Newspaper of Evening Star, February 6, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 6, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR Tkf Urged Circolatioi ii the Diilrict ^ ? WALtACH, Editor uri Proprietor. washinoton CITY: h1p1mdu febrcary ?, 1*?7. wreaiiing MATTU 01 ITIIT PAGR. BEE OUT9IPB FOR INTKRR?*TINQ TELE ORAPPIC AND OTHER MATTER. TO A OVERTIRRRR. The tellowiuc Is the official showing oI the ctrcnlntion of the daily papera of this aity oomjMUgi tcr the Government advertising nnder the recent net of Congress directing such advertising to be made in tbe two dally new*, paper* of w ashingtoa hJiriif the large# | trcaiauon : EvumB Stab 7,7lg copies p?r day. CknmieU... t.M8 " u hUeiiigenctT.., 3.S9I ? The morns of advertising by the oity papers or tbe quarter ending December 31, i860, as t?ken from tbe book* of the Internal Revenue Office, are as follows: STA? rHtrlhffneer 0 i?sa Ckreniele o'jS *?p?w.f?n ^ gold at par. The early reaumpuon of specie payments is j the desirable goal towards which all our legis? ' lntion on fiaance should be directed, because unti^an equilibrium between gold and cur- : rency is re.tored, the relation* between capi- , tal and labor will be diaturbed, and value* will be unsettled. We have heretofore, m ! trea'mg of the currency question, noticed the opposing schemes ol coutractionists"' and ''inflationist*, and indicated our approval of neither theory. The fact is, that moat of our present trouble* from fluctuating raises, are the direct result of the totai want ol a fixed financial policy. Bull* aiid bear* operate for a rise or fall according to tbe indications of Congressional action, ho*, tile or favorable to either; and the alternation* of hope and fear combine to bring about a fe. | Tenth state of th?- money aad *tock markets, fatal to manufacturing and commercial inter' ems, and profitable only to speculators. Any lixed tj>tem is better than the present uncertainty. tven let it be understood tbat no fur tber action will be taken in reference to the csrrency dnring the present session of Congress, and much of the financial deian^emeuwhich now exist* would cease at once. 1 he various methods suggested to bring about resumption ail Delong to one of two cla->?s one looks to curtailment of currency, the other to an augmentation of the gold ba?is. Congress has already signified it* disapproval of tbe first of these two, and a majority bmve denounceo it as- disss-trons. u not irapiacticable. O'herwise a blending ol the two plans, to provide lor a gradual reduction of the currency and increase of the cold ba*i* at the same time, might hare been devised, and afforded the best possible solution of tbe flnaucial problem. A, it i?, one alternative only seems left, namely, an accumulation of gold in tbe Treasury. Tbe objection urged against this course i? tbat the gold would rise ai.d advance the price of commodities. This is not so clear. Let ij be understood that gold is beiug accumulated only until a fixed limit Is reached, whea re. sumption will at once commence, and we will fiidtbataa the amount approximates to th*. limit, just in the same ratio will be the ten dency to equilibrium between currency and specie. Thus when tbe Government finds Itself in a position to greater pro. portion ot gold to circulation will be reqmred than was necessary for ordinary banking operations before the war. We might foliow out this line of argument by the effect of such a course upon the value of our bond* abroad as important element m any calculation of the sort, but enough has been said to indicate the nature ol an opinion which is now entertained by many of iheable-t financiers in the conntry STATE DINNER AT THR EXECUTIVE M V N S10M. ' * The fifth State dinner of the President took place last evening at the Executive Mansion at six o'clock, and was attended by a namber of members of Congress, with their ladies. The member* of tbe Senate having been limited to tbe previous dinners, the fnture ones will be for Jteprssestatives, the invitatiotia being ex- I tended m alphabetical order. The company last evening conaisted of the President and Mrs. Patterson, Secretary Seward aad Mrs Stover, Mr. aad Mrs. B. M Borer, of Pa.: K P- Buckland and daughter, of Ohio, T.G. Ber. gen, of Jf, George W. Anderson, of Mo Mr. and Mrs. Bank*, of Mass : a. a. Bsrker, oi Pa.. S. E. Ascona. of Pa ; Mr. and Mrs. John B Alley, Of Mass Mr. and Mr*. Oakea Ame?, of Mass John Bid well, of Cal; William B Allison, of Iowa Mr. K- W. Clarke aad lady of Ohio; Mr and Mr*. S. M Collom, or ni.? Mr. and Mr* B. C.Cook, of III.: Mr. and Mrs. m A. Darling, of N. T.; Governor and Mr* Smyth, of N. H., aad Mr* Parson*. the long bridge. Now that the Long Bridge u ao aeriously damaged again as to require a considerable 1 expenditure for repairs, is it not a fitting time tor Congress to take the bull by the horns and provide for the erection of a bridge that shall be a permanent strut-fare, and that at the same time shall not injure navigation. This should be done in conrection with other river improvements. *uoh as diverting the Georgetown channel to the Washington shore by a break'water. In Tact :be river has now selected this channel, and deserting the Virginia shore is pouring through the Washington draw of the bridge in immense volume. disposal op public land. Returna received by the Commissioner of the General Land Office from the local office at Mecssba. Wisconsin, show that 4,?i0 acres ot 'i"*" w"re d,*P??*d of durtag the nsoiith of January last, a large portion of T?i? college trip, and the remainder taken op nnder the ' *?ld ^ cash.aad located with warrants. Return* tor ths same men.h from the Montgomery, Ala., office saow *' 'nfrles under the homestead law for actual settlement and cnltlration town lot? in prtaltma, cal The Commisa <mer of the General Land Office has just approved forty more entries of Town lots in the city of Pelalama, Cal., making one hnndre-l ef these entriss wblcb have approved within the last week aad filed In the proper divisions for pateata to issue ? .2? ,About lkree hundred entries for lots iu that city,. mace nnder the proviso of ths -id Jo,jr U,< '*** *** ?t>us - k approved upon the greater portion of which patents bara already been issoed. Att*o*p iolatiok oP CorrtioBT Mr. C. U. Webb has commenced action against Philadelphia Mutning Tultjrapk, through Haseltlne and Washburne as counsel, *er J.OOU damages, the charge being an alleged Tlolation of copyright committed by that paper la publishing LtMth Lank, a travesty 0' Griffith Gaunt, Intaly published in book form by Mr. Cartetot.. Mr. Webb is loiag a very foolish thug, for pabli auon by the Ttleprapk was an excel. lent adrartieewani of his work, and won Id be ao considered by nny writer ha ring an ounce of bnvlnesa bra n*. Mali's Omu House ?Tom Taylor's charming comply. -An Uaeqaai Match" was performed last night in ad nimble style to a fall home, aad we traat It will be repeated To-night Mlsd Rose Eytinge, at the request 0' nuaaeron* patron* of the theatre, win repeat her dishing impersonation of "Lady Gay $f>sj>*-r- Ml t^ favorite comedy of "Loudon Assurance." ^"t'roia J. ShUliagtoa, Odsou NaUding we hava "French wlthoat a Master, io six Lasy Lessons, published by Petsrson * Bro. Philadelphia. WThe Lexington G**ette states that o. batorday last. Go^Letsher receive by ma?f hi* psrdon by the President, through the It torney (tenernl a office 0 * PsaaonAL ? Ex-Governor Willlnn Aiken. 9t South Carolina, is at Willarda'. ?WB TELEGHAPHlfC MI5W6. LATER FROW E'?OPK R?yil M?rri*(f the Utopia?R?(*raiKess Wiaiit-1 lt? >t4rkrUrif. Pkkus. Feb S -Tie Dak*of Flanders, H <ir npp rent toth* throne of Be mum, will toon marry the Prlnce?e Hobenzollem. Loudon, Feb. i? Evening ? During th* delivery of tbe Queen's speech to-day there were cries of "reform ! reform !'* Hoes Winans has received aeoatiact from Roesia to buiid cars and locomotives for th\l Government. United State* bonds at Frankfort are quoted at "?* Livsbpool, Feb. 5? Evening The co ton market closes irregular and inactive. The alee hardly reached 6,noo bale*. Mildime Upland*. 14 <{ : Middling Orleans, llfc d. per pound. Advices frem Manchester are unfavorable for goods and yarns in that city. The market is heavy and prices are lower. Bteadstnffs are generally less firm and prices lower. Lokdov. Feb. 5?Evening?Consols for money are quoted at iM) 11*16; Erie*, ?%'; Illinois Central, 81; Five-twenties, 7i 7-1B. Rse ration. NoaaieToww, Fa., Feb. 6?Jacob F. Ha* dolp > was executed nbont noon to day for the murder of Julius Wochele, a young (lerinan, in November, 1Sft5 His object was to obtain money belonging to Wochele in Germany, a>id be wT.s detected by a letter written to ob'ain it. He died alter delivering a speech in (lerman. In which he protected that he was guilt loes of tne crime for which he was about to euffeT an igrominious death. Delaware Legislature. ltovRR. 1)hl., Feb. 6.?The House, this moiuing. rejected the Constitutional Amendment by strict party vote, 15 to 6. Tbe bill allowing negroes to vote, and making tbeir punisbmont for cnnaei tbe same as whites, was defeated by a party rote. . From Kentucky. I.a Itkanok, KT? Feb 5 ?Asa P. Orover has b?-en nominated to represent the fifth district In Congress, on the fourth ballot, by I slxiv-one vote? against forty.three for Boyd, I ot Winchester. Shipwreck. PHiLADKLfHfa, Feb. 6 ? The steamer Casnndra, from New Urbane. is a.?tJore on Brigantme .shoal*. She is reported bilged and ' broken in two. fir b? A CABl) -1 wlsb to eiirtm niy heartfelt . bks uratltudH to Mr. Jerry B*u>> , wki, at tne 1 risk of his own life, sa*?d my noy from drowning yeat<rday. ami I desir< ale,* to warmly tbauk tlie<? who aided id restoring my child to asimatloQ af i ter he was taken senseless from ths water l>y Mr. Knob. 1 shonld be zlal to express my gratltuie Infcnon to Mr Hanb, bat Ond thst be left the cit) him, ?t i aimed lately ?'t?r bis nobl* action. It' J KKUMI OALLA HAN. qry-SPlClAL HOT IC K ' TT> THE BrTrHF.RS~A\D DEALERS OF WASHISGTOX, D.C Now or sever is yonr time to act. If you wi?h to ; secure what you bave been striving for lor the Ian elk-bt niontlis, in??t in a bedy on FB1DAT AK TBBNOON at 2 o'clock at Temperanca Hall, j By order B. 8. ELLIWTT, j fe fr-2f Secretary. THE EIGHTEENTH ANN 1 VEjBSABY~ i Lk_3 tii* ' UNION BOMB MISSIONABT SOOIBTY of the F nrtb PiSibyteriau Church of this city will l>e celeb* a ted at tbs Cbnrch on 9th street, TO MOBEOW (Thursday) EVENING, at*'to'cl*ck. * Tbe 6 ?clety is at pre*ent using its energies and mei.ns for ths benefit ot several feeble churches ou the line of tbe Baltimore and Ohio Hai I road. and with tbe aid of the friend* ?f the caus? proposes 'o rxund Itseftort* in the direction of colp rtege in tne southern section of oar country. The public are respe? tfnlly Invited to atteod. it* Yy ATGBABD COBOBBT' JJJ For the Benefit of HAML1NB M. B. 0HURC1T, Will be given l>y tbe C HOI K connected with that Church, on FBIDAY BVKNINO. Kehrnary 8, 1847, at the Chnrch, corn-r 9th and P *treats. cim :netic1ng at 8 o'clock The Chetr will be assisted by prominer.t members of otner Choirs, sad every effort has been made te make ths Concert a succeis. Tickets, AO CENT* To be obtained at Ballantyne's Religions Book Depository, 40m 7th street; at Parker's Post Office News Stand, or from anr Member of the rhoir, and also, at the door on the evening of the Conceit. The piano need en this occasion is one cf Stelnway's, kindly lest ed by W. G. MeUeiott fe 4 3t* nr=r" OFFICE 8BCBBTABY BOABD OF LL3 HEALTH, Washingto.v. I). C , February 6. 1?<?7. TBB FOLLOWING 18 TUB LIST OF Nil HBALTB1>ScLaBKD BY tuc U0ABD of Dead Oarcasaee, Dead Fish or Offal of Fiih, beat s of Oyster Shells i Offals from Butchers' Btslls and Slaughterhen see. Stagnant or Btill Water In Ponds, Marsbea, Sewers or Cellars, Ateae or Vaults Foul or Ob* atructed Drains, Water-pipes or Water closets. Fool Stables, Foul Oow-honses or Cow-p?ns, Foal Privies and Beg Sties. Pont Premise*, Alleys.and Gutters, aod Foul Slaughter houses Decaying Tegetables aad Fruits of rvery description. all Aniaal Bnbstsnces, whether entire or those portiens thereof not nsed as foed whica may be thrown oat. Expose re or offering for pale Unsound Provi. iocs, Fruits, or Vegetables All Ashss, Babbisti, Shavings or Refass Sub sianese of any trads, occupation. > t baiiassp which may be prejudicial te public health. Filth, tteapsnds In Peo a. Drainage from Dye Bons?s or >"e? F e? to rise Sources of Unhealthy Bxhalations or Odors so near dwellings as te endanger tbe health of the eccnpanta. Borses going at large with Glanders. Farcey, or any other Contagions Diseases Overcrowded Tenement Bosses, Inflammable Material in dangereas prexlmlty to buldlnrs Benass or Bnlldihgs, or portions thereof, in a state of dilspldation or decay, endangering the lives and iropeity of those la tbe viciaity. Openings for Stove Pipes, unsecured, endangert Ing ths property, health, or comfort of ths sar> rounding Inhabitants. Snow. Ice or any other obstruction In gutters, . preventing ths free flew of e^atert herein. ^ fe 4jSt Secretary Board'of Bea'lth. O. O. F -GHAND LODGB -Aa adLL-7 jonrned meeting will be held on WEDSTSDAT EVENING, uth lnatant, as 73io clock, fe ? P B BWjBT.Or. Sec. fVTR=?MBDlCAL ASSOCIATION?There will UJ? be an adjoarned meeting of the MBOICAL ASSOCIATION OF TBI DI8TB1CT OF OO LUtfBI* tn tbe rooms of the Medical Society, on I T HUBBDAT, F eb 7tb.at8odeck p m. ; fei3t J. W. B. LOVBJOT. M D., Bec'y. I 0BOBQB WILLIAM Ct BTIS WILL ?B I liver the FIFTH LBOTUBB OF TBB Got BfcB. under the aaeptcee of tbe Toung Men's Christian Assoetalion. at Metzsrott Hali.THORS* , DAT EVENING. Ft-bruttry 7, igo7, coataencing at o'clock. Deors open at 7 o'clock. Single ticket* SO ee its each. Bold at the Music aad ' Beok Stores, and at the door. fs & 2t* iyig=?TBB_~BBCIOBD^"ELOOCTIOHABT AMD I Jj? MLfclCAL BOIKEE. LECTUBB BOOM OFVBK OBUBCB OF TBB I BPIPHAHT, MONDAT BVEN1NO, FEBBUABY 11. 1*47, Beginning at sieht o'clock, ter tbe benedtof the j NBW EPIBGOFAL CBCBOH OF TBB IHCABN ATIU N . | Onrds of admission, ?i cnts. fs 5-6t ' nr^-HOTiCE TO TAX PAYEES OF WASHllj 1BGTON CITT. Tbs Board ef Assessors haviag completed tbe I annual assessment for 1847, will sit as a board of appeal, and f?r tbe porpose of making correctloas, from tbe istb Instant to April 1st inemsive, i Sundays excepted.' at flchool Commissioner s Boon, second story City Ball, west wing, frem 9 a. m. to 3 p. a. eaeh dey. By order of the Presldeat. Hat) fel eotApl (YTg=?THB BEY DB. 8AMSOH, PBESIDBBT - COLUMBIAN COLLBGi, will begin a COT BSE OF LBOTUBBS en the Boly Land for the benefit ef the Hew Episcopal Church. In the rtrst Ward, on TUBSUAT. February 4th. In the Lecture room of tbs Charch of the Epiphany. The reputation ot Dr. Barnson as a iectursr is i well knows, aad the interest which cannot fall to be felt in the sabjeet end ths excellent purpose bed in view, moet draw a large audlenee. The Leotarss wiil be Ire to number, end Will bedsllvered on Tueaday aad Friday evenings. Tickets for the ooarse. fl- Biagle tickets, ti rents te he had bt the Beok Btorea and at the ft tar Oftte. f| m1 JOBBPB B BBAFFIBLD, JJ5 FBEBOB CON FBOTIONBBT. LADIES' IC1 CBEAM 4 D1NIBG BALOOB, 24b Penn. Ave.,bet Uth and Uth ste. Wsddlngs, Dlnnsr or Bnpper Parties eupplisd at shert notice with novelties In Pyramids, fancy Vahss, aad Ooafectioaerise, Jellies; Wedilng Cakes, best uuaiity Table Oraameals: Salads, lee Cream, Water Ice.Bomaa Paneh. Boned Tar "if1" i Beeoloped Oystsrs, Boned Turkey tn jelly, Charlotte Baese, eto., eto Attendants also will be sent to attend to all details ef erraaasmeats. Bouquets. Wreaths, and cat Fkiwers te order. je3-lm JQ8BPB B BBAFFIBLD. rV-I I T 1 B L 1 in B D 1BBB. I ... *cPH?BBOB A FBBGUSON, T1 Finn. AVTiivrt, com via 1st stagiT? ^ Oahtol Bill. ,r,'-aaf.r Phrsldaas Prescriptions aeenrately oompounded Tbe Night Beii proa^tiy aaswered. oel? tf : npB> UNIiEB?IGN BD.havia? sold Us haslae# f te his Chief Clerk and associate, tbe BtlOK AND STATIOBBBT BTOBB, *34 Pennsylvania avenue, will in fatare be condacUd b* tbe firm of FBBNcB A B1CH ABD80N. and he would beg to commend them to his many friends BUDS0B TAT LOB. Washington, D.O., Feb. 4.1M7. fe4 4t CONGRBSSj ON AL. WtDjrCgDATi February 9 ttir'^.If.'T7!1" Resident pro tem inid b-rare . . ** ^ connnunicatioo from *b# ^rmi. /it? 'n!* ??l*yof th- Ifitrrtn the Kresifo Mr MaS^ Mr" ??mnefS letter Vo ft-""*"1 ? ... Also, a communication from the President rI'lihIi*i,*??IT*t0' "** Secretary of Slate, V nrvejrs for the iuter-oceanic -,h* Ulhmus o! Hanen. Laid Also. communication r*)?Nr? to amounts SE aud Of tbo couru of the District cf ( olnmhia. I..aid on the table AIM), communication from the Secretary or i^nV??r'i'I'ih1'V# 1? certain ludiau afnta. l.atd ort the table Mr. Wnde reported a memorial from eitiaens ot ihe District ot Colombia, aettin* torih the I fr V^.T* ^">K'?n a. a diot for ,K ! Affairs Referred to Committee on Naval Also, a petition from citizen* of Wasbina - I ton. askingtke contraction ot a national rnlroad from Washington to Cincinnati. Referred to Committee on (Ximmfro)1. I *r Sananer jrasemed I??tit*on? from citi- ! xeus of North Carolina and Arkansaa, askitir the establishment of loyal Staiegovernment? RtI*rrAd to .^construction .. . *?I7'"?Jrom 'he Committee on the Distona?mM' reported btlls to incorporate . r I'nlTerMty of the District of Cor^ce ?C,pa~rp0rRte N"ti0na' I"? ' a 2*^'Wilson, lYom the Committee on Militarr A flairs, rep*rtea the bill to temporarily in' army* compensate* of officers of the On motion of Mr. Lane, an evening session waa order* d for tbe istb ins tab', to consider I rnmee'* bu,,DMa from lil? Pension ComA resolution wan reported from the Com- I rJrort ot l ??!Uln? '? pr,Ul U>0 c?Pia8 of rh? wK wm XSr?WnP ?n m,DeS and m,ninK: ,n'ro,ln<','d * ?>" ?o authorize the formation of corporations for raanufacturinir JlMf*t?!*VJT^"??c.*'* and chf,,?,c*' purposes Ml Cotnm*ttee Oo,urnbia- K*ftrred to District Aleo, a bill to extend the time for the con. st ruction of certa.n street railroaas Referred to Committee on District of Oolnraola On motion of Mr. Morrill, Saturday next was assigned lor the consideration of busi"ombia?m Ooramittee on District of Cot.^1/<"UckKa,ew introd,,ced a bill fixing the time for choosing electors for Presideut and > ice 1 resident of the United States. On motiou of Mr. Ross, the President was of*1 ^ X2 comra?n'cate to the Senate cop.ea ?. - madp to citizens 0f ,he United i** i? for railways through the territory of the Hepnblic of Mexico. I ik1 t!'11 lo reKuiate the tenure of office wa* I 1ml'.n^h" UP' '!)* qu*?*,io? ^'"nonconcur, ring in the amendment of the House including mL ?i ?fflcers lu the provisions of the bill I r.vtS't " *aid t0* President had no more I Vr ih'.m r?J*' <'*bln?', officers tbau to batcher tbrm 1 nder the Constitution the civil of- I Snfew in o??Vrnment ??uld n?t ?e removed unless in case of impeachment. Mr. H read I at Ungth from different authorities in support I of his amendment The officers of tbe <[0vernmettbad b-en reduced to a state ot span- I lei in, which it was d. graceful to witness mot?on of Mr Hayes, (O,) the bill No *40? ?r0,n thH sP^:tker's table the Senate bill No. 4!><. to amend the several acta relatinr I to copyright* and it was passed as camS from the Senate. ua" ^.r. Kol,,n* (N- H .) from Committee on Aceonute. reported a bill to equalize the pay of officers and employees of ibe Honse of Representatives. and to prohibit allowance of exira com mined .'OD ?rd""d ,0 be printed and re! Ou motion ot Mr. Allison, (Iowa.) the bill i for relief of the Mercantile Mutual Insurance I Company of New \i>rkwas taken from the i Vr,mlr 8 ' and referr?d to Commtttoe on vJul III S. i Mr Henderson (Oregon) introduced a Joint f-,UJTt the Commissioner of the I Land Office to cause tbe boundarv r tort'cf Irtih i Mate of Oregon and ihe Territory ot Idaho to be surveyed and marked at the earliest practicable period. Referred to 1 Committee on Territories ?eicrrea to | Mr Donnelly (Minn.) introduced a joint reaon declaratory of the |*w allowing :ran? portation to officers, &c. Referred to Committee on Ulilliarv Affairs. | si?' (,,*,) Pfe^ented resolutions of State of 1 ennsylvania on sublet ot recon"truct'on to Committee on ReconOn motion of Mr. Raymond, (N. Y ) the I S? ctetary of War waa directed to common, cat# to the Honse the report of the Engineer in I ivlation to the obstruction ol New York bar- I borbv sunken vessels. r j nrmVi^M^iW } '?,rodoc*d a resolution to I priBt M, 0" auditional copies of Ibe reportof J. I Koes Itrowne on tbe mineral rocounes of ttie i J,tat o an<t Territories. Referred to l ommlttee on Printing. On motion of Mr. Price. (Iowa.) tb? sum of I 2Wi wa directed to be paid to J. H. Rilev for I services as clerk to the Committee on the Pa- I cific Railroads. I The House resumed as the regnlar order the I Indian Appropriation bill as reported Tester. I day from the Committee of the Whole f1i*cn"'on *y Mr Kasaon and Mr. I h .1 ' Mr Thayer,ot Pa., moved to recon- I sider tbe vote whereby the main question was I ?? j ' 1D order ttoat an amendment might he I oflered, striking out that portion ot the bill I making appropriation for colonizing Indians. I furnishing them with agricultural implements *e The motion was agreed to, and Mr I >coneid moved to recommit the bill with in- I etructions to the Committee to report the same I back with all appropriation stricken out ex15 .ar' neces8Ml to carry out existing treaty stipulations, or to maintain Indians now in custody of the United stau-e. The mm^d Wa* a*rt'e4 W)' *Dfl ^ bill wax recomMr. Lawrence (O.) asked bnt failed toobtaia leave u? introduce a joint resolution directing I the publishers of tbe <'ongr*uienal Globt to ar- I range an index in future volumes of the Gloht I giving tbe name and utle of every bill and res- I olution introduced into either House of Con. I fI^?WUh Hefcren?? fo pa*e* ,n ^^toh proceed nga nnder such resolutiona may t? found, andI to laaert in one volume of the reporrs for each Congresa a plan of the Senate and House of Representative?, with a diagram of thelseais ? tjjbers. with the names of members, their post office address, and occupation. I The Speaker laid before tbe Hoaieacommu- I of??h? ?. .?m ? Pres'dent, transmitting a list ?,L?i U,B!! wnich had ratiMed tbe .^nstuntional amendment. Ordered to be printed I The House then proceeded to the cc nsidera- I ^^^f reports from the Committee on Military npHIS 18 TO IHrOKU MT CUSTOM IKS 5ji kf l 'Baltlaiwre trices, to ! all wishing such tor tbe coming hotidavs ' | - 333 seatb B ftrsU^ Ca?ltofBill tlen which will bs . oldstr'Lo^lVrauTA^ work aeld warraatsd. Beealrin* If tf'fcu./i ?reB,?tly.ti?d.4toaAirAeJiS*.h^i?1 klDd ! fai-st* . BOB^T H OBAHlM, | Jll* ?T? D.aai 477 8th street. o a h orrioi. MONKT leased on Qold and Blfrer.^^^ ?? b*tweea loth aad Uth au. 486 ??Tl!HB_?I?IiT. . bidcccd raion fo* T H I B T T DATS * A B & B*I T B 'g , Having in Btoro th# liraeit anil v.k. ment of ,ifWI t#ii MidrtPAFKB HAH0IN08, WIHDOW 8UADBS AND w .u ^0VAL PI?TVB* VBAttBS In tbe District, and wishlns to rTL ? .. prior to making spring purchases offered for tbe luxt thtrtrdara aJVLi *.wl" axrlnalvely for Prireb, will be foaad a very rteb and ksmtifni 'i : "NteBftwrnai Uoa of lhaee Ooods werZ^ie ilt?i.iV,anrf * 5or gSfe ??<??^ ...Vriui' foitt a htj ?Uhl daora above Odd relln^M?.'., J^OTIOl Of QOPABTBKB0HIP:? u P&ttrfcseigstiQE? ^a,I M' JMO W. LDM8B0M [ jaiaaw* # ill am i 4 O'CLm P. M. GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. W amhivotok, February 5. 19*T. Jay Cooke k. Co furnisa ta? following quoUtioi! of Government securities: Bmfinp. SHltinp . U. fi). Coupon, 1881 lt>7V i<*% V. S. FIt* Twenties, lirr% Wa\ ' V. S. Five Twenties. 186* J?0^ li#% U 8. riw TWMU^ IWS 107* 1 U.S. Five Twentieo.JanAJ'y,'65 U>4% IU?% 1 U. S. Ten Forties i?uw lPu% I ?' S. Seven Tbiruej, August.... 1-6 (??5* f U. 8. Seven Tbnles, June 104% 10S% 1 u. S seven Thirties. July. 1w?* 100% KKW 1 ORK fl?81 ROARD sales. Coupon? 1l#% M4o's 100 ^ ' 5.?</s. I^i'i 1<S& 7.3V*, August ... 105^ 5.??'s, IH64 1(6% J un? 105 k5.20'S,

l>i65 Ut6\ . J'V Julr lOSi* 1 5 9>s, Jn JcJy/ftj. im % Gold I3fi^ FINANCIAL. Lewis Johnson A Co., quote Stocks and Bonds la borne and foreign markers w follows: P?rw York. Feb? # ?kst Board?17. s. reg- ! toured. lefci, l . oo., coupons. IDS: 5-vtos, registered, 1-6*. do. coupons, 107%. do., ISfiS; * 0%, ld-4o s. roistered. 99%: do. coupons, I0u*: s. 105*: Uhn son Mississippi Certificates. ?.*>%; <Htnion. 4*i%: Cumberland. Ti: (Quicksilver, 3ft, Msripisa, lo, New York Central, 1UI%: Er'e, 58fc: do. prefer'd, 72. Hudson. 127: Reading, 114% . Michigan Central. KM; Michigan Southern, 7.'$: Illinois Ontra., 114^; (Cleveland aud Piusburg. 83%: Cleveland and Toledo. 119*: Ko-M -Island, 9* No.-'bwestern, 37; do. preTrrmi. 6?; Kort Wayne. 97 jk: Chicago and Alton, 114 ^ . Alton and Terrs Haute, 33 Tol?*co and Wabash. 41 if: W. U. Tfltrraph. 41 Boston Water Power.'27; Parifle Mail. 15*: Atlantic Mall, 10t!%. Gold, 3 in p. m., 137%. THE PUBLIC DEBT. The statement of tb?- public debt on the 1st of February, 1867, chows that the debt b*'ariug coin interest was *1.420,145,311 ^0; ttie debt bearing currency interest was ?f< 19.672,740.1 hi mitared debt not presented for payment, *15.701.. 154.31: and debt bearing no interest, *43U,1&3,8<a.7?; making total debt. *<.685,773,530 83. The amount of coin In the Treasury was *97,351,6(3<9, and currency *45,1)69,187.58. Amount of debt, le?? cash in theTri^snry. *9,543,349,748 56; an increase since January 1st of *24,575 O! The j coin in the Treasury decreased *436.964 (16 during tbeironth of January, wbile during the same period there was an increase of *11.173,. 422 54 in currency. A NEW COUNTERFEIT 1 Counterfeit *jo notes of the Flour City National Hank of Rochester. New York, have made their appearance. They are well ex.*. cuted and calculated to deceive the public, but the blurred appearance of the bill afford :tn indication of Its spurious character to thoa" who examine It closely. THE TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. This afternoon a convention of the tobacco manufacturers of the country will be held at Masonic Hall, for the purpose of considering means to Improve tbe trade; and at th?* same Increase tbe revenue of th- Government. THE BANKRUPT BILL. The iri- nds ol the bankrupt bill will not en. j deavor to bring it up in the Senate on the mo. tion to reconsider, until alter the arrival of Senator Nye, who is now on his way hers from the Pacific coast. THE DI?TRICT IN CONGRESS. Mr Morrill introduced in the Senate to-day i a bill to Authorize tbe formation of corporations lor manufacturing, mining, mechanical or chemical purposes in the Districtof Coium- ' bia. It provides that three or more persons who may desire to form a company for carrying on any kind of business above stated. :nay 1 make acknowledgment, and tile in the Clerk's . office of the Supreme Court of tbe District a certificate stattuft the corporate name of tbe ' company, the term of its existence, not to ex. ' ceed fifty years, number of share.-*, number and names of trustees. Ax- ; and when this ij done the persons signing shall be a body-po. ' line and corporals. 1 be concerns ?t said company shall be managed by not less tban three or more tban nine trustees, who shall be stockholders, citizens of the United States, I and a majority citizens of the District, stocu ! holders t-bai I be severally individually 11 ible to the creditors of tbe company to an amount . equal to tbe ex'ent of stock beld by them re. ' fj ectively, until tbe whole amount of c .pital , stock shall have been paid in. Provisions are * made in regard to issue ol stock, payment of dividends, payment of stoclr, transfers or stock. Ac Ac. The bill was referred to the District Committee. Mr. Morrill reported from District Committee J llviu-e bill lor the incorporation of the a- ' ticnai Capital Insurance Company," witb amendments authorizing the companv to be conducted on tbe plan of mutual insurance, but requiring the names of at least one bun- , d:?d applicants to be entered on tbe books ! before the company stall commence business. Tbe company is also required to make an ' aunual statement of premiums, losses, tunds outstanding, risks, Ac. The corporators are ( Green Adams, Frastus Foulson. and others. [Should the bill pass witb this name, It will be likely to make confusion, as there i? already n : National Insurance Company" in this Dt*. trict] Mr. Morrill, from same committee, also reported, witb amendments, tbe bill authorizing limited partnerships in the District of Columbia. Also, tbe oilf to lneorporate tne Howard University in tbe District of Columbia, with amendment Also, tbe bill "to amend tbe law of the District of Columbia In relation to judi- , cial proceedings therein," witb amendments I Mr. Morrill Introduced a bill amending tbe , charter of the Metropolitan Railroad Company of ibis District, so as to extend for five years ( tbe time within which said company is required to complete tbe several lines of railwivs authorized by tbe said charter. Referred to District Committee. THE STEAMER LANCASTER Tbe Navy Depaumeut this morning received j information from Commander Dan'l B Ridge- , ly, of the U. S steamer Lancaster, dated Nassau. N. P., January 27, 1HJ7, announcing tba' I the Lancaster lelt Callao on tbe'21st ?f Sep- 1 tember, 1k66, stopping at Valparaiso aad Bar. badoee, reaching the latter place after * pleasant passage around Cape Horn of 6b days from 1 Valparaiso. Cn the .'st instant Commander R. left Barbadoes wltli 35 days rations for Norfolk, Va.: after leaving the Islands there was a calm of six days after which several tieavy gales were encountered off Cape Hatteras. which drove the steamer from her destination and made it necessary to go to Nassau for provisions. alter receiving which tbe steamer would Bail for Norfolk. DI8TRICT IN CONGRESS Tbe committee of Board of Trade representiQgtbe business Interests before Congress, consisting of Messrs. Wall, Elvan?, Thompson* and Shepherd, waited upon tbe Senate committee tbis morning witb two bills, prepared by tbem, of great importance to our busines* community. One of tbem a law providing for tbe formation of limited partnerships, and another being a copy of the New York laws for An act of general Incorporation for manufacturing, mining, and chemical purposes." The passage of these two bills will be an era in tbe business history of tbis eity, and we trust there will be no delay on the part of Congress In acting upon measures so important. INCREASE OF PAY. Ac. Mr Wilson, from tbe Military Committee of < tbe Senate, to?day reported a bill providing 1 that for two years from tbe 1st July, 18*7, all j officers of tbe army below tbe rank ef Major General shall be paid an addition of 33}f psr . c?uturn to their present pay proper; and tbe pay of all field officers and other mounted offleers shall hereafter be tbe same as is now provided by law for cavalry officers of like grade. Tbe act to Increase the pay of soldiers, approved Jane 40,"1364, la continued in full 1 force for three years frem the 2utb of Aagast. I860. Tbe same bill authorizes tbe Secretary i of War to sell tbe Government property at Harper's Ferry. 1 PRB-1*fPTT0N CLAIMS. \ Tbe Commissioner of tbe General Land Offlee has received, with tbe abstract for tbe month of December, |?Q6, ftom tbe local office \ at 8aa Francisco, thirty-one entries made in , pursuance of an act snliUed "An acl to * rant tbe right of pre-empttoB to certain setttert.on , tbe Ran eho Bolsa de Tomales, Marin county, , State of California." There are- upward* of , o*?e hundred of these cases which lit# been adjudicated by tbeOeaeml L&lcI Office ?|tct September 86. l?6f. i ' ?7* The "Wasbtngton corresponaenSi,*%bo m essay to |ivt a romantic interest to the smashed-up Long Bridge, by asserting that Booth and Herold escaped over It, are not well posted. JTBOM Til MONOCACT. The Navjr Department thia morning wtelved a dispatch from the Un.iM States tuaarr lonnotrr, date* Simom H?v. C*pe?( 3ood Hop*. December 17, l?<?. OB''r? and :r*)r aU wrll. 1 mtkiiil Rbvbkcb ?Tbe receipts from this >ource to-day were W>4.~ti?? ? ? ?? . iLOCAL NEWS. The lidltHRT AT Tilt TKIWUtV |t?r*KT. mk^t?V(i yesterday s'ated mat ?rt?rli ?rn- ( ployed in tbe Loan Division of tbe Treaaury I Department bad been mium; ?iu<re Sutsniay. j *t,d a Dumber of wvni'thtrtjr bonds c^uitl not i be found The facta to Hi* ca?e areas fol- ! lowc-Aclfrktim^ A Win Lee from N'w York, amputated ra September. I" **. was as- j Mgned to the dwty of receiving seeen-?blny bond*sent ?o the l>epuriment for .-o?i??r(imi into tive-twenty ktcdt, and signing the books ?f the express company when the betide were received On the first of Jannarv last * rule wa* adopted that all bonds aent for conw n >n bould be endorsed to the Secretary, in o.-der that the Department he secure A few r*ars . ago a letter was received from a party stjteing , that be had sent some bond* for con** *)*, bni bad subsequently received a ciro.4?sr, stating the bonds must be endorsed, and acting that they be returned to htm to be ' endorsed I'pon searching for the bon<1? to i leturn to him they coald not be touud. Tbts excited suspicion, and npon etarai nation of turn books of the express company, it was found that receipts were given for a uumberof yvc lieges con 'amine bonds which on ibs t?ook* of tbe l?epartment. on Saturday evening Lee disappeared, and upon examining; his desk a number of letters were found from parties stating they had not received the bonda. it is supposed by the >fl?cers of the Treasury Department that Lee received about ihtfty thousand dollars' worth of bonds, for which be receipted on the b?--ks of the express company but did not enter tb'-m on the nooks of the Treasury, and appropriated them to bis own use. Some of these kul< were endorsed, others were not. The envelopes in which the bonds an* received are torn off and thrown into a waste basket and destroyed. making it Impossible for the officers to recover them or ascertain what amonnt of money tbey contained. It frequently happens that parties in transmitting bonds t*> the Department in order to save express charge# represent to the express company mat the package l contains a much smaller amount than it reallv does. It is therefore Impossible te ascertain I from the books of the express company what amount is missing. Ai.FXAKnntA Ai?t? VK'IWITv.?From the Alexandria Gazette of yesterday we clip the following items. The Mount Vernon Cotton Factory, in this city, now the property of Abijab Thotnas, ol Sniytbe county, who purchased it last year from the company by whom it was erected and owned prior to the war, is now turning out dally four thousand yards of aupenor ?->< and 4-4 brown cottons, for which there is &(. ways a steady and continuous demand, and npon which a handsome profit is ma>le The raw material is obtained directly from ibe producers, via the Orange and Alexandria Kail road. Col. Geo. W. Brent, Capt. W. H. Dulany and L B. Taylor, Esq., who have been in Richmond for several days past on busmen* connected with the Canal Railroad between this city fc.ndGeorgetown, and each of whom made a speech before the Committee of the Legislature to whom the matter was referred, returned last evening. Mr. W. H. Carlin. the accommodating and popular conductor of the passenger train, on I the Londoun and Hampshire Railroad, was caught between two cars this evening, while [ coupling them at Herndon Station, and ee. I riouslv injured. The arrival ef the train was j delayed nearly an hour in cousequeuce of this deplorable accident. The ice oppoeits thia city has not yet give I away, but has become soft, and the muddy I water ot the freshet is rising above ita surface 1 and discoloring it. One m .n, h-wever. j walked across It thia morning from the Mary- I land shore, but had not the temerity toretra.-e I his s'eps though business required him to do I ao At a session of the U- S. District Court, | .Ttidpe T'cderwoo<: presiding, held thi^ morn- I Ing, am:in n^med Howard, from Floyd county, I Va.. arrested for circulating counterfeit money. J w;is held to b.?il in the sum of two thousand | dollars, for his future appearance. Two tng boats the Gov Curt.n and Katie I ffis-f, lett their moorings at King street wharf. I ibout two o'clock this evening, but proceeded I lown the river only to the ship yard. I We are informed that a petition, praying I ~"ongreas to annex the city and county of J Alexandria, to the District of Columbia, is | ?eing circulated, for signatures. I ? A Rush of Thi?v*<?.?Within a few w?-eks j j jlice operations in various ci'ieaof the North | las cau^td a migration ef thieves to the South j ind West, and a large number, mostly sneak J hieves. have stopped in Washington, and I lave commenced operations Last night, aoout I 18 or 1 o'clock, the store ef F. Keat A Co , No. | ATJ 12th street, near Pennsylvania avenue. 1 merchant tailors, was entered by thieves, who | packed up the entire stock in t.-ade, and re. | moved It to a shed in the alley in the rear of | he store, opening into L street i ifBcer Steele 1 Eoing around that beat saw a light in the atore I ibout I o'clock, and went to the door to try the j lock The thieves probably took fright' and 1 scaped by the alley, obtaining nothing. The I foods are valued at about g-J,uO<i This is the I second or third attempt made u)>on that store I Several other attempts have been reported to I .he police, all of tnem showing the operations | jf sneak thieves. Hvmewial ?Yesterday morning. Rev. Dr. I C.H.Hali, at the Church of the Lpiphanv. I united in the bonds ef matrimony Mr. Albert I Asbton, of tbe U S. navy, and Mica Rose M , J he youngest daughter of Cot. R. O. Washing- I ion. of the Poat Office Department. Thera I were a large number ol the triendaof the young | :ouple present, who extended their congratu- I lations, alter whicb tbey left for Nsw York city in 11.15 train. i Ali bkma>' Ldmom0toh ?We are glad to I learn that the condition ot Mr. Llijab Limon- 1 >ton, Alderman of the Fourth Ward, whose j illness from typhoid pneumonia was noticed I in MoDday's ?V:ar, is somewhat improved, and 1 that there is much hope of hia ultimate re. j covery. ?<? ? . i The N?w Flas or Rkadu-htvint ?^The I Richmond Knquirer publishes substantially I the same plan for readjuatment of the rela- I tions of tbe Southern S'ates in tbe Union a- I given in our paper yesterday, and indicates I that it had been suomitted to various members I of the Virginia i^egislatuie. The Enquirer I remarka at some length upon the subject, say- I ing that it was not of those who would reject I "v?ry plan of pacification, nor on the other ] band be ready to eat all the dirt that may be j offered, and in eonclusion saysof these prop<>- I sitions ??We shall not now enter upon their I analysis or consideration, but tbe Sontbern I people will need to know a great deal more. J we think, of the influences which fcave shaped ] these measures, the urgency which prompted, | and the pledges which support them, before I they will agree to them. j A SiawLAR Dbath ? How singularly a I man may sometimes lose his life was a tew ] days ago exemplified at Berlin. A city func- I tionary rode with a lady in a cab to tbe Frank- I fort railway termiuna, whence the lady in- I tended to depart in tbe next train. As the I cabman drove very slowly, the gentleman put j bis bend out of the open window in order to I admonifch the cabman to mace haste. At Uy same moment aaotber venicle which happened j to drive past pushed against tbe door of tbe I cab In such a manner that tbe neck of the I gentleman was jammed in, and hit bead re- I mained outside of the cab door his neck being | so severely Injured that be died in conse- I quence of the accident by bleeding to death A N*w T?w-C*wt Com Waitid.-W? | thine the time has come when tbe government I might profitably, to toe treasury aud country, | put into the small currency a new ten-cent | coin of nickel and copper. We are not yet I near enough to the specie standard to brinr I o&t tbe silver dime; bnt a new coin of tbe same I legal value ot inferior metals would answer iiMt as well, and, In relieving of all those lit- | He dirty bits of paper below tne denomination j of twenty-live cents, wonld be a great lm- j B-ovement in tbe way or small change.?.V. r. I eratd. 1 PBHKftYLYAVlA COAJ. TEAD*.?Tba Miners' I Journal of Saturday says: "The quantity of I coal sent to market this week shows a slight increase over tbe corresponding week last I rear The Delaware Is slosed at Philadelphia, and there are ao abipmenta to the east from that point. The quantity aent by railroad Ibis week, is ?S,SM US tons, against ?1,07? for the corresponding week last year." Not Y*r RnroWKTBtrcTm.?Some ftllow who has not y*? lost all bops of tbe success of the Confederal*, on Saturday night entered ?e?Tof Mei?. Gay * Allen, en tbe south ride of the baslb, and stoleelght VbouaMd dollars in Codttdswte money. TM? is the largest Mftbimt <a that currency that pr? ^*ve known tobe gctten ofTht bne time alnce the evacuation?RtcXmoudJF Bihhop AttMHi (Ok.) Era tates tbat Bishop Lynch, of tbe Catholic cbnrch/delivet?d a lecture in tbat place renetittv, in tbe Central f?reebytwttan church, for the benefit of the poor. The subject was "The Tunnsl of the Alps." Ths trsvsls ot tbe Bishop In Europe made this a familiar subject, as be bad thoroughly examined the work. Allaire ia 6r?r|rtiwi fk Tbr cru?b*J I Cm tl I ]? Dp to? ? city. lad coatings as IT ibt+r ?u uo *Mr t>?t *- it T? ore i* not the slightest tadlcaiiuo of a u ... I ?*u?,?t>rliWyw be until there is anotb-r i ia <be nw. Tbe ebu?-i is comol-e,? chokr <1 b?l u w, and nntli U# way ia owarj ! IOW tbe brtdge it Will be iBpMt Mt lor th? ...? to ?or* Ner? a be*ry ram want** to eweep away the <M>em.moaa Utunkm, Dl,. abiai oa U>e Ice la in*- channel. ago it ?pi.r ir. to be provblen~al that wuh all tt>? re k -?.? DfM d:/played by them aud the rim mea wt>? b?w hcd "lux ? the securing ot pr.mrr . noaerloo* acetdeat hu occurred Tbe da*. * to wharf property is only partially aeort*.,,.^ as raoet of the wmr?H arw covered w,;Q' ice f'av id-a%> wbarf baa beeu lifted irota -a. piles and thrown ar.mnd out of poeiUna and tbe < beds spou it prostrated. The win-' of tbe K>rden 1 ? ia aoinewb tl torn^ bn- t?? what extent I* not vet ascertained. Kay ;4 n atari is consideflkbly injured. aad , - ,, ice mew it ia expected thai others w,u t>? lonnd tjaite as badly damaged 1 be ice a*v>Y. the Cbaa Bridge is ?n<l to be baaked op t,, J>?' feet above the level of the riTer The a^txduct is il? nail n?n? (or the present b>iw*-n this I>i?!ricl and the Sooth, aad iii?-s of omrn butu aa<l bach* ro?i?ey parn-ofpri b>-iw..? Alexandria and tlif \ irimia end of tb? a ]%?. duct, froai ? UrmT they walk to tbin place A large ten>r of pa*>sei<gers came over ?b?? aqueduct t?-day. i b* newt :r.?m tbe naal above is that a* far &* ascertained there is ba' a single bre** In the emhnnktren'?a rap of aboat tweu'v feet near the (treat Fait*. The condition < ' k he river addr to 'b.* (leoniy appearan.-e <>r I Water atreet. l?r te ia doing heai.-tes refittiaj: I tbe wareh<-a*e* and rearranging the stock which bad been removed for safety. Flora AND (}p.Ai? MiKKKT-thi mark"' continues dull. Kncetptt* by wagons ol n.?ar and grain light. Sales uuimv??rtaiit. and pri. e> unchanged The Mill* ?Themills bare ail snspended operations. The ice prvbaMv ba? more to d<> a I'b ibis tntpt-usion tbau any ?tber can?e HkaTIMO a F*mx>w Pk<?, ?rk -M iniiu niitbt .lubn Mack vrn* locket i.p m start jp bou*e lor Wnf drunk He xu plao?>d in t cell with Chas K Parker. lM:rin?: the nig i tbe watchmau heard Farmer tel! tlack to k-ep his bands out of bis po>'ket /% few miru v< afterward the watchman ? u called to kepar. ate the prisoners. Ma( k bavtag taken alvm. ta^re of Parker while lying rti?w?. and k k- t and beat him badly about the !?-? ju.t, Knckey fined Mar* f.vil !or hioi-oadurt IN the cell. DAINTY D'SHEf. Ke<?ipt?C'I'.er^sd by Ladr Harriett St Oiair. Ttie Cbri.t ?n lirnxiai eedited l?r Est. Prank He wall. P.rkwuk ra??r?. l>t%m?nd Bflitioa Meallaud on tb? a tiou of Medicine, New Erf ti o Murrag's knot in Pisrrdar* of the N? rr*s Tbe Utatr "f a 8'en ? Hraithwaite's Keriev tor FVt,ru?ry Lu H>? s Ke\ie? for February. feo TRkHVtL TAT LOB lyOTICE TO TKAVELtEM The damage to tbe bridge aeroes the Pot .n* can?es the tra?el fr^ni aa-hing r? , ton to cut!nee t witl. tb? OratiKeAafiA ?.c.* > and Alexan trie Kailrnad trslt ?' * " b> tbeAjuedurt Oainit>ns<>a an-4 t>a?rage wag >ut will letre the oflre of il.e < n> ;ai j , U - r-nn k aveiitie, at It o cio k rx . L iailv and will call at 1 the principal hotels between 11 at ^ It ]| ALEX Ab DKit K IKK, fe6-tf _ Aee t Or?a*' au : Al-x K K ^ ^ ^-v, BPEOfiObll AM0 tit i.La^AKd mancfa tnr*<1 eut f tbe ssnniae KKAXILIAN PBItRLV. proved and tested l>j i<s polarlration, ai ken l?c nirtwiili the T'>aialme ere suited wMb ntai.xt rare aa1 attention, tn accordance with tlie ibreiology of the bomtn eye and tbe psrttcalar coadi tioa ef tbe visual otgsns br rKAMK LIN k CO.. Scientific and Practi. tl Opt'.*- an* 34 4 Pent,a ae . b?t seen l?lh and nth ?t? Mlcrrsc pea. Opera Olasse*.Therti nieters. -u renaccpes and *iew? tn a great variety, a>.<l at the New Totk price* f?t ^ 500,000 0,4LV.'" "? FROM KKSDALL flKEEX Yl\E\A&D CONCORD, the mast valuable Orape It. tk* con tit i > MOUTON S VIRGINIA. OAT A W hk. BEHECCA, PIANA. DAHTFOED PlU'Lir with manr o.ber cb -Ice kmda. at J p< r ].? cuttinca. or *10 per I iW, ?arrswt -d all c .01 woii *l 1 true to name Cireiatly p?*fc<Ml sa4 aliippeJ to any a. Id reason remit, auce. Eail> orders are *olioi.ed J. PE AhbON *8 Fr?lt Htere. feS-lm 4 ?I *thstr*?t MPAK18 KID GLOVE DEPOT ffl, iflL GIB FBE8H 8CPPLT. W a ah all racelee to day a full supply of COCBVOIBIEE 8. | ALEX AHDE EE, AMD JOUTIB'S. Ia Whlta, Light. Medina and Dark. lc;^ j<e? from mi to lo*. ay- ladies* gloves, t*; oehtlemrn s, 5 a.35. J08 J. MAT E CO , 30* Pena?yleania avenue. le 6-_2tif between 9th and 10th sta. L'OR BALE?A fine milk COAT, with 2 youn? a K Ida. la^nire at Ho *1 * B street aoctk U> twean 20th aad 21st etre^ta weat fel lt* l^'OB BALE MABB. HO TOP ?A?>M AND r HABMBB8 A neat aad handeome c\ taroont.tba ovaar baaing n use for thetu. j ?Tfk To be saen at Putnpbray s stat>lea. Ost.,^CZV rear of the National Bo tel. Te a cat'tm-r in waat the whole will be s.ld a bargain. fe & 6f LOW PBIOBS~_ O TO I ALBXAHDEB > to bny Watches. Diam< a<la. Coral 8eta. Garnet 8eu, Gold TliitnMe*. Gold Spectaelea, Gold Obaias, aad Bllear Bp aad k'orka made of Cola. Kot sale at hair tbe price charged by other jeweller* In thiacitv. A cheice stock jaat racelvrd. Ome and exaa^iue; yon will save fifty rents on aach dollar. <10 Ps. avenue. fel ? J^IBSOLLTION Tha ce aartoerablp heretofore existing between H C. MrKnew g s. P. Bell, aader tbe naaie and aty!a of McKHE W A BELL, la thia day J is solved by BBtual cense ct u N C M KNEW. 8AADBL P BELL The bnainaaa will l? oontinaed at the old staa!. 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