Newspaper of Evening Star, February 6, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 6, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. RUXA!<(E IN REAL LIFE. A Mbtbrr Rfctieri a Loog Lost Sen. I- nm the Cairo Democrat, Jan 11.] A 'ceae occurred at the Virginia Hotel yes- : te > L: a more touching character than we rm.*n;brr to have witnessed for many years, ir.i!? *go, there liv*-il in the neighborhood j i>i A' t.fin. Kan "a*, a family ol the name of hryaut, c?bs?>n| of the husband, wife, and one child, a boy about eight years old. ljfe* ttttbrr a ruuken. worthless characwr, i ? bo treated hie wife in a most brutal manner, | never providing anything lor the family, w nub was supported entirely by the exertions of the wife. Mrs. Hrvant sometimes employed a certain j voting woman to -assist her about the house, j ai.d in the course of time ate observed that the t u. tsid ps d this girl such marked attention a* no wiir should allow ? husband to bestow <<n any woman, and she immediately called h:m tota-k about it. A quarrel endued and reparation was the const-quence. 1 be father disappeared suddenly from 'be neighborhood. j stealing the child away with bim. ar.dalthough be half distra ted mother made every effort to discover bis whereabouts in order to recover Her news concerning him could be . i biamed other than that be had started down j the Missouri river. At the time of reparation i tie poor wife wa? in almost destitute circutn.>, but, laboring faithfully and persever- ( ufcly. sbemiarged her worldly store slowly, i.. rurely, h?d lowshe appears npwQ the scene . ndi wor h ?i>i .u<i But through all t .*>- ? , v ^ she has never given up the hopeso! find- ' nr h? r lost child, or relaxed hei efforts, and the i . i.e witnessed ye?terday was tbe crowuing of ti>.-? rfforis with a tearful. happy success j - appears that the father, after taking the < < i.mi. buri* d hltn-elf lu the wild.- of Arkau- I a. w Uere he ivm >ined until . ?t>l or l-fl-i. when Le n et., ui.d bi hoy, having be? n 'au.rht that 1, n.c'br-r ?d?-nd. wandered aoout through : icver country, enduring all mauurr of ..rrisbips an<4privations, until he arrived at . i .arUsviIle, fexas. This was at a lime wDen ; Confederate* were in possession of the , tare am: compelling ail men o!d enough to i, in the army, and t?.ose nurter age to join the miliary :?> utemv at'bat place. A C??nted*rat* disbursing officer. who lived m ?tie i.eigab< n?'? d i f th?- f iniiv, neiore the war, met :he ui at CtarK-ville, and, reoogui/ing the nam", eu; *or?t to a irienu ol Ins in Montana, lir. I'l ard. who w;is acqnain'ed w:tb the family, . at he believed tin boy must be the on* so ong lost. The ne Wf ot course was a long tune .?,g ib ungb, bir upon its recepiiou th i r MM . d for I'lark-ville. When he ar riv?- . th? (.olle^e had twen broken up, the lad * as .-one. and the doctor's trip a tailure. So ! ii atr.-r- .-tood until ;ast December. when, oy a I aiu ol i ircuineta us whun .--emed almost | i ..i.i iui u-| and which wehav* uo room to i.E.r-rate, traces of ttie wanderer were again a'tier The doctor a;raiH ~tarte-t after Hi in, at d he boy ? a- found lu the ne._'.biTaood of he ' i?i 'neiitlutird. 1; t here a new diifloulty arose. The lad, ' vine hi<-mc :li?r long *.r d ad, r>*tits*-'i -lo-v? th*- jovniuews relate l to bun t>v r-- do.'tc and on hems urge I 'i> a- oiupa ly !. ? ii' * niid fr.eud to New Orie-ius. ?>y i-a. i.ttr-r it r iuted to no so. and expressed h.- i>eliel '.at ibe * tioie history wa* bnt a plot io tr.v? klelnm into th** imperial army m <o. A ft" r a long time he was induced to ajfree 'o nie ?o Memphis by the overland route iti'r ! ti ' o > -, but b'*lievin? that byttis rci:"'. he wouM be m uo danger of abduction, ::i i ,i . v n g "b it w.'ieu he re:n ie.J .KL-inphis i.?- iild not t>e in a worse pecui.iai v condition ?bai vhere h? was th^n resitting, is Uis vv i;e? v*je i t a tii'-re pit tan e. l>u reaching Metnj f..?. uis mother v-t notified bv>h. Mr n- immedia'tiy started lor this citv, v r re i!l the parties to tuis romance of rea. arrived 'alely yest-rday, a id the boy was ctiiiv i.ctd cl hi.- good fortune. tine Mm I nfortu mte." "i e ei-:iiv even.i?g W?* were ill.lit-:i (jua nt'rl v> I't tic s t; a case whif h tullv repre-ents ti e ?icissitudes of lite, and illus'raie- in duu.uicaMe characters the u!d aii?ge "iha the ? ,i> ol the tran^gre-sors is hhr?l Se -*ra. i .?rs John 1-elevre, a re-?i len'of Krie. jVni - t Ivaaia, uh d, leaving hi- ' i - I iut iter lai.?- ui oipliau. aad entirely i!es:itDte ot t>o'.b ":et - an. mciitv. lamily oy tue a am e of at ? living in he iwtnediato vi. tnity o! 'tie e occupied by I^*tevre at the tim* of h:- oe : b. l>?-v>iiie interested in the girl,and tinuily took pity npoii her helplessness and ui i | ? h? r. S?he Sik>i: lot .-o* ler h^re^iveni> n' ar> beian.e very much ai'a ned to her n-w j rei ? ^ ears passed an 1 he gtrl gre ,v o, cc mely ar.d lutiJul. and was the ) 'ie it th" honseh. Id H-r oin pariy w:?< u<u . ugh' ly ;he uut, people ot he?. i nii'ii'ano. and in cin she visl'sd Lr ti ,ei ds t.w: waswit i he,. % large port on of ner 'iniH In an u gu iri.-d moi/.ent ^h-? va* tempted with trnii* a.r prt *ni-es nia.l* b> a ji'Liif man. and > : <-1i a -h.- lei Shortly afer the lia.igau^ tn.-ve 1 to this ci v an I rentt-d a bouse i>u U: ! .us stieei, ?;ier< sa?) aie i;ow living. I'ne evidence- ol the g.ri's gi; Ii began to manliest th^mselve-, and tinding it u-ele-s ui loneer n-'e nt't con? .m?i.:ttie last Sunday morning . onfeseed I ir it !' *n her adopted mothei, who enra,rd at w ib? gin bad don", turued t out? ! do- rs Jane t>egir-d and plead to ne ir?vi ved 11> i k, but the mother was Mr in in her io) r?e. and -he was ote? d ro 4eek shelter ?*l-e. w eve. she applied at <ev eral places for art. mi' ance. but repnl-ed, and dually, weary ! : t n? art. ai.d wrb a con -clousness of her guilt ' ippren-i-g ber beyond en,lnr-?nc??. she war - i ei^d to Windsor, and subsequently toward Mnilwi'-h. > ight cairii-on. and tearing to a-k | !or shelter lest she should again be turned Ir m the do, r, sbe sank duwn bv the road side and | wept herself to sleep. Th - wind howled around her and plaved among her hair, the snow fell upon h? r and gradually covered her as with a t lanlret. but she beaded it not. She was fa?t Using cotisctou'iie-s aud strengib in death. Morning came and with it assistance to the fallen girl A gentleman passing by saw a portion of her dress above the snow, and npon ] making an inve?tigation discovered Jane with i i fe nearly ex'itct He at once took ber in lus sleigh and carried her to Sandwich, where she was placed under tne care of a kind family; I but bei exposure was too much for her. and on yesterday she died. Her adopted parents in tbis city were notified, but they refused to own her or to bury tne body, which was ac ordingly taken care of by the authorities of Sandwich? Chicago I'oit. liAtDiMSi) ? 1'urmg the present inclement w-atber, don't set anything?not even your foot?in your garden. Tht- is rather too early for vowing, bnt a little darning may be d ;ne T he chief operations af'er Obris'tnas, will be foued to be pruning your outlay and cntttng down expenditure If yon dou't like this, and prefer hoeing, you can (b) owe your butcher's bill. Things are apt to he backward with so h variable weather If yonr crops don't come i.p. there's no remedy lor it. Should your diuner. however, not come up when you ring, you can ring again It is too early to stii;k pes? yet. but your pigs and your children may req uire it. Mam * <jot Holl>on J1y ' TiLTKita."?^The Smithheid Time-, tells an other story illustrativeofthe old saw that the course of 'rue j love never did run smoo'li.'' A young couple in Smithfleld bad lanl a pl*m to ou'.wlt the vig la . of crnel par*ute and elope. Ttiei'imes tells -be sequel thus: t he youth stood beneath the window ?the lady attempted to climb out?when, oh! horror, some one detained ber fro.n th* re:ir' "Wliy doc-t thou not | come, gentle Amelia!" She answered in an art'ated voice- "1 ran't. Hill, main's got hold on my titters.'' ay"A few days o,as :* youug lady in P inland, Me, was walking ou a rough cbunb-r floor, the heel of her boot caugbt in a b rird. twisting her in such a snape as to break her leg just below the knee. A liftle boy at Sunday S-bool being asked. '-What was tbe ehief end ofrnianl" replied. '-The end what's rot the hea|l.on." y A Methodist in-Ulster in HrooKlyn was presented on t'kristmas day with a baked p i. tato, in whK h was enclosed a five hundred dollar greenback. WThe St. Augustine (Florida) txammor, speaking of the great crop of oranges, says that sixty thousand will be picked from one grovea /"ltr Scott, of Nashville, has purchased the race horse Gondolier for Slo,Mjb Vlhe Richmond Times thinks Texas is getting to beabout tbe only place lit lor South> j ern gentlemen to live in. VWomen have a few writes in Iowa. ..Five women are editors in that State. VThe west coast ot Africa has been earth.quaking. IMaware is busy considering a bill to give civil rights to colored people VAII tbe oysters now received in Philadelphia are brought "by rail " V Venango county. Pa., has an oil well wbicb throws siouas IVln Louisville. Kentucky, they have skating carnivals for (be benefit of the poor. tUTU.ueen Victoria weighs 178 pounds, and is growing ta'ter than ever. I/ Coun' t'landers has proposed to a princees tf Htliriiz<-llern, and sbe thinks sbe will. tUTA Indy in Mobilehas just given birth to four children. She bad twins and triplets pre^lonsly. says the Mobile Register. %JT The Haroneee lN>jIandes, aged twenty, four. ihr>-w herself out of a window at Cologne on being told of tbe illness of her child. Menken has bad a severe fall in Parte *be w*? playing Mazeppa, so none of ber clotbing was injured 0#*Agirlin Antwerp tried to dtown her. self becsase sbe wis refused a piece of gingerbre~4. AUCTION SALES. |1Y CeoPBB * LATIMEB, Auctioneer., -.-.-If?.u el"rfc* *??b Jm. <J. McOaire * bo..) BoattiwMt corner ( Pennsylvania ?n U4 nth trut, Blir Offise BitMiif, JiV?*k Pii'dS, BBUSBBL8 CABPBTB, ?|**: PLATI, LOT OW Fine Rkiiinv yiHll. LIoUOIl Be AT AOuTIuii , OHIIOBDA^ MoBHrfaB^^'liB, .t |fne0 r*id*ow ef ais Bseollency rr?t filtJ !. jHilih liulittr Ho. K99 I f'J# W Ko*. ? (hall I! n nnrl ,r "ou.ehoW Bftci."^rprtr B"VrTMd C*** ?*t*b ocUt* W*?nforto,by Ohlck 0,1tnack PUU **" '.??>7 ?s ^ot *?c7?" Wlk DmMMk Curtains, TuhI. aad Wftlnut Parlor Suite, in maroon 7 ^i T?A"F 8i"b<"ra' *? ? IltoMlM Diutnt SrSiV^. Bo'rKS^i^SI."*' Cb*"* D?an? Pillow"?1* Bolsters Fr7i.^hi" Din?" ?? Hp, ?bo?t 180 Silver plated Tea Set, 7 ptec<* Large Plated Waiter \4 by 17 Inches Small Plated Waiter, iu b> 1< 4m Large .joant ty of Cut and Engraved Glassware. bheVrJ 0ther bra?d? of One U6 botiiea ftp. Pale French Brandy, Tin Use mi ? do Extra Pnre Port Wine ,nll?8*J?l Si? ?? A?*?rted f?ran<le Champagne tet Claret*'**0 M*r*aux d Pon^bottiea Mnacatel and Malaga Winea JJ -o !<kiitkOriu Ron 16 .io Pajarete Bhfrry A it* battles ?f Hunt tianterne and Klracb The ?boye are a very ch-iae lot of One Lianor. in^rted ei*t?*>.|y for Mr Ta*.?ra. ?idwill be o d in luanuties ?o ?uit purchaaera. One Connie,one Light Wagon HT *' Light lltruna. Term* ?tu>h. ei.'t < OOPEB A LA :'IMEB. Anrts. B* W L. WALL A CO., Anrtl'imori .w ?*?r?? 31ft aad :?i?, ? otb corner Pennsylvania avenue and 9th at. GB0CER1ES. Ml LErWAC01i.Ar.,ATALC^ 1NQ, FvNriDiry 8th ram TueDtiriff At 10o < lock, At tti* niurn of Mt>?<*r? *H S" .?"* V. ? ' liv *<?' st.eet. near I we ;;!!i;;,ithe el tire -tock of .S" ?>?B?.|? White and Brown Sugars Hi>l* Molai,,, ?ti4 8vrnp B sa < o:i?e E> ? Flour ( Beats T eaa I' eg* Bice Romee March, TaiHUa, and Pecor BMf Ma-k?-rel and Herring P Pjie? Tobac<o and <'ig,r* fri -HHf Jockey Club Bit (era I ream* Paper 2ftcaara I'ouJ?-n**.l Milk ?5 u!1' ""J MtttM Braudi. a lObbla Vinegar 1 H erring Sate Concord Truck Wagon > airbank'a Platform S< alea, weight 5.00") lbs roncter Scale*. Funnela. Ac ' *" 1 'irulj J'r?w?Miilee. six yearn eld, 16 n i^V. " W*!I broke Liay ?ud Batutia >ett? double W agon Baineaa, very good Lot new Head Halter* / *? ? Lot terond band He^d Halter# W 1th a great many other aril. lean-n?lly found in a flrnt cia>>a grocery ?tore ?l,?, IU, of.9J"" id under caih over Ihai anonnt ii.ite* aitiafa. torlly en4ur?e t, bear , ing tniere-t for atxty <laya of H BS~TaTo,Arc-nti in ,uir#0B t?'? '"mi ,?a <? Unt J W L.JW ALL A OO , An |^T THUS DOW LINO, Anct. jOeorgetown. | HoL'tiiHOLD rOKBITOBB A ID BPFBCT8 On FB1PAT )luhMM<, t-fbnarv Hth o clock. 1 will ?cll ?t N0 47 ^"7(0?,,V 111ween Oieen and M utgom?*ry atr?.?t? a> -? i aaaortiiient of U. u.ehoid Furniture. th? !>!"?' pin- ' declining houftekeapiug, nam. *eirmf Spring neat Chairt and Bofaa W?Innt M r?.|- top Table* ply nnd uth?*r ( iirpfti Uniri, Tftbin Mirrors, ac Bureau* B. Jitfndt. aid WfMh?UriJ? aiHtrre^^ee. parlor and 0< ??k n.'ntiJLid"4 OIaMwmra' *ud "' ?y rticles not U TIIOS. DOWLINO. Anct. OBEBM A WILLIAMS, Anctioneera. McViiil "I.AMU. *T foilM? By virtoe of A dae<1 of tr* at to tti> d it? i ?Kft mth d., rt ?o..?b.r 4 D. li . ft&v"as!i,? xv?*s' Ma 1 -hall .11 onlin BSOAY -bJ tli da r " eaat 2ia!?of L?\ N "a i'^?P Ul ' on ^ P-X-i. ' 1 1,1 Beaervanon D. c ntalo-tnB iwotboaaabd ?even hundred aii>< thirt>-?n arnre feet foul and a halt i?,cLe?. W1ti. tbelm jrovemer.t, au!i*Mk l?eV tw,Be.?"trer V 'riMI,!l.Hon,e or> ?h? trort'" ami an trier two !?*> ITrauie lluute froutir?fc/ on rh? 5-r orderW,rCou7tCr,',,,d Pr?p-rt> to be " adj-ed of iru.t on the premi.e* All r?o???MiM of the pnrehaira fi ^ duwh i4j th6 ?1?y of Kile' ?n<i if th* tup are not c,mpl^ within h va d,,:"'? Jrf tnedafTf pr)>pert) \\yr; rrT.r:z Uon^^lH;Ac'aV.''"n,{ t,U"e ,lnJe" ,u ORUW.H Trustee. J? 7 Tn.Thld,OE"nWt.f, p^'AMB, AacU fkoim >sals. pBOPOSAL8 FOB OOuFmEaiZ ?+t* Depot Commissary of Subntt'ncc, i u,,i?j WiiMkmaion. D r.. Pabruarv4. 1817.{ COBnVVa^L th V8lte'" P'p*rtm4nt with &1I IhBtIreho^?M ft .?f? i*u*ered at the 8ai.aiat?..ce whi?f or t? .hi pM.?nu,neat 1L?t nd ?lh t SPyH' Baltimore and Ohio kailr >a.l a? U. , tlmea and in aoch (juaatitiaa an the nA,L ? i a* to be delivered iu goo 1 aound 5i*J? ? 4'* ^?ch contalbing one bandred and i?96!*??"* . *0 be freah fro" d and of before 'ia re?e?vtd.^D ' ^ b* *1" ?*d# in inch fundi aa tia OovB,,y fnrnlah for dlabuntemenU So 2^na ?? m.ddrea.ed to the ut.deraign^d, at ^1^1 >f"* ? ?treet, inuoraed ' Profoxaia for Corn 6"4t Major and C^H B^A. PROPOSALS K^j^jNSTBCOTIOM OF Pr4r?..i._iin Matok t OFPirt, Feb 4 1847. untiO BATrnna Ihe M .yor a office awKincJtion.^BU AY, February ir,. for pla la. 1,55 llfo conatrocUon of either an Ir.n norTh a/roii/L ^V nf ,h? ter?'V,,0n of K ,tr"et ^.k Crrk- " "1 1'idge to be )?>, f^l iT?. v? ?i.- . V lo?* not l^ath?n 11^ ^ I ^^4 r r'4r,'',,f tb* w"t*r at lo* tide. ol rit! iT 11 0rn,Bl,S1/ltplr *o the Oity Si.'v?/I.V.O,?*1' aiOHABD WALLA'JH. *o . T? PBACTICtLCMBBlT8MAKItBS AMD I Mavor'I OrruK, / Prn^ala In wrllJi^^V^ v^l tL ofttca up to 12 o'clock m. on TIIOBSDAY 7th of mmmm composed of t:ie Ut ana 2d ward* if. Il.i~ V diatrlct cotiipoaed*of the hi ?th VnV 7#k *ec?<"<' tirnal n.,.. , diterent contractor* if r l),? , A p??L l5;7 ' COB,"?encing on the let d,*y of ,?r2i?Xl?rPn ^ ? * >* o?c*. ?1?0 at ! Ir! ,kI!?! J '"'onera of lraprnv*a,,?* II. iiV^i ^5 o' the ? eat wing of the Oity Hall' b.T& p"?-:!li anVorlTl''t f/.Tf'LIT? *" k<??lfthe Hgl.t to reje t C?* Bora11on^n (I#? dt,em,> '? ?? l?" iDtere?t o! tba ca poranon to do to n VALLK1R (Intel.] Mar ?r. pBOPOSALS FOB MEW JAIL. BBPAITMBXT ?F THE l.NTgRlOK, \ ?S?i iih oT March ur ?m ' ?.* ???HDAT. the ?0|)^ *r b''lh*Kt "f L'ongreaa,approved July ?iS P ?' L?? ?nd the ?th Inatant w^^br^ek ??r2,!, '#r'C*!T#d,or the rn?"0tiry or*,Drfck wort,Iron work.oudcarD^ntry work i conl^*<tof whoao old di?v bo AeceitH h-111* ppfoiVr^i fh.'Slt-V?10 bond, to 6, agpsss ? de?B.ed lor tbo of tha Oovornmont to Thabidi will bo opeaad at tv>oa on the 4th nf n!a> Hiooeo te"attend' e* of of thebiddor.aa 4. P'"#"'*!* should bo eadoraed on the aoeelona ? lilSss&mmsm C1* ^n< PUc;. PROPOSALS. proposalttror floub. Q#c? dim* Om?i?ani ef MiuMbt. I D. C., February 1. 1*17. ( Sealed Propoealaare Invited until SATU KDAT, reb uarj 9. 18r47, 1} o'ciccs m . for furnteniog the Sot muiict D?yirta?Bi with one thousand <1 barrels of flock. The proposals will be for what is known at thia ? Nos 1 and 1. UJ Mds win be entertaiaed far any quantit* less than the whole old* nw be lb duplicate, and f?r each grade on ?h ?ets of HP?r The ae livery of the Flonr to commence within i 5*' days from the opening of the bids, and mitut be delivered 1b such uuaatitiee, daily, a* the Govern1 ^ ? the wharvee, or Railroad De 1 pot in Waehingtvn, D. C. The delivery of all Flonr awarded to be comPj'tMl within twenty days from the acceptance of the bid Bid* will be received for Flour to be delivered in new oak barrel*, head lined. Payment will be made in vuch fnnda as the Government may have to r disbursement. The usnal Government inspection wil. be made jnat before the Flonr ia received, and none will be accepted which ia not fresh ground, and of a snperior quality Mo bid will be entertained from parties who have prevtoaaly failed to comply with their bida, or from bidder* not present to respond. Government reeervea the right to reject any bid for any canae. Bida to be addressed t* the nnderalgned, at No. 223 G street, endorsed "Prapoaala for Floor.'' G. BILL. fe 1 4t Major and 0. 8 . U. 8. A. PBOPOHALS FOB PERFORMING SANIT A- | BY WORK OF QUAUTBRMASTKB'S DBPABTMBMT. Htadqumrurs Dewartmtmt <J Waiktngton, ) Ojfietof CAnf (JuariermaHtr,) . , IrajAtMrtoM. B. C.. January .11, 18J7. \ Sealed Proposals are lnvitad at thia office ua il 12 ?.^,<5clL ?oo" February 11 1*>7, for the removal ?>f all sink Uepoeite. asrie* and rtead public animals from the various bnrrncke, buildings. Ac.. owr..<d ! and occupied by the variona branches or the War Department in an 1 about thia ciiy, (to he <1eeigty. Chiel guartermaster. Department , of Wa>hia?t_n.) tor the period of oue year from ' March I, |8?7. Bidder* to furnish all neceaaary materials and I labor for performing toe work and to give t.onds to beexecutid at once upon the award of the contact in the rum of five thousand dollars for the faithful perfoimanre of the *ame. Payments to be made monthly. Should the amount ef work repaired during the period of the contract he Increased or de creased, then a proportionate 'increase or deduction to I e made id the monthly payments Lists of the places to he visited and a statement of the present amonutof work required can be ha 1 on application at this office. The undersigned reserves the right to reject any an - all proposal* should they ue deemed too high, and also the rlght to annul and diecontinun the centi act at any time when thecontractor ahall fa.l to perferna the work required In a prompt ani satisfactory manner. Bi-'s ahoubl be endorsed " Proposals fer Pertaining Unitary Work of Quartermaster's Departineat,'' and addressed to the nndersiened. ? MI LUDINUTON. Bvt. Brig, Gen and Chi- f Quartermaster. jaM-lit Department of Washington. JJBOPOSALS FOB LWMBKB~~ trfasi a v dkpartmknt, ) of net or si I'BRvisiNtf AmcuiTl't,; ? , . ? , .. January .#), 18*57 \ Sealed 1 roposals will b<* re<'eived ai this Office until 1* clock M , February lath. 18$7, for fur nWblng lumber retired for the North Wing of tie Treasury Extension, aa described in the following schedule li'.ea! feet of N Carolina (heart) Floating, 14 Inch thick, not over 6 inches wide, an 1 t lear of knots 28 000 feet, hoard measure, W. Pine Worn Culls., 1 inch thick. oOU feet board msasure, W. Pine Com. Cull* . S ln< h? a thick 1,000 feet, board measure, Spruce Scantling. 3 bv 4 inches,20 leei lengths 10 OCU teet board meaaure, Spruce 8cantling,3l.y 4 inches. It feet lengths 35,0*0 feet foard measure. Spruce Bafla, J by 3 inc ht s. Jti leet H ngtha 11 UW teet, board meaaure, W. Pine Belecta, 2 Inches thick, 3 000 teet, board measure, W. Pine Selects. dreseed \ in< h thick. 3 CO fee' l...ard mei-nre, W. Pine Selects, drees *d '2 inch thick 4AS<0 teet b<>Hi<i measure. W. Pine Sele< ts.dressei, 7s Inch thick. U.iiO l*tt t oard measure, W Pine Seleets. dreased. r.? Inches thii k. 2 ticO feet, board measure, W. Pine Selects,dressed, 1 , itn Ltst hir k. 1 ,<* 0 teet, board Hieasjre, Poplar, dresse>!, I nch thick. 1,00 te^t hoard measure, Peplar, dresae .', inch thick Al; the above descriptb as of Ln-nber mnst be of the quality of their several kinds, and in Ht t ?* Ca 1 j%, red at the Treasury Bailding fr"iu t'Bie t iluie as <. , dt-red. mid be tuhjict to the ius>e'ti(Q of the Inspector and Bt eiverot Mate ilsla. Bids to atate price perM. feet , a ! mn-t iih ?r. (saiaalH ky awrilwa saaraatae from -^>ma re poiislble peraon the bidder will exocnte !?ad pei lor in the roi tract if a* arded to him The I'ep?itm^ut re<o-rVe-? the right t 1 t anv er all the i> d*. if retaidered for th<- 1 -lterest of tli" <>overbiueiit to do so, or to a cept any portiwn of triem Bid- to be ecc'osed in a a aled envelope and eadoreej "Prop' s-?i? for L ;mter " ^ H MDLLBTT, 'a 31 (Ohron 1 Supervising Arcniti-ct Proposals fob arm* tbansportation. oixktkkmastkr okm(ku'< office, i Washington o . O . January 15. 15*77. \ Sealed Proposals will be receivrxl at thti wt'c*> until U'oYb'Cfc m on the ??th of February, H-;7, for the transportation of Military Suj plies during the year comuieticing April 1, i>,7, and ending ' March 31, is08. on the following routes: ROUTE N<?. 1. From Fort Mrphereon Nebraska Territory, or su. Ii parte as may be determined upon nurln^ tiie year on the Ouiaha branch of the Union I'arirtc railroad, we?t of Fort MtPberaon .,r froml uit, Dakota Territory, to such po?t* or depots as a 1 a no? or may he established in the Tertity o Neb-a-ka. west longitude lnj deg , in the Teriitoiy of Montana, south of latitude 4<i deg.. In the Territory ?t Daketa. west of longitude 104 deg , in the Territory of Idaho, a nth >f latitude 41 deg and eaat<>t longitude 114 deg , and in tl e Territories of Utan and Colorado north of latitude 40 deg , including If neceaaary, Denver City. ROUTE Ho. a. From Fort Riley, Mate of Kansae, or inch pomta as may be determined ap>nduring the yaar on the Union Pacific railroad. B D , t. an> po.ts or depots that are now or may be estahli?b?.l in the State of Kansas or 10 the Territory efColorado. soutli of latitude todegreea north, and to Fort I aion. New Mexico, or other depot that may be designated in that Territory, aad to any other point er polata oa the route. BOUTK N ?. 3. From Fort Union or aurh other depot aa may ba established in the Territory of New M?xlco, to any ponta or statlona that are, or may >.e aatabllthed in that Teri itory , and t?? anch posts orst*tioiiB as may be designated In the Territory of Ar105 "eg*D the ?l*te ot W?"t of longitude _ " ^ BOUTB No, 4. From Bt Pan). Minnesota, to anch posts a< are now or may be estainirbed in the tstate of Minnesota. and in that portion of Dakota Territory lying e'at of tbe Misaonrl river. The weight t? be transported dnrlng the year wlil not ex< eed on Bout* Wo l,30,0uu tOo noun 1* : ??0 pounds ; on Route No. p'oi nds P00U('#? on Boute No. 4, 3,6(i<J.uoi? Proposals will be made for each route serarately. w Bidders will ?tate the rate per 100 pounJs per lou miles, at which they will transport the stores in each month of the year, beginning April l, 1S?7, and er ding M ?rch 31.18-.S. Bidders should gire their oamea in full, as well their)places of re^idenc*! aud iach propo-ial should be acc >nipan1e<l by a bond In the Bum cf ten thousand lO.OOi) dollars, signed by two or m- re refponsihja peiaoBi. guaranteeing th*t In J*"<" contra-t is awarded for the route men tionedlnthe proposal to the BA.'ty proposing the contract will be accepted and entered into, and good ai d suliiclent security furnished by sai l ' fisement HCC?rdanc# *'th the terms of thlaadfer The contractor will be required to glva bonds In th? following amounts On Route No. 1, $Z'ti.(W On Route No 2, auo.oho. On B ute No 3, 100,000. ? o? Boute N.> 4. ?0(00 Patis actorv evidence of the loralty and sol7it' -in 1,. tidder and person offered as secarlt> will be required. Prof^sale must be aadorsed "Proposals for Artny Transportation on Bonte No. 1,2,3, or 1," as the ciiae may ba. and none will be entertained {?,U aAvert^aement'W,U the Tbe party to whom aa award is made must do prepared toexeeota tha contract at once, and to give the required bonds for the faithful perforniaiire of the contract. The right to reject any or all bids that may ba Offered la reserved. The contractor* on each ronte most ba in readiness for service by the 1st day of April, 1867, aud will be required to have a place of business or agency at whlcb he may ba communicated with piomptly and readily for Boute No l, at Omaha. T.; for Bente No I, at Fort BMey. Kansas: for Route No s at Fort IJnjon.New Mexioo;for Route Ne i1. at Saint Paul, Minneeeta. or at euch other nolnt for each of the several Boates aa may be indicatedaa the starting pelatof tbe route Blank forms showing the conditions of the con ct 'f.1'? eoterad Into for each route can be bad on application at this affjea, or at the office of tha QaartermaeUr sLk New York. Saint L uis, Fert Leavenworth. Onaba. B*nta Fe, aad Fort Snelling, and mast accompany and be a part of tbe propoeaj. By order of tbe Quartermaster General ALEXANDER BLISS, ? ia ?.-? Brevet-JJelonel aad Assiataat ja ih set Onartermaster. U. 8. A. pOYtABLB ' STEAM BNQINE8, ComblBiog the maximum of efficiency, durability, nd economy, with tbe minimum of weight and piica. They are widely and favorably knowa. more than 600 being In use. All warranted satisfactory, or no sale. Deaariptlve circulars sent on application. Addrese . J.o. HBADLBT * OO., no ?-eo3m Lawrence. Mast. wm t 00l?iViMAKlBt iakmamd rks-K?SBB'. il5!r?rAKf loss's**1 of bom ' alfo* LEGAL VOTICBS. PTHI BCPRBMB COCBT or THBDISTBIOT or COLUMBIA, Th?aM day ?f Jui?rr< 1M7. PttrlclVliiM tud Andrew J-1 Joyce, COlBplalneBtS, JtM^k Johnaon, Mary J?k>-} X4vHyH0.IV. CD. Jobs M Hluon, J oka I flu aid John M alone, da-1 ftftdftlltl. 1 he . l.jeat of tha bill 01*4 Ip'thla ct?i? ta to procure a decraa for the nit of eertain pieces or reel* of ground lying and being ta Washing to a city. District of 0<>?umbla, being Lot 6 and part of L*i 4. la MMr* 1M*, to aatlsfy a debt da* by 4afendaat, Joasph Johnson, te the complainants. The bill net* forth ia aetata ace that the said Joseph Johnson ?aa indebted to said complatnants id ttia rata of #447 au for goods soil aud delivered by complalnanta to the said Joeeph Johneon. Tern at the timoof contracting taid debttha said Joseph Johnaon was i?iud and posseeaed ef tha tald placea or parcels of gr>nnd. which, while he waa ao indebted , he irauauleutly conveved to

aaid defer dant. John If. Hanson. la tract tor the aole uaa tud benefit of Mary Johnson. wife of aald J oaeph JoUnecn. That coinplat naata <>htalued i?dgment of ?ondemnatioji of tha a aid piece* or p ?rc-4a of ground In and by virtueof an attachment Issued out of tha com bod lav side of thla court ia fever of OAinplainenta sgalnst aald Joaaph Johnaon and prays that tha said daed of trust from aaid .loecph Jabtifon ta aaid John . Hmion aa aforesaid be prodaced t?*fore the Court, aud the ram- be oancelled That the aaid romplaf nanta. n'ter fie iasaing of aaid attachment aad the lenagnf the same oatbaaald piecea or paroela of ground,ea certaiued that the aald defendant. John Plyu, claimed to have a Ilea on the aald pteoea or parcel of ground: that on aoarchina the land record* fcf fcasnington county. District of lie* or dead of trnst wan rerarded In aald laa 1 r?corda, but that after finding of the jurv and 'Udgment of condemation on tha aaid attachment* the aid record* we:a again searched an 1 a deed of trast from aald Jeaeph Johnson to John Malone, to < care lohn Flyn for the Bain of $1 ??', wan foand recorded. That the aaid Heed of tru?t was racorded nearly eleven a.ontlia after the dat* thereof and over two montlia after the Issuing and leving of said attachment. that the atld att acii- 1 met.t ia a prior lien oa the aaid pi?cea ,nd parseN of ground, before the said deed of trust. Prays a dlseoveryjof the amontit still one ana unpaid on I paid deed of trust, and praya a sale of the aaid j pie* oa or parrala of groued to satisfy the demtn ia of the complainants and other creditor*, and 1 for an injua< tloa against said defendants Joseph Jehu* n Mary Johnson, John M Hanson. John Fhnand John Malone, and their cenfelerates, v h' B discovered. to restrain and prohibit tlieru and their agents and servant* from selliog or IN posing of. or in any manner farther Incamherliig, the said pieces or parcela of gronnd : 11 ia thereupon thia .^d day of January. 1SS7, adjudged ana ordered that notion of thlaault begiven to tbe?aH noo resident defendants >t>*eph J >hu | aoo, Mary Johnson, and John Flyn,by publishing a copy of this order tn the Evei ing Htar. a new* paper publish, d in the city of Washington, In the District ef Columbia, three times a we< k for six coneecrttva weeks, warning said 3011 resident defendants to be and appear, in p'ti' D cr by soli It r at rnlea to be held 111 the office of the Clerk of thla Court, on the first Tneaday ef June. A. D. 1*7 to answer the said bill of complaint; otte r wi?etbe same will be tak*n pro /> a^tinst them Provided the firat publication o' thi? r ier shall appear at least funr mon'hi Lrfjre s*id flr?t Tuesday of June t?7. and * (! ^ the on set and subafauce of aaid bill of complaint. A. B. OL.IN, A?o i-kte Just tea, Ac. Atruecopy B J M KItJS. '"I?rfc WM. J MlhLKB. Solicitor for coi.^pUinants. jai 3iaw6w JE?.-IK McliiHMOTT UTABDIAU O! C.K H. McDermott. Charles K McDermoft, Krauk P. Mclieimott, and Jostle H MoDermoti, haviuir reported to the court that, lu pnrsuaac cree ratlhed and appro*od by the Uupre- < * C mrt of the Diati ict of Ool'imhia. aha a >1 tti>-interest of ber said wards in the t"l lowing propei t> . l> 1 ug and bf in? Iri the city of Washington All the strip of groniid I) Ing east ol aud ad uent to tin d * > 11- j iug honaa built an Lot No. 20, lu n piar? #>o, in aald city, which was owned by the iate Wm. >1Dermott. save aiid except the foitr feet adi*c? nt to and east of aaid d? el ling, with a .l lh e ju ?l to thede'th of said Lot tlu 20. bounded *-toll >ws heg'nulng for the same at the nxrthw.-n an<le of Lot No 21. lu a inure No. lu .au.l running m oice eat 11 feet. them e south 143'4 feet, to an alley feet wide. then< e east along ?al 1 alley i.'l teet to the west line of Lot 21; thence north along aiid line H9H feet to the beginning, containing i,9??'4 s<ioarefeet, at public a'. ctl?n, for the sum ot one dollar per sijuare foot to Jahn (J Clark, arid that 'he purchaser has complied with tha term-i of sal It is, this 2-ith d.< of January. A D ISi>7, orderad by the court that sail sale be ratified and <0-1firnedoii the lUth day of Kebrnary, A D 18>7, unless eauae to the contrary be howu on ?r before saia day Provided a copy of thin order be put-li-ht'i in the Nation'.! Ir.?. ll gencer aai Evening Mar once a weak for tt'ree -occetti ve wn>k< pri.jr toaaidday. WM. F. PCB' KLI., Judge of the Orptiana C >e.rt. Atruecopy. Teat J A 3 K O'ltKlIlM, }n2i ?3w Hegiater of Ilia GOVERNMENT SALES. IMP0BTASIT8ALK OF G0VEBMM NTVBd BEL. ll'Pot (juaT.'Ti/iai'fr,!i (/fi > Fa/ttrri'irr, SI I , January y,. ii67 ( Will be acid at public auction, at the port of Bui tlouote. t iienders ri * wharf, Lost Baltimore,;ori TUCh^PAl II M . February Hi. H47. the bllfcUii Elba WHEEL sTIaMIH (JOSMO PoUTAH, Of 77'.i ton", b ngth, sifi f?et; breadth of bn ?ta, ti teet depth ol h-ld, 13 feet. tyliuder, SO inchea, a:id 11 leet ?troke. A rare opportunity 1^ afforded in th< aa>e of this Steamer to pers ua desiring topure ia-ea really hrat cla-a veaael. She U of IIgbt draft' the engine and boilers are In 111 o?t excellent < onditiou, and the htill perfectly i-onnd and atrong. It Is be.ieved that fer l/.e abd build tie ?'o>-n.op. ntaii nrpa-aea any vtael hitberta offerel by Oovm tnient for sale at thia poit Terinh l.isL, in Uo>ernmeut funds, on day of ale > urther particulars inay be leai ued upon applf ati> n t.'the ua lei aigned or to the Auction era, M essra AhhtoN, THOMAS A CO., Ni>. 1**, Si uth Ch.irlea street. By order ol the ouartermaater General. AS KIMBALL, Captain and A cj. M., U. H. A . fe 1 2>t Pep? t Ouartermaater. rpo BL'lLDBBS AND OTHEBS. (%itf ljuarterma'teT,? Ojfire, Depot of Wa*kinrio*%t Washtntion, U January 31. 18C. \ By order et the </nai terma-ter Oeaeral, t h? lumber used in the construction of the Fair Building, corner Seventh street and Penus* lvania ari-nue. Will be aold at anationon S\TUBDA Y, February V at 12 o'clock noon, under the anpervislon f Brevet Lieuteuant Colonel Jatnea M Moore. A the Government Lnmberyard near the foot of Sixth atreet, constating of about 42 3';i feet timber, joist and acantllng, t new.) &2.M1 feet timber and boards, (old 1 6J window frames, ti aa-h, and 10 doors. heheiiulea containing fnll daacriptlona ef this laniber may be had by application to tiolonel tfo?re previena today of aale. I'uri haaea must be retnovad within tendays from 11 Ternia^aab in Government fnnda. Brevet Brig O n. CHAS.H TOMPKINS, Pepit\ (jnartermaater General, ja31 8t Act g Chief i) M , Depot Washington. A- uctTon balk of govejbnmInt buildINGS. c\..f (juaTi*rma*ter'f U* rt D'Potof Wa<kin*ton,i Wa. kiTHton, D. C.. January-14 l?7 \ Will be ae'd by order of the Quartoruiaater Gen eral, 0.1 THl BSDAY. February 7. at 12 o' lock boon, under the aupervialon of Lieutenant Colonel .Ian es M. Moore A. Q M., the lolloping build tu^a, fi'uated on 11 street, uaar the B. an 1 O. B B l epot. ttne Granary, 37 by 61 feet. One 12 by its teet One Building. i? by 2U te t. One fhed. 12 by 24 teet One Stable, li by 16 feet. <>ne 6111k and Fence. Terms fcaab, in Governmeat funds tiUAKLKS U TUMPKIH9. Brevet Biig-Gen , I>ept.'i M Geu., Actiag Chief ^uarterma-iter, ja 26 lit Depot of Washiugton. / joVEBNmENt BALB The property kuown aa the "GOYEBN M ENT TAHNIlil AND STCAM .-AW MILL, ' with seventy live acres of land, near ban Antonio. ' Seitleil Prop- aala. in duplicate, will be received up to the 1st oay ot llareli, 1S>7. tor the parch tse of aeventy fl ve acr'-aot l?na, more or less, together wuh the bulioinga erected 'hereon, and the ap purteuances appertaining, that ia to aay P ONE TANNfcBY. Containing TWELVE r*T?NB LIMB VATS, FIFTY TWO WOODEN V*T.-. Ma YEN STON E POOL9, aad capable of tanning fifteen thouaawd hides per annum. ONE STEAM BAW-MILL, capable of aawing three thousand feet o' lumber daily. ON B SHALL BTONE ItUILDIM'i. The above property ia altnated about two miles abjve San Antonio, on tha San Antonio river, aad the water ia conducted to the eatabllehmeut by a race of hewn stone, laid in caniant. The laud was purchased aad improvement* made by the late so-called Confederata Govern meat, and are estimated to have coat .f lau tM) ia gold Iherroperty has been nader lease for the ' ear 1866. at a monthh rent of $600, payable in advance. A a ecu rtd title in fee aimple will ba given by the United States Government Proposals will b? marked ''Proposals for Gavernnuut Tannery and Saw Mill.' ?wl to J. B KIDDOO. Bvt. Gen , Asat. Com. Bureau B , F and A L., Galveston. Texaa ja tl 37t ACKEBBL AMP OODFIBH" 10 000 poanda large SHOBB CODFISH. 40 barralaNo. 1 fi AO KB BEL. Jnat received aad for aele ^ our wharf, at the foot of Seventh at. B. P BBOWN A 8?*OommlaaloB Merchants, dels tf Mo. 46ft Ninth at., bat. E and W. THB GREAT REBELLION, by John Minor Botts. Character and f^haracterlatlc Men, by *. P. Whiaato; tl T?, The Sconce of Wealth, by Amasa Walker; fs. Life and Times or Bed Jachat. by Wn. L. Stone: $5 The Sanotaary; A Story of the Olvll War. by Nichols; Illustrated, (2. Klaaiugtlhe Bod; A Novel, by Bdmaad Tatea; 76 centa. Race for waalth, by Mrt. J. H Blddell, 70ceoU. no If ' FBABOK TATLOB. I^OBTONMESS MACKEREL. I aaa aaw receiving froai Boston direct, tha vary finest quality cf(EB8 MA<)K1|BBI^ m4 which rarely And their way to tMa market, feel at need moetly for hoaie oonaamptiou. Aa they have been trimmed of every p?rt hat tha moat Biatable. the hit* contain vary much mere than ""irV idiohu. Oaraar 14th aad F et reels, ander da 1 If Sbbltt Hoaae. GOLD PUB?a flue aaaartmaat of OoM Paaa, Peadl Casea, Bo., for gala at manafactararl prfoM. [de It] FlUURGK TAILOB. J RAILROADS. 1866 PBHNSTLV*MA BOCTE IH67 t *0 THB N0BTHWB8T. SOUTH AND SOUTHWEST I ?_ ^ I*TII SCHEDULE.! On apd ?'Ur November it. 1**, train* will leave m ffllowi Washing.on 7 V a m I Baltimore 9 IS en ....J St *' I " ? u hi a. m _ ??_. 8 Wp.m. ... I > W p. m THB 0BBAT DOUBLE TBACK BOOT!. with ELEGANT HCBHkdT. Pal*.* m*te ro. oi 4tr ?Dit lUhtCm w i t-ti uiodern imerovemen'a, ul sa?lng from four tw twelve h.rnts in tima o?er ai'y other route. Two hundred mile* saved to Waatm *ac Ontral Nan Tork Two Dally Trains tot be Wmt North. Through from Bal'lmore to HOOH KSTEB aud PITTBUUBGH with at change. Passengers by this r >ute fr.'in Baltimore hava tbe advantage of mak-ag all changes ia UNMN DEPOTS aud bo FEBBlES Tickets bi this ron'e ran he pr oca red at the nf floe, coroar Ctb street an! Peni eylvama avenne, nnder the National Hot-1 where reliable mfor maUoa will ha given at all time*. Passengers procuring tlcksts at thi* oflce can j ecure earotmModetbm In Bleeping Car* for El Blri or rlttitnrf J WILKIN'*. Tlck?t Ag-ft. Waahiagton. D. 0. CD. 8. YOUNG, Gob. Taae Ag*c'.. Baltimore. Md. del It W.INHIX. m> ori A > MI (.KORfitlOW* KAILROAD. - T J M * TABLE. ?? JL,l(i fWr ?"M?AT, Nuvetuber 12. lW.aet ?aUi further aotig- Pa**eoger Tralu, will rn.." ' twee* W <?shingloo au| Alexandria ai lollows Leave WaaMiMtoroji. Lkavk ^Lutvitu t From M . avenu. -lep t Fr n, car Puk* 4 [|?.nry Local at 8:15 a M (U L'?"-?la: 4 43 a H ; Through Mail 6 to Lwalcor Kim Local at.. 7 00 and H?cry 6 (? " " 9 i? " Local at S s) " mop. m ||M .. " ......... 20 " j on p 31 " " Through M ol. corner of " .........11 SO Huka.V Henry #:<*! P. a. L01 alC'T King and He>ir> . . 7 >0 " SUNDAY rASSENGEK TKAINS ^ Wr lAw\WA"" ""P" , liKAV. A !. K X A > -i a. p 1 tr.uc.r Piik- .t H?nrf Through Mai I e 13 A M. At* . Lo <1 at 4 1.' .A M Localet . ..?< '*) p M Through M til 4 ? I' M O.a STEVENS. Oeaaral Saaertn a le it W J PHELPS <} n r %| Sin . . r t^hY^lsmk ruN Tt,., . . *??H !i?TO?, lar. i, i-wtT. ! ?.L . *betrV,<,n H??'"n?ton aud N??T >rivara i DOW I ?lli followd vl/ FOK NX ^ VOKK . vlth'tgf chtt'iit*4 c%r* ? *vda.!r leEtept CJuuday at 7 * tn ajd i 4:*) p ui I Fob NEW VHKK, cbaBiclc, car* %t P'lU-lrl- , 1 pbia. L>*v*? dally except Sun ay at !: |)i m sal | * *' p m. i . . ..rOK PHTLADBLPUI A. Ij""f ?at|y cirept Stin :a> 7 .3 aud 1 J a. n . and 4 90 ?0d ?;? r m ?'N SUNI?A* I L.-ay? for N?w Kork aad PbiU'.-iutila *t ' yt p tr cnl>. " ' liiiig cara for New lork oa u Ju p iu train f dally Through tl< keta to Philadelphia Nea York ir | Boaton, cau oe bad at tb? Mellon nt a'.I k >i.r< I in the day. aa well *a at the n< * otlic- I-, t?ie | hanker# ai.d llr k-rs T?Ih. : ?- b L ' ?l"?P?uu. a\?-!.??*, k,i?fcn ?>lh and 7tn *'r?-i 1t<ee P iltim rt and I'hio Ballr .a>l adv^rtN- ru* .t for vhedule tetwe-n Wasbin^t-i,, B.?Uij.a:e, AT.n? poll", an' the Uf?t J, I.. WILSON. M aater ot T runup r' ?tf c n. L M < ULK Oet.eral Tlr* t *v~.,t _ OBO S. KOUNT/., A< -ut Waehmston ocse-tf BALTIMUttK AND OHIO B A I LBO AD. WasMUi?T<tx? Jau ?, is47. iiSW^rr T.-i -^32 Tram* betwen WASHINGTON ^ \ ;t BALTI M('KK au l W ASHIMOTON ANi?T l? a are now run aa fnJ|?w?. >tr FOB BALTIMOB1 Leave dally. exc?pt Snnl?>' at . 1 1115 a m nrnf 2V*, and 4 hi a 1 FOB AI.L WAV-'h' Leave daily,' irvpt Uiiudi at ? 2 ot an 1 g I*) p ni FOt- .. Ai Bl AfioNt* SOI rttUI i . 1 jiwotiui Leave at 6.15 auu 7 uu * u , t: 1 it 1 , ' 9- n?. . , FOB ANNAPOLIS 7" mt?7 * ' a m *"1 ? ? ? ?a Mo t air.* to or frotu Aunapoila on Sni iar uN bLMiAt Full B ALTIM iBK. Leave at 7 45 a uj., and t if au-i ?' r a FUB WAV STA l'ldSls Leave a? 7.45 t 114 , aii'l 1 i.t 1 m p ? % F<?B ALL PA BIS OF THE except fiubday, at 7 ?.< a m a,,-J 8 00 p hi Oa Snnday at 1 1*0 P m only .conne. tia^ at Ke ay Otaiiou with train, from Baltimore t?. Wb.n l ? Parker^hurg A . 1H UOl Gil I l<'K ITS to the W?,r . an t.t> 1 ad it tbe ^ ai-bltiKt a Station Ticket ofli. ?, *t all b ?. in the any. a* well ae at tli? new olii. ? tbe It ?, er-< and Broker^' lel<^rauN Line, .14 ? p. uu avenue, between 6th i>ud 7th atr ta For N? w York Phila le!pbl<*. * i Bostc-n, eee advartMemeiit of "Throiittb Liu? " J. 1. WI LfON, >T*iter <>f Tramp rtHti,.t.. L M COLE General T" ket \n--ut. ocSOtf GEO. 8 BOONT/.. Age-.- W*--M.vt-.ti HinSON BIVEB AND HABLEtt E&llr KUAHS-On and after MONI'AV N t ,j, l"do, tr tins for Albany and Trov. vnecnj t tit N??i tt.ern aud Weatern train*, will leave New V* ru aa tollow* ' 8a. m Kxprea* train via Hudson Biv*r Ka-lroad . S th at and 10th av., thr???t; to |:<rUI<> a-i I Saspen?l?B Bridge witboat change o' < ar? and mnectliiK at Tr. y a itli train* ;or Saratoga. Butl? J, barliiigton and Mootreal. Ida ni E\pree? and Mall train via Hn !? a Btver Bailrt td. connecting at all.?as with v\e?larn trains, and at frny with tmlns 1 r N rm. 11 a ni Kxpress train via Uarleru B.ilrial, 2f>th st and 4tb av.. conaectinc at Cbathaoi witii Waateru Bailroad for Lebanon Sprint. Pitts' e 4, Ac.: at Albany with Western train* and a' Troy with train* t<>r Saratoga Butland, Bnrlingtwi aud Montreal .1 it p m Express train via Ho<l?on Bir--r BaHroad < onaectina at Ali>any with Waat-rn tralua, an< at Troy with train* for MoalTWB, with sleeping car attached. 4 lip m. Ex area* train via Harlani Railroad, connecting at CbatbaKi with Wostern Lebanoa Si'flng*. I'ittofleld. Ac.; at Albany with WesterB trata*. and at Troy with trains for Bat land. Burlington and Moatraal. Slaepiag car* attached at Albany 6 3(1 F m exprea* twain via Hndaoa Biver Ballr ad. with ?! epinc car* attachad, and through to BtiRalo and Bnapeuhioa Bridg< without change .f car*. Alao, alaaplng car ??ery day ^*c-p:I:,g Saturday * attached from Hew York through >o Ogdenaburg without change, via Borne W. ?nd O 1 Hail ro;i4. Uotmectfon hi; Troy will l.e mala at East Albany Thl? train will ran on Sand *y? 11 p m Train na Hudson Btver Bailroad, with sleeping car atta?b~d. connecting at Albany with early train* far Buffalo and Hu*p?naloB Brilge and at Trey with train* for barathea and joints I*rtk. A Sunday train will be ran via Hadaoa Blver Hallroad fioai New York to Fough^eepsie and utertnediate *tatlons leaving New Y> rk a' K v a ni. Beturnin*, leave Pongtike psie at I 45 p tn arriving In N'e ?r York at ( 15 p m Also, a Sunday train via H irl -m Ballr ad. v Ing 4J-l Itreat at ' a. m . and arriving at Mill, rt u at 3 80 p tn Keturuing. leave MilUrton at 5 p tu.. artirlag ia New York a; '* 1 a m WM H. VAN DBUBTLT. .a 19 \ . Pr> *1 la RICHMONB, FHEDEH10KSBUBA AND Pt) TOM AO HAILEGAD TO TBAVELLEBS GOING SOUTH TWICE DA1LT, (Sanday p. m ezcepunl,) The Quickest and most direct route to Kicbwoud, V% , and the South via the Potonia? _(p*? Tuanier* from Sixth Strict Wh?if.lW?W? Waablngtoa. to A^nia Creek aiid^ 10*^^** Blcbmoud, Fredericksburg and Potomac Bailr *<1, now entirely completed froai Au ia ^re-k to Kichmond,Va.connecting there with trains < a the Birhmoud and Petersburg aud Hlotiuioud and Hanrille Hailroads. for Petersburg, Weblou, Wilmington 1 Balelgh, Greensboro', Salisbury. Charlotte and I Chester. 8. O. Steamer* Keyport and C Tanderbllt leave Sixth Street Wharf dally (Sunday evening eacepted) at 40 a. m. and 7 pm. and arrive la Blchmond at . 1.45 p. tn. aud S 90a . THEOCOH TO EIOHMOHD IE SEVEN HOUH8. Fifty Miles Shorter ami >H Hoar* yulcker Utwa nr Other Houte. Be mre and get Through Tickets via Aanta I Creek and Fredericksburg, to Elohmond, at the | Oomaaay's Ottce, corner at Peana. avenue and ?tb streaTor on board of thsboaU Baggage checked J ^Omnlbnaaea and Baggage Wagou* will be in rMdiDMfl to oonvef piaMDftVI itm M' tweea depot* In Blchmond. .. ., ? Pai*eager* by thi* line *aaa by daylight Mount 1 Vernon, and may have an opportunity of vlsldng several battle fletda new Fradartchshnrg by topping at that point . . o. E^iATTINGLY, AHTfV'^' ftVllF ?aneral Pasaenger Ageut pOTOMAV T AHSPOBTATIOH UHI. * NOTICE TO SHIPFEEE. | , The f EXFEES8, Capt E. A. BTTBBB, leave. Waahington at? am. and Al _ 6xi&drli 7ft? EVERY dAT* DKDAT for Glymont, Budd'a Ferry Smith'a Point, Chattarton Lauding, Nanjemot Store* Mathiaa Point, Chapel Point Plowdeua Whirf'. Lancaatar'* wiarf. St on at Wharf. Ourrloiuen Bay, Faawell1! Wharf, Harell's Wharf, Pine* Paint, Point Lookout, and arrives at Baltimora at 8 a- *jj5.SBBTAE * EEO , A genu. Ho. A4* Peana. aveaaa. ilLLAID'S ~ GBOOOLAT8 DE FANT AISIE, T BONBONS. I ALSO, KIILLIBD'I CHOCOLAT PAE BXCELLENOB. (Triple Veal Ha.) Thi* TH*la Vaailia CHOCOLATB ta eaperler la quality aad Savor ta any other made in thi* 00 an try, aad to prepared eeaecially for table aaa. N W. BCROHELL. earner 14th and F atreets, 1 1 to nadar BbbiU Hoaae, j railroads. < ?at rfr;riivv'cL?%4%,L ~ ff?#i?&VVVW r J AMI ti Ki.v \'?, rV/ lo w blt'l?'ujh*ai ivibvbevtith t^'* k?. ,tr~ pif^-po,,. at r..?;,! At 7 "?*? f\tf^u ?""ooatl || sfmlos -ii luhmi,^ iiflhleldki ' '' v ? * k/t|n^ *? |j %' n ^ in philadelphia >t ,7 , ? *l 6 * * ?..?rrl,tn? .,,,.. ?m1uk?lhi i^kui f<anraiort k n.ra h tr^ii. ., v ^ T><i? (ism <?ui <! ? r.|\i i\ii ...f . peliur) i t.Lia k.lii. ... " , a * lb" *'t ?n ?lth tn* . l#r i *'' ? . ?.ur*.?r ; at i'ohl Ot.lNioh ???,r.ii , h?Hro?d trHH lot v* tiliau?por| l.vk h..t k.n.t. a, *, . ?t ft a hkl.hni viu .ttl, Mnr.v'"* 1> b!f*^ 1' " ?? * ' j vail,., m,K >fm ??kjn ris fluwiu. hiku ?! : Ur n t tbu ti,b., u. j j??? lllh. s^ort. t oik cfcml! f>r*b .r# pi..r*;u?? ?'* AfTIUN OS r.\,BI8i ?l2??? PullMeiptila a; j3, p n-j, Pitt.*Wle, Harrt 1'iirc. *r . c li .?,ti uv.lic* *lj'1 col< n,, u * "?? * train, beaiwbg a<consitr\riuN tHtioaa. arrlvt-.*.? r. i *v ^1 f 4 ? ? V1u:.3r ^,v,?t'ir:r\u^v,r^ %^vv^cb,r;'; ' ? ?. a. 1 Ha g >, ^ " * * "* |* j a al km i u i th , ^ c~ 1 ......, m .rmi?,: srsres .1. ?a> atatt. l' " < i v2i i . *j""( uo.lilbkt'.v b 12 1 p vi i pt hm.m v*1 ?*) Ma l< |.a * *m l a.i AHUteab ?Mr*ii)pi'.t<1?i! h ind* m a h? 1 rait a i- v i i - -u - ? . p : i hlia.l*lpt la at .< ip ,? |r??t. ,.j . * OltHHUH'I B4U.H !? U'tH7 r.ld! |? l . . , ,. r 'iu^^ t?k it.- ; . . . | ? ' '' ti?ii.a fit m i'bila.tritt . tl _,i'?'? ?' "? l?.toa? at 7 . t- ?,tj ? ?-ronj l>. ?ru nbv\ ludk tvi ki ?ik i .rrr? ! fin . \m? iiik 1 kojj l.u\?- me. ?. is .1 , . ? 'khmiihii.; r mr< &.r ? 1.1 I? i! 1 f r ? ' 1,1 %' ' n.r l.? n < a .. ' t . ' ' i If-bur bib- ?? a " *; ' ? r tl II# < f Ac * tl*lh?tiirtitiiC Kiprt'l 1r,|. %r , r , ar? ! ? h! ?.| *'? i ll-> i?a - ?|tr i? ?. ^ rV:: ;. z~i - ?r -t ? i > an ! ?" r,i,m h j t j j m ti train f >r r. ? ? r . . ni Man traib ?. r u^r " , \ ?t'lfc at j: u.k.11 1 w* lilklli. vali.kv k*il?mai) T.aiiia i*+\r | u,,;,, . *j . p ?: NMrwtiirm j ia. a.'i i 14 (, la, i b? ul\l6.ill asl? bl t?y( k lanna jt \ 11 .rf '* ,th aubmu ?a . r oi i"IIKrrl.|.|i,(( .ni t i ... i r ai il 1 rwi on '-'"" i-< mi. h rr . .v e,fr a r n, . .utf ,iw|u rji, at * . !n' . |jj | n . ... ? "-r ura'-r^xrv w'v1' rb" l?-pwt. iii. h<j ;.t, 1 \v t -tr. tfiarn i . HtliiiUI tttaim> pf, i ja^. i pt) 1al> at.. ,u i ?<!< f ? ? r i e L ' . u* n PiUtvfli*. Poll Uint i, aii<l ail i" " mail# wu"^. at the pmiad# ? ,, ko.t 0!sr? .,r . r it '' m *u 't" '.tnic' - .t . . * jb* |)tlncipal ?tAtl..uaoi(i> b i p i itnnmm a n i \ ?'cntk\l klillt.a ' h is i ick ? ub *m,,, m,. \ r l'. ti.e irami ..f tb? r^i.n j r ' u i-, k.?. tukot,., *'*' ^ hi ti it iir*- !v t -,*- *- ' ' r'"wi !'?? mi-i kaii*?i i t ta.( w.thlu 'b mmavj til" 1, t.' Mr, . r ! Matk.- atir. , x, u. 4 *,' j. |i? ' .r> ?( en li train '''? '*7"^ ?;?: ?u ittcvtt.,mo ut cutmuul ??! rV".-,'. m.i. Trait, 7 ? ' " 1 t*>'- ?ii a 4 ?>m9r? \ ^ \ j j % * ' * > ? l-iatar b Kri i x^.a. ' "* " * j?'??iiir*lr* b ... . ] ' j? li .r l^ r-; a.. . in Lai c??ter accum .at. ? . l 1 rk ?i d kt?? m.i 5r " p'-t a l- u hta hi .r. ?, * ? ? |> orp.::.b,i.. i-v. ur? i'csm; ^"r 4,? ^.r ? 'tt.<ut i.i. t',1' ^ *" r" * 'iiimmh .rt tcil.tsi. t ? ?t u^cktlt k ph ?^r:k.r> t y MaU tr? 0 ,-r> t . i"v- t" .r ' 1 , m- at. s < ,t i k .. ,.e h , , r , j mu? ticbmmffi.* . . ... ?t arr^ft .. . 7v?if,. jlrrff rt />. p : Lit cictiati k > in >n- ... ' ' .... i t. . ;?l, a Kapr. aa ? !* j ' i ? li a< mm x .? i * j . a . 11 * Park-t urn Trai * ^ ? < . * 7 19a ta 1 (tirftar Tr.ti 41 ' m "? j'??t Lin<*. %t p ' ?1 k*pr.<aa "-i ' "i ma '?"?oi.t!?. ,n u,!r .A,';.a.n," "? ? ? v l?e v,r ;j? ? a?aw:^.irsTiJ1 **>????$ ihf iv?na>l*ai,i? kmtrn. i r..inpar? ?|it ? , ^ nu.f aiiy riakt.,r h?. g xg. ? *. "?? .? w.i-.Vi ? imWT.' as vrKSFi? nut allkn- tj k*-1 a?nt, bjl ofca.tdJ^*cui ?* w allace. tict?t a??bt ?t th? bnvdaemi?bant tka?n ru" mc^t p. r full partlrwU^. .? tn'ir. itj it n'n 1ationa apply to pfcantia kvnk. i n l>- f-t f 'imtkal kailkttap op nkw i e 8<4e t wd '? ??! * i-f t in nr f "a j i: ::cHoi. . i'tt., d u.?r? la kV. ? ? i "j vm"?tr*ranrr<'5'1' 'j' k |t,' ^hi^fc *'*f Kullr hd i j 1 lt? cold^ tl ,* laar n,u S3S."V " ?? ??k*? allektown link to tub ?ist \ tvo kxpreaa tr^b? <1 tilr for the w. ?. # w" r'11* tr.ti, iu t lie ?v? ni r,?r b???ra aa?^j t> t ii* lin* iiiasrsi'S;:""'81 >? wist ib ahkaftucmcnts. k j??u.r> 7,|.,;-lf .?. v?rk as . / a ,,m ~k?r emtc.ii, b tlil b< a, ma irh jj{'t""vc "p'rt' maua.j/ ? 1?. a m Mail t, k x-lor Piammctoti tou. water c?ap. s. r?u' a, u ukoi.arrr gi .t Pend. Pittal ur*. It ., .,, , .c '? a m ? \\ e*tern k \pr -- tor e?-toti all^n towt, h ?rri?t hte, Pitt,' ir,., wu ?'?h bot oneirbmire ,,t rar? la Oittrtn i^ti *r Olilcac . aa. but t.o . t ai.? to >t. l-m* < ?.,?cta t v,a . r? mit'1 n '*h?n l- m.tral au.| Ptiila: m-*u ' f#f Erie a li i tba on b" v \te,i "* " r?r e*??on AITenlwarri. Man u bnrg ar ilb^ar-re, beahida. PutUrilk, ii trna ^ui(, m.?For East a. fietkl<-betn, at, i ma^:k 5 e s~?or and flano^.a 6 p m -For e i?ton. uealmg Uariiabnrc Wil.iamap. rt. Irrinetou. * orry. erie ic. mi?plu4 car from New York to u Mliamaport. ? 8.15 p. m ?fur s?,rn> rvi||? 7 *> p. m ? For 8..m^r?iu^, . 8 ? ., t thin Em k? Tan* ?For e ?# ss'tbl^weat*' ltr*tlll*' uarriabbr*. pitt-b^rrf, 8l.-eplnti cara through tro* j.'raejr < ity to PittaLurg ?t^ry erenin*. Additional trains are rnn to Ber*pn potbt Blizabatb. Ac. " TUket^for *>< ** "t ran be " at the off a of th? Central Bailr ?l ot n*. Jeraer. f,.0* f Llt.erti etreat. h it. hl?er at n . 1 a?tor hon ? Noa rf#4, *71. i-.'b BroaJway. au 1 at Mo ib Greenwich street ? ** jalt jqbiah o 8te bn9,8a?.r:?tenden? New yobk anhhew havbb b ailro a l> v Paarencer station In New York, coruar 2 la k treat and Pourth avenn^ p _ ? tbaims leave new tobk For Sew Uavan and b<ld* port -7. g , bi i 11 ? m.;?.!? ,bk.|,* Ex ,, iM. VW.VJ5 8!b1" For Milford. Bt rat ford, Fairfi?ld, b^uthnort. cd Waatport?7, a n. , 1 6.i?nd 3 au^iu For Nor.alk-7. >/?<. \\ ?a m 1211 < 3 f ei. 4 90 >v,ani4(kij| m For Datiati nod Oreeuwicb?7. j w. 11 ? a m ; 3 to, 4 *1. & 90 an.t 6 ? p m ?? ?? " --r 8 ii .9 v ii 9 a m 12 a <E?.>.3,Ei >330, 4 *?.?.?).? *1 aodtibi.ip ai . jl?^j^.rt Cbeater aej 1 nterm*!iat<* 9t%tl n? 7, t ?. 11m n. n> : 3 k> 4 ?< a 30 ?.*). and 7pm _ connecting tbains. for Bottoii tim 8fr*affir.4?8 m ui , (Vs., (ex.,)8p m. Por b-atoa Tin Shore Lme-12 > 1 (Ex..)s?. m. For Hartford and SprincHeld?a, (ei.,? 11 3* a i a . 3, ( el , 13 w?. 8 p iu For Oonnertlcut Btilroad?ft a m ei ,) 11 b> a m. to Montreal 8 p b. to Bortbaapton. For Hartt?r?. ProvlJence and PlahkiM b b t,(Bl.) 11 30 a. m Far New Haven. New Loodan and 9t nlnftoa Railroad-la m.. 12 rt p Bi For Oaaal Bnilroad? it.14 p. m. to Northampton. For HooMtonle and Naogatack Ball road?da. ni ;3 p m ^ ^or Dnnbur? ?nd Morwalk bb?7,i3u n m.i CmawdlMl Bleaplrjt Oara attached to8 p. . .. '|ib' jamjh b. moii, Supertntandant. t