Newspaper of Evening Star, February 7, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1867 Page 2
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" * THE EVENING STAR.1 Tkt UrjfU CitrnUUoi ii the DiiUiet " WALLACH, Editor a Ml Proprietor. W ASHIN GTO N C1T V: Till rsday IUJRIARY T, 1*?7. dVbRAIMNO MATTER OS EVERY PAtiR. SEE OUTSIDR FOR INT ERfc.-TTINO THLE GRAPHIC AKD OTHIR MATTER TO ADVERTIIKM. Th* lnllowiBf i* the oflual showing of tht elrc?Ittios of the daiij pijwri of tbls city competing for tne Government advertising under tbe receut act of UaofrvM directing nek Mveruetag to b* made ta to# two daily newspaprTP of Washington baring tbe large* trcatancn ?vumo stab 7,715 copies par day. CkrnnicU ...J.Mrt* " m Inttliiyencer 14 * The returns of advertising by the e*ty papers or tbe quarter ending December 31, 196?, aa token from the book* of too Internal Revenue Office, are ac follows: &TMM1M STAB tt.%1U7 /nt'lUj/'ncer 9,199 Ckromci* 9.|4t MqpMtesn 53^ A NRW LOR BY SCHEME. Tbe party concerned in the lobby schema for getiin* an appropriation ol f3w,uu> from Congrrss for converting the aqueduct at George, towu into a bridge across the Potomac, for lb* w*e ot Washington, in lieu of the Long Bridge, " em to have made a pretty successful start. Tfcey roanacrd to seen re the insertion in the three morning papers to-day of an editorial warmly fnvoringthe scheme above m>'uiioned, and all three editorial.* bear the earmarks of the same f-aterpity. We imagine that there ronst have been some consternation in the ad. Mortal ramps of the papers iu questuu this morning on seeing the tell-tale marks of comti.on paternity in these editorials, enowmg unmistakably bow tbeir papers had been "used"' by the echemers in question. Now, 11 ta quite outof tne question that any such lobby tcLeme shall h?? successful; and that a community of an hnndred thousand people t-ball have no more direct access with the \ irginia shore, with the great sonrca of market supply, with the neighboring city of Alexandria, and with the great line ol travel South than by a circumbendibus ot eight miles via Georgetown and the Aquedust. We concede that it is idle to waste more money upon tie Long Bridge upon its present defective plan. Hut this is just the time to erect a permanent bridge there, aud iu connec*ion therewith to carry out the great scheme of river improvement solong felt to be n^ej-d. There should be bnt one channel for the Potomac. that channel should be its uatural one from Georgetown to tbe W asbington shore This wa.< iu channel before the construction ol tne t-atfeway at Mason * Island, and in the present flood it has again sought its old natural channel Irom Georgetown to the Washington shore. A short breakwater from the foot of M ism's Island is all that is needed te turn tbe chanue | to this shore. This done, and tbe Hate reclaimed, tnrre need be but a short exteut of bridge span over the Washington channel, and it ton Id be constructed without great expense, and in a manner not to interfere with navigation So feasible is this plan that some of the tnoet responsible bnsiness m?*n ot this city bare offered to carry out the improvement of tae channel indicated, taking for their remunera. tion the reclaimed lands of the flats. We have space to-day only to indicate our views, but propose hereafter to urge them at more length, aud to show, also, how Georgetown stands in her own light 1a endeavoring so pertinaciously to defeat the projector a mutual channel for the two cities. RECONSTRUCTION. It will be seen by our report of the proceed. Ugs in Cougress yesterday that two plans of | reconstruction were introduced; one in the Senate, and one in the House. That offered by I Mr Dixon in the Senate is substantially the ?ame as that proposed by the Governors of Southern State? and other leading men of the South in the late conference here, which was published to our paper of Tuesday. It is in tbe shape of an amendment of the Constita- i tion, which decrees that the Union under the Constitution shall be perpetual, holds tbe public debt of tbe Unied Mates sacred aad inviolable, and repudiates tbe rebel debt; declares all persous born or naturalized ia the United States to be citizens, and gives to all persons equal protection of tbe laws; and apportions representation among tbe several States ac- I cording to their respective numbers, counting ; tbe whole number of persons iu each State i excluding Indians not taxed, unless the sxer- ' cise of the etertive franchise is denied to any on account of race or eolor, when the enure class of persons so excladel from tbe polls snail not be counted in the basis of representation. No State shall require a property qualification for voters more than the value of two hnndred and fllty dollars taxable property nor as an educational qualification more edal cation than enough to enable the voter to read the Constitution of the United States in tbe English language and write his own name. The bill to provide for the efficient government of the insurrectionary States, reported in tbe House by Mr. Stevens, from tbe Joint Committee on KeconstxucUon, is more strlngent in its provisions than any scheme yet submitted to Congress for a solution of existing political difficulties in connection with reorganisation. It wipes ?ut the present State 1 Covernmenfs of the Southern States; divides ' the South into fl ve military districts, each to be governed by army officers of at least the rank of Brigadier General: gives the ri*bt to arbitrate all matters of life and property by military tribunals, forbids tbe judges of the United States courts irom issuing writs ot ba. beas corpus, except in certain cases; and, in fact, substitutes military for civil rule in the excluded States, without assigning anj period when Its operations bhall cease, and those States be readmitted. Mob* Gift Emtkkpeisic Makao*h? 1* T*01 T"*LB.? The Crosby lottery business is be* ing looked into. A citizen of Chicago, who pronounces tbe wbole affair a swindle, and insists that money was obtained from him un. der false pre'ences, has sued Crosby ?( al. on charges of this character; and if tbe prosecution is carried through it will be of some interest -It will at least," says a Chicago paper, develop the manner and modus operandi ot th9 Lee-i ru?-by transfer, about wbicb so many people are inquia tive." The authorities of JSew York eity are beginning to move with viger against tbe lottery and gift enterprisesJudge lngrabam, on Tuesday, delivered a strong charge against the whole system, pro nouncing it entirely illegal, aad inviting tbe grand jury to Indict all persons taking part in IV A movement is 01 foot to tbe Legislature, also, looking to more stringent repressive measnres. In the Senate on Tuesday a motion was made to inquire Into tbe late Gift Enterprise to New York city for tbe benefit ol the Soldiers and Sailors' Orphan Home. Tbe hi over said be bad received a letter from a *' tinguisbed officer, representing that unless the Legislature interfered the Orphan Home would not receive a dollar of tbe larg* amount collected by the manageis of tbs lottery. Wai.l a OfRba Hotrsx?Tbe popular comedy of "Lor don Assurance" was performed last e> enmg. in a manner which elicited enthusiastic applause from the large and fBsfc. lonabie audience present. Miss Jtose EytiogeV impersonation of "Lady Gay Spaaker" ; w as admirable, and she was well supported To-night a new version of "Hornby A Son" Is I announced. , IrrimiL Kit.iv, ?The receipts from 'his source to-day were g0if?,3!a 54, makiag tbe total receipts from this source for tbe fiscal year ending to-day, tl9e.l48.0os M. PbrsowaL ?General John C. Fremont, aad Co*. Charles d. Halptae (Miles O'Eellly) are at Wiilards. GKNKRAL GRANT'S RKCK * r;ON LAST KY K KINO Tbe third and la*t reception this season of General Cir&nt nnd Mrs. Grant took place last 1 rvmipc, imd likr tbr lormir taei'irH a b ilimnt Tbe crowd wasY*rylarge,ti being nearly impossible to pass fram oae rooin to enntber. At rirht o'clock tto doori v*m thruIru open, and Irom that hoar nnn||mi 1nubi a continued stream of * i alters war* ar. | riving sod d^i.-rnn*. The (leatfaj aadttca. j Oram, with Mis* Vlrrtbta Griatit sifter df tb* Grnvral. received the (orita cordially, makm? every one feel at burnt Mr*. Grant w.-ia dressed in a pink ailk, cut with low neck and ebort el?e?e?, and trimmed with while > lace, bair crimped and dreeeed wita flowers Mim Virginia Grant was dressed in a brocade | Bilk, low neck and abort sleeves, and white lai# cape; batr plain. The General war a a black cloth suit and vt hite Teat. i About half paat atae o'eloek Geo. Phil. I Sheridan, accompanied by Co|. Crosby, of bis ' stafT, arrived, and the cavalry hero waa immediately en rTo ended fcr a crowd, and until j the cloee ot tb* reception he was kept baay at i band-afeakinr. Arnn( the distinguished persons present ! were Secretary Welles, Senators Howe, Trnmi hull, Dooitttle, Pomeroy: Gov. Keens, ofOol| orado ; Representeeves Spalding. Roas, Shelj labarger, Welker. l'erham. Morebead, Cook, Bingham, LswrNiW, Banks, Rice, Nlbiack, j and Grtnnell; Gea Spinner, Oommiaalouer Newton, B. B. French, mayor Wallacb ; Drs. Sunderland and Gillette," Judge Sergeant, Gen. Hiram Walbridge. Senor Romero. Oil. Burtett. Commissioner Wilaou. ot the Land office; Gens. Sotu lleld, H tinier, Lndington, Howard, and Thomas, with many officers of lower rank, and hundreds of citizens. Dancing wa< commenced in the dining reom abont nine o'clock, and kept up until the clowe j ol (be reception. I Ot tbe ladies rirsaaes it ia almost aaeleg* to attempt a description colored silks and moire antiques prevailed; wbl e alpacas and uu-ieton, trimmed with bontton and potnt laces, were tbe next favorite styles Refreshment*, consisting of ice cream, cake, and iemorade, were furbished, Imtihere w:i* anch a gre?<ly scramble on the part of the | crowd tbat it was very difficult for tbe waiters ; to pa?? to and Iro. Many Indies had their dresses ruined Wy this confusion. One lady had a rich wine colored moire antique ruined by lemonade, and a numberof others had tbeir j dresses spotted by ice cream and water Ices. Geo. Grant's father was present during fhn : evening, and waa made m ucb of by the visitors. Dry (ioeda. Trade is opening. Tb? competition ia great among sellers, to tbe advantage of all ca?H buyers. A T. Stewart sells at a discount of i one per cent, lor cash m 3?? days. and of'J ner cent for ca?b down Other sellers are calling 6 1 days casA. Tbe action of Mr. Stewart is very politic, and will prevent excessive purchase on time, the advantage for cash payments being so gr? at as to secure all tbe good trade. I leaving tbe reiuse to other*. Credit is unsafe : at present. Brown shirtings and sheetings are very unsettled ia price, tbe demand twin* ' f-m.tll wbile storks bave increased Bleached shirtings and sheetings are only active for the better qualities. Mediam and low qualities are bra>y in price. Drills are in limited request only. Stripes are weakly. Print* are not yet active, and price* are liiwer. Quotation* are nominal. There is a varied and ample assortment awaiting a revival of trade, at prices favoring ca.-h buyers. Gingham* are moving a little. Delaines are more active and prices steady. Spring styles of shawls are in request. Italian cloths also are more brisk. Eroadclotbs attract buying from ihe clothing : trade only. There I- more doing in casAimerca. I but are weak and undesirable styles lower. Satinets are dull, flannels sell in small parcels. Blankets sell moderately, but at irregular prices In imported goods there is more inquiry than demand. Glothiers are bui mg drills and plain liueu*, lawns, and de| suable styles ef dress-goods. There are a few auction rales of seasonable goods, wbicb ! leihted fair prices There is no buoyancy.? I y. V. Iniltpftiden*. ~!h iY^F^TIIK ooncrrt ef ?? rast washing ll3 tor sgndav school, union win h., LTS^JS Mas*. Washingt.?a M. R Cnunh oa j FR1DAT iVK?ING.tb.3thin,t , at 7H o'clock Tickets can be had at the d-?or fe7 2t' rrs^mrxtifto or th s boars or trade A special meeting ef tbe Roard of Trade will take place at their ro>us.near the corner of Leulsiaae avenue and 9th strs -t. on SATU KOA Y RVRNINO February 9, at 7ii o'clock p m . to take action in regird to the Lung Bri ig? By o'der ot the PreeUent. N. ba&OO, fe7-31* ]Ohroa. A Intel.] Secretary. JT -."'. Br.?' *d street east and A st eet north. Cap ltol Bill SCRDAY lUh lust., preaching at 11 a. m by Bev JA? B BROWN, of Baltim jre. f >r n.erly aTationed In this city. At7 p m SABBATH w:bo?l platform meetiho. hon j as 1I&1LAN. Rx Se< retary of the Interior. will presld. . Tbe offerings of tbe*la*s-s will bi> accompanied with suitable detlgns Ac , and a4dr?Mes will be dehvarad bv Hon JaS HARLAN aid Hei. WM. R. D0DQ1. M <'. fa 7 5t# T^-bPROlAl. ROT IC E to tujc e Ctchfh~a Yd dealers of wa shixi, roy, n. c Now or sever Is your time to act. If j on wish to secare wkat you bave been ?irtrmr ft* for the last ei?.y meet in a t.<4y on FRIDAY AF TRRHOON, at 20 clock at Teaeeraace Hall. Br "Her B. M. RLLldTT. Ie 6-lt* Secretary. nT5=?A ORAHD CORORRT ! ~ LL3 _ Yor the Benefit of HAMLINE M. R. 0I1UR0H, Will be given ij tbe CHOIR connected with that bareb. on FRIDAY RVRNINQ. February g, 1847, at the Chnrch, corn?r 9th and P ?treeta. com nieocing at 8 o'clock The Oh?lr wMI be assisted by prominent members of otaar Choir*, aad every effort has beta marie te make the Concert a sa>-ee?e. Tickets, in CERTS To t-e obtain*-! at Ballaatyna's Religions Book depository, 49d 7th stieet, at. Parser's Peit Otflce News Stand, er frea any earner of the Choir, andI also, at ihe dor on fne eveatng of the Conceit. The piaao used *< tbi* occasion Is one of Stelaway s, kind!) leai ed by W. O. Metserott tot 3t* nrsm OFFICR SRCRRTAIY BOARD OF Il3 HEALTH, _ Washington. D. C , February , 1??7. T ? ?v ,*?? L.V-W i *A J & TH* OP NUI by boamd or Head Oarca-ses. Dead Fish or Offal or Fish, heaps of Oyster Sheila Offals iron Butchers' Stalls and Slaughterhouses. Stagnant or StUI Water ia Ponds, Marshea. Sewers or Cellars Areas or Vaults. Pool or Obstructed Drains, Water pipes or Water-cloeeta *<aMes, Poul Cow^hoos-s or Cow-pens. Foul Privies and Hog Sties. Foal Premises Alleys, sad Oatws. and Foul Slaughter h uiei ' Deeaying yegeiablea and Fruits of every descrlatlon. all Animal Babsteares, whether entire or tboed portions thereof not asad aa foed whicb may be th rown out Rxpotare er offering for sale Unsound Provi. lions, Fruits, Or Tegstablea All Aabes, RubbiaU, bbavings or Refnse "ub stances of sny trade, occupation, or bn-|aees which may be prejaciclal to public health. Filth, beapsada in Poo a Drainage from Dre Hou*< s or a aa Factoriea Sources or Unhealthy Rxhaiations or Odor* so near dwellings as to endangsr tbe bsalth or the occupants Horses going at large with ?laBders, Farcsy, or aay other Contagions Diseases Overcrowded Tenement Housee, Inflammable Material ia daaserons proximity to buldinra. Hons** or, or portions thereof, ia a stats ef dilapidation er deeay, endangering the live* aad propei ty of thoee lathe viclwty. Opeainga tor Stove Fines, unsecured, endangering the property, health, or eomlbrt of tbe sirrounding iababitaats. 8a<.'W Ice. or aay other ohstruetloa la gutters, preventing tbe free flow of wattrtbsr^, fe g-9t Secretary Boar^'oTHealth. MEDICAL A SSOCIATIOH?There will Us5 be aa adtoarned meeting of the MR01CAL ASSOCIAT IOM OP THR LlrTRICtOF CO LUHBlA in tbe rooms of the Medical Society, en THURSDAY, Feb. 7 th. at S oeleck p.m. fed St J. W. B. L0VRJ0T. R D.. Sec'j . nre?*HR SROORO RLOOCTIORART ABO !13 MUSICAL SOlRRR, LRCTURB ROOI^O^VRR CHURCH OF THR MORDAT BVRNINO, ^RBkCART U. 1W7, Befumiag at oighi oVlo^k for the benefit of the NBW RflBCOPAL^jHMUR^R OF TSR LRCAR Oarda of admission, 60 seats. fa l-Ct THR REV DR. SAMKOR, PRRS1DRRT Lecture roam of the Obarcb of the Rpiphnny. The rapataMoa or Pr. Aamson as a lectnrsr ia well knows, and tbs interest which eanaat rail te l-e felt ia the sahieet sad ths exceli*ut jmrpoahad^ia view.iinsttlraw a large aojlenee"^^^ . T.^1( Lee tares wUl be See fa aamher, And will r>*neltv*rod on Tueeday aad Friday ssewings. *le?ete tor the ooirte. #1 Slagle MskeM.SS t? be bad at the Beok Stores aad at the Star Office. Jftli LAD1RS' ICR CRRAM A DIRIRO SALOON, 9AS Peaa. Ave.. Set. l?h aad Mth sts. loe Ursau, Water iee, Roman Punch. Baaed Tar' Attendants also wlU be peal te attead to all de telle of arraagemeats. Boninets. Wraatha aad eat Flowers te order reaaae, aaa *e 3 1m JOSRPR H SHIPFHM. YfRETARUgMlD 1 8 S j.' ' ... McFBRBSOl * FRROUSOR. T1 Fern, avisvx, coaina lev as aaa t, _ CaPtTOL Hill, Dealers la Ptnidms Praserfptlon* aoearately eosaaouaded. The light Rail promptly aaswered. eeu-tf : . U ' 1 >' U i \ i ^ 1 ^??? congressional. Tiititsi it, Ktbratry 7. The < .'U*ir la'd twnre tn* i ommuiiu-aUca from the ;?ecreiary ?f interior, ::2r:"?S!Ssfnwn ^ of i il t 10 ,h* tn. fJE* *'**tp4io Committee on Afk,<l l> *mpn* "?Ns. Banki?g laws U. prohibit Hanks fr ?m * h tb-ck? of parties whohJl7X J.nd. on drpoeite. Kairred to OoJSSL,2 wlr*^??f icA'ion from th? i^ertttrr of UeVer^Om ?*ra,H:POr' rr,,m ,b* A1io?n{ uenerai s ortke of ib?n?nif?of tbo-e ?>in?--r* too war* appointed ..or. last J.,* K","ia ?? ?SS ,?r%z5ATiSEMft f*". ville announcing the piintr nftbn l'?ir>r?i 8'iafrhlr'd|kT tb* L^*,*'*t?re of that Nt .te 11 hi ? preaen ted a memorial from the Michigan Board of Edurrwn, a-kTagT"i. tablisfcment or a National UcreaaJrrX2 ttw Referred to Crmmlttea on the Ji&VSV -^1 ii" presented * petition from wound. K?cL'".wr 10 f"?nPT? from 'be Committee on the Dis. trlct of <*ninmbja, reported a bill supplement ary to the act . - corpora il h r the N*JTZ ^ Horn*, In the cltv of Washington curr'e.T uiThi'11|M,P' Chand"r- ** S?naf eon. ourreci in itie IIoum amendment to the t?it ,hv *C< to prevent ,mJgl r .?<f Trtimbull, from tbe Comm 11 tee on the Jndlciarj,reported favorably the bill to fnend biii ?u,bor,?!??',hi ;s: l*ii?iu,'"""d ,u ?^.,l ,i*rrw relating to at), pea.? and wnta ot error in toe Supreme Court ltrlerred to Committee on Judiciary U raft,?cfssaaa^* Tne joint resolution providing for increase 1 J? th" ^^rnmfnt .m oy;, ^?- ^.rt0* w" ,a,f-n np. tbe ouesUou being on the amendment of Mr boolittie tn ISl w?.chm.n ? Jll ii00""" w"b<1r*w hi.timoodment Mr. Stewart moved to include the criers and messengers ot the Supreme Court. tJ rtn!^?HTIC'rKsa'd 'i'"a???dnient ought to Adopted. 1 bese officers were worse mni than a.,, Washington |MMct The amendment was disagreed to t"r. ass.-"- " pa,a this bill bad been carefully considered upon the representation* of lf ,his Mmpndment was s?! m .1 f?' a 'J1* *mPloyee8 at the Navy Yard - ^ ' Intension and in the (iovern. fh?niL r'ntinK Office mum also be admitted to I hv .'n ?f 15* bm There waa no reason ? t" shou,d not be Inclnd-i1 if uie Arsenal employee* ?rer?. It was simmv lor tbe Senate to consider whether -o a-ld no fa. A rt "m C0-t??f tblw> OT ,our hundred tbo isand dollars. 1 here were a number of noor Offl?rVmpl?y'd,*t ??^r..ment Pr.nK Office, receiTinK from *?5 to *?i per m<?nt" and tbef-e bad made a most pathetic ai neii t.? bim fo be included iu tbe bill, as it he had en t>re control over the matter. The committee tn fh?!tr<' ycoBS'd*red (h* "Object,and camto the conclusion thai the cia-ne^s enumerated w?r.. {/>, ^:-ZZ"hr?? "V'"; .*"d "">?"? ? ? or jesitce. 1 hey were very poorly n*id now and no government did right which did not adequately pay its laborers " not I be iMorninft boor here expired, when Mr ietu-enden moved to postpone tbU and all prior orders, and take np the I^jriMntjve K* and Judicial approprtat.on b II du ,trfrnoUon^R8 agread to. and the bill indic^ted was then read at length. Ih. "umber ot amendments were reported bv tbe b inance Uommittee. p Dy Hoi pk ?Mr. Kasson (Iowa) Introduced a resolnnon which wu agreea 10, authoring the Committee on Coinage, Weights and M?-a>ures, to attend the next annual a><*av at I the nited States Mini: to eximine the said f aesay and report what mea?ures are nec-snry to secare greater economy and efficiency In coinage at the mint ciciicy in Air. Stevens, (Fal from the Committee on Appropriation, reported a bill mairinr appro Pf'*" "PP'J Efficiency ,n conunjem J 0f K,*?,r,'8?,Htativee. Passed Mr. Spalding, (Ohio) from Committee on Appropriations, reported back the bill making appropriation to pay certa.u claims of the C,^ Mr Havie (N Y.) IntrodncM a joint resolu. tion authorizing the Secretary of War to con tinoe bnlks of Vailed States vessel out in u"e I'a^Xd Y*rk harbor' fOT quarantine pnrposeb. Ho*?* procraded to the coasldaration et tbe bill reported yesterday by Mr Stevem. t? I reconstruct the South. marans, to Mr Finck (Ohio) asked Mr. Stevens If he proposed to prats a vote ?e-day :SI?V??9 "Plied that he bad come to no definite determination, hot he thoaght as earlv a vote m possible shoo Id be take" *&rly I Mr ! inck said this was one of tbe most im ^MVnrMBrMHV'r presented to an Am ". I lean Congress, and he suggested a nnatimnu ttrut until Monday next. poatpone. n?^,r".,SU'7,,B8*0|r,t**t,'d th,lt Ui* " sion was a^ied upon *''' 40(1 th? WU hould ?>? spaadily Mr. Wilson (Iowa) acknowledged the Im. aud 8I,?ested that to day ?K d?voted to debate, and a rot* be taken to morrow. HJond " would be impossible iuesti^ now"^ l? ,nte,"?^tly deLt. the i.^?LK.a,ni?,ld ,u?Mted that debate be |,m. ted to twenty minutes and a vote taken ivt a time 10 be fixed : end be asked consent to m:ike such a motion, bnt objection was made. Aftar some further discussion. ?*ayMrd (Tenn.) submitted a motion. ^ a*rBrU to'10 bare a night session vo*iii?fct lor diseuMioa. Ahhiav'st^ fortber consideration of the bill Mr. Afcbley (O.) rome to aqa^stion of privilefp and had reaa a letter aent to theC.nciunau CW "r "aaJ correspondent nurporting to gi>e a conversation between Mr Ash Jt*y, Mr itingham. and Mr. StaVens rVlativa to mentTof the>Dp>' former for th' lmpeac^ b^n -i a?r .81d/.Bl- Aft"r letter bad po.?.U, ,1,,.?? Ora^? 3?!tie1 a*,^e ?rMld''I>t or Oeneral (Mr. A ) bfti had liie own views on I inivSS* ?f imP#achra0rit sue# Pivsideot Lincoln's assassination, and these views w!?. S' mrSfi,,?tbs President should cau? U wIT?B ,.? deP,ored fe last drawing up the reaolutinn >,. 1. ^^!r tkem to Mr. wJh^io, lMIBof/^mt^d vena, and others, bu 1 he *? ? -1 Stehad aachttoiTtnaiiM ? ? 9rtr having the correspondent- and be nev r reported by the im peach men" ofOe n O ran t p' *,<,d that Congraea ooold not^ trr ant^>#?. reason army on articles of impeihm*! "ri,?11*9 vernation reported. whole con^^ cJfcfthi cjnvS?t!o^M wiXunh nr*H to him. he then proceeded toi^J'"r'buted reconstruction measure, iBd rave noT.".^ toe would at 2 o'clock lo-morro. ^ tb/1 vote upon the bill. The bill wa^ i?l! A".d * glva governments to alavan SutaT^^h.1? "?tT"o rorernmenu. Ha could noT.S^iS? ^at?h.rH"m'nt>of Bo?e the uSiSir, Slates had no governmaau. They ^ rnmeats ondar a foreign power they bad been conquered it was the'd > ? J proTtnce of the conqueror,tolpra?crihei'n^ ments tor them Tke ExTTuti r/ _ r.2; :s oi?Vr5!?"iv??',d "'Sil ; 'iitrT' U.s?p*r,'?nu?n and horrible mu?dtr?[ while asking merer for rebels **d A?oih*?d V" dy^n* fToAa' of tbe toy aunts' Another effort mnatbemade to dto^T ?k*^' yy_(Oo?n) advocated the bill aa Ttfet m mm nuu?M ,.i <OWo) fbUow*4 ? uiiitK . i? 4 O'CLOCK p. M. GOTKKXMEKT SEf URITICS. W ashibgtoR, Februa. y 7, IW?. Jay Coofce & Oo furnish the following qio> tatioas of Oov?rnmm: securities Kmy\ng. Selling V. S. Ccupoc, 1.8* U. 6. rive Twenties. 18*3 H#w- m** V. S. Fi*e Tw?D!iM. 18R4 imu Ui7

U IS. Fit* Tinfnuw. .r?5... lo? lo;w U.S. Five Twenties,JanJtJ'y,'is li*v ? ** U. S. Ten Forties l0l tr N. Wevea ThtrtW, Anguet.... jts l ;i^v U. S. Sevea Thirties, j?ue i(>5 ws3 U. S s*ven, Jaly.......103 H?J BBW TOK FT BUT BOARD DALRft Oocpoas ...II** lft.4<l'? toow 5.40's. lr?J |i*.jJ 7..K?"?, Angnst....105V 5 W'*i 111 r. T3U'?, J one ......105 u i'JO Is6? 107 \ / .Hit's. July |05u j s.*r?. Jn JtJy,'65.1(K> Gold .TlinirS IINAiKCUL. Lewis Johnson Jfc {Tq., quota Stocks and houds id home and foreign market* as follows Nbw York. Feb. 7-1st Board-U. S. rerIstered. 1"8I, lff-%. do., coupous. $. &> s, regi?tered, tidy; do. coupons, IWk; ao., lo?*; 10-40 s. registers, ?; do. coupons,? 7-3o's, ?: Ohio nun Mississippi Certificates, 0.'\ ,?'union. 44 v Cumberland. .'WW: Uutcksli en Mariposa, in*; New yor* (>?tra. l<Vfc: hr-e. $?\ do preter'd, 74. Hudson. v.rReading, 1?RJ|; Michigan Central, liww. Mich, tgaa Southern, 73*; Illinois (>mn?;, iuuCleveland and PiUebnrg. m\: Cleveland and Toledo. (So: Rock Island, 9l\. Nonbwog. tern, do preferred. GJ. Kort Wayue. VV Chicago and Alton, 115. Alton and Terrc Haute, ,T1: Toledo and Wabasli. 4-2; W. II. Telegraph. 44\ Ilontoo Water Cower. - Hn! ciflc Mail. 15^^; Atlantic Mall, l?3. Gold, 1 W p. m., 13* y. PERSONAL EXPLANATION Mr. Ashley made a personal expl mation in the House to-day, deuying tbe stanmentsia the Washington correspondence of the Cincinnati Commercial that the impeachment pro- I ject wa* aimed at Oen. Grant as well a? the President, and that Thaddeus Stevens and Gen. Ben Butler were the insulators ol tbe blow )e\el<*d arainet Gen Grant Mr. Stevens followed in a similar denial. IIETI'RN OF ASSIST ANT SECRETARY SEW- i ARD. Assistant Secretary of State, Frederick W i Seward,returned to the city on Tuesday night, from his mission to Hayti, on tbe gunboat G*l:y*burr. Theobjectol bis visitbas not been made public as the business has not been settled, and tbe matter is still onder consideration. RKCONSTKICTION. Mr. Steveus will call tbe previous question upon tbe b.ll reported by bitn yesterday trom tbe Reconstruction Committee at -2 p. m. tomorrow. Tbs House will bold a ui-bt session at T>4 p. m. for t-peesh-making upon tbe bill. IMPEACHMENT. Jame* M Scoville, ol New Jersey, ha* givrn the Judiciary Committee of the Hou?e information concerning alleged action by the Pr?sident in regard to the New Jersey election la*, year. THE TAX BI LL. The House Ways and Means iJommittee have nearly completed tbe work of revision of the tax bill. The tax on whisky Is left ih(> ?aaie a* at preteut, but heavier penalties will be piet-cribed for eva-ions ol tbe law. NOT St'STAINED The Honse Joint Select Committee on Re. trenchment, instructed to inquire "Why, in the present stringent condition of the Mew Yorn money market, tbe currency balance in the eab-Treasnry in that city mconstantly increitsing, whether said inert a*e, or awy pttrt ol i' arises, or has arisen irom the sale of gol 1, and whether any agent of the Department or auv officer of tbe Government has, within tbe last 3n days, lent gold to any peroon or persons, or to any institution, and if so to what person or persons, or to what lnstitatioas, upon whit considerations, lor what purpose, npen what security and to what amount.'" reported to-day through the chairman, Mr. Schenck that there is no foundation whatevr for tbe statement, and the committee ask to be discharged. _______ NEW OAS LIUHT COMPANY. Mr. Morrill introduced in the Senate to-day a bill to incorporate the Metropolitan Gas Light Company of the District of Columbia, with John R. Elvan*, George Savage I> p liolloway. Wm. Bebb, P. H. Allbaek. s B Brown, A. Watson, M Loomis, S. H. Phillips' Wm. A Cook, H. A. Pierce and Geo. Burgess corporators, capital not less than f soo.uu or more than tI^*A?,uoO; shares $100. The company is required to furnish gas to all consumers containing 20 per cent am more Illuminating power than is furnished by the " Washington Gas Light Company.'* and at a cost not exceeding 93 per thousand cubic feet. Kelerred te District Committee. LAND PATENTS. During the past few months the Commis. sioner of the General Land Office has trans! miited for delivery to the Patentee#, nineteen hundred and eighty-elght patents tor lands sold tor cash, and located with Military Bounty warants and Agricultural College scrip The patents were for ent.ies made at Omaha Nebraska City. Dakota City,and Brownsville' Nebraska Territory; Vermillion, Dakota Territory; Vancouver, Washington TerritoryDenver City, Colorado Territory: Stockton! California: Last Saginaw, Traverse (Jity, and' Detroit, Michigan; St Peter, St. Cloud, Taylor's Falls and Dusnth, Minnesota: La. Crosse and Falls. St. Croix. Wuceusin; Humboldt and Topeka, Kansas: Boonville, Missouri. SWAMP LANDS. The Commissioner of the General Land Of Mce bas transmitted to the Governor of Michl igRR Patent No. ?2 of Swamp and overflowed lands in tbe ionia districts embracing 131,14?>.44 acres. These lands are patented m rursnance of the approval of the same June . leWJ. Patent No. ! for Ihe Dulntbe District, Mirnebota, has been transmitted to the Governor of tbar State. This Patent is issued in pursuance ol tbe approval of June JOtb, 1865, and embraces ti7,7Sfi .'?9 acres. FEMALE CLERKS It is thought that a number of lady clerks will shortly be discharged from the Treasury Department on account or the scarcity of work. In one division tbe work is up to'date, and this morning, for a short time, some of the employees were unoccupied. In the other divisions the vork is getting scarce and the force will bave to be reduced. Co* PIRXATIORS A WD KRJRCT(0*8 The Senate in executive session yesterday confirmed the nominations of Highland ft. Hutbard as Comptroller of the Oarrency. aad Col. Benjamin W. Brice as Paymaster General, U. S. Army; and rejected the nominations of Wm. Wales as Surveyor of Customs at Baltimore, Md., and John L. Swift as Naval Officer, die. trict of Boston and Charlestown* Mass. Rrcovr&ivo?Assistant Secretary Hartley, of the Treasury, who has been 111 for several weeks past, is getting much better, and it is thought by hie physicians that he will be able to be in his office next week. ??? ? Alszaitpria ltRite? From the Gazette of yeeterday evening we clip the following : The issue of rations and clothes te the freed, men in this district bae been stopped by general orders, and that such assistance as is rendered that claw of eur pop elation by the freedmea's Bureau ie by special permlaaloR to the officer superintending that depirhhent in oar city. Under this speoiai pernueeioa rations are still issued te about four hundred, ot whem about one hundred are ib hospital, and of whom aot mare than tea or a dozen are men. ' The Orange, and Alexandria rhilroad, company, have employed the tug boats Gov. Carun and Katie Wise, taopea a track la the' Potomac between this city aad Washington. 1 so as to permit tfc*transportation of fcaesengera and fltighl>r steamboat*, aad the* stirted this evenlnj on their ehoft h^at difficult fesEF'S's ' ' V " ? ? T? y ) i; f\ i %f Mte. WeMhy Mafcad a eondaetorla-fta month atFreeport, Pa, beeahss ha wo oldest let herself aad hnshaiid gel on the tr&la ^Wh* out showing thair UoMto. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ^ - ?. FrMI S?ith Carolina Obabii*to<?. Ffb. 7.?Got. Orr bu arrivd b<re iro*? Washnf on and exprese-M him*eir of a spe?dr res oration of the basis Of Ibr impartial enfTraif* plan It I* understood be will det?r convening ?ha I.egislstore nn'tl the North (Jiroliaa legislatare take. fitnon on tbe new propoaitljn. Mariae Dita trr. Porrow Feb 7 ? The srboaaer Oiast Pilo?, i from Snvannah for New York. wa* afcandoo-d ; oo lb# K'th ult. in a sinking coadiuon. wi:b the i l??? of sails and spare. The ?r#w wer* iak?*n j offbv the ?tp.ioicr Andrew Jackson which arriTrd hereto- d*y. - ?i? LOCAL NEWS. Tn a Toraotokiht* Ooctbmtiok.?Yeet?r. day afternoon. In pursuance to a call, the J?i?. 1 ?rates represent)tig roe tobacco trade, met in convention at Masonic Mill Mr K \ Mnyo, j ot Richmond, wai called to the chair, and I Alexander McDonald wasappointed ?cretary. | Alter sotne uma spent ia du :u<iihu as to who were delegates, the >ttllu?iu( vcrr appoiuted a I committee on permanent organ<xvi.>n Mr. ! Cameron, of Richmond; Mr. Ferguson. of I.vncbbnrg: Mr Brvuion, of Toledo; Mr. Whit, lock, of New York; mad Mr. Kind hart. of Pi;tsburph; and the convention adjourned to this morning. Tbia morning, the Convention reassembled, and the commitira on organization made their report, which waa agreed to:?President K. A Piague, Ohio; Vice President*?J. P. Evans N. * W. Kmebart, Pa.; G W Gail, Mti.; K. A A)aye, \ a.; Jortpp Parkner, Mo.; II. I,owenthal, 111 ; J. J. Datfiry. Micb ; J H Casey, Ky ; |? Uron-on, Ohio. K. J Wnttlock. Hrooiclyu; Secretaries?A McDonald, Lvnchbnrg \ a.; W H N?m?. Philadelphia; Treasurer? I> H Miller. Haiti more Mr. J. D. Kvans oflered the following resolution : RfH-.ttd, As the opinion of this association, the tax on maauracru-ed tobacco, whether man ulactured of Uaf. sterna, or imitations of tobacco, into ping, cot, smoking, or snuff, sbon.'d be uniform, all and each of them b-arir.g the tair.e tax. This resolution wa<, after some discussion I adopted. Mr. Statban. of Virginia. offered a preim[ ble tttting forth that toa tobacco innfacturers have been and are now suffering gros? I wrongs under the act of Congress taxing i manufactured tob-cco, not ;o much frotn ih>* | amount of tax as from the manner in which it is imposed, although they believe a general redaction of ihe tax will b- prodnc.ive of | more revenue, with resolutions expressive of iheir views as to the wants of the trade, which were discussed at length and adopted. As Iktkrvstino CaiI-Ii the Circuit Court to-day. lie lore Chief J ustice Cartter, the case of Alden. agt. Messrs S. A Magruder. (i w Hinton, and Charles B Pearson, wis taken op?Mr. A. it. Kiddle for the plain'ift, and Messrs. bradley and Bradley for tt?e defend, ants. The defendants were commissioners of the election in 'he Seventh Ward, in June. and the plaintitTs vote was challenged bv some party on the ground that he wa- "a foreigner. He insisted that he eu'ltled to vote, and the commissioners required him to make oath before !?ne magistrate oftbefac' Thi- he refused to do. and he now brings suit to recover damages, Ac. Cloth two Kec ovbcko?On the ?fith of .Tanuaty a bouse occupied by Mr. John Kellev. corner 13tli and K streets, wv??eitered while Mr K el ley was attending to business at a store where he is employed, and his entire wardrobe wa? stolen The case was assigned to d^tPciiN^g Miliar Jc Oojiups. who tucc^dpd In tracing the properiv t? a house where it had been pawned. It was recovered, and upon beir* identified by Mr. Kelley was delivered to him by order of Major Kichards. Lioht Ubkad?This morning the clerk of the Outre Market paid hie re*peCta to the loaf br<-ad-br?K? rs in his ju risdiction. weigh ine their bread and giving due credit to ail whose loaves come up io the legal standard The loaves shut lell *bort of the weight prescribed by law were confiscated for the u.eof the City Asylum. The clerk turned over to ihe intenaaut of the asylum lao loaves this morning Thk Doo Law ?The police of the 3d Ward have directed their attention to the violatioas of law of the Corporation relative t0 doge in their precincts. There wer? four case, before Justice Thompson, and tbe flues and co?ts amounted to ??.W. 1- will be well for owner, of valuable dogs, iu the central precincts, especially. to comply with the law speedily as 'bis is but the initiation of a general enforcemen' of ibis law. Hami.hi C hoik Cox<'krt.?To?tnorrow afteruoou the choir ot the Hamline M. t Church comer of 9 h aud P streets, will give a grand concert for the benefit of the church. On this occasion the cbo r will be assisted by able choristers from OLbercburcbes aad there is but little doubt but that n will be a very tine af lair. To n? Rei-katxh.?The Coneertof the East wasbing'oB Sunday School Union, at the M K. Cburch. on 4ih street, last eveniag, was a perfect success, and hundred* were unable to i,ain admission. It will be repeated Fridav evening. 3 . ;-nv? MoitK p"S0,itigB . , Joa? r. LLis.tnirr * * 3?ft Penn'a avsnne AMfcttlOAM GOLD. STOCK! and HuNDS, bought on ooomission at the Hew York ao? ether Stock Boards. Qaotatlona regularly reCt 1 ? . . tlWlb JOBBSON A CO . Bankers. f?T tf ana Psass avenae. ^ * HITBD bTATKB BONDS ~~ ~ _ ^ TBBABlfsT0NOTES, Boagbt, sold and exchaaaed oa favorable term*. , . .. LEWIS JOHNSUM ft GO. Hankers, 'e ' !192 Penaa. avenue. ??BTEH LA BOB GLASS CASES, 6 by 9 feef, nearly n*w: tfo flr?t rate fer book ease*. Also, s< uie fine KMGBAV1HGB. framed, the t'erons tlenand Marriage of Qaeea Vi. tone, aad the Ohristentaf ef the Prince of Wale*; Lesaiagt n Steele U^ee-and a lot of others, very cheap, at JA11E8 GCI LD'd Second band Varaitare Store, 12tb and B sueet, aear Canal. fa 7 m* H 16W PBIOBS. " " JJO TO I. ALEXAMDEBS to bpy Watches. l*iaai< ad*. CoralHete. Oarnet Bete, Gold Thlmbla*. Gold Spectacles, Gold Chains, snd Silver Spooas aad Torks mad* of Coia. rot sale at half the price charged br other jewellers in this city, A chair* stook jest received. Cease end examine; you will sav* fifty cent* *u each do.lar. JiO Pa. avenue. fe7 * piBLOB OBGABB AMD MBLODEONSi Attention It called to my large stock of 8. D. A fl- W. Smith's AMBBICAB PABLOB OBGAB8 kjh . ? . ABD MBLUBEOBS UV tTI of *11 elx*s, patterns, Ac. Prlots raaaoaakle. Terms e ?sy. ... ? JOHB r BLLIS, , 306 Penaanvaalaa*?Do*. " '-*t aear Tenth str**t. I^HIS 18 TO IBPOBM MT CD8TOMERS end other* that I will deliver free ef obarg* the PAfBOVEB BBEAD. at Baltimore prtcaTte all wishing sacb fer tba comtog helMays. , . JG8. KADrMAH. fa 333 soath B street. Capitol Hill. /^EBBIACBSCABBIAGEa ! #wv ? . CABBIAGBB! /mK9KBS On haal a l*rg* Bomber of Mew aad Seeoad band Csrrlasee of everr deecrit-. ti?n which will be eold at raasonabl* r*t*e. All wo:k sold warranted. Bevairing of all kind promptly att*ad*d to. Atoojisn* shoeing. 1* 'It* ynj^wd^TJJtbrtreel^ [on oyf ioT MOIBf leaa*d on SoM aad Blv*r/?\ Watahee Diamonds. Jewelry,Clothing, Ac.|# Q D DGBOVAB, Pawabraker, B*. STS B st., ?l l*' between loth aad 11th eta. 0 T I B . -~~ The nBd*nlgn*d woald respectfully announce to th* public that th*r contian* the bnslnees of tbe late ftraofO. B. JEWBLL B Co., tn ail its branckea. and w?n'd solicit a conttaaaao*of th* patroaage extended to the am Arm, MOKGAH B BH1NBHABT, JB IHsM G Street Whar f?ECBPTIOH LOXPBJBB. , Jast rec*iv*d, a large variety ef articles s* u??, f.r ? Klag Place. 4a m Cor. ^t. ave. aad lftM st. T)BOPOSAL8 FOB OOVSTBUCTIOB 01 T BBIBGB. avos'sOrricfcfA 4i IBP. Prepoaals will be received at tba MayorVOBoe until ita>., BATl'BD AT, February is. for pleas, specification*.aad oeaatroctiea ef either aa Iron or Wooden Bridge, at th* termlastiea of K street f orth, asrass Bock Or*ek. said Brldaa te be 4SH set aid* aad*? fhet long, aad not lees than US f**t above the aarface of th* water, at low tide. F<fr-'bH" i "Tioga? fa 4-eotd Mayor. A B BB^WBE. B. J. SMlTUlBS. mirSTr AT 'iifrwwxe.sFwWi$iTL'wOffice Bo. 476 Seveath etre*Uoppoeite the Poet P?oe , ?f> J |Jr piJUJOUkV HABD-BOOK OF PBABTIOB - - ialt-BAB Affair* la <>r?rimwa, ?Tblh l? aoi Uir align-*?t mji I eatioa of aa opeuiar t,.r t #. , *rrvtng ?(f f K t b.C... to, w,,? ' owl, *?, a BOW to for a Be*> y r*,? Ouataloe to ivril ibr rtrrr. and glT, f,rre^a the rorwnt sufTl, ?*Di to sw.ep ,? ,,-eYw'. ?."?k * w**kl * r-rarf'^ *' ? h<e?* although 'be dtmac* 'o oar wbar?e? ,? ? . tlX^'hi b* *"*<?* tarr?a*<M T? wau>r ha?mf ?uh#id?M. it |S apparent that V. a wooden wharf on .WrlT.rf?o.? Irjary. Tbe aqueduct footway, now iae y, ? ripal way of coirmaairattoo with tb* y,r" I gm.aahore. wa* agai. throat with pe^I jnaa* to-day. and at-a* Vtrgtata ead ?4a o*l. , Ifcuoi of Tehiciea Bad pa*wi(>n pr-aea ? eorreibiag of the appearaace of ibai locality ; W^B orcopied by the Umham ariay y RrMunn ? Keeiaea* appears to be entireir proa-rated eiaee tb* break ?g ap of ta? j which tnM waa looked for aad wi.bed for u the ir.?*an? of aa immediate re.otaprioa or r?>r wlar rade with all part* of tb# country Tb* only trade now open la witb tb# near countiM of Mtrilind by tb? vifog roate., and Yir gimaby way of tb# Cbam Rr?d*e, and tbi-. a' the preeeat time la hat small The water aid# p?aeuu a very gk.orar appearanbe. Nothiur doing comparatively : and mercbaate term to think tbat ao'bing can he doae tiaul tk? i*? i? MBcvfd. and the blockade bow appears to h* closer than arer. Kloi r avd Gkaiv Mabkkt ?Tber? are n> receipt* of lonr or cram to-day, and tb* aal-a w. re or important. Prt ca t: nchanged ?S*fa?VfrU B1LU' f?raal? ?? to#?n par Hlfbaat market price pate for ABBB1CAM ? rwV"" 1 _ Praaa arena*. IM OBrHAW* OOT BT FOB THB nor* i or c ?i!cmb?a ,WGTOii '* t?B oKbYot Addteor>. guardian to her mtaor aoa Charles Morri* A tdlson, havtag reported l? the a?ir ,^V.D,?:Dr:",'e< uf,!u ?VarTTSniid ai I r* Lo'trt of the I), strict of lemble. tnat she aold the (nUr?-t of her aai t ward la tha following property l,...a?J kTM ! la the cltj of WuMagion to wfi ?\b?t l .t Stocad situate oa K street a?rtk. ka->va ? Lit at'dlvisloa of f^oara 1st, m .aid rlt> u? ftaneral KIrKarl P. OutM aa' ikat p?M the ?b le parcbase nt >n ) la ra*b wltnia irsat for sit ?a<i twelve month*, in all amoant ' *k> it i. this sth u.V rUSElT; r'li?r a r ?'' ? ?'<! ?al b? rat' ' Snfi".'., on th* 4?? of,, a. D las, . aal**4 cans* to tfaa r i;,traif be I'ir<r> o. OH a cre .?1.| day Pr vlded a e*?r of thl.?r Ililia* PoHI?t,ed in the H?tioual In'aMlraa -r at d B?erilng Bitr OLce a ? e?k fur tbrea ?ur .. i?a ?f? k* prior to aaid day "f ** . . , ? M. r PT'BCBLL lodce of th? flrdhaas' t'oart l> O tYV*?*'- JAB * OIIUBt" '* i wyw Eattater of wn|* ^OTIKKIBIT SALB OOKPKMNBn PI"S|?T?BI01 KTriRm aait ACCTIOB ??"*"SABf PBOnfR/!? WrnatsT*!?r* Orvnt, PSA CY-mer nn4 O'tnr ' (Bear of IOJ Lor?i bard street. irm ?. Balttoore. Md.. ra?raary . lift, j " ' Pul'llc aaction.^t ?ar*-ko i-..? ?1'i'#r Baldetatoa and Grant atraaf*. iim rued at air In rsar of Ho loa w?-t Lo? bar Vat Let 0 Clock M..on MONDAY, aebr.^ry uTi' tbi following condemned doBalatauci Sto,*,* rlr ' 91 lb*. Bam* I'M* lb* BioOo-iae * oAiajin vspy."?i J It BoIjbr I'en* fi Pa?<r I , m |; r?*>r n ,.,,hi. JOft.ce le-k. 2 Ir, n Sa'e in perf^0 Flatforn galeae Bn< ket.. I Letter Pre/. ? Unipujn Pru*h U C eeaara. j? liatchet. i> Meat Saa. ? Meat K nl *#?. 11 ft tee|". V.1' ?.orV! '.2, ? ?* "*"* M "-aaore. Wis lata. II Bprla* tt.larce* ? Metal Panret* iV MolaaeaaOataa. itBco ??. it Faaaala.in0?L . ary ( heeta r: Ooaper. Adr?a * "Upatr** 1 \lcaa A raarhes. S Heui Balse.V. ? Vcra^?' 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