House hT<- arrived and announced the proceedings of the House ou the death of Mr. Philip Jobason. Representative from tbe llth Pennsylvania district. Mr. Bnckalew delivered aa address on tbs lite and character of the deceased, af whom be spoke in terms of sincere regard and bigb respect. The customary resolutions of condolence and regret were passed, and tbe Senate at 3 46 adjourned. Horsn ?Saturday afternoonAir. J?aft1in. from the Committee on Printing, rt ported a bill providing tor the election ot a Congressional printer. Tbe bill provides tbat the House of Representatives shall elect, nca tecs. a competent person, who shall be a practical printer, to i&<e charge of and manage the Government Printing Office; tbat the person ?oelected shall be deemed an officer ot the House, and shall be denominated Congressional Printer, and shall bold bis office for two years, aud until bis successor shall be elected. Air. Trimble moved to lay tbe bill on the table, and called for tbe yeas and nays on tbe motion. Tbe yeas and nays were ordered. Pending tbe vote. Mr. Ancona rose and announced the dea.h ot bis colleague, Hon. Philip Johnson, last I Thursday evening, and after some remarks in eulogy of tbe life and character ot the deaeaaed, be offered the < nstomary resolutions Remarks in eulogy of tbe deceased were fur- I tber made by Messrs. Moorbead. Hover. auJ | Strouse, after wbicb tbe resolutions were I unanimously agreed to. Tbe House, at 3 p m., adjourned. Yirgiaia News. A memorial signed by the State Agricultural Society's committee, Messrs. J. R Jones, W. I D Hart, William H Richardson, .las. Lyons, and L. E. Harvie, has been presented to tbe legislature, asking such a modification of tbe lawa '-as to provide for one or more emigrant agents in Europe, by whom tbe salubrity of our climate, tbe fertility of our soil, our abun- I dant mineral treasures, and our great water 1 power will be made known, and intelligent, I useful, profitable emigrants sent to us:" and suggesting that another agent should be established at Norfolk, to receive and forward tbem to the interior." For some days Mr. D. B. Parker, special agenr of the Post Office Department, has been engaged in ferreting out tbe depredator upon tbe poet office in Lynchburg, from which money, checks, and drafts have mysteriously disappeared several times recently. Wednesday night two negroes, named respectively Dick Carter and Bob Rose, together with a white boy named John Mason, were arrested on snspic'on of having committed the tbetts. 1 be negro Carter has for some months been employed in tbe office as a porter, and upon being charged with the crime con leased it fully. The Leesburg Wasbingtonian says: '-The Alexandria, New York, Baltimore and Philadelphia Steamship Company, intend estab- I lisbing an agency in Leesburg, for the purpose of transporting produce, merchandize, 4cc , to I and from this point, and any of the above men- I tioned sea ports, on tbe completion of the Alexandria Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad to I this place Their agent, Mr. Bigelew. ia at present in Leesburg, lor the purpose of estao- I lisbmg an agency."' The Fredericksburg Herald says: An ia- I cendiarv fired the tobacco factory t>elonging to Mr James R. Goodwin, near Frederick xiall Depot, in Louisa county, on Thursday night last, which was totally consumed, to- | tre'her with Mr. G.'s entire crop ot tobacco I tor the last year, and several hogsheads of old tobacco. Loss about 8*2,500, and no insur- I auce. Fears are entertained by the people of Buchanan, that tbeir town will be flooded, from ths I aamieg of tbe water by an immense ice gorge I that chokes up the channel of Jamea River near that place, which is said to be a mile or I more in lengtb. and about 2o feet high. WA determined woman in pursuit of a husband, who bad suddenly departed from Buffalo, with another man s wife, her two I children and *1,500 in money, arrived in this city on Thursday. She appeared I yesterday at the office ot Alderman Delaney, showed tbat she was tbe lawful wife of tbe I fugitive, aud asked for aid to capture him. I She learned, after a good deal of inquiry, that be was boarding at a bouse In Columbia av- I tnue. Upon inquiry there, she was told that be had removed to aaother boarding hoase in Ninth street. Being elated at tbe idea of I coming upon bim, she disclosed to tbe laud- I lady in Columbia avenue tbe object of ber visit in Philadelphia. She was overheard by a man living there, a friend of her husband, I wbo sallied out in advance of ber and In- I formed tbe delinquent tbat bis wife was upon | his track. Wnea the unfortunate woman reached tbe bouse in Nintb street, she waited opposite, with two constables, until evening, for tbe man to make his appearance. Wbea inquiry was made at tbe Moss it was fennd that be was gone. Tbe poor woman fainted at the intelligence; but, soon reviving, declared ber intention still further to follow up 'he matter. She told tbe police that she had coney I euougb to last ber tor two weeks, and until I Un last cent was disbursed she would not 1 cease from following him?J'kila. datetu. Akothir Masrai ri op White Mitt?A frightful massacre of white men by tbe Obeyenne Indians, near tbe bead of Smoky Hill river,a few days since, under the following circumstances, is reported: Wallace's train, With seventy men, were in camp, and a party of fourteen Indians cam* begging. Tbe team- I sters refused to give them any assistance, I whereupon tbe Indians fired upon them, but without eflect. Tbe teamsters returned tbe fire, and killed eight Indians. At about eight o'clock that night, the camp was surrounded by 2,000 Indians, wbo massacred 5V ont of fi3 men. Tbe man that brought tbe news bad an arrow-head through his shoulder and another wound on bis hip. He claims to be one of the foui men that escaped. A party ot Omahas and Kaws made a raid on tbe Oheyeane Indians a few days siace, and several bead of j Cheyenne stock were captured and one Kaw killed. Wm. Comstock, the famous interpreter, Government scoat and guide, say* tbe Cbeyennes and Arapaboes, of Arkansas and Kmoky Hill, appear to be friendly, but part of I the northern Indians are now moving southward, and bavealready committed many murders and other outrages. Comstock believes they mean war. ^Sister fcliza Jones, of tbe Lbenerer Negro Cbnrcb, at Richmond, drew a revolver on a steward wbo accused her of robbery, and "cleaned out" iheeongregaUoa. I^A bad boy in Ohio came home after a long spree, and bis father observed to his I mother. "Kill tbe fatted prodigal, tbe calf has returned." VTbe people of Gettysburg are petitioning tbs Peaasvlvaala Legislature for *500,000 indamnification for war losses. VAt Petroleum Centre. Oil creek has not been froxen over this winter, tbongh at maay other points It has been frozen to a consider- I abls depth. I TTbe strike of tbe iron workers ia Pittaburg and vicinity still continues, aad the heps are consequently all closed I , ?7"The moral portion of tbs community wbo I held tickets but drew blanks, la tbs late "gift I enterprise," are shocked at tbs wickedness ef lottsries. 7*A clergyman named Furniss has emu- j lated Dante, and written an Inferno. II* says It Is 4.000 miles beneath tbe surfaoe of tbs sartb. Raleigh, N. O, bad a wedding tbe otber igbt smong tbe darks, aad each bearer of an Invitation bad to pay *5 to enter, aad 95 tor rapper. 1 VNatcbex sends a saddle to Parts mads af Mississippi leopard, aad native rauts-saaks i kins. KTThaddsus Sis is as baa bssa iluii d President of the SbiMsr Hoss OMspaay of Laaeas- I (er, Pa. my A timid maa la PoMsvlUe consoles him* ? * EltOPE. Lobbcb, reb. I.?Lai* advices rronsm. J^I?aU T9*1 Cu*"of Afttoa. state t*Jt "iJLV?**a*k* *?d occurrad there, which *u ?erj desiracu ve to lu? ud property. * F** ? Evening ? Advieee from CW?.\ T,K!? W,U r**E,m *?*<> .fine uoifrm of that roaitrr, aow soon to --? W*? .bail imttii his. Fob. I?Eveaing ?It ia aow said that the plant of tto Government do not em. ?ib2e!t .i ^LTf aT*fnnB ?? Tb. "*"* 1 ?I* ttiaki tbat the prrwoec of aa American sqaadroa ia tac Mm iterraaear. service oaly lead* to complicate th* Lut?r? qoHtioa. v Bnut. m t-IrMac ?Ooaat Bto.arrh to declare tk* Policy to be pnnini b_ Oermsay with regard to the d.flersn e- t-i*wb t'rucf aad B?ldaa Tfc# Cep.a. mi 1M1. Some of the S>??toi Uti ?mi> adopted th* policy of having a con... takaa , d? tZl h!*t*K*"lboTlty *" tmmrmlrn of tea mn. aad they have elected th# year* half-way between tbosa upon which the United TBiT n.'? U ***** ,b*nj the benefit of aa eau. meraUon every five year*. The plaa ha* man r advantoree. aad oarhtto ho adopted ia all the * _*y*. **d 'l would have been especially Ttl. uable ?f each enumerations had haea taker ia *** would tb? ha? sk&&.?su?: wsraSMfA-riSSrr. ihe annexed table, wtiob we hmv.. V...TTuJ^ from the returns ma.i- by ibcwe Stated tti&z?s&sr *%? m'/nn^:;: tSHE wjm-*' or^on/.*;;;;;;;;;; -J;"?14' tore*?,.? lt wil, appear that thers fonMf '"treaee in fire ol the States named, aa follows:?In Minnesota nearly 44 percent T? n**rlJ ? Percent.; In Oregon and lilU nois a little over m per cent each and ia New UMI* "'Mi p*T cent IB thU fta 1^5 J ears the increase in Oregon was {EjPje^l mZ Il.'\m?i' ** c'^ *nd m * Jersey about Ir-jj per cent. We have S?R1k??!ZZMm"ar co"P*"*o? ln the lasrB oi harnai ?na MiUDftota. in two of tha SSTh^IL?- K'w Vor* iVS!U? there has be*n a decrease since i*do, amour t in* loone and three-tenths per cent in the ceding 1850 wa? oboui ;*# p??r ceot. AfFilM TW lORTOOlIKV Oorsrv Mr* w*ULi u? <ouo.,.t,. s SSIMt; We stated some weeks ago that a di>? t*?i >. . H~?. il. iXliSricXSETii' Mr itS'.v.'Jv'e?iSJiSt hfr? - y with him, and a ?.,r ?since which time we leari. u>. followinr persons hate bwl their at^h ^ U tleL-?Pb?b'* ~r B"1" ?oe heifer" Israel w arfield. two cows and a steer j?i>? Ilarby, cow and calf, s^mfrst I ones - -We V'- W ?W*rfl"d. ?ue .leer ' ni?e Wa take from the assessor's books m>r ? IndW ,B? amoun'? 'n^Vtej"1^ *nrt ?*??, ! i bonds in the first, fourth t* el?c'ion district* of this conn v _ First district, a;*,,4o?'. fourth district. *-i Mn fifth dlatrict, iVtiVMO. uiairict, #.-1.640: Uorae-tbtovinf is atill carried on t? ???. extent in our countr. (?n 1 uf?<i*w mrhiT. Mr I. II..Ii B-?n.v,',. " "" *"" ?" uSi.*"; Mr^V"~The York Tribune has a rerr fensiblearticle upon the subject of The M?? tery ot Murder," in the course of ?lu!h t furnishes some rery startling fact* AmonrJY^rk'.hlr^?, ^at '?? th" city ol N?V ^dnriD? itip vMf inA c?udi ' hom'c,dM and murders, without mT eluding numerous cases of death br drsvnin* or other means, where it was not clJar wbs^f or not ther. bad b^n ton? PUy f7nlr !i persons were arrested for tbe^a crimes a. d be records of the courts show only 16 convi of wb,ch w"re for ofl^nc^com" milted la a previous rear * with m ...II u,*,rE,! TC. ZV X"; ' i?N?v tMW<l uumiftskable homicides in New -V oik more Th^u p. r cent ire ? ? ^rm,:\7r:zzx IT? r.?'r" topped with a cru? ol ice. The ro^M mrC"^ It !?Mhn T.L1" Tach has beeu broken a- all is bopfd tb&t tik** frowiiiir u t.p*. ^ ??l. itaoocb roh^,'? SfrS,-*!^ ail ID? cblil of U)p Diffbt rerorer n# tV h y'.L vestment covers the ear'h the depth often incbe* or more The ir? !!?, our ponds and streams teof alLw^JK? c? den ted tbldfea*?RicAmmd Engturtr* **' What ia thk MaTTBB'?Noi^ than the** IKK kelof B l*d* in a Br^adwaT0rN^V*i,"C UJ" Kev. Joseph Bab,a for^Il&ed hu crippled sister, and He* JoH the murder, of his child, threa vea T^>r Rer. Mr Williams, ?f?r 1 L?nda!er"h^*kM ^ bM>n comm't(ed fo^r.aT" l^mdsley ha* bean convictod of frnm*.^'^ d*Kn*- whl1" B*bia was acq^t^d from a lack of endeuce Tbia m ka<? .... . .tow SS? .tfsrs rninla raUlenlnm com* that Com4 SKfSfunS!.*" "? ???SSi*?5 f' iaj -?uS ST made February l, the oMiitiT.. ?h\ k. KeT. Isaac O. Kuowltoa, iUr. Isaac McCann, an operative addressed eating adherence to the tan hour sv?e?^hni deprecating a strike, aad adrtomr^^fc? ence and remonstrance with tne aaen* ?n fal subject. This advice was aSorte^IL * lh* aietnt*aPP?IUt*<! toWaU BpOB *r ?*nnet 'Sa mosd tnquirer "thuV' Linou n "eTtnVaj^om" K.d ?hnto?^"* U'POrtMl '? Mary.' "" ""<r.ncL,??b4; nof nor deaf- nor dumb. conTe! * -toell com.' .he'll Maryland, my Maryland !" ssrtf iKTEKarjSfff?Sar li.t and the remainder in the rswrvsi orsZT preset population of Austria, 6,(h?lih? .r? j?ywae> the ages of 16 and fio, and cat>a yiKhSvb actMre'aok^>ra ara? Sfu"uK that nearly oae^erenth af lL estabhsbcoen t***81re^ k-P ?P "ia -Sj 2 gyyytreated over oae hundred cases of mtlmTil t termitient and remittent te^n LlT'L lu~ sulphite ?f M>da aloaa, and^ Z of the fever ^t^?5 tba remedy a reasonable length of uB?w! ft" do*s$in*jVutfon ^ ^ trust (>otiniv to tfek icme pernicious or malignant tyU oMer* Mi.aouri, under the new state (Joaari 1. i?v.n t^life^a torc^ ^"25 ?A?'b* rt*fct to make a will, and 'he first r?m in a i was recently begun In a bt. Louis Court. A husband ina* l!f0*hl P,ec* of gToand aad mada ume ago, made a will heqoeatbinr this nm Zl"y- ?4 tba .ait now brought uJTmlJZSl by >he husband to break tba will. irftnia will bar. a fine wheat crop. ^-Teachers' salaries la Dublin raage from VKi to fe^u per annum. ^. ^"^Pt Parrtota, of the Chilian nave to a Virginian. J' ?^Ths Em pres. Eug enie drinks vloeaar tn Lni?Jr Ha aca tba pacaltanty of V(iea. Pillow raas plantations an* -ploy, luuoaegroaa. f??? ? and ap. TMaxlmlliaa really bacoma. mora ipm,. aatiag every day aow. ???arVTba war debt of Maaaath u nails to fifty millions of dollar*. ' wounia mr A Monster lb New York beat at* .**?. ion ub til ha was spaaoblaaa. VPreah codfish are for ub ta tba rvasj?arg markets, a e4rca*atBpee ae^ar ipowb, says tba ffipr?a ?wb?p .^T t. issat - to? - ? * bv I i^'ll 41 hi*.**" .91 Ji